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#rockbox log for 2002-08-27

00:00:45datazonehopefully my 30GB drive should get in this week
00:15:01ZagorHes: are you awake?
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00:38:43 Join Jet8810 [0] (
00:39:07Silly_Flywhat is lcd_getstringsize?
00:39:22Bagderreturns the length in pixels of string
00:39:27Bagderof a string
00:39:36Jet8810does anybody know where to find info on swapping out archos hard drive?
00:39:40Jet8810i am just looking into it for fun
00:40:22Silly_Flylcd_getstringsize(string). no other pparameters?
00:41:09Silly_FlyJey8810 :
00:41:12Bagderint lcd_getstringsize(unsigned char *str, unsigned char* font, int *w, int *h)
00:41:17Silly_Flylol, jet :)
00:41:52Bagderint lcd_getstringsize(unsigned char *str, unsigned int font, int *w, int *h)
00:41:59Bagderif propfonts is used
00:42:56Silly_Flyso it puts the height and width in h and w, right? but then what it returns?
00:43:56Bagderthe width there too
00:44:53Silly_Flyany info on when is back?
00:45:20Bagderhas it been gone?
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00:45:59Silly_FlyWe're Sorry.
00:46:00Silly_FlyThe Website is currently down for maintenance.
00:46:00Silly_FlyWe will be back shortly
00:46:13 Join Jet8810 [0] (
00:46:14Silly_Flythat's what I get when trying to access it....
00:46:17BagderI use it right now
00:47:22Silly_Flylol. apparently it's just the main page....
00:48:12Silly_Flyi can use it too, if not going to, but some other path....
00:48:51Zagordon't add "www" to it. the address is just
00:49:52Silly_Flyc'ya. goodnight.
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00:50:36 Nick mecraw|home is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
00:53:03mecrawHow do I store something in rtc? What address should I use?
00:53:13Zagormecraw: look in settings.c
00:53:37mecrawDo I just pick any bit that isn't being used?
00:55:58Bagderadi|home: remember the q for the faq about changing the player font? ;-)
00:56:58BagderZagor: check this
00:57:18Bagder"The PBDR stays at FBBF no matter what button I press! (I tried all of them once I found that ON had no effect)"
00:57:55Zagorhow can Archos make so many different versions of their hardware? it's a mystery...
00:58:27 Join lohap [0] (
00:58:33Bagderthis is the guy with the ON problem on rec6
00:58:44Zagorok. hi lohap.
00:58:57lohaphi all i was just wonmdering is there any walkthroughs showing you how to mnt a recorder 20 in linux
00:59:23lohapas ive just ported to linux and im a newbie
00:59:28Zagorlohap: plug it in, run "mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/archos"
00:59:49Bagder... if you have the proper modules, yes ;-)
01:00:23Zagorlohap: which linux distro are you using? Red Hat?
01:00:32lohapmandrake 8.2
01:00:51Bagderyou run usb2 or usb1.1?
01:01:22Zagorok. you need to patch your kernel to get usb2 running, so let's just start with usb1.1
01:01:34lohapok then lol
01:02:02Zagord you have a directory called /proc/bus/usb ?
01:02:46lohapbarr with mounting it now
01:03:36*adi|home hmmms to Bagder?
01:04:02Bagderadi|home: that q about changing font on the player is a good faq subject
01:04:36lohapits says sda1 dosnt exsist brb need to reboot
01:04:38 Quit lohap ("Client Exiting")
01:05:33adi|homeahh.. got ya...
01:05:35adi|homewill do
01:05:50adi|homeso is the 'games on the player' questions
01:07:31adi|homeif we are willing to load a config file at boot/exit usb mode
01:07:39adi|homei thin i have a nice little scheme for menu options
01:07:50adi|homeie: having menus/functions listed that only the user wants
01:08:25adi|homeZagor have you discussed the use of a 'rockbox' directory under root yet?
01:08:58Zagorno, but someone mentioned it the other day and I think .rockbox would be good dir name
01:09:22Bagder.rockbox is however crap for windows people
01:09:30adi|homei wasn't/am not sure how i feel about it
01:09:36 Join lohap [0] (
01:09:36*adi|home agress with Bagder
01:09:37Zagoris it? why?
01:09:40BagderI tried on my NT at work
01:09:45adi|homewhat _might_ work...
01:09:49adi|homeis looking for both
01:09:49BagderI can't make a dir named like that
01:09:54lohapwoo mounted it is there anyway to like click on summat and have it do it for you
01:09:57adi|homeand giving one precedence over the other
01:10:04ZagorBagder: even from the prompt?
01:10:08adi|homeie: you can put your files in either .rockbox or rockbox
01:10:13BagderZagor: I didn't try that
01:10:19BagderI was in shock
01:10:58ZagorBagder: what did you expect? this was windows!
01:11:01adi|homeBagder: the graphics.. for the t-shirts
01:11:11adi|homeis there any way we could make the ones on the main page thumbnails?
01:11:18adi|homethe full image takes way to long to dl.
01:11:32Zagorheh, they *are* thumbnails...
01:11:42mecrawFYI: i have no problem creating .rockbox directory in windows
01:12:03Zagormecraw: in explorer or from the prompt?
01:12:20mecrawit doesn't work in explorer
01:12:37Zagormecraw: but you can see it and navigate into it with the explorer?
01:12:38lohapi have it working with usb1.1 how do i get ti working with usb 2.0 in mandrake 8.2
01:12:51adi|homereally.. those are thumbnails.. damn they took forever to pull down :)
01:12:55Zagorlohap: you need to download, patch and compile a new kernel.
01:12:56mecrawi think so, one sec
01:13:41mecrawZagor: no problem going into it in explorer once it's created
01:13:56Zagormecraw: excellent. ".rockbox" it is, then
01:14:05adi|homehmm win2k i can make .rockbox with no prob from prompt..
01:14:29BagderI guess from prompt is the keyword
01:14:40adi|homehmm let me try from icon
01:15:58Zagorlohap: hmm, looks like you don't have to patch anymore. just update to 2.4.19
01:16:11Bagderreally? cool
01:16:40lohapright then btw when i download something to the desktop in kde3.0 its dosnt show although it show in /home/lohap/Desktop in the filebrowser
01:16:41Zagor"The 2.4.19 kernel is the first to bundle a 2.4 based version of the ehci-hcd driver."
01:17:02Zagorlohap: learn to love the command line... :-)
01:17:47lohapi am but but im also a windows user
01:17:56Zagorstop that ;)
01:18:41Zagorhmm, it says Mandrake already includes (patched) support for USB 2.0
01:18:54Zagortoo bad I don't know Mandrake at all, so I don't know how to test that
01:19:07 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
01:19:25lohapalso if i open up the terminal in kde3.0 it looks up kde untill i close it lol teach me for installing kde 3.0 over 2.2
01:20:27lohaphgerm it only does it if you use the shortcut on the menu bar
01:21:33ZagorI need to get some sleep. see you tomorrow, guys
01:21:40 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
01:22:47lohaphow you unmount summat just unmount
01:23:19Bagderumount /mnt/archos
01:23:51lohapis there anyway to like setup a shortcut to do that and how you change permission so anyone can edit it
01:24:14Bagdershortcut to the command?
01:24:36Bagdermake it a script, make a shortcut that runs the script
01:24:49lohapyea i mean like a desktop icon so all you have to do is clcik on it
01:25:10 Join juergen [0] (
01:25:12lohapright linux newbie errr so how do i do that
01:25:53Bagdera script is unix-speak for a batch file
01:26:14adi|homea batch file is dos-speak for a script
01:26:16*adi|home smirks
01:26:16lohapk how you change permission in terminal
01:26:19Bagderwell, I simply here ;-) don't ruin it now
01:26:21adi|homeunix came first!
01:26:36juergenthis is juergen, wants to buy a recorder 20 with USB2, would rockbox work?
01:26:54Bagderlohap: chmod a+rw [file] to give read+write permission to all
01:27:07Bagderjuergen: oh yes
01:27:26juergengood to know, thanks! what are the hw differences
01:27:34Bagderjuergen: compared to what?
01:27:43juergenthe old 500204 onw
01:27:52juergenchange onw to one
01:28:28*Bagder is clueless
01:28:51juergenthis is the archos prod no for the old 20G recorder sold by retail stores
01:29:15juergenthe new one has a prod no of: 500277
01:29:18Bagderso you say there's a rec20 that isn't usb2?
01:29:34 Quit lohap ("Client Exiting")
01:29:34juergenit looks like it
01:29:50BagderI've never heard about that before
01:30:21juergenthis is what I did: shows you companies with 500204 prod ids shows you USB2.0 models with different keys (4 way split vs big round)
01:31:56Bagderthe big round is not a recorder, that's a player/studio
01:32:38juergenthat might be the mix up, thanks
01:32:47Bagderdon't confuse the studio 20 with the recorder 20
01:33:06juergengot it, may just buy it on ebay then
01:33:36Bagderits a neat box
01:33:50Bagderand its fun to program too! ;-)
01:34:09juergenlooks like it, certainly! Good code, I read through it!
01:34:59juergenthanks for your insight
01:35:20Bagderno problemos, always good to get another rockbox user with clues ;-)
01:37:49 Join Jet8810 [0] (
01:40:36h0bbyi was just wondering when you think 1.3 will come out
01:40:53adi|homeokay.. thats it... wtf did Zagor go?
01:41:09Bagderh0bby: rsn ;-)
01:41:25Bagderadi|home: he sleeps
01:41:36BagderI should too
01:41:44Jet8810hobby, you can downlod the latest versions if you want, before they are publicly released
01:41:48Jet8810buggy sure, but you get the latest
01:42:00adi|homeBagder.. do me a favor
01:42:06adi|homelook at the FAQ in the cvs
01:42:16adi|homeand tell me if you see a question #39?
01:42:31h0bbyi have but i wondering more for the sake of seeing all the new stuff after
01:42:51Bagderadi|home: I see it, yes
01:43:16adi|homeokay.. thats been there a while...
01:43:24adi|homeand since then other changes have been made
01:43:38adi|homebut WTF has that question not shown up on the website.. but the other changes have?
01:44:13BagderI bet there's a flaw in the auto update somehow
01:44:14h0bbyalso i am leaving for australia soon and would like to have a solid version since i will not have a chance to usb often
01:44:30Bagderadi|home: and I can guess what it is... :-)
01:45:45adi|homeyeah? whats that?
01:45:50Bagdera problem in the makefile
01:45:58BagderI'll bug Zagor in the morning about it
01:46:10Bagdergotta sleep now
01:46:22 Part Bagder
01:47:42Jet8810i find betra alpha non supported versions are stable
01:47:51Jet8810just some visual errors at times
01:50:40Jet8810talking to hobby
01:50:55adi|homei figured.. but your first sentance threw me...
01:51:00adi|home<Jet8810> i find betra alpha non supported versions are stable
01:51:12Jet8810beta alpha non supported versions
01:51:15adi|homewe don't have beta/alpha version
01:51:18Jet8810what is unclear about that? :-p
01:51:24Jet8810i mean the ones that are posted as they are updated
01:51:42adi|homethose are just unsupported/unrelease versions
01:51:52Jet8810but calling them
01:51:54Jet8810beta alpha non supported versions
01:51:56adi|homenothing beta or alpha about them ;)
01:51:58Jet8810is more fun :-p
01:56:07 Quit h0bby ()
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02:02:17 Join h0bby [0] (
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02:31:33mecrawCan anyone help out a hex-illiterate?
02:39:52 Quit h0bby ()
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02:46:21 Join MeRWiN [0] (merwin@
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03:03:22 Join alphawave [0] (
03:04:16alphawavecan someone help walk me through being delveloper?
03:04:58mecrawmaybe, what's the question?
03:05:19alphawavewell really where do i start
03:05:40alphawavei look at the cvs and everything but i wasn't able to download
03:06:28mecrawyou look at CVS through the web?
03:06:53alphawaveo i mean as the cvs page of rockbox
03:07:27mecraware you trying to download the source?
03:07:49 Join MeRWiN [0] (merwin@
03:08:18mecrawDo you want the absolute latest or just a tarball that's updated daily?
03:08:33mecrawHi, MeRWiN
03:09:20MeRWiNhey mecraw
03:09:29alphawavegimme a sec
03:09:56mecrawMeRWiN: are you hex-literate?
03:10:18MeRWiNmecraw: sorta... whatcha need?
03:10:50mecrawi need to put an int in RTC, but I can't tell what's open
03:11:07MeRWiNI can't help you much with RTC.
03:11:24MeRWiNI'm not familiar with it at all
03:11:32mecrawme neither :(
03:11:54alphawaveok im at dowloads at but whick one is needed? is a pharmacy site
03:13:04mecraware you running linux or windows?
03:13:21alphawavei meant
03:13:41*MeRWiN is dialing up on his cell phone
03:13:56*alphawave laughs
03:14:44mecrawi believe the cvs site is
03:15:10alphawaveyes you get the same place either way
03:15:49 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
03:15:57mecrawi'd recommend using cygwin, and just tell it to install cvs
03:16:54 Quit MeRWiN ()
03:17:42alphawaveim downloading ow
03:19:45 Join MeRWiN [0] (merwin@
03:19:54MeRWiNthe wireless data connection is very far from perfected
03:20:25mecraw802.11b or a?
03:20:33MeRWiNneither... GSM GPRS
03:20:38MeRWiNcell phone
03:20:58MeRWiNup to like 4 KB/s
03:21:05 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
03:21:33alphawavenever heard of that
03:21:59MeRWiNGPRS is the "new" cell phone data connection standard.
03:22:05alphawavethats sLowwwwwwwwwwwwwww
03:22:21MeRWiNalphawave: UP to 4 KB/s ... usually more like 2 :)
03:22:31MeRWiNalphawave: better than nothing though.
03:23:17MeRWiNonly a 2 second ping...
03:23:20MeRWiNnot bad i guess
03:23:30MeRWiNyay! I didn't break the build :)
03:24:05MeRWiNI usually end up breaking it
03:24:33alphawavefirst try on cygwin had a .5 kp dl speed
03:25:02alphawavenow im geting 3
03:25:14alphawavesill slow
03:26:04alphawaveso are you in sweden?
03:26:15mecrawI'm in Denver
03:26:21MeRWiNnope, i'm from seattle... currently in the houston airport though
03:26:27alphawaveo cool orego here
03:27:10alphawaveim in mississippi now
03:27:17alphawavefor a few days
03:28:02alphawaveit was
03:28:31alphawaveit was 106f in oregon a few weeks ago
03:29:57MeRWiNI need a free dns server
03:30:22alphawavecant help yah there
03:31:12MeRWiNI've got no dns right now
03:31:56alphawavewhen does bjorn come into irc?
03:32:07MeRWiNaround 11pm pst
03:32:30alphawaveso im not gonnasee him
03:32:33mecrawdamn swedes
03:33:34mecrawmerwin: you messed up my file :(
03:33:53mecrawi didn't save wps.c before merging
03:33:59MeRWiNthat sucks
03:34:06mecrawonly 3 lines lost
03:34:10mecrawno biggie
03:35:09alphawavedid you see defcon where they were looking for open 802.11b networks?
03:39:24alphawaveso merwin where you flying 2?
03:39:46MeRWiNnew orleans for a couple days, then dallas
03:40:17alphawavei was in dalas the other day while flying here in mississippi
03:40:42alphawaveand i had to wait 6 hours cuz the damn flight was late :(
03:41:31alphawavewell atleast my archos kept me happy :)
03:41:32MeRWiNI'm taking a later flight so i can get first class and play around on the net
03:41:39alphawaverunning rockbox
03:41:56 Quit MeRWiN ()
03:44:53 Join pimlottc [0] (
03:46:20alphawavemost people say ftp works better for tranferring files... dosn't work for me
03:49:02mecrawme neither
03:49:13 Join MeRWiN [0] (merwin@
03:49:20MeRWiNI give up on the web :-)
03:49:32MeRWiNactually, i'm going to give it one more shot
03:49:34 Quit MeRWiN (Client Quit)
03:56:16 Join MeRWiN [0] (merwin@
03:57:07MeRWiNI pulled out the trusty Motorola GPRS Phone... Infrared connection. Should work better (and with DNS)
04:08:45 Quit MeRWiN ()
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04:21:17alphawavei have to go
04:21:25 Quit alphawave ()
04:25:35 Join nunya [0] (
04:26:54nunyaHELP! Using the 0825 daily build on my player (firmware 4.53). No resume. I saw mention that it is under General Settings under the main menu... but not on mine. Am I totally missing something here??
04:27:44mecrawdid you scroll all the way down?
04:29:42 Join h0bby [0] (
04:31:31nunyayupper... volume, sound, play mode, language, hard disk, diagnose, firmware, external, and contrast
04:32:01nunyais it mebbe somehow not reading the new mod file? nothing seems different
04:33:10mecrawwhat does firmware say? it doesn't sound like rockbox loaded
04:33:35nunyaver 4.53.. dat's it!
04:37:31nunyaif i'm using the daily build, do i still need the 1.2 mod file? i thought i just needed to plop the daily build mod into the root directory, renaming it to archos.mod
04:38:51mecrawthat sounds like all you should have to do
04:39:07mecrawi have a recorder, so my player knowledge is a little weak
04:42:45nunyaHELP!! any player peoples out there awake??
04:49:34pimlottcI'm a player person... but I just found out about rockbox about 2 hours ago
05:01:32nunyai dunno.. i just put the 1.2 version on there named archos.mod, shut it off, pulled batteries, waited a little, put batteries in, booted up and i still just get what i had before - ver 4.53 - the original archos 'stuff'
05:07:24pimlottc1.2 is working fine for me
05:22:33nunyadid u rename it archos.mod? and just copy into root of drive?
05:35:39 Quit nunya ()
05:36:20 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:42:45 Join hardeep [0] (
05:46:30pimlottcyes nunya
05:46:37pimlottcman I'm quick
05:46:53pimlottcheh sdf is still around eh
05:47:01pimlottcgood for them
06:15:03 Join elinenbe [0] (
06:15:03 Quit pimlottc (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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06:39:06 Join Bill_k [0] (
06:40:28 Quit Bill_k (Client Quit)
06:41:21 Join Bill_k [0] (
06:59:01 Quit Bill_k ()
07:01:37 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
07:03:17 Join MeRWiN [0] (
07:04:32MeRWiNso, do you get that 1 or 2 second delay when changing tracks sometimes now?
07:05:03 Join LinusN [0] (
07:05:14MeRWiNhey linus
07:05:17hardeepHmmmm, when selecting next?
07:05:24MeRWiNdo you get that 1 or 2 second delay when changing tracks now?
07:05:24hardeephey Linus
07:05:26MeRWiNhardeep: yup
07:05:38MeRWiNit sits there before spinning up
07:06:56LinusNmorning hes!
07:07:11hardeepMeRWiN: I haven't noticed it
07:07:58mecrawHi, Linus
07:11:14MeRWiNthat's 3 snake games so far
07:14:55LinusNanyone here with a recorder 6?
07:15:37hardeepLinusN: I do
07:15:53LinusNand you have no problems with ON?
07:16:08hardeepWorks fine for me
07:16:17LinusNwhar ROM version?
07:16:53LinusNsame as the guy who has problems...
07:18:08LinusNdoes the stock firmware use the ON button for something?
07:18:52hardeepHmmm, I can't think if anything it's used for... let me confirm
07:20:21hardeepOh, yeah, it's used for lock/unlock
07:20:26hardeepif you hold on 3s
07:21:21LinusNok, so chances are that the guy has never used it
07:21:22hardeepAlso for enabling playing while charging
07:22:04LinusNhardeep: you mean turn the unit on when in charge mode?
07:24:22hardeepno, use the jukebox when in charge mode (get out of the charging screen)
07:25:00LinusNthat's what i mean
07:25:21hardeepoh, then, yeah. :)
07:27:38hardeepWow, it's been a while since i've used the stock firmware.
07:29:49h0bbyi was just wondering if anyone could aswer a few questions
07:30:05hardeepwe only ask questions here, we don't answer
07:30:20LinusNh0bby: and no stupid questions! :-)
07:30:27h0bbywell ill throw some more out there
07:31:33h0bbyi was wondering if it would be possible to bypass the load of rockbox and load the original ware
07:31:49LinusNh0bby: not at the moment
07:32:04LinusNwe are working on a loader alled RoLo
07:32:30LinusNwith that you can load any MOD/AJZ file in the file browser
07:32:53LinusNso you can keep several versions on disk
07:32:56h0bbywould it reload back though
07:33:07h0bbyif switching to archos
07:33:10LinusNno, not the original archos ones
07:33:16LinusNyou will have toi reboot
07:33:49h0bbyi was thinking that for playlist making and recording archos could still be used
07:34:09LinusNyup, as long as we don't have it that will be the only way
07:34:12h0bbyand for the rest use the best
07:34:21LinusNjust load the old firmware with rolo and then reboot
07:34:39h0bbybut im taking my archos backpacking in a week
07:34:42LinusNwhen you have created the playlist
07:34:51LinusNh0bby: what model?
07:35:17LinusNok, we haven't had it working on the recorder yet
07:35:28h0bbyoh well
07:35:30LinusNit works on the players
07:36:26h0bbyso is it possible or even simple to have a way when rockbox loads to somehow bypass the load and load the original
07:36:36h0bbyon boot up
07:37:13h0bbyor is there no going back once the jrec patch has been found
07:37:25LinusNit is the ROM firmware that loads the rockbox
07:37:56h0bbybut without any it loads the original harware?
07:38:45LinusNif there is an ajbrec.ajz file it will be loaded
07:39:04h0bbyso once it is detected there is no going back
07:39:35h0bbywould have been nice though
07:39:53 Join coutta [0] (
07:39:56h0bbythx anyway
07:39:59LinusNyup, that's why we are working on RoLo
07:40:10LinusNh0bby: next question?
07:41:17 Quit coutta (Client Quit)
07:41:19h0bbyi guess there will be no recording or playlist making for me for the next little while
07:42:11h0bbyuntill i can hook it up in a net cafe that will allow me
07:42:12LinusNh0bby: i'm pleased that you still choose rockbox :-)
07:42:24MeRWiNwhen are we plopping 1.3 onto the masses?
07:42:24h0bbythere is no going back
07:42:37LinusNh0bby: create some playlists beforehand
07:42:47LinusNMeRWiN: any day now
07:43:02MeRWiNLinusN: coolio... :-)
07:43:09LinusNwe just have to verify that everything works, especially the new ATA delay
07:43:39LinusNand it will rock!
07:43:46HesI'm worried about my disk working or not
07:43:54Hesor rockbox not working with it
07:44:05LinusNHes: what's the prob?
07:44:11MeRWiNLinusN: agreed. I'll be happy when 1.3 is out and we can discuss taking my Custom WPS out of #define... The code is a mess of #defines now :-)
07:44:26LinusNMeRWiN: roger that
07:44:26HesThe one discussed yesterday... just posted a mail about it to the list
07:44:48LinusNaha, that one
07:45:07LinusNI have seen the same problem on my disk, same brand
07:45:19hardeepDid it turn out the skip problem was something else?
07:45:20LinusNyou want me to test your code to see if the problem is the same?
07:45:32LinusNhardeep: no i don't think so?
07:45:37HesI'll stick it somewhere
07:45:39MeRWiNthe skip problem doesn't exist anymore
07:46:08LinusNMeRWiN: maybe zagors last fix did it, the dont-sleep-while-sleeping fix
07:46:26LinusNMeRWiN: the new ata sleep makes it less likely to happen
07:46:55 Quit h0bby ()
07:46:57HesBut it's still very easy to reproduce with my fortune
07:49:38Hesput the .c in recorder/
07:49:56Hesapps/recorder/ of course ... and fortune in screensavers_menu for example
07:50:14Hesand the data files in the tar.gz in the root directory
07:50:42LinusNok, hang on
07:52:27 Join h0bby [0] (
07:55:10LinusNHes: the fortunes.tar.gz archive seems corrupt
07:57:13Hes-rw-r−−r−− 1 hessu hessu 3696 Aug 27 08:48 fortune.c
07:57:13Hes-rw-r−−r−− 1 hessu hessu 3696 Aug 27 08:46 fortunes.tar.gz
07:57:19HesIt contains the .c 8-)
07:57:53Hes-rw-r−−r−− 1 hessu hessu 249563 Aug 27 08:57 fortunes.tar.gz
07:59:47HesI'm driving to the office now, talk to you from there.
07:59:47 Join Bagder [0] (
07:59:54LinusNcu hes!
08:00:03LinusNmorning Bagder!
08:00:05Bagdermorning crowd
08:00:12hardeepgood evening. :)
08:00:23hardeepHes: if you're still there, it worked for me
08:00:53BagderLinusN: you saw the ON problem on the rec6 ?
08:01:14LinusNBagder: yes, read the mailing list
08:01:20LinusNHes: it didn't work for me
08:01:28Bagderweird it is
08:02:37LinusNhardeep: i had it fail once, but i can't repeat it :-(
08:03:15LinusNi can repeat it by trying to read a cookie when the disk is spinning down
08:03:27hardeepLinus: er, I meant it didn't fail for me
08:03:53LinusNtry to read a cookie exactly when it is spinning down
08:04:40LinusNeasy as pie
08:06:19LinusNfor me
08:06:41LinusNmaybe the toshiba disk is different
08:07:41hardeepHmmm, still trying. I still have the stock hard drive that came with the rec 6
08:08:05LinusNpoor you :-)
08:09:58hardeepDoh, spoke too soon, encountered the problem
08:10:16 Join MeRWiN- [0] (
08:10:47LinusNhardeep: and the LED stayed ON?
08:11:10LinusNok, so it is a general problem. I'll fire up the debugger
08:19:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:21:00MeRWiN-LinusN: mind giving me some advice on what is going wrong with one of my problems? When I come out of the Player's ID3 Info screen, I know I need to set dont_go_to_menu = true, but no matter what I set menu_button_is_down to it always requires me to press menu twice to get to the menu afterwards
08:22:34LinusNMeRWiN: the key-release state machine is really messy
08:23:19MeRWiN-any clue what the restore variable is in the wps?
08:23:33HesHere again
08:23:47LinusNit tells it to redraw the screen if it has been changed
08:24:12HesAh, at least i'm not alone now 8-)
08:24:25LinusNHes: not at all
08:24:36HesI had a song skip with this morning's build while driving
08:24:42Hesit didn't skip on the desk at home
08:25:18 Join rwood [0] (
08:25:20hardeepHes: Maybe it was that speed bump you drove over!! :)
08:25:23LinusNnot surprising
08:25:46HesWith the old disk and older firmware i had 0 skips while driving!
08:25:53Hesolder rockbox, that is
08:25:55MeRWiN-LinusN: fixed my problem :P Apparently i had to set dont_go_to_menu = false to get it to work *shrug*
08:26:09 Quit MeRWiN (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
08:26:11HesI drove a couple days straight without any skips.
08:26:14LinusNwe really need to work on that
08:26:24HesThis _could_ be a problem with the disk.
08:26:33LinusNi don't think so
08:26:48LinusNwell, maybe the toshiba is more shock sensitive
08:27:11LinusNbut i don't think your unit is different than mine or zagors
08:27:13HesHey, as I don't have a remote, could I wire the serial output to the serial input of the phone plug to get the DEBUGF()'s?
08:27:58LinusNsure, but make sure that you don't short circuit it when the phones are attached
08:28:05MeRWiN-What does "Up to date check failed" mean when dealing with cvs?
08:28:21LinusNthat pin will be grounded when they are inserted
08:28:27mecrawBagder: I have a patch to "improve" the shuffle mode behavior that went in a few weeks ago
08:28:38LinusNHes: you will still need the serial-in
08:28:51HesI don't think it is getting any serious shocks while driving, I keep it in the breast pocket of the jacket
08:28:55mecrawBagder: it also allows resume to be turned on while a playlist is playing
08:28:55LinusNthe gdb protocol has ACK's
08:29:09Bagdermecraw: sounds fine!
08:29:21Hessurely less bumps than while walking with the unit on the belt pouch
08:29:42HesCould i simply make it write the DEBUGF()'s to the serial out in simple ASCII without gdb involved?
08:29:53LinusNHes: sure
08:30:20LinusNStill, you have to solve the short circuit problem
08:31:02HesPut a resistor in series and hope that the PC's serial port still reads it? 8-)
08:31:18LinusNYou will still need a converter
08:32:07HesIt's TTL, right?
08:33:41*MeRWiN- thinks that we need to get rid of the improper "End of list" message when switching more than one track (pressing right or left like 3 or 4 times). It's really a trivial matter, because it goes away, but still...
08:33:45 Nick MeRWiN- is now known as MeRWiN (
08:33:47HesHey, does disabling key lock work for you any more?
08:35:07LinusNworks for me
08:35:43BagderMeRWiN: yes, we've been talking about how to fix the "end of list" problem and I think we're on to a solution
08:35:49LinusNMeRWiN: we are working on the track-change end-of-list problem
08:36:01MeRWiNOK, I wasn't sure if it was being worked on :)
08:36:12Bagderwe know exactly why it happens
08:36:26Bagderwe just haven't worked out a neato fix yet
08:36:32Hesahh, it works for me too..
08:36:44rwoodLinusN: standard i2c max scl 100KHz min clk low 4.7uS min clk hi 4.0us - max for my bus monitor & Archos fw seems to follow this
08:37:19rwoodLinusN: sorry message out of order - for the record there are 3 flavors of i2c
08:37:38rwoodLinusN: fast i2c max scl 400KHz min clk low 1.3uS min clk hi 600 nS - Player/Recorder parts appear to all support this - Rockbox is basically compliant
08:37:51rwoodLinusN: High Speed i2c max scl 1.7 to 3.4 MHz depending on bus cap.
08:38:14 Join bobTHC [0] (
08:38:23bobTHCgood morning !!!
08:38:26MeRWiNheya bob
08:38:37rwoodLinusN: doesn't appear to be part of the problem i am chasing
08:39:41LinusNrwood: you saw lots of IRQ0?
08:40:01rwoodLinusN: yes - rep rate of 14+ us
08:40:24LinusNso we should disable all irq's and their sources
08:40:44rwoodLinusN: at least i am getting back to 100 every 14 uS
08:41:11LinusNback to 100?
08:41:46rwoodLinusN: interrupt vector location 0x09000100
08:42:18rwoodLinusN: that interrupt is the alarm from the RTC - that is how i got off on the i2c bus
08:42:39LinusNaha, now we're on to something
08:42:44rwoodLinusN: i was trying to save the RTC on entry and restore it on reload
08:43:26rwoodLinusN: the RTC may be part of the problem, but i was confused by the comparison of archos and rockbox i2c timing
08:43:48LinusNyea, i wonder why they are so slow
08:44:37*Hes gets some coffee and digs into IPv6 DNS reverse zone generation again.
08:45:04BagderHes: for rockbox? :-P
08:45:11*Bagder hides
08:45:28*LinusN thinks Bagder needs some coffee too
08:45:38BagderI do
08:45:40Bagderlots of it
08:45:41rwoodLinusN: is SCL a TTL output, if so, doing open-collector via software seems potentially dangerous
08:46:07rwoodLinusN: we live with it, archos designed it
08:46:11LinusNrwood: what are you talking about?
08:46:47MeRWiNLinusN: it just happened again... in the middle of a song it went to the next song by itself
08:47:33MeRWiNit's usually nearer to the end of the song
08:47:36rwoodLinusN: is there a possibility of a device holding SCL or SDA low while the firmeware is trying to drive the pin hi?
08:47:46LinusNrwood: disable the ALE bit in rtc_init()
08:48:02LinusNrwood: sure, why not?
08:49:07rwoodLinusN: isn't the pin driving into a ground in that case?
08:49:34LinusNrwood: it will, yes, but only when we have a bug in our driver
08:49:47LinusNwe are the only i2c master
08:50:52HesBagder: rockbox doesn't support perl scripting yet 8-)
08:51:10LinusNi know the recorder I2C bus is different
08:51:16LinusNfrom the player
08:51:23rwoodLinusN: or if one of the i2c part failed - cooking an output on the processor wouldn't matter then anyway
08:51:35LinusNthe player uses a diode and a pullup to simulate open collector
08:51:53LinusNthe recorder probably doesn't
08:52:14LinusNbut it still has a pullup, so we can set the pin to input for a weak drive
08:52:42LinusNi hope we do that on the wais states...
08:52:57mecrawBagder: The patch is on its way, it was my first time dealing with RTC, it works for me :)
08:53:12LinusNwhen i come to think of it, we don't need a weak drive
08:53:50LinusNmecraw: what are you talking about?
08:54:12LinusNperl scripting? :-)
08:54:37mecrawLinusN: a patch to enable toggling resume while playing and to start shuffling from where you left off
08:54:53HesLinusN: For badger's ipv6 on rockbox...
08:55:20BagderI think LinusN is getting a subject overload right now ;-)
08:56:57mecrawyou guys need coffee and i need to go to bed
08:57:07LinusNmecraw: roger that
08:57:13*LinusN gets some coffee
08:57:19*Bagder obeys and leaves for coffee
08:57:21*mecraw goes to bed
08:57:36 Join MeRWiN- [0] (
08:57:40 Nick mecraw is now known as mecraw|snoring (~mecraw@
08:58:11MeRWiN-OK, something definately isn't right... this whole changing tracks by itself in the middle of a song is really happening a fair amount
08:58:53HesCould we isolate what changed in the code and caused this?
08:59:02rwoodLinusN: 2nd topic, I am using a power supply in place of the batteries.
08:59:28MeRWiN-It's actually happening almost every song?
08:59:42rwoodLinusN: with rockbox idle - backlight off the meter reads 0.10 amps
09:00:18rwoodLinusN: with 1.27d idle - backlight off the meter reads 0.09 amps
09:00:39HesIt's actually happening on almost every song, yes !
09:00:56HesI told you it was bad 8-)
09:01:14MeRWiN-Hes: what problem are you talking about... same as me?
09:01:50rwoodLinusN: has zagor taken any reading to compare the idle current draw in the idle state
09:02:03LinusNi think so
09:02:09HesSame as you.
09:02:16MeRWiN-Hes: so i'm not going insane?
09:02:25HesNo you're not. Mine is skipping a lot.
09:02:44MeRWiN-usually towards the end of the song?
09:02:54HesOr middle.
09:03:03rwoodLinusN: I don't know what the next digit down is, but it seemed unusual to have much difference when idle
09:03:15LinusNMeRWiN: i think it is when data is loaded, and that differs depending on the bitrate
09:03:31LinusNrwood: i think they sleep, while we don't
09:03:47MeRWiN-the fact that it's not 100% reproducable isn't very re-assuring :)
09:04:02rwoodLinusN: ok - i saw the sleep thread last week
09:04:59BagderI don't think they sleep
09:05:15Bagderthey draw too much current when idle
09:07:06rwoodit would be interesting to compare the two idle and playing since zagor has his new meter (at least i think it was zagor who got the meter)
09:07:35Bagderhe measured the stock firmware to around 80mA on idle, IIRC
09:07:54Bagderwhile we should now be slightly lower
09:09:24rwoodi'm still running pre 1.2 rockbox - my readings may not reflect the current truth
09:09:53Bagdergosh ;-)
09:09:53MeRWiN-rwood: why are you running pre 1.2?
09:10:53rwoodMeRWiN: i'm to lazy to put my rolo changes into a new set of code - shouldn't matter for what i'm doing
09:12:45hardeepHmmm... I'm not seeing this changing track problem with latest cvs
09:14:20HesCould it be the fortune code being installed? 8-)
09:14:41Bagderwoo new mozilla
09:14:44MeRWiN-hardeep: player or recorder do you have?
09:14:58hardeepMeRWiN: recorder 6
09:15:05MeRWiN-hardeep: may it be player only?
09:15:11hardeepHes; let me remove the fortune code and see. :)
09:15:41hardeepHmmm... Hes, do you have player also?
09:15:45HesRecorder 20.
09:15:51MeRWiN-I honestly haven't listened to a full song on my rockbox in about 2 weeks
09:15:52HesWith a 40G disk installed.
09:15:58MeRWiN-ok, so it's both player/recorder
09:16:05MeRWiN-so i don't know when this started for me
09:19:54 Quit MeRWiN (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
09:21:54 Join MeRWiNSkI [0] (
09:22:09 Nick MeRWiNSkI is now known as MeRWiN (
09:23:43MeRWiNIs there a Lee Marlow in the house?
09:23:56 Nick MeRWiN is now known as merwin (
09:24:07hardeepmerwin: i think he went to sleep
09:24:16merwinwhich one is he?
09:24:31merwinhe needs to be added to the irc list
09:24:40Bagderme fix
09:26:03hardeepokay, i think i'm finally done with ffw/rew for 1.3.
09:26:16hardeepunless any of you know of other bugs
09:26:32merwini didn't know ff/rw had anymore buggs?
09:26:42merwinOK, if Enya skips on me i'll be pissed off
09:26:47merwinI love this song :)
09:27:00hardeepenya sang beautifully for me
09:27:06merwinhardeep: ?
09:27:20hardeepheh, one of her songs was just playing. :)
09:27:52merwinI never seem to remember how much I like Enya until I hear her... then immediately afterwards i forget
09:28:02merwinSHIT, it skipped
09:28:43merwinIf anyone is up for a very confusing read, check out
09:30:30*Bagder runs emacs diff-mode and smiles
09:31:08hardeepmerwin: hmmmm, why not make the second line customizable as well?
09:31:33merwinhardeep: the second line contains the time, which is updated numerous times per second. It will take a lot of work to harness that power :)
09:31:33Bagderand for recorders, there could be 8 customizable lines...
09:31:43merwinbasically rewriting how the time is displayed in the wps
09:32:04merwinBagder: you can already do the 8 customizable lines in the recorder really... there is an x and y option in the function
09:32:26merwinI just don't want to mess with the recorder since I've never actually used one
09:33:36merwinwell, it looks like we have a successful Preview "feature" now!
09:33:48merwinit previews half of the song and skips on. It's a feature, not a bug
09:35:03hardeepmerwin: what's your disk spindown set to?
09:35:16merwin5 seconds
09:36:43merwingive or take a few milliseconds
09:38:25*merwin thinks that when you have shuffle on and you select a file, that file should become #1 in the playlist
09:38:55Bagdermerwin: that is not really not possible
09:39:08 Quit MeRWiN- (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
09:39:14Bagderyou must understand our shuffle system to see why
09:39:23hardeephe obviously didn't like that answer.... =)
09:39:42merwinBagder: can't you just swap the two?
09:39:57merwinit shuffles, and swaps the first one with wherever the fiel that you selected is
09:40:08Bagderin the list in memory just now, sure, but we need the resume to be able to repeat the exact behavior later
09:40:31Bagderand then it gets messy if we start replacing entries after shuffle
09:41:05merwinIt's just a huge pet peeve of mine :-)
09:41:20Bagderwhy does it matter where in the list the selected song ends up?
09:41:31Bagderwhen you switch off repeat-all in the future you mean?
09:41:44merwinwhat if you don't have playlist repeat?
09:42:10merwinit could end up as the last song :)
09:42:28Bagderit'll be easier to store a "end entry" separately and use that as end-of-list
09:42:39Bagderwhen playing dirs
09:43:02Bagderit'll make the same effect
09:44:40merwinthat's true. Really, what is seemingly strange to me is that normally when you select random, the track numbers are shown on the display as randomized (ie: track 6 then track 1) so you know that they're random. Our system of randomize is fine, I just need to get used to it i guess
09:45:48BagderI don't get it, what is the strange part?
09:46:04Bagderthat we don't see track numbers?
09:46:29Bagderah, you see index numbers and they just increase!?
09:46:57Bagder(they're now shown on recorders)
09:47:29LinusNBagder: not on mine
09:47:42merwinwell, normally you have, say, 10 tracks on a cd... on the cd player it would display track 8 as being track 8... with ours, the 5th song in a normal play could be the 200th in shuffle.
09:47:45Bagderwhat is not on yours?
09:47:48 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
09:47:59LinusNi don't see track numbers in my wps
09:48:46Bagderoh, well I guess merwin has more fancy oppptorunities with the custom wps
09:49:18Bagdermerwin: I get it now, yes we have no way to tell the original track number after having shuffled
09:49:40merwinyup... it's just mentally throwing me off a bit.
09:49:46LinusNwhat is most interesting, the index or the track numnber?
09:50:04BagderI think he means the index in the unshuffled list
09:50:09LinusNi know
09:50:16merwinBagder: bingo
09:50:18LinusNlet me rephrase
09:50:34LinusNwhat is most interesting, the shiffled or the unshuffled track numnber?
09:50:38merwinGod dag!
09:50:52merwinI'd rather have the unshuffled track number
09:50:59merwinit makes it seem more random
09:51:17LinusNmany people (including me) like to see how far the list has played
09:51:26merwinmy computer is spitting out swedish now
09:51:42merwinLinusN: but in random mode it doesn't really matter, since it can start halfway through the playlist
09:52:00LinusNmerwin: no, it always plays the entire list
09:52:15LinusNit doesn't start somewhere in the middle
09:52:19LinusNor does it?
09:52:24Bagderyes it does
09:52:34LinusNthat is not good imho
09:52:40merwinLinusN: have shuffle on, go into the dir browser, and select a file. it could come up as number 100 in the playlist starting
09:52:42hardeepWait, i thought it started at index 0
09:52:52hardeepof the shuffled list
09:52:55Bagderhardeep: if you play a playlist, yes
09:52:55merwinLinusN: my point exactly :)
09:53:07LinusNnow i remember
09:53:14Bagderif you play a dir, it has to do like this
09:53:30LinusNBagder: no, it doesn't have to
09:53:37LinusNit is just easier like that
09:53:46Bagderand how would a "fix" look like?
09:53:56Bagderrotate the entire list N steps?
09:53:59merwinSju skna sjsjuka sjukskterskor p skeppet Shanghai.
09:54:07Bagderand store N when resuming ?
09:54:15LinusNmerwin: sex laxar i en laxask
09:54:20LinusNBagder: possibly
09:54:26merwinI liked the english translation of that one
09:54:39merwinSix waxed salmons in a waxed salmon box
09:54:46BagderI actually ruled out that kind of drastic ways :-)
09:55:02LinusNBagder: but you do see the problem?
09:55:11Bagderno, I don't see it as a problem ;-)
09:55:23merwinLinusN: Do you guys teach these tongue twisters to kids? - Sju sjuka sjukskterskor tvttade sina skitiga stjrtar i rosa champagne
09:55:24LinusNif repeat is off it will be silly
09:55:37Bagderyes, if we stop at the end of the list
09:55:40Bagderbut we can move the stop-entry
09:55:44LinusNit may start at the last song
09:55:50Bagderwhich is far esier
09:56:05Bagderso that it starts at N and stops at N-1
09:56:16LinusNBagder: that is a good idea
09:56:18merwinBagder: then it would stop at the starting song, which could be song 100... wrapping around the playlist gets confusing to the end user
09:56:39BagderI know it makes things slightly more confusing
09:56:46LinusNmerwin: playlists always start at the first song
09:56:49Bagderbut it makes the internals so much better
09:56:56Bagderthis is only for all-dir plays
09:57:39merwinLinusN: yes, but if you're starting with track 100 and ending with track 99, that may be confusing for the end user... it should start with track 1 and end with track 100
09:57:58hardeepthe index could be updated based on the stop entry
09:58:08hardeepso it would start at 1 and end at 100
09:58:19LinusNmerwin: the playlist index should be internal to the playlist code
09:58:26Bagderyes, we could just display a modified index
09:58:49merwinhardeep: interesting idea
09:59:18LinusNStill, it may be interesting to display the unshuffled track index
09:59:43merwinhmm... hasn't skipped tracks in a while... it seems to go through bad moods or something
09:59:50BagderLinusN: that would require some funny hacks to get that working
09:59:52LinusNthat will probably double the mem usage
10:00:10Bagderat least 50% up
10:00:15Bagdersince we can do with 16bit
10:01:00 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:01:06LinusNmaybe an option that uses the playlist buffer for that, lowering the playlist size limit?
10:01:27Bagderthat could be an idea, yes
10:01:42LinusNa fair tradeoff, imho
10:01:43Bagdervery low prio in my mind though
10:01:50merwinAlthough I really like the 400 limit
10:02:09merwinBagder: it's one of those novelty things
10:02:18LinusNmerwin: that is a different limit
10:02:28BagderLinusN: hey, for dir-plays we can use the playlist buffer
10:02:32merwinoh. heh
10:02:41BagderI mean already now
10:02:44rwoodhas there been any thought of nested playlists in some future release?
10:02:46LinusNi'm talking about the 10000 playlist-entries limit
10:03:07LinusNrwood: of course
10:03:16Bagderrwood: there's very little point in nested ones, you can just merge them all into one
10:03:38LinusNBagder: on dir-play?
10:03:52Bagdernested on dir-play?
10:03:58LinusNmaybe i misinterpreted the question?
10:04:10LinusNBagder: recursive
10:04:32Bagderah, recursive all-dir would build a temporary playlist and play that
10:04:42merwinI could be up for cutting the 10000 limit in half and store double entries for the display of the true track
10:05:10LinusNmerwin: i think that would be the way to go
10:06:07Bagderthe track number would fit within 16 bits so you can have the limit at 6666 to get the same memory size
10:06:07merwinI don't know many people who hit the 10000 limit very often
10:06:42*Bagder updated the roadmap on the rockbox front page
10:07:03merwingotta see this roadmap
10:08:15merwinwoo, i'm on 1.4 :-)
10:08:38Blaster_MasterJust an sugestion : Is it possible to cache the directory structure or reserve some memory for it, including filenames. would it not speed up directory browsing quite a bit.
10:08:51LinusNBagder: so file system writes is 1.4?
10:09:06LinusNBlaster_Master: everything is possible
10:09:10BagderLinusN: that's what we've talked about previously, yes
10:09:19Bagdertime will show if we're up to it ;-)
10:09:20merwinBlaster_Master: caching would use up more memory
10:09:23LinusNit just takes memory, and some code to do it
10:10:01Hes1.3 has mucho better charging than 1.2, maybe could add that
10:10:04merwinBlaster_Master: but with not spinning down the disk during browsing anymore, it goes alot quicker
10:10:50BagderHes: true
10:11:44merwinwe need to fix the charged voltage for the player... it's definately off. Takes a long while to get below 100%
10:12:11LinusNmerwin: different units have different voltages
10:12:28LinusNwe should probably adjust the scale though
10:12:51merwinisn't there a variable dependant on player/recorder?
10:13:16HesIt doesn't depend much between player/recorder
10:13:27Hesdifferent batteries matter much more
10:13:40HesIt's way off on my recorder too, but I don't care a lot
10:13:57LinusNit just makes me happy to have 100% all that time :-)
10:14:06merwini'm just using the standard 1500's
10:14:14HesBut yes, it could be adjusted a little, and made smarter (something along the lines suggested by Uwe)
10:14:37LinusNmerwin: it also depends on the age and wear of the batteries
10:14:57LinusNthe condition
10:15:06merwinwe should probably tailor the max towards decently fresh batteries
10:15:21LinusNrwood: have you tried to disable AFE?
10:15:35LinusNmerwin: yeah, probably
10:15:50merwinHes: what was Uwe's opinion on it?
10:16:12LinusNhe had a suggestion about a conversion table
10:16:46LinusNto account for the non-linear voltage curve
10:17:09merwinyeah, since it drops quicker as it gets lower
10:18:13LinusNyeah, the user expects the battery meter to show "time left" rather than "voltage left"
10:19:23Bagderthey would even probably prefer "minutes left" ;-)
10:19:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:19:49merwinthat would be a fun feature
10:20:30BagderI agree
10:20:35HesAt some point I wondered about measuring the average playtime and voltage points in RTC or disk
10:20:47HesReplacing batteries would mix it up, though
10:21:09LinusNHes: but it could try to adapt
10:21:26merwina saved file on disk that performs the measurements and adapts to the specific batteries could work
10:21:32merwinHes: delete the file
10:21:48LinusNi think it's perfectly acceptable that the time-left prediction fails after replacing the batteries
10:21:55merwinIt's the same concept as an ECU in a car.... it adapts to the current condition of the car. If you change those conditions drastically, you just reset it
10:23:39rwoodLinusN: yes, i've tried clearing 0xa and restoring the origional value - no change in the hang
10:24:28 Join MeRWiN- [0] (
10:24:32 Nick MeRWiN- is now known as merwin- (
10:24:37merwin-grrr... i hate dialup
10:24:58LinusNrwood: don't restore it, just clear it.
10:25:30 Join pyvasene [0] (
10:25:33rwoodLinusN: I did - first i tried restoring then i tried clearing
10:27:00rwoodLinusN: i need to look at the port mode, i/o and data regs at entry and restore them in the correct order on re-load
10:27:58LinusNrwood: try to set all pin modes to input
10:28:37LinusNand general I/O
10:28:55LinusNPACR1/2 = 0
10:29:00LinusNPBCR1/2 = 0
10:29:05LinusNPAIOR = 0
10:29:08LinusNPBIOR = 0
10:32:09Blaster_Masteryou are keeping track on the battery status right?, for statistical purpuses ?, why not save the statisticas to a CSV file on disk ? :) then pepole can se cool graphs on their PC ...
10:32:28LinusNBlaster_Master: that would be cool if we could write files on the disk
10:33:03Blaster_Mastercrap ! the that is not an option :(
10:33:15Bagdernot yet anyway
10:33:27HesAnd anyway, we can see cool graphs on the rockbox display 8-)
10:34:16Bagderanyone tried the second snake game?
10:35:12LinusNi havent yet
10:35:14merwin-I haven't found a snake game that is as good as Nokia's snake... it's got little subtle differences... like waiting an extra split second when you run into yourself to give yourself a chance to get away
10:35:29LinusNand i feel bad about it because i promised him to test it
10:35:51LinusNthe current game is pretty unfair in that respect
10:36:02LinusNit may put a block right before the nose
10:36:06merwin-We could be the first software ever to offer 3 versions of snake :)
10:36:40LinusNor we could combine them to make the BEST version ever
10:36:49rwoodLinusN: doesn't work - i think it kills DRAM refresh
10:36:54merwin-that is definately true
10:38:57LinusNrwood: ah, yes. OK, try changing only the IRQ0 pin
10:40:06rwoodLinusN: i'll try it, but according to the code, rockbox doesn't change the state of that pin
10:40:24rwoodLinusN: that is if everyone is using the #defined names
10:40:49 Join _seb_ [0] (
10:41:56 Quit seb-away (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:48:41 Join bobTHC [0] (
10:48:44rwoodLinusN: I'll try that tommorrow night - it's 1:50 AM here and I have a customer in for a design session tommorrow - night all
10:49:03LinusNnight, rwood!
10:49:06 Quit rwood ()
10:49:18 Quit merwin (No route to host)
10:50:49 Nick merwin- is now known as merwin (
11:04:43 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
11:06:36 Quit Blaster_Master (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:07:13merwinDo variables declared inside of functions take up memory perminantly?
11:07:18merwinor is it only globals that do?
11:07:38langhaarrockerif loacals are declared static they do
11:08:39merwinbut if they aren't, then they only use memory temporarily?
11:08:51Bagderyes, they use the stack for that
11:09:42merwinsomeone should port linux to the jukebox :)
11:10:24Bagdersh-linux doesn't run on the sh-1
11:10:39langhaarrockerMy demand for a Java VM was first! Que up at the end of the line of demands!
11:10:54merwinhaha, java inside of the rockbox
11:12:32 Join Lowfiler [0] (
11:12:39Lowfilermorning @ll
11:13:13LinusNLowfiler: morning
11:13:46LinusNmerwin: lowfilter?
11:14:02merwinsorry, mispell
11:14:21merwinkinda like the misspell of bagder to badger
11:14:57*Bagder is commonly misspelled
11:14:57LinusN5i11y w@R3z d00dz!
11:15:11merwin3y3 y4m 31337!!
11:15:53*merwin needs sleep... it's 4:15am
11:16:10merwinand I have to work today
11:16:27Lowfileruhm did you recognize that status bar is broxen :)
11:16:36Lowfilerlol ok merwin good night :)
11:16:41Lowfileryes broken sorry
11:17:02LinusNmine works ok
11:17:36LinusNi assume you mean recorder
11:18:12LinusNdoesn't it show?
11:18:48Lowfilerno status bar anywhere (not in the menu, not while playing and not while browsing)
11:19:03LinusNand when you press F3?
11:19:23Lowfilerits no use
11:19:38Lowfilerdoesnt work
11:20:07Lowfilerya strange
11:20:23Lowfileri compiled the latest cvs this night
11:21:11Lowfilerbut i didnt checked out the last 3 changes - but i think it has not been fixed in this changes
11:22:09LinusNLowfiler: bring up the debug menu
11:22:41Lowfilerand i dont think that it happend by my changes - i will download the daily build and try it again - wait a min
11:22:47LinusNand View/clr RTC RAM
11:25:20 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
11:25:21Lowfilerok status bar has been broken in the daily build too
11:25:48Lowfilerthat bug hasnt caused by my own changes
11:25:57Lowfilerone min plz
11:27:18LowfilerRTC Read:
11:27:33Lowfilerwhat do u want to know :)
11:27:43LinusNcontents of byte 22
11:28:19Lowfileris not shown
11:28:24LinusNpress DOWN
11:28:48Lowfilerya isnt shown :)
11:28:56LinusNrow 0x20
11:29:16 Quit pyvasene (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:29:24LinusNok, now go back to the browser and press f3
11:29:45 Join Zagor [0] (
11:30:14Bagderhey Z
11:30:17Bagdertired today? ;-)
11:30:17Lowfilerhuh wtf it works
11:30:39LinusNLowfiler: indeed
11:30:46Lowfileryesterday it had not worked
11:30:57Lowfileri think i am goin crazy
11:31:07LinusNLowfiler: and you hadn't made any changes?
11:31:30Lowfileri made changes - maybe it is because of that
11:31:50ZagorBagder: nah, moving around a bit at home. swapped the bed and the computer.
11:32:42BagderZagor: there's a few minor probs with the site
11:33:04LinusNthe content-type is still wrong
11:33:12ZagorBagder: what?
11:33:13BagderZagor: the FAQ doesn't update, the firmware/README is wrong
11:33:19BagderLinusN: which one?
11:33:30LinusNor maybe not...
11:33:49Bagderwindows makes funny tricks on the .mod one
11:33:50 Join matsl [0] (
11:33:59LinusNwhen i click on the bleeding edge link with my Opera at home it tries to display it
11:34:03 Quit merwin ()
11:34:08LinusNthe ajz
11:34:21Bagderyour opera is nuts ;-)
11:34:26LinusNbut when i do it at work it works
11:34:29Bagderit sends application/octet-stream
11:34:31LinusNvia a proxy
11:35:30langhaarrockermy c knowledge has somewhat faded:
11:35:31langhaarrockerwhat is the difference when I declare a module variable static or not?
11:35:40 Quit h0bby (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:35:40Bagdera module?
11:35:48Bagderyou mean a function?
11:36:02langhaarrockerno I mean a normal global variable.
11:36:11Bagderthey become file-local
11:36:18ZagorBagder: the faq updates, it just becomes wrong
11:36:36BagderZagor: docs_ isn't in the makefile
11:36:45Zagorit's not supposed to
11:36:53Bagderuh, right
11:36:57Zagordocs/ takes it's input from _docs/
11:37:02Bagderbut why doesn't Q39 show up?
11:37:23ZagorQ39 shows up, but not Q40. I tried remaking it, and it's the same. dunno why.
11:37:38LinusNok, so the last q is a problem?
11:37:49LinusNmaybe a LF issue?
11:38:20Zagorbut the FAQ is a msdos text file, was it always?
11:38:38Bagderits a script bug
11:39:50matslZagor: Found a bunch of java classes for id3. Picked its LGPLed. Shouldn't be any problem!?
11:40:31*Bagder detects java in a sentence and hides
11:40:51Zagormatsl: no problem
11:40:54BagderZagor: I fixed the q40 problem in the script
11:41:10LinusNwhat was it?
11:41:24langhaarrockerWhat makes Badger dislike Java?
11:41:31Bagderfaq2html didn't "flush" the questions at end of file
11:42:02Bagderlanghaarrocker: I leave that for another channel and time
11:42:03LinusNlanghaarrocker: if you don't know why people dislike Java, you don't want to know the answer... :-)
11:42:56langhaarrockerAh. I see. The answer is not so much about java as about the people that like java?
11:43:24Bagder"I came to visit your site while I was searching for articles like hacking through C. I am so amazed with your capabilities"
11:43:35*Bagder gets fan mail
11:43:52Zagori'm going to lunch. see you later.
11:43:55 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|lunch (
11:45:09LinusNlanghaarrocker: not about the people, it's more about OO and coding style. But let's leave that topic. We don't want language wars.
11:45:09matslZagor|lunch: With a 15-line program I can now fill my screen with all id3-tags I ever wanted to know. Now what? Any idea how the database should look like to be useful.
11:45:47Lowfilerhuh! jukebox mm 20GB 397 Euros
11:47:05Bagdermatsl: it depends on how you want to use it
11:50:30matslBagder: I'm not planning to use it.
11:50:55*Bagder is puzzled
11:52:17matslBagder: Don't be. I'm trying to remember some java. Zagor had mentioned in an earlier discussion at the office that a java app could be good, for portability, to do the database. ...
11:52:31matsl... I'd thought I could start that activity.
11:53:03Bagderbut still, there has to exist some ideas on what the database would be used for
11:53:13Bagderseems silly to make a database without a purpose
11:53:20LinusNwhat database?
11:53:27matslGood point.
11:53:55matslA data base with id3-info that could be used instead of browsing the dir I guess.
11:55:20bobTHCbuild by the player or on pc?
11:55:36matslbuild on the pc
11:56:59 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|lunch (
11:57:04Bagderso then, if you start thinking on how that browsing should work, it is easier to consider a wise file format
12:03:16 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lunch (
12:05:46 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:19:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:31:49 Nick matsl|lunch is now known as matsl (
13:18:17*Bagder drops a pin
13:22:49 Join Snorlax [0] (
13:27:41 Join coutta [0] (
13:27:49 Join Phil [0] (
13:28:57couttaGents, is there something in the .m3u format which allows you to designate that the playlist is to be shuffled ?
13:29:18Bagderthe .m3u is a very simple and stupid format
13:29:22Bagderplain file names
13:29:42couttaAre there "comments" in .m3u ?
13:30:04Bagderwinamp added comments, lines starting with #
13:30:46Phildidn't it store the duration of the songs in those comments?
13:30:51 Quit Moof (Remote closed the connection)
13:30:53couttaCould we extend the format for Rockbox to include a shuffle indicator, using something like #rockbox ?
13:30:56BagderPhil: yes it does
13:31:22Bagdercoutta: it would be possible yes, but I fail to see the big advantage
13:32:39couttaI'm lazy. My common usage seems to be going from large shuffled playlists to listening to a complete un-shuffled album
13:33:32Bagderhopefully we'll soon have an easy-access key to toggle shuffle on/off
13:35:09couttaMy little programmer mind was mulling over the use of the # indicator in the .m3u, or using an indicator in the name of the .m3u file
13:36:00couttaeasy-access key would be good because it's the most common function I use in both Rockbox and the std Archos firmware
13:39:37 Nick LinusN|lunch is now known as LinusN (
13:46:07 Nick Tumm- is now known as tumm (coyote@
13:46:19 Quit Lowfiler (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:49:27Snorlaxwhere can you buy resistors in sweden?!?
13:49:35Snorlaxand capacitors?
13:50:00Snorlaxhave checked elfa..
13:50:40 Nick Zagor|lunch is now known as Zagor (
13:51:46 Quit coutta (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:54:18LinusNSnorlax: elfa is good, or Farnell
13:54:51HesLinusN: did you catch the I/O errors in the debugger?
13:55:45ZagorHes: they're propably just read errors. i'll add a retry soon.
13:56:08Zagorno, sorry, you refer to the read-when-spindown errors
13:56:17Zagorwe discussed that during lunch, me and Linus
13:56:32Zagorwe need to find a way to know when the disk has spun down
13:56:47matslI think it is weird that id3->index is used together with playlist.amount in the 1 line id3 view. But it has beein in CVS now for weeks. What am I missing?
13:56:50Zagorapparently, soft_reset() does not "bite" while it is doing the spindown
13:57:42HesOk, I see. What about the read errors which cause the intro play feature?
13:58:29Zagorthat will most likely be solved with a simple retry
13:58:46HesDo you have any idea why I have so much of them now?
13:58:58Zagorare you using latest cvs?
13:59:11Hesand merwin too.
13:59:21HesI built from CVS this morning.
13:59:25LinusNZagor: it is wait_for_start_of_transfer() that fails
13:59:32ZagorLinusN: ok
13:59:47LinusNthat is the only one that can leave the LED on
14:00:46HesIt's like, one song out of then plays completely
14:00:46Bagderhm, shouldn't the docs cvs commits get mailed?
14:00:59Hesout of ten
14:01:18HesAnd this is without any serious shaking
14:01:30HesAnd I believe I have the same disk as LinusN
14:01:32ZagorHes: wow, that much? and it became worse since the new sleep code, or since when?
14:01:45HesIt was really bad when I built yesterday too
14:04:56LinusNHes: i haven't seen that kind problem for ages
14:05:12HesI will experiment with it more when I have time
14:05:26matslAnybody: Comment on the id3->index playlist.amount problem?
14:05:46LinusNHes: put some debug LCD output in mpeg.c
14:06:04LinusNmatsl: what prolbem?
14:06:12matslI think it is weird that id3->index is used together with playlist.amount in the 1 line id3 view. But it has beein in CVS now for weeks. What am I missing?
14:06:35Zagormatsl: isn't it simply trying to make an "index/total" display?
14:06:41Bagderit's the song number, isn't it?
14:06:46HesLinusN: will do... and ata
14:06:54LinusNBagder: the shuffled song number
14:06:58Bagderof course
14:06:58matslyes, but shouldn't it be playlist.index/playlist.amount
14:07:13Bagderthe playlist doesn't know what plays
14:07:18Bagderthe id3->index does
14:07:27Zagorplaylist.index can be several tracks ahead of the currently playing
14:07:34LinusNmatsl: there may be many tracks in memory
14:07:51matslok. All my id3-indexes seem to be 0
14:08:04Bagderthat is not good
14:08:46matslSo its a problem with my mp3s then.
14:08:55LinusNi don't think so
14:09:17Zagorid3->index is created by playlist.c and assigned by mpeg.c
14:09:32 Join coutta [0] (
14:09:39matslOK. Then we have a bug.
14:10:00Zagorwill you guys stop finding bugs? I want to release... ;-)
14:10:53matslI'm sorry. I thought id3->was an id3-tag saying what song on the album it was.
14:11:07Bagderid3 is more 'mp3 info'
14:11:12matslid3->was id3->index was
14:11:33PhilIs there a rough date when the next release is released?
14:11:35Bagderwe should rename the variable
14:11:45BagderPhil: as soon as possible ;-)
14:12:33LinusNmatsl: id3->index/playlist.amount shows 1/20 on my 20-file directory play
14:12:44matslI'll revert to the current version of wps.c and see if I can find the bug.
14:13:09PhilBadger could we wait until tomorrow?
14:13:17matslLinusN: And when you select song number two?
14:13:26BagderPhil: we won't release today, and hardly tomorrow
14:13:32BagderPhil: we still chase down bugs
14:13:48matslLinusN: Didn't do that for we yesterday
14:13:50PhilBadger: uff. So do I.
14:14:04matslLinusN: I'll revert and try again.
14:14:31BagderZagor: I modified the roadmap on the front page this morning
14:14:41ZagorBagder: ah
14:14:52BagderI guess you haven't noticed ;-)
14:14:59LinusNBagder: change the faq too
14:15:02Zagornope :-) looks good, though
14:15:14BagderLinusN: okidoki
14:17:14*Bagder made docs-commits get mailed too
14:18:49PhilBagder: Concerning roadmap V1.5. Next weekend I'll do some investigation and after that I'll decide wether I feel addicted to do an editor for splitting mp3. That'll be hard and deep work but it's a feature I really need and thus someone has to do it. If nobody else does I'll try to.
14:18:50PsycoXuli just made my screen go compleetely blank
14:18:54PsycoXuland it won't come back
14:19:23BagderPhil: hehe, I don't think you'll face much competition in the race to reach to that feature first ;-)
14:19:38PsycoXuli was in the root dir and had the mp3/m3u filter off and scrolled down towards the end of the list, then i went and turned the filter on, and then it all went screwy heh
14:19:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:19:55ZagorPsycoXul: ah. buuuuugg
14:20:42PhilBadger: Sometimes I crave for competitors winning the race.
14:21:40PhilBadger: What I intended to say is: You might want to include mp3 splitting to the feature list of 1.5
14:21:58LinusNZagor: we must not try to do software reset when the drive is BSY
14:22:36ZagorPhil: no. if you write it, it will be included when it's ready. the roadmap is what we are planning, not including code submitted from others
14:22:37LinusNata_soft_reset must wait until !BSY before resetting
14:23:04ZagorLinusN: is it BSY while spinning down, you mean?
14:23:16PhilZagor: The better for me: Doesn't put me into trouble.
14:23:23ZagorPhil: :-)
14:23:40LinusNZagor: possibly so
14:24:00LinusNI just read about the soft reset
14:26:10LinusNBSY is cleared when the drive has gone to sleep, according to the spec
14:26:17Zagorok, nice
14:26:20Zagori'll add it
14:27:10LinusNThis command causes the device to set the BSY bit to one, prepare to enter Sleep mode, clear the BSY bit to
14:27:10LinusNzero and assert INTRQ.
14:27:35LinusNThe host shall read the Status register in order to clear the interrupt pending and
14:27:35LinusNallow the device to enter Sleep mode.
14:28:16LinusNBecause some host systems may not read the Status register and clear the interrupt pending, a device may
14:28:16LinusNautomatically release INTRQ and enter Sleep mode after a vendor specific time period of not less than 2 s.
14:28:48LinusNso we should read the status register to avoid an extra 2s sleep delay
14:29:10LinusNYou fix?
14:30:27LinusNthat should fix the "fortune cookie bug"
14:30:31 Join Fridolin [0] (
14:30:49LinusNhallo, Fridolin
14:30:54FridolinHi !
14:31:13LinusNif you have bugs to report, please don't :-)
14:31:41Fridolin;-) I haven't had the time to play a lot with my rockbox recently...
14:32:00LinusNthat must be horrible for you
14:32:19matslZagor: Now you'll be happy. I have unfound a bug.
14:32:41LinusNyou misplaced it?
14:32:50matslmy head yes!
14:33:29matslid3->index isn't updated in the simulator. I was fooled by that!
14:33:50matslIt works ok in the real hardware.
14:33:53Zagorah, nice
14:34:08LinusNsimulators, who needs them? :-)
14:34:16matslSo maybe it is abug in the simulator then ;-)
14:34:25Bagdermatsl: go fix it! ;-)
14:34:37Bagderthe mpeg thread is not simulated (very well)
14:34:47matslI know.
14:35:07matslI might look into it. Have some other stuff to do now. cu
14:35:16Bagderbye matsl
14:35:21 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
14:36:25LinusNHes: you should only wrap between words in the cookies
14:39:59HesLinusN: Yeah, should make showtext.c show from a buffer
14:40:14Hesdidn't get around to doing that yet.
14:42:18Hesshould be a library-like function for displaying a long piece of text properly wrapped.
14:42:26HesEither until a key is pressed or with a timeout.
14:42:44Hes(timeout could be overriden with a keypress)
14:43:08Bagderyou should make it just a function that prints with word wrap
14:43:11ZagorLinusN: we already do this...
14:43:16Bagderthe waiting for keys could be made separately
14:44:32LinusNZagor: i saw a wrap in the middle of a 3 letter word
14:44:50Zagori'm talking about waiting for BSY after SLEEP
14:46:17LinusNbut do we read STATUS?
14:46:27LinusNand not ALT_STATUS
14:47:08Zagorno, but the point is we aren't leaving until BSY is off
14:47:58Zagorbut, yeah, I'll test with a "real" STATUS read
14:48:39LinusNstill, ata_soft_reset() should wait for !BSY before resetting
15:09:32 Join manitee [0] (
15:09:37maniteehi folks
15:10:04LinusNmanitee: hi
15:10:32maniteecan I ask a question about bug 588867, the mp3 skipping due to read error one?
15:10:51maniteewhats the deal with it heh
15:11:06LinusNmanitee: do you get it when the unit is still?
15:11:09maniteejust wondering if you decided that it was actually do to file inconsistancies?
15:11:16maniteeyes Lin I do
15:11:36manitee(thanks for the great software BTW - its very nice)
15:11:40BagderI think the sleep stuff has introduced this
15:11:53Bagderbut I can't explain how
15:12:04maniteeis the sleep stuff in the daily builds now?
15:12:12BagderATA_SLEEP yes
15:12:18maniteeoh HD spindown
15:13:05LinusNnot sure though
15:13:13LinusNit works great for me
15:13:24LinusNno skips
15:13:26maniteehuh maybe im unlucky - or have bad quality mp3's
15:13:35LinusNno, you're not alone
15:13:37maniteeit's not every song, in fact it seems to be the same songs
15:13:44LinusNsame songs?
15:13:50maniteeyeah i just thought of that
15:13:59maniteesame song, same place even
15:14:10maniteeduh can't believe i didnt think of that before
15:14:27maniteebut the mp3 is fine in the archos firmware or other players
15:14:39maniteeno skips or distortions through that portion
15:14:44LinusNdoes it skip to the next song?
15:14:58LinusNthis is interesting
15:15:07maniteei can send you the mp3 if you like
15:15:14LinusNwhat rockbox version?
15:15:15maniteenot sure if that would help
15:15:38maniteehardware? studio 20 - Rom? 5.08
15:15:47LinusNno, rockbox
15:16:01maniteeoh sorry heh - 8/26 daily build
15:16:31LinusNok, send me the file, linus at
15:16:47maniteepulling from archos now
15:16:47LinusNor can you publich it on HTTP?
15:16:56maniteeyes i can one moment
15:17:11*LinusN has a theory
15:17:35maniteewhats that
15:17:51LinusNthat it has to do with the track change detection
15:18:40maniteeuploading file to web server - just a moment
15:18:55adi|homehowdy all...
15:18:58adi|homei miss much?
15:19:03LinusNadi|home: howdy
15:19:10LinusNyes you did
15:19:15LinusNand we'll never tell you
15:19:21*Bagder doesn't tell
15:19:35adi|hometoo late.. ill scroll back!!!
15:19:38*adi|home cackles evilly
15:19:50*Bagder sends his scrollback destroying droids over to adi
15:19:56LinusNrm irc/log*
15:20:35 Join alphawave [0] (
15:20:38maniteesorry lin this is taking a few mins
15:20:46LinusNmanitee: i have time
15:20:49Bagderhi alphawave
15:20:50LinusNalphawave: hi
15:21:19adi|homeummm Bagder .. the last FAQ commit you made
15:21:27adi|homethere were no changes... so like.. umm.. what?
15:21:42 Quit Fridolin ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020826]")
15:21:46Bagderadi|home: there was, but the mail's diff hides whitespace-only changes
15:21:56adi|homeno.. look at the cvs diff
15:22:04adi|homeand i did a cvs diff from what i last had last night
15:22:06adi|homeand no change
15:22:30adi|homeelse.. what was the change?
15:22:39LinusNwhy did CVS accept that commit?
15:22:58Bagderbecause there were changes
15:23:06LinusNor why doesn't it show the diff correctly?
15:23:06BagderI removed three spaces
15:23:12adi|homefrom where?
15:23:15adi|homewhat line?
15:23:18LinusNthe file :-)
15:23:21Bagderfrom the roadmap "table"
15:23:35Bagderline 159 and line 162
15:23:41elinenbenot really a bug, but an annoyance... when you fast forward or rewind on the recorder, the status bar (bar at the bottom) moves to the new location, then jumps back, and then jumps forward to the place you fast forwarded or rewound to.
15:23:54*adi|home shrugs...
15:24:13Zagorelinenbe: yes, that's because we don't really know when the disk is busy spinning instead of reading
15:24:24Bagderthat shows the diff
15:24:42Bagderthat colored things is for weenies
15:24:43adi|homeis that why the new line additions weren't taking before?
15:24:46adi|homebecause they are now..
15:24:54elinenbeZagor: so would a fix even be possible?
15:25:00alphawavejust curious, since the 2 middle lines on the layer are bitmap, can games be played?
15:25:02LinusNelinenbe and Zagor: when does this happen?
15:25:09Zagorelinenbe: everything is possible :-)
15:25:17adi|homenot true :)
15:25:23adi|homenot _everything_
15:25:24ZagorLinusN: when searching in a track with the disk still
15:25:25LinusNalphawave: they are not bitmapped
15:25:44adi|homealpha.. check the FAQ.. #39/40
15:25:57LinusNZagor: i can't see it
15:26:10elinenbeLinusN: whenever you fast forward or rewind on a song −− try going ahead or behind 45 seconds or a minute or so...
15:26:26elinenbeLinusN: and look at the status bar on the bottom...
15:26:35LinusNah, now i see it
15:26:52elinenbefrom forum :
15:26:53elinenbeI tried Rockbox yesterday for the first time (daily build). I like the 2-like ID3 tag display. However, it is sort of frustrating that the 2nd line scrolls but the top does not.
15:26:53*adi|home points out htat he added questions 39/40 last night.. so anyone not seeing them previous are not at fault
15:26:53elinenbePersonally, I like the option I have on my AudioTron - which is where you choose if the line will scroll ONCE, ALWAYS, NEVER... and I use the "Once" option.
15:27:40adi|homeoh.. btw.. i CANT WAIT for disk writing...
15:27:50Zagorelinenbe: all this will be configurable soon
15:27:53adi|homehaving to hand edit files that are chopped is killing me :)
15:28:16elinenbeZagor: that is just a request from a user... I think it is a nice idea too though.
15:28:46*Bagder votes that the id3v2 question is added to get FAQ
15:29:02alphawavehumm ok
15:29:39adi|homeokay.. what was the question :)
15:29:56*adi|home hasn't paid attentiong ot that thread on the mailing list
15:30:06Bagderadi|home: why rockbox doesn't find their id3v2 tags
15:30:14Bagdersee my reply just posted
15:30:43LinusN"soap opera" :-)
15:31:45adi|homeBagder.. in my emacs.. my 'delete' key is now acting like backspace instead of delete... any idea what happend?
15:31:52maniteehey linus you still here?
15:31:57LinusNmanitee: sure
15:31:59 Nick mecraw|snoring is now known as mecraw|away (~mecraw@
15:32:03maniteehere it goes:
15:32:15maniteeit skips in like the last 15 seconds of the song
15:32:29alphawavecan thetags be read in one like this "songtitle" by artist
15:32:43Bagderadi|home: hehe my delete key always do that, I use ctrl-d ;-)
15:32:50maniteegak emacs! splort
15:32:57LinusNmanitee: i am not a member of that group
15:33:03maniteei think you need to install vi
15:33:07alphawaveim saving for a 17' imac!
15:33:08maniteeoops lin one sec - my mistake
15:33:46elinenbecheck out this matrix comparison of various players... check out the battery life under the archos!
15:34:06maniteethere you go - sorry bout that, my home machine's ftp server is botched ATM so i had to host it at yahoo :/
15:34:32Bagder"In terms of battery drain, for how long would my R20 have to be
15:34:32Bagderpaused before it became more economical to switch it off? Is it 1 minute, 5 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours? "
15:34:37 Join pimlottc [0] (
15:34:39Bagderthat's a battery-faq
15:34:41maniteethats not right
15:34:58maniteethats not right ( the matrix saying 4 hours i mean )
15:35:18adi|homeits already there ;)
15:35:22LinusNmanitee: no go
15:35:26Bagderadi|home: ah, hehe
15:35:36adi|homequestion 12 :)
15:35:43maniteetrying alternate plan - sorry
15:35:51*adi|home puffs out his chest at his already up to date faqs ;)
15:36:04adi|homeand im considering reorganizing the main FAQ
15:36:09adi|homeits a bit random right now
15:36:13alphawave4 hours?
15:36:16Zagorelinenbe: well the site is called "my mambo x" so it's obviously designed to make the Mambo look best
15:36:18alphawavewhats with that
15:36:35alphawavestuiped as people
15:36:51maniteesorry lin go to and grab the mp3
15:36:58maniteegot home machine up
15:37:15maniteegoing to be kinda slow - cable modem upload is throttled to like 10k
15:37:28LinusN"Driver required for all OS"
15:37:48adi|homei still say that the ipod has the nicest interface of any unit ive seen yet...
15:37:50Zagorit's so clueless, the whole thing
15:38:05adi|homethe comparison page Zagor?
15:38:06alphawavei know can the archos firmwar do that?
15:38:10Bagderthe transfer rate is fine too ;-)
15:38:15maniteethe ipod is hard to beat
15:38:35Zagornah, the ipod is very easy to beat. archos is a harddisk, iPod is not.
15:38:38alphawavei would have gotten one but i cant afford it
15:38:46Zagorwe can do whatever we like, iPod owners can not.
15:38:51maniteelet me rephrase: the ipod UI and GUI is hard to beat
15:39:07Zagorah. well grab the best bits and we'll use them.
15:39:15maniteethe design and packaging is very clever and clean
15:39:29maniteedont get we wrong, you'll notice I happily own an archos
15:39:40alphawavehey zagor have you seen the light mod here
15:39:50Zagorthe horrible horrible proprietary 1394 interface is reason #1 i would never even think of getting an iPod
15:39:59Zagoralphawave: yes
15:40:24manitee *shrug* I like the job dial
15:40:27maniteeJOG dial
15:40:36_seb_yeah, and the ipod actually is a hard disk
15:40:39_seb_you can copy files to it
15:40:49alphawavebut not in explorer
15:40:50elinenbenice little icons on the mambox though:
15:40:54_seb_alphawave: true
15:40:57_seb_in mac tho
15:40:58LinusN_seb_: any file, or just audio files?
15:41:02_seb_LinusN: any file
15:41:09maniteedidnt know that
15:41:12 Join pyvasene [0] (
15:41:21_seb_of course for windows you need specialized software
15:41:28Zagor_seb_: so it shows up on your mac desktop like any other harddisk?
15:41:30adi|homewould it make sense to start adding more of those links to the website?
15:41:33_seb_Zagor: yes
15:41:35alphawaveit is a hard rive but you cant use it like a hard drive that what i like about archos
15:41:36adi|homefor archos modding etc?
15:41:39elinenbeand I like the treeview showing folder depth:
15:41:40 Nick manitee is now known as manitee|away (
15:41:49Zagor_seb_: ok, i was misinformed then.
15:42:01_seb_no prob
15:42:18_seb_i got an archos anyway, i don't have enough money for an ipod, and it doesn't have a lot of space
15:42:37adi|homesee.. i don't like that dir. display.. its a waste of precious space to me
15:42:41Zagorelinenbe: I always wonder why they never show anything but the second level...
15:42:42alphawavethey no have the 20 gig you know
15:42:48_seb_yeah, but it's so expensive
15:42:56alphawaveyea 500$
15:43:09_seb_that's ridiculous
15:43:28alphawaveyeah get the 20 gig archos for 300$
15:43:54alphawaveor the recorder for 500$ i think
15:44:32adi|homerecorder 20 gig goes for 350$
15:44:33_seb_i think the recorder is only $320
15:44:42_seb_yeah, it's barely more expensive than the player
15:45:10alphawavei bought my 5 gig player(icouldn't aford a better one) for 25$
15:47:41 Nick manitee|away is now known as manitee (
15:48:28maniteewere you able to get the file Lin?
15:49:18 Join shampoo [0] (
15:49:25maniteethe studio20 is $250 right now in my area
15:49:40maniteeyeah just got it friday
15:49:52alphawavei would have never thought of my 5 gig is i had that prise
15:49:55LinusNhi shampoo
15:49:57shampooI am sure this is an FAQ but I am running v1.2 and there is major distortion on my juke6k.. has this been fixed ?
15:50:11alphawaveget a daily build
15:50:12LinusNyes, please try the latest build
15:50:14Zagorshampoo: please try latest daily build. we think it has been fixed.
15:50:31LinusN(masive response there) :-)
15:50:37shampooalright.. I'll grab it
15:50:37 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
15:50:44adi|homedid anyone mention try the daily build?
15:50:46*adi|home smirks
15:50:48shampooi forgot my USB cable at home grrrr
15:50:56PhilI think this were FAs (requenly answers)
15:50:56adi|homeokay Bagder you slave driver... FAQ updated :)
15:50:57elinenbeI just wanted to tell share some info with you all that I have not mentioned yet: when I used to plug my recorder 6k into the power in my car there was an AWFUL buzzing background noise (very loud) with the archos firmware, but with the jukebox it is no longer there...
15:51:05alphawavethat happens alot to me
15:51:09Bagdernice adi
15:51:16alphawavethat happens
15:51:29 Quit shampoo (Client Quit)
15:51:36Zagorelinenbe: interesting!
15:51:50alphawavebrb 1sec
15:51:57LinusNmanitee: where in the song does it skip?
15:52:08maniteein the last 15 seconds lin
15:52:12*adi|home screams softly
15:52:36maniteeLinus: did it do it for you?
15:52:41LinusNi'll have to go in a few minutes...
15:52:48LinusNi'm at 1:20
15:53:12adi|homeBagder or LinusN could you please fix
15:53:17adi|homeyou forgot the footer again
15:53:24adi|homeand manual-1.2 is not in the cvs
15:53:39Zagorit's not supposed to be
15:53:43alphawavedarn 1:20?
15:53:52alphawaveits 8:53 here
15:53:55Zagormanual-X.Y is a snapshot of the manual for the last release
15:54:02LinusN1 minute 20 secs into the song
15:54:06adi|homebut i keep updating those files
15:54:06maniteeba ha!
15:54:10adi|homeand they don't actually update
15:54:15alphawavei had that befor
15:54:26alphawavei defragmented and it worked then
15:54:29Zagoradi|home: that's because 1.2 doesn't change. go to manual/ instead...
15:54:39LinusNdidn't i add balance control?
15:54:45ZagorLinusN: you did
15:54:50*LinusN is reading the feature request
15:55:04adi|homethen why do we have the 'snapshot' then?
15:55:14LinusNmanitee: worked for me
15:55:17*alphawave says ahh how long untill 1.9?
15:55:41bobTHCalphawave : heheh
15:55:43LinusNalphawave: defragmentation solved it?
15:56:00alphawaveskiped at 1:20 every time
15:56:05alphawavethat fixed
15:56:10LinusNnot good. looks like we have a FAT driver bug then
15:56:19Zagoradi|home: because people will be confused to see features in the manual that are not available in their firmware
15:56:25alphawavefor some reason also my hd would spi for a wile
15:56:28adi|homeguys.. have we given any thought to if ".rockbox" is a pre or post 1.3 addition?
15:56:34adi|homegot ya zagor..
15:56:39BagderI think post
15:56:44Zagorpost, definitely
15:56:52Zagor1.3 doesn't have anything that uses .rockbox
15:57:06adi|homethen we need a way to garuntee that foot.t and head.t are on the files before they are posted
15:57:07elinenbeconfigurable WPS could use .rockbox
15:57:15Zagorelinenbe: it's not in 1.3
15:57:46LinusNtime to go home
15:57:52*adi|home waves
15:57:57maniteeLinus: I'll defrag and see if that solves
15:58:02LinusNmanitee: good
15:58:04LinusNby all!
15:58:08Bagderbye LinusN
15:58:09maniteebye Linus
15:58:12Zagoroh, the power numbers in the battery faq are wrong. they are too high.
15:58:17 Part LinusN
15:58:27elinenbea good idea here: similar to how the backlight time works, make the drive timeout work like that 1,2,3,...9,10,15,30,60,90,120,240,480,never...
15:58:35*Bagder sends the FAQ gnomes on Zagor
15:58:50alphawavehas the disk spindown min been moved yet?
15:59:04Zagorunfortunately, my cheap multimeter doesn't measure this accurately enough :-(
15:59:19Zagoralphawave: ?
16:00:05alphawavethe minimum disk spindown time
16:00:16Zagoralphawave: what do you mean moved?
16:00:35alphawaveyes everytime i move it below4 secs it will never load
16:00:48alphawavea song
16:00:48Zagorso don't do that
16:03:24 Quit adi|home ("Client Exiting")
16:03:35maniteeok im gone for now - talk to you all later
16:03:45 Quit manitee ()
16:03:58 Join adiamas [0] (
16:04:34 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|home (
16:05:35alphawaveon my win me puter, all rockbox versions are 51,210 bytes and on my win xp it differs every time
16:05:44alphawavewhy is this?
16:08:46Bagderwindows needs no reason ;-)
16:09:25alphawavehumm k
16:10:01alphawavewould it be possible to record from line in on the player?
16:10:38Philanother FA (frequent answer)?
16:11:01Zagor:-) yes
16:11:17adi|homeyou want that in the FAQ?
16:12:06 Join matsl [0] (
16:12:20PhilI wouldn't read faqs anyway :)
16:12:41Bagderit is useful to point to instead of trying to write your own answer
16:12:48adi|homethats fine phil...
16:12:54adi|homewe'll just ignore you the same ;)
16:13:37BagderZagor: what about making PROPFONTS default right this minute? ;-)
16:13:49Zagorexcellent idea :-)
16:14:25ZagorBagder: the question is, do we simply change configure or something else?
16:14:39Bagdergood q
16:14:53alphawaveproponts i mean what is?
16:15:02Zagorproportional fonts, on the recorder
16:15:04Philproportional fonts
16:15:26BagderZagor: I think we can change configure only
16:15:41Bagderand then when it proves to work fine we can remove all the old code and the define
16:16:35alphawavewhat are the chances of the buffer mod on the site?
16:16:52Bagderbuffer mod?
16:16:53Zagorwhat is the buffer mod?
16:17:18alphawaveif you look at the feature requestes, someone wanted a buffer mod
16:17:35alphawaveinstead of 2 mb's 8 mb's
16:17:43Bagderforget that ;-)
16:17:46Zagorwell someone was looking at it a week or so ago. not sure it came to anything.
16:18:09Bagderadi|home: very good a44 ;-)
16:19:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:21:19alphawavethat would be a great mod though ave battry life to!
16:21:44Bagderyes, and if santa existed in real life it would be really cool too B-P
16:21:52*Bagder ducks
16:21:58*alphawave laughs
16:22:01Zagorwhat is the ipod battery life? (real, not adveritsed)
16:22:08alphawavenot sure
16:22:31PhilI'd prefer a real studio quality stereo mic preamp over more buffer.
16:23:11alphawaveyeah for you recorder users
16:24:20ZagorPhil: use an external mic. the internal will always be plagued by harddrive noise
16:26:07Zagori have to run. see you later!
16:26:10 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|out (
16:26:11adi|homei try Bagder
16:26:28alphawavethe player user feel left out with all the recorder crap >:(
16:27:34Phildon't cry: you have configurable wps.
16:28:40PhilAnd if you're really in need for some harddrive noise I could send you an mp3 file .... ;)
16:29:21alphawaveheh :\
16:30:57alphawavewhen is apple gonna make a recorder ipod?
16:31:34PhilDo you want to port rockbox -> ipod?
16:32:19Blaster_Masterhow portable is the rockbox code? its written in C, right ??
16:32:23alphawavelol *yes*
16:32:44PhilI told you to make a VM and use Java!
16:33:41BagderBlaster_Master: most is C, yes, but it is very fat32, SH and MAS specific
16:34:11Bagderporting it to other players would need fixing the drivers
16:34:58Blaster_Masteryes, the hardware specific stuff defenitly has to be rewritten to fit new hardware :) if its ever tryed...
16:36:55alphawaveim signing up to win a ipod heh *lol*
16:37:05Bagdertraitor! ;-)
16:37:31alphawavecan you make a rockbox version so you can use the new tfs partition?
16:37:55Bagderyou can format it to use any fs you want
16:38:05Bagderbut rockbox won't understand it ;-)
16:38:05alphawaveit will still work?
16:38:57alphawavebe back later its breakfast time!
16:39:06 Quit alphawave ()
16:40:49*Blaster_Master zaps away
16:40:53 Quit Blaster_Master ()
16:59:18 Join alphawave [0] (
16:59:28alphawaveim back
17:01:36alphawavei'm gonna get my archos and get the "bleeding edge" build
17:04:51 Join shampoo [0] (
17:05:15shampooI just wanted to say that last night's build fixes the sound distortion problem perfectly.. thanks
17:05:21Bagdertime to go home
17:05:25 Part Bagder
17:06:52shampoois there a shortcut to the volume ?
17:07:01alphawavenot yet
17:08:40alphawavebut don't you have headfones with a volume control?
17:09:22shampooso it will do
17:09:32shampoothe sound is quite good I must say..
17:09:48shampooi'll have to take a look at the code
17:10:25alphawavewhat is a good free irc client i'm using mirc right now and my free trial is almost over
17:10:36shampoofor windows ?
17:10:38alphawavealso need it for windows
17:10:41pimlottcchatzilla is not bad
17:10:51pimlottca bit lightweight though but for casual use it's fine
17:10:54alphawaveill look now
17:10:59shampooif you are using linux BitchX is the way to go
17:11:03alphawavei dont want a gui
17:11:12 Join speedmerchant [0] (
17:11:16 Quit shampoo ("shampoo has no reason")
17:11:23alphawaveplain text is good for me!
17:11:53pimlottcirssi is also good under linux
17:12:11speedmerchantI'm having a problem with my rockbox on my JB6000 can anyone give a quick tip?
17:13:52speedmerchantit's yesterdays CVS....I've tried deleting it from the JB but when powering up again it comes back (it's yesterdays CVS...I noticed when trying to put todays CVS on but the version said that it was yesterdays..)
17:14:11speedmerchantmake any sense?
17:14:48alphawaveare you on linux windows or mac?
17:14:56speedmerchantwindows XP
17:15:13alphawavedid you empty the recycle bin?
17:15:17speedmerchanttried deleting the archos.mod and emptying the recycle bin
17:15:30speedmerchantno sign of any archos.mod on the disk
17:15:41alphawavewell when you delete afile, its not really deleted
17:15:54speedmerchantwhen restarting the jukebox.. archos.mod reappears
17:15:58alphawavejust the registry of the file is deleted
17:16:21alphawaveuse a file restore or something to fully delete it
17:16:53alphawavehumm thats all i could think it is
17:17:06speedmerchantI'll try deleting from the command line
17:17:13alphawaveyou did "safely" removed he archos right?
17:17:25alphawavesometime that does it
17:17:27speedmerchanterrmmm :D
17:17:58alphawaveyeah i never do the safly remove unless i have to
17:18:13speedmerchantI'll try that too
17:18:27bobTHChave u seen the ipods mini software that u can install on ure ipod ?
17:18:40alphawaveyou can do that?
17:19:40bobTHCavant go like, weather forecast viewer, note viewer, email viewer
17:19:46alphawavethat cool
17:20:14speedmerchantthe safe remove worked alpha...cheers... I feel silly now ;)
17:20:15alphawavejust if i could afford the damn thing
17:20:43alphawaveit happens
17:21:02bobTHCof course but it's not a powerfull thing, wait and see the rockbox...
17:21:38alphawavebut it can be useful
17:21:57speedmerchantok I'm off, cheers... thanks a lot
17:22:12 Part speedmerchant
17:22:32bobTHCcontact organizer, vcard viewer
17:22:42alphawavetext editor!
17:23:18alphawavethats would be y fave
17:23:23bobTHCrockbox is based on X11 so it's surely possible (with proportionnal font in plus)
17:23:42alphawaveexcept us the player users...
17:23:50*pimlottc weeps with alphawave
17:23:51bobTHCsorry for us ;)
17:24:13pimlottcall the rockbox pictures make me wish I had gotten the recorder too
17:24:23*pimlottc is a big tetris fan
17:24:28alphawavei would have but i couldn't afford it
17:24:46*alphawave is a snake fan
17:25:29bobTHCwait, the price decrease quickly...
17:25:45alphawavei bought my little 5 gig for 250$
17:26:03 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
17:26:05pimlottcof course there are 8 custom characters on the player... so theoretically you could kinda do pixel graphics on the player, but only 8 characters worth
17:26:15pimlottc20 x 16
17:26:20alphawavemaybe if i break my unit, send it back to best buy and maybe they let me get a recorder hink it will wrk?
17:26:58pimlottcmy player broke and archos replaced it but no free upgrade
17:27:16pimlottcI did get 8 more batteries and an extra pouch though :)
17:27:17alphawavei did get their 4 year extended warrently that also takes purposely done damage
17:27:45alphawavethat is the best buy warrently to nothing to do with archos
17:27:58bobTHCthe 6gigs player is @220$/ in france shpping included..
17:28:04alphawavemy dog chewed my pouch :(
17:28:12pimlottcI never use the pouch
17:28:27bobTHCbadluck ;(
17:28:29alphawavewell i dont use mine now
17:28:46 Part Phil
17:28:47pimlottchey now at least you can hit the buttons through the holes
17:29:29alphawavedid you know you can pull the blue of the pouch without tearing it up though?
17:29:54alphawavejust poke a little hole in the blue and start pulling
17:30:06alphawavethen you have a sexy black case
17:30:11pimlottcheh cool
17:30:17bobTHChis dog already make the hole ;)
17:30:19pimlottcI should try that
17:30:47pimlottcyou should call archos they'd probably send you another pouch
17:31:17alphawavenah im gonna go to a leather shop and have them make a custom case
17:31:48alphawavewith a plastic cocer on the scren so dust osn't get in the screen
17:32:03alphawaveand so it won't get wet on a ccsident or something
17:32:06pimlottcI just left the plastic on that came on it
17:32:31pimlottcbarely noticable anyway
17:32:52alphawavebrb 1 sec
17:35:19alphawavemesa backa
17:36:51 Join pyvasene_ [0] (
17:38:21 Quit pyvasene (No route to host)
17:45:43 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
17:50:11pimlottcput some pictures up if you get that leather case made
17:52:52alphawavehave you seen ?
17:53:00alphawavehe has a awsome light mod
17:53:42bobTHCbut its not good for batt
17:53:45alphawavei know i would tear my unit up dong it though
17:55:11 Join hardeep [0] (
17:55:54alphawaveis xircon a good irc client?
18:00:25alphawavebrb i'm gonna give xircon a try
18:00:31 Quit alphawave ()
18:02:48 Join alphawave [0] (
18:03:03alphawavethere xircon works!
18:03:22alphawavenot bad
18:03:23pimlottcI used to use xircon way back when I was diehard into q1
18:03:29alphawaveand free!
18:03:31pimlottcbut development stopped a long time ago
18:03:41bobTHCbye all!
18:03:46alphawaveno better than mirc
18:03:59alphawavebut it's free so im keepin it
18:04:12bobTHCtrillian rulez !
18:04:14pimlottcsyntax is a good script for it
18:04:18pimlottcif I remember correctly
18:04:24 Part bobTHC
18:04:44alphawaveyour in france?
18:05:13pimlottcI'm in the US
18:05:52alphawaveno bobthc
18:06:10pimlottcwell I figured you had to be talking to me since bobTHC has left
18:06:55pimlottckind of silly to talk to someone who isn't here
18:07:19alphawavethought he was here *g*
18:13:42 Quit alphawave ("Leaving")
18:13:57 Quit pyvasene_ (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:14:35 Quit coutta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:16:59 Quit elinenbe ()
18:19:44***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:21:44 Join merwin [0] (
18:22:21merwinHmm... the code for the main webpage seems to be broken... it says there's been no cvs changes
18:25:24adi|homehow do you mean?
18:26:03adi|homei showing it updated 119 mins ago... or so
18:27:17merwinadi|home: weird... it must have just had a little code fart or something. So, how's the car?
18:28:01adi|homewell.. mine is fixed.. died taking the gf back home this weekend
18:28:04adi|homedamn battery went
18:28:09adi|homethe gf's is still in the shop
18:28:14adi|homebut she's on a rental, so all is well
18:28:26merwinheh, bad karma, huh?
18:28:30adi|homeor carma
18:28:39adi|homebut hopefully luck is changing
18:28:44adi|homewon't mention what...
18:28:48adi|homebut if it happens.. ill say
18:28:53adi|homedon't want to jinx myself
18:29:32*merwin needs to restart his computer... brb
18:29:34 Quit merwin ()
18:30:57 Nick tumm is now known as Tumm (coyote@
18:45:29 Join alphawave [0] (
18:52:06 Join lohap [0] (
18:52:23lohaphi akll
18:52:27lohaphi all*
18:56:49 Join manitee [0] (
18:56:59maniteehi folks - anyone here?
18:57:16lohapjust me who needs help with a linux problem
18:57:26maniteeah good - dumb question: how do you turn the unit off (using daily builds)
18:57:35maniteelohap: whats the question
18:57:50alphawavepress stop unitill its off
18:58:00alphawaveor hold stop i mean
18:58:01maniteepress and hold or just wail on it?
18:58:05lohapi can mount my jukebox but i have chmod to a+rw but when i try to copy anything to it it say access denied
18:58:41alphawavei dont under stand your uestion
18:58:57lohapwell i have mounted the unit to /mnt/archos
18:59:06lohapi then chmod a+rw /mnt/archos
18:59:24lohapbut it say acces denied when i try to delete anything
18:59:29maniteewho owns the mount point
18:59:37lohapi su
18:59:40maniteeyou trying to delete as root?
18:59:41lohapand chmoded it
18:59:52lohapyea i will alllow it but not as user lohap
18:59:58lohapi = it
19:00:05maniteetry chmod -R 777 /mnt/archos
19:00:14maniteeas root
19:00:22lohapjust opening terminal now lo
19:01:45lohapa btw i can only mount the drive when i turn my machine on with the archos jukebox conx and switch on when i try it after linux has booted it says special device not found
19:01:57lohapdo i need to boot with the jukebox conx
19:01:59maniteehmm what version of linux
19:02:15lohapmandrake 8.2
19:02:20lohapor manrape
19:02:28maniteelets see about the other issue first
19:02:35maniteeany luck trying what I said?
19:02:50maniteebah back in 5
19:02:54 Nick manitee is now known as manitee|away (
19:02:57manitee|awaystupid work
19:03:10lohapwell i have but i need to reboot with the jukebox conx and im encoding some mp3's nearly done so ill try it and thanks (btw linux newbie)
19:06:12 Quit lohap ("Client Exiting")
19:08:33alphawavei wanna try a linux puter i never have
19:18:06alphawavebye agine
19:18:11 Quit alphawave ("Leaving")
19:21:33 Nick manitee|away is now known as manitee (
19:21:45maniteelohap you still here
19:22:49 Join Naked [0] (
19:27:14maniteehey anyone else here?
19:28:48maniteehey you running the RB daily builds naked?
19:29:16Nakednope, my rockbox is a bit broken
19:29:20Nakeder, archos
19:30:43 Join merwin [0] (
19:31:22maniteeim having trouble turning my archos off
19:31:30maniteemeaning i dont know how to heh
19:32:03merwinmanitee: recorder or player
19:32:16 Join lohap [0] (
19:32:20maniteestudio 20
19:32:31merwinhold down the off button?
19:32:31lohaphi all
19:32:35merwinhey lohap
19:32:39maniteetried that merwin
19:32:42maniteewb lohap
19:32:51lohapi did the chmod -R 777 and it didnt work
19:33:01maniteesame issue? permission denied?
19:33:10lohapaccess denied
19:33:17merwinand it's a player? the off button is hard-coded to turn it off
19:33:35maniteeno, it's a studio 20, so technically there is no off button heh
19:33:36lohapis there anyway to see file permission in terminal
19:33:47maniteelohap: telnet?
19:33:53 Nick Naked is now known as Hadaka_ (
19:33:59maniteelohap: ls -l
19:34:17pimlottcI just always let it idle-off
19:34:32maniteelohap: drwxr-xr-x = directory, mode 755
19:34:55lohapdrwxrwxrwx 2 root root 4096 Aug 27 00:48 archos/
19:35:00maniteeyeah thats 777
19:35:08maniteecan you cd into it?
19:35:29maniteetype "touch temp.txt"
19:35:49lohapnowt happened
19:35:54maniteedo an ls: did it make a new file?
19:35:56 Quit merwin ()
19:36:12lohapyea now i have temp.txt
19:36:28lohapas well as the folders
19:36:28maniteehuh, so root can create/write there - where are you trying to copy the files from?
19:36:52lohapfrom $home/mp3
19:37:03maniteeand you can obviously read from there
19:37:12lohapyea lol
19:38:06maniteebrb work suks
19:38:10 Nick manitee is now known as manitee|away (
19:40:06manitee|awaysec lohap
19:40:12lohapnp mate
19:42:32 Nick manitee|away is now known as manitee (
19:42:43maniteewhat is the exact command you are using to copy the files
19:43:15maniteeah hell brb
19:43:19 Nick manitee is now known as manitee|away (
19:43:22lohapwell i have used cp -r /$home/mp3/blink182 to /mnt/archos/
19:43:31lohapand i have used the mile manager as well
19:43:34lohapsame problem
19:43:43adi|homewhats the prob?
19:44:00lohapi have chmod -R 777 /mnt/archos
19:44:18lohapbut if anyone but su tried to add a file or folder its says access denied
19:46:11manitee|awayadi: he is having an odd linux file copying issue
19:46:23lohaplol ill just have to su everytime i need to copy owt to it lol
19:46:38pimlottcjust permissions sounds like
19:46:39manitee|awayyou sometimes have to do that for removable devices like zips and cd-rw's
19:46:51manitee|awaypim: can't see how, it's 777
19:46:59Hadaka_why don't you mount it as the user you are using it as?
19:47:55Hadaka_either as root mount /dev/something /mnt/archos -o uid=username,gid=username - or just add it to fstab and put "user" in options and mount it as the user you want it to be
19:49:22*manitee|away really is away
19:49:42lohapanother one i have which is a real arse is that you need to have the jukebox conx and switched on to mount it in linux if you conx it and the try to mount it, it says mount: special device /dev/sda1 does not exist
19:49:46pimlottcor make a group for archos access and add yourself to that group
19:49:52pimlottcand mount it with that gid
19:50:08lohapwell its easiet to su up
19:50:22pimlottcnah you can change the fstab once and never have to bother
19:50:24Hadaka_I didn't understand that last problem at all
19:50:38 Nick manitee|away is now known as manitee (
19:50:39pimlottche says if he boots linux w/o the archos connected then connects it he gets an error
19:50:59Hadaka_he's prolly using devfs or something
19:51:05lohapwell if you have to jukebox conx and switched on when you boot you can mount it if you conx after you have booted it will not boot it says that /dev/sda1 doesnt exist
19:51:15pimlottcpersonally I have not had that problem
19:51:24pimlottcdo you have the hotplug scripts installed
19:51:36lohaphow can i tell (newbie)
19:51:58pimlottcit's probably available as a package
19:52:48pimlottchotplug automatically loads the proper modules when you plug in a device
19:53:12lohapright ill have a look using package manager
19:53:31lohapyea it is
19:57:31pimlottcps -A khubd
19:57:38pimlottcdo that
20:02:37lohapusage: ps -[Unix98 options]
20:02:38lohap ps [BSD-style options]
20:02:38lohap ps −−[GNU-style long options]
20:02:38DBUGEnqueued KICK lohap
20:02:38lohap ps −−help for a command summary
20:02:49lohapPsycoXul: error: Obsolete k option not supported.
20:03:28lohap2729 ? 00:00:00 usb-storage-0
20:04:17pimlottcps -A | grep khubd
20:04:22CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:04:22*pimlottc smacks himself
20:04:39*manitee chuckles
20:05:18lohap 551 ? 00:00:00 khubd
20:05:32lohapthats what is outputted
20:05:34maniteeits running then
20:06:27lohaphermm bar when i turn it onb my hd is write/read to
20:08:49pimlottctry (as root) "modprobe usb-storage" first and then plug it in
20:08:53 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
20:09:46 Nick manitee is now known as manitee|away (
20:09:52*manitee|away means it this time
20:10:27lohapdone that now what
20:10:42pimlottcno message?
20:10:54pimlottctry to mount it
20:12:30lohapnowt happened
20:12:30pimlottclsmod | grep usb
20:12:47pimlottcit gave the same error as before?
20:12:59lohapusb-storage 52236 0 (unused)
20:12:59lohapusb-ohci 19072 0 (unused)
20:12:59lohapusb-uhci 21668 0 (unused)
20:12:59lohapusbcore 59072 1 [usb-storage usb-ohci usb-uhci]
20:12:59lohapscsi_mod 92488 4 [sd_mod usb-storage sr_mod ide-scsi]
20:13:40pimlottcdo you have any scsi drivers
20:13:43pimlottcer drives
20:17:25*manitee|away is away
20:19:00pimlottcnext time you boot up with the drive connected take a look at the lsmod output and see if it looks any different from when it fails
20:19:20pimlottcalthough it seems like you have all the needed modules
20:19:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:19:54lohaplol itll be ok ill must have to turn my jukebox on before the computer but its a right arse casue i aint got usb 2.0 support
20:20:00lohapeven though i have usb 2.0 ports
20:20:09lohapany ideas how to install it
20:21:05manitee|awayusb 2.0 support for mandrake?
20:21:08 Nick manitee|away is now known as manitee (
20:21:43maniteefigured they would have had a package by now - i dont really use that distro so im not sure
20:22:25pimlottcI would think it's just a matter of kernel drivers for 2.0 support
20:23:02pimlottcguess you'd have to patch the kernel
20:23:03maniteeyeah thats true - what kernel version have you got lo
20:23:35pimlottc1.0 is lamely slow but that's all my s20 will do
20:24:14lohapkernel 2.4.18
20:24:26maniteethats the most current
20:24:27lohap1.2.4.18 lol
20:24:31manitee(non dev anyway)
20:24:46maniteeoh wait, I guess 19 is out now
20:24:50lohapkernel 2.4.18
20:25:18lohapright ill have a look is it as easy as just installing hte new kernel
20:25:39maniteeerr not sure, i usually compile my own... pim?
20:26:10lohapwell i aint that linuxed up yet lol
20:26:57maniteei would think that is 18 had usb2 support it would be precompiled in
20:27:03maniteeis = if
20:31:26 Join merwin [0] (
20:32:39lohapwoo just setup fstab
20:33:04maniteeyou guys know how CD player FF/REV buttons work? how if you hit REV in the middle of a song, it will restart it. if you hit it again, it goes to prev song? thats how i think RB should work
20:33:33merwinmanitee: that's how it does work :)
20:33:35pimlottcif you want to restart you can hit start and play
20:33:50maniteestart and play?
20:34:03*manitee looks at his archos
20:34:10maniteei dont have a "start" button
20:34:13 Quit lohap ("Client Exiting")
20:35:22pimlottcstop and play I meant
20:35:32maniteethat restarts the current song?
20:35:45pimlottcunder the regular firmwire it does
20:36:01pimlottcrockbox doesn't advance the file list when you play songs
20:36:11pimlottci.e. you stat on 1 and listen thru to 3, hit stop and it still stays on 1
20:36:26pimlottcat least on 1.2 it didn't
20:36:32pimlottcI just got started playing with this stuff last night
20:37:00maniteeyeah me too - i actaully had to go back to the archos firmware, cuz RB was skipping - linus said earlier this morning that it might be a FAT bug /shrug
20:37:52pimlottcI had no probs with the limited usage I had
20:38:25pimlottcit could stand to use a few features but that's all in the works
20:39:00manitee dont get me wrong, im still looking forward to RB, but until i solve the skippiong bit, its kinda unusable
20:39:16maniteemaybe i should go back to 1.2, i was using the 8/26 daily
20:41:18 Quit merwin ("[BX] Save water -- drink beer!")
20:45:06*manitee is leaving to go drink beer, or more likely whiskey and cokes
20:45:11 Quit manitee ()
20:51:43 Quit _seb_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:59:42 Join hardeep [0] (
21:28:15 Nick Zagor|out is now known as Zagor (
21:37:28 Join LinusN [0] (
21:38:25 Join lohap [0] (
21:38:58lohaphi all
21:42:24lohapanyone know ho wot patch the kernel
21:42:35lohapho wot = how to
21:45:33LinusNlinus kernel?
21:45:51lohaplinux lol yea sorry
21:46:12lohapcause i have downloaded the 2.4.19 and im running 2.4.18
21:46:43Zagorlohap: didn't you have a recorder 20?
21:47:23lohapyea i do i need usb 2.0 and 2.4.18 dont support it
21:47:43Zagorok, and you downloaded the 2.4.19 patch?
21:48:24lohapjust need to know the commnad to patch it in bash
21:49:03Zagorgo to the 2.4.18 kernel source root dir and run "patch -p1 < ../wherever/linux-2.4.19.patch"
21:49:17juergenspeaking of USB, would the recorder20 not work with USB11 at all?
21:49:31Zagorjuergen: usb2.0 is backwards compatible, so it works
21:49:42juergenZagor: thanks
21:50:55lohapis the default /lib/modules
21:53:19lohaphermm i cant find the source root arrr
21:53:53Zagorlohap: if you haven't downloaded it previously, you probably don't have it
21:54:10Zagordistros rarely use the stock kernel, they love adding their own patches
21:54:15LinusNZagor: i am looking at ata_perform_sleep()
21:54:28LinusNit waits for RDY
21:54:42lohapso how the hell do i update to 2.4.19 i need to download source and compile?
21:54:46Zagorlook at wait_for_rdy()
21:54:54Zagorlohap: yes
21:55:04LinusNZagor: i have
21:55:07Zagorno need to be upset
21:55:18lohappants is that hard to do for a newbie
21:55:20LinusNafter CMD_SLEEP it should wait for !BSY
21:55:33LinusNnot RDY
21:55:41ZagorLinusN: it does. the first thing wait_for_rdy() does is wait_for_bsy(). *then* it checks RDY
21:55:43LinusNthe return code will be wrong
21:55:56LinusNit shouldn't check RDY at all
21:56:19LinusNonlt BSY
21:56:28lohap2.4 or 2.5 hermm which to choose
21:56:33Zagorlohap: 2.4
21:56:54Zagor2.5 is the development branch. lots of test code and bugs.
21:57:10lohapk i love linux so so easy to setup lol
21:57:19ZagorLinusN: ok, but this really shouldn't make a difference for the bug we see, right?
21:57:24Zagorlohap: hehe
21:57:43lohapnow gzip or bz2
21:57:49LinusNwe don't check that return code
21:58:04Zagorlohap: bz2 if you have 'bzip2' installed (you probably do)
21:58:14ZagorLinusN: exactly
21:58:39LinusNhowever, we do the same check in soft_reset()
21:58:49LinusNthat might be worse
21:58:57LinusNi'll debug that in a sec
21:59:02lohapyea but why have to version well im going to watch tv whilst it downloads and get some reports done brb
21:59:30 Nick lohap is now known as lohap-catchingup (
21:59:51Zagorlohap-catchingup: because not all (commercial) unices have bzip2 installed.
22:07:48pimlottcand bzip2 takes more memory
22:10:07 Join WS64 [0] (
22:10:14WS64Hello :)
22:11:28WS64just a short question about the "HD lock" issue (did not happen to me so far thank god!)...
22:11:28WS64For Linux you have a solution where you just have to connect your Archos.
22:11:40LinusNyes, but only for player
22:11:50WS64Is it possible to get a bootable Linux floppy image that includes this deature?
22:12:07Hadaka_hmmh, bootable linux floppies very rarely have usb-storage support
22:12:14Hadaka_but I suppose it could be possible
22:12:27WS64Hadaka, yes, that's what I thought :(
22:12:45Hadaka_I don't think any readymade floppy does that, though I might be wrong
22:12:54Hadaka_a CD-image is an another matter though
22:13:10WS64Why? It's just bigger...
22:14:46Hadaka_a CD-image usually has lots more software just because it's bigger
22:14:55Hadaka_so a full-blown linux could have usb-storage on that
22:16:14WS64Yes, but some people don't want linux at all.. They just want that "unlock" feature without having to remove the HD out of the Archos... *g* A bootable floppy would not need lots of things like HD support and so on... :)
22:16:24pimlottcit's surely possible as a floppy
22:16:48Hadaka_yeah, it's possible
22:16:52Hadaka_just that no default setup does that
22:17:04pimlottcprobably not
22:17:19 Join Boogley_ [0] (
22:17:30Hadaka_but a default setup cd-image might do that
22:18:02WS64That's why I ask... Maybe it's possible to create such an image (no idea about copyrights here) and share it with the rockbox community.
22:18:31pimlottcit's certainly a good idea
22:19:51Hadaka_no copyright problems ofcourse
22:19:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:23:20pimlottcit may be possible with the dos floppy too though... I have seen boot floppies with USB before
22:23:38pimlottclike from Norton Ghost
22:23:54pimlottcdos USB drivers I should say
22:24:20pimlottcdon't know if they do hd's tho
22:24:26LinusNpimlottc: yes it is very possible in DOS
22:24:40LinusNbut in that world, nothing is free
22:24:54LinusNno source, nothing
22:25:01LinusNmoney, money, money
22:25:03pimlottcoh, I know
22:25:17pimlottcjust thinking out loud
22:25:22 Quit Boogley_ ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020826]")
22:25:27LinusNone can always dream... :-)
22:26:22WS64I just ask cuz prolly all of the Archos users (except the rockbox developpers) are Windows people *g*
22:26:23WS64Even if I had Linux on my machine right now I had no idea how to use that driver patch...
22:26:38 Join merwin [0] (
22:29:31pimlottcyou can't format a DOS floppy in winxp anymore can you?
22:30:15WS64In case someone wants to have a legal MP3 on their Jukebox: (composed and recorded by me)
22:30:59WS64pimlottc, a rightclick on a floppy in XP still brings me the format option.... Is that what you meant?
22:32:15Hadaka_yeah right, I'm having troubles finding a Windows archos user - everybody I know use LInux :)
22:32:18LinusNZagor: i see the ATA bug now
22:32:26LinusNit is a mutex race
22:33:28pimlottcws64 - can you make it bootable?
22:33:32LinusNata_read_sectors() checks the sleeping flag before taking the mutex
22:34:23WS64pimlottc, I'll check...
22:35:05 Join datazone-work [0] (
22:35:18WS64Yes, it has an option "create MSDOS start disk"
22:35:18WS64(not tested, should I?)
22:35:33pimlottcnah I was just checking
22:40:04Hadaka_hmmh, gcc-3.2 in toolchain-src in debian - now I could test it if my archos worked correctly
22:41:27LinusNHAHA! I killed the dreaded "ATA hang bug"!
22:41:56merwinwhat bug is that?
22:42:33LinusNthe one that caused a read error and left the LED on when browsing directories
22:42:54LinusNif you entered a dir exactly when the disk spun down
22:43:01pimlottccan't say I've run into that but glad to hear it won't happen
22:43:09LinusNor when reading a fortune cookie :-)
22:43:16dwihno|goneHooray for Linus Felzing Wiezer Snauzer! :D
22:43:35HesWhat was it?
22:43:36pimlottchey, fortune
22:43:41pimlottcthat's a game that could be run on the player
22:43:47pimlottc(well the short ones)
22:43:58*pimlottc has recorder game envy
22:43:59dwihno|gone"That wasn't chicken"
22:44:17LinusNHes: ata_read_sectors() took the mutex after checking the sleeping flag
22:44:19HesI implemented fortune... on the recorder, should be easy to port for the player
22:44:41dwihno|goneHey, it's raining(!?) :O
22:44:42Hesaccidentally the disk had a tendency to spin down just as i had read a cookie and wanted another one while testing it 8-)
22:44:51dwihno|goneLinus: did you cause this with your ATA stuff? :)
22:44:54LinusNand perform_sleep took it and released it at two occations
22:44:59merwinLinusN : ahhh
22:45:04pimlottctsk tsk
22:45:11LinusNso read_sectors could sneak in between
22:45:26LinusNnasty stuff
22:45:49LinusNthat was only the case when SLEEP-ing, not in STANDBY
22:45:59merwinpimlottc : i agree... fortune needs to be ported to player :)
22:46:01LinusNthat's why it suddenly reappeared
22:46:04dwihno|goneWhere's Bagder? I need to get my garbage taken out! :)
22:46:09LinusNwhen zagor enabled the sleep
22:46:37HesHow about the intro play feature?
22:46:49merwinHes : could be done easy enough
22:47:16merwinHes : It'd be hard to put notification on the player that it's in use though
22:47:33LinusNintro play?
22:47:43merwinLinusN : first 10 seconds of the song for each song
22:48:02LinusNthat's something i've never had a use for
22:48:08merwinme neither
22:48:09LinusNenlighten me
22:48:23merwinI find it easy enough to press the next button :)
22:48:29HesI was actually referring to the intro play introduced by the I/O errors.
22:49:23merwinHes: oooooh, that :)
22:49:27merwinHes: the new "feature" :-)
22:49:40merwinHes: we need to get that fixed before the release
22:49:45LinusNah, actually, the resume write may have interfered with the MP3 data loading
22:49:51WS64I never had used that intro thing too, but it might be a nice feature in case you wanna find back into a long playlist where the actual position somehow got lost by the player
22:50:13merwinLinusN: fix it! j/k :)
22:50:20LinusNbut i haven't had that problem, so i can't look for it
22:50:25merwinI'm just tired of hearing the first couple minutes of each song
22:50:44LinusNmerwin: you have it all the time???
22:50:50HesI have Lots of it
22:50:57merwinLinusN : yeah, aout every other song
22:51:08LinusNsince when?
22:51:29merwinLinusN : not exactly sure... yesterday was the first time in a long while that i actually used my rockbox to play music instead of testing code
22:51:54LinusNit would be good to know which build was the latest that worked
22:52:51merwinLinusN : it's hard to test since you have to spend at least like 10 minutes to see if it happens... sometimes it'll play a few songs fine and then hit one. Other times it'll do it all the time
22:52:59merwinnite hes
22:53:04LinusNnite hes
22:53:06HesI'll grab an old build tomorrow morning for driving to work
22:53:27merwinanyone got a build from a week or so ago?
22:53:27Hesthis morning it skipped on like 7 of 8 songs
22:53:35LinusNand it always skips to the next song?
22:53:40merwinLinusN : yup
22:54:03merwinLinusN : with no break inbetween, so it has the next song buffered up and everything
22:54:09merwinLinusN : no disk spinning up or anything
22:54:33pimlottcwell good to hear you have no gap switching working :)
22:54:45merwinpimlottc : that's the only time it actually works
22:55:22pimlottc"it's not a bug, it's a feature"
22:55:33merwinwell, and when switching normally i guess... when hitting next or prev it takes a couple seconds to start the next track
22:56:00LinusNmerwin: you use resume?
22:56:12merwinLinusN : yup
22:56:18LinusNtry to disable it
22:56:24merwinok, i'll do that right now
22:57:18LinusNi think then ATA bug might have caused that bug too
22:59:37merwinwynona's got a big brown beaver and she shows him off to all her friends
22:59:40 Join Silly_Fly [0] (luk@
23:02:12 Quit hardeep (Remote closed the connection)
23:03:21 Quit dwihno|gone (Remote closed the connection)
23:04:00merwinLinusN : did you commit the patch for the ATA fix?
23:04:27 Part WS64
23:04:47 Join dwihno [0] (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
23:05:26 Quit Hadaka ("leaving")
23:05:26 Nick Hadaka_ is now known as Hadaka (
23:06:51 Join nsauzede [0] (
23:06:52LinusNmerwin: done
23:07:14pimlottcI forgot to mention
23:07:26pimlottcrockbox is really nice and you guy all kick ass
23:07:29merwinLinusN : seems ok now, 2.5 songs and no skip... i'll try a couple more
23:07:49Silly_Flyis there a plan to implement an external programs support?
23:08:21merwin.rmd extension! (rockbox module) :-)
23:08:32pimlottcso thanks
23:08:38LinusNWe have talked about plugins
23:08:49LinusNpimlottc: you're welcome
23:08:51merwinor .rox
23:09:11LinusNwe haven't really talked that much about extensions... :-)
23:09:14pimlottcyou'll have to do some sort of plugins eventually (or make it a full blown os)
23:09:23pimlottcI mean you already got 3 games in there and people will want to do more
23:09:32merwinpimlottc : we still have 150kb of firmware left :)
23:09:52LinusNwe will port DirectX to Rockbox :-)
23:10:10merwinLinusN : why not? wine can do it, why can't we
23:10:10pimlottcget quake1 running and it'll be front page /. for sure
23:10:20dwihnoYay! Soon CS will be available for the Rockbox platform :)
23:10:39merwinpimlottc : all we need is doom to run
23:10:45nsauzededoom ?
23:10:55pimlottcnetwork play through the serial port...
23:10:59nsauzedeI've got a bouncing ball for the players :)
23:11:22pimlottcscary though that's actually doable... I could see head to head archos tetris happening
23:11:30LinusNwell, gotta sleep now
23:11:37merwinLinusN : couldn't you make some sort of USB remote? or is all of the usb handled internally
23:11:40Silly_Flygive me Mario on the recorder, and i'll be happy enough......
23:11:48merwinSilly_Fly : it's doable
23:11:49pimlottcgameboy emulator!
23:11:58LinusNmerwin: the USB is nothing but an ATA bridge
23:11:59merwinpimlottc : if only we had the mhz to do that
23:12:09merwinLinusN : ahh
23:12:15LinusNwe have no control over it
23:12:22LinusNwell night all!
23:12:25nsauzedelinus: 1 question only ?
23:12:27merwinnight linus
23:12:30Silly_Flybut, untill I get to an adaquate level of programming
23:12:31pimlottcyou could send really weird ata packets
23:12:34LinusNnsauzede: ok
23:12:36pimlottcand use a modified version on the pc side
23:12:39merwinLinusN : looks like resume was causing the problem
23:12:48Silly_Flymeanwhile, I'm working on a calculator...
23:12:53nsauzededo you know if it's possible for rockbox to know when host has disc USB ?
23:12:54dwihnoLinus: Did you commit the ATA-fix?
23:12:57LinusNmerwin: then the ATA fix will kill that bug too
23:13:02pimlottcor just use file operations on a special subdirection on the archos
23:13:04merwinLinusN : wonderful
23:13:04LinusNit is committed
23:13:29LinusNpimlottc: we can't access the ATA when USB is active, and vice versa
23:13:34dwihnoHail Linus, master of fixes! :-D
23:13:59LinusNnsauzede: we know when the USB cable is inserted
23:14:05LinusNnothing else
23:14:06pimlottcfrom the archos os, nod
23:14:16pimlottctoo bad
23:14:22merwinLinusN: wait
23:14:24nsauzedelinus: Ok, thanks ! Good Night !!
23:14:25merwinLinusN : it just did it :(
23:14:47LinusNmerwin: just playing?
23:14:52merwinLinusN : yup
23:14:55LinusNor fiddling with the settings too?
23:15:00merwinLinusN : just playing
23:15:14 Quit Mathuin (Remote closed the connection)
23:15:20merwinLinusN : no resume on
23:15:23LinusNstill, try the latest bleeding edge
23:15:48ZagorLinusN: how do you mean it released it twice?
23:15:51LinusNand if that doesn't work, we have work to do tomorrow
23:15:59merwinLinusN : yup
23:16:16LinusNZagor: that wasn't entirely the truth
23:16:43LinusNata_read_sectors() checked the sleeping flag and took the mutex after that
23:17:13pimlottchey ws64 you still here
23:18:37ZagorLinusN: yes? and why did you add ata_perform_soft_reset? the only thing it does is take/return the mutex, just like ata_soft_reset did. ??
23:18:49Zagornot complaining, just not getting it :-)
23:18:51LinusNZagor: the opposite
23:18:53merwini like big butts and i cannot lie. them other brothers can't deny
23:19:06LinusNperform_soft_reset does not take it
23:19:35LinusNwe needed that, otherwise the mutex would be released by ata_soft_reset
23:20:05LinusNwhen called by ata_read_sectors
23:20:39Zagori thought we ruled out a multithread problem from that?
23:20:56LinusNwe created one
23:22:46LinusN1) perform_sleep() takes the mutex, sends the SLEEP command and waits for BSY (yielding)
23:22:56 Quit merwin ("gotta log off for a sec")
23:23:15LinusN2) ata_read_sectors() checks the (false) sleeping flag and waits for the mutex
23:23:40Zagordoh. got it. good catch!
23:23:43LinusN3) perform_sleep() is ready, sets sleeping=true and releases the mutex
23:24:07LinusNgdb rox again!
23:24:43LinusNthe multithread problem we ruled out was probably trying to avoid an unnecessary yield()
23:24:52Zagori'd say this means i'll whip up an 1.3 release tomorrow
23:25:14LinusNZagor: i adjusted the key voltage levels a little too
23:25:20Zagoryeah, i noticed
23:25:38LinusNZagor: merwin still has the hideous skip-to-the-next-file problems
23:25:58LinusNthat could be caused by the mutex race, but not necessarily
23:26:32Zagordid he build from cvs himself?
23:26:55Zagorbecause the fix didn't build until 4 minutes ago
23:27:15LinusNhe verified by turning off the resume
23:27:22LinusNand he still had the problem
23:28:01LinusNi have to go to sleep now
23:28:06LinusNcu tomorrow
23:28:25LinusNplease test the buttons
23:28:43 Part LinusN
23:31:12nsauzedezagor ?
23:32:09Silly_Flyanyone having problems with the up button on the recorder??
23:35:03Zagornsauzede: ?
23:35:35nsauzedezagor : do you know where I can find ISD200 datasheet ?
23:35:38ZagorSilly_Fly: not me, but there's a couple of button bugs reported. try the latest bleeding edge build and see if that changes
23:35:58Zagornsauzede: i'll upload it to the rockbox site
23:36:05nsauzedecool !
23:36:10Silly_Flyzagor : ok. i'll reprt back soon :)
23:36:49nsauzedeI asked Linus about the possiblity to see in the ISD200 register when host has disconnected (ie: umount / eject under linux)
23:37:01nsauzedeany idea ?
23:37:38Zagorno, you won't see it
23:37:53Zagorit's only a logical operation on the PC side. the usb device doesn't know about it.
23:38:16nsauzedeoh, you mean the host doesn't turn off slave/master mode ?
23:38:27nsauzede(as I've seen in rockbox)
23:38:56Zagorno. it just flushes the caches and removes the devices from it's active device list. it doesn't even tell the usb device anything.
23:39:08nsauzedeahh right :)
23:39:13Zagori could be wrong, but I think that's how it is
23:39:40nsauzedeit's because I was bored un/plugging USB cable when trying new firmware
23:39:47 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
23:39:55dwihno|goneYou ppl should go to sleep :)
23:40:04Zagordwihno|gone: go away! ;)
23:40:14nsauzedeso I wondered if it could be possible to insert/extract USB by soft :)
23:40:56nsauzede(indeed, I'm actually _doing_ that, but manually rather than automagically detected :)
23:40:56dwihno|goneZagor: I'm gone already, now you follow my drift and go to sleep. Or watch that nice Steve Martin comedy on TV3 ;)
23:41:03Zagornsauzede: well we could just enter/exit usb mode with a key press, but it's too dangerous to be in the normal code
23:41:19nsauzede-> what I do ;)
23:41:21Zagordwihno|gone: I don't have TV3. I don't pay for television.
23:41:22nsauzede(only for me :)
23:41:44dwihno|goneZagor: well, go to sleep, you got work(tm) tomorrow
23:42:07Zagorhehe. yes daddy...
23:42:09dwihno|goneI'm off now anyways ... Don't forget to close the t-shirt contest for new submits in a couple of days :)
23:42:32nsauzedeoops, I haven't contributed yet :/
23:43:26 Join Jet8810 [0] (
23:43:47nsauzedezagor : I finally (re) found the game for the player I told you about. It was done by Psyco Dedman..
23:43:57nsauzedeAre you interested ?
23:44:04Zagornsauzede: nice. have you tried it?
23:44:08nsauzede(I ported it to rockbox menu)
23:44:16nsauzedeworks great !
23:44:27Zagoris it any fun?
23:44:37nsauzedewell.. that's the point,
23:44:54Silly_Flyzagor : buttons act much better. thanks.
23:45:02ZagorSilly_Fly: excellent!
23:45:18nsauzedeIndeed, without a 131x64 bitmap LCD, we can't pretend to prot Doom(tm) for players..
23:45:25Jet8810are games possible for player?
23:45:38nsauzedePlus there is only one level; Jet : yes
23:45:43nsauzedeone (errr...)
23:46:07Silly_Flyhave you given any thought about including my snake game?
23:46:12ZagorJet8810: they are just much more limited since we have very little graphics possibilities
23:46:26ZagorSilly_Fly: well, we have one snake game already... :-)
23:46:44Jet8810i realize that
23:46:47nsauzedezagor: I've done experiments with a 14x20 bitmap screen on my player..
23:46:56Jet8810but as my studio only cost me $70 i am quite satisfied :)
23:47:03Silly_FlyI know, but mine's more simple. for classic lovers... plus it has a speed setting......
23:47:15Zagornsauzede: data sheet page updated
23:47:21nsauzedeI've done a fly simulation, bouncing ball, and planned some snake game
23:47:31Zagor(let's hope Cypress doesn't complain about me publishing these)
23:47:45Zagornsauzede: fly simulation? does it look good?
23:47:46nsauzedezagor: isd ? oops..
23:47:52Jet8810currently no, as said (alot) in other threads, the player can only
23:47:52Jet8810display text.
23:47:52Jet8810if anyone would come up with a way to draw graphics on the player, be
23:47:52DBUGEnqueued KICK Jet8810
23:47:52Jet8810sure I'll convert it right away...
23:47:55Jet8810quoted from an email
23:48:09pimlottcnsauzede - i'd like to see that code
23:48:14Synthedid y'all see the news that fraunhofer and thompson are now trying to charge $0.75 license fee for any MP3 decoder?
23:48:29nsauzedezagor: well, it's just the bouncing ball mode, with random x and y deltas :)
23:48:41ZagorSynthe: yes. but we're off the hook since every custom has already paid for the micronas chip
23:48:49Silly_Flynsauzede : so graphics is available for players too???
23:49:00 Quit dwihno|gone (Remote closed the connection)
23:49:01nsauzedepimlott: well, I can post it..
23:49:12Syntheaye, but I wonder if that means archos will suddenly stop producing any mp3 players
23:49:13nsauzedesilly: yes, well nearly :)
23:49:30 Join dwihno [0] (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
23:49:36 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
23:49:45ZagorSynthe: no. the only difference is the Micronas chips they use will cost $0.75 more per unit
23:49:52Silly_Flynsauzed : so what are you waiting for? there are thousends of player-users out there craving for games! :)
23:50:08pimlottcnsauzede - I was just starting to look into doing the same thing myself
23:50:24nsauzedesilly: listen, indeed, bitmap is not possible, but 8 charcells may be custom designed,
23:50:25Syntheand if they buy a million chips next year for building mp3 players, thats an extra $750,000 they have to pay
23:50:27ZagorSynthe: hardware units don't have much of a problem with this. software players are much worse off, especially Free Software ones
23:51:08nsauzedepimlott,silly: So, I've designed a framework (well err..) where I've an array,
23:51:11SyntheI know that in the rockbox faq they say it'd be very difficult if not impossible to support ogg or wma, but it'd be a great coup if rockbox could :)
23:51:40ZagorSynthe: start studying dsp programming ;)
23:51:48 Join kargatron [0] (
23:51:50Silly_Flynsauzede : how frequently can you change them?
23:52:01nsauzedepimlott,silly: which represents the pixels of those 8 charcells,
23:52:30 Join merwin [0] (
23:52:32kargatronquick qstn: does latest rockbox have 'goto'? like going to track 50 of a playlist?
23:52:45Silly_Flynsauzede : I mean, if you could change them in no-time (and easily), you could use them (well, roghly) to display 'graphics'...
23:52:49kargatronor for the moment do I just hit 'next' N times?
23:53:01Zagorkargatron: 50xNext, unfortunately
23:53:11nsauzedepimlott,silly: so, with 7x5 pixels per charcell, I've got 14x20 pixels total (plus some extra standard text on remaining chars)
23:53:21kargatronstill most grateful for real resume, so I'll survive
23:53:23merwinZagor: that ata problem that linus fixed also seemingly fixed the automatic track skipping "feature" :-)
23:53:38merwinZagor: I just tested out with the latest build and it's working after 7 - 10 songs
23:53:41Zagormerwin: yes, we suspected it would. that's really nice!
23:53:42nsauzedesilly: that's exactly what I do, it's even nearly fluid :)
23:54:08pimlottcnsauzede - thought it was 8x5
23:54:15nsauzedenope :)
23:54:25pimlottcthat's what I get for reading the docs
23:54:51nsauzedeproblem is when displaying pixels that are close to inter-charcell, the space is a bit too large..
23:55:34nsauzedeplayer-bitmap: if anyone is interested, I can post some clean demo-like..
23:55:50Silly_Flyzagor : did you look at my game? I really like it, and I'd hate changing the games menu every time a new firmware comes out.....
23:55:58pimlottcnsauzede - you mean the gaps between cells?
23:56:09 Part kargatron
23:56:19nsauzedeplayer-bitmap: pimm: yes; for now, the most probable game to make is snake
23:56:31nsauzedeit would be playable..
23:56:44Silly_Flynsauzee : that'll be nice
23:56:52nsauzedebut zagor, still interested in gamebox ? (psyco dedman)
23:56:58pimlottcI was thinking the gaps should be accounted for in the 'resolution' just that they are always blank
23:57:13pimlottcotherwise it would screw up the proportions
23:57:13nsauzedewhy ?
23:57:33nsauzedeit would dcrease number of pixels drastically
23:58:04Silly_Flywhat's the resolution of the player anyway?
23:58:13nsauzedehum ?
23:58:25pimlottcI mean when you have 2 7x5 cells next to each other consider it 15x5 with the center column of 'pixels' being the intercell gap

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