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#rockbox log for 2002-08-28

00:00:04 Join merwin- [0] (
00:00:10nsauzedebut hear: if doing 1-pixel resolution graphics, pixels would sometime be 'swallowed'
00:00:18merwin-*ahem* as i was saying... 1.3 is just around the corner
00:00:27nsauzedeanyway, it's worth to try :)
00:00:37pimlottcyeah but it's not liek you're losing resolution
00:01:00pimlottcand if you were doing animation it would only be swallowed for a moment so it wouldn't look too bad
00:01:17nsauzedethe worst case now, for my fly simulation, for example, is when the cursor (fly) which is 2x2,
00:01:39nsauzedepasses at the cross of 4 cells;
00:01:52nsauzedethen, it becomes something like a bat... :)
00:02:10nsauzedenot bad, indeed 8)
00:02:35pimlottcwhereas with the gaps counted it would just be a single dot
00:02:35 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:02:43nsauzedewhat I imagined, would be do render some rockbox logo rotating, at bootup :)
00:02:46 Join Jet8810 [0] (
00:03:47nsauzedezagor ?
00:04:42pimlottcanyway what I was originally thinking was to use it to do smooth horizontal scrolling
00:04:55Zagornsauzede: what?
00:05:01nsauzedezagor: may I post the gamebox player-game or forget it ??
00:05:09pimlottcin which case you _have_ to consider the gaps otherwise when you first shift them over the letters will be touching
00:05:19Zagornsauzede: heck, post it. it's a free world! ;)
00:05:20nsauzedepim: that's right, I've to test that feature..
00:05:22Hadakado text-adventures on player ;)
00:05:29Zagorbesides, I want to test it...
00:05:46nsauzedezagor: I don't wanna spoil rockbox attention/bandwidth/nerves ;)
00:05:53pimlottchadaka - heh I was thinking that too... I was playing the java hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy game yesterday
00:06:02nsauzede(I know Linus, you and others are very busy now)
00:06:03Hadakaooh, now that is a fine game indeed
00:06:32Silly_Flyzagor : did you look at my game? I really like it, and I'd hate changing the games menu every time a new firmware comes out.....
00:06:38pimlottchadaka - we had it years ago when it was first out... but the disk went bad and we never got it fixed
00:06:50pimlottc(all we had to do was mail it to infocom with $5 heh)
00:06:51Zagornsauzede: don't worry. there can never be too many patches!
00:07:02HadakaI had it on the macintosh
00:07:33Hadakait was made for MacOS 1.1g - and it still ran on 6.07 atleast
00:07:37nsauzedezagor: well, talking about patches, I wonder if I haven't introduced some bad regarding USB.. :/
00:07:54nsauzedezagor: with my USB icon player patch
00:08:11pimlottcinfocom was way ahead of its time with the zmachine
00:08:29Zagornsauzede: did we apply it?
00:08:49nsauzedeyes, jheiner IIRC
00:08:58merwin-what about jheiner IIRC?
00:09:00merwin-that's me
00:09:13Zagornsauzede: what was bad about it?
00:09:14 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:09:21merwin-nsauzede: it works fine
00:09:27nsauzedemerwin; maybe you can
00:09:37nsauzede−−- restart.
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00:09:42*pimlottc leaves for home
00:09:45merwin-nsauzede: ?
00:09:49nsauzedemerwin,zagor: I made a pacth,
00:10:01nsauzedemerwin,zagor: to display/sweep USB icon in Menu,
00:10:20nsauzedemerwin,zagor: but to do that, I copy/pasted code from other source,
00:10:35nsauzedemerwin,zagor: and I wonder if I didn't mess here..
00:10:36merwin-nsauzede: i edited the source code and cleaned it up before i put it in
00:10:37 Join h0bby [0] (
00:10:45merwin-nsauzede: there were a few minor errors
00:11:08nsauzedemerwin,zagor: not much more ?
00:12:20nsauzedeespecially these :
00:12:25nsauzede usb_acknowledge(SYS_USB_CONNECTED_ACK);
00:12:25nsauzede usb_wait_for_disconnect(&button_queue);
00:12:37nsauzedewas it necessary ?
00:12:41 Quit merwin (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
00:13:00 Nick merwin- is now known as merwin (
00:13:47merwinnsauzede: yeah, it was necessary
00:14:25nsauzedebut look :
00:14:56nsauzedebefore my patch, menu was not accounted in USB-aware threads ?
00:15:04merwinnsauzede: you need to acknowledge the usb
00:15:35nsauzedeand not only sneak detect it (to update icons ?)
00:15:55merwinnah, this way works
00:17:28nsauzedewell, I'm about to make a patch for gamebox (player game) and player bitmap-demo, for those interested ;)
00:18:31nsauzedeBTW, does anyone know how to update all my cvs dirs in one time ?? (withoyt shellscripting :)
00:18:53merwinnsauzede: go into the rockbox dir and do cvs update -dP
00:19:22merwinit'll recursively update all of the rockbox folders that you have checked out
00:19:43nsauzedeeven if there isn't a CVS dir there ? (at rockbox root)
00:19:53merwinyeah... works for me at least
00:19:55merwintry it out
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00:21:19lohap-catchinguph/nick lohap
00:21:22 Nick lohap-catchingup is now known as lohap (
00:21:30nsauzedezagor : thx for ISDX00 dsheets !
00:21:57lohapwoo kernel has downloaded well ages ago it did how you extrect a gz.bz2 in bash tar -??
00:22:21lohapsorry tar.bz2
00:22:26Zagornsauzede: no problem (i hope! ;)
00:22:48Zagorlohap: tar xjf (j instead of z)
00:22:49lohapi love linux so easy do everything when your a newbie
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00:23:38adi|homei love it :)
00:24:09lohaplol so install the kernel do i do a ./configure then make then make install
00:24:24nsauzedewatsup ?? spam ?
00:24:47merwini think there's a make menuconfig somewhere
00:24:48Zagorlohap: no. run "make menuconfig" to configure. there's quite a lot of options...
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00:24:59*merwin hasn't compiled a kernel in about 3 years
00:25:08lohapherm sound fun and hard as well sorry about all the questions
00:25:24lohapdo i need to be su
00:25:27merwinI wish there was a way to boot linux off of the archos
00:25:33merwinlohap: prolly
00:26:26lohapUnable to find the Ncurses libraries.
00:26:39lohapfind the package on the inet again lol
00:26:50merwinboll-x :-)
00:26:51Silly_Flyit's prolly not the place to ask this question, but I have linux, and the window manager (or xview, or whatever you call it's gui) won't load.......
00:27:04Silly_Flyit just stays in the console mode...
00:27:29merwinSilly_Fly: as long as there's no other rockbox conversation going on, i can't see why it isn't the right place to at least ask :)
00:27:30lohaplern to love the console lol
00:27:40merwinx-windows is a pain in the ass sometimes
00:28:36Silly_Flymerwin : but it's still easier to surf the net, or just plain multi-tasking, when you have a gui.........
00:28:57Silly_Flyso, any idea what's wrong with my linux? (or me..??)
00:29:53nsauzedeBTW, could someone tell me what 'lol' stands for ? (I know what it means, though :)
00:30:26nsauzedelot of laughs ?
00:30:30lohaplaughing out loud
00:30:39nsauzedethx :)
00:31:04lohapi love mandrake how it install all the lib you would ever need lol boll-x
00:31:54lohapwell replace the - with an o
00:32:00 Quit datazone-work ("I like core dumps")
00:32:25lohapits an english swear word although in the usa or else wear it may not be used
00:32:26 Join hardeep [0] (
00:33:34***Alert Mode OFF
00:33:53Zagorhi hardeep
00:33:56nsauzedezagor: I wondered why in the apps/Makefile, TARGET is hardcoded.... ??? can't it be set at runtime via tools/configure ?
00:34:00merwinhey hardeep
00:34:18 Nick Silly_Fly is now known as Silly_away (luk@
00:34:27merwinlohap: that's not really how you spell it though, is it?
00:34:47Zagornsauzede: actually, it is. the statement in apps/Makefile has no effect
00:34:48nsauzedehi hardeep..
00:34:51merwinlohap: it's only used in your country :)
00:34:59hardeepthe id3 faq isn't quite correct...
00:35:06merwinwe in the states find it kind of funny...
00:35:19hardeepeven if the information we care about is in the first 300 bytes, the id3v2 is skipped if it's larger then 300
00:35:43lohapmerwin im lazy lol
00:35:57merwinlohap: One thing that I've found kind of funny is that the USA will allow a movie called "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" ... Even though the term isn't from the states, it's still pretty offensive :)
00:37:26lohapi love how in one usa program i forget which one it was there was an irish man and he said what a twat which is offensive in the uk but not in the usa and it aired in the usa lol
00:38:25merwinlohap: it seems that happens alot.. apparently we only care if it's offensive usa slang, not english slang
00:39:57lohapwell in the uk owt can be shown i find it funny how the usa version of mtv dosnt alow t-shirt logo's like nike but the uk version of mtv allows them as well as people drinking beers
00:40:17 Nick Silly_away is now known as Silly_Fly (luk@
00:41:25Silly_Flydo button clicks stored in a buffer (like for getch(), it'll return a char even if it was pressesd long ago, as long as the buffer isn't cleaned)?
00:41:48merwinSilly_Fly: yeah, but we're usually polling for buttons
00:41:55lohapjesus i got make menuconfig working now what the h-ll do i do
00:42:07merwinconfigure it?
00:42:14Silly_Flyif there a procedure for clearing the buffer?
00:42:40merwinSilly_Fly: have a loop that reads the button buffer until it returns 0
00:42:46merwinwhatever :)
00:43:01lohapwhat should i add here cant i just add everything
00:44:45merwinlohap: add what you have
00:44:56merwinand if you don't know what it is, go with the recommended
00:45:11lohapright and that sdounds so easy isnt there a config file from my kernel at the mo
00:46:27merwinnot that i know of
00:46:37nsauzedeanyone: when doing : cvs diff -ub, is it possible to manually edit the diff ?? (ie: stripping nonsense changes) without breaking linecount, etc.. ??
00:47:11merwinnot sure
00:47:48Zagornsauzede: you can edit out complete sections but not single lines in a section
00:48:12nsauzedemerwin: I want to produce a patch of the player-game, but don't want to distribute my personal garbage in menu.. :/
00:48:37merwinnsauzede: that's a hard one to get around. what player game is it?
00:48:50merwinwhat's that
00:48:52nsauzedeby Psyco Dedman
00:49:09nsauzedesort of Diamond Mines
00:49:16nsauzede(player runs in a maze)
00:49:16merwini don't remember that one
00:49:29nsauzedesimple, but rather cool to see
00:49:42Zagorwell, i'm going to be.
00:49:48Zagortomorrow is 1.3 day!
00:49:52merwinZagor: really? woo!
00:50:05merwinZagor: it's confirmed 100% now that the skip prob is fixed...
00:50:11nsauzede(especially for player users, who don't have the luck to play with recorder games)
00:50:12Zagorunless someone finds new and nasty bugs :)
00:50:20Zagormerwin: goodie
00:50:25 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
00:50:25merwinthat makes me happy
00:51:00merwinPart of me wants to get a recorder... but then i know if i do that, I'll stop coding for the player, which really needs improvements :)
00:51:21nsauzedesame for me :)
00:51:29nsauzedeso what to do ?? :)
00:51:54Silly_Fly*snuff* i really really wanted my game to make it to rockbox... (plus I really think it deserves to)
00:52:27Silly_Flybut, I guess I would stay the only one to enjoy a classic snake on jbr.......
00:52:47nsauzedesilly: what you mean ?
00:52:57nsauzedesilly: want to port it to player ?
00:53:10merwinsnake on the player? not possible :)
00:53:14Silly_Flyno.... for the recorder.......
00:53:26nsauzedemerwin: yes, it's possible !
00:53:32lohapcrap how do i find which version of raid i am using
00:53:43merwinare you using raid?
00:53:51merwindamn :)
00:53:58nsauzedemerwin: I've got a framework to get a 14x20 bitmap screen on player
00:54:01Silly_Flythough I'll try to make one, once you upload the demo (where are you going to upload it anyway?)
00:54:04lohapwhy you say that
00:54:19merwinnsauzede: really? expensive?
00:54:30nsauzedesilly: I'm making the patch..
00:54:46nsauzedemerwin: nope, fluid; but restrictions apply..
00:55:03merwinnsauzede: ?
00:55:11nsauzedemerwin: we had a discussion about this, especially about the nasty inter-cell gap
00:55:14merwinlohap: definitions of raid
00:55:17*pimlottc grins
00:55:34merwinnsauzede: that'll add one more #define to the code, won't it? :)
00:55:44nsauzedeheh ?
00:56:16merwinnsauzede: easy to insatll this new lcd you think?
00:56:24pimlottcnsauzede - so you are integrating it with rockbox?
00:56:55Silly_Flymerwin - he's using the original screen
00:57:15Silly_Flymerwin - just using the 8 charcells to simulate graphics...
00:58:00nsauzedesilly: thk you to respond while I'm diffing ;-)
00:58:25merwinreally??? simulating a bitmap screen? now THAT is nice, but there's only 4 configurable characters, right?
00:58:55pimlottc4 or 8 depending on model (according to the site)
00:59:36nsauzedenew screens have 8
00:59:54nsauzedeLCD specs talks about custom cells 0 to 7
01:00:03lohapright i have done the config no what do i do
01:00:04nsauzede.. and it works :)
01:00:14merwinlohap: dunno
01:00:42lohapthanks for
01:00:45merwinnsauzede: but there's 22 characters on the screen, that doesn't add up
01:01:06nsauzedemerwin : ??
01:01:11pimlottcyeah you don't get the full screen to play with
01:01:31lohapi need the usb to ata bridge thing dont i
01:01:38merwinlohap: yup
01:01:45pimlottcalthough you could do 8x1 cells and use the double height
01:01:46nsauzederight, only 2x4 cells used for bitmap; the rest is used to display game scrore :)
01:01:49pimlottcthat's the closest to full screen
01:01:57merwinyou only get part of the screen for a bitmap.. of course, you could always have only the first line customizable
01:02:05nsauzedepim: nope, because double height divides Y res
01:02:11pimlottcI know
01:02:17pimlottcbut for some things it would work
01:02:23nsauzedeso pixels would be -UGLY_ :)
01:02:28nsauzedeie ?
01:02:39 Join coutta [0] (
01:03:04pimlottcif you were making tetris or something blocky is not so much a problem :)
01:03:08lohapright now i have done make dep now what
01:03:43pimlottcmake modules && make bzImage
01:03:44nsauzedepim: hey !! good idea !! I'll look into that !
01:04:16merwini NEED tetris on the player :)
01:04:22nsauzedeme too
01:04:24pimlottcof course for tetris 7 pixels of res isn't enough :/
01:04:26merwinsnake would be nice also
01:04:28Silly_Flycan you update only a part of the screen on the player?
01:04:48nsauzede=> fluid
01:04:52merwinyou don't need double height for tetris, since it's a narrow shaft that the blocks fall down. you wouldn't need more than 8 cells
01:05:22nsauzede14x20 is really small for tetris
01:05:30Silly_Flyso can't you use those 8 chars over and over (each time on a different section of the screen) untill you cover the whole screen?
01:05:34pimlottcI just mean the double mode 'graphics' wouldn't work for tetris but for some games it might work
01:05:52pimlottcyou could use pieces over but it would be tricky
01:06:31merwini don't think it would be that tricky... divide the screen into a few sections, and if something needs to be updated in that section do the updating
01:06:35pimlottcyou'd have to be very clever about your graphics to make it work well
01:07:11nsauzedewait: it's not possible !
01:07:14pimlottcmerwin - you mean paint one section, change the graphics and paint another?
01:07:27merwinpimlottc: yes
01:07:32pimlottc(sort of like a copper effect from the old demo days)
01:07:37nsauzedethe 8 custom chars are global, u see ?
01:08:00pimlottcI doubt it would work unless there is some sort of refresh you can check for
01:08:01nsauzedeyou can't paste into a section, change custom chars, then paste antoher one
01:08:08merwinnsauzede: you sure?
01:08:13nsauzedeI tried :(
01:08:14pimlottcit would change the characters in the first section
01:08:16merwinnsauzede: i thought you just said that you could
01:08:32nsauzedelook: it's the same as with VGA cards in 256 color mode
01:08:39pimlottcgood analogy
01:08:41nsauzedepalette is global for all pixels
01:08:47nsauzedethx :)
01:08:49pimlottcdo you know what a copper effect is
01:08:54merwinpimlottc: nope
01:09:06nsauzedewait, indeed, in _theory_ it could be possible,
01:09:09pimlottcthere was an old trick in the amiga/dos days
01:09:13nsauzedeas in Amiga
01:09:17nsauzedeYES !
01:09:23pimlottcyou could make color gradiants in text mode
01:09:32pimlottcthe way you do it is you set the character to one color
01:09:41nsauzedeor even like the HAM (hold and modify) to get 4096 colors
01:10:00pimlottcthen you wait for exactly the time it takes the CRT to draw one horizontal like (each character is 16 high)
01:10:07pimlottcthen change it
01:10:30nsauzedepim: ready to design copper for player-LCD ;)
01:10:33pimlottcyou have to be careful about timing but when it works you have multiple colors in a single character
01:10:49pimlottcit _might_ be possible
01:10:56pimlottcI don't know how lcds work
01:11:03nsauzedemore seriously, I've done some tests with grayscale on my player,
01:11:08pimlottcand if they do work the same
01:11:21nsauzedeand it nearly worked, but not as good as on my HP48
01:11:27pimlottcyou'd have to be able to find out when the refresh would occur
01:11:56lohaphow long roughly does it take to build the kernal
01:12:07nsauzedeall: does someone want to/can test the player game now ?
01:12:14pimlottcsend it here
01:12:27pimlottcso how do you do the greyscale
01:12:37nsauzedewait; look on the ML
01:12:41merwinnsauzede: dcc it to me or something :)
01:12:52nsauzede.. and tell me if it compiles fine
01:13:12pimlottcI think I'm out of juice
01:13:22merwinnsauzede: you've tried grayscale?
01:13:32nsauzedegreyscale: yes; easy : with my bitmap buffer framework,
01:13:33pimlottcI will have to finish setting up the cross compiler
01:13:37pimlottchaven't done that yet
01:13:59nsauzedegreyscale: I use two arrays, then I display them alternatively,
01:13:59merwinnsauzede: nice... greyscale would be good for games
01:14:28nsauzedegreyscale: then, two time-succesive black give black,
01:14:36nsauzedegreyscale: then, two time-succesive white give white,
01:14:47nsauzedegreyscale: then, white black give gray
01:14:54merwinoooh, does it actually display gray though?
01:15:05nsauzedeit would be cooler on the recorder <gasp>
01:15:11nsauzedeyes and no,
01:15:20nsauzedeit's a contrast matter
01:15:29pimlottcnsauzede - once you add movement though... the grey might wash out
01:15:41nsauzedeon HP48, you had to increase contrast a little..
01:15:58nsauzedeon archos, it's difficult to find compromise..
01:16:09nsauzedeBut, I could get some pleasant result :)
01:16:12 Join lc_ [0] (
01:16:26nsauzedepim: u right, movement smoothens all :)
01:16:59nsauzedeall: did u receive the player game on ML ?
01:17:37nsauzedeI messed : should be :
01:18:03*pimlottc isn't subscribed yet
01:18:20lohapright the bzimage is created now what do i do
01:18:40Silly_Fly"there are no new messages on the server"
01:18:57Silly_Flynot that it matters..., I don't have a player anyway....
01:19:22nsauzedelucky you :)
01:19:46Silly_FlyI almost had...
01:20:07nsauzedeall: who wanted to dcc get player-game ?
01:20:17merwinnsauzede: could you e-mail me a compiled mod of it? I want to try it out, but don't have time to patch it into mine , new lcd
01:20:25Silly_Flyordered one form funmp3players, but they said they're out of players, and don't intend to restock, as recorder is much better
01:20:27merwinnsauzede: i'd like a dcc of the mod file please :)
01:21:26Silly_FlyI want to look at the code.....
01:21:36nsauzedeok, ok don't rush :)
01:21:42nsauzedehow do I do that ?
01:22:02merwinnsauzede: or an e-mail would work
01:22:09pimlottc /dcc send
01:22:30nsauzedebroadcast ?
01:22:40pimlottcno you have to do it 1 by 1
01:22:55nsauzede\/dcc send nick ?
01:23:00nsauzederight ?
01:23:06pimlottcya it'll bring up a dialog box
01:23:10pimlottcto select the file
01:24:13nsauzedepim: start ?
01:24:39nsauzedeirc rulez
01:24:51*pimlottc just switched irc clients a few days ago
01:25:49nsauzedeBEWARE !!!
01:26:03nsauzedemy mod isn't a clean one to play with :
01:26:19pimlottcis it going to delete all my files? :P
01:26:21nsauzededon't use any other menu entry other than,
01:26:32nsauzedeand Gizz's demo
01:26:33nsauzedeok ?
01:26:40pimlottcok on now
01:26:41nsauzede(especially USB stuff ;)
01:27:02nsauzedewaiting for feedback..
01:27:32pimlottcplaying w/ the fly
01:27:38nsauzedenoticed the bootup logo ?? I centered it a little (maybe Bjorn would like it)
01:27:42Silly_Flynsauzed - I wanted the code (only for the game, if possible) I have no use of the .mod, as I have no player...
01:27:52pimlottcyes I noticed, nice
01:27:55nsauzedesilly: u right, my fault..
01:28:25 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
01:28:44Silly_Flygot your mail, btw. is the code there too?
01:29:02nsauzedewell, in the third attempt, yes ;o)
01:29:03merwinthe gizz demo made it shut off
01:29:12nsauzedeoh yeah...
01:29:20nsauzededon't repeat STOP :)
01:29:26nsauzedeit's annoying, yes..
01:29:44pimlottcis it just a maze
01:29:46nsauzedesilly: I dcc send you the source
01:29:52nsauzedepim: yes
01:29:53merwini won! yay!
01:30:06nsauzedemade by someone else (the whole game)
01:30:17nsauzedeyay ! you did it :)
01:30:18pimlottcmenu goes down too
01:30:37pimlottchitting menu is the same as hitting down in the maze game
01:30:51nsauzedeyes, side effect
01:31:21nsauzedeindeed, no, just to avoid shutting off with STOP, but you are clever
01:31:52nsauzedeI would like to add some options in the game, such as key/lock
01:31:57nsauzedeeasy nope ?
01:32:02pimlottcso do you have it completely abstracted
01:32:04nsauzedejust array data feading
01:32:21pimlottcthe graphics
01:32:29nsauzedewell, you mean API ?
01:32:42pimlottccan you just say 'putpixel(2,2)' or do you have to amange the characters yourself
01:32:45nsauzedesort of setpixel() cls()
01:33:09nsauzedesilly has the source
01:33:21nsauzedeoops silly_fly ;)
01:33:33nsauzede(too long nick for me)
01:33:55nsauzedesource arrived on ML..
01:34:22pimlottcnot on the web page so faqr
01:35:01nsauzededcc you ?
01:35:41merwinwhat does rolo now do?
01:35:49nsauzedehehe look:
01:36:07nsauzedeI was tired un/plugging USB cable every 43 sec
01:36:23nsauzedeso I managed USB to be manual,
01:36:42nsauzedeand added a menu entry too rolo the fresh new mod
01:36:49nsauzede(I'm lazy)
01:37:58nsauzedeI can send you a sneak preview of my demo source if u xwant (going to sleep)
01:38:21pimlottcoh what did you send before
01:38:30nsauzedethe game
01:38:37nsauzedenot the demo with setpixel
01:38:40pimlottcya send :)
01:39:45nsauzedeheya !
01:39:50nsauzedepsyco dedman ?
01:40:05nsauzedewere talking about gamebox !
01:40:31nsauzedewant to see my port of it ?
01:40:32PsycoXuli suppose i should do a better implimentation of that...
01:40:44nsauzedebut not bad anyway :)
01:40:53PsycoXuli meant to eventualy do one with level-loading support when we got disk reading
01:40:57nsauzedeu can enhance my source, if u want
01:40:58PsycoXuland i haven't gotten around to it
01:41:02pimlottcoh did psycoxul make the game?
01:41:09nsauzedeWe _got_ disk readnig
01:41:17nsauzede(ie: MP3)
01:41:23PsycoXulyes i know...
01:41:39pimlottcpsyco - neat game :)
01:41:45pimlottcbut it needs shooting
01:41:51nsauzedethe same for sokoban, I suggest to the author he should load levels from disk
01:42:03nsauzedeor even monsters :)
01:42:22nsauzedeI also sugested adding key/lock block (to lock the exit)
01:42:35nsauzedeshould be easy to add new block type
01:42:58nsauzedeeasy nah ?
01:43:01PsycoXulsomething so that you can use all the keys in the game while you're playing...
01:43:14PsycoXulOn can be the fire button heh
01:43:28nsauzedewell, imagine !
01:43:35nsauzedewant the demo ?
01:43:43nsauzede(going to sleep)
01:43:50PsycoXulyou posted it to the list didn't you? i'll get it from there...
01:43:58nsauzedebye all !!
01:44:38nsauzedegreyscales rulez !!
01:44:40 Quit nsauzede ()
01:45:12PsycoXulgrayscales? we've only got 1 bit... heh
01:45:19PsycoXuloh well
01:45:21pimlottche is flashing between black and white
01:45:32pimlottctwice the refresh time
01:45:36pimlottcbut you get grey
01:45:38PsycoXuli see
01:45:43PsycoXuli thought about doing something like that
01:45:45PsycoXulhows it work?
01:45:59pimlottcyou mean how does it look?
01:46:20PsycoXulis he making something use it already?
01:46:27pimlottcthe mod he sent was your game and his first pixel test
01:46:37PsycoXuli see
01:48:25PsycoXulhmm interesting how he's got it set up...
01:48:50PsycoXuli don't know that player-specific files need an apps/player dir... so far they've just gone in apps/ i think... heh
01:49:35pimlottcsomething is messed up though
01:49:38PsycoXulthat old README
01:49:47PsycoXulpimlottc: ?
01:49:59pimlottcI was going thru the menus and the -> disappeared
01:50:08pimlottcand now the pixel test isn't working
01:50:20pimlottchad to power cycle
01:50:25pimlottc(rolo didn't fix it)
01:56:00PsycoXulwhats this gdemo.h thats not here
02:13:05merwinPsycoXul: any luck on the experiment?
02:13:15PsycoXulwhich expiriment
02:13:28merwinthe one you were explaining to me a couple days ago
02:16:08PsycoXuloh that
02:16:19PsycoXulit did what i expected it to do - pretty much nothing
02:16:51PsycoXulbut there's a variation on it that's much more likely to do something
02:17:02PsycoXulthat i need to figure out how to make... it's somewhat more difficult
02:20:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
02:22:13PsycoXuli think i need to do in 2 pieces somehow...
02:22:51PsycoXulthe one piece is the most difficult part...
02:23:48merwinwell, if it's going to change the world, expect it to take more than a week i guess :)
02:30:58PsycoXulit seems to just be alternating layers of paramagnetic and diamagnetic materials with an asymetrical electric charge [and thus no current should be able to go through it]
02:31:07PsycoXuland then a magnetic field
02:31:16PsycoXulall arranged in a specific manner
02:32:16 Quit Silly_Fly (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:32:26PsycoXulbut its much easier to make it such that a current can get through [which is how the one i build is]
02:33:04PsycoXulwith the diamagnetic material i'm using, i need to make its walls thinner so that it's not in contact with the diamagnetic material
02:35:28merwinsee, that's over my head :)
02:35:46 Join alphawave [0] (
02:35:53PsycoXulnah its simple
02:36:05PsycoXulevery material is magnetic...
02:36:21PsycoXuliron and some other elements are ferromagnetic, which is what most people know as magnetism
02:37:00PsycoXulaluminum, oxygen, and others are paramagnetic which means they line up with a magnetic field and are slightly attracted to either pole of a magnet
02:37:51PsycoXulwhile water, silicon, bismuth, carbon [graphite] and others are diamagnetic which means they line up opposite of a magnetic field and are slightly repelled by either pole of a magnet
02:38:57PsycoXulthis effect is easily demonstrated with a small piece of some good graphite and some strong magnets by making the piece of graphite levitate over an arrangement of the magnets
02:39:29PsycoXulor also a small magnet placed over a bismuth or graphite plate and a larger magnet set a specific distance overhead will cause the smaller magnet to levitate over the plate
02:39:57merwinwhere did you graduate from?
02:40:01pimlottc heh
02:40:02PsycoXulwith some extremely powerful electromagnet's, they've even levitated drops of water and even living frogs and crickets
02:40:21PsycoXulmerwin: i have no college education
02:40:41PsycoXuli just research online and in books stuff that interests me, and i've always been interested in scientific stuff :p
02:42:05PsycoXulpersonaly i don't find established education centers to actualy be well designed to facilitate learning...
02:42:50PsycoXulbut thats just my opinion :p
02:43:50alphawavehey merwin
02:49:08merwinheya alpha
02:50:45PsycoXulany of you know about molding low-temp-melting [i.e. 520F] metals in wood?
02:50:52alphawavedid you get the mail on the game for the player?
02:50:53merwinPsycoXul: not a clue
02:50:58merwinalphawave: yup
02:51:08PsycoXuli guess its time for more research then :p
02:51:09alphawavecan't wait!
02:51:45merwinit's a fun game, courtesy of PsycoXul i believe
02:52:02alphawaveo youve tried it?
02:52:55merwinalphawave: yup
02:53:06PsycoXuli can't get it to compile...
02:53:12PsycoXulisn't that ironic? :p
02:53:15merwinPsycoXul: i had a mod sent to me
02:53:18alphawavecool do you have a mod with it in?
02:53:24PsycoXuli see
02:53:27alphawavecan you send it to me?
02:53:55PsycoXulhis patch to the list is missing files and stuff...
02:54:14PsycoXulwhich i've probably got all the code laying around in my old original archive of that game to re-make for myself but heh
02:54:36PsycoXuli'll just rewrite it some time i think
02:55:13PsycoXulthe collision detection doesn't use the best method...
02:55:37pimlottcI don't think collision detection was the point :)
02:55:47alphawaveso how long will it be until it is in the daily's
02:55:53PsycoXulwell no it wasn't .. heh
02:56:05PsycoXulthe point was just to show that the player's perfectly game-capable
02:56:28PsycoXulthe verticle/horizontal scrolling style was the main demonstration
02:56:38pimlottcthat's the mod alpha
02:56:53pimlottcand the pixel demo too
02:57:06PsycoXulwhich pixel demo is that
02:57:15PsycoXuli haven't tried this new port yet
02:57:20pimlottcnseuzarde or whatever his nick was
02:57:28pimlottc(don't remember heh)
02:57:30PsycoXulsomebody send me this mod
02:57:31pimlottchere I'll dcc you
02:57:53alphawavethanks my mom is going online
02:57:56pimlottcbtw he warned of doing anything besides the game demos with this mod
02:58:03alphawavei be on later
02:58:09pimlottclater alpha
02:58:13 Quit alphawave ()
02:58:15*merwin will be right back
02:58:18 Quit merwin ()
02:59:34pimlottcsomeone should change the topic :P
03:01:20PsycoXulthats pretty cool
03:08:48PsycoXulusb lockup again... grrr
03:09:27 Quit lohap ("Client Exiting")
03:14:59 Quit fragglet (Remote closed the connection)
03:15:06 Join fragglet [0] (
03:15:18 Join Jet8810 [0] (
03:22:31 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
03:23:50 Join Jet8810 [0] (
03:30:57 Quit h0bby ()
03:31:59 Join merwin [0] (
03:34:20 Join merwin- [0] (
03:37:00 Join merwin|grr [0] (
03:38:02 Quit coutta (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:39:26merwin|grrdamn shitty connection
03:40:00PsycoXulwhats the matter, no cable/dsl in new orleans?
03:40:13merwin|grrnot at this hotel
03:40:17PsycoXuloh :p
03:40:24merwin|grrjust shitty dialup that dissconnects more often than not
03:40:37Jet8810i was actually at a ritz ($75 a night haha...connections) and they had a network jack !
03:41:53Jet8810i know
03:42:06Jet8810i dont have a laptop though, so of 0 use to me
03:42:14Jet8810i want a laptop BAD though
03:42:19Jet8810a fujitsu p1000 :)
03:43:23*Jet8810 issue is that if he gets a laptop, and then retires 3 year old desktop, hard drives, ram, ect are all overall more expensive and u;sing laptop every day can be aggravating (even yif you have a moniter, a small laptop like p1000 is awesome for carrying around, but not a full fledged computer)
03:44:11PsycoXuli want a pocket-sized device that can record and play streaming video and audio via wireless broadband [as well as local storage] etc
03:44:20pimlottcwhy not the 2000
03:44:32Jet8810i havent looked at 2000
03:44:38Jet88101000 caught my eye because of touch screen
03:44:44Jet8810i could use that a lot in school to take notes
03:44:49Jet8810only problem is LONG boot up time
03:44:59merwin|grrJet8810: i love my laptop
03:45:02Jet8810and teachers say, take out binders, copy this...give me 5 minutes...doesnt help
03:45:05merwin|grrJet8810: it does everything
03:45:36pimlottcfor a laptop shouldn't you just suspend to disk
03:45:40pimlottcor have you tried it
03:45:44merwin|grri suspend to disk
03:45:52Jet8810that would work
03:45:52merwin|grror hibernate rather
03:45:56Jet8810and lastly, battery life
03:46:03pimlottc2000 doesn't have the touch screen
03:46:07Jet8810that is a pretty big issue if you really use it to take all your notes
03:46:08Jet8810i konw
03:46:16pimlottcyou said you hadn't looked heh
03:46:25Jet8810well i know it didnt
03:46:28Jet8810which is why i looked at 1000
03:46:34pimlottcnow me I wanna see the 2000
03:46:40pimlottcthe 1000 is interesting though
03:46:40Jet8810see, you can get small, then awesome to carry at school and around
03:46:46Jet8810but not as good as a desktop replacement
03:46:48Jet8810and a hassle
03:46:52Jet8810or you can go vice versa
03:47:04pimlottcit's basically how you mean portable
03:47:33 Join ddb [0] (
03:47:47pimlottclike the big ones it's easy to put in your briefcase or whatever and you can use it in your hotel room
03:47:55*PsycoXul is just waiting for the class of devices that things are just now starting to work towards
03:48:10pimlottcvs being really portable and you can quickly and easily use it any time any where
03:48:15Jet8810like the A series is perfect computer and once in awhiel travel
03:48:25Jet8810but if bringing it to school it is a whole different ball game
03:48:38*pimlottc nods
03:48:56ddbhi folks, I have a question about the configuration file for WPS...
03:49:11pimlottcthe touchscreen is intriguing but I don't know how useful it really would be
03:49:17merwin|grrddb: that would be my area
03:49:25Jet8810then INTEGRATED LAN IS SLICK
03:49:31PsycoXul %pp/%pe %?%it/%ia%:%fn%?
03:49:33pimlottcone of those things you have to actually use for a while to figure it out
03:49:34PsycoXulthats mine!
03:49:38Jet8810well for me pimlottc, NECCESSITY
03:49:43Jet8810imagine writing notes in class
03:49:46Jet8810need to draw a picture
03:49:47ddbhi, merwin, ya got a minute?
03:49:50merwin|grrPsycoXul: hehe
03:49:57Jet8810there ya go, whole computer scheme taking notes in school is gone
03:50:00pimlottcwhat will you do it in, word?
03:50:00merwin|grrPsycoXul: I swear, it's worse than a perl script
03:50:01Jet8810and i write pictures a lot
03:50:09merwin|grrddb: yeah
03:50:10Jet8810can draw right into word
03:50:10PsycoXulmerwin|grr: nah...
03:50:13*pimlottc doesn't like word :|
03:50:20PsycoXulmerwin|grr: it's better than perl
03:50:32pimlottcdirectly or you mean you create a picture object and open it to edit...
03:50:41ddbok, i created the wps.config file and put it in the root folder with the following entry>>>
03:50:55Jet8810look at size difference of 1000 and 2000
03:50:58pimlottcI've seen it
03:51:07Jet8810well directly would be ideal
03:51:09pimlottcI've seen tons of pics of the 2000 and 1000
03:51:11Jet8810if not, paint would work
03:51:12Jet8810not great though
03:51:15pimlottc(more the 2000)
03:51:18Jet8810should work straight into word...right?
03:51:25pimlottcdon't ask me, I don't use word
03:51:31ddb%pp/%pe: %fc - %fsKB
03:51:46merwin|grrddb: that is correct format
03:51:56ddbit doesn't seem to recognize anything that I enter in that what am I doing wrong?
03:52:01Jet88102,000 probably a better idea though
03:52:11pimlottcanyway I agree mebbe if I use it I'll find all sorts of great ways to use the touchscreen and it'll be a great thing... but on the other hand mebbe it will just be kinda neat but not that useful
03:52:15pimlottcand you give up a lot vs the 2000
03:52:36pimlottcif the 1000 were substantially cheaper than the 2000 I would consider it more seriously
03:52:37merwin|grrddb: It's not yet a default feature, it has to be specified when it's compiled. What player do you have (old or new). I'll send you the firmware with it enabled
03:52:40pimlottcbut they're basically the same price
03:53:04Jet8810but the 1000 is much smaller too
03:53:16Jet8810hell, 2000 doesnt have built in floppy, but has built in cd rom lol
03:53:18Jet8810thats pretty fun
03:53:24ddbI have the AJB6000 running with yesterday's daily build
03:53:25pimlottcbuilt in dvd-rom/cd-rw
03:53:34pimlottcit has a higher resolution too
03:53:46pimlottcand more ram and is faster
03:54:03merwin|grrddb: which daily build do you download? (player-old, or player)
03:54:22merwin|grrok, just a sec. i'll compile it
03:54:27Jet8810well 1000 is starting at $400 cheaper
03:54:51merwin|grrddb: do you want me to dcc or e-mail it to you?
03:55:21*pimlottc checks
03:55:42 Quit merwin (No route to host)
03:55:44Jet8810S series kicks p2000s ass
03:55:59pimlottcs series is completely different :P
03:56:05Jet8810as thin
03:56:08Jet8810same dimensions
03:56:09pimlottcguess you're right I thought they were only like #100 difference
03:56:11Jet8810better hardware
03:56:17 Join alphawave [0] (
03:56:26pimlottcit's not the same dimensions
03:56:35alphawavehey merwin
03:56:50Jet8810like an inch taller
03:56:53Jet8810same thickness as 2000
03:56:55pimlottcit's 11.5" x 9.3"
03:57:08pimlottcvs 9.1" x 6.3"
03:57:11 Quit merwin- (No route to host)
03:57:17pimlottcthat's almost twice as large :P
03:57:18 Nick merwin|grr is now known as merwin (
03:57:24pimlottc(as the 1000)
03:57:26alphawaveim impressed with the game
03:57:46alphawaveits a bit awkward though
03:57:49merwinddb: ok, it's sent
03:58:03alphawavecan't wait for more levels!
03:58:11merwinddb: it's in the general settings/wps settings/custom wps
03:58:18Jet8810the warrantee stuff I want costs $500
03:58:21merwinddb: then it'll display properly
03:59:29alphawaverotflmaoacs=rolling on the foor laughing my ass off and can't stop!
03:59:30ddbmerwin, thanks, I'm checking my email right now...
04:00:02Jet8810thats the screen replacement thing though
04:00:27alphawavewhat screen replacment?
04:01:08Jet8810screen repair twice in a one year period for three years (maybe two) no questions asked
04:01:12Jet8810and two years warrantee
04:01:26Jet88103 years warrantee, 3 year screen replacement
04:01:28Jet8810come on, got to get that
04:01:37Jet8810yea with all features, p2000 is $400 more
04:01:41alphawavei got a 4 year warrenty(even covers accsidents) at best buy!
04:01:56Jet8810now to compare features
04:02:46alphawavecompare features of what?
04:03:12Jet8810god damnit
04:03:16Jet8810p200 and p-1000
04:03:22Jet8810p1000 can get modem and ethernet
04:03:27Jet8810or modem and lan
04:03:36Jet8810not modem, lan and therenet, but p2000 can get all three
04:03:40Jet8810this gets worse every minute :)
04:03:52alphawavemy warrenty was only 40$ and guess what my standard warrntly expired one after my archos broke! thank god for best buy
04:04:55Jet8810well see, if I want a laptop, I want it customized how I want it
04:05:00Jet8810so i cant really do reatil
04:05:07Jet8810yea p2000 definitely seems like the ticket
04:05:10 Join hardeep [0] (
04:05:14alphawavewhat about the apple power book?
04:05:15Jet8810p1000 has less features, but is smaller and cheaper
04:05:17ddbmerwin: got your email, thanks for all your help :-)
04:05:21Jet8810im a windows man
04:05:29Jet8810ut i am going to look at dells and othe rlaptops now
04:05:33alphawavewhat brand?
04:05:44Jet8810dell, umm
04:05:45Jet8810who else?
04:05:54alphawavedell has the best brand repair history
04:06:05 Quit ddb ()
04:06:30alphawavecompaq has good laptops
04:06:46alphawavei have had a hp and hated it
04:07:25Jet8810dells are too expensive
04:07:32Jet8810whats a good laptop site that sells laptops cheap?
04:07:39Jet8810i remember one had a pretty good setup on jfujistu
04:07:40alphawavedoes vpr matrix make laptops?
04:07:41Jet8810but lost url
04:07:58merwinIs def leppard 80's?
04:08:17alphawavei think so
04:08:40merwinalphawave: thanx
04:09:11alphawavebtw: whats the rolo do? when i selected it i restarted my unit
04:09:26merwinalphawave: exactly :) It's meant to load alternate firmware
04:09:32alphawaveok has cheap fujitsu
04:09:37Jet8810only problem, NO SCREEN REPLACEMENT
04:09:38alphawavethats a good feature
04:09:40merwinalphawave: but in this case it's used to just load the same firmware, restart
04:11:53alphawavehumm sometimes when i turn on my unit, it won't turn on, nothing happens are my batteries low on juice or what?
04:12:22alphawaveand the green light comes on but thats all
04:13:30 Quit lc_ ("Client Exiting")
04:13:44merwinalphawave: no, usually i see that happen when i try to turn it on very quickly after turning it off
04:13:50merwinalphawave: it's not a battery thing
04:14:38merwinit's easy mmmkay
04:17:15alphawaveo and what are the usb insert and usb extract in the games menu?
04:17:24 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:18:09merwinalphawave: don't touch those :)
04:18:32merwinalphawave: it's for manually going to usb mode when inserting the usb cable
04:20:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:26:44alphawaveis the firmware loaded into the same chip as the song file?
04:32:12merwinnot sure
04:33:59alphawavereshearch that
04:34:12merwinlook on the website :)
04:34:16merwinthere's research there
04:35:57 Quit adi|home (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:37:46alphawavehumm getting close i think
04:38:55*merwin is going to slee[p
04:39:09 Join coutta [0] (
04:39:11 Nick merwin is now known as merwin|SLEEP (
04:39:33alphawavehey i found the max and min firware sizes!
04:39:50merwin|SLEEPalphawave: 50k and 200k (give or take a few k)
04:39:58 Nick merwin|SLEEP is now known as merwin|sleep (
04:43:54alphawaveit appears on bjorn disecting the archos page, there is a 2mb flash rom and a 2mb fast page rom
04:44:58alphawaveopps the fast page is dram
04:45:29 Join adiamas [0] (
04:45:43alphawaveso i guess the rom is the built in firm
04:45:58alphawaveand the fast page is the main firm and song
04:46:05 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|home (
04:47:12 Join Jbell73 [0] (
04:48:13alphawaveahh im gonna go bye bye
04:48:22 Quit alphawave ()
04:51:00hardeepHmmmm, I should try porting rogue to rockbox. It's all ascii so it should work on player as well. =)
04:51:33pimlottcheh you're nuts
04:52:32pimlottcbut send me a build when you've got it working
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05:15:46 Join Hes [0] (
05:18:22 Quit Hadaka (
05:18:24 Join Hadaka_ [0] (
05:18:37 Nick Hadaka_ is now known as Hadaka (
05:23:26 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
05:27:21 Quit merwin|sleep ()
05:30:42 Quit coutta (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
05:32:00 Join elinenbe [0] (
05:36:31 Join Mathuin [0] (
05:37:46MathuinSo how many people have come in here asking about Ogg Vorbis support? ;-)
05:38:40 Quit Mathuin (Client Quit)
06:06:56 Join PsycoXuul [0] (
06:12:37 Quit PsycoXul (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:15:10 Nick PsycoXuul is now known as PsycoXul (
06:33:49 Join RedLeg [0] (
06:35:00 Part RedLeg ("Client Exiting")
06:48:39 Nick mecraw|away is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
07:09:39 Join LinusN [0] (
07:10:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:11:35mecrawLinus: did you by any chance look at my shuffle/resume patch?
07:12:17LinusNi chased nasty ATA bugs all evening
07:13:01mecrawI just wasn't sure about finding the right place to put stuff in the rtc
07:13:19LinusNlet me have a look, hang on...
07:15:11LinusNlooks correct to me
07:16:00mecrawwhen i look at debug rtc, it looks like i could have put it a byte or 2 earlier
07:16:12 Join hardeep [0] (
07:16:40LinusNmecraw: hardly
07:16:56LinusNhowever, the comments are wrong
07:17:09LinusNoffset 0x16 is not at 0x2b absolute
07:17:15LinusNit's at 28
07:17:28LinusNsorry 2a
07:17:36mecrawmaybe that's what threw me
07:17:50mecrawi'm far from being hex-literate
07:17:56 Quit hardeep (Client Quit)
07:19:32mecrawWow! I made the IRC list. Woo hoo.
07:19:38mecrawI'm honored.
07:19:50LinusNfinally, you _are_ someone!
07:20:07mecrawNow I just need to weasel my way into the credits :)
07:20:15LinusNlast time that happened was when you saw your name in the phone book!
07:21:19mecrawWhat are your thoughts on resuming after the USB is unplugged?
07:21:31 Join hardeep [0] (
07:21:40LinusNmy unit eats more power on ATA_SLEEP than ATA_STANDBY :-(
07:21:51LinusNmecraw: resuming playback?
07:23:26LinusNshould be fairly easy, but why the heck would we want that?
07:24:08mecrawso, i can add a few files and then go back to listening to music without rebooting
07:24:22mecrawi like to listen to my whole drive shuffled
07:24:36mecrawso, resume has been a godsend
07:25:35mecrawresuming after USB mode is no different than resuming when booting, the drive could have changed in both cases
07:27:47LinusNmecraw: sure
07:28:21mecrawi'll take a look at it
07:39:15 Join mecraw21 [0] (~mecraw@
07:39:15 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:39:31 Nick mecraw21 is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
07:40:06mecrawplugging in USB froze my WinXP box ?!
07:41:46LinusNshame on XP!
07:48:00 Join Bagder [0] (
07:48:31hardeepgood morning Badger
07:50:05LinusNmorning Bagder
07:50:38hardeepHmmm, shouldn't LCD_PROPFONTS be enabled in apps/Makefile also? (looks like settings.c uses them)
07:51:49LinusNHes: morning
07:54:25LinusNhardeep: that define is set in the target makefile, generated by configure
07:54:39LinusNand passed to apps/makefile via EXTRA_DEFINES
07:54:45hardeepLinusN: not anymore
07:54:53hardeepZagor made it default
07:54:58LinusNi forgot
07:55:18hardeepam I the only one who prefers prop fonts off?
07:55:34LinusNi guess not
07:56:25mecrawhardeep: nope
07:57:46LinusNi think the plan is to get rid of the monospaced fonts
07:58:01LinusNthe internal ones
07:58:18hardeepLinusN: they can still be loaded though right?
07:58:33LinusNyeah, you can still load monospaced fonts if you like
07:58:52hardeepi like. =)
08:03:27HesSeems we're going over 100k in firmware binary size
08:04:10LinusNthe date/time setting is almost unreadable with propfonts
08:04:26LinusNthe cursor needs a margin
08:04:28Bagderwe need to fix all those font quirks
08:05:06LinusNyea, but i really wanted to release 1.3 today...
08:05:20Bagderthen fix fast ;-)
08:05:24*Bagder giggles
08:05:26LinusNand now suddenly Zagor opens a new can of worms
08:05:34LinusNit's not like him
08:05:39Bagderwe've agreed on this before
08:05:48Bagderthis was not a whim of yesterday
08:06:01Bagderwe've mentioned propfonts in 1.3 for a week
08:06:25Bagderthe only way we can get it working properly is by forcing it in the face of people ;-)
08:06:41LinusNyes, in daily builds
08:08:21LinusNtodays build is not a release candidate, for instance
08:08:33BagderI realize that
08:08:46Bagderbut I am still in favour of this move
08:09:04*Hes built from CVS and goes on a test ride
08:09:04LinusNme too, but it should have been done a few days ago
08:09:14BagderI agree
08:09:26Bagderbut this only postpones the release somewhat
08:09:33Bagderit doesn't matter much
08:09:54LinusNno, not that much
08:20:36Bagderfrom a mail I received tonight:
08:20:42Bagder"I'd like to join the rockbox developers team"
08:21:09 Join Synthe` [0] (
08:23:47 Quit Synthe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:24:49LinusNthe RTC starts with all ones in all time registers after a power loss
08:25:10LinusNwe must set them to sensible values when we detect that
08:25:27LinusNshould we do it at boot, or in the time/date menu?
08:25:40 Nick Synthe` is now known as Synthe (
08:26:10Bagdersensible values? :-)
08:26:20Bagdershould we estimate date/time ?
08:26:39LinusNwhatever, that's not my point
08:26:59Bagderif we don't do it at boot, what does the time show?
08:27:03LinusNthere are only 12 months in a year for example
08:27:14mecrawhow about make the user set it, like archos did on first boot
08:27:38adi|homewell.. 12 months by the gregorian calendar.. yeah :)
08:27:39LinusNhence "sensible values"
08:27:46Bagderthen I think it should be corrected "on boot"
08:28:06BagderI don't think we should force the user to set it
08:28:14LinusNwe can either send the user to the time/date screen, or set it to 2000-01-01 00:00:00 or something
08:28:24LinusNmeybe 2002...
08:28:39LinusNwe can set it to the build date :-)
08:28:51Bagderthat's a neat idea ;-)
08:29:12adi|homei have a better idead
08:29:14LinusNi don't like being sent to the time/date menu
08:29:23adi|homewe could set it to a random birthday ;)
08:29:30BagderLinusN: me neither
08:29:33adi|homehave like 6-10 in code.. of the dev's bdays ;)
08:29:36*adi|home smirks
08:29:36Bagderadi|home: yay! ;-)
08:29:44adi|homei mean come on..
08:30:00adi|hometalk about confusing them : one boot: 08-04-1977 08:34 am
08:30:06BagderI doubt the date can even be set that back far? ;-)
08:30:10adi|homesecond boot: 09-14-1904
08:30:22mecrawyou're old
08:30:23Bagder1904? that you? B)
08:30:34adi|homehehe nope... august 4 babe...
08:30:37adi|homeleo's rock!
08:33:34 Join Zagor [0] (
08:33:37mecrawis the status bar going to move to its own thread?
08:33:56Zagorhi all, btw ;)
08:34:00Bagdermoo Z
08:34:11Bagderwe have some font mess to fix ;-)
08:34:27Zagorah, I guessed we would
08:34:39Bagderyeah, no surprises
08:34:44Zagorwhat's the problem?
08:35:19Bagderset time/date
08:35:23HesMy test drive was a failure - only one song played completely
08:36:11Bagderset time/date works fine for me
08:36:15BagderLinusN: ?
08:36:30Zagorworks here too
08:36:45mecrawthere's no way of telling which thread will get the SYS_USB_CONNECTED first, is there?
08:36:50Bagder<LinusN> the date/time setting is almost unreadable with propfonts
08:37:09Zagorbah, he's wrong :)
08:37:33Hesthe readability of the propfonts is not very good indeed
08:37:47LinusNHes: agreed
08:38:31ZagorHes: you mean in time/date?
08:38:37mecrawthe highlighting on the time/date screen on my recorder is all messed up
08:38:44HesZagor: generally
08:38:54LinusNmecraw: yes it is
08:38:57Zagori think they're a lot better than the old font
08:39:14HesLess readable than the current non-prop font
08:39:27LinusNHes: i think so too
08:39:31Zagori disagree
08:39:38LinusNbut i still like being able to see a lot more text
08:39:38Zagoryou're just conservatives ;)
08:40:43Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
08:40:46Topic"Hurry! Only 3 days left to submit a T-Shirt design!" by Bagder (
08:41:28LinusNZagor: you didn't see the cursor garbling in the date/time setting?
08:41:41Bagderme neither
08:41:49LinusNthen you must have forgotten to reconfigure
08:41:51Hes< LinusN> my unit eats more power on ATA_SLEEP than ATA_STANDBY :-(
08:41:55BagderI bet it is because the apps don't have the LCD_PROPFONTS properly
08:41:56ZagorLinusN: no
08:41:57Hesthis is interesting
08:42:07LinusNBagder: it is, i have committed a fix
08:42:11ZagorBagder: ah, could be that. yes
08:42:28BagderLinusN: weird, so why is this a problem for you?
08:42:39LinusNBagder: you mean SLEEP?
08:43:04HesI must try STANDBY if it'd produce less errors
08:43:14LinusNSTANDBY has other problems
08:43:17LinusNfor me
08:43:31BagderLinusN: no, I wonder why you get date/time font problems when I and Zagor don't
08:43:36LinusNthe disk doesn't spin down after the first time
08:43:36HesLinusN: like what?
08:43:48LinusNBagder: you haven't done a clean configure
08:43:55Bagderbut nevertheless
08:44:03LinusNthen your makefile sets EXTRA_DEFINES
08:44:05BagderI use propfonts in that display
08:44:09Bagderit works
08:44:12LinusNthen your makefile sets EXTRA_DEFINES
08:44:23LinusNdo a clean configure
08:44:25Bagderyou said you fixed that
08:44:34LinusNyes, a few minutes ago
08:44:40Bagderand then it works, right?
08:44:50LinusNyes, but today's daily build doesn't
08:45:03Zagorit seems the set_time function needlessly tries to do "clever" things with the PROPFONTS define. apps shouldn't even have that define, IMHO
08:45:08 Join bobTHC [0] (
08:45:11LinusNbut maybe that one doesn't reconfigure either
08:45:19bobTHCgood morning
08:45:27LinusNZagor: needlessly?
08:45:43Zagorsince it works best without those tricks...
08:45:47LinusNyes, maybe from today on
08:46:31Zagorok,rebuilt again. no change, looks excellent. will try the daily build.
08:46:49LinusNyeah, since we don't have any monospaced fonts, the ifdef can probably be removed
08:47:16LinusNthe daily build may also work if it doesn't reconfigure
08:47:51Bagderit doesn't
08:47:56Zagorlinus. trust me. i did the fix. i'm running with good configure.
08:48:02LinusNok, then it will look ok. phew
08:48:53Zagordaily build is bad
08:48:56LinusNZagor: trust me, it didn't look ok without changing apps/makefile
08:49:02Zagoryes it did
08:49:33Zagornever mind
08:49:58 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
08:50:49Bagderff/rewind acceleration
08:51:01Bagderprobably post-1.3 though
08:51:18hardeepyeah, I like it too
08:51:32hardeepbut did we want to change the functionality for all repeat ?
08:53:38 Quit Blaster_Master (Client Quit)
08:54:03LinusNhardeep: i don't understand your question?
08:54:07*mecraw heads to bed
08:54:10mecrawgood night
08:54:16Bagdernight mecraw
08:54:26hardeepLinusN: speed up all repeat the longer button's held
08:54:28LinusNnight mecraw
08:54:31 Nick mecraw is now known as mecraw|sleep (~mecraw@
08:54:47LinusNhardeep: globally? naaaah...
08:55:10hardeephmmmm, okay
08:55:11Zagorwe need that
08:55:27Zagorbrowsing is painful without it
08:55:38LinusNgaming will suck with it
08:55:55Bagderand it won't solve the 'fast forward' anyway
08:55:57Zagorhow long do you hold down keys the games?
08:56:09ZagorBagder: agreed. fast forward needs a different mode too
08:56:25LinusNZagor: if a game uses repeat, it will not want acceleration
08:56:49Zagormaybe. but everything else wants it.
08:57:09LinusNso let everything else (the dir browser) solve it
08:57:17hardeepconfigruable repeat acceleration then? just like repeat is configurable in button
08:57:25Zagorduh? it can't
08:57:51LinusNit is, button_set_repeat()
08:57:55Zagorsince when do the games dictate system design?
08:58:24LinusNthe games is an example
08:58:26BagderZagor: why can't the dir browser deal with it?
08:58:46ZagorBagder: how can the dir browser magically invent faster key repeat?
08:59:07Zagorand no, skipping several lines is not good enough
08:59:37Bagderthen it could move two lines fast
08:59:59Bagderbut I get your point
09:00:10LinusNZagor: i object to the dir browser being "everything else"
09:00:10BagderI still agree with Linus, that is mainly a dir browser problem
09:00:39Zagormaybe, but the dir browser can't solve it anyway
09:00:57LinusNnot easily anyway
09:00:57Zagorand dir browser is about this -> <- much more important than the gamew
09:01:05LinusNthe games is an example
09:01:11Bagderwell, the settings might not want accelleration either
09:01:17Zagori want it there
09:01:27LinusNi'm not sure i want repeat acceleration in the date/time setter either
09:02:02Bagderit's a tricky question this
09:02:27Bagderand it boils down to personal preferences as usual ;-)
09:04:20Bagder"In the tradition of U.S. elections, the logo with the second-highest number of votes wins."
09:04:56LinusNor project name elections, by the way :-)
09:05:09Bagdervery suitable
09:08:19LinusNi like Xiph's thank-you letter
09:09:32Bagderhuh? where?
09:10:11BagderI mailed the guy with the mambo-x comparison page yday
09:10:21Bagderhe replied
09:10:38adi|homei wouldn't deem "fuck off cock sucker" a reply would you?
09:10:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:11:19Bagder"Thanks a lot. I will try to revise those info for Archos ASAP. BTW, did you do all that for Archos in that RockBox project? It is so amazing."
09:11:35hardeepwhat's the site?
09:26:19LinusNHes: you still have lots of skips?
09:32:12Bagder<Hes> My test drive was a failure - only one song played completely
09:32:31LinusNhow strange, i have no skips
09:32:35Bagderme neither
09:32:49LinusNHes: what type of files do you have?
09:36:31 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
09:39:45*mecraw|sleep yawns
09:39:58 Nick mecraw|sleep is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
09:40:25mecrawZagor: i think there is a slight bug in resume
09:41:15mecrawif i start a playlist with resume on... then turn resume off while it's playing...
09:41:47mecrawthen start playing another playlist...
09:41:50mecrawand switch resume on... when i reboot, it will start the first playlist
09:42:08Zagoryes. that's how resume works. you must have it on when starting the playlist.
09:42:26mecrawthe patch i submitted yesterday fixed this, but it was mixed in with an enhancement
09:42:35BagderZagor: well it could be fixed
09:42:49Bagderit should be considered a bug imho
09:43:21adi|homegod damnit..
09:43:26adi|homedo i have to fix the faq to say
09:43:35adi|homewe can't play OR write other formats then mp3?
09:43:38ZagorBagder: yeah, maybe
09:43:40adi|homejesus h christ
09:44:09BagderZagor: because it'll confuse every use that does this, it is not what anyone would expect
09:45:03BagderI love the person at yahoo that didn't understand A1 in the faq ;-)
09:45:14adi|homeyou have a link to him?
09:45:16Bagderkind of a failure, hehe
09:45:56Bagderoh, its not A1 but a very major A
09:46:54adi|homeistill say A44 is my best yet :)
09:47:12mecrawZag/Bag: should i clean the enhancement out of my patch and resubmit it, or just let you fix it as you see fit?
09:47:25BagderI would love that
09:47:31adi|homei don't see the 'technical' part of answer3
09:47:48Bagderadi|home: that's because you're technical ;-)
09:47:56Zagormecraw: I didn't like the 'last_shuffle_index'
09:48:28adi|homeyeah.. but god damn...
09:48:34adi|homeall he has to do is google it
09:48:38adi|homeor jeeves
09:48:40adi|homefor fuck sake
09:48:45mecrawZagor: you don't like the feature or just the variable?
09:49:06adi|home"im an illiterate fuck.. can you put all your explanations into 2 or less sylabul words please'
09:49:20Zagori don't like that you add a persistent variable that doesn't need to be saved. you can find it without saving it.
09:49:37Zagorsearch the playlist index
09:50:01Bagderno, he still needs to remember the former song for that feature
09:50:06Zagorjust like we do when turnin shuffle on/off during playback
09:50:24ZagorBagder: why? maybe I misunderstood the feature, then?
09:50:28BagderI think so
09:50:50mecrawi'm trying to start the shuffle from where i left off when i turned shuffle off
09:50:53Bagderhe disable shuffle, plays "normally" for a while (several songs) and then enables shuffle againand then it plays where it stopped shuffling before
09:51:26Bagderpersonally, I don't think that information needs to survive a reboot
09:51:35Zagorme neither
09:51:58mecrawi wasn't sure if it should either, but i felt like trying my hand at the rtc :)
09:53:04adi|homeinteresting.. i look at my poll on yahoo.. got one response saying that rockbox don't do all that he needs
09:53:13Zagoradi|home: recording
09:53:21Zagormany people complain about that
09:53:22adi|homethats what i figure
09:53:44langhaarrockerLet me guess: You dislike the idea to waste valuable rtc memory for something as useless as the highscore of games?
09:53:48mecrawfeature request for 1.8: be able to specify the seed for a playlist
09:54:07adi|homelanghaarrocker: i wouldn't worry about high scores yet
09:54:12Zagori got an incoherent ramble yesterday about some guy complaining about the screen being too small for games. and we are supposed to do what?
09:54:16adi|homewhen we have disk write, we can just toss them in a file
09:54:24Bagderlanghaarrocker: I do, yes ;-)
09:54:26adi|homelol@to small
09:54:27Zagormecraw: why?
09:54:38adi|homemecraw: why?
09:54:43adi|homelol... damn you zag
09:54:55mecrawthat way i can switch playlists and then go back to them in the same shuffled state
09:55:04adi|homeoh.. i was giving some thought to the keyboard (text entry) issue...
09:55:17mecrawof course i would need to know what the original seed was
09:55:32adi|homei think just a layout of chars in a box, then arrowing to the char you want may be best on the recorder
09:55:38Zagormecraw: the seed is a 32-bit number. lots of fun to enter on the player... :-)
09:56:23mecrawwhen we get .rockbox, save the seeds in a file: <m3u>.seed
09:56:34langhaarrockerZagor: So we need a crc check for validating the seed.
09:56:44Bagder48 bit crc
09:56:50*Bagder ducks
09:57:33adi|homeZagor: when i run on a file, i don't lose carriage returns (double cr that is), but it seems to on the web.. any idea whats up with that?
09:58:30Bagderyou need to replace empty lines with &nbsp;
09:58:50adi|homenot withing a <pre> tag you don't
09:58:56BagderI think the cpp is to blame for eating
09:59:06adi|homeahh... then thats a prob :)
09:59:39Bagderso putting the &nbsp; there is a bit lame but a fully working work-around ;-)
09:59:45adi|homecause having to put in &nbsp defeats the purpose of pre tags
10:02:39Bagdernot completely, and if it is made with a script anyway there's no work involved
10:03:37adi|homeokay.. fixed
10:03:41adi|homeZagor you around?
10:04:08 Quit mbr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:04:12adi|homewould you mind running on the CONTRIBUTING file?
10:04:22adi|homei want to make sure that the fix works on your compiler side
10:06:24Zagorit becomes <pre>, the whole thing
10:06:43adi|homethats odd...
10:06:50adi|homeworks when i run it on a file on my side...
10:07:17Zagori mean the text is there, but enclosed in a single big <pre> </pre>
10:08:08adi|homethats correct
10:10:44*mecraw _really_ heads to bed
10:10:53LinusNwhat should we do about the playlist hang bug?
10:11:00 Nick mecraw is now known as mecraw|sleep (~mecraw@
10:11:08LinusNi don't remember what we said about that
10:11:23Zagorhas anyone been able to repeat it?
10:11:43LinusNi can repeat it easily
10:11:51Bagderyou can?
10:12:06LinusNjust play a playlist with non-existing mp3 files
10:12:13Bagderit hangs?
10:12:23LinusNthe mpeg thread will loop forever trying to open the files
10:12:36LinusNi guess
10:12:42Bagdermp3info() returns BAD FILE
10:12:46Bagderit should not
10:12:48LinusNor is it the shuffle that hangs?
10:12:54Zagorah, you mean a whole list with all non-existing files?
10:13:19Bagderbut my playlist fixes a few days ago fixed that, didn't it?
10:13:28LinusNi tried a minute ago
10:13:44LinusNmaybe i should start my gdb...
10:13:52Bagderyes, it would be really good
10:14:13Bagderhow does it look when it hangs?
10:14:20LinusNthese are the times that i would like ROLO
10:14:33LinusNit just says "playing X files"
10:14:47Bagderand no key works?
10:15:04LinusNdon't know
10:15:10Bagderbecause that's expected
10:15:16Bagderthe wps doesn't update its screen
10:15:18Bagderwhen this happens
10:15:27Bagderthe id3 mpeg_playing dilemma
10:15:36Zagorwe should handle this more gracefully
10:16:08Bagderthis is the same thing we've discussed already, the wps needs to know that there is a song being loaded
10:16:21Bagderor not
10:16:27Zagoryes, but even then this case with all bad files should be handled better
10:16:32LinusNI know what we can do!
10:16:41BagderZagor: how?
10:16:47BagderLinusN: tell us!
10:16:50LinusNwe can scan the disk and see if the files exist!!!!! :-) :-)
10:16:59*Bagder smacks LinusN
10:17:06ZagorLinusN: we already do that. it's called open()
10:17:20Bagderand mp3info() even does further checks
10:17:28LinusNi was making a joke about the way Archos loads playlists
10:17:34Zagori know :)
10:18:18LinusNyes, it is an mpeg open() loop
10:18:41Bagderwhy does it open it?
10:18:43LinusNplaying...couldn't open...playing...
10:18:46Bagderdoesn't mp3info fail first?
10:19:06LinusNwhy would it?
10:19:08ZagorBagder: it loops through the files. one fails, it tries the next, fails, tries next etc.
10:19:24Bagderit asks playlist_next() for them
10:19:28Bagderthat returns NULL eventually
10:19:34Bagderand then it should stop
10:19:52Bagderand mp3info() returns BADFILE for bad files
10:19:58Bagderwhich should make the mpeg thread not play them
10:20:15Bagderat least that's my tihnking
10:20:16ZagorLinusN: how big was the list you tested? did it ever run through the whole list?
10:20:27LinusNnew_file() calls playlist_next() and then opens the file
10:20:30Bagderright, it could take a while...
10:20:37LinusNZagor: 2 files
10:20:54LinusNgucka.mp3 and mongo.mp3
10:20:56BagderLinusN: but if playlist_next() returns NULL it doesn't open it
10:20:57Zagorhehe, ok
10:21:01LinusNbot non-existing... :-)
10:21:21LinusNwhy would playlist_next() return NULL?
10:21:33Bagderafter a lap, it does
10:21:40Bagderread the top of the function
10:22:11Bagderthe mpeg thread should use the info from mp3info()
10:22:15Bagderabout the file being bad
10:22:52ZagorBagder: if the open fails, mpeg.c always calls playlist_next() with step 1
10:23:02Zagorso your check will fail, i think
10:23:16LinusNit never returns NULL for me
10:23:21Zagorsee new_file()
10:23:26Bagderwhy does it ask for the same file again?
10:23:40Zagorit doesn't, it asks for next
10:23:40LinusNBagder: no, it asks for the next
10:23:53LinusNindex 0 is the same file
10:24:06Bagderbut but but
10:24:18LinusNbecause it wants to try the next
10:24:19Bagderwhy not increase the index and ask for next?
10:24:27Bagderthen the check would work
10:24:38BagderI mean when open fails
10:24:41LinusNwhy increase the index?
10:24:47Bagdersince then the check works
10:24:51Zagorincrease what index?
10:25:01LinusNyes, but it that mpeg.c:s concern?
10:25:13Bagderok then, name your solution
10:25:24Bagderit is mpeg's concent
10:25:28Bagderit hangs
10:26:06Bagderit is only a matter how we define that mpeg asks for upcoming songs
10:26:17Bagderit isn't making mpeg dependent on playlist internals
10:26:31LinusNyes, 1 means 'next song'
10:26:44Bagderyes, and 2 means the song after that
10:27:03LinusNbut playlist_next increases the index
10:27:06Bagderyou could make a failed open not advanced the current song
10:27:13BagderLinusN: no
10:27:14adi|homedoes the Player have an Off button?
10:27:20Zagoradi|home: no
10:27:27LinusNplaylist.index = (playlist.index+steps) % playlist.amount;
10:27:38adi|homehow do you shut the Player off?
10:27:44Zagoradi|home: hold down STOP
10:27:47LinusNadi|home: hols STOP
10:31:33Bagderok, so figure out a different fix
10:31:47BagderI still think my way is a fine way
10:32:03LinusNBagder: is there a case when the "madness" fix works?
10:32:20Bagderin the simulator only
10:32:27LinusNBagder: you mean to advance the playlist.index explicitly?
10:32:30Bagderbecuase that works the way I thought mpeg does
10:33:16LinusNlike the API was designed in the first place? :-)
10:33:49Bagderright :-)
10:34:47Bagdercheck the simulator stuff in the mpeg.c file
10:35:03Bagderand how it deals with bad mp3 files
10:35:14Zagordid we (rockbox) show up in some prominent web site or so lately? I've gotten a swarm of mails the last days.
10:35:31Bagderdo some referer checking
10:35:34LinusNi don't know
10:36:37ZagorBagder: good idea
10:37:21Bagdercut "-d " -f11 < /var/log/httpd/rockbox-access_log | egrep -v '(-|'
10:37:34Bagderwell, almost
10:39:50 Join nsauzede [0] (
10:39:50 Quit nsauzede (Client Quit)
10:40:22 Join gizz [0] (
10:42:08 Quit gizz (Client Quit)
10:43:14 Join mbr [0] (
10:43:35Bagderhey mbr
10:45:08mbrLinusN: I have written the scrollbar
10:45:22mbrBut it depends on a changed lcd_drawrect
10:45:35Bagderwe need to get the 1.3 out the door
10:45:39mbrwith upper left corner and height/width
10:46:08mbrBagder: is there a planned release date?
10:46:18Zagormbr: today, hopefully
10:46:58LinusNmbr: coolness!
10:47:12Zagor"Other mod sites I have seen about modding items of effection usually don't put up such a quality site."
10:47:27LinusN"mod sites" :-)
10:47:38Bagderarchos.mod sites ;-)
10:47:53LinusNi would call Rockbox a little more than a "mod"
10:48:18Bagdernah, "how hard can it be?" :*)
10:48:18Zagorbut this was early june
10:48:24*Bagder grins
10:48:25LinusNalmost insulting :-)
10:48:52mbrAnother question. What abut a time based MPEG_LOW_WATER?
10:48:59LinusN"i modded Linux by rewriting it from scratch"
10:49:09LinusNmbr: we have discussed that
10:49:17Zagormbr: coming soon to a rockbox near you :-)
10:49:21LinusNseems like the way to go
10:49:31mbrbut it is not implemented?
10:49:35LinusNnot yet
10:50:18mbrwhat must be done to do this? scan all mpeg data in ram to know how many frames ar in ram?
10:50:59LinusNno, measure the time the disk takes to spin up
10:51:02Bagdernow, tell me again how mpeg loops around the failed open(), I don't see how that happens
10:51:30LinusNBagder: it calls playlist_next(1) repeatedly to get the next file
10:52:02Bagderand how does that loop?
10:52:17Zagor"Are there any open source firmware projects for iPod firmware like "Rockbox" for the Archos players?"
10:52:21LinusNdo {} wile mpeg_file < 0
10:52:22mbrLinusN: But you should know how many seconds mpeg data are in ram? and for vbr the data ust be scanned, or am I wrong?
10:52:25Bagderline 852?
10:52:40Zagormbr: we can simply use the average bitrate
10:52:47LinusNline 649 in my file
10:53:00mbrZagor: Ah! OK.
10:53:02Bagderyes but called from where?
10:53:08LinusNdon't know
10:54:07LinusNno, not 744
10:54:07Bagderit hardly loops like this called from three places
10:54:23LinusNthe loop is in new:file
10:55:00Bagderah, I give up
10:56:13Zagor"P?i psan? Sklizn? nez??dka naraz?m na pom?rn? kuri?zn? projekty. Z m?ho pohledu je takovou perlou i Rockbox - otev?en? vyv?jen? alternativn? firmware pro MP3 p?ehr?va?e Archos Jukebox 6000, Studio a Recorder."
10:56:26Zagorgotta love those chechs :)
10:57:35Bagderwe should go back to a playlist_peek(index) imho
10:57:46Zagorfor what?
10:57:57Bagderfor reading out playlist file names
10:58:02Bagderwithout moving the current index
10:58:13Zagori disagree
10:58:15Bagderit would solve this issue in an instance
10:58:21Bagderin a second
10:58:28Zagoryeah, but both playlist and mpeg would have to be more complex
10:58:40Bagderonly very very slightly
10:58:48Zagori don't like it...
10:58:59Bagderso instead we do... =
10:59:56Zagori don't know
11:00:12Bagderthe moving of the index in playlist_next() is what makes this very tricky
11:01:01Bagderwith this, the mpeg thread will need its own method to bail out
11:01:10Bagderlike 10+ failed open() or something
11:01:38Bagderand I think it is a less fine solution
11:01:42LinusNme too
11:02:08Zagorless fine than making the whole playlist system more complex? i disagree vehmently.
11:02:09Bagderif we have a 100 song playlist and 90 songs are deleted from disk
11:02:14Bagderwhat do we want it to do? ;-)
11:02:27Bagderit is not more complex, I disagree
11:02:51Zagorin that case, I think it's better that mpeg.c calls playlist_getsize() and uses that for open limit
11:03:15Bagderin what way is that less complex?
11:03:30Zagorwe don't keep two indices
11:03:50Bagderwe wouldn't keep two anyway
11:04:09Zagorcurrently playing and currently loading
11:04:42Bagderthe playlist code with simple use (index + steps) like it does today
11:04:47Bagderwithout advancing index
11:05:01Bagderthen there would be a second function that *only* advanced the index
11:05:08Bagderend of story
11:05:14Zagorah, you just want mpeg.c to handle the index?
11:05:45Bagdermpeg would try playlist_next(1) first, and if that fails (2) etc yes
11:06:00Bagderuntil it returns NULL
11:06:07LinusNpeek() until you can open, and advance_index() with as many steps that it took
11:06:32Zagorso what about mpeg_prev?
11:06:38Zagorpeek(-3) ?
11:06:40Bagderexactly the same procedure
11:06:42LinusNnegative indices
11:07:00LinusNno change there
11:07:02Bagderit doesn't affect it
11:07:22Zagorso when does peek return NULL?
11:07:34LinusNwhen steps > size
11:07:35Bagderthat's a playlist decision
11:07:48Bagderbut steps > size is a safe bet for now
11:07:52LinusNNULL means "invalid index"
11:08:06LinusNor something
11:10:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:11:35Zagorok, do it
11:11:52BagderLinusN: you do the mpeg end?
11:14:11Bagderdwihno|gone: hoo hoo!
11:14:27*Bagder wants a proper N in the font
11:14:46LinusNi want proper descents too
11:14:53Zagori don't
11:15:05Zagorso we'll get loadable together asap :-)
11:15:10LinusNand adjust the heights of b,d, and h
11:16:36LinusNwe need the font to look better to sell the propfonts
11:16:39BagderI make a playlist_peek() and a playlist_next(), both accept 'steps'
11:17:08Hadakatoo bad ogg can't be done on the archos :P
11:17:13LinusNBagder: ok
11:18:21LinusNBagder: playlist_next() just advances the index, right?
11:18:33 Join RipnetUK [0] (
11:18:52 Join quelsaruk [0] (
11:19:05LinusNplaylist_peek(steps, &index)?
11:19:11Bagderno &index
11:19:16Bagderonly steps
11:19:21LinusNplaylist_next(steps, &index)?
11:19:36Bagderdoes it need &index? I return it right now
11:19:52LinusNok, explain the new API for me
11:20:05Bagderchar *playlist_peek(int steps)
11:20:09Bagderreturns the song
11:20:16Bagderint playlist_next(int steps)
11:20:27Bagderadvances the index and returns the new current index
11:21:16LinusNok, commit the playlist code and i'll do the rest
11:29:49adi|homesoooooo whens 1.3?
11:29:51*adi|home ducks
11:29:57*Bagder swings
11:30:20adi|homelol you missed!!!!
11:30:24adi|homeha ha ha ha!
11:30:47LinusNhow do we want the mpeg thread to tell wps that it failed?
11:31:06adi|homehow do youmean?
11:31:29LinusN(the new playlist API)
11:31:44Zagormpeg_error() ?
11:31:57adi|homeahh.. okay...
11:32:02LinusNis_playing = false ?
11:32:07adi|home does not exist?
11:32:19Zagorit's false during pause, isn't it?
11:32:22Bagderis_playing already is false before the mp3 is loaded
11:34:47LinusNoh my god!
11:34:47adi|homeyou could have a private errno
11:34:47LinusNmpeg_thread() has a return statement
11:34:47Bagderluckily it never reaches it
11:34:47LinusNwhat exactly is wps waiting for? id3 != NULL?
11:34:47DBUGEnqueued KICK LinusN
11:34:47LinusNit does now
11:34:47DBUGEnqueued KICK Bagder
11:34:47Bagderthe wps awaits id3 != NULL, yes
11:34:59Bagdersince the is_playing isn't very useful at the startup
11:35:06Zagorwe could of course just set it to true before we start loading
11:35:36Zagormpeg should set is_playing to true before starting to load the files
11:35:57LinusNno, mpeg_is_playing() should return true
11:36:01Zagorthen that pesky "end of list" problem is gone too
11:36:07ZagorLinusN: that's what I meant
11:42:52 Quit quelsaruk ("Aplicacin Saliendo")
11:52:29Bagderbut that would make mpeg_is_playing() return true *always* unless the mp3 was broken, wouldn't it?
11:52:41Bagderreturn playing || play_pending || paused;
11:52:55Zagorhehe, yes
11:53:57Bagderso mpeg_ok() would be a better name ;-)
11:55:11Bagderand a user thing
11:55:26Bagderif you play like this, and it ends up in the wps with a bad mp3
11:55:40Bagderyou press ON to go the dir browser...
11:55:49Bagder... should ON take you back?
11:56:04Zagornot if you only have that bad mp3
11:56:11Zagorsince then you're not playing anything
11:58:43Bagderthat must be a minor flaw today, that if during mpeg load would be able to press ON, you can't press ON again to get back until the mp3 starts to play
11:59:09Bagdernot that I think anyway would be able to see this
12:00:24 Quit hardeep (Remote closed the connection)
12:00:56Zagorhow's it going, linus? two minutes to red build... :-)
12:01:06Bagderit doesn't go red actually
12:01:12Bagderit already built
12:01:20Bagdermpeg.c has its own proto
12:01:24Bagderwhich now is wrong ;-)
12:01:27Zagorah, of course
12:01:44LinusNshould wps quit as soon as mpeg_is_playing returns false?
12:02:02BagderI think it should display some message
12:02:05LinusNwhy not?
12:02:14Bagderbecause people won't understand
12:02:23Zagor"bad playlist"
12:02:24LinusNthat the music has stopped?
12:02:35Bagderstopped? it may never have started
12:02:46LinusNok so if mpeg_is_playing returns false, wps should call mpeg_error()?
12:02:48Zagor"end of list" is fine, then we're safe for non-repeat too
12:03:05Bagderend of list is fine enough
12:04:31LinusNas it is now, mpeg_is_playing is set true by mpeg_play() regardless
12:04:48LinusNand set to false on STOP and on error
12:04:59LinusNerror being NULL from playlist_next()
12:05:00Bagderah, right on stop
12:05:55Bagderyes, so if it doesn't return true, mpeg_error() is checked to see if it doesn't play due to error
12:05:55LinusNtherefore, all conditional screen updates in WPS could (should) be removed
12:06:34Zagorwe should still display "end of list"
12:06:39Bagderyes, this will help improving the wps code
12:06:55LinusNi don't like "end of list" in the normal case
12:07:06Bagderit won't be normal now
12:21:42LinusNok, i have committed the fix
12:21:49LinusNtestit, test it, test it
12:26:07 Quit Zagor (
12:26:07 Quit Hadaka (
12:29:16 Join Hadaka_ [0] (
12:29:29 Nick Hadaka_ is now known as Hadaka (
12:40:20NJoinZagor [0] (
12:43:46LinusNyo Zagor
12:45:05Zagorwill you fix the sims?
12:46:24LinusNah, the sims
12:51:47 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
12:59:43Zagorstill red build
13:00:18LinusNyou will have to wait until it builds again
13:00:33Zagorno, i mean there are still errors in your last checkin
13:00:40Zagoryou use gcc3 right?
13:00:51Zagorit is much more forgiving...
13:01:32LinusNwhat is wrong?
13:01:45Zagorin mpeg_play, you declare variables after code
13:01:51LinusNi do?
13:02:03Zagor is_playing = true;
13:02:03Zagor#ifdef SIMULATOR
13:02:03DBUGEnqueued KICK Zagor
13:02:03Zagor char* trackname;
13:02:03Zagor int steps=0;
13:02:45 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:05:43LinusNi wonder what Hes's skipping problem is?
13:07:59HesIt might be a bad disk
13:08:05Hesbut erwin has a lot of it too
13:08:30Zagori thought erwin said yesterdays mutex fix removed his problems?
13:10:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:11:04Zagor<merwin> Zagor: that ata problem that linus fixed also seemingly fixed the automatic track skipping "feature" :-)
13:11:17Zagor<merwin> Zagor: I just tested out with the latest build and it's working after 7 - 10 songs
13:13:22Hes1>INFO:1024MB Bank 0
13:13:22Hes1>INFO:1024MB Bank 1
13:13:22Hes1>INFO:1024MB Bank 2
13:13:22DBUGEnqueued KICK Hes
13:13:22Hes1>INFO:1024MB Bank 3
13:13:27Heswhoops... wrong window.
13:13:32Zagorwhat have I forgotten:
13:14:10BagderZagor: while I remember, I'd like to be able to browse the older release notes too later on
13:15:43Zagoradded bug reports and feature requests links to left-side menu
13:16:52Zagorhave we fixed bug 595550 "Wrong Title Listed When 1st File's Short"?
13:17:05LinusNdon't know
13:17:13Bagdermax file names isn't truly 400, is it?
13:17:26BagderZagor: he never returned with details
13:17:26Zagorit is, if they are short
13:17:44LinusNZagor: if they are long you mean
13:17:54LinusNno, sorry
13:18:17BagderI mean, 16KB for the buffer makes 1600 file names if they're all 10 bytes
13:18:28Zagoryes, but we still only have 400 entries
13:18:34Zagorstatic struct entry dircache[MAX_FILES_IN_DIR];
13:18:50LinusNwe can raise that
13:19:04LinusNif we want
13:19:08Zagorof course, but we don't need to :-)
13:19:17Zagor(let's discuss it again!)
13:19:36Bagder"but why do you..."
13:19:57Zagor"I know you don't solicit feedback on the daily builds, but
13:19:57ZagorPLEASE −− don't go with proportional fonts on the recorder. The 20020828 build makes the display impossible to read
13:19:57Zagorwithout a magnifying glass."
13:20:29Zagorany seniors in the crowd? ;)
13:20:30BagderI have a feeling this is gonna cause some heated debate
13:20:42Zagormaybe we should just hold it until loadable fonts are ready
13:20:47LinusNI have said so a long time
13:20:58Bagderyes, but you ARE a senior ;-P
13:21:04CtcpIgnored 4 channel CTCP requests in 1 hour and 38 minutes at the last flood
13:21:04*Bagder hides
13:21:07LinusNborn in 1904
13:21:07ZagorLinusN: no, you've just complained that it's ugly. not that it's small.
13:21:41Bagderbut the -people should like it
13:21:54Zagoryes. hmm, what to do?
13:21:57 Part bobTHC
13:22:07Bagder... option? B)
13:22:23Zagorbleh, that'll take 14 bugs to sort out
13:23:05*Bagder reprots LinusN to the Code Police, C++ comment found in wps ;-)
13:23:08 Quit Blaster_Master (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:23:52Zagori'm actually leaning towards removing it again. nobody complained about the old font, and us coders know how to get the new. and by 1.4 everybody will be happy.
13:24:06Bagderthey did complain on the missing 8bit characters
13:24:16Bagderbut I agree with that
13:24:29Bagderrevert to monospace
13:24:35Bagderfor peace
13:25:11Bagderdid you guys try the hang-scenario again and see that it doesn't happen now?
13:25:33Zagordidn't you? :-)
13:25:45Bagderno usb at work you know
13:26:16LinusNi have tried, but i'd like you guys to do the same
13:26:19 Join bobTHC [0] (
13:26:28 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
13:26:35Bagdermake a dir with zero-byte mp3 files and press play on one of them
13:26:45LinusNi haven't tried that
13:26:55LinusNi have only tried with a bad playlist
13:27:21Bagderit is slightly different than a list with only non-existing files
13:27:29Zagori'll test both
13:28:25BagderZagor: changes in 1.3: usb icon!
13:29:58LinusNwe should brag more about the in-track resume
13:30:19LinusNin the top list, i mean
13:30:20Bagderfast forward/backward
13:30:41Zagorbad playlist works, empty-files doesn't!
13:30:43Bagderballance setting! ;-)
13:32:01Zagora dir with 4 zero-byte mp3 files still hang
13:32:02Bagder"show hidden files"
13:32:44 Part bobTHC
13:32:55 Join bobTHC [0] (
13:32:58BagderLinusN: the mpeg thread must respect the mp3info return code
13:33:07Bagdernot only open() failures
13:33:32LinusNi'm on it
13:34:08Zagordid 1.2 have the status bar?
13:34:29Bagdercan't remember
13:34:31Zagorit did
13:34:37Bagdercheck the 1.2 release notes
13:34:51Zagoryeah, did that
13:44:02LinusNnow it handles empty files too
13:44:57LinusNhow do you like the mp* patch?
13:45:10Bagderfine with me
13:45:27LinusNi like it
13:46:43Zagor.mpg files are normally movies.
13:47:12Zagorwait until post 1.3
13:48:01*Bagder nods
13:48:46 Join linuxstb [0] (
13:48:58BagderLinusN: move the index _after_ the mpeg is found to be good
13:49:22Bagderthis works, but in a funny way ;-)
13:51:01Bagderyes, as it does both next and increases steps
13:51:16LinusNhehe, try again
13:51:59*Bagder hands LinusN his diploma, "well done sir!" ;-)
13:52:17*LinusN bows
13:52:29*Zagor kills that silly bug report
13:52:52BagderBug Report Killer && Code Police! ;-)
13:53:11Zagorthat's me
13:54:16LinusNHes: you are on your own on that bug
13:54:34LinusNyou are the only one that can reproduce it
13:54:42LinusNif it is a bug, that is
13:55:02HesI'll dig into it myself
13:55:04LinusNnail that sucker!
13:55:12BagderHes: you tried the archos firmware lately with the new disk?
13:55:24HesDidn't do much testing
13:55:29Heshad USB trouble at work
13:58:40Zagorfix works. goodie.
14:00:04LinusNBug 599764 may very well be this too
14:00:30LinusNhis "large playlist" may have weird path names in it
14:00:46LinusNlike the guy with the "C:\My Documents....." playlist
14:00:47Bagderwhen they have weird paths for example
14:02:08Bagderlet's assume this fixes that
14:03:48Bagderlets's also assume 599194 doesn't exist anymore
14:04:29Bagderand 593284
14:05:14Bagderwe should close all we think is corrected and we should run through and close feature-requests too
14:07:50Zagornot until release
14:08:42Zagorwhich is... soon :)
14:08:45Zagori'm tagging cvs now
14:09:09LinusNhave you tested the font revert properly?
14:09:24Zagornope :-) but tags can be changed
14:10:09Zagortested. works.
14:13:06LinusNthe F2 and down-arrow bugs are probably fixed too
14:13:13Zagormost likely, yes
14:13:30LinusNand "still a little too loud"
14:13:40Bagderit is better to close all suspected fixed ones and make people open new reports instead of they should appear again
14:13:55LinusNdid we get any more response from the ON key guy?
14:14:14BagderLinusN: the archos firmware has no function on the on key so he can't test it there
14:14:24LinusNit has
14:14:32Bagderhm the hold perhaps?
14:14:35LinusNkey lock
14:14:54BagderI don't think he knew about that
14:14:56LinusNand ON from charging mode
14:15:06LinusNtwo seldom used functions
14:15:25LinusNi bet his ON key Port B is broken
14:15:34BagderI think so too
14:16:40Zagorcan anyone here make win32 sims?
14:16:58LinusNnever tried
14:17:05*Bagder uses his telepatic skills to get in touch with edx
14:17:56LinusNand a mind-reader too!
14:18:16Bagdersome guys are code polices, others are just psycic ;-)
14:18:48LinusNpsycho, if you ask me :-)
14:19:15Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
14:19:24Topic"1.3 is released. Go get it!" by Zagor (
14:19:50Bagderfreshmeat, sourceforge, bla bla...
14:20:09Zagori'll be busy a while :-)
14:21:03LinusNwoo, crash!!!
14:21:10ZagorBagder: will you handle feature requests and bug reports?
14:21:15LinusNaddress error
14:21:21BagderZagor: sure
14:21:55LinusNi'll handle the partying
14:23:15 Join manitee [0] (
14:23:28maniteehi folks
14:23:32Zagorhi manitee
14:23:37Zagorthe party is on
14:23:55Bagdertopic man, topic!
14:24:00Zagorrelease party. can't you hear the music? ;)
14:24:04maniteeoh yeah 1.3! great work heh
14:24:09maniteeyou guys celebrating?
14:24:27Zagorif you call running around the web filling in forms "partying", then yeah :)
14:24:34 Part pimlottc
14:25:15 Join pimlottc [0] (
14:25:36pimlottcwoo new version
14:25:58 Quit Blaster_Master (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:27:03LinusNwe are sooooooo cooooool!!!
14:27:18pimlottcomg i agree!!!!
14:27:41*LinusN opens another bottle of champagne
14:28:01Bagderlots of closed feature-requests now
14:28:19Zagoryeah, that's good
14:28:19pimlottceh no need to close
14:28:23LinusNi see them....
14:28:24*pimlottc shrugs
14:28:44maniteeinstalling 1.3 now
14:28:53BagderWhat do we do with the insane ones?
14:28:59LinusNkeep them
14:29:01Bagder"[ 598350 ] VBR bit rate display"
14:29:34pimlottcreading mpeg headers is not so hard
14:29:38LinusNthat's a silly one, but it could still be cool to see the bitrate flicker sometimes
14:29:44maniteeplaying mpegs might be heh
14:29:49LinusNpimlottc: not hard
14:29:52Zagorpimlottc: the problem is that they change at 400 Hz
14:29:56Bagdernot hard, just silly
14:30:13pimlottczagor - well of course we can skip a few
14:30:25Bagder"skip a bit brother"
14:30:25pimlottcit's not like xmms/winamp shows them at 400 hz
14:30:32Zagorthen what's the point? it won't be even remotely accurate.
14:30:33Bagdermonthy python time
14:30:42pimlottcwe're humans
14:30:56Bagderthen what's the point?
14:31:01pimlottcit can be plenty accurate if it's within a tenth of a second or so
14:31:22pimlottcit's not like you can tell 'omg that's a lie that happened 10ms earlier
14:31:24Bagderno, only if we show the average within that time
14:31:57pimlottcit doesn't have to be perfect to be useful
14:32:11LinusNhow would it be useful?
14:32:11Bagderso how is it useful?
14:32:13maniteeLinusN: remember our skipping discussion yesterday?
14:32:17LinusNmanitee: yes
14:32:24pimlottcbecause it makes people happy :)
14:32:33maniteeLinusN: with 0% fragmentation, it is still skipping in the same spot
14:32:40Bagderwe can just fake the numbers then ;-)
14:33:09LinusNmanitee: even with 1.3?
14:33:42maniteenot sure - have tried yet - give me a moment
14:34:02LinusNi fixed a nasty ATA bug yesterday
14:34:26maniteeok checking now
14:36:38maniteeLinusN: that seemed to have fixed it
14:36:58maniteeyeah great work: thanks so much
14:37:57Zagorsomeone have mercy on the manual, please? the wps at least needs updating.
14:38:26maniteeuhh, how do I turn a studio20 off in 1.x? wont seem to shut down
14:38:38Zagormanitee: just hold down stop.
14:38:52maniteeah grand, thanks
14:39:06maniteewas trying various voodoo combinations that had seemed to make it work
14:43:49 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:44:26LinusNwow, the "changes" list really looks impressive
14:44:41LinusNdid we really do all that?
14:44:48Zagorhehe, yeah
14:44:59Bagderin less than three weeks
14:45:12Bagdersince 1.2
14:45:17LinusNi like that
14:45:20Zagori tested my split mp3 files with the archos firmware and it has a gap between them, so I added that feature
14:49:31ZagorBagder: oh, you announced it on funmp3players too :-)
14:50:32Zagor"Archos 1.27 had refused to recognize a bunch of mp3's, the rockbox recognizes and plays all of them."
14:52:04BagderZagor: the more the merries!
14:53:04Zagorthe interesting thing about the split file is that it doesn't have any id3 info in the splits. so how did the archos guys manage to make a gap?
14:55:38Bagderthey might think of it as a feature ;-)
14:55:48LinusNsome mp3 players force a stream resync to avoid "noise"
14:55:55LinusNlike slimp3
14:56:38LinusNi can't see why, though
15:00:28maniteenick manitee|away
15:00:36 Nick manitee is now known as manitee|away (
15:09:22ZagorLinusN: you should close the bugs that are fixed
15:09:30 Join linuxstb [0] (
15:10:30LinusNi did, after realizing that
15:10:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:11:10LinusNwhat _did_ you mean?
15:12:59Zagormailed a response
15:13:15Zagordidn't find a good word for it
15:14:43Zagorwe should work out a good answer about why and how, i think many people will ask
15:15:10BagderI know one: "you should ask Zagor, he'll explain"
15:15:16*Bagder ducks
15:15:18manitee|awayba ha
15:15:31LinusNaha! he wasn't away after all!
15:15:36*manitee|away is back
15:15:38 Nick manitee|away is now known as manitee (
15:15:42maniteeyou caught me
15:15:45 Part elinenbe
15:16:43Bagderthe ff/rewind acceleration patch could go in now
15:19:43 Quit mbr ("Leaving")
15:20:10 Join mbr [0] (
15:21:25maniteewill that scale the speed of ff/rw the longer you hold the button down?
15:21:35maniteeah that will eb great
15:21:43 Join notch [0] (
15:21:45BagderI agree
15:22:05 Join hardeep [0] (
15:22:21Topic"1.3 is released. Welcome to the party!" by Bagder (
15:24:21 Join elinenbe [0] (
15:24:45webbie1.3 eh
15:25:13Bagderonly 25 releases left until we reach Archos' 1.28! ;-P
15:25:31maniteejust jump right to 6.0 a la netscape
15:25:39webbieieuw no.
15:25:44LinusNMaybe we can have file writes by then :-) (Zagooooor!)
15:25:52webbieso how is the usability atm ?
15:26:02LinusNwebbie: it's useless
15:26:15webbieLinusN, ?
15:26:18webbiehows that?
15:26:33LinusNwhy wouldn't it be useful?
15:26:56Bagderit isn't only useful, it rocks!
15:26:57LinusNi have used it since before 1.0
15:27:15LinusNhaven't used Archos firmware since then
15:27:18webbieLinusN, just wondering on how it's features are compared to the 5.08
15:27:23webbiearchos that is
15:27:30LinusNis that a measure of usefulness?
15:27:51webbieno.. usability
15:28:02Bagderso define usability
15:28:11 Join alphawave [0] (
15:28:38alphawavecool 1.3 realeased?
15:28:56Bagdercool as ice
15:29:12LinusNwebbie: my point is that we don't compare with the stock firmware to determine how usable our firmware is
15:29:18alphawavewow do we have mid-song resume?
15:29:27LinusNwe use it, or we don't
15:29:28Bagderwe do
15:29:35alphawaveand is gamebox included in player?
15:29:45Bagdermid-song, mid-playlist, full shuffle
15:30:15webbieLinusN, hm k. was just wondering
15:30:22LinusNhehe, no offense
15:30:30Bagderwebbie: you should just try it
15:30:43alphawavei don't see it on download page
15:30:52LinusNif you don't like it, go back to the original
15:30:56webbieBagder, uhm yes.. if i was able to upload it to my jukebox
15:31:03LinusNwebbie: no usb port?
15:31:05webbiedont have inet where i have usb :(
15:31:45webbieno floppy
15:31:50webbielibrary computers
15:31:51notchare you?
15:31:52Bagdermake a CD
15:32:09notchor email attach
15:32:14webbienotch, lol
15:32:18webbiehmm 5min left..
15:32:44 Quit sylvr (Remote closed the connection)
15:33:05alphawavesomeone sent me a build with a game in it for the player quite impressive!
15:33:13 Join sylvr [0] (
15:33:29Bagderright, how is that game?
15:33:31alphawavei love libary puters! my local libary has t3
15:33:46alphawaveitfun but a bit awkward
15:34:55webbiecya ppl
15:35:25Bagderbye LinusN
15:35:32Bagderdon't party too hard now ;-)
15:35:49*Bagder needs coffee
15:35:56*Bagder ducks and runs
15:36:10LinusNBagder: i said bye to webbie! :-)
15:36:41Zagorah, lunch, finally
15:37:01LinusNi haven't had mine yet
15:37:03alphawaveyuck cant stank any coffe except those fucappicino from starbucks!
15:37:42Zagoralphawave: heh, well the nearest starbucks is about, oh, 6000km away so I'll have to live with the local stuff ;)
15:37:44 Join quelsaruk [0] (
15:38:21bobTHCstarbuck wireless inet acess is a good stuff..
15:39:07bobTHCfor war driving..
15:42:06alphawavei just triedthe first little realease from a long time ago just to see how for thee project has gone!
15:42:15alphawavesooooooooo far!
15:43:11hardeepso, when's 1.4 coming out? =)
15:43:17alphawavethe ittle ed flasher!
15:43:44pimlottcfixed your l key??
15:43:52ZagorI expect 1.4 could take longer than 1.3 did
15:44:21alphawaveit get tough then
15:44:48*Bagder chants fat write fat write fat write
15:45:23*alphawave chants whooo huuuooooo
15:45:27pimlottcI'm waiting to see someone write a ext2 or ntfs driver for it
15:45:37Bagderntfs? *shrug*
15:45:54alphawaveyeah just waiting untill we can use ntfs and no more errors1
15:45:59maniteeok im out for now - see you folks later )
15:46:03*manitee waves
15:46:09 Quit manitee ()
15:46:19pimlottcbagder - well I figure the windows userbase would like that more than ext2 :)
15:46:24 Join _seb_ [0] (
15:46:36BagderI doubt many windows users use ntfs anyway
15:46:48*Zagor starts writing the fat write code
15:46:53alphawaveim using it now on win xp
15:47:00Bagderthe archos ROM firmware uses fat
15:47:11alphawaveo so no it wont happen
15:47:21pimlottcit could just would need more partitions
15:47:26Zagorthere's little point to using ntfs or any other fs on the archos
15:47:34Bagderpimlottc: and a good reason
15:47:42alphawaveit cause much less errors on ntfs
15:48:00alphawavenota one so far!
15:48:01pimlottczagor - I'm not saying it would be _useful_... just would be neat
15:48:25Bagderalphawave: what, on your archos with ntfs compare with the one with fat?
15:48:55pimlottcand I wouldn't be surprised to see someone do it
15:48:56alphawaveno i dont have ntfson my archos i do on my laptop
15:48:57Zagorless than 0 errors? yay, that's good! ;)
15:49:10 Join Snorlax [0] (
15:49:23pimlottcless than 0 must mean it fixes errors on other people's drives
15:49:56alphawavehumm i should reshearch ntfs then
15:50:02Bagderdisk doctor! ;-)
15:50:08pimlottcmaybe microsoft could run a huge ntfs fs to keeps its customer's fat drives working
15:50:44alphawavei wanna try a linux i never have
15:51:05Bagderyou should
15:51:07Bagderits fun
15:51:45alphawavei've used win 3.1, 95, 98, me, xp mac, 9.1, 9.2, x
15:52:24alphawavehave to say i liked mac x best
15:52:57pimlottcit looks interesting I must say
15:53:15pimlottcif only TiBooks weren't so expensive
15:53:17notchwhoa! check out that new USB connector!
15:53:22notchI like it!
15:53:29alphawavei know so damn expensive
15:53:42Bagdernotch: artwork of dwihno
15:53:55notchthanks dwihno
15:54:41alphawavebe back in a few mins
15:54:59 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|laundry (
15:54:59DBUGEnqueued KICK Zagor|laundry
15:56:01 Nick alphawave is now known as alphawave|away (
15:59:21LinusNok, gotta go now!
15:59:24LinusNbye all!
15:59:31Bagderbye again LinusN :-)
15:59:37 Part LinusN
16:00:22linuxstbMany apologies - I've checked in code that doesn't compile. fixing now......
16:00:55Bagderno worries
16:00:59CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
16:00:59*mecraw|sleep stirs
16:01:04 Nick mecraw|sleep is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
16:02:06Bagderbeen a while since we got a straight red line ;-)
16:03:26hardeepoh, hey, that reminds me... a friend asked for a simple feature...
16:03:50hardeep... change the MP3/M3U filter options to: Off, MP3 only, M3U only, MP3 & M3U
16:04:25Bagdersounds fair and easy
16:04:32hardeepHe has a whole bunch of playlists and didn't like having to scroll past mp3's to get to them 'cause that's all he uses
16:04:45linuxstbOK. I've done what I should have done in the first place - compiled and tested it :-) CVS should be OK again.
16:05:34hardeepBadger: cool. i'll add it then
16:05:59Bagderthe source is yours ;-)
16:08:32notchHas anyone noticed the shuffle bug? you have to stop playing/restart when you change the shuffle mode...
16:09:20Bagderyou mean to switch it off or on?
16:09:38notchno just stop playing and then play again
16:10:36notchI implemented a small change for shuffle on F2 which is how I came across it...
16:10:40Bagderto do what? I'm not following here
16:11:02mecrawit won't take effect until the next song plays
16:11:13 Join diddystar [0] (
16:11:17Bagderah right
16:11:25Bagderit only affects song changing
16:11:42diddystarim back
16:11:42diddystari had pizza 4 breakfast!
16:11:48notchMecraw: no, not untill you stop/play/ again
16:12:00hardeepthe champion's breakfast!
16:13:01mecrawnotch: let me check again, but that's how it's worked for me
16:13:14diddystarwe are the champions of the world! me and my friends
16:14:08diddystaropps im on the wrong name brb
16:14:15notchsay youre listening to robbie williams and shuffle mode is on. You then decide you would like to listen to more robbie (god knows why) so you turn shuffle off. Unledd you stop/play then shuffle mode is still on.
16:14:26 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:14:41diddystarahh on e sec
16:14:46hardeepnotch: on 1.3?
16:14:46 Quit diddystar (Client Quit)
16:14:53hardeepnotch: i fixed that a couple of days ago
16:14:55notchon recorder
16:15:22notchjust did a cvs update... maybie it stuffed up... will check!
16:15:23 Join alphawave [0] (
16:16:14notchHardeep - where did you change it?
16:16:30hardeepnotch: playlist.c
16:17:40 Join kjsdnll [0] (~kdfjs@
16:18:12 Quit alphawave|away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:18:57 Quit alphawave (
16:18:57 Quit quelsaruk (
16:18:57 Quit mecraw (
16:19:08mbrs it ok when I commit the changed lcd_drawrect(). Hopefully all depending code is fixed :)
16:22:00 Join alphawave [0] (
16:22:07alphawavethere im back
16:22:35alphawavewhat is a netsplit?
16:22:55>>>"explain netsplit" by Zagor|laundry (
16:23:04Bagderwhen two servers disconnect
16:23:13Bagderthus splitting the IRC network in two halves
16:23:14 Part elinenbe
16:24:11bobTHCwhen the "Relay" of IRC don't work ;) it's IC @ this moment (when server split)
16:24:11NJoinquelsaruk [0] (
16:24:37hardeepnotch: there's a bug... if the next song is loaded in the buffer before you change shuffle mode the shuffle mode doesn't come into affect until that song
16:27:03alphawaveon the player when wsp is set to 2 line, the artist dosen't scroll
16:27:29 Quit quelsaruk (
16:27:43Bagderwe still only have single-line scrollt
16:27:44NJoinquelsaruk [0] (
16:30:45alphawavewhats mpa files?
16:32:09 Join linuxstb [0] (
16:32:45pimlottcit's mpeg audio
16:33:01pimlottcmpv = mpeg video (no audio)
16:33:02alphawavenever heard of that
16:33:12pimlottcmp3 is mpeg audio :)
16:33:18alphawaveis it in layer 1?
16:33:31pimlottcnormally if you see a mpa and mpv it is from someone demuxing an mpeg
16:33:44alphawavemp3: motion picture experts group 1 audio layer 3!
16:35:08 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
16:35:46alphawavei need a tivo
16:36:22alphawaveand then put 2 of thise 200 gig hd's realeased by maxtor!
16:37:58 Join Snorlax [0] (
16:40:08SnorlaxI just started taking programming last week!
16:40:27Snorlaxsoon I'll be tha masta of rockbox!!! =)
16:40:50*Snorlax is gonna rule u all!
16:41:04Bagderwe'll enjoy that moment
16:41:23Bagderwhen we can sit back and let Snorlax do the hard work
16:41:48Snorlaxmy teatcher sucks though, he is like 1 or 2 exersices before us in the book!
16:42:19SnorlaxI managed to make a window red!
16:42:25Snorlaxand green!
16:42:49Snorlaxthat may come in handy, yeah it probably will!
16:43:01Bagderask him you teach you more rockbox coding details ;-)
16:43:23Snorlaxin (promise to not laugh) Visual Basic
16:44:38alphawavecheck this out
16:45:04alphawavelol this guy spilt coke on his pod
16:46:44 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
16:47:23Snorlaxhaha, what a looz0rz what kind of page is that, it's got a picture from a great movie named Kids on the front page!
16:48:44alphawavei dunno!
16:49:17bobTHC;) how luck mirror owner it is!!
16:49:19Snorlaxalphawave, u done the sound mod?
16:49:48alphawaveno i just know i will screw it up!
16:50:09alphawavebut i dont know if it's worth it with rockbox :)
16:50:10Snorlax=) I think I'm gonna
16:50:26alphawavetake pictures if you can :)
16:50:44Snorlaxwell I haven't got a digi cam, sorry!
16:50:56alphawaveo well
16:51:30alphawavetell me if it work and i might try since i do have a 4 year warrently that covers ever purposy done stuff
16:51:31SnorlaxIthink I'm gonna do both the cap(bass and treble) and the resistor(volume) mod
16:51:51Snorlax4 years?!?!
16:52:07alphawaveyep got it at best buy >:)
16:52:19alphawavemost likly they ask you if you want it
16:52:26alphawaveonly 40$ more
16:52:42alphawaveand i had to return it 2!
16:52:43Snorlaxoh well I got 1 year, here in Sweden, on the other side of the pond.. =)
16:52:49alphawavethank god for best buy
16:53:45Snorlaxdo u know much about caps and resistors and that stuff cuz I got a question
16:54:36alphawavei know very little
16:54:59alphawavehave you been ?
16:55:26Snorlaxjupp of corse and on the other mod site
16:57:33alphawavethe only tool i need is a damn star bit driver
16:58:52SnorlaxI got that
16:59:32bobTHCyes seb
16:59:34alphawaveand my warrenty stil works if the little sticker is off :)
16:59:42 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
16:59:45Snorlaxwhat does trox mean?!!?
16:59:57bobTHCtorx sorry
17:00:22alphawavei call it a star bit
17:00:34Snorlaxtrox=star bit
17:00:41bobTHCyes !
17:00:45*Snorlax understand, finally...
17:03:55Snorlaxwhat happened to everybody?!?!
17:04:05alphawavewheres badger?
17:04:11quelsaruknothing, just working
17:04:19*Bagder is around
17:04:26alphawavegood get the game in the build!
17:04:29Snorlaxyeah keep working
17:04:42 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
17:04:44Snorlaxbagder stop fooling around, GET TO WORK!! =)
17:04:48alphawavemerwin sent me a mod with the game in it!
17:04:56Snorlaxfor the player!
17:04:57*Bagder actually works!
17:05:05alphawaveyou want it?
17:05:07Snorlaxwhat kind of game?!
17:05:16alphawavequite good
17:05:18Snorlaxgimme gimme gimme
17:05:23alphawaveonly one level so far
17:05:31alphawaveone sec
17:05:47alphawaveturn on me archo
17:05:58langhaarrockerapropos game: Who was it that released V1.3 before I could fix a few bugs in wormlet?
17:06:11Snorlaxwasn't me!
17:06:26Bagderyou write buggy software? B)
17:06:44langhaarrockerNo, I write software bugs.
17:07:36alphawavewhere do you want me to sendthe od snorelax?
17:09:07 Nick Zagor|laundry is now known as Zagor (
17:09:07DBUGEnqueued KICK Zagor
17:09:43Zagorblack on white, USB2.0 is faster than firewire:
17:10:27alphawavewell for transferring mp3's firewire is faster
17:10:40alphawavet sent
17:10:41Zagoralphawave: why would you say that?
17:10:54Zagorhow is 18 MB/s faster than 30?
17:11:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:11:01alphawaveone sec
17:16:39Zagorthey get VERY low numbers, though. how did they end up maxing out at 6 MB/s !?!?
17:18:24Zagorheck, my slow archos drive is faster than that
17:19:09Snorlaxgonna restart brb
17:19:11 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
17:21:04 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
17:21:14alphawaveim gonna be back
17:21:20 Quit alphawave ("Leaving")
17:21:30 Quit elinenbe_ (Client Quit)
17:21:39 Join elinenbe [0] (
17:27:59 Join Snorlax [0] (
17:28:06linuxstbCan anyone suggest where I start looking for the "playback corruption every 12 seconds" bug that I reported this afternoon?
17:28:17Snorlaxisn't alphawave here?!
17:28:51 Join hardeep [0] (
17:28:55Bagderlinuxstb: it sounds like mpeg thread stuff
17:28:56 Quit RipnetUK ()
17:28:59 Join RipnetUK [0] (
17:29:11Bagderlinus is the man, possibly hardeep or Zagor
17:29:16ZagorSnorlax: <alphawave> im gonna be back
17:29:43Zagorlinuxstb: can you upload one of those files somewhere, so we can test?
17:29:47linuxstbCan someone confirm that high bitrate MP3 files play OK?
17:29:52linuxstbYes - I'll do that now.
17:30:03Zagori play 320kbit 48kHz no problemo
17:30:15linuxstbWhat about 48KHz MP3 files?
17:30:21Zagori play 320kbit 48kHz no problemo
17:30:39linuxstbSo it looks like a layer 2 problem.
17:31:08Zagori've played layer 2 files too, i think. many low-bitrate files are layer 2.
17:31:14 Join LinusN [0] (
17:31:19Zagoranyway, upload a file and we'll have a look
17:31:42LinusNtalking about the 12 second bug?
17:32:08LinusNany ideas?
17:32:15Zagornot yet
17:32:19LinusNfastest bug report ever :-)
17:32:19linuxstbI'm uploading a 6MB example file at the moment. Does anyone need a smaller file?
17:32:26Zagorno, that's fine
17:33:47BagderI'm off, see ya
17:33:49 Part Bagder
17:35:13 Part langhaarrocker
17:44:50 Join diddystar5 [0] (
17:45:09CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
17:45:09*diddystar5 alphawave is now know as diddystar5
17:45:25diddystar5hey snorelax did you get it to work?
17:46:53Snorlaxno, u got the new display, right?
17:46:58SnorlaxI got the old!
17:47:10diddystar5new display?
17:47:12Snorlaxwhat base firmware u got?
17:47:26Snorlaxok, then u got the new display
17:47:36diddystar5how was the game?
17:47:41Snorlaxthat's why it doesn't work on mine!
17:48:12diddystar5humm i would talk with some of the other people for the mod
17:50:10Snorlaxguess I'll wait for tha release
17:52:17diddystar5the game isn't quite ready for realease yet, but soon
17:52:49linuxstbExample Layer 2 file (6,199,488 bytes) at"> Let me know when I can delete it.
17:54:10 Part bobTHC
17:54:20LinusNlinuxstb: has this worked on earlier rockbox versions?
17:55:35diddystar5i have to do a few chores
17:55:43 Quit diddystar5 ()
17:56:04linuxstbLinuxN - I don't know - I only got my jukebox this morning. Which version would you suggest I try first?
17:59:52Snorlaxyou got youre first jukebox this morning?!
18:00:43linuxstbYes - but I've been involved with Rockbox a little since before the first sounds happened.
18:01:24linuxstbLinusN - I can confirm that 1.2 has the same "12 second" problem. About to try 1.1
18:03:15LinusNno need
18:03:52linuxstbToo late :-) 1.1 sounds exactly the same as 1.2 and 1.3
18:05:53LinusNlinuxstb: i hear the glitches in the track
18:06:11LinusNnot on 12-second intervals, slightly more seldom
18:07:38 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|bathtub (
18:19:36 Quit notch ()
18:20:05SnorlaxI found a bug in 1.3
18:20:38Snorlaxuin the resume-menu the screen is scrambled
18:21:46Snorlaxit doesn't say if it should be on or off or ask like it did before, you can choose but the screen is scrambled,
18:22:07Snorlaxbut just underneath, you see that you're in the resume menu
18:22:13SnorlaxI've got a player-old
18:22:22Snorlaxok, anyone herre?
18:23:29linuxstbYes - the resume-menu seems fine on my AJBR20.
18:26:40 Join diddystar5 [0] (
18:26:57diddystar5back againe
18:27:45pimlottcwell hello there, pilgrim
18:28:00diddystar5arggg i hate my name
18:29:35Snorlaxdiddy, can u pleez check your resume menu
18:29:39Snorlaxmine is scrambled
18:29:55Snorlaxwith the 1.3
18:30:14diddystar5i can't get it to work
18:30:44diddystar5o gimmme a sec
18:32:39diddystar5where is 1.3 on the site?
18:33:04diddystar5i click the link on home page but all there is, is 1.2
18:33:47Snorlaxwell, try the neest build then..
18:35:19hardeepreload the page
18:36:03diddystar5i did
18:36:29diddystar5appeas to work here
18:36:37diddystar5*the resume
18:39:57Snorlaxok, mine resume works, but the resume-menu is scrambled, how about u?
18:40:17diddystar5no everyting works here
18:40:23diddystar5menu and all
18:41:10Snorlaxwhat headphones u got?
18:41:27diddystar5i have jensen(dunno the model) you?
18:41:39Snorlaxsony ex70lp
18:42:01diddystar5i had some sony earbuds but doggie found them...
18:43:12 Join merwin|sleep [0] (
18:43:18 Nick merwin|sleep is now known as MeRWiN (
18:43:26Snorlaxjensen, have u got jensen HEADPHONES?!
18:43:28diddystar5hey mer
18:43:32Snorlaxnot speakers?
18:43:41diddystar5jensen heapfones
18:43:58diddystar5they are a little uncomfortable, but sound ok
18:44:20diddystar5i have a aiwa stereo i sometimes plug into though
18:44:54SnorlaxI'm at is that rigt?
18:48:33diddystar5 i have the jf25
18:48:42*MeRWiN doesn't much care for jensen :)
18:49:34*diddystar5 says the only problem is that the are a tad uncomfortable
18:50:18Snorlaxhow many ohms are they?!
18:50:42quelsaruki use B&O earphones :)
18:51:24MeRWiNI just stick to sony
18:51:43Snorlaxwhat phones merwin?
18:51:49SnorlaxI got ex70lp
18:51:49diddystar5i really liked my earbuds from sony :(
18:52:00MeRWiNdunno the model number... they're the little earbuds that i picked up from BestBuy
18:52:02diddystar5i gonna get a new pair
18:52:14diddystar5i hate koss
18:52:20MeRWiNkoss bites
18:52:29Snorlaxdo u hate koss?!
18:52:39diddystar5i bought some of there buds and in 6 months they began to have bad quality sound
18:52:41SnorlaxI think I'm gonna get the porta pros
18:52:52MeRWiNKoss/Jensen is not really... all that high quality :)
18:52:58elinenbenick elinenbe|out
18:53:02 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|out (
18:53:18linuxstbWhile we are on the subject, can anyone recommend headphones that "keep the noise in"? i.e. ones I can turn up loud on the bus without getting annoyed looks from my fellow passengers?
18:53:37diddystar5lol have that problem heh
18:53:38MeRWiNlinuxstb: Those sony earbuds are very good for that
18:54:01diddystar5yeah but if you turn them up to far they are very loud on the outside
18:54:04Snorlaxyupp, the ex70lp are angry looks free
18:54:05 Part elinenbe|out
18:54:13MeRWiNdiddystar5: not really... I use them on the airplane all the time
18:54:18pimlottcyou want closed headphones
18:54:31MeRWiNdiddystar5: i've got my rockbox turned up to 80 or so with no complaints
18:54:45diddystar5they are good for airplane but in open it can get loud
18:55:03Snorlaxmerwin: u got a player?!?!
18:55:04pimlottcif you want to really get into headphones sometime go to or
18:55:21diddystar5lots ofpeople say the grados are good
18:55:31pimlottcyes but they leak like crazy
18:55:34MeRWiNSnorlax: yup
18:55:36diddystar5but they are 70 damn $
18:55:38pimlottcthey are the opposite of what you want
18:55:50pimlottcdiddy, that's cheap for good headphones
18:55:56Snorlaxwhat bass treble settings u got when u got the volume at 80?!
18:56:05MeRWiNSnorlax: 13bass 14treb
18:56:22diddystar5i use 13 bass 13 trebil
18:56:41linuxstbDoes anyone know any European (preferably UK) websites for headphones? Everything seems to be US-oriented.
18:56:45Snorlaxwhat kind of music?
18:56:50MeRWiNSnorlax: techno, rock, rap
18:57:00pimlottclinuxstb - you mean to buy headphones?
18:57:01Snorlaxwhat bittrate
18:57:03MeRWiNSnorlax: that's at 70... at 80 i usually keep the bass at 12
18:57:05diddystar5i listen to lots of electronic
18:57:07MeRWiNSnorlax: 192kbps
18:57:14diddystar5about 128- 160 for me
18:57:32MeRWiNSnorlax: those sony earbuds handle alot of bass :)
18:57:52Snorlaxwhat mine distortes itself to parts at 76 and 12 bass and 11 treble
18:58:00diddystar5yep my earbuds were good quality sound 2
18:58:02Snorlaxyupp they do
18:58:31pimlottclinuxstb - those two sites talk about headphones from all over
18:59:14*MeRWiN hasn't left his hotel room in 2 days :P
18:59:22diddystar5whats style are the haedfone syou have snorlax? fullsize?
19:00:11Snorlaxin ear(like the koss "the plug") earbuds
19:00:57Snorlaxthey're GREEEEEEEAT!
19:01:18MeRWiNThose are the earbuds that i have
19:02:23diddystar5i love best buy!
19:02:32MeRWiNand those headphones are only $10 :)
19:02:34pimlottcthe koss earbuds are good for cheap headphones
19:02:36Snorlaxi hate best buy! =)
19:02:46diddystar5o those were the same ones i had!
19:02:47Snorlaxcuz they're only in us!
19:02:47*MeRWiN has $1000 debt with best buy :-)
19:03:04pimlottcmost sony headphones are pretty poorly reviewed
19:03:05*Snorlax is eating dinner
19:03:14*diddystar5 just wishes he had 1000$ to spend at best buy
19:03:42MeRWiNdiddystar5: that's weird that your sony's did that to you. I've had mine as long as i've had my jukebox (around 9 months). They've been perfect to me
19:03:52MeRWiNdiddystar5: I got a credit card with them :(
19:04:27quelsarukdon't you know b&o?
19:04:48*MeRWiN is going to shower... I've got BAD BO :)
19:04:55 Nick MeRWiN is now known as merwin|shower (
19:05:24diddystar5ahh i hate damn pop up ads
19:05:40merwin|showerThere's a B&O store in the mall down the street from me
19:05:42 Join gizz [0] (
19:05:42merwin|showernow that's expensive shit
19:05:46merwin|showerhey gizz
19:05:54quelsaruki know merwin
19:06:10merwin|showerok, showertime
19:06:12quelsarukbut i went to a B&O shop, tested some earphones..
19:06:24diddystar5were they good?
19:06:27quelsarukand i had to buy them, because they where great!
19:06:38gizzheya Merwin
19:06:42pimlottcthey are b&o brand?
19:06:45quelsarukthey were 120
19:07:28pimlottcI have not heard anything about b&o headphones
19:08:06gizzzagor: when will you close tshirt submissions ?
19:08:12diddystar5those earbuds from b&o looksweeeeeeeeeeeet
19:08:47quelsaruki don't understand that
19:08:59diddystar5august 31
19:09:51 Quit diddystar5 ("bye!")
19:10:14 Join diddystar5 [0] (
19:10:21quelsarukpimlottc: get into and choose nothamerica
19:10:27diddystar5opps accsidentally press x
19:10:37quelsarukyou can see there my earphones
19:10:54diddystar5damn those buds there look so good just can't afford them like everything else!
19:10:55pimlottcbeosound 2?
19:11:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:11:37quelsarukno.. just hte earphones
19:12:11linuxstbpimlottc - to answer your questions about US websites - the problem I have found is that a lot of the phones mentioned are either hard to find in the UK, or the price is a lot different. Hence the request for a local site. I'll do some googling.
19:13:24pimlottclinuxstb - I'd still hit those sites. alot of good headphones are european like sennheisers and are actually cheaper in the uk than in us
19:14:03diddystar5i'm jealous of the ipods
19:14:15diddystar5uahhh so sexy looking
19:14:16pimlottcquelsaruk - what is the name of just the headphones
19:14:26quelsarukjust earphones
19:14:38quelsaruknothing else
19:15:00pimlottcthere is no model # or soemthing
19:15:06linuxstbpimlottc - yes, I'll still look at those sites. Thanks.
19:15:14diddystar5hey snorlax ya gonna do the sound mod?
19:15:44*Snorlax is gonna do the sound mod
19:15:59pimlottcquelsaruk - I think the model is A8
19:16:13quelsaruki don't know the model name
19:16:35quelsarukthey just have one kind of earphones.. at least in spain
19:16:35*diddystar5 needs to get the parts and do it when mom isn't around so she don't get map
19:17:15*Snorlax guesses that diddystars mom paid for his jukebox
19:17:29diddystar5she paid for some of it
19:17:53diddystar5no she gets ad any time i do mods although most of them work
19:18:36Snorlaxwhat more mods have u done?!
19:18:45pimlottcthe reviews I see about the B&O is they are really sharp looking but the sound is not that great
19:18:51diddystar5just puter mods and simpler mods
19:19:11Snorlaxputer mod? what does that mean?
19:19:21diddystar5and she realy got mad when i put a new laser in my playstation
19:19:23pimlottcthey do look pretty cool tho
19:19:34diddystar5puter: omputer
19:19:36pimlottccomputer = 'puter
19:19:52quelsarukpimlottc: they sound quite good
19:19:53Snorlaxok, how old are u?
19:20:03Zagorlinuxstb: I recommend the Sony EX70. They close out sound really good, and sound better than almost everything else.
19:20:04diddystar512 *g*
19:20:29Snorlaxwhaqt does *g* mean!?
19:20:36diddystar5ike gee
19:20:43Zagordon't know a european web shop, though. bought mine retail here in stockholm
19:20:50 Join merwin- [0] (
19:21:21Snorlaxme too!
19:21:28quelsarukor the Sennheiser MX500 for only 18
19:21:42diddystar5ahh i mleavin back to reogn tomarrow
19:21:51*merwin- is going to dallas today
19:21:55diddystar5damn laptop
19:21:58 Nick merwin- is now known as merwin (
19:22:11*diddystar5 will be in dallas tomarrow
19:22:30Snorlaxwhere are u, cuz you're in a hotelroom, right?
19:22:41diddystar5so damn hard to type on a laptop
19:22:43merwinI'm in new orleans right now... i travel for a living
19:22:55diddystar5no i with my gran parents
19:23:00merwindiddystar5: I've got a compaq armada laptop... not the best for being stable, but great laptops indeed
19:23:24diddystar5keyboard socramped
19:23:36diddystar5i have a natural keyboard at home
19:25:17diddystar5ahh which the archos could harge to 80% in a hour like the ipod
19:26:34SnorlaxI charge my batteries 100% in an hour with my GP charger
19:27:16diddystar5gp charger?
19:27:42Snorlaxgp is the brand of the charger
19:27:58diddystar5cool volts? mAH?
19:28:54SnorlaxI got the 1 hour charger
19:29:38Zagorthen again, we have longer playback than the ipod. so who's crying :-)
19:29:38diddystar5have you found any of the 1900 mA batts from panasonic yet?
19:30:13Snorlaxwe do? what is the playback time on ipod?
19:30:25diddystar510 hours
19:30:30Zagor"iPod's rechargeable lithium polymer battery gives you 10 hours of continuous playback."
19:30:43diddystar5but the ipod user can't easily putin new battery
19:30:44Snorlaxok so I got less..
19:30:51merwinZagor: if we used lithium polymer, we'd be getting about 15 hours of playback :)
19:30:58merwinZagor: when should we undefine the customizable wps?
19:31:06diddystar5can that be putin the archos?
19:31:09Zagormerwin: not really. we'd just get a lighter (and more expensive) archos
19:31:25Zagormerwin: when it works for recorder too. get busy! ;)
19:31:34merwinZagor: If it's anything like cell phones, the time shoots up :)
19:31:42merwinZagor: it does work for the recorder, it's just not implemented
19:31:59merwinZagor: and i have no way of testing it, since i cant compile the simulators
19:32:09Zagordo you have multiline support now, then?
19:32:19Zagorcan't compile simulators? why not?
19:32:21merwinZagor: yeah, it allows you to specify an x and a y
19:32:28merwinZagor: i'm using cygwin... it doesn't like compiling the sims
19:33:00Zagorx and y? did you document that anywhere?
19:33:03merwinZagor: the only reason that the player isn't multiline configurable is because of the time display. I'll have to rewrite how the wps handles time updating before we can do multiline configurable
19:33:31merwinZagor: it's not really documented yet
19:33:38merwinZagor: but pretty self explainatory if you look at it
19:33:45pimlottcya I was going to ask about that
19:33:49 Quit gizz (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:34:09pimlottcI prefered the player wps in 1.2 w/o the time
19:34:24merwinpimlottc: it's still there... 2 line id3
19:34:30 Quit merwin|shower (Read error: 113 (No route to host)) is playing Rolling Stones - Little red Riding Hood on a archos jukebox 5000 running rockbox
19:34:55pimlottcnot in the last cvs
19:34:58pimlottcat least not by default
19:35:14merwinpimlottc: it's in the wps settings
19:35:28merwinpimlottc: you have 1 line id3, 2 line id3, filename, parsing, and custom wps (if enabled)
19:35:51pimlottcI'll look at that when I get home
19:36:21pimlottcjust barely started on this
19:36:22Snorlaxdiddystar what volume/bass/treble settings u use when out with people(on the bus,subway etc.)
19:36:26merwinZagor: i could implement it into the recorder, but I don't know what the results would be :)
19:36:28pimlottcwas adding a wps format
19:36:33diddystar5can you please make the id3 lines like this: "song title" by artist ?
19:36:38Zagormerwin: :-)
19:36:57merwindiddystar5: that's the custom wps :)
19:37:00diddystar5i keep it at 12/12 all the time
19:37:00Zagordiddystar5: no. we'll have configurable wps soon, and then you can make it whatever you want
19:37:24diddystar5sry i mean 13/13/
19:37:31merwindiddystar5: what volume?
19:37:33pimlottcso have you thought more about making the wps more flexible
19:37:47pimlottclike aligning fields at different positions
19:37:52Zagorpimlottc: "configurable" means "flexible"
19:38:01merwinpimlottc: recorder or player?
19:38:01Zagoror at least implies
19:38:13merwinpimlottc: again, custom wps :)
19:38:17pimlottcand more flexible means more flexible
19:38:23pimlottcI know merwin
19:38:26pimlottcI'm talking about expanding wps
19:38:35merwinZagor: WPS really needs to be re-written a bit
19:38:39diddystar576% u sally soe song i have are soft so then i turn it up
19:38:51pimlottcwps lts you configure the string but the stirng is always placed at the start of the line and scrolls through the entire line if needed
19:38:52merwindiddystar5: cool, but don't call me sally
19:39:06pimlottcis that not correct?
19:39:10merwinpimlottc: correct
19:39:15Zagormerwin: yes, it will be rewritten soon
19:39:16*diddystar5 laughs im typing on a damn laptop
19:39:22merwinZagor: can we have it only scroll through part of a line?
19:39:25pimlottcI'm talking about beyond like
19:39:30pimlottcright like scroll only part
19:39:44pimlottcor having a field be right-aligned
19:39:44Zagormerwin: yes. you can scroll part of a line
19:40:02pimlottcas the format is outlined that's not possible so far
19:40:10 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
19:40:33merwinpimlottc: well, as the format is outlined it's not possible. as the function is outlined, it is. I just have to make a couple additions to the format
19:40:45pimlottcthat's what I am thinking about
19:40:49merwinZagor: multiline scrolling would be nice too
19:40:52pimlottchow to set up the format for such things
19:41:00pimlottcand what such things to add
19:41:53merwinZagor: in a case statemt, how do i check for CR or LF in a character?
19:42:07diddystar5o zagor the firmware is loaded into the same chip as song file right?
19:42:12Zagorcase 13: case 11:
19:42:21merwinZagor: great, thanks
19:42:22Zagorcase '\r': case '\n':
19:42:27Zagoris better
19:42:38Zagordiddystar5: yes
19:47:09diddystar5is it possible to oull the isd 200 out and solder in a isd 300?
19:47:44diddystar5or would you just have to replace the whole board
19:48:17Zagordiddystar5: you can't
19:48:36merwindiddystar5: ouch, you're really having problems with that keyboard :)
19:48:47diddystar5i know
19:48:55diddystar5i hate this damn laptop
19:49:21pimlottcI'll take it
19:49:24merwindiddystar5: what kind of laptop?
19:49:41diddystar5this is a hp ze1110
19:49:59merwindiddystar5: hmm...haven't seen those before
19:50:45diddystar5has a amd duron p at 1ghz 20 gig hd 16xdvd
19:51:05merwinmmm... like the amd athlon/duron
19:51:13merwini've only got a p3-700
19:51:25diddystar5no ifference then the pentium
19:52:07merwindiddystar5: except half the price :)
19:52:38diddystar5at home i have a compaq (dunno model) 1 ghz 8x4x32 cd-rw 12xdvd 40 gig hd
19:53:07diddystar5and a old compaq 7222at 100mhz 1 gig hd 4xcd
19:53:40diddystar5and the 1 ghx is a p-3
19:54:47diddystar5the old compaq is very stable though
19:55:03diddystar5rarly has a problem
19:55:39merwinZagor: mind if i center the starting Rockbox! logo on the player? it was brought up by someone else, and actually makes it look better
19:56:05diddystar5i like it centered
19:56:20Zagormerwin: go ahead
19:57:01merwinhmm... what file is it in?
19:57:05diddystar5when you gonna post up the next build?
19:57:26Zagordiddystar5: look at daily builds. there's a new build every 20 minutes
19:57:38merwindiddystar5: i'm going to throw up a cvs update in a few minutes for handling \r\n in the custom wps, and the centered logo
19:58:27merwindiddystar5: the handling of the \r\n is basically ignoring it right now, but hey :)
19:59:46diddystar5o well
20:00:13merwinmultiline custom wps will be in a day or two
20:00:23merwinprobably friday night, since that's my next long flight :)
20:00:24diddystar5are you going to throw in gamebox?
20:00:44merwindiddystar5: i'm not
20:00:47merwindiddystar5: not sure who is
20:01:15merwindiddystar5: let someone more experienced handle that one :)
20:02:06diddystar5ahh im going to list for et on seti@home for a while >:)
20:02:29diddystar5geez i just cant type
20:03:00merwindiddystar5: I have no problem with my compaq armada laptop... and i've got a natural at home.
20:03:11merwindiddystar5: i've also been using this laptop for 2 years now :)
20:03:27diddystar5sry i never use laptop
20:03:27diddystar5big chang for me
20:03:43 Quit quelsaruk ("Aplicacin Saliendo")
20:04:06merwinZagor: on the main webpage, click on widgets.c ... you get a python error
20:04:18merwinZagor: or any of them rather
20:04:48Zagorthat's sourceforge. nothing I can do.
20:05:25Zagorlooks like they're working on it
20:09:24*merwin needs to haul ass if he's going to get ready and get to his flight
20:10:11merwin2 years, over 300 flights, and I haven't missed a single one
20:11:07 Part LinusN|bathtub
20:11:50merwinLinus's computer must be very wet if he's using it in the bathtub
20:13:00diddystar5well go houl ass then!
20:13:35 Quit RipnetUK ()
20:13:44merwinsometime i'm going to add up all the flights i've taken. i've never really thought about it too much. It's probably more like 400
20:13:56merwinthis week i'm on 6 :P
20:14:20*merwin is like that "can you hear me now?" guy... except with a brain
20:14:32diddystar5can you make the red led light u when being used on usb?
20:14:43merwindiddystar5: of course you could
20:14:48merwindiddystar5: it would use battery though
20:15:05Zagorwe can't use it as drive light in usb mode. we don't control the disk then.
20:15:05diddystar5dont care dont us usb to much
20:15:23merwinZagor: but you could have the red light on though
20:15:46diddystar5i dont want that
20:16:00diddystar5just a ide indicator
20:16:02merwindiddystar5: oh, i thought that is what you meant :)
20:17:36merwinwhat's the web address for that yahoo poll of the rockbox popularity?
20:18:13diddystar5quite popuar im sure
20:18:47merwinZagor: hats off to you and your project manager skills btw :)
20:19:34pimlottcaah zagor = bjorn
20:19:38pimlottcyou the man zagor
20:19:48Zagormerwin: heh, thanks. what brought this on?
20:20:17merwinZagor: I just realized that rockbox has in fact surpassed every feature of the archos firmware
20:20:37diddystar5and quite better now
20:20:43merwinand for less money than archos :)
20:20:56merwinit probably cost them a good $30,000 to make theirs
20:21:00Zagornot quite. we still don't a) record b) create playlists. but we're close.
20:21:12Zagorgotta go make food. see you later.
20:21:17 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|food (
20:21:17DBUGEnqueued KICK Zagor|food
20:21:29diddystar5and just because rockbox is nice enough to make it free i m gonna donate some if i can
20:21:41CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:21:41*merwin is going to shut down and haul ass :)
20:21:52 Quit merwin ()
20:21:53diddystar5be merwin
20:24:03 Quit diddystar5 ("bye!")
20:33:00 Join Silly_Fly [0] (luk@
20:33:42Silly_Flyis there a procedure for getting a random number?
20:35:04Zagor|foodSilly_Fly: rand()
20:35:07 Join Snorlax [0] (
20:35:40Silly_FlyZagor : 10x.
20:36:01Silly_Flylcd coords (for recorder) starts from 0 right?
20:36:36Silly_Flyand about rand, is it int rand (range) ?
20:40:26 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
20:43:51Silly_Fly"warning: implicit declaration of function `rand'"
20:44:01Silly_Flywhere is rand defined?
20:47:50Silly_Flyanyone here??????
20:51:20 Join diddystar5 [0] (
20:51:31diddystar5lunch is over
20:53:04pimlottc#include <stdlib.h> // rand();
20:57:11Silly_Flyoh, rand returns a float between 0-1...... (right?)
21:02:06diddystar5the mid-track resume works good
21:02:24 Quit diddystar5 ("bye!")
21:03:30Silly_FlyI dowloaded the latest CVS version, and I can't see the top bar. why is that? (there is a clear line at the top, and F3 toggles it...)
21:11:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:26:26 Join diddystar5 [0] (
21:27:14diddystar5i have a few small scratches on my archos does anyone know a good paint or someting?
21:31:32 Nick Zagor|food is now known as Zagor (
21:31:32DBUGEnqueued KICK Zagor
21:31:45ZagorSilly_Fly: no rand() returns an int
21:32:12Zagordeclared in firmware/include/stdlib.h
21:33:11diddystar5hey zagor? a good paint or someting for scratches on the archos?
21:33:39Zagori don't know. I've heard some people use clear nail polish to avoid rubbing the paint off they keys, but that's all
21:34:06diddystar5hum ill look around
21:35:03Snorlaxevery swede in here check this out:
21:35:18 Join money [0] (luk@
21:35:56 Quit Silly_Fly (Killed (NickServ (Nickname Enforcement)))
21:36:03 Nick money is now known as Silly_Fly (luk@
21:37:19Silly_Flyany replies about my missing top bar (while I was gone?)?
21:48:14Zagormissing top bar?
21:49:52Silly_Flyit's clear. and pressing F3 toggles the clear line......
21:51:45Zagorheh, nice ;)
21:52:45Silly_Flybut, I kinda want to be able to see volume, battery etc.............
21:53:05Zagordon't you ever get it? not even in wps?
21:53:23Silly_Flyno. just checked. wps missing it too.....
21:53:49Zagordid you build yourself or 1.3?
21:54:31Silly_Flydownloaded latest CVS (about 30 minutes ago) and built....
21:57:04diddystar5are more sound setting going/can be added in the future?
22:00:17Silly_Flydownloaded 1.3, and I get the top bar.....
22:00:50 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
22:00:52Silly_Flyany ideas why I won't get it on my build?
22:01:10diddystar5what rom firm do you have?
22:01:37Zagorrun "cvs -q status | grep Status | grep -v Up-to" and you'll see what files are changed
22:01:57diddystar5dang you have the OLD stuff
22:02:49Silly_Flyit's recorder, not player, so not that old I guess... (or is it?)
22:03:10diddystar5not really
22:04:10Silly_Flycvs [update aborted]: connect to failed: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.
22:04:34Silly_Fly(I use tortiseCVS)
22:04:42Zagorworks for me
22:04:42diddystar5it's sourceforge maybe?
22:05:25diddystar5i think sourceforge has been doing something
22:06:40 Quit diddystar5 ("bye!")
22:07:00langhaarrockeragain int vs short: do you expect any performance differences?
22:07:36Zagorlanghaarrocker: possibly. depends on what you are doing.
22:08:01langhaarrockersay I was iterating through an array of ints instead of an array of shorts.
22:09:32Zagorhmm, i can't remember how the sh-1 treats shorts...
22:10:13langhaarrockerI'm ashamed to admit that I don't even know what the 7032 is: a 16 bit processor?
22:12:05 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
22:12:07Silly_Flywell, I deleted status.o and librockbox.a and built again. now I get the top bar, but menus don't start with first chice as default (ie. no arrow)
22:13:18Silly_Flyplus, when trying to move up at the first item, the arrow jumps to the battery indicator.... (that's quite funny..)
22:15:04Zagorwell what code did you change?
22:15:14Zagorlanghaarrocker: no, it's a 32-bit processor
22:16:01Silly_Flynm. deleted all .o's and all .a's and rebuilt. now it's all fine.....
22:16:09Zagorthe thing is some 32-bit processors (such as the PowerPC) are much faster handling 32-bit ints than 16-bit. but I don't know if that's true for the sh-1 too.
22:16:26ZagorSilly_Fly: "make clean" is a good command :-)
22:16:43langhaarrockerSilly_Fly: What's your topic? Building the simulator?
22:18:00 Nick Silly_Fly is now known as Silly_away (luk@
22:18:07langhaarrockerZagor: Thanx for info. That's what I'd have assumed, too
22:24:58langhaarrockerI still can't get the uisimulator running. Someone mentioned that in combination with cygwin you should use the cross compiler from"> . Is that really necessary? I have a working gnush installed which I build the ajbrec.ajz with. I just can't build the uisimulator.
22:25:49Zagorthe simulators don't need cross compilers.
22:27:22langhaarrockerThat's what I assumed. But when I run the makefile generatend by tools/configure it will tell me
22:27:22langhaarrockersh-elf-gcc -W -Wall -O -m1 -nostdlib -ffreestanding -Wstrict-prototypes -Iinclud
22:27:22langhaarrockere -I. -Icommon -Idrivers -DARCHOS_RECORDER -fomit-frame-pointer -fschedule-insn
22:27:22DBUGEnqueued KICK langhaarrocker
22:27:22langhaarrockers -c drivers/adc.c -o /home/perterm/cvshome/build/drivers/adc.o
22:27:22langhaarrockerAssembler messages:
22:27:23***Alert Mode level 1
22:27:23langhaarrockerFATAL: can't create /home/perterm/cvshome/build/drivers/adc.o: No such file or d
22:27:27langhaarrockermake[1]: *** [/home/perterm/cvshome/build/drivers/adc.o] Error 1
22:27:29langhaarrockermake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/perterm/cvshome/firmware'
22:27:31langhaarrockermake: *** [firmware] Error 2
22:28:07langhaarrockerAh, sorry, mixed up my own questions.
22:28:20langhaarrockerthats not about building the uisimulator.
22:28:40langhaarrocker(but still a phenomenon)
22:30:57langhaarrockerOh, just found something helpful: the Makefile.vc6 seems to work
22:37:24***Alert Mode OFF
22:39:37 Nick Silly_away is now known as Silly_Fly (luk@
22:40:07Silly_Flydoes contrast affect power usage?
22:41:31langhaarrockerI don't really know but judging how long my digital watch lasts with one battery I'd consider it as neglectible.
22:43:37Silly_Flyabout the 'buffer size' in info. what does it mean???
22:43:53Silly_Flycaus'e it's been rising since 1.2....
22:43:56langhaarrockerHm. Shouldn't the simulated RockBox have similarities with the real one? Has anybody compiled a uisimulator for windows?
22:44:18 Join hardeep [0] (
22:44:51Silly_Flyoh, it's 'Buffer' not 'buffer size' ;)
22:45:23langhaarrockerSilly_Fly: Isn't that the amount of ram that's free for bufferint mp3 files?
22:45:33Zagoryes it is
22:45:53Silly_Flyso why in 1.2 it was 1.46 and now it's 1.74??
22:46:09Zagorbecause we use less ram for the program now
22:46:24Silly_Flyoh. cool.
22:46:40Zagorwe skipped malloc() (128 KB) and the 16-bit bitswap (128KB), to name a few
22:47:37langhaarrockerwhat does skip mean here? No malloc no more?
22:47:56Zagorno malloc
22:48:04Silly_Flywell, another question (as long as there is no other discussion in here :) : how correct is the battery level %?
22:48:32Zagorit's fairly correct. but it's a voltage level, not "battery time" level
22:48:53Zagorso it will decrease slow in the beginning and then faster. sort of a ketchup effect ;)
22:50:31langhaarrockerZagor: seems docs\API need an update
22:50:32langhaarrockerare realloc and calloc still available?
22:50:54Zagorno they are not. and yes, docs/API needs updates. all docs always does :)
22:51:02Zagorno dynamic memory
22:52:15dwihno|goneAn idea for the charger before I go to bed. Perhaps it's possible to tweak the charging to make it possible to charge 1800 mAh batteries with rockbox ... ?
22:52:36Zagordwihno|gone: it is already possible. what made you think otherwise?
22:52:49langhaarrockerAnd I thought that dynamic memory was all the fun that was programming in c about.
22:53:21langhaarrockerNow it becomes difficult to program memory holes.
22:53:25Zagorlanghaarrocker: hehe. no, dynamic memory is 90% of all the bugs programming in C give you :)
22:53:41dwihno|goneZagor: I once recalled somebody saying the batteries won't get enough voltage to keep a high load
22:54:01Zagordwihno|gone: somebody was wrong. I charge my 1800mAh all the time.
22:54:37langhaarrockerYou charge them all the time and they're still not full? ;)
22:57:07dwihno|goneyou rule, haarrocker :)
22:57:50dwihno|goneyou too Zagor
22:57:56dwihno|goneEven if you are the Code Police (tm) :)
22:58:08Zagorthat's why I rule! :)
22:58:45langhaarrockerseems zagor ruled a bug in my code...
22:59:10CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 55 minutes and 50 seconds at the last flood
22:59:10*dwihno|gone hands Zagor and langhaarrocker some nice kalvsylta
22:59:43dwihno|goneTime to read some mail before /dev/bed
23:00:28langhaarrockerIs there anybody around who can lend me a hand building the uisimulator for windows?
23:00:53langhaarrockerStill I don't believe it works correctly.
23:01:02 Join Bagder [0] (
23:01:10pimlottcI had weirdness building the simulator for linux too
23:01:21dwihno|goneBagder: what's wrong with the 'N' ?
23:01:29ZagorI have never built for windows, so I don't know
23:01:33pimlottcjust skipped right to downloading it to the player
23:01:52Bagderdwihno|gone: I want it to look more like N and not like an oversized n ;-)
23:01:53langhaarrockerI get some uisw32.exe but that doesn't do anything similar to the real thing.
23:02:31dwihno|goneBagder: Stop living in the 80's for crying out loud! :)
23:02:58dwihno|goneWell, 90s then :)
23:03:10Bagderyou ever seen an alphabet? B)
23:03:22Zagorlanghaarrocker: you don't have a Visual C compiler to try with?
23:03:29dwihno|goneerhm, I say like my friend Kilterr. He says "arr brrr crr drrr error"
23:03:47Zagorshould work with that. i think edx uses that.
23:04:15langhaarrockerI tried the Makefile.v6. That build something.
23:04:44langhaarrockerBut the simulator seems to have a completely broken rockbox in it.
23:04:45dwihno|goneBagder: seriousley though, I'll get the font ready for the loadable font part... I'm having a job interview the upcoming week, so I got some catching up to do with some of my skills :)
23:05:30Bagderdwihno|gone: it'll be very fine to get it loadable indeed
23:06:30dwihno|goneBagder: How come loadable fonts aren't enabled by default btw?
23:06:52Bagderdwihno|gone: they will be in 1.4, they were too late for 1.3
23:07:03Bagderit doesn't work 100%
23:07:33dwihno|goneAs long as nothing is rushed, I'm ok :)
23:07:52dwihno|goneI got + propfonts, so I've been satisfied with rockbox for months ;)
23:08:25Zagorthe main thing loadable fonts lack is support for propfonts
23:08:45dwihno|gonewhich part?
23:08:54dwihno|gonethe loading or the displaying or the memory storing?
23:09:08Zagorall of it
23:09:23Bagderthe loading should support it
23:09:28Bagderthe format supports
23:09:34Zagordoes it? ajf?
23:09:39Bagderand even the code seems to have measures to support it
23:10:08Zagorshould be simple to make it work, then
23:10:45BagderI'll have a look soon, once I get a prop loadable font to test with
23:11:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:11:08Zagori have a few. you want one?
23:13:53Zagorthat font also has some chars beyond iso-8859-1
23:17:01 Join diddystar5 [0] (
23:17:14diddystar5hey badger
23:17:23Bagderhey ho
23:18:43diddystar5will custom wps be up on friday?
23:19:11langhaarrockerdoes anybody use wincvs?
23:19:27adi|homeZagor.. i got the snow.c submission working..
23:19:32adi|homeany prob if i add it to cvs?
23:19:41Bagderwe should ask merwin to make the custom wps default in the builds
23:19:48diddystar5whats the snow.c?
23:20:07diddystar5o so hes the on on it
23:20:48Bagdermerwin is the author of custom wps stuff
23:21:10diddystar5hey badgerhe sayed in a couple days
23:21:24diddystar5he will have it
23:22:06Zagoradi|home: i'm sceptical. it's just nonsense, i'm not sure we should include every little thing people do.
23:22:35diddystar5i think anything useful and fun should be included
23:22:48Zagorhow is a snow simulation useful?
23:23:09diddystar5but if the mod file starts getting to big, some should be put on the hdand used when selected
23:23:50diddystar5can that be done?
23:24:11adi|homehehe no less useful then boxes or bounce ;)
23:24:18adi|homebesides.. ive been giving it thought
23:24:19pimlottczagor - well, some people are from tropical climates
23:24:35*Bagder giggles
23:24:36adi|homehave we decided how we are giving users a choice on builds?
23:24:48Bagdernot really
23:24:50adi|homeie: not with games/ss/ stuff like that?
23:25:03Bagderwe need to make a 'config' system
23:25:07adi|homemight i toss out an idea about it?
23:25:12adi|homethats what i was thinking
23:25:28pimlottclet's port dpkg!
23:25:29diddystar5but couldn't all the games just be stored seperatly on the hd and be opened by the rockbox?
23:25:42adi|homewe could do something along the lines of : Tetris = 1
23:25:43ZagorI just discovered Slimp3 has an id3 search function. we should look at their database and how they do things.
23:25:58adi|homeand if it's 1, then we have it as a menu option, else its not there..
23:26:06langhaarrockerJust wished the Makefile configure produced worked in my environment...
23:26:21Bagderlanghaarrocker: you run windows?
23:26:21Zagordiddystar5: then you'd have to choose "music *or* games". most people want both.
23:26:31langhaarrockerbagder: yepp
23:26:39langhaarrockerwith cygwin.
23:26:47diddystar5well the game ouldn't take up all the ram would it?
23:26:56Bagderlanghaarrocker: then adjust it so it works and submit the patches ;-)
23:27:04diddystar5so coulbn't they both be on the same chip
23:27:20hardeepthe makefile configure produces works with cygwin
23:27:25hardeepthat's what i use for all my builds
23:27:36diddystar5merwin also does
23:28:32langhaarrockermine says:
23:28:32langhaarrockermake[1]: Entering directory `/home/perterm/cvshome/firmware'
23:28:32langhaarrockersh-elf-gcc -W -Wall -O -m1 -nostdlib -ffreestanding -Wstrict-prototypes -Iinclud
23:28:32langhaarrockere -I. -Icommon -Idrivers -DARCHOS_RECORDER -fomit-frame-pointer -fschedule-insn
23:28:32langhaarrockers -c drivers/adc.c -o /home/perterm/cvshome/build/drivers/adc.o
23:28:33***Alert Mode level 1
23:28:33langhaarrockerAssembler messages:
23:28:35langhaarrockerFATAL: can't create /home/perterm/cvshome/build/drivers/adc.o: No such file or d
23:28:39langhaarrockermake[1]: *** [/home/perterm/cvshome/build/drivers/adc.o] Error 1
23:28:41langhaarrockermake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/perterm/cvshome/firmware'
23:28:43langhaarrockermake: *** [firmware] Error 2
23:28:44hardeepmake sure you use the sh1 compiler generated for cygwin by merwin
23:28:56hardeepit understands the cygwin pathnames
23:29:06langhaarrockerforgot do download it at workl">
23:30:21langhaarrockerThanx for the link again. I just thought that when I have a working gnush installed and the paths too it should'nt matter. But it seems that I'm wrong.
23:30:55hardeepgnush doesn't know how cygwin paths work, it's expecting the standard win32 paths
23:31:14hardeepif you want to use gnush, change the path in the Makefile to windows format
23:31:38langhaarrockerAh, that sheds some light on my stupidity!
23:33:29BagderZagor: you run loadable fonts in the sim?
23:33:43 Quit Silly_Fly ("Connection reset by peer ( )")
23:33:54BagderI do
23:34:16ZagorBagder: yes
23:34:20Bagdernow I notice the letters are bigger than usual ;-)
23:34:34Bagdersilly me
23:37:09 Join Jet8810 [0] (
23:37:38diddystar5humm i tried the archos frimware awhile ago so used to rockbox i fergot how to use the darn thing
23:38:34***Alert Mode OFF
23:39:26langhaarrockerIn the Makefile produced by configure - how do I get a \ into my pathes. They all seem to be swallowed, even if I try with \\.
23:40:09hardeeplanghaarrocker: use /
23:40:44 Join lithermon [0] (
23:41:06langhaarrockerwouldn't work due to wrong gnush configuration and my laziness to download from">
23:41:53langhaarrockerJust hoped there was some kind of escape sequence that produces a \
23:43:08hardeep\\ usually works, wonder what's wrong on cygwin
23:45:31ZagorI saw a crazy thing on the slimp3 just now. we *need* it
23:45:51Zagorfiglet-style big-text for two-row display...
23:46:37Bagderwe need figlet ;-)
23:46:45langhaarrockerZagor: Strange. In the makefile I have
23:46:45langhaarrockerbut it produces
23:46:45langhaarrockermkdir: cannot create directory `homepertermcvshomebuild/.deps/common'
23:46:56Zagor|_| |
23:46:58 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:47:00Zagor| | |
23:47:10*Zagor slaps Jet8810
23:47:17hardeepso one BIG line of text
23:47:28Zagoryeah. looks absolutely wacko.
23:47:37Zagorso we need it B-)
23:48:23diddystar5for some reason about 3 weeks ago, i quickly turned off my player and turned it back on and there was on giant lie of text in stead of two
23:48:42langhaarrockerreally a lie?
23:48:50adi|homeZagor.. bagder and i were talking about the config files/options idea
23:48:53diddystar5one line
23:49:01 Join datazone-work [0] (
23:49:04adi|homemind if i snag your attention for a few?
23:49:05diddystar5realy starnge
23:50:09langhaarrockerI vote for the config files idea
23:50:25adi|homeyou don't even know what it is yet ;)
23:50:47Zagoradi|home: fire at will
23:51:06Zagordiddystar5: like the boot logo, you mean?
23:51:09langhaarrockerI assumed is was something like the tools/configure?
23:51:17diddystar5no the dir
23:51:28diddystar5ire booted came up normal
23:51:38adi|homeokay.. assume for this discussion only runtime config
23:51:50Zagoradi|home: looks good
23:52:11adi|homeokay... would you have any prob if i tackle working on it for the games/ss as a start?
23:52:17adi|homesort guini pig it
23:52:26Zagori don't quite see how you'd make that runtime though
23:52:42langhaarrockerlike kernel modules?
23:53:02Zagortoo much overhead
23:53:29diddystar5not sure
23:54:18 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:54:37adi|homewell.. what i figure is that we do a read on boot and on usb exit
23:54:40adi|homeand thats the only time
23:54:54adi|homethen knowing if we are to display a menu item isnt an expensive check
23:55:30Zagorbut is there really much of a point just hiding the menus but keeping the code?
23:55:57adi|homethere is if we make the assumption that you want ppl to use the firmware w/o having to recompile
23:56:00langhaarrockerThe aim is to free valuable ram by removing superfluous gadget code, isn't it?
23:56:37adi|homeas a side note, this would only be the first step...
23:56:47Zagorbut the people that want to do away with the games want the code gone, not just the menu...
23:57:00adi|homethe other part that goes with this is having the config file read at compile time, and then not having those things compiled in.
23:57:09adi|homenot nec. true
23:57:13adi|hometake me fore example
23:57:21adi|homei don't _ever_ play with the bass or treble ext
23:57:33adi|homeso wtf do i want a menu option taking up real estate?
23:57:51diddystar5there should maybe be a option under general?
23:57:58Zagordo you pull the tone buttons off of your amplifier too?
23:58:22adi|homei may as well
23:58:28adi|homeim tone deaf ;)
23:58:30 Join Jet8810 [0] (
23:58:31diddystar5i like the bass/tre where they are i use them alot
23:58:42adi|homeright.. an dyou can have them
23:58:54adi|homebut why should i have to have the same settings for menu display that you have?

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