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#rockbox log for 2002-08-21

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02:39:15BoD[]hello !
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05:43:47RedLegOK, the JR20 is VERY close to full.... what's the drive upgrade of choice?
06:01:26RedLegAny life here?
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06:36:10dwihno|goneRedLeg: afaik, the 40 gb disks are a good choice, since they're not THAT expensive.
07:02:41RedLegHmmmm, any known good or bad brands/models?
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07:15:04rwoodanyone here who has had the case off of a recorder?
07:24:27elinenberwood: are you working on rolo for the recorder?? some of us are anxiously awaiting it!!!!
07:25:43rwoodelinenbe: yes - i can load rockbox versions, but still hang loading archos versions.
07:26:42rwoodelinenbe: i am considering opening it up and insturmenting the RAM so i can see where the firmware is hanging
07:28:06elinenberwood: sounds great
07:28:10rwoodbefore i open it i would like to know if the RAM is on the outside or will i have to take the sandwich apart
07:28:30elinenberwood: oh... I don't know. I think there are some pictures on the rockbox site.
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07:29:43rwoodelinenbe: i have looked there, but can't tell which side is which - linus will probably know when he comes on
07:30:30elinenbetaking the sandwich apart is a pain in the ass. yeah, Linus will probably know.
07:31:04rwoodi'll probablly put the serial port mod in for gdb at the same time
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07:47:30*adi|dads yawns
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07:50:02adi|dadshowdy mbr
08:12:19HesGood morning
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08:23:41adi|dadsi miss anyone?
08:23:43*adi|dads smirks
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08:28:33BagderI'll have a go at the play-dir with shuffe resume bug
08:28:57adi|dadsbagder.. im getting tired of fixing html pages
08:28:57Bagderadi|dads: good mail
08:29:05adi|dadsdamn 'foot.t' bug
08:29:07adi|dadsyou think so?
08:29:12adi|dadsi didnt want to sound the asshole
08:29:17adi|dadsbut im sick and tired of those mails
08:29:27Bagderyes, I was about to react the same way on that "nobody seems to care" mail
08:29:29adi|dads"wah.. i want my email answered _now_"
08:29:44adi|dadsi mean.. Jesus H. Christ
08:29:48adi|dadsits a volunteer project
08:29:50adi|dadsdeal with it :)
08:30:08*adi|dads thinks being trapped is reallllly starting to affect his politeness online
08:37:49adi|dadsumm.. any reason the tshirt page went to 2 cols?
08:38:18Bagderyes, the amount of designs
08:38:26Bagderyou think its bad?
08:39:15adi|dadsnot bad
08:39:22adi|dadsjust tough to figure out the front and back ones
08:39:34adi|dadsi think it would make more sense to have 1 col
08:39:40adi|dadswith the front/back ones on the same line
08:39:46adi|dadsso its 1 entry per line
08:39:48Bagderah, that's a good idea
08:39:52adi|dadsw/2 images if needed
08:39:55adi|dadswant me to fix?
08:39:56BagderI'll try that later on
08:40:02adi|dadsill get it... give me a min
08:40:10Bagderno, it isn't in cvs
08:40:16adi|dadsdamn you
08:40:20adi|dadsput it in the cvs! ;)
08:40:21Bagderalthough I guess I could put it there of course
08:40:28Bagdersure, hang on
08:40:34*adi|dads wants everything in the cvs :)
08:40:40Bagderyou're right
08:41:03*adi|dads punches adi|work in the nads
08:41:07*adi|dads feels it from here
08:42:32adi|dadsbtw.. i was thinking
08:42:52adi|dadsare there any .t files that shouldn't have a '#include head.t' and #include foot.t in them?
08:43:27Bagdernot if they're meant to be displayed as html I think
08:43:39adi|dadscause ppl keep forgetting the foot.t
08:43:54adi|dadsso i was wondering if it makes more sense for the conversion script to insert it automatically
08:44:04adi|dadsrather then the .t having the head/foot.t includes
08:44:14adi|dadsthat make sense?
08:45:12Bagderyes it makes sense
08:45:27adi|dadsi take it the conversion script is server side (not in cvs)?
08:45:36adi|dadsoh.. and your was that finished?
08:45:50Bagderit is "finished"
08:45:53Bagderthat is, it works
08:46:00 Join matsl [0] (
08:46:09Bagderbut it can always be improved of course
08:46:14Bagdermorning matsl
08:46:26Bagderadi|dads: we use it for the battery faq now too
08:46:35adi|dadsahh.. nm.. didn't realize it was being used
08:46:39adi|dadsthe battery faq?
08:46:54Bagderadi|dads: update your CVS and you'll get a BATTERY next to your FAQ
08:47:00Bagderusing your format
08:47:30 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
08:47:37Bagderbtw, I'm advocating putting the FAQ and BATTERY somewhere in the source tree instead
08:47:38adi|dadsahhh.. didnt see that earlier
08:47:44Bagderto make them come in the source distributions
08:47:49adi|dadsthat makes sense
08:48:13adi|dadswe might want to consider a 'docs' directory off the main branch
08:48:20adi|dadsfor the README's, FAQs etc
08:48:25Bagderright, that could be a good thing
08:48:43adi|dadsthen you just have a README in each subdir pointing you to the main doc/
08:48:52*adi|dads always liked that design on other projects
08:48:56BagderI like that
08:49:10matslBagder: morning
08:49:29adi|dadsthat way, when/if we have any man pages for things in the future, we can stick them there...
08:49:32adi|dadsand what not
08:49:50adi|dadshmmm.. what i _could_ do..
08:49:53adi|dadsis build that now...
08:49:57Bagderand if we want them on the web site, we use them as source files and convert them using some tools into html and things
08:49:58adi|dadscopy the stuff over
08:50:02adi|dadsand see if ppl like it...
08:50:15adi|dadsw/o rm'ing the originals
08:50:32adi|dadswell the www stuff should be able to see the docs files
08:50:38adi|dadsso refering to them shouldn't be a prob
08:51:48adi|dadsgrrr.. we really need a naming convention for these tshirt images
08:51:55adi|dadsseems like we had one, but we stopped using it
08:52:07BagderI'm a lazy person
08:52:19adi|dadsheheh ill try and clean up slowly as i go if you want ;)
08:52:36Bagdersure, but renaming files is annoying with cvs
08:52:41*adi|dads nods
08:52:55adi|dadshell i have like another wk and a half to find stupid stuff to do
08:53:00adi|dadspainful to code remotely
08:54:05Bagderbtw, any changes to the tshirt stuff won't take effect right now
08:54:11adi|dadsi know..
08:54:12adi|dadsit takes time
08:54:23adi|dadsid need to run the makefile on the server, correct?
08:54:25Bagderyes, but it needs to be fixed on the server first to work
08:54:30*adi|dads nods
08:54:43Bagdersince the directory on the server is put outside cvs
08:54:49Bagderso cvs update will not work properly
08:54:57*adi|dads thinks he may need to poke you all in the future about some kind of limited access for that ;)
08:55:01Bagderit needs to be removed first, then cvs update
08:55:05adi|dadsahh.. so it needs to pull down from the CVS?
08:55:21adi|dadsso if i change a filename, i need to remove
08:55:24Bagderand Björn is the master of that so I let him do that
08:55:24adi|dadsthen update?
08:55:32adi|dadsor just for _any_ update
08:55:37adi|dadsit needs to be done that way?
08:56:18Bagderno, you just use cvs as you use to
08:56:39BagderI'm just saying that Zaggie needs to patch the server for the tshirt pages to start working off cvs
08:56:45adi|dadsgot ya...
08:57:03adi|dadswell.. what i can do, is set up a demo on my web server.. see what you think of the layout
08:57:05adi|dadshows that sound?
08:57:34Bagderthat's usually how I do it when I modify things too
08:57:48Bagdersome nice symlinks into the cvs ;-)
08:58:15adi|dadshehe i hadn't thought of that... hmmm... i need to get all those links then...
08:58:24adi|dadsbah.. ill just scp all the files over.. much easier ;)
09:00:04matslBagder: report on simulator icons
09:00:13Bagderhow's the progess?
09:00:20*adi|dads cheers matsl on
09:00:31adi|dadstell us its done you stud ;)
09:01:01matslBagder: I can display on the second line
09:01:22matslBagder: ... but I think maybe the simulator doesn't call lcd_icon like the player does.
09:01:38 Quit Blaster_Master ()
09:01:44Bagderwhat makes you think that?
09:01:54Bagderisn't lcd_icon() used from app code?
09:03:00matslBagder: yes, but I have only seen the param icon display and not allways.
09:03:45Bagdergrep lcd_icon *.c | wc -l
09:03:45Bagder 42
09:03:47matslBagder: There are a bunch of #ifdefs that control when lcd_icon is used. Maybe they are not correct allways for the simulator.
09:04:25Bagderany examples where you think it should be called where it isn't?
09:04:32matslBagder: Just a thought. I have the code so I will have a look at it.
09:05:11*Bagder can't really test the resume play-dir bug in the simulator
09:05:28adi|dadsBagder you think it makes sense to remove the header in the FAQ?
09:05:30Bagderwe need to improve the simulated mpeg thread
09:05:36adi|dadsseeing as we have it listed off the website now...
09:05:48adi|dadsor maybe we could work in some kind of comment line for the .pl script
09:06:02adi|dadsor is # treated as comment when the script runs?
09:06:28matslBagder: We need to improve the simulator when it comes to the keys as well.
09:06:40Bagderadi|dads: well, the srcipt is adjusted to treat everything before the first Q as a "header"
09:07:02Bagderadi|dads: and that is printed within <pre> </pre>
09:07:23adi|dadsright.. but it still doesn't display properly on the web page
09:07:34adi|dadsand what we have in one faq, we should have in both...
09:07:37Bagderlooks fine on mine
09:07:59Bagderbtw, is the battery one
09:08:14adi|dadsbut look at the standard FAQ
09:08:17adi|dads __________ __ ___.
09:08:17adi|dads Open \______ \ ____ ____ | | _\_ |__ _______ ___
09:08:17adi|dads Source | _// _ \_/ ___\| |/ /| __ \ / _ \ \/ /
09:08:17DBUGEnqueued KICK adi|dads
09:08:17adi|dads Jukebox | | ( <_> ) \___| < | \_\ ( <_> > < <
09:08:17adi|dads Firmware |____|_ /\____/ \___ >__|_ \|___ /\____/__/\_ \
09:08:18***Alert Mode level 1
09:08:18adi|dads \/ \/ \/ \/ \/
09:08:21adi|dadsgrr.. sry
09:08:27matslbasic low level c Q. can you initialize an array of structs: static struct my_struct my_structs[] = { ... }?
09:08:41adi|dadsthe spacing looks all off..
09:08:48adi|dadsi think so matsl
09:09:21matslI need pointer to working code. I'm getting some parse error when I try it.
09:09:40adi|dadsdo me a favor..
09:09:44adi|dadsthe parts its bitching about...
09:09:49adi|dadscut and past to #spam
09:09:54Bagdermatsl: you need {} around each struct in the array
09:10:06matslBagder: I know.
09:10:59matslBagder: I'll have another go at it now that you have verified that it should work.
09:11:23Bagderyou can only init it to static values too
09:11:34Bagderunless we talk C99
09:11:45matslThat's ok for me.
09:12:15bobTHCHave u seen the creative Open source Project, take a look @
09:12:49CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:12:49*Bagder has seen it
09:13:00bobTHCArchos will do the same !!!
09:16:14bobTHCfor the moment they don't contact us(and they knows) so they can help us a little like creative do...
09:16:51adi|dadspersonally.. id prefer they had nothing to do with us
09:16:59*adi|dads fears retributions
09:17:05bobTHCwhy ?
09:17:18Bagderthere are some behind-the-curtains actions going on
09:17:22*adi|dads fears them having issues with what we do...
09:17:27adi|dadswhats that bagder?
09:17:33*adi|dads didn't understand
09:17:56bobTHCbadger : like what?
09:18:07BagderI'm just saying that there is some lobbying going on by people
09:18:17Hesin which direction?
09:18:17bobTHChere ?
09:18:19***Alert Mode OFF
09:18:22Bagderand there is no question about that Archos knows very well what we're doing
09:18:54bobTHCfor sure
09:18:56BagderI don't want to tell you any specifics yet, and it is all Björn's show really
09:20:19bobTHCU think already some archos ppl already contribute hidden ?
09:20:34BagderI don't think so
09:20:48bobTHCjust make some lobbying...
09:20:51adi|dadsdo you think Bjorn is just trying to cover his ass from lawsuits?
09:21:02adi|dadsie: kiss ass, play nice, we keep our project?
09:21:13Bagderno, I don't
09:21:24BagderI think he wants things to get real before he says anything
09:21:30*adi|dads nods
09:21:31Bagdernot just talks and intensions
09:21:57adi|dadsany idea on when/if he intends to spill the beans on whats going on?
09:22:10*adi|dads points out that maybe this section of the log needs to be edited out ;)
09:22:42bobTHCparanoia is the rule, isn't it adi ?
09:22:44Bagderwell, if things don't turn out good then maybe it'll never become anything to mention
09:23:16*adi|dads nods
09:23:21Bagderand if it turn out good, you'll get to know
09:23:30adi|dadsjust cause you're paranoid, does not me they _aren't_ out to ge tyou...
09:23:32*adi|dads nods
09:23:58adi|dadsparanoia is healthy
09:24:00Bagdernow, back to debuggin
09:24:01adi|dadsmania is not ;)
09:31:07matslBagder: problem spotted, lcd_clear_display whipes my icons out. Confused!?
09:31:11adi|dadsbtw.. with the # of entries with front and back on the shirts.. you guys may want to edit the rules..
09:31:24Bagdermatsl: it clears the screen, it wipes everything out
09:31:43matsli know.
09:31:52Bagderadi|dads: I know, I just haven't decided quite how yet
09:31:58*adi|dads nods
09:34:35Bagdermatsl: I guess clear_display() on the player target doesn't clear the icons so then the simulator version shouldn't either
09:35:13matslBagder: Jupp.
09:36:50matslBagder: two possible solutions. 1: don't clear the pixel 2: make lcd_update redraw the icons.
09:37:16matslBagder: Comment?
09:37:38BagderI'd go for alternative 1
09:37:55*matsl feels nice memset debugging comming up
09:39:02Bagderit's really not tricky, all you need to do is clear from ypos 8 height 32
09:39:50matslI know. I'm just such a bummer when it come to counting bits. Maybe I have learned my lesson now.
09:40:11Bagderyou'll become a better bitcounter! ;-)
09:40:15matslBagder: Thanks for the support.
09:40:36mbr have a little problem with usb in wps on recorders
09:41:18Bagdermbr: tell us
09:41:23mbrwhen plugging the cable, status bar ist still redrawn. and when unplugging recorder does not return to root
09:41:37mbrSorry, typespeed is too slow :)
09:42:30mbrI don't understand that ...
09:43:47 Join rwood [0] (
09:43:57mbrAdditional all buttons work (i.e. Volume)
09:45:42adi|dadsanyone know off hand if lee pilgrim's tshirt design is for the front or back of the shirt?
09:46:07Bagderadi|dads: no side was specified
09:46:21adi|dadsill assume front until told otherwise :)
09:46:30Bagderhey rwood, how's the rolo hacking going?
09:47:20Bagdermbr: I agree that it sounds weird
09:49:23rwoodBagder: i'm about to break the warranty seal to insturment the RAM so i can use a logic analyzer to find out where 1.27d is looping
09:50:47rwoodhas anyone here had a recorder out of the case?
09:51:05*Bagder hasn't
09:51:11Hadakahaha - he says that he's going to break the warranty seal - and the response is "neato" :)
09:51:37Bagderhehe, well I'm looking forward to the results from that brave move ;-)
09:51:37rwoodanything for the cause
09:52:18adi|dadsBagder wanna check out
09:52:24adi|dadsi was thinking something along that line
09:52:28adi|dadsto whats at the top
09:53:21Bagderyeps, that's fine
10:04:49HesHadaka: Hi, did you check out the travel charger's specs?
10:12:39 Join notch|out [0] (
10:14:34BagderI think I fixed the resume-play-all-dir-with-shuffle bug
10:14:57Bagderhard to say, as it can't be run in the simulator properly
10:16:04mbrSome more infos about wps usb bug. It was introduced between 7 days ago and 6 days ago.
10:16:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:17:50 Join pyvasene [0] (
10:22:08*notch|out is becomming a cvs update junkie...
10:22:45Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
10:23:04Topic"do you cvs update often enough?" by Bagder (
10:24:15notch|out3 -5 times a day :-)
10:25:33notch|outbut i'm always dissapointed when make says there is nothing to do :-|
10:26:28Bagder.. then you can mail the mailing list and say "work harder to lazy bastards" ;-)
10:26:43notch|outohh the tee shirts have been loaded... must have a wee look...
10:27:52 Join Zagor [0] (
10:28:05Bagderhey ho Z
10:28:16mbrmorn zagor
10:28:29*Zagor yawns
10:28:43BagderZagor: it would be cool if you renamed the tshirt dir and cvs updated the web
10:28:50BagderZagor: I put that whole dir on cvs
10:29:24Bagder... so that adi can play around with it :-)
10:30:51Zagormbr: thanks for the heads-up mail :-)
10:34:24adi|dadshows that bagder?
10:35:29bobTHCadi : i'm not in deal but it's the good one
10:35:41Bagderadi|dads: two things, the initial text says the names are below the designs when they're above now, and I think it should mention which image is back/front
10:35:47*adi|dads nods
10:35:54adi|dadsi know about the nameing issue..
10:35:57adi|dadswas the layout..
10:36:01adi|dadslet me fix.. make correct
10:36:06*adi|dads thanks bobTHC
10:38:42mbrA last question about teh wps usb bug. shall I send a mail to ml about it?
10:39:07Bagderplease do
10:39:15mbrcurretly I have not the time to search and fix it
10:40:23notch|outI like #12 - it has my name listed :-) twice :-))
10:41:10Bagderhehe, elinenbe is listed twice too on that one
10:44:09 Quit rwood ()
10:45:13bobTHCI like the #5 because it's mine ;)
10:45:51bobTHCLinus come on irc this day?
10:46:36Bagderhe usually comes every day
10:47:58bobTHCit's about my obsession, I found some infos on time strechting ;)
10:49:37adi|dadssee if thats better...
10:49:46bobTHCbut without any idea for "how to code for the DSP core " it's just infos...
10:52:11Hadakaforgot to check the travel charger specs :(
10:52:12adi|dadswhat oof?
10:52:17adi|dadshehe oh
10:52:22Hadakadamn, have to do it later tonight then
10:52:52Heswould be good for the battery faq
10:52:56adi|dadshehe i like the new quote
10:53:00adi|dads"Unjtil now all seems to have been done ! Nothing is too hard to program for the
10:53:00adi|dadsRockBox Staff !
10:53:16adi|dadsMidy just became my buddy :)
10:55:31adi|dadsanyone seen Devos battery life question?
10:58:28adi|dadslol... we're getting requests to firmware for other archos projects.. i love it
11:02:18adi|dadsokay.. tshirt page updated...
11:27:42 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
11:31:02bobTHCPlotting the Waveform On The screen of the recorder can be useful ?
11:32:01Bagderit isn't possible
11:32:44Blaster_Masteris it posible to make a "moving equilalizer (pardon my lousy spelling)", the chars is there for it (saw them in the research notes) .. LCD char 0x80 to 0x86 ??
11:33:07Bagderwhat is a "moving equilalizer" ?
11:33:19ZagorVU bars, on the player
11:33:28BagderI don't think it is possible
11:33:36Bagderat least not the same way as done on recorders
11:33:37bobTHCwith ascii art
11:33:38Blaster_MasterYES ! like on my stereo, a moving line sertain freq. areas
11:34:03Bagderthe MAS on recorders have readable registers for that sort of thing that the player version doesn't offer
11:34:18adi|dadsBagder i made the battery faq and the general faq look the same
11:34:19adi|dadsno headers
11:34:20bobTHCtake a look @ and tell me if that can help us
11:34:26Bagderadi|dads: ok
11:34:54BagderbobTHC: how would that help us?
11:35:06Zagorwe don't have the sound data, only mp3 data
11:35:10bobTHCi think it's a problem of float buffer
11:35:20Bagderno, there's a lack of data
11:35:23Zagorwe'd have to decode the mp3 in software, which is simply not possible
11:36:27adi|dadscvs -z3 add docs
11:36:29bobTHCthe mas doesn't feed nothing apart of sound ?
11:36:33adi|dadsthat should add a docs dir no?
11:36:54Bagderadi|dads: no you need to create a 'docs' module
11:37:00ZagorbobTHC: we feed it mp3, it creates sound
11:37:37bobTHCok and no feedback datas ?
11:37:47Zagoronly on the recorder mas
11:37:58Bagderand only left/right
11:38:08bobTHCthe two famous register for vumeter
11:38:50BagderZagor: you game on adding a 'docs' module for things like the FAQ?
11:39:04Zagorok, everyone. what bugs do we have left for 1.3?
11:39:11ZagorBagder: sure
11:39:18BagderZagor: mbr's wps/usb bug
11:39:26*adi|dads beats Bagder over the head
11:39:27BagderZagor: possibly the resume-all-dir-with-shuffle
11:39:30adi|dadsdon't you think i asked first ;)
11:39:36*Bagder hides
11:39:42ZagorBagder: didn't you fix that?
11:39:45Bagderadi|dads: use 'cvs import'
11:39:51Bagderor shall I?
11:39:59adi|dadsnah.. ill get it..
11:40:03*adi|dads needs to learn cvs ;)
11:40:13Bagderadi|dads: import an empty dir, then use 'add' to add the specify files
11:40:19*adi|dads nods
11:40:23adi|dadsthat seems odd..
11:40:26adi|dadsand diff from the docs
11:40:31adi|dadsdocs say just to 'add'
11:40:42Bagderit says add in case you have a module checked out
11:40:49Bagderand in the root, you have no module
11:41:02Bagderthe modules are 'firmware' 'app' 'tools' etc
11:41:04adi|dadsgot ya
11:41:28Bagderso you need to create a new "module" named docs
11:41:45*matsl preparing for player simulator icons checkin
11:42:06Zagormatsl: cool!
11:42:10BagderZagor: perhaps we should do the terrible... feature freeze? ;-)
11:42:12matslBagder: I have a small makefile problem
11:42:33Bagder'man make' ;-)
11:42:36*Bagder grins
11:42:42Bagdernah, what is the prob?
11:42:50adi|dadsso "cvs import -b root -m "inital creation" docs"?
11:43:01ZagorBagder: I feel like we already have it, but fixing the simulator is not really a "feature" IMHO
11:43:17ZagorI'm holding off a lot of fixes to get 1.3 out first
11:43:36Zagora more-or-less complete wps.c rewrite, for instance :-)
11:43:47Bagderadi|dads: 'cvs import -m "initial creation" docs adi first'
11:43:50matslI have a subdirr to common where I have put the icons. I build headerfiles for each icon and use them in my simulator code.
11:43:56adi|dadsokay... close :)
11:44:21matslBagder: Should I squeeze in this build in the overall build or checkin the icon headerfiles?
11:44:27Bagderadi|dads: then it imports all files in your "current dir"
11:45:02Zagormatsl: icon header files? aren't they C files?
11:45:41adi|dadsgrrr.. i try that Bagder and it just complains and dumps the usage list
11:45:52adi|dadscvs import -m "initial creation" docs adi
11:46:08Bagderadi|dads: one more argument is needed
11:46:21Bagdercvs import -m "initial creation" docs adi blaha
11:46:32adi|dadswhat is a releasetag?
11:46:39adi|dadsi mean, whats its purpose?
11:46:52matslBagder: sort of. Since I do (example) "include icons/battery.h" I named them .h
11:47:04Bagderadi|dads: it tags the imported file with that specified tag
11:47:14Bagderadi|dads: just a named label on the imported version
11:47:50Bagdermatsl: you should not put C code in .h files
11:48:17matslBagder: include "icons/bitmap.c" looks ugly
11:48:30Zagordon't include it. compile it.
11:48:37Zagorno data in .h files. ever.
11:49:08Bagdermatsl: just put all icons in the C file, that's how we have the recorder ones
11:49:20*matsl thinking he was close to checkin ..
11:49:39Bagderhehehe, that was before the Code Police struck down ;-)
11:49:53adi|dadsCVSROOT should be /home/rhak/src/rockbox/ correct?
11:49:57adi|dadsor rockbox/CVSROOT?
11:50:03adi|dadsin the env
11:50:25*Zagor runs apt-get install
11:50:33Bagderadi|dads: it should be the full user@cvs...:/cvsroot/rockbox
11:50:37matslBagder: I have it (semi) automatic. Edit the bmp file and just make
11:50:47adi|dadsahh.. k
11:50:59Bagdermatsl: so, make separate .c files and compile them
11:51:11Bagderor concatenate them
11:51:45matslBagder: I get the message.
11:51:47adi|dadsthat was my prob :) wrong CVSROOT
11:51:52 Quit Blaster_Master ()
11:51:56 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
11:52:04adi|dadshmm.. taht _can't_ be right
11:52:11adi|dadsits trying to load all the other dirs into ti
11:52:17*matsl need lunch before fiddling with makefiles ...
11:52:29Bagderadi|dads: I told you to do it in an empty dir...
11:52:45adi|dadsoh.. hehe i thought i just needed the target to be an empty dir...
11:52:52adi|dadsi stoped before it commited ;)
11:53:04Bagderit imports all files and dirs recursively in your current dir
11:53:12adi|dadsgot ya...
11:53:31Bagderand no, it isn't the most user-friendly tool ;-)
11:53:43adi|dadsim noticing ;)
11:53:43*Blaster_Master must feeeeed
11:54:05adi|dadsokay.. i get "No conflicts created by this import" and it shows in the tree..
11:54:15adi|dadsdo i need to create a CVS dir inside the empty dir now?
11:54:36 Quit PiotR (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:55:02Bagderno, you should be able to do the import directly from your empty dir by using the -d option or having CVSROOT set
11:55:15adi|dadsno.. i mean.. the import worked...
11:55:23adi|dadsthe docs dir is in the tree now
11:55:32Bagderthen you go to your normal rockbox root and checkout it
11:55:34adi|dadsjust not sure if i need another step before i add files
11:55:49Bagderpossibly just update if you checkedout . before
11:56:16adi|dadscvs checkout: in directory docs:
11:56:16adi|dadscvs checkout: cannot open CVS/Entries for reading: No such file or directory
11:56:16adi|dadscvs server: Updating docs
11:57:26 Join PiotR [0] (
12:00:45matslBagder: the lunch made me think properly. I'll just manually cut-n-paste the darn icons into the .c-files. (and keep the icons folder for future improvements.)
12:03:03matslI have two icons not accounted for yet. ICON_1 and ICON_REPEAT. How do they look? Need I boot with arhos firmware?
12:06:30*matsl thinks everybody has gone to lunch. (Why don't they work from the kitchen as me ;-)
12:07:21*adi|dads smirks
12:07:29adi|dadsim working on going to bed here..
12:07:38adi|dadsits 0600 est
12:07:45Zagorwuss ;)
12:07:58adi|dadsthats what... hmm.. 13:00 Zulu?
12:08:03*adi|dads nods happily
12:08:05adi|dadsdamn right ;)
12:08:17adi|dadsnow that im at my father.. all nighters a shuned on ;)
12:08:29adi|dadsZagor, i created a 'docs' directory in the root,
12:08:34adi|dadsbut i don't know what to do from there..
12:08:44adi|dadsmind taking a look at the cvs and see what i need to fix/screwe dup?
12:10:02Zagorwell, what's the problem?
12:10:55adi|dadswell.. i don't see a CVS dir below it...
12:10:57 Quit mbr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:11:04adi|dadsi did the import.. not sure what to do after it.
12:11:13Zagorah. remove it and check it out again
12:11:21*adi|dads is still new to CVS ;)
12:11:49adi|dadshehe cool :)
12:12:14adi|dadswhat i figured made sense is to have a README in each main branch.. pointing to the docs directory and its README
12:12:16adi|dadswhat do you think?
12:12:28Zagorsounds good
12:16:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:25:58adi|dadsthe FILES files... should those list the files in the actual dir? or is *.[ch] acceptable
12:26:06adi|dadsseeing as we are doing *.[ch]
12:26:15adi|dadsseems kinda pointless if we don't list the actual files
12:26:42Zagorit's used for the release script, to select which files should be included in the tarball
12:27:16adi|dadsgot ya...
12:32:23 Quit Blaster_Master ()
12:32:27 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
12:34:58adi|dadsZagor if i update the Makefile under www/docs/ to reference the root /docs will it take on your side
12:35:05adi|dadsor do you need to change somethng manually?
12:37:22Zagorhow do you mean reference?
12:37:34adi|dadsthink: ../../docs/FAQ
12:38:32 Join mbr [0] (
12:38:38Zagorah. well I need to check out the docs module first
12:38:53adi|dadstake a look :)
12:39:18adi|dadsive basically just copied files over... and added correct info to the other readme's wehre needed
12:39:51adi|dadsbtw.. how would 'docs/' be added to the package for release?
12:39:56adi|dadsanything special need to be done?
12:40:48Zagoryes, you should add a FILES file to the docs dir
12:40:58adi|dadsokay.. thats done already
12:41:05Zagorok, that should be enough
12:41:36adi|dadsany prob with me correcting the Makefile in www/docs then?
12:41:40Zagorbtw, you can't reference like you intended
12:41:48adi|dadshmmm.. how come?
12:42:32Zagorbecause I have the www checked out as html root, so there's already a docs dir in there. i'll have to do a fix
12:42:44adi|dadsis that a problem for you?
12:42:51Zagorhang on..
12:42:54*adi|dads doesnt want to be more a headache then possible
12:46:55Zagoradi|dads: refer to ../docs_ instead. that way they don't collide
12:47:54adi|dadsis docs_ going to be mapped to ROOT/docs on your side?
12:47:59adi|dadsand be parsed out?
12:48:08*adi|dads thinks he's missing something
12:48:39Zagorbecause my root is www/, not ROOT
12:48:45adi|dadsahh.. okay...
12:48:54adi|dadsso i do ../../docs_ and you are okay?
12:49:04Zagorno, use ../docs_
12:49:07Zagoronly one level down
12:49:11Zagorwhatever :-)
12:50:06adi|dadsokay.. done :)
12:50:52Bagderadi|dads: A36, wrong spelling of together ;-)
12:50:58adi|dadshehe k
12:51:16Zagorand it's BATTERY-FAQ, not BATTERY
12:51:40Bagderit is?
12:51:45adi|dadsi renamed it
12:51:53adi|dadsbetter explaination of the file
12:51:55Zagoryou can't. this is CVS :-)
12:52:02adi|dadsassuming we build other faqs along the line
12:52:05adi|dadssure i can ;)
12:52:09adi|dadsits a new file in a new dir
12:52:11Bagderyes, it is a better name
12:52:41Zagorwell I still only have BATTERY-FAQ in docs_
12:52:57adi|dadsi know.. im fixing the makefile :)
12:53:15adi|dadsdo we have any pages pointed at battery.html (other then faq.html?)
12:53:16*matsl relaxes with coffe after icons for player is checked in
12:53:22Bagderadi|dads: no
12:53:30Bagderit hasn't been made "official"
12:53:45Bagdermatsl: nice to see the commits!
12:54:00matslBagder: Some minor glitches though!
12:54:14adi|dadsin that case, mind if i rename battery.t to battery-faq.t?
12:54:28Bagderadi|dads: certainly not, please go ahead
12:55:47matslBagder: Two unknown icons. ICON_REPEAT and ICON_1. How do they look. Can I find them in archos firmware?
12:56:05BagderI don't know, I don't have a player
12:57:05matslBagder: Another glitch. Scroll down to the bottom in a menu and you get an arrow to the left on last icon line.
12:57:18 Quit Blaster_Master ()
12:57:21Bagderboooo :-)
13:00:42adi|dadsokay.. i think that does it...
13:00:57adi|dadsZagor, wanna try a reload of the faq stuff?
13:02:56adi|dadsdoes it make sense to leave a copy of the file COPYING in firmware/ ?
13:03:06adi|dadsjust in case ppl don't dl'd docs/
13:03:25adi|dadsi removed API CONFIG CONTRIBUTING and CREDITS
13:03:29adi|dadsthose are all in /docs now
13:03:38adi|dadsunless you want them back
13:03:58Zagornah. COPYING is special, since it's the license. it should be prominently displayed.
13:04:12*adi|dads nods
13:04:14adi|dadsthats what i figured
13:04:39Zagorok, web updated
13:05:47Bagderthe battery link in the faq is wrong now ;-)
13:06:38adi|dadsim fixing it now ;)
13:06:43adi|dadscontributing was wrong as well ;)
13:07:13BagderI'll make a minor fix for too
13:07:41adi|dadshopefully all this makes life a bit easier as we continue to grow (*and hopefuly document more ;) )
13:07:50adi|dadsokay.. FAQ corrected ;)
13:09:21*Bagder thinks the docs_ stuff is a bit annoying but can live with it
13:09:38adi|dadshmmm odd...
13:11:32adi|dadscan someone look at that link and tell me if the menu to the left is broken?
13:11:41adi|dadsim stupid
13:11:53adi|dadsnm even
13:12:49Bagdermbr rocks!
13:12:59Zagoras I said, the web page root is not ROOT so it's not an exact copy of the cvs structure
13:17:14Bagderhow often do we poll the keyboard?
13:18:12Bagderand that awakes on an irq, right?
13:18:45Zagorthe tick
13:18:48*Bagder still thinks of the SLEEP
13:18:50HesThe FAQ links to
13:18:52Heswhich is incorrect
13:19:46ZagorBagder: will you look at why the win32sim compile doesn't find the files?
13:20:34adi|dadsgood catch.. fixing
13:20:45Bagderwhy do I sense that matsl left out the win32 makefile? ;-)
13:21:03matslBagder: because he did
13:21:05Zagormatsl: looks good!
13:21:13Bagdernaughty boy! ;-)
13:21:15Zagorahh. :-)
13:21:33Bagdermatsl: 17 red
13:21:42adi|dadsFAQ fixed
13:21:43Bagdernow go stand in the corner! ;-)
13:22:00adi|dadszagor.. can you do another make, i want to see if the Contributing.t i added goes through...
13:22:07Zagoradi|dads: ok
13:22:09matslI had to edit those pixmaps with paint. I thought windows got enough focus through that exercise.
13:22:22Zagoradi|dads: done
13:22:36Bagdermatsl: we don't care for windows, we just care for a green build ;-)
13:24:28adi|dadszag.. did anything on that build fail?
13:24:52matslBagder: You fix, or shall I?
13:25:00BagderI fix
13:25:30adi|dadsjust seems that the faq.html wasn't updated
13:25:41adi|dadsi can get to contributing.html manually..
13:25:45matslBagder: Sorry for the misshap. I was too excited that I finally could check in. Forgot all about w32.
13:25:50Zagorcorrect, it wasn't
13:25:54adi|dadsahh.. okay
13:25:57Bagderno worries
13:26:03adi|dadsnm then.. no worries ;)
13:26:27matslBagder: All little red somtimes inidicates that things are happening ;-)
13:26:48 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:26:50adi|dadsokay.. so we have a basic docs dir now...
13:27:03adi|dadsits a bit fuzzy to get stuff to ref it from the web, but it works.. :)
13:27:21*matsl still in the corner ...
13:27:34adi|dadsmatsl whats your real name?
13:27:36matslcan i please, please go back now to my machine?
13:27:40adi|dadsneed to add you to the irc id list
13:27:52Bagdermatsl: uh, how do I get the .h files ?
13:28:16matslBagder: What?
13:28:23BagderIn file included from lcd-win32.h:24,
13:28:23Bagder from uisw32.h:24,
13:28:23Bagder from button.c:21:
13:28:23DBUGEnqueued KICK Bagder
13:28:23Bagder../../firmware/drivers/lcd.h:50: sim_icons.h: No such file or directory
13:28:35Zagoradi|dads: /whois matsl :)
13:28:44CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
13:28:44*matsl Mats Lidell
13:28:48*Bagder is blind
13:28:55matslBagder: -I../common
13:29:31matslBagder: No problem, you can borrow my white stick
13:29:48*matsl don't need stick in the corner
13:30:01adi|dadsmatsl: this is an open channel.. don't be perverse ;)
13:30:10adi|dadswhat you two do in your own time is your own buisness ;)
13:30:31*adi|dads wonders who else needs to be added to the irc nick list
13:31:16Bagderrwood, hes, matp, Hadake
13:31:16adi|dadswith the exception of zag, linus and bag.. should i alphabetize that list?
13:31:28Zagorsounds like a good idea
13:31:40Bagderbeen a long time since Wavey was around
13:31:41MeRWiNadi|dads: are the lcd icons working?
13:32:46adi|dadshave to do that latter... fathers up.. need to run :)
13:32:48adi|dadslater all
13:32:48 Quit adi|dads ()
13:33:27ZagorMeRWiN: do you mean in the simulator?
13:33:47matslBagder: I seem to have woken up some warnings as well in status.c.
13:33:49MeRWiNZagor: The custom icons... those new bitmaps that were added into cvs
13:34:01Zagoryes, they work
13:34:07Zagormatsl: yes
13:34:18BagderMeRWiN: they're only for the player sim, not the target
13:34:32Bagderthey're not the ones adi's been working on
13:34:36MeRWiNBagder: darn.
13:34:44Zagormatsl: just add a default case and they will go away
13:35:39matslZagor: I just wonder why they show upp. I just included an include file. Sounds sceary.
13:36:04Zagorno you also enabled status display in player simulator
13:36:05Bagderblah, how do I make convert make a 8bit tmp from a monocrome gif?
13:36:11Bagder8bit bmp
13:36:22Zagoryou removed an "&& !defined(SIMULATOR)"
13:36:29matslZagor: Hmm... I guess your right!
13:36:37Bagderor shall I bug matsl to make bmp2rb work with 1bit bmps? ;-)
13:37:14MeRWiNBagder: 8 bit bmp from a monochrome gif? paintshop :)
13:37:58Bagderone would think that convert -depth 8 would do it
13:38:03Bagderbut it doesn't
13:38:47*MeRWiN is on his way to work. ttyl.
13:38:48matslbmp2br needs to have monochrome bitmaps with 256 palette.
13:38:49 Quit MeRWiN ()
13:38:49Bagder <= dwino's USB icon
13:39:22Zagorit's cool
13:39:39Bagderit is
13:39:51matslMy best solution so far is to use paint (juck)
13:41:28Bagdersurely gimp can to it too
13:42:33matslProbably but how? All my attempts so far has failed.
13:42:53Bagderah, I'll patch bmp2rb soonish
13:43:17PsycoXulwhat do you want to do exactly?
13:43:31Bagderconvert a gif to a 8bit bmp
13:43:38Bagderthe gif uses only two colors
13:43:55Bagderso most tools make a 1-bit bmp
13:44:18PsycoXullemme see such a gif
13:44:20Bagder... which is smarter I must agree ;-)
13:44:27PsycoXulis one?
13:44:32Zagorwe must fix the resume-in-shuffled dir bug.
13:44:41BagderZagor: you tried it now?
13:44:59BagderI made a correction this morning that at least is in the neighbourhood
13:45:08Zagortried it
13:45:23Bagderok, then the index is probably wrong
13:45:52Bagderah it is
13:46:00Bagderplay_list() needs to return the new index
13:46:10Bagderafter shuffle
13:46:43Zagordoes that really help?
13:47:06Bagderin one case it gets the index in the list before shuffle
13:47:16Bagderand in the other case it gets the index after shuffle
13:47:23Bagderthat's the problemo
13:47:35PsycoXulgimp saves it as
13:47:36PsycoXulusb_tuned.bmp: PC bitmap data, Windows 3.x format, 100 x 32 x 1
13:47:43PsycoXuleven when i tell it to make a 256 color palette...
13:49:13PsycoXulyeah... the only way i can get it to save it 8bit is by adding another color to the image
13:49:22BagderZagor: or you with me?
13:49:34BagderPsycoXul: never mind, I'll improve our tool instead
13:49:39Zagorumm, no. looking at other stuff.
13:50:47matslZagor: Are the STATUS_FASTFORWARD et al states only applicable for the recorder?
13:51:13Zagorbut they're still used in player code, so just add a default: to the switch
13:51:35matsljust addedas we write!?
13:52:05matsl|addedas|added as|
13:52:44matslIts checked in!!!
13:52:49Zagoroh, ok
14:03:43*matsl relaxes as the green lights are there again
14:04:16Bagderit "almost" works with 1bit bmp now ;-)
14:05:23matslBagder: Will it be backwards compatible with 256 color palettes as well?
14:05:56matslthanks. I didn't look forward to reformatting them again.
14:06:12Bagderit'll be useful to support both
14:06:50matslZagor: Do you know anything about the ICON_REPEAT and ICON_1. Such as how they look?
14:08:33ZagorBagder: why did you say it wasn't alright to simply return playlist.index?
14:08:34matslI'm a bit feed up with the simulator icons at the moment. Are there any other interesting things around for 1.3?
14:09:02Zagormatsl: only bug fixes. I want to get it out asap
14:09:20matslSomething I can help you with?
14:10:06Zagortry to find bugs, mainly
14:10:30matslYou'r saying ..... testing?
14:10:52Zagormatsl: hehe. yes
14:11:53matslZagor: ok. I'll see what i can do.
14:13:00Zagorfound a playback bug
14:13:31Zagorwhen searching to the end of a song, so the next song is loaded, skipping to the next makes the first 3-4 seconds repeat once
14:14:11Zagorvery repeatable
14:14:16Zagorwhere is linus?
14:14:34*Bagder searches for Linus in the channel.. HELLOOOOOO?
14:14:43Zagorlogbot seen linus
14:14:52Zagorbuh, i'm not trusted :-)
14:15:04>>>"seen" used by Zagor ( [snoop prevented]
14:15:08Zagorlogbot seen linusn
14:15:14Zagorno go :)
14:15:27Zagor-logbot- linusn ( left the channel 21 hours and 48 minutes ago
14:15:27mbrQuestion about fate of prop fonts. Will they disappear and be part of loadable fonts?
14:15:37Zagormbr: yes
14:16:21Zagorwe'll only keep a small "emergency font" for error messages before the font is loaded
14:16:46elinenbemorning all... bug found on recorder 6k: when you fast forward let's say 30 seconds. The status bar moves ahead, and then jumps back to where you started the fast forward from, and then jumps to where you fastforwarded to.
14:16:51Bagdermorning elinenbe
14:16:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:17:09Zagorelinenbe: I just saw that too. fixing...
14:18:05elinenbeBadger: "store the correct index in the resume info when we fire up a single song in a
14:18:13elinenbegreat fix!!! I love it!
14:18:14BagderI know it doesn't work
14:18:23Bagderit worked?
14:18:32Zagordoesn't work for me...
14:18:38elinenbeoh... I have yet to try it. I am just reading the CVS.
14:18:53elinenbebut it is a feature I was hoping would be implemented.
14:18:56BagderI have a hard time deciding on how to make the fix the best way
14:19:21ZagorBagder: why did you say it wasn't alright to simply return playlist.index?
14:20:01BagderZagor: I was wrong, the problem is that play_list() is sometimes called with a start index that is before the shuffle and sometimes with an index for after the shuffle
14:20:45Bagderin resume, it is after-shuffle index but when playing a dir it is before-shuffle
14:22:34Bagderso, shall I splap on yet another parameter to the function? or do you have a better suggestion?
14:22:52Zagorhmm, the resume works fine in the simulator but not in target...
14:23:09Zagorwait a bit so I can sort this out in my head...
14:25:47elinenbea most excellent site:
14:27:07Bagdernow it's very simple to convert that usb image into C code
14:29:26 Quit pyvasene (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:29:28 Join pyvasene_ [0] (
14:29:36 Nick pyvasene_ is now known as pyvasene (
14:36:20matslZagor: You wanted bugs?
14:36:33Bagderno he wanted them fixed ;-)
14:37:03matslWe must find them before we can fix them or?
14:37:13Bagderif you want ;-)
14:37:17matslI've got two bugs in wps player.
14:37:46Bagderhey, someone could try edx's test mp3s too
14:38:05Bagderthey're HUGE
14:38:23matslCurrent play time can at times be garbage.
14:39:02matslVolume change display in wps gets a short blink of the second line before it displays steady.
14:39:07HesI'll add the imaging-resource link to the battery FAQ
14:39:29Hesbeen reading that site before when shopping for digital cameras (ended up with Canon S30), it rocks
14:39:43BagderHes: you did notice that it changed place, the faq, right?
14:40:01*Bagder has the older S20
14:41:45Hesalready added Q13 in the new location
14:42:04*Bagder is a bit behind
14:43:00 Join nsauzede [0] (
14:43:53*nsauzede greets everybody
14:44:06*Bagder bows for nsauzede
14:44:36nsauzedebagder: hi; I wonder if m3u support is not broken in recent cvs..
14:44:51Bagderit is?
14:44:59Bagderlike how?
14:45:05nsauzedewell, can you try now on a player ?
14:45:13Bagderno I can't
14:45:16Bagderthat's why I ask
14:45:25nsauzedeI just tried now :
14:45:34nsauzedehave a directory of mp3,
14:45:39matslnsauzede: I'm listening to it now.
14:46:12nsauzedebagder : I made : "find The\ Cure/ -name *.mp3 > cure.m3u"
14:46:48nsauzedebagder: then, I simply press play on the m3u, and it displays some strange things
14:47:13Bagderand that same playlist worked before?
14:48:08nsauzedewell, I rolo the 1.2 release,
14:48:20nsauzedetry the same m3u, and it works !
14:49:15ZagorBagder: will you look at it?
14:49:26nsauzedewell, ok..
14:49:42nsauzedeelse, I found the following behaviour :
14:50:17nsauzedewhen listening to music, either play or pause,
14:50:51nsauzedeif you plug USB, then playing is stopped, but icons (play|pause,audio) remain displayed..
14:50:53BagderZagor: I'm not very into how all that playlist stuff has been made so I think you're better fitted for this
14:51:34nsauzedeproblem is that some icons are refreshed directly in tree.c, other are in status.c
14:51:36Bagderbtw, was there never any 1.2 cvs tag?
14:51:50Zagorthere was
14:52:38nsauzedeicons : but is it possible to modify icons in the USB thread ??
14:53:19Zagornsauzede: player icons yes, recorder no
14:55:11nsauzedezagor : humm, do you think it's appropriate to sweep mpeg icons in USB thread, when USB_CONNECTED sig is received ?
14:55:23Zagormpeg icons?
14:55:39nsauzedewell, mpeg.c related (play/pause, audio
14:55:58Zagorno I don't
14:56:09nsauzedethere will be multiple locations taking care of icons
14:56:46Zagorthat is not a problem
14:58:17nsauzedezagor : one suggestion about resume delayed-write..
14:58:48nsauzedezagor : you told us to press pause before power of right ?
14:59:34nsauzedebut what about catching the stop press before it effectively powers off, then, write the cache ?
14:59:50nsauzedetoo fast ?
14:59:54Zagorwe can't. the shutoff is done in hardware, not software
15:00:06nsauzedeyes, but it takes about a second ?
15:00:19nsauzedeso we could flush the sector 61 in the meanwhile ?
15:00:32Zagorno. spinning up the disk takes several seconds.
15:00:59nsauzedeand no way to cancel the stop press right..
15:01:36Zagoron recorder, I catch the OFF press and save to RTC. but on player we don't have time to spin up the disk
15:02:05nsauzedezagor: ok; is the current cvs playlist-WPS really different from the 1.2 one ?
15:02:53Zagor1.2 had wps.c version 1.51. we are now at version 1.85...
15:03:07nsauzedebecause as I told before, playing M3U with current cvs is broken, and displays numbers instead of ID3 tags...
15:03:17nsauzede(for me at least :)
15:03:36Bagderhave you updated recently?
15:03:39Zagorm3u is not broken, it works for many people. maybe some special aspect of it bugs.
15:03:58nsauzedebagder: I update more than once a day this time :)
15:04:11nsauzedezagor : that's what I meant :)
15:04:12Bagderthe wps got new settings the other day so if you've lived on the edge, you may want to check the wps config
15:04:46Bagderthe player wps config that is
15:04:51ZagorBagder: does resume work for you?
15:05:00BagderI can test
15:05:14Zagordon't have it there?
15:05:31Bagderwell, I didn't update today so my version is like ~36 hours old
15:05:38Bagderwaaaay old
15:06:03Bagderand it works on this version
15:06:04*Zagor squints at Bagder. Old timer...
15:07:11nsauzedeoff-topic: zagor&bagder, are you from the same family ? ;)
15:07:18 Join edx [0] (
15:07:22Zagoryes. we are brothers.
15:07:35Zagorhi edx!
15:07:41HesFAQ - Frequently Asked Battery Questions ... should that be FABQ then? 8-)
15:09:16nsauzedezagor : if I d/l the last daily build, should M3u working for me ?
15:09:39Bagderthey "should" always work
15:09:40Zagori don't know. I haven't found your problem yet.
15:09:42edxhelp my English: is it "stay as you were" or rather "stay like you were" or even "stay like you have been" - I have no idea here
15:10:35Zagorall three sound strange :-)
15:10:49edxhow would you say?
15:11:20Zagorwhat are you trying to say?
15:11:51mbrHes: Question about charger_inserted(). It reports inserted even when I plug the charger to archos and NOT to power line.
15:12:06edxthats just for some crappy English homework translation... like a person is supposed to stay like she has been before..
15:12:35Bagderwell you can't stay like you were before
15:12:41Bagderyou stay as you are
15:12:42Hesmbr: is that on the player?
15:12:46Bagderor become what you were before
15:12:49mbrNo, recorder
15:12:50edxBagder: true...
15:13:12mbrHes: it also reports External 0 in debug menu
15:13:17matslZagor: did you notice the two bugs I reported? (There was a lot of noice at the moment.)
15:13:20Hesbool charger_inserted(void)
15:13:20Hes#ifdef ARCHOS_RECORDER
15:13:20Hes return adc_read(ADC_EXT_POWER) > 0x100;
15:13:22Hes return (PADR & 1) == 0;
15:13:44HesIt should be measuring the EXT_POWER there.
15:14:17HesAnd if it reports external 0 in the debug menu, charger_inserted should definetely return 0.
15:14:30Zagormatsl: I think I missed them
15:14:52mbrHes: When no power line i get 0.00-0.02V for external power, when plugged to powerline it is at 5.37-5.38V
15:15:21nsauzedezagor : m3u broken : was my fault, it works with daily build
15:15:34Zagornsauzede: oh good. thanks.
15:15:36matslZagor: When changeing volume in wps one line id3 the second line blinks once before the volume display is stable.
15:15:46 Join bobTHC [0] (
15:15:47matslZagor: Minor thing maybe.
15:15:48HesMaybe 0x100 is too low. It used to be 0x200 but that sometimes returned false just after charging was enabled on empty batteries and the ext voltage went down.
15:16:04HesI'll try to adjust that a little.
15:16:18mbrHes: no wait. my fault!
15:16:24matslZagor: The time-played can contain garbage.
15:16:43mbrHad some electrons left in the charger, sorry
15:16:52Zagormatsl: when does that happen?
15:17:02Hesmbr: Heheh.
15:17:29 Quit Lowfiler (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:17:41HesJust had rockbox charge the stock 1500 mAh batteries to 5.8v.
15:17:48 Join Lowfiler [0] (
15:17:49matslZagor: I'll come back soon with way to get the later problem.
15:18:24 Join Snorlax [0] (
15:18:41nsauzedebagder: I've seen a bug in the menu scroll display (player) I'll take a look at it
15:19:13elinenbeHes: what does the Archos firmware charge them to?
15:20:22matslZagor: pause, next song, play -> garbage
15:21:52nsauzedeanybody tried to set volume on a player, while playing a song ?
15:22:02Heselinenbe: I haven't measured the voltages on them during the charging
15:22:12Hesthat 5.8v is with charger connected
15:22:25Hesand they trickle charge so it's not comparable anyway,
15:23:05HesI'm working on tuning the parameters of the charger so that it'd stop charging later but not too late 8-)
15:23:08matslnsauzede: yes
15:23:31nsauzedematsl: for me, it clears 2nd line and disp vol on 1st,
15:23:55matslnsauzede: same for me, second line blinks shortly. Not nice.
15:24:07nsauzedematsl: but then, 1st line fights between volume and ID3 tag :(
15:24:35nsauzedematsl: maybe it would be good to disp vol on 2nd..
15:25:12matslnsauzede: scroll on first is stopped before so there shouldn't be any problem.
15:26:00matslnsauzede: If first line is used for volume second line could continue to display the play time?
15:26:42nsauzedematsl: well, for me, vol on 1st is a problem,
15:27:17nsauzedematsl: even if scroll is stopped, I can see clearly the voliume level, but for on microsecond only :/
15:27:54matslnsauzede: Hold down the key you'll see it longer. Try it.
15:28:15nsauzedematsl: I just tried :
15:28:31nsauzedematsl: It blinks ! really...
15:28:41matslZagor: I'm getting a lot of distortion that I haven't heard before. Known problem?
15:29:11Zagormatsl: we've had it before, but nobody has reported it since linus' last fix.
15:29:33nsauzedematsl: if you hold down the key, isn't the vol blinking nastily ?
15:30:07Snorlaxmatsl, u got a player/recorder?
15:30:08ZagorBagder: txt2plain suggestion: All lines starting with whitespace gets enclosed in <pre>. The rest go as normal <p>.
15:30:25matslSnorlax: a player
15:30:40BagderZagor: execpt the A-line then I guess
15:31:02Zagoruh, no the A-line too. why shouldn't it?
15:31:13matslnsauzede: no
15:31:24BagderZagor: it doesn't start with space, should that be <p> then?
15:31:35matslnsauzede: not that nastily ;-)
15:31:49Bagderit'll look very odd to have the first line of the answer as <p> and the rest as <pre>
15:31:56HesThat'd look very odd.
15:32:06ZagorBagder: ok, I explained it poorly
15:32:34ZagorI meant all lines that are indented more than the normal indent gets <pre> and the rest go as <p>
15:33:00Zagorthat way lists and tables are <pre> and all body text are <p>
15:33:01BagderZagor: and what would the main difference be compared to now?
15:33:14Bagdernow I get you
15:33:19Bagdergood idea
15:33:32nsauzedeanyone : would that make sense to be able to set volume with combo, when not playing ?? (in browse mode)
15:33:56nsauzedeI was disapointed not being able to do it, but maybe I'm a fool..
15:33:57BagderZagor: so "normal" indent is 4 or 5 initial spaces, right?
15:34:11Zagornsauzede: why would you? we'll want those keys for other things then, I think
15:34:30nsauzedeyou mean, MENU+plus, for instance ?
15:34:39ZagorBagder: yes. optimally, it's "the same indent as the Q text starts at"
15:34:44nsauzede(as while playing)
15:34:50Zagornsauzede: yes
15:34:52Bagderright, I'll have a go and see what I can do
15:35:23nsauzedezagor: you're probably right ;)
15:35:25ZagorBagder: a new <p> for each paragraph would be nice too, if you can fix that
15:35:33Zagorbattery A10 for example
15:35:36BagderZagor: sure
15:36:37nsauzedebye, all
15:36:49 Quit nsauzede ()
15:47:05 Quit notch|out ()
15:48:44bobTHCit's perhaps good to make a link to this thread for rockbox install pb
15:50:03bobTHCbecause some people are scared to swap for rockbox..they 'll don't!
15:52:49Snorlaxanybody here done the sound mod on their player?
15:53:06SnorlaxI'm gonna do it in tha weekend
15:57:02matslno more time for play today ;-( cu
15:57:23Bagderbye matsl
15:57:29 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
15:59:07Zagor"Yea-I know they want no compensation, but if a Paypal beertab account were set up for'em, I'd happily chip in. :)"
15:59:32Zagorsome happy voices from the FunMP3Players forum
15:59:52Bagderpaypal sucks in Sweden though
16:03:22Bagderit actually gets a bit more messy
16:03:56Zagoryes. we should group it better. just put a <br> before the A line
16:04:34Zagoror blockquote the answers, or something
16:05:57Bagderwell, if we cut the A(num) off it could work
16:06:03Bagderlook now
16:06:53Zagorlooks good, I think. can you make just the "Q31:" bold?
16:07:16Zagorseems it's mixed : and .
16:07:30Bagderyes, that made my script fail at first ;-)
16:08:00BagderA10 is badly formatted too
16:08:03Bagderwhich shows
16:08:28ZagorA17 too
16:08:36Bagderthe note, yes
16:12:04Bagderhm, shall I cut off the letter Q as well?
16:12:19 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
16:12:55Zagortry it
16:14:39Zagorlooks good
16:14:58BagderI think so too
16:15:05BagderI commit
16:15:33Bagderwe could play a bit with the css classes too
16:16:00Zagorah. right
16:16:04Zagorforgot those
16:16:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:18:30 Quit Blaster_Master ()
16:20:19Zagormaybe we should even strip the blockquote and handle that in css
16:20:35Bagderoh of course
16:21:06BagderI cut them off
16:22:35HesAre there links to the battery faq from anywhere else than the end of the FAQ?
16:23:42HesMaybe could add one if it's actually been proof-read already
16:24:12Zagor"Here's why the ROCKbox firmware is so much better, I almost want to cry..."
16:26:11Bagder"7) Did I mention the resume? "
16:26:18Bagderthat is a killer feature
16:28:35Zagorit sure is
16:35:11Zagorok, css updated
16:38:49Zagorwhat happened to the index?
16:39:09Bagderit looked too crappy ;-)
16:39:51Bagderyou think we should have it?
16:40:13ZagorI don't know. some questions are very long. let's keep it like this for a while and see how it works out
16:41:07BagderI fix the resume stuff now
16:41:18BagderI add another parameter to play_list()
16:45:35 Quit Snorlax ()
16:49:47Bagderso, the resume_index must always be the index in a shuffled list, when shuffle is enabled
16:53:15Zagorok. i'll see when you check in :)
16:53:38Bagderit really isn't complicated
16:53:53Bagderit was just a little bit of mixups
16:54:03Zagorok, good
16:54:07elinenbehello. I am going to interrupt this family talk...
16:54:14*Bagder jumps
16:54:18elinenbewhat do you guys think about this idea!
16:54:27elinenbecheck out that page.
16:54:51elinenbesee how the folders show their indentation like a tree?
16:55:15elinenbeI figure that would not take up too much room on the screen of the recorder or player (I think it could work on both)
16:55:43Zagorwe'd have to remember all dirs "up" in the tree
16:56:09ZagorI really hope their font isn't that ugly in the real product :-)
16:56:12elinenbenot really... just each dir you came from.
16:56:30elinenbethose pictures make the device look awful.
16:56:32BagderUp to 999 User Programmable Playlists"
16:56:41Bagderodd limit
16:57:05elinenbeso if you are 4 directories down, then you see 4 direcotries at the top of the list.
16:57:26elinenbethat is a common limit on cell phones and such. like my cell allows 999 entries in the phone book
16:57:46Zagorelinenbe: not a bad idea. we'll need some kind of "header" system for the dir browser but that shouldn't be too hard
16:58:00elinenbeI think it would make browsing more "intuitive"
16:58:04ZagorI don't really see how it would be useful on player though
16:58:47BagderZagor: does resume work for you in the sim?
17:00:03Zagoryes, oddly enough
17:00:36Bagderhm, which is the play button?
17:01:13Bagderah, I didn't have numlock on and then 5 didn't work ;-)
17:01:35Bagder6 did however give something that wasn't play
17:01:56Bagderok, so random play-dir resume works in my sim
17:02:11Bagdercommit coming
17:02:38BagderI need to go home and test this out in target as well
17:03:40Zagori'll test right away
17:06:06Bagderdid the cvs just die?
17:06:24Bagderjust got very slow
17:09:24Zagor2000 mAh battery:;c=44;l=23
17:10:14Zagorice cream time
17:11:27ZagorBagder: resume seems to work fine. good job.
17:17:16elinenbewhen one resumes, does the tree cursor point to the correct file?
17:17:43edxZagor: do they ship those batteries to other countries?
17:17:57Bagderelinenbe: good q
17:17:57Zagori don't know
17:18:09BagderI guess it doesn't
17:18:20Zagorelinenbe: no, tree still goes to root always. 1.4 issue
17:18:29edxand btw.. what is a normal price for 1800mAh accus?
17:18:39 Join aakil [0] (
17:19:14BagderZagor: it'll be a chase-the-actual index to get it right, as the resume only knows the shuffled one :-)
17:20:52aakilHmmm... is anonymous cvs down? I'm getting a connection refused error
17:21:58Bagderit looks like the cvs has problems atm, yes
17:22:30BagderI'm going home, see ya in a while
17:22:33 Part Bagder
17:26:03mbrHave to leave. cu
17:26:13 Nick mbr is now known as mbr|gone (
17:27:49 Join edx|notebook [0] (
17:28:03 Quit edx|notebook (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:46:50 Quit pyvasene ("[x]chat")
17:48:00bobTHCbye all !
17:48:09 Part bobTHC
17:54:23 Join Bagder [0] (
17:54:58Bagderthe faq url is wrong in the #rockbox info
17:55:43Zagorslacker adi :)
18:05:28 Quit aakil (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:16:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:21:09elinenbehi there. I am back.
18:21:16elinenbe:-) I know I was missed
18:26:12Bagderit feels a bit awkward to add an icon to the firmware
18:26:23Bagdershould we make it a parameter to the usb stuff?
18:26:37Bagderthe usb icon
18:27:57Zagori'm not sure. after all, we have fonts. so an usb icon isn't very far fetched.
18:28:10Zagori mean, it's part of the hardcoded device
18:28:13Zagorusb, that is
18:29:27BagderI'll have a go at it right now
18:29:30elinenbeDo you think more icons could be added... like for settings, etc.
18:29:39elinenbeso it is like the wonderful nokia phones
18:30:33elinenbeit would be nice to have a settings menu icon, a sound menu icon, etc...
18:30:37elinenbeWhere was Linus today?
18:30:38 Join zaknafein [0] (
18:30:44Zagori don't know
18:31:46elinenbewant to read an intense scientific study?
18:31:52elinenbewho would have ever thought that?!?!
18:32:40Zagor"what is known in the trade as the 'beer-goggle effect' "
18:33:34elinenbeI liked that line too.
18:35:36*Bagder fixed bmp2rb again
18:41:57zaknafeinumm... I was wandering if it would be interesting to enable multiple lenguages in rockbox menu... but i don't know if it's better to wait until the menu structure is more or less stable or to upgrade it when any change in the menu is made...
18:42:11zaknafeinwhat do you think about it?
18:42:54Zagorit's definitely interesting. I've been thinking about simply defining string macros in header files, one per language
18:43:01zaknafeini know a lot of spanish people that would like to have rockbox translated in spanish... we are to lazy to translate from spanish
18:44:38Zagorthen again, a simpler way would be to use a spreadsheet (openoffice) for all the languages and then create header files from that
18:45:00BagderI'd prefer a system without a spreadsheet
18:45:33Bagderlike perhaps one master "textfile" for english texts that generates templates for other languages
18:45:43Zagorwith a good (text) file format, a spreadsheet has very few drawbacks
18:45:45Bagderand of course deals with updates
18:46:45Bagderwhy not just a file that is [text] [id] for all english phrases
18:47:06Bagderthen for each language that is used as input and generate a similar for the other languages with the english phrases as comments
18:47:13Zagorbecause it's very nice seeing all the languages when you translate
18:47:31Bagdervery few people know more than one or max two other languages
18:48:02Bagderit's just that a text-format generated from a spread sheet is not very comfortable
18:48:08Bagderunless you have the spread sheet
18:48:40Bagderbecause it makes pain when we have 16 languages and we get 5 patches for them
18:48:46Bagdereach will ruin the others
18:49:06Bagdersince they'll be changes on the same lines
18:49:11Zagoronly with binary formats
18:49:20Bagderno, with text too since they change the same lines
18:49:46Zagordo you know openoffice's spreadsheet format?
18:50:10zaknafeini'm with badger, but i'm not an expert in spreadsheets
18:50:14Bagderbut I don't *want* to install open office to be able to translate
18:50:31Zagorwell, you're not the target audience :-)
18:50:35elinenbeI think all the languages should be in the firmware.
18:50:47elinenbeThe target audience will probably use excel :)
18:50:56BagderZagor: well I doubt anyone will want to install 100MB just to translate rockbox ;-)
18:51:19Bagderso for a spread sheet format to work, it would need to work with excel too yes
18:51:27elinenbeyou should not choose the lanuguage at compiletime −− it should be an option. The ipod has about 30 languages built right in.
18:51:29Bagderso then it would need a comma or semicolon separated text
18:51:48Bagder... which I dislike...
18:51:55Zagorruntime languages use a lot of space, for no reason
18:52:06Zagorwell, maybe not that much :-)
18:52:13Bagdervery few people change language in runtime
18:52:49ZagorI say we start with compile-time language and maybe if people yap about it we'll see about runtime switching
18:52:58BagderI agree
18:55:06zaknafeinthe problem is that the target audience will not compile it, it's more problable that they download it from rockbox website
18:55:17Bagderand we'll provide all languages
18:55:34Bagderit'll be easy
18:55:52Zagorautomated builds rock :-)
18:56:54zaknafeinanyway.. who is going to start doing this?
18:57:00zaknafeinbecause i could help
18:57:12zaknafeinbut i have a lot to do unitl october..
18:57:29Bagderwell, we won't do it for 1.3 ;-)
18:58:52elinenbewhat about a language.txt on the drive, that has all the languages on it? Then if you go to the language option in the menu, it will parse that file?
18:59:15Bagderit doesn't change anything
18:59:24Bagderwe still need a language system to generate output from
18:59:43Bagderthen we can decide later if we want runtime or buildtime or whatever
19:00:03BagderI could imagine a system where we at build-time enabled a few languages out of the available ones
19:01:53Bagdernow, should the USB logo be centered both ways?
19:03:18zaknafeinwhy not?
19:03:36Bagderwell, I was thinking if perhaps the status bar would be there too or something
19:03:45elinenbesomeone commit the newest patch to the CVS. That is a great patch, but it should be within 4 seconds I think.
19:03:57elinenbethere is a nice patch on the mailing list.
19:04:59zaknafeinbadger: the status bar? i think i've lost something
19:05:17Bagderhave you seen the status bar?
19:06:46zaknafeinwhen did you put it on the firmware?
19:07:56Bagderdo you have a recorder?
19:08:11Bagderwell, its been around for quite a while, press f3
19:08:47zaknafeini'm tired
19:08:51zaknafeinthat status bar
19:09:06zaknafeinyou say the top one no?
19:10:18zaknafeini was thinking about another thing
19:12:22dwihno|goneHELLO HELLO! :D
19:12:25 Nick dwihno|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
19:12:25DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
19:12:31dwihnoGuess what, I'm not gone anymore ;)
19:12:35Bagderdwihno: usb logo coming in veeery soon
19:13:00dwihnoBagder: YAY! :D
19:13:20dwihnoWhen I got home, I was met by two of my best friends :)
19:13:41dwihnoSurprises are best served with a chilled coke
19:13:49elinenbeor a chilled beer :)
19:13:59dwihnoIf it's a Heineken, or Åbro :)
19:14:03dwihnoOr Steinlager
19:14:08dwihnoor Norrlands guld
19:14:27dwihnoMisa like bear
19:14:42CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:14:42*Bagder prefers his beers very dark
19:14:48*Zagor hates HTML-only mail
19:14:48dwihnoBagder: irish beer?
19:14:58Bagdermmmm irish
19:15:17dwihnoZagor: me hates html-mails too
19:15:32dwihnoBagder: Guinness?
19:15:45Bagderguinness is good for you ;-)
19:15:58dwihnoGuinness is for the brain, what rockbox is for the archos :)
19:16:27zaknafeini suppose none of you have ever tasted Alhambra especial Beer....
19:16:37zaknafeinthat spanish beer is the best one
19:17:12elinenbenot that Guiness in bottles... what is that crap? −− only cans for Guiness
19:19:37dwihnowiretap? :)
19:20:04ZagorBagder: you should try Nils Oscar Imperial Stout. Makes Guinness look like Budweiser :)
19:20:07Bagdernice-looking usb stuff
19:20:47Zagorpause is a bitch
19:22:06dwihnoZagor + Bagder = the dynamic recompiling beer duo! :D
19:22:21Bagdernow read the commit mails ;-)
19:22:32dwihnoMisa not get commit mails
19:22:45Bagdercave man ;-)
19:22:58dwihnoPlease Bagder! Please read out loud, just like when we were kids and listened to the old lady telling stories from the old ages :)
19:24:55dwihnono aloud reading :¨¨( *sobs*
19:25:04BagderModified Files:
19:25:04Bagder usb.c
19:25:04BagderLog Message:
19:25:04DBUGEnqueued KICK Bagder
19:25:04BagderMagnus Öman's rocking USB logo is now being put to use.
19:25:11dwihnoYay ;D
19:25:15 Join adi|dads [0] (
19:25:18dwihnoROCK ROCK ROCK!
19:25:36dwihnoBagder: tell me some cool story
19:25:55adi|dadsany chance someone could give me a screen shot of the usb logo just posted about?
19:26:23elinenberock and roll with the logo!
19:27:29 Join RipnetUK [0] (
19:28:06dwihnoI need your help to give priority to a couple of projects.. 1) write a piece of software to make my (sucky) job easier 2) make a new entry for the t-shirt contest 3) do some (shitty) stuff for my old employer
19:28:06Bagderdwihno: I can offer you a binary
19:28:13dwihnoBagder: ah, surething
19:28:45adi|dadsBagder i like how you updated the FAQ parsing script :)
19:28:47adi|dadsmuch nicer :)
19:29:07Bagderyou'll notice some editing quirks for you to fix ;-)
19:29:23adi|dadsheheh yeah ;)
19:29:37BagderA10 and A17
19:31:39 Join nsauzede [0] (
19:31:40adi|dadsa10 i think i fixed.. not sure
19:32:07dwihnoBagder: hey, it looks rather cute :)
19:32:10Bagderadi|dads: everything that isn't indented at the same with as the Q-line will be put within <pre>
19:32:49Bagderwell, Zagor edited the CSS too which made it much nicer
19:33:03Bagderah, you meant the USB logo
19:33:07Bagderright, it looks neat
19:33:19dwihnocss is better too
19:33:26dwihnocss is your friend
19:33:32adi|dadscan i get a screen shot of the usb logo by anychance lads?
19:33:34Zagorwe should probably still write "USB Mode" at the bottom of the screen or something
19:33:36 Join lithermon [0] (
19:33:46Zagordwihno: didn't you have an url with a gif of it?
19:33:49dwihnoZagor: agreed
19:33:53dwihnoZagor: ya, w8 a sec
19:33:55nsauzedezagor/bagder: Hi! I have a Q about cursor in menu..
19:34:04dwihnoit's the tuned gif
19:34:06adi|dadsFAQ updated :)
19:37:32nsauzedezagor/bagder: I can't put cursor to the top..
19:39:53Zagornsauzede: how do you mean?
19:41:30nsauzedezagor: I'm doing a patch,
19:41:44nsauzedezagor: to wrap settintgs menu,
19:42:15nsauzedezagor: it works with prev, but fails with next (can't put cursor to top)
19:43:03Zagor../../firmware/usb.h:25: warning: `struct event_queue' declared inside parameter list
19:43:40dwihnoerror error
19:43:47Bagderwhere's that defined?
19:45:36nsauzedezagor: I tried :
19:45:38nsauzede /* move to top */
19:45:39nsauzede put_cursor(m, 0);
19:45:44dwihnoSo when's the DevCon? :)
19:45:47dwihnoand where?
19:45:52dwihnoMisa want DevCon! :D
19:45:55nsauzedeand it crashes the rockbox
19:46:20elinenbeI have an idea. If you are playing a song, and then go into USB mode, when you return everything has stopped. The music should resume :)
19:46:41Bagderwell, the song might've been removed
19:46:57dwihnohow about some freaky scratch noise? :)
19:47:11elinenbethat is true. It should check to make sure the song is there first :-)
19:47:26BagderZagor: uh, another little resume note btw, if someone adds a song to a playlist and then resumes... it plays a different song...
19:47:56elinenbedoes that latest patch put it in paus mode after a seek?
19:48:19ZagorBagder: yes. I don't think there's much we should do about that
19:48:27elinenbethes little bugs should be documented.
19:48:43Bagderno, we *could* check the playlist for modification or something...
19:48:58elinenbethe checksum of the dir/playlist playing should be saved and then checked before loaded.
19:49:02Bagderbut I think I rather leave it as a "feature"
19:49:20ZagorBagder: yeah, but the only thing we can do is say "playlist modified, abort?"
19:49:34nsauzedezagor: well, I'm gonna have a look at my problem; bye! :)
19:49:41elinenbewhat about if files are added ot the directory?
19:49:53Bagderright, it'll be the same problem
19:50:20dwihnospaghetti and meatballs - yay!
19:52:12adi|dadsany chance someone could give me a screen shot of the usb logo just posted about?
19:52:19ZagorBagder: the usb screen exits on BUTTON_REL :-)
19:52:38Bagderyou mean the sim one?
19:52:59adi|dadsi guess.. which ever was the one just stated as being 'used now' in cvs :)
19:53:15BagderZagor: sure, it exists on anything the button_get() returns on
19:53:16elinenbebug found on recorder 6k: when you fast forward let's say 30 seconds. The status bar moves ahead, and then jumps back to where you started the fast forward from, and then jumps to where you fastforwarded to. (happens on rewind too)
19:53:36ZagorBagder: yes, but that means you never see it because it exits immediately
19:53:43Bagderadi|dads: right, cvs update and check it out on your box :=
19:53:50adi|dadsi can't...
19:53:52BagderZagor: I saw it perfectly well
19:53:57adi|dadsim hitting my box remotely...
19:54:00adi|dadsno gui :(
19:54:33adi|dadsty :)
19:54:36adi|dadssweet :)
19:54:57BagderZagor: so fix and be quiet ;-)
19:56:36ZagorBagder: have you updated uisimulator/x11/button-x11.c lately? :-)
19:57:05BagderZagor: so fix and be quiet ;-)
19:58:24 Quit nsauzede (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:58:30adi|dadsZagor.. and reason that manual-1.2 is not in the cvs?
19:58:36adi|dadscause we have files w/o foot.t again.
19:59:02Zagorno reason, just laziness
19:59:06Bagderadi|dads: that's because manual is, and we wanted the 1.2 manual to remain at 1.2 state
19:59:23Zagorah, right. we actually had a reason :-)
19:59:30Bagdernot that anyone modifies the manual anyway
19:59:53CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:59:53*adi|dads does
20:00:14adi|dadsim _constantly_ correcting this foot.t include issue :)
20:00:27adi|dadsmy netscape don't display properly w/o it :)
20:00:49*adi|dads continues poking the bear with a stick
20:04:59adi|dadsbe back in a bit...
20:05:01 Quit adi|dads ()
20:08:24zaknafeinZagor: i've been thinking about spreadsheets for lenguages, and, it's not easiest to make a txt file?
20:10:06Zagorzaknafein: yes, let's start with that anyway
20:11:00zaknafeini'll start with it this night if you want
20:11:38BagderI'll post my suggestion
20:12:05zaknafeinchanging lenguage at compile-time or having the final user the option to change lenguage mode?
20:12:26Bagderwe don't decide that now anyway
20:12:30Zagorzaknafein: start with the texts
20:12:36dwihnoloadable language files in xml format?
20:12:47dwihno"Good idea dwihno"
20:12:49Bagderthat and a html browser?
20:12:58dwihnoWhy not! :D
20:15:12dwihnoGood idea Bagder> ;-)
20:17:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:17:03zaknafeini'll do it zagor, but as i said before, i'm a bit colapsed with work, so maybe it will go slowly
20:17:38Zagorno problem
20:18:15 Nick zaknafein is now known as quelsaruk (
20:20:08 Join MeRWiN [0] (~merwin@
20:22:41MeRWiNi cvs update far too often
20:23:24dwihnoyou can't update too often
20:24:12MeRWiNwhat does U and P mean in cvs update?
20:24:44Bagderupdate patch
20:24:50BagderI think
20:26:09BagderU "The file was brought up to date with respect to the repository."
20:27:40MeRWiNU seems to occur when the file didn't previously exist
20:27:57Bagderah, right
20:28:02Zagoryes. U is "nuw" file :-)
20:28:04Bagder"This is done for any file that exists in the repository but not in your source,"
20:28:28Bagderand P means patching your local file
20:28:41Bagderand M if you've modified it
20:29:36MeRWiNI think that patch for going back to the beginning of the song should be extended to 3 seconds, instead of 2
20:30:42MeRWiNAlso, I was thinking... do we really need the 2 line ID3 display anymore? the 1 line id3 that I created shows all of that info plus more. It seems like the 2 line display (artist on 1 line, title on the other) is kind of useless now
20:31:26MeRWiNthis is regarding the player btw
20:32:36Zagorthe wps is a never-ending debate :-)
20:33:02quelsarukto upgrade from cvs i used the command "cvs upgrade -dP" but it says that: "cvs update: No CVSROOT specified! Please use the `-d' option", what is wrong??
20:33:29Bagderquelsaruk: you're in the wrong directory doing that
20:33:40Zagorquelsaruk: did you read ?
20:34:36quelsarukzagor, i did
20:35:06quelsarukmaybe badger is correct.. i think i did it in the wrong directory
20:39:51 Join MeRWiN- [0] (~merwin@
20:39:59MeRWiN-Zagor: well, the 1 line id3 is a new thing from me, displays all needed info. Although I assume there might be some people that just want to see artist & title only :-)
20:41:39ZagorMeRWiN-: I agree with you, I'm just not sure how we can resolve this and make most people happy
20:42:17MeRWiN-comment it out and see if anyone notices? *grin*
20:43:59Zagorblueh. the scroll code is a real can'o worms...
20:44:20Zagorwe need to fix the font mess ASAP
20:44:26 Join datazone-work [0] (
20:45:39ZagorI need food
20:45:46 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|food (
20:52:48quelsaruki'm leaving
20:52:55Bagderbye quelsaruk
20:52:56quelsaruksee yuo another day!
20:53:09quelsaruki'll work on that today :)
20:53:31 Quit MeRWiN (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:53:34 Part quelsaruk
20:54:38 Join merwin [0] (
20:55:56merwinI hate firewalls
21:00:57 Quit MeRWiN- (No route to host)
21:01:12 Nick merwin is now known as MeRWiN (
21:04:59 Quit RipnetUK ()
21:05:03 Join RipnetUK [0] (
21:18:48 Join adi|dads [0] (
21:26:03Bagderany silly bugs I should dig into ?
21:27:00 Quit PiotR ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
21:34:27 Quit datazone-work (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:35:58MeRWiNBagder: there's a bit of a fly problem going around over here
21:36:51Bagdersorry, I only do mosquitos ;-)
21:39:13 Join lithermon_ [0] (
21:39:50 Quit lithermon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:41:00 Nick lithermon_ is now known as lithermon (
21:47:37*adi|dads is NOT touching MeRWiN's fly
21:47:37 Quit lithermon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:48:02Bagderadi|dads: you changed the URL you get to see when you join here?
21:48:13adi|dadsme.. why?>
21:48:21adi|dadswant me too?
21:48:29Bagderit could point to the html version
21:48:37 Nick adi|dads is now known as adiamas (
21:50:38Mode"#rockbox +o adiamas " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
21:52:32Mode"#rockbox -o adiamas " by adiamas (
21:52:43 Part adiamas
21:52:43 Join adiamas [0] (
21:52:53adiamasokay.. fixed
21:52:56 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|dads (
21:53:49*adi|dads bitch slaps Bagder
21:54:00adi|dadsnp :)
21:54:09adi|dadsall i have to say is.. who's your daddy?
21:56:11 Nick adi|dads is now known as adiamas (
21:58:45Mode"#rockbox +o adiamas " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
21:58:59 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|dads (
22:00:19Topic""Give us your t-shirt designs or I shall smite thee most harshly!"" by adi|dads (
22:00:30 Quit edx ("good night guys")
22:00:37*adi|dads slaps adi|dads around a bit with a large trout
22:00:44*adi|dads slaps adi|dads around a bit with a large trout
22:00:56Mode"#rockbox -o adi|dads " by adi|dads (
22:05:01 Join PiotR [0] (
22:08:50 Part elinenbe
22:09:06 Join elinenbe [0] (
22:09:57 Nick fragglet is now known as fraggle (
22:11:11 Part elinenbe
22:14:29HesThe new USB logo is way cool.
22:14:42*Bagder agrees
22:14:47HesI just committed a little charger tuning.
22:15:14HesSlowly making it charge a little more, test for some time to see it doesn't burn, commit, tune a little more, test some more 8-)
22:15:20 Join lithermon [0] (
22:17:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:17:25Bagderyeah, we need it to charge a little more
22:19:03HesHave to be very careful while tuning it
22:20:52Bagder"I have been championing rockbox to all my friends, most of whom have no clue what I'm talking about or even who I am."
22:24:25dwihnoHey, I just watched monsters inc. quite cute movie.
22:26:02 Nick Zagor|food is now known as Zagor (
22:27:58 Quit MeRWiN ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
22:28:10Bagder"Buffer 1.77mb???? Is that normal? I thought we had 2mb. Presumably, the rockbox uses some? "
22:28:19Bagdersilly ppl
22:29:43Hadakahey guys
22:29:56Hadaka12.0V, 1.2A output
22:30:08Bagderthere it is
22:30:11Hadaka100-240V, 50-60Hz, 0.4A input.
22:30:15Zagorthat's a monster
22:30:28HadakaSunfone - Model no: ACSD-28
22:30:30ZagorI run a measly 700mA on my 12V adapter
22:30:43HadakaAnd this is smaller than the normal archos charger I'd say
22:31:15Hadakahm, this is 1cm longer - but also 1cm thinner
22:31:18Hadakasame width
22:31:28Zagorit's switched, right?
22:34:58Hadakait has no switch on it - you just stick in the suitable plug for the socet
22:35:26Zagoryeah, I mean the internals. switched is a design type for AC/DC converters
22:35:39Zagorthey don't have transformer iron cores
22:39:59 Join Snorlax [0] (
22:46:37 Quit Snorlax ()
22:48:01 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
22:48:01DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno|gone
22:48:39HesThat's a lot.
22:49:42Hesswitched supplies do have transformers and transformers have cores... they just do their thing at a higher frequency than 50 Hz which gives them better efficiency, thus they need much smaller and lighter transformers.
22:54:31HesThanks Hadaka, I added that info to BATTERY-FAQ !
22:57:04ZagorHes: my rec20 just stopped charging from my 12V adapter. anything you want me to check?
22:57:35Zagorit's charged a few hours, I'd say the batteries are full. so nothing abnormal.
22:58:05Zagorthe graph shows peak 5.68 and a sharp dip to 5.40V
23:01:34Hes5.68 sounds good.
23:02:01HesHey, what's the ext voltage measured by the power debugger?
23:02:32HesDuring charging or not?
23:03:30HesI was thinking of not enabling the charger if the ext voltage was scaringly high.
23:03:40Hes8.16V sounds low for a 12V supply
23:03:58ZagorI agree. I'll switch it to 9V and see what it says
23:05:11Zagorwith the adapter set at 9V, external is reported as 6.74V
23:05:25HesWondering if the EXT voltage is actually measured right at the power input
23:05:27Zagorunfortunately, I don't have a volt meter so I can't check it
23:05:29Hesor if the scaling is wrong
23:05:41Hesi have a multimeter, haven't checked mine
23:25:25 Quit RipnetUK ()
23:46:45HesUhm... what is the byte order on the SH-1... an unsigned int would be?
23:46:45 Quit lithermon (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:47:02ZagorHes: big endian
23:47:21HesAbout time for me to know that.
23:47:26Zagor0xcafef00d becomes CA FE F0 0D
23:56:13Heshtonl() is my friend.
23:58:31HesIs there an API for doing a statf() or something, to get the length of an open file?
23:58:43Zagorlseek does that
23:58:45Heslength = lseek(fd, 0, SEEK_END); works
23:58:52Hesbut isn't probably the fastest way

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