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#rockbox log for 2002-08-22

00:00:14Bagdersince then when we do add a better way, the code will adjust more smoothly
00:00:22Zagora stat should rather use the info from the fat
00:00:42Bagdera proper stat, yes :)
00:02:29Bagder"Well Itried out the daily build from the 19th and got 8 hours and 16 minutes of playtime so much the same as before."
00:03:48Heswhich charger used?
00:04:48Bagderno clue given there
00:11:18HesI have fortune almost implemented
00:11:29Hesneed to do some fine tuning in the text display still
00:13:26HesHaving hard time without a .profile to put my fortune command in.
00:14:44HesFiltered a set of 7799 cookies short enough to be displayed on the recorder's screen, making a 500k file
00:17:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
00:18:27HesI have to make my contribution to the useless crap section 8-)
00:19:34Bagderyes, we need to keep the speed up in that area
00:19:48Bagderpeople might think we're going soft ;-)
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00:23:17Zagor¡hola! :)
00:30:02Hes'try again' was the first cookie I got when trying it out with the real stuff 8-)
00:30:38ZagorHes: hehe
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00:34:28ZagorHes: you should note in battery-faq Q2 that the logic described only concerns recorders
00:37:13Hes"The charger logic on the Recorders lets the batteries.." should do it?
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01:04:02 Part Bagder
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01:08:37BoD[]helllo !!
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01:24:54*MeRWiN wants to code something but doesn't know what
01:25:12PsycoXulfill in the text reader
01:25:28MeRWiNhaven't heard of this so-called text reader, what is it?
01:25:39PsycoXulit's a text viewer for the player
01:25:50PsycoXulshowtext.c i think
01:25:51PsycoXulin apps
01:26:00MeRWiNdoes it work?
01:26:12PsycoXulnot yet
01:26:39MeRWiNWho created it?
01:26:43PsycoXulbagder started it and then it's been sitting there for a while
01:27:37PsycoXuli can't even tell whats missing from it...
01:27:57MeRWiNI can't even read it :)
01:28:00PsycoXulbut when i tried to add calls to it into the dir browser code it didn't work
01:28:20MeRWiNI find it hard to read other people's code most of the time
01:28:39PsycoXuli can't read that particular piece of code too well either
01:28:44MeRWiNdo you use the recorder or the player?
01:29:21MeRWiNwhat do you think of the current wps options? I'm trying to decide whether or not it's a good idea to pursue getting rid of the 2 line id3 display, when the 1 line id3 display does more than enough
01:29:58PsycoXuli like the 1-line display except that the artist gets in the way
01:30:26PsycoXuland it'd be nice if just the id3 info scrolled and not the track #/## display, but i guess thats a limitation of the current scroll code
01:31:04MeRWiNwell, i suppose it could be done, but if you had more than 100 tracks, it could take up 7 out of the 11 available characters
01:31:24PsycoXulthats true...
01:31:49MeRWiNhow useful do you think the 2 line display is?
01:32:16PsycoXuli stopped using it as soon as the 1-line display got put in
01:32:27MeRWiN1 line display is already put in
01:32:47PsycoXulthat whole sentence was past-tense wasn't it? heh
01:33:05PsycoXul"stopped" "got" ...
01:33:12MeRWiNoh, sorry... i misread it
01:33:24MeRWiNI thought you said you would stop using it when it got put in
01:34:02PsycoXulpersonally what i'd like best
01:34:11PsycoXulis to configure exactly what is on each line and where
01:34:32MeRWiNThat could be accomplished
01:34:52MeRWiNin fact, I may just do that... it would be pretty easy
01:35:16PsycoXulyeah it could replace all the wps display modes with just a single configurable one...
01:35:33MeRWiNwell, it would have to be an editable file that would be loaded...
01:35:39MeRWiNtoo hard to edit it in the player :)
01:36:41PsycoXuli was thinking like you config 1 line at a time, and use the up/down keys to switch the "value" [artist,filename,trackname,etc] of the current "field" [possition on line] and -/+ to move between fields
01:36:45PsycoXulkinda thing...
01:37:48MeRWiNI was thinking something like %e/%d: %a - %t
01:37:50MeRWiNsomething like that
01:38:06PsycoXulthen the value's could be like $A or some short symbols like that and then the 2nd line in the display would show what the symbol meant
01:38:10PsycoXulMeRWiN: yeah thats probably better
01:38:27PsycoXuli didn't think about putting extra chars in there
01:38:43MeRWiNand start a line with %s to scroll it or something
01:39:25PsycoXuland then if we get sub-line scrolling we can have like "%e/%d: %s%a - %t" if we wanted...
01:41:50PsycoXuland if you wanted to get real fancy you could have some sorta conditional statements so that if %d>99 then use "%s%e/%d: %a - %t" else "%e/%d: %s%a - %t" :p
01:42:20BoD[]by the way would it be possible to have a one-pixel scrolling ?
01:42:23MeRWiNI'll stick to the easy one to begin with :-)
01:42:41PsycoXulBoD[]: on the recorder i would think so
01:42:53BoD[]yes that would be great !
01:43:02PsycoXulBoD[]: on the player it'd be very difficult, limited, and ugly... basically no... heh
01:43:17BoD[]yeah I can imagine that :)
01:43:25BoD[]but i have a recorder :)
01:43:31PsycoXulwell good for you :p
01:43:37BoD[]the look is important !
01:44:09BoD[]see for example they did it for winamp3 ! the scrolling is not good looking on winamp2 but with the 3 it's... smooth :)
01:44:32PsycoXulyeah i'd like smooth scrolling too
01:44:56BoD[]yes :)
01:45:03BoD[]maybe that would be too slow, though
01:45:18PsycoXulits too bad i've got a device that cost like ~$200 and have seen $15 toys with better LCD's :p
01:45:46BoD[]yup :(
01:46:07BoD[]but at least the $15 thing can't play mp3 ;)
01:46:46MeRWiNPsycoXul: if we could rewrite the firmware they damn well would :)
01:47:35BoD[]i have to go to bed now .. see you ! bye
01:47:42 Quit BoD[] ("al lala")
01:48:18PsycoXulMeRWiN: btw there's no reason we can't actualy do text input on players ok
01:48:34PsycoXulMeRWiN: i mean you could enter your name on a nintendo game with a direction pad and 2 buttons right?
01:50:41MeRWiNwhat does the read() function return?
01:51:03PsycoXulcould even have different layouts to make it easier for people... someone not familiar with anything can have it alphabetical like the nes did, normal people can have a mangled-qwerty kinda layout, and smart people can use a mangled dvorak-style layout (which makes the most sense for these kinda things :p)
01:51:24PsycoXuldon't ask me, i haven't used it yet ... heh
01:51:29PsycoXullook at the code
01:55:26PsycoXulholy shit. mozilla actualy finished building without errors
01:55:32*PsycoXul is in shock
01:57:14MeRWiNnicE :)
01:58:37PsycoXuli enabled some thing that i guess doesn't generaly get enabled or that i didn't pass some necessary option for
01:58:50PsycoXuland it couldn't find a header that it had cause of it's include search path's and was erroring on it
01:59:12PsycoXultook me forever to make it have the header some place it looked for it, and i was sure that fixing just that would cause more errors later... but it didn't heh
01:59:48PsycoXuleven made myself a little tarball package so it's easy to install
02:01:44PsycoXullast time i built mozilla i couldn't figure out how to make a clean install from what it built... there seems to be better instructions now for that sorta thing
02:02:03MeRWiNany clue how to print the VB equivalient of asc("d")
02:02:14MeRWiNin c
02:02:28PsycoXuli dunno anything about VB
02:02:38PsycoXulwhats that do? heh
02:02:44MeRWiNbasically, i want the ascii equivalent of a letter
02:04:03PsycoXulwell hmm wouldn't you just use 'd'? heh
02:04:17PsycoXulshouldn't the numeric value of 'd' be that?
02:04:41PsycoXuli dunno sorry
02:07:46MeRWiNwhoops, I was using "d"
02:07:48MeRWiNnot 'd'
02:12:38PsycoXulso lets see if this new mozilla works
02:13:58MeRWiNi'm getting closer to this working
02:14:38MeRWiNalready got the text parsing working... just need the conditional statements and string building
02:17:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:18:19MeRWiNthis shit is easy :)
02:19:09MeRWiNHmmm... I think to start, I'll have the first line just be the scrolling text and the 2nd line always be the time display
02:19:24PsycoXulsounds fine for now
02:19:49PsycoXulbut my mozilla's not running :/
02:20:56PsycoXul> mozilla
02:20:56PsycoXul/usr/lib/mozilla/mozilla-bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
02:21:02PsycoXul> export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/mozilla
02:21:11PsycoXul> mozilla
02:21:11PsycoXulÚÄ[psyco@psyco] ~)
02:21:28PsycoXulit doesn't even start up or no error or nothing now :/
02:21:54MeRWiNhow do you do a case else in c?
02:22:21PsycoXuli don't know of any else in cases...
02:22:30MeRWiNthe default case if none of the other cases match it
02:22:44PsycoXulum.. i know this but i forget :p
02:23:30MeRWiNapparently it accepts default:
02:23:39PsycoXulyeah i think thats it
02:27:26PsycoXulso mozilla works...
02:27:36PsycoXulit just didn't like me trying to mangle it's install path's
02:28:01PsycoXulall i want is it's bins to be in a standard bin dir while the rest is in /usr/lib/mozilla :/
02:28:13PsycoXulbut NOoooo it's GOTTA have its bins run from the same dir as the rest of it
02:29:25 Quit adi|dads ()
02:32:16MeRWiNoh my god, it works
02:34:51PsycoXulmozilla's fullscreen sucks
02:35:21PsycoXulit switches to my normal desktop resolution
02:35:27PsycoXulwhen i've got it zoomed on mozilla
02:36:03PsycoXulwhich i want to stay at 1024x768 cause everything's unreadable on my small screen with it bigger heh
02:40:12MeRWiNthat sucks
02:41:15PsycoXulyeah my window manager has this nice feature
02:41:42PsycoXulwhere you hit alt-enter on any window on your desktop, and it switches to the best resolution to fit it and fullscreens it
02:41:55MeRWiNwow... i REALLY like that
02:41:59MeRWiNI wish windows had that
02:42:32PsycoXulbut when i've done that to mozilla and then do mozilla's fullscreen mozilla undoes it and goes back to my normal res
02:42:51MeRWiNi say you edit the code of moozilla
02:43:21PsycoXuli don't wanna recompile all that again untill somebody qualified fixes it :p
02:43:34PsycoXuli'll just whine at this guy i know who's a build engineer at netscape heh
02:43:44MeRWiNgood idea
02:44:18PsycoXuland untill then, well i've lived without mozilla's silly little fullscreen this long :p
02:45:29PsycoXulbut yeah that alt-enter thing is almost necessary when running 1280x1024 on a 15" :p
02:48:35MeRWiNeasy solution... 17" monitor
02:49:25PsycoXuli just wish E had more good themes...
02:50:23PsycoXulthey're all either boring or unweildly, and most of them too light and too blue heh
03:13:02MeRWiNyay, did it
03:34:50 Join elinenbe [0] (
03:50:46MeRWiNI think this one is commitable
03:51:09elinenbewhat is it?
03:51:36MeRWiNCustom WPS display for the player. It uses something like %i/%l: %c * %sKB to display the first line of the WPS, and the 2nd line is the time
03:51:45MeRWiNin a file called wps.custom
03:52:31elinenbeis it configurable on the player?
03:52:40elinenbethat sounds like a great idea.
03:52:48MeRWiNIt's implemented :)
03:52:55elinenbewhat tags/ parts of the filename are supported?
03:53:10MeRWiNEvery tag and part of the filename, filesize, bitrates, etc
03:53:39MeRWiNThis will get rid of all of the fighting over WPS settings :)
03:54:50PsycoXulso it reads the config from a file?
03:55:06elinenbeit would be great if it was configurable on the player. That would kepp the box a rockin'
03:55:16MeRWiNhmm.. our file open routine seems to open "wps.configs" when I tell it to open "wps.config" (to test when the file doesn't exist)
03:56:31MeRWiNthere is also a problem with menus now. grr... somebody screwed it up :) (not my patch!)
03:56:37MeRWiNPsycoXul: do you have the latest cvs on your player?
03:59:02PsycoXuli do now
03:59:17MeRWiNPsycoXul: go to the menu and scroll down... is it screwed up?
03:59:39PsycoXulInforal Se
03:59:45MeRWiNok, not just me :-)
04:00:49PsycoXuland the skip behaviour's also weird when you skip while paused
04:00:56MeRWiNthat's a new feature :)
04:01:14PsycoXulwell it works like it should normally
04:01:24PsycoXulit skips to the beginning of the track if it's not within the 1st 3 seconds
04:01:35PsycoXulbut when paused
04:01:39PsycoXulit skips to the previous track still
04:01:47MeRWiNThat is correct, no?
04:01:51PsycoXuland it keeps the paused symbol there but the time counts up
04:02:06PsycoXulno skip behaviour while paused should be the same as while playing
04:02:29PsycoXuli like to pause a track that's already played past the first 3 seconds, hit back and then unpause when i'm ready to listen to that same track from the beginning
04:02:50PsycoXulit should be consistent heh
04:03:01PsycoXulbut as the time's counting on the other thing
04:03:10PsycoXuli can't hear if it's playing or not, i need to go get my headphones :p
04:04:18PsycoXulok it does keep playing
04:04:25PsycoXulthis time i think it stayed on the same track though
04:04:31PsycoXulbit it started playing while keeping the pause symbol
04:05:38PsycoXulyeat it's staying within track now.. i dunno why it went back a track the last time...
04:05:43PsycoXulor the first time rather..
04:06:21PsycoXulbut it still starts playing and keeping the pause symbol then you have to press play and it gets the play symbol, then play again pauses it finaly heh
04:17:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:19:14MeRWiNelinenbe: you there?
04:21:21MeRWiNI think i'm going to commit this (and the doc on the tags)
04:26:22MeRWiNPsycoXul: synch your apps and docs folder
04:26:32MeRWiNPsycoXul: I added it
04:33:59 Join adi|dads [0] (
04:34:05MeRWiNheya adi
04:34:11adi|dadshow goes it?
04:35:14MeRWiNgood, check out the newest CVS addition (not posted on the website yet). Customizable WPS display (loaded from the disk). The docs are in /docs/CUSTOM_WPS_FORMAT
04:35:28MeRWiNcourtesy of me :P
04:35:34adi|dadsyou wrote the docs?
04:35:36adi|dadssweet :)
04:35:43adi|dadsglad to see that dir is being used
04:35:45MeRWiNIt NEEDS docs... it uses tags
04:35:51adi|dadswas a pain in the ass to get it going...
04:36:25MeRWiNi bet
04:39:06MeRWiNbesides, I like writing docs
04:39:07adi|dadsone thing
04:39:14adi|dadsas you add stuff to that dir
04:39:19adi|dadsmake sure you add the files to FILES
04:39:27adi|dadsFILES is what is used to build our packages
04:39:29adi|dadsill fix :)
04:40:23adi|dadsfixed :)
04:40:46MeRWiNkoo. thanx
04:41:01adi|dadshmmm.. im starting to wonder...
04:41:06adi|dadsif we are going to have config files
04:41:19adi|dadsif it makes sense to have a 'rockbox' dir on the root of the player/rec
04:41:26adi|dadsto store stuff like that
04:42:39adi|dadsyour doc is wrong
04:42:50adi|dadsthe example shows 2:23/3:01
04:43:05adi|dadsbut with no mention of it in the explainaton example string
04:43:19MeRWiNexcuse me?
04:43:22adi|dadsyou need to add %e/%o on another line
04:43:32adi|dads%i/%l: %c * %sKB
04:43:34adi|dadsis what you have
04:43:38MeRWiNno, because it's explained that the time is automatically put on the 2nd line
04:43:38adi|dads%i/%l: %c * %sKB
04:43:40MeRWiNit's non-configurable
04:43:48adi|dadsahhh okay :)
04:43:57MeRWiNread the description! :-)
04:44:01adi|dadsheheh sorry
04:44:31adi|dadshmmm if elapsed and total time are _always_ displayed.. why are they options?
04:44:51MeRWiNI dunno, for future expansion once the 2nd line is customizable
04:44:56adi|dadsgot ya...
04:44:59MeRWiNor for retards that want the time displayed twice
04:45:08adi|dadsyou may want to add %% also
04:45:17adi|dadsso that you can show a percentage sign
04:45:43MeRWiNOh... ture
04:45:51adi|dadsie: we may want %%played
04:45:52MeRWiNi thought about that beforehand but didn't put that in
04:46:16adi|dadswhich in our case would appear as: %<filepath>layed
04:46:18adi|dadswouldn't it?
04:46:42MeRWiN%%played would end up as %played
04:46:43adi|dadsif you put "%p"
04:46:53adi|dadsbut what does it do _now_?
04:47:00adi|dadsdoes it handle %% now to display %?
04:47:04MeRWiNright now it gets the % and discards the 2nd %
04:47:09adi|dadsokay :)
04:47:13MeRWiNso it displays nothing for that
04:47:14adi|dadswhat if you have %%p?
04:47:22MeRWiNit would display just p
04:47:24MeRWiNat the moment
04:47:29MeRWiNi'm fixing that as we speak
04:47:33adi|dadsthats wrong :)
04:47:45MeRWiN%%p should display %p
04:47:47adi|dadshehehe just think... %%%p
04:47:51adi|dadsnods right
04:48:01adi|dads%%%p to get %<pathname>
04:48:23adi|dadssweet patch though :)
04:48:38MeRWiNIt was needed
04:49:45MeRWiNin snprintf if i do snprintf(tmpbuf, sizeof(tmpbuf), "%"), will it display % ?
04:50:54adi|dadsno you need to do %% if i remember correctly
04:51:04adi|dadsso if you want to display %%
04:51:07adi|dadsyou need %%%%
04:51:10MeRWiNshit, i forgot to commit wps.h
04:51:29adi|dadsspelling: flexable or flexible?
04:51:40MeRWiNflexible i think
04:55:50elinenbeIt seems silly not to have the second line be customizable too...
04:55:56 Quit MeRWiN (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:00:23adi|dadshehe so fix it then ;)
05:01:35 Join MeRWiN [0] (
05:01:47MeRWiNgod damn i hate the usb mode. it bluescreens win2k if you do it wrong :)
05:03:09adi|dadsget linuxs ;)
05:03:38MeRWiNit's a work laptop
05:03:41MeRWiNclosest i can get is vmware
05:04:45adi|dadsyou could do the same in reverse
05:04:47adi|dadsload linux
05:04:52adi|dadsrun vmware for win2k in it :)
05:04:59adi|dadsso when it crashes, you just kill the process
05:05:03adi|dadsbuddy at work did it..
05:05:09MeRWiNhmm... the custom_wps_format.html doesn't have proper line breaks in it for a double newline
05:05:17adi|dadshe killed that window like 4 times a day when he was wokring on his Palm software :)
05:05:29adi|dadshmm.. one sec
05:05:37MeRWiNI can't quite do that, because I'd have to have the IT manager add the computer to the domain
05:05:41MeRWiNi don't think he'd be keen on that
05:06:14adi|dadsgot ya
05:06:47adi|dadshmm.. ill see if i can fix the file
05:09:26elinenbeIt seems silly not to have the second line be customizable too...
05:09:45MeRWiNyeah... that will come in a bit
05:10:13elinenbewhy isn't it there now?
05:10:26elinenbeI am just wondering
05:10:33MeRWiNThe only problem is that the time display is updated constantly... The line it's on can't scroll, due to it being updated numerous times per second
05:10:47MeRWiNwhich introduces problems to customizing it
05:13:20MeRWiNSo i figure that leaving only one line being customized is better at this point
05:13:46MeRWiN19 people this year have been run over by NJ trains :P
05:18:40MeRWiNgotta jet, be back later
05:18:42 Quit MeRWiN ()
05:37:03 Join MeRWiN [0] (
05:37:19adi|dadsokay... i hacked a new .pl to handle plain text
05:37:27adi|dadsso we have one for FAQS and one for normal txt..
05:37:31adi|dadsthat should fix the prob i hope
05:37:50adi|dadsif not they can bitch at me later ;)
05:38:01MeRWiNi'm trying to find a crack for the new vmware
05:39:09adi|dadsahh.. can't help you there...
05:39:10MeRWiNwoo, found it
05:39:13*adi|dads needs a shower.. brb
05:39:24*MeRWiN things adi stinks
05:39:29*adi|dads nods
05:39:37adi|dadswas doing yardwork before my nap...
05:39:42adi|dadsnow need clean water ;)
05:54:37MeRWiNhmm waht
05:54:47PsycoXulwhat if you want "Title/Artist" or the filename if no id3?
05:55:23MeRWiNExcuse me?
05:55:29PsycoXuland goddamnit the umount locked up...
05:55:46PsycoXulwell the %c says it display's "Artist - Title"
05:56:14PsycoXuli want the fallback to filename but i don't like "Artist - Title" on an 11 char screen heh
05:56:30MeRWiNit scrolls :P
05:56:39PsycoXulyes and the backlight times out
05:56:51PsycoXuland usualy before it's scrolled over to the title which is what i'm more interested in 99% of the time anyways
05:56:53MeRWiNhmm... would Title - Artist be ok, or you want Title/Artist
05:57:11PsycoXuli don't like the way thats handled at all...
05:58:09MeRWiNI'll add an option for Title - Artist also
06:00:06PsycoXulthere's gonna have to be a better way than that
06:00:26MeRWiNnot really... I don't think
06:00:30PsycoXulhow it falls back should be configurable in and of itself
06:01:00PsycoXulpersonaly i'd rather have it fall back to directory parsing
06:01:16PsycoXuland then filename if it can't even do that
06:03:00PsycoXuli'd say even a slightly better way would be to replace the first %a or %t or maybe even %u with the filename and strip out the rest if present when it falls back to a file
06:03:57MeRWiNnow that would take me too long to code :-)
06:04:25PsycoXuli mean the whole idea of this is a configurable display, which it still isn't really if the only way to have fallback is to forgo your configuration heh
06:05:35MeRWiNwell, fallback is an option that's really hard to configure unless you add extra lines to the wps.config file (ie: a fallback line)
06:07:01PsycoXulhow about the fallback happens before the wps arrangement or whatever
06:07:28PsycoXulor i dunno...
06:07:54MeRWiNI give you a way to customize and all you do is complain about it... geez, children these days :-)
06:08:52PsycoXulwell to me the WPS is absolutely worthless if it doesn't display Something useful
06:09:13MeRWiNme too
06:09:18PsycoXulwhich means a WPS that doesn't fall back to display file or dir-parsed info on a file that doesn't have an id3 is worthless
06:09:22MeRWiNwhich is why i made the original 1 line id3
06:09:34MeRWiNi personally hate dir parsed :-)
06:09:57PsycoXulwell most of my files are aranged Artist/Album/#-Title.mp3
06:10:08MeRWiNdon't they have id3 tags?
06:10:12PsycoXulmost of them
06:10:16PsycoXulnot all
06:10:31MeRWiNyou should write a script to add id3 tags using dir parsing
06:10:56PsycoXulwhy, when there's already code in rockbox to do the dir parsing? heh
06:11:24MeRWiNbecause *I* don't like dir parsing :-)
06:11:35PsycoXula lot of my files are burned as they are on cd's and i'm not going to re-burn them just to back up modified versions so that i've got update backups of what's on my jukebox
06:12:06PsycoXuland such and soforth :p
06:13:03PsycoXulhow about just adding some sort of conditional expressions to the format
06:13:16PsycoXuli guess it wouldn't be so easy..
06:13:26MeRWiNIt is doable, but difficult
06:13:43MeRWiNsomething I can work on during my next 6 hour flight home on friday
06:15:25PsycoXulor something :p
06:15:33PsycoXulheh thats ugly :p
06:15:50PsycoXuland it's probably not even the right syntax for what i was thinking of, i can never remember that crap :p heh
06:16:22MeRWiNYeah, i'm limited to what I can do with one character
06:16:36PsycoXulit could be a simple this or that
06:17:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:17:17MeRWiNI'll work on it on friday
06:18:10PsycoXul%t%?%m[%a%?%]: %i/%l
06:18:31PsycoXulor something :p
06:18:51PsycoXulanyways i don't mean to give you shit about it
06:19:39PsycoXuli'm mainly just pissed because for no damn reason umount on my jukebox locked up and i'm going to have to reboot to fucking touch it via usb again
06:19:49PsycoXuljust because of some random mysterious malfunction
06:22:42PsycoXulit's really upsetting that for all of linux's otherwise stability, control, and emergency facilities
06:22:53PsycoXulthat've let me get out of serious problems without even rebooting before
06:23:36PsycoXula USB HD can just suddenly stop communicating for no apparent reason and fuck it *all* so that i can't even reboot cleanly when it happens
06:24:05PsycoXuleven with the magic-sysreq in the kernel that lets me press a key combo from anywhere and force the kernel to sync and unmount all the filesystems even *IT* loks up on that drive when it gets to it
06:24:48PsycoXuland thats just ridiculous
06:25:33PsycoXulthere's no problem with the archos, with it's cable, with the USB controller, or anything anywhere, the battery just got fully charged a few hours ago and has only been used for a few minutes since, and this crap happens anyways
06:25:48PsycoXuland on top of it happening to start with, it flushes everything else down the toilet when it does
06:26:37 Quit PsycoXul ("FUCKING USB BULLSHIT")
06:29:34 Join PsycoXul [0] (
06:29:42PsycoXulgod i hate that
06:29:58MeRWiNthe usb bluescreens in win2k if you do certain things with the archos also
06:30:13PsycoXulit makes me wonder what i'm even running linux for
06:30:29PsycoXulwith this crap going on my parents get better uptime in win98
06:32:11MeRWiNwinxp gets damn good uptime
06:33:01PsycoXulbefore i upgraded to a box with usb...
06:33:04PsycoXuli had 272 days
06:33:16PsycoXul272 day(s), 15:12:16 running Linux 2.2.19, ended Thu Aug 1 23:13:57 2002
06:33:47MeRWiNand usb killed that
06:35:02PsycoXuloh good.. there it goes
06:35:14PsycoXulheh it just took waaay too long to copy wps.config over :p
06:38:03PsycoXulvolume adjustment's get overwritten by the scrolling of it ... heh
06:38:13MeRWiNThat's not why
06:38:20PsycoXulwhats not why?
06:38:36MeRWiNI had to set it for 1/6 of a second so if you pressed MENU+RIGHT+RIGHT+RIGHT+RIGHT really quickly, it wouldn't take forever :)
06:42:31PsycoXulwell good work on it so far
06:42:54PsycoXulyou coded that up quick and it works pretty nice
06:43:17MeRWiNIt'll be better by saturday hopefully
06:43:38MeRWiNI'm going to also write a sleep() that can be killed by a keypress
06:44:53MeRWiNspeaking of sleep, i need to do some myself
06:45:01PsycoXulgood night
06:45:15 Quit MeRWiN ()
06:55:40 Join MeRWiN [0] (
06:55:45 Nick MeRWiN is now known as MeRWiN|Sleep (
06:55:55adi|dadsmerwin before you go
06:56:13adi|dadsyou do title-artist and artist-title
06:56:18adi|dadsthose strings.. how do you get them?>
06:56:25MeRWiN|Sleepwhat do you mean?
06:56:32MeRWiN|Sleepid3->artist id3->title
06:56:55adi|dadsso then why dont we just add a %F
06:57:00adi|dadscompared to %f
06:57:05adi|dadsor maybe a %z
06:57:08adi|dadsas a last resort
06:57:16adi|dadsand let the %z be defined in the .cfg as well
06:57:26adi|dadsso you could do like %z: %a-%f
06:57:43MeRWiN|Sleepwhat would that do
06:57:45adi|dadsso if we don't load info, we dump %a-%f to the screen..
06:57:49*adi|dads shrugs
06:57:58adi|dadshes looking for answers to psyco's bitch ;)
06:58:02MeRWiN|Sleepif the .config file isn't loaded you mean?
06:58:14*MeRWiN|Sleep loves Our Lady Peace...
06:58:18adi|dadsno, if the id3 data is toast....
06:58:41MeRWiN|Sleepoh, i'll work on the fallback shit on friday... a customizable fallback
06:58:47*adi|dads wonders if he just has everything f'd up in his mind
06:58:52adi|dadsnite :)
06:59:25MeRWiN|Sleephave basically an if statement in the tags
07:01:02MeRWiN|Sleepwoo. mash is on
07:01:59MeRWiN|Sleepmy tag letters really don't mean anything. It's a shame really, but oddly, the output of my tags reminds me of the impossible-to-understand perl code
07:02:36MeRWiN|SleepIn your HTML display of my format specs it still doesn't process double newlines
07:03:06adi|dadssick sick sick...
07:03:09adi|dadsi know
07:03:16adi|dadsim eatting multispaces
07:03:20adi|dadsdeal with it ;)
07:03:34MeRWiN|Sleepmultispaces? a double newline should just be interpreted as <br><br>
07:04:35adi|dadsblah blah blah.. bitch bitch bitch
07:04:44PsycoXulWHINE WHINE
07:04:44adi|dadsim actually just doing <pre> your file </pre>
07:05:03PsycoXuladi|dads: if you're doing that then why would you strip anything from it?
07:05:10*adi|dads nods
07:05:13adi|dadslike i said.
07:05:19adi|dadsim actually just doing <pre> your file </pre>
07:05:33PsycoXulwell that would leave double lines intact...
07:05:38MeRWiN|Sleepbut somehow it doesn't
07:05:43*adi|dads nods
07:05:50adi|dadsdunno.. im playing with it no
07:06:03MeRWiN|Sleepno quiero dormir. NO QUIERO DORMIR
07:07:55adi|dadsyo quise a poner me carne in tu boca
07:07:59adi|dadsthats all i remember
07:08:00adi|dadsthat and
07:08:05dwihno|gonesiempre viva
07:08:08adi|dadsdonde esta el quarto de bano
07:08:25dwihno|gonetenga no dinero no amour
07:08:36MeRWiN|Sleepel bano es en su boca
07:09:04MeRWiN|Sleepyo tengo MUCHO dinero! quiero una puta
07:09:04dwihno|gonehamburgesa con keso, por favor
07:09:12MeRWiN|Sleepdwihno|gone: queso
07:11:41MeRWiN|Sleepok, yo voy a dormir. buenos noches!
07:12:19 Nick MeRWiN|Sleep is now known as MeRWiN|Dormir (
07:12:19dwihno|gone<−− suffers from disease of the stomach
07:12:20dwihno|gonethat suxks
07:12:22dwihno|gonedamn damn damn
07:12:29MeRWiN|Dormirdwihno|gone: ack...
07:13:25dwihno|gonemy employer will probably think I'm hungover since I had my b-day yesterday
07:23:32MeRWiN|Dormiradi|dads: I forgot to mention... let zagor or linus or one of them know that the file opening code is a bit off. It will load a file named something like "wps.configs" if you tell it to open "wps.config"
07:23:53MeRWiN|Dormiradi|dads: i figure you'll talk to them before me. You never seem to sleep
07:26:40adi|dadswill do :)
07:33:59adi|dadsill be back
07:34:00 Quit adi|dads ()
08:01:53 Join Bagder [0] (
08:02:59MeRWiN|Dormirwanted to let you know before i go to bed that the file opening code is off a bit. It will load a file named something like "wps.configs" if you tell it to open "wps.config"
08:09:12dwihno|goneBagder: is coca cola good for magsjuka?
08:09:34Bagdercoca cola is good for eveeeerything
08:09:48 Nick dwihno|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
08:09:48DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
08:10:05dwihnoWhen's DevCon?
08:15:53Bagderhehe, good q
08:17:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:19:48 Quit Lowfiler (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:20:47Bagderstill lots of red builds
08:21:47MeRWiN|DormirIt's a variable that's seemingly undeclared
08:21:51MeRWiN|Dormiri'll kill the error
08:22:39Bagderyou must declare all variables before the code
08:24:04MeRWiN|Dormiryeah yeah yeah :)
08:24:09MeRWiN|Dormirfixin' it
08:25:29MeRWiN|Dormirthat may do it
08:31:01MeRWiN|DormirBagder: you get up way too early. It's like 7:30, right?
08:31:12Bagder8:30 actually
08:31:18MeRWiN|Dormiroooh, ok. that makes more sense :)
08:31:52MeRWiN|DormirI want it to rebuild to see if i fixed the reds
08:33:21 Join rwood [0] (
08:33:34MeRWiN|Dormiryo wood
08:33:54rwoodMeRWiN|Dormir: hi-ho
08:34:18CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:34:18*MeRWiN|Dormir is so tired that he's unable to change the channel from "Adventures in babysitting"
08:34:51rwoodjust downloaded cvs - features now really exceed archos
08:35:05MeRWiN|Dormirrwood: *grin*
08:35:48Bagderin just about 4-5 months of coding
08:36:02rwoodhowever, i am getting "ILLEGAL INSTRUCTION TRAPS" at 0x696exxxx when skipping forward
08:36:41BagderMeRWiN|Dormir: hey, strrchr(id3->path, ch) is now made on a NULL id3 pointer
08:36:58MeRWiN|DormirYou sure?
08:37:16rwoodBagder: the pace of progress is amazing
08:37:19MeRWiN|Dormirwhoops, have to flip those two
08:37:29MeRWiN|Dormirok, commiting :)
08:37:40MeRWiN|Dormirit's 2:30am... i'm a bit out of it
08:37:55*Bagder forgives merwin for his sins ;-)
08:38:37MeRWiN|Dormir50 hail mary's
08:38:47MeRWiN|Dormirwoo, got it in before the automatic compile
08:43:11MeRWiN|Dormiryay, all clear. I'm going to bed
08:43:33Bagdernight merwin
08:43:43MeRWiN|Dormiror morning rather
08:43:51 Nick MeRWiN|Dormir is now known as MeRWiN|Sleep (
08:48:36 Join adi|dads [0] (adi_dads@
08:49:10adi|dadswoah... look at all the reds that were there...
08:49:13adi|dadsicky icky icky
08:49:29adi|dadsBagder.. i bastardized your
08:49:35adi|dadswe now have
08:49:45Bagderah, goodie
08:49:51adi|dadsand the makefile hits the right one...
08:49:54Bagderthe txt2plain become very wrong anyway
08:49:57Bagderthe name
08:50:02adi|dadsbut the txt2 is _very_ basic...
08:50:12adi|dadshehe look ;)
08:50:19*adi|dads nods
08:50:21adi|dadsi noticed
08:50:23adi|dadsthus the rename
08:50:29Bagderall good
08:50:34adi|dadsim going to pull it from the cvs in a bit...
08:52:08adi|dadsokay. its gone
08:52:10adi|dadsall clean again
08:52:32adi|dadsso.. i was thnking... with the wp_config.cfg thingy..
08:52:54adi|dadsdoes it make sense to consider the creation of a rockbox dir on the archos sometime in the near future for such files?
08:52:57adi|dadsand fonts etc
08:53:09BagderI propose a .rockbox dir
08:53:22adi|dadsnormally id agree...
08:53:24Bagderand then Bill Napier's . patch
08:53:36adi|dadsbut its a bit nasty for windows users no?
08:53:42Bagderis it?
08:54:12Bagderhm, yes it is
08:54:26Bagdercrappy os
08:54:38Bagderok then, just rockbox then
08:57:10BagderI don't like how the custom wps code reads from the file very often
08:57:28adi|dadshmm..? define very often
08:57:56Bagder*very* often
08:57:58adi|dadsoh, yeah.. MeRWiN|Sleep said there was a bug in it somewhere.. that it was tacking on an 's' at the end of the file at times and he wasn't sure why
08:58:14adi|dadshmmm it should just be read into memory at start...
08:58:28Bagderthis one reads the file on draw_screen()
08:58:31adi|dadshmmmm... that should be an easy fix...
08:58:37DBUGEnqueued KICK adi|dads
08:59:15Bagderyeah, there should be a maximum size allowed, and then just attempt to read that much data at first invoke
08:59:44adi|dadsid say...
08:59:47adi|dadsevery option
08:59:59adi|dadswith a " - " between each would be a good max
09:00:11adi|dadsso figure option count * 4?
09:00:36Bagderyeah, so something like 128 bytes will do
09:00:51adi|dadsnods that makes sense
09:00:56adi|dadscan we spare it?
09:01:40Bagderby adding this, we might be able to cut out some other display code
09:01:57Bagdersome of the hard-coded wps "modes" could use a hardcoded format string
09:02:04adi|dadsill take that as a yes :)
09:02:16adi|dadsmakes sense...
09:03:25adi|dadsfaq is 293 lines long
09:05:42HesHmm, FAQs look much better now
09:06:16Bagderyes, now they look as if they were made in html ;-)
09:06:44HesI'm wondering how to incorporate fortune 8-)
09:07:10 Quit rwood (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:08:11BagderHes: what do you mean?
09:08:25Heswhere to put it and it's data, and whether to commit it 8-)
09:09:02Hessettings menu should have a submenu of useless settings 8-)
09:09:25Hesand there, an option to enable fortune... and at boot it'd show a fortune cookie and wait for a keypress
09:09:57HesOr... maybe no need to have a setting, just fail quietly if the data files are not installed (the 500k fortune database and it's index file)
09:10:05Bagderimo, the data file needn't be in cvs
09:10:12HesDefinetely very unnecessary bloat but I like it.
09:10:30BagderI think we can offer it on the site anyway
09:10:37HesWhat about the code?
09:10:44Bagderand then the code goes into apps/,
09:10:53Bagderthis is recorder code?
09:11:06Bagderor do you plan to run it on players too?
09:11:12Hesit should work on the player too if showtext() works there
09:11:45Bagderok, so I suggest you make an apps/fortune.c or something
09:15:27adi|dadsbagder.. in your perl scripts
09:15:31adi|dadswhat does 'last' do?
09:15:43Hesshowtext() only knows how to show files
09:15:52adi|dadsso.. fix it :)
09:15:56adi|dadswhat do you want it to do?
09:15:58Bagderadi|dads: what 'break' does in C, it skips out of loops
09:16:05adi|dadsahh cool.. ty
09:16:18Heswant to show from a buffer
09:16:41BagderHes: showtext() isn't being used anyway, it is only my rather basic efforts on a text reader
09:16:52HesDoes it work?
09:17:02Bagderat least it used to
09:17:12HesI didn't feel like writing my own word wrapping code now
09:17:26Hesmy fortune.c currently simply wraps at the end of the screen
09:18:06CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:18:06*Hes has a Toshiba MK4018GAB 40G spindle on his desk
09:18:36HesThe "Rattle noise is normal." on the top Caution sticker is funny.
09:21:30BagderFloating exception (core dumped)
09:24:48 Join rwood [0] (
09:28:55BagderI found a way to crash the mpeg thread
09:29:44Bagderby playing a zero-byte .mp3 file
09:34:10Bagderanyone knows how small the smallest possible mp3 file is?
09:34:28Bagderwould be one frame
09:35:10Bagderbut how small can one frame be?
09:39:30 Quit rwood ()
09:52:01HesThe header is umm... 3 bytes?
09:53:05Hesif CRC, there's 2 bytes of it
09:54:17Hessmallest bitrate is 8 kHz
09:54:40Hessmallest sampling rate 8 kHz as well
09:56:18HesTrying to parse C code which i wrote a couple years ago to parse frames and cut a stream going through this filter to 1-hour files 8-)
09:56:23Hesand cut at frame boundary
09:56:34Hesit decodes the length of each frame
09:59:08HesBAH !
09:59:09Heshessu@hessu-pc:~$> lame -r -m m -b 8 -s 8 - short.mp3 < /dev/null
09:59:09HesAssuming raw pcm input file
09:59:09HesLAME version 3.92 (
09:59:09HesUsing polyphase lowpass filter, transition band: 2742 Hz - 2839 Hz
09:59:11HesEncoding <stdin> to short.mp3
09:59:14HesEncoding as 8 kHz 8 kbps single-ch MPEG-2.5 Layer III (16x) qval=2
09:59:16Heshessu@hessu-pc:~$> ls -l short.mp3
09:59:19Hes-rw-rw-r−− 1 hessu hessu 216 Aug 22 10:58 short.mp3
09:59:24HesThat's probably the shortest it can be 8-)
09:59:33adi|dadsbagder.. need an opinion on something
09:59:45Bagderthen my new check for < 8 bytes isn't too far out ;-)
10:00:04adi|dadsbasically.. a menu for the faqs
10:00:54adi|dadsdamn.. screwd it p.. hold on
10:01:04BagderI think the "oversized" questions make any kind of index look pretty odd
10:01:13BagderI experimented with that myself too
10:01:24 Quit Hes ("reboot")
10:01:34adi|dadsi know.. i just don't know what to do with it :(
10:01:49Bagderwell, me neither so I ditched the index plans ;-)
10:01:56adi|dadsnow you tell me ;)
10:02:20Bagderit only proves you need to read ALL the irc logs from when you're absent :-P
10:02:32adi|dadsbah.. humbug ;)
10:02:48adi|dadsjust proves you guys need to start following est instead of zulu :)
10:04:39adi|dadsBagder the multi 0 length files...
10:04:44adi|dadsyou mention the sim going nuts
10:04:51adi|dadscan i assume its looping continuously?
10:05:00adi|dadseasy fix
10:05:08adi|dadswe know how many files are in the dir correct?
10:05:13adi|dadsor atleast our listing of it
10:05:22Bagderin the playlist, yes
10:05:29Bagderthe dir is made into a playlist in ram
10:05:44adi|dadskeep count of # of successive 0 length files
10:05:45Bagderbut yes, if 'steps' is bigger than the list, it should return null
10:07:04adi|dadsthen.. if the count is == the dir count, stop moving forward..
10:07:07*adi|dads shrugs
10:17:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:17:45*Bagder got an interesting mail
10:18:21Bagder"Dear Daniel, Just checking with you how do I register for IRC if I am in Japan ? I would like to download the program and start chatting with friends. Please enlighten me if you have any information."
10:27:34adi|dadsretard would be the word i would choose
10:28:42BagderI guess he found my irc history page or something
10:31:36 Join notch|out [0] (
10:32:00Bagderhey notch
10:32:19 Nick notch|out is now known as notch (
10:48:01 Join pyvasene [0] (
10:59:45 Join matsl [0] (
11:11:51 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
11:14:51 Join ironi [0] (
11:17:31 Join Lowfiler [0] (
11:17:41Lowfilermorning @ll
11:23:40dwihnodokhtar irouni
11:24:17Lowfilersome1 here who compiles with windows?
11:24:32dwihnome does
11:26:09Lowfilerwhen i use gnu-sh and type make -f win32.mak
11:26:16Lowfilerthe following error appears
11:26:52Lowfilermpeg.o(.text+0x110c): undefined reference to `bitswap'
11:26:52Lowfilermake: *** [archos.elf] Error 1
11:27:11Lowfileri checked out the latest files
11:27:26Lowfilerand compiling doesnt works anymore
11:27:35Lowfileris it the same to u?
11:33:48adi|dadshmm.. shouldn't be a prob...
11:33:55adi|dadsthe builds are all green
11:35:12Lowfilermaybe the win32.mak file isnt up to date or has an error
11:36:05Bagderthe bitwap is an assembler file now
11:36:45BagderI bet edx hasn't fixed the makefile to reflect that
11:37:03Lowfilerya ok - i will wait until edx is online
11:37:13BagderI still think win32.mak should be removed and the normal Makfile fixed to work with the gnu-sh
11:37:33Bagderthen again, I am annoying ;-)
11:37:40Lowfileryo that would be cool :)
11:43:03Bagderthey are *very* similar so it isn't a very big job
11:48:51Bagderonly 1.85% of open source projects are audio related :-)
11:54:11Lowfilerso u r one of the minority :)
11:54:34Bagderyeah, but I guess I'm so in more aspects too:
11:54:45 Quit Blaster_Master (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:54:56Bagder(huge report on open source/free software)
11:56:04Lowfilerya many pdf files to read :)
12:00:58adi|dadshehe i started reading that last night
12:01:19adi|dadsthen i got side tracked to the 'turned your beloved deceased family member into a diamond'
12:09:07adi|dadsmy favorite part is that vi beat out emacs as editor of choice ;)
12:10:35notchi find emacs cut and paste a real pain in the ass
12:11:11notchgimme normal cut and paste!
12:11:18Bagderyou mean windows-style?
12:11:24Bagderthere's some lisp package for that
12:11:28BagderI know Linus uses that all the time
12:11:52notchI'll ask him when he turns up..
12:12:45notchI keep on loosing my cy buffer by accidentaly highlighting something else :-(
12:13:09adi|dadsthats why i bounce back and forth between my good buffer.. and a scracth buffer
12:13:19adi|dads98.79% of os/ff ppl are male
12:13:26adi|dadssurprise surprise surprise
12:13:32notchis that what that scratch is for!
12:13:47adi|dads41.31% are single
12:13:51*adi|dads uses it for that
12:14:04adi|dadsctrl-x ctrl-o
12:14:19*adi|dads nods happily
12:15:04notchYou know youre in trouble when you have to read the manual for a text editor :-)
12:17:03adi|dadsyeah.. tell that to a newbie on vi ;)
12:17:08adi|dadstalk about lack of docs ;)
12:17:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:17:23adi|dadsi love vi.. but atleast emacs is all in the editor
12:18:23 Join Zagor [0] (
12:18:27Zagorhi all
12:19:50*adi|dads coughs
12:19:54adi|dads#include <stdio.h>
12:19:54adi|dads#define S(s)char x[]=#s;s
12:19:54adi|dads#define Q(x)x
12:19:54adi|dads#define A(x,y)y##x
12:19:54adi|dads#define B(x,y)A(y,x)
12:19:55***Alert Mode level 1
12:19:55adi|dads#define C(x,y)B(y,x)
12:19:57adi|dads#define Z(s,t,u)case s:if(*p!=32){t;}else{u;}break;
12:19:59adi|dadsS(B( A( a ,m ),A(n ,i))() {B (A(h,c ),A(r ,a ))*p=x ;B(A( n, i),t)t
12:20:01adi|dads=0;B(A(n , i),t)s =0;B( f ,A(r, o )) (;*p;Q( p)++){C( B( A(c,t) ,h),B(A(
12:20:03adi|dadsw, s),i))( s){ Z( 0,t+=8 *8-00 ,s ++)Z( 1,t+= 8 ;,s++ )Z ( 2, t++ ,putchar(t-73);t=s=0)}}})
12:20:08adi|dadsi love it
12:20:26Zagoroccc rocks
12:24:00dwihnoZagor rules
12:24:08dwihnoMisa want DevCon! :D
12:29:56***Alert Mode OFF
12:30:44dwihnoam I the only one wanting it?
12:43:14 Join Hes [0] (
12:44:22adi|dadswow pulling that a part is annoying :)
12:44:33adi|dadsC( B( A(c,t), h), B( A(w, s), i) )(s) just means
12:44:51adi|dadsgod how i love occ
12:44:56adi|dadsoccc rather
12:45:00HesAh, HD of laptop backed up... the 2.5" - 3.5" HD adapter was a good purchase.
12:49:49 Join Snorlax [0] (
12:56:09ZagorHes: my ac adapter outputs 9.25 & 12.35 V, according to my new multimeter
12:57:09>>>"seen" used by Zagor ( [snoop prevented]
12:57:10>>>"seen" used by Zagor ( [snoop prevented]
12:57:30dwihnonew(tm) ? :)
12:57:33dwihnowhat's a multimeter good for?
12:57:38dwihnoexcept measuring voltages?
12:57:57Zagori will do mA tests before 1.3 release, and put that in the release notes
12:58:34Zagoranyone feeling bored? try booting the latest archos firmware and see how long it plays a 128kbit mp3 until the disk spins up again.
12:58:42Zagorthen to the same thing on rockbox
12:58:49dwihnoI can do that
12:59:09dwihnoOnly for YOU ;D
13:05:47*Bagder returns
13:06:25Zagoryo bro
13:06:31Bagderhey ho
13:06:49BagderMeRWiN's wps stuff needs tweaking
13:06:54Bagderas you might've spotted
13:07:49 Quit Snorlax ("I'll be back")
13:08:17Zagoryeah, I want it working on recorder for one thing...
13:08:32Bagdernotice how often it loads the file...
13:08:57ZagorI'm a little dissappointed he couldn't wait for 1.3 with this
13:09:03 Join Snorlax [0] (
13:09:08Zagorit introduces a whole bucket of new bugs
13:09:23Bagderwe could always #ifdef it out until 1.3 ships
13:09:31Bagder#ifdef WPS_CUSTOM
13:09:52Zagoryes, I think that's the best
13:11:31BagderI think I have an idea of how to do the SLEEP
13:11:41BagderI'll make a post about it soonish
13:17:51Bagderany thoughts about the hide-dot files patch?
13:17:58BagderI've tried it and it works nicely
13:18:05Zagorvery confusing names, imho
13:18:37Bagderyou mean in the settings menu?
13:18:51Zagorsettings.c, mainly
13:19:20BagderI don't think I agree with that
13:21:07Zagori'll look it up
13:21:54Zagorwhat a lovely fellow, this Brian Groth
13:21:59adi|dadsits official.. i have lost all patience on the mailing list...
13:22:07dwihnoBrian the goth
13:22:48adi|dadszagor, whats the prob in settings.c?
13:23:29Zagorwhat does "hidden_as_dotfile" mean?
13:23:45Bagderit means that hidden files appear as dot-files ;-)
13:24:00dwihnoZagor: does the latest daily build have the assembly bitswap thingy?
13:24:02Zagorare they renamed in the browser?
13:24:07Zagordwihno: yes
13:24:12BagderZagor: yes
13:24:37 Quit adi|dads ()
13:24:39Zagorwe'll get tons of complaints for that. what is the advantage of doing such a thing?
13:25:04Bagderno, I can't think of any...
13:25:14Bagderthe hide dot-files I can agree more with
13:25:22Zagoryes, that's sensible
13:25:35BagderI guess he wanted to visualize that the files are hidden
13:25:36Zagorand hide-hidden-files (which should be the same flag)
13:25:58Bagderyes hide-hidden would use the same
13:26:06Zagorbut no perverting the filenames for no good reason
13:26:19PsycoXulhe explains the reason why my .directory's don't show up too heh
13:26:34ZagorPsycoXul: yes, that's a very old bug :-)
13:26:51PsycoXulso why'd you never fix it? :p
13:27:02 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
13:27:23ZagorPsycoXul: I've thought about it several times, but then always forgotten it when more urgent things came up
13:27:38PsycoXulbtw have you guys heard about the crop formation found like 6 days ago
13:27:58PsycoXulthat has what looks like a CD as part of it, with binary bits spelling out ascii text?
13:28:52PsycoXulit's bizzare :p
13:28:59PsycoXuli'm sitting here decoding it from a photograph
13:30:16PsycoXulthere's more photos at pages that links to
13:30:39dwihnoI need an advice from you guys. I'm considering using a display polish intended for cellular phones on the archos display to remove some scratches... Thoughts?
13:30:41Zagorcrap, man. that took some patience to carve out!
13:31:09Zagorif the photo is even real
13:31:39Zagordwihno: can't see why it shouldn't work
13:33:02dwihnoZagor: me neither, I think I'll give it a shot
13:33:09dwihnoMy tests are done in a minute
13:33:40Zagor"Save the web site from badwidth overload"
13:33:58Zagorpure text, written on a 500x375 jpg
13:34:02dwihnotests are done
13:34:06 Join Synthe` [0] (
13:34:11ZagorI've got a few hints for those cluebies...
13:34:12dwihnoenya - memory of trees 192 kbit/s (44.1kHz)
13:34:12dwihno1:13 2:21 3:29 rbox (old bitswap)
13:34:12dwihno1:11 2:21 3:29 rbox (new bitswap)
13:34:12dwihno0:59 2:00 3:01 archos 1.27d
13:34:17dwihnothat's when it loads
13:34:40Zagorso we're doing quite a lot better then. nice!
13:34:48 Quit Synthe (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:35:11dwihno10+ seconds is quite a lot :)
13:35:20dwihnoYay! Start rockin' with rockbox!
13:36:59Bagdersleeping thoughts posted
13:42:01ZagorPsycoXul: I like how the aliens used US-ASCII to convey their galatic message :-)
13:43:53PsycoXulit's quite bizzare to actualy mark the bits on the photo and see it there for yourself :p
13:46:12Bagderat least those friendly aliens wrote in english
13:46:27Zagorisn't that nice?
13:46:53Bagderyeah, the make an effort to hide it with some binary stuff and then they spoil it by using english ;-)
13:50:21BagderZagor: do you know how hard it is to activate the recording on the MAS?
13:50:47ZagorI don't think it's very difficult, though
13:51:09Bagderprobably not
13:55:57BagderZagor: about Bill Napier's dot patch. I'm in favour of doing the part 1 but not part 2.
13:56:02Zagorme too
14:01:34Bagderso I let you respond to his mail ;-)
14:01:56 Join quelsaruk [0] (
14:03:27*Zagor likes the ¡ sign :-)
14:03:32quelsarukhola zagor!
14:06:38quelsarukwhen you press "on key" on the recorder and you are on the wps, you jump ro the file explorer, but it is possible to go again to wps again?
14:06:49quelsaruka lot of agains.. :)
14:07:00Bagderpress on again
14:07:29quelsarukumm it dind't work.. i'll try it again
14:09:46Bagderit WorksForMe
14:13:59quelsarukwell.. sometimes my recorder seems to ignore keypress, maybe that was the problem :)
14:16:47ZagorBagder: can you handle bill's patch?
14:17:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:19:39Bagderdo you deal with merwin's stuff then?
14:19:53Zagoryes, and hardeep's
14:21:28Bagderis "hide dotfiles" a good enough name then?
14:21:34Bagderit hides hidden files too
14:21:46Zagori think the flag should be reversed. "show hidden files"
14:22:09Bagdergood idea
14:22:21Zagorpeople who know what dotfiles are, will also understand they can be considered "hidden"
14:30:01Zagorthe recorder runs ~110 mA during playback
14:30:28Bagderin average?
14:31:01Zagorno, when the disk and backlight is off
14:32:16Zagorthe backlight uses ~40mA
14:35:48Snorlaxgreat, cuz my backlight doesn't work! I've got a 40mA spare
14:36:19Bagder40mA during a few seconds is massive ;-)
14:38:24Snorlaxyupp! you should see my battery life! =)
14:38:40Snorlaxyou'd be amased!
14:40:21 Part Bagder
14:40:54 Part quelsaruk
14:41:25 Join Bagder [0] (
14:41:33Bagderoops, closed my ssh window ;-)
14:41:48Bagderlots of windows popped off
14:43:35Bagdermorning mr merwin
14:44:08 Nick MeRWiN|Sleep is now known as MeRWiN (
14:44:11MeRWiNwoke up late :)
14:45:57BagderMeRWiN: we want to postpone your custom wps stuff to after 1.3
14:46:14Zagorsven goes assembler crazy...
14:46:31MeRWiNBagder: seems reasonable. It needs work :)
14:46:51BagderZagor: afaik, 'register' is not such a gain with gcc
14:47:02Zagori doubt it too
14:47:51MeRWiNBagder: a proper implementation of it will take another week or so at least of tweaking, and I know we want 1.3 out before that.
14:48:41BagderMeRWiN: could you make a nice #ifdef WPS_CUSTOM around those parts? it would allow you and other volounteers to continue patching on it but leave it outside the default builds
14:50:15MeRWiNBagder: I really just have to #ifdef WPS_CUSTOM the menu option in the player, right? That will basically disable the entire thing.
14:50:54 Join nsauzede [0] (
14:51:53MeRWiNI'll have that added today. Gotta run to work now (and I mean run)
14:51:56 Nick MeRWiN is now known as MeRWiN|Shower (
14:53:57nsauzedehey all, I've got patches for player, to handle USB logo while in Menu/WPS, anyone interested ?
14:55:47Bagdernsauzede: sure, please post!
14:56:17nsauzedebagder: ok, I send it, and please tell me if anything is wrong ;)
14:57:30ZagorMeRWiN|Shower: also #ifdef around the code in the wps, or it will be unnecessarily included in the build
15:01:17MeRWiN|ShowerZagor: Okey. Hey... I actually got my player to display "[DataMode]" instead of [USB Mode] last night... I think it was in the stock archos firmware. I plugged in the USB right when it was loading the rockbox firmware
15:01:21nsauzedebagder: just sent it.
15:01:33MeRWiN|ShowerOf course, next time i tried to do it it blue screened windows :)
15:02:58 Nick MeRWiN|Shower is now known as MeRWiN|Hotel (
15:04:07nsauzedesee u later..
15:05:19MeRWiN|Hotelsee ya all on the flipside
15:05:27 Quit MeRWiN|Hotel ()
15:05:28Zagorplayer-old uses ~140mA for some reason
15:07:42Zagorbut it has a more efficient backlight
15:08:19SnorlaxI've got got a 140 mA spare then..
15:09:06ZagorSnorlax: yeah, when it
15:09:09Zagoris turned off :)
15:10:34Snorlaxbut I'm going in there and solder a lill' bit here an' there and fix the backlight(...) and also do the sound mod
15:10:46Snorlaxthis weekend
15:10:56Zagorwhen player uses ATA_SLEEP instead of ATA_STANDY it goes down to 110mA too
15:11:06ZagorSnorlax: good luck :-)
15:11:34BagderZagor: gosh, isn't that the opposite of what Linus found out, he must've been measuring on the recorder... ?
15:12:04Snorlaxzagor:yeah thanks, I'll need it!!
15:12:14*Bagder can't really remember all turnes in the sleep vs standby work
15:12:20ZagorBagder: yes. i'll test it on the recorder now
15:12:37Snorlaxcan u order from farnell in sweden not as a company?
15:12:44Bagderno idea
15:12:59Bagderso start a company and order ;-)
15:13:28Snorlaxhaha, guess I'll do that!
15:13:42Bagderhaving your own company is in fact pretty good
15:14:24Snorlaxyeah, but what should it do?
15:14:55Bagderhehe... eeeh, you could deal with "computer services and electronics" ;-)
15:15:16Bagderyou don't have to actually do anything with it
15:15:23Snorlax*wasn't serious*
15:15:29*Bagder is
15:15:31 Quit nsauzede (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:16:39Zagorrecorder with SLEEP goes all the way down to 70mA idle
15:16:49Zagorsleep is the right thing, for sure
15:16:49*Snorlax is still a litte child(16) and listens to Eminem so I guess he's not ready to get a company
15:17:11BagderZagor: that is so weird, I wonder how/what Linus did when he measured
15:17:40*Bagder pats Snorlax on his shoulder, you'll learn when you grow up ;-)
15:18:09Bagdernow try with poweroff!
15:19:03*Snorlax doesn't care about Bagder cuz he's a rebelious teen and doesn't care about anything!
15:19:04ZagorBagder: yup, will do that
15:19:29*Bagder smiles and looks around, as he is so old and not very understanding
15:20:01Bagderthe CPU alone is said to use 60, so there's only 10 left to "take"
15:20:31Zagorrecorder w/ poweroff: 60mA
15:20:38Zagori need to talk to Linus
15:20:50elinenbewhere is that guy?
15:21:02*Snorlax doesn't care about this discussion! =)
15:21:10elinenbewhat does the Archos firmware consume?
15:21:14Zagorpoweroff doesn't sound very nice, though. I'm not sure it's very nice to the drive.
15:21:27Zagorelinenbe: I don't know. I'll measure that soon
15:21:29Bagderyes, we've talked about that
15:21:39Bagderbut I wonder how bad it can be
15:21:47BagderI mean, the sleep will stop it
15:21:56Bagderthere isn't such a big diff
15:22:14Bagderbut I'm faaaar from being a HD expert...
15:22:29Zagorpoweroff makes the drive to an emergency head park
15:22:44Zagorsounds like it's not supposed to be done frequently
15:23:22Zagorperhaps if we first did a sleep (which parks) and then powers off
15:24:10Bagderyes, that was my thinking too. so that it has spun down when powered off
15:24:57Zagorunfortunately, sleep takes 200-300 ms to execute
15:25:40Bagderand standby?
15:27:05Bagderwell it would need some kind of timer, "go standby" (sleep 500 ms) "poweroff"
15:27:51Zagorarchos has idle comsumption 80 mA
15:28:08Zagornot much problem, since we already have a thread
15:28:21Bagderare you writing these measurements down? they can be useful to keep around
15:28:56>>>"seen" used by Bagder ( [snoop prevented]
15:30:13Zagoryes, I am
15:30:39Zagorinteresting, just using ATA_SLEEP we should be getting better runtime than archos
15:30:48Zagorespecially since we have a larger mp3 buffer too
15:31:23Bagderthat's pretty cool indeed
15:31:52Bagderhm, we were like 10% better on the buffer times, right?
15:32:11Zagor<dwihno> enya - memory of trees 192 kbit/s (44.1kHz)
15:32:12Zagor<dwihno> 1:13 2:21 3:29 rbox (old bitswap)
15:32:12Zagor<dwihno> 1:11 2:21 3:29 rbox (new bitswap)
15:32:12DBUGEnqueued KICK Zagor
15:32:12Zagor<dwihno> 0:59 2:00 3:01 archos 1.27d
15:32:27Zagormore than 10%. 12 seconds per minute is like 20%
15:32:28Bagderah, thanks
15:33:48Bagderwell, in average 9.33 seconds longer between each fill
15:34:50Bagderand with Archos doing it pretty exactly once per minute, we're roughly having a 15% largee buffer
15:36:15Bagderwhich makes our buffer roughly 0.23MB bigger, the 1.27d should have a buffer at about 1.53MB
15:36:35Zagorsounds reasonable
15:39:34 Join nsauzede [0] (
15:40:45nsauzedeanyone has a player/rockbox powered on out there ?
15:41:10ZagorI'm getting a spam flood today :-(
15:41:59nsauzedezagor/anyone_w_player: if you press menu, then + two times, what happening ?
15:42:42Zagornsauzede: the display is not cleared properly. nice catch.
15:43:18nsauzedeI'got a patch, but don't know if it is correct..
15:43:50nsauzedeI suspect a nug in lcd_stop_scroll()
15:44:25nsauzedethe cleaning fails only when previous item was scrollable..
15:44:28Zagorhow lovely. responds in HTML...
15:46:13nsauzedeanother quirk, anybody : after USB disc, when in browse mode, root is rescanned... good,
15:46:36nsauzedebut when in menu, after USB disc, root is _not_ rescanned..
15:47:01 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|out (
15:47:01DBUGEnqueued KICK Zagor|out
15:47:04nsauzedeso I presume that root rescan could be launched in USB thread, not in browse thread
15:47:17nsauzedeany objection ?
15:47:25Zagor|outnsauzede: no, you're mixing application and firmware
15:48:19Zagor|outnothing from the firmware/ module must ever call code in the apps/ module. only the other way.
15:48:22nsauzedeoops, I presume root rescan must be duplicated in menu.c, so.. can make a patch for that if you want..
15:48:44Zagor|outit's better to simply return from the menu, and do the root scan in tree.c
15:48:50Zagor|outgotta go, see you later
16:00:29 Join _nsauzede [0] (
16:01:04_nsauzedebagder: interested by a patch for Menu/player ??
16:01:48BagderI'm always intrested in patches
16:02:26_nsauzedeok let's go..
16:02:31matpI'm getting some distortion with Tuesday's cvs. Is this a known issue?
16:02:59Bagderis that with the new bitswap?
16:03:20matpI think so, yes.
16:04:26_nsauzedebagder: when I (_nsauzede) will leave, could you suppress 'nsauzede' from the nick list ?? It seems that I didn't disc correctly last time I went..
16:05:23Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
16:05:28Kick(#rockbox nsauzede :Bagder) by Bagder!
16:05:42 Join MeRWiN [0] (~merwin@
16:05:44_nsauzedehaaa, feel better now, thanks :)
16:05:47 Nick MeRWiN is now known as MeRWiN|Work (~merwin@
16:05:51matpHmm, it's quite noticeable on the same section of track each time
16:07:38matpI need to try it with another player, check it's not the mp3 that's corrupt. I'll let you know tommorow
16:08:22 Quit _nsauzede ()
16:17:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:19:08notchI have wirtten a bit of code for people with thier own 'homebuilt' remotes...
16:19:58MeRWiN|WorkOK, lets see how this commit goes in terms of the auto-build :)
16:20:49notchit FF's within a track...lemme know if anyone is interested...
16:23:57Bagdernotch: you should probably post it, there isn't that many "remoters" here
16:25:35MeRWiN|Workwhat happens when a cvs build gets to 1.100? does it change to 2.0 or something?
16:26:49Bagder1.999 ... 1.1000
16:27:17Bagderthere's only one way to have it go to 2.N and that is by manually making it
16:30:12 Join quelsaruk [0] (
16:36:28 Join edx [0] (
16:36:42Bagderhi edx
16:36:59edxBagder, how do you do the thing with the automatic mail notification?
16:37:06Lowfilerhey edx
16:37:12Bagderedx: on the cvs commits?
16:37:14edxdid you modify loginfo?
16:38:24Bagder^firmware $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/syncmail -C4 -u %{sVv}
16:39:12Bagderthen there's the syncmail script that makes the diff and things
16:40:23MeRWiN|Workanyone want to dcc me a starbucks coffee?
16:40:25 Quit Hes (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:40:45Bagderedx: check details here =>
16:41:43Lowfileredx query plz
16:42:54 Join Hes [0] (
16:43:10MeRWiN|WorkSo how is the power consumtion of our firmware to archos' firmware?
16:43:59Bagderslightly higher
16:44:55Bagderbut we might go lower than the stock firmware by using ATA SLEEP instead of STANDBY
16:45:30Bagderalso, we have a ~15% larger mp3 buffer than the Archos recorder 1.27d version
16:46:03MeRWiN|WorkI thought standby used less than sleep?
16:46:07MeRWiN|Workor we determined that
16:46:27BagderLinus measured that, but Zagor's measurements contradict those
16:46:37Bagderso we're not sure what to think ;-)
16:47:22MeRWiN|Workzagor has seniority? :)
16:47:54Bagderuh, I'll use my right to not comment that :-)
16:48:16Bagderafter all, he is my little brother... B)
16:50:39edxhmmm Bagder - can you take me out of the cvs mailing list
16:51:05edxthe mail will be bouncing - took the mail server down (got kinda spammed, a few connects / sec0
16:51:58MeRWiN|WorkBagder: but who started the project?
16:52:13 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
16:52:32MeRWiN|WorkBagder: as a little brother myself, I can vouche for his ability to supercede the older brother
17:01:33 Join edx|notebook [0] (
17:18:14Bagderedx: ok, I'll remove you from the list
17:19:08 Join webbie [0] (
17:19:18Bagderedx: done
17:19:18edx|notebookBagder: thanks.
17:19:25edx|notebookBagder: do you know
17:19:35edx|notebookthey were trying to connect to the mail server lol
17:20:03 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:20:34Bagderedx|notebook: "Hecker & Harriman"
17:21:15edx|notebook"the hecker law group"
17:21:23 Nick edx|notebook is now known as edx (
17:22:45BagderPac Bell Internet Services
17:23:21edxhmm what would the want from my mail server?
17:23:35edxi think it does not hold a detailed log.. :/
17:23:43Bagderprobably some kind of abuse, spam, DOS, whatever
17:23:52 Join edx|notebook [0] (
17:23:54 Quit edx|notebook (Remote closed the connection)
17:25:02Bagderyou should record logs and then mail them and ask
17:25:10edxthere were some other IPs as well... I remember a virus connecting to my ftp from several govermental computers
17:28:33Bagderusing a decent firewall, you can block those IPs
17:30:12edxyep... i have tried a firewall locally, once - but it created bluescreens (which is actually really a hard-core programming mistake in these days)
17:30:58edxthe problem is that the firewall will tend to block ALL traffic at first so i cant remote-control the server any more
17:31:18Bagderyou need linux, I can tell :-)
17:31:43edxhehe, maybe you are right
17:32:03edxbut i know windows so much better these days - a change to linux would reset me to stone-age
17:32:17Bagder"Dude, this is seriously cool stuff. I just picked up a JBS10 off eBay and I didn't even test the Archos firmware - I just jumped on RockBox... very cool."
17:32:24Bagderfor what?
17:32:30Bagderclicking on icons?
17:32:52edxi said i know it better.. not that it is better (well, actually the GUI is better)
17:33:14Bagderwell, you could learn...
17:33:18CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 14 minutes and 49 seconds at the last flood
17:33:18*Bagder shuts up
17:33:25*edx laughs..
17:33:32Bagder"Dude, this is seriously cool stuff. I just picked up a JBS10 off eBay and I didn't even test the Archos firmware - I just jumped on RockBox... very cool."
17:33:55edxthis guy really trusts in us
17:34:24Bagderhe's probably insane ;-)
17:36:30quelsarukedx: dou you use win2k?
17:38:00quelsarukand can u use recorder simulator?
17:38:13 Quit MeRWiN|Work (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:38:25edxhmm i use the simulator with xp normaly, but it should work on 2k as well - waht's wrong?
17:38:54quelsarukwhen i start it it uses 80% of my processor and collapses
17:39:41quelsarukit's like a loop or something like that
17:39:56edxhum.. bad...
17:40:40quelsaruki don't really mind, becuase i use my recorder instead, but today i ran out of batteries and i don't have my cherger here
17:42:26quelsarukany idea?
17:46:24edxwhat compilation did you take?
17:48:05quelsaruki used the one in the website... but i'm thinking in compile it myself using the latest code (by the way... cvs autobuild for recorder simulator link at the web is broken)
17:50:03 Quit pyvasene ("Client Exiting")
17:51:22Bagder"Go ahead and use the daily build if you
17:51:22Bagderwant. You'll love the result. I'm now Rockbox all the
17:51:22Bagderlooking back. "
17:52:53 Part Bagder
17:55:48quelsarukanyway edx.. i'll wait until my jukebox is charged... but i'll try to find the bug (if there's any)
17:58:49 Join rocket23 [0] (
17:59:03rocket23hi, anyone around?
18:01:05edxthe ones on the website dont wokr and the broken link is temproarily down.. yea
18:01:08 Join aakil [0] (
18:01:15rocket23hey, a quick question
18:01:22rocket23not really related to rockbox though
18:01:41rocket23i bought a jb6000 today, and the rom firmare is pretty old
18:02:08rocket23is there much difference between the later and older models?
18:02:55quelsarukrecorder or player?
18:03:27rocket23i just wanted something cheap, i was considering the ipod, but figured it wasn't really worth the money
18:03:42quelsarukif i'm not in an error there is some difference, but not sure which one... i have a recorder :(
18:05:04quelsarukedx: thx for confirming me there was something wrong, I was thinking it was me who had the problem :)
18:06:16edxquelsaruk: does a console window pop up before it crashes?
18:07:16quelsarukedx: yes, apears and the emulator console
18:07:21quelsarukshowes the logo
18:07:36quelsarukargg... i hate this keyboard
18:17:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:21:27 Join MeRWiN|Work [0] (~merwin@
18:21:38MeRWiN|WorkIs there a way we could maybe reserve, say, 250-300k of buffer for the next track? or at least have that option? It seems that if we started playing the next track out of buffer and then fill up the buffer off of disk, it would be a smoother transition to the next track
18:28:56edxdoes it show a DOS console or a win32 window?
18:29:06edx(sorry, I was absent)
18:30:23quelsaruk(doesn't matter, i had work to do)
18:30:26edxcan you mail me the exe, so i can test
18:30:45quelsarukdcc better?
18:30:52edxno im behind a server...
18:31:42quelsarukcan you get files from a ftp server? i have som problems with my e-mail server
18:32:21edxno problem
18:32:24edxjust give me the address
18:32:54 Quit MeRWiN|Work (Remote closed the connection)
18:33:57*edx has to go and eat something - i'll be back soon!
18:34:03 Nick edx is now known as edx|eatz (
18:38:46 Quit aakil (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:45:12 Nick fraggle is now known as fragglet (
18:53:15 Quit notch ()
19:12:25 Quit rocket23 ("*")
19:16:36 Nick edx|eatz is now known as edx (
19:27:34 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel-out (
19:33:16edxsomething seems to be kind of screwed up with the player simulator on windows :/
19:34:36 Quit Lowfiler (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:03:55 Join Lowfiler [0] (
20:04:31 Part quel-out
20:17:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:31:49 Join Bagder [0] (
20:33:30edxhey bagder
20:33:42edxbagder: the simulator has a problem in player mode (win32 sim)
20:33:56edxsomehow the dimensions of the display are screwed up in the latest version
20:34:07Bagderit's been enlarged
20:34:36Bagderthe x11 version runs its window 138x54 pixels
20:34:53edxoh... hmmmmmmmm
20:34:56edxhow can i fix that
20:37:54BagderI don't know, that's your side of the table ;-)
20:38:41edxwhere do you set that resolution?
20:39:03Bagderfor the window
20:39:15Bagderthe LCD_WIDTH is #ifdef for player sim in lcd.h
20:39:23edxcurrently it's like the player window is too large and symbols get cut off
20:39:38edxyea.. when i modify this one it is still too high
20:48:13 Join MeRWiN|Work [0] (~merwin@
20:48:24MeRWiN|Workdid i ever mention i hate firewalls?
20:51:02 Join hardeeps [0] (
20:51:13 Nick Zagor|out is now known as Zagor (
20:51:13DBUGEnqueued KICK Zagor
20:51:21Zagorhi hardeeps. good job with the mpeg code!
20:51:29hardeepsthanks :)
20:51:39Bagdermighty fine indeed
20:52:03hardeepsnow if i can only get rid of the last few pesky bugs and we can get 1.3 out the door. :)
20:52:45 Nick hardeeps is now known as hardeep (
20:52:50hardeepthere we go. :)
20:54:22CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:54:22*MeRWiN|Work slaps Bagder around a bit with a large trout
20:54:24Bagderhardeep: would you like to get CVS access to commit your wonders yourself?
20:55:08*Bagder noticed merwin has too many buttons in his IRC client ;-)
20:55:32*MeRWiN|Work wanted to find out the exact wording of the trout slap, and didn't want to slap himself
20:55:49hardeepHmmmm.... perhaps for the trivial fixes. Let me sign up for a sourceforge account
20:56:11*Zagor goes to make food
21:03:24dwihnoeating is irrelevant
21:05:44Bagdersomeone with a player should have a go at NSauzede's patch
21:08:49MeRWiN|WorkBagder: what is NS's patch?
21:09:09Bagderon the mailing list: "USB con/disc for players"
21:09:33MeRWiN|WorkBagder: mind forwarding that to me?
21:09:35MeRWiN|WorkI deleted it
21:09:50MeRWiN|WorkI'll implement it tonight
21:10:25Zagorall patches are saved in the mail archive, otherwise
21:10:36BagderI like the 'attachment' index
21:12:56BagderI hate that sourceforge doesn't allow Reply-To: set in their mailing lists
21:13:13BagderI *hate*
21:17:25hardeepBadger: my sourceforge id is "hardeeps"
21:18:40BagderYou're in!
21:31:10MeRWiN|Workhardeeps? :)
21:32:44Bagderemacs diff-mode rocks
21:34:45MeRWiN|WorkBagder: what does this patch do? just show the usb icon for connection and disconection?
21:35:02BagderI don't know, I haven't checked it
21:35:27MeRWiN|Workheh, me neither...
21:35:36Bagderwhen I said "have a go" I meant check it out, see if it is fine, try it and then possibly commit it
21:36:01MeRWiN|Worki thought you already knew what it was :-)
21:36:37BagderI knew it was usb related, but that's about it ;-)
21:37:51MeRWiN|Workwell, i'll look at it tonight
21:42:48MeRWiN|WorkBagder: there's a menu problem with the player... if you are on the 2nd line line and it is scrolling something like "Sound Settings" and you press the down arrow to a line, say... "Info". It will say Infod Settings"
21:43:32MeRWiN|Workonly if it's after a scrolling line though i think
21:43:50MeRWiN|Worki had psycoxul verify it with his also
21:47:53Bagderit doesn't do that on the simulator
21:48:22Bagderhm, yes it does
21:48:27BagderI was wrong
21:48:33BagderI tried it in the dir browser
21:48:37Bagderthere it works fine
21:58:51MeRWiN|Workyou fixed it?
21:59:11Bagderit works fine in the dir browser but bugs in the menu
22:07:53MeRWiN|WorkSo that and opening a file uses wildcards when it shouldn't
22:08:00MeRWiN|Workpartial string matching i mean
22:11:29BagderI wonder why it makes that
22:11:48BagderI fix
22:13:20BagderI fixed
22:14:07MeRWiN|Workyou fixed which
22:14:15Bagderthe partial file match
22:14:27MeRWiN|Workit still was doing it as of when I wrote my Custom WPS
22:14:38Bagderyes, I fixed it just now
22:14:43MeRWiN|Workoh, OK
22:14:57Bagderbetween those two lines up there ;-)
22:17:35***No seen item changed, no save performed.
22:29:42 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:53:16Bagder"If you have an Archos Jukebox, trust me on this: Rockbox is nowhere near competing with Archos for the firmware on this thing. All I want is someone to fix the fucking shuffle on this thing, but no. I installed Rockbox and deleted it almost immediately. It sucked that much. "
22:53:29Bagderfrom June
22:53:48Bagderhard words, but it wasn't that good back then ;-)
22:54:27Hadakawell - even though rockbox is better, you'll hear hard words from people until you provide each and every feature the original firmware has
22:55:13Bagderand probable even when we do, since then we don't do everything the same way
22:55:39Hadakawell then it's all debatable and not so bad
22:56:01Hadakait's the same thing with svn - CVS features need to be offered, otherwise people will whine
22:56:15 Join WS64 [0] (
22:56:21BagderI just mean that it is hard to please all users, there will always be those who aren't happy
22:56:24WS64Hello :)
22:56:31Hadakayeah well ofcourse
22:56:31Bagderhello hello
23:01:40BagderHeiko's timings only show a 11% improvement on the player compared to dwihno's 15% on the recorder
23:04:03Bagderhardeep: will you commit your patch yourself?
23:05:15>>>"seen" used by Zagor ( [snoop prevented]
23:05:20>>>"seen" used by Zagor ( [snoop prevented]
23:05:58 Join jsol [0] (~bds@
23:06:31hardeepYes, unless someone has any problems with it...
23:07:07jsolHey there −− quick question for y'all: i just updated from cvs and built a new .ajz file, and when I turned the power on, I got a blank screen on my recorder. I popped a battery, and now when I power up, i get a shifted, mirror-image screen. any ideas?
23:07:56Zagorjsol: which model?
23:07:58Bagderyou mean it gets all wrong no matter what you boot into?
23:08:05jsolrecorder 20
23:08:17jsolactually, it's just a recorder
23:08:31jsolwith a 20G drive, not the new rec20
23:10:03jsolokay, wait −− i think i can replicate something
23:10:53jsolturn on the jukebox, and play a song. while the song is playing, hold down the off key until the unit powers down. Then turn it on again −− you'll either get a blank screen, or the mirror-image/shifted screen.
23:11:42Zagorwhat if you boot with archos firmware?
23:12:13Bagderdoes the "mirror-image/shifted screen" remain so all the time until you power off?
23:13:51jsolzagor −− i haven't tried booting with the archos firmware, but if i wait a few minutes and reboot, everything returns to normal
23:13:57jsolbadger −− yes
23:14:12MeRWiN|Workpara servicio in espanol, marque dos!
23:14:51Bagderweirdness indeed
23:15:31BagderMeRWiN|Work: fix coming up in a minute, for the menu stuff
23:17:58BagderZagor: you familiar with the menu.c code?
23:18:49Bagderok, in menu_draw() in the beginning of the function, the screen is cleared and then the scroll is stopped
23:19:28Bagderthen the menu is written
23:19:55Bagderwhy is the scroll stopped *after* the clean and why isn't just a scroll pause fine?
23:20:14Bagderthe stop puts back the original string
23:20:21Zagorscroll pause wasn't written when menu.c was
23:20:23Bagderwhich messes things up on the player (at least)
23:20:28 Join [-Pft-] [0] (
23:20:35[-Pft-]hey guys..
23:21:04Bagderhey [-Pft-]
23:21:45Zagorstop_scroll should definitely be called before clear_screen. a bug, for sure.
23:21:59[-Pft-]For starters.. I wanted to let all you guys know working on the project.. your firmware kicks arse! Thanks a million for all the hard work..
23:22:08WS64Hi Pft
23:22:12Bagderbut also wasted cpu since it writes text o the screen
23:22:37*Bagder sucks up the encouraging words
23:23:29Zagor[-Pft-]: thanks. we try :-)
23:23:47Bagderyes, using pause is much better at least in the sim
23:24:34ZagorBagder: but menu_draw is only called when scrolling, isn't it? and then scroll_pause makes little sense, since it's a new scroll string anyway?
23:24:48[-Pft-]Has anyone noticed (maybe I'm a little late on this one) with the recent CVS builds on the player (>4.50) the system crashes on files with around 30 characters..
23:25:11BagderZagor: the scroll pause mainly prevents the scroll from appearing, that's what I want
23:25:21Bagderuntil the next specified string starts scrolling
23:25:29Zagor[-Pft-]: really? haven't heard that. can you give us a filename?
23:25:41ZagorBagder: ok
23:25:43[-Pft-]example.. hold on one sec..
23:25:49[-Pft-]let me fire up the unit..
23:26:33[-Pft-]yep.. there it goes..
23:26:51[-Pft-]at 73697270
23:27:33Bagderis that the bleeding edge cvs?
23:27:34Zagorok, details. what's the filename?
23:27:35[-Pft-]now let me get you the name of the file.. via USB mode the file works fine..
23:28:47Bagderhardeep: I think you should commit your patch, it'll make a lot of people try it out and when we can tweak it from there
23:28:52[-Pft-]The Tarantino Connection - 02 - Dick Dale & His Del-Tones - Misirlou
23:28:57*dwihno passes the twix bars around
23:29:18hardeepBadger: just getting setup with sourceforge. will check-in shortly
23:29:32*Bagder fetches a twix
23:29:34[-Pft-]that's with today and yesterday's CVS
23:30:12Zagor[-Pft-]: is that "The Tarantino Connection - 02 - Dick Dale & His Del-Tones - Misirlou.mp3" ?
23:30:19*Bagder touched firmware/common/file.c just recently... :-)
23:30:42ZagorBagder: hehe
23:30:51[-Pft-]another example.. Oceanlab Feat. Justine Suissa - Clear Blue Water (Ferry Corstein Remix).mp3
23:30:53Bagderbut I don't think this is my fault
23:31:02ZagorBagder: no
23:31:14Bagderwell, it might be my fault but not due to this fix ;-)
23:31:26[-Pft-]I happen to stumble upon it.. shortening the filename makes it play properly..
23:32:19Bagderyou notice any particular limit?
23:32:28Zagordoes it crash when you play it, or just show it in the dir browser?
23:32:28BagderI mean at which length this starts?
23:33:00[-Pft-]in the dir browser it's fine.. right when I go to play it.. CRASH!!
23:33:41Bagderwhat's the full path?
23:34:30[-Pft-]I would like to find out exactly at how many characters it needs to be before it crashes.. but I've done it too many times.. Don't wanna put to much wear and tear on the drive..
23:34:53[-Pft-]For the oceanlab one.. it's \techno\<filename>
23:34:59Bagderhehe, I understand
23:35:32WS64A techno crash-filter? Sounds cool *hehe*
23:35:51[-Pft-]the other it's \soundtrack\the tarantino connection\<filename>
23:36:06[-Pft-]err.. \soundtracks\
23:36:43[-Pft-]WS64: I take it your not a big techno fan.. :)
23:37:06dwihnoTechno is what makes the box rock! :D
23:37:53ZagorI can't repeat it :-(
23:37:57jsola little more info: the blank screen on reboot happens every time i turn the player on and off, regardless of whether i'm playing a song.
23:38:03WS64Pft, I'm too old for that (born in 64) :)
23:38:59[-Pft-]no one it too old for techno.. ;) I like all kinds of music.. I have quite a diverse collection..
23:39:09[-Pft-]er.. is too old
23:39:30[-Pft-]Have a hard time typing ... and it's only 11:48pm!!
23:40:08dwihno[-Pft-]: ever heard about the group Caramell? :-)
23:40:18WS64I have about 60.000 MP3s... And the number of techno files there is <10 (and prolly still too many!) (and same time here in Germany)
23:40:36BagderI think the repeat-like-a-madman problem on bad mp3s is gonna be possible on target too
23:40:53ZagorBagder: huh? what problem is that?
23:40:57[-Pft-]umm.. nope.. haven't heard of them dwihno..
23:41:19BagderZagor: fill a dir with zero-byte mp3 files, press play on one of them... *wroooom*
23:41:36ZagorBagder: ah
23:41:55[-Pft-]Another thing I noticed.. in the parameters menu.. when skipping down thru the options.. sometimes a character from the line above is carried over to the next line..
23:42:14BagderZagor: I need to prevent playlist_next() with too high 'steps' number
23:42:27Bagdercompared to the playlisti size
23:42:41Zagoruhh, silly me I'm testing on recorder. doh!
23:42:45Bagderpft: right, I'm on to that one
23:42:47*Zagor whips out the old player
23:42:51[-Pft-]dwihno: what kind of music??
23:43:39dwihno[-Pft-]: swedish happy dance-pop :)
23:43:50dwihnoabout the important stuff in life
23:43:56[-Pft-]Bagder: ok.. cool..
23:44:00dwihnolike cellular phones, doctors, and of course - caramelldansen
23:44:10[-Pft-]oh ok..
23:44:24WS64Talking of Swedish pop, what hapened to Atomic Swing?
23:44:32dwihnogame over?
23:44:34[-Pft-]I don't know too many swedish bands..
23:44:43[-Pft-]actually I can't think of one..
23:44:43Bagderabba! ;-)
23:44:51dwihnoABBA! Ace of base!
23:45:26[-Pft-]oh really?? ABBA was swedish? and ace of base?? Guess I didn't follow too much of them to know..
23:45:42[-Pft-]anybody here like Thievery Corporation?
23:45:51dwihnoWhere do the people from greenland get their meat for the burgers?
23:45:57dwihnoFrom the eski-moo's :-D
23:46:21*[-Pft-] is laughing internally..
23:46:23Bagderplayer-menu-scroll-bug-fix committed
23:46:48dwihnoBagder: Misa want DevCon!
23:46:57[-Pft-]sweet Bagder.. that was fast!
23:46:57dwihnoDEVCON! DEVCON! DEVCON! *chant*
23:47:09Bagderpft: I was already on to it
23:47:44Bagderdwihno: :-) so setup a date and a place and we all bring our Archoses :*)
23:48:02dwihnoDevCon at "Spybar" - Dr. Alban will install Rockbox on all of the visitors' archoses :)
23:48:23Bagderinstallfest! ;-)
23:48:31dwihnoyeah, that would be cool :)
23:48:38[-Pft-]Where is everyone from??
23:48:48dwihnoPromotional sales of the Rockbox shirts
23:49:02dwihnoand the official Rockbox soundtrack etc.
23:49:04ironiBagder: I am moving somewhere near dont know someone having a room/apartment/whatever somewhere near sthlm?
23:49:08*[-Pft-] likes the idea of installfest..
23:49:17Bagderpft: from all over really, many swedes but lots of other europeans and americans
23:49:34[-Pft-]I'm in Paris..
23:49:45WS64Köln, Germany
23:49:51dwihno[-Pft-]: toujours les baguette - c'est parfait
23:50:00Bagderironi: sorry, can't say I do
23:50:15dwihnoWS64: Saufen im der Freie natur mit Rockbox und kartoffelknödels mit sauerkraut
23:50:15[-Pft-]dwihno: yep..
23:50:19ironiBagder: ok
23:51:07*[-Pft-] will be the provider of baguette's at the installfest
23:51:17*Bagder laughs
23:51:38dwihno[-Pft-]: With saucisson, s'il vous plait! :D
23:51:53dwihnobut none of that french stinky cheese crap pls ;)
23:51:56[-Pft-]pas de probleme..
23:51:57WS64Thanx for the latest daily builds, resume was what I was missing, now the original firmware is gone till I need to record something (can I rename the firmware file from rockbox so I can reboot with the original firmware?)
23:52:48[-Pft-]We have a different type of cheese for almost every day of the year..
23:52:56BagderWS64: nope
23:53:19BagderWS64: soon we hope to allow running new firmwares straight from within rockbox
23:53:20WS64Too bad... Great job anywawy!
23:53:50[-Pft-]The resume function works great with the latest build..
23:56:01Zagorhardeep: will you check in your latest patch, or should I do it?
23:56:15BagderI already asked him ;-)
23:56:19Zagoroh, ok :)
23:56:20Bagderhe said he'll do it
23:56:51WS64The only thing I don't like, if I just click on "OFF" too short the playback will stop, and if I want to turn off the jukebox and repeat clicking on "OFF" resume is gone...
23:56:52Bagder"Oh boy! Those Rockbox guys have got something to answer for."
23:56:58Bagder"My productivity has decreased 80% since I could play Tetris AND listen to music.. "
23:57:21dwihnoBagder and Hardeep have a secret phone line dedicated for Rockbox development :)
23:57:42Bagderdwihno: we all have one, all except you ;-)
23:58:02MeRWiN|WorkAHHH!!!! I have to stay in New Jersey for another day
23:58:25WS64MeRWiN|Work, let's trade...

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