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#rockbox log for 2002-08-18

00:02:59 Join Jet8810 [0] (
00:03:31Jet8810i just got a archos mp3 jukebox studio 20 and i am interested in yoru firmware
00:03:43Jet8810is the UI easier/hardder to use? and what improvements does it have over stock firmware?
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00:19:24datazonetry it out, you have nothing to loose
00:20:38datazonethe two things i like about it so far is that the max volume is around 20% louder, and the file browsing is nicer since you can see what the next object is
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00:23:30 Join Dar [0] (
00:24:14DarHi, does anyone has info about Archos Multimedia jukebox?
00:25:03bmidyhi all does the mid-song resume functions ?
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01:35:31BoD[]helllllllllo !
01:36:08datazonewest side
01:36:25jmwwest side?
01:36:41datazonehe said hello, so i was returning the greeting
01:37:01jmwhow exactly is west side a greeting
01:37:15datazoneif you dont know, you wont understand
01:37:36jmwright. so if you tell me, then i'll know, then i'll be able to understand ;)
01:37:56datazonejust because you are told, dont mean you will understand
01:38:37jmwwell usually that isn't a problem for me
01:38:58jmwno.. definitely usually
01:39:11datazonesee last statement
01:39:19BoD[]i'd like to understand, too
01:39:26datazonedont we all
01:39:32datazonebut i am not harry krishna
01:39:37jmwharry who?
01:40:07BoD[]yeah but you know what they say
01:40:09datazonecircular argument detected, core dumping
01:40:43jmwyou dump too easily
01:40:52datazonei'm like iostat
01:41:00datazonedo iostat -t,da
01:41:06datazoneand it will dump on freebsd
01:41:28jmwright. then don't use it
01:42:21jmwso is it true that everyone on this irc server uses linux or freebsd?
01:42:34datazoneif you believe it, then yes
01:42:50jmwdo you ever give straight answers?
01:42:55jmwwait don't answer that
01:43:02datazonebut not mostly
01:44:07BoD[]sooooooooooo what's new with rockbox
01:44:07jmwso tell me. what's the purpose of your existence in this channel
01:44:19datazoneto annoy
01:44:31datazoneexcept when i am idle
01:44:36jmwresume and save settings in the player
01:44:51BoD[]what does resume to exactly ?
01:44:56jmwand searching too if i get it done tomorrow
01:45:10BoD[]searching ?
01:45:17jmwif you're playing a playlist (like you do) and switch off, when you switch on it'll resume from where it left off
01:45:31jmwsearching for a file in a playlist or on the whole hard disk.. by keyword
01:46:46BoD[]will it resume from the begining of the song, or from where you were listening in the song
01:47:04jmwbeginning right now... same as the JB firmware
01:47:11BoD[]ok !
01:47:15jmwbut i believe someone's making it do intrasong resume too
01:47:18BoD[]and how do you type keywords ? :)
01:47:29jmwcursor driven virtual keyboard
01:47:43jmwi'm rather proud of it too ;)
01:47:56BoD[]ok that can be cool !
01:48:13jmwi hope so
01:48:51BoD[]oh you know what I miss from Archos' firmware... it's that you can play a playlist in random mode, then when you go in browse mode, it goes in the directory of the file curently playing
01:49:05jmwyeah there's no playlist browsing yet
01:49:15jmwbut it's coming i'm sure.
01:49:24BoD[]oh ok good :)
01:49:30jmwwhy do you miss that btw.. when would you use it
01:50:13BoD[]well I always use random mode on the whole disk (big playlist)... but sometimes when I listen to a song, I like to listen to the next one in the album
01:50:36BoD[]so I go in browse mode, and i play the next one ... and the nextnext will be random again
01:50:41BoD[]which is good :))
01:50:57jmwah i see.. you temporarily get out of random mode
01:51:04BoD[]exactly !
01:51:45jmwwell i think someone's put in a shuffle toggle for the F2 key that lets you turn shuffle on and off... but i'm not sure if that'll work properly with playlists because they're pre-shuffled
01:51:54jmwbut maybe. i'll try it later
01:52:41jmwbrowsing playlists will be a bit tricky because they're never fully loaded into memory... that's how we get the 10000 limit (it's 999 on the JB), and it leaves plenty of room for caching the MP3 so the battery lasts longer
01:53:30BoD[]you mean it copies parts of the playlist file in memory ?
01:54:08jmwit just opens the file, finds the next item in the playlist, reads just ONE line from it, and closes the file... it never caches the playlist like the original firmware does
01:54:16BoD[]ahhhh ok !!!
01:54:31BoD[]maybe that's why it's slower too ;)
01:54:41jmwyou think it is? changing tracks you mean?
01:54:46 Join lithermon_ [0] (
01:54:47BoD[]yes changing tracks
01:55:12jmwyeah that's why... but it'll improve
01:55:45BoD[]ok i hope :) btw another feature that I miss is that while in shuffle mode if I press next then previous, I should go to the same song
01:55:55BoD[]and it does not do that
01:56:14jmwreally.. even when playing playlists?
01:56:42BoD[]wait i'll check this one right now
01:56:50jmwi think it does it for directories... not sure it would for playlists?
01:57:44BoD[]ok you're right it works :) sorry
01:58:07BoD[]maybe it was true for an old version .. or maybe I was dreaming :)
01:58:26jmwit's come a long way in a short period..
01:59:54jmwpersonally i prefer just shuffling the M3U on the PC before I put it on... i can shuffle it a few times and it gets to be acceptably random
02:00:31BoD[]hmmm well this way is good only with the resume feature
02:01:00jmwyeah.. i'm looking forward to having resume back
02:01:28BoD[]anyway there are 2 major features that make me use rockbox now => big playlists and the compressor mode
02:01:31jmwi like to play the archos like a radio sometimes.. just play everything randomly for a few days
02:01:52jmwcompressor=auto volume?
02:02:02BoD[]yes :)
02:02:11BoD[]my dream come true
02:02:29jmwyeah i definitely like that.. especially when playing in the car, i don't want to have to stop driving and look down to turn the volume up and down all the time
02:02:40jmwit's a very neat feature
02:02:52jmwdon't think any of the other MP3 players out there have that??
02:03:13BoD[]exactly ! I did not think it would be done now
02:03:35jmwthere's some very clever people writing rockbox :)
02:03:43BoD[]ahha ha :)) well I know that
02:05:37BoD[]btw do you know if there is a similar project for the multimedia thing from archos ?
02:06:07jmwthat's a good question... but no i don't
02:06:14jmware you planning on getting one?
02:06:31jmwi looked at it and wasn't really bought on the idea
02:08:03BoD[]wellll i believe it's only 10Gb right ?
02:08:14jmwis it? i thought it was 20
02:08:24jmwi mean it's gotta store video too.. it has to be 20??
02:08:40BoD[]well I'm not sure
02:08:59BoD[]well if I buy anything it has to be > 20
02:09:15jmwi wouldn't mind having somewhere to back up my digital camera pics onto when i'm on vacation... but other than that.. not sure what the point is
02:09:38jmwyou can always replace the HDD... some people are running archos JB with 60Gb drives now, they replaced it
02:10:56BoD[]yeah I know .. that's why if you have nothing the multimedia can be a good choice ... but if you already have the recorder or player maybe it's not necessary
02:11:40jmwi wonder what they'll offer as the next JB upgrade.. hope they don't change the hardware too much or rockbox may be in trouble ;)
02:12:14BoD[]do you know if they are aware of the existance of rockbox ?
02:12:33jmwi'm sure they are.. it'll be interesting to see what they do about it, if anything
02:13:28BoD[]I think they are stupid
02:13:48jmwyeah they are... the firmware is so buggy i'd hate to see their code
02:14:01jmwand very slow too
02:14:14jmwnot to mention how bad their support is
02:14:32BoD[]they made the firmware files encrypted for we can't reverse engineer it
02:15:03jmw"encrypted"... it's hardly difficult to decrypt..
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02:15:28jmwbut makes you wonder why they bothered
02:15:40BoD[]yes !! why
02:15:53BoD[]they should be glad there is an open source firmware
02:16:03BoD[]they should encourage such developpment
02:16:11jmwi doubt they're glad... otherwise why would they try to hide the original firmware..
02:16:16datazonei dont think they know the world outside their office exist
02:16:23datazoneexcept for sales of units
02:16:27jmwencrypting isn't encouraging it is it ;)
02:16:41BoD[]yes that's strange
02:17:03jmwwell you gotta remember one favor they gave us... making the firmware replacable
02:17:12jmwhardware wise it's a pretty neat unit
02:17:19datazonetrue, but i dont think they were doing it for "us"
02:17:22BoD[]if i was a company that produce hardware, I'd publish every specs for the people to develop stuff for it ... that can only make it sell more
02:17:53jmwnot always.. it takes it out of your control too
02:18:13datazoneBoD[]: then i can build a unit like yours without having spent any R&D
02:18:35datazonenot to mention improve on your mistakes, and sell if for cheaper
02:18:40jmwjust think back to the IBM PC and how they lost control of that
02:18:52jmwand how MS profited from them opening it up
02:19:08jmwit's the same thing again.. just a little simpler ;)
02:19:29BoD[]well I'm sure IBM profited too ?
02:19:39jmwnot from PCs.. not any more
02:19:54jmwjust mainframes.. and the mainframes that are closed and proprietary
02:20:33jmwkeeping stuff proprietary is the best way of making money for a company... but it's worse for the users and worse for competition
02:21:14BoD[]i'm sure sometimes it can be good for the company too
02:21:24jmwtry to find an example
02:21:47BoD[]well look at creative labs and their soundblasters
02:22:01jmwlook at sun and java, they don't want to standardize the whole thing because then they lose control, and then they can't make any money out of it
02:22:15jmwsoundblasters aren't open though? except soundfonts perhaps
02:22:19BoD[]they made it open somehow cause there were some soundblaster clones ... but they're still number one
02:22:38jmwyeah that's an interesting point
02:23:04jmwthe thing about CLabs is they are great innovators... constantly improving their products
02:23:10BoD[]the fact that there were clones made it a kind of defacto standard
02:23:36jmwi'm not sure if they're actually open though...
02:24:06jmwyou could say that windows is open, because the API is published.. and there are some windows clones around (mainwin) but that hasn't affected sales of windows has it
02:24:09BoD[]well, a little open ? :))
02:24:57 Join mistax [0] (
02:25:31jmwCLabs have a lot of proprietary chips in their sound cards that make them superior, and I think those are closed.... just like windows has a lot of apps that make windows a popular os, and those apps are closed... it's all down to packaging i guess
02:25:51jmwoh i don't know :)
02:25:55BoD[]well that's true
02:27:02BoD[]for achos anyway, they sell hardware not software, they should make it easy for us to change the software part in it but ANYWAY we can still do it so screw them :)
02:27:20jmwyeah. they should concentrate on the hardware for sure
02:27:42jmwit's the only thing they got semi-right (although the HD interference during a record was a STUPID oversight)
02:28:31BoD[]a ahah :) true
02:30:10jmwif we could somehow make the hardware of the archos a written standard, then maybe if rockbox was good enough we'd have other companies manufacturing archos clones that can run rockbox... you never know ;)
02:32:05BoD[]that sounds like a good idea
02:32:30BoD[]i believe all the parts in the player are standard right ? no proprietary chip or something
02:32:51 Quit lithermon_ ()
02:33:00jmwi think so... there are some hardware freaks on the rockbox list who could confirm that
02:33:22jmwi want creative labs to produce a clone.. i like their sound technology
02:33:52BoD[]a small one then ;)
02:34:15jmwyeah that's true. nomad is a tad bit FAT...
02:40:33 Join aakil [0] (
02:54:24 Nick BoD[] is now known as BoD[en] (
03:05:58BoD[en]anywayyyyy i have to go now !
03:06:03BoD[en]see you, all bye
03:06:28 Quit BoD[en] ("al lala")
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03:34:45 Join Miran [0] (~dani@
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03:35:53jmwoh well gotta go
03:35:58 Quit jmw ("bye")
03:36:55MiranHey, has anyone noticed their Jukebox having a greater bass with Rockbox, when compared to Archos firmware?
03:43:36*Miran waves
03:43:44*Miran Shrugs
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04:45:10jmwwho let the developers respond on that survey... i mean what's the point of that ;)
04:49:33PsycoXuli'm no developer!
04:49:36PsycoXuli just point and groan
04:49:48jmwyeah but yer still biased!
04:50:04PsycoXulyes, because i've hated the archos firmware from day 1
04:50:09jmwpoint and groan? that's sick
04:50:10PsycoXuland rockbox is kicking its ass
04:50:32PsycoXulso you're right, i'm biased :p
04:50:44jmwbtw i just noticed something. are zagor and badger related or is that just coincidence
04:51:14PsycoXulzagor bagder and linus all own a company together or something like that
04:51:33jmwyeah but that don't explain why they have the same surname
04:51:37PsycoXulit says somewhere on one of the pages or something i think
04:51:38jmwunless they're married
04:51:48PsycoXuloh yeah i think they're brothers? ...
04:51:55jmwah yeah could be
04:51:58jmwthat was the other option
04:52:11PsycoXuli or maybe just coincidence i dunno really
04:52:35jmwyeah. not your fault.
04:52:44jmwyou seen zagor today?
04:53:06PsycoXulnot yet
04:53:10jmwoh wait it's late there init.
05:16:36jmwi had a thought
05:16:59jmwwhen we get file writing, we could shuffle playlists and save them on disk right
05:17:31jmwif we do that then we wouldn't have to load any indices into memory for the playlists, and we would have unlimited playlist size
06:14:27 Quit jmw ("enough ingenuity for one day")
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11:31:21 Join bmidy [0] (
11:31:26bmidyhi al
11:31:48bmidydoes anyobe get success using the mid-song resume ?
11:50:36 Quit Electrocut ()
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12:44:31 Join Electrocut [0] (Electrocut@
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15:05:52 Join ironi [0] (~ironi@
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15:06:01ironit-shirt competititon
15:09:08 Join Joshua [0] (
15:11:22ironiso the only rule is that the rockbox logo has to be on the tshirt
15:16:52 Join Miran [0] (
15:21:21 Nick Joshua is now known as Jet8810 (
15:21:42Jet8810any schance rockbox might allow forwarding and rewinding of mp3s in the future versions?
15:21:45Jet8810how about decreasing the font?
15:21:51Jet8810those two things would make it MUCH better
15:22:23MiranI think a dynamic loudness control would be useful..
15:22:46Miranso that it doesn't drown out the delicate frequenceys
15:23:03Hadakafast-forward and rewind are in the works I believe - they work but had some bugs I think
15:23:23Hadakaand what do you mean with decreasing the font?
15:23:25Jet8810that too
15:23:39Jet8810making it smaller
15:23:44Hadakaand I'm not entirely sure what is wanted with dynamic loudness control
15:23:45Jet8810on a screen that small it is far too big
15:23:48Hadakado you have a player or recorder?
15:23:53Jet8810a player
15:24:00Hadakawell it's impossible on that I think
15:24:16Jet8810if you turn volume above 86 percent or so sound quality decreases tremendously
15:24:24Jet8810hadaka, impossible to decrease the size of the font?
15:24:43Hadakabecause the interface to the screen is with a built-in font - I don't think you can load your own fonts on the player
15:25:04Hadakaon the recorder, rockbox already supports proportional fonts and 8 lines on the screen
15:26:25Jet8810you should be able to alter the built in font
15:26:32Hadakadon't think so
15:26:34Mirananyone know how the rockbox recording features are going?
15:26:38Jet8810just reducing it by 50% would be very good
15:26:50Jet8810well them damnit, archos sucks ;)
15:27:02Hadakarecording was working somewhat in one prototype, I think
15:27:15HadakaJet8810: should've bought a recorder or studio 20 - better in so many respects
15:27:36Mirando you think they can up the recording level to record over 160kbps?
15:27:58Jet8810i got a studio 20!
15:28:17Hadakathen I must be confused
15:28:24Jet8810he hme too
15:28:27Hadakado you have a two line screen or a bit screen?
15:28:30Jet8810archos jukebox studio 20, 20gbs
15:28:36Jet8810two lines
15:28:40Jet8810well wait
15:28:42Jet8810let me check
15:28:51Hadakaahh, so the studio doesn't have a big screen either
15:28:52Hadakathat sucks
15:29:21Miranglory of the recorder :)
15:29:24 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:29:54 Join Jet8810 [0] (
15:29:56Mirangot it, thanks
15:30:45Hadakaanyway, the player models have so many things not up to par - the screen, no rtc, no charger control, no usb control, etc.
15:31:00Hadakathe charger never stops charging on those models, so it always overcharges the batterie
15:31:17MiranI always found mine stopped after I while...
15:31:21Miranas if it was on a timer
15:31:33Jet8810i got the studio 20
15:31:34Jet8810so now
15:31:41Jet8810you should be able to alter the built in font
15:32:07Hadakano I don't think it's possible
15:32:20Jet8810why not?
15:32:50Hadakalemme see this pdf, I'll tell you in a moment
15:32:56Jet8810studio 20s come with the remote control right? cuz mine didnt come with one, and it isnt listed on the box
15:34:17 Quit ironi (" <k!15b8>")
15:34:20Hadakaok there's 8 user defined characters and 80 icons available - but I don't think it's possible to make up a double-line font with that - there would be too many choices
15:34:37Jet8810too many?
15:34:37Hadaka <- specifications for the LCD in players
15:34:51Jet8810i would play with each one till i found a good size
15:34:52 Join RdT|Falc [0] (
15:34:55Hadakathere aren't enough custom characters possible in the LCD
15:34:56Jet8810like the size on the recorder is perfect
15:36:00Jet8810do studio 20s come with remotes?
15:36:09Hadakathe chip just hasn't got enough RAM it seems
15:37:28Jet8810oh well
15:37:34Jet8810with 3,000 mp3s scrolling can be a pain
15:37:38Jet8810even when they are in albums and such
15:37:40Jet8810well i got to go
15:37:43 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
15:38:11Miranwhen are the daily builds typically released?
15:38:30RdT|Falcrecently i found a 60 GB upgrade for the JB and the JBR, didnt know, that there are 60 GB 2.5" HD out with 9.5mm height
15:39:02HadakaMiran: check the last-modified date on one of the daily builds :)
15:39:09Miranyour kidding, where?
15:39:19Miranok, so random then :D
15:40:58Hadakaapparently 4 AM
15:41:01HadakaLast-Modified: Sun, 18 Aug 2002 04:00:04 GMT
15:41:03HadakaLast-Modified: Sat, 17 Aug 2002 04:00:06 GMT
15:41:10HadakaLast-Modified: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 04:00:05 GMT
15:41:17Miranhummm, thats impressive, they work at night :)
15:41:24Hadakait's created by a script
15:41:30Hadakait's just that - a daily build
15:41:33Hadakanothing fancy
15:42:19Hadakasee the changelog to see when they work :)
15:42:36Miranhaha 5am
15:42:39Mirannot much better :)
15:42:41Hadaka"These are automated daily builds of the CVS code. They are not official releases, they are in fact almost guaranteed to not work properly!
15:43:14Hadakaanyway, I gotta go for now, bbl
15:43:16RdT|Falcat least better than the official archos
15:44:30 Quit Miran (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:44:56 Quit RdT|Falc ("When you look into the deep, the deep stares back at you. . .")
15:45:36 Join Miran [0] (
15:49:03 Join jmw [0] (
15:49:44 Join mistax [0] (mistaX@
15:51:05 Part mistax
15:58:47 Join mistax [0] (mistaX@
16:03:05*mistax has just found the /me feature
16:04:07 Nick Tumm is now known as Tebe (
16:04:21*Miran waves to Mistax
16:04:51*mistax dizzes miran =)
16:05:32*Miran prod
16:05:39*Miran *prod*
16:05:47*mistax changed hs mind and waves to Miran
16:06:12Miranvery wise :)
16:06:34*mistax wonders what prod means
16:06:50jmwyou wouldn't want to know
16:06:55Miranhehe, to prod, to poke
16:07:11*mistax gets it
16:07:43Miranif we find a bug with the daily build
16:07:48Miranwho do we complain to :)
16:08:36jmwemail the list or fill out a bug report
16:08:46*mistax thinks you complain to porhaps Zagor,Bagder,LinusN etc.
16:09:22Miranhumm, the site says not to fill out bug reports
16:09:35MiranI guess I'll have to see if someone from the project comes here
16:10:10jmwwhat's the bug that you found btw
16:10:20*mistax mistax says: you shouldn't report bug report on daily builds, u talk about them in the irc channel
16:10:55Miranits with the resume function, when you resume a song halfway through the timer resets
16:11:06jmwyeah that's a known issue
16:11:15Mirangood good :)
16:11:16jmwzagor is going to fix it.. it's on the list
16:12:04MiranIs this list seperate from the main one?
16:12:27jmwi didn't mean literally on a list...
16:12:41jmwbut when it was submitted, zagor listed the known issues and that was one of them
16:12:56Miranah I see :)
16:13:01jmwdo you like the resume function?
16:13:31Miranits great, though only on long tracks, such as 20min +
16:13:52MiranI like the way it asks you first
16:13:53jmwor audio books
16:14:02Mirandamned minidisks just jump stright in
16:14:35Miraninterestingly, for once, I have had to turn DOWN the bass :)
16:14:42MiranRockbox is too overpowering :)
16:15:12jmwyeah i like the way it doesn't distort so easily as the old firmware
16:15:19jmwyou can get some serious bass out of rockbox
16:15:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:15:43Miranhumm, there is one problem I heard, on exteme bass, it tends to wobble a bit
16:15:49mistaxwhat players u got?
16:16:11jmwphysically WOBBLE?
16:16:12Miranyeah, it doesn't seem to keep the note too well
16:16:19Miranthe note
16:16:19jmwoh i see
16:16:24mistaxmy player6k distorts a bit more on the rockbox then on archos fm
16:16:34jmwwell the recorder don't
16:16:39Miranthats an issue I believe
16:16:49Miranthey fixed it once :) then broke it again
16:16:56jmwyeah but i thoguht it was fixed it
16:17:36Miranah, another problem with resume :)
16:17:43Miranit resumed halfway through another song :)
16:17:57jmwyeah that was noted too... it does it sometimes
16:18:06jmwwere you playing a directory or a playlist?
16:18:10Mirandir only happens with dirs
16:18:27Mirantypical :)
16:18:45Miranpitty when you quit the resumed song, that it doesn't go to the dir which the song was in
16:18:58jmwyeah.. also noticed already ;)
16:19:18Miranlove of god :) why do I bother, hehe
16:19:54Miranah hah, a bug... the boxes screen saver isn't very inspiring :)
16:20:11jmwyeah i wondered what the purpose was ;) other than to save the screen i suppose
16:20:25Miranheh, thing is, to save it from what???
16:20:31jmwi kept waiting for something interesting to happen... but instead it started hypnotizing me
16:20:50MiranI thought it might have several boxes
16:20:58Miranand weird configurations
16:21:03jmwto save it well screen burn i guess, not that i've ever known that type of lcd to burn in
16:21:49Miranhehe, I think its somehting to play with
16:21:54Miranor something to brake
16:22:43Miranit would be really cool if they could get the recorder to record better then 160kbps...
16:22:57jmwthat's prolly a hardware restriction
16:23:02Miranif only to take the piss outa copyright companys
16:23:24jmwthe biggest prob with recording is the interference from the HDD
16:23:49Miranthats true with the microphone, its a great mic, but its ruined by the HDD
16:24:29jmwi took it to a concert... recorded it from my pocket. it didn't come out too great ;)
16:24:48jmwmy expectations were low though, luckily
16:24:54MiranOoo, I get noise coming up the headphone cord, even when its not playing...
16:25:01Miranthat known?
16:25:13jmwwhat kinda noise? distortion?
16:25:19jmwoh even when it's not playing?
16:25:26Miranits a very faint, hissing? something like that,
16:25:29Miranone sec, let me check
16:25:38jmwhmmm no, noise is supposed to be reduced even further w/rockbox that the original fm
16:25:50jmwsure it's not your headphones
16:26:03Miranactually, its only when the HD is active
16:26:23Miranmaybe its vibrations, rather then anyhting else
16:26:28jmwhmmm maybe.
16:26:34jmwwell that doesn't happen very often right
16:26:50jmwi wish we could up the ram in the thing so it can cache more
16:27:07jmwreduce hard disk spin
16:27:32jmwespecially with the price of ram these days...
16:27:45Miranyeah, I've been looking aruond for HDD with big buffers :D
16:28:13MiranI want a 60GB 9.5mm with a like a 50meg buffer and is shock proof :)
16:28:14jmwfound anything?
16:28:19Mirannot really
16:28:23Mirandoesn't seem to go above 2
16:28:29jmwi wonder why..
16:28:37Miranno need to go higher
16:28:42jmwram is so cheap... why couldn't they give it a 64mb buffer
16:29:03MiranI don't think theyt can use normal ram
16:29:15jmwi guess the problem with caching is you reduce the reliability in case of failure.. i mean data loss
16:29:23Miranhehe, try to fit a 168 pin dim in it :)
16:30:10jmweven laptop ram is pretty cheap these days
16:30:19jmwthat would fit in it :)
16:30:23Miranbut do HDD use laptop ram?
16:30:31Miranif so, why not fit it yourself :D
16:30:40Miranas long as the firmware supported it
16:30:42jmwno they don't.. but still
16:30:51jmwi wish they did
16:31:52Miranall well :)
16:31:57Miranthe solution
16:32:02Miranmake it run .ogg
16:32:08Miranlower your bitrates :)
16:32:46Mirananyone feel like breaking into the manufactorers and stealing the manual for coding the chip?
16:32:47jmwpersonally i wish it ran wma, half the size of mp3s
16:33:02Miranwma is no-where as good as ogg
16:33:05Miranwma lacks bass
16:33:18jmwi never had a problem with it!
16:33:22Miranthough its not as bad as Mp3Pro
16:33:44jmwdont think there's much hope for any other media formats though... it's all decoded on a chip
16:34:05Miranyeah thats what I thought, you could emulate it, but not on that 12-20mhz SH1..
16:34:42Miranwell, I reconn you could do it, but I don't think its going to happen :(
16:35:01jmwi doubt it
16:35:18jmwwe were talking yesterday about whether it would be easy to construct the archos hardware from scratch.. because nothing is proprietary
16:35:29Miranprobably could
16:35:31jmwif so, maybe someone would do that... and add other decoders too
16:35:31Mirananother bug
16:35:37Miransong stops for no reason :)
16:35:44Miranthe song continues
16:35:49Miranbut there is no music
16:35:53jmwyeah.. when did that happen?
16:35:55jmwi saw that with 1.2
16:35:55Miranjust now
16:36:05jmwcan you stop it?
16:36:18Miranits working again now
16:36:26Miranit went weird at the end of a song
16:36:32Miranas soon as it hit the next song
16:36:34Miranworks again
16:36:55Miranthe time was long then the total time :)
16:37:01Miranit over ran
16:37:06jmwhmm really
16:38:00Miranregardless, its better then the Archos FW, unless I need to record something...
16:38:30jmwhow many times has that 'stopping in the middle of the song' thing happened to you
16:38:40Miranat the moment, just once
16:39:07jmwif you replay the same song... does it stop again at the same place?
16:39:22jmwhow long was it playing before it did that?
16:39:32jmwhow many songs did it play
16:39:38Miranabout 3mins and 38
16:39:44Miranof a 3min 40 song :)
16:39:52jmwjust one song? that's all you played?
16:40:03MiranI'm going through an album
16:40:14jmwso how many songs from that album played prior to that song
16:40:19jmwjust want to clarify ;)
16:40:46jmwstrange.. i've only ever seen it 'hang' on a song after it was playing like 20 songs
16:40:51jmwnever from just one song
16:41:24Miranstrikes me as running out of buffer
16:41:36jmwyeah it does
16:41:44jmwbut it should catch that... there's an irq for it
16:42:13Miranexplain it then :)
16:43:23 Join dfg [0] (
16:43:23Miranits done it again
16:43:27jmwthat c code is a bit hairy it doesn't surprise me there'd be bugs ;)
16:43:54Mirantrack 4
16:44:05jmwsame track?
16:44:15Miranno, track 4, instead of 2
16:44:38Mirandoesn't last very long
16:44:55jmwit starts again by itself?
16:45:07jmwsounds like buffer underrun
16:45:08Miranyeah, it crashs into the next track
16:45:16jmwmaybe you need to defrag the hard disk
16:45:32MiranI'm gonna format it and change the cluster size :)
16:45:39Miranreduce HD spin up time
16:45:43Miranthing is...
16:45:56MiranI'm going to get this thing replaced because of the buttons,
16:46:01jmwdo you have the original HDD in it?
16:46:08jmwwhat's wrong with the buttons?
16:46:15Hadakaanyone ever turned an archos unit in for repairs?
16:46:16Miranthe one to go right is dead
16:46:18jmwyou gotta recorder right
16:46:32Miranmy only 6k died and I got this
16:46:44MiranHDD errors
16:46:48jmwcouldn't reformat?
16:46:50Miranand major skipping
16:47:02HadakaI think I need to return this unit
16:47:08Mirangood thing is...
16:47:08jmwhadaka.. what's up with it
16:47:16Hadakabad power connections
16:47:27Miranthey don't stock the 6bg recorder, so I'll get a better one :)
16:47:37Miranyeah, my Recorders also got charging probs
16:47:44jmwit IS?
16:47:50jmwhow long have you had it?
16:47:55jmwwhy don't i have these problems ;)
16:48:06HadakaI don't have charging problems
16:48:10Miranerm, nearly a year
16:48:21Mirangood thing I have a 3 year warrenty :)
16:48:23jmwwhat kinda charging problems
16:48:24 Quit mistax ()
16:48:26Miranhopefully keep getting upgrades
16:48:35Miranit doesn't charge sometimes or stops halfway through
16:48:41HadakaI have a physical connection problem with the battery power if I bend the unit a bit, I can get contact - and then not - and it's not about the battery springs
16:49:24jmwmiran.. you should use the deep charging option in rockbox.. so it only charges from empty
16:49:51Miranah, but it doesn't charge sometimes, when the plug is inserted
16:50:00jmwdoes it say its charging?
16:50:04MiranI think some of the internals might have overheated or fried or something
16:50:14jmwthat sounds like a connection problem
16:50:21Miranmost likely
16:50:39jmwso even if you switch it off it doesn't charge?
16:50:42Mirananyway, its a great excuse to go down to the shop and get a free upgrade :)
16:50:46Miransometimes it does
16:50:49jmwi suppose
16:50:50Miransometimes it doesn't
16:51:25jmwwhat will you upgrade to?
16:51:47Miranwell, either Recorder 10 or 20, depends what they have in stock :)
16:51:57jmwbut i thought you have a recorder already
16:51:58Mirantime for some recon I think
16:52:02Miranyeah, 6GB
16:52:06jmwoh i see
16:52:08jmwthe older one..
16:52:21jmwi got a rec 20
16:52:22Miranit was a replacement for my 6k
16:54:16 Quit dfg (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:57:50 Join PiotR [0] (
16:58:26Miranits done it again
16:58:41Mirantrack 8
16:58:42jmwman you're having a bad rockbox day huh
16:58:44Mirannear the end again
16:58:48Miranjust a bit :(
16:58:58jmwthis is on the daily build?
16:59:00jmwmaybe you should go back
16:59:25Miranbut I want the extra features :)
16:59:42jmwat the price of not being able to listen to music? ;)
17:00:17Miranwell... I'm not too pandantic if I want to be, I live with a non-charging, non-button working box after all :)
17:01:08Miranif there is a god, they will upgrade me to a jukebox recorder 20 :)
17:01:17Miranand give me a USB 2.0 pci card :)
17:01:32jmwwhere'd you get it
17:01:50Miranif you know it
17:01:56 Join dfg [0] (
17:02:18jmwah in jolly old england?
17:02:25Miranof course :)
17:02:39jmwi'm in NY.. but i'm british.. haven't heard the name dixons for years ;)
17:02:50Miranhehe, its a nice feeling isn't it :)
17:02:57Miranbring back the homeland
17:03:52jmwdixons always kinda sucked though, too small
17:04:06jmwit's often the only choice in small towns in the uk though right
17:04:08jmwwhere do you live?
17:04:14MiranLeighton Buzzard
17:04:22Miranabout 40 miles north of london
17:04:25Mirannear Milton Keynes
17:04:26jmwah okay
17:04:47MiranIf your hearing this Dixons of Milton Keynes....
17:04:51MiranI want a new jukebox :)
17:05:07Miranand I have a 3 year warrenty and a large pair of lungs :)
17:05:26jmwthey open on sunday?
17:05:49Mirannot sure,
17:06:03Miranbut I'm not going to do, feeling far too lazy
17:09:02 Nick Miran is now known as Miran-brb-Shower (
17:14:48 Join Joshua [0] (
17:15:11 Nick Joshua is now known as Jet8810 (
17:15:18Jet8810how come rockbox doesnt save your settings?
17:15:27Jet8810after you turn it off and back on, all esttings lost!
17:15:32jmwthe latest build does
17:15:37jmwwait for 1.3, it'll have it
17:16:30Jet8810how much longer till 1.3 is out for download/public beta?
17:16:40jmwfew days i believe
17:17:19Jet8810what other new features are in 1.3?
17:18:12Jet8810how about fast forward/rewind?
17:20:10jmwyeah that too
17:20:58Jet8810i take it your one of the developers?
17:21:37jmwi'm writing some stuff for it, not one of the main developers though
17:22:15jmwbest way to keep up to date is to subscribe to the mailing list
17:23:21Jet8810yea just joined
17:24:37Jet8810thi sis strange
17:24:50Hadakahey, what's the serial number on these units?
17:24:51jmwwhat is
17:24:51Jet8810if i put shuffle on, and find a song and hit play it picks a random that the normal operation?
17:24:57Hadakaor where
17:25:07Jet8810because I would think you could pick a song you want
17:25:09jmwjet.. yeah right now that's the way it works. a lot of people have complained about it
17:25:14Jet8810then if you hit next it would shuffle
17:25:19Jet8810heh ok, ill add to the complaint :)
17:25:22Jet88101.3? or not yet?
17:25:30jmwi don't think anyone addressed that yet
17:25:45Jet8810cant be that hard to fix
17:25:56Jet8810rockbox is a lot better then archos
17:26:05Jet8810rockbox is a lot better then archos os but still needs lots of work
17:26:13jmwyes of course
17:26:15Jet8810as soon as I got my archos i "installed" it :)
17:26:48Jet8810who should I email with this suggestion?
17:26:55 Nick Miran-brb-Shower is now known as Miran (
17:28:41Hadakathe mailing list
17:30:46MiranIts amazing how fast this project is moving, when compared to say, the emulation scene :)
17:31:45jmwtheres a lot of incentive... even developers need music ;)
17:32:01Jet8810heh yea
17:32:09Jet8810especially since archos os SUCKS
17:32:20Miranits no soo bad
17:32:24Miranno = not
17:33:16jmwyou would say that after it kept hanging on your songs Miran :)
17:33:32Miranwell... :)
17:33:46Miranthe whole unit is what I expect from the french :)
17:33:57Miranespecially the buttons..
17:35:13Miranhumm, was I the only one, who when squishing the bumper and finding the unit turn off, thought it was a feature :)
17:35:43jmwhmm doesn't do it for mine
17:36:09MiranI thought it was part of the emergency head parking system
17:36:33jmwmy laptop does that if you tap the back of it
17:36:52jmwparks the heads switches off automatically
17:36:58jmwjust as well, i keep dropping it
17:37:00Miranuseful :)
17:37:19Miranso, what part are you coding exactly then jmw?
17:37:36jmwsearching, keyboard entry
17:37:55MiranOo searching, what do you mean by keyboard entry
17:38:08jmwwell you gotta type in what you're searching for ;)
17:38:50Mirantrue true, so your replace the *amazing* archos version, with something more... easy
17:39:06jmwwell i think it's better
17:39:18jmwthat'll really be for others to decide ;)
17:40:07Miranhow near is your project to completion?
17:40:08jmwat the moment you can search either the entire hard disk (which doesn't help the batteries) or within the loaded playlist (which is much faster and easier on the hard disk)
17:40:57jmwi'll submit the recorder version today hopefully, the player version next week... it's up to zagor when it goes in...
17:41:32 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:41:38Miranah okie doke, feel like coding a full picture graphic equaliser when your done? heheheh
17:42:04jmwthat would be nice wouldn't it
17:42:11jmwbut then you lose the granularity that you get righ tnow
17:42:15 Join Jet8810 [0] (
17:43:18jmwbut you could have both options.. or just display to a certain granularity, but move finer than that or something
17:43:52Miranhumm, you know the firmware has a limit of 200k
17:44:04jmwwe're nowhere near that yet ;)
17:44:07Mirando you think it would be possible to have more code, say in a different file on the HDD or something?
17:44:14Miranthat would be nice :)
17:44:25jmwyeah we've talked about paging and DLls and such.. there's a lot of issues though
17:45:07Miranoh dear... humm, could you use the harddisk as say Virtual memory?
17:45:16jmwyeah that's what i meant by paging
17:45:24Miranoh, soz, can't read :)
17:45:57Miranbecause if you could get it to play different file types, then the jukebox shouldn't die so quickly :)
17:46:03 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:46:34 Join Jet8810 [0] (
17:47:14jmwyeah.. it's a little more complicated though
17:47:57MiranI was under the impression it used a hardware decoder for the mp3's, so, no real chance of changing it
17:48:03jmwit can only play mp3, so we'd have to convert it into mp3.. that means having an XXX decoder and an MP3 encoder... i haven't investigated but i don't think we have enough control to do that
17:48:43Miranhumm, the recorder might be able to
17:48:48jmwno real chance.. unless someone can write a super compact and fast encoder/decoder
17:48:51Miranwith its built in hardware decoder
17:48:58Miranencoder even
17:49:16jmwbut i think it's all done in hardware.. i don't think we can get a stream of raw audio and send it to the encoder
17:49:28jmwbut i'm not that familiar with the recording part yet
17:49:56Miranall well, things for the future :)
17:50:07Jet8810dude i hate lilo :)
17:50:38 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:50:57 Join Jet8810 [0] (~Joshua@
17:51:17 Join edx [0] (
17:51:32MiranJust thought of a new feature, a little warning box that tells you when your deafening yourself and your not realising, that and a coffee maker
17:52:22Miranhey, do you think we could add a gameboy feature?
17:52:35jmwwell it has tetris and sokoban ;)
17:52:41jmwi wanna port doom
17:52:46Miranhell yeah
17:52:53Miranwhat is sokaban btw?
17:53:04jmwyou move boxes around to free exits n stuff
17:53:09jmwnot very thrilling ;)
17:53:10Hadakasokoban is a puzzle game
17:53:11Jet8810can ya get the tetris on studio?
17:53:24MiranOoo, we need ping on it :)
17:53:29MiranPong even..
17:53:31jmwno.. it doesn't have the right kind of display
17:53:34 Quit edx (Remote closed the connection)
17:53:48Jet8810lol jmw
17:53:54jmwstudio sucks if you ask me
17:54:08Jet8810heh why?
17:54:15Miranthe display...
17:54:19jmwdisplay is too small!
17:54:23Jet8810i thought the 6000 had the sucky display
17:54:35jmwand no pixels!
17:54:44Jet8810recorder has a bigger screen?
17:54:47Jet8810how much is the 20 gig one?
17:55:04Hadakathe recorder has a full pixel based display which is very nice
17:55:07jmw$280 if you're lucky
17:55:12Jet8810i dont get it
17:55:18Miran$0 if you under warrenty
17:55:25Jet8810i had bestbuy warrantee
17:55:29Jet8810paid $230 for my old one
17:55:35Jet8810so i upgraded for $70 to the 20 gig archos
17:55:35Hadakathere's so many things better in the recorder
17:55:37Jet8810i saw this one
17:55:42Jet8810i didnt know if there would be another one
17:55:46Jet8810saw this, looked the same
17:55:49Jet8810figured good
17:56:11Jet8810i got the wrong one
17:56:12DBUGEnqueued KICK Jet8810
17:56:32Jet8810they were the same price too according to their site
17:56:34Jet8810wait though
17:56:40Jet8810says recorder isnt available for in store pickup
17:56:44Jet8810so maybe they dont have it in stores?
17:56:49Miranthey do
17:56:56Miranbut they keep it elsewhere
17:56:57Hadakaheh - bet 'cha thought "I don't need recording, so I can get a studio."?
17:56:58MiranI found
17:57:08Jet8810i just saw 20 gb archos
17:57:12Jet8810didnt think there was any difference
17:57:20Jet8810didnt even see the other model
17:57:36jmwbig difference
17:57:39Jet8810same price too
17:57:54Jet8810oh well
17:57:57Jet8810not a big deal
17:57:57Miranpersonally I think the recorder looks cooler :)
17:58:03Jet8810nah i like the looks of this one :)
17:58:16Jet8810the only thing I really lose is lines on the display right?
17:58:46Mirancompared to the 6k the recorder has better sound quality, same with the S20?
17:58:52jmwand recording of course... plus it has RTC ram (not that you'd care)
18:00:02Jet8810well sound quality on this is awesome
18:00:20Mirananother bug :)
18:00:42Miranresume function returns to the first song in the dir instead of play the right bit of the right track :)
18:00:50Jet8810rtc ram...? faster?
18:01:12jmwnot really.. just makes it easier to store the settings for developers
18:02:00Jet8810alright not a huge deal
18:03:46Hadakathe charging difference is nice as well
18:04:06Hadakaand I'm not sure - does the studio 20 have digital line out/in?
18:04:17Hadakaoh and recorder 20 has USB2.0, studio 20 doesn't
18:04:23Jet8810it does
18:04:30Jet8810holy shit
18:04:36Jet8810studio 20 is usgb 2.0?
18:04:45Hadakarecorder 20 is USB2.0
18:04:55Hadakaouchie :)
18:04:59Jet8810cuz i was planning on getting the usb 2.0 version
18:05:04Jet8810anybody want the card?
18:05:07Jet8810ill sell it
18:05:14Jet8810brand new sealed in box :)
18:05:27Hadakaget a recorder 20 instead ;)
18:05:33Jet8810well put it this way
18:05:43Jet8810and go back to nbestbuy and screw twith them again?
18:05:43HadakaI don't have a computer right now to stick that card into
18:08:38Hadakapuuh, I wonder what I should do with this unit
18:15:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:16:02 Join Zagor [0] (
18:16:54MiranIf you had full charged a jukebox and it only gives out around 3-4 hours of play, are the batts or unit faulty?
18:17:00Miranfull = fully
18:17:22Zagorhow did you charge them?
18:17:35Miranusing Jukebox charger
18:17:42Miranstandard way
18:17:48Zagorfor how long?
18:17:53Miranover night
18:18:08Zagorsounds like batteries or bad contact somewhere
18:18:24Miranhumm, okie doke :)
18:18:42MiranOh btw, great job with the firmware
18:18:46Miranif that is really you
18:18:50Zagoryup, that's me
18:18:58Zagorthanks :)
18:19:16Miranthe resume has some interesting... features :)
18:19:38 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:19:39Zagormore than the bugs I listed?
18:19:44Miranbut I really love the way it asks you wherether you want to resume or not
18:19:48Miranahh, where is the list :)
18:19:55Zagorthe mailing list
18:19:58Miranah I see
18:20:06Miranthen I will keep quite until I review it :)
18:20:13Miranquiet even
18:21:01jmwzagor.. when do you think 1.3 will be out
18:22:34jmwthe listed issues were:
18:22:36Zagorperhaps next weeks
18:22:36jmw - In some special occations it resumes to the wrong track. Unclear why.
18:22:36jmw - On mid-track resume, time starts at 0:00 instead of mid-track.
18:22:36jmw - Ffwd/rew does not advance the resume position
18:23:24Zagorwhen ffwd/rew and resume works "good enough", 1.3 is released
18:23:36Zagor(and after we've verified that for a few days :)
18:23:37 Join edx [0] (
18:23:43 Quit edx (Client Quit)
18:25:40 Join Joshua [0] (~Joshua@
18:25:48Joshuado the jukebox studio 20 models overcharge?
18:25:53Joshuaor do they stop charging when the battery is full?'
18:25:55 Nick Joshua is now known as Jet8810 (~Joshua@
18:26:12Zagorstudios overcharge, as far as we know
18:26:27 Join edx [0] (
18:26:33Mirando the 6k's overcharge?
18:26:33 Quit edx (Client Quit)
18:26:38 Join Schmoo2k [0] (
18:26:38Jet8810so im toasting my unit?
18:26:51Jet8810so what, I got to unplug it after the right amount of time?
18:26:52ZagorMiran: yes. only recorder can shut off charging by itself
18:27:06Miranmy old 6k used to stop recharging....
18:27:12Jet8810what happens if i leave it plugged it and it overcharges?
18:27:13MiranI thought it was on a timer or something
18:27:16Zagoryes, you should unplug it when it's ready
18:27:28Zagorit's not *that* bad, but also not optimal
18:27:49Jet8810well i have left it in peretty much straight fot the past 20 hours
18:27:54ZagorMiran: it says "Charging ready" because the batteries are full but it doesn't stop...
18:28:01Jet8810w/e i got the bestbuy warrantee
18:28:10Miranah right, that explains the problenm
18:28:10Jet8810what does it say on studios when its done?
18:28:26Jet8810cuz mine comes up says battery charge...then says battery charging...
18:28:49ZagorStudios and 6k are the same firmware. I think they say "Battery charged".
18:29:11 Quit Schmoo2k (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:29:27Jet8810i got rockbox firmware :)
18:30:01Jet8810alright well it says battery charging, so ill leave it plugged in
18:30:12 Join edx [0] (
18:30:19 Quit edx (Client Quit)
18:30:23Jet8810how bad would the effects be though if I left it plugged in over the time constantly?
18:30:52ZagorI don't know. Batteries are a black art...
18:30:57Jet8810heh true
18:31:00 Join Electrocut [0] (
18:31:11Jet8810cuz i mean i dont want to have to say alright, 6 hours from now unplug it, not a minute off!
18:31:49Hadakadid you get two sets of batteries with your unit?
18:31:51Jet8810ugh im so pissed, got studio instead of recorder and they were same price...
18:32:10Jet8810not to mentino i got the usb 2.0 pci lol
18:32:12jmwzagor.. what's the max size i could allocate on the stack on this thing
18:32:44 Join edx [0] (
18:32:48Zagorjmw: not much, we run very small stacks. use the heap (i.e. a global static) if you want something big.
18:32:50 Quit edx (Client Quit)
18:33:19jmwoh and i have another question... you removed heap calls in most places to free 128k right
18:33:31Zagorall places. we don't even include malloc any more.
18:33:32jmwwas the 128k just because the heap was inefficient.. or because there was a big overhead
18:33:44Zagorno the 128k *was* the heap... :-)
18:33:48jmwright so as soon as i use the heap, i'm introducing a big overhead?
18:33:59Zagorno, sorry. i'm mixing the terms.
18:34:16Zagoryou can't use malloc, since we've removed it.
18:34:33jmwyou even took out the files from cvs?
18:34:38Jet8810if the batteries could overcharge you would think archos would put something in the manual
18:34:47Miranmyabe they didn't know
18:34:49Zagoruse a global static, it can be any size you want. it will be allocated by the linker compile-time and simply "steal" from the mp3 buffer (which gets everything that's left)
18:35:06Jet8810come on, they made it!
18:35:09Zagorjmw: no the files are still there, we just dont link with them
18:35:37jmwzagor.. ok this is for holding search results, and another for the buffer when searching playlists. i don't want them around ALL the time, so not static
18:35:50jmwand the stack is too small?
18:36:06Zagorthe stack in most threads is 1k. main thread is 4k I think
18:36:25jmwlemme calculate it
18:36:25Zagorhow big do you want?
18:36:37jmwhow big is the MAX_PATH these days
18:37:10jmwwell i wanted to display 20 results... guess i can't..
18:37:26jmwit would be a waste to have it static
18:38:31jmwwell some people will never search
18:38:45jmwothers with an unstructured hard disk will search often
18:38:55Zagoruse a global for now, we can optimise later
18:39:00jmwthat's why dynamic memory is useful
18:39:05jmw(getting back to that argument :)
18:39:27jmwbut you're right, we can optimize it later.
18:39:27Zagorbut dynamic memory requires a statically allocated heap, which is even more waste when nobody is using it
18:39:44jmwyeah but if everything pulls out of the heap, then it's not such a big deal is it?
18:39:55jmwthe only thing we'd have to worry about is fragmentation
18:40:16Zagorand having enough ram. we've been through this already, malloc does not help.
18:40:19jmwif the mp3 cache could resize
18:41:22 Join schmoo [0] (~gordon@
18:41:56jmwi know i know... big playlists meaning smaller cache, runningn a search compromising playlist size...
18:42:25schmoojmw: allowing nested playlists might be away around...
18:42:31jmwalthough i really think the advantages outweigh the drawbacks
18:42:45jmwshmoo... i'm not moaning about playlist restrictions again ;)
18:43:00jmw10k playlist is plenty for 20Gb
18:43:22jmwi just wanna temporarily allocate some ram, but can't coz malloc has been withdrawn
18:44:46Zagorso you're saying we shouldn't be allow searching while playing a playlist, or?
18:45:33jmwno.. but it could shrink the mp3 cache by 10k while it's displaying the results?
18:45:48 Join edx [0] (
18:45:55 Quit edx (Client Quit)
18:46:34jmwalso.. we should impose that stack limit in the simulator... isnt there a linker option for that
18:48:32Zagora problem is that SH-7034 and i386 stacks frames are not the same size, so the stack limit can't be set the same
18:48:59jmwright, but like i said.. can't you set the stack limit in the linker?
18:50:10jmwyou put something like /STACK:xxxx in MS's compiler
18:50:13jmwlinker even
18:51:07jmwor maybe i misunderstood what you said
18:52:17Zagormaybe we can, but that would not catch the bugs. the two architectures use different amount of stacks, by design.
18:52:52Zagorthey have different numbers of registers, different addressing modes etc.
18:53:04jmwtrue enough
18:53:17jmwit might catch some of the biggies, like allocating 10k buffers
18:53:33Zagortrue. we could have 2x size in simulators
18:56:07jmwhow much space do we take up storing the playlist indices... i was wondering if we could just shuffle the playlist on disk in the future and remove that overhead
18:56:23 Quit PiotR ("No tengo remedio, solo nombre y apodo")
18:58:11Hadakaimplement swapping and you won't have memory problems
18:59:22Hadakaany ideas how I could make sure that the battery contact is as good as it can be on my archos?
19:10:43jmwzagor: another idea.. maybe a workaround to the dynamic allocation problem would be to have a mini-heap IN the mpeg cache, that's temporary and allocated stack-like. it might have to wait to stop playing the section that's required for allocation, but if used carefully that might not be a problem
19:13:00 Quit Electrocut (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:13:31 Quit Miran ("Its not that you do not see, it is mearly that your eyes do not perceive")
19:19:48 Join edx [0] (
19:20:10 Quit edx (Client Quit)
19:34:37 Join aakil [0] (~anon@
19:51:49 Join PiotR [0] (
19:51:57 Join Miran [0] (
20:01:53 Join Miran-2 [0] (
20:02:10Miran-2anyone feel like kicking a ghost?
20:08:37 Quit aakil (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:11:23 Quit jmw ("brb")
20:14:52 Quit Miran-2 ("Its not that you do not see, it is mearly that your eyes do not perceive")
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20:18:29 Join Norrin [0] (
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20:21:51 Part Norrin
20:44:13 Quit fragglet ("Reconnecting")
20:44:15 Join fragglet [0] (
20:45:37 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
20:59:52 Quit dfg ("Client Exiting")
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21:05:30 Part Lear
21:17:08 Join Snorlax [0] (
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21:22:18 Join Jet8810 [0] (
21:35:10 Join aakil [0] (
21:38:33 Join pyvasene [0] (~pyvasene@
21:51:31 Quit datazone (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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22:26:51 Quit schmoo (Remote closed the connection)
22:38:23 Join nsauzede [0] (
22:38:23 Quit Snorlax (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:40:52nsauzedehi all
22:44:24nsauzedeanyone online ?
22:49:45 Quit nsauzede ()
22:51:27 Join BoD[] [0] (
22:51:41BoD[]hello !
23:12:25 Join jmw [0] (
23:24:21 Join bmidy [0] (bmidy@
23:24:24bmidyhi all
23:24:52bmidycould someone say me if the mid-song resume works on the recorder ?
23:25:26jmwit does with the latest build
23:25:56bmidyI've the both player and recorder and the mid-song resume only works for the player ! and it displays always 00:00 when i do a resume !! it does not update the time correctly
23:26:18jmwthe time thing is a known issue
23:26:24jmwbut it should still play
23:26:29jmwit doesn't resume on the recorder?
23:26:47jmwi'd be surprised, the guy who wrote it has a recorder
23:26:49bmidybut ehere is the last build that works i already try all the build available fron the site
23:27:20jmwdid you build it yourself?
23:27:49bmidyjmw: and you on which do you test it ? player or recorder
23:28:15bmidyno i will try to build it myself now
23:39:06 Join aakil [0] (
23:40:52Jet8810HD ERROR
23:40:59Jet8810i got to open op my unit to fix this now?
23:42:24 Quit pyvasene ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.1")
23:42:24bmidyi think u could fix it through the usb port under linux , isn t it ?
23:42:44Jet8810heh i dont have linux :)
23:43:08Jet8810why cant nybody write this driver usb fix for windows?
23:43:27Jet8810how hard can it be?
23:43:41bmidyno idea
23:43:51Jet8810shit dude
23:43:56Jet8810so ill have to install linux then
23:44:04Jet8810cuz i dont trust myself opening this up, and linux seems easier
23:44:46bmidyJet8810: do u try the mid-song resume ?
23:45:57 Join rwood [0] (
23:46:20Jet8810i didnt do anything to make this happen
23:46:22Jet8810turned it off
23:46:26Jet8810left it charging
23:46:33Jet8810when i came back 2 hours later says HD ERRO
23:46:39bmidyoh seems strange
23:47:52bmidybut i di ve read in the faq that sometimes appears with the archos firmware too ! so it must appears like this
23:48:11Jet8810in archos firmware too?
23:48:12Jet8810shit dude
23:48:30bmidyyes see it in the faq at the rockbox site
23:48:38Jet8810i spent the past day sending over my 11 gigs of pmp3s via a usb 1.1 connection
23:48:43Jet8810i have a bestbuy warrantee...
23:48:54Jet8810ill just take it back to them and get a new one
23:49:01Jet8810hjell, maybe i can pull off switching it for a recorder!
23:49:49 Quit rwood (Client Quit)
23:49:51 Join Miran [0] (~dani@
23:50:25jmwjet.. if you get hd error, just run chkdsk on it from windows
23:51:25Miranif, even after doing a through scan disk, you still get HDD Errors, your jukebox is terminal :(
23:51:36jmwconnect it to the pc using the usb then run chkdsk even
23:51:48jmwmiran.. pessimistic git! :)
23:52:56Miranits true!
23:53:02MiranI did a million on mine
23:53:10Miranhad to put it down :)
23:53:55Miranthough mine keeps cutting the ends of songs off
23:54:00Miranwell, thats my fault
23:54:05jmwwhy is that your fault
23:54:15MiranI'm using Daily Rockbox builds..
23:54:31jmwthey shouldnt be THAT unstable
23:54:48Miranthis one is :) it has the music stopping problen
23:54:55Miranbut the player continues
23:55:20Jet8810jmw, NO
23:55:23Jet8810bestbuy shall deal with this
23:55:28Jet8810i may be able to pull off getting a recorder
23:55:34jmwyou may not
23:55:39Miranyour still debating this?
23:55:40Miran :)
23:56:03jmwso this HD error.. was deliberate? you whacked it or something?
23:56:38 Quit bmidy ()
23:57:45 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))

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