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#rockbox log for 2002-08-06

00:00:06BagderI try to make sure all contributors get added
00:01:52ripnetukcool... this is a fun project...
00:02:03Bagderheck yes! ;-)
00:02:30ripnetukmust admit some (most?) of the hardware 'hit the metal' stuff is over my head, but its a cool way to learn
00:03:44freshmakerHi, since rockbox 1.2 is almost there, what's the latest recommended daily snapshot?
00:03:55Bagderthe latest ;-)
00:03:57Lovechildyeah, now on to recompiling kde....
00:04:19Bagderfreshmaker: its pretty solid and nicely working in fact
00:04:29freshmakerah, thanx
00:04:36Lovechildany scheduler for merging the charging patches ?
00:04:53BagderLovechild: probably within a few days
00:05:02LovechildBagder: finally...
00:05:13BagderI miss the charging too
00:05:33freshmakerbut charging in off-state was always working, right?
00:05:43LovechildI use my recorder mostly as a part of my stereo so I'm rather much forced to use the original firmware
00:06:36BagderI charge mine every night, and run out the batteries every day ;-)
00:07:31ripnetukcan I ask what the advantage was of moving some stuff to a different ram was the other day? was it moved to on-sh2 ram to save power / run quicker?
00:07:48Lovechildboth I think
00:07:53Bagderyes, the code runs much faster in the internal ram
00:08:03Bagderso it loads quicker and thus saves battery
00:08:20Bagderand it updates the screen much faster too now
00:08:32Bagder20ms compared to 36 previously
00:08:38Lovechildthat's massive
00:08:43ripnetukgood stuff
00:09:02LovechildI'm currently playing around with the idea to write a screen blanker, to save powa
00:10:56ripnetukdoes neone else think the Archos remote control is crap? it EATS battaries like there is no tomorow (unless I have been buying half-dead cells)
00:11:09*Bagder has no remote
00:11:35Lovechildwhat remote control ?
00:12:21ripnetukwould it be possible to use the input as a digital input, with a single push switch, without a hardware mod - all I really want is volume/pause, and old Sony walkmen had one button with different number of presses for different functions... could we tell the SH chip to float it high, and pull it to earth through a switch, to save having a power source in it?
00:13:33BagderI don't think we can do that, but I'm not at all that oriented in the hw to tell for sure
00:14:12Lovechildripnetuk: should be easy to make a circuit that would do that, but implementing the hardware would be harder I think
00:14:46ripnetuki was thinking of something really simple, but i guess getting the +5v for the 1 would be impossible
00:15:58Lovechildripnetuk: well depending on what the box uses as high that might be dangerous, but sure it would work.
00:16:14ripnetukok, i dont want to endanger my favorate toy
00:19:28Lovechildripnetuk: well I think it would be easier to map one of the Fx keys to do that
00:20:30ripnetukanyway, gotta sleep, catch you guys later
00:20:37Bagdernight ripnetuk
00:20:41Lovechildsleep tight
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00:29:56 Part Lovechild
00:30:09 Join matsl [0] (
00:30:20Bagderhey matsl
00:33:17Hes_Bagder: nope, I don't have CVS access, expecting Linus to merge the charger code after playing it for a while
00:33:23 Nick Hes_ is now known as Hes (
00:34:11Hesnow that he's tested code, and a few others too
00:34:48matslHow far of is 1.2?
00:35:05Bagdermatsl: just days now
00:35:30matslAny chans of changeing the default wps screen for 1,2?
00:35:34Bagderthere's a distortion bug we wanted to attempt to fix first
00:35:52Bagdermatsl: you have any patch pending?
00:36:45matslSort of but these UI things are a lot a subject of opinion
00:37:37Bagderbut I favour doing it one way first and having that way tested out, than just discussion theories on the list
00:38:08matslBagder: Yes I know but my patches don't get in either ;-)
00:38:16Hesz !
00:38:57Bagderwe're actually too few that applies patches
00:39:09matslBagder: So I just wanted to know if there would be any idea to supply a patch at this stage.
00:39:27Bagderkeep 'em coming ;-)
00:40:18 Join darkhollow [0] (
00:40:29darkhollowhello rockboxers!
00:41:00matslBagder: Should I resubmit the once I already have posted?
00:41:14Bagderplease do
00:42:12dwihnoBagder: How many colors are allowed in the t-shirt contest? :)
00:42:15matslBagder: Ok!
00:42:34Bagderdwihno: basicly any amount, it'll be a full-color print
00:42:46darkhollowcan anyone answer this question? −− i recently recorded a band practice using the archos std firmware, but instead of pressing the 'stop' button when ending the recording, i just turned the unit off. now the file is no where to be found, but it must be on the disk somewhere right? is there any way to recover it?
00:43:48dwihnoBagder: ah, such a luxury ;D
00:46:44matslWhat is the status of text input?
00:47:03Bagdertext input?
00:47:40darkhollowlike the onscreen keypad on the recorder, for filenames, etc?
00:47:42matslbagder: Jepp! I have done a small text input experiment.
00:48:19matslHavent seen the recorder so I don't know what it can do.
00:48:38darkhollowi havent seen the player...
00:48:58darkhollowon the recorder, you can enter id3 info for the song you're recording
00:50:24darkhollowdoes anyone have a clue about recovering that lost recording? i know it's not rockbox related, but it would be super helpful...
00:50:37darkhollowfor me that is :-)
00:50:52Bagderdarkhollow: probably using some kind of checkdisk utility or something
00:52:02darkhollowalright. i'll give it a try and hope for the best. gotta untie the phone line though. thanks, cu l8er
00:52:04 Part darkhollow
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01:06:49Bagder"Open Source, basically, is about hanging out with the cool guys."
01:16:13matslNeed some sleep ;-) cu
01:16:19Bagdernight matsl
01:16:24 Quit matsl ("Liece")
01:57:03 Part Bagder
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07:13:15 Join Linus [0] (~linus@
07:13:35Linushaha! i was here before Bagder!
07:18:42 Nick elinenbe|out is now known as elinenbe (
07:18:46elinenbeit is a late night here.
07:18:52elinenbeI made a nice little patch.
07:18:54Linusearly morning here
07:19:05elinenbeit speeds up the directory browsing.
07:19:27elinenbewell, it is for the recorder.
07:19:45elinenbewhen you press down, it will go file by file for the first 8 files
07:19:53elinenbeand then it will go screen by screen.
07:20:12elinenbeit works great!
07:20:55Linussend it to the list
07:21:03elinenbeI will get it out in a few.
07:21:06Linusthat is what people have been waiting for
07:21:38elinenbewell, it is only for the down button.
07:21:48elinenbealso, is there a hold down event?
07:22:14elinenbeI have 290 files in my directory and it takes 8 times quicker to browse them...
07:22:14Linusthe repeated keys have the BUTTON_REPEAT bit set
07:22:48elinenbewell, I will send this off to the list, but then I will clean it up to use that.
07:23:04elinenbewell :-)
07:23:54Linusmake sure it compiles for player too
07:24:16elinenbeyeah, I will do that.
07:27:18elinenbethe patch will not do too much for the player.
07:27:40elinenbewith only 2 lines, it is quite hard to achieve the same result.
07:27:54Linusof course
07:36:17elinenbeLinus: you there?
07:38:36elinenbetry it out and tell me what you think
07:38:54 Quit webmind (
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07:39:57 Join Bagder [0] (
07:39:57elinenbehello Badger
07:39:58elinenbetry the patch I just sent out!
07:40:01elinenbeit is quite fun!
07:40:19Bagderah, cool
07:40:34 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
07:40:52 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:41:21Linusyo Bagder!
07:41:45BagderLinus: we should get Björn to make one or both of us admins on sourceforge
07:42:02Linusaren't we?
07:42:29Linusthat sucks
07:42:37elinenbe_I need input on the patch.
07:42:51Bagderyes, since only Björn can add project team members as it is right now
07:42:54elinenbe_I am falling asleep here.
07:42:58 Nick elinenbe_ is now known as elinenbe (
07:43:04 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|deepsle (
07:43:32Bagderelinenbe|deepsle: I can't try it for real until when I get home tonight
07:43:43BagderI bet it won't work as nicely when run simulated
07:43:44 Nick elinenbe|deepsle is now known as elinenbe|dead (
07:44:30LinusBagder: i can update the tracker settings, can't you?
07:44:40Bagderyes I can
07:44:56Linuselinenbe|dead: looks ok, but i would have used the REPEAT feature
07:45:13elinenbe|deadI would have used it too!
07:45:21elinenbe|deadI will redo in the morning.
07:45:27Linusincreasing the speed for every repeated key, and resetting it for every unrepetated key
07:45:45elinenbe|deadwell, increasing the speed doesn;t work well.
07:45:54elinenbe|deadI tried it on 4 people here today.
07:46:03elinenbe|deadno one liked it when it just skipped displaying files.
07:46:16Linusit is very easy, just let the case:s switch place and fall through
07:46:23elinenbe|deadI understand that.
07:46:40elinenbe|deadbut to incrementally increase the speed is not as good as it sounds.
07:47:01elinenbe|deadif it skips showing lines on the screen, that is bad.
07:47:14elinenbe|deadwhere is Zagor anyway?
07:47:46Bagderhe just recently moved and has only an old 14k4 modem connection for the moment ;-)
07:49:53Linuselinenbe|dead: the speed can be actual speed, not "number of lines per scroll"
07:50:43elinenbe|deadwell, it is at max speed already −− right?
07:50:50elinenbe|deadso, we would make it go slower?
07:51:05Linusno, not really
07:51:20Linusi forgot that we already did it as fast as the repeat speed
08:13:42*Bagder reminds people ;-)
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09:22:25webmindcan't reach server
09:22:59 Nick mbr|gone is now known as mbr (
09:24:31Linuswebmind: which server?
09:24:41webmindbut ehm
09:24:45Linusrockbox server?
09:24:46webmindcould be a problem here
09:24:51webmindthat url i just got
09:24:51Linusi can reach it
09:24:57Bagderworks fine here too
09:33:48Linusmbr: you had problems with the RTC halting the updates, right?
09:35:28 Join edx [0] (
09:35:55Linusi found that rtc_read() didn't send a STOP condition on the I2C bus
09:36:13Linusthat causes the RTC to stop updating the registers
09:36:16mbrThat fixes the update problem?
09:36:35Linusuntil a STOP condition is found, or you read a non-clock register
09:36:42mbrI written a rtc_init() function, but I still loose about 30 Seconds on a reboot .
09:36:44Linusthat should fix the update problem
09:37:21Linusremove the rtc_init and try again
09:37:33mbrI will try it. I also saw, that you commited my rtc_init(). Was it an accident?
09:38:59webmindstill doesn't work
09:40:51mbrSame here. Clock is still halted after reboot.
09:41:31adi|homelinus.. with the t-shirt contest
09:41:41adi|homewas there a specific reason we can't do both a front and back?
09:42:20Linuscan't we?
09:42:33Bagdernot really, I've just saved one side for a Haxx logo or something
09:42:46adi|homeahh.. okay...
09:42:49Linusoh, now i remember
09:42:58adi|homeis that the reason?
09:43:31adi|homeso the idea being our design on front, theirs on the back?
09:43:33adi|homeor vice versa?
09:43:44Linussomething like that
09:44:00adi|homei have an idea...
09:44:03Hadakachanging batteries didn't help and the batteries seem fine
09:44:16LinusHadaka: time to return your unit
09:44:47Hadakaactually - this feels _very_ much like the same thing that happens when you have a broken cord in your earphones - you twist and shake it - sometimes it sounds fine, sometimes nothing comes out, sometimes it just cracles
09:45:25LinusHadaka: probably bad soldering
09:45:34Bagderadi|home: *bing* ;-)
09:45:43adi|homehehehe sooooo sexy ;)
09:45:46Hadakahmm, whine
09:45:50*Bagder giggles
09:46:30adi|homeany chance you could give me a better haxx logo then the one in the corner of the website?
09:46:44Bagderhang on
09:48:09Bagderhm, now where is it... :-)
09:49:09HadakaI wouldn't want to wait for my unit to go ship somewhere and be possibly fixed and then shipped back to me
09:50:14LinusHadaka: then open your unit and fix it
10:00:41adi|homeis that the correct spelling?
10:01:09*Bagder ran ispell in his emacs ;-)
10:05:12Linusmbr: i know why you lose 30 secs
10:05:36mbrCool, why?
10:05:37 Join Zagor [0] (
10:05:43Bagderdr Zagor!
10:05:55webmindbleh.. found problem.. opera dns caching
10:06:01Zagorhey guys, i'm back.
10:06:17Linusmbr: my backlight_init resets the stop bit, clearing the seconds register in the process
10:06:18Bagderwelcome you modem weenie ;-)
10:06:26Zagorshhh! :-)
10:06:51Linusmbr: i am fixing it now
10:07:10webmindZagor, your black ??
10:07:35Zagoryeah, bro! ;)
10:10:33Bagderuh-oh, ESR steps in...
10:10:55Bagderlibcurl mailing list
10:11:03Linusi saw it
10:11:05dwihnomorning dudes! :D
10:11:28Zagorwatch out for concealed handguns :)
10:11:41Bagderand don
10:11:46Bagder't mention bitkeeper
10:12:20adi|homehmm what i miss?
10:12:53LinusESR is Eric S Raymond
10:13:00Linuskind of a celebrity
10:14:21dwihnoI am so not-bright-as-rain!
10:14:40 Join MeRWiN [0] (~merwin@
10:16:04Linushi MeRWiN
10:16:13Linusmbr: fixes committed
10:16:31mbrI'll try it
10:17:09MeRWiNhey linus
10:18:23Linushi Hes
10:19:23 Join pyvasene [0] (
10:20:23webmindis there a vote thingie or something for the tshirt contest ?
10:20:45Linuswebmind: there will be, when the submission period is ovber
10:20:48Bagderwebmind: we're still only accepting submissions
10:21:08webmindno pain program here..
10:21:21ZagorBagder, linus: you two are now SF admins
10:21:26mbrLinus: There is a include to powermgmt.h in apps/main.c
10:21:33LinusThat calls for celebration!!!!!
10:21:47Bagder*RED BUILDS*
10:21:48Bagder*RED BUILDS*
10:21:52Linusmbr: i am silly
10:22:12Bagderhm, my script seems to have gone bananas on that
10:22:15Linusi had the chargin patch applied by mistake
10:22:47HesWhoops 8-)
10:23:08BagderHes: you got a sf account name?
10:26:29 Join notch [0] (
10:26:38 Join matsl [0] (
10:29:01BagderLinus/Zagor: I'll mail Arne
10:34:01Bagderdoes anyone actually work on the improved full-dir playing?
10:35:52Linusi am about to start
10:35:59Bagderok! ;-)
10:36:36LinusMeRWiN: dod you do anything on the RAM playlists?
10:43:22 Quit MeRWiN ()
10:43:27 Join MeRWiN [0] (~merwin@
10:45:57Bagderis the charger patch going in soonish?
10:46:11*Zagor just got a ROLO in the mail...
10:46:36MeRWiNi would much rather get a snickers bar in the mail
10:46:54Zagoractually, it's not a rolo in the pure sense. it's instead the capability to "play" archos.mod files...
10:47:04Zagorrather neat
10:47:18MeRWiNexcuse me?
10:47:20MeRWiNplay it?
10:47:26Zagorload it
10:47:28Zagorand run it
10:47:29Bagderin the dir browser
10:47:44BagderI like that
10:47:57Bagderthat's actually cooler than a stand-alone rolo
10:48:07Zagori think so too
10:48:24MeRWiNso... dynamic loading of the mod file?
10:48:46MeRWiNwow... add that one in definately :)
10:48:46BagderZagor: does it descramble too?
10:48:57dwihnocool :D
10:49:15LinusWe might need a file filter for that
10:49:16Bagderwho wrote it?
10:49:17MeRWiNso you could have the regular archos.mod from archos in there and load it if you want to?
10:49:28ZagorBagder: Randy Wood
10:49:33LinusA true hero
10:49:40*Bagder joins the Randy Wood fan club
10:49:48ZagorMeRWiN: exactly
10:50:01HesExcellent news
10:50:03*MeRWiN nominates Randy Wood for addition to the credits (in bold)
10:50:09MeRWiNif he's not already there :)
10:50:10LinusMERGE! MERGE! MERGE!
10:51:11Zagorhe's posting it on the mailing list
10:51:12MeRWiNso really, with the emulator, we could just have a basically non-changing emulator that loads an archos.mod file :)
10:51:38ZagorMeRWiN: sure, just write an archos hardware emulator. piece of cake :)
10:52:03MeRWiNZagor: That's something I've been wanting... much easier
10:53:12MeRWiNanyone know if the recent change to the simulator gets rid of the need totally for a numeric keypad?
10:53:51Linusi hope so
10:54:09MeRWiNmy laptop has a crappy numeric keypad. it really doesn't even work with the sim
10:56:13Bagderit does
10:57:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:57:58matslbagder: I have problems with wps-screen in the simulator. It allways displays just Playing....
10:58:26Linusi want Hes to commit the charger patch
10:59:03Bagderthe wps is not easily simulated
10:59:28matslbagder: Ok. So its a know problem then
11:00:06 Quit Hadaka ("Changing server")
11:01:17HesLinus: I'll look into it
11:02:01MeRWiNg'nite... goin' to bed
11:02:10Linusnite MeRWiN
11:02:13MeRWiNnite lin
11:02:26 Nick MeRWiN is now known as MeRWiN|Sleep (~merwin@
11:02:36LinusHes: can you look into the possibility of a filtered_battery_level() function
11:03:03HesI'll add an #define ENABLE_CHARGER in config-recorder.h so that the charger can be enabled & disabled easily
11:03:12LinusHes: good
11:03:13Hesand replace the #ifdef ARCHOS_RECORDER's with that
11:03:18Hesin my patch
11:03:50Hesi mean, around the charger code only
11:04:00Linususe HAVE_CHARGE_CTRL or something
11:04:18adi|homeBagder: you stil around?
11:04:35*Bagder is here
11:05:09adi|hometake a look at that
11:05:13adi|homeyoull need to pull it down
11:05:20adi|homenot displaying on the web for somereason
11:05:34adi|homeid have the front part i showed you earlier over the breast
11:05:39mbrLinus: rtc now doesn't loose seconds
11:05:47Linusmbr: great
11:06:25 Join ironi_ [0] (~ironi@
11:10:51*adi|home heads to bed
11:11:04Bagdernight adi
11:22:18Bagderso, does anyone object if I remove the mpeg_stop on the left button in the dir browser?
11:22:43Bagderit will force users to go wps and press stop/off there
11:22:59Linuswhy not always stop on STOP?
11:23:11Linusin the dir browser
11:23:15dwihnostop for stop
11:23:23Bagderbecause stop is dir exit on players
11:23:39Linusok, but at least for recorder
11:23:51dwihnoat least for the recorder :)
11:23:52Bagderyes, recorders could stop on OFF even in the dir browser
11:24:02Bagderwhich it doesn't do right now
11:25:48Bagderwe should start writing some docs
11:39:41dwihno"... and remember - only YOU can prevent forest fires!"
11:57:23Linushey, you playlist users!
11:57:23 Quit MeRWiN|Sleep (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:58:01Linusis the playlist supposed to run forever?
11:58:14Bagdergood q
11:58:17BagderI dunno
11:58:34dwihnoit should be configurable
11:58:38Linuswe should at least have a 'repeat' setting
11:58:47Bagderyes, you're right
11:58:49dwihnorepeat 1, repeat all, random
11:58:50Linusnow it just goes on forever
11:59:00dwihnoand yeah, "normal mode" too
11:59:13Linusrepeat should be independent of ransom
11:59:50Bagdera ransom mode? ;-P
12:00:06Linusok, i'll leave the repeat as it is now, and concentrate on the RAM playlists
12:00:31dwihnoThe auto-build playlist feature would be pretty kickass too
12:01:15Linusdwihno: that is the intention
12:01:37Linusno need for RAM playlists for anything else
12:01:40matslmust work ;-( cu
12:01:50dwihnocul8r :-)
12:02:07 Quit matsl ("Liece")
12:03:13dwihnothe "press on to return to dir browser" text only appears when playing a dir?
12:17:16Hesransom mode, yeah. "Donate $20 to rockbox t-shirt pool to enable your device again"
12:19:16Linusdwihno: yes
12:19:38dwihnoLinus: Have you noticed any visual WPS glitches?
12:19:58Linusseveral, which one do you mean
12:20:48dwihno1) press 'on' in the WPS, return to dir browser. 2) press 'on', return to WPS, filename display shows only the first 2 chars
12:21:03Linuswhen dir playing withg random=true, is it important that the file that the cursor is pointing to is played first?
12:21:14Linusdwihno: yeah i heard that
12:22:29dwihnoLinus: it should if random is active, yes... but when adding the dir using the 'play-entire-dir' function, it should pick a random file for the first track
12:27:17Hesdwihno: if the directory is randomized, the first entry in the temporary playlist will be random, so we don't need to pick a random location?
12:28:13dwihnoI don't understand what you mean :)
12:28:36HesNever mind then 8-)
12:28:53Linusthere are two cases:
12:29:19Linus1) The user selects "play entire dir" somehow. this function is not implemented
12:29:42Linus2) The users selects a file in the browser and pushes PLAY
12:30:00Hes(somehow: probably clicks 'play' on a directory entry in the browser)
12:30:06Linusin case 1 it should randomize and play like a normal playlist
12:30:16LinusHes: no
12:30:33Linuson the player, PLAY enters the directory
12:30:41HesAh, right.
12:30:56Linusin case 2 it should probably randomize, but still play the selected file first
12:34:34dwihnoMy point exactly :)
12:36:59HesI'm about to commit the charger.
12:37:02Linusthen, should it play until the end of the directory or should it wrap?
12:37:23LinusHes: great! have you compiled for all targets, including simulator?
12:37:47HesThe simulator builds did not start for me at all.
12:37:49Hesfor some reason.
12:38:10Linushave you created a dir called "archos"?
12:38:11dwihnoLinus: how about making that a configurable option?
12:38:29Linusthe config menu gets longer and longer...
12:39:05dwihnoConfigurability rules! :)
12:39:08Hesconfigure creates the archos subdir
12:39:21dwihnoSome kind of docs should be written for 1.3
12:39:22Hesmake[1]: Entering directory `/opt/src/archos/src/uisimulator/x11'
12:39:22Hesmake[1]: *** No rule to make target `mpeg.c', needed by `/opt/src/archos/src/build/.deps/mpeg.d'. Stop.
12:39:22Hesmake[1]: Leaving directory `/opt/src/archos/src/uisimulator/x11'
12:41:17HesAhh.. the simulator did build
12:42:46Linusdwihno: 1.3 isn't planned yet
12:43:12dwihnoI know :-) That gives a lot of time to do docs :)
12:48:06HesNow i've tested all targets 8-)
12:48:34Linushave you made a filtered battery_level() function?
12:49:00HesI'll merge that in afterwards
12:49:16HesI practically have made it, will just have to replace the old one 8-)
12:49:47Hesand make it ignore empty samples
12:49:53Hesright after boot-up
12:51:18Heshere we goooo
12:55:49Bagdernow we need mbr's status line too to see the charging symbol ;-)
12:57:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:58:44LinusHes: is there an is_charging() function?
12:58:44*Hes hides behind the coffee machine in the coffee room to escape flying coffee mugs due to broken builds and dead batteries
12:59:15Hesextern bool charger_enabled;
12:59:16Hesin power.h
13:00:46Linusand a charger_connected too?
13:01:08HesYeah, the old bool charger_inserted(void);
13:01:30*Zagor notes there is now a ship date for Archos Multimedia: August 12, 2002
13:01:45Hesi only charged the threshold there so that it won't return false right after charging is enabled on an empty battery (the ext power voltage drops pretty low at that point)
13:02:38Bagderdesign number 4 is there
13:03:42Zagorumm, we should probably tell people the url is about to change :)
13:03:55HesI will enhance the charger to detect connected/disconnected charger faster
13:04:09HesI wouldn't print the URL on the shirt 8-)
13:04:17BagderZagor: yeah
13:08:48HesMaybe the front page news item could mention that configuration saving has been implemented on all platforms... if USB display is listed too
13:09:16Hesand maybe charging too. And any other large improvements that have been made?
13:09:35Bagdermaybe we should make a 'news submit' form so that people can submit news easier
13:10:15HesImport news from CVS maybe.
13:10:44Bagderwell, the site is built from the www module in CVS so all CVS comitters can add news already now
13:12:27HesThat module is a bit larger. 8-)
13:12:37Bagderyes, all those pics ;-)
13:12:38Linuslots of pictures
13:13:50dwihnoAs I was taking a shower I started to think about visual playlist navigation... Is it possible to make such a thing without consuming all memory?
13:15:09Bagderit depends on what you mean with "visual playlist navigation"
13:15:24dwihnoLike winamp
13:15:26dwihnoor such
13:15:38dwihnowhere you actually can "see" the playlist
13:15:47Bagderoh, that'll certainly be possible
13:15:56Bagderwe'll just not load the whole file at once
13:16:47Linusnow i know why people complain so much about how long it takes to playe the next file when pressing RIGHT
13:17:05Linusit is the playlist_next() file seek that takes time
13:17:31Bagderso maybe it is time to add some caching
13:17:57Linusi will, soon
13:21:14Linusthe playlist code is very silly
13:21:31Linusnot even playlists are immune to directory changes in the dir browser
13:21:50HesI added two news items (charging, config saving)
13:22:01BagderLinus: you mean because of relative paths?
13:22:24Linusplaylist_next() takes a "dir" argument
13:22:40Linusand tree.c passes currdir
13:23:12HesWhen does the web site build, and do www module updates go to the CVS activity view too? 8-)
13:23:44Linuswhy does playlist_next() take a dir argument at all?
13:24:19BagderHes: the www commits are not shown in the CVS activity and is not posted to the cvs mailing lsit
13:24:34Bagderit updates every 20 mins or so I think
13:25:07Zagoryup, every 20 min
13:25:19HesExcellent... at what offset? 0, 20, 40?
13:25:40Zagoruh no, the bug list is every 20. the web page is every hour, on the hour.
13:27:45Hes[ 573367 ] batteries are not charged ... could probably be closed now?
13:32:27HesI'll add a comment
13:35:51dwihnoHas the WPS patch with additional battery / volume bars been merged?
13:39:22Zagori'm off to change dialup account. see you later.
13:39:31 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
13:39:46dwihnowhat's a deep discharge?
13:40:27Bagderdwihno: it makes the batter discharge a lot before charging again
13:41:01Bagderlike if you use your box with the charger connected always
13:41:40dwihnoah, okay
13:41:52dwihnoso there is no "disable batteries, run from power cord" stuff?
13:42:07Hesdwihno: the hardware cannot do that
13:43:08dwihnoHes: ah, okay... Well, then I guess the deep discharge feature is needed.
13:43:26dwihnoI like the battery charging graph :)
13:43:37HesIt looks pretty cool.
13:44:07dwihnoSo what happens when the batteries are full?
13:44:15dwihnoSome message to the user?
13:46:04dwihnoIs there something preventing overcharging?
13:46:06webmindcould it be done with a hardware mod ?
13:46:11Linuslater on, when the status bar is there, the battery will animate, as the stock firmware
13:46:50Linusor something
13:46:55Hesdwihno: battery full condition is detected... and there is a timer too just in case the detection fails
13:47:05Heswhoops, forgot to drop the timer down btw.
13:47:12Linusfix that
13:47:19HesRight away, yes.
13:47:42dwihnoHow hard would it be to replace the plastic covering the display?
13:47:46Hes6H should be good, or 4?
13:47:58dwihnoMy unit has gotten a teensy bit scratched and it's a bit annoying
13:49:39webmindhmm, online firmware still no updates
13:50:20Linuswebmind: what do you mean?
13:51:00webmindfirmware from archos self is still on 5.07 while i got 5.08 when i bought mine begin may
13:51:04webmindthey're slow :)
13:51:18dwihnoThat's why Rockbox really rocks the box! :)
13:52:02dwihnoLinus: Judging from your experience from taking the unit apart, do you think it's possible to replace the LCD-plastic cover?
13:52:08Linusof course
13:52:21Linusif you can find a replacement plastic cover
13:53:50dwihnoHow much would I need to replace? I have never disassembled my unit, so I don't know :-)
13:54:47Linusi think you can remove the plastic window
13:54:55Linusbut it is probably glued
13:56:43webminddwihno, open it and see for yourself? :)
13:57:28dwihnowebmind: nah, I'd love to keep my warranty - at least until I get a 40gig replacement drive ;)
13:58:18*webmind s well.. prolly will open it within the year though
13:58:26webmindtaking stuff apart to tweak is fun
13:59:03 Join Zagor [242] (
13:59:30Bagderdesign number 5 added
13:59:37mbrDon various changes to statusbar patch. Someone willing to test?
13:59:56mbrShall I post it to the ml?
14:00:18Bagdergo go go! ;-)
14:00:22 Join liam_ [0] (
14:00:56Bagderyou ready for a user's manual? ;-O
14:01:47Bagderthere to get improved by *you*
14:02:24Zagorthat reminds me. a quick "screenshot" key to the simulator wouldn't be a bad thing
14:03:55 Nick liam_ is now known as jedix` (
14:03:56BagderI wonder if libpng is easy to use
14:05:17webmindbtw anyone tried the multimedia btw? :)
14:06:29dwihnoNhaw... It looks pretty neat though :-)
14:06:36dwihnoI just wonder what kind of video it boasts.
14:08:01HesWhoops. I broke the front page somehow. I wonder what happened?
14:08:39mbrBagder: Can you compile simulator and firmware under windows?
14:09:11Bagdermbr: I don't build under windows, I build the win32 simulator using a cross-compiler on linux
14:09:19Heswww/main.t looks good when I checkout
14:09:25mbrI moved the slidebar and progressbar to recoder/widgets.[ch] and had to modify makefiles. I have no possibility to test.
14:09:38ZagorHes: there's a collision with what was there before
14:09:41Zagori'll fix it
14:09:46mbrBagder: OK
14:09:50HesOh, ok.
14:09:57Bagdermbr: but others have done it
14:10:17HesI'm not very experienced with CVS, just RCS mostly 8-)
14:11:21Zagorit wasn't your fauly
14:15:29Hes65k rubber ducks:
14:17:58Linusi'm playing a dir in a dynamically created playlist...
14:18:28dwihnoCool Linus!
14:19:33Linusi can imagine that people have had problems with playlists before
14:19:48dwihnobecause of ... ?
14:19:54Linusbecause the playlists were dependent of the current directory
14:20:03Linusin the dirbrowser
14:20:06BagderLinus: that is only very recently added
14:20:20Linusthe dir argument?
14:20:25Bagderno, but the usage of it
14:20:26Zagorand only matters for entries with relative path
14:21:57Linusspeaking of browser, who wants to optimize the dircache memory usage?
14:22:12Linusthe current solution with entry structs wastes memory
14:22:29Linusit is better to separate the attributes and the names
14:22:39Linusthen we can pack the name data
14:22:52 Join mistaRx [0] (
14:23:07*Zagor is off for new adventures in dial-up land...
14:23:09 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
14:30:04dwihnoWhen the batteries are full, is the meter supposed to drop to zero?
14:30:45Linuswhat meter?
14:31:45dwihnodebug, battery
14:34:27HesWhat exactly in there?
14:34:49dwihnothe battery voltage meter
14:34:58dwihnoit was raising and now it dropped to sero
14:35:01Hesthe graph or the voltage measurement?
14:35:23HesHmm, interesting, it shouldn't. What is the scale now?
14:35:25Linusdwihno: what scale?
14:37:18Linusthen it isn't zero
14:37:24Linusit's 5.23
14:37:29dwihnothe graph has dropped to zero
14:37:31dwihnothat's what I ment
14:37:37HesThe graph is auto-scaling, lowest value visible is 5.23
14:38:04HesThe voltage naturally drops quite a bit as soon as the charger is disconnected/disabled
14:38:10dwihnoarf. okay
14:38:43Hessince the external power supply offers a higher voltage than the batteries supply... and this difference causes some energy to flow in the batteries to cause the charging effect 8-)
14:39:29HesIt would be interesting to know what voltage does the stock archos firmware stop charging at... in practice
14:39:44Heswith the same set of cells
14:40:56 Join ripnetuk [0] (
14:44:21 Quit mistaRx ()
14:46:14Bagderwe should have a go at multi-line scroll in the wps too
14:47:01edxBagder: just read your manual
14:47:06edxgood work.
14:47:08Bagderwoo ;-)
14:47:16Bagderpretty basic still
14:47:36edxreally easy to read and since it is not too large you can find what you need in a few seconds
14:47:53edxi would not advance it much more, only add the entries for the menu items...
14:48:02edx(of course)
14:48:09Bagderand add the missing screen dumps
14:48:43edxyea.. with the screendumps, i'd say its nearly perfect.
14:49:02edxwe really dont need such a detailed expression (like pictures where the buttons are on the device :P)
14:49:15edxsuch a = much more
14:49:26*edx misexpressed himself
14:50:12BagderI'll try to fill in some more later
14:50:14Linuscan anyone remember why there is a sleep(HZ) last in play_list()?
14:50:44Bagderno clue
14:50:57Bagdertry cvs annotate
14:51:07dwihnoHah, nice. WPS shows nothing :)
14:51:41dwihnoWPS, parse mode
14:51:43dwihnoShows NOTHING :-)
14:51:50dwihnoExcept the progress meter and time stuff
14:52:03BagderLinus: Zagor added it in 1.10
14:52:04LinusBagder: you forgot MENU and +/- for volume on the player
14:53:20edxhmm a storm is coming up over here :/
14:53:25edxbye summer..
14:56:31elinenbe|deadwhat does Kjell do −− why is he not helping out on the project?
14:56:35 Nick elinenbe|dead is now known as elinenbe (
14:56:49Bagderhe's a lazy bastard ;-)
14:57:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:02:28mbrSomeone got my patch via ml? I sent it with no error, but seems that its gone to a black hole
15:03:45Bagderit might've gone to Björn due to its size
15:03:59Bagderwas it big?
15:04:12mbrnearly 60kb
15:04:33Bagderthen Björn got it and needs to approve it to get to the list
15:04:48mbrbecause i reindented a section
15:05:26 Join PrimeSource [0] (
15:05:33Linusmbr: björn is a modem loser
15:05:40Linuszip it and mail it again
15:05:55elinenbembr: what does it do?
15:05:58mbrSay nothing against modem USERS :)
15:06:19mbrelinenbe: new version of the status bar patch
15:11:10mbrgziped version is on it way ...
15:12:47LinusRAM-based playlists committed
15:13:12elinenbeLinus: is there any timing for a BUTTON_REPEAT? What I am trying to say is if you hold a button down, it sets the button repeat flag, but if you let go of the button, and then hit it one second later, will that set the BUTTON_REPEAT flag?
15:13:38elinenbeLinus: what does the RMA-based playlist do?
15:13:46elinenbesorry RAM-based
15:13:48Linuselinenbe: it resets the repeat timer for every keypress
15:14:01elinenbeand how long is the repeat timer?
15:14:05Linusit can have a playlist in memory
15:14:43Linusthe repeat timer is 6 poll intervals, then 4 for each repeat, and the poll interval is HZ/20
15:14:57elinenbeah... ok another question.
15:14:59 Join Zagor [242] (
15:15:06Zagoraaaah, finally proper callback
15:15:35elinenbewith the new RAM-based playlists, could you now add −− playing this directory and all directories under this?
15:15:44elinenbelike if you hit play on a directory?
15:15:49Linusno, not in this version
15:15:59Linusfeel free to add it
15:16:37elinenbenow there is directory shuffle? right?
15:16:41 Nick Linus is now known as Linus|latelunch (~linus@
15:16:43Bagdermbr: if you gimme your sourceforge user name, I'll give you CVS commit access
15:19:08BagderI could do 'nslookup' and then 'ls'
15:19:11mbrBagder: it's malle
15:19:19Bagderquite a few hosts ;-)
15:21:44Bagdermbr: you're added
15:23:55dwihnoa nice walk outdoors :)
15:33:17 Nick Linus|latelunch is now known as Linus (~linus@
15:33:57dwihnopatching file `firmware/drivers/lcd.c'
15:33:57dwihnoAssertion failed: hunk, file patch.c, line 321
15:34:01dwihnowhat the ...
15:45:23dwihnoGreat work Linus!
15:45:46Hes20020806-statusbar.diff didn't quite apply to the current cvs 8-)
15:46:01LinusNot after my playlist fixes
15:46:15Linusmbr: maybe you could try to cync it?
15:46:31dwihnoWhat about merging the statusbar?
15:47:09dwihnoand add my USB icon too while you're at it ;-)
15:47:11mbrLinus: Yes. Currently working on it.
15:47:33Linusmy RAM-playlist hack needs some tweaks
15:47:54Linuscurrently, it only plays from the current file to the end of the dir
15:48:03Linusit should probably wrap
15:48:30Linusand when shuffling, it also shuffles the file where the cursor is at
15:50:00Hesmbr: could the status bar setting go to byte 0x0e instead of a new byte?
15:50:09Heswould save a little config memory for now
15:52:21LinusHes: the 90% charge threshold could maybe be random, to avoid memory effects even further
15:52:48Hesuhm 8-)
15:53:09HesWould that really work?
15:53:10Linusmaybe 90% is a bit low
15:53:17HesMight be
15:53:43elinenbeLinus: if I am playing songs, and then I turn on the shuffle it does not currently shuffle (this is in a directory)
15:54:50Linuselinenbe: are you sure?
15:57:19elinenbesorry about that. it works.
15:57:37elinenbebut it only creates a playlist from the file I pick until the last file in the directory.
15:57:54Linusyes, i wrote that
15:57:58elinenbeso, if I pick the 10th song in a list of 20 to play first, then it will only shuffle between songs 10 - 20/
15:58:09elinenbethat seems odd.
15:58:15Linusyes, i said that a few minutes ago
15:58:22Linuscurrently, it only plays from the current file to the end of the dir
15:58:33Linusit should probably wrap
15:59:27elinenbewell, it should play from current file to the end when not in shuffle mode
15:59:37elinenbebut in shuffle mode, it should randomly play the entire directory.
15:59:48elinenbethat is the way my CD player is.
16:00:03Linusi'll do that later
16:00:07Linusi have to go now
16:00:13Linuscu guys!
16:00:27dwihnobyebye! :)
16:00:42 Part Linus
16:00:46dwihnobyebye, now you die! :)
16:02:46mbrHes: Are you here?
16:03:32mbrHes: You can get the latest patch on (i won't spam the ml :)
16:03:43HesOk, thanks
16:03:45dwihnoI'll try it rightaway :)
16:06:34HesCoolness, it works!
16:06:52Bagderlooking good?
16:08:23Bagderany issue pending or is this reaching commit status?
16:08:32*dwihno sees something
16:08:57mbrdwihno: What?
16:09:19elinenbeis that the time on the recorder in the top right?
16:09:19dwihnoswitch to 'parse' mode in the WPS
16:09:41dwihnombr: you will see that the first line isn't displayed.
16:10:17elinenbethat parse mode should put the filename in the middle in a big font anyway.
16:10:28mbrdwihno: The first line is the filename? Then i don't see it ..
16:10:32elinenbesomething like that. why all the blank space?
16:10:59Bagdermy rockbox froze
16:10:59dwihnombr: First line: artist, album etc. Second line, file name
16:11:17*dwihno sends the microwave oven to Bagder to heat it up again
16:11:23HesI'm gone, seeya
16:13:18mbrdwihno: Found the bug.
16:13:51elinenbeI don't think that the speaker icon is necessary for the volume.
16:14:14elinenbeit should have a normal icon or shuffle icon instead.
16:14:19elinenbefor the play mode.
16:14:29elinenbeand I am sure repeat will be added soon too.
16:14:30dwihnothe volume bar should be more responsive, methinks
16:15:10elinenbedwihno: \agreed
16:15:51mbrYou mean seeing a difference every volumechange? or faster?
16:16:16elinenbeseeing a difference every volume change would be hard
16:16:27mbrThe speaker icon is canceled when volume is 0 (mute)
16:16:34elinenbeas there is a huge volume range, and a small display
16:16:38mbrThought it would be nice to see that.
16:16:47elinenbebut it would be nice to see that.
16:17:56mbrI had a wider volume gauge where you saw more changed, but linus wanted a smaller one 8)
16:18:11Bagderhehe, yes he wanted a bigger battery one
16:18:25*Bagder hasn't seen it yet
16:18:27elinenbeget rid of the fake clock.
16:18:34elinenbethat is pointless to see on the screen.
16:18:51mbrIt is not faked :)
16:19:10elinenbewell, it is still unnecessary on the main screen
16:19:17PrimeSourcespeaking of a clock can you all make this thing show the time of day that would be cool
16:19:49mbrPrimeSource: elinenbe wants to remove this :)
16:19:55dwihnoMe too! :)
16:20:25elinenbeI think battery / volume / state (play/stop/pause/ff/rw) / playmode (repeat/shuffle/normal/etc.)
16:21:54elinenbewhere does it get the time from? (the initial time)
16:21:57elinenbedoes it just make it up?
16:22:20Bagderyou can set the time using the stock firmware
16:22:39elinenbeahhh... so it uses that.
16:22:55mbrelinenbe: time is read from rtc
16:23:18elinenbehow do you do a hold on the recorder? (button-lock)
16:23:47Bagderread the docs! :-P
16:23:52*Bagder giggles
16:24:40elinenbeI see a bug. the song name scrolls through the button lock message.
16:24:51elinenbestatu line should how if buttons are locked or not.
16:24:59elinenbeinsted of that extra screnn
16:25:55Bagdergood idea
16:27:08mbri'll put a lock icon to the status bar, also an indicator for (shuffle/repeat/normal)
16:28:15elinenbeyou will need icons for a whole bunch of stuff (for future play modes that is)
16:30:29elinenbethere are some ideas here.
16:31:33elinenbecheck out and look at the playmodes and icons on page 14 of the manual / page 15 of the pdf
16:34:17PrimeSourceare you guys adding all this to the recorder? i don't think my player screen has room for all that.
16:34:24PrimeSourcei need a recorder
16:34:39Bagderyes, the recorder
16:34:56Bagderthe player has fixed "icons" that can't be changed
16:35:07PrimeSourcethat sucks
16:36:13PrimeSourcei've had this thing for awhile. i got it when they first came out. well this is the 2nd one the 1st one melted.
16:37:52edxlike in the sun?
16:38:14PrimeSourcenope from the power cord that came with it
16:38:41PrimeSourcearchos sent me a new one
16:39:04edxi had a player before too
16:39:16edxi damaged it somehow.. they sent me a recorder :P
16:39:25edx(for free, of course)
16:40:00PrimeSourcei dont think it was out yet when mine melted
16:40:16edxyea.. its been like 6months ago
16:49:01 Join mistaRx [0] (
16:49:31dwihnoRecorder = kickass
16:50:10mistaRxhas rockbox got a hold function?
16:50:17mistaRxfor the players?
16:50:22dwihno <−− read how to do it
16:50:28BagdermistaRx: yes
16:50:45dwihnoThe documentation is already handy :-)
16:50:51Bagderthat's the player page actually
16:50:53dwihnosme bad
16:50:56dwihnome so sorry!
16:50:58dwihnome sorry long time
16:51:27BagderI should probably add links between the recorder/player versions
16:57:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:57:28 Join freshmaker [0] (
16:59:20mistaRxdo u appear to have less skipping withthe rockbox firmware?!
16:59:53*Bagder doesn't know
17:00:02BagderI've hardly used the stock firmware ;-)
17:00:23mistaRxbut do u get skipping then?!
17:00:49Bagderbut I don't move around much with it
17:01:39mistaRxI have ALLOT less skipping & probs with the rockbox!!
17:01:53mistaRxwith my AJBP6k
17:01:55Bagderthat's cool indeed
17:02:11 Join mecraw [0] (
17:03:17mistaRxIndeed, withthe stock firmware u can't change the song without it messing up about a half-minute into the next song(for ONE example)
17:04:14mistaRxand it doesn't spin up directly when u press the next button!
17:04:46mistaRxni gör ett häst jobb grabbar!!
17:05:43*Bagder grins
17:05:53*dwihno ate yumyum-mat
17:06:25PrimeSourcelater people
17:06:31 Quit PrimeSource ("2.0 Build 1515")
17:06:36 Quit dwihno (Remote closed the connection)
17:07:01 Join dwihno [0] (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
17:07:05mistaRxwhy will safe settings be impleamented in the recorder 1.2 firmware but not in the player verison?!
17:07:25BagdermistaRx: because the recorder version doesn't have to save to disk
17:07:59mistaRxwhat does it do then?!
17:08:18Bagderit has a tiny battery backed-up memory
17:08:47elinenbeBadger: save to disk is going to be in the next player version?
17:08:57Bagderso, the player save-settings must save stuff on disk, and that's why we hesitate a bit to enable it
17:09:22BagderI think the save-settings for the player still needs some adjustments before going in for real
17:09:42mistaRxI use it every day!
17:09:51mistaRxNemas Problemas!
17:10:06dwihnoBagder: messed up link to the t-shirt contest on the webpage
17:10:35Bagderzagor's on the case
17:10:46Bagdernotice how the host name changed... :-)
17:11:11dwihnoThen I must update my t-shirt entry! :)
17:12:00 Quit mecraw ()
17:12:09mistaRxwhen will u impleament using the serial remote ?!
17:14:47Zagortshirt page fixed
17:16:07Bagderverify the daily-build stuff too, it came a mail about it
17:16:34Zagori'm on it. mail archive first.
17:21:10Zagordaily builds fixed. anything else i've missed?
17:21:19Bagderdwihno: I can't receive dcc here
17:21:44Bagderoh, gotta go!
17:21:46 Part Bagder
17:23:29mistaRxis anybody working on remote control support, or when are u planing to impleament it?!
17:25:38Zagorwe're not working on it at the moment
17:26:01Zagorbut it's not a very big job, so someone will probably fix it soon
17:50:10ripnetukif someone could give me a leg-up i would love to work on the remote... i tried reading from the serial, but it just blocked, i asked on this group, and someone told me that you need to enable interupt-based serial coms, and that was not yet done... i assume that there is an interupt vector somewhere which gets called when something comes in via the serial port, and that you have to enable the serial port, set the speed, and enable interupts, but the
17:56:13 Nick mbr is now known as mbr|gone (
18:00:10 Join mecraw [0] (
18:03:33 Quit Zagor (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:06:53 Quit edx ("later")
18:09:10 Quit pyvasene ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.1")
18:16:05 Quit mecraw ()
18:18:15 Join Bono1 [0] (
18:18:27Bono1i have a ?
18:18:46Bono1is there anyway to lock the buttons on the archos???
18:19:16dwihnoplayer or recorder?
18:20:35 Quit mistaRx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:21:33notchripnetuk: I have written a remote routine but havent had time to debug it...
18:21:56notchI can send you the source if youre interested in debugging it!
18:24:09dwihnoBono1: and you're using the rockbox software?
18:24:16Bono1not yet
18:24:52dwihnoTo enter the "lock" mode, just keep the 'on' button pressed for a while
18:25:35Bono1with the archos software??
18:25:51dwihnoand it's stated in the manual too :-)
18:26:03Bono1didnt see that
18:26:14dwihnoFor some gay reason, you can still change the volume while in the "locked" mode.
18:26:29Bono1thats ok for my needs
18:26:36Bono1i ride a motorcycle
18:26:45Bono1and i keep pressing buttons
18:27:48dwihnoThe rockbox firmware is good enough for regular use now
18:27:57dwihnoUnless you are using the recorder functionality
18:28:03Bono1can you use it with rockbox??
18:28:14Bono1no i dont use the recorder
18:28:43dwihnorockbox works on all archos models
18:29:07Bono1sorry i ment to ask if i could lock the keys with rockbox
18:29:13dwihnoThings like the 999 playlist limit has been resolved
18:29:31Bono1ive read that and thats kewl
18:30:17dwihnoI think the locking is engaged by pressing f1+down or something like that
18:30:45dwihnoF1 + DOWN
18:30:45dwihnoToggle key lock ON/OFF
18:30:55dwihnothe first of the three topmost buttons
18:31:08Bono1got it
18:31:52Bono1i hope that fixes my prob.
18:32:17Bono1on the bike with that damn pouch it stops some time
18:33:30dwihnoThe pouch is a really cool fashion statement .. ;)
18:36:53Bono1that shit is gay as hell
18:37:12Bono1looking for a replacment
18:37:49dwihnosome kind of nylon minidisc pouch might do the trick
18:38:48Bono1yeah the next chance i get i'm on the hunt
18:39:06Bono1have you done the volume mod??
18:39:37dwihnovolume mod?
18:43:14dwihnoI'm quite happy with the volume level
18:45:34notchare you there ripnetuk???
18:51:27 Quit notch ()
18:55:07Bono1what headphones are you using??
18:55:56dwihnoTwo pairs
18:56:00dwihnoSennheiser HD 570
18:56:54dwihnoSony MDR-EX 70 LP
18:57:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:57:14dwihnoBut I got 20/20 "crystal ears" :-)
18:59:52Bono1LOL i hear ya
19:00:20Bono1are the sony mdr-ex 70's ear buds
19:16:37 Quit dwihno ("leaving")
19:16:46 Join Zagor [242] (
19:17:10 Join dwihno [0] (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
19:19:28 Join Bagder [0] (
19:19:44dwihnoBagder: U got mail ;D
19:19:50 Quit Bono1 ()
19:19:55*Bagder already fixed
19:20:27dwihnoYou are ___SO___ fast!
19:21:39dwihnoIs there an easy way to compile the simulator under windows?
19:21:49dwihnoI only got mingw32 and not visual studio
19:22:03Bagderthe makefile might work
19:22:17Bagderit works for mingw cross-compile under linux
19:23:48dwihnoWhat do I need to check out to build it?
19:24:19Bagderapps, firmware, uisimulator
19:24:59Bagderif you want, you can try the latest version I've auto-built
19:25:31Bagderthat of course might not help if you wanna try some patching or similar
19:26:48dwihnoI need to compile it since it's quite annoying to compile stuff for the target if I want to test..
19:27:19Bagderso get the sources and try running 'make' plainly in uisimulator/win32
19:27:31Bagdercould work
19:27:50dwihnoprocess_begin: CreateProcess((null), sh.exe -c "if [ ! -d ./.deps ]; then
19:27:50dwihno echo Creating the dependency directory: ./.deps; mkdir -
19:27:50dwihno ./.deps; fi", ...) failed.
19:27:50DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
19:27:50dwihnomake (e=2): The system cannot find the file specified.
19:27:50dwihnomake: *** [.deps/mpeg.d] Error 2
19:29:08dwihnoYou bet it is! :)
19:30:36Bagdermight help
19:54:20 Join Naked_ [0] (
19:59:20ripnetuknotch - r u there??? sorry, boss turned up, had to work :(
19:59:36Bagderdarned thos bosses ;-)
20:00:05ripnetukyeah, the cheek - expecting us to do WORK instead of hacking around with open source
20:00:19Bagdertotally stupid people
20:00:53elinenbehey Badger!
20:01:01elinenbeI gots a nice patch coming soon.
20:01:11BagderI'm ready ;-)
20:01:35elinenbein a few minutes. how do you commit? "cvs commit file" ?
20:01:41elinenbeI forget.
20:01:55elinenbehow do you type in a message to go with the commit?
20:02:14Bagderit pops up an editor, you write message, save, quit, it sends it off
20:02:27elinenbeokay. will do.
20:02:28Bagderor use -m "message to my commit"
20:03:32ripnetuki love Rockbox - every time I check my email, my Jukebox has a new feature :) Achos themselves always provide a disapointment when I check their site
20:13:06elinenbeBadger: committed!
20:14:25Bagderneato, I'll be sure to try it out
20:14:34elinenbeBadger: what do you think?
20:16:51elinenbeoops forgot to fix it for players too!
20:16:55elinenbeI will recommit
20:24:41elinenbeI am now adding the scroll bar on the side like the archos firmware :-) <−− this is FUN!
20:25:00 Nick Naked_ is now known as Hadaka (
20:25:14Zagorelinenbe: uuuh, make sure it's configurable. I hate that scrollbar...
20:25:36elinenbeokay, I will. I will just add it to the menu...
20:25:43elinenbedo you like the sped up browsing?
20:25:55Zagorhaven't looked at it yet
20:26:14elinenbewell, I am off to go swimming.
20:26:24 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|swim (
20:36:07ripnetukis the ui simulator broken in the CVS? or have I picked up an incomplete copy?
20:36:27Bagderx11 version?
20:36:41Bagderbuilds fine for me
20:36:59BagderZagor: showlog.cgi is broken
20:37:04ripnetuk../../apps/tree.c: In function `dirbrowse':
20:37:04ripnetuk../../apps/tree.c:571: parse error before `lastfilter'
20:37:09Bagderthere's a red build
20:37:23Bagderripnetuk: you building as a player sim?
20:37:26adi|homeBagder i resent the image
20:37:32Bagderadi|home: I got it
20:37:56ripnetukbuilding recorder sim
20:38:30ZagorBagder: fixed
20:40:08Bagderripnetuk: try this
20:40:09Zagori'm not sure I like the accellerated scroll too much. it feels very uncontrolled.
20:40:25Zagori think I'd prefer pgup/pgdn buttons
20:41:05Bagdermight be hard on the player
20:41:22ripnetukbag - try what???
20:41:33Bagderripnetuk: cvs update, try again ;-)
20:41:35Zagordoes ON and +/- do anything in tree mode?
20:41:40ripnetukok, thanks, will try now
20:42:37ripnetuki have a script to pull the latest source off the CVS and build it, but it always prompts me for a password (to which i just press enter) for anon. access - does neone know a switch to specify the blank password as part of the CVS command?
20:43:14Zagorripnetuk: check the cvs page, it describes how to get rid of the prompt
20:43:16ripnetukbagder - its ok now, thanks
20:43:24ripnetukzag - thanks,will do
20:44:49 Join elinenbe [0] (
20:49:07 Quit elinenbe (Client Quit)
20:52:48 Part Bagder
20:57:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:57:38 Join edx [0] (~edx@
20:57:50edxgood evening.
20:58:23Hesgood evening
21:06:36HesHey... i have Koss SportaPro's and I like them a lot. But I need some good earphones for in-helmet use too
21:07:02Hesthe ones that came with my old Sony CD player suck in sound quality and hurt my ears (even without the motorcycle helmet)
21:08:08ZagorHes: I recommend, as always, Sony EX70
21:15:29freshmakerI tried the Sonies, but I prefer Koss "The Plug" w/ modified ear cushoins
21:18:11HesI want small ones, which don't come out from the ear a lot, otherwise putting on the helmet will Hurt
21:18:54Zagorfreshmaker: really? I thought the plugs were a joke compared to the sonys. guess we have different ears :)
21:19:03freshmaker"The Plug" is very small and shouldn't hurt even if you put some pressure on
21:20:29freshmakerZagor: If the Plug isn't inserted properly, they sound very bad indeed.
21:22:43dwihnoSomeone with too much time on their hands? _)
21:24:08HesSeems the t-shirt-contest-page is broken still
21:25:37freshmakerHes: Hmm, I think it's broken again. I had it on my browser an hour ago or so.
21:26:45ZagorHes: oops. fixed now.
21:39:22 Join mistaRx [0] (
21:40:10mistaRxanybody here?!
21:42:39 Quit mistaRx (Client Quit)
22:13:02HesGot the average power measurement running now
22:13:19Heshm, statusbar patch won't apply again 8-)
22:14:04mbr|goneSorry, I had to modify a lot of code in tree.c and it is hard to keep the patch in sync#
22:14:32HesYes, it's hard
22:14:40mbr|goneHopefully it will go to cvs soon
22:15:02Hesyeah, it seems pretty good already
22:16:35mbr|goneI added two mor icons . One shows the play mode (repeat, shuffle..) the other shows a lock, when keys are locked
22:17:07mbr|goneI have uploaded my latest patch (
22:18:53HesIs it against the current cvs?
22:19:19ripnetukthat address doesnt seem to work - cant find server
22:19:36mbr|goneHes: yes
22:20:17mbr|goneAnd sorry, typo:
22:26:19Hes90k recorder binary...
22:26:50HesOptimizing for smaller size is not too far away 8-)
22:29:04mbr|goneI'm shocked, status bar adds 3500 bytes
22:30:09Zagorlook in to see what uses ram
22:30:44HesArgh! Forgot my charger at the office again
22:30:49HesI need another
22:31:11freshmaker90k? time for a poll whether to drop tetris or sokoban ;-)
22:31:15 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:36:31ripnetuksurely 90k is not a problem? the original firmware is > that innit?
22:37:53Hesripnetuk: 90k is not a problem at all
22:37:56Synthefrom this users point of view, I'd say drop them both, thats what my palmpilot is for :)
22:37:58Zagorgrep .text | sort +2
22:38:03Hes200k will be a problem I think...
22:38:13Hesand 200k will be easy to reach 8-)
22:41:35mbr|gonehae to go. good night everyone!
22:45:16elinenbe|swimthe original firmware is ~200k −− 90k is nothing.
22:45:22 Nick elinenbe|swim is now known as elinenbe (
22:46:29Zagorstill, each wasted k is one k less used for buffering
22:46:54dwihnoWho wants the games?
22:46:58elinenbeI do!
22:47:01dwihnoThey should be kept as separate loadable modules
22:47:15elinenbeI agree with that. I think it would be pointless to start removing stuff...
22:47:27elinenbeat least until the firmware is about 200k
22:47:42Zagormany people like the ability to play the games while listening to music
22:48:05elinenbeI love playing tetris, and I programmed the sokoban (which is too much fun!)
22:48:15Synthethe only thing I use my recorder for is as a jukebox while I am doing other things or sleeping
22:48:20SyntheI never even look at it
22:48:28HesI like the games too
22:48:50HesProbably no need to select things before we're near the 200k limits
22:49:01dwihnoGames = loadable modules
22:49:09Hesat which point loadable stuff comes handy
22:49:44elinenbedid anyone check out the fast scrolling patch?
22:49:53elinenbeI am making it configurable too.
22:49:58Zagoryeah, I did. and I don't like it much
22:50:15Zagorit's way too unpredictable. you don't feel in control any longer
22:50:48ZagorI definitely think we should try making pgup/pgdn keys instead
22:51:22elinenbeafter 8 downs or ups, it becomes page up/down.
22:52:06Zagoryeah, but with 5 repeat/s, that quickly becomes one helluva lot of pgdn keys...
22:52:23dwihnoZagor: Do you want some work? :-)
22:52:39Zagorhehe. what?
22:52:53elinenbewell, it can be slowed down.
22:53:06dwihnoZagor: adding my cute USB icon to the "USB connected" screen
22:53:16Zagordwihno: yeah, later :)
22:53:25dwihnoNo, I want it now now now! :)
22:53:57dwihnoIt's always later
22:54:05Zagorelinenbe: the point isn't really that it's quick. the problem (imho) is that you don't get to choose when to use page down or line down. it just suddently goes into pgdn mode.
22:55:17Zagorit's too much "the machine decides" for my taste
22:55:27elinenbecan you think of anything better?
22:56:07Zagoryes, dedicated pgup/pgdn keys. like ON-up and ON-down (ON-+/- on player)
22:57:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:58:42elinenbeZagor: how about pressing the up/down keys moves one line at a time, and holding is pgup/pgdown
22:59:12Zagorhow would you do three quick pgdn?
23:00:14elinenbejust hold it for a second...
23:00:28elinenbewe could slow down the repeat here.
23:00:34Zagortoo imprecise
23:01:41Zagorit gets annoying fast to always miss your target because you didn't predict the repeat speed accurately
23:02:16elinenbenot if it goes one screen per half second.
23:02:53Zagorthen it's annoyingly slow instead. I want one screen per my click, no machine-decided speed
23:05:22elinenbehave you used the ipod at all?
23:06:27elinenbewell, then I will make it an option. I like it very much. but it is not for everyone.
23:12:14Zagorwhat's the advantage over dedicated keys? i see none.
23:22:38elinenbeone handed operation. I use it on my bicycle all the time, and it is nearly impossible to use both hands.
23:26:23Zagori also am not too fond of how it basically duplicates the code in the _NEXT and _PREV cases.
23:26:33Zagorone-handed operation is a good point, though
23:28:13elinenbei am not fond of that either.
23:29:18 Quit elinenbe ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")

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