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#rockbox log for 2002-08-11

00:00:03datazonewow! the other light works!
00:00:16datazonei have never seen it light up
00:00:35mistaRxsame here!
00:01:02datazonegot to do something about two things, the text on songs are all uppercase
00:01:03mistaRxyour player will actualy work(which was something new to me!!)
00:01:20datazonei love the scroll speed
00:01:25datazonei hated how slow the other was
00:01:39mistaRxisn't the default to fast?!
00:01:51datazonehell no
00:01:54datazoneits just right
00:02:03mistaRxI have it on 4 now(you can change it in menu)
00:02:06datazonecould be a bit faster i guess, but i am not picky
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00:03:02mistaRxmy backlight doesn't work!!
00:03:42datazoneweeee.. speed 20 is the bestest
00:04:39mistaRxI think I'm gonna go in there and solder a little bit here and there and change the LEDs and make the sound mod!
00:04:57datazoneyou ever opened yours yet?
00:05:08mistaRxno, u?!
00:05:18datazonei thought it was broken :)
00:05:27datazoneand the warrenty was up, so i had nothing to lose
00:05:43datazonei took the drive out and put it in a laptop to format it
00:05:50mistaRxme too, but then I got rockbox!
00:06:40datazonei wonder how much more power the scrolling uses
00:07:04mistaRxnot much, probably
00:07:31mistaRxbut I have my files in genre/artist/album/title - artist
00:07:44mistaRxso I don't need the scroll really
00:07:48datazonehmm.. why did they only fit two songs on the screen.. seems like you should be able to fit 3
00:08:43datazoneguess i will go pick up a really good charger and a few more batteries
00:08:43mistaRxno the upper side of the LCD has got pre-configured icons which u can't change
00:08:57mistaRxlike play, pause and volume etc.
00:10:26datazonedude! how come the recorder has tetris!
00:12:28mistaRxit has got a lot more lines in it's lcd!!
00:12:34mistaRxit's unfare!
00:12:40*datazone growls
00:13:23datazonei was going to get the multimedia in a few days, but now that i know my jukebox still works, i will put it off for a few more months
00:16:06mistaRxdid your player work good before the charger broke and rockbox?!
00:16:33datazoneyeah, for around a year and a half
00:16:46datazoneeven after a fall from a table too :)
00:16:53mistaRxmine locked up and didn't spin up when pressing next song in playlist and ALOT of more bugs!!
00:17:05mistaRxbut then I got rockbox!!!!!!!
00:17:19datazonenot to mention that the adapter i am using isnt the one it came with :)
00:17:35datazonebut i have been using it since december of last year
00:17:35mistaRxme neither
00:18:54mistaRxbut did your player with the newest archos firmware work as a "normal" mp3 player should do when u used it?!
00:19:05mistaRxI mean was it reliable?!
00:19:14datazoneyep, always worked
00:19:20mistaRxmine didn't!!!
00:19:25mistaRxbut then..
00:19:28datazonei had directories with almost 300 songs
00:19:34datazonesongs over 32 chars in length
00:19:46datazoneand even some partialy corrupt mp3s... worked fine
00:20:18mistaRxbut which is best archos or rockbox firmware?!
00:20:38datazonedont know yet, i like how rockbox interface is already
00:20:55datazonewill know for sure when i start using on monday
00:21:03datazonetime to price a bigger laptop harddrive
00:21:11mistaRxI have to use rockbox, and I'm VERY pleased!
00:21:14datazonei wonder what the biggest is
00:21:23mistaRx80 gb I think
00:21:30datazonehmmm... :)
00:23:33mistaRxroger that
00:34:12 Join matsl [0] (
00:41:14datazonei think a 30 gig would do me fine :)
00:42:02mistaRx=) have u tried the remote?!
00:42:12datazonenope, why would i need it?
00:42:29adi|homehehhe i love ppl loving rockbox ;)
00:42:53mistaRxadi loves me!! =)
00:42:53datazoneadi, remember me from yesterday?
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00:44:11*adi|home nods
00:44:29datazonemy unit works now
00:44:36adi|homewhat was it?
00:44:37datazone30gb for 120 bucks
00:44:40adi|homedo you know?
00:44:47datazonethe unit wasnt charging the battery
00:44:50adi|homeah, you replaced the harddrive?
00:44:53*adi|home nods
00:44:56adi|homei figured something like that
00:44:59datazonei charged the battery externaly
00:45:03datazoneand they work fine
00:45:40datazoneno, i am going to order a new hard drive
00:46:36datazonepeople complain about the speed of the usb connection.. but they didnt have to copy files to a first gen rio over the parrell port
00:52:22datazonei wonder if best buy or circuit city will have units at the store
00:55:24 Quit matsl ("Liece")
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01:40:39datazonedamn, need to find a place to buy a decent priced drive but that take money order, and that i dont have to jump through all sorts of loops to get them to take it
02:08:43datazoneah, newegg to the rescue
02:09:11datazone30g, no shipping cost, total $113
02:14:22 Quit PsycoXul (Remote closed the connection)
02:17:18mistaRxgoin to bed now, nightinight
02:17:36 Quit mistaRx ()
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03:01:04dwihnohowdy adi
03:22:24 Join jmw [0] (
03:34:17 Join PsycoXul_ [0] (psyco@
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03:56:45jmwdoes anyone know a decent CVS client that runs in windows? (decent, not the java or tk one)
03:57:01PsycoXulhow about 'cvs'
03:57:44jmwi mean like a GUI rather than cmdline
03:58:01jmwi'm a perforce guy myself.. never used cvs
04:03:45PsycoXulheh dunno
04:03:50PsycoXulcvs isn't that complicated
04:04:09PsycoXuli never understood why anybody would need a bunch of menus and buttons for a single command
04:04:43jmwif your stuff is 10 directories deep, then clicking 10 times beats typing in a book
04:05:14jmwhow else can i put it
04:05:27PsycoXulwith a decent commandline shell you never type in books anyways.. you use shell tricks to do it for you heh
04:05:40PsycoXuland cvs is recursive anyways
04:05:45jmwshell tricks. right. or you could just CLICK
04:06:03jmwi like to use the mouse and the keyboard.. that's just me
04:06:04PsycoXulanyways dinner bbl heh
04:06:12PsycoXulme too
04:07:50adi|workjmw im willing to bet.. i could get to a file and edit it faster then you can click to it, open it and work on it
04:07:56adi|workme using cli and you using gui
04:08:12*adi|work tab completion is god
04:08:23jmwi wouldn't bet on that... i have the fastest hand in the west
04:08:27jmwand the east too
04:08:29jmwcome to think of it
04:20:52adi|workwe're talking code here..
04:20:58adi|worknot self stimulation ;)
04:23:14jmwi have a question. who wrote the simulator, and why did they make ENTER key the off key.. rather than make ENTER the play key and ESC the off key
04:23:30jmwit makes testing stuff pretty annoying on a laptop that doesn't have a num keypad
04:24:43jmwand it makes absolutely no logical sense whatsoever..
04:25:40adi|workit does
04:25:56adi|workif you consider the number pad the 'jukebox' keyboard
04:26:05adi|workdon't make sense to have 1,4 be on and off
04:26:12adi|workso you do the next best thing in positioning
04:26:35jmwfor a regular keyboard right. not for a laptop kbd
04:29:06jmwanyway. adi, i'm writing a keyboard interface.. i've been doing it for 2 hours now. wanna see?
04:32:32adi|workkb interface for what?
04:33:32jmwthe archos.. as in, a way of entering text into the archos.. selecting keys. you have to see it.
04:33:56jmwi'm writing a search feature, where you create the text index on a pc and stick it on the archos, then you can search ala winamp using the archos
04:34:02adi|workumm.. is it a patch, screenshot.. what?
04:34:20jmwwell a file. i don't have write access to the cvs so.
04:34:29jmwi have it in the debug menu on my own build here.
04:34:53jmwwant the files? got time to try it?
04:35:07jmwjust keyboard.c, keyboard.h
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09:26:47Zagorhei all
09:28:12Zagortoday's exciting spam: ARE YOU A CHILD OF GOD?
09:58:35*adi|home answers that with a resounding, "only if my mom or dad are god"
10:25:59Zagori've busted the simulator dependecies, but I can't see why
10:26:00*Zagor sobs
10:33:00Zagormake[1]: *** No rule to make target `powermgmt.c', needed by `/home/bjst/src/rockbox-1.2/rec/.deps/powermgmt.d'. Stop.
10:34:56Zagorthis worked last night :-(
10:43:40***No seen item changed, no save performed.
10:53:50adi|hometry deleting all of your dependances first
10:53:55adi|homethen do a rebuild
10:54:01Zagoryeah, that was it. *slaps myself*
10:54:06*adi|home nods
10:59:45Zagorbrace for major commit...
11:00:42adi|homehehe whatcha working on?
11:00:48Zagorloadable fonts
11:01:16Zagorit's pretty rough right now, but it'll improve
11:03:19adi|homeas does everything else :)
11:07:19*adi|home assumes the position and begs for you to be gentle
11:10:16adi|homeodd thing
11:10:30adi|homei got the cross compiler working fine on my work box
11:10:35adi|homebut my home box.. still no go
11:10:44Zagorwhat's wrong?
11:10:48adi|homei _have_ to be missing something on the rh install
11:13:35adi|homeno idea...
11:13:44adi|homegonna do a clean install later in the week..
11:15:03adi|homeso i figured, until then, ill just pull down my sh1 dir from work ;)
11:15:13adi|homesee if that gets me going
11:15:24Zagordwihno: you should make your font into a bdf font. your looks a lot better than any other i've found
11:15:38Zagoradi|home: anything that works...
11:19:35*Zagor checks in and runs for coffee
11:19:38 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|coffee (
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12:32:55 Join mistaRx [0] (
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12:51:33 Join Lear [0] (
13:09:39adi|homeZagor, seems me pulling down the cross compiler worked...
13:09:44adi|homenow i can code for real :)
13:21:42 Join RipnetUK [0] (
13:25:32dwihnoZagor|coffee: I'm on a Win32 box atm - are there bdf creation utilities available?
13:33:40 Join RipnetUK_2 [0] (
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13:59:07 Nick Zagor|coffee is now known as Zagor (
13:59:13Zagordwihno: i have no idea :-)
14:04:25adi|homezagor i just added a 'blank' screensaver
14:04:41adi|homethe idea being.. i want to added a settings option to have a screen saver kick in automatically if we want..
14:10:08adi|homeZagor.. you think i would make sense to have a menu that could be scrolled, that identified each icon?
14:10:20adi|home<playlist icon> Playlist
14:10:26adi|home<folder> Directory
14:10:38adi|home<music note> Mp3
14:10:39Zagornah, i think the manual should handle that
14:15:44LearIs it possible to get e.g. Latin-1 support in players?
14:16:12adi|homeit is now
14:16:35adi|homethough things will need to be refined as we go
14:16:50ZagorLear: use the "proportional fonts" configure option, or use the loadable fonts option and your favourite iso 8859-1 font
14:17:03Zagoroh, sorry
14:17:17Zagorno, latin-1 can't be had for new players. only old.
14:17:38Zagorthe charset is hard coded in the LCD controller, and can't be changed
14:18:01adi|homeoh.. players?
14:18:04*adi|home didnt see that
14:18:10adi|homeit can in the recorder, no?
14:18:13LearThat doesn't make sense - if the font images on the Rockbox page is correct...
14:18:30LearI mean, the archos firmware can display symbols not included in that charset, AFACT...
14:18:59Zagoryes, there are four programmable chars
14:19:42Zagorso, well, it sort of can be done. almost... would take some nasty kludges though :-)
14:20:03adi|homeoh, you mean like re-writing the archos firmware from scratch?
14:20:09adi|homea kludge like that?
14:20:10*adi|home smirks
14:20:21adi|homei liked that shirt ;)
14:20:29Zagoryeah, me too
14:20:47adi|homei think i have another idea for a shirt.. just have to work on it :)
14:20:51Zagordo so
14:22:55dwihnoZagor: I was wondering, whether the font loader is able to load bdf or ajf?
14:23:36dwihnoSo why do you want it as bdf?
14:24:04Zagorbecause bdf is a standard format. ajf is our crude hacked-together will-probably-change-a-lot binary format
14:24:14dwihnoTrue, true.
14:24:23dwihnoBut I have no bdf editor software!
14:25:23LearIsn't bdf plain text?
14:25:49LearI seem to recall tinkering with BDF files on the Amiga...
14:28:02dwihnoZagor: is the loadable fonts support buggy, since it's not enabled per default?
14:28:04Zagorhaven't tried it myself
14:28:17adi|homeokay.. that is WAY to funny
14:28:23Zagordwihno: well there's a number of quirks i want ironed out first
14:29:42dwihnoadi|home: haha, that was funny indeed
14:30:12dwihnoZagor: I'll give you the iron! :)
14:30:21dwihnoAnd some fabric softener too ;)
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14:58:12 Quit Lear ("ChatZilla 0.8.8 [Mozilla rv:1.1b/20020721]")
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15:12:37edxZagoer: are you there
15:20:52dwihnoDamn pfaedit... It complains about no screen available.
15:22:12dwihnoFixed it. It only accepted the REAL ip in the X server
15:27:24 Join RipnetUK [0] (
15:52:07RipnetUKso is the proportinal font stuff in the CVS now then? is it turned on with a #define? thanks
16:09:53 Join freshmaker [0] (
16:11:13freshmakerZagor: you introduced a small glitch into tools/configure
16:12:57freshmakerZagor: POSIX / Single Unix test(1) cmd does not know about a '==' operator; that's a bash/GNU extension :-(
16:15:50 Join motiv01_ [0] (
16:17:47freshmakerZagor: patch is on to the list...
16:18:09adi|homeis it a big patch?
16:18:46adi|homeor can i assume we just do 'eq'?
16:18:57Zagorfreshmaker: ok
16:18:59*adi|home pokes freshmaker
16:19:03adi|homehey Zagor...
16:19:14adi|homewhere exactly do we play mpegs?
16:19:17ZagorRipnetUK: it's turned on with the configure script
16:19:21Zagoradi|home: mpeg.c
16:19:22adi|homei mean.. im looking to patch in the sleep timer..
16:19:25*adi|home nods
16:19:29adi|homebut i don't want it in there..
16:19:38adi|homeand the only place i see mpeg_play being called is in playlist.c
16:19:41freshmakerno, it's a trivial patch : s/==/=/
16:20:22adi|homezagor i fixed it, you want me to commit?
16:21:32adi|homety for catching it
16:22:09adi|homefreshmaker, you sent out an email with the patch?
16:22:28freshmakeryep, should be therer already
16:22:30adi|homezagor, what Im trying to figure out is how to tell when a file is aobut to be played...
16:22:34*adi|home didn't get it.. odd..
16:23:02freshmakerour email system is a bit laggy...
16:23:18freshmakerwait some 5 minutes or so
16:23:21*adi|home nods
16:23:56adi|homeZagor, you think it might make sense to create a 'menus' directory under apps?
16:24:09adi|homewe are building a bit more up there... getting a bit profuse
16:24:51freshmakeri'm doing stupid things: i'm getting 'no font loaded' and the box hangs...
16:25:26*adi|home should reallllly get some sleep
16:25:50RipnetUKzag - thanks :)
16:26:03Zagorfreshmaker: you need to copy system.ajf to the root of the archos
16:26:22freshmakeroh, yes. thanks
16:26:55Zagoradi|home: maybe. i want to look at ways to clean it up first, though
16:27:05adi|homedefine 'clean it up'
16:27:38Zagormake it smaller, leaner. just plain cleaning :)
16:28:34adi|homehehe k
16:28:44adi|homewell.. if you have anything i can do, let me know
16:29:08adi|homehmmm seems the wps handles the processing of what to play now...
16:29:17Zagori don't know details yet. i just feel i'm not totally certain things are they way they should. I expect to do quite a lot of cleaning next week.
16:29:28*adi|home nods
16:29:51adi|homewhat we also need to do, is add that patch for emacs to the end of files
16:29:56adi|homeseems to help me a bit...
16:30:01adi|homei tend to forget to switch modes
16:36:51freshmakerhmm, 'system.ajf' won't get build here...
16:38:16freshmakerit only builds when i call the Makefile directly with that target
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16:50:51 Join mistaRx [0] (mistaX@
16:51:48*freshmaker is going to smash some shuttle cocks now ...
16:51:59 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1b/20020809]")
17:19:04 Join jmw [0] (
17:19:44Zagorhey, adi, check the builds. you introduced errors
17:20:09jmwzagor.. you know i was talking about writing a keyboard yesterday? well it's done.. wanna see?
17:22:38jmwit supports entering up to 255 chars
17:24:30Zagorumm, that wasn't a jpg...
17:24:37Zagorbjorn:~>file dl/jmw.kbd.jpg
17:24:37Zagordl/jmw.kbd.jpg: Paint Shop Pro Image File
17:25:00jmwoops ;)
17:25:44jmwstupid psp doesn't change the file type when you change extension.
17:25:56Zagorlooks cool!
17:26:10jmwcool. want the source? i don't have cvs access so.
17:26:18Zagornow the bad news: we need it for the player too...
17:26:26jmwyeah i know..
17:26:31jmwthat'll be more tricky
17:27:20Zagorsend me the code. it won't go in right away (since we don't have a need for it), but it's good to have for later
17:27:30jmwyeah that was what i was thinking.
17:29:03jmwthe file layout may not be that standard.. lacking correct header etc. but i'm sure you could sort that out
17:30:19jmwwhat's your email? so i can send again if i improve it
17:30:36Zagorsend it to the list, in case i'm away
17:34:12jmwi know writing hasn't been tested, and i see the fat32 stuff for writing (commented out).. but has anyone written the file writing functions yet
17:34:35Zagornope. i'll get started with that next week
17:34:52jmwcool.. can't wait to have that
17:35:00jmwthink of the possibilitles ;)
17:35:12jmwand the possibilities too
18:01:01 Join Lear [0] (
18:10:09jmwit would be nice to have a bold small font available
18:23:37Zagorit would be bold to have a nice small font available... :)
18:27:17 Quit mistaRx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:29:58jmwzagor.. is there any kind of function available that displays a message, under it some options (for function keys) and then returns whatever the user chooses? (like a message box dialog)
18:30:40jmwthere will be in a few minutes
18:31:04Zagorfor what, if I may be so bold to ask?
18:31:25jmwwell for one.. confirmation before deleting a file? besides, i need it for my file searching stuff
18:43:49***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:58:35jmwthere you go. it supports large/small fonts, and up to 3 options as parameters. you use it like: response("Continuing this operation will remove all files. Are you sure?", "Yes", "No", NULL, false);
18:58:47jmweven does word wrapping ;)
19:00:16Zagorsounds like you get the first shot at writing the file rename and delete ui, too :-)
19:00:32jmwhere's the updated source
19:01:26jmwwell with these funcs it would only be a couple of lines of code wouldn't it :)
19:01:44jmwanyway my work is done here. i'll come back later. bye all
19:02:50 Quit jmw ()
19:06:42 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
19:48:19LearHrm, when using the new tools/configure, EXTRA_DEFINES is set to "-". When updating dependecies, the following is said: "sh-elf-gcc: -E required when input is from standard input"
20:39:21 Join elinenbe [0] (
20:40:08 Join mistaRx [0] (mistaX@
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20:49:26 Quit elinenbe (Remote closed the connection)
21:01:45 Quit mistaRx ()
21:13:46HesGood evening...
22:18:18 Nick Zagor|away is now known as Zagor (
22:18:39ZagorLear: hmm, i thought i checked that
22:20:27ZagorLear: what is your config. i can't repeat it
22:20:37Zagori.e. what target and options do you build?
22:20:46LearNew player, no debug
22:21:00Lear(I.e., no loadable fonts stuff at all :)
22:21:51Zagorah, got it
22:27:35 Join pyvasene [0] (
22:33:24 Quit pyvasene ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.1")
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22:50:59RipnetUKpropertional fonts look well good... any reason its turned off by default?
22:51:58RipnetUKit breaks the scroll speed indicator 'cause the entire line fits without scrolling :)
22:59:43 Quit RipnetUK (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:02:05 Quit edx ("good night")
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23:36:40 Quit Lear ("ChatZilla 0.8.8 [Mozilla rv:1.1b/20020721]")
23:53:53 Join lohap [0] (
23:54:19lohaphi all
23:54:33 Quit lohap (Client Quit)

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