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#rockbox log for 2002-08-25

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00:11:14MeRWiNyo eggman
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00:56:07StevenKarpwhat does the 2s,4s,6s in the AutoVolume settings mean ?
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01:08:05edxgood night guys
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01:19:39MeRWiN-heya hardeep
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03:58:58StevenKarpany1 alive ?
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04:30:42MeRWiNsup Steven
04:31:41StevenKarpdo u know what does the 2s,4s,6s in the AutoVolume settings mean ?
04:32:11elinenbeI think they mean time until the Jukebox self destructs
04:32:31MeRWiNHmm... I don't use it, but I think it means the length of time that it will scan to find a normalized volume
04:32:45MeRWiNie: 6s would scan 6 seconds of the song to determine a normalized volume
04:32:54StevenKarpi c, thnx
04:32:58MeRWiNno prob
04:33:05MeRWiNKibbles and bits and bits and bits
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07:22:03hardeepAwfully quiet on here today. :)
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09:50:33rwoodhas anyone here worked with the RTC?
09:51:44MeRWiNnot me!
09:52:51rwoodMeRWiN: are you still in NJ?
10:05:14PsycoXulthe custom wps is displaying a blank line for me
10:06:59MeRWiNrwood: nope
10:07:13MeRWiNGot the hell out of dodge
10:07:24rwoodMeRWiN: well then, welcome home
10:07:29MeRWiNPsycoXul: are you using it right?
10:07:46PsycoXulno, i'm using the 1-line id3 cause the custom displays a blank line :p
10:08:06MeRWiNwith the latest cvs?
10:08:27MeRWiNyou have #define CUSTOM_WPS also?
10:08:47PsycoXuli have the menu option and it uses it but just shows a blank line
10:10:13MeRWiNI'm using the CVS from 8/24 and it worked :P I'll look at it in the morning. I know Zagor did some stuff to it, and I *think* that I updated my CVS with it, but i'll double check
10:10:24MeRWiNI'll be around about noon or one pacific
10:10:48PsycoXulyeah one thing you accidently commited the #define uncommented
10:11:59MeRWiNyeah... when i fixed the CRLF
10:12:06MeRWiNI forgot to recomment it
10:12:22MeRWiNi felt bad :)
10:13:06PsycoXuli've got 3 steel tubes stuck in a piece of plaster in a little metal dish
10:13:17MeRWiNhmm... interesting
10:13:20MeRWiNg'nite... I'll be around tomorrow to troubleshoot the problems
10:13:25PsycoXulnight :p
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13:06:22PsycoXuloh my god.. i can't believe somebody's done something with that old beginning of a game i wrote for the player heh
13:06:36PsycoXuli guess i should do something more with it :p
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14:47:13edxhi Zagor
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15:07:02freshmakerZagor: Hej!
15:07:19freshmakerZagor: Is soft scrolling a wanted feature?
15:07:37freshmakeri have a aptch
15:08:19freshmakerit's just a proof of concept, so it only works w/ propfonts
15:09:33freshmakerthe changes are subtle, and some glitches need to be fixed
15:11:18Zagorstop making excuses and post the patch ;)
15:14:30freshmakerit should hit the list any minute now
15:15:48freshmaker*grr* german isp's laggy mail relay ...
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15:16:27*freshmaker looks through list of alternative isps
15:38:43freshmakerZagor: do you like it?
15:39:30Zagorhaven't looked much at it yet - busy with other things
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16:28:36elinenbewhat exactly is "soft scrolling"?
16:30:44freshmakerit is bit wise scrolling in contrast to char wise
16:32:25freshmakerchar wise scrolling with propotional fonts looks a bit uggly because the steps are not equal
16:33:12 Nick dwihno|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
16:33:19dwihnoI agree
16:33:42dwihnoHow does the pixel scrolling look?
16:34:31freshmakerit looks quite nice, unless you set it to a high speed
16:35:06dwihnoand a high speed is?
16:36:43freshmakerhard to say. i didn't touch the timing with my patch. it still looks ok at "20"
16:37:13freshmakerof course "20" is much slower now
16:38:20dwihnoIf the pixel scrolling makes the CVS, the speed and pixel-width should be configurable (imho)
16:38:36dwihnoSome ppl have no problem with 4-pixel blocks being scrolled
16:38:39dwihno(for instance)
16:38:57freshmakerconfigurable pixel steps is not that easy
16:39:31freshmakeri would have to loop a few thing that currently are simple if-statements
16:39:47dwihnoWarcraft III on 'hard' isn't easy either - it's just a whole lot more fun :D
16:40:31dwihnoTime to check the laundry
16:41:00freshmakerfor me, coding is more fun. maybe i'm just too old ;-)
16:50:54freshmakerZagor: Who wrote the original scrolling code?
16:59:29 Quit freshmaker ("time to smash some shuttle cocks...")
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17:09:56ziongset AUTO_AWAY off
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17:20:52elinenbeis anyone here?
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17:38:06Silly_Flycan someone help me out on something?
17:38:44Silly_FlyI'm trying to run make on the tools dir, but I get an error message...
17:40:23Silly_Flymake (e=2): The system cannot find the file specified.
17:40:23Silly_Flymake: *** [scramble] Error 2
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19:21:22HesGood evening
19:21:28g003ygood morning :D
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20:03:03hardeepmorning all
20:03:22 Join freshmaker [0] (
20:03:45freshmakerHi, anyone tried the soft scrolling patch?
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20:19:16langhaarrockeranybody up there?
20:19:23dwihnoWie immer :)
20:19:33hardeepup where?
20:19:46dwihnoit's a riddle, hardeep
20:20:05dwihnonear a tree by the river, there's a hole in the ground ... ;-)
20:20:19hardeepand the answer is "
20:20:22hardeep"friend" ?
20:20:39dwihnothe answer is "it has you, Neo" :-)
20:21:08langhaarrockerOh, fine! Maybe somone can help me finetune my first "Hello World" like program! I've done a new game and now I'd like to know what special #ifdefs and so on I need to avoid conflicts with players and so.
20:21:24dwihnothe HAS_BITMAP-something
20:21:48langhaarrockeralso necessary in the *.c file?
20:22:38hardeepuse a file in apps/recorder for reference
20:23:24langhaarrockerThe sokoban.c just has some #ifdef for the simulator. But since I still haven't managed to get that thing compiled I don't know whether I need that at all.
20:24:26Silly_Flycan someone help me out on something?
20:24:47hardeepI guess you would want to include it just to be safe. The files in apps/recorder are only compiled if you selected ARCHOS_RECORDER
20:25:01hardeepSilly_Fly: ask away
20:25:05Silly_FlyI'm trying to run make on the tools dir, but I get an error message...
20:25:13Silly_Flymake (e=2): The system cannot find the file specified.
20:25:16Silly_Flymake: *** [scramble] Error 2
20:25:52langhaarrockerYou probably need some alias CC=gcc of set CC=gcc
20:25:54dwihnoSilly_Fly: do you got a compiled scramble?
20:26:16dwihnowin32 or linux ?
20:26:30hardeepSilly_Fly: you probably ran "configure" in the tools directory?
20:26:58dwihnoSilly_Fly: do you have an ansi-c compiler for the wintendo platform?
20:27:05langhaarrockerhardeep: If you tell me how that can be done under Win32 please let me know, too
20:27:29hardeeplanghaarrocker: if what can be done?
20:27:50Silly_FlyI have gnush and borland turbo c
20:28:05dwihnoSilly_Fly: well, just compile the scramble.c with borland then...
20:28:12langhaarrockerdwihno: Nonono, not Wintendo! I just did the 3rd game: RockBoxTendo
20:28:13langhaarrockerhardeep: Running configure under Win32
20:28:23dwihnolanghaarrocker: hahah :)
20:28:48hardeepSilly_Fly: you can also download scramble.exe from
20:29:02hardeepSilly_Fly: copy it to tools and you should be good
20:29:22hardeeplanghaarrocker: I use cygwin and it works fine re: configure
20:30:02langhaarrockerhardeep: astonishing. I didn't get it work and now uninstalled cygwin (for a while at least)
20:30:29hardeeplanghaarrocker: what error were you getting? it works great for me
20:31:17langhaarrockerhardeep: don't know anymore. Gave it up and played somewhere else meanwhile.
20:33:52langhaarrockerlet me guess: cygwin contains a genius tool for crlf -> lf?
20:34:32hardeeplanghaarrocker: cygwin comes with dos2unix
20:35:35hardeepBTW: when you install cygwin use the following compiler created by justin heiner:
20:35:58langhaarrockerhmpf. Ok, Ill take another hour to reinstall that §$%!#
20:37:05langhaarrockerBut not tonight
20:38:05dwihnoI prefer the gnush-setup, but cygwin is cute too.
20:38:41langhaarrockerGot the gnush thing running -> I prefer it too - well - momentarily...
20:44:51 Part langhaarrocker
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21:06:36Silly_Flyhow do I compile that freaking thing?????
21:06:49Silly_Flyeverytime I'm running make i get errors!!
21:08:52Silly_Flyzsh: command not found: mkdir
21:08:52Silly_Flyzsh: command not found: mkdir
21:08:52DBUGEnqueued KICK Silly_Fly
21:08:52Silly_Flyzsh: command not found: mkdir
21:08:52***Alert Mode level 1
21:08:52Silly_Flyzsh: command not found: mkdir
21:08:52***Alert Mode level 2
21:08:52Silly_Flymake: *** [.deps/usb.d] Error 1
21:18:53***Alert Mode OFF
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21:30:09 Quit Silly_Fly ("Connection reset by peer (כשאני ימצא את הפיר הזה אני יכסח לו את האמאמא)")
21:31:35 Join Phil [0] (
21:32:54PhilI've sent a game patch / file to the mailing list. And now I'm scared somone might flame me.
21:40:05lithermonwhat is an argh ?
21:40:42PhilThat' s the sound somone makes eating strange black quadratic poisoned things.
21:41:06lithermonah i see
21:41:59PhilYes, you're right. Argh is not to be mixed up with 'ah', which is what you wrote.
21:42:33lithermonhehheh :)
21:43:52lithermoni am dl ing a new kernel so i can plug in my rockbox so i can dl some more stuff so i can compile rockbox
21:43:53lithermonits gonna take ages
21:44:51lithermonwhen i am done i will try out wormlet
21:45:10PhilI don't even dare to ask my dictionary what "to dl" might mean.
21:45:54lithermoni dont think its in there but its definatly a verb
21:47:37PhilIs Hes awake? I reckon he did some experiments with reading volume info from the MAS. I wonder wether there is any chance to know where in the buffer the MAS is while playing and providing the volume info.
21:49:31lithermoni dont think anyone here is awake. not even me
21:49:53PhilHm. Is dl a unix command? Or some kind of good drug?
21:50:10lithermondl is download
21:50:30lithermonmaybe i shouldve wrote d/l
21:50:51PhilArgh! I see.
21:50:51PhilErm - I meant "Ah, I see!" - of course.
21:51:50HesI'm awake.
21:52:17 Join Snorlax [0] (
21:52:45HesThe volume reading available from the MAS of the recorders is from the audio DSP code (after the mpeg stream has been decoded). Real-time, while-playing (or recording) stuff.
21:53:04Snorlaxhallo, anybody here who did the sound mod?
21:54:07PhilHi! Cool!
21:54:08PhilDo you think it's possible to use the volume reading to make a oszillosgramme that can be used for navigation in a mp3 file?
21:54:45PhilThe problem I fear is the loss of synch.
22:02:25 Join MeRWiN [0] (~merwin@
22:04:44SnorlaxMerwin: have u done the sound mod?
22:04:50MeRWiNthe sound mod?
22:04:54MeRWiNwhich one
22:05:59Snorlaxthe capacitor and/or resistor mod?
22:06:08MeRWiNnope :)
22:06:27HesPhil: I don't think so. It would require decompressing the whole file and keeping the volume history in memory
22:08:41MeRWiNhes: I think we need to save the resume settings when someone plugs in the USB cable... it doesn't seem to be getting saved
22:10:23PhilHes: I don't think in such large terms. My intension is an editor fine tuning the position while splitting mp3 files. For that purpose a window with a couple of seconds would be fully sufficiant. I just thougth it might be possible to completely bypass the necessetiy of decoding mp3 by using the voulume info the mas can provide anyway.
22:13:13PhilOh by the way: Does anybody know whether the SH1 / gnush makes any distinction between short and int?
22:15:18HesPhil: For that purpose it would be fine.
22:15:49HesThe MAS provides the information for recorded audio level (while audio is input) and for the decoded output
22:16:20Hesbut yes, that requires letting the MAS decode the audio (in real time) and sampling it's VU meter during that
22:16:52PhilAnd do we afterwards still now which samples belong to which mp3 frame?
22:17:16 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
22:18:17HesI don't know.
22:18:50HesThere has been some work in knowing when the MAS is going over the buffer position where a new track starts.
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22:21:02PhilSorry, just got a visitor.
22:21:10 Quit Phil ("Trillian (")
22:29:13 Part lithermon
22:35:01 Join Silly_Fly [0] (~luk@
22:35:19Silly_Flyanybody here?
22:35:26MeRWiNyeah, for a minute... sup?
22:35:38Silly_Flyi'm fine..
22:35:47Silly_Flyjust having a little problem....
22:36:08Silly_FlyI finally got that make to work, and I got 'librockbox.a'
22:36:19Silly_Flynow I need to scramble it, right?
22:36:35MeRWiNwhat compiler are you using?
22:36:38Silly_Flybut when i'm running scramble, I get 'out of memory!'
22:37:03Silly_Flygnush 0203
22:37:19Silly_Fly(and borland turbo C to compile scramble.c)
22:38:05MeRWiNYou know, I'm probably not the one to ask about this :-) I use Cygwin to do all of my stuff.
22:38:06hardeeplibrockbox.a is only one of the libraries. you need archos.elf which is what you scramble
22:39:06hardeepthe call to scramble is done in the makefile, you shouldn't have to do it manually
22:39:07Silly_Flydon't have such file........
22:39:49Silly_Flyguess I screwed something.....
22:40:05hardeepif you have librockbox.a then you built the files in "firmware"
22:40:13hardeepWas everything in "apps" also built?
22:40:24Silly_FlyI think so....
22:40:44hardeepWhich makefile did you use?
22:40:47Silly_Flyi have
22:41:11Silly_FlyI used the one in 'firmware', but deleted the last line, as it kept generating error message......
22:41:24HesDon't touch anything in firmware/ or apps/
22:41:29Hescreate a 'build' directory
22:41:33Hesrun ../tools/configure there
22:41:40hardeepAre you using cygwin?
22:41:57Silly_FlyI'm using Gnush, on win2000
22:41:58Hesyou get a Makefile in build, then run make there and it compiles everything
22:42:20Silly_FlyI think it is MingW......
22:42:21hardeepFor gnush, use apps/win32.mak
22:43:08Silly_Flyno .mak files.............
22:43:45hardeepcvs update? the file is definitely there with latest cvs
22:45:16Silly_Flyi've downloaded the source for v1.2
22:45:21Silly_Flyguess I should update.....
22:47:47hardeepUpdate is not a bad idea. However, if you would prefer to build 1.2 just get apps/win32.mak and firmware/win32.mak from cvs
22:49:11 Quit MeRWiN ()
22:52:45hardeepSilly_Fly: You should also read
22:54:55Silly_Flyok, 10x.
22:55:11Silly_FlyI'll come by later to tell you if it all went smooth....
22:55:15 Quit Silly_Fly ("Connection reset by peer (כשאני ימצא את הפיר הזה אני יכסח לו את האמאמא)")
23:10:06 Join Silly_Fly [0] (~luk@
23:12:40Silly_Flyme again... ;)
23:13:06Silly_FlyI updated apps firmware and tools from cvs
23:13:48 Join ziong [0] (
23:13:55Silly_FlyI ran make -f win32.mak on firmware and apps, but still no archos.elf......
23:14:12Silly_FlyI do have though........
23:15:04hardeepHmmmm, how about archos.mod?
23:15:16hardeepDid you see any errors?
23:15:46Silly_Flyundefined reference to memcp
23:16:54hardeepAha, you are using gcc 3.1 which "optimizes" strcmp to memcmp
23:17:14hardeepYou need to add -fno-builtin to your compile flags...
23:21:27Silly_Flystill having the same problem.....
23:21:52hardeep"make all"
23:21:59Silly_Flyyou meant add -fno-builtin to the line that starts with CFLAGS = in win32.mak, right?
23:22:07hardeepYes, in both win32.mak's
23:24:05Silly_Flyall went smooth, except I still get 'out of memory' when it tries to scramble......
23:24:26CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:24:26*ziong is away: (Auto-Away after 10 mins) [BX-MsgLog Off]
23:25:25 Quit Zagor|off ("Client Exiting")
23:26:05 Join MeRWiN [0] (~merwin@
23:26:09 Join lithermon [0] (
23:26:18hardeepHmmmm, try the scramble.exe from
23:26:34hardeepmaybe something wrong with your version compiled with turbo c
23:26:45*MeRWiN hates keycards that only work 7am - 6pm Monday thru Friday!
23:27:33 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
23:28:47Silly_Flyall fine.....
23:30:31Silly_Flynow for the ultimate test....
23:30:37Silly_Flycopying it to my JB....
23:33:25langhaarrockerOh, while reading that: Has anybody a clue why USB detection doesn't work while playing games?
23:36:54 Quit lithermon ("[BX] Occifer, take me drunk, I'm home")
23:40:38ziongi have the same problem as Silly_Fly have before, but i have Linux... i get the 'out of memory' message while scrambling
23:41:08Silly_Flyhave you downloaded the compiled scramble from the site?
23:41:12Silly_Flyit worked for me.....
23:41:36Silly_Flymy JBR won't load the firmware I just compiled...
23:41:51ziongi tried both , the dynamic and the static version
23:41:54Silly_Flyit stays with 1.24...
23:42:56langhaarrockerBut you got a ajbrec.ajz?
23:44:49Silly_FlyI think it didn't scramble it after all....
23:45:12Silly_Fly i ran make again, and now it's 96KB (was 133KB, like the elf, before)
23:45:21Silly_FlyI'll try again...
23:45:27langhaarrockerDid you use the win32.mak to build it?
23:45:47langhaarrockerstrange. That worked for me.
23:46:10dwihnoworks flawlessly for me
23:46:28Silly_Flynow it's allright....
23:46:44Silly_Flydunno what went wrong before, but the file wasn't scrambled....
23:47:54langhaarrockerHave you been able to build the uisimulator as well? Just becauste that's where I failed.
23:48:17 Join lithermon [0] (
23:50:14lithermonhello can anyone help me what kernel options do i need to get my jbr20 working do i need scsi at all ?
23:50:51lithermoni got 2.4.19 kernel
23:51:19Silly_Flynever tried to....
23:51:31langhaarrockerit's incredible what a jukebox makes you learn. But I'm a windoof user who has to learn other things.
23:51:34Silly_FlyI don't have a win32 compiler
23:52:10langhaarrocker?? Do you mean a c compiler for win32?
23:52:31langhaarrockersomething like gcc?
23:52:43dwihnomingw is kickass
23:53:04langhaarrockerMaybe but how do I make it compile the uisimulator?
23:53:25dwihnoermh, never did that
23:53:33dwihnoCheck the mail list archives
23:56:59Silly_Flyerm, how do I get rid of CR/LF errors..??
23:57:42 Quit ziong ("ziong has no reason")
23:58:45langhaarrockerthat's where mingw fails: no dos2unix included

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