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#rockbox log for 2002-08-16

00:01:05adi|homehey.. zag..
00:01:17adi|homei left that dosfsck running for like 8 hrs
00:01:26adi|homeand its not done.. should i consider it dead :)
00:01:38Zagorhow big disk do you have?
00:01:43adi|homewell 409mins
00:01:44adi|home20 gig
00:02:23Zagorsounds like a long time, yeah...
00:04:47LearZagor: Ok, patch zent. :)
00:05:03 Join aaffenarsch [0] (~cg@
00:05:41LearTime for bed soon, methinks - even if I'm free tomorrow. Yay! ;)
00:05:57Zagorgood job, and good night!
00:06:19elinenbeZagor: I threw out that idea on the mailing list... the bmp thing
00:06:22freshmakermy patch is on it's way, too
00:06:49freshmakerand don't compile with '-Os' −− it will crash immediately
00:06:49Zagorelinenbe: oh you evil thing :)
00:06:59Zagorfreshmaker: hehe
00:08:16freshmakerluckily the usb-thing of the original firmware is available even when the HDD firmware doesn't work :-)
00:08:36Zagoryup. that has saved me countless times, as you may imagine :-)
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00:10:42freshmakerwhy is default bass and treble 6dB? what is flat? 6dB or 0dB?
00:11:04Zagordefault is boosted because the players are so weak
00:11:47freshmakerah. 6dB bass are faar too much with my Porta Pro ;-)
00:13:51freshmakerdoes anyone work oh the balance setting, I mean it's in %
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00:14:13Zagorit was the simplest to start with
00:16:22freshmakershould be something like L100 ... L50 ... 0 ... 50R ... 100R
00:16:43Zagoryeah, but that would require a whole new set_* function. so we started simple.
00:21:59freshmakerwhat about setting default bass and treble to 0dB on -DARCHOS_RECORDER
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01:03:28dwihnoPS: Don't compile with -Os −− it will crash! :-)
01:04:00elinenbeI like that... but I also like the games :(
01:04:09elinenbeI meant the smiley not the frowny
01:04:30dwihnoWell, the games are cool
01:04:52dwihnoBut looking in the crystal ball, I see the games are loadable modules in the future
01:04:56elinenbethat was my major contribution... sokoban
01:05:08Zagorbut then you can't listen to music while playing games
01:05:22Zagormy crystal ball shows a rolo and different custom builds
01:05:36elinenbemy custom build will be all games <grin>
01:05:58freshmakerthen we can spend that 25k for the module loader :-)
01:06:01dwihnoZagor: my crystal ball is using ballbox, yours is using the stock firmware ;)
01:07:00freshmakeran eDonkey client. what about that? but how to connect the network...
01:10:20PsycoXulZagor: are plugins not possible?
01:10:33ZagorPsycoXul: possible, but hardly worth it
01:10:39PsycoXuli see
01:10:45Zagorit will take huge amounts of code to support
01:12:25elinenbestop talking and show me the code! :-D
01:16:04freshmakerhow fast can you update the fullscreen LCD (recorder) using 8bit aligned transfers?
01:18:25freshmakersimply write into the frame buffer (lcd_framebuffer) and there it is?
01:19:32Zagoralmost 50fps
01:20:25 Join datazone [0] ([lYC0BAWkz@
01:22:29freshmakeri think it is possible to display pre-rendered and runlength encoded movies in real time... i'll do some research
01:22:59elinenbecheck this out on the archos multimedia...
01:23:02Zagorit should be
01:23:11elinenbeThe user has the option to have the bookmark (resume) function either
01:23:11elinenbeon or off. If the feature is turned on, there are two possible
01:23:19elinenbe1. Press STOP anywhere during a track and power the unit off. When
01:23:19elinenbethe unit is turned back on and PLAY is pressed, the player begins at
01:23:19elinenbethe BEGINNING of the last track that was being played.
01:23:19DBUGEnqueued KICK elinenbe
01:23:19elinenbe2. Press PAUSE, then STOP, anywhere during a track and power the unit
01:23:19elinenbeoff. When the unit is turned back on and PLAY is pressed, the player
01:23:19***Alert Mode level 1
01:23:19elinenbebegins at the AT THE EXACT SPOT where it was last playing. (But you
01:23:21elinenbemust remember to press PAUSE before STOP in order for this function
01:23:23elinenbeto work.)
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01:23:45BoD[]youhou !
01:23:54elinenbebecause turning off the Archos is a quick kill, the pause idea is pretty nice...
01:24:16elinenbePause will write the current location to disk.
01:24:27freshmakernice feature
01:24:31Zagorcould work, yeah
01:25:22freshmakerfor given values of "AT THE EXACT SPOT", of course.
01:25:40freshmaker-> the same mp3 frame
01:26:10Zagorit's a lot easier finding the position when you're paused than during playback
01:26:33elinenbethis is a wonderful idea.
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01:26:50MeRWiNadi|home: you around?
01:33:05 Nick MeRWiN is now known as MeRWiN|Dinner (~merwin@
01:33:20***Alert Mode OFF
01:38:51elinenbeff/rw works VERY nicely here...
01:55:12BoD[]what does the command in topic do ?
01:55:41Zagorprint the average filename length of your mp3 files :-)
01:57:14BoD[]wow :)
01:57:22BoD[]what is the use of that ?!
01:59:57Zagorstatistics, so we get a feeling how much memory we need for things
02:01:38elinenbeMy average lenght is 87 characters! I use artist - album - track no - song (remix) - ripdate, albumdate - [kbps,hz] - {extra info}.mp3
02:01:58Zagorwow! we got below 40 in our collections
02:02:23BoD[]oh ok :)
02:02:26ZagorI guess you can't wait for filename parsing :-)
02:02:45elinenbeZagor: I am just kidding... you are too gullible.
02:03:00Zagoroh... it's late :-)
02:03:05BoD[]I always use artist/album/tracknumber - Song Name.mp3
02:11:47elinenbeBod[]: I use the same.
02:12:02elinenbeZagor: what are you working on that is keeping you up past 2am?
02:12:12elinenbeZagor: anything exciting?
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02:54:25BoD[]well i go to bed now
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06:58:23Zagorbloody weather
07:06:59PsycoXulholding down menu and changing volume also skips tracks
07:09:43Zagoryeah, lear wrote a patch for that last night.
07:10:33PsycoXuland my FF/Rewind speed setting's not getting saved
07:10:46Zagornag nag nag :-)
07:10:57matslZagor: oops. Magnus supplied a patch for that as well. I was just going to apply it to CVS
07:11:11Zagormatsl: wait a bit
07:11:21matslNo problem.
07:11:41Zagor(also: magnus is lear :)
07:12:01matslZagor: Since your on the air I can jump back to my simulator icons.
07:12:12Zagormatsl: ok, it's ok to apply. it wasn't that one I wanted to make changes to
07:12:39matslZagor: OK. I'll apply it then.
07:12:42Zagordo si
07:18:35matslZagor: The some wps-screens doesn't look good with FF
07:18:50Zagorwhy not?
07:19:59matslthe second line displayes both FF-time and other information. Its blinking and unreadable while FF.
07:20:18Zagorwhat other info? is it scrolling?
07:22:16 Join LinusN [0] (
07:22:41Zagorhey linus
07:22:51LinusNawakw already?
07:23:20matslHi LinusN!
07:23:36matslI started. 5:30! to hot to sleep!
07:23:39Zagoryeah. too hot to sleep :(
07:23:51LinusNi guess my key-up filter broke a whole lot :-)
07:23:59Zagoryup :)
07:24:11matslZagor: Forget about my comment. The patch fixed that too!
07:24:19Zagormatsl: ok, nice
07:24:21LinusNi wish we could do better with the key handling somehow
07:24:31LinusNit's messy
07:25:31LinusNZagor: have you looked into the loadable font crash?
07:25:48Zagornot yet. i'm working on resume.
07:26:44matslHow you feel about changeing the wps-id3 screen to scroll the id3 info on the first line.
07:27:03matslWould make more inline with FF
07:27:05Zagorand just time on the second?
07:27:29Zagorsounds good
07:27:42LinusNZagor: how do you plan on saving resume info? And when?
07:27:44matslMy suggestion. Song - Artist - Album.
07:28:13ZagorLinusN: i'm expanding the config block to a whole sector, saving the first 44 bytes in rtc and whe whole block on disk
07:28:31LinusNand when will that be saved?
07:28:38Zagorwhen settings are saved
07:28:58Zagorand flushed when you press pause
07:29:08Zagor(elinenbe's idea)
07:36:13HesZagor: sounds good
07:37:08matslZagor: about the wps-id3 screen. How big buffer should I use the combined id3-info ...
07:37:12Zagorit's about 80% done, i'm just having some silly bugs left
07:37:30matslI don't find any sizes for the fields in the id3-info.
07:38:28matslmaximum size for artist, album and song.
07:38:38PsycoXulspeaking of id3, it seems to only be showing the v1 tag on this song...
07:41:08ZagorPsycoXul: put it up somewhere so we can check
07:44:27 Quit adi|home (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:45:47LinusNZagor: we can also save resume info when the disk spins up to read mp3 data, just to be safe
07:46:26LinusNin addition to saving on PAUSE
07:46:31Zagorit does. since it's saved in the settings block, it uses the delayed write.
07:46:39LinusNno, i mean every time
07:46:44Zagorme too
07:47:07Zagor(since the offset has changed every time, the block is different and thus gets saved)
07:47:29LinusNwe will be heroes when mid-song resume is implemented
07:47:29Zagoronly I'm having a problem getting the offset updated, for some odd reason...
07:47:35Zagoryeah :-)
07:47:40LinusNZagor: SHOW ME THE CODE!
07:47:55LinusNseriously, mail it to me
07:48:01matslresume? How detailed will the resume be. On the right beat? I'd prefer starting the song again.
07:48:04LinusNand i can see if i can find the bug
07:48:18LinusNmatsl: what do you mean?
07:48:34Zagormatsl: that will have to be an option, then
07:49:09Zagorcurrently i'm saving the exact position (when pressing pause) or last dma buffer otherwise
07:49:35matslLinusN: I mean that I'd like the song I'm listening to when I turn the unit off to start from the beginning again when I turn it on.
07:49:38LinusNat last i can start listening to those audio books
07:50:43LinusNmatsl: i agree that starting the song from the beginning is sometimes good
07:51:04LinusNbut why must the mid-song resume be exact?
07:51:31Zagorbecause people want it that way, I guess
07:51:54LinusNof course we should make it as exact as possible
07:52:06LinusNmaybe i read too much into matsl:s question
07:52:35matslOk. I thought we didn't need it to be that exact but if it can. Why not.
07:52:50LinusNi interpreted it as if he meant that the resume would better start from the beginning if it wasn't exact
07:53:19LinusNnever mind
07:53:24Zagoron players, it will not be very exact if you hold STOP while playing. on recorders, that will trigger an RTC save and thus be very exact
07:53:28matslNo. I meant that I probably allways want it that way. I'd say I need an option.
07:53:51LinusNmatsl: most definitely
07:54:19LinusNZagor: so pressing PAUSE on the player would spin up the disk?
07:54:31LinusNfair enough
07:54:36Zagorif exact resume is turned on
07:55:18matslresume (exact, beginning)
07:55:29LinusNso the options would be "OFF", "Track", "Mid-track", "Exact"
07:55:47Zagorno. off, track, mid-track
07:56:09Zagormid-track and exact are the same. it just gets more exact if you press PAUSE before shutting it off
07:56:19LinusNsend me the code!
07:56:33Zagori'm writing a little explanation in the mail :-)
07:56:40matslLinusN: can you help me out on a question about bmp.c?
07:56:46LinusNa bad excuse?
07:56:51LinusNmatsl: maybe
07:57:05ZagorLinusN: no, just helping you grasp it faster. it's a big patch.
07:57:19 Join aakil [0] (~anon007@
07:58:24LinusNmatsl: what is your question?
07:59:40MeRWiNheya Linus
07:59:49 Join adiamas [0] (
08:00:06 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|home (
08:00:21adi|homethats it...
08:00:26adi|homeim going to either kill someone
08:00:36adi|homeor chuck my machine out a window
08:00:46adi|homeand i havn't decided which yet
08:00:55MeRWiNadi|home: kill someone. Don't hurt the machine
08:01:05adi|homegod damnit
08:01:12adi|homefirst i get drive errors on my archos...
08:01:20adi|homethen i get hd register errors
08:01:29adi|homei believe those are from low battery..
08:01:36adi|homebut just in case i wan'ted to mount it and look
08:01:39adi|homebut NOOOOOOOOO
08:01:55adi|homemount: /dev/sda1 is not a valid block device
08:02:09adi|homethis has happened before.. but i don't remember how i fixed it
08:02:12 Join Bagder [0] (
08:02:24Zagormorning bro!
08:02:36BagderZagor: you at home today?
08:03:00CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:03:00*adi|home blames his problems on Bagder
08:03:10Bagderme too, you think its time to go over to Siemens and have an indian lunch ?
08:03:31Zagornot a bad idea
08:03:32LinusNgood idea!
08:03:43Bagder11:30 at the gates
08:03:45adi|homeso anyone have any suggestions on wtf im doing wrong?
08:04:08LinusNadi|home: what does /var/log/messages say?
08:04:14aakiladi|home: I wonder if that would be the error you see when the HD is locked
08:05:30adi|homeit seems to find the usb
08:05:37adi|homei rebooted, if usb plugged in..
08:05:41adi|homeand it found the device
08:05:49adi|homeAug 16 01:56:36 truman kernel: hub.c: USB new device connect on bus1/2, assigned device number 2
08:06:30MeRWiNadi|home: 'puter problems?
08:07:26*adi|home is way to frustrated to deal with this anymore
08:07:52*MeRWiN left his laptop in the hotel room
08:08:07MeRWiNnow /me is 3000 miles away and waiting for his laptop to join him
08:08:48LinusNadi|home: and usb-storage?
08:08:55LinusNis it loaded?
08:09:25LinusNor do you have a defunct usb-storage-X process?
08:10:01adi|homewel.. i don't see ay usb-storage processes running
08:10:28LinusNyou do have usb-storage as a module?
08:10:32adi|homenope, not loaded..but i do'nt have it as a module if i remember correctly...
08:10:57Zagorwhat does /proc/scsi/scsi say?
08:11:27adi|homeAttached devices:
08:11:27adi|homeHost: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 00 Lun: 00
08:11:27adi|home Vendor: Model: Rev:
08:11:27DBUGEnqueued KICK adi|home
08:11:27adi|home Type: <NULL> ANSI SCSI revision: ffffffff
08:12:04Zagorit means usb-storage is loaded, alright, but the device init failed
08:12:36Zagortry unplugging the reconnecting the archos a few times. sometimes it works better the second or third time.
08:13:09adi|homeif the battery is low on archos
08:13:10MeRWiNZagor: Would you mind if I started up a USA site mirror? Not exactly sure how to do it though.
08:13:17adi|homeand you try and start.. you can get register errors
08:13:26adi|homei charged for a bit.. and now rockbox loads agin..
08:13:27ZagorMeRWiN: why? we're not exactly swamped.
08:13:33LinusNwhat are register errors?
08:13:43MeRWiNAnyone here take care of the battery stuff on the player?
08:13:46adi|homeyou get 'HD Register Error'
08:13:47ZagorMeRWiN: I think it's too much hassle keeping it up-to-date. we have lots of local scripts here.
08:13:53adi|homeand a dump of the registers ont he screen
08:13:55LinusNMeRWiN: having battery problems?
08:13:59adi|homewhen it trys to load the firmware...
08:14:09adi|homebut its only when i think the batteries are _way_ lowe
08:14:17BagderZagor: the mirror would then only mirror the static things that are in CVS imho
08:14:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:14:37ZagorBagder: yeah, but we already have that kind of "boring" mirror :-)
08:14:38Bagderand the scripts that can put in cvs
08:14:41MeRWiNLinusN: well, I have noticed lately that the battery percentage is 100% for about an hour on my player :) I think we may have the max voltage off
08:14:47LinusNadi|home: ok, that sounds like low voltage to me
08:15:08LinusNMeRWiN: be happy about that
08:15:21MeRWiNLinusN: it would be nice if it were more accurate though ;)
08:15:38LinusNwell, that depends on the condition of the batteries
08:15:55adi|homeZagor i get .css missing error
08:16:05LinusNand how can you be accurate with 4 lousy LCD icons?
08:16:09Zagoryes. it's not really meant to be used.
08:16:21MeRWiNLinusN: the batteries that I've been using for about 4 months... I mean the Battery Info... that goes from 0% to 100%
08:16:23LinusNor is it 3?
08:16:29MeRWiNit stays at 100% for about an hour
08:16:52ZagorMeRWiN: different batteries have different peak voltage
08:17:03LinusNwhat sayeth the debug menu (ports)?
08:17:05Zagorand there is no way to know which has what peak
08:17:23MeRWiNZagor: these are the standard batteries that come with the player though. Shouldn't we tailor it to them?
08:17:36Zagoryeah, maybe
08:17:41MeRWiNLinusN: not sure at the moment. It's about 70% right now
08:18:26LinusNwe have deliberately set a wide margin for the FULL threshold
08:18:50LinusNto be on the safe side
08:19:26LinusNotherwise people will complain on the battery level being too low :-)
08:19:35ZagorLinusN: can you run my patch on your debug recorder? I'd like to know why it doesn't work.
08:19:37MeRWiNIt would be cool if someone wrote a Calibrate function for the debug menu...
08:20:02ZagorMeRWiN: can't be done. peak and bottom cannot be found out.
08:20:14PsycoXulabout the id3 thing
08:20:19PsycoXulthe track's there
08:20:26ZagorPsycoXul: ok, thanks
08:20:51MeRWiNZagor: I mean, at least be able to calibrate it to the top end by fully charging it and setting it then.
08:21:16Zagorah, right
08:21:41Bagderuh, nasty security flaw in X-chat, upgrade time
08:21:43MeRWiNjust a thought
08:21:55CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:21:55*MeRWiN is going to watch John Edwards on TV now :-)
08:21:59Zagorcharging and battery issues will probably take up a good chunk of the support mails...
08:22:03 Nick MeRWiN is now known as MeRWiN|TV (~merwin@
08:22:05MeRWiN|TVZagor: yup
08:22:27Zagordamn, PsycoXul. get a decent connection! ;)
08:24:11ZagorBagder: which is the vuln version?
08:24:51Bagder1.8.9 and all previous versions
08:26:15 Part Bagder
08:26:44 Join Bagder [0] (
08:26:55Bagdernew and shiny version
08:27:58PsycoXuldisk: NULL
08:28:33 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
08:28:36 Join Zagor [0] (
08:29:03Zagorthanks for the heads-up, bagder
08:29:16Bagderbugtraq is good reading at times ;-)
08:30:08Zagorheh, yeah. it's not like we get any mail otherwise... :)
08:30:22Bagderyes, you need to keep the feed up :-)
08:30:30Bagder*nothing* compares to the svn list anyway
08:30:48Bagder2500+ mails monthly
08:32:07Hadakaand it's all mail you want to read on svn list
08:32:11Hadakaunlike many other lists
08:32:13Zagorlinux-kernel is actually worse. last *week* had 1794 mails...
08:32:29BagderI don't want to compare to that one
08:32:39Bagderit just has to be terrible
08:32:53Zagori'm amazed anyone can read it, and get anything out of it
08:32:59Zagor(and get anything else done!)
08:33:00Hadakawell linux-kernel has a lot of crap and you can skip most messages
08:33:04HesI read linux-kernel at times, with an inclusive filter list (only let selected authors through 8-)
08:33:19ZagorHes: probably a good idea
08:33:37Hadakaand reading 250 messages per day isn't that bad if your mailer is up to it
08:33:38ZagorI like kernel traffic.
08:33:54Zagor"best of" ;)
08:34:35Hadakarec.martial-arts goes way over that btw - but most of it is crap you can just score down
08:36:04Hadakain any case, when you start to get to high volumes of mail - it makes more and more sense for your mail reader to be atleast as good in processing volumes of mail as good newsreaders are in processing volumes of news articles
08:36:23Zagori'm a recent mutt convert. it's very nice.
08:36:56HadakaI could never use mutt for mail volumes like this
08:38:23Zagorwhat do you use?
08:38:35Hadakanothing has come even close in features
08:38:43ZagorI should try that
08:39:02Hadakaforteagent for windows is good if you do windows stuff - but that one can't read your mails I think
08:39:13Zagorugh, no windows :)
08:40:12Hadakayeah exactly - forteagent has very few features that Gnus doesn't have
08:40:42Zagorno I mean I don't like windows
08:40:47Zagornever mind :-)
08:42:25Hadakathough there's one problem with Gnus
08:42:35Hadakadon't _ever_ accidentally lean on the keyboard
08:42:46HadakaI've never encountered a key that has been unbound yet
08:42:48*Bagder grins
08:51:32BagderI like adiamas' yahoo poll
08:51:51adi|homeheheh why>
08:52:11Bagderit shows people are positive about rockbox
08:52:32bobTHChi all!
08:53:41adi|homeheheh better turn out then i expected :)
08:55:45Zagormine is the only address short enough to be shown :)
08:56:08BagderI think it shows it to you
08:56:12Bagdercause I saw only mine
08:56:25Zagordoh. of course.
08:56:29Bagderhate to ruin the fun for you ;-)
08:56:58Bagdergcc 3.2 - here we come!
08:58:00LinusNonly rockbox developers chose alternative 1 :-)
08:58:32Bagderright, but then again we are the coolest ones B-P
09:01:57LinusNyeah, our opinions matter! :-)
09:02:42Bagdernot your as much as mine, I think B-)
09:03:19LinusNoh, no, i wouldn't dare to say anything like that!!!
09:03:42Bagdermp3 decoder spam?
09:04:00Mode"#rockbox +o adi|home " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
09:04:24Topic"Have a voice:" by adi|home (
09:05:05bobTHCalready made...:)
09:05:18adi|homei think the fact that we have 5 ppl that said they plan to try it says alot :)
09:18:52LinusNthere isn'n much talk about the distortion on the list
09:19:08LinusNis it gone?
09:19:24Zagori was wondering that too
09:19:34Zagordid you get *any* response to your mail about it?
09:19:52Bagderlet's assume it is gone until proven otherwise
09:20:03Zagori agree
09:20:08LinusNi did that the last time a sent a similar mail to the list
09:20:16LinusNit wasn't gone then
09:20:31Zagoryeah, but there's not a lot we can do without reports
09:21:57PsycoXuli haven't gotten it back...
09:29:47 Quit aakil ()
09:39:43 Join aakil [0] (
09:40:52 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:46:40 Join rwood [0] (
09:49:19rwoodLinusN: i bought a recorder 20 and usb 2.0 card today
09:49:48Bagderits a nicer development target ;-)
09:50:02rwoodLinusN: i'm charging the bats overnight and will start looking at rolo tommorrow - any suggestions on the problem?
09:51:37rwoodi have a 4.53 player and 1.28? recorder, so i should be able to look at most any version
09:52:20Bagderyay ;-)
09:53:25rwoodZagor: if i make the mover a section in the loader, will it make the mod file 2MB?
09:54:08LinusNrwood: we need to reset the registers to the state they have when mod/ajz is loaded by the ROM firmware
09:54:45LinusNrwood: the mod will not be larger if you do like the IRAM fix does
09:54:55LinusNbut leave that for now
09:55:03LinusNwe can fox that later
09:58:58rwoodLinusN: ok - i'll try capturing the registers at startup - would be easier with gdb - i'll probably install that next week
09:59:16LinusNrwood: you won't regret it
09:59:37LinusNrwood: or just crate a function that captures them
09:59:48LinusNand restore them again when loading the mod
10:00:58rwoodLinusN: good idea - i'll try it tommorrow
10:01:01LinusNgdb won't help you much with this problem
10:01:16LinusNsince it is the Archos mod that crashes
10:03:19rwoodLinusN: i could display the default state of the regs - but your idea is better for now
10:05:04rwoodZagor: are all the registers listed in the old notes section, or do i need to go through the code
10:06:15Zagorno, they are not listed
10:07:38rwoodZagor: thanks, i'll look through the defs and go from there
10:09:09rwoodi'll let you when i have made some progress - i'm down for the night
10:09:47 Quit rwood ()
10:13:20 Join bobTHC [0] (
10:14:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:16:46Bagder"Also we can't show logo because fonts are initialized later."
10:17:01Zagorthe logo uses font to show version num
10:17:16Bagderand it thus blanks the whole screen?
10:17:46Bagderweird fix btw
10:17:48Zagori'm not sure exactly what happens, but it panicf()s when putsxy is called
10:17:57LinusNit sure does
10:18:00ZagorI didn't even look at it. his code is always weird :-(
10:18:12Zagorbut he's right, that's the problem
10:18:22Bagderit just makes putsxy() not use loadable fonts
10:19:14Bagderbut we need an internal font, that is correct
10:19:28ZagorHadaka: what was that mouse mode again? I thought it was (alt|ctrl|altgr)-numlock but I can't get out of it
10:19:46Zagorthis is the third time, and I still don't understand how I get into it...
10:20:02Bagderwhat mouse mode?
10:20:10ZagorBagder: isn't his fix simply a reversal of my commit?
10:20:21Bagdermight be
10:20:24Zagorsome xfree86 mouse mode that makes numpad steer the cursor
10:20:40Zagorit kills key repeat _and_ remaps the numpad so simulator stops working. very annoying.
10:21:35Zagordoh! the one qualifier I didn't try... thanks.
10:21:47ZagorI'm writing it down this time
10:22:13 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:22:14BagderZagor: you mind if I remade the FAQ on the web to appear more like an integrated page?
10:22:18Hadakajust grep it from xkb
10:22:34ZagorBagder: no problem. i meant to do that long ago but it fell off my head
10:22:51BagderZagor: I have some lines from the curl site to use
10:25:24Hadakahrm, I suppose no recent nntpcache packages can be found for debian
10:25:47Zagorapt-cache show nttpcache
10:26:06Zagoroh :)
10:26:55Hadakayeah, point is on _recent_
10:27:41Zagorwhich branch are you using? testing? unstable?
10:29:15 Join notch [0] (
10:29:32BagderZagor: I'd like to add a little script to the site construction kit, ""
10:29:57dwihno*shake his head*
10:30:06BagderZagor: so where do I put it so that it can run when you update the site?
10:30:31Zagoranywhere. the root is ok.
10:31:20*adi|home screams
10:31:28*adi|home beats his head against the wall somemore
10:32:08BagderZagor: but that isn't in the path right? so I need to invoke it with a specific path?
10:32:37adi|homesame prob
10:32:44adi|homestupid frigging usb
10:32:46Zagoradi|home: ah, right
10:33:10LinusNadi|home: try booting with the archos plugged in and on
10:33:34adi|homerebooting my linux box or the mp3 players?
10:33:44LinusNlinux box
10:33:52adi|homehmm.. tried once.. ill try again.. brb
10:33:59 Quit adi|home ("Client Exiting")
10:34:26BagderZagor: now my faq experient is ready for a test shot
10:34:57LinusNfaq experiment?
10:35:02ZagorBagder: how?
10:35:13BagderZagor: cvs update the site, run make
10:35:26ZagorLinusN: when paused, can I read how much the DMA has sent of the current chunk?
10:35:30BagderLinusN: a more htmlized version of the faq
10:35:48LinusNZagor: read DTCR3
10:36:04LinusNit counts down, i think
10:36:40LinusN"indicates the remaining transfer count"
10:36:43ZagorBagder: now much difference. a few &nbsp;, that's all
10:36:53ZagorLinusN: ok
10:37:05BagderZagor: and the menu and things, which was my main point
10:37:16Bagderthe ascii art went nuts though
10:37:30Bagderme fix
10:38:09LinusNBagder: where is it?
10:38:45 Join adiamas [0] (
10:38:56LinusNit's ugly!
10:39:05Bagderit's broken
10:39:08 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|home (
10:39:10LinusNand i want the links to work!
10:39:14LinusNit SUCKS!
10:39:16Bagderbut if it is ugly, that's because the original is
10:39:23*Bagder smasks LinusN
10:39:37LinusNit breaks the lines in a strange manner
10:39:42Bagdervery odd
10:39:43adi|homeseems to be okay now
10:39:55Zagorit should be a <dl> list instead of <pre> text, IMHO
10:39:57adi|homeit _has_ to be something to do with low voltage
10:40:00Bagderadi|home: work in progress =>
10:40:03adi|homecause its juiced up a bit now..
10:40:18Bagder<dl> ?
10:40:56Zagordescription list. put one <dt> "tag" and one <dd> "description" per list item
10:41:14adi|homesweet bagder
10:41:20adi|homeyou have that running off a perl script?
10:41:22Bagderbut that would take a whole lot of parsing
10:41:27Zagorof course :-)
10:41:33Bagderadi|home: yes, you need not change a bit ;-)
10:41:41adi|homehehehe sweet
10:41:48adi|homewhats the perlscript?
10:41:55adi|homemake sure its in cvs case i need to break it
10:41:58adi|homei mean.. um.. ahh..
10:42:05adi|homeread it.. yeah.. thats what i ment
10:42:29adi|homeif it makes your life easier.. we can just ditch the header
10:43:03BagderI gotta fix the problem anyway, it happens somewhere at the end too
10:43:08adi|homenods is now added to CVS
10:43:34adi|homebtw.. thanks for the patience with my player problems lads ;)
10:44:04adi|homeits funny..
10:44:24adi|homei just start feeling comfy in linux.. and _everytime_ some prob kicks me in the nads for spite
10:45:21Bagderthat long line in the bottom is in the original ;-)
10:45:36*Bagder points to adi|home
10:45:39adi|homeshouldn't be...
10:45:49Bagderline 272
10:45:49adi|homeill look.. hold on
10:47:16ZagorLinusN: is there a problem calling mpeg_pause() directly after mpeg_play() ?
10:47:41LinusNi don't think so
10:48:20LinusNbut it would be nicer if mpeg_play had a 'paused' flag
10:48:26ZagorI'd say every 64KB is accurate enough for mid-track. no fussing about with DTCR3. at least not yet.
10:48:34adi|homefixed bag..updating
10:48:49LinusNZagor: don't mess with it unless we really need it
10:49:06Zagornow I just need it to start paused
10:49:36*Zagor just did a mid-track resume of a file in a shuffled playlist
10:49:47LinusNi think mpeg.c should have a "paused" flag
10:50:01adi|homehmmm that was odd.. fixed though
10:50:34adi|homeknow what i wish...
10:50:44adi|homei wish it could just be a _bit_ hotter outside?
10:50:55adi|homei mean.. i REALLY love swimming in my own sweat
10:51:05adi|homeand drinkign like 15 liters of water a day just to not die
10:51:14*adi|home sighs
10:52:52 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
10:56:17*Bagder prepares for the unofficial "Indian Rockbox Lunch August 2002"
10:56:27adi|homehehe i wish i could be there
10:56:43adi|homethats okay.. MeRWiN and i are planning our own little dinner thing ;)
10:56:50HesWhere in sweden are you guys located, btw?
10:57:55ZagorLinusN: it seems I can't call pause when play_pending==true. and if I clear that in pause, then resum() doesn't work
10:58:07HesI'll keep that in mind, we do ferry cruises every couple years to either Tallinn or Stockholm 8-)
10:58:27HesI'm in Helsinki
10:58:33Bagderwe'll set up another Devcon! ;-)
11:00:57LinusNZagor: do it the hard way, with an mpeg_paused flag
11:01:15LinusNit'll probably pay off in the long run
11:02:00Zagoryeah, but how do I get it running again on resume?
11:03:21BagderZagor: please remove the existing, update the www cvs and run make again
11:04:10*Zagor obeys
11:04:32Bagderlooking better
11:05:05LinusNBagder: really rockers!!!!
11:05:28Bagdernow we can change the menu to point to that
11:08:20LinusNZagor: have you tested your resume with a relative-path playlist?
11:10:03Zagorit won't be perfect when I check it in
11:10:17LinusNthat might be the reason it went bazookas when i tried it
11:10:34adi|homeshit shit shit
11:10:46LinusNZagor: and the LED works fine for me
11:10:48adi|homeAug 16 05:09:37 truman kernel: Filesystem panic (dev 08:01).
11:10:48adi|homeAug 16 05:09:37 truman kernel: FAT error
11:10:48adi|homeAug 16 05:09:37 truman kernel: File system has been set read-only
11:10:48DBUGEnqueued KICK adi|home
11:10:48adi|homeAug 16 05:09:37 truman kernel: Directory 1215: bad FAT
11:10:55Zagorreally? that's very strange.
11:11:11LinusNadi|home: fsck is your friend
11:11:40LinusNbut you muist be able to mount it first, though... :-)
11:11:48adi|homei can mount it now..
11:11:56adi|homejust not all that familar with fsck
11:12:22Bagderbut you ran dosfsck yday, right?
11:12:36adi|homeyeah.. and it choked and died
11:12:43LinusNZagor and Bagder: remember...11:30....
11:12:45adi|homeit just sat there for like 4 hrs not doing anything
11:12:49CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
11:12:49*Bagder remembers
11:13:04adi|homeman i assume
11:13:09adi|home-t vfat?
11:14:22adi|homeokay.. boot sector screwed up?
11:14:31adi|homeThere are differences between boot sector and its backup.
11:14:31adi|homeDifferences: (offset:original/backup)
11:14:31adi|home 65:01/00
11:14:40adi|homeshould i just skip it?
11:17:35LinusNoffset 65?
11:17:58LinusNhex or dec?
11:18:12adi|homejust showing exactly what it dumped to screen
11:18:22LinusNoffset 65 in the boot sector...
11:18:48LinusNyou can probably skip it
11:18:56LinusNoffset 65 is in the boot code itself
11:19:06LinusNso it doesn't matter unless you boot from it
11:19:23LinusNwait a sec
11:19:47Lowfilergood morning @ll
11:19:56 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|lunch (
11:20:39LinusNhi Lowfiler
11:21:08Lowfilerhi linus
11:21:19Lowfilerim doin' a t-shirt design now
11:21:23 Nick Lowfiler is now known as Low[a] (
11:21:44Low[a]are there any colour restriction?
11:21:51LinusNnot really
11:22:10LinusNwe want to use either blue or white t-shirts
11:22:12Low[a]it could be expensive to print t-shirts with high color :)
11:22:23LinusNso it better be good on those backgrounds
11:29:30 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lunch (
11:35:26 Quit Blaster_Master (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:00:11 Nick notch is now known as notch|cod (
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12:21:25 Part b0bTHC
12:52:35 Quit LinusN|lunch (
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13:05:14 Quit PsycoXul ("blah")
13:10:21 Join PsycoXul [0] (
13:13:07HesHey, what was the 40G HD of choice for the recorder 20?
13:27:14adi|homedunno.. don't have it..
13:27:30Hesand what model is the current one?
13:30:07Snorlaxanybody here who only use external charger?!
13:30:56adi|homeyou mean the DC wall unit
13:31:02adi|homeor pull the batteries and charge the,?
13:32:52Snorlaxpull them
13:34:02adi|homeah.. no.. i don't do that :)
13:34:51Snorlaxu got a recoreder?!
13:35:26datazoneSnorlax: i do
13:35:45Snorlaxahh, how long do they last then?!
13:35:46datazonethey last longer now
13:36:01datazonei havent clocked it
13:36:58datazonei have some 1700mAh batteries now, i should do a test to see how long each last
13:37:22Snorlaxok, but isn't it dangerous if the batteries wear out when in usb mode, for example?!
13:37:37datazonenah, it just powers the device off
13:37:43 Nick LinusN|lunch is now known as LinusN (
13:37:49Snorlaxhappened to u?
13:37:49datazoneit happened to me two days ago actualy
13:37:58Snorlaxok, and..
13:37:59datazoneall i did, was put new batterries in
13:38:10datazoneand then removed the incomplete files, and restarted
13:38:37datazonebut then again, i no longer fear damaging my unit
13:38:45Snorlaxu got a player, right?
13:38:48datazoneits been through hell and survived
13:39:49PsycoXul/dev/fs/misc 3.1G 2.9G 56M 99% /mnt/tmp
13:39:51HesLinusN: you had a 40G disk installed?
13:39:52PsycoXul1.9G /mnt/tmp
13:39:58PsycoXulany ideas?
13:40:10adi|homehmm what i don't get it?
13:40:20LinusNyes i have
13:40:47adi|homeLinusN: any idea why my recorder is giving of _really_ excessive heat>
13:40:55adi|homei was charging (and checking the drive in windows)
13:41:04adi|homeand the heat coming off is _really_ noticable
13:41:14adi|homei unplugged the charger just in case
13:41:27HesLinusN: which disk did you choose?
13:41:44LinusNits a Toshiba, can't really remember the exact model
13:41:48HesI'm trying to compare between Toshiba/IBM/Fujitsu/Hitachi
13:41:53HesWhat's the original?
13:42:36LinusNadi|home: this heat, is it a new phenomenon?
13:42:52*adi|home nods
13:43:15adi|hometo give you an idea..
13:43:27adi|homeif you are in a car, and play a tape in a tape deck for a long time
13:43:28HesBeen happy with the Toshiba?
13:43:30adi|homeand you take the tape out..
13:43:34adi|homeyou know how hot the tape gets?
13:43:54LinusNadi|home: yes
13:44:03LinusNHes: very, very happy
13:44:10adi|homethats how it feels
13:44:15Hesadi|home: did you note the voltage at which the charging was going at?
13:44:28adi|homeHes: its not charing under rockbox
13:44:30LinusNi mean, is it hotter than normal?
13:44:32adi|homeits charging in usb mode
13:44:37adi|homeyeah.. it is
13:44:49Hesin the USB mode of the archos firmware or rockbox?
13:44:50LinusNin USB mode?
13:44:57adi|homeor archos
13:45:00LinusNthen the disk is constantly spinning, right?
13:45:09Hesboth have USB mode, and I believe both can charge during USB mode?
13:45:46HesLinusN: did you make note if the toshiba has lower power consumption than the original disk or not?
13:45:55LinusNno i haven't notices
13:46:24 Join edx [0] (
13:46:29LinusNHes: have you fixed the USB mode of the power thread?
13:46:34HesI might consider getting at Toshiba MK4018GAP
13:46:36adi|homethe batteries.. can those be replaced off shelf with AA recargeable NiMH batteries?
13:46:46HesLinusN: um, no, is there a problem?
13:46:59adi|homeany suggestions on where i can order some?
13:47:02Hesadi|home: yes, i got a set of GP 1800 mAh batteries and I'm happy
13:47:02LinusNdoes it really charge in USB mode?
13:47:41datazoneooo.. i have some 1700mAh, guess i will have to find 1800 now, wonder if there is any 2000mAh :)
13:47:58HesLinusN: Actually I haven't tried, I don't know why it wouldn't
13:48:01LinusNHes: sorry, i thought the power thread had an event queue
13:48:09Hesassuming the USB mode doesn't stop other threads
13:48:32adi|homebtw.. i haven't given up on player icons LinusN ')_
13:48:34LinusNonly threads with event queues are affected
13:48:40adi|homeive just been sidetracked
13:49:31 Nick Zagor|lunch is now known as Zagor (
13:49:46Hesat least those guys have '2000 series' cells which are rated at around 19xx mAh (close to 2000)
13:50:24Hesadi|home: think just about every shop selling consumer electronics carries NiMH batteries these days.
13:50:37HesThe ones I tried only had 1700/1800 mAh batteries
13:51:15datazonewell the player only came with 1500
13:51:24datazoneso almost anything is a step up
13:51:30*Hes is watching rockbox charge the stock 1500 mAh cells at 5.66V
13:52:54datazone <−−- 2000mAh
13:53:03HesLinusN: The toshiba disk you have is quiet too? as quiet as the original? The IBM disks I've had have been pretty noisy at times
13:53:22Hesnow my newer laptop is going to the shop to replace the disk...
13:54:45LinusNBagder: how many bytes did we save?
13:55:09Bagderx0400 per thread
13:55:20LinusNok 1k per thread
13:55:26Zagordoing what?
13:55:30LinusNit's better than nothing....
13:55:33Bagdercut the stack
13:55:47Bagdermy max was 23% when I checked just now
13:55:50Zagoroh, so they weren't 8k, they were 2k?
13:56:06LinusNBagder: the main stack is different
13:56:12LinusNand huge
13:56:23adi|homeCow and Chicken!
13:57:36Bagderstatic char mpeg_stack[DEFAULT_STACK_SIZE + 0x1000];
13:58:00adi|homewho was working on the dir limit issue?
13:58:07*adi|home just wnats to know how it went..
13:58:09Zagoradi|home: linus
13:58:15Zagorit's checked in already
13:58:25adi|homeso i take it it went okay ;)
13:58:41Zagorseems like it, yes :)
13:58:43BagderLinusN: my mpeg stack is on 3%, any point in having those extra 0x1000 bytes?
13:59:11Bagderok, 14% while playing
14:00:23adi|homehow about playing and doing a game?
14:00:25adi|homeie: tetris?
14:00:27LinusNBagder: we can probably cut a little there too
14:00:41LinusNgames use the main stack
14:00:43Zagoradi|home: different stacks
14:01:12adi|homeahh.. okay
14:04:55adi|homesoooo funny...
14:05:13adi|homeAA usb cable on archos: $39.95
14:05:24Zagorooh, cheap!
14:05:30adi|homecableclub: AA usb: $6/50
14:05:34adi|home6.50 rather
14:05:36adi|homei love it
14:12:48 Quit Snorlax ()
14:14:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:23:37LinusNZagor: how's it going?
14:24:05Zagori'm not sure. still testing. i'm sending you another diff.
14:25:42elinenbeZagor: I see you have been working on a resume patch! How is it coming?
14:25:43Zagorbuh. I never saved the seed.
14:25:57Zagorit's very close to commit
14:26:06Zagorwithin the hour, I'd say
14:26:15elinenbeZagor: nice. Does it work with playlists?
14:26:26Zagoryes. and shuffled playlist. and mid-song.
14:26:35LinusNZagor: the index bug?
14:26:48ZagorLinusN: yes, looks like it was the seed not the index
14:27:19elinenbeZagor: that is great. I'm looking forward to it. Did you use my suggestion of pause/off to save mid song, or can you save mid song when you just hit off?
14:27:22LinusNZagor: remember to be able to handle USB mode in the "first" wps screen.
14:27:30Zagorelinenbe: both
14:27:58Zagorrecorders handle just turning off (since they have RTC ram), players need to use the pause method to get exact resume
14:28:25elinenbeZagor: this is sounding better and better... how often does it save the location to recorder ram?
14:28:35elinenbeZagor: the rtc ram
14:28:43Zagorevery 64KB
14:28:44LinusNevery dma cycle
14:29:00LinusNalmost always 64k
14:29:04elinenbewow! This is going to be AWESOME!
14:29:36LinusN1.3 is coming closer every day
14:29:46elinenbeif you read about the Archos Multimedia they use the method I mentioned.
14:30:04Zagoryeah, you told me yesterday
14:30:43elinenbeBut, now it seems Archos doesn't give a flying fuck about the player and recoder anymore... they have stopped all development on them with so many bugs and features left out.
14:30:55Zagorgood for us ;-)
14:31:05elinenbekeep up the good work...
14:31:53elinenbeI wonder when Archos will stop making the players and recorders will people be buying htem up in hordes? That is what happend with the empeg/riocar. Now that they are no longer made everyone wants one, and they are too expensive for anyone to buy
14:33:47elinenbeI really dont think any players can compare to the Archos other then maybe the ipod. Everything is either too large or is missing X features, etc. The RioRiot looked promising, but then that turned out to be crap.
14:34:25Bagderoh, new design arrived
14:34:35HesZagor: how do you fit the path in the RTC? do you use a sector number or something instead of the path?
14:34:42Hesor just the offset in the RTC and the path on disk?
14:34:54Zagorpath on disk
14:35:19HesGreat stuff.
14:36:08dwihnoZagor: is the disk write enabled nowadays?
14:36:15dwihnoor is it still in the debug stage?
14:36:42LinusNit's enabled
14:36:57Zagorwe just dont have file system write support yet
14:37:02Zagoronly sector write
14:37:20Zagori'll start with fat_write after 1.3
14:39:21LinusNZagor: show me the code!
14:39:36Zagoroh, sorry. coming up.
14:39:50Bagder*that* is a design ;-)
14:39:57LinusNyeah it's nice
14:40:38LinusNBagder: no link to the back side
14:41:05LinusNor rather, the links are screwed up
14:41:08dwihnoNice design :)
14:41:31LinusNthe "Front side" text is part of the back sied link
14:41:42Bagderyour browser is picky
14:42:10elinenbethere is a bug in there, my name is on the shirt twice :)
14:42:19elinenbeuh oh...
14:42:23dwihnoOpera is gut
14:42:34Bagderelinenbe: you must be twice as good! ;-)
14:43:26elinenbebut I am only 1/4 as good... if even that.
14:46:57adi|homehmmm i love the back design
14:47:07adi|homebut i think the two togeather are a bit much...
14:47:16adi|homeim more for minimal front if you have a front and back :)
14:47:23adi|homebut i love the back :)
14:47:37adi|homesorry.. invert that:)
14:48:15adi|homeunless we did the ring as a small image over the heart, and the full image back...
14:48:19*adi|home shrugs
14:52:22LinusNZagor: no 'resume?' question?
14:52:24Zagorbah. seed is still not saved. how can it not be? :-(
14:52:36Zagornot yet, fighting the bug first
14:53:26LinusNZagor: where is the seed saved?
14:54:51LinusNi see that the seed isn't allowed to be0xffxxxxxxx
14:55:17Zagorwell that's another bug :)
14:58:02 Join Schmoo2k [0] (
14:59:18Schmoo2kHow many people develop on windows versus linux?
14:59:58 Join b0bTHC [0] (
15:00:00Bagdermany on linux, few on windows
15:00:03Bagderi think
15:01:28Schmoo2kDoes anyone have windows make files available?
15:02:10BagderSchmoo2k: do you have the gnu-sh and cross-compiler installed?
15:02:36Bagderso you can't run the configure and use that makefile?
15:02:41Schmoo2k(and cvs and have got latest sources) - just missing the first step (I hope).
15:03:04Schmoo2kTools won't compile with its make file...
15:03:33Bagderwhat happens?
15:03:36Schmoo2kone mo...
15:04:12Schmoo2kcc -O -s -ansi scramble.c -o scramble process_begin: CreateProcess((null), cc -O -s -ansi scramble.c -o scramble, ...) failed.
15:04:12Schmoo2kmake (e=2): The system cannot find the file specified.
15:04:12Schmoo2kmake: *** [scramble] Error 2
15:05:05elinenbeschmoo2K: run make in the tools directory and then try again.
15:05:27Schmoo2kThat error was running MAKE in the tools dir...
15:06:06Schmoo2kI can run make -d, but it doesn;t provide anything obviously usefull...
15:06:22Bagderis that a problem with the shell or something?
15:07:17Schmoo2kBagder, I *suspect*, that there is somthing trying to "start" a new process which may just not work in windows???
15:07:35BagderSchmoo2k: make invokes the shell that should run the compiler
15:07:46Bagderat least it normally works that way
15:08:56Schmoo2kBagder: Well if I call make -d (debug mode) it seems to "work" for the most part and then bails with that error...
15:09:10PsycoXultype cc
15:09:27Schmoo2kdoesn;t recognize "cc"
15:09:35PsycoXultry gcc
15:09:45Schmoo2ksame again.
15:09:53 Join freshmaker [0] (
15:10:22 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
15:10:33PsycoXulwell there ya go
15:11:04Schmoo2kLooking in my sh-elf folder, all my bins are of the form (and pathed correctly): sh-elf-???,exe
15:11:22PsycoXulyeah thats the target crosscompiler though
15:11:34PsycoXulthe tools are meant to be run on the build host
15:11:39Schmoo2kAhhh, ok so I need the gnu copiler also?
15:11:42PsycoXuland so you need a native compiler to build them
15:12:28Schmoo2kok, can I just use visual studio, or am I better getting the gc++?
15:12:43PsycoXuldon't ask me, i use linux :p
15:13:10BagderSchmoo2k: you could probably get those few tools from someone else who has built then alreay
15:13:16Bagderthey don't change much
15:13:28Schmoo2kPsycoXul - I can compile under unix (but am a real begginer though). But my USB doesn't work :(
15:15:36elinenbeZagor: what is the status on the resume patch?
15:15:49Zagorworking on it
15:16:35edxBagder, cool mail ;)
15:16:47Bagderthanks ;-)
15:17:03edxI hope he'll help us hehe
15:17:07edxfor two t-shirts :D
15:17:33Schmoo2kBadger: Looks like I can build the tools in vc, will give it a shot...
15:18:11edxSchmoo2k: you requested assistance with the windows compilation, right?
15:18:13BagderSchmoo2k: yes, that should work
15:18:21b0bTHCfor t-shirt, it's perhaps possible to use the back from somebody and the front from an other ?
15:18:25Schmoo2kedx: Yup...
15:18:48Bagderb0bTHC: I don't think that would look very good
15:18:48Schmoo2kedx: "I think" my only missing step is compiling the tools folder (I hope)...
15:18:51edxI made makefiles that work for the GNUSH compiler but they are not in CVS, yet - am I allowed to add them?
15:19:02Bagderedx: go go go ;-)
15:19:09edxSchmoo2k: really, the firmware compiles?
15:19:23Schmoo2kedx: need to do the tools first...
15:19:24edxBagder: have hte files on another computer, i'll do that later today
15:19:49edxSchmoo2k: I did not need to compile the tools at all afaik
15:20:12b0bTHCI'm definitly ok for the team on the back and if i understand i'm obliged to "copy" form an other guy...
15:20:17edxwell, i'll upload the files to CVS and that should solve the problem
15:20:40b0bTHCthe idea of course no the gfx..
15:20:57Schmoo2kedx: great, I will go ahead and get the GNUSH compiler, any version or latest ok?
15:21:05Bagderb0bTHC: I think stealing t-shirt ideas is all fine ;-)
15:21:17Bagderas long as we get really fine ones in the end!
15:21:37b0bTHCof course! :)
15:21:40edxSchmoo2k: yea
15:21:47edxSchmoo2k: the latest
15:23:03Schmoo2kedx: I have the "ELF" format, is it the "COFF" format I need to compile for the windows platform?
15:23:34 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1b/20020809]")
15:23:36edxno ELF is OK
15:24:29Schmoo2kedx: I have that already. Is the only thing I am missing now is the appropriate make files?
15:26:00PsycoXulBagder: nice response to that dsp thing
15:26:11*Bagder bows ;-)
15:26:56edxSchmook: yea
15:27:35Schmoo2kedx: just so I understand (lat question promise), you don't call "configure", you just use your make file?
15:30:30edxdu you have a recorder or a player (dont know it works for my recorder)
15:31:05Bagderedx: would it be possible to get your makefile into the "configure" system?
15:31:23Bagderlike another option or something
15:32:04edxi think we dont have configure in windows lol
15:32:23Bagderedx: no but it is a shell script and you have gnu-sh, right?
15:36:15edxahh.. configure is a script *lol* im a linux freak :P
15:36:24edxhmm we dont have a script interpreter on windows
15:36:30edxnot sh..
15:37:31Bagderoh well
15:37:40Bagderthere are several
15:37:48BagderI've used them
15:37:54Bagderbut never mind that
15:37:54edxvbs ;P
15:38:12Bagderported unix programs of course
15:38:48edxwhat is configure supposed to do?
15:39:08Bagderit sets up a "master makefile"
15:39:18Bagderit asks for what target and things
15:39:24Bagderand generates a makefile for you
15:39:39Bagderthen when you run make it creates all object files in that directory
15:39:47edxi only used it provately so i didnt need that til now
15:39:55Bagderwhich then makes it easy to have several different build dirs with the same source dirs
15:43:38*edx goes to his desktop pc and joins irc
15:45:08 Quit edx ("be right back")
15:49:25adi|homehehehe i like the spam answer :)
15:49:58BagderI'm sure he'll send back lots of DSP code ;-P
15:51:22adi|homei would...
15:51:25adi|homefor tshirts ;)
15:51:28LinusNof course
15:52:04b0bTHCfor a t-shirt AND a place in the Credits too !!
15:52:06adi|homewow.. i feel naked....
15:52:10adi|hometook my necklace off
15:52:18adi|homefirst time in like... 3 years..
15:52:27*adi|home feels weird and quickly puts it back on
15:54:11 Join edx [0] (
15:54:15edxthere i am...
15:54:18edxi have the makefiles here
15:54:23edxi'll commite them in a sec
15:55:11 Quit MeRWiN|TV (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:57:09 Join edx|notebook [0] (
15:58:41b0bTHC2 edx in the same time @ different place ....ubiquitous?
15:59:51edx|notebookyea :)
16:00:02b0bTHCit's to increase the Irc stats of course ;)
16:00:30edx|notebookcertainly :)
16:05:38matsltime to go. bmp2rb - convert bitmap to rockbox tool comitted. CU
16:05:57Bagderneato matsl
16:06:02LinusNgood job, matsl!
16:06:13 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
16:08:32BagderLinusN: check my commit
16:08:40Bagderthat's what made matsls problems
16:08:57Bagderamusingly enough 112 makes 8-byte and 4-byte aligns fine ;-)
16:09:27*edx commited the w32 makefiles
16:10:06 Quit ironi ("leaving")
16:10:09edxthey are named win32.mak
16:10:31*Zagor prepares resume commit
16:10:47Bagderuh, edx, that main.c fix...
16:11:38Bagderwe're not using WIN32 everywhere
16:11:45edx|notebookwhat fix?
16:11:50Bagderchar appsversion[]="WIN32";
16:12:01edx|notebookhmmmmmmm where is that?
16:12:14edx|notebookDID I COMMIT THAT CRAP?
16:12:29edx|notebooki didnt mean to
16:12:49edx|notebooki seem to have had some old files i never commited in the directory and then i commited the whole dir instead of just thos makefiles
16:12:59edx|notebookwas that the only file?
16:13:05Bagderyes, I think so
16:13:18edx|notebookcan you restore the old version?
16:13:49edx|notebookah that was only one line *sigh*
16:14:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:16:17edx|notebooki havve to spend some time fixing the win32.mak files later that evening - they are only recorder compatible right now.
16:16:47edx|notebookI have no time at the moment (gotta leave soon..) - but i guess that can wait a few hours
16:17:43Bagderwell, since they are *so* similar to the unix makefiles, I think we could work on uniting them competely
16:18:03edx|notebookyea i think just the if conditions dont work..
16:18:15*edx|notebook cant remember what he changed
16:18:43edx|notebookno.. it was the sh related thing
16:18:45edx|notebookthe dependencies
16:19:11Bagderwe could make them dependening on some OS check or something
16:19:30edx|notebookyea.. but how can we check that?
16:19:39edx|notebookis there a version identifier or something?
16:19:59Bagderwell, everyone who uses this on linux uses the configure-generated makefile
16:20:12Bagderso it could set a variable
16:20:53edx|notebookin windows I just clear everything and rebuild it afterwards..
16:21:06edx|notebooknot very clean but i only used it to build cutting edge source
16:22:56edx|notebookZagor, are you in?
16:23:12LinusNhe's busy :-)
16:23:18 Quit Schmoo2k (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:23:31ZagorReal Soon Now (tm)
16:24:09edx|notebookjust wanted to say that oyu can delete the sentence saying that the iwndows compiler does not work with xp yet... it works now
16:24:55edx|notebookok... be back later ;)
16:24:58 Quit edx|notebook ("cu")
16:29:05adi|homelol@linus and i responding similarly on emails ;)
16:29:43LinusNwell, time to go home!
16:29:46LinusNbye all!
16:29:50Bagderbye LinusN
16:29:55 Part LinusN
16:33:21 Join Schmoo2k [0] (
16:33:39 Part Schmoo2k
16:35:44Zagorhere we go
16:36:13*Bagder takes a deep breath
16:36:24Zagorah, not yet. must fix simulator.
16:38:04 Nick Low[a] is now known as Lowfiler (
16:38:33 Quit Blaster_Master (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:42:43Zagorthat should keep you busy a bit :)
16:43:10Bagdermail the list too, and we'll get some more testers on the case ;-)
16:44:13elinenbeWOOOO HOOO!!!!!
16:45:17PsycoXulthe id3v2 fix suggested by Magnus works fine for me
16:45:47ZagorPsycoXul: we have a better idea, to handle infinitely big tags
16:46:00Zagorbut I guess his fix is good short-term
16:46:05Bagderis it?
16:46:07PsycoXulthats cool
16:46:20BagderZagor: I still can't see how his fix doesn't overrun the buffer
16:46:48PsycoXulwell it looks like setid3v2title checks the buffer size itself i think
16:47:27Zagor if(size >= (int)sizeof(entry->id3v2buf))
16:47:27Zagor size = sizeof(entry->id3v2buf)-1;
16:47:27Zagor if(size != read(fd, buffer, size))
16:47:27DBUGEnqueued KICK Zagor
16:47:27Zagor return;
16:47:34Zagorlooks safe
16:47:47Bagderaaah, I he meant that check
16:47:50BagderI thought
16:47:55Bagderok, I get it
16:48:09Zagorwhy is size set to sizeof(buf)-1 ??
16:48:26Zagordon't we want to use the whole buffer? 0 termination?
16:48:33Bagderbecause it zero terminates the strings
16:48:48Bagderyou know, it doesn't copy them
16:51:59b0bTHCtime to go home... see you later.!
16:52:08 Part b0bTHC
16:52:18elinenbegreat job Zagor
16:52:24PsycoXul'Resume?' is in double-height
16:52:24elinenbeI like it... alot!
16:52:31Zagoroh, crap
16:52:41elinenbeff/rw does not work at all now −− correct?
16:52:50Zagordoesn't it?
16:53:11aakilOnly after resume
16:53:42Zagorit works, it's just that resume doesn't know the new position so it will save an earlier position than what you were actually listening to
16:53:58Bagdergotta go
16:54:00 Part Bagder
16:54:06PsycoXulafter i seek it just goes silent...
16:54:08elinenbeI have no ff/rw here... unless it is just my build.
16:54:16PsycoXuleven after stopping and starting the track over
16:54:17Zagorplayer or recorder?
16:54:22elinenbesame here. I get the same behavior as PsycoXul
16:54:24PsycoXulplayer here
16:54:28Zagorah, ok
16:54:55elinenbealso, on a resume the statusbar does not update...
16:55:15Zagorupdate what?
16:55:32elinenbete little bar that moves across the screen
16:55:51Zagoryeah, that's what the checkin note said.
16:56:53PsycoXulah and you've fixed the seek time config saving
16:58:46PsycoXulwhen's menu-navigation gonna wrap around like the browser does?
16:59:25 Nick TummGBG is now known as Tumm (
16:59:38Zagorwhen someone fixes it :-)
16:59:41PsycoXulmaybe 'General Settings' needs to be broken into 'Display' and 'Behaviour' settings? or something...
16:59:58PsycoXulit's getting rather long heh
17:01:02elinenbeit I noticed some interesting behavior here. sometime when I resume, it resumes on a differnet song
17:01:23Zagorthat's odd
17:01:35elinenbehold on...
17:02:30PsycoXuli just got that too
17:02:42PsycoXulit resumed back on the first song i had it resume on
17:02:51PsycoXulafter pausing and shutting down on a different one
17:02:56elinenbeit now resumed to the first song in my root folder
17:03:07elinenbeis that what you got PsycoXul?
17:03:26PsycoXuli don't have songs in my root folder
17:03:40elinenbeah... no matter what song I stop it on, sometimes it resumes on the first song in the root dir.
17:03:53PsycoXulwhat was the first song you stopped it on?
17:04:03elinenbenot that song.
17:04:24elinenbeit seems it ALWAYS resumes on that song for me...
17:05:05Zagordid you start a song in your root dir?
17:05:14elinenbeZagor: yes.
17:05:20elinenbeI think that is it... I am testing.
17:05:30elinenbeyup, that is it.
17:05:40Zagorthat's a special case, which I now remember I haven't tested :)
17:05:55elinenbeif the song is in the root dir, then it only resumes on the first song.
17:06:02elinenbewell, I only have songs in my root dir!
17:06:09elinenbe6000 to be exact :)
17:06:11Zagorok, i'll look at it
17:06:22PsycoXulhow do you manage that
17:06:33elinenbeff/rw is broken though.
17:06:42aakilZagor: the ff/rwd problem is due to the "paused" flag. FF/Rwd also pauses the job
17:06:48elinenbePsycoXul: I am just kidding.
17:06:52PsycoXulah heh
17:06:54Zagoraakil: yes. fixed now
17:08:13PsycoXulok i dunno what caused it to resume on the wrong track for me a minute ago, but it seems to be working fine now...
17:10:32PsycoXulthe resume settings should be like on/ask/off
17:10:44PsycoXulon doing it automatically, ask doing what it does now
17:10:54elinenbePsycoXul: that is a great idea.
17:11:05Zagorthe asking is because resuming a 5000+ file list is rather painful if you didn't really want that
17:11:31PsycoXulwhy's that?
17:12:00Zagorloading takes ~1s/1000 files, so it's another extra 5-7 seconds startup time
17:12:09PsycoXulah right...
17:12:36Zagorelinenbe: right, i'm getting wrong track in root too
17:12:42PsycoXulis there a way to tell how big the playlist is before, and like asking if it's over a certain number?
17:13:08elinenbeZagor: just think if it was resuming a 5000 track playlist on the original Archos firmware!! talk about painful!!
17:13:42PsycoXulwell that's probably the Real reason archos decided on the 999 limit :p
17:14:10Zagoryeah, right :)
17:15:08 Nick Tumm is now known as Tebe (
17:15:50PsycoXulis it possible for seeking backwards at the beginning of a track to seek into the end of the previous?
17:16:05ZagorPsycoXul: currently not
17:16:11elinenbePsycoXul: no, but that is a good idea.
17:16:21elinenbePsycoXul: nice CD players have that functionality
17:16:45Zagorelinenbe: the one it keeps resuming to, is it the first mp3 in your root?
17:16:57PsycoXuli think my fischer from like '94 had that... heh
17:17:07PsycoXulor '93
17:17:31Zagorelinenbe: ok good, then I'm getting the same here. debugging...
17:17:37elinenbewell, I have folders in the root, but it resumes to the first file (alphabetically)
17:17:48elinenbealso, it just resumes to a file that it resumed to last time.
17:17:57elinenbelike what PsycoXul got.
17:18:10PsycoXuli'm not sure why i got that
17:18:14PsycoXuli only got it once so far
17:18:17elinenbeit happened when I just let it play into the next few songs... it resumed to the first song that was played.
17:18:58PsycoXulok i just got it again
17:19:08PsycoXuli think its maybe turning off too fast after pressing pause? i'm not sure
17:19:08Zagortry to find a pattern
17:19:21ZagorPsycoXul: do you have player or rec?
17:19:22elinenbeHere is what I did. went into a few folders. started the first song in that folder. shut off. resumed (worked fine). then listened to a few songs (from where I resumed) just let it play on...
17:19:33elinenbethen I shut off again.
17:19:41Zagorah, yes then you have to wait for the disk to spin up and write before you shut it off
17:20:03elinenbeand it resumed in the last place. Does it update the current track to resume on when it just plays from song to song?
17:20:33PsycoXulit saves to rtc on recorders though?
17:20:34elinenbeI don't know if that is working here... I will try again.
17:20:47ZagorPsycoXul: yes
17:21:48Zagorfixed the root problem. it's not a root problem, it's a dir-with-both-folders-and-files problem.
17:22:12Zagorbad index
17:23:35notch|codOff topic: Is there a global tick count?
17:23:46Zagoryes: current_tick
17:23:47 Nick notch|cod is now known as notch (
17:24:30Zagorhow is that off topic, by the way? :)
17:25:20notchit's not a 'root' problem :-)
17:25:32Zagorok, try the new code and see if you can break it
17:25:58elinenbedump it to the CVS... Current's Very Shitty :D
17:26:10Zagorit's there :)
17:26:32elinenbeI am testing my theory on the play-to-next-song-bug
17:27:31Zagorwhen resume works, we kick an 1.3 out the door
17:27:47Zagori.e. when we think it works bug free :-)
17:27:51PsycoXulZagor: how about if you have it 'on' [to not ask and auto-resume] when you shut off on a playlist >max-auto-resume-playlist-size it saves a bit to say to ask?
17:28:09PsycoXulor something...
17:28:12elinenbegot a messed up resume again.
17:28:22elinenbenot with the new CVS...
17:28:32Zagorelinenbe: use the new
17:28:34elinenberesuming on the next song in the directory now?
17:29:10ZagorPsycoXul: is it really that painful to say "yeah, i want to resume"?
17:29:25PsycoXulit's annoying
17:29:26Zagordon't cd/md players normally resume to paused mode?
17:29:32PsycoXuli'd much prefer that it just do it
17:29:36PsycoXuli dunno
17:29:45PsycoXulthe only cd player i've ever seen that resumed did it automatically
17:29:49Zagoryou don't run many big play lists, right? :-)
17:29:52elinenbenot the one in my car, and not my RioVolt... it just resumes...
17:30:01Zagorok. well let's have it a setting
17:30:51PsycoXulif you must, you can warn the user about big playlists if they select the 'on' option :p
17:31:04Zagornah. in the manual
17:31:14PsycoXulah, of course
17:32:42notchhow often does current tick get inc'd ? 100Hz
17:33:22elinenbejust a question, does anyone else have to restart their player or recorder every time they start it up... half the time either nothing come up on the screen, or the screen is completly reversed.
17:33:39Zagori've had that on my players, but never on the rec20
17:33:51PsycoXuli've never had that
17:34:01elinenbeor is just my recorded messed up bad. (and by reversed, I mean my screen is a mirror image −− the rockbox logo comes up backwards and everything)
17:34:10 Join dfg [0] (~prv@
17:34:15PsycoXulexcept when i didn't hold the on button long enough the screen'd stay blank
17:34:15Zagoryay, cool effect! ;)
17:34:24elinenbeit sucks...
17:34:35elinenbeI will get some pictures of it sometimes...
17:35:09elinenbeI think it only happens when I restart it quickly.
17:35:19elinenbeZagor: new CVS seems to work GREEEAT!
17:35:33elinenbeso far...
17:35:43ZagorPsycoXul: do you get any more problems with it?
17:37:11PsycoXulwhen the Resume? comes up
17:37:18elinenbeI would say for every 5 times I start my recorder, it works 1 out of the 5.
17:37:22PsycoXuli press + and it acts like i pressed stop...
17:37:40ZagorPsycoXul: yes. only play is yes.
17:37:41elinenbeZagor: messed up here again. Playing the first song again!!!!
17:38:11elinenbeZagor: root directory again.
17:38:41elinenbeI started song. turned off. resumed okay. let it play through to the very beginning of the next song (8 seconds in) and then shut off.
17:38:54Zagorwhich was the previous song?
17:38:55elinenberesumed on first song in directory!
17:39:20elinenbelet's say the first song was numer 32. I then let it play to song 33
17:39:28elinenbejust a random song in the root dir.
17:39:33Zagorand no ffwd+
17:39:48elinenbeI have about 7 folder and 50 songs in the root dir... no ff/rw
17:40:02notchHow does the firmware handle fast forwarding though a track? Had a look a buttons.c but coldn't see it...
17:41:20Zagorit's handled by wps.c and mpeg.c, not buttons.c
17:41:31notchThanks I'll have a look....
17:43:15elinenbeI just got some more strange behavior... I start a song (the first in a directory of about 15 −− new Bruce Springsteen album), and then fast forwarded about 1:30 with 10 sec. steps, and it gave me the <End of song list> Press ON, but it keeps playing... even into the next songs.
17:43:42Zagoryeah, fast forward isn't 100% yet
17:43:44elinenbeif I press on it goes to the tree, and if I press it again, it returns to the WPS no problem.
17:44:44Zagorcrapola. just repeated your root bug. very strange.
17:45:02PsycoXulwell i got it to resume on the wrong track once again but it's not consistently repeatable
17:45:36PsycoXulbut its always the first track that i resumed on, which is also the first track in the dir i'm testing in
17:45:56Zagorand you always press pause and let it write?
17:46:06elinenbeIt is difficult to repeat. I have tried to and it is quite random.
17:47:19elinenbeAhhh, Zagor I see the problem... you need to get the if (rnd(3)==2) {repeat_on_wrong_song();} out of the code!
17:47:33Zagorwhy? I like it!
17:47:50PsycoXulyeah i just got it again
17:47:57PsycoXuldunno why though...
17:48:00elinenbecan you reproduce it?
17:48:51PsycoXuland ff'ing forward i sometimes get the trackname scrolling over the time
17:49:05PsycoXulok backwards too
17:49:13elinenbeokay.. I have to go. Good luck with everything. later.
17:49:50 Quit elinenbe ()
17:49:56 Quit dfg (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:54:31PsycoXulthis'll be great for hhgttg
17:54:44PsycoXulit's nice, it's like extended no-powered pause :p
17:56:07PsycoXulwell since i started testing in another directory i haven't been able to reproduce it again yet
17:57:58PsycoXuloh cool
17:58:06PsycoXulyou made it save pause state between skips too
17:58:44PsycoXulman i have trouble keeping up using all the features as fast as you guys are coding 'em :p
18:02:38PsycoXulbut yeah i can't reproduce it again yet...
18:14:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:20:19PsycoXuli agree with elinenbe's e-mail about the positioning the cursor
18:26:51 Quit aakil ("Client Exiting")
18:43:56CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
18:43:56*notch moans mmmnn... diet coke ....
18:44:01 Quit notch ()
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19:27:10 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
19:27:10DBUGEnqueued KICK Zagor|away
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21:51:27 Join PiotR [0] (
22:02:16adi|workanyone else read the 'text entry' email?
22:02:30adi|workthe one speaking about the gameboy mailing he used?
22:02:57 Join merkisoft [0] (
22:07:06 Join BoD[] [0] (
22:07:16BoD[]youhou !
22:08:12merkisoftis anyone able to run rockbox with the load-fonts option?
22:08:32merkisofti still have a blank screen with it...
22:12:11 Quit matsl|away (Remote closed the connection)
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22:17:21BoD[]Hey ... do you think it would be possible to emit a beep when a key is pressed ?
22:17:21 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|weekender (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
22:17:21DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno|weekender
22:20:57BoD[]like car radios do
22:21:23merkisoftthat would be really good - i miss that too
22:27:57 Join aakil [0] (
22:39:49HesIt'd be pretty hard to do
22:39:59Hesat least without breaking mp3 playback at the same time
22:57:39 Quit aakil (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:08:51 Join aakil [0] (
23:25:18 Part aaffenarsch
23:31:00 Join Electrocut [0] (Electrocut@
23:31:47Electrocutrockbox 1.2 is realy flawless :)
23:32:48ElectrocutI love 'no loading time' m3u launch
23:35:50ElectrocutHadaka ??
23:36:14 Join Snorlax [0] (
23:41:38 Quit Electrocut ("zzzzz")
23:41:43 Join aaffenarsch [0] (~cg@
23:43:13 Quit aakil (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:52:27BoD[]see you bye
23:52:40 Quit BoD[] ("al loulou")
23:54:39 Quit Zagor|away ("Client Exiting")

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