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#rockbox log for 2002-08-17

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06:16:23adi|homehmmmm.... JUKEBOX2.0 is still showing up... dunno why
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11:59:56Electrocuthas anybody already tried remoclone schematics ?
12:00:14Zagori don't think so
12:01:21Electrocut... i'd like to eb sure it works before building it ;)
12:01:51Zagorwell the guy who made it has it working. i thought you mean anybody else :)
12:02:22Electrocutyes :)
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12:40:57adi|homeZagor you see the email discussing text input on the recorder?
12:41:50adi|homebtw... the excessive heat was from the disk check.. witht eh disk spinning constantly.. it didn't have a chance to cool.
12:56:20Zagortext input, yeah?
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13:02:18Zagori'm off. see ya
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13:03:21Bagderdesign 13 added
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13:06:03Lowfilernice :)
13:06:20Lowfilerim working on the 2. design atm
13:06:36Lowfilerfirst 1 is #12 :)
13:06:42BagderI like that one
13:08:21Lowfilerif u want to design anything for your page - i will do, just contact me
13:09:45Bagderthanks, but we're generally too clueless about design to even figure out when and what we need ;-)
13:22:48adi|homewere just a bit of a fly by night ;)
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13:45:55*edx|notebook is online using his self-written proxy software ;)
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13:47:21Bagderstable piece ;-)
13:51:26Bagderedx just came online and said he did it using his own program...
13:51:35Bagder... and then he popped out immediately
13:52:28adi|homedid you see the email talking about the text entry idea>
13:52:39Bagderinteresting I think
13:52:45adi|homei thought so too...
13:52:55adi|homebut i think that the player/rec interfaces should be the same
13:53:09Bagderprobably, yes
13:53:12adi|homewhich, when i played with the idea.. we can pull it off using only the directional pad
13:53:20adi|homebut it will take a few more key presses to do it
13:53:26adi|homelike 1 extra per letter
13:54:07adi|homeprob i found was the idea of punctuation and shifting.. etc.
13:54:15*adi|home shrugs
13:54:52Bagderwe'll need an implementation first anyway to try out and get a feel for
13:55:03Bagderthen we could try different versions
13:55:06adi|homemind if i brainstorm and idea to you for a sec?
13:55:15Bagdernot at all, go ahead
13:55:31adi|homewell.. following the idea of multi chars for a key, then branching down...
13:55:39adi|homefigure 26 letters + 10 numbers
13:55:46adi|home36 chars in total. (to start)
13:55:54adi|homeif we assume to only use the direction pad
13:56:03adi|homethats 9 chars per direction o the first press
13:56:15adi|homeie: left => a b c d e f g h i
13:56:30adi|homethe benefit is that the 2nd tier becomes 3 keys with 3 chars each
13:56:42adi|home2nd tier left => a b c
13:57:05adi|homewould could let down be the alternate menu
13:57:13adi|homeshift, punctuation etc.
13:57:24adi|homethough im not sure how i feel about that..
13:57:37adi|homemight make more sense that the 4th direction is the 'escape' direction for mistakes
13:58:08Bagderits tricky
13:58:13adi|homeif not then we need to overload off again.
14:00:38adi|homehmmm.. i think this variation may make sense...
14:00:56adi|homeassume the 36 chars, split over 3 keys
14:01:40adi|homewith the 4th key being 'others'
14:01:48adi|homeshift, punctiation etc.
14:02:03adi|homethen 2nd tier becomes 4 keys w/3chars per key
14:02:42adi|homethat might make more sense
14:02:47Bagderbasicly we just add N punction keys to the 36 letters
14:03:16adi|homehm... we could make the shift option go away altogeather..
14:03:25adi|homeassume when you branch down to an indiv. letter
14:03:34adi|homeif the key is hit twice, then it shifts case
14:03:51adi|homecould make lower case the default, since most chars prob will be
14:04:08Bagderyes, that could work
14:04:16adi|homethe 1st tier, 4 key, could give and option for shift lock as well...
14:04:50Bagderhave a "case mode"
14:05:08adi|homehow do you mean?
14:05:13Bagderlike it switches to lower or upper for the next letters
14:05:29Bagdermy mobile phone does it that way
14:06:01adi|homei don't mean to sound stupid.. i understand what you mean switching cases, i just don't understand how you would impliment it.
14:06:24BagderI mean that if " the key is hit twice, then it shifts case"
14:06:32Bagderand you maintain that case
14:06:49adi|homeahh.. hmm..
14:06:52Bagderuntil a double-click shifts it again
14:06:52adi|homei like that...
14:07:13adi|homei really like that
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14:15:18Bagderdesign 14 =>
14:18:01adi|homereally kicking butt now :)
14:20:28*Bagder can feel the 1.3 release-date coming closer
14:21:13Lowfilerhehe but just with new games :)
14:21:30Lowfilerwho is coding the games for the firmware
14:21:41Bagderanyone who wants to
14:21:48Lowfilerwho coded the last 2
14:21:57BagderTetris is mostly Zagor and edx
14:22:09Bagdereleninbe made the Sokoban
14:22:27BagderI think adi did some Tetris too
14:23:00Lowfilerits quite cool to play with the jukebox while listening to the music :)
14:23:10BagderI agree
14:24:12Lowfilerbut level >15 of sokoban are fucking hard
14:24:32BagderI've never played that far ;-)
14:24:58Lowfileryou should - it trains your brain
14:25:42Bagderwell so does writing code
14:26:09Lowfilerhmm thats right :)
14:27:46Lowfilerlol bill gates wants to struggle on court against lindows
14:28:19Lowfilerlindows sounds too near to windows
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14:29:15Snorlaxanybody here who got the 1 hour battery charger?
14:29:29BagderZagor and Linus do
14:29:33Bagderbut they're not here ;-)
14:29:35Lowfilerwth is t6hat
14:29:58BagderLowfiler: take a guess!
14:30:23Lowfileryou can charge your batterys in 1 hour?
14:30:51Lowfilersome url where i can buy that - or self made? =)
14:32:48Lowfilerok how is that thing called
14:33:06Snorlaxgp Pwerbank smart
14:33:11Snorlaxi think..
14:33:47Lowfiler040043 GP PowerBank Smart + 4 R6 699 kr
14:33:49Lowfilerthis one
14:33:56Lowfilerhow much are 699kr in usd
14:34:07Bagderalmost 70
14:36:00LowfilerOriginal GP PowerBank + GP DC Car Adapter
14:36:02Lowfileron ebay
14:36:03Lowfilerhmm nice
14:36:15Lowfiler40eur (so 40 usd too)
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14:39:28Schmoo2kedx: Just taking a look at your win32.mak...
14:39:30SnorlaxOMG! areu ebay crazy over there?!
14:40:02Lowfilerlol no
14:40:22Lowfileronline shop here wants 60EUR for the Powerbank smart
14:40:24Lowfilerthats ok
14:54:18*adi|home nods
14:54:28adi|homei did some of tetris.. but that was early stuff..
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15:48:12bmidyI did see today trhat resume mid-songs works 8
15:48:46bmidybut =i did try without success , i only be able to come back to the same file without mid-song resume
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16:04:22adi|homehmmm.. snprintf seems to be barfing...
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17:34:41jmwdon't you just hate it when you spend hours tracking down a compilation error that came down to a missing semicolon
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17:47:04Lowfilerfuck a heavy thunderstorm is goin on here...maybe i should shut my computer down
17:48:00jmwi would... a friend got their m/board blown out by lightening a few years ago
17:48:29Lowfilerya thats bad
17:48:33Lowfilerno risk no fun :)
17:50:47jmwwhat fun would you have without a motherboard ;)
17:52:25Lowfilerbuying a new
17:52:30Lowfilermine is too old :)
17:53:02Lowfilerdoes someone have a good ftp to leech mp3's? :)
17:54:31jmwthey should put that question in the faq
17:55:52Lowfilerfuck this thunder was quite near
17:56:09jmwfamous last words
17:56:26Lowfilernot yet :)
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18:15:29PAKETAIs there any information on how to load custom language fonts into archos using rockbox?
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19:17:42PAKETAanyone alive here?
19:18:19PAKETAguess not...
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20:37:15jmwlow.. i think that thunderstorm has just hit NY
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23:35:23DarHi, does anyone have info about the new Archos Multimedia jukebox?
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