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#rockbox log for 2002-08-05

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09:02:51adi|homehey bagder
09:02:56adi|homehow goes it?
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09:03:23BagderI broke the win32 build yday ;-)
09:03:44CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:03:44*adi|home started playing with the 'sleep' request
09:03:47adi|homefor like songs
09:04:07adi|homejust not sure what should happen when you reach the # of songs requested..
09:04:13adi|homeie: stop playing, or shut down
09:04:51Bagderwell, I think it could stop playing, as we will have the shutdown timeout anyway that should kick in then anyway
09:05:32adi|homenow i just need to figure out how to stop the playing
09:05:45adi|homei guess i could just fake the 'stop' button being hit...
09:14:02Bagdermpeg_stop() should stop the playback
09:17:16adi|homeright, but what about in playlists?
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09:17:43Bagderit doesn't matter
09:18:15adi|homewell.. right now i have the functions needed in a seperate file, because i don't know wtf to put the info
09:18:44adi|homewhat if we are not playing a file yet?
09:18:54adi|homecheck out tree.c
09:18:58adi|homelook fore mpeg_play
09:19:10adi|homethe only case of that, is where im looking to put the first check for a limit
09:32:38adi|homewhat is the mp3check that heiko mentions in the mailinglist?
09:32:47Bagdersome kind of mp3 checking tool
09:32:55Bagderthere was a URL in a previous mail
09:33:32adi|homejust found it
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10:04:00Bagdermorning Linus
10:04:25Bagderall builds are now green, including the mingw32 sim builds
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11:11:49Linusmbr: are you awake?
11:14:48HesGood morning
11:14:54HesLinus: tried the charger yet?
11:15:07LinusNope, no time...
11:17:25HesASM02 is over, and
11:17:39LinusHes: did you send the latest patch?
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11:26:36LinusBagder: at home?
11:26:46Bagderno, at neti
11:26:48HesI sent it on friday
11:27:00Linusah, muh on your home machine?
11:27:17Bagderyeps, since I need to tunnel through ssh
11:36:35LinusHes: trying it now...
11:39:42LinusHes: is there any way to see that it has stopped charging except seeing the voltage drop again?
11:54:57HadakaI wonder if my batteries are dead..
11:57:10Hadakawell I don't think this is a battery contact issue anymore
11:57:17HadakaI can hardly ever boot my archos
11:57:42Hadakabut if I happen to press the batteries just about correctly, I can get it to boot - but it refuses to spin up the HD
11:57:45Hadakaetc. etc.
11:58:36Hadakayes - I had the battery contact problem before - so I've been believing it's all about that still
11:58:45Linuswhat happens if you charge them with another charger, externally?
11:58:54Hadakahaven't had the chance to do that yet
12:01:04Hadakawhat happens with batteries when the "suddenly" decide they are not going to hold just about any charge at all
12:02:44Linusi guess they are worn out
12:02:54Linusdo you charge them often?
12:07:42adi|homebtw linus
12:07:49adi|homethe battery line display
12:08:09adi|homethe code that calls that... should that be assumed to be what we use for the future 'battery indicator'?
12:09:08adi|homeif so.. i know there is code in CVS that gives a better indicator.. taht we can use as a base..
12:09:11*adi|home heads back to bed
12:10:41LinusI guess you mean the battery line in WPS for the recorder?
12:11:02LinusThat is a quick hack by Björn, that is not going to be used in the future
12:11:49HadakaI've had that happen to my old laptop's battery, almost to my newer laptop's battery - and now it feels like it's come to the same with this rockbox
12:11:53Hadakasorry, was afk a bit
12:11:56Linuswe will go for a status bar approach, much like the patch sent by Markus Braun
12:12:23LinusHadaka: i had the same problem with a thinkpad battery a while ago
12:13:00Hadakamy "newer" laptop is a thinkpad ;)
12:13:07Linusi think that is likely to happen with batteries that are constantly charging, like when you work with your laptop connected to the charger all day
12:14:01Linusthat is why Hes added the "deep discharge" option to the rockbox charger
12:14:37Hadakawhaaat? there's such a thing there?
12:14:51Linusin his patch, yes
12:15:00Hadakaugh, patch
12:15:12HadakaI wonder if I should try that
12:15:13Linusit won't charge until the batteries are nearly discharged
12:15:22Linus10% capacity
12:15:42Hadakaoh hmm
12:16:46Linusand i honestly dont know if NiMh batteries have any memory effect at all
12:16:51HesLinus: you can see charger status messages on screen 2 of the charger debugger
12:17:23Hesclick down/up a few times
12:17:42Hesthere are three views
12:19:24HesHadaka: please try out the patch... sent the latest version to the list on friday
12:19:55HesI'm pretty sure it works quite well, only thing is that it might cut the charging a little bit too early but that should be tuned based on experience
12:20:24HadakaHes: I'm not on the list, and I don't have access to CVS from work - so I'd have to download the daily tarball, find the patch from the archives, apply it and hope it does that cleanly - and then try and get it working
12:20:28Hadakawhich is a bit much during work hours
12:21:18HesOh, ok.
12:21:21HesWant a patched image?
12:21:27Hesrecorder, right?
12:21:43Hadakarecorder 20, yes
12:22:14HesI'll build a current one now, I want the latest CVS code for mine as well anyway
12:22:56LinusHes: this looks very promising
12:23:22HesBTW, about backlight setting to 0 (re: "bugs in the current CVS" of Eric Linenberg)
12:23:34HesI'd like to be able to set the backlight to "always on" or "always off"
12:24:27LinusMy suggestion was OFF..1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9......15..ON
12:24:58Linuswhen OFF and ON were "always off" and "always on"
12:25:57Linusbut maybe OFF..ON..1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8 is better?
12:26:03mbrhello everyone
12:26:10Linushi mbr!
12:26:24mbrHi Linus
12:26:47mbrTried to reste the HT bit this weekend. Works only partial.
12:26:59mbrI loose 30 Seconds every reboot.
12:27:23Linusi have a question regarding your status bar patch
12:27:29mbrYes ...
12:28:07HesLinus: maybe yes
12:28:46Linusi just found out myself... :-)
12:28:58Hescurrent cvs + the latest charger patch
12:29:14HesAdds a battery debug view too
12:29:44HesThe charger thread only runs once per minute, so it won't notice charger insertion/removal instantly
12:29:59Linusmbr: how come you put it in firmware/drivers/lcd.c, and not in apps/status.c?
12:30:27mbrYou mean the icon things?
12:31:03mbrI just thought the hw display sould go to lcd. Should it not?
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12:32:24Linusmbr: i think the positions of the status bar icons sould be decided by the application and not the LCD driver
12:33:57mbrOnly the position of the icons? The drawing routine can be in the LCD driver?
12:34:10Linusi'm not sure yet
12:34:44Linusi just think that the status bar is a little too high-level for the LCD driver to implement
12:35:15mbrHmm ...
12:37:02Linusotherwise, the patch certainly adds a nice touch to the UI
12:37:39Linusi have also thought of a status thread that does the status bar update in the background
12:37:55mbrI know it is not nice ...
12:38:32mbrA complete thread to update the status may be an overkill
12:39:46mbrmaybe there should be a thread which periodic runs functions
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12:40:59zebda3hi all
12:41:04Linusmbr: you are right
12:41:16Linusmaybe some kind of a 'cron' thread?
12:41:21Linuszebda3: hi
12:41:53mbrYes, was my thought, too. with a register and deregister function.
12:42:14zebda3could someone send me a compiled version for tzhe recorder with the "status bar" patch, I'd like to try it and give my impressions, but I've actually no way to compile it, thanks YOu could send me it at
12:42:26Hadakapuh, workstuff
12:42:34Hadakanow installing that firmware
12:42:35HesHadaka: got the file?
12:43:31mbrI put the latest version on
12:43:43Hadakanow I must try and get this thing to boot :(
12:44:11Hesheh, should set up a separate CVS tree & automatic builds with the latest experimental patches 8-)
12:45:07mbrzebda3: is there
12:45:28zebda3mbr: thanks I'll see it now
12:45:54zebda3mbr: I'll try it now
12:46:01Linusmbr: however, it might be better if lcd updates are done by the thread that "owns" the lcd...
12:46:13Linusto prevent multiple updates
12:47:22mbrBut then you have a problem with tree.c Then the lcd is not updated until one presses a key ..
12:48:31Linusmbr: that can be changed
12:49:28zebda3mbr: I just see it ! really impressive for a first try, I think that could make some people coming to Rockbox if the UI will be designed in a such way.
12:49:37mbrOK. Then tree.c shall update the complete lcd periodicaly?
12:49:51Linusmbr: yes
12:50:19zebda3mbr: I've also notes that with this build my big file (~45 or 90 mins from numerized K7) displayed correct time !
12:51:08zebda3mbr: do you put regullary updated build for the recorder at : ?
12:51:30mbrOK. I modify it. What about the drawing routins, should the move to status.c?
12:51:56mbrzebda3: not really up to now, but I will do.
12:52:20zebda3mbr: ok thanks for all , I've to go now
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12:58:17Linusmbr: for example, you could put your icons in apps/recorder/icons.c
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13:00:59mbrOK. What should I do with the DRAW_PIXEL macro? Generate a bitmap an call the lcd_bitmap function?
13:02:07Linusmove it to lcd.h enclosed in an #ifdef HAVE_LCD_BITMAP
13:02:49Linusalong with an extern declaration of "display"
13:03:11Linusand maybe rename "display" to something better, like "lcd_framebuffer"
13:03:15Linusor something
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13:04:48mbrWhat about the modifications to tree and wps?
13:04:56mbrAre they ok?
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13:38:42dwihnoLinus: Is it possible to utilize the contrast feature on the LCD to simulate more colors?
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13:51:45Bagderpeer is in the mood today ;-)
13:51:51HadakaI wonder if I could do anything to make the connections between the batteries and the unit better
13:53:19HadakaI'm truly having insane difficulties in booting the unit
14:01:03HadakaI just can't get this thing to boot
14:01:22Hadakaat times I get it up to the point where it would spin up the HD - and then it gives HD error when it can't
14:05:37Linusdwihno: i guess not
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14:22:28elinenbehello there! morning all.
14:23:57elinenbeWho is in charge of the battery patch? Hes?
14:24:08Bagderhes is the man
14:24:17elinenbewhy is that not in the CVS yet?
14:24:29elinenbeIt seems to be working pretty well here.
14:24:43BagderI've left that to Linus and Hes to work out
14:24:43elinenbeI do not think the deep discharge should be an option however.
14:24:52Bagderelinenbe: why not?
14:25:02elinenbesomething like battery charging should not be left up to the user.
14:25:24elinenbenever had I ever had an electronic device where I had to set it how to charge/discharge the batteries
14:25:25Bagderwell, for people that keep the charger attached to their archos all the time, it should be
14:25:38elinenbeBut, it detects that.
14:26:20Bagderyes, but it would go easier on the batteries of it discharges "deep"
14:26:20elinenbeit detects if the charger is plugged in or not.
14:26:45elinenbeso, then shouldn't that be the default setting?
14:26:49elinenbecd buil
14:26:51Bagderand if you charge them over night or something to have it charged in the morning, you don't want deep discharge
14:27:03Hes_elinenbe: I don't understand your point at all.
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14:31:48Bagderwhatever the designer wants
14:31:52HadakaI hope it helps and not hurts
14:33:53Hadakaok now I discharged my Li-Ion laptop battery to the very end
14:34:01Hadakaand now I'm letting it charge to full without turning it on
14:34:59Hes_Hm... what was the last line you got from me?
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14:51:20dwihnoHELLO! :D
14:51:40dwihnocomment allez vous?
14:52:08Linusbien. merci, et vous?
14:52:14dwihnoc'est parfait :)
14:52:21dwihnoune baguette pour moi, s'il vous plait :)
14:52:55dwihnoLinus: is it possible to determine if the connection type is UBS1.1 or USB2?
14:54:59dwihnoWhen the unit is connected to a PC
14:55:03dwihnoWhen entering the "usb mode"
14:55:17Linusi don't know, meybe...
14:55:48Linusi'm not sure if the i2c bus is connected to the ISDx00
14:56:28dwihnoI'll show you in a jiffy
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14:57:00elinenbewhat excatly is dircursor in tree.c?
14:57:08elinenbeI am feeling lazy here.
14:57:56Linuselinenbe: it is the index where the cursor is
14:58:05elinenbeLinus: thanks.
14:58:18elinenbeLinus: that'll do donkey, that'll do.
14:58:48Linusrather, the cursor position on the screen
14:59:19Linusand "start" is the index in the file list of the file that is on top of the screen
15:00:00Linusstart+dircursor is the index of the file the cursor is pointing to
15:00:20elinenbeLinus: got it, thanks.
15:00:36dwihnoCheck it and tell me what you think
15:01:29Linusyou mean to display when in USB mode?
15:02:46Linusnice, but try to fit them in 112x64
15:03:03dwihnoIt looks a bit fishy in 2 bit :-)
15:03:06dwihnoI'll work on it
15:03:38dwihnoWhich do you guys prefer
15:04:44elinenbeI like
15:05:00elinenbebut maybe have the usb logon on the plug...
15:05:05elinenbelike a real usb adapter.
15:05:16elinenbethe circle triangle square thing...
15:05:31elinenbewell, on the body of the plug. leave the plug there.
15:05:49 Quit edx ("later")
15:05:50Hadakaevery time I unplug the charger from my laptop and plug it in again, it charges for a while
15:05:52dwihnoI see
15:06:08HadakaI hope I'm not breaking the battery by this, but I do have to get more charge in it
15:06:37dwihnoSo the "empty" design with the USB logo (or whateveryoucallit) will do?
15:07:28dwihnoIf it is possible to check whether it's a hi-speed or usb1.1 connection, it would be cool to display the "hi-speed" thingy too :)
15:07:28elinenbeyeah. at least I like that one.
15:07:41elinenbedwihno: agreed.
15:07:43Linusdwihno: i agree with elinenbe, usb1_2.gif with the USB logo is perfect
15:08:12Linusdwihno: i don't think we can see if the connection is hogh-speed or not
15:09:20dwihnoLinus: too bad, it would look really cool with separate graphics for the different USB connection types :)
15:10:08Linusdwihno: yeah
15:10:48Hadakaapm says my battery level is 35%
15:10:56Hadakaand it isn't charging
15:11:40HadakaI'll let it drop down to 4% again and charge again or something
15:11:43Hadakaand see what happens
15:13:40Linusthat was nice
15:14:03elinenbewith that....
15:19:40dwihnoWorking on it
15:22:50 Join Wire103 [0] (~daggammel@
15:34:28Linusmbr: are you there?
15:34:29 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:34:39mbrYes, I'm here
15:34:54Linusi think the volume gauge is a little wide
15:35:09Linusi think it can easily be half the width
15:35:35Linusmaybe two pixels per step
15:35:55Linusand instead have a wider battery
15:36:06 Join elinenbe [0] (
15:37:25mbrOK, can change it.
15:37:51mbrI already moved the icon stuff from lcd to recoder/icons
15:38:16mbrShall the slidebar and progressbar also bee moved?
15:38:47mbrI think when icons should move, the bars should also move.
15:38:55Bagderit makes sense
15:44:31elinenbeanother bug... when you plug the USB cord in while you are in a menu, the [USB MODE] does not get removed until you press a button
15:47:02Linuselinenbe: yes, that is a bug. The menus can't handle USB mode
15:47:35Linuselinenbe: the USB MODE text should not appear at all
15:48:45elinenbehmmmm... it appeared and worked here.
15:48:47dwihnoReminds me of a bug
15:49:11Hadakagrr I hope this laptop battery is not hopelessly dead
15:49:14dwihnoWhen in the WPS and I press 'on' to return to the dir browser, and press 'on' again, the file name only keeps the 2 first chars (numbers)
15:49:18dwihnoNo ID3 tags
15:49:25dwihnoUsing the "parse" WPS option
15:49:36Hadakathere isn't supposed to be any catastrophic failure with Li-Ion batteries though
15:50:10Hadakait's as if the charger just decides that the battery cannot be charged further, even though the voltage is very low
15:50:24Hadakait's not the temperature either
15:50:45Hadakaso the only thing I can think of is that the voltage-delta gets too small for the charger and so it refuses to charge it
15:53:53Hadakaso I'll have to keep plugging and unpluggin the charger to make it charge :(
15:54:04Hadakaoo but now my archos claims it has full charge
15:55:34LinusHes_: we might want to try a trickle charge feature in the future
15:56:08Hadakahey, how's the power on thingy implemented in machines like this
15:56:22Hadakawhy does the machine power on every now and then when I just put the batteries in
15:56:45Hadakaand why is it sometimes only able to power up if I hold the on button down, powering down immediately if I release it?
15:57:27Linusare you still talking about your laptop?
15:57:43Hadakano, the last 4 comments were about archos
15:58:27Linusthat sounds like a faulty battery, or that you have a broken unit
15:58:36HadakaI hope it's the former
15:58:58Hadakaatleast the behaviour changes radically when I poke the batteries
15:59:01Linusif you release ON when the HD has stopped spinning...?
15:59:15Hadakawell right now, I can't get the HD to spin up at all
15:59:36Linusok, any dirt on the battery connectors?
15:59:53Linusi had corrosion on my player connectors
16:00:29Hadakawell the ones at the pointy ends have experiensed some wear
16:00:45Hadakayou can see shinier metal brushed up
16:01:34HadakaI've been wondering how I could make sure that the connection is ok or is not ok
16:05:06Hadakaif I twist the pad that has the weirder cross wire connection in the spring, I get it to boot a bit
16:05:27Hadakaah no
16:05:33HadakaI can get it to happen on both sides
16:05:43LinusHadaka: BTW, the machine always powers up when you insert the batteries
16:05:51Hadakaand it seems to just happen when the batteries get disconnected and connected by the twist
16:06:17Hes_Linus: yeah, we could perhaps do trickle charge
16:06:35LinusHadaka: yeah, mine does
16:06:50Hadakaso if I can disconnect and connect the batteries on one side and it doesn't power up, then something is wrong
16:06:53LinusHes_: that might be good
16:06:56Hes_when battery is full, go to trickle charge mode, adjust duty cycle to keep the voltage up.
16:07:01LinusHadaka: yes
16:07:10Hes_But let's save that for version 2 for now 8-)
16:07:55Linusi am considering to include the battery charge in 1.2
16:08:07Hadakastill no-one has a clue what that going over the battery spring connection does?
16:08:12dwihnoIs the battery charging code that good already?
16:08:22elinenbeLinus: add it.
16:08:37Linusdwihno: it works
16:09:05Linuswe can still make adjustments when it comes to threshold values, but in general it works
16:09:08Hadakathere is definitely some problem with battery connection on this machine, that I'm sure of
16:09:23dwihnoLinus: cool! :-) didn't know that
16:09:48*Bagder says "go battery charging code, go!"
16:10:07Hadakabut I don't have a way to verify this, since I can't get it to boot, even just once
16:10:10Linuswe can at least add it to the CVS like we did with the disk settings
16:10:43LinusHadaka: if you press the two blue pads together in each end?
16:10:57Linustowards the batteries
16:11:26HadakaI seem to be getting a bit better connection yes, but not enough to spin up the hd
16:11:49LinusYou should take it apart and look at the soldering pads
16:12:05Linusmaybe heat them up with a soldering iron
16:12:13Hes_I'd say the charging code is good enough for 1.2
16:12:47LinusHes_: how long was you longest charge time with zero-delta detection?
16:13:08HadakaI'd rather not take this thing apart as long as I still have my warranty
16:13:18Linusi'm thinking that 16 hours may be too long
16:13:24LinusHadaka: true
16:13:39Hes_Linus: didn't time it... 16 hours might definetely be too long
16:13:51dwihno - have a peek
16:13:52Linusi would make it 8
16:13:59Hes_from 10% (deep discharge mode) it took 133 mins now
16:14:07Hes_maybe even 6h
16:14:51elinenbedwihno: that is really nice.
16:15:11dwihnoelinenbe: any ideas of more improvements?
16:15:13elinenbedwihno: maybe I would get rid of the "8" as a plug and make it a "0"
16:15:25elinenbethat is all I can think of. but otherwise it is really nice.
16:15:54Hadakahmm, should I try and let the batteries run entirely dry and then charging them to full again?
16:16:25LinusHadaka: you could try it, but i smell hardware trouble...
16:16:57elinenbeI have a question. why is there character by character scrolling and not pixel by pixel scrolling?
16:16:57HadakaI'll have to try an external charger when I get home - and try and find that extra set of batteries they gave with the unit
16:17:22Linuselinenbe: because it was easy to do, and on the player we only have characters
16:17:39elinenbemaybe I will implement pixel by pixel scrolling on the recorder...
16:17:48elinenbeI think that would look nice :-)
16:18:02Linuselinenbe: please do so, it will definitely make the proportional text look better
16:18:43mbrMust go. Bye!
16:18:46 Nick mbr is now known as mbr|gone (
16:21:49Linusdwihno: looks good
16:22:05dwihnoMore improvement ideas or should we use this one?
16:22:10BagderI like it
16:22:55Linususe it
16:23:05Linusit needs a little retouching
16:23:26 Join mecraw [0] (
16:23:28elinenbeI like it.
16:25:10dwihnoLinus: I'll fix it rightaway...
16:25:34dwihnoExcept the USB symbol, what needs to be done?
16:25:37BagderHes, you got CVS access to commit your charging code?
16:27:18Linusdwihno: for example, there's an extra pixel in the top right corner of the inner square of the connector
16:27:28dwihno - use this one
16:29:32Linuskeep the gif there, ald i'll use it later
16:29:58Linusi have to go now
16:30:38Bagderbye Linus
16:31:11 Quit Wire103 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:31:27 Part Linus
16:35:01dwihnoAdapting vector graphics for lo-res is a pain in the arse!
16:35:43mecrawBagder: I saw that you committed a patch to on Friday to enable switching shuffle modes to take affect when the song changes...
16:35:54BagderI did
16:36:12Bagderor rather when the menu option is changed
16:36:20Bagderconfig option
16:36:25mecrawI was wondering if you ever took a look at the patch I submitted in mid-July.
16:36:47BagderI didn't...
16:36:48mecrawIt's similar, but has an additional feature or two.
16:38:02mecrawIt keeps the same shuffle order when you switch back to shuffle and will restart from where you left off in shuffle mode.
16:38:52BagderI didn't see this before, I was away at that time and probably missed it when I scanned through all those mails when I got back
16:39:07Bagdercould you make a new one against the current code?
16:39:12mecrawCool, I'm just glad to see someone else finds that functionality useful. :)
16:39:37mecrawProbably not for a week or so, I'm in the middle of a move.
16:41:28Bagderwell, I can wait a week ;-)
16:43:49mecrawOk, I'll set up my box as soon as I can. I can't wait to be doing builds from CVS again, I'm having withdrawal.
16:56:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:11:09Bagdergotta go, see ya
17:11:12 Part Bagder
17:24:27 Quit mecraw ()
17:45:15HadakaI finally got this thing to boot
17:46:15Hadakaookay, deep discharge
17:46:31Hadakanow it's on
17:51:53Hadakacan I turn the charger on unconditionally somehow?
17:53:14 Quit PiotR ("BitchX-1.0c19 -- just do it.")
17:58:14 Quit pyvasene ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.1")
17:58:54 Join PrimeSource [0] (
17:59:17 Join PiotR [0] (
18:05:37 Quit PrimeSource ("2.0 Build 1515")
18:12:30 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|out (
18:56:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:02:11Hes_Hadaka: Not really
20:02:31Hes_It'll discharge to the limit quite soon though
20:02:41Hes_if you play some stuff
20:56:43***No seen item changed, no save performed.
21:23:59 Join edx [0] (
22:19:56 Join bmidy [0] (
22:56:19 Join mecraw [0] (
22:56:45***No seen item changed, no save performed.
22:56:49 Quit mecraw (Client Quit)
23:14:46 Join Bagder [0] (
23:22:36 Join Lovechild [0] (
23:32:28 Quit bmidy ()
23:42:24Bagder... the first t-shirt design has been received!
23:44:39 Join ripnetuk [0] (
23:45:17 Join freshmaker [0] (
23:49:00LovechildI would love to go see it, but I broke my broswer
23:49:24LovechildI accidently deleted /usr/kde instead of /usr/kde/cvs
23:49:40Lovechildwell not as bad as the last time...
23:50:14Lovechilddid rm -rf * in the wrong xterm... sadly I was root and I was sitting in /
23:50:32Bagderyou seem good at rm'ing ;-)
23:50:59LovechildBagder: learning by doing... same way I'm learning C++.... Wait that broke shit... we don't do that again
23:53:26BagderI know what you mean
23:53:34BagderI've done my fair share of mistakes as well
23:53:51BagderI once uploaded a new shell to a box using ftp...
23:53:51Lovechildlike you only do while(1) {malloc(60) } once :)
23:54:04Bagderthe shell everyone used, including root
23:54:12Bagderand ftp doesn'r set the +x bit
23:54:26Lovechildah..I see so that totally screwed the boxen
23:57:22Lovechildso what's new in the daily builds now a day... charging ?
23:57:33Bagderno, not yet
23:58:03Lovechildah, it's the only thing between me and rockbox - I hate the fact that I can't recharge while playing tunes...
23:58:18dwihnoGood morning
23:58:27BagderI expect the charging to get applied any day now
23:58:33*Lovechild looks out window.... hrmm it's nighttime here
23:58:58ripnetukis that patch for the status line going in soon??? or are you waiting until a overall screen stratagy is decided on?
23:59:26ripnetukbtw thanks for adding me to credits for so little work on the UI sim (George Styles)... i will try and do more on the project to earn my place
23:59:44Bagderripnetuk: Linus and mbr discussed it today and mbr is reworking it a little

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