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#rockbox log for 2002-08-20

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00:18:02TotMach3ri want sort by date :)
00:18:06TotMach3rhow long will it take ?
00:18:26Zagorhaha. well it depends how fast you send the patch. :-)
00:18:37TotMach3ri NEED it
00:18:55Zagorthen you'd better start coding now
00:19:22TotMach3rhow much people are active there ?
00:19:28TotMach3ris it C code ?
00:20:11Zagoryes, it is C
00:20:33Zagorsorting is done in apps/tree.c
00:23:23Zagorbagder handles tshirt submissions. send the image to him.
00:23:42Zagorno, send it to the tshirt address. sorry.
00:24:24dwihno|goneI did that
00:24:27dwihno|goneYay! :D
00:24:52dwihno|goneDoes it remind you of any special person?
00:25:19Zagorumm, not really?
00:25:42dwihno|goneJust wait until my next design is done ;)
00:26:20TotMach3rthere is a call like
00:26:44TotMach3rqsort(dircache,filesindir,sizeof(struct entry),compare);
00:26:56TotMach3rthere is the sorting done, isnt it ?
00:27:01ZagorTotMach3r: yes
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00:27:29TotMacherwhere is qsort defined ?
00:27:36Zagorin C
00:27:45Zagorit uses the compare function found in the same file
00:28:43TotMacherand where is defined which keys qsort uses ?
00:28:52Zagorin the compare function
00:29:57TotMacherwhats the last parameter ?
00:30:11Zagorto what?
00:30:31TotMacherthe last parameter is the sort function, i see
00:31:23TotMacherit isnt that complicated
00:31:24TotMacheri see
00:32:23TotMacherbut it will consume more memonry
00:32:25TotMacheri see
00:32:36TotMacherthere is no entry for last modified date in entry record
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00:34:34adi|dadszagor you around?
00:34:35TotMacheri think i need cvs acces :)
00:34:44adi|dadsTotMacher why?
00:35:02TotMacheri mean
00:35:11TotMachera cvs checkout
00:35:16TotMacherit want to code :)
00:35:36adi|dadsdirections for co are on the web ;)
00:35:43adi|dadsand _everyone_ is free to code :)
00:35:43Zagoradi|dads: yup, i'm here
00:35:58adi|dadsoky.. zag, do you know the current state of Rolo?
00:36:01TotMacherwhere can i get a c compiler ?
00:36:08adi|dadsas far as i remember it ddn't work on the records no?
00:36:11ZagorTotMacher: for windows?
00:36:14adi|dadsTotMacher what platform
00:36:34Zagoradi|dads: rwood has bought a recorder to work on it :-)
00:39:06ZagorTotMacher: you will need to change firmware/common/dir.c to add date info to the structs
00:41:06adi|dadsokay.. so currently, its in developement on the recorder
00:41:12adi|dadsand works on the player right?
00:41:21adi|dadsokay :)
00:41:28Zagorthat's the last I heard, anyway. haven't tested myself yet.
00:42:20adi|dadson the player,is Rolo part of the base code?
00:42:28adi|dadsor is it a patch that needs to be applied?
00:43:16Zagorhis patch wasn't optimal, since it used dynamic relocation. we'll be using static relocation, just like the IRAM code
00:44:04TotMacheri think i will wait for the patch :)
00:45:12TotMacherjust programming in java :)
00:45:33TotMacherlets program a VM for jukebox
00:45:37TotMacherthen ill code :)
00:51:00adi|dadszagor.. can you commit this Faq for me?
00:51:06adi|dadsim on a win machine and cant
00:52:26adi|dadsyou have to change case i assume on the name...
00:53:41adi|dadsokay.. gotta go make dinner :)
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00:55:55TotMachertetris is too hard :)
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06:36:21dwihno|goneWhoa. Misa not like sleeping too little
06:47:21 Join adi|dads [0] (adi_dads@
06:47:33MeRWiNhey Adi
06:48:21adi|dadsclose ;)
06:48:41MeRWiNwhat does it mean?
06:48:44*adi|dads shrugs
06:48:53adi|dadsits a bastardization of a song title
06:48:59MeRWiNwhat title?
06:49:00adi|dadsZagor knows the artist.. i forget :)
06:49:11adi|dadsAdidimas i belive
06:49:14adi|dadsi don't have the cd here
06:49:21MeRWiNhow's the car going?
06:49:27adi|dadsthe wife has mine
06:49:39adi|dadsher insurance adjuster 'was not going to be in today'
06:49:52MeRWiNi hate insurance adjusters
06:50:00adi|dadsso i talked to the body shop, they won't do an estimate until they have an adjuster there to go through it with them.
06:50:19adi|dadsbut its a new car, so hopefully we only have the deductable
06:50:25adi|dadscause i don't think the car is totaled
06:50:37MeRWiNit'll take a lot to total a new car
06:50:47adi|dadsbut there is frame damage
06:50:53adi|dadsthe front end is repairable
06:51:06adi|dadsbut the passenger door was hard to open, so the frame needs to be pulled.
06:51:07MeRWiNframe damage is easily up to $4000 in itself :)
06:51:33adi|dadsit was either the frame or the quarter panel pushing into it
06:51:36adi|dadsim not sure which
06:51:50MeRWiNeither way, it'll probably only be the deductable
06:52:00adi|dadsbut now that i think about it... i could open the back passenger door
06:52:06adi|dadsso i lean towards 1/4 panel
06:52:28adi|dadseither way, im trapped at my fathers
06:52:39*MeRWiN is sorry
06:52:42adi|dadsand dealing with a gf that is trying to be as kind as she can
06:53:00adi|dadsid almost rather have her go off on me ;)
06:53:16adi|dadsso you all settled in Wayne now?
06:53:31MeRWiNI'm south of wayne I think...
06:53:42MeRWiNtotowa, nj
06:53:58adi|dadsi know where that is :)
06:54:03MeRWiNi hate the garden state parkway... frickin' $0.35 every 2 miles :)
06:54:25adi|dadsyou get used to it ;)
06:54:57MeRWiNhopefully i won't have to get used to it. heh
07:09:17MeRWiNadi: how close are you to finishing the icons?
07:10:36adi|dadsright now.. 2-3 wks :)
07:10:42adi|dadsso if you want them... hammer away mate
07:10:51adi|dadsim trapped here for a week min
07:10:53adi|dads2 wks possible
07:11:26MeRWiNI have no clue on the progress as of yet
07:11:31adi|dadsheheh k
07:11:59MeRWiNI've put myself in the player UI niche... nobody was working on making it better, so I took on that
07:13:10adi|dadsheheh sweet
07:15:57MeRWiNI think the icons are a very needed feature as well
07:23:21MeRWiNtime for bed, have to get up at 8am.
07:23:45MeRWiNgive my regards to the rest of the guys :)
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08:03:40Bagderthe config options issue sure was a can of worms
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08:20:12HesHeh. Morning.
08:20:21Bagdermorning hes
08:20:40BagderHes: do you have the www module checked out?
08:21:10Bagderthere's a battery faq embryo in there now, hence my q
08:21:29HesI've had it checked out, yes... i'll update it
08:21:38Bagdercool, thanks
08:22:19Bagderit lacks a lot of answers still
08:23:57HesI'll add some.
08:32:08HesCan I use html/links in docs/BATTERY?
08:32:15Heswill it be included somewhere in plaintext?
08:32:19 Join matsl [0] (
08:32:35Bagderwe convert the plain-text into html by a script
08:32:42Bagderlike the FAQ is made into faq.html
08:32:50Bagderso URLs are fine
08:33:05Hesbut no <a href> stuff?
08:33:18Bagderjust plain http://blabla
08:33:40BagderI thought using the FAQ's format was a good idea as then we could use it as plain text too
08:37:35HesYeah, it is good.
08:38:21HesWill replacing batteries void the warranty? I'd find it most strange if it did, but the stickers inside the battery slot tells me to only use archos batteries.
08:38:48Bagderoh, I didn't know that
08:40:06 Join bobTHC [0] (
08:40:16bobTHCg morning all !
08:40:39Bagderthe guy left his Archos on the roof of his car ;-)
08:41:07Bagder"about 15 miles at about 70mph"
08:41:44bobTHCIt's a archos crash dummy!
08:41:50BagderTake a coke can, fill it about 1/4
08:41:51Bagderwith sand. Shake it. This is what your harddrive will sound like
08:41:51Bagderafter the fall.
08:42:16Bagder"p.s. anyone got an archos to sell?"
08:42:18*Bagder chuckles
08:42:38bobTHCit's really microdust hd technology !
08:44:42bobTHCsorry pixiedust tek !
08:44:51bobTHCthanx ibm
08:55:07Bagdermore shirt designs coming up shortly
08:56:31bobTHCwhat u think about my design?
08:57:26BagderI like it
08:57:38Bagderthe names on the team might get a bit too small though
08:58:19bobTHCyes but my original design is at real tshirt size and it's very clear ..
08:58:46Bagderok, cool
08:59:05bobTHCi paste it on the medium t-shirt shape just to view it like the others
08:59:22HesHey, does anyone of you see NiMH batteries being on sale at ?
08:59:33HesIf they tell you to only use archos batteries, you should be able to buy them there.
09:00:11bobTHCsomebody have buy the stereo mic from archos ?
09:02:29bobTHCnew contest incomers .... it' s a popular contest, pretty cool!
09:04:32bobTHChes: where on the archos site ? UK or US ?
09:05:07HesbobTHC: whatever.
09:05:18HesDo they sell them at all?
09:06:42bobTHCsell good products...
09:07:43HesThe point is, doesn't Archos tell you to use Archos-supplied batteries?
09:08:09HesWould using non-Archos batteries, theoretically, void your warranty?
09:08:18HesI would not suppose it would, but...
09:08:33bobTHCmy recorder come with 2 battery set...
09:08:40bobTHCdon't u?
09:08:41HesMy recorder only came with 1 set.
09:08:52HesAnd the 2 sets will wear out after some time.
09:09:04HesI already bought and happily use a second set of 1800 mAh cells
09:09:18Hesbut now I'm trying to answer the question in the battery FAQ
09:09:23HesQ5: Is it hard to change the batteries? Does it void my warranty?
09:10:05bobTHCok...send a mail at archos to know it...
09:10:34HesDo they actually respond?
09:10:51bobTHCwith some delay but they respond...
09:12:01bobTHChave u test the new 2000 mAh/NiMH Battery ?
09:13:24 Quit PsycoXul (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:14:02bobTHCsorry it's in french...
09:14:25bobTHC25€ for a battery set !
09:14:47HesI bought my 1800 mAh for around 10 euros.
09:15:10bobTHCu win some autonomy ?
09:16:15bobTHCu win time between charge ?
09:16:30HesI guess some, but I didn't measure it
09:16:31 Join rwood [0] (
09:16:41Bagderhey ho rwood
09:16:57rwoodthe ROLO saga continues
09:17:09Bagderany progress?
09:17:42rwoodi can reload rockbox versions, but hang with 6 dots on the status bar for 1.27d
09:18:21rwoodi think it has something to do with the disk interface, but it will take some more work
09:18:31 Join Zagor [0] (
09:18:34Bagderhey Z
09:19:49rwoodi found an error in the user-ram clear routine in debug-menu - uses an offset of 0x18 rather than 0x14
09:20:14rwoodwraps around and clears first 4 locations
09:21:00HesOuch !
09:21:12Hesclear the clock 8-)
09:21:24 Join PsycoXul [0] (
09:21:37rwoodonly happens if you select the clear option
09:21:46HesNot too bad, but will be fixed
09:23:22rwoodZagor: with all the action on the mailing list, have you considered setting up a forum - it seems like it would be easier to follow threads
09:24:44Zagorrwood: the archive does threading if your mail reader doesn't. I don't like web-based discussions, mailing lists are much better.
09:24:52HesMailing lists rock.
09:25:04rwoodok - it's your show
09:27:41BagderI wonder if he really did find the rockbox link on the archos site
09:28:02Zagori doubt it. he probably found the linux driver link and went from there
09:28:11Bagdersounds more likely, yes
09:28:21Bagderbut he has a recorder
09:28:29Bagderso the linux driver isn't for him
09:28:52Bagderoh well, we'll see if he responds and let us know
09:29:13bobTHCI wonder some Engineer from Archos Help us for the DSP programing...
09:29:42*bobTHC dream too much!
09:30:08bobTHCor perhaps the indian Spammer Team
09:30:08ZagorbobTHC: Micronas has said nobody is allowed to write 3rd party DSP code, so Archos likely doesn't have the info either
09:30:31bobTHCAnd how M3po do it?
09:30:36Bagderyeah, our indian friend hasn't responded yet B)
09:33:16bobTHCMicronas sell Special purpose DSp code for is Hardware ?
09:33:26Bagdermost likely, yes
09:34:18bobTHCand they sell it to M3po...
09:35:10 Join Blaster_Master [0] (~noone@
09:36:51bobTHCMicronas have a list of his DSP code ?
09:37:38Bagdernot that I've found anyway
09:38:22bobTHCMicronas is very secret !
09:39:00bobTHCa lot of secret for some middle age DSP already out of date !
09:39:51HesWhoops, the 1800 mAh cells i bought were 10 euros for 2, not for 4.
09:40:39bobTHCthanx for the precision..
09:41:09bobTHCa least 3 company release more powerfull and more reliable DSP for compressed audio playback! and micronas play like CIA ! fucking micronas!
09:42:06BagderI honestly don't care *that* much
09:42:32bobTHCsorry i'm irritate
09:42:59bobTHCI expain u my point of view...
09:44:15Bagdermatsl: ???
09:45:02matslBagder: Just saw that Robert Hak has been working on the icons for the player. Do you know anything about that?
09:45:27matslBagder: Please tell me since I'm working on that too.
09:45:32Bagderhe's been working on getting the recorder-style icons to the player ;-)
09:45:54matslBagder: ??
09:46:01Bagderwhat else is there to say?
09:46:09Bagderlcd_define_pattern() and all that
09:46:26BagderI don't know how far he has reached
09:46:41Bagderthe icons in the dir browser, that is
09:46:47Bagderfor playlist, dir and file
09:47:15matslOK. I misunderstood. Thought it was the icons for the simulator
09:47:22Bagdernope, real-life icons
09:47:43matslok. back to the simulator then!
09:48:10BagderI patched your tool yday
09:48:14bobTHCthe archos use the same dsp as the M3po who his the cheapest Mp3player with "pitch" but the archos is very carriable and have all except that. And to have what the archos have plus "pitch" that cost near 1200€ for a box without HD with Smartmedia !!!!
09:48:20matslBagder: I know!
09:48:59BagderbobTHC: so buy one and reverse-engineer the DSP code ;-)
09:49:08*Bagder hides
09:50:21bobTHCit's not a bad idea, but i'm sure someone have already "dig" the M3po... so i stop to annouing u with that...
09:51:12HesI committed the BATTERY file now.
09:51:18HesWith the following log:
09:51:18HesInitial answers based on what I think is probably right - need to be
09:51:18Heschecked and re-checked by others! I don't know what we can recommend
09:51:18Hesand what we can not recommend even if we did it ourself.
09:51:51Hes... it's an starting point, please comment, discuss and edit at will.
09:51:58Bagderthanks hes
09:52:20BagderZagor: we made the battery faq in the same format as the ordinary faq as you might've spotted
09:52:27Zagoroh good
09:52:39Bagderand btw
09:52:49Bagderwe should put the FAQ in the distribution archives
09:53:00HesOff to work now. At last.
09:53:01Zagoryeah, I know
09:53:42BagderZagor: this could easily be made now by putting both FAQs in the source-tree and just generate the HTML nicely from them as source files
09:54:21Bagderhm, we have no docs directory in any source tree ;-)
09:55:22 Quit rwood ()
09:56:36 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|out (
10:02:02Bagderthat's how it looks converted to html
10:04:40matslBagder: Q about resolution for the simulator?
10:05:42matslGot the impresssion from earlier discussions that I was limited to say 112x7 points for the icons.
10:05:57Bagderthat was the case back then, yes
10:06:11Bagderthen I switched to a bigger font
10:06:11matslWhat's tha case now then?
10:07:18Bagderor 138x7 if to get a line between the icons and the text
10:07:50matslok. so lcd_bitmap can now be used in this 138x7 frame
10:08:27Bagderlcd_bitmap can be used to bitmap within the whole screen which is 138x54 for the player sim
10:08:59Bagderat least that's the intention
10:09:17matslI'm happy with that at the moment. Just wondering. Why don't we have a higher resolution so that the icons can look good.
10:09:21Bagderand since the text appears, we can know it works at least partially
10:09:41Bagderbecause we haven't made it so
10:10:04 Quit Blaster_Master (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:10:22BagderI wanted it to look a little like the player's screen
10:10:33Bagderthat's why I didn't want the icons to be very big
10:10:51matslThe icons will look like crap but, hey, its a simulator.
10:11:36Bagderyou're free to change
10:12:27matslAs i said. I'm happy with it. I know what to do now and if I just stop talking to you I might even be able to check somthing in today. ;-)
10:12:46*Bagder hides in silence ;-)
10:14:42 Nick bobTHC is now known as bobTHC|work (
10:15:38 Join notch [0] (
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10:20:30notchbill kantz said via the list that he got to rockbox via the ARCHOS website?
10:20:57BagderI'm curious too
10:21:16PsycoXulthe only such link i found was the 'Linux Driver' link to bjorn's isd200 driver page...
10:21:24notchHad a look but cant find any refs to rockbox....
10:21:49BagderI think he found the isd200 driver and the rockbox from there
10:22:30notchahh, oh well though ARCHOS was admitting how crap thier firmware is :-)
10:22:36HesI followed that link once as well
10:24:09HesHey, what do you think about the Q10 in ?
10:25:01HesThat's what my little experience in electronics and amateur radio and school of technology tells me, but I really don't have experience on using other chargers with the unit.
10:25:17HesSomeone was said to be using a pretty high voltage charger?
10:25:21 Quit notch ()
10:25:29 Join notch [0] (
10:25:30Bagderme neither, I'm really not very good at these things
10:26:05BagderI think Hadaka is using some higher voltage charger
10:27:49HadakaI'm using a 12V charger, yes
10:27:51Hadakasupplied by Archos
10:28:12notchYou will find the output V drops as the I increases...
10:28:47notchWhat's the I rating?
10:29:41Hadakammh, I think it was 1.5A or something, don't have it handy here
10:29:55HesHumm... with the recorder?
10:30:15HesWhich charger is this (on the archos web shop)?
10:30:24Hadakathe travel charger
10:30:32notchCan't be 1.5A... it would be huge!
10:30:44Hadakanow let's see
10:31:05Hadakait was more A than the original charger - and it wasn't shown as mA
10:31:17Hadakait was over 1.0A - or it might've been just 1.0A
10:31:24HesCan you check that please?
10:31:32HesDoes it heat up a lot?
10:32:13HadakaI can check it (again) when I get home
10:32:21Hadakait's the Universal Adapter from there
10:33:05 Join pyvasene [0] (
10:33:08notchDoesnt have a current rating on the website:-(
10:33:14 Join Low[a] [0] (
10:33:19Hadakayeah, that sucks
10:33:25Low[a]morning all
10:33:27 Nick Low[a] is now known as Lowfiler (
10:33:29 Part pyvasene
10:33:36 Join pyvasene [0] (
10:33:37Hadakaanyway >=1.0A, 12V - that much I remember for sure
10:33:37Bagdermorning Low
10:33:45HesI guess that's the highest spec for a charger that we can recommend, whatever it is
10:34:03notchbe nice to measure the output V unser load....
10:34:13Hadakaand it heats, but not that much
10:34:55Hadakaas in, the archos has been warm, sometimes even borderline hot, but not really
10:37:15HesHave you used it with the rockbox charger without blowing it up? 8-)
10:38:33HadakaI debugged the charging for Linus at one point - and charged for testing a bit - but I haven't really really used rockbox ever - except for testing
10:38:59HadakaI usually let it sit all day, charging, at my work - while it's playing - and never charge it when I'm home
10:39:07Hadakaexcept maybe during the weekends
10:39:24Hadakabut now the charger is at home because my archos is kind of broken
10:39:39Lowfilercan somebody here tell me an efnet server plz
10:40:38HadakaI thought was IRCNet?
10:40:48Bagderright then ;-)
10:41:08Lowfilerthx doesnt work :),
10:42:06Hadakahmm, dunno which server would let .net in
10:42:50Lowfilerthey all doesnt work
10:43:20BagderLowfiler: they all work, they just don't let you in
10:43:41Lowfilerthx works
10:43:46Lowfilerbagder: i know :)
10:43:57Bagderyour domain is probably banned from quite a lot of servers
10:44:08Lowfilerya thats the problem
10:44:38Bagderwant my advice? fire up 'muh' on a host that runs on a different host and "bounce" on that to IRC
10:44:45Bagderon a different domain
10:46:33Lowfileri have a server on which my domain works
10:46:38Lowfilerthats ok
10:51:08 Nick Zagor|out is now known as Zagor (
10:58:04 Quit mbr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:00:14elinenbecan't sleep here. too hot!
11:16:36notchwhere are you elinenbe?
11:21:00 Nick notch is now known as notch|out (
11:26:42elinenbeNew York
11:30:09Lowfileroh what time is it on your side of the world :P
11:37:54Hadaka12:37 CTCP TIME reply from elinenbe: Tue Aug 20 05:37:49 2002
11:37:56Hadaka12:37 CTCP TIME reply from Lowfiler: Tue Aug 20 11:39:11 2002
11:38:03Hadaka...the answer is closer than you think :)
11:39:50Lowfilernice :)
12:16:20 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|out (
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12:57:18 Join LinusN [0] (
13:10:05*Bagder sneaks back in
13:11:36Bagderwhen I press 'next' to load the next song, we should stop the scroll
13:11:42Bagderin the wps
13:12:48 Join adi|dads [0] (
13:14:18 Nick pyvasene|lunch is now known as pyvasene (
13:14:41Bagderhey ho adi at dad's
13:15:13matslBagder: How do I clear just the pixels set in an icon. Is there any function for that in the API?
13:15:18*adi|dads nods
13:15:36adi|dadsyeah. you can use the clean rectangle one
13:15:43adi|dadsand set it for the location of the icon
13:16:00adi|dadseither that or replace the icon by a space
13:16:02*adi|dads shrugs
13:16:04matsli don't want to clearthe whole rectangle. Only the pixels set
13:16:18*adi|dads will bite
13:16:44Bagdermatsl: you're doing code for the simulator, there's no need to optimize ;-)
13:16:52*adi|dads smirks
13:17:00Bagderthe x11 code only clears and sets the dots it has to anyway
13:17:09*adi|dads slaps Bagder around a bit with a large trout
13:17:19*adi|dads slaps matsl around a bit with a large trout
13:17:19*Bagder hides from big bad adi
13:17:22matslbattery-symbol. Consists of battery-frame plus three rectangles inside the battery frame.
13:17:56matslPlease enlighten me if I'm heading in the wrong direction.
13:18:09*adi|dads points the other way
13:18:14adi|dadsthats the right direction
13:18:16adi|dadsoff you go
13:18:18*adi|dads smirks
13:18:26*adi|dads appologizes
13:18:31adi|dadsi get evil when i can't code :(
13:18:53matslDon't applogize. tell me there is a function for me in the API ;-)
13:18:59Bagdermatsl: you can clear rectangles, lines or pixels. you pick
13:19:04adi|dadsyeah... clear rectangle
13:19:42matslOK. Seems I want lcd_bitmap_clear or something then.
13:19:42adi|dadsor you could give Bagder head, and he will invent something else
13:19:47adi|dadsbut i vote again'st that...
13:20:43Bagdermatsl: why not simple use the API that exists?
13:21:03Bagderbut sure, make a "lcd_bitmap_clear" if that makes you feel better ;-)
13:22:00adi|dadsanyone have a version of nmap on their machine?
13:22:39matslBagder: If I want to clear all bits set in a bitmap I and I use the suggested method of clearing by pixel I would actually invent lcd_bitmap_clear wouldn't I
13:23:21Bagdermatsl: I still think you shuld clear_rect() and then bitmap() or draw the stuff that should be there
13:23:59Bagderadi|dads: no nmap here
13:24:53matslBagder: Problem is. battery symbol is four icons. three of them inside the forth. The forth whipes out the other three.
13:25:18LinusNmatsl: draw them in a different order then
13:25:36*adi|dads nm .. got it
13:25:42matslBagder: I can't control the order. I just implement lcd_icon for the simulator.
13:25:44*adi|dads is SO thankful he is still logged in from work
13:25:54Bagderdraw the outline first, then the inside
13:26:29LinusNmatsl: you should create a sim_icon_redraw()
13:26:41LinusNthat redraws the whole icon shebang
13:26:44*adi|dads calls it a night and tries to sleep again.. bbl...
13:26:45 Quit adi|dads ()
13:26:59matslLinusN: why?
13:26:59LinusNand lcd_icon should just set some flags
13:27:09LinusNbecause you can't control the order
13:27:18matslLinusN: Aha... !!!!
13:28:12*Bagder still doesn't understands, but gives up
13:28:49Bagderand I can't write correct english either
13:31:20matslBagder: Who said I understood my own problem? ;-)
13:31:54LinusNbut now you do...
13:34:58matslAt least I know how to hack it.
13:46:30 Join Snorlax [0] (
13:50:53 Join Blaster_Master [0] (~noone@
14:03:23Bagder <= edx's test mp3 files
14:04:23Snorlaxwhat are u testing?
14:04:43BagderI'm not testing, but when I get those I'll test them all ;-)
14:04:52Bagdermainly the id3 and time stuff
14:05:09Bagderthat rockbox will display the correct bitrate, freq and time
14:08:38 Quit Lowfiler (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:16:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:22:01 Quit MeRWiN|Sleep ()
14:24:17Bagdermy rockbox froze
14:24:26BagderI pressed OFF
14:24:34Bagderand now I could resume again
14:24:46Bagder... only to get it resumed to where I was like an hour ago or so
14:41:34 Quit notch|out (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:48:28Snorlaxanybody here?
14:49:01Snorlaxok, maybe this is abit of topic but what headphones u got?
14:49:47BagderI've got some pretty basic sony ones
14:50:08Snorlaxu got a player/recorder
14:50:09Bagdernot those that everyone raves so much about
14:50:27Snorlaxok, and u get bassa and volume?
14:50:53Snorlaxon a bus/subway?
14:51:02Bagderyes, sure
14:51:34SnorlaxI got a player!
14:51:46Bagderthe player has worse sound
14:54:23 Join MeRWiN|Sleep [0] (
14:54:32MeRWiN|Sleepfound another error in resume :P
14:54:34 Nick MeRWiN|Sleep is now known as MeRWiN (
14:54:42*Bagder points to Zagor|out ;-)
14:54:55MeRWiNyup :)
14:55:13MeRWiNWhen you resume, the time of the song starts at 0:00 even if you're in the middle of the song
14:55:16LinusNBagder: dir play resume with random fails
14:55:34BagderLinusN: do you know why?
14:55:54LinusNi think your "play the selected file" fix broke it
14:56:08Bagderprobably, but I can't see why it would do that
14:57:22Bagderand it struck me that if we don't have repeat-all, we need a way for a resumed play-all-dir to know when it reaches the end of the dir-play
14:59:30 Join Lowfiler [0] (
15:06:36 Quit Blaster_Master (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:11:29*Bagder got release-party cake
15:11:32MeRWiNI like these long plane rides... I get to find all the bugs I created (usually very tiny ones that nobody will ever run across)
15:11:53MeRWiNrelease-party cake?
15:12:06Bagderyeah, celebration here at my work
15:12:13MeRWiNnice nice
15:12:48MeRWiNwe should have release-party cake for 1.3 ... although I think the cake would be fairly stale after being transported from sweeden to the states
15:13:36Bagderthat's the end "user" of what we make
15:14:03Bagderkind of techie sales talk
15:16:01MeRWiNbothell... that's just down the street from where i live :)
15:17:19MeRWiNI didn't know that Allied Telesyn was from there
15:17:43BagderAllied is some kind of partner of net Insight that I do consulting for
15:18:11*MeRWiN hates 56k dialup.
15:18:15*MeRWiN misses his cable-modem
15:19:54MeRWiNhaha. I got an e-mail regarding my Nokia Ringtone website that just said "You suck". Now that is one unhappy customer that I just can't please
15:20:48 Quit Bagder ("disconnecting from stoned server.")
15:21:26 Join Bagder [0] (
15:21:29 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
15:24:10bobTHC|workhave u seen the new macrosafe from macrovision for broadcasting films...
15:24:20MeRWiNwhat is it?
15:24:58bobTHC|workthe new macrovision secure film on demand standart
15:25:36BagderLinusN: you checked out the battery faq?
15:26:31bobTHC|workwith AES and triple DES encryption!
15:27:00bobTHC|worksecure until someone dig it!
15:27:28Bagderwell, the client needs to decode it to view it, so then someone can decode it to save it soon
15:27:41MeRWiNBagder: agreed
15:27:59MeRWiNAny technology is easy to crack, if given the right person
15:28:34bobTHC|workwhen someone build something someone can can destoy it!
15:28:53BagderbobTHC|work: but the stuff we do here for video broadcast is more at the hardware level, like the protocols on the fibre
15:29:19LinusNBagder: where is the faq?
15:29:32MeRWiNWhy are companies so intent on spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to create "bigger locks" that just take a couple more days to break through. Don't they understand that there's no lock that a determined computer geek can't get through?
15:29:44BagderLinusN: but edit the docs/BATTERY
15:30:14BagderLinusN: most of the A's come from Hes so far
15:30:16bobTHC|workmerwin : sony music is in this case with audiocd protection
15:30:39HesWith the following log:
15:30:46HesInitial answers based on what I think is probably right - need to be
15:30:53Heschecked and re-checked by others! I don't know what we can recommend
15:30:59bobTHC|workto remove it just use a postit or a marker
15:31:00Hesand what we can not recommend even if we did it ourself.
15:31:05Hes... it's an starting point, please comment, discuss and edit at will.
15:33:13MeRWiNbobTHC|work: heh
15:33:35HesI was wondering... 1.5V alkaline batteries would work in an emergency, but cause the device to heat up more (at the regulators doing more work)
15:33:50HesBut with Hadaka and others using it with a 12V travel charger...
15:34:08MeRWiNHes: I tried them.. 1.5v alkaline does work. It does heat up alot though
15:34:33LinusNWe need to be clearer about which model the answers apply to
15:34:55matslBagder: I'm stuck with second icon line. help needed.
15:34:55bobTHC|workjust use non full 1.5 alkaline ..
15:35:08Bagdermatsl: shooot
15:35:42HesLinusN: true, my answers are pretty much recorder-specific
15:35:42matslwell, the icons simply don't show on the display. Nothing wrong with them. They display fine on the first line.
15:35:52 Quit MeRWiN ()
15:36:32matslBagder: Could there be something the chops of the last bit of the pixmap?
15:36:53matslBagder: I have tried setting LCD_HEIGHT but it doesn't change a thing.
15:36:56Bagder's possible
15:37:41Bagderso nothing in the whole lower section becomes visible?
15:38:26matslBagder: no. After the text I'm not able to display the icons. Y-position LCD_HEIGHT - 7 was my first assumption, Tried a bunch of others as well.
15:38:48Bagderwell LCD_HEIGHT is already bigger than the player sim display so that shouldn't matter
15:39:44matslAha. maybe I should start counting pixels. Maybe I'm just writing behiond the text
15:40:15Bagderyou should start at... 40 I guess
15:40:34matslBagder: I have tried it but its worth another go.
15:40:49Bagdermake sure you lcd_update() too properly
15:41:33matslBagder: I have to stop soon. got battery, play, record, and volume working in simulator.
15:42:09matslBagder: When I get the second line working i'll checkin. maybe tomorrow!?
15:42:18Bagdersounds fine
15:43:02matslBagder: besides I don't do any lcd_update myself. Should I?
15:43:28Bagderthe player code doesn't need lcd_update()
15:43:35Bagderbut the player sim does
15:44:05matslok. so maybe I have just been darn lucky with the other icons then?
15:44:24Bagderyes, possibly, because the text functions do lcd_update()
15:45:04matslBagder: thanks for the info. cu
15:45:13 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
15:45:49Bagder...we should provide a memcmp() soon
15:46:07Bagderfor all those poor people who get a newer gcc
15:47:36HadakaI didn't understand that?
15:47:52Hadakaare you sure you want the "optimized" version there?
15:48:15Bagderthe optimized?
15:48:23Bagderyou mean optimized strcmp() ?
15:48:50Hadakano I mean the optimized whatever that used memcmp internally - that the newer gcc does
15:49:20Bagderyes, it is some strcmp() stuff that it converts, possible something else too of course
15:49:27Bagderyou think it is bad?
15:50:07Hadakawell unless you provide all the functions those things require and understand that the optimization is happening, I'm favoring not using the inlines at all
15:51:39Bagderwell, my thinking was more that if it optmizes into using other functions and we can easily provide those other functions, that might be a good thing
15:52:16Bagderbut we can also of course append the option that disables that optimization, whatever flag that is
15:52:25Hadakait's -fno-inline
15:52:50Bagderit is?
15:53:28Hadakait's -fno-builtin :)
15:53:45Bagderah, that makes more sense ;-)
15:54:01Bagderright, we should probably slap that one on instead
15:54:15Bagderthen we should work better with newer gccs
15:54:18Hadakabut the thing is, those builtin inlines change the behaviour of things - like forexample when memcpy becomes an inline assembly loop
15:54:26Hadakaand I'm not sure if that's wanted in all cases
15:55:03Hadakayou can say -fno-builtin-strcmp ofcourse to solve the one problem you have
15:55:16Hadakabut that would be quite the worst solution
15:56:03Hadakaoh btw
15:56:14Hadakayou could use -ffreestanding as a compilation option
15:56:36Hadaka"A freestanding environment is one in which the standard library may not exist, and program startup may not necessarily be at "main". The most obvious example is an OS kernel."
15:56:42Bagdersounds perfect
15:56:54*Bagder adds
15:57:05Hadakacheck if it works with older gcc's first ;)
15:57:19Hadakathat was from gcc-3.1 manual page
15:57:34 Part LinusN
15:58:15Bagderegcs-2.91.66 has it at least
15:58:45Hadakaoh goodie
16:01:27 Nick Zagor|out is now known as Zagor (
16:01:43Zagoroh man. people want shortcut keys for really obscure functions...
16:01:46Hadakaoh and, if you want something optimized - like memcpy
16:02:26Hadakayou can do #define memcpy(d, s, n) __builtin_memcpy ((d), (s), (n))
16:02:48 Quit Blaster_Master (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:05:53 Join LinusN [0] (
16:06:00Zagorbah, I don't like merwins wps.c commit. it resets the scroll every time you adjust volume. I don't understand why he did that.
16:07:57Bagderdoesn't sound like something you want it to do
16:08:42BagderZagor: btw, you should also dive into the battery faq and shovel in your edits
16:09:44BagderI've forced LinusN on it and Hes contributed massively this morning
16:12:33LinusNHehe. I have benchmarked Magnus Holmgren's assembly language 8-bit bitswap function
16:12:43Bagderany cool?
16:12:57LinusNguess what? it is _faster_ than the 16-bit version!!!
16:13:21LinusNat leat it seems like it is
16:13:21Bagdernow, how fast is an assembly 16-bit version? B)
16:13:35LinusNthe resolution is in ticks...
16:15:02LinusNthe 16-bit version does 32Kb in 4 ticks
16:15:19elinenbehello. Interesting thing. On the recorder6k, when I put it in button lock mode, I can still turn the status bar on and off hitting F3
16:15:24LinusNthe 8-bit version does 32Kb in 4 ticks too, but sometimes in 3...
16:15:52Zagorelinenbe: yes, that's because the wps code is a mess. major cleanup coming up...
16:16:26elinenbeZagor: nice. I hate messy code :-)
16:16:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:17:49LinusNZagor: i will commit Magnus' assembly code as-is, in bitswap.S
16:18:20*LinusN is drooling over the extra 128Kb we will gain...
16:23:16*elinenbe is drooling over 128kb of Doom once my raytracing engine is completed... :-)
16:24:17Bagderwell they ported doom to the cannon digital cameras...
16:24:44LinusNWell, gotta go!
16:25:05Bagdersee ya LinusN
16:25:10LinusNMagnus Holmgren is surely the Hero Of The Day!
16:25:19bobTHC|workfor sure!
16:25:28*Bagder hails Magnus
16:26:04LinusNstill, we need to keep our ears open for bugs...
16:26:07elinenbebye LinusN
16:26:13 Part LinusN
16:35:58BagderZagor: you tried that update_rect() fix yet?
16:42:53Bagderblah, I hate snmp
16:42:57Zagoryes, I've been running it for a day
16:43:56BagderI wasn't 100% sure I wrote it correctly ;-)
16:44:22Zagorwell it appears to work, anyway. or else it's some other lcd_update that does the job... :-)
16:44:44Bagderhm, right the normal one will update that rect too
16:47:43Bagderbtw, can we get an interrupt from a timer or something?
16:48:00BagderI'm thinking about sleep
16:48:28Zagorwe do get a tick interrupt. check kernel.c
16:52:17 Join zaknafein [0] (
16:53:58ZagorBagder: that unshuffle fix you did must be altered to cope with resume
16:54:06BagderI know
16:54:19Bagderwe need to differentiate between resume and the play-dir
16:54:42Bagderlinus said I broke the resume for all-dir play
16:54:53Bagdernot that I understand why
16:54:59Zagoryeah, in shuffle mode anyway
16:55:26Bagderyou figured out why?
16:55:46Zagori think so. just a minute...
16:57:04Bagderthe sleep mode runs on 40mA compared to 60mA normal mode
16:57:18Zagorsh-1 sleep mode?
16:57:36Bagderit takes 3 cycles to get into the mode
16:57:44Zagorand out?
16:57:54Bagderit wasn't quite as clear
16:58:04Zagorwhat about dram refresh and iram contents?
16:59:16Bagderthe iram is no problem at least
16:59:23BagderRAM is said to be "Held"
16:59:59BagderI suspect that we can go down to SLEEP for very short intervals to reduce power consumption
17:00:16Bagderit basicly just halts the CPU core
17:00:31Zagorwe should reorganize the scheduler to use process queues
17:00:41Zagorthen we could spend lots of time in sleep mode
17:01:20Bagderwell for starters and experiments, we can have one thread go down to sleep mode and then release it again
17:01:24Bagderfor like 10-20 ms
17:01:44Bagderit would only slow down the thread-shifting
17:02:03Bagderas long as we scan the keys fast enough and the lcd gets updated, no one should notice
17:04:43Bagderpity we can't use the standby mode ;-)
17:04:50Bagder0.0.1 uA
17:05:01Bagderthat's deep coma
17:05:09Zagorbut no ram is held?
17:05:28Bagderram is held
17:05:35Bagderbut lots of other things go
17:05:52Zagorsuch as?
17:05:54Bagderclock halted
17:06:08Bagder"supporting functions" halted
17:06:17Bagdernot sure that that means
17:06:35Bagderonly nmi irq can wake it up
17:06:46Zagorouch. ok, sounds pretty harsh.
17:06:49Bagderexcept for power-on and manual reset
17:07:35Bagder0.01 uA is amazingly little current
17:09:02Zagordir-play resume works for unshuffled
17:13:32BagderI'm off for tonight, see ya
17:13:34 Part Bagder
17:25:44 Quit elinenbe ()
17:46:53 Quit pyvasene ("[x]chat")
17:55:41 Part zaknafein
18:09:58 Join notch|out [0] (
18:16:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:24:13 Quit Snorlax ()
18:44:08 Join Jet8810 [0] (
18:50:38 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
19:01:10*notch|out snorts diet coke to speed delivery to brain....
19:01:21 Quit notch|out ()
19:08:44xamuse jolt or drpepper ;)
19:17:34 Join merkisoft [0] (
20:09:33 Join Jet8810 [0] (
20:11:03Jet8810anybody here currently on msn messenger?
20:12:19 Quit xam ("ChatZilla 0.8.7 [Mozilla rv:1.0.0/1]")
20:16:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:18:35 Quit merkisoft ()
20:32:57 Quit RipnetUK ()
20:42:15 Join elinenbe [0] (
20:43:31elinenbehi there
20:47:13elinenbebye there.
20:47:19 Quit elinenbe ()
21:16:34 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
21:16:45 Join Zagor [0] (
21:16:49 Join Zagor_ [0] (
21:16:49 Quit Zagor (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:17:04 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
21:26:49 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:27:20 Join Jet8810 [0] (
21:48:07 Nick Tebe is now known as Tumm- (
21:59:47 Join mbr [0] (
22:03:53 Part mbr
22:06:12 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:06:35 Join nsauzede [0] (
22:06:49nsauzedehi all
22:14:41nsauzedecongrats again for the good work :)
22:15:37Zagor:-) thanks
22:15:52nsauzedeBTW, just a question..
22:16:31nsauzedeI recently received all emails of the list twice, did that happen to someone else ?
22:16:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:17:02Zagornot me
22:17:38nsauzedeit may be a problem with my pop server, so...
22:18:32nsauzedeelse, I wondered if one can/must/must'nt use archos logo/name on the tshirts designs ??
22:18:57Zagorgood question. we should probably avoid using their official logo anyway
22:19:31nsauzedeyes, and the question is valid for the jukebox name, no ? (tm)
22:19:46nsauzede(and the photos ?)
22:20:20Zagori'm pretty sure "jukebox" is not protected by archos. it's a very generic name.
22:20:35Zagorbut, yeah. it's an interesting question.
22:21:49nsauzedeindeed, I wanted to send an email to you to ask many points like this for the submissions (can/must/must'nt use that or this)
22:23:37nsauzedeBTW, did you receive the email I just sent to the list ? It's about Players USB icon
22:23:48Zagoryes I did
22:24:02Zagorthanks, I missed just that the other day
22:24:21nsauzedecool;) what do you think of the double-height issue ?
22:24:33Zagorwhich version did you test on?
22:25:00nsauzedewell, original firmware is 5.07d, if I remember well...
22:25:00Zagorand did you have resume to "on" (not "ask")?
22:25:06nsauzederesume : on
22:25:07 Nick dwihno|gone is now known as dwihn0r (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
22:25:07DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihn0r
22:25:11dwihn0rGood afternoon
22:25:12Zagori found it :-)
22:25:15dwihn0rOr something like that :)
22:25:18Zagorhi dwihn0r
22:25:21nsauzedehi !
22:25:39dwihn0rHi, Mr. Zagor. You got the rights to indent. Every tab can and will be used against you!
22:25:45nsauzedezagor : I was resuming a playlist at bootup
22:26:05Zagornsauzede: yes, I found the bug. checking in now.
22:26:17nsauzedeso fast ? unbelievable :)
22:26:30dwihn0rI read about the optimized bitswap. How much of a performance increase does it boast?
22:26:55nsauzedezagor : beware Luke, you are coding faster than your shadow... 8-)
22:27:06Zagordwihn0r: not significantly faster. the big thing is we save 128 KB ram
22:27:32nsauzedebut Lionus said it was even faster than 16bit method..
22:27:48dwihn0rZagor: Ah. Saving RAM! :D Misa like that very much :)
22:28:11Zagoryes, but I don't think it's that much faster. the big thing is that we can save the ram and don't sacrifice performance
22:28:22Zagornot that the new algo is much faster
22:28:25dwihn0rI bet my pants that the buffer size of rockbox outclasses the buffer of the stock firmware
22:28:51Zagorit might. should be fairly simple to test.
22:29:02dwihn0rYeah... :)
22:29:12nsauzedeon recorders, can you play game while listening to music ?
22:29:15dwihn0redx's win32 makefiles aren't updated yet, I presume?
22:29:18Zagornsauzede: yes
22:29:27Zagordwihn0r: dunno
22:30:35nsauzedezagor: I'm desparately trying to compile win32 simulator on cygwin/W2000 with builtin mingw32, but that fails... :(
22:30:57nsauzede=> must use MS VC :(
22:31:27Zagori'm sorry, I have never tried using windows. I'm a 100% linux guy.
22:32:33dwihn0rlinux is cute
22:32:48dwihn0rEspecially that penguin :)
22:33:51nsauzedezagor: I'm an Androgyne, Linux+Win2000, but I've got to choose at bootup ;-)
22:34:57Zagormbr has gone berzerk
22:35:38nsauzedethe ROLO thing really rocks !! I hope it will soon be checked in (I'm fed up patching cvs against the old ROLO-1 patch :)
22:35:59Zagorit doesn't work on recorders yet. it will go in when it does.
22:36:11nsauzedethat's right
22:36:25nsauzede<sigh> I hope I had a recorder...
22:36:44nsauzedegood night, guys, have to go !
22:37:03dwihn0rMe too. I'm all worn out.
22:37:06 Nick dwihn0r is now known as dwihno|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
22:37:06DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno|gone
22:37:25 Quit nsauzede ()
22:40:56 Join mbr [0] (
22:47:48Zagormbr: why are you adding strlen() to the width on propfont displays?
23:33:56mbrZagor: Are you there? Sorry was offline ...
23:35:36mbrI added strlen, because lcd_getstringsize does not count the pixels between characters for propfonts
23:36:17mbrOK lets talk about that tomorrow ..
23:36:57Zagoryou should fix the bug in lcd_getstringsize instead
23:37:40mbrI'll do that. I just wanted to ask before I modify lcd.c
23:38:07mbrI was not sure if this is a bug
23:38:50mbrAdditional i'd like compatible lcd_getstringsize in lodable and prop fonts
23:41:10Zagorthe font system will be redone after 1.3 so don't spend too much effort cleaning that code
23:42:04mbrOK. I'll fix only the lcd_getstringsize for prop fonts
23:42:34mbrBut it has to wait. I'm tired :)
23:42:37Zagoralso I think you should consult us before adding things like status bar in menus. it's a design issue not to be decided by a single person
23:42:45Zagorsure. see you tomorrow.
23:43:42mbrOh. I'm sorry. But Linus and Bagder said a while ago, that they want status bar im menus ...
23:43:43 Join Miran [0] (
23:43:58Zagorthey did? ok, sorry then. my mistake.
23:44:24mbrThey said it before 1.2 was released.
23:44:46ZagorMiran: I don't know. did we break the battery meter?
23:45:00Miranunder debug
23:45:13Miranthe text is cut off at the bottem of the scale
23:45:13Zagordefine "break". what goes wrong?
23:45:54Miranin the debug menu, there is a battery viewer
23:46:01Mirannow the bottem half of the text is cut off
23:46:09mbrI broke it with the status bar changes ..
23:46:18Miranand the tops of the graph appear to be truncated
23:46:24CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 11 minutes and 59 seconds at the last flood
23:46:24*dwihno|gone would love his USB icon checked in
23:46:27dwihno|goneJust thinking out loud :)
23:46:45Zagordwihno|gone: not tonight. I'm going to sleep.
23:47:14dwihno|goneZagor: well, the img is at - do as you wish with it (I got a new job)
23:47:36 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
23:53:00 Quit Miran ("Its not that you do not see, it is mearly that your eyes do not perceive")

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