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#rockbox log for 2002-08-07

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00:12:22ZagorI just added an url icon for the web site, check it out.
00:12:39Zagorit's not much, but 16x16 is hard to work with...
00:13:09dwihnothe topic should be updated.
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00:16:34dwihnoyou are SO cool :)
00:16:38dwihnoZagor Coolor
00:16:44dwihnoWhere is the icon thingy?
00:16:49dwihnoI don't get any such thing
00:16:55Zagorare you using msie?
00:18:02dwihnomsie = good
00:18:04Zagordo you get an icon from
00:20:07dwihnolemme check
00:22:22Zagorok, then msie don't support png icons. *sigh*
00:23:02dwihnomsie - "retarded technology ever since 1997" ;)
00:27:54freshmakernice favicon. It sould be considered as art to put "What's RockBox about" into 16x16.
00:29:05freshmaker...ah, and mozilla rocks
00:29:55Zagorthere's another icon test at
00:30:22Zagorthe whole logo, squeezed into 16x16 :-)
00:31:04freshmakerno, the key is much better.
00:31:27 Join mistaRx [0] (
00:31:41Zagoryes, I think so too. I just had to see what the squeezed logo looked like :-)
00:31:54dwihnoI think it looks great! :)
00:32:01dwihnoGreat work, Zagor! :)
00:32:21Zagordwihno: which of them?
00:32:54mistaRxwhat looks great?!
00:33:24ZagorI added a favicon to the web page. reload it in mozilla and you'll get a small icon in the address field
00:33:26freshmakermaybe the key/clef will become a real meme...
00:33:34adi|homeumm.. zagor, i dont see any icon at the link you gave
00:33:52Zagoradi|home: yeah, it only works in mozilla right now. fixing an .ico file now.
00:34:10adi|homegot ya...
00:34:29adi|homeim hoping in shower
00:34:47dwihnoZagor: both :)
00:37:06Zagordwihno: are you getting an icon now?
00:40:01adi|homei get file not found zagor
00:40:28Zagorstill now?
00:40:44adi|hometest2 still not found
00:40:54Zagornono, look at
00:40:56dwihnostill nothing
00:42:13adi|homewhat am i looking for now?
00:42:38Zagoran icon in the address field. or maybe msie doesn't even show it until you bookmark the page...
00:42:49adi|homeim on netscape
00:42:59adi|homeso im not gonna get it then
00:43:06Zagoroh, then you won't get it whatever you do :-) only newer browsers do this.
00:43:13Zagordwihno: still not getting it?
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00:44:39*adi|home heads to his ambulance core
00:44:41adi|homesee you all later
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00:49:33dwihnoZagor: nothing
00:49:52Zagorcan you point me to a site where it works? ?
00:52:48dwihnothat one works
00:57:14Zagorumm, that one has no icon info in the page. sure you haven't bookmarked the site?
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00:57:34dwihnoI did that
00:57:50Zagorthat's why then. try bookmarking the rockbox page.
00:58:25dwihnoit worked ;)
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07:20:27dwihnoGood morning! :D
07:20:43dwihnoFor the first time in 1 week, I'm up with the tupp!
07:21:02dwihno(but I feel like shit ^_^)
07:21:46dwihnoAfter reading your mail about the "shuffle, start file at cursor" issue, I have to agree.
07:23:30Linuswe are sure running out of keys on the player...
07:24:02dwihnowell, boo hoo :-)
07:24:23dwihnoMaking it a configuration setting then+
07:24:54Linusthat's a possibility
07:25:07Linusor always play the marked file on the player'
07:25:42dwihnoThere's another possibility too...
07:26:14dwihnoIf you "play the directory" there is no marked file to consider.
07:26:48Linusbut then it will be hard to play the root
07:28:59dwihnowhat about this...
07:29:35dwihnojust tapping the play buttin with a marked file starts the file @ the cursor, and if keeping the play button pressed for 2secs, it starts with a random file
07:30:04 Join MeRWiN [0] (~merwin@
07:30:53Linusdwihno: then it would be easier to just hit NEXT again
07:32:02dwihnoWell, just make it so.
07:32:09MeRWiNhey linus... planning on implementing the time elapsed/remaining patch that I gave you? Just curious... :-)
07:32:17dwihnoPeople CAN press 'next'
07:32:18MeRWiNdwihno: number one, make it so
07:33:11dwihnoLinus: Let's just try to keep it simple - if somebody wants a fully random song, they can press 'play', 'next'
07:33:23MeRWiNdwihno: i agree on that one
07:33:25Linusdwihno: at least for now
07:35:42dwihnoLinus: how soon do you think there could be some recursive playlist generation?
07:35:54Linusas soon as we have write-to-disk
07:36:24Linusrecursive playlists can be quite large
07:37:43MeRWiNLinus: ok. There is a quick fix also that should be put in (should take just a second to do). Change the "Time: XX:XX:XX - XX:XX:XX" to just "XX:XX:XX/XX:XX:XX" on the player. The whole thing doesn't fit on the player
07:37:54MeRWiNerr.. to XX:XX/XX:XX on the player
07:38:06Linusisn't that fixed?
07:38:07dwihnoLinus: true, true
07:38:54dwihnoLinus: being a curious person, what are you working on right now? :-)
07:39:28Linusthe dir playing
07:40:13 Join Bagder [0] (
07:40:33LinusMeRWiN: done
07:40:37MeRWiNmorning badger
07:40:54MeRWiNLinus: thanks :)
07:40:59 Join matsl [0] (
07:41:26matslHi Linus!
07:41:53matslLinus: Just saw that the global playlist was removed. Why?
07:43:03matslLinus: The extern playlist was commented out in playlist.h
07:43:11Linusis it?
07:43:28Linusoh yes
07:43:30matslLinus: Check your version!
07:43:49Linusi didn't think it was that interesting to export it
07:43:50*Bagder drowns in email
07:43:59Linusbut i'll put it back again
07:44:37matslI was just preparing a wps patch where index and amount is used.
07:44:37Linuswhy do you want it exported?
07:44:44Linusah, nice
07:44:52Linusthen export it
07:45:21matslI think that current position in playlist and the total amount of songs in the playlist is interesting.
07:45:44*Bagder thinks so too
07:45:56matslOK. I can export it in the patch.
07:46:01*Bagder brought his charger to work today, time to charge ;-)
07:46:16Linushow important is it that the playback always starts with the marked file in random dir-play mode?
07:46:32Bagderme thinks not very important
07:47:17Linusthe sad thing is that it makes it impossible to play the file you want when random=true
07:47:18matslI'll send patch later. Must go to home now to Perty to prepare some OO-things for next meeting! CU!
07:47:36 Quit matsl ("Liece")
07:47:39BagderLinus: true, that makes it annoying
07:47:42dwihnoI think it's very important :-)
07:47:50Bagderlike if you wanna play that single file only
07:47:58MeRWiNLinus: I forsee a problem if you have it totally random... if you're playing a random file and you press OK to go to the file list to play a specific file it won't play it :)
07:48:29Linusone approach is to always put the marked file first in the list
07:48:34PsycoXulwhy would you have it on random if you wanna play specific files
07:48:51MeRWiNPsycoXul: well, I always leave mine on random, but sometimes I want to hear a specific song
07:48:52LinusPsycoXul: because i want then *next* file to be random
07:52:45Linuswhen we play a file in a directory, it will play the next one automatically
07:52:54Linusthat is probably expected
07:53:00PsycoXulshuffle: off, selectable, full
07:53:01PsycoXulor something
07:53:07Linusbut what should happen when it reaches the end of the list?
07:53:24Linusalways wrap?
07:53:31Linusor depend on the "repeat" setting?
07:53:44PsycoXuli would think that anything repeating would do so by a repeat setting
07:54:37Linusok, so if repeat=off and random=on and you play a file in a directory?
07:54:55Linusshuffle the remaining files and play them?
07:55:02Linusor play all?
07:56:10PsycoXulsounds like a problem for the building of playlists
07:56:28Linusnot at all
07:56:45Linusi just want to do what feels right
07:57:10Bagdermorning hes
07:57:28PsycoXulwell we're talking an auto-built playlist, essentialy, thats being shuffled right?
07:58:13BagderLinus: Uwe Freese had an idea on the list for it, on the recorder
07:58:20Bagderuse the RIGHT and PLAY differently
07:58:29Linusyes, i answered to that mail
07:58:36PsycoXulit seems to me which tracks get put into the shuffled playlist depends on how you build that playlist.. so it boils down to the keys for actualy making playlists... how to add 1 file, all the files in the dir after selection, all files in dir, or whatever...
07:58:45Bagderhaven't gotten there yet :-)
07:59:17LinusPsycoXul: probably, but we don't have that many keys
07:59:47PsycoXuland then the shuffle optionaly keeping the first track intact or shuffling them all
07:59:54Linusstill, i guess the expected behaviour when random=off and repeat=off is to play until the end of the dir
08:00:16Linusthen what is the expected behaviour when random=on?
08:01:11PsycoXulLinus: well we've got 4 buttons that each can be combined with one or both of 2 other buttons, and can also be held, and even variations therof.. it's more a question of importance for the functions available to assign to convenient keys/combo's/etc
08:01:47Linusactually, not all keys can be combined on the recorder...
08:01:54Linusbut that's not the point
08:02:19PsycoXulwell i was just talking about the player as far as buttons
08:02:43Linusit still comes down to what the expected (default) behaviour should be
08:03:15Linuswhen repeat=off and random=on
08:06:16PsycoXulwell i suppose what songs go on the playlist should be consistent whether it's random or not, so if playing track 4 of 10 adds 4-10 and plays them normally, i'd expect shuffle to do the same but shuffling... but then if you do want the whole dir shuffled and just want to start at 4 i dunno heh
08:06:46Linusmy thought exactly
08:07:15PsycoXulthats why i think there needs to be a distiction in how the playlist is built.. eg if you hold play on 4 it'll shuffle the whole dir, if you just press play on it it'll shuffle 4-10
08:07:35PsycoXulor vice versa depending on how other behaviour is, or something along those lines
08:07:35HesI vote for placing the file at cursor first in the playlist even with random=on
08:07:54LinusHes: me too
08:07:57dwihnome too
08:08:15Hesand picking a random first file if a directory is under the cursor
08:08:26Linusbut the question remains: what to do with files 1-3 in the case above?
08:08:49LinusHes: there still is no PLAY key on the player
08:09:01dwihnogive them to starving children?
08:09:20HesLinus: on the recorder at least... the player could do a recursive play of a directory if 'right' is pressed for a couple seconds instead of just clicking to enter the directory
08:09:51LinusHes: i was thinking about MENU+PLAY for "dir play"
08:10:04PsycoXuli dunno
08:10:14HesLinus: that's probably as good or better
08:10:26PsycoXulmenu+key's so far modify in-play paramaters sorta as it is
08:10:34PsycoXulvolume and hold mode, right?
08:10:37LinusPsycoXul: true
08:10:51PsycoXuli would think either holding play or start in on the on+keys heh
08:11:12Linusi like on+key better
08:11:28PsycoXulthe stock firmware on players uses holding play to add a whole dir to a playlist, though it's buggy and adds the rest of the drive with it :p
08:11:48Linushaving things happen when the key is released makes the UI sluggush
08:11:57PsycoXulbut then it also uses holding play to add a single file if thats what its over
08:11:59PsycoXuland there's that too
08:12:04PsycoXulso yeah
08:12:25Linusi did that with the MENU key, but i hope it can stay with that
08:13:06MeRWiNLinus: there's also that mute patch that I made :) That's taking Menu+Play in the WPS (not implemented yet in CVS)
08:13:09Linuswell, we would of course have to do it with the ON key as well...
08:13:19LinusMeRWiN: true
08:13:24PsycoXuloh that reminds me too
08:14:04PsycoXuli think it'd be cool if something like On+left/right [on player anyways] would select multiple files
08:14:20PsycoXulso if you wanted tracks 2-5 of 10, you put it on 2, hold on and over to 5
08:14:25LinusPsycoXul: a kind of manual playlist building?
08:14:56MeRWiNPsycoXul: I think if you do that you'd also have to have something to select a bunch of individual files in a dir, like 2,5,9,13
08:15:17PsycoXulMeRWiN: thats true
08:15:23PsycoXuland i dunno what you'd do for that
08:15:34Linusit just came to mind, if repeat=on, random=off and you play file 3 of 4 it will play until file 4, right?
08:16:05Linusand if repeat=on it will wrap, right?
08:16:10Linusbut what next?
08:16:16Linusrepat still means repeat
08:16:41Linusshould it start over with the first selected file
08:16:43PsycoXuloh yeah
08:16:46Linusor stop?
08:16:49PsycoXulthere's also key sequences
08:16:55PsycoXulthose are fast and add a lot of combo's
08:17:02LinusPsycoXul: yeah
08:17:13PsycoXuland can have ui feedback to help
08:17:42Linusi think a dir play should always play the entire dir, starting with the selected file
08:18:03Linuswrap at the end of dir, but only repeat if repeat=on
08:18:18Linushow about that?
08:18:59MeRWiNLinus: yeah
08:19:21Linusthen so be it
08:19:23MeRWiNLinus: Queue up the first file in the dir but only actually play it if repeat=on
08:19:36 Quit Hes (Remote closed the connection)
08:20:03Linusthe playlist is always built from the entire dir
08:20:25Linusit just starts playing at the correct place in the list
08:20:43Linuswne it comes back to the same position, it checks the repeat flag
08:24:30MeRWiNLinus: with normal CD players, if you have repeat off and you start playing in the middle of a CD, it will stop at the end of the CD
08:24:39MeRWiNI think we should go for that approach
08:26:00dwihnounless playlist wrapping is configured
08:27:21Linusand a CD player would shuffle the remaining files, right?
08:27:47MeRWiNLinus: if shuffle=on then even if you start playing in the middle, it would shuffle the entire cd
08:31:10Linushow do *we* want it?
08:31:20MeRWiNI would have it like that
08:31:43MeRWiNI'm the kind of person who leaves shuffle on everywhere I go :)
08:32:11Linusi smell config settings...
08:32:16PsycoXul"we" want a firmware that consists mostly of config optios!
08:32:38MeRWiNtrue, we want as many config options as possible without being too confusing
08:32:55MeRWiNIf two people could want it different, we need a config option :)
08:33:12Linusmaybe PsycoXul's idea is the best so far
08:33:14MeRWiNLinus: what was the recent CVS update regarding?
08:33:16PsycoXulwhat you should be worrying about is how to organize the configuration without overwhelming the users!
08:33:47LinusMeRWiN: internal changes only
08:34:11Linusrandom: off, selectable, full
08:34:18Linusquite ok to me
08:34:38MeRWiNLinus: what do you mean by selectable and full?
08:34:48MeRWiNi understand full, randomizes every file
08:34:54MeRWiNbut selectable
08:34:54Linusselectable plays the selected file and then shuffles the rest
08:35:05PsycoXulyeah i wouldn't use those titles, though i don't have any better suggestions :p
08:35:13Linusmaybe "selectable" isn't the best word
08:35:28Linus"selected first"
08:35:41MeRWiNahh... Random: Off, Selected File First, Full
08:36:05Linus"Selected File First" is a quite long string for a Player...
08:36:19MeRWiNSo is Selected First
08:36:21MeRWiN11 characters
08:36:51Linus"Sel. first"
08:36:51MeRWiNSelFile 1st
08:37:05Bagderor fix it to scroll
08:37:12PsycoXul"Select 1st"?
08:37:17Linusthe title also scrolls sometimes
08:37:28MeRWiNwe'd have to implement dual scrolling\
08:37:39Bagderwe need multiline scrolling
08:37:40Linusin different directions! :-)
08:37:53MeRWiNthat would be great
08:37:55PsycoXuldifferent scroll modes'd be nice too
08:38:07MeRWiNbackwards might be a bit confusing
08:38:09PsycoXul'bounce' 'loop' 'jump to start' etc
08:38:17Bagder'sinus' :-)
08:38:27dwihnoBagder: you read my mind :)
08:38:37Linusbounce, loop, random :-)
08:38:47Linusand shuffle
08:38:51PsycoXulrandom scrolling i like
08:39:37Bagderactually, doing the bounce with a sinus for speed might be good
08:40:17Bagderbut I won't try that out today ;-)
08:40:34PsycoXuloh btw i think the looping scroll should stay twice as long at the beginning of the string
08:40:41*Bagder received >200 emails since he logged off yday
08:40:54PsycoXulso it sorta pauses there before re-scrolling
08:41:24PsycoXuli noticed while browsing when you go to a >11-char entry the first char you see is the 2nd because the 1st ones immediately scrolled past
08:42:01MeRWiNPsycoXul: but it's being displayed without scroll until you select it... so the first char is there
08:42:08PsycoXuland imo it makes a scrolling title a little more readable and distinguishes the beginning better
08:42:14PsycoXulMeRWiN: not on the player
08:42:19MeRWiNPsycoXul: you sure?
08:42:22PsycoXulyou're browsing down and the cursor's already at the bottom of the screen
08:42:31PsycoXulyou press down one and the next dir down becomes the bottom of the screen
08:42:41PsycoXuland you never saw it's first char if it scrolls
08:43:07MeRWiNPsycoXul: i'm using the latest cvs on the player and it waits about .25 seconds after you highlight it before scrolling at all
08:43:16MeRWiNPsycoXul: it doesn't start with the 2nd char on mine
08:43:28PsycoXuli haven't updated in some days, i dunno maybe its changed
08:43:56MeRWiNPsycoXul: Seems to work the way you want it to on mine... which is a good thing
08:44:35PsycoXulyeah, huh
08:44:44PsycoXulit'll be a better thing if it works the way i want it to on mine :p
08:45:27MeRWiNPsycoXul: sending you the latest :)
08:45:44PsycoXuloh i'll build my own tonight probably
08:45:47PsycoXuli've just been lazy
08:45:59PsycoXuli think there was a patch to the list some days ago i wanna try too
08:46:32MeRWiNI've gotta figure out something to do with ... I registered it and now i'm wondering what to do.
08:46:39MeRWiNA rockbox fanpage :)
08:47:03Bagdera collection of weirdo patches! ;-)
08:47:22MeRWiNI could have a bleeding edge version that is compiled every 30 minutes
08:48:21PsycoXulor how about 5 minutes after every cvs commit? heh
08:48:32MeRWiNthat would be nice too
08:48:41Bagderright, it could rebuild on every new commit mail ;-)
08:49:31MeRWiNPersonally, I think that should be on the webpage also :)
08:49:42MeRWiNa current cvs build for those that don't want to wait for the daily
08:49:49Bagderthat reminds me, the cvs log link of the compile status table is broken
08:51:17MeRWiNI just bought a D-Link dsl/cable router for $25 USD (compared to my $100 for the netgear router), and the D-Link routes quicker (almost double the speed of transfers over the lan) and has more and better config options
08:51:22MeRWiNgotta love it
08:52:10*Bagder fixed link
08:52:30*Bagder spotted the favicon just now
08:53:31dwihnoMeRWiN: only $25?!
08:55:36BagderI added some screen dumps to the manual yday
08:55:42dwihnoyay :D
08:55:44MeRWiNdwihno: yup
08:56:03MeRWiNdwihno: I got an open box item though... normal $35 ... got it at Best Buy
08:57:03dwihnoMeRWiN: $35 is still a good price! what model?
08:57:25MeRWiNdwihno: DI-604
08:57:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:57:40MeRWiNdwihno: can be used with 4 computers
08:58:20dwihnocool :)
08:58:47dwihnoMaybe I'll get one - having a computer up 24/7 is not really that smart.
08:59:08MeRWiNdwihno: I do it
08:59:26dwihnoBagder: how much does it cost (electricity-wise) to keep a box up 24/7?
08:59:32dwihnoWhy? :)
08:59:37dwihnoI mean, you work 8 hours
08:59:40dwihnoYou sleep 8 hours
08:59:49Bagderelectricity? I don't know
08:59:49dwihnoso that's 16 hours worth of nothing
09:00:32dwihnoYou DO pay your bills, don't you? :)
09:01:12MeRWiNThe bills actually don't increase all that much.. besides, I sleep about 6 hours usually and I use my home computer while I'm at work as a SOCKS5 server
09:01:23MeRWiNWoo, i registered too (that one's free)
09:02:06PsycoXulwe've got 3 box's up 24/7
09:02:10PsycoXulin one room
09:02:12PsycoXulthats always warm :p
09:02:21MeRWiNI've usually got my laptop and my desktop up all night
09:02:33MeRWiNanyways, time for bed for me... talk to you all later
09:02:55 Quit MeRWiN ()
09:38:35 Nick mbr|gone is now known as mbr (
09:38:42Bagdermorning mbr
09:51:36Bagderhm, is that really smart?
09:51:42Bagderusing the w_tmo() in tetris
09:51:51Bagderit'll make things run faster if you press more keys
09:52:00adi|homewhat is w_tmo?
09:52:04Linuswith timeout
09:52:30Linusmaybe it wasn't such a good ide after all? :-)
09:52:49Linusit should compensate
09:53:19Linusa kind of next_tick calculation
09:53:20Bagderthe previous sleep() solution isn't exactly ultimate either
09:53:28Linusabsolutely not
09:54:09LinusBagder: wanna fix it?
09:54:16Bagderno time right now
10:27:01 Join notch [0] (
10:28:16mbrWhat do you guys think about the status bar? is it overloaded?
10:29:26*Bagder hasn't had time to try it out yet
10:29:31Linusi haven't tried the latest one
10:29:44notchjust written a serial remote routine... but cant seem to get the interupts to fire off...
10:29:49notchany ideas?
10:29:53Linusnotch: need help?
10:30:54mbrI would really like to get the status bar in cvs. It is no fun to merge cvs updates that often :)
10:31:00Linusnotch: have you set the interrupt level?
10:31:10Linusmbr: me too
10:31:23Bagdermbr: I think adding what you have now sounds reasonable, as we can tweak it from here
10:31:31Linusi agree
10:31:45mbrLinus: had a look at the picture referenced in my latest mail?
10:32:03Linusi'm afraid that my latest CVS checkin might give you some sync problems
10:32:24notchIve set: IPRE (int level) and all of the serial regs: SCR1 SMR1 BRR1
10:32:43mbrso, shall i check in?
10:32:57Bagdergo go go :-)
10:33:01 Quit PsycoXul ("fucking reboot")
10:33:27mbrOK, may take a while ...
10:33:42Linuswhat do those arrow thingies mean?
10:33:54Linusi understand the two first
10:34:12mbrOne other thing, the timeout button request breaks x11 simulator
10:34:21Linusas always....
10:35:09mbrLinus: The third shows Shuffle (S) and the fourth shows shuffle repeat
10:35:31Bagdermbr: what about using the mute icon *instead* of the volume bar when that mode is enabled?
10:36:02LinusBagder: excellent idea
10:36:33Linusi would like the external charger connector to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise
10:36:55BagderI think I'd prefer that too
10:37:02Bagderwould make it look less like a heart
10:37:47mbrOK, I change the two things, then check it in
10:38:01dwihnoA nice walk outdoors :)
10:38:10dwihnoYou should try it sometimes, it's really kickass
10:39:00*Bagder works on a sim fix for the w_tmo
10:39:46 Join pyvasene [0] (
10:40:21Linusmbr: separate symbols for shuffle and repeat?
10:41:29Linuswith timeout
10:41:40dwihnocool abbreviation :)
10:41:52Linusyeah, really cool!
10:42:02BagderOSE style ;-)
10:42:17LinusBagder: you got me
10:42:47*Linus is an OSE fan
10:42:47mbrLinus: But the S for shuffle is ok? Or using better a dice or so?
10:43:03Linusdon't know
10:43:13Linusany pictogram gurus out there?
10:44:18Linusif you can manage to squeeze a dice in those few pixels, go ahead! :-)
10:44:25notchLinus: How should I decalre an interupt: #pragma interrupt Void RXI1 (void) ?
10:45:01notch(sorry to but in!)
10:45:09dwihno o o
10:45:09dwihno /_\ _ _ /_\
10:45:09dwihno |_|_|_|_| |_|_|
10:45:09DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
10:45:09dwihno | | _ | |
10:45:09dwihno |_|___| |___|_|
10:45:17dwihno^ pictogram
10:45:21dwihno= castle :-)
10:45:47Linusyes, #pragma interrupt void RXI1(void)
10:46:16Bagdernow, some win32 dude needs to fix the win32 sim version
10:47:14notchLinus: Are there any other regs that control inteupts apart from IPRE and an enable bit in one of the serial regs?
10:48:12Linusyes, the interrupt level registers
10:48:26Linusthat is why i asked if you have set the interrupt level
10:48:55notchisnt that IPRE?
10:49:00Linussorry, i am confised
10:49:42Linusnotch: if you get a receive error, the receiver stops
10:50:26Linussend me the source, and i can look at it
10:50:30notchIve got a interupt for that (REI1) that clears the approp. flags..
10:50:41notchWhat's your email?
10:50:45Linusnotch: good
10:50:48 Join Zagor [0] (
10:50:49Linuslinus at
10:50:54Linusyo Zagor!
10:50:56Zagorahhh, adsl at last!
10:50:58BagderZagor on adsl!
10:51:14Zagoryeah, i'm quite surprised
10:51:21dwihnoGO ZAGOOOR! :D
10:52:43Zagormy gf is happy too. she's running around with her laptop and wireless ethernet card, downloading c64 games for vice :-)
10:53:09Zagorlife is good!
10:53:22Bagderthen commit things dammit ;-)
10:53:34CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
10:53:34*Bagder grins devilishly
10:53:52BagderI like the favicon
10:55:09Zagoryeah, it turned out pretty good I think
10:55:32dwihnoYou crazy ppl! :)
10:55:38dwihnoI want wireless ethernet card too!
10:55:41dwihnoAre they expensive?
10:55:49Zagorno, less than 1000 sek
10:56:02dwihnocool :-)
10:56:07dwihnoHow about speed?
10:56:27dwihnoI mean, I want to be able to watch the movies on our server when I'm taking a dump :)
10:56:30Zagor11Mbit in my card. there exists up to 50 Mbit, I think
10:56:33dwihnoJust kidding ;)
10:56:48dwihno50 mbit? cool
10:56:53dwihnoI want that :)
10:56:57dwihnoSponsor me :-)
10:57:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:57:57dwihnoZagor: what manufacturer?
10:58:19dwihnoMisa not like netgear
10:58:25dwihnoMisa like etherexpress
10:58:32 Join PsycoXul [0] (
10:58:35Zagoryou mean intel?
10:58:45dwihnothey own bigtime!
10:59:06Zagorexcept they don't make 802.11 cards, I think... :-)
11:00:13Zagorsorry, they do. well get that then. INTEL PRO/WIRELESS 2011B LAN PC-CARD 895.00 SEK (exkl)
11:02:10 Nick notch is now known as notch|bog (
11:03:44dwihno"Supports 802.1x authentication protocol and utilizes 64- and 128-bit WEP encryption to help guard the network from intruders and protect data in transit.
11:03:54dwihnoSo the data is encrypted while "in the air"? :-)
11:04:02Bagdermake it "encrypted"
11:04:10Zagoryeah, but wep isn't the best...
11:04:24dwihnoit isn't
11:04:37BagderWEP is crappy encryption
11:04:58dwihnoWell, I've heard that the new standard encryption will utilize the 'scramble' ROR encryption as seen in rockbox ,)
11:05:06Bagderbut still, that's what they all offer
11:05:22dwihnois it reliable?
11:05:44Bagderis what reliable?
11:06:12dwihnothe encryption
11:06:38dwihnoand will I need extra hardware except the wireless card?
11:06:47Bagderthe encryption works transparantly when it works
11:07:02Zagorwell you need another end, of course, to connect you to the net
11:07:15dwihnoand those boxes cost a fortune?
11:10:00Zagornah, not too bad. go google :)
11:11:47dwihnoyum yum
11:12:38Bagderhm, the win32 simulator's button code is silly
11:12:51Bagderme fix
11:14:52Linusnotch|bog: are you there
11:18:27Bagderthere it is
11:18:33Bagderthe mod/ajz patch
11:18:36PsycoXulGah not again...
11:20:14*Bagder praises Randy Wood
11:20:57 Quit PsycoXul ("usb-storage lockups")
11:21:45 Nick notch|bog is now known as notch (
11:21:52notchLinus: Yep!
11:22:12Linusin remote_seriel_init():
11:22:24Linusdo like this:
11:22:29Linusdummy = SSR;
11:22:31LinusSSR = 0;
11:22:47Linusset the SCR, then the baud rate
11:23:09Linussorry, clear SSR, then set the baudrate
11:23:30notchahh so you cant set bits in regs, you have to do a 'store'...
11:23:32Linusthen do a sleep(HZ/10)
11:23:49Linusthen enable the receiver in SCR
11:24:30Linusand please don't set the interrupt prio to 15, use 8 or something instead
11:24:45LinusThe MOD-loading patch is a bit overworked
11:24:59Bagderhow overworked?
11:25:00Linusplease don't commit it yet, guys
11:25:09Linusthe assembly code is unnecessary
11:25:18Linusnotch: i haven't tried it yet
11:25:31ZagorLinus: reply to his mail
11:25:51Linusor we can use his patch with some changes
11:26:15Bagderfair enough
11:26:29 Join PsycoXul [0] (
11:26:30Zagorthe load routing can just be placed in IRAM, then relocating isn't necessary. is that what you mean, linus?
11:26:51Linusyes, but maybe not iram
11:27:18Zagortop of ram, then
11:27:42Linusi'll fix that
11:27:54Bagderok, so his code loads the mod and then copies it it?
11:27:57Linusdo we want the .rbx enhancement?
11:28:13Linusi don't think so
11:28:20ZagorBagder: no, but he first relocates the load code to top of ram instead of putting it there from the beginning
11:28:31Zagornah, i don't think there's much point to it either
11:29:11Linusi don't care about loading speed when switching mods
11:29:13Bagderwell, .rbx or whatever we decide to call it is very easily added if we come up with a good reason to use it one day
11:29:52Zagoryup. let's just use the bare necessities
11:30:20notchLinus: Like this: but unsure about the dummy!
11:30:21notchchar dummy;
11:30:21notchdummy = SSR1;
11:30:21DBUGEnqueued KICK notch
11:30:21***Alert Mode level 1
11:30:21notchBRR1 = (FREQ/(32*9600))-1;
11:30:22***Alert Mode level 2
11:30:24notchSCR1 = 0x50;
11:30:26notch SMR1 = 0x00;
11:30:29notch/* This enables the serial Rx interrupt*/
11:30:31notch IPRE |= 0x0800; /* Set to medium priority */
11:31:10Linusyeah, but move the SMR to after the SSR write
11:32:32notch<confused> Isnt SMR already after the SSR?
11:33:14Linusno, you had it after the SCR1 write
11:33:48notchokay got you now!
11:33:53 Quit PsycoXul ("sigh")
11:34:12Linusi should have written "before the BRR write" or something
11:34:30notchI'm easily confused :-)
11:34:40Linusthe sleep before enabling RX is essential
11:37:19Bagderadiamas' slightly rule-bending submission added
11:38:02Linusnotch: the UART wants at least X serial clocks initialization period
11:38:49notchahh! notch needs to read some application notes!
11:39:11Linusyou can look at the serial init code in the GDB stub
11:39:24notchBagder: like 3 the best
11:39:34Linusthat isn't by the book either, but it works
11:39:42notchLinus: I'll check that out...
11:40:23***Alert Mode OFF
11:41:06BagderI'm hoping that people will get inspired by the existing designs and post their own attempts
11:41:23notchdoes the GDB use serial channel 1 as well??
11:43:17notchie. am I using the wrong channel!
11:43:17Bagderall builds are now green
11:43:34CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
11:43:34*Bagder pretends to be a win32 hacker ;-)
11:47:13Linusnotch: serial channel 1 is the way to go
11:47:15 Nick notch is now known as notch|lunch (
11:47:15DBUGEnqueued KICK notch|lunch
11:48:55notch|lunchokay just checkin!
11:52:25 Join Hes [0] (
12:01:54 Join zebda3 [0] (
12:01:58zebda3hi all
12:02:54zebda3I just see opn the ML taht the RoLo is now available !! great thing , but I do not know how to apply the patch, could soumeone help me or send me a compiled version with the RoLo builtin
12:03:15zebda3Ithink it is a must-have that must be commit to the cvs .
12:03:37Bagderit is gonna go in, it just needs some minor adjustments
12:03:59zebda3Bagder: did u test it?
12:04:05Bagdernot yet
12:04:40zebda3But as sai the guy who code it, it would increase the RockBox user !
12:06:21zebda3I've to go now bye, and vI think it is "a little step but a big step for RockBox"
12:06:26 Quit zebda3 (Client Quit)
12:08:28 Join PsycoXul [0] (
12:31:03mbrBagder, Linus: I did the changes ... please see
12:32:04Linuslooks ok
12:32:16mbrThe dice also ok?
12:32:58mbrThen i'll commit!
12:35:34HesI'll commit the averaged battery level code today
12:35:37Hestesting it now...
12:35:57Hesmade it compensate a little (roughly) for the voltage increase caused by the charger
12:37:20Zagormbr: what's the bottom play status symbol?
12:37:29HesI want rewind/fast forward. I'm 20 minutes into last night's Surgery (Dr. Bob Jones) show and I want to upgrade the code...
12:37:40LinusZagor: paused recording
12:38:13mbrZargor: Don't know if we need it, but my vcr has it :)
12:38:29HesWhat would it require? Jumping to a frame boundary?
12:39:20LinusHes: i don't think you need to hit the boundaries
12:39:42Hesmbr: could the statusbar ena/disa go to byte 0xe of the config block instead of a new byet?
12:40:03Hes(global_settings.statusbar & 1) << 4
12:40:41Hesit only needs a bit anyway, for now
12:40:54mbrSure, changing it ..
12:49:22 Join KrazyK [0] (
12:53:29 Part KrazyK
12:57:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:57:49 Part Bagder
12:57:57 Join stowaway [0] (
12:58:00 Join Bagder [0] (
12:58:01 Quit ironi_ (Remote closed the connection)
12:58:06 Join ironi_ [0] (~ironi@
12:58:18CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
12:58:18*Bagder updates to mbr's fixes
12:58:25*stowaway gives Rockboxers the thumbs-up
12:58:38*Linus thanks stowaway
12:59:26stowawayYou can see my rockbox-running Archos in a picture of a very early rev. of my case mod:
12:59:27stowaway ;)
12:59:50stowawayI wrote the list some time ago with many suggestions ... This is my first time in the IRC room though.
13:00:10stowawayI can't code my way out of a wet paper bag, but is there any other way I can support the project?
13:00:32Bagderwe like bug reports, feature requests, docs and candy ;-)
13:00:44HesAnd T-shirt designs
13:00:47stowawayDocs and candy
13:00:55stowawayoooh... T-shirt designs. I think I can help with that.
13:01:13HesCheck the URL on the topic
13:01:21stowawayAnd I know a place that makes razor-cut stickers ... I could design one
13:01:33stowawayFor distribution to Rockbox users to plaster on their jukeboxes
13:02:55stowawayWHOA... mail server toook a dump. BRB
13:03:41Bagderdammit my build status script bugs
13:03:52Bagderwin32 sim build is red
13:03:54Bagderbut no link
13:05:05Bagderah, link errors don't show
13:05:42mbrLink errors, because i added apps/recorder/widgets.[ch]?
13:06:25Bagderno, multiple definition of `lcd_framebuffer'
13:06:31Bagderbut I don't really understand why
13:07:50Bagderoh, now I do
13:10:41notch|lunchI have got 'implicit decclaration of function 'lcd_slidebar' and a few others...
13:11:00stowawayIt should be legal to shoot spammers in the head.
13:11:16notch|lunchmurder the spammer!
13:11:49stowawayHahah. Well, I did a route add their-ip-address from the mail server. They're a customer of ours, but they dont' have spam rights
13:11:55mbrnotch: did you really have the latest cvs? lcd_slidebar has moved
13:12:21stowawayBack to rockbox: What are the odds of having a display-mode switch for us car-driving rockboxers?
13:13:03notch|lunchMbr: just updated my firmware directory.... with cvs update -dP
13:13:05stowawayYou know ... Have a "normal font" browse mode and a "don't crash into other drivers while reading songs" mode ;)
13:13:26Bagdernotch|lunch: update the apps too
13:13:48mbrnotch: and the uisimulator
13:13:58Bagderstowaway: you mean simply using a larger font on demand?
13:14:13notch|lunchso i need to run update and login in each directory or is there an easier way?
13:14:35stowawayTurn off volume bars, bigger, fast-scrolling font at the touch of a button ;)
13:14:36Zagorstowaway: should be pretty simple, once we sort out the current font mess
13:14:53Bagdernotch|lunch: the easiest way is if you checkout "." from the start, which of course give you *all* modules, but then you can update in the root dir
13:15:00stowawayI like the idea of using the "on" button for mode switches on the JBR. It doesn't do anything once the Jukebox is actually ON ;)
13:16:01dwihnowell, it places the unit in "hold" mode :-)
13:16:17stowawayOh ... well .. umm ...
13:17:21notch|lunchBagder: So I would use 'cvs -z3: -d:pserver<blah blah>/rockbox co . ' ?
13:17:29stowawayOK I am going to take off for now ... If you need anything tested on a JBR, just say "Dan, load this crap up!" at
13:17:30stowawayLater ;)
13:17:37 Quit stowaway ("changing servers")
13:17:50Bagdernotch|lunch: first use 'cvs -d [blabla] login'
13:17:59Bagdernotch|lunch: then the above, yes
13:18:09Bagderbut do that in a newly created dir
13:18:30*Bagder fixed the compile status table now
13:18:44Bagderlink errors now appear as "BEEP" ;-)
13:20:02BagderZagor: how about making the 'gccwarn' text yellow and keep the 'gccerror' red?
13:20:12Bagderwould match the table colors
13:20:25Bagderhm, perhaps yellow isn't that readable on blue
13:22:33Zagorwe can try
13:22:44Zagormaybe making it darker, almost orange
13:23:09Bagdercould work, yes
13:23:21Zagormbr: it seems the status bad shows "playing" from boot. at least in simulator.
13:23:51mbrZagor: Only in simulator, don't know why ....
13:24:10Bagdercould be that the mpeg stuff isn't simulated properly
13:30:23 Quit Zagor (
13:30:36NJoinZagor [0] (
13:31:50 Join edx [0] (
13:32:21Bagderhey edx
13:32:34BagderI'd appreciate if you verified if the win32 sim still works
13:32:50HesI might have just broken the win32 sim
13:33:08Hesmerged the battery_level() changes but didn't fix the win32 sim yet
13:33:12Bagdermucho commits today
13:33:16Hesfixed x11 though
13:33:25Hesmucho commits yesterday as well
13:34:18Linusi'm working on the rolo
13:34:45*Bagder pads Linus on his shoulder to show some moral support
13:36:34BagderI guess my moral support didn't quite work ;-)
13:36:43*dwihno sends the medics to Linus
13:37:34edxBagder: I'll check w32sim in a few mins...
13:41:39LinusZagor: how many bits are unused in the FAT attribute field?
13:41:52ZagorBagder: made gccwarn a bit orange:y now. check it out
13:42:38Bagderthey stand out from the black a little less good now, but they're separable from the errors...
13:42:48ZagorLinus: only two: 0x40 and 0x80
13:42:51Bagderlet's try it for a while
13:43:30BagderZagor: hey, an idea, what about changing the background color of those classes instead?
13:45:59Zagorwhoa. well they do stand out a lot more :-)
13:46:13Bagderthey certainly do
13:46:30BagderI think I like it
13:46:35Linusme too
13:46:35Zagoryeah, me too
13:46:46 Nick Linus is now known as Linus|lunch (
13:47:37 Quit ironi_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:47:44BagderI guess Hes should try it :-]
13:47:44HesI think i fixed win32's battery_level stuff now
13:47:55Hescould you run a new build now 8-)
13:48:30Linus|lunchmbr: i think the status bar should be ON by default in the settings
13:48:45*Zagor votes to change "BEEP" to "FAIL"
13:49:12BagderHes: the win32 sim builds now
13:49:26mbrLinus: is it not? in settings_reset i set it to true ...
13:49:34HesLinus|lunch: it is on by default (with an empty config memory block), but the bit in question is set to 0 if you've used rockbox with config saving before
13:49:46Hesnow that it was moved to the same byte with other stuff
13:49:58BagderZagor: it'll change on next run
13:59:43BagderI mailed the author of lots of (GPL) classical games for linux about his thoughts on porting them to rockbox
13:59:54Bagder"My initial comment is: you're crazy! :-D"
14:00:01Bagder"I have absolutely no idea how to do this."
14:00:26BagderI guess I'll need to poke around myself then
14:01:04 Join liam_ [0] (
14:01:31Zagorbreakout would rock supreme
14:01:46Bagderyeah, that was the main game I thought about
14:01:57 Nick liam_ is now known as jedix` (
14:07:26BagderZagor: I'd like to propose a new page on the site
14:07:41Bagderwith the two tables from the front page and the compile status table, all in one page
14:07:43Zagorfixing laundry, brb
14:08:14Bagderwould be a better "one glance to see it all"
14:13:12Linus|lunchmbr: about the charging display info, why not blink the charger symbol when charging?
14:13:31Bagderyes, that's a good idea
14:13:54mbrI'll look into that...
14:13:56Linus|lunchi think the charger sumbol needs to be bigger somehow
14:14:46Linus|lunchnow we need a clock setting function...
14:16:20notch|lunchMan those new icons ROCK!
14:18:59BagderI can always use a screen dump of the WPS if someone is able to produce one
14:22:00 Nick Linus|lunch is now known as Linus (
14:22:49Bagdernot too good
14:22:57*Linus has his hands in the air
14:23:16BagderI'll try the same song once again
14:24:15*Bagder crosses his fingers
14:24:22*Bagder crosses his toes too
14:24:43Hesmbr: in power.h, bool charger_enabled tells if the charger is charging
14:24:54Hescharger_inserted() tells if the charger is inserted
14:25:42Hesblinking plug would be good for charging
14:26:10mbrHes: currently working on it
14:27:45Bagderdamnit, it didn't freeze this time
14:27:59Zagorit's time for a feature freeze
14:28:10Bagderthis was the second total freeze I've had with rockbox the last few days
14:28:24Zagorwe've been going way too long since last release
14:28:31*Bagder agrees
14:28:56Bagderthe distortion was the reason we didn't release 1.2 last week, but afaik no one works on that ;-)
14:29:15HesYeah 8-)
14:29:29Zagordoes anyone know a showstopper in the current code?
14:30:28*Bagder shakes his head
14:30:43Linusi have tried to work on the distortion, but i can't reproduce it
14:30:58Bagderso let's release it anyway
14:31:04ZagorI'm formally declaring a feature freeze NOW. Nobody commits new features until 1.2 is released.
14:31:10Linusi want to have a repeat setting
14:31:24ZagorNo. Kill repeat until after 1.2
14:31:31Bagderit took about 0.2 seconds of freeze ;-)
14:31:40Linushaving playlists and dir play go on forever fells lame
14:32:06Zagorexactly. so kill the repeat, unconditionally. 1.2 gets no repeat feature.
14:32:07Bagdersure, but who cares if 1.2 has it or the cvs the day after?
14:32:25LinusBagder: lots of people do
14:32:35BagderI doubt it very much
14:32:39Linusotherwise we wouldn't have releases at all
14:32:49Bagderpeople care about releases, yes
14:32:55Bagderbut not very much about the repeat
14:33:19Bagderthey rather have 1.2 as it is now
14:33:22Bagderthan using 1.1
14:33:29Linusok, i can only speak for myself, but i assume you do to
14:33:45BagderI think the current is *SO* much better than 1.1
14:33:52Linusthat's not my point
14:33:53Bagderso I don't think repeat is an issue
14:34:02Linusi agree on that
14:34:06Bagderof course everyone wants as good software as possible
14:35:03Bagderits yours now ;-)
14:35:04ZagorBagder: good, thanks
14:35:29Linusthe hard drive is not set in deeper sleep anymore
14:35:39Bagderhehe, right
14:37:37Linusdid we get those sokoban bug fixes?
14:37:49Zagorthe levels, you mean?
14:37:53Linusthe two maps that were impossible
14:38:02ZagorI think he fixed it
14:38:03Linusthe two impossible maps, yes
14:39:34Linusi think we should either implement a clock setting function, or lose the time display in 1.2
14:39:55Zagordrop it
14:40:04*Zagor is ruthless
14:40:17*Bagder is scared
14:40:50*mbr too
14:41:35*Linus hides
14:41:37notch|lunchnotch is trembling...
14:41:49LinusRUN! RUN!
14:42:38HesBtw... didn't find EX70's yet, a high-end shop offered Koss plugs for around 50E
14:43:23Heswhich didn't sound bad but a little pressure applied to a direction or another made a huge difference - the angle changed easily
14:43:35ZagorI would make sure to try both. I found them *very* different.
14:43:56Hesand they did fit under the helmet. Will try to find the EX70's for testing...
14:45:34Linushas anyone complained yet about the 200 file limit?
14:45:38HesDid buy a set of 1800 mAh GP NiMH cells though.
14:45:46BagderLinus: not that I've seen
14:45:46ZagorLinus: not that I've heard
14:45:55Linusjust curious
14:46:15Linusdo we still have high-bitrate problems on the recorder?
14:46:34Linusthe IRAM fixes should have killed those
14:46:57notch|lunchLinus: any idea what is happening: I6D:A/D conv at 0900BCC4
14:47:13notch|lunch(my serial remote code)
14:47:40Linuslooks like you have enabled the A/D IRQ
14:49:33notch|lunchlet me check that...
14:49:34Linusyou enable the wrong bits in IPRE
14:49:34Linusit should be 0x8000, not 0x0800
14:50:38LinusIPRE = (IPRE & 0x0fff) | 0x8000;
14:52:10HesArrgh, seems you're not supposed to replace batteries every other day
14:52:22Hesnot very easy to do.
14:52:24ZagorHes: why not?
14:52:52Zagoryou mean they are not easily replaced?
14:54:12notch|lunchLinus: 'I68:Ser1Err at 09008732'
14:54:29notch|lunchis this interupt defined somewhere else?
14:54:31HesZagor: right.
14:56:03Linusnotch|lunch: your function must be named REI1, not ERI1
14:57:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:01:53Linusdwihno: are you there?
15:09:19BagderZagor: did you ever setup an announcement-only mailing list?
15:09:51BagderI think some poeple would enjoy one
15:10:06Zagorah, forgot that
15:14:39LinusZagor: what is it that takes the most time when starting a playlist?
15:14:54*Linus is thinking about IRAM optimizations
15:15:26Bagderindexing newlines
15:15:40Linusand how long does it take? I have so small lists
15:15:55Bagderit takes about 1 sec/1000 files
15:16:08Hesmbr: if(current_tick-last_tick>HZ)
15:16:09BagderI regularly run my 3200 song list
15:16:30Heshow will that work out when current_tick wraps?
15:16:33Bagderand it takes a few secs
15:16:46LinusBagder: it should have improved since yesterday
15:17:01Linus(larger buffer)
15:17:09mbrHes: Hmmm
15:17:17Bagderpossible, I haven't been paying that much attention on that
15:17:27LinusHes and mbr: use TIME_AFTER()
15:17:57Zagoractually, larger buffer makes it go slower. I did some testing early on and bigger buffer doesn't help
15:18:16LinusHes and mbr: watch how sleep() is implemented (kernel.c)
15:18:25LinusZagor: slower?
15:19:01Zagoryes, for some reason. you should benchmark it before modifying
15:19:37Linusit's already modified
15:19:48Zagorthen benchmark it now
15:19:59Linusmy playlists are too small
15:20:26Bagderfind dir -printf "/%p\n" > list
15:20:26Zagormake a new one, with all files. then double it.
15:20:43Bagderon the root dir
15:24:16 Quit notch|lunch (
15:24:16 Quit ripnetuk (
15:24:16 Quit elinenbe (
15:24:16 Quit Linus (
15:24:16 Quit fragglet (
15:24:16 Quit PiotR (
15:24:29NJoinnotch|lunch [0] (
15:24:29NJoinLinus [0] (
15:24:29NJoinripnetuk [0] (
15:24:29NJoinelinenbe [0] (
15:24:29NJoinPiotR [0] (
15:24:29NJoinfragglet [0] (
15:32:12matp|workhow fast is usb on archos? 12 Mb/s or 1.5 Mb/s ?
15:32:34LinusMbit or Mbyte?
15:32:51Linus12 on player/studio/old_recorder
15:34:05 Quit adi|home (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:34:12matp|workI'm reading that some usb 1.0 devices operate at 1.5Mb/s. But not archos then I take it.
15:34:14Zagor480 on rec20 :-)
15:34:26Linusmatp|work: no, they run 12
15:34:28Zagorarchos is usb1.1
15:35:01matp|workif you have a usb2 port :(
15:35:15Linuswho doesn't? :-)
15:35:23Bagderyou buy a card with it
15:35:42LinusPCI USB2 card
15:36:05matp|workI have crappy laptop (work property)
15:36:37*matp|work burns with embarasment at not having usb2
15:37:18matp|worki'm guessing pcmcia is expensive
15:39:47Linusabout $100 in Sweden
15:40:22Linusincluding VAT
15:45:16matp|workabout 50 over here. still a lot.
15:49:50 Join freshmaker [0] (
15:52:18 Join ironi [0] (~ironi@
15:53:52elinenbecheck this out: Will rockbox best archos?
15:54:22elinenbethis is a nice one: low battery indicator (blinking LED or display, beep from the headphones)
15:57:50freshmakerelinenbe: beep? On an mp3 player? Let's put Majel Barret's voice somewhere onto the HDD :-)
15:58:35Zagoruh, what's the syntax for perl free-format multiline strings? my head hurts...
15:58:45Zagorprint << END or something.
15:59:01Linuselinenbe: what does it say? i don't have a yahoo account
15:59:02 Part Bagder
16:00:06freshmakerZagor: print <<EOF;
16:00:20freshmakerZagor: text text text
16:00:26freshmakerZagor: EOF
16:01:12freshmakerZagor: Is it for "Usage" help text?
16:01:17Zagorbuh, had a space: << END
16:01:28Zagorno it's a script on the webpage
16:01:44freshmakerHa, Perl's somtimes picky
16:02:11Linustime to go home
16:02:14Linusbye for now
16:02:37 Part Linus
16:04:13 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
16:04:13DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno|gone
16:04:28freshmakerHmm, can the DSP decode and mix two mp3s concurrently?
16:08:52elinenbefreshamker: if you get 2 jukeboxes, and then pipe them into individual inputs on a mixing board, then you can do anything you want to!
16:11:07 Quit ironi (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:11:34 Join Bagder [0] (
16:15:02freshmaker1.2 feature freeze −− what about the font issues? I still get '?' for ''...
16:15:24Bagderit'll be like that in 1.2 too
16:15:40Zagorthe font issue is a big one. it'll have to wait.
16:16:02Bagderyou tried Alex's font patch Zagor?
16:16:21Zagori've only read it.
16:16:44BagderI'll try to have a go at his latest tomorrow or so
16:16:57BagderI think it is in the right spirit
16:17:09freshmakerWhat's the problem? the charsets in chartables.c seem to provide diaeresis
16:17:31ZagorBagder: yes, but we need to make it leaner
16:17:34Bagderfreshmaker: the propfont does, but that isn't enabled in the default build
16:17:58BagderZagor: I believe his latest is better and we can remove a few memcpy()s to imrpove it
16:19:23freshmakerBadger: never tried PROPFONT, does srolling work properly after enabling?
16:19:53Zagorfreshmaker: 95% ok
16:19:55Bagderfreshmaker: yes, it works rather good over all actually
16:23:12freshmakeryeah! cross binutils and gcc compiled and installed; piece of cake, thanks to linus' docs
16:23:38Bagderway to go
16:26:27 Join d728r [0] (
16:26:34 Part d728r
16:26:42freshmakerahh, the Makefile generated by tools/configure says 'make' instead of '$(MAKE)' *grr*
16:26:48ZagorI say hello, you say goodbye. nananaaa
16:27:15Bagderfreshmaker: fix and mail us a patch ;-)
16:28:10 Quit elinenbe ("I'm outta here")
16:28:38BagderZagor: the mail addresses on the mail page have no mailto: parts
16:28:48Bagdermaking them bad links
16:32:57Bagderyou changed order on things?
16:33:19Zagoryes. any problems?
16:33:40Bagdernot really, it just looks a bit "messy"
16:33:55BagderI have no good solution to suggest though
16:34:43Bagderalready a couple of new subscribers I see
16:35:47freshmakerBadger: patch is ready and posted onto the list
16:38:11CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
16:38:11*Bagder ran '../tools/configure update'
16:38:27Bagderoh I am good ;-)
16:39:40Bagderfreshmaker: applied
16:43:40freshmakeryou're welcome. let's see what i can do w/ that logarithmic volume thing i posted to the list
16:44:55BagderI think the charger code stops charging too early
16:45:20Bagdermostly a gut feeling at this point
16:45:51USAG33kif you don't mind my asking, how do you track the charge status of the batteries
16:45:56ZagorBagder: i think you're right. six hours is too short time for a full charge
16:46:09ZagorUSAG33k: the voltage dips when they are full
16:46:14BagderZagor: it stops charging even before that
16:46:26ZagorBagder: before six hours? ok
16:46:42Bagdera couple of hours ago I charged and went into the debug scren for the battery
16:46:48Bagderit said it didn't charge anymore
16:46:55BagderI removed the charger plug
16:47:19Bagderand now the battery indicator is very low, which indicates that it didn't do a full load before
16:48:02Bagderbut I didn't take any detailed notes, I'll do that next time
16:48:52BagderZagor: what do you say about a single status page with the CVS activity, bug reports and compile status on?
16:49:06BagderI hate having to switch between those two pages
16:49:22Bagderand scroll down the daily build page
16:49:48Bagderwe can leave those two as they are and only add a new page for freaks like me ;-)
16:50:53 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|food (
16:51:41Bagderdidya announce the announce-list on the yahoo group?
16:51:55BagderI figure people there might like it
16:52:03Zagor|foodno, i'll do that
16:53:14 Join mecraw [0] (
16:54:22notch|lunchThe latest cvs firmware ROCKS guys!
16:54:37Bagderhehe, goodie
16:57:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:08:02 Join ironi__ [0] (~ironi@
17:09:52HesBagder: did you look at the voltage graph... what was the peak voltage?
17:10:22Hes6h should be enough... also, the second view of the battery debugger shows the last action the charger did on the bottom line
17:10:31Bagderit was less than 6, but I didn't pay enough attention
17:10:41Hesso you can see if the 6h limit hit, or what happened
17:11:09HesI doubt the 6h limit hits... and yes, it might stop charging a bit too early now, it needs to be tuned a little probably
17:11:15Bagderit said 'charging: no'
17:11:35Hesonce we have some experience to know what and how 8-)
17:11:39Bagderit says so now, with battery at 5.20
17:12:07Bagderwhat exactly does charging: no mean?
17:12:15HesIt means it is not charging.
17:12:20Bagderthat it reached the top?
17:12:38HesNope, it just means that it is not charging at the very moment 8-)
17:12:49Bagderok, so it can stop before it reaches the top
17:12:50HesThe last line shows the last action
17:13:32HesNo, it only stops charging when 1) charger is detached 2) 6h timeout hits 3) voltage decreases sharply when charging 4) voltage stops increasing for a long time
17:13:54Bagderso when I get it now, it isn't normal
17:14:13Bagderit switched back to yes now and the voltate climbs again
17:14:23HesIt is normal?
17:14:41HesWhat did the last line say?
17:14:51Bagderstarted at 84%
17:15:24HesOk... next time it stops, that line will tell you why it stopped
17:15:38Bagderok now
17:15:41Hesyou can look at the voltage graph what happens... 1 sample per minute
17:15:44Bagderend negd -66 12min
17:16:02Bagderbattery: 5.24 V
17:16:32HesOk... so it charged for 12 minutes, and suddenly the voltage decreased while charging (negative delta value of -66)
17:16:40Hesso it decided the battery must be full
17:17:07Bagderbut it isn't
17:17:42Bagdercould the voltage drop be because of disk activity or something?
17:17:44Hescheck the scale on the voltage graph, what's the highest value it reached?
17:18:00HesYes, the voltage drops because of disk activity but we take an average over quite many samples
17:19:08HesCould you please try the archos charger now, and right after it decides the battery is full, go to rockbox (without charger attached) and check the battery voltage
17:20:10HesWhat did the battery level (in info) say after the charging stopped?
17:20:16Bagdersure, but I expect it to take a while before it thinks it is full
17:20:48HesI'd just like to know the top voltage reached with both rockbox and archos chargers on each set of batteries
17:20:58Hesto get an idea how far we are
17:21:11BagderI see
17:22:07Bagdergotta run now, I'll check out more details later
17:22:10 Part Bagder
17:47:24 Nick Zagor|food is now known as Zagor (
17:56:54mecrawCould someone send me the latest CVS recorder build?
17:57:31*edx fixed the w32sim
17:58:15edxstrange that it compiled with linux...
17:59:01edxnow makefile is used
17:59:06edxbefore it was makefile.vc6
17:59:14 Nick mbr is now known as mbr|gone (
18:00:06Zagorhmm, the clock has to go from the status bar or we're going to get truckloads of bug reports. mine shows "315:7" after battery change.
18:01:47*edx gets himself a coke.
18:03:07 Join heltrskeltr349 [0] (
18:03:55mbr|goneZagor: i work on a clock set menu
18:04:23Zagori'm sorry, but it'll have to wait
18:05:07mbr|goneOK. But after release we will add the clock again? I like it!
18:07:18mbr|goneIs it known, that lcd_invertrect is the same as lcd_fillrect?
18:07:26edxZagor: do you think it would be useful to add a link to the daily page like "Win32Sim Executables:"? This folder always contains the latest compilations of the win32 executables
18:08:45Zagori'll add it
18:09:06edxok :)
18:09:17Zagorbut is that daily or cvs builds?
18:10:53Zagorbecause the cvs builds we have locally
18:11:25edxwhats the difference between daily and cvs builds?
18:12:00Zagorthe daily is only built once, 6AM GMT. the cvs builds are done all constantly
18:12:10edxah ok..
18:12:15edxthen this is cvs build
18:12:18Zagorbut i'll add links for the bleeding edge cvs builds
18:12:24edxheh ok ;)
18:13:12mecrawlinks to CVS builds would be a lifesaver
18:13:45mecrawi've been without build capability for 2 weeks and it kills me to wait for the nightly builds :)
18:19:19 Quit pyvasene ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.1")
18:21:35 Quit edx ("later guys")
18:36:51Zagorcvs builds linked
18:46:14*mecraw sheds tears of joy
18:48:57 Quit mecraw ()
18:54:52 Join Bagder [0] (
18:55:10Zagorhey bager. check out
18:56:17Bagderexactly what I wanted
18:57:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:59:50Zagori'm considering reverting elinenbe's accelerated scroll patch. I think many others will be as frustrated by it as me.
19:00:11BagderI haven't tried it
19:00:25BagderI updated just before that one got in
19:01:15Bagderbtw, I got the curl job
19:01:36Zagoroh, I haven't heard about that
19:01:58Bagderoh, sorry, I guy mailed me and asked if I could do a curl hack for them, paid
19:02:17Bagderso now I'm gonna write a few commands lines to send and receive mail using the netscape webmail
19:08:04heltrskeltr349what exactly does the autovolume do?
19:08:34Zagorit lowers the volume durin loud passages, trying to keep the max at a constant level
19:08:57heltrskeltr349ah...very handy
19:10:09Zagorit's a mixed blessing. it kills all volume effects in songs, but is quite handy if you mix soft and loud songs
19:12:02heltrskeltr349it'll be nice not to have to run for the volume when I'm in quiet places and it hits a loud song
19:14:47 Join gerrger [0] (
19:15:12 Join georgestyles [0] (
19:15:23 Nick georgestyles is now known as GeorgeStyles (
19:15:28 Quit GeorgeStyles (Client Quit)
19:15:43 Quit gerrger (Client Quit)
19:15:43 Quit ripnetuk ()
19:15:46 Join ripnetuk [0] (
19:24:34ZagorBagder: recorder-debug autobuild builds recorder-normal
19:27:57Bagderfixed now I think
19:28:42BagderI have all those builds' makefiles setup manually
19:29:00Zagoryup, fixed
19:29:04Bagderin case you ever feel like poking around ;-)
19:36:12 Quit heltrskeltr349 ()
19:40:11Bagderit seems browsers understand a "Refresh:" header
19:40:37Zagorwhat is that?
19:40:53Bagderin the same format as those meta tags
19:41:06Bagderlike a Location:
19:41:33Zagorah, yes. the downside to that is that you get the page in history, making it hard to navigate back
19:42:02Bagderand in this case, I get to parse it myself as curl doesn't grok it
19:42:11ZagorThe web site contains 592 files in 63 directories, of which 374 are html files.
19:42:47*Zagor found a nice perl script called "linklint"
19:43:19BagderI don't think I dare run one on the curl site ;-)
19:43:36 Nick dwihno|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
19:43:36DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
19:44:16 Join gerrger [0] (
19:44:16 Quit ripnetuk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:44:22Zagor1388 links in total :-)
19:44:36Zagori love pointless statistics
19:44:39Bagderand they're all correct now I take it? ;-)
19:45:06dwihnoHej hej!
19:45:31Zagorsome mails in the archive refer to an old location of the archive, but that's all
19:46:01dwihnoHey, someone has stolen my shirt graphics on the t-shirt competition page! *offended*
19:46:35Zagordwihno: huh?
19:46:48Bagderyou mean the shirt outline?
19:46:53dwihnoYes! :(
19:46:59dwihnoWhat a weener!
19:47:18 Join edx [0] (
19:47:20dwihnoHe stole my gfx!
19:47:26dwihnoMy nice gfx0rs!
19:47:30dwihnoHe evil dude is!
19:47:32Zagorimitation is the highest form of flattery. relax.
19:48:38dwihnoCopying digital material without written permission from the owner is illegal, according to the millennium digital act :-)
19:48:54Zagorhehe, and you live where? :)
19:49:05dwihnoWith my brother Muhammed
19:50:00dwihnoI MUST win the competition! :-)
19:51:00edxmaybe teh internet addresses could be fixed on the shirts ;)
19:52:09edxI like the list of names on it ;)
19:52:46edxmaybe ill try to design one, too - i'd propably good to put the irc channel on it as well
19:52:52edxi'd = it'd
19:52:53dwihnoedx: my shirt has the correct internet address :-)
19:52:59edxhehe :D
19:53:11CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:53:11*edx praises dwihno for the correct address
19:55:18*dwihno praises edx for the work on the win32 simu
19:55:33edxhavent been working on it for a while..
19:56:10edxduring the day i'm helping out at a university at the moment (doing some programs..)- that's why I dont have that much time
19:56:56dwihnoah, okay
19:56:56*Bagder mumbles
19:57:13*dwihno watches his roomie assemble a compter
19:57:58Bagdercan I ask you guys an unrelated question
19:58:15Bagder<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="/mcLib.js.psp"></SCRIPT>
19:58:29Bagderdoes this make the browser load the script from that page?
19:58:48*Bagder shrugs
19:58:54edxyou dont even need the / in from of mcLin.js.psp
19:59:17edxwhat else would it do?
19:59:27Bagderheck do I know
19:59:35BagderI was hoping for something else
19:59:43edxwhat else? :)
20:00:10Bagderits a long story, I won't bore you with it
20:00:40edxwell if you think so :]
20:02:22Bagdermy goal being to script my way into the netscape web mail system
20:03:34ZagorBagder: I got X forwarding to work now
20:03:49Bagderdid you do anything special?
20:04:07Zagorthe silly thing uses /usr/etc/ssh instead of /etc/ssh for config files
20:04:56Hadakahappens when things stupidly set −−prefix=/usr and don't take care that the config directory is /etc
20:06:08Bagderwhich did, the client?
20:06:16Zagor−−prefix normally doesn't apply to config dir, does it? I've never seen this before
20:06:23ZagorBagder: no, the server
20:06:49Hadakawell many packages do take −−prefix to apply to config dir
20:07:00Zagorapparently :-)
20:07:37Hadakait makes more sense in the /usr/local/etc or /home/foobar/package/etc case
20:07:37Bagderso slapping on a -f made it work?
20:08:08Zagorno, fixing the /usr/etc/sshd_config to enable x11forward made it work
20:08:30Zagorbut i'm rebuilding it to use /etc/ssh instead
20:08:47Bagder"The default is /usr/local/etc/sshd_config."
20:08:52Bagder(man page)
20:11:32Zagoruh, −−sysconfdir didn't help. screw this, i'm symlinking
20:11:59 Join grummel [0] (
20:23:48 Quit grummel ()
20:24:29 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:36:59Bagder29 GET requests just to login
20:37:48Bagderthey did put an effort on obfuscating this
20:39:29Bagderoh, there's a few POSTs too :-/
20:56:26 Join WetFlax [0] (
20:57:46***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:00:57 Join PrimeSource [0] (
21:04:15 Part Bagder
21:11:54Zagordid linus ever mention why he added a timeout to button_get in tree.c?
21:12:06Zagornow we redraw the screen 5 times per second :-(
21:13:28Zagoroh, crap. it's because he chickened out and never gave the status bar it's own thread. bleh
21:13:39*Zagor scratches his head
21:32:58 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
21:32:59 Quit PrimeSource (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:36:10 Join Zagor [0] (
21:39:38dwihnoZagor: I need a tip! :-)
21:39:47dwihnoPartition managing software dfor dODS
21:40:22Zagorfor dos?
21:40:51 Join adiamas [0] (
21:40:56dwihnoIt's homosexual - it says the 80 gig disk is only 14 gig
21:41:00Zagordwihno: how did you work when you designed your font? any tools?
21:41:12 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|home (
21:41:21dwihnoZagor: I did it by hand in a C file which produces the .h
21:41:22Zagordwihno: dos was obsoleted in the 80s. it wants to die. let it.
21:41:29dwihnoI should convert it to a usable format (ajz)
21:43:09dwihnoMe refuses
21:43:19dwihnoHow do I partition the disk then? :-)
21:44:21freshmakerSomeone know, when Linus is back?
21:44:22Zagoruse a linux boot floppy
21:44:36dwihnoZagor: smart thinking ;)
21:44:42Zagorfreshmaker: in about 10-12 hours, I'd think
21:44:50Zagorit's 21:43 here
21:45:16freshmakerHere, too ;-)
21:45:43Zagoroh :)
21:45:48freshmakeri've some questions about status.c, it's from him
21:46:03Zagormaybe I can help
21:48:39freshmakerthe code for the status bar assumes, that volume is always from 0 to 100. It does not care about min, max and default values.
21:49:24Zagorright. that's the way it's been for a while, so it's naturally
21:50:06freshmakeri'm experimenting with user selectable volume characteristics; so one does not need mor than 20 steps for volume setting
21:50:46freshmakeryou can select from liner, square, square root and logarithmic
21:51:04freshmakerdepending on you preferred volume listening range
21:52:44freshmakerZagor: eh, how do you activate the status bar?
21:53:49Zagorread the manual ;-)
21:53:53freshmakerhmm, do i need a compile time option?
21:54:33gerrgerfresh - you need to turn it on in general settings
21:54:38 Nick gerrger is now known as ripnetuk (
21:54:40dwihnoZagor: what dist do you recommend?
21:54:45dwihnoZagor: I'd prefer a single disk
21:54:51Zagorah, for the disk. wait.
21:55:01freshmakernothing happens, when i press f3 in wps
21:55:42Zagorit's only visible in the browser
21:56:04freshmakerah, thanx, got it
21:57:19Zagori've used tomsrtbt a couple of times
21:57:24dwihnoA single floppy?
21:57:36dwihnowith fdisk? :)
21:58:04dwihnoZagor: hey, the files are > 1.44 meg! :)
21:58:53Zagoryeah, it formats to 1.722 meg
21:59:26dwihnoOk, I'm downloading some DOS file now
21:59:34dwihnoEvil formatting 1x2
21:59:41dwihnoRescue floppies to the people! :)
22:02:47dwihnoFloppies to the rescue! :-)
22:03:01freshmakerahh, damn. the code is quite ok. it uses mpeg_val2phys(), right. i shouldn't code with less than 4 capucchinos...
22:03:58Hadakafloppy-fw is nice for linux 2.4.18 one floppy things
22:04:06Hadakait has iptables and iproute
22:04:50Hadakanot for formatting ofcourse
22:05:18Hadakadwihno: did you try the disk management in your windows to partition the drive?
22:05:26dwihnoHadaka: this is a 100% new computer
22:06:03Hadakaok then I missed the problem
22:06:55dwihnoNo disk image in the archive, Zagor
22:09:26Hadakayou need to partition the drive in a 100% new computer? how - and for what operating systems?
22:10:56 Quit freshmaker ("i'm right back, coffee and some rebooting")
22:16:12dwihnoHadaka: wingaytendo
22:16:40 Join elinenbe [0] (
22:19:56 Join freshmaker [0] (
22:20:48Hadakaso what's wrong with just installing windows on it straight away? the volume management tools do let you separate it into partitions later on - atleast somehow I think
22:23:40Zagorlast I installed windows, the install CD required a partitioned and formatted C:
22:23:57Zagori haven't touched any of the later incarnations, though, so that may have changed
22:24:01Hadakathat shouldn't happen these days
22:24:10HadakaI just installed XP in VMWare at work
22:24:41Hadakahad to install the pre-emptiple kernel patch during the installation though - got sick and tired of my mouse jerking around and computer being unusable
22:27:15dwihnoZagor has found the GNU light! :)
22:38:03 Quit ironi__ (Remote closed the connection)
22:44:35 Join ironi_ [0] (~ironi@
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23:07:33 Join grummel [0] (
23:07:50 Quit edx (Client Quit)
23:27:00 Join volucris [0] (
23:27:10volucrishey anyone alive?
23:28:08volucrisi was wondering if there were any mods someone has done that make a archos jukebox usb2.0 compatible
23:28:42Zagornope. it's rather unlikely anyone will ever do it. it's a big difference
23:29:01volucrisdamn, i figured so...was just hoping
23:30:55 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
23:32:52 Quit ripnetuk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:36:28 Join Zagor [0] (
23:39:21 Part volucris
23:53:31 Quit grummel ()

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