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#rockbox log for 2002-08-19

00:00:43Mirananyone here realise that oxygen free cords are a joke?
00:01:08Miranalthough fun to squeeze
00:01:32jmwoxygen free cords?
00:01:35BoD[]what are oxygen free cords ?
00:02:44Miranyou know the cable that runs from headphone/ear piece
00:02:48Miranto the plug at the end?
00:03:05Miranyou can get ones that have a vacume
00:03:11jmwhow does that help
00:03:27Miranit doesn't :) like much hi fi equipment, its a total farse
00:03:52jmwwell what does it CLAIM..
00:04:12Miranoh, lower resistance, improves sound :)
00:04:20jmwanyone else watching the next generation marathon on TNN?
00:04:28BoD[]i live in france
00:04:35jmwi take that as a no
00:04:42BoD[]right ;))
00:05:02BoD[]I have CNN though
00:05:25BoD[]but it's not the same CNN as in the us I believe, it's "CNN world" or something
00:05:50jmwjust because it has two Ns in it, doesn't mean it's any more likely to be showing star trek either ;)
00:06:13jmwCNN sucks for one reason... the AOL adverts.
00:06:21jmwAOL is evil and must be destroyed
00:06:25BoD[]ahah :)
00:06:34fraggletcnn is owned by aol
00:06:46BoD[]yes that's true
00:06:47jmwi know
00:07:17jmwi'd rather watch We than CNN
00:07:23BoD[]is Universal a famous company in the us ?
00:07:30jmwyeah it is
00:07:37jmwuniversal studios and all that
00:07:58BoD[]just to know.. cause in france it's big
00:08:16BoD[]and they say they are in a bad situation, they may be have bankrupt soon
00:08:38jmwfragglet... do you have anything to do with fraggle rock
00:08:58jmwbod.. accounting scandel?
00:09:19BoD[]well no
00:09:33BoD[]but their hmm
00:10:04BoD[]are very low
00:10:09jmwoh i see
00:10:11jmwdo you have any?
00:10:23BoD[]nop :)
00:10:39jmwnothing worth investing in these days
00:10:51jmwmarket's too dodgy
00:11:24BoD[]that's true
00:11:47BoD[]but anyway i dont like this principle
00:12:53BoD[]hey the other day my archos fell from about 2 meters
00:12:59BoD[]and no hurt
00:13:11jmwwas it on at the time?
00:13:53jmwbut the hard disk wasn't spinning right
00:14:18BoD[]hmmm I'm not sure, it was playing music
00:14:37jmwit only spins like 2 times per song.. and each spin is only like 5 seconds
00:14:46jmwso probably not.. and that probably saved your hard disk :)
00:14:53Miranhardest drop I've down, is 1.5 meters, onto marble stairs
00:14:56Miranworks fine :)
00:15:01Mirandown = done
00:15:05CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
00:15:05*Miran can't spell
00:15:07BoD[]i'm lucky
00:15:15jmwdid you stomp on it afterwards?
00:15:21BoD[] aha :)
00:15:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
00:15:54jmwi've never dropped it. of course now i say that i bet i'll drop it tomorrow
00:16:43jmwmarble stairs are expensive
00:17:10*jmw was shopping for marble last weekend
00:18:03BoD[]murphy's law
00:18:15Miranthey wern't my stairs :(
00:18:25jmwa hotel?
00:18:37BoD[]well I was shopping for plastic floor ... even that is expensive
00:18:43jmwah. who else would have that much money, but those who steal it from you ;)
00:19:02MiranWell, good thing about banks, they won't go bankrupt :)
00:28:48jmwanyone seen those new sprint phones that have color LCD displays?
00:29:29BoD[]I have a gsm phone with color display
00:29:43jmwwho makes it
00:29:45BoD[]and "real sound" ringing
00:29:58jmwwhy do you have a gsm phone... aren't those for traveling around the world
00:29:59BoD[]it's the my x5
00:30:20BoD[]well no all the cell phone are gsm here
00:30:53BoD[]yes :)
00:44:02 Quit Miran ("Its not that you do not see, it is mearly that your eyes do not perceive")
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01:05:15 Join datazone [0] ([4FrzzWPOo@
01:08:53 Join Jet8810 [0] (
01:09:03Jet8810got back from bestbuy
01:09:06Jet8810took them an hour
01:09:20jmwgot a recorder?
01:09:22Jet8810its 7 here, i was there till 6:45 and they close at 6...
01:09:30Jet8810they dont have them in stores
01:09:30jmwgot a player?
01:09:33Jet8810just online for ordering
01:09:41Jet8810so studio 20gb again
01:09:47Jet8810so they tol dme though
01:09:49Jet8810if i want recorder
01:09:53Jet8810must order online
01:09:57Jet8810return this one
01:10:01Jet8810and ill get credit or something
01:10:04Jet8810screw that
01:10:24Jet8810so opening up box reason not to break sealing...right?
01:10:34Jet8810and dude, i am now scared to reinstall rockbox os
01:10:39Jet8810cuz it could very likely happen again
01:10:44jmwrockbox won't do anything bad
01:10:53jmwi'd be more worried about the archos firmware :)
01:10:56Jet8810HD ERROR
01:11:03Jet8810well already locked my ahrd drive
01:11:05jmwdon't think that was rockbox
01:11:17Jet8810it said the HD error that everybody speaks so lowly of
01:11:30jmwmtv2 music video awards SUCKS.. what has happened to mtv
01:11:44jmwwell how old was your player
01:11:58Jet88101 day
01:12:02Jet8810maybe 1 1/2
01:12:07jmwmusta been faulty
01:12:12Jet8810why do you say so?
01:12:21Jet8810transfered all my mp3s
01:12:26Jet8810all played great
01:12:29jmwnever known it to go wrong after 1 day ;)
01:12:37Jet8810left it to charge
01:12:40Jet8810came back HD error
01:12:51Jet8810is there a slight noise when you turn the unit on?
01:12:55Jet8810or might that be a clue?
01:13:37jmwwell only the hard disk noise
01:14:02Jet8810thats what i meant
01:14:13Jet8810i may use archso firmware for a little and see if its bearable
01:14:55jmwcould do
01:15:07jmwrockbox really didn't cause the probs though, i'm sure :)
01:15:42 Join rwood [0] (
01:16:23 Quit rwood (Client Quit)
01:16:35Jet8810i am not sure though
01:16:40Jet8810it is a oknown bug with rockbox
01:16:47jmwHD error?
01:16:49jmwsays who
01:17:00Jet8810the faq
01:17:45jmwhmmm where
01:17:49jmwlemme see
01:17:50Jet8810different error message
01:18:39Jet8810. I tried one of your firmware files and now I can't access my harddisk!
01:18:40Jet8810 When I turn on my jukebox, it says:
01:18:40Jet8810 Part. Error
01:18:40DBUGEnqueued KICK Jet8810
01:18:40Jet8810 Pls Chck HD
01:18:42Jet8810i got HD Error
01:20:22jmwthat's because of the hard disk getting password protected... it's not the same as HD Error
01:20:31Jet8810perhaps your right
01:20:33jmwgetting an HD Error is *not* a known issue
01:20:41jmwpassword protected HD is easy to get around
01:21:01Jet8810gotta open up unit and shit
01:21:04Jet8810unless you have linux
01:21:09Jet8810more a reason to install linux i suppose
01:21:27Jet8810do ya have a mandrake iso by any chance?
01:21:34Jet8810(dcc is far faster then ftp download)
01:22:07jmwmandrake? doubt it..
01:22:15jmwgot win2k here
01:22:29Jet8810could ya dcc that to me/?
01:22:35Jet8810upgrade or full version?
01:22:47jmwfull version
01:22:53jmwyou want me to DCC WINDOWS 2000 TO YOU??!!!
01:22:59Jet8810lol how big is the file?
01:23:01jmwcrazy fool
01:23:06Jet8810i am on dsl
01:23:07BoD[]ahhaa :)
01:23:12jmw500Mb or something
01:23:17jmwdunno, don't have the cd handy
01:23:20Jet8810wont take more then two hours
01:23:34jmwwhat do you want exactly
01:23:47Jet8810and a code too if possible :-p
01:23:59jmwwin2k doesn't need a code actually
01:24:08jmwwell my version doesn't anyway
01:24:15BoD[]anywayyyyy i have to go to bed
01:24:19BoD[]see you ! bye
01:24:21jmwi don't have the cd today... lent it to someone
01:24:23jmwbye bod
01:24:40Jet8810Don't worry about it. Don't return it to Best Buy. If you have the Player off
01:24:41Jet8810while you charge it, after a decently long amount of time, it will display HD
01:24:41Jet8810Error for no apparent reason. All you have to do is hold the stop button to
01:24:41Jet8810turn it off. Also, if you have the Player ON when you charge it, this doesn't
01:24:41***Alert Mode level 1
01:24:41Jet8810happen. There's really no error in the HD, it just says there is :-)
01:24:41***Alert Mode level 2
01:24:41Jet8810I freaked out the first time I saw that also.
01:24:48 Quit BoD[] ("dodozitude")
01:25:16jmwyou didn't try HOLDING THE OFF BUTTON DOWN??????????
01:25:27Jet8810i think so
01:25:29Jet8810pretty sure
01:25:36jmwyou have to hold it down for like 3 seconds
01:25:39jmwit requires patience
01:25:48Jet8810i am really no tsure though
01:26:04jmwoh well.. you got another one now
01:26:11Jet8810not only this
01:26:16jmwat least it got you out of the house ;)
01:26:18Jet8810tried to sell a gps, broke on me
01:26:24Jet8810sent it in to pretec, had them ship it straight to buyer
01:26:26Jet8810still broken
01:26:29Jet8810sending it back
01:26:30jmwsell a gps?
01:26:31Jet8810i got to pay him back
01:26:32Jet8810whole ordeal
01:26:34Jet8810cf gps
01:26:52Jet8810and now pretec is ignoring my emails
01:26:54Jet8810compact flash
01:26:57Jet8810in pdas and such
01:27:01jmwi want one of those
01:27:05jmwhow much did you sell it for
01:27:06Jet8810im obsessed
01:27:09Jet8810havent sold it yet
01:27:11Jet8810still broken
01:27:22jmwdoes it work on a pocketpc?
01:27:54jmwohhh you just gave me an idea for my upcoming road trip... what was the make
01:27:58Jet8810not now
01:28:03Jet8810but dont buy theirs
01:28:14jmwso who should i get it from
01:28:25Jet8810not sure who else makes em
01:28:28Jet8810search on ebay
01:28:42jmwfor GPS and compactflash?
01:28:45Jet8810dude, i still gotta sell this 2.0 pci lol
01:28:50jmwlemme look
01:28:54Jet8810"cf gps"
01:29:04Jet8810cuz i dont got a recorder
01:29:07jmwah yeah
01:29:13jmwyou should get a recorder
01:29:17jmwit'll make it more worthwhile
01:29:22jmwlife, that is
01:29:23Jet8810how do ya reckon I do that?
01:29:39Jet8810i only paid $70 for this studio so im happy
01:29:40jmwget that credit BB told you about
01:29:43jmwoh really
01:29:48Jet8810i end up losing $300 though
01:29:54jmwthat's only about 200 bucks short of a recorder
01:29:56Jet8810see I paid $230 for the 6gb nomad jukebox a year ago
01:30:05Jet8810bestbuy warrantee
01:30:11Jet8810so i took it in an dpaid cdifference to upgrade
01:30:18Jet8810$70 is a hell of a difference from $270
01:30:43Jet8810and it really isnt worth $270 to gain more text and usb 2.0
01:30:51jmwyou get tetris too
01:30:55Jet8810i got a pda :)
01:31:01Jet8810with 40 games
01:31:12 Nick dwihno|weekender is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
01:31:12DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
01:31:15dwihnoGood evening
01:31:18jmwyeah but doesn't the archos weigh enough by itself.. without the pda
01:31:34Jet8810i dont carry the archos everywhere really
01:31:36Jet8810at least not yet
01:31:38Jet8810too big to do that
01:31:42jmwi don't like lifting weights while playing tetris
01:31:44CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 12 minutes and 32 seconds at the last flood
01:31:44*dwihno carries the archos everywhere
01:31:45jmwtoo big?
01:31:48jmwlook at the nomad
01:31:55Jet8810nomad was still lighter though
01:32:03Jet8810and see its weird
01:32:06Jet8810nomad was size of a cd player
01:32:10Jet8810so i held it like a cd player
01:32:17Jet8810put it in bag, ect
01:32:31Jet8810but this is size of a small mp3, so i want to carry it in my pocket
01:32:33jmwit's good for women
01:32:36jmwcoz they have handbags
01:32:48Jet8810yet a little big..yet not quite big enough to handle as i did the jukebox
01:32:54jmwus MEN don't carry bags everywhere we go
01:33:04Jet8810hehe good point
01:33:06Jet8810i carry pda in pocket
01:33:07jmwi can put the archos in my shirt pocket
01:33:11jmwi look a little weird but it works
01:33:17Jet8810I COULD put it on my belt
01:33:19Jet8810or put my pda in belt
01:33:20Jet8810but nah
01:33:23Jet8810this thing is an inch thick
01:33:25Jet8810cargo shorts
01:33:29jmwnot in the holder it gives you
01:33:34jmwthat's just embarassing to wear
01:33:40Jet8810i cant bring this to least not practically
01:33:47jmwwhy not?
01:33:50Jet8810i wore my pda at my hip (then again in a fine leather case)
01:33:51jmwsomeone will steal it?
01:33:53Jet8810too big
01:33:55Jet8810well perhaps
01:33:59Jet8810but i bring my pda to school
01:34:02Jet8810small private school
01:34:04jmwarchos is too big??
01:34:07jmwhow can it be too big
01:34:42***Alert Mode OFF
01:34:47jmwi wish they put a CF reader in the archos so you can expand the cache, transfer pictures and stuff
01:35:27Jet8810too big to carry around with me at school
01:35:31Jet8810no cargo shorts allowed at school
01:35:38Jet8810so imagine this in a khaki shorts pocket
01:35:38jmwwhat about these people
01:35:43Jet8810theirs is good
01:35:47dwihnostupid clothing rules huh?
01:35:53Jet8810hehe yea
01:35:57Jet8810if it was cargo wouldnt be a problem
01:36:50Jet8810should I let my st udio charge for an hour then use it while its plugged in (first charge) or should I let it go for its 6 hours?
01:37:12jmwi think anything is fine but over charging it
01:37:25dwihnoJet8810: buy a MD case then... Some of the cases are big enough to fit the player
01:37:28Jet8810not like i should really leave it alone for the 6 hours?
01:37:36Jet8810wdihno why?
01:37:39Jet8810even without a case its too big
01:38:11dwihnoJet8810: well, do you think you can find a HD based mp3 player which is smaller? :)
01:38:28dwihnoperhaps the MINE is small enough?
01:38:42jmwipod sucks
01:38:47Jet8810ipod is significantly smaller
01:38:54Jet8810ipod is far superior, but far too expensive
01:38:58jmwis it though? it's thinner... not smaller
01:39:07Jet8810well thinner is all i need
01:39:07jmwwell smaller too
01:39:14jmwbut more thinner than.. you get the ide
01:39:15dwihnohmm, the MINE is 1" thick too
01:39:15Jet8810thinness is what really matters in a pocket
01:39:27jmwdwihno.. i really didn't need to know that
01:39:31Jet8810ipod is .75 inches i think
01:40:24jmwwhat processor does the ipod have
01:40:37dwihnoI'd guess some motorola stuff
01:40:47jmwnot SH?
01:40:52dwihnoARM something
01:41:01jmwprolly better than 12mhz too
01:41:01dwihno133 MHz ARM 7TDMI
01:41:12Jet8810ipod is superior :)
01:41:17jmwwhy do they need all that power
01:41:22jmwdoes it do software decoding?
01:41:44jmwthat might explain the size of it
01:41:50dwihno32 meg DRAM :-)
01:42:13jmwdo they do a 20gb yet?
01:42:38dwihnoYou could probably switch the drive by yourself
01:43:08jmwupgradable firmware?
01:44:01dwihnofirewire though
01:44:10jmwi like firewire
01:44:12jmwwhat's wrong with it
01:44:14Jet8810they got 20 gb
01:44:16Jet8810but its $500
01:44:22Jet8810which is why i got archos instead
01:44:24jmwooo pricey
01:45:10dwihnoIs it possible to make the unit thinner?
01:45:15dwihnoI mean, 1" is quite much
01:45:39jmwthe archos?
01:46:08jmwprolly all the cheapo chips they use are bigger
01:48:35Jet8810i lke the cheapo chips
01:48:36Jet8810so leave it
01:48:42Jet8810makes it much cheaper
01:48:47Jet8810even the creative 20gb one is $400
01:49:36jmwnomad has all those sound processing chips.. for reverb and all that
01:51:15Jet8810my old 6 gb nomad was actually pretty good
01:51:31Jet8810archos is pretty good too, but in a completely different way
01:53:11jmwwhat way
01:54:41Jet8810cheap, easy to send over files
01:54:44Jet8810easy to set up
01:54:53Jet8810and the way in which things are organized is different
01:54:56Jet8810not quite accustomed to it
01:55:07jmwit doesn't act as a HD tho right.. when you plug it in
01:55:10Jet8810on jukebox i could sort by album, artist, ect, but I had to transfer all my stuff via their software
01:55:17jmwi like the way the archos just mounts as a drive
01:55:18Jet8810not the jukebox
01:55:24Jet8810i am getting used to that
01:55:37Jet8810with jukebox i could make queue lists easily too
01:55:40Jet8810on this it is much ahrder
01:57:05jmwbut rockbox could fix that :)
01:57:34Jet8810archos firmware sucks ass :)
01:57:59jmwit's all a matter of time
01:58:52 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:58:54 Join Jet8810 [0] (
01:59:35Jet8810rockbox asap
01:59:58jmwthought you said you had dsl
02:00:06jmwwhy you having so many connx probs
02:01:08jmwoh well i gotta wash dishes.. bbl
02:01:12Jet8810cuz its bellsouth
02:01:22jmwget cable instead
02:01:49 Quit jmw ("grrr dishes")
02:01:57Jet8810i know the problem
02:02:02Jet8810and blelsouth is bgonna fix it on tues
02:02:10 Quit Jet8810 (Client Quit)
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04:03:25 Join RedLeg [0] (
04:04:12RedLegAnybody up for a (non-electronic) hardware question?
04:04:45RedLegOr should I have asked first, Anybody Up (awake)?
04:06:40PsycoXulwhat other kinda hardware is there? :p
04:08:08RedLegOne of my dawgs got ahold of the JR20 while we were at dinner tonight. I am now in need of one of the BRFs (Blue Rubber Feet).
04:08:25RedLegAre there replacements available?
04:15:40***No seen item changed, no save performed.
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05:46:27 Join sombit [0] (
05:55:40datazoneone of your "peeps" or your "niggas"
05:56:22fraggletyo peace werd up homiez
05:56:43*datazone throws gang signs
06:12:37 Join rwood [0] (
06:13:34 Quit rwood (Client Quit)
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06:18:59RedLegdawgs := dogs
06:19:28RedLegAs in "the dog ate my homework"
06:45:40 Quit sombit ("")
06:46:10 Quit RedLeg ("Client Exiting")
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07:42:34MeRWiNanyone around?
08:08:16MeRWiNheya hes
08:13:15 Join rwood [0] (
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08:19:29 Join Bagder [0] (
08:19:46MeRWiNheya bag
08:20:07MeRWiNfound an error in the resume code
08:20:28Bagderoh, good work! ;-)
08:21:42MeRWiNI was updating the wps code and found that id3->index doesn't get ++'d if it has more than 1 track in the buffer (ie: a 30 second song)
08:23:39BagderI'm not that into how the resume stuff works, that's mostly Zagor's stuff
08:24:08MeRWiNme neither :)
08:26:21MeRWiNI added that feature request for a 1 line id3 display on the player (PlaylistPos: Artist - Title) and the time underneath... the only problem is that I had to re-arrange the WPS menu on the player (the option is only available on the player, since all the info is available on the recorder in plain view anyways). This will require people with players to reset their WPS setting the first time. Think it matters?
08:27:34Bagderhow do they reset that setting and what happens if they don't?
08:28:43MeRWiNwell, for instance. In the WPS menu there is now "1 Line ID3", "2 Line ID3", "File ", "Parse ". There used to only be "ID3 Tags", "File ", "Parse ". So if you had it set to "File", when the player was started up with the new firmware it would load as 2 Line ID3 :) All you have to do is change it in the menu and it's set for good.
08:31:23BagderI see
08:32:02 Join bobTHC [0] (
08:32:02MeRWiNIt's the only way I see to implement this though :)
08:32:09bobTHCgood morning !
08:32:14MeRWiNmorning crackhead
08:32:17BagderI would rather have the code detect that an old setting was used and reset that to default... but this system doesn't allow that easily
08:32:45MeRWiNBagder: we need to add a byte in the saved settings for a version lablel.
08:32:51MeRWiNlabel rather
08:32:59Bagderwell we do I think
08:33:19Bagder"version byte"
08:34:31MeRWiNHave the code check the version byte and if it's <= 1.2, reset the wps to 0
08:35:54Bagderthe version byte in the config is not really bound to our release versions and is only an increasing number, now at 1
08:36:04MeRWiNOK, increase it to 2 then :)
08:36:05Bagderand if it differs, it resets all settings to default I believe
08:36:18Bagderwhich is a drawback in this case
08:37:42MeRWiNPersonally, I think that if people have spent the time to change the WPS setting in the first place, they'll know how to change it back :) It's only 5 or so keypresses.
08:38:20MeRWiNIf it's at 0 already, then the new 0 still shows the same ID3 info, and more.
08:38:36Bagderhm, that might be right yes
08:38:41MeRWiNSo it won't really affect people that haven't customized
08:38:51Bagderand it doesn't crash or anything, just don't show the same info
08:39:19Bagderit should however be noted in the upcoming release-notes of course, if this goes into the source
08:39:28MeRWiNyeah... definately should be noted
08:40:27BagderI'm hoping for a 1.3 release this week
08:40:31MeRWiNThe new 0 (1 line id3 display) is actually a more preferred display than the 2 line id3 display, so it's a good default. Shows all the id3 info and the time instead of just id3
08:40:34MeRWiN1.3 this week? nice :)
08:40:56MeRWiNyou have a recorder?
08:41:14MeRWiNwanna test out the patch really quick and make sure it doesn't screw anything up on the recorder?
08:41:52Bagderwell, I don't have any usb where I am now so I could only try out the build with it, not try it "in action"
08:42:07Bagderand I guess you can try the build yourself too ;-)
08:42:10MeRWiNyeah :)
08:42:25*Bagder is at work
08:42:39MeRWiNYou sure get alot of work done, huh?
08:42:51Bagdereeeh... well sometimes I do ;-]
08:42:59MeRWiNsame here
08:43:27BagderI'm in a pretty relaxed project right now so I can pretty much do as I please
08:43:46MeRWiNahhh... i like it when that happens
08:48:40BagderI can't make it resume at all on my recorder
08:48:51Bagderit doesn't resume when I press play after the q
08:49:07HesThe config revision was increased from 0 to 1 after 1.2's release, so the new default for wps will apply if people upgrade from 1.2 to 1.3
08:49:08MeRWiNBagder: does MENU+LEFT and MENU+RIGHT work on the recorder? I noticed some code in the WPS that would seem to make it not work
08:49:36Hesit won't apply if people have gone to CVS versions after the revision++
08:50:08BagderMeRWiN: you mean fast forward and backward? there's no MENU button on recorders ;-)
08:50:23MeRWiNno, volume... or is there built in volume buttons?
08:50:44Bagderah volume is simply up and down on the recorder
08:50:49Bagderin the wps
08:50:54Bagderand it works fine
08:52:27MeRWiNthat is why MENU+LEFT/RIGHT is ifdef'd then
08:59:20Bagderok, resume doesn't work correctly if I enable it while already playing a playlist
09:00:39 Join adi|dads [0] (adi_dads@
09:00:54MeRWiNheya adi
09:01:01Bagderwe're reaching an adi overflow here soon ;-)
09:01:19adi|dadsMeRWiN im going to have to cancel on you this week
09:01:24MeRWiNadi|dads: durn
09:01:25adi|dadsi won't be in the area
09:01:29*adi|dads nods
09:01:40adi|dadslife decided to ass rape me...
09:01:46adi|dadsbut atleast it was gentle
09:01:47MeRWiNhow so
09:01:47*adi|dads nods
09:02:01adi|dadsgf and i were at my fathers for the wkend
09:02:04adi|dadsdrove to the beach
09:02:13adi|dadsenroute, i banged up her car
09:02:21adi|dadsits not drivable and is at a body shop
09:02:25MeRWiNadi|dads: what did you hit?
09:02:27adi|dadsso i gave her mine till its repaired
09:02:31adi|dadsa BMW
09:02:34adi|dadshe stopped
09:02:37adi|dadsneither of us saw it
09:02:38MeRWiNthat's going to be hell on insurance
09:02:45adi|dadsi hit it doing ~ 30-45
09:02:48*adi|dads nods
09:02:55MeRWiNadi|dads: that'll crunch the bimmer
09:03:07adi|dadsactually he didn't get much damage
09:03:10MeRWiNwhat do you drive?
09:03:29adi|dadsi hit the brakes in time, skidded for 20 ft or so, then -wHam- (c)
09:03:39adi|dadsher car is a hyundai elantra
09:03:45adi|dadstalk about 'crumple zone'
09:03:53adi|dadsbut the good news is 1. no one hurt
09:03:55MeRWiNouch. hyundai's are about as bad as Geos for crunch.
09:03:58adi|dads2. its repairable
09:04:13adi|dads3. airbags didn't go off.. so no replacement needed
09:04:22MeRWiNI had a geo storm and rear-ended a bus going about 20 (didn't realise it was stopped in the middle of the road). totaled the car :)
09:04:35MeRWiNairbags didn't go off? i'd sue :)
09:05:48adi|dadsno... it was an off center crash
09:05:56adi|dadsim just assuming the impact wasn't hard enough
09:06:12adi|dadsbut needless to say, im trapped at my father's till its repaired
09:06:26adi|dadsand im going to pay the diff. of her increased insurance
09:06:37MeRWiNwell, just look at it this way... it's more quality time with your father
09:06:48adi|dadsi feel trapped already
09:07:12MeRWiNcars are a great thing to have when visiting parents
09:07:14adi|dadsadd to that that the nausea of the 'oh shit i realy fucked up' hasn't gone away ;)
09:07:33MeRWiNafter the first 3 or 4 wrecks, you get used to it. trust me
09:07:46adi|dadshehehehe this is about my... hmmmm.. 5th?
09:07:53adi|dadsits just diff cause its my gf's car
09:08:01MeRWiNyeah. I understand that
09:08:14adi|dadsso ill have to ask for a raincheck mate ;)
09:08:20MeRWiNsounds good.
09:08:35MeRWiNI'm sure I'll be back there fairly soon
09:08:38adi|dadsbut if you want, ill still check with a few friends up there and see if they can recommend any restaurants for ya...
09:08:41*adi|dads nods
09:09:11MeRWiNI'm sure we can find something up there
09:10:08MeRWiNBagder: so, I guess my update is OK, since the settings will get reset with 1.3 anyways
09:10:26BagderMeRWiN: indeed
09:10:44MeRWiNgood to hear
09:11:07adi|dadsinteresting.. we got a 'i don't use it, it doesn't do everything i need' on the pole...
09:12:02MeRWiNWow. How can it not do everything you need? the only thing it doesn't do is recursive playlists... well, that and make breakfast
09:12:42Bagderyou can't edit the playlists, just to mention one thing
09:13:03Bagderand he might have a recorder and we can record yet
09:13:23adi|dadsbut i like this quote in the messages: In the tradition of the Rockbox people, they have the
09:13:23adi|dads problem solved by the time you get around to complain
09:13:23adi|dads about it.
09:15:09adi|dadsokay.. im going to try and sleep some... see you guys tomorrow..
09:15:12 Quit adi|dads ()
09:19:19 Quit PsycoXul ("Changing server")
09:28:22MeRWiNBagder: how do you commit more than one file at once?
09:28:38Bagderline them up on the command line
09:28:46Bagderor just 'ci' in the dir to commit them all that are changed
09:29:02Bagderuh, 'ci' or 'commit'
09:29:25MeRWiNline them up on the command line? as in cvs commit -m "blah blah" file1.c file2.c
09:29:50Bagderthe same comment applies to all files then of course
09:30:19MeRWiNyeah... That's what I'm lookin' for
09:31:25MeRWiNan and in an if statement is &&, right?
09:31:46Bagderlogical and
09:37:36 Join matsl [0] (
09:38:06Bagdermorning matsl
09:38:15MeRWiNwhat's wrong with this:
09:38:16MeRWiNif(id3->artist == "" && id3->title == "")
09:38:44Bagderthey're pointers, they don't equal ""
09:39:00MeRWiNhow would I check for empty string?
09:39:16Bagderuse strcmp() or check if the first byte is zero
09:39:39Bagderif((id3->artist[0] == 0) && ...
09:39:46MeRWiNahh... k
09:40:19BagderI believe id3->artist is NULL unless set
09:40:48Bagderif(!id3->artist && !id3->title)
09:40:50Bagderis good enough
09:40:55MeRWiNsimple enough
09:42:37MeRWiNouch... !id3->artist makes the player crash :)
09:44:44MeRWiNout of curiosity, what does id3->artist?id3->artist:"<no artist>" do, and can it be useful in this problem?
09:44:51MeRWiNI know what it does, but what does the ? and : mean
09:45:00 Join pyvasene [0] (
09:45:06Bagder(condition)?if true:if false;
09:45:26MeRWiNwow, that's about as condensed as perl :)
09:46:09Bagderjust use a couple of nested of these conditional ones and it'll become a real mess ;-)
09:46:24MeRWiNso, really, !id3->artist should be fine
09:46:46BagderI think it should
09:46:54BagderI can't see why it isn't
09:47:02MeRWiNmust be my code then :)
09:48:57MeRWiNyup, found my problem.
09:50:59BagderMeRWiN: I think Hardeep's patch should fix that resume problem with multiple buffers in memory
09:51:08MeRWiNhas it been commited?
09:51:29MeRWiNi thought it had been commited by now
09:51:30BagderI leave that to Zagor, as uber-resume-meister
09:51:53MeRWiNIs there a variable for just the filename, not the whole path?
09:52:15Bagderin the id3 info struct you mean?
09:52:43MeRWiNanywhere accessable in the wps
10:00:26MeRWiNnevermind... id3->path is just that
10:00:42 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|away (
10:03:18MeRWiNwoo. made "smart" id3 display. shows the filename if there's no id3 available.
10:13:12 Join PsycoXul [0] (
10:15:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:24:38BagderMeRWiN: any thoughts on Brian King's WPS file parse patch?
10:28:27 Join Zagor [0] (
10:28:38Zagormorning, guys
10:29:05Bagdermorning Z
10:29:14BagderI had a resume problem this morning
10:29:24Zagorok, what happened?
10:29:37BagderI loaded a playlist, enabled resume, pressed pause, and then OFF
10:29:49Bagderbooted up, got the Q, pressed play...
10:29:54Bagder... and nothing happened
10:30:10Bagderrebooted again, and it turned out the same
10:30:31Bagderthen I loaded the playlist again (with resume already enabled), and remade the whole thing and it worked nicely
10:31:30Zagorah. you enabled resume _after_ you loaded the first playlist?
10:31:46BagderI didn't realize it was an option ;-)
10:32:03Zagorthe playlist name is only stored when loading the list. that's why it bugged.
10:32:31Bagderah, I thought it would be something like that
10:32:44Bagderit needs to be fixed
10:33:26Bagderbtw, I didn't do anything with the Hardeep patch, I think you're the man to deal with it
10:33:36Zagoryes, I will.
10:46:07ZagorBagder: you know you can get the yahoo mails delivered to you haxx address?
10:46:15BagderI know
10:46:28BagderI just rather read them on the forum at will
10:46:43BagderI already drown in mails ;-)
10:46:53Zagorok. your posts just look a bit anonymous without your real name on them
10:46:56Hadakagnus is nice ;)
10:47:07BagderZagor: I know ;-)
10:47:29Bagderwell, its not really a client problem as I see it
10:47:43BagderI like my 14 inboxes with pine
10:48:07ZagorHadaka: how do you mean gnus handle big volumes better than eg pine or mutt?
10:49:03Hadakawell Gnus is made for to be a newsreader - and newsreaders usually have to deal with huge volumes and lots of groups - so almost everything suits very well for that
10:49:16Hadakascoring is the best I've seen in any mailer yet
10:50:34HadakaI'm not saying that you can't handle big volumes with mutt - just that I find it immensely easier with gnus
10:51:47*Bagder is about register yet another project on sourceforge...
10:54:13*Zagor grabs some breakfast
11:00:54 Nick matsl|away is now known as matsl (
11:09:25Bagderthe player wps info is certainly a debatable issue ;-)
11:26:17 Join Lowfiler [0] (
11:26:40Bagdermorning Lowfiler
11:33:58matslIt would be nice to have lots of different mp3-files to test with. maybe a complete filesystem. Could we produce such a thing? Copyright problems?
11:35:13Zagorcopyright would probably be a problem. we could use freely distributed files (such as our eternal test band Machinae Supremacy) to at least lessen the risk of complaints
11:36:11BagderI wonder if there is any 90 mins low-quality freely available mp3s ;-)
11:37:05BagderI'm pretty sure it is an overflow in the math for those
11:37:12ZagorI have put a couple of different bitrate versions of machiae's "Giana Sisters" here:
11:37:28matslYou could record the discussion at snaxx ...
11:37:48BagderI guess anyone can record just noise for N mins
11:37:53Bagdercould work
11:38:24matslWhat about a test module in CVS with mp3s
11:38:35Zagornah, too big
11:38:55Zagorthey would also change very very rarely, so a web site is just as good
11:38:58Bagdercvs is crap for that sort of thing, it's better to have a set on the site
11:39:40matslok. But CVS makes it easier to add a new testfile.
11:39:50Bagdervery true
11:41:34Zagorwe have some really odd bygs reported now...
11:42:44BagderZagor: try the "submit new bug report" page now
11:42:54ZagorBagder: how is your ping against contactor?
11:43:20Bagdermajor crap really
11:43:30Zagorgood. so it's not me. I've notified Jon.
11:43:35Bagderround-trip min/avg/max = 720.060/963.555/1196.290 ms
11:43:39 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
11:43:43Zagoryeah, about the same here
11:43:50Bagderfrom home that is
11:44:19Zagor 9 ( 16.056 ms 15.976 ms 16.578 ms10 ( 815.177 ms 790.283 ms 818.161 ms
11:44:30Zagordefinitely C being choked
11:45:07Bagderbut it is before our router, its the Tele2 router
11:45:16Bagdertry ping
11:45:42Zagorbut that one's after the 2Mbit limiter, I think
11:45:56Bagderhm, might be
11:55:20matpjust trying the resume functionality. 2 things.
11:55:33matp1 should we have an auto resume feature?
11:55:54matp2 i have recorder. is it supposed to do mid-song resume?
11:56:25Zagorwhat is auto resume?
11:56:36Zagor2. yes
11:57:27matpwhen it boots up, it asks me whether I want to resume. Should we have a boolean flag in the menu which will automatically resume without asking me the question.
11:57:48matp2. it doesn't
11:57:58Zagoryeah, maybe. I was thinking having resume be off/on/ask.
11:58:08matpexactly. good idea
11:58:16Zagorhow do you test mid-song resume on your recorder
11:58:42matpi tried pause, then off, then on. i also tried just off, then on. neither work :(
11:59:08Zagoryou did hold off, right, never releasing it until the unit powers off?
11:59:20Zagorwhat happens?
11:59:53matpit powers off. when i power on and resume, it resumes at the start of the last track.
12:00:23Bagderdid it really? the timer says so, but it doesn't on mine
12:00:25Zagorinteresting. it works for me and many others
12:00:39Zagorah, right. the timer is wrong, you must listen to the track
12:00:47matpahh. i'm only looking at the timer. not got the headphones plugged in yet.
12:01:05Zagorah, goodie. yeah i mentioned that in my resume mail.
12:02:21matpso you did. sorry. my fault :)
12:02:31matpgreat work guys!!
12:02:45matpkiller feature
12:03:12Zagorindeed it is. one more thing that pushes us far ahead of the stock firmware.
12:03:53Zagornow we just need recording to complete the picture
12:09:20 Join LinusN [0] (
12:09:44*Bagder bows before LinusN
12:10:37BagderBenoit did the same assumption I guess
12:11:03Zagori'll respond
12:12:38BagderI'll go and have lunch ;-)
12:12:56matslgod idea, me too
12:13:11BagderZagor: fix the faq link on the web menu to point to the html version
12:15:51***No seen item changed, no save performed.
12:16:27*LinusN got a Snake game in his mailbox yesterday
12:16:52Zagora snake game?
12:17:23LinusNyup, like the Nokia Snake
12:17:29LinusNhe says...
12:17:43 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|lunch (
12:18:45 Quit Blaster_Master (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:18:55HesIt's a classic
12:19:31ZagorLinusN: yeah, but where did it come from? why'd it end up in your mailbox?
12:19:45LinusNi haven't tried it yet though
12:19:55LinusNhe mailed me about having trouble to test it
12:20:01LinusNi said "send it"
12:20:17LinusNjealous? :-)
12:20:31LinusNItai Shaked
12:20:47LinusNnot Stirred
12:21:27Zagoryou are a master of Saying Very Little in Very Many Words :-)
12:22:10matpIf I say NO to resume. Can I ever resume that playlist again?
12:22:23Zagormatp: no
12:22:33matpI'm thinking if the user reloads the playlist, maybe it should ask him i he wants to resume it?
12:22:57Zagorpossible, if he hasn't played anything else in between
12:24:31matpyeah, i need to do some dir browsing, play a game or something, then resume. just an idea..
12:29:38matpOK, got another one. Play a playlist. Pause it. Press ON to go to dirbrowse. How do you I get back to the WPS (paused) screen? Should be ON again?
12:30:15Zagorisn't it?
12:31:14Zagoraah, is_playing is false! mooo
12:32:28LinusNBTW, i don't really like the "end of song list" text (that I introduced). I'd rather go to the dir browser when done.
12:32:58Zagorwhen does it occur, anyway? aren't we always repeating?
12:34:23LinusNnow, yes
12:34:48LinusNit will return when we are able to disable the repeat mode
12:35:11Zagori agree, dropping to the browser is better
12:35:27LinusNbut we have problems with detecting the end of list
12:36:14LinusNsometimes when the mpeg thread hasn't looked up the id3 tags yet (next-next-next...) wps thinks that the playlist has ended
12:36:37ZagorI like it that the simulator also resumes :-)
12:37:42matpLinusN: I don't like it either
12:41:38matpAnyone thought of an "Add To Favourites" keypress now ?
12:42:14Zagorwe can't write files yet
12:43:59matpHow does resume work then? Sorry, I'm playing catchup here
12:44:16LinusNit saves to a sector on disk
12:44:21LinusNsector 61
12:44:40LinusNlike the stock firmware does
12:44:49LinusN(but the use sector 62)
12:45:10matpahh, ok
12:47:52LinusNi did some interestion tests this weekend, regarding battery life
12:48:29LinusNfirst, i drained the batteries
12:48:37LinusNthen i charged them using rockbox
12:48:45LinusNtokk a few hours
12:48:56LinusNthen i let it play until it died
12:49:02LinusN6 hours
12:49:15HesWhat voltage did the charge stop at?
12:49:20LinusNafter that i charged again using my external fast charger
12:49:35LinusNHes: forgot to check that
12:49:51LinusNafter running for 7 hours i had to go to bed
12:50:03LinusNand the battery meter was still half full
12:50:13HesThe battery meter scale isn't linear...
12:50:20LinusNi know
12:50:29 Nick matsl|lunch is now known as matsl (
12:50:36HesWe're stopping charging a little bit early
12:50:38Heson the safe side
12:50:43LinusNmy point is that we still have work to do on the charger
12:50:53HesYes, this is a known fact 8-)
12:50:58LinusNmaybe the trickle "topping off" will do the trick
12:51:11HesThat's the next thing to try, yes
12:51:33Hesthe current code stops after voltage has not been increasing for 30 minutes
12:51:45LinusNi have a nice idea about the RTC
12:51:58ZagorLinusN: which AC adapter did you use?
12:52:02LinusNthe RTC stops when the voltage goes below a critical level
12:52:08Hesit never gets to the sharp negative delta, it stops just before that
12:52:10LinusNZagor: stock Kingston
12:52:38LinusNso we can see at what time the RTC stopped when we boot up sgain
12:54:20LinusNUwe was speaking about the voltage not rising in "phase 2"
13:02:18HesI think doing a trickle charge with a timer after the 30-min no-rise detection hits might do the trick.
13:02:47ZagorHes: have you observed how long the no-rise time normally is, before negative delta occurs?
13:02:54LinusNHes: so the short delta is absent after 30 minutes 0-delta?
13:03:59HesIt's not absent. Haven't tried (should try with a forced-on charger once)
13:04:16HesIt probably could be much better just with a little bit of tuning
13:04:53Heseg. lower the negative delta threshold a little, now that we have a better delta calculation which does not jump around that much
13:05:04LinusNHes: we should probably have the charger ON when we boot
13:05:14Hesand longer the 30 mins 0-delta time
13:05:18LinusNotherwise it's hard to boot when the batteries are dead
13:05:44HesYeah... check for a low voltage immediately after boot and enable charger if needed
13:05:53Hescould do this pretty easily in the power thread
13:06:47HesI still think the charger could be made quite a bit better with just tuning the delta constants
13:07:13Hesthey can be tuned more precisely now that hd-on samples are discarded and we have better and more correct averages
13:07:17 Join Blaster_Master [0] (~noone@
13:07:32Blaster_Masteris resume supported on the JB6000 ?
13:07:47Hesbefore we got false detections with small delta detections
13:08:05LinusNBlaster_Master: yes
13:09:02BagderZagor: you checked my "submit new" bug report html change?
13:09:17Zagoryes. very nice. I added a 4th point about reporting archos model.
13:09:29Bagdergood point
13:09:41Zagorpeople always say "on my archos jukebox"...
13:10:59LinusN"which model Archos" should probably be "which Archos model"
13:11:01Zagori have a nice idea about how to clean up the wps mess: we move every "submode" (ffwd, volume, etc) into a separate function
13:11:07Blaster_Masterim playing a tune.... pauses .... (presses STOP to shutdown), boots up, nothing happens...
13:11:14Zagorthat way, we get rid of all the state variables
13:11:28ZagorBlaster_Master: you run a recent version?
13:11:36BagderBlaster_Master: you must enable resume first in the settings
13:11:41Zagor1.2 does not support resume
13:13:21Blaster_Masterno option for it... got version CVS-020816
13:13:30Zagoryou need later
13:13:47Bagderget today's version
13:13:59Zagorcheck the front page, resume was added on the 16th and was thus included in the daily build of the 17th
13:14:42Bagdersuggestion: we could work on the roadmap on the web a bit
13:15:03Bagderedit the 1.3 one, add a 1.4 one
13:15:23Bagderbtw, should we turn on proportional fonts as default in the builds?
13:15:34Blaster_Masterdoh doh doh , i upped the wrong version to my player :D
13:16:25LinusNBagder: not until we have fixed the width calculation bug for the scroller
13:16:35Bagderit would be cool to have the roadmap somewhat up-to-date and possibly on its own page to redirect lots of questioners to
13:16:42BagderLinusN: why not the other way around?
13:16:48Bagderthen it will be fixed sooner
13:16:59LinusNok :-)
13:17:04Blaster_MasterEXTREMUS MAXIMUS ! yet another reason NOT to run the archos sw added :DDD
13:17:21*Bagder agrees
13:17:30LinusNc00l as ice!
13:17:34ZagorBlaster_Master: it works then, I guess? :-)
13:19:51Zagorwe need to get an archos battery faq. or get battery info into the faq. people on the yahoo list are really upset that the players don't stop charging.
13:20:11Bagderyes, we should have a separate battery page
13:20:36Bagder"all you wanted to know about your Archos batteries but were too afraid to ask about"
13:23:55Bagderwant me to collect the initial 10 questions?
13:24:02Zagorsure, go ahead
13:25:25Blaster_Masterperfectly !
13:30:55Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
13:31:00Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by Bagder (
13:31:02Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by Bagder (
13:32:59matp"How much are replacement batteries?"
13:34:41BagderI'll add that one
13:34:53Bagderhow much are they then? :)
13:37:17 Join edx [0] (
13:37:45Zagorhi edx
13:38:34edxBagder, are you there?
13:38:57matpBagder: good question :)
13:38:59edxthe low quality mp3 you want
13:39:15edxi have an mp3 88 mins, live-recorder at a concert - would that be ok
13:39:28Bagdermatp: oh well, I only write up the questinos at first anyway ;-)
13:39:34Bagderedx: certainly
13:39:35edxI can give you any quality below or equal to 128 kbits
13:39:50edxwhat qualities would you prefer?
13:39:52Bagdergimme a nice set and I'll be very happy
13:39:55Hesif you own the copyrights for the concert (ie. permission songwriters & performers)
13:40:24Bagderright, no bootlegging here
13:40:33edxdoh.. i dont even know whose concert it is
13:41:27Bagderhm, well in that case I think we rather be safe than sorry
13:42:04edxhmmm what else could I have that is like 90 mins and not copyrighted?!
13:42:07BagderZagor: I'll add a file in www/docs named battery.t
13:42:32Bagderedx: you can record whatever, birds, you singing, silence, you vacuuming your apartment... :-)
13:42:50ZagorBagder: you have a recorder, why don't you do it?
13:43:05Bagderbecause rockbox doesn't record
13:43:11BagderI don't have usb here
13:44:16BagderZagor: now, I added 11 frequent battery questions
13:44:41Bagderno answers though ;-)
13:46:51edxBagder: the mp3 is available for free download (just noticed) - i'll get it and convert it to a set of qualities, ok?
13:50:42matpwhat voltage are the std batteries?
13:52:56matphmm, this fit the bill?
13:53:39 Join notch [0] (
13:54:44LinusNmatp: doesn't look very interesting
13:55:09LinusNthey are not the correct form factor (2/3 AA) and they are only 600mAh
13:56:49Zagor are a good page both for info and purchasing
14:01:12Zagorbtw, I really agree with whoever say shuffle mode should not mean you don't play the file you select. it's a silly feature.
14:01:29HesMe too
14:01:30BagderI agree
14:01:39Bagderit should play the selected song first
14:01:41LinusNZagor: the problem is that you *have* to select one
14:02:02ZagorLinusN: yes. but i think everyone will be confused by the current system.
14:02:09Zagorif you want full shuffle, make a playlist
14:02:11LinusNwhat does a CD player do?
14:02:20LinusNZagor: easy to say
14:02:31Bagdermy CD player plays the current song, then do random
14:02:43Bagderas the random takes place on the next-song
14:03:02Bagderbut some CD players do random at once when the random button is pressed
14:03:15LinusNi expect the player to play the selected song
14:03:17Bagderit isn't a good comparison though, as CD-players are not directories
14:06:35Zagorok, so basically we all agree. any volunteer to fix it?
14:06:56BagderI can have a look
14:08:09*Bagder likes 'make tags'
14:08:55 Quit Blaster_Master (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:12:04 Join schuepf [0] (
14:13:23Bagderhm, the code is neatly uncommented...
14:13:51Bagderlike start_index and start_offset... what's the diff? ;-)
14:14:20Zagorplaylist index and offset in file
14:14:25Zagorfor resume
14:15:17*Bagder adds some comments
14:15:46schuepfHi there, I`m pretty new here...what brought me here is my interest to implement/build a connect to my Canon S40 camera to download pictures to the archos - do you see any chance ?
14:15:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:16:01LinusNno i don't
14:16:13Zagorschuepf: only with a smart box (compiter) between them
14:16:29LinusNthe archos can only work as an ATA-to-USB bridge, as a slave
14:16:44Zagorboth are usb slaves, which can't talk to each other. they need a master ("host")
14:16:48 Nick Lowfiler is now known as Low[a] (
14:17:39ZagorBagder: perhaps the easiest way is to start shuffling at 1 instead of 0 if it's a ram playlist
14:18:27Zagorumm, no that won't work. sorry, carry on :)
14:19:06schuepfIt's a pitty that the documentation of the isd200 is gone with the merge of the company to cypress...does anyone have it ?
14:19:22ZagorI have it, but I'm not allowed to distribute it :-(
14:19:24 Quit schuepf (Remote closed the connection)
14:19:26LinusNyou can always keep track of where the selected song ended up after the shuffle, and go from there
14:19:43BagderLinusN: yes, that's my plan
14:20:03Zagorfind it again, or keep track of it?
14:20:11Bagderfind it again
14:20:12LinusNmaybe we should make it an.......option?
14:20:31ZagorLinusN: not unless a dozen people scream about it, IMHO
14:20:31 Join schuepf [0] (
14:20:38BagderI agree
14:21:21schuepfsorry...please resend the last directed at me (I killed my window :-((
14:21:40Zagorschuepf: I have the docs, but I'm not allowed to distribute it :-(
14:21:52bobTHCno windows is killing u schuepf !
14:22:27Zagorschuepf: still, the isd200 is strictly an ATA bridge. you can't do any tricks with it.
14:22:57Zagoryou must put a host between the devices, it's the only way to do it
14:23:19schuepfI understood...maybe building a host device just to copy the data...
14:23:42Zagoryes, that would be possible. and popular, I think. many people have asked the same thing.
14:24:11LinusNschuepf: build one and get rich!
14:24:17schuepfbut you don't know of any starting a project of that kind
14:29:29Bagdernow, shall I test this or just commit and listen to the screams... :-)
14:29:34Bagder... I think i'll test first
14:30:44LinusNBagder: send a patch to me, if you can't test it
14:31:05Bagderseems to work in the simulator
14:31:14Bagderi'll mail you a patch anyway
14:31:50 Join Snorlax [0] (
14:35:32BagderLinusN: sent
14:36:18LinusNBagder: received
14:36:52*Snorlax has found the /me funktion
14:36:59Bagderwoohooo ;-)
14:37:56*Bagder is lost in snmp code :-(
14:38:17*Snorlax likes the /me funktion
14:38:38*LinusN too
14:38:39edxwe all do ;-)
14:38:55*Bagder likes nothing atm
14:39:39*Snorlax is soon gonna get a panic-attact because of all the purple color from when he discovered the /me funktion
14:39:58Bagderyou need to learn how to reconfigure your colours ;-)
14:40:17 Part bobTHC
14:40:45LinusNBagder: seems to work ok
14:41:08SnorlaxLinus how's it goin' with the distortion issue?
14:41:12Bagderthanks to the limit on dir sizes it won't be too slow either ;-)
14:41:18LinusNSnorlax: it should be solved
14:41:28DBUGEnqueued KICK edx
14:41:28*edx sends a little RED to Snorlax
14:42:19CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
14:42:19*Snorlax has found the yellow button
14:42:28LinusNSnorlax: do you still have distortion (with the latest CVS build)?
14:42:47Snorlaxgonna try the LATEST build now
14:43:08LinusNwell, i haven't done anything to it the last couple of days
14:43:56Snorlaxthought so..
14:44:57Snorlaxweel, maybe it's fixed..
14:45:17Snorlaxbut, linus, u got the 1 hour charger?!
14:46:36LinusNyes, a GP Smart...
14:48:43Snorlaxme too..
14:49:05SnorlaxI have to first plug in the charger and then plug in the batteries one at a time
14:49:31LinusNi insert all batteries and then plug in the cord
14:49:39matslThings are happening to wps screen. Good that some people check in things I don't dare ;-)
14:49:47LinusNall LED's go red as soon as i insert the cord
14:50:31Snorlaxok, mine doesn't
14:51:15*matsl leaving office, going home ...
14:51:23matslcu sone
14:51:37 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
14:52:07ZagorBagder: the bitrate/song length problem is probably because we don't handle MPEG2.5
14:52:24ZagorI tried encoding a song 32kbit/11kHz and it became MPEG2.5
14:52:48Bagderso that fell through some default in the switch()es then?
14:53:15Bagdercool... or something ;-)
14:53:26Zagoror, umm, it doesn't accept the frame header and looks for another.
14:53:40*Snorlax just came home from school, don't you work?
14:53:54Zagorthis is my job :-)
14:53:57Bagdernah, we're *at* work, we don't actually work ;-)
14:54:28ZagorBagder: I have a 68 minute 32/11 track (some choir rehearsals of my own). you want a peek at it? (16MB)
14:54:28BagderZagor: I take it it easily repeatable in the sim?
14:54:37BagderZagor: sure
14:54:46Zagorwhere do I put it?
14:54:58Snorlaxhow do u get money?!
14:54:58Bagderanywhere, I can curl or scp it
14:55:19BagderSnorlax: we get paid for working you know ;-)
14:55:35notchhas anyone implemented the track FF feature for the remote?
14:55:44notchIf notI'll give it a go...
14:55:50BagderI don't think anyone has
14:55:57Zagorit's a tad difficult
14:56:06Zagorsince we don't get REPEAT flags from the remote
14:56:07 Join adi|dads [0] (adi_dads@
14:56:10notchI know !
14:56:13adi|dadshowdy al...
14:56:17Bagderhey ho adi
14:56:28Zagornotch so how do you plan to do it?
14:56:32*Snorlax has to work to get money
14:56:38notchI'll look a trying to find the 'cleanest' implementation :-)
14:56:40adi|dadsi just read over the 'play selected song when weshuffle' patch...
14:56:43adi|dadsquestion about it...
14:57:06adi|dadswhy do we shuffle, then search to play the song?
14:57:22LinusNnotch: how would you do it, when you don't know when the key is released?
14:57:30Bagderadi|dads: how else would we do it?
14:57:34adi|dadscouldn't we store the data related to the song in memory, (ie remove it from the list)
14:57:46Bagdershuffle 1 - N and put the current on index 0 is an option
14:57:53adi|dadsthen shuffle the list, putting the new sort in all but the first locaton in the array
14:58:02*Zagor goes to fetch lunch
14:58:23adi|dadsseems to be senseless to do a search through possible N indexs
14:58:26adi|dadsto find the song
14:58:42LinusNsearching 400 indices isn't much work
14:58:58Bagderit was the quickest solution
14:59:08LinusNstill searching 0 indices is faster... :-)
14:59:14Bagderas my commit comment mentions, we may need to do the slightly more involved one anyway
14:59:24adi|dadsi was just curious
14:59:29BagderI just didn't want to touch the shuffle code
14:59:33adi|dadsnow.. id have code for you if i wasn't at my fathers ;)
14:59:39*adi|dads nods
14:59:48adi|dadsit gets the job done now.. we can adapt and overcome later
14:59:57Bagderthat's what i thought too
15:00:29adi|dadsokay... ill be back later...
15:00:31*adi|dads waves
15:00:32 Quit adi|dads (Client Quit)
15:00:40notchZagor : if the button is down, then we should be getting serial data... but i'm not sure how fast the 'normal' remote spits data...
15:00:54BagderI like the review opportunities the commit-mails enable
15:02:18notchanyone got an archos remote and a scope handy?
15:02:40LinusNscope, but no remote
15:05:09Zagornotch: it spits rather slowly. 3-4 HZ maybe
15:05:22notchOh bugger...
15:05:42Zagorso it's rather inditinguishable from the normal keys
15:06:03Bagderdoes the stock firmware support it?
15:06:43ZagorI doubt it
15:07:19LinusNhow silly
15:08:12notchI read a post on the very first mailing list that said if the data came in at >200ms, you could get the FF function
15:08:40notchBut I think they must have been mistaken as I could not get this to happen...
15:10:27LinusNsuch a crappy device
15:10:41notchDid anyone get to the F2 switch for random mode request?
15:11:03Bagdernope, still left to do
15:11:27ZagorI have a better idea for F keys
15:12:04ZagorHolding down F3 gets you to a "display settings screen", where left, down, right sets scrollbar, status, meny help etc.
15:12:15ZagorHolding F2 you get to set repeat, shuffle etc.
15:13:02notchsounds good!
15:13:02Zagori.e combined keys, with a "help screen"
15:13:13Bagderhey, that souns good
15:13:41 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
15:15:07notchwhere's the code :-))
15:15:28Zagorcoming up... :-)
15:15:42Zagorsomeone should look at setting id3.elapsed correctly after resume
15:20:47*notch notices a pin dropping
15:27:15Blaster_Masterthis link describes how to mod the LEDīs on the jukebox ''
15:27:26Blaster_Masteramongst outher things
15:34:15 Join dfg [0] (~prv@
15:35:12SnorlaxBlaste_Master why u post those links?
15:41:51edxBagder, the mp3s also in different frequences or only 22000kHZ?
15:42:29matpHmm, just got stuck in pause mode. wouldn't unpause.
15:42:47Bagderedx: some different freqs would be good too
15:42:55matphad to turn off and resume to get it to play again :)
15:42:57edxill prepare a set and tell you when im done
15:43:04dwihnoyay for Bagder
15:44:23dwihnoyay for edx
15:44:31dwihnoCool stuff in the cvs today
15:45:53*Bagder types like crap
15:46:36*dwihno drinks tea
15:52:33 Quit Snorlax ()
15:54:13LinusNtime to go home. cu guys!
15:54:18dwihnoHow does the resume thing work btw?
15:54:18Bagderbye LinusN
15:54:22dwihnobye Linus
15:54:25 Part LinusN
15:55:21*Bagder adds mpeg 2.5 support
15:56:01dwihnoHey, what about og? ^_^
15:56:09Zagordwihno: resume works by storing the playlist file, index, seed and offset into the file currently being played
15:56:26dwihnoZagor: ah, only on player though?
15:56:32Zagornope, both
15:56:57Bagderdwihno: *GO TRY IT* =)
15:58:02dwihnoHmm :)
15:58:15dwihnoDoes this have anything to do with the HD error posts on the mailing list? ;)
15:58:56Bagderdo I sense a chicken here? B-P
15:59:20Zagordwihno: aren't you the guy who tested before any of us did? gone chicken, have you? :)
16:00:09dwihnoZagor: always two, there are :)
16:00:18dwihnoone Zagor, and one Bagder!
16:00:37Bagderwe're actually the same person
16:00:45BagderI am the bot Zagor wrote
16:00:58dwihnoThen I'm santa claus
16:02:35*edx does not believe bagder!
16:02:40notchI want a bike, new car and a cat :-)
16:02:42edxprove that Zagor is not the bot you wrote!
16:03:13Bagderedx: he hasn't crashed during the whole day! Is that proof enough? ;-)
16:03:39edxBagder: you have
16:03:49*edx checks the logs
16:03:50Zagorexactly the point
16:05:28BagderZagor: 68:04
16:05:35Bagderthat's what it says now
16:05:46Bagder32kbit, 11025Hz
16:08:55Zagorwoohoo. elpsed done for CBR.
16:09:03ZagorVBR is a bit more tricky :-)
16:09:24BagderZagor: can we copy that mpeg html and put it on the rockbox site?
16:09:37Bagderit allows it and feels like a better place to point to
16:10:08matpHmm, unpause is definitely broken
16:10:28BagderZagor: ok, I add it to the www/docs/ dir then?
16:10:35ZagorBagder: sounds good
16:10:43Zagormatp: fixed again today
16:13:28ZagorBagder: if you feel bored, this could be a fun feature:
16:13:39Zagor(damn clipboard)
16:14:11BagderI'm not that bored yet ;-)
16:15:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:16:28ZagorBagder: when you check in the new id3.c, trim the comment for getsonglength. it, well, lies :-)
16:16:40BagderZagor: but Benoit's problem does not seem to be MPEG 2.5 judging from this freqs
16:16:41BagderZagor: I did
16:18:15Zagorbut are those the numbers he knows are true, or what rockbox reports?
16:18:31Bagderthat's a good point
16:18:40BagderI'll post a q
16:23:31Bagder"I got 8 hours and 15 minutes of time out of the batteries whilst using the RockBox 1.2 firmawre as opposed to 10 hours and 30 minutes with the Archos firmware (1.26)."
16:23:56Bagder(from the yahoo forum)
16:24:56Bagder"I would say that the Rockbox latest daily build keeps my JBS20 hotter than
16:24:56Bagderthe stock firmware."
16:25:49Zagorthat forum is more about gossip than anything else. "I think", "I heard", "maybe this" etc.
16:26:17Zagorand of course, nobody ever reports the bugs they find. they just bitch about it on their list
16:27:59 Quit Blaster_Master ()
16:29:05ZagorI would post a mail about it, but nobody ever remembers the contents of any one email more than 10 minutes
16:29:17*Zagor is in his cynical mood
16:30:00Bagderat least we don't have to care
16:30:17 Join zaknafein [0] (
16:32:55Bagderzaknafein: just post your ideas here, in the open. We won't bite ;-)
16:33:05zaknafeinthx Bagder
16:33:31Bagderwell, zagor might bite but he's friendly on the inside ;-P
16:33:57edxthats just because Zagor is the only one in here who's not a bot
16:34:16zaknafeinwell.. yesterday i had to change my batteries, and when i re-started my jukebox, ups... the time had gone away.. Could it be possible to include an option to set the correct time ?
16:34:32Zagorzaknafein: there is already. settings->time
16:35:19zaknafeinok.. thx
16:35:23Bagderwas that in 1.2 or added afterwards?
16:35:31Zagoryes. I don't remember if it got into 1.2, but it's definitely there now.
16:35:34zaknafeini think it was added later
16:35:41zaknafeini have 1.2
16:35:54Zagortry a newer daily build then
16:36:01Zagoror wait for 1.3
16:36:03Bagderit is a bit hard to remember what got added when
16:36:07zaknafeinthat's what i'm doing now
16:36:13zaknafeinanother thing...
16:36:26zaknafeinis there a queue or something like that?
16:36:42Zagornot yet. playlists or dir play only
16:37:46zaknafeinautobuild playlist hasn't been added yet, no?
16:37:58Zagornope. it's coming after 1.3.
16:38:13Bagderhehe, Benoit tried the URL in the source comment...
16:38:51Bagderit should work in 20 minutes ;-)
16:38:57edxbagder: 20kbit/s is the lowest i can get :(
16:39:59Bagderedx: not 16? weird, it'll be useful anyway
16:42:02edxthat is just the program i am using but i dont have anything different
16:42:07Zagortry lame
16:42:21Bagderedx: there's some lost Windows dude on the list you could point to some good windows docs ;-)
16:46:57BagderZagor: I modded head.t now to use the proper faq link
16:47:41Zagorok, good
16:50:06edxBagder: who are you talking about :)
16:50:59*edx reads his mail
16:54:05BagderZagor: when I convert the FAQ into better html, you have any favourite css class to use for the questions?
16:54:26Bagderok, I'll invent one
16:55:13*edx replied
16:55:51*edx should update the sh-win page a little (the makefile stuff)
16:57:22Bagdershould I add <a name=blaha> stuff to the faq?
16:57:27 Join Miran [0] (
16:57:28Bagderto enable links to specific Qs?
16:57:50BagderZagor: class name is now 'faqq'
16:58:00 Join RipnetUK [0] (
16:58:03Bagderfor the q
16:58:23ZagorBagder: sure, add it. could be useful.
16:58:46Bagderis the <a then supposed to cover the whole question?
16:58:59Bagderor does it matter at all?
16:59:27Zagorit doesn't matter. you don't even need an end </a> for name anchors, AFAIK
16:59:43BagderI'll add a </a> anyway for the looks
17:02:02BagderZagor: try a manual update of the web now, the faq should get nicer
17:03:00Zagornice. did you make a class for the answers aswell?
17:03:08Bagderyes, 'faqa'
17:06:03Bagderit struck me that we could generate an index at the top too in case we ever feel the need
17:06:16Zagorgood idea
17:07:09Zagoranyone have a good reference for the XING vbr header? I can't find a good one.
17:07:45Zagori.e the TOC has 100 entries. is that percent 0-99 or 1-100? (and why 100 instead of 99??)
17:08:07Zagorboth 0 and 100 are pretty pointless
17:08:44matpanyone got dosfsck to work?
17:09:34BagderI've used it
17:10:00matpMine is just sitting there apparantly doing nothing.
17:11:15ZagorBagder: I don't call that good :-)
17:19:15Zagorhmm, looks like hardeep cheated a bit in the search algorithm :-)
17:20:20edxI ahve 20 and 32 kbits.. would you prefer 40 or rather 24 now? (or even something yet different?)
17:26:28 Quit Miran ("Its not that you do not see, it is mearly that your eyes do not perceive")
17:28:36Bagderit doesn't look that good
17:28:59Zagorthat's why I asked bout faqa
17:29:13Bagderwell I mean the toc above
17:29:49Zagorlooked at the wrong faq :)
17:30:11Zagorthat should be a list
17:30:27Zagorwith 34 Qs we do need an index
17:31:07Bagderno, not when it looks this ugly ;-)
17:31:20edxBagder: i got 20 and 32 kbits - what next?
17:31:45Bagderedx: I don't know that off hand
17:31:55Bagderbasicly everything will be useful
17:32:38 Join Snorlax [0] (
17:32:55Bagderusing faqa and faqq it should be possible to at least make it look decent
17:32:55matpRE FAQ. We dont need Question 30
17:33:18Bagderoutdated now
17:34:45matpA13 is not a url
17:35:36Bagderstupid script ;-)
17:36:06matpA31. I thought we have a version of rolo ?
17:36:43*edx is getting crazy
17:36:59*edx has a biiiiiiiiiiig problem :(
17:38:16edxi wrote a proxy server that works with mirc generally, but not for ONE server
17:38:35edx*off topic*
17:38:42edxanyways.. had to say that
17:39:33*Bagder uses muh and is happy
17:39:48*edx feels better
17:40:52Bagdermatp: mail those remarks to adi or the list
17:41:11matpyuk. just done a clean build and i reverted to fixed width fonts
17:41:12Bagderadi is the faq maintainer
17:41:32BagderI want prop fonts as default
17:41:38Zagorthey will be
17:41:51matphow do i get them. they used to be in the configure script
17:41:56Zagorthey still are
17:42:04edxthey are if you compile on windows :P (if it is just that one define)
17:42:39matpok, i answered yes to loadable by mistake
17:50:08 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
17:50:21Bagderok, now the links should become better on that faq page
17:51:08Bagderonce the site updates
17:51:31BagderI'm running home
17:51:33 Part Bagder
17:53:10matpScroll-speed indicator does not work with prop fonts :)
18:00:55 Join bobTHC [0] (
18:01:53 Quit pyvasene ("[x]chat")
18:02:15 Part zaknafein
18:06:50bobTHCbye all!
18:06:52 Part bobTHC
18:12:35*notch injects diet coke directly into his veins...
18:12:40 Quit schuepf ("Client Exiting")
18:13:02notchahhh what a rush....
18:13:05 Quit notch ()
18:15:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:21:31 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
18:21:31DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno|gone
18:34:42 Join Bagder [0] (
18:36:19Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
18:42:22MeRWiNBagder: I think the random is better suited to play the selected song as #1 in the playlist position. My opinion only ;)
18:42:39BagderI know
18:42:52Bagdermy reasons for using this solutions still apply though ;-)
18:43:11MeRWiNBagder: what were your reasons?
18:43:29BagderI came to think of another solution
18:43:39BagderI could just swap the found index with index 0 and play from there
18:44:00MeRWiNthat would be an easy solution
18:44:25BagderI'll look into this once again right now
18:44:25MeRWiNoh my god, 44 new messages overnight in rockbox
18:44:39Bagderits booming all right
18:45:18MeRWiNHmm... I think I'd better get ready for my flight and check my e-mail at the airport or something :)
18:47:34Bagderthis doesn't work with resume
18:48:04edxBagder: I have 9 converted mp3 files now
18:48:11Bagderedx: cool!
18:48:25Bagdercan I download them from you?
18:48:32edxyea wait
18:48:42Bagdersure, no hutty
18:49:19edx 2xlc - Live at Kinki Palace-12-25-2001[20kbits, 11025kHZ].mp3
18:49:37edxhmmm wait
18:49:42CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
18:49:42*Bagder waits
18:50:10edxill better put them in an empty dir and just give you the address of the dir so you can see the names for your slef (plus you already have the links)
18:50:37Bagderyes, it makes it easier for me
18:50:46edxand for me
18:50:48*edx is selfish :)
18:51:20*edx only has 16 kb/sec upstream - will take a while :(
18:51:35Bagderah, right
18:51:57edxbut i guess you got enough time (at least your connection :P)
18:52:24edxdamn.. only got 10mbit lan at the moment
18:53:05Bagderhm, getting all-dir to play the whole dir only once when repeat is off is tricky
18:53:11Bagder... when resumed
18:54:22*edx notices his makefiles for the win32 simulator dont wokr any more
18:55:27edx* edx notices his makefiles for the win32 simul
18:55:37edx*copy&paste bug*
18:55:44edxbagder - in that dir are the mp3s
18:55:49BagderI see them
18:55:56matphmm, interesting resume when I updated my playlist
18:57:10Bagderhehe, it doesn't check that the list is identical...
18:57:49matpyeah. could we check the timestamps or something
18:58:34Bagdersomething should be done, I agree
18:59:22 Quit MeRWiN ()
18:59:31matpi mean, it's not a big deal. most people (including me) are grateful that it works at all
18:59:39matpbut i like perfection :)
19:01:31matpwell, guys. gotta go home. good work. bye
19:01:50Bagderbye matp
19:08:33 Quit Synthe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:08:44 Join Synthe [0] (
19:16:26 Join aakil [0] (
19:17:43Bagderedx: woo, one file down ;-)
19:19:13edxwoo :)
19:20:07Bagderedx: you tried these in rockbox yet? :-)
19:21:14edxif they dont work you got something to debug :P
19:29:31Topic"design us a t-shirt!" by Bagder (
19:31:04 Join xam [0] (~chatzilla@
19:32:30xamhi, I tried to download the linux kernel patch to unlock the harddrive, but the link doesn't work ... where can I get it?
19:33:34Bagderlemme check
19:35:03xamthanks alot! (that was quick!)
19:35:17BagderI knew where to look ;-)
19:35:46xamstill waiting for my recorder20 to arrive ...
19:37:20Bagder... and unlock your hd in the mean time? ;-)
19:38:53xamhehe ;) not, I just wan't to get all the files BEFORE I get the recorder - I just so excited
19:39:20xamI have to recompile the kernel anyway ...
19:39:25Bagdertjat unlock patch won't do any good for the recorder
19:39:32Bagderit is for the isd200 driver
19:39:39Bagderthe recorder uses an isd300
19:39:45Bagderwhich is slightly different
19:40:23xamargll, are there any locked harddrives in the recorder20 series?
19:40:37Bagdernot that I know of
19:40:48Bagderand really, it has been a long time since there was one on the player too
19:45:35xamI'm looking forward to try out rockbox ... afaik one of the most 'annoying' things about the archos is the playlist. Is this true?
19:47:29 Quit Low[a] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:48:18Bagderyes it is
19:48:25Bagderit isn't only annoying
19:48:31Bagderit is bloody STUPID
19:49:28Bagderit can only have 999 songs in a playlist
19:49:37xamWHAT ???
19:49:38Bagderand it loads playlists slooooooow
19:49:51xamjesus ...
19:49:54Bagderlike my 150 song list took 5-7 seconds to load
19:50:29Bagderrockbox loads maximum 10000 songs in a playlist, with the speed of approx 1000 songs/sec
19:51:18Bagderto put it short: I never use the stock firmware ;-)
19:53:12xamwell, I have to see. I haven't got the archos yet ...
19:54:22xamwell, the games are a nice idea ;)
19:56:03Bagderyeah, I like them
20:07:42BagderHes: you around?
20:08:40xamHe's dead, Jim
20:10:16 Quit dfg (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:10:40 Join dfg [0] (~prv@
20:15:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:25:33 Quit Snorlax ()
20:43:08 Quit aakil (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:45:59dwihno|goneZagor|away: please don't be away ;D
20:51:43Bagdertime to go and eat pie
20:51:47 Part Bagder
20:52:17dwihno|gonePIE PIE PIE
21:21:46 Quit Synthe ("Connection Lost - Excess Blood")
21:35:48 Quit dfg ("Client Exiting")
21:35:48 Quit webmind (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:41:14 Join wettoad [0] (
21:41:17 Quit wettoad (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:49:27 Quit edx ("n8")
21:49:54 Join TotMacher [0] (tot@
21:51:03 Join aakil [0] (
21:51:11TotMacheri want sort by DATE ! :)
21:52:21TotMacherand i want to see, how much space i used :)
21:52:28TotMacherto pose with my 40gb drive :)
21:55:25TotMacherall on idle here ?
22:16:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:48:40 Join TotMach3r [0] (
22:57:33 Quit aakil (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:06:50 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:16:48 Join Jet8810 [0] (
23:17:57 Join aakil [0] (
23:20:36Jet8810hey aakil
23:48:50 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:57:05 Join Jet8810 [0] (
23:58:46 Join Synthe [0] (

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