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#rockbox log for 2002-08-23

00:00:04WS64I've been in NJ in March (Beatlefest)...
00:00:36MeRWiN|WorkNew Jersey stinks :)
00:02:04WS64MeRWiN|Work, *g*
00:02:25WS64(okay, that is NY and not NJ)
00:03:02BagderZagor: tell me again, how much is the Rockbox current compared to the stock firmware right now?
00:03:58WS64Badger, to me: 200%! :)
00:04:00Zagorwith SLEEP, my rec20 is at ~70mA with Rockbox and ~80 with Archos
00:04:15Bagderyes, but with standby?
00:04:27dwihnoZagor: enlighten me what sleep is, s'il vous ploait
00:04:28Zagor(my multimeter isn't very accurate so I only see it as 0.07 vs 0.08 A)
00:04:36ZagorBagder: yes, 110 with standby
00:04:53 Quit ironi (" <k!15b8>")
00:05:01Zagorthe player-old uses 30-40 more mA either way
00:05:17Bagderthat mail claims two hours longer play time with the stock firmware
00:05:27ZagorBagder: yes. I was about to respond to that.
00:06:04Bagderso if we spend 37% more current, it is quite good to only be two hours behind...
00:09:02 Quit MeRWiN|Work ()
00:09:07LowfilerNew measurements show ATA_SLEEP saves us 30-40 mA over ATA_STANDBY.
00:09:11Lowfilerhow does this work
00:10:36Bagderit's a different mode
00:10:38Bagderfor the disk
00:11:32Lowfilerwhen does this standby activate
00:11:53Zagorwhen the disk spins down
00:12:05Lowfilerah cool
00:12:23[-Pft-]Do the drive heads park automatically??
00:13:06 Part jsol
00:13:23Zagorno, we do it explicitly
00:13:34Lowfilerhmm i updatet the version - the status bar at the menu is not available :)
00:13:48ZagorLowfiler: I noticed that too. someone broke it recently.
00:14:59dwihnoIt was Zagor!
00:15:06*dwihno blames everything on Zagor
00:15:20Lowfileri changed my version to the original font because ä ö etc.. :)
00:15:25Zagorhehe. cvs shows I last touched menu.c 11 days and 12 hours ago :-)
00:15:36ZagorLowfiler: the proportional font has those
00:16:47[-Pft-]for the resume function to work properly in the latest build do we still need to press on pause or does it save before shutting down automatically?
00:17:21dwihnoZagor: The secret CVS agency knows what you are up to, mister :)
00:17:23Bagderpft: for the player there's no other possibility for us to do it
00:17:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
00:17:54[-Pft-]no big deal at all..
00:18:00Zagorif you don't press pause it will simply resume to the last point where the disk was spinning
00:18:09[-Pft-]oh ok.
00:18:18[-Pft-]how does it work on the recorder?
00:18:27Zagorit uses the rtc rm
00:18:44Zagorwhich is battery backed-up
00:18:57Lowfilerhmm the standby mode isnt that good
00:19:06Lowfilermy player shuts down
00:19:33ZagorLowfiler: really? i'll test it now
00:19:43WS64G'Nite everyone :)
00:19:44WS64(sorry for no new input for rockbox, but thanx again to you guys for creating it!)
00:20:05[-Pft-]c-ya WS64
00:20:07Lowfilerya it was like win98 - display has been frozen and then restart
00:20:13 Part WS64
00:20:13Lowfilernight ws64
00:20:29ZagorLowfiler: how are your batteries?
00:21:48 Join Mathuin [0] (
00:22:43Zagorcan anyone else confirm? my usb doesn't want to play with me right now :-(
00:23:02MathuinHi there. I'm interested in buying an Archos unit, but my MP3's are all VBR and I'm not sure if the Archos will play them, either with the stock firmware or with yours. Can someone verify that?
00:23:16Bagderboth play them fine
00:24:02Lowfilerzagor: now it works too, no probs yet. I will report if it happens again
00:24:18ZagorLowfiler: ok
00:24:33[-Pft-]Zagor: I'd like to test it..
00:24:39MathuinExcellent! Has anyone tried to upgrade the hard drive?
00:24:48ZagorMathuin: yes, it's easy
00:24:52[-Pft-]Mathuin: no problems there either..
00:25:15[-Pft-]IBM Travelstar 30giger.. runs great..
00:25:15BagderMathuin: but you void your warranty if you upgrade the disk
00:26:21Lowfileri woll upgrade my hd in about 1 3/4 years - then my warranty is over :)
00:26:31[-Pft-]Zagor: Do I need to patch it myself or is there a build with it already included??.. or is this only on the recorder?
00:27:05Zagor[-Pft-]: download at the bottom of
00:27:39[-Pft-]Zagor: bleeding edge build?? ok.. I'll give it a shot..
00:28:04Bagderyou need hair on your chest to do that ;-)
00:28:52Lowfileri have hairs on my chest :)
00:29:16Bagderthen you may download that too B)
00:29:54Lowfileri compiled the latest files :)
00:29:56[-Pft-]oops.. I don't have chest hairs.. guess I don't qualify.. ;)
00:30:01MathuinI've heard that people have it working connected to their Linux boxes. I have FreeBSD at home. Have there been any reports as to how it works with FreeBSD?
00:30:06Lowfileruhm sleep mode would be nice for the future
00:30:24Lowfilerlike 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 mins and so on
00:30:30Lowfileri really need that :)
00:30:33BagderMathuin: if you get a recorder 20, it's a plain usb-storage device with no sweat
00:31:15BagderMathuin: the other models use an isd200 that'll need a driver, Zagor wrote the Linux version
00:31:37BagderI'm sure he'll write a freebsd one in minute ;-)
00:31:47Bagdererr "in a..."
00:32:10MathuinI'm checking the FreeBSD source to see if there's already an isd200 driver.
00:32:42ZagorMathuin: there isn't
00:33:05ZagorI should know. I wrote the linux driver. :-)
00:35:45MathuinHeheh. I saw a 20G model at the store, but I don't know if it's a recorder or a player. In a couple of weeks when the price drops, I'm going to pick it up.
00:36:05[-Pft-]sleep mode is not in this build.. right?
00:36:14Zagor[-Pft-]: yes it is
00:36:24[-Pft-]how do I activate it?
00:36:37Zagorit's always activated, as soon as the disk spins down
00:36:46[-Pft-]oh ok..
00:36:59Zagorit's disk sleep, you won't notice a difference. just test and assure us there is no problem with it.
00:37:25[-Pft-]I thought we were talking about the 5, 10, 15.. like Lowfiler was talking about..
00:37:33*[-Pft-] needs to lay off the crack pipe
00:37:45Zagoroh, that. hehe no that's coming later
00:38:08Lowfilerim waitin for it :)
00:38:33[-Pft-]Ok.. well I'm gonna let my player run for a while.. see if it comes up with any problems..
00:39:51[-Pft-]I made sure it was running in a directory that didn't have too long of filenames..
00:40:23Lowfilerhey cool theres a battery graphic in the debug option now
00:40:32Lowfilerlooks fine :)
00:40:53Bagderyes hes is a true artist ;-)
00:46:46Lowfilerok g2g now −−-> wellness sleep :=
00:46:54 Nick Lowfiler is now known as Low[zZz] (
00:46:56Low[zZz]n8 all
00:46:58Bagdernight low
00:47:10[-Pft-]night Lowfiler
00:47:11ZagorBagder: can you look at the broken menu status bar?
00:51:45Bagderfound it
00:53:19Bagderfixed it
00:55:08Bagdermmmmm, the bakery is baking...
00:55:25Bagderit's hard with a bakery in the building ;-)
01:01:55hardeepFinally checked changes in (don't my manager's know that rockbox is more important!!!)
01:02:15Zagorhehe. thanks, hardeep
01:04:29Zagorso what more bugs do we know about?
01:04:51Bagderthere's 10 on the front page
01:05:20Bagderbut I know of no show-stopper
01:05:40Zagorthere seems to be a lot of button problems
01:14:37Bagder26215 lines of code
01:15:07Bagder777173 bytes
01:15:17Bagderapps and firmware, all c and h files
01:15:19Zagorprogressing at speed
01:18:33[-Pft-]I know how that goes with a bakery in the building.. there is 2 of them below my apartment..
01:19:03[-Pft-]Where you guys able to reproduce the problem of long file names with your player?
01:19:28Zagornot yet. i'll try again tomorrow
01:19:43Zagori'm going to bed. gnight!
01:19:44 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
01:19:55[-Pft-]cya Zagor
01:21:34[-Pft-]so far so good with the SLEEP function..
01:23:29dwihnoWhat's the sleep function?
01:23:32dwihnoPlease fill me in
01:23:48Bagderit's just another disk mode
01:23:54Bagderfor spin down
01:24:00Bagderthere's no visible diff
01:24:38dwihnoPro's and cons?
01:24:47Bagderpros: uses less power
01:24:53Bagdercons: none known ;-)
01:25:23Bagderwith this, we should be at level with Archos if not lower
01:25:50dwihnoI bet there are some major stuff which will destroy the hardware :)
01:26:51Bagderyes, we've bought a hw company and now we just want everyone to destroy their hardware and but new stuff from us
01:33:38 Join Jet8810 [0] (
01:33:42 Join BoD[] [0] (
01:33:46BoD[]hey youuhoiyyyyyyy
01:35:22dwihnoBonsoir BoD[]
01:35:32dwihnoc'est bien?
01:35:45Jet8810how do you become a beta tester for rockbox?
01:36:03dwihnoyou download the software and use it? :)
01:36:07datazoneyou grab it from cvs
01:36:09dwihnothen come back here when you find bugs
01:36:16datazonethen cry when your girlfriend leaves you
01:36:44Bagdernew fun versions every day
01:37:03Jet8810haha :)
01:37:14Jet8810so as the updates are released they are posted?
01:38:11BoD[]today, while playing a playlist
01:38:17BoD[]in the middle of a song
01:38:23BagderJet8810: we automaticly build packages every day on the latst code, and there's where those packages end up
01:38:40BoD[]rockbox said "End of the playlist" or something like that
01:39:26BoD[]but it was not the end of the playlist
01:39:36BoD[]it was not even the end of the song
01:39:37Jet8810so i can ply with new features
01:39:47Jet8810wonder if shuffle fix is implemented yet
01:39:55Bagdershuffle fix?
01:40:14BagderBoD[]: and it only happened once and never again?
01:41:02Jet8810if shuffle is engaged, and you find a song and hit play shuffles for asong instead of picking song you choise
01:41:07BoD[]badger : well it had already happened in earlier versions... then it didn't happen for a long time so I thought it was fixed .. and then today it happened again
01:41:09Jet8810just shoudl shuffle whne you hit next
01:41:52BagderJet8810: ah, right. that should work fine now
01:41:56BoD[]badger : maybe it was after a shock
01:42:24Jet8810and is there a way to fast forward/rewind tracks?
01:44:32Jet8810still doesnt save settings upon shut off
01:44:50Bagderit should
01:45:03Jet8810let me try again
01:46:04Jet8810seems to not save settings if plugged into wall
01:46:10Bagderyou have a player?
01:46:37Jet8810nd backlight timer doesnt save
01:46:42Bagderrockbox saves the settings when the disk spins up for another reason
01:46:52Bagderif you don't spin up, it won't save
01:47:03Jet8810what do you mean, spin up?
01:47:07Bagderuses the disk
01:47:27Jet8810w/eim happy :)
01:47:55*Jet8810 is waiting for auto volume though haha :)
01:48:06dwihnoRörisolerare :)
01:48:29BoD[]dwihno : je ne comprends pas ;)
01:51:05BoD[]so anyway
01:51:17BoD[]do you have an idea about this maybe-bug ?
01:51:27BoD[]about the end of the playlist that is not really the end
01:51:33Bagdercan't say I do
01:52:05BoD[]well if it does it again i'll try to understand how to reproduce
01:52:25BoD[]mabe in shaking the box :) but i'm not sure i want to try that
01:52:49BagderI can't understand that ;-)
01:58:39Jet8810shuffle doesnt shuffle
01:58:47Jet8810minor bug :)
02:00:40BoD[]it works on my rec
02:01:01Jet8810turning off and on fixed it
02:01:22dwihnoshuffle shuffles the dirs too! :(
02:01:26dwihnonot only the playlists
02:01:46BoD[]don't you think it's a feature ?
02:02:10Bagderthat is on purpose indeed
02:02:37Jet8810shuffle the dirs?
02:02:39Jet8810not on mime
02:02:49Jet8810you mean when you hit next it picks a random dir?
02:02:51Jet8810thats retarted
02:03:01Jet8810cuz you still have to hit play to get it in that dir
02:03:30 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
02:04:07BoD[]... bye
02:04:07 Join Jet8810 [0] (
02:04:24BoD[]jet : ... when you play a file (not a playlist) if it is in random mode, the next file will not be the next in dir but a random one in the dir
02:04:28Jet8810mine doesnt do that with shuffle (thank god)
02:04:38Jet8810oh yea
02:04:40Jet8810that is purposeful
02:04:45Jet8810i thought you meant when BROWSING THE DIRS
02:05:14BoD[]al lala ;)
02:06:09dwihnoBagder: you = evil :)
02:06:22BoD[]next feature i'd like to see in rockbox is smooth (one pixel) scrolling in the wps
02:07:03BagderBoD[]: it's is being worked on
02:07:05Jet8810is it possible to create a way to emulate a hold switch on players without having them turned on?
02:07:12Jet8810like my old nomad jukebox had a hold switch to prevent it from turning on
02:07:16BoD[]really ? great !!!!
02:07:31*BoD[] is happy now :)
02:07:46Bagderwhat is "emulate a hold switch"?
02:08:09 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:08:44 Join Jet8810 [0] (
02:10:02[-Pft-]well I'm heading off to bed.. it's 2:18am here.. take care guys..
02:10:09Bagdernigth pft
02:10:44[-Pft-]I'll let my player run thru the night and tell you if I have any problems with the sleep function Bagder..
02:10:46BoD[]hey we are in the same time zone
02:11:00[-Pft-]BoD[]: Je suis a Paris.. :)
02:11:02BoD[]ah oui
02:11:15BoD[]i am stupid ;)
02:11:38BoD[]well I have to go to bed too anyway
02:11:53Jet8810sleep function?
02:11:54Jet8810whats that?
02:11:58Jet8810is it possible to create a way to emulate a hold switch on players without having them turned on?
02:13:12[-Pft-]sleep function.. it has to do with the drive going to "sleep" each time after retreiving data..
02:14:03BoD[]see you ! bye
02:14:21 Part [-Pft-]
02:17:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:17:51 Quit BoD[] ("fuckitude")
02:22:40 Part Bagder
03:42:27 Join MeRWiN|Work [0] (
03:42:28 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
03:46:50 Nick MeRWiN|Work is now known as MeRWiN (
04:08:30MeRWiNdoes the simulator do usb detection now?
04:12:00 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
04:15:47PsycoXulhah that hold switch while off e-mail's funny... like you really have problems with the archos accidently turning on :p
04:16:49MeRWiNI have a problem turning it on sometimes myself
04:17:08MeRWiNlet's see if i broke the CVS again :)
04:17:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:20:55MeRWiNI forgot my power cord to my laptop at work... i'm now down to 4 hours of battery :)
04:22:37MeRWiNwoo! yellow almost across the board
04:22:56MeRWiNoh, easy fix
04:28:35MeRWiNI wonder if there's a way to have the transfer rate displayed on the Archos display while in USB mode :)
04:31:16 Join Geez_Nutz [0] (
04:32:57 Join nunya [0] (
04:33:41Geez_Nutzjust stoppin by to say thanks for all the work you guys are doing, i really appreciate having rockbox- later!
04:34:00 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
04:34:00 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:34:02nunyawhat is the abbsolute latest greatest version of rockbox?
04:34:20 Quit Geez_Nutz (Client Quit)
04:34:23elinenbe_it is hidden on a disk in s asecret box in Sweden.
04:34:47nunyaany way to get it automagically transported here????
04:36:46elinenbe_check out
04:37:50MeRWiNnunya: in the daily builds section
04:39:37nunyayup.. got it there... just thought maybe something even newer might be lurking in here. :)
04:40:00 Join telliott [0] (trilluser@
04:41:30nunyanother question... has anyone in here given thought to somehow adding a larger lcd to the AJB6000 - somehow wire it in and mebbe velcro to the back of the AJB? i drank a lot of mountain deww before bed last night and that thought floated to me in a dream. ;)
04:41:57nunyaof course using rockbox mod to display more info - id tag info etc on larger display
04:43:10telliottIt would be great to have an lcd remote.
04:44:30 Join elinenbe [0] (
04:45:47nunyahmmm... mebbe a specially wired usb cable connected to the ajb on one end and a separate large lcd on other?? i gotta stop drinkin that stuff!!!
04:46:19 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:46:30 Join elinenbe [0] (
04:46:41MeRWiNelinenbe: you're not doing very good, are you
04:47:20 Part telliott
04:47:28 Quit elinenbe_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:48:40MeRWiNPsycoXul: you around?
04:52:17nunyamerwin - how are ya?
04:53:35nunyai;m going to go look fer a 3x5 lcd unit that we might be able to use! later!
04:54:07elinenbeug... my wireless connection here is killing me. Now it is fine though.
04:54:24elinenbenunya: a 3x5 size font?
04:54:31elinenbenunya: for the recorder?
04:55:35nunyano - about a 3x5 inch lcd unit - hafta see what kinda font it can display... wanna maximize the info displayed. im kinda new at this so i'll talk to some elec engineers at works 2morrow & see what we can do.
04:58:08MeRWiNPsycoXul: the #define for my custom wps is in settings.h now
04:58:11MeRWiNjust to let you know
04:58:13MeRWiNnunya: wassup
05:00 -just gonna head to bed.. you??
05:02:06MeRWiNworking on player code
05:02:13MeRWiNbefore my laptop battery runs dead
05:02:33nunyayeah?? you dint tell me last time you programmed.
05:02:41MeRWiNwoo! real sex is on hbo :P
05:02:47MeRWiNnunya: yeah... i'm doing stuff for the player wps
05:03:12MeRWiNwps= "While Playing Screen"
05:03:20MeRWiNit's what you see when an MP3 is playing...
05:04:18nunyaok.. im outta here... let ya know if i find anything on that lcd deal!
05:05:21 Quit nunya ()
05:47:39MeRWiNwoo, my custom wps actually reduces the code size when implemented through the entire code :)
06:17:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:18:16MeRWiNnow if only it would work right
06:37:25 Join adi|dads [0] (adi_dads@
06:37:34*adi|dads slaps MeRWiN around a bit with a large trout
06:38:08MeRWiNheya adi
06:38:16MeRWiNbusy... got 1 hour left on my laptop battery
06:42:32MeRWiNurgh... having trouble programming
06:42:39*MeRWiN slaps adi|dads around a bit with a large trout
06:42:42*MeRWiN slaps adi|home around a bit with a large trout
06:42:45DBUGEnqueued KICK MeRWiN
06:42:45*MeRWiN slaps adi|work around a bit with a large trout
06:42:48MeRWiNa triple slap :)
06:44:26MeRWiNwelp, gotta split to bed.
06:45:09 Quit MeRWiN ()
06:53:57 Join hardeep [0] (
07:06:58PsycoXulBeware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.Much PAIN but still time.BELIEVE.There is GOOD out there.We oppose DECEPTION.Conduit CLOSING.
07:07:42PsycoXulthats my own personal decoding of
07:07:46PsycoXulthat crop formation
07:09:39PsycoXulexcept there's 3 or 4 extra bits between the E and V in BELIEVE
07:09:54PsycoXulall the rest match up...
07:14:48adi|dadsyour quote.. i odn't get it
07:15:10PsycoXulit's just what the bits on the disc in that crop formation spell out in ASCII
07:15:45adi|dadsahh.. okay...
07:15:52adi|dadsyou have WAY to much free time :)
07:17:35PsycoXulso why's everybody seem so uninterested in the fact that this 250' x 300' crop formation has english ascii text spelled out in binary on it :p
07:22:45PsycoXulyou europeans know who's really doing it or something? :p
08:17:38 Quit Synthe` ("Connection Lost - Excess Blood")
08:17:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:23:11 Join Synthe [0] (
08:35:59hardeepGood morning Hes.
08:39:29hardeepOkay, just submitted a fix for ffw/rew on large vbr files
08:39:42hardeepAnyone know of any other open issues with ffw/rew?
08:46:55 Join rwood [0] (
08:50:54 Join Bagder [0] (
08:53:22rwoodBagder: i'm getting address errors and illegal instruction errors on the player
08:53:50rwoodBagder: doesn't seem to be consistant and only seems to happen when i skip to next file
08:55:03rwoodBagder: looks like filename or id3 one directory is ok another gives errors - i'll try to isolate it tommorrow
08:56:17rwoodon the ROLO front - my recorder is in pieces waiting for my re-work guy to tack wires on it
08:56:58rwoodit has low priority - my partners don't think it is as important as i do
08:57:22Bagderweird people ;-)
08:58:23rwoodwe have a customer in next week for acceptance testing and for some reason they want the product ready
08:58:54dwihnostupid customer :)
08:58:55Bagderah, darned customers ;-)
08:59:20dwihnoThe customer is your friend
08:59:32dwihnoM O O N, that spells friend!
08:59:35dwihnoName that movie
09:00:47rwoodwe use i2c on our product and i have an i2c bus monitor
09:01:27rwoodif i can get to the two signals, is there anything that any developers would like to compare rockbox control of i2c vs archos?
09:02:20dwihnoclue #2 - trash can man
09:02:31Bagderpersonally I'm not that into the i2c stuff, that's an area Linus is boss and Zagor might have a good insight.
09:02:42Bagderso I really can't tell
09:04:07rwoodi'll try to check with one of them, otherwise i can add the wires later
09:05:33rwoodis recording on the development plan?
09:06:11Bagderyes, after 1.3 gets out the door, we'll dive into the fat32 file writing
09:06:20Bagderthen recording
09:07:02rwoodis the plan to have recording a compile time option? - i don't plan to use it and would rather have the buffer space
09:07:28Bagderwe really haven't discussed these matters, but I think you have a point
09:07:28dwihnoHey Bagder, you promised me a DivX decoder before the 1.3 release :)
09:07:40rwoodand when i get ROLO working it could be a different app load
09:07:41dwihnowould be neat
09:07:47dwihnowith some floyd/steinberg dithering
09:07:52Bagderrwood: very true
09:09:19Bagderdwihno: yes I have all the code done, I just haven't come up with a witty name yet so I can't commit it! B-]
09:09:40dwihnoBagder: Darn! That's the hardest part! :/
09:10:05rwoodwebbie: that's easy for you to say - it's midnight here
09:10:14webbierwood, what time ?
09:10:41rwoodwebbie: 12:10 AM pacific daylight savings time
09:10:56webbiethay's morning :)
09:11:55 Join matsl [0] (
09:16:36Bagderhey matsl
09:17:12matslhej Bagder!
09:17:21webbiehi Bagder
09:17:50Bagderyou player users, cvs-update and try "skip to next" song mucho
09:18:05Bagderrwood experience problems with it
09:18:52rwoodi'm in dir mode with shuffle on
09:19:18rwood1 line id3 display
09:20:25Bagderare all mp3 files in the dir good files?
09:20:50BagderI mean, no zero-byte ones or something
09:21:16rwoodi believe so - the crash isn't always on the same file
09:23:40hardeeprwood: did you write down the address where the error occurred by any chance?
09:24:34rwoodHadaka: I09:CPUAdrE at 6c756573
09:25:07rwoodHadaka: sometimes CPUAdrE sometimes illegal instruction
09:25:30Bagderwow, that is a screwed up address
09:25:30hardeepAnd, do you also have a copy of the file that gets created when you build the software
09:26:26Bagderhardeep: we don't have anything on that address anyway, afact, so it indicates a stack smash or a bad pointer somewhere at least
09:26:48hardeepbadger: oh, right
09:26:50 Join Zagor [0] (
09:27:03Bagderyo bro
09:27:10hardeephey zagor
09:27:12Bagderwe have a player crash
09:27:19 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
09:27:19 Quit langhaarrocker (Remote closed the connection)
09:27:42Zagorthe filename length thing reported yesterday?
09:28:04Bagdernew one
09:28:14rwoodZagor: i don't think so - it happens on random filenames
09:28:24 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
09:28:27matslBagder: (catching up) is it an id3 display
09:28:36Zagorok. how do I repeat it?
09:29:11rwoodi switched WPS to file mode and it doesn't seem to crash
09:29:33Bagderid3 related then perhaps
09:30:14matslBagder: I cot crashes with a specific song when I experiented with the combined id3-tag one-line-scroll.
09:30:44matslBagder: I had to increase the buffer used for snprintf the scroll-line to make it work ...
09:31:02matsl.. but it takes the size of the buffer so it shouldn't be any problem. But it was.
09:31:45Zagori have gdb on my player. help me repeat it and i will find the bug.
09:32:46matslZagor: If its the bug I saw, pick a song with long id3-info so that it will use the whole local buffer when creating the scroll-line.
09:36:52Zagor"For Recorder user, can the microphone be used to auto ajust the playback volume vs speed when used in a car?"
09:37:09Zagornow that's a crazy idea
09:38:58langhaarrockerNo, the crazy idea would be "can I use my rockbox to control the speed of my car according to the song I'm listening to" ;)
09:39:42Bagderah, a bpm to mph converter! ;-)
09:41:18BagderI'm still struggling with play-dir with-all-empty files
09:42:14langhaarrockerI've read something about a serial interface for the Jukebox . Is that thing for all the Jukeboxes (Recorder & Player)?
09:42:33Zagorfor all, but it's only serial receive. no transmit.
09:42:46Zagorit's used for the remote control
09:43:13langhaarrockerAh what a pity. I hoped it could be abused for transfer digicam <-> Jukebox
09:43:43Zagornot without hardware modification
09:43:51Bagderwell, it is serial receive
09:43:57rwoodZagor: do you know if gdb mod for the recorder requires taking the board sandwich apart?
09:44:00Bagderyou just won't get any data back ;-)
09:44:14Zagorrwood: you need to separate the two boards, yes
09:44:53matslBagder: What was the next song bug about?
09:45:13Bagdermatsl: its what rwood speaks about
09:45:53matslaha, the crash that Zagor is looking at?
09:46:36rwoodmatsl: i get address errors and illegal instructions in dir/1 line id3 mode when skipping to next file
09:47:38matslrwood: ok. is it a song with long artist name and song name?
09:48:04Zagorcan someone upload a crashing file, or even dcc it to me?
09:48:19Zagori don't want to have to look through dozens of files to see *if* I can repeat it...
09:49:41rwoodit doesn't fail consistantly on the same file
09:50:07rwoodi'll try to isolate the failure and see if i can get a repeatable failure
09:53:36matslI'm getting all kinds of strange things when I'm low on batteries. Know problem?
09:53:44Bagdermatsl: yes
09:54:07matslI figured so. Fixed before 1.3?
09:54:25rwoodZagor: it's 1am here - i'll try to get you some better information tommorrow
09:54:38Bagdermatsl: probably not I'd say
09:54:51Zagormatsl: do you have a song that crashes?
09:54:58matslrwood: I'm activating my old code that caused my crasch. maybe that will help.
09:55:20matslZagor: Not with the current code. I'm trying my old experiment again in case that will trigger it.
09:56:05matslBagder: We should then say this very LOUD in the readme. It will save us some bugreports.
09:57:55BagderSegmentation fault (core dumped)
09:58:00matslZagor: Jupp! Got the crash wil my fix.
09:58:08matslZagor: Jupp! Got the crash with my fix.
09:58:19Zagorok, send me the patch then
09:59:59 Quit adi|dads ()
10:00:19BagderI can get another nice crash
10:00:46ZagorBagder: how?
10:01:16Bagderwhen the "end of playlist" appears on screen, if no songs are playable
10:01:24Bagderpress 'left'
10:02:01Zagormatsl: dcc seems not to work
10:02:14BagderZagor: I'll fix this
10:02:28matslso I gather.
10:03:09ZagorBagder: good
10:04:01matslZagor: You need an mp3 that triggers it as well. I'll just send it all as good old mail
10:04:14rwoodZagor: i have a file that fails - however resume is on and and pointed to the file and it crashes on power on
10:04:51langhaarrockerHas anybody tried to do a volume meter yet?
10:05:15HesI tried it
10:05:17Hesit worked
10:05:39HesBut I couldn't get it to update fast enough to get a smooth good looking display
10:05:53Hesif I made it update too fast it made playback choppy
10:06:11HesMaybe new with the IRAM being used, and lcd_update_rect() it might work
10:07:09rwoodZagor: it may be filename length - the filename is 70 characters long
10:07:30langhaarrockerHes: Did you use the hardware to obtain the volume info or did you analyze the mp3 stream?
10:08:12HesRecorder hardware
10:09:43langhaarrockerHm. If that was already too time critical analyzing mp3 streams will be completely unrealistic.
10:16:06matslZagor: darn I can't send you the file. SMTP error. Do you need it? Maybe just using a very big filename will trigger the bug.
10:16:24Zagorupload it somewhere
10:17:11matslOK. I'll use labb then.
10:17:22rwoodZagor: i have a file that fails - do you want me to email it to you - about 5.2 MB
10:17:24 Join LinusN [0] (
10:17:39Zagorrwood: no, upload it somewhere I can get it
10:17:47Zagorlinus! long time no see!
10:17:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:18:13LinusNyeah, i'm back!
10:18:52LinusNMy son is beginning at a new daycare center, so i had to be with him this week
10:20:27rwoodLinusN: i'm insturmenting the RAM address on my recorder to chase my ROLO problem
10:21:08rwoodLinusN: i have an i2c bus monitor - is there anything on the i2c bus that you would like to compare to the archos firmware
10:21:33rwoodLinusN: if not i won't bother with the extra two wires
10:22:55rwoodZagor: i don't have any place to upload to - can you give me a suggestion
10:23:24CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
10:23:24*Bagder suspects snprintf() overflows
10:23:33Zagorrwood: can you try dcc:ing it to me?
10:23:34*Bagder is on to it
10:23:39Zagoror are you behind a firewall?
10:24:11*matsl suspects that too!
10:24:30rwoodi'm behind winproxy and i haven't tried dcc yet
10:25:01rwoodZagor: let me look for the command and i'll try
10:25:48Bagdergee, I found it
10:26:08Bagdersnprintf() overflows when %s is used
10:26:31Zagorah, nice catch
10:26:34langhaarrockerWhat I always wanted to know (and I did read the faq) is: Is RoLo the abbreviation for ROm LOader? ROckbox LOader? Really Old Leather Outfit?
10:26:46ZagorROckbox LOader
10:26:47Bagderall of them!
10:26:55Zagorit's after LILO - LInux LOader
10:27:59LinusNrwood: it would be quite helpful to see an I2C trace. The problem on the recorder is that it talks A LOT with the RTC, so the trace will be full of RTC accesses
10:28:33langhaarrockerAh. And a related question: might it be possible one day to burn a RoLo Rom and replace the Archos firmware by hardware mod? Or is the SH1 somehow maskprogrammed with internal rom?
10:29:00rwoodLinusN: i haven't used the monitor - i'll see if it has filter capability
10:29:05 Nick Low[zZz] is now known as Lowfiler (
10:29:10Lowfilermorning all
10:29:54Bagderthere, that commit should make people happy
10:33:03*LinusN is writing his next mail in the "time to sleep" thread
10:33:35BagderLinusN: will it be longer than Sven's last one? B)
10:33:59LinusNNot at all. He's the one who lectures, i only say that he is wrong :-)
10:34:10Lowfilerah btw: my recorder crashed again last night. The display was frozen and the red lamp was shining. Dunno if this has to do with the standby mode
10:34:12LinusNbut he is right
10:34:51LinusNi just reacted to his way of lecturing about only half of the story
10:38:59BagderLinusN: any comments on the fact that zagor measured about the opposite what you did regarding the SLEEP vs STANDBY ?
10:41:26Zagoryeah, that was interesting
10:41:48LinusNYes, my guess is that the dangling ATA bus wasn't all good
10:41:51matslZagor: You'll find one interesting mp3-file in my root-folder on labb. If you don't need it for debugging its worth listening to, imho.
10:42:05rwoodBagder: that fixed the carsh - however, the top line doesn't scroll now
10:42:14ZagorLinusN: I tried power off too, and saved even more.
10:42:46LinusNZagor: yes, i measured that too
10:43:16LinusNZagor: but the power-off should be done after doing SLEEP
10:43:35Zagori'm thinking a ~500ms delay after sleep
10:44:05Zagorbut that'll be after 1.3
10:44:46LinusNAnyone who cares to discuss the USB-in-menu patch?
10:45:05 Join nsauzede [0] (
10:45:16rwoodBagder: top line doesn't scroll in WPS mode
10:45:39*nsauzede says hi..
10:46:21BagderI can't see how my fixes changed that behavior
10:46:25rwoodBagder: i did a full clean download from cvs and complete build
10:46:28LinusNThe USB detection in the menu is not correctly done
10:46:58 Join pyvasene [0] (
10:47:48nsauzedelinus: did you see my patch about USB disc in menu.c ?
10:48:13LinusNin the mailing list?
10:48:30Bagderthat's the patch merwin applied
10:48:31LinusNit is committed
10:48:38rwoodBagder: now when i play the file that was failing, the end of list message flashes then the song starts
10:48:57LinusNit will work, but it will fail when you go back to the browser
10:49:33nsauzedelinus: but maybe some gurus like you may inspect it, to check everything is correct :) (I also forgot to #include "usb.h" > warning
10:50:06LinusNthe thing is that the dir browser does not know that the menu has been in USB mode
10:50:20LinusNand the dir structure may have been changed
10:50:27LinusNit needs to reread the dir
10:51:07nsauzedelinus: did you know we can browse menu while in USB mode ?? ;)
10:51:08LinusNi would have let the menu return with a fail code and let the dir browser go to USB mode
10:51:50LinusNnsauzede: have we been able to browse menus in USB mode?
10:53:29rwoodi give - it's bedtime
10:53:36Bagdernight rwood
10:53:44nsauzedewell, I was.. while playing a game on the player, if I plug USB, then keys are functionning, so I can quit my game, and I land in menu
10:53:52 Quit rwood ()
10:54:49nsauzedeof course, each disk access returns error ;)
10:55:07LinusNnsauzede: that is a very serious bug, if the USB logo was shown
10:56:08LinusNdid the "USB mode" text show on screen?
10:56:14nsauzedewell, maybe... but if _in_ menu (not playing) then keys are not handled, so I can't actually browse menu..
10:56:25nsauzedelogo : yes, (my patch :)
10:56:37LinusNnsauzede: i was talking about before your patch
10:56:38nsauzedeand of course, the drive is visible from host
10:57:05nsauzedeerr, wait, I find it cool to play game while uploading from host 8)
10:57:40LinusNok, i try again: before your patch, was the "USB mode" text on screen when you inserted the USB in a game?
10:59:01nsauzedelook : I'm playing; plug USB => [USB mode] + logo; then, drive is host-visible, but there I can press my game's keys (ie: quit) then browse menu (even leave menu and browse dirs)
10:59:45LinusNthat is a very serious bug!
10:59:59LinusNvery very serious
11:00:08nsauzedewhat is funny, is that when my game quits whith <ON> this doesn't work (even usb mode is not launched)
11:00:26nsauzedebut when I quit my game with <stop>, it works !
11:00:49LinusNok, the drive letter is shown, but you can't browse the disk with the computer?
11:01:04 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|out (
11:01:15nsauzedenope : tockbox wait I quit my game, then launch USB mode..
11:01:45LinusNoooh. bad, very bad
11:02:03nsauzedemay I help you track this behaviour ?
11:02:21LinusNi'll just fire up the debugger
11:05:05nsauzedeBTW, are games wanted for players ?
11:05:14Zagor|outnsauzede: yes
11:05:32Lowfilernsauzede: yes :)
11:05:38Bagdernsauzede: yes!
11:05:42nsauzedeI've seen someone post a game, a long time ago, was nice, sort of diamonds
11:07:09 Nick Bagder is now known as Bagder|away (
11:07:39nsauzedezagor: did you see this game ?? (a man that runs in a map, looking for the exit)
11:08:47nsauzedepersonally, I don't have made game, just trying to produce demos & the like (bitmap & grey effect)
11:08:50Zagor|outi have a faint memory
11:09:15nsauzedezagor: I'll see if I kept the sources, I can post it + the address
11:09:43Zagor|outsearch the archive, it's probably there
11:11:46nsauzedebye.. (have ~50 rockbox emails to read :)
11:12:53 Quit nsauzede ()
11:16:05 Join nsauzede [0] (
11:16:43nsauzedelinus: for info : the USB bug is not linked to <ON> handling or not, I've pinpointed the culprit..
11:17:34LinusNnsauzede: the USB bug has nothing to do with the mages at all
11:17:52LinusNit is a really nasty bug in usb.c or on kernel.c
11:17:58nsauzedeyou found it ?
11:18:02LinusNnot yet
11:18:10LinusNit should NOT go to USB mode when in the games
11:18:26LinusNand before your patch, not in the menus either
11:18:28nsauzedelisten : I've found _WHEN_ it goes to USB :
11:19:23nsauzedewhen I use button_get_w_tmo(), USB fires up, when I use button_get( false) it doesn't
11:19:50nsauzedemy patch : maybe menu must not acknowledge USB disc..
11:20:04nsauzedemaybe I pasted code too fast
11:20:07LinusNsokoban uses button_get(true) and it goes to USB
11:20:35 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
11:23:16nsauzedehey, when using button_get( true), it goes to USB, and when using button_get( false), it doesn't !!
11:23:24 Quit PsycoXul ("usb strikes again")
11:25:00nsauzedegood luck ! Tell me if I messed anything with my patches
11:25:14LinusNyou have, but let's talk about that another time
11:25:29 Quit nsauzede ()
11:26:30Blaster_Masterim getting a dump of some kind on my player : I:CPUAdrE <newline>at 6C20436F
11:26:40LinusNBlaster_Master: when?
11:27:01LinusNlooks like a buffer overflow
11:27:11matslBlaster_Master: use the latest CVS. I think Bagder has fixed it. I'm checking now.
11:27:25matsloverflow in snprintf
11:27:27Blaster_Masterwhen im playing a MP3 file, after som seconds i craches, the sound however is not gone away yet, im running the CSV from yesterday
11:27:44Blaster_Masternot all MP3´s makes it crach however
11:28:17Blaster_MasterI09:CPUAdrE <newline>at 6C20436F
11:29:12Blaster_Masterill try to run the CSV from today
11:30:29matslThe crash is fixed but the line doesn't scroll. Strange!?
11:31:36 Join PsycoXul [0] (
11:34:34Blaster_Masterstill craches I09:CPUAdrE <newline> at 6C20436
11:34:35mbr|gonematsl: It's because restore is never set to false again in wps.c
11:34:50mbr|goneI'll fix that after lunch
11:35:21LinusNi found the USB bug
11:35:53LinusNthe backlight thread sent two acks
11:36:45matslmbr|gone: huh.. what has restore in wps.c got to do with fixing snprinf?
11:38:04LinusNwe need to discuss the USB detection in the whole perspective
11:39:06LinusNshould every function that waits for a button need to handle the SYS_USB_xxx messages?
11:39:41LinusNor should we implement a general sys_msg_handler() function to be called in the default case?
11:40:10 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
11:41:01LinusNi don't like the "end of list" message
11:41:15LinusNi want it to return to the dir browser
11:51:49Lowfilerya i don't like that too
11:52:52PsycoXuli want it to start playing in the next dir :p
11:54:15 Quit Blaster_Master (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:54:30LinusNPsycoXul: go hide somewhere! :-)
11:55:24PsycoXuli'm already hidden
11:55:25langhaarrockerPsycoXul: I want it to fry popcorn (the voltage regulator could be used as heat source)
11:55:26PsycoXulyou just can't see it
11:57:20PsycoXullanghaarrocker: better yet, do the serial port mod, make an IR thing for it, get a IR remote switch, and plug your air popper into it
11:58:27langhaarrockerUnfortunately I was told that it was a hard mod to make the thing send via serial port :(
11:58:40LinusNnot that hard, but still a mod
11:59:45langhaarrockerLinusN: I guess that implies wiring a unused pin from the SH1 or some peripherials?
11:59:55webbiedutch ?
12:00:09webbienope.. german :)
12:00:11webbiehi btw
12:00:38langhaarrockerwebbie: Hi. Right, I'm german. Is my english really that bad?
12:00:57webbielanghaarrocker, no.. your nick gave it away :)
12:01:08webbiewhich is either dutch or german :)
12:01:26langhaarrockerAh, yes.
12:01:47LinusNlanghaarrocker: yes, basically
12:05:01Lowfilerhehe german you should use a nick like longhairrocker :P
12:05:48langhaarrockerI just use langharrocker since it is also my AIM login
12:05:55 Join quelsaruk [0] (
12:06:05webbielanghaarrocker, ok
12:07:22Lowfilerlanghaarrocker: i am german too
12:08:47*webbie is just a poor dutch person
12:09:27Lowfilerwhy poor? we are neighbours :)
12:09:28langhaarrockerLinusN: Are there special pins that are predestined for serial port extension? Something like the SH1 supports some serial commands that use special function pins?
12:09:52LinusNlanghaarrocker: only dedicated Rx/Tx pins
12:09:59langhaarrockerwebbie: Actually I was in the Netherlands the last weekend.
12:10:12webbielanghaarrocker, ah.. me too.. what did u do there?
12:10:19webbieLowfiler, true :)
12:10:32langhaarrockerLinusN: and the Tx pin is unused?
12:11:18langhaarrockerwebbie: don't lough - I tried to do some paragliding. In the Netherlands. The flattest country ever...
12:14:38 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
12:14:43*Blaster_Master back
12:14:53webbielanghaarrocker, laugh? no...
12:14:58webbielanghaarrocker, why ?
12:15:12webbiewhere btw ?
12:16:10langhaarrockerwebbie: I don't know why the Netherlands are flat. They're flag about everywhere. But there are some shores in Zeeland (Zoutelande) where paragliding is said to be possible.
12:16:49webbiehm k
12:17:00webbiehorrible place
12:17:04webbiezee = sea btw
12:17:10webbiesealand would that be
12:17:16webbieand yes.. it's salty
12:17:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:20:14 Quit Blaster_Master ()
12:20:18 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
12:20:44langhaarrockerapropos salty: has anybody managed to build a waterproof container for the Jukebox? I'd like some music while windsurfing.
12:21:54Blaster_Masterbig and heavi, perhaps it schound be integrated into you board instead ;)
12:21:59 Join adi|dads [0] (adi_dads@
12:22:03adi|dadsHes you around?
12:22:04matslarghh... Suddenly id3-index is used together with playlist.amount in the wps. Anybody knows what's the story?
12:22:21adi|dadsodd question...
12:22:29adi|dadshow do i pronounce your real name?
12:22:44*adi|dads was just curious as he read over the nicks list :)
12:24:29HesThe 'ei' in Heikki is pronounced like in 'fake'
12:24:51adi|dadshow about the kki?
12:25:17*adi|dads trys to say the name like: Hay-key
12:25:19Heskk is a long k, the i is pronounced like the letter 'e' alone
12:26:05adi|dadswould hay (that horses eat) + key (to open a door) be close?
12:26:07Lowfilerhmm did u recognize that the time status bar (when playing a song) glimmers sometimes in the new build ?
12:26:32Heskey has a too long 'e' in the end
12:27:00Lowfilerya it flares
12:27:34*adi|dads gets a cool idea :)
12:27:43Lowfileror jiggles
12:27:49Lowfilerdidnt u recognize that
12:27:55adi|dadsknow what would be neat? since this is an audio project...
12:28:11adi|dadswe get ppl to record them saying their names into an mp3
12:28:22adi|dadsthen merge the list into a Credits.mp3 for release :)
12:28:24*adi|dads smiles
12:28:52langhaarrockerwouldn't that cost to much ram? ;)
12:29:06adi|dadsnah.. we make it an option ;)
12:29:27langhaarrockerSo if you don't like a developer you can mispronounce his name?
12:29:36*adi|dads nods happily
12:29:37HesNot in the RAM... on the disk
12:29:43Heswe need the /.rockbox/ directory, quick
12:29:49HesI want to put the fortune database there
12:30:03HesAnd the configurable WPS
12:30:12adi|dadsHes i tend to be the 'oh shit.. this needs to get organized' person..
12:30:16LinusNthe time display and the bar at the bottom of the recorder WPS displkay flickers a lot nowadays
12:30:18adi|dadsjust stick it in the root and ill get to it :)
12:31:06HesIs the /.rockbox/ directory name OK, with respect to the windos-using people and hidden files code?
12:31:24LowfilerlinusN: thats what i mean
12:31:27adi|dadshmm... well... thats the problem...
12:31:39adi|dadswe could also set the hidden attribute on the file...
12:31:53LinusNLowfiler: i think it was introduced when someone felt like "cleaning up" the wps code
12:31:56HesAnd how that would work for the Unix people? 8-)
12:31:59adi|dadsbut now to run rockbox we are going to require that ppl make this dir and store these files in there..
12:32:14adi|dadswe need to assume that some ppl _wont_
12:32:34adi|dadsie if it exists, use it.. if not, assume the files don't exist
12:32:35HesYeah. I guess all of the files will be optional
12:33:02Hesand when we get to the point we are going to create files in there automatically (config files etc) we'll have to automatically create it when it's needed
12:33:25adi|dadsi wonder if it would make sense to have a 'Rockbox.cfg' file
12:33:30adi|dadsand only entry in there
12:33:38adi|dadsis _where_ the rockbox dir is..
12:33:47adi|dadsso users can call it wtf they want.
12:33:50adi|dadsor is that over kill?
12:34:03adi|dadsno rockbox.cfg
12:34:08adi|dadsthen no files to read
12:34:15HesI'd rather have /.rockbox/rockbox.cfg where the config is
12:34:20Hesin a constant location
12:34:52adi|dadsno, what i ment is the rockbox.cfg would tell us what they wanted to call their rockbox directory
12:35:19adi|dadsie: cat rockbox.cfg > "R0cKb0x_iS_L33t:
12:35:26adi|dadsif they are morons
12:35:49adi|dadsbut i guess simplest is best..
12:36:04adi|dadsi think the dir is a 1.4 issue though...
12:36:10adi|dadsill hit it when 1.3 is out the door
12:37:33adi|dadsc++ comments in the wps.c?
12:37:51langhaarrockerI wished I had more time / c skills at hand. I'm craving for a "split" feature with cursor navigation on a oszillosgraph.
12:37:55*datazone runs away
12:38:06adi|dadswas that you datazone?
12:38:08adi|dadsdid you do that?
12:38:10*adi|dads smirks
12:38:31datazonei have no recollection of such an event ever occuring
12:40:21datazoneadi|dads: are you still working on the dir icons still?
12:40:29adi|dadsnot really...
12:40:37adi|dadssomeone else took it over if i remember correcetly
12:40:44adi|dadsi won't be looking at it again till i get home
12:40:50adi|dadsfigure another week or so
12:40:57adi|dadsall the code i had is on my home machine
12:41:00datazonewhere you at?
12:41:07adi|dadsmy fathers house
12:41:14datazonenot good
12:41:16adi|dadsall the work im doing is via a work machine...
12:41:19*adi|dads nods
12:41:34adi|dadsi wouldn't be trapped here if i hadn't banged up my gf's car :(
12:41:48datazoneso you hiding from her?
12:41:58adi|dadsno.. she's using my car
12:42:04adi|dadssince i don't have a job to be at and she does
12:42:56langhaarrockerlucky me: no gf, no car -> no trouble.
12:43:08adi|dadsyeah.. but i love her..
12:43:17*adi|dads doesn't want to imagine life much w/o her :)
12:45:33 Join Bagder [0] (
12:45:40adi|dadsbagder.. just in time
12:45:42adi|dadsquestion for you
12:45:55 Quit Bagder|away (
12:45:55 Quit datazone (
12:45:55 Quit dwihno (
12:45:55 Quit fragglet (
12:46:06adi|dadsdamn net splits
12:46:21matslBagder: ?
12:46:24*adi|dads pokes Bagder with a stick
12:48:19NJoinBagder|away [0] (
12:48:19NJoindwihno [0] (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
12:48:19NJoindatazone [0] ([4FrzzWPOo@
12:48:19NJoinfragglet [0] (
12:48:28 Join dwihno_ [0] (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
12:49:25 Quit dwihno (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:50:10 Quit Blaster_Master ()
12:50:18 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
12:51:07adi|dadsBagder.. make up your mind
12:51:11adi|dadsyou away, or here :)
12:59:43 Quit Bagder|away (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:01:10matslBagder: ?
13:03:43 Quit Blaster_Master ()
13:06:53mbr|gonematsl, are you there?
13:07:30 Nick mbr|gone is now known as mbr (
13:07:45LinusNmbr|gone: your latest fix will probably fix the flicker as well
13:07:59*Bagder awakes
13:08:06mbrLinusN: The flicker in wps?
13:08:10LinusNi don't really like that status_draw() does an lcd_update()
13:08:19LinusNmbr: yes, it did too many redraws
13:08:30Bagderit should use update_rect()
13:08:49Bagderlcd_update_rect() should be used a lot more
13:08:56LinusNBagder: perhaps
13:09:19LinusNbut until the status is in a separate thread it shouldn't update at all
13:09:41mbrBagder: It uses lcd_update_rect(). Wasn'tit your fix that added that
13:09:48matslmbr: i'm here
13:09:50LinusNthe wps, for example, knows when to update the screen
13:10:02Bagdermbr: oh aha, no that must've been zagor's fix
13:10:39BagderLinusN: well, I kind of like it when the updates could be unrelated to each other but I guess we can improve that later on
13:10:42LinusNah, now i see too
13:10:48mbrMatsl: the 'hanging' was caused by an permanent redraw of wps. Not by the fix for snprintf
13:11:13matslis it fixe?
13:11:22mbrmatsl: yes
13:11:32matslBagder: ?
13:11:33Bagdermbr: good fix, I introduced that flaw
13:11:51adi|dadsBagder... question for you in the wps.c if you woudlnt' mind looking
13:12:21adi|dadsline 514
13:12:29adi|dadssnprintf(buffer,sizeof(buffer),"Vol: %d %s ", vol_level * 2, "%");
13:12:34adi|dadsvolume display
13:12:46adi|dadsis there a specific reason we have all thos extra spaces?
13:12:53matslBagder: Suddenly id3-index is used together with playlist.amount in the wps. Anybody knows what's the story?
13:13:16LinusNadi|dads: yes, otherwise we would have to clear the line first
13:13:36adi|dadsahh.. okay.. ty
13:13:49Bagdermatsl: I have no clue what you're talking about ;-)
13:13:50LinusNbut i can't see why the % has to be a parameter
13:14:00adi|dadsim fixing that
13:14:00Bagderno that shouldn't be like that
13:14:09Bagdersomone didn't know about %
13:14:21adi|dadsim fixing ;)
13:14:22Bagdermy xchat eats double %
13:14:36adi|dadswe also have cpp style comments.. fixing those too
13:14:49LinusNBagder: maybe that's exploitable...
13:15:26LinusNmaybe not...
13:15:34matslBagder: In id3-one-line display we have id3.index/playlist.amount displayed. That's sort of veird I think. Should be a s before playlist.index/playlist.amount.
13:15:43adi|dadsbtw.. i got a cool idea ;)
13:15:59adi|dadswe should get all the contributors to record them pronoucing their names in mp3 format ;)
13:16:08adi|dadsthen we could merge them and have an audible credits list :)
13:16:08matslBagder: somebody changed it.Why?
13:16:17Bagdermatsl: how could I know?
13:16:22BagderI don't
13:16:25LinusNadi|dads: that mp3 will be quite large
13:16:31BagderI'm happily unaware ;-)
13:16:37adi|dadsyeah.. thats why its an optional download ;)
13:16:46LinusNhow silly
13:16:49*matsl thinks we should have annotated CVS display ...
13:16:53*adi|dads nods
13:16:58adi|dadslike i have good ideas?
13:17:02Bagdermatsl: use the web
13:17:02adi|dadsim capt silly bud
13:17:04adi|dadsand you know it
13:17:08Bagdermatsl: press the annotate link
13:17:28matslaha... we have it. OK!!!
13:17:35Bagdercvs annotate of works on the command line too
13:17:51adi|dadswhat exactly does annotate do?
13:17:53Bagderit's a major cool feature
13:17:56Bagderadi|dads: try it
13:18:00Bagdercvs annotate wps.c
13:18:46adi|dadsah ha
13:19:09LinusNkind of a who-to-blame list
13:21:20adi|dadsokay.. welcome to stupid questions are us
13:21:28adi|dadsff_rewind_count = -id3->elapsed;
13:21:35adi|dadscan i assume thats the same as
13:21:42adi|dadsff_rewind_count -= id3->elapsed;
13:21:49Bagderrewind to the beginning of the song
13:21:57LinusNit's not the same
13:22:12adi|dadsi dont' get the '-'
13:22:32LinusNif elapsed = 1, the -elapes = -1
13:22:38LinusNsorry. numb fingers
13:22:44Bagdernegative means backwards
13:22:46LinusNit negates
13:22:48Bagderpositive fowards
13:23:02adi|dadsi don't think ive ever seen that
13:23:06adi|dadsthats why it threw me
13:23:14adi|dadsive always seen * -1 believe it or not
13:23:18Bagderwe do things like that to keep you confused ;-)
13:23:24adi|dadsi _know_ that
13:23:50LinusNmultiplying with -1 is incredibly inefficient
13:26:38BagderLinusN: the optimizer might remove it
13:26:59LinusNmaybe so, but it is silly in most respects
13:27:13adi|dadsokay.. so let me think about this.. then: foo = !foo
13:27:17adi|dadsand foo = -foo
13:27:21adi|dadsshould be the same, no?
13:27:26LinusNnot at all
13:27:34LinusNthe ! is a logical operator
13:27:44LinusN- is an arithmetic operator
13:27:49adi|dadsahh.. okay
13:28:00*adi|dads actually slept last night... isn't up to full potential :)
13:28:23adi|dadsim only like 50% stupid right now..
13:28:25adi|dadsgive me an hour
13:28:31adi|dadsill be 100% stupid
13:29:43Bagderany bugs for me to check?
13:30:45LinusNBagder: i'd like the resume to go to the "last" dir when pressing STOP after resume
13:31:54 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
13:32:16Bagderit should only be a matter of copying the dir to the "current dir" buffer I guess
13:33:15LinusNmy guess is that it isn't all that simple
13:33:46LinusNglobal_settings.resume_file is a file name sometimes, and a dir other times
13:34:39Bagderah, you meant that for resume after a playlist too?
13:37:37LinusNyeah, why not?
13:37:49matslBagder: cvs annotates wps.c is crowded with version "1.94 (jheiner 22-Aug-02)" He seems to have replaced every line in the file!
13:38:45BagderLinusN: hm, I am not up to adding that kind of new feature now
13:39:00BagderI'd rather have that post 1.3
13:39:27LinusNok then
13:39:48LinusNwe need to fix the USB-in-menus bug
13:40:07LinusNnsauzede's patch isn't all thet good
13:40:20Bagdermatsl: he probably messed around with dos newlines
13:41:26matslBagder: the strange thing is in 1.93 as well.
13:41:47LinusNthe dirbrowser must reread the dir if the menu has been in USB mode
13:42:34Bagderthe menu should probably return back some kind of error code
13:43:34LinusNBagder: yes, and the games too
13:43:51LinusNAnd that opens up a large can of worms
13:44:16Bagderthey could remain but when they finally return, they could return a "rescan" code
13:44:29LinusNsame problem
13:44:41Bagderwhat problem is that?
13:44:41LinusNthe menus return void at the moment
13:44:51Bagderthat can be fixed
13:45:00LinusNand the function pointers in the menus are also 'void'
13:45:20LinusNnested menus will become a nightmare
13:45:40Bagderso what is your solution?
13:45:42LinusNwell, maybe not a nightmare, but lots of code needs changing
13:45:54LinusNmy solution is to change the return codes
13:46:08LinusNbut it's a lot of work
13:46:18 Quit Blaster_Master ()
13:46:27Bagdernot *that* much
13:46:33Bagder'll do it
13:47:00LinusNall code that uses button_get() could call default_msg_handler() in the default case
13:47:16 Quit adi|dads ()
13:47:44LinusNor return SYS_USB_CONNECTED as a return code, and let the parent do the USB handling
13:48:27BagderI think it is perhaps nicer to catch the usb inside and then afterwards decide if you need to return or not
13:48:32LinusNmaybe a default_msg_handler() is a good thing for other purposes too
13:57:49Bagderthe upside will be that we'll support connecting the USB in more "modes"
14:02:49LinusNDoes anybody know why the slidebar doesn't use lcd_drawrect() and lcd_fillrect()?
14:03:11Bagdernope. mbr's choice
14:03:30LinusNmbr: are you listening?
14:06:29Bagderuh, quite a few changes I must do
14:06:48mbrLinusN: yes, now :)
14:08:11mbrLinusN: I used draw pixel to save a function call and I don't need the checkings in lcd_drawrect() and lcd_fillrect()
14:08:39LinusNmbr: ok, so the reason is performance?
14:09:06mbrHopefully yes :)
14:09:12LinusNok, just wondering
14:09:32LinusNwe'd better rewrite lcd_drawrect() then
14:10:10Bagder-name "*.c" | xargs grep drawrect | wc -l
14:10:10Bagder 9
14:10:22Bagder(uh find fell off ;-)
14:11:41mbrLinusN: Why?
14:11:55LinusNbecause it is too slow, according to you
14:12:00LinusNand it is slow
14:12:12LinusNit doesn't need to call lcd_drawline
14:12:21LinusNlcd_drawline is overkill
14:12:39mbrAh, ok. Now I understand.
14:12:52LinusNi want the slider to use lcd_drawrect
14:12:58Bagdertrue, drawline ain't the smarted for straight lines
14:12:59LinusNand lcd_fillrect
14:14:02mbrI smell an assignment :)
14:14:47LinusNmbr: and while you're at it, make a scrollbar too
14:14:59LinusNwith a proportionally sized knob
14:15:05matslanybody knows jheiners email?
14:15:37matslahhh. Of course
14:15:53mbrLinusN: Or just modify slidebar with a sizable knob?
14:15:54BagderJustin Heiner <> probably as well
14:16:05LinusNmbr: maybe
14:16:15 Quit quelsaruk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:16:36LinusNmaybe slidebar should take min,max,val parameters instead?
14:17:31LinusNmbr: i am fixing lcd_drawrect()
14:17:45mbrLinusN: I think size and val should be enough. min and max can be calculated in slidebar.
14:17:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:18:35LinusNyeah, we can assume min is 0
14:18:59LinusNbut is size always the same as max?
14:19:23mbrLinusN: you are talking about progressbar?
14:20:27Bagderoh crap
14:20:40BagderI thought I was almost done... then I found the debug menu too... :-)
14:20:56LinusNmbr: no, scrollbar
14:21:58LinusNmbr: the typical application would be the menus
14:22:29Bagderor dir browser
14:25:49 Join Electrocut [0] (
14:26:09Bagderyou ready for a big commit? ;-)
14:26:15 Quit Electrocut (Client Quit)
14:26:42Bagder23 files modified for this
14:27:28elinenbeBadger: what is it that you are committing?
14:27:46Bagderall menu functions now have a return type
14:28:53mbrLinusN: I think slidebar(x, y, width, height, knobsize, direct) should be enough.
14:30:08mbron parameters, i mean
14:30:30mbrShall the changes wait until 1.3 is out?
14:30:46mbrOr is there no freeze?
14:31:01Bagderthere's a mental awareness freeze ;-)
14:32:28 Part langhaarrocker
14:32:31matsldo we need to branch 1.3 to freeze it
14:33:42BagderLinusN: this doesn't yet solve the usb problem, but more gives us a way to solve it
14:33:55Bagdermatsl: I don't think we need to branch it
14:34:34matslBagder: Hopfully not. Lot of work but makes freezing more stable.
14:34:58Bagderyeah, but we don't even have an official freeze yet
14:35:08Bagderif we keep the freeze time short, there's no real problems
14:35:21matslBagder: jupp!
14:35:23LinusNmbr: i think it would be a lot better if the slidebar calculated the knobsize
14:35:54matslBagder: I have (what I think is a bug) in wps id3.
14:36:18LinusNI have been away few days, are we talking feature freeze already?
14:36:39BagderI wanted 1.3 out days ago
14:37:05Bagderthe resume is reason enough imho
14:37:09LinusNBagder: REFRESH_DIR is a bad name IMHO
14:37:50LinusNi'd like BEEN_IN_USB_MODE or something
14:38:02BagderI wanted to avoid binding it to usb
14:38:41LinusNok, but binding it to dir browser is better?
14:39:04LinusNthe one that refreshes the dir today
14:39:08Bagderit means that the parent needs to refresh its awareness of dirs/files
14:39:17Bagderno matter who the parent is
14:39:27LinusNok, so how about DISK_CHANGED?
14:39:28Bagderit doesn't say way
14:39:35Bagderthat's fine
14:39:55mbrLinusN: Ah, now I understand. It should use 'items' and 'current_item' as parameters?
14:40:08LinusNmbr: something like that
14:40:28LinusNbut it needs to know how many items are showed
14:40:40LinusNto calculate the knob size
14:40:57 Quit webbie (Remote closed the connection)
14:41:36mbrOK, now i understand min and max too :)
14:43:18LinusNHes: do you mind if i remove the charger-enabling feature in dbg_ports?
14:44:09LinusNi want to be able to debug the keys better
14:46:02LowfilerIn file included from games_menu.c:31:
14:46:03Lowfilerrecorder/sokoban.h:23:18: menu.h: No such file or directory
14:46:03Lowfilermake: *** [games_menu.o] Error 1
14:46:15Lowfileruhm "menu.h" in recorder/sokoban ?
14:46:42Lowfiler#include "menu.h"
14:46:43Lowfilery this
14:46:53Bagderupdate the makefile too
14:47:05HesLinusN: No, I don't mind
14:47:12Hesit collides with the charger logic anyway
14:47:29LinusNi was thinking that you may be using it for testing
14:47:47HesI'm not, using it would mess up the charger logic.
14:48:01HesI was actually going to clean it away some time.
14:49:13Lowfilerbagder: i did, maybe win32.mak has an error
14:49:22Bagderit has
14:49:24Bagderadd -I.
14:51:13Lowfilerin command line?
14:51:24Bagderwait, I fix
14:51:29Lowfilerk thx
14:52:33Bagdernow update
14:55:59 Join webbie [0] (
14:57:13Bagderok, usb connected in menus should work better now
14:59:01LowfilerROPFONTS -DAPPSVERSION=\"CVS\" -Irecorder -c settings_menu.c -o settings_menu.
14:59:01Lowfilersettings_menu.c: In function `show_hidden_files':
14:59:01Lowfilersettings_menu.c:41: parse error before '<<' token
14:59:01DBUGEnqueued KICK Lowfiler
14:59:01Lowfilersettings_menu.c:46: parse error before '>>' token
14:59:01Lowfilersettings_menu.c: In function `settings_menu':
14:59:02***Alert Mode level 1
14:59:02Lowfilersettings_menu.c:187: parse error before '<<' token
14:59:04Lowfilersettings_menu.c:188: warning: missing braces around initializer
14:59:06Lowfilersettings_menu.c:188: warning: (near initialization for `items[3]')
14:59:08Lowfilersettings_menu.c:188: warning: initialization fr
14:59:13Lowfilersettings_menu.c: At top level:
14:59:13Lowfilersettings_menu.c:40: warning: `show_hidden_files' defined but not use
14:59:14Lowfilersettings_menu.c:75: warning: `resume' defined but not used
14:59:16Lowfilersettings_menu.c:94: warning: `scroll_speed' defined but not used
14:59:18Lowfilersettings_menu.c:101: warning: `wps_set' defined but not used
14:59:20Lowfilersettings_menu.c:122: warning: `deep_discharge' defined but not used
14:59:20Bagderno need to paste all that
14:59:22Lowfilersettings_menu.c:131: warning: `timedate_set' defined but not used
14:59:24Lowfilersettings_menu.c:172: warning: `ff_rewind' defined but not used
14:59:26Lowfilermake: *** [settings_me
14:59:28Lowfilerok sorry
14:59:36Bagderyour local changes interfered with the ones in the repository
14:59:41Bagderso they collided
15:00:19Bagderif you read the code at line 41 you'll see
15:00:28Lowfileroh yes sorry
15:02:11Lowfilerworks now fine..
15:02:53 Nick Bagder is now known as Bagder|away (
15:09:03***Alert Mode OFF
15:11:38LinusNtime to go home!
15:11:41LinusNbye all
15:11:56 Part LinusN
15:12:19matslMust do some other stuff −− cu
15:12:31 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
15:24:04elinenbebug report: ajbr6k - Directory with about 150 files. When I press play on the first song in the directory, I get an <end of playlist> on the screen for a few seconds, then it goes on ahead and plays the song normally
15:25:10Bagder|awayah right
15:26:33Bagder|awayI think I have a fix
15:27:33elinenbeBadger: that was fast! wow!
15:27:46Bagder|awayat your service ;-)
15:28:05elinenbebug report: ajbr6k - ogg files don
15:28:13elinenbebug report: ajbr6k - ogg files don't play −−> go for it! :)
15:30:20elinenbethe stopwatch is now at 2 minutes... and it's still ticking.
15:36:44elinenbebug report: ajbr6k - Directory with about 150 files. When I press play on the first song in the directory, I get an <end of playlist> press ON on the screen for a few seconds, then it goes on ahead and plays the song normally −− STILL.
15:37:18Bagder|awayI'll pass this one to Linus
15:37:37Bagder|awaycan you post a report to the list?
15:40:19 Part elinenbe
15:40:22 Quit mbr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:53:59 Join adi|dads [0] (adi_dads@
15:54:20 Nick Bagder|away is now known as Bagder (
15:54:24 Quit adi|dads (Client Quit)
15:54:39 Join adi|dads [0] (adi_dads@
15:55:09Bagderq for the faq: "can the player lcd font be modified?"
15:56:37adi|dadswhats the answer?
15:57:04Bagderadi|dads: no, a few letters can be refined by software
15:57:15adi|dadsk.. thought so.
15:57:32Bagder"a few" means 4 on one model and 8 on the other
15:58:36adi|dadswe use some of those open spots for icons though right?
15:59:05Bagderyes, like you were working on for the dir browser
15:59:12adi|dadsthought so..
15:59:14adi|dadsokay.. fixed
16:00:09 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
16:01:28 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
16:01:35CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
16:01:35*Blaster_Master booohooo
16:01:57Blaster_Masterthe airconditioner at work is broken and now we are fryieng :[
16:13:16langhaarrockerbooohoooo, I' m too stupid to setup all the development environment.
16:13:29Bagderusing what environment?
16:14:04langhaarrockerJust installed the GNUSH v0203-ELF, whicht might work. But
16:14:32langhaarrockerI wanna develop under windows. Thus I assume I need some real cc, gcc, and so on.
16:14:39langhaarrocker(not for sh1)
16:15:00Bagderthe gnu-sh is the cross-compiler you need to build stuff for the archos
16:15:16Bagderif you want to compile things for your windows machine, then yes you need a normal compiler
16:15:28Bagderthe tools in tools/ must be compiled natively
16:16:32langhaarrockerThat's what I assumed. Do I need this mingw stuff?
16:16:45 Join mbr [0] (
16:16:53Bagdermingw is a fine compiler to build windows stuff like that, sure
16:17:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:18:27langhaarrockerseems mingw consists of many many archives. Do I just have to extract them to some bin directory and ensure the shell finds these things and be happy?
16:18:59Bagdergotta go
16:19:02 Part Bagder
16:24:03 Quit Blaster_Master ()
16:41:22 Join MeRWiN [0] (~merwin@
16:43:33langhaarrockerwhen trying to call make in the tools dir I get
16:43:34langhaarrocker:cc -O -s -ansi scramble.c -o scramble
16:43:34langhaarrockerprocess_begin: CreateProcess((null), cc -O -s -ansi scramble.c -o scramble, ...)
16:43:34DBUGEnqueued KICK langhaarrocker
16:43:34langhaarrocker failed.
16:43:34langhaarrockermake (e=2): Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden.
16:43:34***Alert Mode level 1
16:43:34langhaarrockermake: *** [scramble] Error 2
16:43:36langhaarrockerDoes that mean my shell doesn't find a cc compiler?
16:43:44 Quit pyvasene ("Client Exiting")
16:45:03MeRWiNlanghaarrocker: do you have cc?
16:45:24langhaarrockerthat's the problem: seems I only have a gcc or a cpp
16:45:29 Quit adi|dads ()
16:45:43MeRWiNahh, I'd go seaerching for CC somewhere :)
16:47:38 Join edx [0] (
16:48:41langhaarrockerhm. can't find no cc. Might it really be that a cc is not part of mingw? Somehow I doubt that.
16:49:10MeRWiNthat's the problem
16:49:16MeRWiNjust a sec
16:50:37langhaarrockerseems there's a cc1.exe
16:50:37langhaarrockerBut I don't believe in renaming that thing unless some knowledgable guru tells me so
16:50:54MeRWiNYou compile differently with MingW
16:51:09MeRWiNunfortunately, I'm not the one to ask about that :-)
16:51:15MeRWiNI use Cygwin to build mine
16:52:25langhaarrockerJust installed something called cygwin but it doesn't seem to contain any c building tools at all. Probably I missed something.
16:53:35***Alert Mode OFF
16:55:25MeRWiNTo install cygwin, you need to do a complete install of it (or at least, a complete install of the dev tools). Then you can download a package that I created at: Extract that to an sh1 directory somewhere in your Cygwin folder (I do it in c:\cygwin\home\administrator\sh1) and add the c:\cygwin\home\administrator\sh1\bin to your PATH. Then it will build fine with Cygwin.
16:56:14MeRWiNThat takes a lot of effort though
16:59:09langhaarrockerThanks. Ah, I now see, where I seem to have missed some options while installing.
17:03:26mbrHave to go. Have a nice weekend!
17:03:31MeRWiNttyl mbr
17:03:42 Nick mbr is now known as mbr|we (
17:08:39langhaarrockergosh! It seems to take AGES to download a full install of cygwin!
17:08:50MeRWiNit is a very large piece of software
17:09:32langhaarrockerAnd what do I want to do with it? Software for a very small piece of hardware.
17:10:29MeRWiNIt's basically a full unix installation on top of windows
17:11:34langhaarrockerProbably I'll try to get rid of most of the things I don't need - once I got the thing up and running.
17:11:53MeRWiNYeah, you can run the install program again and choose to uninstall certain packages
17:12:27langhaarrockerunfortunately I have no idea which I need.
17:12:54 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:12:56MeRWiNyou don't need any of the XFree86 stuff
17:13:00MeRWiNthat'll take out alot
17:13:18MeRWiNJust make sure you keep all of the development tools in there
17:14:17 Join Lovechild [0] (
17:14:28langhaarrockerAt the moment Im making sure I get all things home. Here at work I've got free access to the web - at home only a 56k Modem.
17:14:37Lovechildwhat's up?
17:15:08langhaarrockerMe and unfortunately not my cygwin :(
17:16:22langhaarrockerwould mingw have been the smaller solution for building rockbox stuff and tools?
17:17:06Lovechild[monty python] where the fun in that [/monty python]
17:17:35MeRWiNlanghaarrocker: probably. Actually, the smallest solution is to just download the "bleeding edge" daily builds
17:18:33LovechildI used daily' untill my gf "stole" my archos when she when on holidays - worked like a charm
17:19:09langhaarrockerMeRWIN: Hm. Does that mean I don't need any other tools but the gnush for developing?
17:20:14langhaarrockerLovechild: Since someone "stole" my gf I've got rid of problems like that.
17:20:46Lovechildlanghaarrocker: that sounds bad... you spend to much time infromt of the computer?
17:21:14langhaarrockerRather between the computerS
17:22:32Lovechildyeah I know... my gf gets pissed when I spend all night infront of mine too
17:22:57langhaarrockerMeRWIN: I surely need the gnush tool chain to compile the firmware. But once I have some binaries of tools like scramble - will I ever need a native compiler again?
17:28:20MeRWiNlanghaarrocker: I think you do.... I'm not sure though
17:28:28 Part Lovechild ("Client Exiting")
17:40:44 Join hardeep [0] (
17:41:30MeRWiNhello hardeep
17:42:02MeRWiNdo you know anything about compiling with MingW?
17:42:27langhaarrockerSeems installing cygwin takes just as long as downloading...
17:42:31hardeepNot really, I've been using gnush on win32
17:42:56MeRWiNlanghaarrocker: damn straight :)
17:44:30langhaarrockerhardeep: Just to ensure I don't get anything wrong: you can't use gnush on win32 to build the toos, can you?
17:45:04hardeepNo, you need gcc for the default makefile
17:45:34hardeepAlthough I remember seeing someone mention a visual studio makefile that could be used
17:46:18langhaarrockerjust gcc? I got the impression that the makefile complained about not finding a cc. And I didn't find any cc (only a cc1.exe) in mingw.
17:46:55hardeepFor the tools? You only need gcc
17:48:45langhaarrockerStrange. When I called make in the tools dir I got
17:48:45langhaarrockercc -O -s -ansi scramble.c -o scramble
17:48:45langhaarrockerprocess_begin: CreateProcess((null), cc -O -s -ansi scramble.c -o scramble, ...)
17:48:45langhaarrocker failed.
17:48:45langhaarrockermake (e=2): Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden.
17:48:46***Alert Mode level 1
17:48:46langhaarrockermake: *** [scramble] Error 2
17:48:48langhaarrockerThat made me thing I'm lacking of some cc
17:50:57hardeepThat's bizarre. If you open up the tools/Makefile, doesn't it explicitly call gcc?
17:54:38langhaarrockerI'm not very firm at makefiles
17:54:38langhaarrockerBut the scramble target is just
17:54:38langhaarrockerscramble: scramble.c
17:54:38***Alert Mode level 2
17:54:38langhaarrockerThere are other targets though, that explicitly call gcc. Eg the target bdf2ajf.
18:00:36hardeepAck, didn't notice that scramble doesn't explicitly specify.
18:01:00 Quit mbr|we ("Leaving")
18:02:08hardeepQuick fix for now: alias cc gcc
18:04:39***Alert Mode OFF
18:07:57hardeepAha, learn something new every day. If no compiler is specified in Makefile then gnu make looks at CC environment variable. Set CC=gcc to fix your problem
18:18:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:30:27langhaarrocker(back from boss -alert) cool! seems to work now. gotta scramble.exe.
18:45:16 Nick dwihno_ is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
18:48:22 Quit MeRWiN (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:49:50langhaarrockeris that the usual behaviour when trying to do a make in the apps dir? (with win32.mak)
18:49:50langhaarrocker./tree.o: In function `showdir':
18:49:50langhaarrocker./tree.o(.text+0x22c): undefined reference to `memcmp'
18:49:50langhaarrocker../firmware\librockbox.a(id3.o): In function `setid3v2title':
18:49:50langhaarrockerid3.o(.text+0x2f0): undefined reference to `memcmp'
18:49:51***Alert Mode level 1
18:49:51langhaarrockerid3.o(.text+0x3ac): undefined reference to `memcmp'
18:49:53langhaarrocker../firmware\librockbox.a(id3.o): In function `getid3v2len':
18:49:55langhaarrockerid3.o(.text+0x448): undefined reference to `memcmp'
18:49:57langhaarrocker../firmware\librockbox.a(id3.o): In function `getid3v1len':
18:49:59langhaarrockerid3.o(.text+0x4b4): undefined reference to `memcmp'
18:50:01langhaarrockermake: *** [archos.elf] Error 1
18:52:30 Join edx [0] (
18:56:14dwihnoI never get those errors
18:56:29dwihnosh-elf-gcc -v
18:56:31dwihnodo that
18:56:38hardeepIt's a problem with gcc 3.1
18:56:39dwihnowhat gcc version?
18:56:54dwihnohardeep: you rock the box! :D
18:56:54hardeepit "optimizes" strcmp to memcmp
18:57:10dwihnoHardeep Sidhu... Sounds indian. Are you from India?
18:57:27hardeepMy parents were from India
18:57:39langhaarrockersh-elf-gcc -v
18:57:39langhaarrockerReading specs from C:\PROGRA~1\GNUSHV~1\Sh-elf\bin\..\lib\gcc-lib\sh-elf\3.1-GNU
18:57:39***Alert Mode level 2
18:57:39langhaarrockerConfigured with: /home/kpit/fsfsrc/gcc-3.1patch/configure −−build=i686-pc-linux-
18:57:39***Alert Mode level 3
18:57:39langhaarrockergnu −−host=i386-pc-mingw32msvc −−enable-languages=c,c++,proto −−target=sh-elf −−
18:57:40***Alert Mode level 4
18:57:40langhaarrockerwith-newlib −−prefix=/usr/mingwsh-elf3.1
18:57:42langhaarrockerThread model: single
18:57:44langhaarrockergcc version 3.1-GNUSH_v0203
18:58:14dwihnoI got 3.0
18:58:17dwihnoworks flawlessly
18:58:31langhaarrockerhm. So I must downgrade.
18:59:18dwihnothere are probably ways to do it without downgrading though
19:00:34langhaarrockerWell I don't mind. I just spend ~4 hours downloading tools and things only to find out that I don't need them. Well, you can exaggerte everything. So why stop.
19:00:41hardeeplanghaarrocker: there is an easier fix. See
19:00:58hardeepRe-build with -fno-builtin
19:01:36langhaarrockerOh, thanx!
19:04:10hardeepThe mailing list web page needs a search function
19:07:41***Alert Mode OFF
19:08:31langhaarrockerErm do I have to add -fno-builtin to the CFLAGS in the tools/win32.mak ? Seems to have no effect.
19:11:28hardeepWhere did you add the -fno-builtin? It should be before $(INCLUDES)
19:15:09langhaarrockerI originally put it as first option but when I put it before $(INCLUDES) it didn't change the behaviour either.
19:18:17hardeepHmmmm, strange. Still error in id3.c?
19:18:52langhaarrockerunfortunately yes
19:20:16hardeepOh, make sure you do a "make all" to force a recompile of everything
19:20:17 Join MeRWiN [0] (~merwin@
19:21:04 Nick MeRWiN is now known as NiWReM (~merwin@
19:21:08langhaarrockertried it. I even tried a make clean in between. Bwhoooowhooohooooo!
19:21:13 Nick NiWReM is now known as MeRWiN (~merwin@
19:21:21MeRWiNlanghaarrocker: no luck yet?
19:21:34langhaarrockerjust not enough
19:21:36hardeepWhat's the compile line look like when compiling id3.c?
19:24:32MeRWiNhardeep: i'd say it's a black background with white letters
19:25:09langhaarrockerBut so many letters. I just have to find which!
19:25:18hardeepI personally prefer blinking pink on purple
19:25:31MeRWiNick :P
19:25:35 Quit adi|home (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:26:08langhaarrockerAre you one of those guys who solder in pink blinking leds as lcd background lights?
19:27:07hardeepNot yet... but now that you gave me the idea...
19:30:13hardeeplanghaarrocker: I just noticed there are multiple win32.mak files. Did you update the one in firmware as well?
19:31:07langhaarrockerThat's why it takes so long at the moment. Just found the one in firmware, updated it, compiled and now have different errors that call for investigation.
19:32:59langhaarrockerlooks like it doesn't find scramble to me:
19:33:00langhaarrockerprocess_begin: CreateProcess((null), scramble ./archos.bin ./ajbrec.ajz, ...) fa
19:33:00langhaarrockermake (e=2): Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden.
19:33:00langhaarrockermake: *** [ajbrec.ajz] Error 2
19:33:41hardeepI think scramble.exe needs to be copied to apps.
19:33:45 Quit Lowfiler (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:35:50langhaarrockeruff. That's it finally. Seems I finally got a ajbrec.ajz. Yeppie!
19:35:50langhaarrockerThanx all you folks. Without you I'd have been stuck here forever. Wished I could spend a round of virtual beer in the irc.
19:37:35hardeepWoo woo!
19:49:22langhaarrockerSorry, no beer available. Take this meanwhile:
19:59:32langhaarrockerJust a question in advance: If I want to build a firmware for the simulator - do I still have to use the gnush tool chain? Or does that require a normal compiler?
20:18:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:18:33langhaarrockerWished in the readme of the Win32 simulator contained more than the note "No info yet"
20:23:08 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
20:23:28dwihnoI need a slogan!
20:23:47 Quit Synthe ("Connection Lost - Excess Blood")
20:24:17langhaarrockerWhat about "Nach dem Essen sollst Du rauchen, oder 1000 Schritte tun!"?
20:26:28langhaarrockerHm. "Du sollst die Frau nicht vor dem Morgen loben!" ?
20:26:54dwihnosomething in english
20:26:57dwihnopromoting rockbox
20:27:03dwihno(it's for the t-shirt design contest)
20:27:30 Join Synthe [0] (
20:27:32langhaarrockeroh. A slogan with a topic. That makes things more difficult
20:28:58langhaarrockerLets think: "Rockbox - the hardest thing with funny blue rubber bumper edge thingies!"
20:28:58 Quit MeRWiN (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:29:31dwihnoyou aren't really helping me out :)
20:30:15langhaarrockerBe happy that I haven't tried coding - yet!
20:31:21dwihnoGet CVS access and raise havoc ;D
20:32:09langhaarrockerHey! That was a good slogan!
20:32:32dwihnoIt was
20:33:59 Join MeRWiN [0] (~merwin@
20:35:16dwihnoI got a slogan! :D
20:35:32langhaarrockerafter some pondering I decided to look up the word "ponder" in the dictionary.
20:36:08dwihnobubu am fenster
20:36:18dwihnonow look that up in your dickionary ;)
20:36:27dwihnoj/k :-)
20:37:51langhaarrockerBubu is baby lingo. "am fenster" is german and so am I. -> not a lot to look up. And I don't really want to know what a dicktionary is...
20:38:11langhaarrockerThe only thing that bothers me is: what is j/k?
20:38:40langhaarrockerreally? a smily?
20:39:41dwihnoa joke
20:40:17langhaarrockerAh. I never stop learning.
20:40:17langhaarrockerWhat about your slogan then?
20:40:23dwihnoYou'll see :)
20:43:06langhaarrockerWell my personal slogen will be now: "Let's catch some rest"
20:43:06langhaarrocker- well, for a while at least.
20:43:06langhaarrockerGood night!
20:43:11Synthej/k means just kidding
20:44:46langhaarrockerSynthe: I guess you don't know dwihnos slogan either?
20:45:40langhaarrockerWell, that means I have to dream about it.
20:45:58 Part langhaarrocker
20:47:16dwihnodamn you langhar dude
20:47:22dwihnoI was just about to show the slogan stuff
20:47:25dwihnohis loss
20:50:53 Join daos [0] (
20:50:58daoshey guys
20:51:31daoswhat kinda harddrives can you replace say one that was in my jukebox 5000?
20:52:01daosI'm guessin they gotta be a certain size
20:52:38Synthedunno, I know that I can replace the HD in my jukebox recorder with anything of a certain physical size, 40gb is the biggest they make right now
20:52:41Syntheif only I could afford one
20:52:58daoswhere can you buy them?
20:53:11Syntheanywhere online, I was scoping prices on
20:53:23daoswhat are the deminsions?
20:53:43Syntheits only like $137 or so for the 40gb drive, but I'd have to get a couple 2.5->3.5" adapters so I could format it and copy files from my old drive
20:54:00SyntheI don't recall, I just know that 9.5mm is the height requirement, the other dimensions are always the same
20:54:49daosthat would really rock
20:55:39daosI bought a 10 gig ipod and I gotta say it is nice, different than my jukebox, but I now can hack my jukebox and not worry about having an mp3 player
20:55:54daosif I screw up
20:57:46 Join g003y [0] (
20:58:09dwihnog003y :D
20:58:17g003yheya long time no chat :)
20:58:47 Quit daos ("BitchX Official WWW Site --")
20:58:47dwihnoya :D
20:58:48g003yI've been mildly lurking the list, but haven't done much at all lately on rockbox. So dang busy with my day job.
20:58:56dwihnoI know the feeling
20:58:59dwihnoWhat do you do for a living?
20:59:08g003yI'm a programmer
20:59:14dwihnoI envy you
20:59:22g003ywhat do you do?
20:59:28dwihnoI am too ashamed to tell
20:59:37g003ywe all gotta do something man.
20:59:40g003ya job's a job
20:59:40dwihnoEven if I was working as pimp, I'd rather tell you that :)
20:59:56dwihnoA programming job is so kickass!
20:59:58g003ywell it sounds like you have an honest job at least :D
21:00:09dwihnonot really :)
21:00:12dwihnowell, it sucks
21:00:18dwihnothe pay is sucky
21:00:20g003ywell I'm not a programmer at the Linus or Zagor level. Those guys are hardware hardcore
21:00:30dwihnothey kick arse
21:00:39dwihnoI wish I could start working at the same company and learn from them
21:00:53dwihnothey are truly zen
21:00:59dwihnoone with the code
21:01:10g003yyeah been awhile since I've seen conversation about assembly code & performance. Good stuff on the list.
21:02:20g003yfavorite new rockbox feature has to be the Resume stuff.
21:02:38g003ythat made me so horny when I saw it work :D
21:17:03dwihnoWhere is the data stored?
21:17:05dwihnoPlaylist etc.
21:17:31 Join elinenbe [0] (
21:17:37MeRWiNheya elinenbe
21:28:14dwihnoMisa want your opinion
21:29:26elinenbethe back is really nice.
21:29:45g003ythe front I would almost just put the logo maybe with the quote under it
21:30:12g003ysorry if I hijacked the conversation :D
21:41:35 Nick Zagor|out is now known as Zagor (
21:42:34 Join adi|dads [0] (adi_dads@
21:42:57 Nick adi|dads is now known as adiamas (adi_dads@
21:43:19Mode"#rockbox +o adiamas " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
21:44:25Topic""Hurry! Only 23 days left in the great T-Shirt contest!"" by adiamas (adi_dads@
21:44:35Topic"Hurry! Only 23 days left in the great T-Shirt contest!" by adiamas (adi_dads@
21:44:40 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|dads (adi_dads@
21:44:47Mode"#rockbox -o adi|dads " by adi|dads (adi_dads@
21:45:31 Quit adi|dads (Client Quit)
21:59:24 Part elinenbe
22:01:15 Part g003y
22:03:50 Join mistax [0] (
22:04:09 Nick mistax is now known as Snorlax (
22:05:01CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:05:01*Snorlax is feeling lonely here
22:07:26 Join elinenbe [0] (
22:07:50elinenbeI will be back in a few :-)
22:07:51 Part elinenbe
22:14:35 Quit MeRWiN ()
22:14:46 Join elinenbe [0] (
22:17:09 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:18:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:20:45Zagorso someone added another typedef *growl*
22:34:21 Quit Snorlax ()
22:40:34 Join hardeep [0] (

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