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#rockbox log for 2002-08-26

00:00:31langhaarrockerBecause that editor is currently broken and the installation cd is @work.
00:00:49dwihnoOops :)
00:00:52PsycoXulso use a better, unbroken one :p
00:00:57dwihnoWhat editor do you use then?
00:01:04dwihnoInstallation CD? Sounds like overkill :)
00:01:11PsycoXuluse vim!
00:01:30dwihnoNaaah, emacs %)
00:01:38dwihnoor pico ;)
00:01:39MeRWiNPsycoXul: you have a serious vim fixation :)
00:01:49dwihnoMeRWiN: vim is good for you!
00:01:54PsycoXulemacs? you wanna talk about overkill? :p
00:02:02langhaarrockerCurrently I use notepad
00:02:02MeRWiNdwihno: bah
00:02:02langhaarrockerI know how to make Kawa save lf only but that's broken now
00:02:16dwihnoPsycoXul: %) <−− nutcase-smiley (unless you've already noticed) ;)
00:02:38PsycoXulwell i'm not even gonna respond to pico :p
00:02:54langhaarrockerApropos overkill: does anybody know how to make Visual C++ save only lf? ;)
00:02:58dwihnoPsycoXul: Misa like vim, very mucho!
00:03:18dwihnoT minus 6 hours until it's time to get up again
00:03:22dwihnoGotta hit the hay
00:03:26 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
00:03:39dwihno|gonenight ppl ;) don't forget to sleep
00:03:53langhaarrockerwhat's that?
00:03:57PsycoXulMeRWiN: i used to use joe and then one day i decided i better learn how to use vi/vim since it's on like every *nix system, so i did and i ended up loving it :p
00:04:45PsycoXulMeRWiN: but i dunno this custom wps line is still blank...
00:05:02PsycoXulmy wps.config is
00:05:03PsycoXul%i/%l %h
00:05:17MeRWiNPsycoXul: that's your problem :)
00:05:30MeRWiNPsycoXul: i changed the way that the custom wps file is formatted
00:05:33MeRWiNjust a sec
00:05:38Silly_Flywhat's the usage for snprintf?
00:05:40PsycoXulwell you shoulda changed the doc :p
00:05:47MeRWiNPsycoXul: bah humbug
00:07:03MeRWiNPsycoXul: try this: %pp/%pe: %fc
00:07:04langhaarrockerSilly_Fly: something like
00:07:04langhaarrockerchar buf[5];
00:07:04langhaarrockerint i = 7;
00:07:04DBUGEnqueued KICK langhaarrocker
00:07:04langhaarrockersnprintf(buf, sizeof buf, "%d", i);
00:08:03CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
00:08:03*MeRWiN is doing dreaded expense reports
00:08:56 Quit datazone-work ("I like core dumps")
00:09:47langhaarrockerOh, it's midnight. Gotta go hunting some ghosts.
00:10:06 Part langhaarrocker
00:11:27Silly_Flywhy do I get parse error for the line :
00:11:34Silly_Flysnprintf(plevel,sizeof plevel,"%d",level);
00:11:44Silly_Flywhere pelevel is char[7]
00:12:53PsycoXulgaah.... i think usb shit locked up again copying the new wps.config
00:13:02PsycoXulgoddamn why's it fucking do that shit
00:13:08MeRWiNPsycoXul: you're using a hacked usb driver...
00:13:23PsycoXulwhats hacked about my usb driver?
00:13:37MeRWiNthe jukebox driver for linux is a hack :)
00:13:43PsycoXulhows that?
00:15:00MeRWiNyou're using the driver off of, right?
00:15:12PsycoXulwell its in the kernel
00:15:16PsycoXulbut yeah
00:15:36MeRWiNthe webpage says it's a hack of a different driver
00:16:11PsycoXulwell yeah it uses the usb storage interface
00:16:33 Quit lithermon ("BitchX-1.0c18 -- just do it.")
00:16:44MeRWiNor maybe your computer is just fucked :)
00:17:50MeRWiNwoo, i sent some peruvian phone booth pictures to 2600 mag :)
00:18:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
00:19:08MeRWiNFrom september 10 last year... I had the unfortunate luck of coming home the morning of september 11
00:21:07MeRWiNI landed in the houston airport at 8:00am, walked off the plane to see pictures of the world trade center in flames. Now that was a shock
00:22:17MeRWiNAnd I especially loved how they then shut off all the TV monitors in the airport so nobody knew what was going on :P
00:22:53fraggletat least you had the fortunate luck of getting on the right plane
00:23:09MeRWiNfragglet: yes, I agree with you on that one
00:23:46*PsycoXul tries the non JE usb driver
00:24:14PsycoXulyeah you know there's 2 UHCI or whatever drivers.. the regular and the JE
00:24:30PsycoXuli had it on the JE so i'll try the regular
00:25:14MeRWiNAnyone here need a $250 Continental Airlines travel certificate? It expires in a little over a month and I can't use it (I do enough traveling for work)
00:29:12 Join lithermon [0] (
00:31:06 Quit lithermon (Client Quit)
00:31:27MeRWiNSilly_Fly: got it working?
00:32:14Silly_Flyand my snake game too...
00:37:56MeRWiNI love snake
00:39:09Silly_Flyjust fixin a few more bugs...
00:39:43 Quit PsycoXul ("*sigh*")
00:43:55 Join PsycoXul [0] (
00:44:43MeRWiNPsycoXul: you got bad usb karma
00:46:04PsycoXulwell we'll see how the other usb driver works now
00:46:08Silly_Flylcd_drawrect is (x,y,height,width) right?
00:47:22Silly_Flyand height and width should be in pixels, true?
00:47:28MeRWiNnot a clue
00:47:51PsycoXul lcd_drawrect(x,y,width,height) draw a rectangle
00:48:03PsycoXulsee docs/API
00:48:22Silly_Flyyeah. I looked at it.
00:48:37PsycoXulwell i'm looking at it explicitly state exactly what you're asking
00:48:41Silly_Flyjust though it might have changed, since I'm trying to draw a rectangle
00:48:52PsycoXuli see
00:48:56Silly_Flywith height of 2 and width of 4
00:49:03Silly_Flyand it comes out way bigger....
00:49:14PsycoXul Notice that the smallest vertical resolution in updates that the
00:49:15PsycoXul hardware supports is even 8 pixels.
00:49:36PsycoXulthats for lcd_update_rect i dunno how it applies to lcd_drawrect ...
00:50:28Silly_Flywell, I'll just use fillrect
00:50:39Silly_Flythat one seems to work fine.. :)
00:50:45PsycoXulok :p
00:51:03PsycoXulpeople need to do more coding for the player!
00:51:34PsycoXulapparently it's so lacking in the games department somebody's ported my shittly old beginning of one [from pre-rockbox] to rockbox
00:53:11MeRWiNIt's hard to code games for the player
00:54:11PsycoXulnot really
00:54:44MeRWiNwhat kind of games would you make, other than text adventures? :)
00:55:08PsycoXultext adventure would suck without keyboard and only 22 chars showed at once
00:55:28PsycoXulMeRWiN: well stupid little one i did
00:55:35PsycoXulyou're a triangle that runs around a maze
00:55:36freshmakerthat's not a joke. i have seen a bsp engine on a C=64
00:55:39PsycoXuland finds the exit
00:56:54MeRWiNfreshmaker; yes, but this is a 2 line text-only display
00:57:05MeRWiNPsycoXul: kind of a boring game, huh?
00:57:11 Join Jet8810 [0] (
00:57:18PsycoXulespecialy with only 1 hard-coded level
00:57:19freshmakerah, sorry. thought about the recorder...
00:58:03PsycoXulMeRWiN: so uh whats the thing for the old %h or whatever?
00:58:13MeRWiNwhat did %h do?
00:58:29PsycoXulwell i tried the config you sent me and that works...
00:58:38MeRWiNwhat did %h do though?
00:58:43PsycoXulbut i want it Name - Artist instead of Artist - Name remember? :p
00:58:49Silly_Flywell, my snake is almost ready to be released....
00:58:57MeRWiNSilly_Fly: keep your snake in your pants
00:59:21MeRWiNtry %fd... i'd look at the wps.c code to be sure, but I think that's it
01:02:48PsycoXuland you know i'd rather have Track/Album when available, Track/Artist if no album, dir-parsed Track/Album if no id3, and filename if dirs can't be parsed :p
01:03:30MeRWiNi'm working on that :)
01:04:07PsycoXulyay (o:
01:04:40PsycoXuli suppose i should rewrite my little game to be a little more interesting and load levels from disk and such like that...
01:04:48MeRWiNPsycoXul: yup
01:05:20PsycoXuland for that i'd want to delve into the pattern defining code...
01:05:27PsycoXulyou know, for custom graphics :p
01:08:05PsycoXulbut before i can get into any of that i need to finish some silly potential new technology that probably won't be....
01:12:36Silly_Flymy snake is done!
01:14:22MeRWiNPsycoXul: excuse me?
01:15:52PsycoXuloh well i was researching various "supressed technologies" last year and at one point in about december a few concepts connected in my head and i came up with this new thing similar to one i read about, which then triggered the recollection of a dream i had several years ago and had never remembered till then
01:16:47PsycoXulan extremely long and involved dream with a timespan of many years, a broad scope of events, and all entirely centered around this technology
01:17:03PsycoXulall of which are rather unusual aspects for a dream, to me
01:17:43 Quit matsl (Remote closed the connection)
01:18:05PsycoXuland so i'm building :p
01:18:54MeRWiNhehe... what technology is that?
01:19:10PsycoXulwell it's entirely new
01:19:23PsycoXulin the dream i was basically at the place that i am now in real life
01:19:32PsycoXuland doing the things i'm doing now...
01:19:49PsycoXulall of which was like entirely unforseeable at the time when i actualy had the dream :p
01:20:13PsycoXuland i sorta stumbled onto some principle that's been sortof discovered already but not really recognized
01:20:28PsycoXuland made the first really practical implimentation
01:20:55PsycoXuland that sets in motion a lot of crazy shit in the world
01:21:08PsycoXulbecause it's more powerful and flexible than anything ever developed on earth so far
01:21:12MeRWiNgood crazy shit?
01:21:15PsycoXulit equalized ever human on earth
01:21:22PsycoXulobsoleted government, commerce, ....
01:21:54MeRWiNyou've been smokin' the really good shit, haven't you? :-)
01:23:02MeRWiNman, my computer is dragging.... I'm installing linux on VMWare
01:24:00PsycoXuland i did in the dream too
01:24:00PsycoXulwhich was odd cause i didn't think i've smoke any shit ever at the time in my life when i had the dream :p
01:24:26PsycoXulbut yeah things are happening slightly different from the dream
01:24:51MeRWiNyou had no rockbox in the dream
01:24:56PsycoXulwhich i'm glad for because in the dream i got busted and locked away for a long time
01:25:01PsycoXulMeRWiN: yes i did
01:25:09PsycoXulexcept when i got busted they took it away from me :?
01:25:11PsycoXul:/ even
01:25:50PsycoXulyeah i was dumb enough to show it to the pigs and go "hey isn't this silly, i've got a song on here thats illegal!" and played this song i got that's got the DeCSS source in song-form
01:25:54PsycoXuland then they confiscated it
01:26:20PsycoXuland i was all like "you're kidding!!! no!!!"
01:26:49MeRWiNthis must have been fairly recent dream then
01:26:54MeRWiNif it had decss
01:27:16PsycoXulit was like...
01:28:09 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:28:12PsycoXulwell like i said, the dream had a lot of things from the current reality
01:28:19PsycoXulthat were entirely unforseeable at the time i had the dream
01:28:33PsycoXulit was several years ago though
01:28:36PsycoXuli was in 6th or 7th grade
01:28:42PsycoXuland i'm 21 now...
01:28:50MeRWiN10 years ago? hmm
01:29:07MeRWiNgo work on that shit :)
01:29:11MeRWiNwhatever it is
01:29:12PsycoXulhehe :p
01:29:39PsycoXulyeah but this time i'll finish it before i get into some other things
01:29:46PsycoXulwhich should mean that i won't get busted
01:29:48MeRWiNbye fly
01:29:50 Part Silly_Fly
01:29:54PsycoXuland so the outcome should be different
01:30:01PsycoXulyou know, if any of this shit's any more than me being crazy :p
01:30:05MeRWiNyeah, dont' get busted
01:30:24MeRWiNso is this easy shit to do, or hard shit?
01:30:24 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
01:30:35PsycoXuli didn't intend for humanity to actualy get ahold of this technology and go off advancing with it...
01:30:50PsycoXulbut when i got locked away in a metal box
01:31:20PsycoXulwell somehow i set some things in motion that let it out prior to being locked away, which all went ahead while i was in
01:31:43PsycoXuland so i got out an indeterminable amount of time later and the world was completely changed
01:31:51PsycoXulMeRWiN: easy
01:31:56PsycoXulMeRWiN: it's all so simple
01:31:57MeRWiNgo do it :P
01:32:03PsycoXuland it changed *everything*
01:32:13PsycoXulit replaced every single bit of technology we've developed so far
01:32:27MeRWiNso what was this?
01:32:37PsycoXulfrom the simplest to things far beyond what we can do now
01:32:54PsycoXuleven the materials of clothing and homes and etc were generated via this technology
01:34:08PsycoXulMeRWiN: i think it's basically the ultimate electromagnetic device
01:34:30PsycoXulsomething to do with resonance and the wave properties of everything
01:35:38MeRWiNhmm... definately look into this
01:36:36PsycoXulimagine an electromagnetic windmill so to speak
01:37:24PsycoXulall it takes is a certain arrangement and alignment and you start an endothermic process
01:37:38 Quit freshmaker (Remote closed the connection)
01:37:42PsycoXulthat continues as long as there's energy in the surrounding environment
01:38:32PsycoXulit's just channeling the massive amounts of energy that permeates our reality :p
01:38:50MeRWiNslightly above my head, but i get the idea
01:39:04 Join rwood [0] (
01:39:09PsycoXulno damnit
01:39:12PsycoXulit's so simple
01:39:20PsycoXulMeRWiN: that was one of the things in the dream
01:39:27MeRWiNheya woos
01:39:29PsycoXulthat motivates me to not let it follow the same course if this shit's real
01:39:42PsycoXulthe fact that the population were all educated as to this technology's mechanism
01:39:45PsycoXuland it was all dead simple principles
01:39:53rwoodhi MeRWiN
01:39:56PsycoXuland yet nobody really got it except a select few of elite researches
01:40:41PsycoXuland that was not only frustrating
01:40:46rwoodanyone around that has looked at the i2c low devel drivers?
01:40:56PsycoXultrying to get these people to understand simple principles that even life itself is based on somehow
01:41:19MeRWiNrwood: not me, said the fela
01:41:24PsycoXulbut also dangerous, because it put humanity back into a situation similar to centralized government again
01:41:44PsycoXulbut this time nobody had any conception of revolution or anything like that
01:42:04MeRWiNPsycoXul: well, if this doesn't become a reality, it would make a damn good movie at least
01:42:14PsycoXulyeah i think so too :p
01:42:35PsycoXulthats at least the nice thing about my crazyness.. if i do just turn out to be crazy, i can at least make a lot of good entertainment out of it
01:42:51PsycoXulkindof a convenient fallback :p
01:44:16PsycoXuland of course i'm the only one i know who's first fallbacks for what they do with their life is a professional music and/or movie career :p
01:45:21PsycoXulbut the way i see it
01:45:25PsycoXulif something's possible
01:45:33PsycoXulthen why can't it be possible NOW
01:46:18PsycoXulyou know, nobody's idea of a utopian super-advanced future for humanity's ever gonna come about with people just sitting around waiting for it to happen :p
01:46:45 Quit rwood ()
01:46:49MeRWiNI just want to live through the next 50 years personally :)
01:48:48PsycoXulyeah but how will everybody working on rockbox feel if suddenly some weird guy creates technology that obsoletes electronics ... :p
01:49:41MeRWiNI'm sure that rockbox will become a novelty item like the atari or something :)
01:50:08PsycoXulnot really...
01:50:21PsycoXulpeople'd use this technology to create a new class of devices
01:50:41MeRWiNor there'd at least be a rockbox emulator somewhere
01:50:44PsycoXulthat have audio capabilities beyond anything out yet, including professional stuff
01:51:08PsycoXulit'd be sortof opposite of mp3 suddenly
01:51:36PsycoXulinstead of having space and processing limitations such that people develop psychoacoustic models to save only the information that people actualy hear
01:52:00PsycoXulthey'll have devices that record, process, and store every tiny bit of audio information present
01:52:05PsycoXulthings that *nothing* can hear :p
01:52:16MeRWiNbut then what's the point, if you can't hear it?
01:52:38PsycoXulanalysis for a start
01:53:02PsycoXulnot to mention that things you can't hear do have effects on the things you can
01:54:01PsycoXuland the fact that you percieve more than you know you do
01:54:20MeRWiNI think this would be a major disappointment, because the instant all of this came out, Microsoft would go steal and copyright everything and make everyone pay licensing fees :)
01:54:43 Join marvincbr [0] (
01:54:57PsycoXulall it takes is basically info i've already given various people at various times so far
01:55:05PsycoXuland that won't even be possible
01:55:18PsycoXuli mean people all over the world were building these things in their garages
01:55:34PsycoXuland forming communities of open information exchange and rapidly advancing the techniques
01:55:44MeRWiNlike linux
01:55:58PsycoXulexcept at some point in the dream something went wrong somehow
01:56:10PsycoXulan establishment was formed dedicated to the research and development of the technology
01:56:15PsycoXulall well intentioned of course
01:56:25PsycoXulbut it ended up having a hierarchy of knowledge
01:56:33PsycoXulwith the general populace at the bottom lacking a real understanding
01:57:06PsycoXuland different levels unnecssarily using empiricism in their specific tasks, also lacking understanding of certain fundamentals
01:57:35PsycoXuli mean for some reason people were often afraid to even talk about the romours of what the top teams were doing
01:57:47PsycoXuland thats not the way it should be
01:58:04MeRWiNthey're secretly talking about soilent green.
01:58:09MeRWiNit's people...
01:58:17PsycoXuland what was also weird
01:58:33PsycoXulis that i was like outside of their whole social structure
01:59:33PsycoXuleverybody knew i was responsible for getting the ball rolling, but nobody saw it as significant.. like i was just some bumbling idiot who stumbled upon this thing that somebody else would've done eventualy if i hadn't
01:59:48PsycoXulbut their knowledge hierarchy didn't apply to me or anything
02:00:03PsycoXulit was like i could do as i please and nobody cared
02:00:03*MeRWiN needs to go home.
02:00:07PsycoXulit was weird
02:00:11marvincbrcan some1 answer a question about the daily builds for me?
02:00:15PsycoXulyeah i'm talking way too much about all this :p
02:00:42PsycoXulsoon i'll finish making it and i'll see it doesn'tn really do anything and i guess i'll start on a book or something :p heh
02:00:50MeRWiNor a movie
02:00:59PsycoXulwell a book'll come first
02:01:15PsycoXulthere's too much for a movie i think
02:01:21marvincbri have rockbox 1.2 installed if i install the newest daily build is that just an updated version?
02:01:24PsycoXulit'd need to get all put down and organized first
02:01:52MeRWiNmarvincbr: it's the latest version since the last formal release
02:02:00MeRWiNmarvincbr: some things probably won't work that well, but most should
02:02:19MeRWiNmarvincbr: if you're not having problems with 1.2, then I wouldn't do the current one yet. 1.3 is coming out very soon
02:02:26marvincbrdoes it have all the improvements of the earlier builds
02:02:57MeRWiNmarvincbr: it includes all improvements, and more... You can always try it, and if you don't like it go back to 1.2
02:03:05marvincbrno probs just like some of the improvements of the builds
02:03:27MeRWiNmarvincbr: then definately give it a shot
02:03:36MeRWiNmarvincbr: it won't kill your system (probably) :-)
02:03:42marvincbrso the latest has everything\
02:03:46MeRWiNmarvincbr: yup
02:03:51marvincbrjust rename to archos.mod?
02:03:58MeRWiNmarvincbr: yuop
02:04:02marvincbrthank you for your help
02:04:06MeRWiNno problem
02:04:18*MeRWiN is leaving for home. I'll be back in an hour or os
02:04:53 Quit MeRWiN ()
02:18:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:22:31 Quit marvincbr ()
02:24:05 Join lithermon [0] (
02:25:11lithermonhello do any linuxers out there know the kernel options i need to get my jbr20 connected ?
02:26:25PsycoXulNote 2: The In-System ISD-300 chip (05ab/0060) is a fully USB Mass Storage compliant chip, and therefore does not require a special driver. Just plug it in. If you want to take advantage of its' USB2.0 functionality (and you have a USB2.0 controller), you need toadd USB2.0 support to your kernel. Otherwise it works just fine in USB1.1 mode too.
02:27:04lithermonjust the usb ?
02:27:22lithermoni think i need scsi as well
02:27:41lithermonor scsi emulation?
02:27:53PsycoXulscsi "emulation"s just for ATAPI devices
02:28:13lithermonoh right so just scsi and usb
02:28:25lithermoni have been going round in circles all night
02:30:54lithermonone time i got it right and it said you have forgotten to put in vfat support in the kernel - doh
02:31:51lithermonso do i need the isd200 bit or do i have isd300 which dosent need it ?
02:32:13lithermonalso i should choose ohci right ?
02:32:35PsycoXuljbr20's have isd300 afaik
02:32:50PsycoXulchoose whatever usb driver's appropriate for your system
02:34:20lithermonok, making, thanks psyc
02:34:33lithermoni hope this is the one
02:35:30Hadakayeah, just enable scsi, usb, usb-storage and the ISD200 driver - it will handle ISD300 as well
02:36:26 Join ETD [0] (
02:40:11 Quit ETD ("ChatZilla 0.8.7 [Mozilla rv:1.0.0/20020530]")
02:49:00 Quit lithermon ("[BX] The best part of waking up is BitchX in your cup")
03:29:08 Join nunya [0] (
03:31:59 Join lithermon [0] (
03:32:28 Join MeRWiN [0] (~merwin@
03:32:44MeRWiNhmm... MASH marathon or Law & Order marathon??
03:32:50MeRWiNLaw & Order definately
03:33:16lithermoni say MASH
03:33:39MeRWiNYeah, it's really debateable... maybe i'
03:33:43MeRWiNi'll watch half of both
03:33:55lithermonwatch both at once
03:34:07*MeRWiN only has 1 tv
03:34:57lithermonhmm well i havent ever heard of law and order anyway
03:35:07MeRWiNthat's a shame
03:35:14lithermonso i guess you can make your own choices
03:35:55nunyagot questions... loaded up the 0824 mod on my jukebox... no more resume... I also have one folder I can navigate into - but it doesn't show me the other folder inside of it.
03:41:55lithermonbuild kernel build
03:42:43MeRWiNlithermon: I can't believe that Law & Order hasn't come to the UK...
03:43:28lithermoni think the uk lags behind in tv
03:44:07lithermonwe are on the 2nd (i think) series of the simpsons
03:44:29lithermoni miss sky
03:45:18MeRWiNlithermon: Law & Order has been around for like 10 years. There's like 4 other spinoffs on the show also (also with the same name). And they all rock :)
03:46:01nunyalithermon - build kernel build??? i'm confroozed
03:46:02lithermonhmmm maybe its not suitable for uk audience
03:46:19lithermonnunya i am building a kernel
03:46:23lithermonand its takin ages
03:46:38nunyaahhhh... i thought you were answering my questions... sorry
03:46:58nunyaso does anyone have any answers?
03:47:00lithermonheh sorry
03:47:12lithermonit was an outburst of desperateness
03:47:39lithermonthis is the 8th one
03:48:18 Quit lithermon ("brb i have a new kernel to try")
03:51:48 Join lithermon [0] (
03:52:16lithermonyay it works im soooooo happy
03:52:41lithermonmount /dev/sda1 /jb woohoo
03:53:21lithermonthank you it took long enough :)
03:53:40PsycoXulwhat, your kernel take longer than 3 minutes to compile or something? :p
03:54:18lithermonwell 5min i spose i been drinkng cider though
03:54:59lithermon5min = 60 cider mins
03:55:52lithermonnow i hav to sort out this sh compiling
03:56:16lithermonthat will take like 30 cider hours
04:10:36MeRWiNhow do you do a netconfig in X?
04:14:16lithermoni have no idea
04:14:31lithermonwhat are you trying to do ?
04:14:32MeRWiNok, any clue how to configure a network card?
04:15:22lithermonhmm ithink you need to find out what card it is
04:15:35MeRWiNIt detects the card fine, I just need to set up dhcp :)
04:16:04PsycoXulmost distro's have their own way to set that crap up
04:16:28lithermoni havent used a nic for like 2 years
04:16:48PsycoXulwhy not
04:17:18lithermonbecause my computer hasnt been near a nother one for that long
04:17:31PsycoXulall the more reason
04:17:59lithermonwhen i was on 2.2 kernel
04:18:04PsycoXulget rid of that dialup!
04:18:29lithermonwhat can i do i am at parents house :)
04:18:39PsycoXuli dunno
04:18:41PsycoXulmy parents have dsl :p
04:18:56lithermoni have to use aol and windoze in the daytime :(((
04:19:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:19:14PsycoXulpoor you
04:19:17PsycoXulthats sad
04:19:22 Join h0bby [0] (
04:20:09lithermoni spose im lucky theres nothing sharp enough near enough
04:23:06lithermondo you think i need a brand new binutils for the sh compiler
04:23:08MeRWiNwhat would you do for a klondike bar?
04:23:15lithermoni must have it already
04:23:56lithermoni dont wanna know what i would do
04:24:19lithermonor what a klondike bar is
04:25:00MeRWiNlithermon: you are truly deprived :)
04:25:52lithermondont i know it
04:26:55lithermonThe Klondike bar was first mentioned in a 1922 article that listed six
04:26:55lithermon flavors being sold in Youngstown, including maple and grape. Other ice
04:26:55lithermon cream novelties popular at the time were Eskimo Pie and Good Humor.
04:27:11lithermonhmm still no wiser
04:27:54MeRWiNit's a damn good ice cream bar
04:28:34lithermonWhat would you do for a Klondike Bar?
04:28:45lithermonsaw off my genitallia with a butter knife!
04:28:57MeRWiNI'd give my left nut for one
04:30:18lithermonheh i hav ta get one
04:30:33lithermoni am hungry for klondike bars now
04:31:29lithermonmaybe the cider will fill me up if i drink fast enough
04:31:47lithermonor if i freeze the cider it will be like apple klondike bar
04:32:39MeRWiNI love english cider
04:32:44lithermonall ihave is cider help me
04:32:44MeRWiNcider in the states is horrible
04:32:45MeRWiNall of it
04:33:05nunyawoodchuck cider is reaaaal good!!! :)
04:33:20 Join datazone-work [0] (
04:33:51 Quit nunya ()
04:34:33lithermoni am drinking strongbow my brother says it is fake cider
04:34:38lithermonbut he bought it
04:35:03MeRWiNwhat is your favorite cider?
04:36:13lithermonthere is scrumpy jack which is proper cider
04:36:16lithermonits well scrumpy
04:36:40lithermoni have been drinking cider +llager+ribena =snakebite black
04:37:07lithermonwhich is alright
04:37:25 Join nunya [0] (
04:37:39datazone-workno thats some cider
04:37:44datazone-worki dont like dru ciders
04:38:09nunyaok... just tried the 0825 mod on my player... still no resume... puts me back at the root level after power off / power on
04:38:28lithermonget a jbr :)
04:39:03nunyajbr? recorder?? naaah
04:40:04lithermoni nearly got a player i thought yeh what do i need to record?
04:40:25lithermonbut i got it anyway
04:40:33lithermonthe recorder
04:41:17lithermondo you need to press pause before you turn it off ?
04:41:37nunyawhen i got my player, the recorder wasnt out yet. dont think i would have gotten it anyway. i upgraded my player from 6gb to 20gb last year and think i'm going for a 40gb drive this week.
04:41:56nunyano - i can just hold down the ":square" button and turn it off
04:42:13lithermon40G excellente
04:42:40lithermoni wish i had 40 Gb of music
04:43:54nunyaso where is the list of what the latest rockbox builds do?
04:44:15lithermonumm changelogs
04:44:26lithermonon the daily builds page
04:46:11nunyathats what i thought... but take a look at it - its pretty vague - just talks bout experimental code, getting a new editor, etc.
04:46:50lithermonyeh i just try the thing out see what it can do
04:48:16nunyamerwin says resume works for him... why wouldnt it work on mine? i have a 4.53 firmware so i'm grabbing the mod under player - instead of player-old
04:48:31lithermonit sgotta be better than the last version
04:49:50nunyawith the original archos mod - it would leave me at the last song played. now i thought i read that rockbox had a resume that left you at the last song and would even resume a playlist. with this i get no resume at all - i get thrown to the root level of the drive.
04:50:21lithermoni dont know about players sorry
04:50:36lithermonresume works fine on the recorder
04:51:08 Join hardeep [0] (
04:53:57lithermondose anyone know if gcc 2.95 will work to compile rockbox
04:54:17lithermonthey say it should be 3.04
04:58:52 Quit nunya ()
04:59:13 Quit lithermon ("gotta dial up again")
05:00:44 Join lithermon [0] (
05:05:17MeRWiNgotta ruN!
05:05:24 Nick MeRWiN is now known as MeRWiN|Away (~merwin@
05:05:52hardeeplithermon: give it a try and let us know. :)
05:05:59hardeepi've only ever used 3.0.4
05:14:10lithermoni think i need the source anyway
05:14:55lithermoni think i need a cigarette anyway
05:25:15 Quit lithermon ("im too drunk fo rthis")
05:34:15elinenbehardeep: fixing some good bugs −− heh?
05:34:46hardeepelinenbe: want to get 1.3 out the door. :)
05:34:53elinenbenice... :)
05:35:04elinenbewell, I can tell you some bugs :)
05:35:31hardeepfire away... i'm running out. :)
05:35:58hardeepi'm going to try wormlet first though... =)
05:36:20elinenbewhen I fast forward or rewind on the recorder the status bar moves to where you fast forward to, and then it jumps back where you started th ffw or rewind, and then it jumps forwards.
05:36:32elinenbetry fast forwarding or rewinding 30 seconds or so.
05:36:42elinenbeI just committed that :)
05:37:54elinenbeyou can add two highly requested features −− auto off after x amount of idle (not playing game or music) time, and sleep timer (auto off after x amount of playing)
05:38:04elinenbethat is peoples largest complaints...
05:38:22hardeepHeh, the features are lining up (i've got a few others I want to add too)... but that's post 1.3
05:39:02elinenbethe soft scrolling is pretty good too.
05:39:42hardeepYeah, I saw Bjoern's patch. Haven't had a chance to try it yet
05:41:18elinenbeI really like it alot.
05:41:21elinenbeIt is quite nice.
05:44:48hardeepHeh, cute little game re: wormlet.
05:44:48elinenbewhat else are you working on?
05:44:54elinenbeit is okay.
05:45:01elinenbeonly takes up about 3k :)
05:47:37hardeepI'm not really working on anything right now other than fixing the last few bugs.
05:47:48elinenbehardeep: I think everything soon should be loadable fonts. the proportional and the fixed fonts should be removed.
05:48:18hardeepHeh, you know, i've never actually enabled loadable fonts 'cause i haven't needed them
05:48:32hardeephi h0bby
05:48:45h0bbyi think bug for the recorder
05:49:09hardeepwhat is it?
05:49:26h0bbywhen you are playing a song in shuffle mode and then turn shuffle off it remains in shuffle
05:50:06elinenbehardeep: well, there are loadable fonts, and there are proportional fonts too!
05:50:30hardeeph0bby: hmmm, are you using 1.2 or a daily build?
05:50:45h0bbylates one
05:51:03h0bbynot not the one with the errors:)
05:51:08hardeeph0bby: so 8/25 daily?
05:51:50hardeepelinebe: looks like wormlet broke the recorder sim
05:52:01h0bbyit switches off shuffle the song after the switch
05:52:35h0bbybut shuffles the first next song
05:54:06hardeeph0bby: yep, looks like a bug.
05:54:44h0bbynot a big deal
05:59:14elinenbegoodnight all... I had a long day.
05:59:26 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|sleeps (
05:59:34hardeepg'night elinenbe
06:09:01 Quit datazone-work ("I like core dumps")
06:11:22MeRWiN|Awayno me gusta windows
06:12:49MeRWiN|AwayI want a recorder
06:12:54MeRWiN|Awayall these good games
06:14:14hardeepHeh, wasn't there a game submitted for the player recently?
06:14:41MeRWiN|Awaynot sure
06:15:18Synthehmm, last thing I ever want to do with my recorder is play games
06:16:03MeRWiN|AwayI go on alot of plane rides... long ones... games go well with music
06:16:07 Nick MeRWiN|Away is now known as MeRWiN (~merwin@
06:16:15Synthethats what a palm pilot or gameboy is for
06:19:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:19:25MeRWiNWith carryon's limited to 1, I like having everything in one device
06:52:23MeRWiNProsecution: What does your Client and sperm have in common? Defense: They both have a one in a million chance of becoming human
06:52:27MeRWiNI love Law & Order :)
07:08:28MeRWiNhow much space do you get on
07:10:13hardeepI forget... one sec, let me check
07:10:40hardeep100mb home, 100mb web, 100mb mail
07:10:45MeRWiNwow, that's not bad
07:10:51MeRWiNI think i'll validate my account :)
07:10:53hardeepI got an "arpa" account
07:10:58MeRWiNthey just give away free accounts?
07:11:02hardeeplifetime $36
07:11:44hardeepAlmost free, you send them $1 by mail to validate
07:12:03MeRWiNhow long is the account if you send them $1?
07:12:18hardeeplifetime as well
07:12:52MeRWiNheh, I could walk the money over to them... they're about 10 miles away from me
07:12:59hardeepthe normal "user" account gives you 20mb home, 20mb web, 20mb mail
07:19:04MeRWiNnot too shabby
07:19:10MeRWiNwhat os is it?
07:19:47hardeepNetBSD sdf 1.5.3_ALPHA NetBSD 1.5.3_ALPHA (SDF) #0: Mon Mar 18 17:42:40 UTC 2002 alpha
07:34:51PsycoXulhow about if you're holding ff/rr seeking through a track
07:35:09PsycoXuland you press and hold on and/or menu while doing that
07:35:14PsycoXulit switches to faster seek speeds
07:35:51PsycoXullike maybe a multiplier of the configured seek speed
07:36:04hardeepI think Zagor was going to look into increasing the repeat rate the longer you hold on to the button
07:36:15PsycoXulthats all fine and good
07:36:31PsycoXulbut ... i dunno i guess we'll see once its done
07:36:38PsycoXulif it works well then nm :p
07:37:56PsycoXuli'm just wondering how well it'll handle both situations of seeking relatively long through a short song and seeking long through a really long track
07:39:13hardeepYou can always change the step size. :)
07:39:20PsycoXulyeah i can do that now
07:39:48PsycoXuland right now its kinda inconvenient to wanna seek several minutes through a half hour long track
07:39:56PsycoXulwhile only seeking small amounts through short ones
07:40:22MeRWiNPsycoXul: you can't usually hold more than two keys at a time i think
07:40:35MeRWiNI just set to a 5 second step time
07:40:48PsycoXulgotta keep scrolling through a too-long list of options in single disorganized submenu and then sit there and scroll through the step size for a while
07:40:54PsycoXuland then go back through it again when you're done
07:41:12hardeepI think the biggest problem there is how messy the General Settings menu is getting
07:44:04PsycoXulthey could probably be split easy into Behaviour and Display instead of General... or something heh
07:57:58MeRWiNGood idea
08:00:47MeRWiNPsycoXul: you a law and order fan?
08:01:01MeRWiNhehe... A&E has a marathon
08:01:02PsycoXuli only watch a few FOX shows and thats about it for TV
08:01:11MeRWiNI'm addicted to law & order
08:01:30MeRWiNman, formatting 60 gigs sure takes a long time
08:01:37PsycoXulthe shit i do like is almost not worth watching for the commercials...
08:02:04MeRWiNPsycoXul: rephrase that last comment
08:02:07PsycoXulother shit and it's just an annoying noisy blinky box
08:03:07PsycoXulMeRWiN: the things i like watching are almost not worth watching thanks to the commercials
08:03:37PsycoXulyou know those shows aren't Really free
08:03:53PsycoXulyou pay for 'em, just not necessarily in tangible ways...
08:04:07PsycoXulunless you're particularly susceptible to advertising in which case you also pay money for it
08:05:07MeRWiNI am hella-good at tuning out commercials :)
08:05:26PsycoXulbut then you're just making them subliminal :p
08:06:07MeRWiNnah, I can't remember the last time that I bought anything in a commercial. I've been set in my ways for the last 4 years or so :)
08:06:36PsycoXulwhen i watch
08:06:45PsycoXuli like to watch the commercials too unless they're particularly annoying
08:07:06PsycoXuljust to spot the various marketting technique's their using
08:07:48PsycoXuland every once in a while somebody makes an entertaining one
08:08:33MeRWiN:) I'm partial to talking animals for some reason
08:08:56PsycoXuli liked the one with the hawk or eagle or something getting beers
08:09:46MeRWiNthat one kicks ass! "I wonder where he gets the beer from?"
08:10:53PsycoXulso i've built it
08:10:55PsycoXuli think
08:11:00PsycoXulits cooling
08:11:06PsycoXuland then i can check to see if it worked right
08:11:17PsycoXuland if it did, see if it works
08:12:27MeRWiNbuilt what?
08:12:35PsycoXulthe thing...
08:13:10PsycoXulwith the dream... heh
08:13:11MeRWiNelectromagnetic whatchamacallit?
08:13:37PsycoXulyeah but i don't think it'll work
08:13:49PsycoXuli don't think its right
08:14:21PsycoXulbut it's just the first test anyways
08:15:18MeRWiNquick to make?
08:15:32PsycoXulwell i've sure taken my time about it...
08:15:47PsycoXulbut if one were to just sit down and make one, then yeah
08:16:07MeRWiNwoo, I just did some phat photo editing to get rid of my gut :)
08:16:15PsycoXulbut if this one doesn't work, then subsequent tests may be a bit more difficult
08:16:28MeRWiNPsycoXul: cheap?
08:16:56PsycoXuldoesn't really need any special equipment
08:17:02PsycoXuluses pretty common materials
08:18:58*MeRWiN is getting bored watching his hard drive formatting
08:19:09***No seen item changed, no save performed.
08:26:26 Join Bagder [0] (
08:35:42Bagderred build - red build
08:40:44 Join Zagor [0] (
08:40:51Bagderhey Z
08:41:28Bagderthe build went red
08:41:39Zagorfrom me?
08:41:44Bagderno no
08:43:02Zagor"Congratulations on producing such a superb piece of work. Rockbox has literally blown my socks off :)"
08:43:05Bagderhardeep sure made some fine patches yday it seems
08:43:51Zagorbut people need to be more restrained adding features.
08:44:00Bagderbut we haven't mentioned that
08:44:02MeRWiNZagor: heya
08:44:10BagderI have a minor complaint
08:44:16Bagderon your friday fix
08:44:25Bagderapps wps.c,1.101,1.102
08:44:26Zagorwhich was that?
08:44:30BagderDon't display wps until there is data to display (or we'll get the annoying
08:44:30Bagder'end of song list' screen.)
08:44:37Bagderwe have a problem there
08:44:44Zagorwe do
08:44:46Bagderthis is the case:
08:44:48MeRWiNZagor: sorry about the uncommenting of the #include :-) The first commit had it commented, the 2nd accidently didnt
08:45:15ZagorMeRWiN: I understand. my point was more that it shouldn't be there at all. it should be in the Makefile
08:45:26Bagderwhen you press play in a dir, mpeg does immediatelt set the id3 variable so it is NULL when the wps starts
08:45:40MeRWiNZagor: point taken. I need to create seperate folders for my multiple makefiles... i usually just rm -rf the build dir
08:45:48Bagderbut if *no* mpeg is good, it never shows anything at all on screen, it remains blank
08:46:20Bagderso i figure we need to do something to detect that situation
08:46:43ZagorBagder: I know. but still the current status is better than always displaying "end of list" before starting the first track...
08:46:59Bagderthis might be a bug in the mpeg thread
08:47:15Bagdersince play_pending should be set before the sound is coming, shoudln't it ?
08:47:24Zagorwe probably need to make a new mpeg api mpeg_end_of_list or something
08:47:47Bagderyes, that the mpeg thread calls
08:47:53Zagorplay_pending will not be set until the file is opened
08:48:13BagderZagor: aha
08:48:24Zagorso during spinup, it's not set yet
08:48:36Bagderok, and that's when we saw that display then of course
08:49:33BagderMeRWiN: regarding your custom wps stuff, make sure you only load the data from disk once and then use a buffer in memory instead
08:49:43Bagderit loads from disk far too often now
08:55:38MeRWiNBagder: as of right now, it only loads from the disk when the WPS first loads (ie: not when in menus or anything). It also re-loads it when you go into the WPS Settings menu and change the WPS to Custom-WPS (in case it was changed by plugging in the USB cable and editing)
08:56:07Bagderok, sounds good
08:56:11MeRWiNBagder: I also made it so it handles string, not files...
08:56:39BagderMeRWiN: so you can make the "fixed" modes to use pre-defined custom strings?
08:56:39MeRWiNBagder: and put a case for most of the WPS types to use strings, not the general routines
08:56:44MeRWiNactually reduces code size i think
08:58:44MeRWiNlong plane rides are the best time to code... you can't just forget about it :)
09:04:18MeRWiNahh... windows... the user friendly operating system that takes 2 hours to install
09:05:32ZagorMeRWiN: you need to make it work for recorder too. multiline
09:05:44Zagoror "we" need to, anyway :-)
09:05:48 Join LinusN [0] (
09:05:57Bagdermorning LinusN
09:06:21*Bagder gets snmp on his brain
09:06:28LinusNMSG FROM: LinusN
09:06:38LinusNRCPT TO: everybody
09:06:49LinusNGood morning!
09:06:57*Bagder chuckles
09:07:44LinusNhas anybody else noticed that you can skip several songs with one NEXT keypress?
09:07:56*Bagder has not noticed that
09:07:58LinusNif you press it early in the song
09:08:14LinusNlike after a second, or even before the music has started
09:08:50LinusNas soon as it displays the id3 info
09:09:17LinusNmuck around with prev and next, and suddenly you're "out of sync"
09:11:02Bagderso many tshirt designs, so few uploaded ;-)
09:11:08MeRWiNLinusN: i've noticed that
09:11:14MeRWiNLinusN: forgot to mention it though :)
09:11:23MeRWiNLinusN: if you press next before the hard disk stops loading the buffer up
09:11:33LinusNI had a snake game sent to me the other day, and now we have another one committed... :-)
09:12:22*LinusN goes to fill his coffee cup
09:12:49 Join bobTHC [0] (
09:12:57bobTHCgood morning all!
09:13:16*Bagder runs to get more coffee
09:13:27*bobTHC to !
09:26:40ZagorBagder: you there?
09:27:25Bagderswimming in my mailbox ;-)
09:27:46ZagorI'm a bit miffed you added a typedef for the Menu return code
09:28:02Bagderyou mean instead of a plain int?
09:28:08Zagoror just the enum
09:28:26Zagori'm trying to avoid typedefs, you know... :-)
09:28:35BagderI know that
09:28:55Bagderin my brain, there are some places those do more good than bad though
09:29:11Zagorand this is one of those?
09:29:12HadakaI wonder if I should implement APR on rockbox
09:29:19ZagorHadaka: APR?
09:29:32Bagderyou do that Hadaka ;-)
09:29:35Hadakaapache portable runtime - a portability library
09:29:44BagderZagor: yes, I believe this is one of those
09:30:00Hadakait has all the typedefs you could ever want to get rid of ;)
09:30:36ZagorBagder: 'Menu' look like a struct or a pointer or anything. the only thing it doesn't look like is an int... :)
09:31:14Bagderso write a sed script to replace all "Menu" with "enum Menu" then ;-)
09:31:31Hadakahow about menu_t ? ;)
09:31:45*Zagor slaps Hadaka
09:34:54LinusNare we talking about the enmu that contains MENU_DISK_CHANGED?
09:35:29LinusNi have been thinking about that
09:36:09 Quit h0bby ()
09:36:23LinusNin my thinking, i would like "global" return codes, like EINTR
09:36:36Zagoryou mean like errno?
09:36:39LinusNor in this case, even SYS_USB_INSERTED
09:37:06LinusNso that any function can return one of those general codes
09:37:11Zagorbut that makes it very difficult to guess which you should check for
09:37:44LinusNin the event queue case, "system messages" have a reserved range
09:38:26LinusNjust a thought
09:38:37Zagorwhat is the gain?
09:38:57LinusNotherwise, games would have their own "disk-has-changed" return code
09:39:17LinusNor they would return MENU_DISK_CHANGED
09:39:24LinusNnot that nice, imho
09:39:42Zagorthey would not have their own, if anyone outside is expected to understand it
09:39:52Zagori think i see what you mean, but I'm not sure I agree
09:40:08BagderI don't like the return code being specific for USB-stuff
09:40:18BagderI'd rather have them being agnostic to the reason
09:40:18LinusNwe should at least agree on a generic behaviour
09:40:33LinusNBagder: i am not talking about the reason
09:41:23BagderI guess I don't understand your suggestion
09:41:25LinusNall functions could, for example, return SYS_DISK_CHANGED
09:41:49LinusNnot at all nice in other aspects, just playing with the idea
09:45:13 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
09:46:23MeRWiNwow, my computer went into hibernate and when it came out I was still connected to IRC
09:46:25MeRWiNnow that is amazing :)
09:47:15 Part LinusN
09:50:08 Join hardeep [0] (
09:53:50hardeephi all
09:53:57Bagderhi hardeep
09:54:17hardeeph0bby reported what he and I consider to be a bug, just wanted to make sure you agreed before submitting a fix...
09:54:39hardeepif you switch from shuffle to non-shuffle mode the playlist index doesn't get properly updated
09:54:51hardeepso the "next" song is not what you would expect
09:55:10Zagorright. the index should be sorted.
09:55:28 Join rwood [0] (
09:56:16hardeepyeah, the indices are sorted but the current index isn't updated to the new index of the current song
09:56:29Bagderthat should be fixed, imo
09:56:34Bagderhey rwood
09:56:44rwoodhi Bagder
09:56:51Zagorhardeep: ah, ok. yes i agree. go ahead and fix it.
09:57:09 Join LinusN [0] (
09:57:25Zagorrwood: any news on rolo for recorder?
09:58:04hardeepLinus: btw, i saw on the backscroll you mentioned next skipping a song. It's because of the error Heikki reported:
09:58:17rwoodi have my recorder insturmented - 1.27d appears to be looping on an irq0 interrupt (location 0x100)
09:58:37rwoodrep rate of the loop as 14+ usec
09:59:17rwoodi also connected a i2c bus monitor - it follows 1.27d correctly, but is very confused by rockbox
10:00:51rwood1.27d has a hi clock for about 9 usec, i did some playing and have improved tracking by increasing the hi clock state in i2c_outb
10:00:53MeRWiNwith a capitol S
10:01:47LinusNhardeep: so how can we solve this?
10:02:00Zagorrwood: sounds odd. there are no time requirements in the i2c protocol
10:02:15LinusNZagor: i think there is
10:02:19bobTHCwho maintain the Irc Archive webpage ?
10:02:21hardeepLinus: I haven't investigated further yet, just wanted to let you know the cause
10:02:27ZagorLinusN: minimum flank times?
10:02:28LinusNhardeep: thx
10:02:38BagderbobTHC: everyone with cvs commit access ;-)
10:02:44rwoodthe RTC has a min hi time of 600 ns and low time of 1.3 us for the clock
10:02:46LinusNZagor: i think it is something about max 400kbit/s
10:02:55rwoodLinusN: exactly
10:03:13ZagorbobTHC: i run the web page. what about it?
10:05:51bobTHCzagor : It's ok badger help me
10:06:22*bobTHC thanx to badger
10:06:29*Bagder bows
10:06:41Heshardeep/linus: Is anyone else seeing the problem I'm having (open failing)? Or is it just me and my new disk?
10:06:58HesI wouldn't like to reopen the box and put the old disk back to verify if it's the disk or not 8-)
10:07:35hardeepHes: I think we're all seeing it.
10:07:40ZagorHes: i think others have seen it too
10:07:41BagderLinusN: we need the mpeg list to call a end_of_playist() function
10:07:46Bagderthe mpeg thread
10:07:53HesI am somewhat reliefed to know that. Thank you.
10:08:01HesIs this a new bug?
10:08:05ZagorHes: can you repeat is easily?
10:08:22HesI can force a disk spinup easily with my fortune code 8-)
10:08:35ZagorBagder: or it simply provides a function: bool mpeg_end_of_list(void)
10:08:49Hesjust have to re-run it just around the time the disk is spinning down
10:09:00BagderZagor: possibly, yes
10:09:28LinusNBagder: purpose?
10:09:35ZagorHes: ok. what if you add a "sleep(HZ);" before mutex_unlock() in ata_sleep() ?
10:09:58BagderLinusN: the wps needs to know the difference between !id3 before anything has happened and !id3 because there is no song to play
10:10:12LinusNBagder: ah
10:10:21BagderLinusN: try making a dir with zero-byte mp3 files and press play on one of them
10:10:31Bagderit gets a blank wps
10:10:52LinusNbecause it loops?
10:10:57LinusNin the playlist?
10:11:05Bagderno, because it jumps into wps unconditionally
10:11:14Bagderand there it doesn't display anything as long as id3 is NULL
10:11:22Bagderthe code
10:11:42Bagderplay on a mp3 file => wps => wait until id3 is non-NULL => display something
10:11:58LinusNso you want tree.c to know when the playlist is finished?
10:12:05Bagderno, the wps
10:12:10Bagderthe wps needs to know it
10:12:12LinusNsorry, wps
10:12:23LinusNbut is repeat=true it never ends
10:12:37LinusNso what do you want mpeg.c to do?
10:12:40Bagderplaylist_next() returns NULL when you reach the end
10:12:44Bagderit can happen
10:12:47Bagdereven if repeat is on
10:12:54LinusNnot when repeat=true, does it?
10:13:07Bagdermake a dir with zero byte mp3 files and you'll understand
10:13:23Bagderit goes bananas if it repeats on those
10:13:29LinusNwhat has the playlist to do with zero-byte files?
10:13:42Bagderzero byte is not valid
10:13:47Bagderit goes to the next
10:13:49Bagderand next
10:13:50Bagderand next
10:13:51DBUGEnqueued KICK Bagder
10:13:51Bagderand next
10:13:54LinusNi know
10:14:02Bagderplaylist_next() returns NULL
10:14:04LinusNand how is that mpeg.c:s problem?
10:14:08Bagderit stops
10:14:15Bagderwhen playlist_next() returns NULL
10:14:18ZagorLinusN: it's not. but mpeg.c can help wps solve it
10:14:46LinusNhow come playlist_next returns null? is it supposed to?
10:14:48Bagderthe mpeg thread is the only one that knows this
10:14:54BagderLinusN: what else should it do?
10:15:03Bagderkeep on returning bad file names?
10:15:29LinusNso playlist_next returns NULL when it is about to loop?
10:15:30Bagderit returns NULL to indicate failure/end of list
10:15:37Bagdernot really
10:15:49Bagderit returns NULL when it otherwise would go crazy
10:16:05LinusNhow does it know?
10:16:12Zagor if(abs(steps) > playlist.amount)
10:16:12Zagor /* prevent madness when all files are empty/bad */
10:16:12Zagor return NULL;
10:16:27HesZagor: i'll try the sleep out
10:17:02LinusNok, so it prevents loading of the same file twice?
10:17:25LinusNand what does mpeg.c do about that today?
10:17:29LinusNthe NULL
10:17:33Zagorstop reading
10:17:47LinusNdoes it retry?
10:18:02ZagorNULL is defined as end-of-list
10:18:02LinusNso farbror frej will not repeat?
10:18:29Zagornot if you have a dir with only two farbror frej in it
10:18:43LinusNso it is an error to have short files?
10:19:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:19:21Zagorstop this. we have a problem. this is a solution.
10:19:27Zagorif you have a better suggestion, say it
10:20:19LinusNi don't have a better solution yet, i'm just saying that this solution might not be good enough
10:20:33Zagorright. but we must have one, even if only temporarily
10:20:46Zagorit goes absolutely bonkers otherwise
10:20:50Bagderit is better than with out the check
10:21:12Bagderbesides, you can change the check to be > amount*2 or something
10:21:17LinusNok, so the problem is 0-byte files?
10:21:21Bagdernot only
10:21:25Bagderbut that's an easy test
10:21:46LinusNor is it files without frame syncs?
10:22:00LinusNID3 could return error if no sync was found at all
10:22:14Bagderless than 216 bytes or something is not an mp3
10:22:40Bagderbut currently the mp3info() returns bad-file if it is less than 8 bytes
10:22:50LinusNand mpeg could stop if it gets NULL from playlist_next without seeing a frame sync in the whole list
10:23:46Bagderit should stop on the NULL only
10:24:26Bagderright, if one song works and the others are bad
10:24:45Bagderanyway, the point is not when to stop
10:24:56Bagderthe point is that the wps can't know this today
10:25:19Bagderstupid wps ;-)
10:26:19LinusNbut it calls mpeg_is_playing()?
10:27:07Bagderbut it returns false
10:27:13Zagorbut that is false before the first song starts playing
10:27:22LinusNah, right
10:27:55LinusNwhen does mpeg.c set the play_pending flag?
10:28:00Bagderperhaps we could have a mpeg_is_loading() that would be true before it starts playing
10:28:05LinusNmaybe we just need a yield()?
10:28:16ZagorLinusN: no, ata yields too much
10:28:40LinusNtoo much???
10:29:10Zagoryes. so a yield in wps or mpeg doesn't help, because they will run again before the read is done anyway
10:30:36LinusNok, so mpeg_is_playing() should return true even when loading?
10:31:00Bagderor perhaps we should redefine what play_pending means
10:31:02Zagorit can't, because the wait is for the id3 data, which could be bad
10:31:16Bagdernot necessarily
10:31:21 Quit rwood ()
10:31:21LinusNso? technically it is playing, only playing bad data
10:31:38LinusNwe are at least attempting to play
10:31:44Zagoryeah, I guess we could say that
10:32:05LinusNso if we let mpeg_is_playing () return true until it fails...?
10:32:22MeRWiNanyone here know how to add a network card in linux? :)
10:32:38BagderLinusN: it could work
10:32:41LinusNMeRWiN: no driver for it in the kernel?
10:33:06MeRWiNLinusN: it throws back an error to me saying couldn't load... it's a siemens speedstream pci... using the tulip driver apparently
10:33:08 Quit Hes (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
10:35:10LinusNbeing the coward as i am, i only go for mainstream vanilla network cards...
10:35:37MeRWiNany clue how to see which network card got loaded?
10:36:27hardeep"ifconfig" should give you info
10:36:51hardeepthere's also info in /proc (i forget exactly which dir)
10:37:08MeRWiNifconfig doesn't tell what driver though apparenlty
10:37:27LinusNcat /proc/pci
10:37:41LinusNthat might give a clue on the chipset
10:38:00LinusNor is it /proc/bus/pci?
10:38:50Bagder/proc/bus/pci is the directory in which pci devices appear
10:38:50MeRWiNaccton technology... hmm...
10:39:30MeRWiNhow do i change my network driver?
10:39:37CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
10:39:37*MeRWiN doesn't like linux :-)
10:40:57MeRWiNI'd like it more if i could get the nic to work
10:41:08Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
10:41:37BagderMeRWiN: you need to have your kernel support it built-in or as a loadable module
10:42:09*Zagor loves the sound of pneumatic drills in the morning
10:42:13Bagdertry to find information regarding your card and linux somewhere to see if there are any quirks involved
10:44:44hardeepZagor: there is a bug in the elapsed time display after resume
10:44:53Zagori'm sure there is :-)
10:45:04hardeepIf offset is >= 16M for VBR file, the display time is wrong because of integer overflow
10:45:35ZagorI guess you have a fix?
10:46:07hardeepNot yet. :) I'll fix later today unless you wanted to...
10:46:20hardeep(about to go to sleep right now)
10:46:38Zagorok. have a good nap, see you later.
10:51:10 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
10:51:40Hadakahey what's with the finnish? ;)
10:53:02 Join mbr [0] (
10:53:59 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
10:55:20 Join Hes [0] (
10:55:28mbrQuestion about lcd.c. Is there a reason why lcd_drawrect() and lcd_(clear|fill)rect have a different api?
10:55:37Hesgrrr, buggy usb-storage &%$#@
10:55:53Heswhere was I supposed to put the sleep(HZ) in exactly?
10:55:58Heslost my backscroll.
10:56:08mbrfirst uses upper left and lower right corner, second uses upper left corner and width/height.
10:56:20Zagorbefore mutex_unlock() in ata_perform_sleep() sleep()
10:57:13Hesthe one in the end, right?
10:57:28Zagormbr: no reason. just bad code.
10:57:32ZagorHes: right
10:58:23mbrZagor: should it be changed? After 1.3?
10:58:46Zagormbr: yes. i prefer width/height
10:59:03mbrZagor: so do i.
11:02:44HesZagor: Still can reproduce it
11:02:53ZagorHes: ok
11:03:17Zagorthat's a bit strange. the ata should not do anything while the mutex is taken
11:03:28HesIf i reopen a little too late while the disk is spinning down, I can notice the 1-sec delay
11:03:43Hesbefore the file opens
11:05:28Zagorit must be something other than trying to read while it's spinning down
11:05:35Zagorwe do that all the time with mpeg_next()
11:06:01LinusNZagor: and that bugs
11:06:26LinusNaccording to hardeep, that is the reason that it skips several files on next sometimes
11:06:27ZagorLinusN: but it doesn't hang like this. at least not often enough for it to ever happen to me.
11:07:09Zagoryes. red light on, no return from ata_read()
11:07:13LinusNi have seen a "hang" bug too
11:07:24LinusNand also "dir open error" or something
11:07:47LinusNbut only when debugging with gdb
11:07:56LinusNso i guess it doesn't count
11:08:20LinusNhowever, sht file skipping is reaf
11:08:31LinusNthe file skipping is real
11:09:24LinusNwhat does the ata spec say about trying to access the drive right after sleep?
11:09:51Zagorit only says "accesses can take up to 30 seconds after sleep"
11:10:03Zagorbut this is not just a long awakening
11:10:20HesCould we accidentally go to sleep while accessing?
11:10:28ZagorHes: i doubt it
11:10:47HesI'm off for the evening, bye
11:10:56LinusNZagor: i guess we could
11:11:44Bagderbye Hes
11:11:51Zagorsure, but still this should not happen. if that was the case, we would get it all the time on mpeg_next()
11:12:04LinusNbut we do
11:12:10Zagori never get it
11:12:20LinusNnot the hang, but skipping files
11:12:23Zagorunderstand we are discussing the hang here
11:12:40LinusNwhat if it the same bug?
11:13:35Zagori think not. the skip bug is more likely just read errors, possibly due to pending spindown
11:13:55Zagoralso that is easily solved with our new sleep handling.
11:14:20LinusNnot solved, just made less likely
11:14:44LinusNok, i believe you
11:14:47Zagorfor all our current uses anyway
11:14:53Zagoranyway, the hang bug worries me
11:15:06Zagor at 00:30 PsycoXul describes it
11:15:51LinusNyeah i have seen that
11:16:15LinusNbut it recovers for me if i go back blindly
11:16:38LinusNso it might have nothing to do with gdb after all
11:17:02Zagorgo back?
11:17:21LinusNyeah, i enter a dir and nothing happens
11:17:27LinusNi press left and try again
11:17:54Zagorok. hmm..
11:27:19Bagderdoxygen might be good for us
11:31:03Zagoryeah, could be
11:31:12Zagorfancy giving it a shot?
11:31:48BagderI noticed the wormlet code seemed to be using that style
11:32:17Zagoryeah there were some sort of headers in the comments
11:32:31Hadakaapr uses doxygen
11:32:52LinusNI played wormlet this morning
11:33:00LinusNthe texts didn't fit
11:33:09LinusNusing monospaced fontes
11:33:13Zagorthey do with propfonts :-)
11:33:48LinusNi know, but the bleeding edge builds don't
11:34:13Bagderwhat about enabling that by default now?
11:34:32LinusNyeah, we could do that
11:34:49LinusNdo we plan to have it by default in 1.3?
11:35:11ZagorI just want to fix the annoying scroll bug
11:35:39 Join pyvasene [0] (
11:35:49LinusNZagor: is it still there?
11:36:05Zagori'm looking at it now
11:36:13LinusNany ideas?
11:36:34Zagorwell I don't quite understand yet why it happens so... no
11:38:46Zagori'd be happy if someone found out why the X11 sim beeps on every bleeding key event too...
11:39:27langhaarrockerbecause you've switched on your speakers. Turn them off -> problem fixed :)
11:39:39Zagorbooo :-)
11:40:13Zagorit's the pc speaker
11:40:21Zagornot the sound card
11:40:24Bagdercheck for XBell() in the screenhack.c
11:40:31Bagdertry removing it ;-)
11:40:39Zagor*you* added it?
11:40:44Bagderheheh, no
11:41:12BagderI didn't write that code originally, as the header explains
11:41:26Zagorok, checking in silent sim :-)
11:41:46BagderI just never thought it would do that silly thing on purpose ;-)
11:42:17LinusNmajor sillyness
11:47:18Bagdersuggestion: we add an easier-to-find link to the bug tracker to the web site, possibly to the left-side menu
11:47:45LinusNBagder: are you silly?
11:47:48BagderI just checked, it isn't easy to understand how to file bug reports
11:47:53LinusNwe don't WANT bug reports!
11:48:00BagderI do
11:48:01LinusNthey make us look bad!
11:48:08ZagorBagder: sounds fine to me
11:48:12LinusNand ruin our business!
11:48:15BagderI want more bugs to assign to you ;-)
11:49:01Bagderwe could probably put a link above or below the bugs-table
11:49:24LinusNthat would be good
11:49:27 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
11:51:14ZagorBagder: I had a link below the table previously, and we got swamped with bugs for unreleased code
11:51:24Zagorbut we can try it again
11:51:47Bagderperhaps we should wait until 1.3 gets out
11:51:55Bagderthere's hardly anyone using 1.2 anymore
11:52:02Bagderso we basicly don't allow bug reports ;-)
11:59:09langhaarrockerZagor: I just read you had to adopt wormlet to code standards, but I don't see any differences. What did I do wrong?
11:59:54LinusNlanghaarrocker: c++ comments for instance
12:00:06Zagorall local vars are static. all comments are C, and a few minor formatting details.
12:00:36LinusNactually, Zagor was nice this time
12:00:47LinusNand let you keep the mixed case in the variables
12:01:14LinusNand the functions
12:01:15Zagoryes, i was thinking of changing it but didn't
12:01:53Zagoryou are too corrupted by C++, langhaarrocker :-)
12:02:12langhaarrockerno, it actually is java :)
12:02:19 Quit pyvasene ("Client Exiting")
12:02:37*Zagor is screaming in pain
12:02:37LinusNlanghaarrocker: even worse! :-)
12:02:42 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:02:50Blaster_Mastergood news, the CPUADER is gone ! i cant provoke it anymore :D
12:02:56 Join bobTHC [0] (
12:02:59ZagorBlaster_Master: good
12:03:04LinusNBlaster_Master: good news
12:03:31LinusNis this the bug #599194?
12:05:13langhaarrockerLinusN: Java is cool. Let's make a virtual machine for Rockbox.
12:05:51bobTHCwith a SH1 ? it's a it's slow ?
12:06:34langhaarrockerWell if doesn't become slow enough we only have to use Swing and it will be slow enough!
12:07:17Zagorhas anyone else noticed what Andrew Jamieson said about the inter-track gap? about them being gone?
12:07:32LinusNyes, it must have been the id3 stripping
12:07:34ZagorI still get them on my live recordings, but that could be bad mp3 files
12:07:52Zagorso you also get seamless playback?
12:07:53bobTHClanghaar : "JVM for Rockbox" sounds very good ;)
12:08:13LinusNi think it's quite rare to have glitch-free track changes
12:08:57Zagoryes, that's why i'm asking. who has them?
12:08:57LinusNi don't have any files to test with
12:09:08LinusNi think you only get glitch free gaps when splitting MP3 files
12:09:14Zagorif we really do seamless track changes, it's something to boast about. but I want to hear it myself first.
12:09:26ZagorLinusN: could be
12:09:28LinusNseamless CD rips will probably not be glitch-free
12:09:33bobTHCfor track change u think it's possible to add a fade out/fade option in like in winamp 3 ? (it's just an idea)
12:09:43ZagorbobTHC: why?
12:10:18Zagorit's definitely possible. but i can't see why you'd want it
12:10:35PsycoXuli'd like an option for stopping to fade out instead of just stopping... heh
12:10:52Blaster_Masterno i got this one−−−−> I09:CPUAdrE <newline>at 6C20436F
12:10:53ZagorPsycoXul: over how long time?
12:11:07ZagorBlaster_Master: yes that was what Bagder fixed the other day
12:11:08PsycoXuli dunno, fairly short i'd say
12:11:24LinusNBlaster_Master: what version are you running?
12:12:01bobTHCfade out at the end of the track->0sec gap-> fade in @ the sart of the next
12:12:13Blaster_Masternow or... CVS020826
12:12:34LinusNBlaster_Master: then it seems like Bagder didn't fix it after all...
12:13:23LinusNHmm the adress is "M CO" in ASCII
12:13:31ZagorbobTHC: if you fade out, what good is no-gap playback? you won't hear it anyway
12:13:58Blaster_MasterZagor : well the error is not occuring now ...
12:14:06LinusNNo, it's "M Co"
12:14:58LinusNBlaster_Master: you mean that that was the error you had before it was fixed, and now you can't get it anymore?
12:16:51LinusNok, how many of you here today have a Recorder?
12:17:05Zagori do
12:17:07Blaster_Masteryes, before i got ->I09:CPUAdrE <newline>at 6C20436F<- now i dont, i could provoke it som it happened every time, now i cant :D
12:17:15LinusNBlaster_Master: good
12:17:18Zagorwe *need* to get a table together. who-has-what
12:18:05LinusNI need everyone to go to the Port debug menu and take note of the AN4/AN5 levels when pressing the keys
12:18:27LinusNF1/F2/F3/UP are AN4
12:18:41LinusNLEFT/RIGHT/PLAY/DOWN are AN5
12:19:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:19:16LinusNwe've had some bug reports on bad key detection
12:20:07ZagorLinusN: how do we get to an4/5? I only see AN0-3
12:20:29LinusNmove your eyes a few characters to the right
12:20:54Zagoroh :-)
12:21:32LinusNit isn't very nice with propfonts...
12:21:54LinusNBagder: are you working on the new t-shirt submissions?
12:23:48*bobTHC have a recorder ...for linus poll
12:25:55 Part bobTHC
12:27:37 Join bobTHC [0] (
12:27:47*Blaster_Master has gone feeding
12:32:25*LinusN sees Zagors scroll fix and likes it
12:35:24Zagorit will be good to clean up the lcd code post-1.3
12:35:43LinusNand the mpeg code
12:35:47LinusNand wps
12:36:11Zagorhehe, yeah
12:36:39Zagori'm not sure I have understood your thinking for the new mpeg code. we need a RocLunch again :-)
12:37:16LinusNthe new mpeg code?
12:37:31Zagorwell, how you want to rewrite/clean up it
12:37:38LinusNnow i know what you mean
12:37:45LinusNWanna grab a chicken now?
12:39:05Zagornah, let's do it tomorrow.
12:41:10 Join Tumm [0] (coyote@
12:41:42Zagorok, my AN readings:
12:41:46*Blaster_Master has fed....
12:41:46Zagor AN4 AN5
12:41:46ZagorUP 2dd 0
12:41:46ZagorDWN 0 396
12:41:46DBUGEnqueued KICK Zagor
12:41:46ZagorLFT 0 223
12:41:46ZagorRHT 0 167
12:41:59Zagorall hex, of course
12:43:28LinusNZagor: do you have your charger attached?
12:43:43Zagori can try with it
12:43:57LinusNwow, your numbers are not like mine...
12:45:31Zagorno difference with charger attached
12:47:10LinusNZagor: how about the other keys?
12:48:17LinusNyour numbers are far below mine
12:48:31ZagorPLY 0 2dd
12:48:31ZagorF1 167 0
12:48:31ZagorF2 224 0
12:48:31***Alert Mode level 1
12:48:31ZagorF3 395 0
12:49:07Zagori wonder if your unit is different somehow. you have the noise, much darker lcd and now different key resistance
12:49:56LinusNit must be very different.
12:50:05LinusNwhat does the other ANx vaues say?
12:51:42ZagorAN0: 3FF AN1: 3E7 AN2: 031 AN3: 178 AN6: 321 AN7: 018
12:53:11MeRWiNZagor: do you just want readings for the rec, or the player also?
12:53:12LinusNsignificantly lower than mine...
12:53:30LinusNyou have the charger attached
12:55:48LinusNi wonder if we can use for example AN3 to calibrate the button driver?
12:56:13Zagorhehe. good question.
12:56:43LinusNyour unit is very close to the button threshold values
12:57:00LinusNmine is exactly in between
12:57:11Zagordoes noone else here have a recorder?
12:57:28LinusNbobTHC has one, but he hasn't reported in yet
12:57:36ZagorMeRWiN: just recorder
12:57:40Zagor(sorry, didn't see you)
12:58:32***Alert Mode OFF
13:02:20CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
13:02:20*Bagder returns
13:02:40Bagderyes, me fix the new tshirt designs soonish
13:07:29 Join pyvasene [0] (
13:09:40*Zagor still waits for recorder AN readings from people
13:10:30Zagor<LinusN> I need everyone to go to the Port debug menu and take note of the AN4/AN5 levels when pressing the keys
13:10:44Zagorwe have a button problem
13:10:59Bagderand you want to know all 8?
13:11:22Zagorup/down/left/right is a good start :)
13:11:34*Zagor goes to grab lunch
13:11:41bobTHCzagor : sorry ! low battery and charger@house
13:11:54Blaster_Mastersorry no recorder here, unable to help in that regard.
13:12:05bobTHCI listen too much music during lunch...
13:12:17Bagder(up) AN4 32b-32d
13:12:45Bagder(down) AN5 3F9-3FD
13:13:01Bagder(left) can not be tested
13:13:29Bagder(right) AN5 18C-191
13:17:34Zagorif you update, left can be tested (only off exits)
13:17:46Bagdercan't update now
13:18:02Zagorok. you have much higher values than I have.
13:18:05LinusNBagder: your unit is like mine
13:18:15Bagderbtw, I'm charging
13:18:25Zagorit doesn't seem to make a difference
13:18:33Zagorat least not on mine
13:21:07LinusNBagder: what does AN3 say?
13:21:51mbrHere my readings:
13:21:55mbr AN4 AN5
13:21:55mbrUP 333 0
13:21:55mbrDWN 0 3FF
13:21:55DBUGEnqueued KICK mbr
13:21:55mbrLFT 0 265
13:21:55mbrRHT 0 192
13:21:56***Alert Mode level 1
13:21:56mbrPLY 0 333
13:21:58mbrF1 190 0
13:22:00mbrF2 262 0
13:22:02mbrF3 3FF 0
13:22:14LinusNmbr: does your AN3 say about 190?
13:22:29Zagorhigher, I think
13:22:55mbrLinusN: 15B
13:23:54LinusNmbr: your unit is also like mine
13:24:00LinusNexcept for an3...
13:24:12mbrWhat is AN3?
13:24:13LinusNmbr: what sayeth an6?
13:24:34mbrAN6: 317-31A
13:25:04LinusNFYI, I don't yet know what an3 measures
13:25:27BagderAN6: 37E-382
13:25:47LinusNBagder: ooooh, charging eh...?
13:26:06Zagoranyway, all three of you have much higher key values than I do
13:26:39LinusNwe need to find a way to calibrate the keys
13:26:47BagderAN6 (not charging): 374-377
13:27:08LinusNpretty full batteries then
13:27:40Zagormy an3 has decreased since a few minutes ago
13:28:59Zagordo we have any show-stoppers left?
13:29:24Zagori don't consider this one
13:30:04Bagdernot really. I'd like to have the wps things fixed as we talked about before, but it isn't really a show-stpper
13:30:42Zagorwhich things were that?
13:30:59Bagderabout the wps ending blank if no mp3 is good
13:31:04Zagorah, righ
13:31:06LinusNi don't like the next-skip bug
13:31:39Zagorwe've always had it, right? it's not recently introduced?
13:31:57***Alert Mode OFF
13:33:00Zagori'll look at the new ata sleep handling. i think that should solve most of those problems.
13:36:10Bagderso many tshirt designs
13:38:24Bagderhey, we should modify the content-type the rockbox site sends for .mod and .ajz
13:40:13 Join freshmaker [0] (
13:40:49Bagder7 new shirt designs committed
13:42:11Zagorpage made
13:42:28Zagortwo broken images
13:43:52Bagdersame error on all four ;-)
13:44:05Zagorbooo ;)
13:44:30Bagderfixed now
13:48:15freshmakerZagor: Thanx for fixing the scrolling code. But there are still problems.
13:48:34Zagorfreshmaker: yes, I know. this was only temporary.
13:48:44Zagorthe scroller will be rewritten after 1.3
13:49:00Zagorit was written for monospace fonts, so it cannot really handle proportional
13:49:34Zagorit deals with characters instead of pixels
13:49:50freshmakerYup. I fell over it while experimenting with soft scrolling
13:50:00Zagoryeah, I can imagine
13:50:43freshmakerso the new scroll code would just have a pixel offset and no char offset, right?
13:51:26Zagorit needs a char offset too, unfortunately
13:51:40freshmakerfor character cell LCDs?
13:52:17Bagderwe can make them differ in that aspect
13:52:21Bagdercan't we?
13:53:13Zagoryes, we'll probably have two separate
13:53:21BagderI think it makes sense
13:53:23Zagorin fact, i'm thinking of separating lcd.c into two files
13:53:33Bagderthat too would make sense
13:53:34Zagorthey differ so much
13:53:55freshmakerthat would be a lot easier to read
13:54:55Bagderadd that to the todo-list for post-1.3
13:58:22freshmakerwill propfonts and loadable fonts be in post-1.3?
13:59:07Zagorpropfonts will go in 1.3, but loadable will be post
14:00:13freshmakeri have some ideas for the recorder scrolling code
14:01:46freshmakeri.e. how to implement it. i really would like to contribute to post-1.3 recorder scrolling code.
14:02:11freshmakerare there any requirements?
14:02:28freshmakerwhat should the new scrolling code do?
14:03:15Zagorbasically what today's scroll does, plus optionally smooth scrolling.
14:03:34BagderI don't think it should be optional, we should only do it smooth on recorder
14:03:58Zagoryeah, not much point having it non-smooth
14:04:32freshmakeryou get smooth scrolling for free, if you implement propfont scrolling properly
14:05:18Bagderyou can put it that way, yes
14:05:30freshmakeryou can set the step size (in pixels) to whatever you want.
14:06:20freshmakerdo we need the feature to have the right boundary of the scrolling line *not* at the right border of the screen?
14:06:41freshmakeri.e. do we need mid-line-scrolling?
14:06:50Zagornot at the moment,no
14:06:55Zagorso don't write it
14:06:57Bagderonly the left-side atm
14:08:27CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
14:08:27*freshmaker is looking through the code
14:08:42freshmakerwhere does marginx come from?
14:12:24freshmakerwhat's it for? not overwriting the cursor in browser mode?
14:13:11 Quit Blaster_Master ()
14:13:13Zagorand to avoid having to calculate new coords when status line goes on/off etc.
14:14:09freshmakerah, i'm enlighted :-)
14:15:01freshmakerZagor: did you write the original scrolling code?
14:16:03Bagderhm, the prev key does not work 100%
14:16:08freshmakerwhy have scroll->text and scroll->line and doing all that copying?
14:16:26Zagorfor the wrap
14:16:41BagderI just hit 'left' and it skipped to another song that I didn't just hear before
14:16:42Zagoryou need to have both the end and the start of the string on the screen at the same time.
14:16:57Zagora new buffer is simpler than trying to puts() it two times
14:17:05LinusNBagder: that is what we have been talking about this morning
14:17:06ZagorBagder: hehe
14:17:09Bagderthen I hit 'right' again and it came to a song I didn't just hear, it was silent and the timer stood still
14:17:19BagderI pressed pause
14:17:23Bagderand play again
14:17:28Bagderand the timer said 00:19
14:17:33Bagderand the music played
14:18:20freshmakerwhat about enlarging scroll->text by 32 and once copy the beginning to the end?
14:18:21Bagderwhen I pressed 'prev' I got to see 'end of song list
14:18:36BagderI think I saw all flaws in just a few keypresses ;-)
14:19:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:19:17Bagderfreshmaker: I think that is a fine idea
14:20:48Zagorfreshmaker: it's not that simple. then the wrap will be miles behind the end-of-string if the string is narrow
14:21:44Bagderright the wrap still needs to be handled somehow
14:23:51freshmakeri would take the string, add 3 blanks and concatenate the first n chars to the end. i don't see the problem?
14:24:14Bagderme neither ;-)
14:25:26Zagorthat's what we do now
14:25:50 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|brb (
14:25:56Bagderright, but it needn't copy them to a buffer actually
14:26:06Bagderit could lcd_putsxy() them
14:26:37Bagdernot that the copying is so much to worry about
14:27:00Zagorit's much simpler making a good buffer and then putsxy:ing it right
14:27:11Zagorthe problem is making a good buffer
14:28:49freshmakerwhen will 1.3 hit the road? (or when will the code freeze start?)
14:29:03Zagorthe code freeze is pretty much in effect already
14:29:16Zagor1.3 should have been out last week, but we found nasty bugs
14:29:56Bagderhm, shouldn't the lcd scroll use lcd_update_rect() ?
14:30:28freshmakerinstead of lcd_update()?
14:31:17Bagderseems like a waste to update the entire screen for only moving one line
14:31:28Zagorit is
14:32:35Bagderthe reason is of course that update_rect() is a relatively newcomer in the API family
14:33:03 Nick elinenbe|sleeps is now known as elinenbe (
14:33:14Bagdermorning Eric
14:33:26elinenbesorry for killing the builds last night
14:33:59elinenbeI shouldn't have committed... at least not when I was 90% asleep.
14:35:55bobTHCwhat u think about some Web stats and "rockbox download" stats ? (sorry,i'm always out of subject)
14:36:28 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:38:55 Nick freshmaker is now known as fresh|coffee (
14:39:09Bagdercoffee is a good idea!
14:46:32elinenbebug: on the lastest build (I am using PROP FONTS) on the recorder when I set the scroll speed in the menu, the scroll speed indicator does not show up.
14:46:48Zagorat all?
14:47:03elinenbesorry −− it does not scroll.
14:47:30Zagorah. well no, that's because it all fits on the screen. :-)
14:48:07elinenbewell we need to add some more dots to the end of the string :)
14:49:25elinenbeare PROP FONTS going to be standard on 1.3?
14:49:30 Join lithermon [0] (
14:49:41Zagorwhat's a good name for the function that tells the ata driver not to spin down yet? ata_ping? ata_kick? ata_please_wait_were_not_really_done_yet?
14:50:20Zagorno, that would imply turning off the spindown. this only resets the timer.
14:50:29Bagderata_idle_timer_reset() perhaps
14:50:42Bagderor even ata_idle_reset()
14:50:42Zagorugh, long ugly name
14:50:52 Part LinusN|brb
14:52:03Zagorhow about simply ata_spin() ?
14:52:25*Zagor thinks the hardest thing about programming is making up good names :-)
14:53:24elinenbenow that was just rediculous
14:54:49fresh|coffeegood names? like "struct by_lightning"?
14:55:09fresh|coffeeunsigned check
14:55:22Bagderchar les;
14:55:35Zagorint uitive;
14:55:48Bagdershort sighted;
14:56:02Zagori'll use ata_spin() for now
14:56:13Bagderit is fine enough
15:12:39HesAny insight in the ATA problem?
15:14:06Zagori'm remaking the sleep handling. hopefully that helps some of the problems.
15:15:46fresh|coffeePlease, what is "RoLo"?
15:15:56Zagorfirmware loader inside rockbox
15:16:06BagderROckbox LOader
15:16:24HesIsn't that in the FAQ already?
15:16:32fresh|coffeeAhhh *hitting the table* like LILO?!
15:16:48Bagderthe original thought was like lilo, but this is even better imho
15:16:52Bagderthis is more like 'exec' ;-)
15:21:23Zagori'm checking in the new ata sleep code now. please test it thoroughly.
15:21:30Zagori have to run off a few hours. see you later.
15:22:48 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|out (
15:22:48DBUGEnqueued KICK Zagor|out
15:22:51Bagder+void ata_spin(void)
15:22:57Bagderthat's a fine function ;-)
15:23:46Bagderbut I agree it is hard to simulate in any sensible way
15:24:25Zagor|outi prefer empty stubs rather than #ifdefs in the code
15:24:36Bagderyeah, that's better
15:27:41 Part lithermon
15:30:34 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:34:39Bagderit is indeed bad when there's only three letters left in the alphabet that isn't used as shorthand options to a command :-)
15:35:02CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:35:02*Bagder admits to this sin
15:54:49 Join lithermon [0] (
16:10:17 Quit fresh|coffee ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020818]")
16:11:28 Part lithermon
16:14:58 Quit mecraw (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:16:53 Join fresh|coffee [0] (
16:18:02 Nick fresh|coffee is now known as freshmaker (
16:19:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:31:51 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020818]")
16:32:41 Join alkorr [0] (
16:32:50alkorrhi !
16:33:20alkorri was in vacation and found above 800 emails to read when back :/
16:33:30alkorrotherwise i'm fine
16:34:06alkorrlinus and zagor are absent ?
16:34:20alkorrah yes i can see 'ou'
16:35:08 Join freshmaker [0] (
16:39:38freshmakerok, now that Zargor wants separate lcd.c for recorder and player, i rewrote the recorder scrolling code from scratch
16:40:13Bagderhehe, does it look good?
16:40:26freshmakeruser settable pixels per scroll step, user settable speed
16:40:36freshmakerlooks awesome ;-)
16:40:59freshmakerbut it's a little hoppy durnig ata io
16:41:33Bagderyeah, but that's not much to do about
16:42:02freshmakeroverclocking the cpu, yeah!
16:42:22Bagderbut that'll shorten the battery time, as it uses more power then :-)
16:42:46alkorrwell you would just need to change the frequency clock but i'm not sure that you can exceed 14 MHz
16:42:58bobTHCsh1 have a big comsuption ?
16:43:09freshmakerw/o having to take care of the LCD_CHARCELL code, the scrolling code is small and simple
16:43:10Bagder"typical" at 60mA
16:43:23bobTHC@11mhz ?
16:43:24Bagder(at 12.5MHz which isn't quite what we're at)
16:43:54bobTHCU know his @14 ?
16:44:03Bagderno, the data sheet doesn't tell that
16:44:29 Join Phil____ [0] (
16:44:45alkorrnot documented here but i know it is possible another project using the sale SH1 was at 14 MHz
16:44:53alkorrbut it is at your risk !
16:45:20bobTHC;) always , rockbox too
16:45:59bobTHCif it not overheating and not compsuption too much ....
16:46:56alkorr15 MHz !
16:47:35alkorrSH7032 instead of SH7034 but it shouldn't make the difference
16:47:37Bagderwell, a faster CPU would read data faster and thus could spin down the disk sooner and save some battery
16:48:21bobTHCu think it's really a good deal...
16:48:49Bagderno, I think it's just talking about things that don't matter much
16:50:55alkorreven if it is working, it won't be something that anyone can afford
16:51:10bobTHCbut it's perhaps a good way
16:51:37Bagdera good way to what? to void your warranty and gain very little?
16:52:08bobTHCa good way only if no hardware mod of course ...
16:52:12Bagderif you're gonna dream, then I'd suggest replacing the CPU completely ;-)
16:52:25bobTHCby a SH3
16:52:29alkorri prefer to try to use dma or things like it instead of increase frequency
16:52:44Bagderand SLEEP
16:53:05Phil____but with 15 MHz it could sleep faster!
16:53:08alkorrwell, SH3 is not compatible bobTHC ;P
16:53:37Bagderit wouldn't have to be compatible ;-)
16:53:38alkorrbut you must be a good electronician too
16:54:11Phil____And you need a steady hand -> more alcohol.
16:54:26alkorrmore or less ?
16:55:04Phil____depends which drugs you're addicted to
16:56:07bobTHCi'm not good @all so i'll go to smoke and leave the pro work
16:57:19alkorrwhat an annoyance ! I need the mscrt700.dll to have the recorder simulator wroking !§$*# :(((
16:57:27Phil____Do you know if there's any difference between int and short?
16:57:42alkorrint -> 32 bit
16:57:55alkorrshort (int) -> half int -> 16 bit
16:58:04 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020818]")
16:58:32alkorrnot acquantaince with C, Phil ?
16:58:45BagderC doesn't say that alkorr
16:58:57Bagderit does
16:59:03Phil____I just remember that there were architectures that defined the length of int differently.
16:59:28alkorrright, alpha says int are 64-bit
16:59:39Bagderalpha has 32 bit ints
16:59:42Bagder64 bit longs
16:59:48alkorr64-bit alpha ?
16:59:50BagderDOS runs with 16 bit ints
17:00:08alkorrit's strange...
17:01:09alkorrare you really sure ? or is it 'long' which is 64-bit under Alpha ???
17:01:19Phil____Then was it that on some architectures int and long are the same size? Mixed things up again. It's at least 2 years that I programmed in C++.
17:01:20Bagderlong is 64bit
17:01:39BagderPhil____: most machines have int and long the same, 32bit
17:01:54alkorrokay, it was a problem of 'long', not of 'int'
17:03:30 Join freshmaker [0] (
17:06:21alkorrwell since 'int' was available before 32-bit architecture in C, they were 16-bit. But 'int' were expanded to 32-bit for 32-bit systems because it is more convenient. I think 'long' is always 32-bit for 16-bit or 32-bit architectures
17:06:57alkorrfor 64-bit architecture, it seems some people chose to expand 'long' to 64-bit instead of 'int'
17:07:03alkorram i wrong, Bagder ?
17:07:15Bagderno, that's basicly how it is
17:07:59Bagderalthough I'm not quite sure how "long long" and "long" differentiate in C99
17:08:25BagderI mean for machines like the Alpha
17:08:47alkorryes that's true
17:09:00alkorrbut 'long long' was a gcc extension
17:09:05Bagderit was, yes
17:09:42alkorrso a relic which persists so 32-bit architecture can have 64-bit computation
17:09:43 Join Snorlax [0] (
17:10:15alkorrwhat the major improvment in 1.2 ?
17:10:30Bagderthere are so many I don't know where to start ;-)
17:10:41Bagderand we've improved vastly since 1.2 too
17:11:32alkorrI'm looking for that in the site but i cannot find them...
17:11:38Bagder1.2 introduced USB detection, the wps screen, battery level indicator, proper all-dir playback etc etc
17:13:40 Join elinenbe [0] (
17:19:56alkorrwell, if you want to have a dramastically speedup for reading sectors you should use multisector reading
17:20:25alkorrhowever my original source have code for that.
17:20:42Bagderwe read multiple sectors
17:21:07Bagderand yes, it is much faster
17:21:16alkorri don't see that in 1.2
17:21:24Bagderdon't look in 1.2
17:21:34alkorrit is added afterwards ?
17:21:35Bagder1.2 is oooold ;-)
17:21:46Bagder1.2 had a rotten bitswap too ;-)
17:22:04Phil____and no wormlet
17:22:12alkorrah yes i should look at the assembly code to check if it is really good ;)
17:22:27Bagderyou should indeed ;-)
17:27:12elinenbethe better code... the better the box.
17:27:19elinenbeRoxBox Rocks
17:27:27elinenbeRockBox Roxx
17:27:34elinenbeahhh... whatever..
17:27:35alkorrgrrr my SSH sucks !
17:27:42 Join edx [0] (
17:28:08elinenbewhat should one do if they have spilled water on their laptop?
17:28:30Phil____remove the batteries at once
17:28:39Bagderhey edx
17:29:10 Part elinenbe
17:35:59alkorrBagder, the multisector reading is not in CVS ?
17:36:10Bagderit is
17:36:52Bagderata_read_sectors() I believe
17:36:58alkorrwell i have just checkout it and find nothing about multisector reading nor a better byteswapping
17:37:26alkorrread_sectors is a one sector read per interrupt
17:38:13Bagderso improve it then
17:38:23alkorri dont think Linus use bitswap for ata but for mp3 streams i think
17:38:34Bagderit is only for mp3
17:39:39alkorrwell, i will have a look on it to improve it.
17:41:14alkorrsee you later
17:41:18 Part alkorr
17:42:53BagderI'm off too
17:42:55 Part Bagder
17:43:12 Nick freshmaker is now known as freshmaker|brb (
17:46:29 Join elinenbe [0] (
17:47:00Phil____elinenbe: dry again?
17:49:18elinenbePhil____ : Well everything seems to be okay, but sonb'l;<
17:49:34elinenbea few k,eys are essed up
17:50:18elinenbeo,k,m, and comma are really messed up
17:50:47Phil____seems there was some keybord-chip virus in the wetness, too
17:51:07 Join Moof [0] (~moof@
17:52:31elinenbewhat i,s the k,ey 4~ in unix?
17:52:37 Join Moufle [0] (~moof@
17:52:51 Part Moufle
17:54:37 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:54:47 Join matsl [0] (
17:57:27 Part bobTHC
17:58:52 Join ah_ [0] (
17:59:18 Join manitee [0] (
17:59:23maniteehi folks
17:59:42maniteedumb question - how do I get my studio 20 to power down using v1.2?
18:00:47 Join quelsaruk [0] (
18:00:47ah_i works like the normal firmware.
18:01:18maniteewell, under the stock firmware, it would power down after 1 min. with 1.2 it's been sitting here for 5 mins
18:01:42ah_1 min ?
18:01:51maniteeseemed like 1 min - is that incorrect?
18:02:16ah_ive to wait a few second on both
18:02:46maniteelet me ask this then: how long is the inactive-to-powerdown delay in 1.2?
18:04:10ah_maybe i'm wrond , got a archos jukebox 6000 , studio 20 is recorder or just player ?
18:04:15ah_-d +g
18:04:44maniteeits a recorder
18:04:51ah_ooops sorry
18:04:57ah_got a player
18:05:06maniteehmmm - wonder what gives here
18:05:07ah_doesn't know how recorder works
18:05:20maniteeturn off you bastid! :)
18:05:54maniteeha ha!
18:06:19maniteefound it - hold down "stop" and hit the power button
18:09:06 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:10:00maniteewith that, im going to luch
18:10:09 Nick manitee is now known as manitee|away (
18:10:13 Join edx [0] (
18:16:27 Quit Phil____ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:18:47 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
18:19:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:31:57 Join RedLeg [0] (
18:32:34RedLegSImple hardware wuestion anyone?
18:40:24 Join Bagder [0] (
18:43:40MeRWiNhey bagder
18:43:44Bagderhey ho
18:44:00*MeRWiN is disappointed.
18:44:28MeRWiNmy great sleep was interrupted by someone in a timezone 3 hours ahead of mine calling me at 6:00am and waking me up
18:44:33MeRWiNI was having a great dream :P
18:48:52 Join LinusN [0] (
18:48:57Bagderevening LinusN
18:49:08LinusNBagder: "professional mind-reader"! haha!
18:49:22LinusNi like that
18:49:29BagderI just get a bit tired on those kinds of questions at times
18:49:49LinusNi know the feeling
18:49:52 Quit manitee|away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:49:58MeRWiNBagder: how do i do the extra define in the makefile for the CUSTOM_WPS
18:50:13LinusNi wonder, the bug report i just got assigned (crash during play)...
18:50:26LinusNcould that be the one you fixed?
18:50:31BagderMeRWiN: Add -DCUSTOM_WPS to CFLAGS
18:50:43BagderLinusN: yes it might be
18:51:05MeRWiNwhere is cflags?
18:51:13Bagderin apps/Makefile
18:51:32MeRWiNwell, i know that :-) I mean, CFlags isn't anywhere in the makefile
18:51:43Bagderyes it is
18:51:52Bagderline 28
18:52:16MeRWiNin the player makefile?
18:54:20MeRWiNIs there any way to have it only be in the player makefile though?
18:58:27Bagderthere is, but then you need to tweak the makefiles and how they are generated
18:58:47MeRWiNoh, well, i'll just make my code work in the recorder too then :)
18:59:31 Join sylvr [0] (
18:59:40Bagderwell, you add that to your makefile, I don't add that to mine ;-)
19:01:06MeRWiNeventually it'll need to work with both
19:01:08MeRWiN*shrug* :)
19:01:31LinusNwell, cu tonight...maybe
19:01:34LinusNbye for now
19:01:37 Part LinusN
19:02:47 Nick Tumm is now known as tumm (coyote@
19:04:29quelsarukBadger, i've been working a bit in multilingual support
19:05:12Bagderwhat have you done?
19:06:08 Quit sylvr (Remote closed the connection)
19:06:12 Join sylvr [0] (
19:06:49quelsaruki've been working in two ways, a compile-time language selection, and a user selection at main menu
19:08:00Bagderand how do you use the strings in the code?
19:08:13quelsarukthe problem using a user selection is that we spend some precious space in every language, except we make an external language file..
19:08:45Bagderthat's why we prefer having the language a compile-time option
19:09:06quelsaruki know...
19:09:14quelsarukbut i liked the other idea... :P
19:09:45quelsaruka compile-time option it's not a "real" multilanguage support
19:09:52quelsarukbut it may work
19:10:42BagderI doubt there is any definition for a "real" multi-language support
19:11:10Bagderespecially with rolo, you can later load another rockbox with another language built-in
19:11:24quelsarukthat is a good idea
19:11:42Bagderanyway, you still need to define an API that works for either way
19:11:55quelsaruki know..
19:12:05quelsarukbut i have to few time yet
19:12:48quelsarukI have studying astronomy. How will astronomy help my on real life?
19:14:04quelsarukone more thing Bagder
19:14:25quelsaruki've read your mail about id3 tags
19:14:41quelsarukbut i think tag is at the first 300 bytes
19:14:55quelsaruki have to check it yet tonight
19:15:05quelsaruki'll tell you tomorrow
19:15:13Bagderplease do
19:16:14quelsaruki was testing id3 tags, so i ripped a song using id3 v1 alone, id3 v2 alone and a file having id3 v1 and v2
19:16:37quelsarukthe two files having id3v1 worked well
19:16:53quelsarukbut the one having just id3v2 failed
19:17:04Bagdercan you make the file available to me for download?
19:17:39quelsaruki have them at home
19:18:08quelsarukif i remember i'll give them to you tomorrow
19:32:39SyntheI was wondering, has Rockbox had any formal communications with Archos at all?
19:32:49Bagdernone what so ever
19:32:51 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
19:32:54Synthelike compliments on code, or suggestions or whatnot?
19:33:01Bagdernot a beep
19:33:24 Nick freshmaker|brb is now known as freshmaker (
19:33:27SyntheI was thinking that archos would want to discuss adding rockbox features to the main BIOS if they liked them
19:33:58Bagderwell, one could imagine all sorts of fun stuff really, but...
19:35:05freshmakerSynthe: that would not work. rockbox is GPLed.
19:35:21Bagderso? they could GPL their code too
19:35:44Bagderits not that they do something we don't know about ;-)
19:35:52freshmakerit's 3rd party code, probably
19:36:26BagderI don't think so, at least the major things are made by Archos themselves
19:36:40freshmakerhow do yuo know?
19:36:41BagderZagor was once offered to work for them
19:36:51Bagderwriting software for the multimedia
19:37:00dwihno|gonehe was?
19:37:15Bagderthey shrugged off when he mentioned his price tag ;-)
19:37:32dwihno|goneWhich was ... ?
19:37:55Bagdertoo much for Archos... I don't know the details
19:38:46dwihno|goneThey probably wanted to hire him as code police :)
19:38:49dwihno|goneZagor is certified
19:39:01dwihno|goneCertified C.P
19:39:03Bagdervery likely, yes ;-)
19:40:31dwihno|goneWhen did he get the offer?
19:40:49BagderI don't remember, it was quite some time ago
19:41:04Bagderthey found him because of his isd200 driver works
19:41:35dwihno|goneStupid old me thought it was because of rockbox *duuuh* :-)
19:41:51Bagderthat was long before rockbox existed
19:42:03dwihno|goneIt has always existed in our hearts!
19:42:23edxIs there any native English speaker in here?
19:42:26dwihno|gonealong with the craving for beer
19:42:32dwihno|gonemisa speek engrish
19:43:12dwihno|goneHey, I got ice cream :D
19:43:23dwihno|goneedx: do you got ice cream?
19:43:33edxdwihno: yea :)
19:44:28edxis it "I want to see the opening of Parliament" or rather "I want to se the opening of Parliament"?
19:44:42edxok those two sentences where the same.
19:45:00edx"I want to see the opening of THE Parliament."?
19:46:32edxwith "the"?
19:47:08 Join manitee|away [0] (
19:47:31 Nick manitee|away is now known as manitee (
19:47:33edxBagder: where did you learn speaking English, btw? Your English is really good.
19:48:40Bagderschool, movies, friends, hacking, internet
19:49:07*edx hopes to get as good as Bagder in English one day
19:49:14*Bagder blushes
19:49:21maniteedumb question 2: is there a place to dowload the compiled daily CVS builds?
19:49:44maniteethanks badger
19:49:44*edx has to look up blush
19:49:45 Quit MeRWiN (Connection timed out)
19:50:24Bagderedx: I think you speak very good english already
19:50:48edxthanks ;) (if only my English teacher would think so.. haha)
19:50:58*edx grumbles..
19:51:30 Join Snorlax [0] (
19:51:36 Quit freshmaker (Remote closed the connection)
19:51:39edxwe had to do some stupid homework where she asked us what we wanted here to be like - and I blew it as I did not want to answer those damn questions in full sentences.
19:51:54edx*here = her
19:52:34 Join freshmaker [0] (
19:56:06 Join matsl [0] (
19:56:19Bagderhey matsl
19:56:26matslhey Bagder
19:56:33BagderI'm about to leave, see ya
19:56:35quelsarukedx: in spanish you could be what we call a "pelota", but i don't know the english term for that
19:56:39 Part Bagder
19:56:46 Join elinenbe [0] (
20:01:42quelsarukum... it was a joke, edx.
20:05:33RedLegAnybody done a HD uprade on a Recorder20?
20:05:59maniteei read about one...
20:06:12quelsarukno, i upgraded a 6 GB recorder
20:06:20maniteesomeone put an IBM travelstar 40gb in thiers IIRC
20:06:23RedLegI'm wondering if there is any one brand or model which is preferred?
20:06:37 Quit adi|work ("[x]chat")
20:07:14 Join g003y [0] (
20:07:54quelsaruki don't know
20:08:22maniteeuh, i guess IBM travelstars work heh
20:08:41quelsarukall work
20:08:45RedLegWhat brands did Archos use?
20:08:49SyntheI would like to put a 40gb in my recorder 20, then I could actually fit all of my MP3s on it and still have room to use it for a backup HD on my PC :)
20:08:56g003yfujitsu I believe
20:09:05quelsarukfujitsu and toshiba
20:09:06RedLegSynthe: That's exactly my problem.
20:10:01quelsaruki suppose there are some brands that work better than others, i mean, produce less heat, more reliable...
20:10:11Syntheya know what I wish someone would come out with? A unit that contained just the MP3 playback hardware and ran off of AC (not battery) that you could just attach to the IDE/Power connectors of any IDE drive
20:10:38Synthethe thing could be the size of a pack of cigarettes, just attach to the end of a drive for instant MP3 playback, could use any size drive you have
20:10:44maniteethats basically what the stuiod 20 is synthe
20:10:57maniteejust gott crack it open to change hte drive
20:11:04maniteei cant type today :/
20:11:14SyntheI don't want something you have to crack open, I want something that you can treat drives like cartridges
20:11:21maniteepricewatch has IMB 40 gb drives for $138 US
20:11:22Syntheswap out one 40gb for another in 10 seconds
20:11:23g003ylike the GigaBeat?
20:11:39g003ybut thats on battery
20:11:48maniteehard drives by nature are not really "swapable" - not in thier rawest form anyway
20:14:40freshmakerquelsaruk: fujitsu and toshiba? my jbr-20 has a hitachi DK23DA-20
20:14:58RedLegSynthe: Neo had a unit like that. Looked like 3.5" HD carriers. It came with a dock for the PC and one for the car.
20:16:07quelsarukfreshmaker: all models i saw had fujitsu and toshiba, i suppose archos uses the cheapest model :)
20:17:24quelsarukif i had to sell something, i would use the cheapest materiasl, so me product could be competitive
20:17:37maniteeso the studio 20 doesn't support the 7 line LCD like the recorder does?
20:18:53 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:19:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:21:30 Part g003y
20:22:48RedLegThanks for the info (and for RockBox)..... gotta go...
20:22:53 Quit RedLeg ("Client Exiting")
20:30:27 Quit ah_ ("Leaving")
20:31:20 Quit quelsaruk ("Aplicación Saliendo")
20:37:58 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
20:38:36*matsl is away: I'm busy
20:44:00 Join hardeep [0] (
20:44:20 Join elinenbe [0] (
20:47:17maniteehey anybody here?
20:54:43maniteeive got a studio 20, and I was wondering about getting the unit to power down. when I am at a song, i can hit stop+power to power down. but if I am at a folder, this does not work. what am I doing wrong
20:54:57maniteeim running the latest cvs dealie BTW
20:57:13maniteei like kittens
21:01:25 Quit Hadaka (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:17:05 Part edx
21:28:30 Quit manitee ()
21:40:17 Quit pyvasene (Remote closed the connection)
21:42:18 Nick tumm is now known as Tumm- (coyote@
21:45:12 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020818]")
21:45:35 Join Silly_Fly [0] (luk@
21:51:59 Quit Silly_Fly (
21:51:59 Quit hardeep (
21:51:59 Quit Moof (
21:51:59 Quit PsycoXul (
21:51:59 Quit matp (
21:56:50NJoinPsycoXul [0] (
22:08:15 Join Hadaka [0] (
22:08:45NJoinMoof [0] (~moof@
22:09:56NJoinSilly_Fly [0] (luk@
22:19:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:20:42Silly_Flyanyone knows how do I make varibles survive reboot?
22:22:09 Join h0bby [0] (
22:27:08 Join adiamas [0] (
22:27:30 Quit adiamas (Client Quit)
22:27:40 Join adiamas [0] (
22:28:02 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|home (
22:30:26 Nick Zagor|out is now known as Zagor (
22:30:26DBUGEnqueued KICK Zagor
22:31:52matslhi zagor
22:31:58CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:31:58*matsl is back (gone 01:53:21)
22:33:25matslZagor: I might get some oppertunity to start working on the desktop app.
22:37:15Zagorok, nice
22:37:33ZagorSilly_Fly: you need to write them to disk or RTC ram.
22:38:46matslZagor: Minor problem though. What should the desktop app do?
22:40:13Zagorread all id3 tags from all files, then sort index and store it in a nice database
22:43:26matslZagor: ok. I was hoping for some GUI stuff to polish my Swing!
22:43:59Zagorsorry, I can't think of any use for a gui... :-)
22:44:48Silly_Flywhat's the size (in pixels) of 1 char in the default font (recorder)?
22:45:18Zagoruse lcd_getstringsize
22:49:01Silly_Flyit returns the size in pixels of a string? can't find it in /docs/API......
22:49:51matslZagor: Do you have any good ref to all-there-is-to-know-about-id3-tags?
22:50:56Zagornot really. the web. you should probably use the firmware/id3.c code, so we don't get odd mismatches/bugs about which tags we understand or not
22:52:38Silly_Flyis there a way to know if a pixel is on or off?
22:53:58matslZagor: I was planning to do the app in java.
22:55:02ZagorSilly_Fly: no. you should handle that in your code.
22:55:12Zagormatsl: ah, right.
22:56:27 Join hardeep [0] (
22:57:56matslZagor: Could still use the id3.c-code either direct or as inspiration!
22:59:20Zagori would be surprised it there wasn't a half-decent id3 class available somewhere
22:59:53 Join freshmaker [0] (
23:02:36freshmakerZagor: are you busy?
23:02:55Zagorfreshmaker: not very
23:03:25freshmakermay i bother you with a few questions then?
23:03:55Silly_FlyI wrote a snake game. like in nokia cellulars..
23:05:19freshmakerok, the loadable fonts are always fixed width?
23:05:36matslZagor: I'll browse around to see what's out there. cu!
23:05:45 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
23:06:01Zagorfreshmaker: for now, yes. that's the main reason they are not enabled by default. they will be proportional soon.
23:06:09ZagorSilly_Fly: nice
23:06:34Silly_Flycould I send it to someone so it'll be included in rockbox?
23:06:42freshmakerthat is, LCD_PROPFONTS or proportional loadable fonts?
23:07:31Zagorloadable. LCD_PROPFONTS is only a stopgap solution until loadable is completed
23:08:04Silly_Flyit's running fairly smooth..., couldn't find any bugs....
23:08:23Silly_Flyand it has pause, speed set, and high score...
23:08:40Zagorsubmit it to the list
23:09:03freshmakerwill they be encoded like the hardcoded prop font now? width + height and that?
23:09:25Zagorfreshmaker: that has not been decided yet
23:11:10freshmakerZager: Hmm, seems like i have to wait until post-1.3 ...
23:11:37Zagoryes, unfortunately. things will change quite a bit after this release
23:12:16 Join Bagder [0] (
23:12:35Zagoryo, bro!
23:15:47Bagderseen the playlist bug report on yahoo?
23:15:55Zagornot yet
23:16:23BagderI replied to it, asking for more details sent to our list
23:18:15hardeepbtw: that large playlist bug reported in sourceforge, i couldn't reproduce with an equally large playlist (9997 songs)
23:18:35hardeepmust be something special about the playlist itself
23:18:39BagderI think so too
23:18:45ZagorI know, same here. I've used a 5800+ playlist for months, without ever having a problem.
23:18:57BagderI use one at 3200+ every day
23:20:07Silly_Flylcd_drawrect doesn't work properly for me.... it draws rectangles much bigger then those it's supposed to...
23:20:17Silly_Flyany clue what may cause it?
23:20:36Bagderdrawrect() needs to be fixed
23:20:53Bagderit should not use lcd_drawline()
23:40:42*Bagder gets damaged shirt design images
23:41:31adi|homeZagor... you get my email about coding styles/structure.. with respect to the submitted code?
23:42:05adi|homejust saw your response
23:49:33BagderZagor: you here?
23:50:19Zagoryes, back
23:50:53Bagderto read out the recorder's ON button, is that only the single bit in PBDR?
23:51:20Bagderit's the only thing that seems to change on the I/O ports display
23:51:44Zagoryes, that's what we use and know... :-)
23:52:58 Join seb-away [0] (
23:54:04BagderI just now picked up my archos from my bag
23:54:14Bagderand noticed it was switched on! :-/
23:54:30Bagderwe need the auto-poweroff
23:54:44ZagorI also get that a lot

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