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#rockbox log for 2002-08-09

00:01:55Bagderperhaps we should consider using a larger font when simulating the player
00:02:06Bagderbut not now
00:02:10Zagorgood idea
00:07:05Bagderbut its August 9 today
00:07:20Bagder(release notes)
00:07:23Zagornag nag :-)
00:10:45mecrawit's only the 8th over here
00:12:45Bagderso when I change the simplayer font to the biggest
00:12:57Bagdershould I increase the size used for the icons too?
00:13:57 Quit jedix` ("Client Exiting")
00:13:58ZagorI don't know. Probably 8 pixels is enough, but if it looks odd we can resize that too.
00:16:54Bagderactually, it looks fine with 8
00:17:11BagderI'll commit and you can have a look
00:17:51Bagderyou tagged the sources for the 1.2 release already, right?
00:18:00Zagorbut the simulator is... ok :-)
00:18:05Zagoror send me a patch
00:18:28Bagderthing is I need to patch in apps too
00:18:34Zagorok, wait then. i'll tag
00:18:40Zagorwhere will you patch?
00:20:02Zagordon't commit until tomorrow. murphy says we'll find a bug there...
00:20:54Bagderoh well, I thought you already made the release archive
00:20:58Bagderbut I'll wait
00:21:06Zagorno, i've just prepared the web page
00:21:15Zagorand the boot screens are fake :-)
00:21:57Bagderput the wps screen dump in the manual
00:22:16Bagderthe games screens could go there too to lighten things up
00:22:29Bagderand the player boot screen
00:22:37Zagorthe dir browser pic too, it's better than the one that's there
00:34:07BagderI comitted some left out manual fixes I had
00:35:11Bagderwe need to add F3 on several pages
00:37:35Zagoroh, plain luck we didn't modify the same pages :-)
00:37:57Bagderwell, I added two new
00:39:21Zagorgeneral and sound menu are old
00:39:27Zagorscreenshots, i mean
00:40:27Zagorchecking in my changes
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00:42:33Bagderyou left out "charger" symbol from the wps status bar descr
00:42:45Bagderit is not shown though
00:43:53BagderI thought about putting various texts in #include files so they can easily be used on several pages
00:55:09Zagoris anyone online two can test a windows sim?
01:15:59elinenbeI am here. I can test.
01:16:05elinenbeBut, I cannot compile it.
01:17:39BagderZagor: you did anything to make it work?
01:18:06Bagderor is that provided by someone else?
01:18:37Zagori just built it, no changes
01:18:42Zagorright, that bugged...
01:19:10elinenbeanything in particular you want me to test?
01:20:03Zagorno, I just wanted to check that the build worked
01:20:07Zagorbut it doesn't
01:20:37Zagorwine barfs on it completely...
01:20:46elinenbedoes not work at all here.
01:29:14 Part Bagder
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05:37:00RedLegANybodyalive in here?
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05:44:31 Join RedLeg [0] (~apotter@
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06:13:11 Join rwood [0] (
06:21:15MeRWiNhey mr wood
06:22:46rwoodhi MeRwiN
06:23:19rwoodi'm waiting for linus - i have an idea about the problems with ROLO
06:23:20RedLegYou guys up to field a question?
06:24:45rwoodi'm a newbie, but fire away, someone may answer
06:25:29RedLegI'm building out of CVS, and now have what looks like a repeat or loop icon on my REC20
06:25:49RedLegI want to get out of this mode, but can't figure out how...
06:28:30rwoodi'm using a player - we can't afford icons - maybe you can get an answer when one of the heavy weights joins the channel
06:29:16RedLegSorry to hear that, thanks for answering anyway.
06:29:45RedLegThe players do no graphics at *all* ?
06:30:52rwoodit's only 6:30 in stockholm, one of the leads will probably be on soon
06:31:24rwoodRedLeg: yes, as far as i know, player is text only
06:31:33RedLeg'K, I'll hang in for a while...
06:32:10RedLegrwood: Hmmm, anybody though about ascii art?
06:32:14MeRWiNRedLeg: one of the config options is for loop i believe... repeat is enabled by default
06:32:26MeRWiNRedLeg: the player has a set character set
06:33:10RedLegMeRWiN: Config opts as in Menu, or compile time?
06:33:23MeRWiNRedLeg: in the menu. But it may not exist yet :)
06:33:52RedLegMeRWiN: Ah, the joys of living on the bleeding edge...
06:34:03MeRWiNRedLeg: hey, but it's a nice bleeding edge
06:34:22RedLegMeRWiN: No complaints though, RB passed the stock firmware in useability LONG ago IMHO
06:34:38MeRWiNrwood: you might be waiting a bit for linus...
06:35:01MeRWiNRedLeg: yeah, the only feature that I'm really missing is fast forward within a song... and having quicker track changes would be nice too
06:35:59rwoodthe biggest issues that i have are track change time and back/previous
06:36:34rwoodi use it in the car and don't see the display once i select a dir/playlist and hit go
06:36:44RedLegMeRWiN: That doesn't bother me at all... I usually play an album at a time, use a playlist or just let is shuffle
06:36:56MeRWiNRedLeg: I usually just set it to shuffle too
06:37:24MeRWiNrwood: what do you mean you don't see the display?
06:37:25RedLegHas anyone though about .cddb parsing to get around ID3 limitations?
06:37:53MeRWiNRedLeg: I've personally found that cddb for mp3's doesn't work too well for me
06:38:26rwoodMeRWiN: i use the player with a cassette adapter, i hit start and put the player between the parking brake and console.
06:38:33MeRWiNrwood: ahh
06:38:55rwoodi put a drop of hot glue on the next button so that i can find it easily
06:39:01 Nick dwihno|zzz is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
06:39:18RedLegMeRWiN: I got hooked on jwz's GRONK, which depends on .cddb files. I got used to faking them up if I didn't rim `em myself.
06:39:41RedLegMeRWiN: s/rim/rip/
06:39:58MeRWiNHmm... I wonder if we could process .cddb files quickly enough with our wonderful processor
06:41:01rwoodit would be interesting to run a profile program, but i'll bet that the processor is less then 20% utilized
06:41:04RedLegMeRWiN: I don't see why not. It can't be any harder than parsing ID3s, and there's no length or charset limitation (that I know of)
06:41:22RedLegMeRWiN: Plus, handy perl reference code....
06:42:07RedLegMeRWiN: There *is* a PERL interpreter in the RB, right? <GD&R>
06:42:14MeRWiNRedLeg: haha..
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06:42:39rwoodMeRWiN: your next assignment
06:42:45RedLegMeRWiN: Still, from what I understand, it should be simple.
06:44:27 Quit Synthe ("Connection Lost - Excess Blood")
06:45:00MeRWiNrwood: next assignment :) I'm going to get the EQ Presets done next (after 1.2 is out)
06:45:15MeRWiNRedLeg: Hmm... CDDB would be an interesting feature to have
06:45:37dwihnoMeRWiN: individual configuration of the presets would be nice :)
06:45:38RedLegMeRWiN: Are you folks familiar with jwz's GRONK?
06:45:44MeRWiNRedLeg: nope
06:45:56MeRWiNdwihno: i've already got the patch, just need to implement it with SAVE_TO_DISK also
06:46:18dwihnoMeRWiN: ah, mkay
06:46:36MeRWiNdwihno: actually, one of the cvs updates fucked with my patch so I'm rewriting it :)
06:47:01rwoodMeRwiN: SAVE_TO_DISK and all that follows in the next great leap for RB
06:47:01RedLegHe's one of the old sk00l hax0rs, responsible for lucid emacs, early netscape and started the mozilla project
06:47:51MeRWiNToo bad I don't use unix primarily
06:48:08 Join Synthe [0] (
06:48:32RedLegMeRWiN: Easy to cure....
06:48:43MeRWiNnot on my laptop :( It's a work laptop
06:48:52MeRWiNthe closest I can get is cygwin
06:48:53RedLegSo's mine....
06:49:13RedLegIt's amazing what you can get away with if you NEVER call the help desk
06:49:20rwoodRedLeg: not so easy if the company software is all DOS/Windows based
06:49:49MeRWiNRedLeg: Win2k SP3 got rid of my ability to use the Nortel VPN client :) It kept saying that the drivers weren't installed properly, but I uninstalled SP3 and it worked fine again
06:50:14rwoodi am also using cygwin. i tried the KPIT package, but couldn't get the make files and scripts to work properly
06:50:51RedLegThat doesn't sound right.... we use it, and I have had virtually no probs...
06:51:09MeRWiNCygwin is a godsend
06:51:36 Join elinenbe [0] (
06:51:39RedLegAs far as running dos/winblows apps, look at
06:51:54RedLegI use crossover plugin, and it R0X!
06:52:01MeRWiNRedLeg: Can't run activex objects... our Prepaid billing system runs on IE
06:52:50RedLegNew version of crossover office came out yesterday, worth a look....
06:53:03RedLegIE −−> Gag...
06:53:18RedLegClose, $55 US
06:53:26MeRWiN$55 more than i have *grin*
06:53:29RedLegCheaper than Win2K
06:53:36rwoodi've been supporting
06:54:24rwood(sorry) BGates since F80 (fortran for CPM in the early 80's
06:54:45rwoodi'd like to get out of the update cycle at some point
06:55:21RedLegYou need crisis intervention, dude.....
06:55:37RedLegWe CAN deprogram you
06:57:43 Nick Tumm is now known as TummGBG (
07:10:14MeRWiNwow, Wine is doing great... I didn't know it had progressed so far (last time i used it was when it only supported win3.1)
07:15:39 Quit dwihno (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:17:24 Join Linus [0] (
07:18:30RedLegMeRWiN: yeah, it rox... crossover is worth the $$ just for the environment setup scripts.
07:19:13MeRWiNRedLeg: crossover run the same amount of programs as wine?
07:19:54RedLegMeRWiN: Crossover −−IS−− wine, with some commercial developers behind is, and a sane set of default scripts
07:20:11MeRWiNRedLeg: Interesting... so how do they sell it?
07:21:52RedLegMeRWiN: You buy a -package-, install scripts, support, etc.
07:24:46RedLegtis worth it, trust me... test drive the crossover plugin, you won't believe how much you get for $25.95
07:28:36rwoodMeRWiN: you said you are using win - what IRC package are you using?
07:29:05MeRWiNrwood: mirc... Just because it's nice and small and I've been using it for about 8 years now
07:30:12MeRWiNrwood: what do you use?
07:30:32rwoodMeRWiN: i downloaded it last night and am still trying to figure it out - the documentation talks about a zillion / options but doesn't describe the graphical interface
07:31:13MeRWiNrwood: It's really easy to use... the options menu has everything. although there is some shortcuts that aren't described anywhere and you just find over time
07:33:17rwoodMeRWiM: one quick question - is there a short cut/whatever for putting in the nickame you are addressing - ie MeRWiN - the caps drive me crazy
07:33:54RedLegrwood: try "Me <tab>"
07:34:00MeRWiNyeah... what RedLeg said
07:34:41rwoodRedLeg: thanks my shift fingers thank you
07:36:00MeRWiNrwood: saves me from accidently typing Badger instead of Bagder :-)
07:36:47rwoodMeRWiN: looking back i've brutalized you several times
07:37:06RedLegrwood: natch.... I hate IRC actually, the shortcuts are the only saving grace
07:40:58 Quit MeRWiN ()
07:43:28 Join dwihno [0] (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
07:44:22 Join MeRWiN [0] (~me@
07:44:49rwoodRedLeg: Linus can probably answer your question
07:45:34 Join Bagder [0] (
07:45:43RedLegFirst, thanks for all the fine work....
07:46:33dwihnoLinus:! Yay!
07:46:37RedLegLinus: I'm compiling out of CVS, and lately have what looks like a loop or repeat icon on the statusbar of my REC20
07:46:42dwihnoLinus: or did you actually mean something? :)
07:46:50 Part MeRWiN
07:46:56 Join MeRWiN [0] (~me@
07:47:00Linusdwihno: i thought you were in Stockholm
07:47:08LinusRedLeg: yes?
07:47:12BagderRedLeg: indeedo
07:47:14dwihnoLinus: I am.
07:47:23Linusthe repeat is always on at the moment
07:47:30RedLegI'm trying to figure out how to make it go back to normal play-to-end-of-list mode
07:47:41Linussorry about that
07:47:49RedLegNo complaints.
07:47:55BagderRedLeg: we postponed that effort to after 1.2
07:48:10RedLegBTSOO the stock firmware for some time now....
07:48:17LinusActually, i am working on the playlist looping as we speak
07:48:20dwihnoBagder: I am doing my laundry now :-)
07:48:36Linusit still bugs, even after Zagors latest fix
07:48:37Bagderdwihno: sounds very fun, I wish I could be there with you B-)
07:48:51Linusshare moments, share life
07:49:00BagderLinus: so you fix things for 1.2 still?
07:49:03RedLegI'm staying up `til 0200 to chat w/ RB developers.... still not recovered from DEFCON!
07:49:14LinusBagder: i could leave the bug there if you wish
07:49:30BagderLinus: -i leave that for you to decide
07:49:35dwihnoBagder: I understand your envy! I am using two washing machines today - amusement x 2!
07:49:39Linusit isn't all that dangerous
07:49:51Linusonly for farbror frej fans
07:50:11dwihnofarbror frej is the coolest!
07:50:50Linusthere are a zillion special cases to take care of in playlist_next() because we don't have the peek()
07:51:20BagderLinus: so perhaps we need to put the peek back?
07:51:24Bagderand make it behave
07:51:33 Quit MeRWiN (Client Quit)
07:51:39Linusbut that would be post-1.2
07:51:40 Join MeRWiN [0] (~me@
07:51:52BagderLinus: right
07:52:03BagderZagor has prepared the download page already
07:52:04dwihnoBollen på mejseln och tusseli-toss, så har vi gjort oss ett tomtebloss!
07:52:33LinusHas he tagged the files yet?
07:52:33Bagderso everything is set for release today
07:52:51BagderLinus: no, only "prepared" not done it for real yet
07:53:09Linusi'll commit as soon as he have done that
07:53:18BagderI have a neat player-simulator fix coming in the second he tags ;-)
07:53:34Linuswe have a ton of patches too
07:54:25dwihnoI didn't know you actually could make a CD-ROM with a regular music disc and caviar ;)
07:54:54Linusdwihno: Farbror Frej is not only a singer, he is a scientist
07:56:34Bagderhehe, someone mailed "subscribe me" to majordomo
07:56:58Bagderso the confirmation mail went to
07:57:04dwihnoLinus: hahahaha :)
07:57:04Linusi still haven't been approved on the announce list
07:57:28Bagder"Aug 08 07:13:07 majordomo[12481] {"Nielsen Linus (ext)" <Linus.Nie\>} request subscribe rockbox-announce"
07:57:53Linusyes, i have subscribed
07:57:58Linusbut i am "awaiting approval"
07:58:40BagderI wonder if that might require Björn's touch
07:58:59Linustoo many things do, unfortunately
08:00:42Bagderthe compile status table looks fiiiiine
08:01:55 Quit MeRWiN (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:02:10dwihnoHow soon will the release of 1.2 take place?
08:02:13dwihno2 hours
08:02:38 Join MeRWiN [0] (~me@
08:02:45Bagderwhen Zagor wakes up ;-)
08:03:14dwihnoIn 8 hours then :-)
08:03:30Bagderlazy person B)
08:03:40dwihnoI am concerned about the insane amount of coffee you people are consuming
08:04:34Bagderdon't worry, we can affort it... *g*
08:05:05 Quit MeRWiN (Client Quit)
08:05:40 Join MeRWiN [0] (~me@
08:07:23Bagdermbr: here?
08:08:46 Quit MeRWiN (Client Quit)
08:08:58Linuslazy germans... :-)
08:08:59 Join MeRWiN [0] (~me@
08:09:28LinusMeRWiN: connection problems?
08:09:43MeRWiNLinus: trying to figure out an IRC script...
08:09:49MeRWiNthe themes aren't working right
08:10:11RedLegLinus: Gotta sleep.... thanks again
08:10:21Linusnight RedLeg!
08:10:26 Quit RedLeg ("Client Exiting")
08:10:52 Quit MeRWiN (Client Quit)
08:11:01 Join MeRWiN [0] (~me@
08:11:09MeRWiNwell I give up almost
08:12:55MeRWiNos(Windows 2000 Professional, Service Pack 2 (5.0 - 2195)) ram(Usage: 218/320MB (68.13%)) uptime(5hrs 24mins 45secs) screen(1024x768 16bit 60Hz) drives(c: (5.84G/11.24G), e: (0G/0.05G), f: (0G/0.06G))
08:13:40rwoodall we wanted to know about MeRWiN
08:13:50MeRWiNrwood: damn themes
08:16:44rwoodI'm gone for a week - thought i might have a problem with icode section, but it looks like crt0 takes care of it
08:17:06Linusrwood: please elaborate
08:18:31rwoodLinus: the testing that i did on ROLO was before the icode section was implemented - but it looks like crt0 copies icode from 0x09xxxxx to 0x0fxxxxx
08:18:48 Quit MeRWiN (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:19:00 Join MeRWiN [0] (~me@
08:19:50rwoodLinus: i thought the problem that you had may have been associated with icode, now i don't
08:20:17Linusno, i don't think so either
08:20:37Linusi don't see how icode can have anything to do with it
08:20:38MeRWiNbrb again
08:20:40 Quit MeRWiN (Client Quit)
08:21:23dwihnohow did merwin do that? :)
08:21:57rwoodLinus: when i get back i am going to order a recorder - if you don't have time to look at the problem, i'll continue when i get the recorder
08:22:15Bagderhehe, that's the spirit! ;-)
08:22:34Linusrwood: great!
08:22:42Linusthe recorder rox!
08:23:09Linus(i wish i could get rid of that disturbing background noise...)
08:23:21Linusmy unit is noisy
08:23:34rwoodspeaking of spirit - don't try to code on 2 martinis - back after a week with the in-laws - over and out
08:23:45Linusand i hear a loud POP when i start it up
08:23:59BagderI don't get any
08:24:11 Quit rwood ()
08:24:18Bagderonly synthpop, but that's intentional ;-)
08:24:20Linusno, it's just my unit
08:25:16 Join MeRWiN [0] (~borgirc@
08:26:33BagderLinus: btw, I like the idea of having the mpeg thread spindown do like now if no recent keypress, and otherwise use the "current" timeout
08:27:11Linusyeah, it's probably the most sensible thing to do
08:28:20Linusit's just an ata.c fix
08:28:31 Quit MeRWiN ("<BorgIRC> 2.21.35 ©2002 STING -")
08:28:35Linusor maybe not...
08:28:51Bagderisn't it the mpeg that should check for a recent key and if there was, not force spindown?
08:29:09Linusi don't like mpeg to check for keys
08:29:22dwihnoYay! I got a SMS! :-D
08:29:28dwihnoI just love that
08:29:34Linusbut it could ask the ata driver if the disk is spinning before it starts loading
08:29:44Bagderah, good idea
08:29:58*Bagder gets his mail by SMS off work hours
08:30:00dwihnoMusic tip: SMS to my heart, by Modern talking. From the albm
08:30:01Linusi'll do that
08:31:02Linusby the way, i'm starting to dislike the directory name "firmware"
08:31:12Linusit should be "os" or something
08:31:15Bagderit's off
08:31:24Bagder"kernel" could work too
08:31:31Bagderor "core"
08:31:42Bagderbut that would confuse unix people ;-)
08:31:42Linusanything but "firmware"
08:32:02Bagderthing is we can't rename that easily now
08:32:11Linusnot in CVS :-(
08:32:21Bagderwe need svn!
08:33:00Bagderfunnily enough Hadaka is also involved in the svn project
08:33:17Linusit's a small Open Source worls
08:35:46 Join matsl [0] (
08:37:51 Join MeRWiN [0] (~borgirc@
08:39:43adi|homewell.. we _could_ do the switch at the same time we go gold on 1.2
08:39:54adi|homejust take all the stuff and recursively commit it
08:40:27Bagdersure, it is possible
08:40:31MeRWiNOK, I think I have this whole theme thing down
08:40:55Bagderbut we lose the history
08:42:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:43:43adi|homei know
08:43:50adi|homebut once we're at 1.2, does it matter?
08:44:05BagderI'd rather live with a somewhat bad name
08:44:06adi|homei mean, dont destroy the old 'firmware; branch
08:44:11adi|homejust don't reference it anymore
08:44:25adi|homeand once we are sufficently happy.. it goes bye ye
08:49:18 Join StalkerScript80 [0] (~Stalker@
08:49:50*Bagder nickserv identify nintendo
08:50:06*Bagder runs hiding
08:50:07 Nick StalkerScript80 is now known as MeRWiN- (~Stalker@
08:50:51Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
08:51:09Mode"#rockbox +o Linus " by Bagder (
08:51:53DBUGEnqueued KICK MeRWiN-
08:51:53MeRWiN-,1Memory(RAM): Usage: 234/320MB (73.13%) [||||||||||]
08:51:58MeRWiN-wow, this is annoying
08:52:55LinusMeRWiN-: you scared us when joining as "StalkerScript80"
08:53:01MeRWiN-sorry :)
08:53:18 Quit MeRWiN ("<BorgIRC> 2.21.35 ©2002 STING -")
08:53:21 Nick MeRWiN- is now known as MeRWiN (~Stalker@
08:53:21DBUGEnqueued KICK MeRWiN
08:53:26MeRWiNtrying out different scripts
08:53:36Linuswhat do those scripts do`+
08:54:09MeRWiNJust basically make irc look nice and colorize it on my screen
08:54:13MeRWiNautojoin, etc
08:54:19MeRWiNkind of like BitchX for windows
08:54:52CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 1 minute and 28 seconds at the last flood
08:54:52*Bagder changes his inckserv password ;-)
08:55:16*Bagder can't write /msg
08:55:37 Quit MeRWiN ()
08:55:41 Join StalkerScript80 [0] (~Stalker@
08:55:44Linusi don't have a registered nick
08:55:45 Nick StalkerScript80 is now known as MeRWiN (~Stalker@
08:56:10BagderLinus: if you had, adiamas could set you up for ops
08:56:11LinusMeRWiN: you might consider testing your script in a separate channel
08:56:33Linus"Linus" is kind of busy
08:56:46Bagderis it? you use it here all the time, right?
08:56:55MeRWiNLinus: sorry :) I think i'm finished testing
08:56:59Linusyes, but nickserv complains
08:58:05LinusI guess i could make up a nice nick, but i like "Linus"
08:58:38adi|homehmm what i miss?
08:58:49Bagdermy password ;-)
08:58:50Linusis my english that bad? :-)
08:58:53adi|homeoh.. i saw that
08:58:57adi|homevery creatvie ;)
08:59:06adi|homeLinus you want onto the op list?
08:59:21Linusyes, but can i, without a registered nick?
08:59:30adi|homeneed a registered nick
08:59:52Linusthat was what we were discussing
09:00:07adi|homeBagder: i prefer "msg chanserv op #rockbox myBosS1s4D1ck
09:00:55Linushow do you check if a nick is occupied?
09:01:23adi|hometry and register it
09:01:34*adi|home notices that his space key must be rusting
09:01:41adi|homeafter i spilled soda on my keyboard
09:01:50adi|home10 years, never had a single spill on my keyboard
09:01:55adi|homein one night i had 3
09:01:58adi|homei was SO pissed
09:02:10Linusi filled my keyboard with Coke once
09:02:21Linusi took it apart and rinsed it
09:02:45Linusworked perfectly
09:02:57Linusexcept for the 's' key...
09:03:25Linusa whole days work lost in Adobe Premere, because CTRL-S didn't work...
09:03:59MeRWiNhow can you register your nick?
09:05:38adi|homeummm.. last i check.. i think
09:05:53adi|home "/msg nickserv help
09:05:55MeRWiNLinus: ouch
09:06:08adi|home"/msg nickserv register"
09:06:23adi|home"/msg nickserv register <password>"
09:07:01Linusaha! "The nickname [linusn] is not registered"
09:07:23MeRWiNlinus is taken though?
09:07:49MeRWiNwell that sucks... i guess linus would be taken.. after all, take #linuxhelp :) Someone would have registered it
09:08:01Linusinterestingly, the registered nick is "LinuS", but nickserv seems to be case insensitive
09:08:26MeRWiNlast seen 34 weeks ago
09:08:26Linus"Last Seen: 34 weeks 4 days (12h 1m 54s) ago"
09:08:45Linusi want to kill it
09:08:48MeRWiNI wonder if you can
09:08:57Linusi can't
09:09:09MeRWiNThere must be someone who can :P
09:09:14Linus"RECOVER Kill another user who has taken your nick"
09:09:28Linushow do i take another person's nick?
09:09:44MeRWiNWithout having their password, not easy probably
09:10:18Linusso RECOVER is more like trying with an old password?
09:11:29MeRWiNrecover kills someone if they took your nickname... but you have to have the password
09:12:07Linusyes, but how do i take another persons nickname?
09:12:48MeRWiNsame way you are logged in right now :) If the registered linus logged in, he could take the nickname back by using the recover command
09:13:17Linusok, so if he decides to join this channel he can kick me out?
09:13:35MeRWiNif he decides to log on to
09:14:50adi|homeLinus do you work from home and work?
09:15:15Linus"linust created 1 week 5 days (13h 8m 32s) ago"
09:15:20dwihnolinus is a workaholic
09:15:21Linusi wonder who that is?
09:15:25dwihnohe drinks coffee 24/7
09:15:31Linusi am at work
09:15:47Linuslong compile times is a rockboxer's dream
09:16:49dwihnoThe workaholic he works every day, 24 hours, no time to play. He won't quit; he's addicted to work, I think he's going out like a jerk. Working, Working, what can you do? See the light from a different point of view! Ready in the morning for the bell to chime, I think he's glad it's working
09:17:05dwihno2 unlimited - workaholic
09:17:14dwihnoreminds me of when I was younger ,)
09:17:51adi|homewell. you could do like i do
09:17:57adi|homeand Linus|home
09:18:04*adi|home life is easier that wya
09:18:19*adi|home sends his work name pm's that way to remember shit
09:19:15dwihnoOr you can use a SSH connection to your box @ home or such :)
09:19:58adi|homenah.. i don't want to access the machine
09:20:04adi|homejust leave a message for when i get there :)
09:20:42adi|homei love it :)
09:21:11adi|homehow about 'where there is a will and shitty firmware, there's a way'
09:24:08Bagderfeel free to improve on my design!
09:26:48LinusBagder: the logo should be larger
09:27:36Linusi think "linusn" will do fine, don't you think?
09:28:15Linus(it should probably be "linusnf" for Linus Nielsen Feltzing)
09:29:03BagderLinus: well, the logo could be larger yes, but I'm not really a graphics guy, you know that
09:29:21LinusBagder: i know that for sure *shrug* :-)
09:29:37dwihnoTime to do the dishes
09:29:41BagderI just needed to boost the contest
09:29:45dwihnoI know you all envy me ;)
09:30:10dwihnoBagder: can you help me out with the dishes since you were unable to help me out eith the laundry? :)
09:30:35Bagderdwihno: sure, just send it over. I'm in Västberga right now!
09:31:05dwihnoBagder: örps, Västberga? where's that?
09:31:17Bagdernear Midsommarkransen
09:31:29dwihnoand where's that? :)
09:31:35dwihnoMy lokalsinne is not that good ya'know :)
09:31:36Linusdwihno: where are you?
09:31:47Bagderhehe, south of stockholm
09:31:59dwihnoI found my way home tuesday night with a nattbuss. I was rather pleased I actually got home at the first attempt! :)
09:32:02dwihnoNorsborg :)
09:32:19dwihnoI used to live in the southern parts previousley
09:33:03dwihnoI need to do the dishes. Damn, how boring.
09:33:15dwihnoFortunately, I got my archos to play music making the time pass faster :)
09:33:15Linuswe have machines for that
09:33:55dwihno"If you want something done, you better do it yourself" :)
09:35:54dwihnoA little poll: Do you people lock your workstations when leaving for a short/long while?
09:36:22dwihnoHow come?
09:36:33Linusi'm paranoid
09:36:46dwihnothat explains it :-)
09:36:52BagderI lock it if I leave even for a few secs
09:36:53dwihnoHow complex password do you have?
09:37:31Linusdwihno: let me put it like this: i wish i had 20 fingers :-)
09:38:18dwihnoWell, if you use emacs, you need 20 fingers in order to be able to use it :-)
09:38:39Bagderyou're halucinating now dwihno
09:38:51Bagderemacs is intuitive
09:38:54dwihnoMust be the fumes from the dishes
09:38:54Bagderemacs is nice
09:38:57Bagderemacs rocks
09:39:05dwihnoI'm more a vi person ;)
09:39:21Linusvi is common knowledge
09:39:46dwihnoI prefer it over emacs.
09:39:50Linusyou need vi to edit your .emacs on a new system
09:40:14dwihnoMostly because of I NEVER seem to remember how to save/quit etc.
09:40:34Linusoh, so :q is easier to remember?
09:40:51dwihnoinstead of ctrl+k+w+q+s+meta+shift
09:40:54Linusno, :q!
09:41:12Bagderdwihno: its the same amount of keys
09:41:15Bagdercontrol-x q
09:41:50dwihnoWell, everybody should use the editor they seem fit :)
09:41:54Bagderwrong ;-)
09:41:56Linusctrl-x ctrl-c?
09:42:01dwihnoeven if that's edlin
09:42:07Bagderthey're in my fingers, not in my head ;-)
09:42:47Bagderall it takes is working with emacs 8 hours a day for 10 years ;-)
09:42:48LinusPaganini was probably an emacs user
09:43:39dwihnoTime to do the dishes. I've been waiting long enough
09:43:46 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|do_the_fs (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
09:43:54 Nick dwihno|do_the_fs is now known as dwihno|dishes (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
09:43:57dwihno|dishesdamn nick restraints
09:44:18Bagderyou should be lucky we have >9 letters ;-)
09:45:02LinusZagor! wake up!
09:47:41Bagderzagor improved the sim yday
09:47:43matslJust supplied an audio-icon patch. Any reason why it wasn't used before?
09:47:52Bagdernow it sims wps and mpeg playing much better
09:48:36matslJumjum. Must test.
09:49:00Bagdermatsl: I have a pretty nice playersim patch pending as well
09:49:01matslBagder: Hows it going with the icons for the simulator?
09:49:38BagderI'm planning on having a word with mbr about them
09:49:52Bagderhe being the icons wizard
09:49:54Linusmbr: the unvoluntary graphics guy
09:50:28matslI would be sattisfied if there was just some dirt displayed!
09:50:42mbrmorning, just the right time to join :)
09:50:59Bagdermatsl: so convert your image to rockbox bitmap format and we're in
09:51:15matslrockbox bitmap format?
09:51:26Linusmatsl: the audio icon wasn't used because it is silly
09:51:28Bagdermatsl: yes, as used for all internal bitmaps
09:51:43Bagdermbr: morning!
09:52:12Bagdermatsl: for the player simulator, we use the recorder-lcd code
09:52:13matslbagder: how do I convert to it?
09:52:35Bagderthat's where mbr enters... :-)
09:52:50Bagdermbr: you have any nice way to convert images to rockbox bitmaps?
09:53:30BagderI wanted to write a gimp plugin for it
09:53:34Bagderbut couldn't find any docs
09:53:47Bagderhow to add a save format
09:53:52Linuswhy have an audio icon when it is so obvious that the music is playing?
09:54:51mbrFor now i used paper and pencil :) But probably the "bitmap" program will do it ... trying
09:54:55matsllinus: Why not use something on the LCD to indicate that we are in WPS?
09:55:14Linusbecause it is very obvious that we are in WPS
09:55:25Bagdermatsl: bitmap format =>
09:56:33matslbagder: ok. I'll look into it but can't do anything until next week.
09:57:10Bagdermatsl: once we have the player icons as internal bitmaps, it'll be a piece of cake to add them to the sim
09:57:31matsllinus: OK. YMMW. I think it works quite nice. Try the patch and you'll see ;-)
09:57:33Bagderwith my new fixes, it'll even look good and use a larger font
09:58:01matslbagder: ok
10:00:03Linuswhat exactly is <audio> supposed to mean, anyway?
10:00:15Linusthat there is sound in the earphones?
10:00:46Linusi think the icon is silly all over
10:01:01Linusi'm talking about the LCD design
10:01:14 Join edx|notebook [0] (
10:02:21edx|notebookLinus: can I use 1.5 V non-rechargable batteries with my jb?
10:02:44matsllinus: I see it more as an visual indicator that we are in wps. Yes. That can ...
10:02:52Linusedx: i think so, but don't you ever connect the external power!
10:03:04edx|notebookLinus: yea.. naturally ;)
10:03:12matsl... of course be seen through other means (looking at the info displayed) but the icon ...
10:03:20edx|notebookLinus: I tried yesterday and Rockbox wasnt even booted :/
10:03:27matsl... tells you that very easy.
10:03:51Linusmatsl: yes, but what does the <audio> icon mean to the uninitiated user?
10:04:08Linusintuitively, <audio> means "sound"
10:04:18Linusand the sound can be on regardless of WPS
10:05:53matsllinus: I agree. (I still like it!)
10:06:02Linusif i push myself hard, i can think of <audio> being used as an indicator that the sound isn't muted
10:07:10Linusnickserv won't let me register "linusn" because "LinuS" is already registered! (?)
10:09:36 Nick Linus is now known as LinusN (
10:13:35 Part LinusN
10:13:59*edx|notebook made his own approach of designing a t-shirt
10:14:04 Join LinusN [0] (
10:14:29LinusNadi|home: you can op me as LinusN
10:14:32Bagderedx: beam it over and we'll put it up
10:14:44edx|notebookhas just been beamt
10:14:49edx|notebook(or is it beamed?)
10:15:01 Join notch|busy [0] (
10:16:14*Bagder wanders off to install a test version in the lab
10:20:51mbr /msg NickServ help LINK
10:21:26LinusNhi Hes! I have a lot of questions
10:21:27Bagderhey hes
10:21:46HesI ended up with the EX70's
10:22:19HesI think the Koss plugs sounded better, but they were a bit hard to place in the ear in a good angle
10:22:28Bagderedx: your design is now added
10:22:58Hesin which they sounded good... usually the other one was in a little bad angle and there was a noticeable balance difference especially in the bass section
10:23:13edx|notebookBagder: thanks
10:23:18HesThe EX70's were very easy to plug in correctly, and were much better with the helmet on
10:24:29LinusNedx|notebook: your t-shirt design might be a little detailed to look good on the shirt
10:24:45LinusNHes: the charging stops a little early
10:24:53 Join Zagor [0] (
10:25:07Zagormorning, guys.
10:25:08Bagderdr Zagor enters, now behave everyone
10:25:20edx|notebookhi Zagor
10:25:21HesLinusN: I was suspecting that
10:25:23Zagorooh, an op! :-)
10:25:34edx|notebookhmm how many of us have the EX70s now?
10:25:41Hesdidn't have time to experiment with the tunings more
10:25:46edx|notebookmaybe we should ask sony to be our sponsor :D
10:26:18Zagorno more bugs found since last night?
10:26:19Bagdernah, Haxx is a cooler sponsor ;-O
10:26:27*dwihno|dishes IS DONE!
10:26:28BagderZagor: Linus found one
10:26:32 Nick dwihno|dishes is now known as dwihno|no_dishes (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
10:26:37dwihno|no_dishesNo dishes left
10:26:57Bagder"farbror frej" struck again
10:28:25HesLinusN: lots of questions? keep 'em coming
10:28:51matslzagor: ?
10:28:51LinusNactually, they are Uwe's questions
10:28:55LinusNon the mailing list
10:29:18HesI'll browse through them
10:29:33Zagormatsl: bugs suck, by definition :)
10:29:58matslzagor: What?
10:30:02notch|busyA number of my friends have got EX70's, but Sony dont sell them in the uk! Anyone know of an online shop I can get these from!
10:30:17dwihno|no_dishesex70 = kickass
10:31:18matslzagor: remember the dir sort yesterday? Would that be a new option for sort or default?
10:31:41Zagormatsl: a new options, i think
10:32:42matslzagor: So I thought. I could look into it since you seems so reluctant to include my m3u-patch ;-)
10:33:18Bagdermatsl: well, the "crowds" haven't exactly raised that one to the skies either ;-)
10:34:46matslbagder: gosh! Is there a list of things that the crowds demand then so I could be of some assistance. (Getting-bored-sending-patches-to-dev-null)
10:35:25Bagderthere are feature requests, that's the closest thingg
10:36:04Bagderyou don't mail the patches to /dev/null you just mail them to a bunch of people where player developers are a minority
10:36:54matslbagder: could be same thing ...
10:37:29LinusNmatsl: you can't expect us to merge every patch that comes along
10:38:14LinusNZagor: have you tagged the 1.2 release yet?
10:38:14Zagormatsl: a sort option is small enough to merge
10:38:26Zagorno, i'll do it soon
10:39:41matsllinus: Of course not.
10:40:04Zagori mean merge post-1.2. nothing more goes into 1.2
10:40:35LinusNZagor: that's why i want you to tag the damn thing, so i can start committing bug fixes
10:41:22Bagderwe should release it
10:41:35Zagorhehe. still holding out for that fatal bug report
10:42:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:42:46ZagorLinusN: what was the farbror frej bug?
10:43:20matslzagor: I wasn't thinking of squeezing anything into 1.2. I was thinking of what I could do for post 1.2.
10:43:24LinusNyour wrap patch isn't exactly water-proof
10:43:56LinusNbut it is not a real problem for now
10:44:03Zagorwhat is the problem?
10:44:23 Join MeRWiN- [0] (~Stalker@
10:44:37mbrZagor: Don't forget to remove the clock from status bar befor
10:44:42mbr+releasing 1.2
10:45:37LinusNZagor: the problem is that the mpeg thread may load more files that there are in the directory
10:45:54LinusNimagine a dir with only one farbror frej file
10:47:20 Quit MeRWiN (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:47:21Zagorright, doublewrap
10:47:21LinusNthat file will be loaded 5 times by the mpeg thread
10:47:29Zagors/if/while then
10:47:30LinusNand compensating by adding playlist.amount will not be enough to make the index positive
10:47:30 Quit LinusN ("disconnecting from stoned server.")
10:47:40 Join LinusN [0] (
10:48:32 Quit MeRWiN- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
10:48:57 Join MeRWiN [0] (~Stalker@
10:49:38LinusNZagor: did you get my bug explanation? (server problems)
10:49:51Zagors/if/while/ should solve it
10:50:04LinusNi have another solution
10:50:22LinusNthere are many more problems when we set loop_playlist to false
10:50:31LinusNi suggest we reimplement the peek()
10:50:34Zagorbut we don't, so ignore that for now
10:50:42LinusNfor now?
10:50:45Zagorfor 1.2
10:51:03LinusNof course, but we can't hold 1.2 forever
10:51:28BagderI have a suggestion
10:51:35Bagdertag and branch 1.2 now
10:51:36LinusNtag it
10:51:45Bagderfix 1.2 in a branch
10:51:49Bagderallow commits on HEAD
10:52:05Bagderthe 1.2 fixes are dead end anyway
10:52:54Zagornah, there's just this one fix then i'm releasing
10:53:27Zagorwhat do you guys thing about the clock. leave it and mark in release notes that we can't set it, or remove it from 1.2?
10:53:41Bagderleave it
10:53:52BagderI don't think it matters that much
10:53:59Zagorme neither
10:54:16mbri'd perfer to include it, but i wanted to prevent tons of bug reports ...
10:54:34LinusNwe should mention it in capital letters in the release notes
10:54:39Bagderwe will just politely point to the release notes ;-)
10:55:08mbras soon as 1.2 is released, i can check in my time setting menu
10:55:28LinusNwe all have things to check in...
10:56:42Bagderit'll be a commit race! ;-)
10:56:50Zagorso, who builds the win32 sim?
10:57:10LinusNBagder: haven't you fixed the daily build?
10:57:21Bagdermingw can't build it
10:57:31Bagderit isn't fixable
10:57:55edx|notebookZagor: i can build w32sim
10:58:01Bagderit builds console applications only
10:58:23Bagderbut the mingw build can still be good for verifying the win32 code and build process, just not run it
10:58:37edx|notebook has the bleeding edge cvs... hmm we could link there from the page actually (better thatn thos builds it links to right now0
10:58:59Zagoredx: yes, sorry, forgot that. i'll link there
10:59:11*Zagor announces 1.2 is tagged
11:00:03LinusNopen the champagne bottles!
11:00:25Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by Bagder (
11:00:29LinusNZagor: WAIT!
11:00:32LinusN(just kidding)
11:00:39*Bagder slaps LinusN
11:01:05*edx|notebook too
11:01:20*LinusN is such a funny guy
11:01:41edx|notebooknicely said :)
11:03:42edx|notebookbtw, has anyone done anything to tetris in the last two weeks or so?
11:04:00edx|notebooki think the random number generator is pretty... well proto-type ;)
11:04:16*edx|notebook should have fixed that before the release
11:04:17BagderLinusN changed the button function
11:04:30Bagderwhich now makes it run faster if you press many keys ;-)
11:04:46 Nick dwihno|no_dishes is now known as dwihno|noteboko (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
11:05:01adi|homeOkay.. LinusN.. your set
11:05:05*edx|notebook does not have his jb with him to test :/
11:05:12dwihno|notebokoIf my SMS inbox is full and somebody tries to send me a message, what happens then?
11:05:26adi|homelinus.. do me a favor... see if you can op yourself now
11:05:41LinusNi can't
11:05:42Bagderdwin: you don't get it ;-) it'll keep trying to send it to you for some time
11:05:43Zagordwihno|noteboko: it stays on the server and retried for a few days, then is thrown away
11:05:45edx|notebookdwihno: your handy gets crashed and everything including your card is deleted
11:05:54adi|homewhat are you typing?
11:06:01dwihno|notebokoedx|notebook: Oh no! :O
11:06:08dwihno|notebokoZagor: ah, okay... I was worried for a second... I want my SMS:es :-)
11:06:11adi|homehmm.. try a hop first
11:06:12 Nick dwihno|noteboko is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
11:06:17dwihnogotta go with the garbage.
11:06:22*dwihno is having a "cleaning-day"
11:06:30dwihnowhich, generally speaking, SUCKS
11:06:33 Nick LinusN is now known as Linus (
11:06:39 Nick Linus is now known as LinusN (
11:06:57adi|home"/msg chanserv op #rockbox"
11:07:11Mode"#rockbox +o adi|home " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
11:07:27edx|notebookhow come you're all getting admins :P
11:07:36Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
11:07:51adi|homehehe edx you have it too ;)
11:07:57adi|homeyou've been on the access list a while
11:08:00Mode"#rockbox -o Zagor " by Zagor (
11:08:15edx|notebooki know
11:08:15Mode"#rockbox -o adi|home " by adi|home (
11:08:18 Join pyvasene [0] (
11:08:22edx|notebookjust was wondering why you all use it ;P
11:08:36adi|homehehe i was adding linus to the access list, so had to...
11:08:38Mode"#rockbox +o edx " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
11:08:55Mode"#rockbox -o edx " by edx (
11:08:58edxther you go
11:08:59Zagordownload page updated. writing announce mail.
11:09:19Bagderso we can commit now? B)
11:09:26LinusNZagor: approve me on the announce list!
11:09:42dwihnoSo when are we going to have the rockbox 1.2 release party? :-) Let's rent Sturehof ;D
11:09:49adi|homewhats the mailing address for the general list?
11:09:51BagderI suggest you announce to both the rockbox *and* the announce list
11:11:05LinusNHes: i read that some manufacturers recommend "topping off" the charging with ~2 hours of trickle charging after negative delta detection
11:11:38Zagorbut we can't trickle, can we?
11:11:42LinusNwe can
11:12:02LinusNby switching the charger on and off
11:12:25Zagoris that a proper trickle, really?
11:12:33adi|homeshould i list the 'channel' email address as
11:12:42Zagoradi|home: yes
11:14:00Bagderseriously, we can commit now, right?
11:14:13ZagorBagder: yes, fire away
11:14:35adi|homeso 1.2 is out now?
11:14:51LinusNZagor: some manufacturers say that switching on and off is the proper way
11:14:54Zagoryeppers. writing release announcement mail right now
11:15:03ZagorLinusN: ok. i'm no battery expert :-)
11:15:10LinusNme neither
11:15:14LinusNi just pretend
11:15:30LinusNBagder: you won!
11:15:47Hestrickle charging _is_ turning the charger on and off 8-)
11:16:00Hesyou can change the amount of energy flowing by adjusting the duty cycle
11:16:00LinusNBagder: you get a free t-shirt!
11:16:10Bagdergee, I'm honored ;-)
11:16:27LinusNHes: still, some say that trickle charging can be a constant C/50
11:17:10HadakaI must say though - battery charging seems like an awfully empirical science
11:17:50LinusNHadaka: very true
11:17:52Hadakaone would've thought that all these years of battery usage would have sprouted quite a lot of hard facts on how batteries should and should not be used
11:18:00Hadakabut apparently no-one still has a definite clue
11:18:05dwihnoScience? Hmm... Farbror Frej is a kickass scientist. Maybe we could ask him?
11:18:44HesEven the battery manufacturers don't agree on the details.
11:18:51 Quit MeRWiN (Connection timed out)
11:19:06HesThe basics are pretty clear.
11:19:18 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:19:23HesSetting up a good charger isn't very easy.
11:19:52LinusNand i guess all batteries aren't alike either
11:20:00HesSomeone posted a patch on the mailing list... which moved config bits location in the config block... suboptimal
11:20:13*adi|home pokes Zagor in the side
11:20:16adi|homewtf is 1.2?
11:20:19*adi|home pouts
11:20:21LinusNso what the manufacturers are saying may apply to *their* batteries
11:20:27*adi|home wants instant gratification
11:20:54adi|homeokay.. fine.. _ill_ uipdate the webpage ;)
11:21:10Zagorah, you mean the front page. fire away.
11:24:34LinusNZagor: the repeat mode also applies to dir play (release notes)
11:24:51Zagori know. it says so already.
11:25:10Zagor"Directory playback (clicking PLAY on an mp3 file in the dir browser) also
11:25:10Zagoruses playlist options such as shuffle and repeat.
11:25:30LinusNno, it says "Playlist repeat is hard coded to "Repeat all"."
11:30:06matp|workanyone know how to get linux to automount my drive when I plug it in ?
11:30:22Bagderhotplug is the keyword
11:30:34*adi|home used to have it set.. but i don't remember what it was...
11:30:41Bagderbut I don't have it setup myself
11:30:48adi|homeautodetect maybe?
11:30:50*adi|home thinks
11:31:14Bagderhotplug is the name of the linux system that deals with those matters
11:31:22*adi|home nods
11:31:30adi|homebut don't you need a setting set in fstab>
11:31:59Bagderthe hotplug system detects the USB device connection and then it performs an action
11:32:02adi|homeauto even
11:32:05matp|workcurrently I plug it in, it loads the modules, then I have to mount it manually
11:32:06*adi|home nods
11:32:17adi|homemake sure your fstab has auto in the line for the archos
11:32:55matp|workBagder: ok. does it autounmount as well. i guess that would be dodgy ...?
11:33:33BagderI'm not really good at this, I'm only repeating some things I've read, I haven't fiddled with this myself
11:34:28Zagorhave we determined that the background noise was from the rtc?
11:34:39edx|notebookBagder, what compiler did you use for the win32sim again?
11:34:54LinusNZagor: not really
11:34:54Bagderedx|notebook: on linux? mingw
11:34:56edx|notebookit might just be a parameter that is missing in the command line to make it work
11:35:00matp|work it's for 2.4 kernels only :(
11:35:15Bagderyou don't run 2.4?
11:35:18adi|homeumm.. does the website update as soon as i commit, or will it take some time?
11:35:37Zagoradi|home: it takes time. but i'll do it manually now
11:36:15matp|workactually, yes, I forgot we upgraded the laptop images at work
11:36:24adi|homehehe typo.. one sec
11:36:29Zagorno wait
11:36:36Zagori'll fix it, and some other things
11:36:50adi|homedidn't know what you wanted removed from the list
11:37:03Zagorexactly :-) (what was the typo?)
11:37:25Zagoroh, 1.2
11:37:47adi|homeis Felix around?
11:37:54adi|homeI dunno what his nick is...
11:37:58edx|notebookedx :)O
11:38:10adi|homesmall request on your shirt submission :)
11:38:22adi|homethe shot of the archos you have
11:38:34edx|notebookyou want to have it?
11:38:40adi|homecould you possibly remove the screen w/ the factory firmware on it :)
11:38:48edx|notebooksure lol
11:38:52edx|notebookthats cute
11:38:53LinusNgood one!
11:38:59*adi|home bows deeply
11:39:00edx|notebooki took the one from the devcon site :D
11:39:08*edx|notebook shames ;)
11:39:08adi|homethats what i figured :)
11:39:22adi|hometake a screen shot from the sim.. and cut and paste it
11:39:32edx|notebookill take another picture later today and fix it lol
11:39:37adi|homehehe ty
11:39:42*adi|home is a bit picky :)
11:39:57adi|homeand steal my developers list idea huh ;)
11:40:07adi|homeget all fancy with colors.. you you you.. theif!
11:40:20edx|notebooki have had the first tshirt EVER existed of rockbox
11:40:26edx|notebookand it already got a list of names
11:40:43adi|homecheater ;)
11:41:03edx|notebookthat was like a few months ago
11:41:21adi|homei like the addition of the irc info
11:42:16LinusNedx|notebook: that was a *long* time ago!
11:42:30edx|notebookLinusN: yea
11:42:31LinusNseveral MONTHS!
11:42:42adi|homethat was like.. pre 1.0 right?
11:42:55edx|notebookthere are only a few names on it
11:43:04adi|home"back in the olden days"
11:43:13edx|notebookhmm bagder, what makefile do you use for mingw?
11:43:25Bagderthe win32/Makefile
11:43:26adi|homei have to say.. this has been the most successful OSS project ive been a part of yet
11:43:38dwihnoYeah, I'd love to get mingw to compile the simulator on windows as well
11:43:39*edx|notebook does not have that file
11:43:40LinusNBagder: we should have a link in the menu for the t-shirt contest
11:43:51*adi|home agrees
11:44:02Bagderedx|notebook: if you're up-to-date you have it
11:44:04LinusNat least separate from the news list
11:44:11BagderI agree
11:44:16adi|homeill put it in
11:44:20adi|homeitll update later then
11:45:16edx|notebookBagder: i thought i was.. wait a sec
11:45:58adi|homeyou think we should put the stuff in that list in some kind of order?
11:46:04Zagornew poll in the archos group: "Which firmware do you mostly use? o Archos o Rockbox"
11:46:11Zagor(not by me)
11:47:17adi|homeyou have a link to it?
11:47:18*Bagder votes
11:47:20matp|workI didn't get the 1.2 announcement on the mailing list, I got George's congrats mail though.
11:47:37adi|homeokay.. update made
11:47:41Zagormatp|work: odd. it's in the archive
11:48:12matp|workmay be my mail server. it's xchange crap
11:48:21matp|workprobably holding onto it
11:48:36matp|workanyway. well done guys! very good work.
11:48:53Zagoradi|home: fyi head.t updates don't work well, due to missing dependecies
11:48:59Zagori'm fixing it manually
11:49:56adi|homeahh.. okay.. sorry
11:50:07adi|homeum.. we have settings stored now correct?
11:50:11adi|homethat was part of 1.2
11:50:42adi|homeZagor, we need to fix the 'Roadmap'
11:50:49adi|homeget rid of 1.1 atleast
11:50:52adi|homecorrect 1.2/3
11:51:03adi|homeand maybe start considering targets for 1.4
11:52:02matp|workjust got it now
11:55:30Hesadd better/tuned charging logic for 1.3
11:56:01edx|notebookbagder: you should be able to create win32 apps.. read this:
11:56:12edx|notebookscroll down a little to the win32 app seciton
11:56:52Bagderso then it should work
11:57:25edx|notebooktry.. it might work :)
11:57:30Bagderlet's try that
11:58:12Bagdergood digging
11:58:44*edx|notebook presses his two thumbs off :)
11:59:35*edx|notebook tests
11:59:52edx|notebooki am not authorized to view that page lol
12:00:34edx|notebookwont work, still ..
12:00:38edx|notebooki mean
12:00:40edx|notebookcant accesss it
12:01:01BagderI can
12:01:14edx|notebooki cant
12:01:17Bagderdoesn't work though
12:01:32edx|notebookhow do you know? do you have windows?
12:01:42edx|notebookhmm damn
12:01:43BagderI'm at work
12:01:56edx|notebookdid you compile everything using -mwindows?
12:04:16edx|notebookat least we know it has to work somehow..
12:05:13 Nick edx|notebook is now known as edx (
12:05:28edxoh.. the other edx has gone :)
12:10:12 Nick LinusN is now known as Linus|lunch (
12:13:18edxbagder: is the console still poping up?
12:14:37*edx waves
12:15:46adi|homeewwww.. somethings not right here
12:16:35adi|homei went to go into a sub dir
12:16:43adi|homeand the ui seemed to lock up
12:16:50adi|homegot a double indicator on the screen..
12:17:01adi|homealmost like it chocked and died mid redraw
12:17:24edxthe win32simulator?
12:17:30adi|homenope.. recorder
12:17:39edxhmm strange
12:17:50edxi remember getting the smae problem yesterday!
12:18:05adi|homeoooooh. i like the one key status bar removal :)
12:18:39edxdid you take V1.2 or the cvs build?
12:18:44adi|homehehehe volume up and down
12:18:45*adi|home drools
12:18:57adi|homegod i love this
12:19:20adi|homeheheh screen saver :)
12:19:22adi|homeand music...
12:19:26adi|homegod i love code :)
12:20:37adi|homebtw... tetris sideways.. _very_ good idea...
12:20:57edxheh thanks
12:21:17Zagoryou should have config option: left or right handed
12:21:18*Zagor hides
12:21:22adi|homeconfusing at first.. but makes sense once you get it...
12:21:27*adi|home likes that idea
12:21:52adi|homebut then we need to have the function keys dected inside tetris to set that option
12:22:03adi|homehow much can we store settings wise/
12:22:12adi|homei mean... before we run outta space?
12:22:17Zagor44 bytes in the rtc. a few gigs on the disk :)
12:22:28adi|homehow much do we have left on the rtc?
12:22:48Zagori don't know
12:22:48adi|homeand can i assume that making use of that space is up for grabs until the bickering starts?
12:23:04*adi|home wants to store the 'timeout' settings
12:23:13adi|homefor song count or time count
12:23:59adi|homeZagor.. have i mentioned just how much the projected has helped me remain in love with coding when dealing with all the shit from work?
12:26:11Zagorno, i don't think you have. but I don't think you are alone in that feeling.
12:26:24Zagorit's a "breathing hole"
12:26:42*adi|home nods furiously
12:26:52*adi|home hurts his neck and heads off to bed
12:26:55adi|homeokay.. things to play with
12:27:00adi|home-blank screensaver
12:27:11adi|home-screensaver timeout (to start) as an option
12:27:14adi|home-address book ;)
12:27:20adi|home-left handed tetris :)
12:27:42adi|home-update api docs
12:28:48adi|homeohh.. found a bug...
12:28:57adi|homei went into the debug section
12:29:12adi|homeall menus the one for os thread info won't let you out
12:29:36Zagortry OFF
12:29:43*adi|home nods
12:29:48adi|homecounter intuitive
12:29:57Zagoryeah, but it says "keep out" :-)
12:30:08adi|homehehe yup...
12:30:14adi|homebut we should still be standard :)
12:30:26adi|homeIOports nd os stacks should do <- to get out
12:30:28adi|homelike the rest
12:30:40*adi|home will fix that later too
12:35:19 Join grummel [0] (
12:35:56 Quit grummel (Client Quit)
12:36:03edxshort visit ;)
12:37:48Zagor*phew* 20 or so feature requests ticked off
12:38:10edxhow many are ther at all?
12:38:18edx(or how many are left)
12:39:05Zagor61 open / 85 total
12:41:47Zagorwho asked for EX70 in the uk?
12:42:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:43:29edxavaibility is bad..
12:43:46edxBagder, are you there?
12:44:10 Join edx|deskpc [0] (
12:44:13Zagoredx: there do you see that?
12:44:26edxread the text lol
12:44:42edxAvailabilityThis item is usually dispatched within 4-6 weeks. Please note that items sometimes go out of stock with the manufacturers or our suppliers.
12:44:59Zagoroh, there :-)
12:45:35Zagor lists a couple of other web shops
12:46:15edxhm.. I bought a power supply.. 0,8A - you can regulate the voltage it outputs - i have the feeling that it harms my batteries, vcould that be?
12:46:26edxalso, can I charge the batteries using a normal charger?
12:46:34Zagoryes you can
12:46:43Zagorwhy do you think it harms the batteries?
12:46:47HesFor TODO items for 1.3: config saving to disk, on recorders too
12:46:52edxlifetime is like half an hour or something
12:46:59Hesif rtc config load fails => read from disk
12:47:18Hesand flush settings to disk every now and then when the disk is spinning for other stuff
12:47:22edxi have to doublecheck this but the device didnt really work with the batteries :/
12:47:46edxis the negative pole outside or inside the cable btw?
12:48:03edxk - at least one thing i did right ;)
12:51:39 Quit pyvasene ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.1")
12:52:48 Quit edx|deskpc ("later")
12:53:36 Nick Linus|lunch is now known as LinusN (
13:00:24 Quit edx ("headding home")
13:08:08Bagder-mwindows doesn't make it work either
13:10:42Bagderfeel free to correct my mistakes, oh you pro ;-)
13:13:46 Part Bagder
13:13:56 Join Bagder [0] (
13:14:07Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by LinusN (
13:14:10*Bagder bows
13:14:35*Zagor is browsing ales
13:14:44LinusNis what?
13:15:03LinusNah, yummy
13:15:21LinusN(can't join you, sorry)
13:15:53Zagorjust *have* to try it
13:16:00BagderI want that ;-)
13:28:08Bagder"Will you be interested in a contract on one of my research projects to work on these issues? If you like to travel, this is an opportunity for coming to Pisa"
13:28:28*Bagder detects another curl project opportunity coming up
13:31:22matslTime to leave. CU next week.
13:31:28Bagderbye matsl
13:31:44 Quit matsl ("Liece")
13:38:48LinusNhehe. feels kind of empty after the 1.2 release...
13:39:14BagderI await lots of commits ;-)
13:39:45LinusNmore like "phew, now i can rest a while..."
13:40:01 Join ripnetuk [0] (
13:40:06ZagorBagder: i want lcd_update_rect()
13:40:07Bagderyeah, feels good having the 1.2 out
13:40:15Bagderok, I fix
13:40:22 Join pyvasene [0] (
13:40:26Zagoruse widht/height, but round off to nearest row
13:40:27Bagderwill you time me? ;-)
13:40:45*LinusN pulls out his stop watch
13:40:52Bagdericode ?
13:41:11LinusNok, then
13:41:16LinusNuse icode
13:41:50 Join Schmoo2k [0] (~schmoo@
13:41:54Bagderwidth, height, x and y it must be then?
13:42:03 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|ale (
13:42:05LinusNif we run out of IRAM space we can always move the frame buffer to DRAM
13:43:36mbrIs ist ok to call settings_save() from wps and tree?
13:44:13mbrWhen F3 toggles global_settings.statusbar the state should be saved ..
13:44:17Hesmbr: yes
13:44:17LinusNnot really
13:44:38LinusNon the player it will spin up the disk, i don't like that
13:44:52HesWe should do the delayed writing...
13:45:14Bagderwe should mark it as changed to be saved at next spinup
13:45:15Hesmark the buffer dirty after changes and simply write the block next time after we spin the disk up
13:45:33HesAnd also mark it dirty and writeable on the recorders
13:45:39Heswrite to RTC immediately and to disk later
13:46:11LinusNBagder: we should release 1.2 on sourceforge
13:46:33LinusNthe problem is that the disk may never spin up
13:46:35Hesand freshmeat too?
13:46:42Bagderand freshmeat
13:47:04HesNeed to spin it up after a timeout... say, a minute
13:47:29mbrso we use the settings_save() to mark the config block as dirty?
13:47:38LinusNthe user has to accept that the settings may not be saved at all times
13:47:51Hesand on the recorder, settings_save should write to RTC immediately
13:48:00LinusNmbr: no, we create a settings_dirty() function
13:49:05mbror create a settings_write() and leave settings_save()
13:49:19LinusNi guess a 'cron' thread is becoming increasingly useful
13:49:51HesLinusN: yeah... power stuff could run there too
13:50:04LinusNand the status bar, and...
13:50:15ripnetukdoes it have to block while the disc is spinning up? cant you tel it to start spinning, and then write it when it has spun up?
13:50:38LinusNripnetuk: i guess we can wake it up without blocking, yes
13:52:20 Quit ripnetuk ()
13:53:17BagderLinusN: do you have any lcd docs around?
13:53:25 Join georgeStyles [0] (
13:53:27LinusNno, why?
13:53:44Bagdertrying to figure out the LCD_CNTL_HIGHCOL and LCD_CNTL_LOWCOL instructions
13:53:51 Quit georgeStyles (Client Quit)
13:53:57 Join georgeStyles [0] (
13:54:07 Part georgeStyles
13:54:27Bagderto be able to update only part of an lcd "row"
13:54:39 Join RipnetUK [0] (
13:55:20BagderI guess an lcd_update_rec(y, height) is pretty good too
13:55:59 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
13:55:59 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:56:01Bagderhm, no the scroll thread would like to update only parts of a row in the dir browser
13:56:12LinusNhighcol sets the upper 4 bits of the column address, lowcol the lower 4 bits
13:58:28 Part Schmoo2k
14:04:26Bagderis update_rect() better used with (x,y, width, hight) or ...
14:04:33Bagderx1, y1, x2, y2 ?
14:05:13LinusNi think width, height
14:05:59LinusNand make sure that you shrink the rectangle if it is out of bounds
14:06:17Bagdernow why would anyone do that? B)
14:12:18 Join liam_ [0] (
14:13:54LinusN"Thanks to all those that are devoting alot of time to make things
14:13:54LinusNbetter for us Archos users!"
14:14:10*LinusN blushes
14:14:35LinusN(from the ajb6k yahoo group)
14:17:08LinusNdoes anybody here have a recorder6 or 10?
14:17:11 Nick liam_ is now known as jedix` (
14:19:21dwihno1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2! Yay!
14:19:59 Quit elinenbe_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:20:01LinusNtesting... 1.2 ...testing... 1.2
14:20:57Bagderso, archos is on 1.28 ? we have like 26 releases left to reach them! ;-)
14:22:46LinusNwe have much more time on the player, 5.xx
14:25:24 Join elinenbe [0] (
14:25:32elinenbeI'm back!
14:25:40jedix`how is the project going anyways?
14:25:42*Bagder hoorays
14:25:52elinenbeDoes anyone here know where you can buy Volkswagen OEM stuff?
14:25:56Bagderjedix`: it rocks more than ever ;-)
14:26:39elinenbeis this the right channel for trading files −− I've got tones of MMF and FFM plus a little F/Animal stuff for trade :)
14:26:58*Bagder looks at elinenbe
14:27:15dwihnoI got FF :-)
14:27:22dwihnoFarbror Frej
14:28:19elinenbethis is kind of sad: −− they just come out with the multimedia player and already people are not satisfied. At least there seems to be less bugs then in the players and recorders.
14:33:58elinenbewhat is this Rockbox thing you speak of?
14:35:30RipnetUKelinenbe - am i understanding u correctly? you want to know what rockbox is? or am i missing some joke?
14:37:41elinenbeit is a joke. I know what it is. But, I am preparing the channel for questions like this?
14:39:48LinusNelinenbe: no problems we just do like this:
14:39:53Kick(#rockbox elinenbe :LinusN) by LinusN!
14:40:06*Bagder giggles
14:40:58*LinusN feels the power
14:41:14*Bagder bows in front of the powerful LinusN
14:41:24 Join trilluser [0] (~calpefros@
14:41:43 Nick trilluser is now known as calpefrosch (~calpefros@
14:41:47calpefroschhi there
14:41:48LinusNi sense a smell of frog
14:42:03Bagderhi calpefrosch
14:42:29calpefroschafter a long time of absence I'm back. And did something really stupid
14:42:44LinusNjoined this channel?
14:42:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:42:53Bagderran the stock firmware?
14:43:03calpefroschI removed 3 files from CVS, I wanted to remove them from my local drive, but ...
14:43:12calpefrosch... removed them from CVS
14:43:19calpefroschI hope it is not a problem
14:43:25LinusNwhat files?
14:43:45Bagderthey're not removed for real, only at your place I guess
14:43:47calpefroschcvs server: scheduling `uisw32.vcproj' for removal
14:43:47calpefroschcvs server: scheduling `uisw32.suo' for removal
14:43:47calpefroschcvs server: scheduling `UI256.bmp' for removal
14:44:08Bagderadd them again
14:44:23Bagderor just remove everything and re-checkout
14:44:28LinusNhehe, elinenbe must have been angry... :-)
14:45:11calpefroschcongrats to the 1.2 firmware. It is really cool
14:46:28LinusNcalpefrosch: we missed you. where have you been?
14:46:58calpefroschhmmm, I couldn't help you so much.
14:47:23RipnetUKis there any reason the WPS screen doesnt scroll the ID3 info?
14:47:28calpefroschand I had no time to learn C, because of much work here at work
14:47:41LinusNRipnetUK: yes, only one line can scroll at a time
14:48:04Bagderthe scroll thread is a bit limited
14:48:13calpefroschBut now I wanted to look at the code ... and you see what happend :-)
14:48:52LinusNmbr: i don't like the date format. :-)
14:49:04RipnetUKi see thanks
14:49:23mbrLinusN: I've waited for that :)
14:49:31mbrBetter MM/DD/YY
14:49:47LinusNor YYYY-MM-DD
14:50:06*Bagder awaits ISO 8601 references ;-)
14:50:11LinusNor even YYYY-MMM-DD
14:50:26Bagderwith letters
14:50:27LinusN"jan", "feb"
14:50:34LinusNno confusion
14:51:36LinusNmbr: still, great job with the date/time setting!!!
14:51:54LinusNwe have a problem with the menus
14:51:59mbrOK, I think YYYY-MMM-DD would be best.
14:52:10LinusNthere is no indication whatsoeever that there are more options below the screen
14:52:32LinusNa scroll bar, maybe?
14:52:40Bagderscroll bar would make it better
14:52:57Hesscroll bar, yes... preferably somehow under the cursor to preserve space 8-)
14:54:08BagderI think we can waste a few pixels on the left side for a scrollbar
14:54:17LinusNor the last line could be replaced by a down arrow
14:54:39Bagderbut if there's only one line? ;-)
14:54:51Bagderhm, no sorry
14:54:53LinusNdo we have scroll bars with proportionally sized knob?
14:55:02LinusNwe could use that
14:55:14BagderI agree
14:55:18Bagderit would need to have that in fact
14:55:41LinusNi would like that in the file browser as well
14:56:05LinusN(configurable, yex, yes...)
14:56:25BagderI think I'd prefer to have it togglable in the dir browser
14:56:28Bagderlike the status bar
14:57:04Bagderit could go on f3 too, "nothing, bar, scroll, bar + scroll"
14:59:36LinusNi've been thinking about the RTC accuracy
14:59:49LinusNit may need calibration
15:00:19LinusNmaybe we can store the time in RTC RAM when we set it
15:00:30LinusNand adjust when we set it the next time
15:04:28mbrSounds good, i'll look into that this weekend
15:06:24 Join nsauzede [0] (
15:07:12*nsauzede says hi all
15:07:35*calpefrosch says bye bye
15:07:58 Part calpefrosch
15:08:22LinusNhi nsauzede
15:10:07Bagderhey nsauzede
15:10:08nsauzedelinus: are there any bots in all the nicknames connected ?
15:10:19LinusNlogbot is a bot
15:10:20Topic"it is a 1.2 day today" by Bagder (
15:10:38nsauzedebagder: yeah !
15:10:47LinusNother than that, i don't think so
15:11:04LinusNlogbot is a Dancer!
15:11:12*Bagder yays
15:11:17*LinusN points at Bagder
15:11:39nsauzedebagder: about compiling rockbox-sim under cygwin :
15:12:18nsauzedeindeed, the cygwin gcc is some sort of mingw32 :)
15:12:40nsauzedebut I couldn't compile some runnable sim with it :(
15:15:26*Bagder leaves for coffee
15:19:56nsauzedeis cvs.rockbox down ?
15:21:57LinusNif you mean the CVS on sourceforge, that is
15:21:57nsauzedelinus: I get :"cvs [login aborted]: connect to failed: Attempt to connect timed out without establishing a connection
15:23:02LinusNit works from here
15:23:22nsauzedeoops.. my fault then ?
15:26:55LinusNno firewall or anything like that?
15:28:30nsauzedeahh, it worked, finally...
15:28:43nsauzedewell, I don't know...
15:28:57nsauzedemaybe my ISP was lagging a bit.
15:29:41nsauzedehave a nice day Linus (and everybody :) !!
15:29:51*nsauzede says bye...
15:30:01 Quit nsauzede ()
15:33:49dwihnoIf anyone gets mingw32 to compile the simu, please notify me :-)
15:33:57LinusNmbr: the Code Police is after you!
15:34:31dwihnoCode police - codename Zagor - "You got the right to indent. Every comment you won't make will be held against you!"
15:35:58mbrWhat have i done?
15:36:29LinusNyou shouldn't put the body on the same line as the condition in an 'if' statement
15:36:56 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
15:37:17mbrbad old habit .. sorry
15:37:33LinusNhi elinenbe_!
15:37:37elinenbe_hey there.
15:37:58elinenbe_things look to be going good.
15:38:00mbrQuestion about time/date setting display
15:38:06mbrDOW YYYY MMM DD
15:38:24mbrIs that ok? or do I need dashes?
15:38:26elinenbe_LinusN: when do you think repeat will make it's way into the box?
15:38:37mbrDOW YYYY-MMM-DD
15:38:40LinusNmbr: looks good to me
15:38:42elinenbe_mbr: make the date string configurable :)
15:38:52LinusNelinenbe_: repeat is there, unconditionally!
15:39:01elinenbe_LinusN: aahhh...
15:39:10LinusNyou can't turn it off atm
15:39:30elinenbe_was the roadmap updated for 1.2
15:39:36LinusNsort of
15:39:53LinusNwe have kind of ignored the roadmap
15:41:57elinenbe_persistent settings in 1.3 means saving to disk −− right?
15:42:31dwihnoLinusN: Since you're the hardware ninja, do you think adding recording stuff (after disk writes) should be a hard task?
15:42:49LinusNelinenbe_: was it you who made the slider widgets?
15:42:51dwihno(I don't really care about that, but I'm a bit curious ^_^)
15:43:04LinusNdwihno: no, i don't think so
15:43:24LinusNbut i haven't thought that much about it lately
15:44:00matp|workwhen i plug the power in, the battery icon drops considerably. when i take it out, it jumps back up again. is this correct?
15:44:15elinenbe_once there is some sort of config or .ini file, that will e fun!
15:45:53LinusNmatp|work: no, that isn't supposed to be
15:46:36LinusNi think that has to do with Hes's effort to compensate the battery voltage measurement when charging
15:46:44elinenbe_what is the status on the rolo code that was submitted a few days ago, or has that been placed on the backburner? It makes development for me much faster... load rockbox firmware, code, compile, plug in usb, compy over new firmware, load, code, ....
15:46:48elinenbe_no rebooting!
15:47:33LinusNelinenbe_: it currently doesn't work for the recorder
15:48:01LinusNand we have been busy with the 1.2 release the last couple of days
15:48:03matp|workLinusN: So it is charging, right? It seems to be charging very quickly. It's gone from 1/2 to 3/4 in about 5 mins!!
15:48:32LinusNmatp|work: that may also have to do with the condition of your batteries
15:48:35elinenbe_LinusN: thanks for the update.
15:48:44LinusNmatp|work: player, right?
15:49:13matp|workLinusN: Recorder
15:49:41LinusNwatch the battery graph in the debug menu
15:49:50matp|workwhat do you mean condition? They are worn out, or they are good?
15:50:25LinusNone or the other... :-)
15:50:39matp|workI've got a small spike, the a steep curve
15:51:42matp|workhmm, now it's fully charged. 10 mins from 1/2 empty. That's good going!
15:52:00Hesmatp|work: the battery level (info menu % and the status bar) does not show anything meaningful while charging
15:52:33HesDid it actually stop charging automatically or why do you think it's fully charged?
15:52:36matp|workHes: Ahh, ok, how do I tell when it's fully charged?
15:52:54matp|workHes, because status bar shows full battery.
15:53:17matp|workHes, but I see it's still blinking, so I guess it's still charging
15:53:19LinusNmatp|work: does the power plug symbol blink?
15:54:14HesIt stops blinking when it's charged
15:54:18matp|workHmm, slightly misleading, but the workaround it to look at the blink symbol rather than the battery icon
15:54:31Hesand also in the debug menu, there's the battery viewer
15:54:38Heswith three views (up/down toggle)
15:54:47Heswhich shows if it's charging or not...
15:55:07Hesalso the voltage history graph... you will see it drop sharply when the charger is disconnected
15:55:19Hesneed to write an user guide for the charger 8-)
15:55:21 Join dazol [0] (
15:55:28LinusNhi dazol
15:55:53matp|workI like the "charge started at 52%".
15:56:07 Join freshmaker [0] (~chatzilla@
15:56:57dazolrockbox 1.2 is supposed to support relative paths in playlists, right?
15:57:21dazolhmmm....ok, just one sec before I comment on it
15:57:45*LinusN is waiting anxiously
15:58:37dazolok, i have a player with archos firmware 5.0.7
15:59:01LinusNmbr: i want key repeat in the time setting
15:59:10dazolwhen I select a playlist with rockbox 1.2, it hangs at "Playing...10 files"
15:59:43dazolthe hdd light stays pretty much solid red. ive waited almost 1/2 hour for it to start playing, but no go
15:59:44LinusNtell me about the directory and the playlist
16:00:12dazoldir: mp3->1_playlist->zombie.m3u
16:00:25dazolit has songs from 3 seperate directories in it
16:00:47dazolex. song listed in the playlist: /home/daz/archos/mp3/suicidal_tendencies/send_me_your_money.mp3
16:00:59LinusNok so the playlist is /mp3/1_playlist/zombie.m3u
16:01:33LinusNand the entry in the playlist is /home/daz/archos/mp3........
16:01:57LinusNthat can't work
16:02:02matp|workwe don't parse .. do we?
16:02:15 Nick Zagor|ale is now known as Zagor (
16:02:19LinusNthere is no /home/daz/archos directory on your player?
16:02:21 Nick Zagor is now known as TheCodePolice (
16:02:33TheCodePolicenag nag nag
16:02:38dazolnope, the player starts at mp3
16:02:46LinusNthere is your problem
16:03:06dazolso do i have to make the playlists absolute, then?
16:03:28TheCodePolicedazol: relative means "not starting with /"
16:03:41matp|workit doesn't understand '..' constructs
16:03:48LinusNthe Rockbox can't possibly know that you want to strip the /home/daz/archos part of the path
16:03:55LinusNmatp|work: it does
16:03:59 Nick TheCodePolice is now known as Zagor (
16:04:02dazolTheCodePolice: oh, hmmmm
16:04:35dazolso if a song entry from say: /home/daz/archos/mp3/suicidal_tendencies/send_me_your_money.mp3
16:04:40matp|workLinusN: good, it's been a while since I looked at the code ;)
16:04:46dazolto /mp3/suicidal_tendencies/send_me_your_money.mp3
16:04:50dazolit should dwork?
16:05:02dazolok, let me try that.
16:05:17LinusNdazol: or you can put this in your playlist: ../../suicidal...
16:05:40LinusNsorry, ../suicidal...
16:07:12LinusNZagor: do you have a good solution to the partition type problem?
16:07:28dazolthat worked (removing the /home/daz/archos part
16:07:34Bagdercan't we probe for a fat32 fs somehow?
16:07:36dazolthank you much
16:07:37LinusNdazol: great!
16:07:44LinusNBagder: sure
16:07:48Zagormy fix worked for ah_ so we should probably try that and see if any other problems occur
16:08:07LinusNZagor: commit it
16:08:16LinusNI want to help Remo
16:08:19Zagorthat's my fix. just trying fat_mount() on every partition until one returns ok
16:08:30Bagderaha, nice ;-)
16:08:38dazolare there any plans to implement that? (parsing anything before /mp3 out of the playlist) ?
16:08:50Zagordazol: how would we know what to remove?
16:08:51LinusNdazol: how would that work?
16:08:55 Quit elinenbe_ ("Leaving")
16:09:10mbrZargor: shall I commit the reindented cld.c code?
16:09:15Bagderwe could do a better error message though
16:09:28Zagormbr: please do
16:09:32dazolwell, read the path and anything before /mp3 is stripped? iim assuming thats how archos did it
16:09:48Zagordazol: my files are stored in /cd
16:09:59LinusNdazol: i don't have a directory called mp3 on my box
16:10:03dazolZagor: on the archos?
16:10:05BagderI don't have 'mp3' in my path either
16:10:28Zagordazol: no, on my computer. on the archos they are in /Pop /Rock etc.
16:10:58Zagorwhy don't you make real playlists instead?
16:11:02LinusNrockbox doesn't care at all what your directories are called
16:11:27LinusNZagor: define "real playlist" :-)
16:11:46Zagor"correct" then
16:11:50dazolZagor: well, since I know its an "issue" for v 1.2 (imho) ill have to do that now :)
16:12:03LinusNit's not a issue
16:12:06dazolhowever, the archos firmware manages to do it :)
16:12:07LinusNit's a fact of life
16:12:10Bagdera suggestion! we add some good hints on the site on how to create playlists easily
16:12:19ZagorBagder: good idea
16:12:21Bagderlike on windows/linux
16:12:43dazoli like the rockbox version better though.
16:12:53LinusNdazol: funnily enough, you are the first who have mentioned this
16:13:06Bagderall the talk about playlists on the mailing list shows that people do have a problem with them
16:13:16LinusNi didn't know that archos hada predefined 'mp3' directory
16:13:16dazolLinusN: wow. that is interesting...
16:13:29dazolit has always been there on mine
16:13:43LinusNnow i remember
16:13:45matp|workDo I *have* to reload a playlist just to toggle shuffle ?
16:13:46BagderI think there was one on mine too
16:13:52LinusNi deleted that dir the first day
16:13:53Bagdermatp|work: no
16:14:03dazolthe thing is, I can create a playlist with xmms with paths like "/home/daz/mp3/dir/song"
16:14:10BagderLinusN: me too ;-)
16:14:11matp|workMe too :) Mine had some dodgy french songs in it!
16:14:28Bagderdazol: use find! ;-)
16:14:30dazolstick that in my 1_playlist directory on the archos, and the archos firmware had no problem
16:14:51dazolBadger: for what?
16:14:52matp|workBagder: It's in the release notes
16:14:58Bagderfind . -name "*mp3" > playlist.m3u
16:15:07BagderZagor: fix release notes! ;-)
16:15:33dazol:) now that I know how rockbox needs it playlists, I wont have a problem creating them :)
16:15:42LinusNBagder: and the FAQ too
16:15:53Bagderis that in the faq?
16:16:01LinusNno, it should be there
16:16:01dazols/\/home\/daz//g :)
16:16:18Bagderdazol: right ;-)
16:16:26Bagdersed is your friend
16:16:52mbrhave to leave, bye!
16:16:54dazolit just wasnt mentioned anywhere so I didnt know where the problem was
16:17:00LinusNbye mbr!
16:17:04matp|workI think it's odd behaviour that when you turn shuffle OFF, it plays from the beginning of the playlist, not from the current directory
16:17:05Bagderbye mbr
16:17:14 Nick mbr is now known as mbr|gone (
16:17:37Bagdercurrent "directory" ?
16:17:49matp|workI thought mecraw posted a patch so that it played from the current directory? Did no-one like it?
16:18:16Zagorwhat's wrong in the release notes?
16:18:22LinusNwhy current directory?
16:18:28BagderZagor: you don't have to reload to toggle shuffle
16:18:52matp|workI'm listening to random. A song comes on by an artist I like. I want to listen to the rest of the album by that artist
16:19:11BagderI remember now
16:19:22matp|workI toggle shuffle, it plays the rest of the album. I toggle again, and it goes back to random
16:19:45Bagdermatp|work: I missed that patch when it was posted, applied another patch that fixed the sort/shuffle but didn't fix the play-the-same-song thing
16:20:25Bagderso this is not fixed yet
16:20:34Bagderbut I agree with you, it should be made
16:20:37matp|workPersonally, I think it's pretty useful.
16:20:41Bagderme too
16:21:14Zagoryellow build
16:21:23LinusNBagder: the screen dumps in the online manual are quite old, or what?
16:21:42BagderLinusN: yes they are
16:21:49Zagorsome are 1.2. which ones are old?
16:22:05Bagderbut they're still functional
16:22:05LinusNthe main menu is missing the Debug choice
16:22:16 Nick freshmaker is now known as freshmaker|coffe (~chatzilla@
16:22:19LinusNi guess that is a simulator issue
16:22:19Zagoryeah, since the simulator doesn't have that..
16:22:21BagderI think that isn't present in the simulator
16:22:39LinusNthe sound setting are old
16:22:45Zagorsame thing
16:22:48BagderLinusN: stop whining, update ;-)
16:23:07Zagorit's not old, it's simulator
16:23:07Bagderit is gonna be a hard job to keep those up-to-date
16:23:15LinusNmaybe a screen dump feature on the target?
16:23:23Zagorgood idea
16:23:30LinusNBagder: no, we only update them at releases
16:23:33Bagderyeah... without file save? ;-)
16:23:42RipnetUKHave any plans been made to enable scrolling on all lines? surely we just need an array[0..7] of scrollinfo, and to iterate through them each time we update. Each may need a boolean enabled flag. Or does someone else have another idea in mind?
16:23:47LinusNBagder: Zagor will fix that in no time
16:24:07BagderRipnetUK: we need something like that, yes
16:24:15BagderRipnetUK: I want smooth scrolling enabled too
16:24:29matp|workAlso, I want a shortcut toggle shuffle button
16:24:43matp|workMultiscroll will rule.
16:24:48RipnetUKyeah, f2 for shuffle on/off would rock
16:25:02LinusNmatp|work: post featuree requests on sourceforge
16:25:26LinusNit's hard to remember everything
16:25:54 Quit dazol ("Client Exiting")
16:26:47LinusNwe should probably enable the disk writes on Player soon
16:27:11Bagderwould rock
16:27:44LinusNotherwise we will never know how good it works
16:30:35LinusNit's time to go home
16:30:39LinusNbye all!
16:30:44matp|workby linus
16:30:47LinusNmatp|work: saw it
16:30:48Bagderbye LinusN
16:31:02 Part LinusN
16:34:06BagderI'm off too, friday is early day!
16:34:10 Part Bagder
16:35:21 Join Bagder [0] (
16:35:34Bagderhey Zagor, you did notice that I added that update_rect(), right?
16:35:58BagderI'm off
16:35:59 Part Bagder
16:40:20 Join lelie [0] (
16:40:29 Nick lelie is now known as datazone-work (
16:41:06datazone-workanyone got a chance to review the archos multimedia yet?
16:41:53*jedix` looks at the title and tries to calculate 24 x 1.2..
16:42:16jedix`28.8h in today?
16:42:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:48:25Hadakacan you buy the multimedia already?
16:50:47Hadakawhoaa, you can in the US, not in europe
16:51:00Hadakaoh, pre-order ship date august 12
16:51:12Hadaka400 dollars
16:52:53 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
16:53:10datazone-worki figured someone somewhere would have a review by now, but nope
16:53:27datazone-workand i need it since my jukebox died yesterday, and its no longer under warrenty
16:56:42matp|workhow long did it last?
17:22:08Zagordatazone-work: don't expect rockbox to run on the Multimedia anytime soon. It's a whole different architecture.
17:34:41 Quit pyvasene ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.1")
17:35:02datazone-workmatp|work: about a year and a half
17:35:09datazone-workZagor: i didnt expect it to
17:39:44freshmaker|coffedatazone-work: in germany we now have full 2 year warranty enforced by law
17:40:25freshmaker|coffeexcept wearing parts, of course
17:41:30 Quit freshmaker|coffe ("ChatZilla 0.8.7 [Mozilla rv:1.0.1/20020805]")
17:53:16datazone-workcool tomshardware has a review up
17:56:55 Join aakil [0] (
18:00:11 Quit aakil (Client Quit)
18:02:46 Join aakil [0] (
18:31:14 Join freshmaker|coffe [0] (
18:35:57 Quit notch|busy ()
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18:48:43 Quit aakil (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:58:44 Join g003y [0] (~g003y@
18:59:01g003ylong time no see all
19:02:56 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
19:05:07 Quit freshmaker|coffe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:08:20 Part elinenbe_
19:18:06 Join mistaRx [0] (
19:30:32 Quit g003y ("Trillian (")
19:35:35RipnetUKis something up with th mailing list? ive tried 3 times to post my multi-line scroll patch, and it doesnt seem to be coming back from the list?
19:37:28RipnetUKah ha seems to be ok now
19:51:07 Quit mistaRx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:06:35 Quit jedix` (
20:06:35 Quit fragglet (
20:06:35 Quit RipnetUK (
20:06:35 Quit ironi__ (
20:06:35 Quit adi|home (
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20:12:11 Join jedix` [0] (~liam@
20:23:31 Join MeRWiN [0] (~Stalker@
20:24:56MeRWiNwow, that's a lot of commits and e-mails :)
20:38:04 Quit jedix` (
20:38:04 Quit dwihno|PARTY (
20:38:04 Quit PsycoXul (
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20:53:07 Quit mistaRx (Client Quit)
21:06:42MeRWiNanyone here?
21:07:18webmindnot much
21:07:23webmindbut someone :)
21:08:26MeRWiNdo you have cvs write access?
21:33:34MeRWiNIt's a playschool My First CVS Update :P
21:34:06webmindhm k
21:34:12webmindnever used cvs sofar :)
21:34:35MeRWiNIt's fun once you get used to it :)
21:34:53webmindhm k
21:36:31Zagor|awaywho is markus brown? you've introduced warnings in the sim build. please fix!
21:37:20MeRWiNZagor|away: i noticed that too
21:38:04MeRWiNZagor|away: at first I thought I did it :)
21:38:37 Nick MeRWiN is now known as MeRWiN|Shower (~Stalker@
22:08:19 Nick MeRWiN|Shower is now known as MeRWiN|Clean (~Stalker@
22:41:03 Nick MeRWiN|Clean is now known as MeRWiN (~Stalker@
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