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#rockbox log for 2002-08-29

00:00:16Zagoryes. because hiding it is not removing it.
00:00:28adi|homei didn't say i was looking to remove it :)
00:00:43adi|homei just dont need the options listed
00:00:50ZagorI don't feel right about just hiding things. It's got that Microsoft feel...
00:00:54diddystar5why not a option in the general for to view or not to
00:00:56adi|homeand assume im a dumb user that don't need all our features...
00:01:16Jet8810adi has a point
00:01:18adi|homethe default won't hide anything...
00:01:27adi|homeits up to you to change the config if you want.
00:01:41Jet8810but then again, adi, there arent very many dumb users using this :)
00:01:48*adi|home points out that he is playing devils advocate for ppl like his brother in law
00:01:54adi|homenot yet
00:01:57Zagori still don't see the point. it will mess up the code, for what use? i refuse to cater to idiots.
00:02:06diddystar5plus how many people are dumb enough to not use those settings?
00:02:24Jet8810and come on...if you are dumb, then why need to hide it
00:02:25adi|homenot to sound stupid diddy.. but frankly.. fuck you
00:02:29adi|homeim not 'dumb'
00:02:33adi|homeim tone deaf
00:02:41Jet8810adi...if you explained the point of hiding these settings, it might help
00:02:42adi|homeso playing with bass and treble on my unit is pointless.
00:02:45Jet8810no need for personal attacks
00:02:48*diddystar5 slaps adi|home around a bit with a TCL powered popup
00:02:52langhaarrockerWhen it comes down to hiding and showing things: In fact I'd like completely different configurations when recording then when playing back. -> Just hiding and showing stuff might not be enough.
00:02:57Jet8810so just ignore it adi
00:02:59Jet8810not a big deal
00:03:41adi|homeJet8810: i agree.. i just get annoyed when ppl jump in with comments about reasons that were already stated.. and are insulting in doing so..
00:03:45Bagderthere is an obvious bug in the loadable font code, it doesn't care for the single letter widths properly
00:03:53*Bagder is digging
00:04:11ZagorBagder: yes, i've noticed :-) prop fonts look, ehrm, funny...
00:04:30Bagderwe need the formats documented
00:04:33lithermonyaay 1.3 you have over taken the archos firmware v1.28 :))
00:04:36Bagderthis is somewhat stupid
00:04:46diddystar5except recording.....
00:04:55Jet8810btw, i kno bookmarking has been mentioned, but is there really any easy way to create temporary playlists or really isnt worth it?
00:04:56ZagorBagder: agreed
00:05:06Jet8810on nomad jukebox i had that, but os was COMPLETELY different
00:05:21BagderJet8810: once when we can write files, it'll be dead easy
00:05:22ZagorJet8810: it's very easy, once I write the necessary fat code
00:05:40Jet8810just like hite a button combo to queue and song or album/folder?
00:06:09Jet8810so now, is figuring out how to write to disk very hard?
00:07:03Zagorno, but it's still a good chunk of work
00:07:22Jet8810now THAT would be awesome
00:07:38Jet8810before you kno wit, archos will be THE mp3 choice all because of you guys!
00:08:20pimlottcare there any other open source firmwares for other mp3 players
00:08:24diddystar5yes tell
00:08:42diddystar5the neo i know
00:08:46diddystar5you can
00:08:52diddystar5thats all i know
00:09:12Jet8810I realized that the Rio RIOT is 20gb and same price as archos, and I was weighing which one to reccomend to a friend the other day actually
00:09:36diddystar5what the riot i 20 gig?
00:09:46Jet8810rio is more user friendly at this point, but not standard usb storage, no open source, ect, but really good software and cool hardware design and larger screen
00:09:52Jet8810the rio riot
00:11:05diddystar5we all hate yet love are archos :)
00:11:16Jet8810i know
00:11:21Jet8810well miine cost me $70
00:11:29Jet8810so i am not complaining at all
00:11:35Jet881020gb studio for $70 :)
00:11:38diddystar5what model?
00:11:47Jet8810bestbuy warrantee, paid $230 for nomad 6gb jukebox a year ago
00:11:52Jet8810just paid $70 to upgrade
00:12:05Jet8810so i really paid $300, but sure didnt feel like it :)
00:12:20Jet8810rio riot btw
00:12:31diddystar5i paid 220$ for my archos 5 gig and 40$ for 4 yearwarrenty at best buy >:)
00:12:59Jet8810so why dont you upgrade to 20 gb?
00:13:19Jet8810whoa, rio riot has radio too hehe
00:14:13diddystar5btw: what would someone sell a used 20 gig hd from a archos for?
00:14:18diddystar5o cool!
00:14:24Jet8810no no no
00:14:27Jet8810bestbuy warrantee
00:14:41Jet8810if somethin gis malfunctioned, you can pay dicvfference and upgrade to higher model
00:14:46diddystar5no my warrenty cover everything :)
00:14:52Jet8810so **assuming*** if breaks hehe
00:14:59diddystar5and anything!
00:15:06Jet8810so does mine
00:15:10Jet8810you can upgrade and still be covered
00:15:25diddystar5thank god for best buy1
00:15:44Jet8810haha i know
00:16:14diddystar5so how much would a 20 gig used sell for?
00:16:33diddystar5just hd
00:18:30Jet8810i dont know
00:18:36Jet8810i remember there is a way to buy it from fujitsu though
00:18:41Jet8810read a review of how to upgrade it
00:18:55Jet8810why dont you just ugprade the entire player through bestbuy (if its cheaper)?
00:19:40diddystar5i might im looking at prices
00:20:55diddystar5im looking at ebay i see some for under 40$
00:21:15Jet8810do you think they have capacities bigger then 20gb?
00:21:39diddystar5there are a few
00:21:54Jet8810same size?
00:22:03Jet8810make sure height is right too
00:22:11diddystar52.5 8.5
00:22:41diddystar5go to and search hard drive
00:24:01diddystar5i've always been carefull around ebay though it's a strange place
00:24:11Jet8810i am swamped with fiull sized ide ones :)
00:24:45Zagorbed time. see you tomorrow
00:24:46 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
00:25:52Jet881020gb is ifne with me
00:25:58Jet8810i only have 11 gigs or so of mp3s anyhow
00:26:21diddystar5i have 6 gigs
00:26:43diddystar5plus alot of files i want to store on my unit
00:30:33Jet8810i think I am going to archive all my ISOs and such too
00:31:37Jet8810so then I have a backup on another hard drive which I disconnect when not in use
00:31:38Jet8810and archos
00:31:44Jet8810there ya go, cant get very much safer then that :)
00:32:12 Join diddystar5|onlin [0] (
00:32:20diddystar5|onlinmt isp failed
00:32:31diddystar5|onlinhate that
00:33:33 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:34:28diddystar5|onlinnow how do i get my offline name off?
00:34:37*diddystar5|onlin slaps diddystar5 around a bit with a TCL powered popup
00:34:44Bagderit dies in a while
00:36:07Jet8810or ya can ghost it
00:36:16Jet8810if you have it registered, of course
00:36:20 Quit sylvr (Remote closed the connection)
00:39:15diddystar5|onlinhey jet this is funny
00:39:15 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
00:39:36 Join Jet8810 [0] (
00:40:40diddystar5|onlinhey jet
00:43:19diddystar5|onlinpoor ipod RIP
00:43:31Jet8810whatcha think of ipod?
00:43:35Jet8810i think its slick, but far too pricey
00:44:28diddystar5|onlini think its awsome but way pricy
00:45:08Jet881020gb is 500
00:45:47diddystar5|onlinWHAT? 500$?
00:47:35diddystar5|onlinooo yep for the ipod
00:48:59 Quit lithermon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:49:05diddystar5|onlinbut it has a very good screen and very good internal software
00:49:22diddystar5|onlinand i tink its smaller than the archos
00:51:29 Join bmidy [0] (
00:51:38bmidysalut a tous
00:52:06bmidyj ai des pb sous debian 2.4.18 avec ohci : eci-load1 et eci-load2 passent a merveille
00:52:11diddystar5|onlinspeek american!
00:52:29bmidyI get some difficulties under debain
00:52:35bmidycopul u help me
00:52:40diddystar5|onlini try
00:52:51bmidyi m under debbian with kernel 2.4.18
00:53:03bmidythe eci-load1 and eci-load2 pass succesfulz
00:53:34bmidythen I get an error : usb_control/bulk_msg failed ...
00:53:34diddystar5|onlinhumm talk to badger
00:53:39bmidymodem hangup
00:53:46bmidyis he present nopw
00:54:15Bagderare you trying to do usb 1.1?
00:54:36diddystar5|onlini have to go for a bit
00:54:37bmidyeuh I,ve the both usb1.1 onbaord
00:54:41 Quit diddystar5|onlin ("bye!")
00:54:44bmidyand a usb 2.0 card
00:54:56Bagderso, which do you want to use?
00:55:10Bagderusb2 requires a kernel patch if you run 2.4.18
00:55:12bmidybut the modem is connected to the usb1.1 onboard usb adaptor
00:55:52bmidybut as i said the eci-load1 and eci-load2 pass succesfully !
00:56:07Bagderwhat are that?
00:56:12bmidyso what is the problem, do u get similar problem,
00:56:25BagderI've used both 1.1 and 2.0 with my toy
00:56:36Bagderon 2.4.17 and 2.418
00:56:55Bagderdo you use the UHCI usb driver?
00:57:07Bagderwhat archos do you have?
00:57:09bmidybut the error : "usb_control/bulk_msg failed ..." do u know anything abbout it
00:57:25 Quit diddystar5 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:57:26bmidyhow do u know I've archos
00:57:36bmidyI get the archos 2.0 usb card
00:57:37Bagderwhy are you here otherwise?
00:58:13bmidysorry I m confuse I come in the bad group, sorry
00:58:34seb-awayau revoir
00:59:41bmidyoui aurevoir
00:59:43 Part bmidy
01:03:37 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:04:27 Join Jet8810 [0] (
01:11:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:26:35 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:27:15 Join Jet8810 [0] (
01:27:59 Quit Jet8810 (Client Quit)
01:35:02 Join diddystar5 [0] (
01:35:22diddystar5mesa back
01:40:05datazone-workgood 4 you
01:44:18diddystar5don't be a butt
01:44:42datazone-worktoo late
01:44:53*diddystar5 slaps datazone-work around a bit with a TCL powered popup
01:45:04datazone-worknow thats pretty lame
01:45:10*diddystar5 slaps datazone-work around a bit with a TCL powered popup
01:45:26datazone-worki think i will leave now
01:45:43diddystar5good 4 you
01:46:07 Quit datazone-work ("BOOM!")
01:46:26diddystar5harhar yer still here
01:46:49*diddystar5 has quit ("bye")
01:47:37*diddystar5 wispers in the dark "i see deap people"!
01:48:55*diddystar5 slaps datazone around a bit with a TCL powered popup
01:50:12diddystar5people lose things
01:50:25diddystar5notes, keys, data
01:50:36diddystar5guess which ine i lost today?
01:59:14 Part Bagder
02:01:06 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
02:32:04 Quit datazone (Remote closed the connection)
02:45:58diddystar5im going bye bye
02:46:01 Quit diddystar5 ("bye!")
03:00:18 Join datazone [0] ([5AZfLRjdM@
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03:29:39 Quit pimlottc ("leaving")
03:31:19 Join pimlottc [0] (
03:37:58 Join merwin|shower [0] (
03:38:07merwin|showergrr, more bad connections
03:38:09 Nick merwin|shower is now known as merwin (
03:43:32 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
03:58:01 Join ecHs [0] (
04:00:22ecHsanyone got some .bdf files already converted to .ajf ?
04:02:34merwinnot me
04:03:04ecHsi just got no unix to compile
04:03:32ecHswhy arent they putting the ajf files on the site?
04:04:04merwinthat is a good question... I will pose it to them when they get in (in a few hours)
04:04:23merwinloadable fonts are part of version 1.3, right?
04:04:29ecHsk thanks.. i'll stop by later
04:04:40ecHsi hope so ;)
04:04:54merwinstop back in a few hours
04:05:29ecHsi drank too much last nite ;)
04:07:12kjsdnllmerwin: loadable fonts aren't in 1.3
04:08:12 Nick kjsdnll is now known as mecraw (~kdfjs@
04:08:44merwinmecraw: ahh, that might be why there aren't any on the site
04:09:00merwinalthough, there probably should be some fonts somewhere
04:09:33 Join ddb [0] (
04:10:41ddbjust tried 1.3 - does anyone know if it supports the customizable WPS
04:10:58merwinddb: yes, if compiled with it enabled :)
04:11:30ddbcan I have that compiled version, pretty please??
04:12:06merwinddb: hold on a couple minutes and i'll send you the test version i'm working on. It's stable and all.
04:12:17ddbcool, thanks
04:12:34merwinwhat kind of lcd do you have (player-old or player)
04:12:44merwink, thought so :)
04:13:15ddbany reason why 1.3 doesn't come with it compiled already since it was working on the last daily build?
04:13:28merwinddb: it isn't working on the daily builds
04:13:36merwinddb: I sent you a modified version with it enabled
04:14:17ddbOh, ok...I didn't seem to have any problems wit the version you sent me :)
04:14:42merwinby the way, the custom wps file has changed a bit... it's now two lines. The first line scrolls, the second line doesn't. A good second line would be: %pc/%pt (just displays the time)
04:14:52merwinin the version that i'm sending you at least
04:15:24merwini'm compiling it for you now, what's the e-mail address again?
04:15:28pimlottcyou planning on changing the scrolling behavior?
04:15:44merwinpimlottc: yeah, that's the next thing on my list. A tag to define which line to scroll
04:16:00merwinpimlottc: that'll be working within the hour i think
04:16:02pimlottccan't wait
04:16:34merwinpimlottc: although I sorta rewrote the wps now... so i'll have to run it by zagor and them before i commit it
04:16:53*pimlottc nods
04:16:59pimlottcok easy question tho
04:17:20pimlottcwhat do you have to do to add a file to the makefile
04:17:46merwinyou don't add anything... you #include it inside of a different file :)
04:17:57merwinthe file that you're calling the function from
04:18:12merwin30 unread messages in the last 4 hours
04:18:23pimlottcthat's not really optimal tho
04:18:43merwinthen i dunno :)
04:20:43merwinRipley's believe it or not: A man dislocating his jaw to try to jam in 16 hotdogs at once
04:20:45*pimlottc is not well versed in makefiles
04:21:21merwinme neither
04:21:29merwinddb: ok, sent it. remember, now it has 2 lines :)
04:22:21pimlottci assume first line of config controls first line of display and same for 2nd
04:22:24ddbI just received, thanks, I'll let you know how it goes.
04:22:57 Quit ddb ()
04:23:27merwinhehe: Complete your Membership The credit card to which
04:23:27merwinwe sent the Member Number was added to your PayPal account on
04:23:27merwin28 July 2002, and ends in 2702
04:36:00 Join h0bby [0] (
04:56:24 Join nunya [0] (
04:56:58nunya1.3!!!! Yeeha!! Too bad I can't get 1.2 or anything to work on my player tho!! HELP!!
05:00:52merwinwhat's happening?
05:02:22merwinnunya: you there? :)
05:04:29nunyayup... i'm back... hadda go dry my eyes.. was cryin again... ;)
05:04:54nunyanothing.. zzip.... put archos.mod on player in root... still only get archos 4.53 firmmware display
05:05:18merwinwhich one are you downloading? player or player-old
05:06:08merwinjust for curiosity, try player-old
05:06:16nunyako... brb!!!
05:06:50merwinyou do rename it to archos.mod, right?
05:11:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:12:00nunyahang on.. still trying.. technical difficulties here...
05:18:31nunyanoper ... nothing
05:20:45nunyaok... im off ta bed... try this again 2morrow... later!
05:21:11 Quit nunya ()
05:42:54 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
05:54:04 Quit merwin ()
06:02:46 Join merwin|shower [0] (
06:17:09merwin|showerAnyone here want to test out custom wps on the recorder?
06:17:24 Nick merwin|shower is now known as merwin (
06:17:48merwinmecraw: dcc or e-mail?
06:18:24ecHscan i also get a copy?
06:18:29mecrawtry dcc
06:18:39merwinit may not work though :)
06:18:44merwinthe build may not work i mean
06:19:00ecHsdidnt test it?
06:19:09merwini don't have a recorder... it works fine on the player though
06:19:33merwini'm on a 14.4 internet connection right now... slow
06:19:48mecrawi can tell :)
06:20:00ecHsno need for sleep ;)
06:20:03ecHsi can wait
06:20:13merwinecHs: done :)
06:20:22ecHsin germany its already 6am :)
06:21:08merwinerr, mecraw it's done
06:21:21mecrawwhat config file do i need to create?
06:21:43ecHsmerwin.. im behiond some kind of fw.. try
06:21:54merwinmecraw: wps.config in the root folder... i'll send you a copy of it
06:22:18pimlottcany reason there is not a lcd_putc?
06:22:56merwinpimlottc: dunno
06:24:10merwinecHs: lets see if it even works at all, then i'll send it to you :)
06:24:16pimlottcwould be handy
06:24:27merwinmecraw: test out each of the wps settings please (if it works at all)
06:24:35merwinpimlottc: i was thinking the same
06:24:49ecHsmerwin: i got used to betas
06:25:17merwinecHs: heh... this is pre-alpha :)
06:25:34pimlottctesting 2 line wps?
06:25:39ecHssounds like some real 'fun' :)
06:25:47merwinpimlottc: excuse me?
06:26:05merwinecHs: if it works, then it'll work perfectly i think... it's not that much different than the code for the player, which does work
06:26:08pimlottcare you testing out the 2 line wps with echs
06:26:18merwinpimlottc: custom wps, for recorder
06:26:18pimlottcit looks like he is testing something
06:26:23pimlottcah cool
06:26:32merwinpimlottc: mecraw is seeing if it works, then i'll send it ot echs if it does
06:26:50ecHsmerwin: can you send me that mail now? i'm getting nervous :)
06:26:57merwinheh... k.
06:27:18merwinsame deal, copy the .config file to the root
06:27:18ecHsmuchos gracias
06:27:29merwinmight take a sec.. 14.4 and all
06:27:43ecHscan you send me your cfg?
06:27:51merwinecHs: yup
06:27:58merwinecHs: i created one for the recorder (very basic)
06:28:01mecrawmerwin: the screen is blank
06:28:20merwinmecraw: on which ones?
06:28:24merwinmecraw: which wps settings
06:28:30mecrawcustom wps
06:28:34merwinmecraw: how about the others?
06:28:44mecrawdidn't check
06:28:48ecHserr.. i only got the old player
06:28:56mecrawone sec
06:29:08merwinecHs: oh, heh... i'll send you the custom wps for player-old
06:29:38merwinecHs: player code works perfectly
06:29:43ecHsthe custom fonts wont work on player-old, right?
06:29:49merwinecHs: true
06:30:05ecHsi gotta buy a new one soon :)
06:30:36ecHsthe firmware for the recorder looks so damn great..
06:31:00merwinecHs: yup... i like programming for the player though, more challenging :)
06:31:25merwinecHs: sent it to e-mail
06:31:46ecHsmaybe you guys can code some 2 line pong or sth like that for the old player ;)
06:31:57mecrawmerwin: id3 tags works, custom does nothing
06:32:14pimlottcare id3v2 tags working
06:32:23merwinmecraw: the other 3 work, but custom doesn't? ok
06:32:28adi|homepimlottc: they have always worked
06:32:39merwinadi|home: they were broken for a while i think
06:32:54adi|homeonly the ones that write their data beyond the 300 byte limit
06:33:05merwinmecraw: you saved the wps.custom to the root of your recorder?
06:33:09merwinadi|home: oh
06:33:46mecrawmerwin: yes
06:34:10merwinwell, that means that it's the loading of the custom wps, not the displaying of it. yay!
06:34:39merwini think i see the error of my ways, whoops... easy mistake!
06:34:58merwini defined something for the recorder wrong
06:35:53merwinmecraw: accept the dcc :)
06:36:44*merwin crosses fingers
06:37:17ecHsthx merwin.. seems like it works
06:37:49merwinecHs: yup, should work perfectly
06:38:15ecHsi'll try with a different cfg
06:39:09pimlottcman I wish my linux kernel built this fast
06:40:07ecHspimlottc: no money for some really cool fast cpu? ;)
06:40:19mecrawmerwin: Well done!!
06:40:39merwinmecraw: all 6 lines display?
06:40:51ecHsjep thx merwin.. i'll get some sleep.. cyall
06:40:59mecrawmecraw: only 5
06:41:10merwinmecraw: are there 5 or 6 on the recorder?
06:41:13mecrawonly 5 were defined in the wps.config you sent me
06:41:33merwinmecraw: oh, heh... try putting a 6th line in there... maybe the same thing as the 4th line or something
06:41:36mecraw8 lines total, top is status bar, bottom is progress bar
06:41:42pimlottcecHs - actually I could upgrade, i've been thinking about it... but I just don't have much of a reason to
06:41:43 Nick ecHs is now known as ecHs|zZz (
06:41:54pimlottcecHs - I think I will wait for the AMD hammer to come out :)
06:41:58merwinmecraw: and the time is displayed and stuff? wow... that was a wild guess getting all of tha tworking
06:42:10merwinpimlottc: amd hammer?
06:42:22ecHs|zZzpimlottc: i'm really happy with my xp+gf4 ;))
06:42:24pimlottcmerwin - the amd 64 bit cpu
06:42:50merwinpimlottc: ahh, i would like that. right now i've got the amd 1800
06:42:53pimlottcecHs - man high end graphics cards are so damn expensive... :P
06:42:54merwinathlon xp
06:43:11merwini've only got a gf2 though
06:43:12pimlottcecHs - call me old fashioned but i can't see spending $400 on a vid card
06:43:21mecrawmerwin: all 6 lines work
06:43:48merwinmecraw: damn i'm good *grin*
06:43:49pimlottcmerwin - same here and it still does quite well for me.
06:43:54ecHs|zZzpimlottc: go buy a gf4 ti4200 some extra fans and oc it to the max.. i cant see any differnce to a xp+gf4 ti4400 or even ti 4600 :)
06:44:09merwinpimlottc: i can do everything i need to on my gf2
06:44:16pimlottcbesides, it wouldn't help much to get a gf4... i'm cpubound anyway
06:44:23ecHs|zZzalready played ut2003? :)
06:44:35pimlottcI just have an old cpu heh
06:44:48ecHs|zZzmy friends duron800+gf2gts system died.. ^^
06:45:05pimlottcit's a p3-450
06:45:24ecHs|zZzi'm running on 1024 with max details 60-100fps.. thats some serious eye candy :D
06:45:59pimlottcthe ati 9700 looks pretty damn sweet right now
06:46:26ecHs|zZzbut the ti4600 is still good enough to beat it..
06:46:40pimlottcnot in the benchmarks I saw
06:46:46ecHs|zZzi surely promise nvidia brings up some new cards on q4 release
06:46:54pimlottcoh I'm sure
06:47:01pimlottcjust that 9700 is ruling at this moment
06:47:16ecHs|zZzbut for what price? no way..
06:47:17pimlottcit also has impressive fsaa scores
06:47:30pimlottci've seen like 350
06:47:33ecHs|zZzi'm happy with qc-fsaa
06:48:22ecHs|zZzati sure does a good job.. but nvidia wont let the 9700 win ;)
06:49:19 Join elinenbe|out [0] (
06:49:27ecHs|zZzi'd love to talk some more hours but its close to 7am and i still want some sleep..
06:50:13merwinheh, g'nite echs
06:50:29pimlottcso if you get the firmware into an infinite loop will holding stop still power it down
06:50:30ecHs|zZzthx again merwin.. i'm sooooo happy :D
06:50:38pimlottcnite ecHs
06:50:55ecHs|zZznite pimlottc
06:51:04merwinelinenbe|out: what time did you do that last commit of yours?
06:51:31merwinelinenbe|out: and what time zone are you?
06:52:26elinenbe|outI am eastern time zone...
06:52:28elinenbe|outjust committed.
06:52:33 Nick elinenbe|out is now known as elinenbe (
06:52:41pimlottcnot too late yet
06:52:42merwinelinenbe: damn you :)
06:52:50elinenbemerwin: what?
06:53:36merwinelinenbe: I'm going to have to attempt to merge your patch with my changes... i basically rewrote the wps :-)
06:53:50merwinoh, it's not that much of a change
06:54:53elinenbesorry about that...
06:55:00elinenbewhat have you done with the WPS?
06:55:19elinenbeI am excited to see the changes... I just merged the seek acceleration code.
06:55:35merwinelinenbe: custom wps for both player and recorder :)
06:55:51elinenbewow! I can't wait to check it out.
06:55:59elinenbethat should be cool as heck!
06:56:07elinenbecommitt... committ... committ...
06:56:27merwinelinenbe: but to do this i had to rewrite how the wps handles updates... it now does a full refresh of the screen numerous times per second (doesn't seem to make a difference though)
06:56:46elinenbethat's fine :)
06:56:59elinenbeI can't wait for pixel by pixel scrolling...
06:57:13elinenbeI have a 3x4 font loaded onto my recorder :)
06:57:28merwini've got a player :)
06:57:33 Join Zagor [0] (
06:57:35elinenbeI like the snow screensaver!
06:57:44elinenbeearly morning for you huh?
06:57:53elinenbesome nice stuff overnight.
06:58:05elinenbethe snow screensaver is fun
06:58:08Zagoryeah. my gf goes to work early, so I get up too
06:58:15elinenbeI have a 3x4 font loaded onto my recorder :)
06:58:34elinenbeit shows where things need to be changed for the loadable fonts.
06:58:41merwinZagor: hey, got the custom wps working for both recorder and player now, perfectly fine
06:59:02merwintested with the recorder kindly by mecraw
06:59:28elinenbeZagor: the credits menu should work for smaller fonts. (fit more on the screen)
06:59:54mecrawmerwin: how about scrolling? :D
07:00:11merwinmecraw: hmm?
07:00:34mecrawscrolling in custom wps
07:01:09merwinmecraw: you just add a %s as the first two characters of the line in the wps.custom that you want to have scrolled. you can't scroll the line that has the time on it though
07:01:24merwinmecraw: remember, you can only have one %s
07:01:25elinenbemerwin: can you scroll multiple lines?
07:01:25Zagorelinenbe: yeah, I agree. we need to make everything work with different fonts
07:01:29merwinelinenbe: nope
07:02:08elinenbeanother problem with loaded fonts.... the icons (folder, playlist, cursor) should also be part of the fonts !!!!
07:02:19elinenbethey are wrong when the font is quite small or quite large.
07:02:51Zagoryes. but we can't have them part of the font. then we'd have to make all fonts ourselves...
07:03:11Zagorwe should probably have a couple of different icon sizes, though
07:03:32elinenbewell, then either multiple siez icons should be stored, or they should be synamic.
07:04:07Zagordynamic is difficult go make nice-looking. just think of the note. either ugly small, or ugly big
07:04:17Zagori think three different sizes will be good enough
07:04:28pimlottcdynamic, heh
07:04:42pimlottccall me when you get ttf fonts
07:04:45pimlottcnow that'd be impressive
07:05:02merwinnobody commit anything :)
07:05:09Zagorhaha. yeah, and butt-ugly. ever seen a ttf font compressed to 5x8?
07:05:47pimlottcwell at 12pt and such
07:05:48elinenbeI have been playing around with a ttf converter. It looks nice on some fonts.
07:06:01pimlottc(of course you'd still have to get your hinting support working well)
07:06:18Zagorpimlottc: 12t is like two or three rows max on the recorder...
07:06:39mecrawmerwin: scrolling isn't working for me
07:06:40pimlottcthis is like the filesystem discussion
07:06:50pimlottcI didn't say it'd be _useful_... :)
07:06:56merwinmecraw: excuse me?
07:07:02merwinmecraw: i thought you said it was working :)
07:07:13pimlottczagor - besides some of us only have 2 rows and we do just fine!
07:07:14mecrawmerwin: i put "%sHello there, does this line scroll? Banana Hammock" in the top line... no scroll
07:07:30elinenbesholdn't the fonts support all unicode... not just 256 ASCII characters or whatever...
07:07:30mecrawmerwin: i didn't know scrolling was supposed to work :)
07:07:38pimlottcmecraw - you often thinking of banana hammocks?
07:07:56merwinmecraw: is that line over 64 characters?
07:08:00Zagorelinenbe: yes, it should. there is some support now, we'll improve it.
07:08:17mecrawmerwin: nope - 53
07:08:20pimlottc_all_ unicode?
07:08:25merwinmecraw: hmm.. hold on
07:09:01Zagorpimlottc: well, no. that would take up too much room.
07:09:57elinenbeI have been playing with different fonts today, and I think it would be nice to have a .fonts folder where you can choose the font you want to use.
07:10:10pimlottczagor - so what are you shooting for, standard european character sets?
07:10:38Zagorpimlottc: no, we set a size limit and then people can choose themselves which subset of unicode they want in their font
07:10:46merwinmecraw: does scrolling work in any of the other modes?
07:11:02merwinit's just custom that's not scrolling?
07:11:08Zagorelinenbe: a .rockbox dir is pretty much decided already
07:11:14merwinmecraw: send me your wps.custom :)
07:11:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:12:36elinenbethat is where wps.custom will reside.
07:13:30elinenbeZagor: you do know that creating a .xxxx dir in windows is impossible unless you do it under a DOS shell. talk about answering questions!
07:13:36merwinmecraw: copy and paste it into a /msg to me
07:13:45elinenbeyou have do drop into DOS and do "mkdir .xxxx"
07:13:52elinenbeyou can't do it under the GUI
07:14:11pimlottcyou can make a batch file
07:14:14Zagorelinenbe: i know. but the other option would be to force hidden flag on, which would confuse even more people
07:14:30mecrawExcuse the following:
07:14:32mecraw%sHello there, does this line scroll? Banana Hammock
07:14:32DBUGEnqueued KICK mecraw
07:14:32mecraw%in - %id
07:14:32***Alert Mode level 1
07:14:32mecraw%fb kbit/s
07:14:49elinenbeZagor: just checking :)
07:15:05elinenbeZagor: make sure that is in bold on every page on the site.
07:15:30merwinmecraw: hmmm....
07:15:43merwinmecraw: it should scroll... i'll get to that in a couple minutes :)
07:15:45pimlottcwe should make a setting for development
07:16:00pimlottcso that when the usb cord is removed it automatically rolos
07:16:06pimlottcthat'd be nice
07:16:13Zagorwindows really fucks up people's usb connection
07:16:23merwinZagor: how so:?
07:16:35Zagorpimlottc: why? it'll be like three button presses to load the new version
07:17:04pimlottcfor developement
07:17:06Zagormerwin: *lots* of people have problems upgrading firmware, since windows doesn't flush the disk properly on eject
07:18:33merwinZagor: you have to manually click on the icon in the tray and choose safely remove
07:18:40merwinZagor: then it will work properly
07:18:50pimlottcthe general settings is getting long
07:18:52merwinZagor: might want to include that in some docs
07:18:55mecrawZagor: any timeline on wps rework? i don't want to start on something and have it all change underneath me
07:19:01Zagormerwin: no, it doesn't. at least MANY people have problems with it. magic, windows-type, problems
07:19:05pimlottcshould start breaking off into more submenus
07:19:09Zagorlook in the yahoo forum.
07:19:36Zagormecraw: "soon" :-)
07:19:37merwinmecraw: i'd wait until custom wps is implemented... it changes some of the aspects of the wps
07:19:40PsycoXuli have more problems with usb in linux than i do with windows on my archos...
07:19:52merwinPsycoXul: hehe
07:19:59elinenbeZagor: the problem is poepl do not eject.
07:20:10elinenbeZagor: they just pull out the recorder/player.
07:20:18PsycoXulits always locking up for no apparent reason and even locks magic sys-req sync and umount's
07:20:19merwinelinenbe: i agree
07:20:40elinenbeZagor: if you right click on the icon in the tray and click "safely remove" you will NEVER have a problem... I never have.
07:21:03elinenbeZagor: if you don't however... then stuff is half-written, firmware on disk does not laod, etc.
07:21:11pimlottcthe eject is poorly down in win2k... if you have the archos and a usb cdwriter connected and want to eject the archos you end up ejecting them both
07:21:15Zagorelinenbe: i really don't think that's the problem. many many people have described how they do it, and always eject, and the file won't load
07:21:18pimlottcdown = done
07:21:41PsycoXulmy ext3 filesystems have had to recover journal several times when a hung umount of my jukebox somehow blocked umounting the rest of my filesystems and made remounting them ro hang even
07:21:56Zagorcheck out this, for instance:
07:22:29ZagorPsycoXul: which kernel version are you using?
07:23:19HesRockBox 1.13? 8-)
07:24:10Zagorheh, yeah. people aren't used to sensible version names. 1.1 was frequently called 1.01 too.
07:24:17merwinZagor: that post says nothing about correctly pressing safely remove
07:24:33***Alert Mode OFF
07:24:53 Part ecHs|zZz
07:24:58PsycoXuli've never seen "safely remove" on windows
07:25:09PsycoXuljust Eject in the right click menu on the drive in explorer
07:25:11merwinZagor: can you do a "cvs update settings.h" to update only one file?
07:25:16Zagormerwin: I know. it's a long thread, and earlier about four dozen people said "eject properly" and he said "I do". and this is not a once-time thing.
07:25:22elinenbeZagor: I have never had problems on win2k or winxp on many, many, many machines.
07:25:25Zagormerwin: yes
07:25:33merwinZagor: cool
07:26:01Zagorelinenbe: maybe you could write up a little installation instruction, for dummies?
07:26:19HesRockbox for dummies. Heh.
07:27:19HesHey, i switched to #define USE_STANDBY
07:27:36Hesin ata.c - and i had 0 skips after that (driving home yesterday and to work this morning)
07:27:37Zagorskips gone?
07:27:40elinenbeZagor: I will get around to this tomorrow.
07:27:46Zagorwow... what harddisk do you have?
07:27:53Zagorelinenbe: ok
07:27:55HesOn the other hand, I don't think it spins any more.
07:28:01Hesspins down any more, that is.
07:28:07elinenbeanyonw know any links to laar (greater then 20 pixels) bdf fonts?
07:28:09Zagor?? really?
07:28:11HesThe toshiba 40G.
07:28:21HesI think Linus has the exactly same disk model
07:28:26ZagorI have it too
07:28:30Hesand he said he has similar problems with STANDBY
07:28:47HesShould USE_STANDBY be working in the current cvs ata.c code?
07:29:00Zagori'll look
07:29:11merwinelinenbe: with the accelerator, starting at 1second is not cool with me :) I had mine set to 5 seconds, what should i do?
07:29:22Hes#define CMD_STANDBY_IMMEDIATE 0xE0
07:29:22Hes#define CMD_STANDBY 0xE2
07:29:28HesWhat would be the difference between those?
07:29:47Heswe issue CMD_STANDBY
07:30:01Zagori have never seen "immediate"
07:30:18HesThose are defined in ata.c... could a disk have a timer before actually spinning down if _IMMEDIATE is not used?
07:30:38HesDo we have an ATA spec sheet somewhere? 8-)
07:30:47Zagoryeah, on the spec sheet page
07:31:03Zagorah, now I remember
07:31:19Zagoryes, IMMEDIATE is what we should use
07:31:29ZagorSTANDBY sets the disks' own timer
07:31:49HesThat would explain 8-)
07:32:28Zagorodd, how did we manage to break this? we used standby mode in 1.2...
07:32:32HesI'll try with that and see if there's skipping
07:32:35Zagordo so
07:32:36HesI was wondering the same
07:32:55Hescould browse around CVS and check the 1.2 version
07:33:41Zagorwe could, if sourceforge hadn't broken the cvs browser...
07:33:50Hesuh. 8-)
07:34:15 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|sleeps (
07:35:23merwinZagor: it's working now
07:35:38Zagorumm, what is?
07:35:46pimlottchey neat my first crash
07:35:52Zagoroh, ok. nice
07:36:11pimlottc(on my own code)
07:37:16merwinZagor: is there any way to blatently overwrite an entire file? :)
07:37:22merwinwhen commiting?
07:37:29ZagorHes: heck, I don't see how this could ever have worked... :-)
07:37:38Zagormerwin: how do you mean?
07:38:39merwinZagor: it's telling me up to date failed, because i manually cut and pasted the last two version's changes into my code (since i've drastacally changed wps.c for the custom wps). I need to just overwrite the file in cvs. The code that was changed in the last 2 versions works fine in mine
07:38:48merwinup to date check failed
07:39:15 Quit h0bby ()
07:39:25Zagorremove the file and run update again
07:41:05HesZagor: interesting. 8-)
07:41:06 Join hardeep [0] (
07:41:59merwinheya hardeep
07:43:03HesHa! Custom WPS for recorders!
07:43:21CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
07:43:21*Hes dances around his room at the office
07:43:25merwinHes: yeah, scrolling doesn't work yet for some reason in the recorder when using the custom wps file
07:43:32merwinhes: don't use it quite yet, i need to update the docs :)
07:43:35 Join Bagder [0] (
07:43:39merwinhey bag
07:44:10merwini've got 15 minutes until i see if i broke the simulators... darn :)
07:46:26mecrawmerwin: you need to add 1 space to the other options for wps in the menu
07:47:25merwinmecraw: okey
07:48:23merwinmecraw: i wonder what's wrong with the scrolling :P
07:51:21merwinmecraw: try a bit shorter line that will scroll... or maybe try scrolling the 2nd line instead
07:51:25merwinmecraw: to see what happens
07:52:19merwinmecraw: for all intents and purposes, if it scrolls the other types of wps views, it should scroll the custom wps :)
07:56:50merwinmecraw: i can't find a single thing wrong :)
07:57:34mecrawmerwin: doesn't work on another line either
07:58:19merwinHes: ok, docs are updated :-)
08:00:11merwinZagor: I made a pretty drastic change to the wps for my custom_wps... the whole wps now refreshes numerous times per second (it's the only way to support custom wps). Doesn't seem to affect the display at all though.
08:00:39merwinZagor: it's due to having the time be part of the configurable wps.... we don't know where it will be located on the screen, so we can't just update only the time
08:00:50Zagormerwin: ewww
08:01:04Bagderbut the time doesn't change "numerous times per second" ;-)
08:01:23Zagormerwin: at least cache it locally and only update if the buffer differs
08:01:27merwinBagder: but the display of the time will look choppy if it doesn't display at least 4 times per second
08:01:47merwinZagor: hmm?
08:02:15mecrawmerwin: why can't you only update the line(s) with the elapsed time in it?
08:02:16BagderI'd have some info on which line there is time info and only update those, and only if the time actually changed
08:02:42merwinBagder: I could do that
08:02:52merwinBagder: check for the tags for time in the string
08:02:58merwinand only update that one.
08:03:01Bagderlcd_update_rect() could possibly be used then too
08:03:11Bagderfor recorders
08:03:29Zagorthat would be a lot better
08:03:47merwinZagor: why bother when it's not choppy?
08:03:51Zagorand even then, sprintf to a buffer, compare it to the old and only call lcd_update if the buffer differs
08:04:08Zagormerwin: because it uses cpu better spent elsewhere
08:04:38merwinZagor: on the player it doesn't really matter... the old time display was updating almost the entire line anyways... and since one line is scrolling, it's still only updating one line
08:04:48merwinZagor: it's only the recorder that would lose cpu possibly
08:05:12Bagdernot possibly
08:05:21Bagderscreen updates are pretty costly on the recorder
08:05:35Zagor"only" recorder?
08:05:36merwinBagder: is there any way to check cpu usage with and without?
08:05:43Bagdermerwin: no
08:05:56merwinZagor: hmm?
08:06:17merwinmecraw: how's the testing going?
08:06:21Zagorrecorders are slower, and take longer updating. I will not have code wasting cpu.
08:06:30merwinZagor: *grin* k
08:06:52mecrawmerwin: ? it doesn't work
08:07:45merwinmecraw: try this... make one with all 6 lines long enough so that they will scroll... and have the %s on the first line. let's see if ANY of them are scrolling
08:08:08merwinthis is insane, that part of it is the same as with the player, and the player works fine
08:08:46merwinZagor: is there an instr() function?
08:08:58Zagorno. what would it do?
08:09:24merwinZagor: find if a string exists within a string
08:09:33merwinneedle in a haystack as php puts it
08:09:42Zagorit's called strstr() in C. but we still don't have it. :-)
08:10:10HesWould be pretty easy to do though.
08:10:10merwinZagor: to have a cache of the last wps, it would take another 384 bytes, that ok?
08:10:37merwinZagor: 64 bytes per line, 6 lines
08:10:38*Hes would like regular expressions for filename => WPS parsing 8-)
08:10:39Bagderif time is the only thing that changes, the changed-time is all that needs to be checked
08:11:03merwinHes: bah.. that'll come :)
08:11:35Zagormecraw: use bagder's solution
08:12:21mecrawZagor: you talkin' to me?
08:12:24merwinso it'll only be updating the line that has the time on it, and only once a second
08:12:59Zagormecraw: sorry, I meant merwin
08:13:01Bagderit'll need to do it faster than once a second
08:13:16mecrawZagor: we get confused all the time :D
08:13:19ZagorBagder: the check, yes. but the actual update will only be once/sec
08:13:25merwinBagder: it'll only need to update once a second though
08:13:28merwinon the screen that is
08:13:32BagderZagor: ah, yes, right
08:13:35mecrawmerwin: it tries to scroll but then stops
08:13:43merwinmecraw: excuse me?
08:14:09mecrawmerwin: it scrolls one character and then goes back to normal
08:14:18merwinwhich line scrolls? the proper one?
08:14:33merwinthat means it's doing an lcd_stop_scroll somewhere that it shouldn't be
08:15:21mecrawline 606
08:15:47merwinyou think?
08:16:04mecrawthat should go away once you only update things that change
08:16:55merwinmecraw: you're tlaking about this, right?
08:16:55merwin if(do_scroll)
08:16:55merwin {
08:16:55DBUGEnqueued KICK merwin
08:16:55merwin lcd_stop_scroll();
08:16:55merwin lcd_puts_scroll(x_val, y_val, buffer);
08:16:55***Alert Mode level 1
08:16:55merwin }
08:17:32merwinthat only gets done if do_scroll is true, which is only done when draw_screen is done, which is not done very often
08:17:41mecrawthat gets run multiple times a second, right?
08:20:14CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:20:14*merwin is stumped
08:21:16Zagori'll be away most of today (have to work! *ack* *spit* ;-> ) you'all behave, now! ;)
08:21:26merwinis this proper code?
08:21:26merwin if(scroll_line != l)
08:21:26merwin display_custom_wps(0, l, false, custom_wps[l]);
08:21:26***Alert Mode level 2
08:21:26merwin else
08:21:26***Alert Mode level 3
08:21:26merwin if(refresh_scroll)
08:21:26***Alert Mode level 4
08:21:26merwin display_custom_wps(0, l, true, custom_wps[l]);
08:21:50 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
08:22:06 Join Zagor [0] (
08:22:10 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
08:23:21merwinmecraw: and it *is* scrolling the other wps displays properly?
08:23:44mecrawi'm heading to bed... good luck
08:24:06 Nick mecraw is now known as mecraw|zzz (~kdfjs@
08:24:06DBUGEnqueued KICK mecraw|zzz
08:25:43 Quit merwin ()
08:29:29 Join bobTHC [0] (
08:29:41bobTHCgood morning!
08:30:41hardeepheya bobTHC
08:31:27***Alert Mode OFF
08:34:25 Join merwin|shower [0] (
08:34:29 Nick merwin|shower is now known as merwin (
08:34:45 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:39:00 Quit merwin ()
08:43:14 Join bobTHC [0] (
08:43:39bobTHCre (fucking windows reboot)
08:51:31CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:51:31*Bagder likes the way several archos forums have turned into rockbox-support forums ;-)
08:55:33BagderHes: I think you could add a separate Q for the deep discharge
08:55:40Bagderto make it more obvious
09:06:39 Join merwin|shower [0] (
09:06:46 Nick merwin|shower is now known as MeRWiN (
09:10:19HesBagder: Yeah, maybe.
09:11:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:15:51 Join linuxstb [0] (
09:23:10*MeRWiN is finally downloading mingw...
09:29:35 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
09:36:24 Join h0bby [0] (
09:39:10 Quit h0bby (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:06:24mbrwho #rockbox
10:06:31mbrUps :)
10:07:53mbrMorning all!
10:13:42Bagdermorning mbr
10:15:54mbrHi Bagder!
10:16:10mbrscrollbar question. Where should it go?
10:16:36mbrTo te left side of the lcd?
10:17:02Bagderand it needs to remain possible to switch on/off
10:19:13mbrOK. I'll add it to tree
10:19:37mbrbtw. are cvs brances allowed?
10:20:51Bagderwe haven't really discussed that
10:21:00Bagderyou feel a need for one?
10:21:23Bagderso far we've mainly stayed with using #ifdef WHATEVER around "experiemental" code
10:21:36mbrNot really. I was not sure how to supply a "test" version with scrollbar.
10:31:42MeRWiNBagder: how do i make the sim with mingw?
10:32:54*MeRWiN slaps Bagder around a bit with a large trout
10:34:12Bagderyou tell me
10:34:52Bagderno one has cared anough to do anything about it
10:35:09MeRWiNhow do we build the win32 sim then?
10:35:25 Join LinusN [0] (
10:35:32Bagder"we" fix the makefiles to work
10:35:48Bagder"we" in this end don't use windows
10:36:23Bagdersorry, but that's the hard reality
10:36:32Bagderwindows users don't do much of that stuff
10:36:55MeRWiNmakes it harder to debug recorder code without building the sim :)
10:37:21Bagderwell, I always build the sim ;-)
10:37:50Bagdertrust me, it didn't work when I started either *g*
10:38:03MeRWiNwhat we need is a good emulator :)
10:38:19Bagderit wouldn't solve your problem
10:38:27Bagderyou'd still not be able to build it ;-)
10:38:39MeRWiNyeah it would, someone builds the emulator and then i just plop the mod file in
10:39:10Bagderdownloading binaries? ough, how cavemanish ;-)
10:39:40Bagdernow, seriously
10:39:48Bagderwhat is the problem with mingw and the sim?
10:40:14MeRWiNi installed mingw 2.02 (not the newest 2.03... it doubles the download size)
10:40:18MeRWiNadd it to my path
10:40:54MeRWiNcreate the makefile
10:40:56MeRWiNand get this:
10:40:57MeRWiNUpdating Dependencies for dir-win32.c
10:40:57MeRWiNi386-mingw32msvc-gcc: not found
10:41:46Bagderyour compiler is probably not named like that
10:42:25 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:43:14Bagderwhat an amazing bug I got just now
10:43:16MeRWiNi wish i could get it to compile with just plain gcc
10:43:21MeRWiNcygwin is so nice
10:43:50BagderMeRWiN: so what prevents you from making that work?
10:44:06BagderI thought people already built the sim with cygwin
10:45:11MeRWiNgcc: installation problem, cannot exec `as': No such file or directory
10:45:11MeRWiNmake[1]: *** [/home/Administrator/rockbox/sim/button.o] Error 1
10:45:48Bagdercan you compile programs at all with that gcc?
10:45:58Bagder"installation problem" sounds bad
10:46:09MeRWiNwhich gcc should i use to compile this?
10:46:15MeRWiNregular gcc, sh1 gcc,
10:46:28Bagderregular gcc, the sim is built as a windows program
10:46:45MeRWiNit updates the dependencies but when it gets to button.o apparently it dies
10:47:24Bagdertry running the gcc line "by hand" on the shell prompt
10:47:42MeRWiNnow i'm getting BUTTON_MENU undeclared
10:47:52MeRWiNwhoops, wrong place to compile it :P
10:48:10MeRWiNignore that
10:50:12MeRWiNrunning that line gives me the same error
10:50:22MeRWiNgcc itself works, it compiled the tools fine
10:53:33Bagderstill, it is a problem with the gcc
10:55:02 Join h0bby [0] (
10:55:13LinusNMeRWiN: how is your path set up? And did you install gcc at the default location?
10:55:36MeRWiNcygwin set up gcc
10:56:11MeRWiNam Files/Internet Explorer:/cygdrive/c/WINNT/system32:/cygdrive/c/WINNT:/cygdriv
10:56:11DBUGEnqueued KICK MeRWiN
10:56:11MeRWiNdrive/c/Programs/kpit/GNU-SH v0202 [ELF]/Sh-elf/bin/:/cygdrive/c/Programs/kpit/G
10:56:11MeRWiNNU-SH v0202 [ELF]/Sh-elf/lib/gcc-lib/sh-elf/2.9-GNU-SH-v0202/:/cygdrive/c/Progra
10:56:11***Alert Mode level 1
10:56:11MeRWiNms/kpit/GNU-SH v0202 [ELF]/Other Utilities:/usr/X11R6/bin'
10:56:28Bagderdoes it find the wrong version of 'as' perhaps?
10:56:35MeRWiNwhat is as?
10:56:42BagderGNU assembler
10:56:47MeRWiNthat might be it
10:56:50MeRWiNit doesn't exist :)
10:57:24Bagderwell, gcc can't work without it so it must've existed if you built the tools with gcc
10:57:55MeRWiNBagder: somehow it did work, cause i've got the tools :)
10:58:17MeRWiNwhat is ld?
10:58:28LinusNthe linker
10:58:37LinusNor "loader"
10:59:01Bagderlinker in this context
10:59:07MeRWiNthat's named ld2 on my system
10:59:27Bagderwell it doesn't matter
10:59:44Bagderbecause 1. it fails before that and 2. we invoke it via gcc and it should know
11:00:13MeRWiNcan you just download gnu assembler as a single package?
11:00:56LinusNyes you can, they are called binutils
11:01:01LinusNbut i don't see the point
11:01:17LinusNif gcc was included, then as is too
11:01:46Bagderand since you used gcc fine before, you has as before
11:02:21LinusNi missed the discussion, when did it stop working?
11:02:31Bagderon the first c file
11:02:44LinusNno, you said he used gcc fine before
11:02:47Bagderrecorder sim using cygwin
11:02:54Bagderright, he could build the tools before
11:03:43MeRWiNdamn gcc is 9 megs
11:04:02LinusNi see that you have both gnush and a homebrewed SH1 compiler. why?
11:04:49MeRWiNi was trying mingw, then found out it doesn't work :)
11:05:02Bagderit works
11:05:06Bagderothers have used it
11:05:17MeRWiNfor the sim?
11:06:12***Alert Mode OFF
11:06:32Bagderits just that windows is a mess
11:06:42Bagderall compilers need their own setup
11:06:53Bagderand no one truly maintains any of them
11:08:41MeRWiNapparently some cygwin installs didn't include as or ld :P
11:08:54MeRWiNi'm searching and there's a lot of posts in various places about that
11:11:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:14:12 Quit MeRWiN ()
11:15:42LinusNbbiab? Be Back In A ...what?
11:15:58Bagderbillion years?
11:16:05CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
11:16:05*LinusN is not an Acronym Guru
11:24:48Bagderkinda amusing the riaa hack
11:50:19BagderI have another bug now
11:50:32BagderI have playback with the PAUSE symbol in the status bar
11:51:09Bagderhehe, and then the pause button doesn't work
11:51:15Bagderit only changed the symbol
11:51:40LinusNon the target?
11:51:40Bagdertry this: play a song for a while
11:51:47Bagderpress pause
11:51:50Bagderpress LEFT
11:51:53Bagderon a recorder
11:52:31BagderI don't run the absolutely latest code, but I can't recall any fixes on this
11:52:36LinusNaha, now i see
11:52:37Bagderthe pause symbol is there
11:52:45Bagdertry this a few times
11:52:52Bagdermy "total time" gets all wrong
11:55:24 Quit datazone (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:56:38 Join linuxstb [0] (
11:57:33Bagdersoooo wrong ;-)
11:59:15linuxstbLinusN - any ideas about my "12 second problem" ?
11:59:58LinusNi'm working on it now
12:00:23linuxstbThanks - let me know if I can do anything to help.
12:00:27LinusNit's not exactly 12 seconds for me, rather 17-20
12:01:09LinusNit sounds ok now
12:01:20linuxstbWhat have you changed?
12:01:39LinusNthe MAS poll timer, from 2ms to 1ms, not something i like at all
12:01:57linuxstbWhat are the consequences?
12:02:32LinusNmore CPU load
12:02:57linuxstbWhich equals more power?
12:03:56LinusNpossibly, and less responsive user interface, and...
12:05:11LinusNi wish i could use an interrupt for that...
12:05:25LinusNactually, i can on the recorder, but not on the player
12:05:39linuxstbThat suits me - I have a recorder :-)
12:06:43LinusNactually, the CPU load is worse on the recorder too, so maybe i should work on using interrupts on the recorder
12:07:20LinusNi'll commit the poll timer change, and go to work on the interrupt at a later time
12:07:47linuxstbOK - thanks. I'll test it now and report back.
12:14:25linuxstbThanks a lot. Is it worthwhile for me to try values between 1ms and 2ms ?
12:15:47 Join datazone [0] ([exHjfH2mg@
12:16:11LinusNlinuxstb: not really
12:16:33linuxstbOK - I'll leave it alone.
12:17:43LinusNBagder: what was the policy again? Close bug reports only on releases?
12:30:05 Join alkorr [0] (
12:30:12LinusNyo alan!
12:30:19alkorrYo Linus
12:30:20LinusNlong time no see
12:30:37alkorryes that's true.
12:30:45LinusNlong vacation eh?
12:30:51alkorryeah ;)
12:33:22alkorrwell i must reinstall everything, i thought it was my harddisk that crashes but it is my rack indeed but as I have already buy a new harddisk :/
12:33:41LinusNreinstalling, that's fun
12:34:38alkorrnot so much for me, I need to recollect all my settings and softwares
12:35:03LinusNi know, it sucks
12:35:38alkorrhow is Zagor ?
12:35:54alkorri mean how fine
12:38:16LinusNhe's fine i think
12:39:23alkorrwell, i have some to do, see you later
12:39:32 Part alkorr
12:43:04Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
12:43:16Mode"#rockbox +o adi|home " by LinusN (
12:43:18Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by LinusN (
12:43:25Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor|away " by LinusN (
12:48:50datazoneguess i am going to have to stay home today so that fedex can finaly deliver my 30G drive for my jukebox
12:49:29LinusN"worth waiting for"
12:49:35datazonei guess
12:49:59datazonei hope my boss dont mark it off as "time off"
12:50:16datazonei put in alot of extra time all over the place, not to mention that 12 hours on sunday
12:52:05datazonehmmm.. running remote apps over a dial-up is pretty weak
12:54:07datazonehey LinusN, when is rockbox going to have 10% more ball juice than any other archos jukebox firmware?
12:55:06LinusNi am a lame swedish coder, i don't know what "10% more ball juice" means :-)
12:55:18datazonei see
12:55:33datazonedamn swedes
12:55:55datazonethe only swede i know dont like finns
12:56:15LinusNthey don't know a single word of plain english... :-)
12:56:34datazonei see, you dont have any love for the finns wither?
12:56:51LinusNi was talking about the swedes :-)
12:57:40LinusNi mean, "10% more ball juice", that's plain simple everyday english
12:57:51datazonei guess
12:58:10LinusNoh yeah
12:59:14LinusNso, back to your question, what were you asking? :-)
12:59:31LinusNwhen we will rock even more?
12:59:50datazoneits like asking: "when will rockbox whip the llama's arse?"
13:00:53datazonewhat would be cool is if when the jukebox loaded the rockbox firmware, it could have a "splash sound"
13:01:06datazoneso it could say cool stuff
13:11:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:15:03LinusNwhy not? that would be very easy
13:21:09BagderLinusN: right, Zagor wants the bug reports closed on releases. I'd rather have them closed when fixed
13:21:18 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
13:21:37*Bagder updated mucho
13:22:45 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
13:23:58LinusNwe still have key detection problems on old recorders...
13:25:23LinusNit's not easily solved
13:26:18Bagderso you know why it happens?
13:26:37langhaarrockerLinuxdummyquestion: How do I extend the PATH environment variable in cygwin?
13:26:57LinusNBagder: yes, his UP key gives very low A/D readings
13:27:29Bagderlanghaarrocker: 'export PATH="${PATH}:/new/piece/to/add"'
13:28:09langhaarrockerBadger: Thanx
13:28:09langhaarrockerLinusN: Maybe the bug is squished between the button contacts?
13:28:21LinusNbut his UP key readings vary a lot, so i suspect that it is broken
13:28:22PsycoXulyou know something keeps making me want to put the words "Don't Panic!" in large friendly letters accross the front of my jukebox
13:28:25LinusNlanghaarrocker: :-)
13:29:48Bagderany feelings on adding a footer to mails sent to the mailing list?
13:29:58Bagderlike a FAQ pointer
13:30:03LinusNi hate footers
13:30:09Hesfooters suck
13:30:18Hesif they don't read the welcome mail, they won't read footers
13:30:19LinusNand i'm not sure that will cure the FAQ-blindness
13:30:22Hesand they're stupid
13:30:50LinusNit'll just increase the archive size
13:31:07LinusNjust like those PGP blobs :-)
13:31:50HesLinusN: btw - the current CVS code with STANDBY defined instead of SLEEP in ata.c did not skip at all
13:32:01LinusNi figured that
13:32:13LinusNand my box is HOT with SLEEP
13:32:15Heson the other hand - it didn't spin the disk either since it issued ATA_STANDBY command instead of ATA_STANDBY_IMMEDIATE 8-)
13:32:33LinusNhehe, and when you changed that?
13:32:49HesI didn't change that
13:32:58Hesthat's what the current cvs ata.c does
13:32:59Hesit's a bug in there
13:33:22LinusNno, i mean did it skip when you corrected that bug?
13:33:29Hes08:32 < Zagor> odd, how did we manage to break this? we used standby mode in 1.2...
13:33:34Hes08:37 < Zagor> Hes: heck, I don't see how this could ever have worked... :-)
13:33:46HesI didn't try that yet
13:33:53Hesi fixed that bug now, will try it this evening
13:39:34LinusNHes: I have a theory
13:40:06LinusNthe wait_for_rdy() code may be flawed
13:40:22LinusNit waits for !BSY and then expects RDY to be 1
13:40:40LinusNit would probably have to wait for RDY to become 1 as well
13:40:48HesHmm, interesting.
13:41:05*Hes walks back to office from the machine room
13:43:23LinusNi really think that wait_for_rdy() is flawed
13:50:20Bagderto prove how evil I am, I'll not update the player manual
13:50:33LinusNHes: I have corrected wait_for_rdy() now
13:50:35langhaarrockerIs the uisimulator known to work with WindowsXP?
13:50:45Bagderlanghaarrocker: I think so
13:52:01 Quit Blaster_Master (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:52:17LinusNgotta go now
13:52:21LinusNcu guys!
13:52:24Bagderbye LinusN
13:52:29bobTHC bye
13:52:34 Part LinusN
13:53:42langhaarrockerIs the recordersimulator known to be broken currently?
13:57:16Bagderis it?
13:57:29langhaarrockerOr it works strange under WindowsXP
13:58:08BagderI have no idea
14:03:33 Part langhaarrocker
14:03:49PsycoXulok as of current cvs
14:04:03PsycoXulthe config for FF/rewind accel doesn't display right
14:04:32 Join diddystar5 [0] (
14:04:41PsycoXulthe actualy line that shows the setting shows other general settings menu options and misc garbage
14:05:17PsycoXulah going all the way left started showing something that makes sense
14:05:39PsycoXulit was probably my old setting of 30 seconds... it use the same config byte or whatever?
14:06:18 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
14:06:58diddystar5ahh leaving to regon today
14:09:06diddystar5i go bye
14:09:08 Quit diddystar5 (Client Quit)
14:11:42langhaarrockerThe simulator shows the animated battery loading symbol and the Vol. symbol in the archos design, F1 doesn't pop up any menu, with the curser you can navigate over menu items that don't exist, ... Is that how it should be?
14:16:43langhaarrockerDoes it something different with the unix build?
14:17:11Bagdersome things of course, but the main stuff should be the same
14:22:34 Join Snorlax [0] (
14:23:06langhaarrockerWhat I meant: does the linux build of the recorder simulator seem to work properly on the current sources?
14:24:46 Join RipnetUK [0] (
14:25:01Bagderyes, I haven't noticed any obvious flaws
14:25:14Bagdercan you tell me one flaw you can repeat?
14:25:22Bagderso I can try
14:26:36langhaarrockerF1 doesn't pop up any menu
14:27:01Bagderthe % key you mean?
14:27:51Bagderhm, maybe the win sim have the keys differently
14:27:57Bagderwell I get a menu
14:28:41langhaarrockershould I be able to operate the keys by mouse?
14:28:48BagderI don't know
14:29:02BagderI've never even seen the win32 simulator
14:29:09Bagderin that aspect, they differ a lot
14:29:41langhaarrockerBut you also get the animated battery loading symbol in the archos design?
14:30:15langhaarrockerThat's what I get
14:30:19Bagderit looks like a fully charged battery to me
14:30:59langhaarrockerAnd on the right top edge there is the volume display as known from the original recorder firmware
14:31:26Bagdernot here
14:36:12 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
14:36:33 Join Snorlax [0] (
14:41:21Bagderdesign #25 in place
14:42:40bobTHCpowered by brain ...:)
14:44:06bobTHC25 design, it's a pretty number...
14:44:17Bagderquite a lot indeed
14:44:55bobTHCand it's not finish...
14:45:09Bagderbut very soon
14:45:52bobTHC2 days left....
14:46:20HesI like 23 and 24 a lot.
14:47:40bobTHCfor back or front...?
14:48:17Bagderwell the competition rules actuall don't mention which side the print is for ;-)
14:48:48Bagderthen again, they say "single sided" too...
14:49:21BagderI'm sure we'll work it out ;-)
14:49:33bobTHCof course...
14:58:10mbrBagder: What shall I do with the scrollbar enabling code? check it in or send a patch to ML?
14:58:19*adi|home is kinda sorry that he was the first to ask to bend the rules
14:58:33adi|homecause everyone faollowed...
14:58:36*adi|home is a trend setter
14:59:19mbrBagder: Will not get into conflict with the CodePolice :)
15:00:47 Nick Zagor|away is now known as Zagor (
15:01:31mbrHi Zagor!
15:02:07mbrI have enabled the scrollbar in tree and menus. What shall I do with the code? check in or patch to ML?
15:02:27Zagorsend a patch first
15:03:14BagderZagor: now fix the web so that it updates on head.t changes too :-)
15:03:24*Bagder fixed the manual link
15:03:41Zagorblueh. dependencies suck! ;)
15:05:26 Join fdfdsf [0] (
15:05:26 Quit fdfdsf (Client Quit)
15:11:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:13:39 Quit linuxstb (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:14:13 Join sylvr [0] (
15:14:39BagderI updated the recorder manual
15:14:44Bagdernow it is somewhat up-to-date
15:14:57Bagdersomeone else need to fix the player one
15:15:23 Quit fragglet (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:17:21adi|homecan someone explain this submission to me...
15:17:22adi|homeInstead of replacing the 20Gb HD by a 40Gb, I'd rather
15:17:23adi|homehave mp3 pro proper decoding to gain some space :)
15:17:23DBUGEnqueued KICK adi|home
15:17:23adi|homeIs it possible a least ?
15:17:39adi|homewhat is mp3 pro?
15:17:54Zagorthe New Shiny (and very expensive) Codec from Fraunhofer.
15:18:02Zagorclaims good quality at 64 kbit
15:18:22Zagorit's not true, of course.
15:18:32Zagorbut that doesn't stop people from drooling about it.
15:19:02adi|homewhy isn't it true?
15:19:17Zagorthe quality isn't that good
15:19:46Zagornot really snake oil, but 64kbit mp3pro sounds worse than 128kbit mp3
15:19:51Zagorand they claim similar quality
15:20:18Zagorit *is* a more efficient codec, though. so it's not all a bluff.
15:20:38Zagorthen again, why opt for yet another patented codec when there's ogg?
15:20:55CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:20:55*adi|home screams
15:21:07Bagderonly because thompson scares people off by showing them their lawyers
15:21:13adi|home"Ive looked in the archive.. but i was too lazy to read the FAQ... can we play other formats?"
15:21:18*adi|home screams somemore
15:22:16langhaarrockeradj|home: Do you vote for a qualification test before users may subscribe to the mailing list? ;)
15:22:33Bagderhehe, another one found the bugs I saw
15:22:40ZagorHes: did the STANDBY_IMMEDIATE fix your skipping?
15:22:45 Join fragglet [0] (
15:22:46HesI didn't test yet
15:23:04HesCan do one or two good tests a day 8-)
15:25:14adi|homeI think i need to find out where this Steve Lhomme lives
15:25:18adi|homeand slash his car tires
15:25:54 Join quelsaruk [0] (
15:25:56langhaarrockeradj|home: he doesn't write mails with car tires
15:26:36adi|homebut if he has to replace his tires.. he's away from the comp that much longer :)
15:26:58 Quit fragglet (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:27:01 Join fragglet [0] (
15:28:10Zagordoes anyone have any idea why google refuses to index the mail archive?
15:29:16Zagormakes the search form rather useless
15:30:36Bagderthe July archive seems to be there
15:30:55PsycoXulgoogle's usualy at least a month behind
15:31:01ZagorBagder: that's because the search form currently uses the old address. try and it only shows the web pages
15:31:36ZagorPsycoXul: I know. but now it has indexed the new domain, but not the mail archive pages
15:31:48PsycoXulheh *shrug*
15:34:16adi|homeokay.. i address the other format question again in the faq.. new question
15:34:20adi|homeand its the last fuckign one
15:35:21langhaarrockermaybe you should take a deep breath and calm down before extending the faq... :)
15:39:27 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
15:47:45BagderI've seen that 1024kbit bug too
15:47:58Bagderbut only when I used 'prev'
16:00:52 Join Ucender [0] (
16:07:22 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
16:07:32 Nick mecraw|zzz is now known as mecraw (~kdfjs@
16:07:32DBUGEnqueued KICK mecraw
16:09:35Zagori've seen it too
16:09:45Zagorbit it always went away
16:09:54Zagori blame bad state handling
16:10:23BagderI had a song playing along fine with it on screen
16:10:34Bagderbut then I tried next -> prev
16:10:39Bagderand it didn't appear again
16:11:23bobTHCwhat u think about a XML favorite & contact manager like on the ipod... (for the 2.x version of course) ?
16:11:39Bagderfine, except that XML will be a huge overkill
16:12:30bobTHCnot totally xml compliant, just @ least Vcard compliant...
16:14:47bobTHCbut of course without diskwriting it only can be a viewer and not "manager".. ;)
16:15:39ZagorbobTHC: great idea. can you write the first version?
16:16:45bobTHCi haven't the C skills, perhaps after december..(i start C course)
16:16:55bobTHCsorry zagor :(
16:17:03Zagorno problem
16:24:13 Quit elinenbe|sleeps ()
16:26:22Bagdertime to go
16:26:23 Part Bagder
16:32:31CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
16:32:31*bobTHC add : for interested people , info on Vcard and Vcalendar @
16:33:35 Nick mecraw is now known as mecraw|away (~kdfjs@
16:33:35DBUGEnqueued KICK mecraw|away
16:49:05Zagoradi|home: you here?
16:49:24Zagor"A whole bunch of us at work have Archos players / recorders. I discovered your FAQ today and past it around the office, to much amusement. We have decided to prepare our FAQ's to a similar style and standard."
16:49:26 Join alkorr [0] (
16:49:40bobTHCI Post Vmanager as Request ?
16:49:46ZagorbobTHC: sure
16:49:49Zagorhi alan!
16:49:53adi|homei love it
16:49:56adi|homethanks Zagor :)
16:50:07alkorrhi Zagor !
16:50:09Zagori thought you should get the credit :)
16:50:10CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
16:50:10*adi|home puffs up his chest and all
16:50:18adi|homeyou get that in an email?
16:50:34adi|homemind sending me a copy?
16:54:03 Join Deadsense [0] (
16:55:15langhaarrockermaybe the line "- Support playing of other files types (ie: Ogg Vorbis support)" should be deleted from Q17 in the faq?
16:55:37Zagorlanghaarrocker: why? nobody ever reads it anyway. ;-)
16:56:21adi|homewhy do you want to delete it langhaarrocker?
16:57:28langhaarrockerI should have put ;) behind it. The line might inspire strange thoughts in Steve Lhommes head...
16:58:02adi|homeim on the verge of telling the next motherfucker that asks about formats to 'LEARN TO FUCKING READ YOU BASTARD!"
16:58:21datazoneso adi|home, what formats are supported now? :)
16:58:30*datazone runs
16:59:18 Quit Deadsense ()
17:01:51langhaarrockerAnd what is more important: Is there a way to make the Jukebox never never never play specific songs that should be forbidden for obvious bad taste?
17:02:08quelsarukZagor: the first thing i did when i first tried rockbox was reading the FAQ... am i a strange man?
17:02:17adi|homehehehe i love that FAQ email.. thanks Zagor :)
17:02:21adi|homemakes me feel really good
17:02:24Zagorquelsaruk: you're a hero! ;)
17:02:26Zagoradi|home: yeah
17:02:35adi|homeyup quelsaruk
17:02:40adi|hometruth is.. alot of ppl do that
17:02:45adi|homethen read the mail and irc archives
17:02:52Zagormost sensible people do, yes
17:02:58adi|homeits just that the random few that dont are soooo blaringly obvious
17:03:01Zagorthat's why we don't see them post silly questions to the list
17:03:22quelsarukZagor: it's just common sense, if i come here afterwadrs and start asking questions in the FAQ... you could think i'm stupid, or even worst
17:03:30 Part Ucender ("A+")
17:04:39Zagorquelsaruk: oh, we'd *never* think that ;->
17:05:47quelsarukZagor: do you know if linus is comming today?
17:06:00Zagori don't know. i've been away most of the day myself.
17:07:21quelsarukby the way Zagor
17:07:39quelsarukMor du br? <−−- as you can see i'm learning swedish :)
17:08:02Zagorwell you have a bit left. :-) "Mr du bra" is the correct spelling.
17:08:25quelsaruki'm not perfect
17:11:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:17:51adi|homeZagor i ment to ask
17:17:54*bobTHC says : Vmanager request posted ...
17:17:57adi|homehow do you do those special chars?
17:18:55 Join Heltrskeltr349 [0] (
17:19:28adi|homeno no no.. i mean here :)
17:19:36Zagoryou mean ?
17:19:48Heltrskeltr349anybody know why I get a "required .DLL file, MSVCR70.DLL, was not found" error when I try to run the simulator?
17:20:16adi|homeyeah.. those
17:20:32Zagorthey're on the swedish keyboard layout
17:20:39adi|homelooks like its looking for a visual c dll
17:20:45adi|homeahh.. okay..
17:21:05Heltrskeltr349hmm..i guess I should find it then
17:21:27adi|homety :)
17:22:59 Quit sylvr (Remote closed the connection)
17:24:43quelsarukHeltrskeltr349: i can send it to you.. i have it on my win2k partition :)
17:25:32alkorrquelsaruk, i need it too
17:25:57Heltrskeltr349actually, I'm getting it now
17:26:01Heltrskeltr349thanks anyways though :)
17:26:13quelsarukwait a minute so.. alkorr, i'll send you via dcc
17:26:38langhaarrockerNow I'm thrilled to see wether your uisimulator work properly!
17:27:18quelsaruki couln't use win simulator... i don't know why
17:27:34Heltrskeltr349it didn't run on win98 or winxp
17:27:42quelsarukneither win2k
17:28:13quelsarukedx made simulator run on his winxp
17:29:04quelsarukin win2k it entered into a loop, and crashed
17:29:17langhaarrockerI get something running on winxp, too, but it doesn't do anything similar to the rockbox firmware.
17:29:37 Join sylvr [0] (
17:31:07langhaarrockerWhat do you other windows users use to compile the uisimulators? VC6? VC7?
17:32:17Heltrskeltr349alright it's running now
17:32:52langhaarrockerdoes it behave somehow as expected?
17:32:54bobTHCVC 7 isn't .NET C# ?
17:33:14quelsarukalkorr: are you getting that dcc?
17:33:47langhaarrockerNET c#? Is that free?
17:34:04alkorrsurely not
17:34:13langhaarrockeroch menno
17:34:17bobTHCu know a lot of thing free for Micro$oft ???
17:34:49langhaarrockerDidn't know NET c# at all-> neither that it's by MS
17:35:26Heltrskeltr349none of the buttons are working
17:35:35Zagorit's called "C Hash" -> Cash. That's all they want from you. ;)
17:35:47bobTHCheltuse keyboard. is kind of cool
17:36:20Zagoryeah. like tooth aches.
17:37:14langhaarrockerHeltrskeltr349: Have you tried the cursor left / cursor right / Enter Keys? The seemed to do at least somehting - even if unpredictable.
17:37:39fraggletno seriously its one of the few cool things i've seen microsoft do
17:37:49Heltrskeltr349that kinda sucks
17:37:52fraggletlooks really good
17:38:17bobTHCfragglet : cool thing from kro$oft ?
17:39:06bobTHCjust usable but surely not "cool" nor "clean"
17:39:45langhaarrockerI just saw someone with THC in his name use the word clean.
17:40:21bobTHCTHC is surely more clean than microsoft bunch of crooks ...
17:42:36langhaarrockerThe problem is: They're high on money... is basically java but microsoft have the power to make it succeed
17:43:17Zagorfragglet: you are talking about C#. .Net is vastly larger and more sinister.
17:43:27fraggleti wouldnt call it sinister
17:43:40fraggletits like java but with more languages
17:43:59fraggletwhich is one of the cool things
17:44:04langhaarrockerant with this C# you can get the uisumulator running?
17:44:06Zagoragain, you are only looking at a small subset. step back a bit and look at the big pictire.
17:44:13fraggleti am
17:44:54fraggletits all it is really
17:44:59ZagorC# is not .Net. CLR is not .Net.
17:45:00fraggletif you look at the diagrams for the java framework
17:45:11fraggletand the diagrams for .net
17:45:14fraggletthey are almost identical
17:45:22fraggletwith different names
17:45:31bobTHCit's just parts of the "kill'them'all" Kro$oft business plan ....
17:45:53fraggletyeah whatever
17:45:55bobTHCand this plan looks working very good...
17:46:15fraggletjvm -> clr
17:46:18fraggletc# -> java
17:46:26ZagorThe .Net plan also includes Passport, Hailstorm etc. It's not a language, it's a business model.
17:46:26fraggleter switch those heh
17:46:55fraggletthats just the authentication part
17:47:00fraggletwhich is really just a library
17:47:23fraggletand from what i understand its modular
17:47:35bobTHCbackdoors, spyware, really modular...
17:48:13fraggletbobTHC: please continue, everything you write makes me crack up laughing :)
17:48:28 Join hardeep [0] (
17:48:54Hadakafragglet: don't you stop either :)
17:49:05bobTHChey : fragglet : I'm using win2K
17:49:34bobTHClook @ CTCP version...
17:49:36fraggletanyway i think its just really good technology
17:50:13fraggletif you see past your microsoft prejudices and look at it properly you can see
17:50:38Zagordon't confuse "prejudice" with "experience"
17:52:46 Quit Heltrskeltr349 ()
17:53:44Zagorsorry, didn't mean to kill the discussion ;)
17:56:52langhaarrockerIs there any code that relates to decoding mp3 frameheaders or similar yet?
17:57:09Zagoryes, in id3.c
17:58:51bobTHCfragglet :at all It's just an ethical and seriousness question.
18:00:06bobTHCI'm surely too romantic (perhaps pots do that)...
18:02:47 Part langhaarrocker
18:03:21bobTHCCU soon...
18:03:34 Part bobTHC
18:05:35 Join nuphem [0] (
18:06:03nuphemhi! can anyone help me?
18:06:13nuphemproblems with rockbox recently
18:07:16Zagorwhat problems?
18:08:06nuphem2 of em
18:08:22nuphem1- none of my directories show up on v 1.3 or later
18:08:33nuphemi haven't loaded any earlier ones since 1.2 (i was away)
18:09:09nuphem2- i mentioned this 2 weeks ago−− when i disconnect my usb i just get a message mount = -1
18:09:53quelsarukmaybe it's the new "hide option", or not zagor?
18:10:01Zagorcould be
18:10:02nuphemi toggled all of those settigns
18:10:06nuphemnothing helped
18:10:27nuphemunless there's something major that i missed
18:13:23Zagornuphem: have you ever seen directories with rockbox?
18:13:51nuphemyeah, sure
18:16:33Zagorsince when doesn't it work?
18:17:24nuphemwell as i said, i havent tried anything between v.1.2 and v.1.3, but somewhere in there it stopped working
18:23:45hardeepokay, rewind/pause/playback bug should be fixed
18:24:33hardeepanyone have or know where I can find really, really long mp3 files?
18:25:14Zagorno idea
18:25:23nuphemhow long is that?
18:25:55hardeepbug reports 3 hours and 5 hours, heh
18:26:24nuphemoh... i dont either then
18:26:29 Join webbie_ [0] (
18:27:12nuphemso zagor have any ideas on either problem?
18:29:37 Quit webbie (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:29:47Zagorcan't say I do. you probably have some strange partition or something.
18:36:00 Quit nuphem (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:47:10quelsaruki have a question not related with rockbox.. just if someone knows how to help me: i have a ntfs partition and want to make it fat32 (so i can access it from both linux and windows) how can i do this without loosing my info?
18:47:32Zagorquelsaruk: backup, reformat, restore
18:47:57Zagoractually, linux can read ntfs disks. it just can't write to them.
18:47:59quelsarukthat's my last option..
18:48:04quelsaruki know
18:48:16quelsarukbut i need to write into it
18:48:37Zagormaybe you can borrow another harddisk to make a temporary backup?
18:49:01Zagorthere's no way to "convert" from one file system to another
18:49:34quelsarukwell, you can "migrate" from fat32 to nfts
18:49:47Zagorreally? that's quite a trick...
18:49:58quelsarukbut i can't find the way to migrate from ntfs to fat32
18:50:17quelsaruki think it's just a one-way migration
18:50:27alkorrZagor, it can write but in experimental way ;)
18:50:43Zagorheh, yeah. I wouldn't trust it though :)
18:51:21alkorryes i did set it on and have be able to write into a ntfs
18:51:33quelsarukwell... i suppose i will backup my info in another drive and format the partition
18:51:50alkorrit's better :)
18:54:13 Join nuphem [0] (
18:54:30nuphemsorry, i had some internet problems
18:55:15nuphembut im back and i know you're all just so excited...
18:57:48nuphemshall i repeat my problems?
18:58:19quelsarukno, nuphem
18:58:27quelsarukbut i have no idea...
18:58:51nuphemwould it help to know when each of them began?
18:59:02Zagornuphem: yes
18:59:06 Nick dwihno|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
18:59:09dwihnoGood evening
18:59:21quelsarukhave you turned on show hidden files??
18:59:21Zagornuphem: can you try the daily builds and see if any of them work?
18:59:23dwihnoZagor: you're here 24/7 to prevent ugly code from entering the CVS?
18:59:52Zagordwihno: yup :)
18:59:58*Zagor is The Code Police
18:59:58nuphemquelsaruk: yes
19:00:23nuphemzagor: old ones i assume. recent ones doent seem to work
19:00:35Zagornuphem: yes. try the oldest first
19:00:52nuphemokie dokie
19:00:55*dwihno is gfx dude, the sidekick of the code police ;D
19:01:37Zagorwe should make a movie
19:01:53dwihnoBruce Willis would play me
19:02:01Zagorwoody allen would play me
19:02:04dwihnoand Rowan Atkinson would do the Zagor part :)
19:02:16Zagorhehe, excellent choice!
19:02:34dwihnoBut who would do Linus and Bagder?
19:02:43dwihnoThe Olsen-twins? :)
19:03:23dwihnoZagor: is there custom WPS support for the recorder in?
19:03:51Zagorat least i haven't seen it in the cvs logs
19:04:16dwihnoIt would be neat though
19:04:24Zagorit sure would
19:04:49dwihnobut the "parse" mode is gay
19:05:04dwihnoit bugs out on me every day
19:05:15dwihnoI just want it to go away
19:05:20alkorrpoetry ?
19:05:24dwihnoSo what do you say?
19:05:53dwihnojust me wanting the code fixed :)
19:06:21dwihnoI comment the "strip mp3"-part to keep it intact
19:06:30Zagori'm currently doing a Massive Rewrite of the wps, so you'll have to wait a bit
19:07:10dwihnoWhy rewrite it?
19:07:17Zagorbecause it's a horrible mess
19:07:24dwihnoMR-WPS - the massively rewritten wps :D
19:07:33nuphemok zagor well i get some new weird shit with daily build from the 24th (oldest on the site)
19:07:50Zagornuphem: such as?
19:08:35nuphemwell with case sensitive off
19:08:54nuphemi get nothing, same as what i have gotten on other versions
19:09:07nuphemwhich is just a cursor and no folders
19:09:44nuphembut with it on, i get folder icons with ???? as the first name and ????????.??? as the rest
19:10:23nuphemand i get Roc?# as the very last entry
19:10:29Zagorseriously wacko stuff
19:11:03nuphemi can give more details about its wackness but i assume we're beyond all normal signs here?
19:11:06ZagorRoc?# is the settings sector. this means it's mounting the partition on the wrong start sector
19:11:17Zagoryes, way beyond...
19:11:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:11:41nuphemso is that good news to see Roc?# −− dont we know the problem at least somewhat
19:12:58Zagornot really... it can't find a sane partition, so tries to mount the disk raw, and it fails. that's my best guess.
19:13:07Zagoryou are using windows, right?
19:13:56nuphembut i do have access to linux
19:14:53Zagoryou do? can you plug in the archos and run "fdisk -l /dev/sda" ?
19:16:07nuphemwell to be honest i cant really get to it now and have internet access... the network around here is really messed up
19:16:15nuphemat least for the time being
19:16:22Zagorok :(
19:16:29Zagori'd like to see how the disk looks
19:17:03nuphembut fdisk is in dos, i can do that, right
19:17:11nuphemor something with it at least
19:17:11Zagorno you need the linux fdisk
19:17:20Zagordos fdisk can't see the usb drive
19:21:05quelsarukif you have partition magic you can see the usb drive
19:21:23dwihnoNow I remember
19:21:33dwihnoI was supposed to ask you Zagor about some hardware stuff...
19:22:10dwihnoZagor: I've been looking around for an external USB 2.0 cabinet. Is there a risk there's another ATA-USB bridge than the ISD-300?
19:22:39dwihnoDon't say so! :(
19:23:46dwihnois there some way to check what kind of bridge hardware there is without tearing the unit apart?
19:24:10Zagorask the vendor
19:24:20Zagoror plug it into a linux box and examine /proc/bus/usb
19:24:36Zagorevery USB controller has a unique ID, just like PCI devices
19:24:52Zagorisd300 is 05ab:0060
19:24:53dwihnoah, okay
19:25:28 Quit nuphem (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:25:41 Join nuphem [0] (
19:26:03dwihnoAs long as the bridge hardware is mass storage compliant...
19:26:15nuphemwell thats an example of our excellent network here
19:26:46Zagornuphem: looks like fun :)
19:26:49dwihnothe taiwanese company skymaster has made some USB 1.1 cabinets which uses the ISD-200, so I mailed them and asked about the USB 2 model, no answers :(
19:28:16nuphemso is there anything useful i can do through windows?
19:28:45Zagornuphem: i'm not sure. maybe partition magic can tell you how the disk is partitioned?
19:28:49quelsarukpartition magic?
19:29:08quelsaruk(it was a retoric question)
19:29:10nuphemyeah i was just trying to convince my brother to give it to me
19:31:24Zagoraaah. cut down wps_show() from 567 to 320 lines
19:31:31Zagor230 even
19:31:52Zagorhope it works ;)
19:33:55nuphembtw zagor i had that other issue when i disconnect the usb, i get a message that reads 'mount = -1'
19:34:12Zagornuphem: it's probably the same thing
19:35:15nuphemeven though it worked way back when i could actually see folders?
19:35:54quelsaruknuphem: now i can remember something like that happend to me 1 year ago
19:35:59quelsarukusing archos firmware
19:36:17Zagornuphem: i guess you don't want to try reformatting the disk?
19:36:34nuphemno not again... well i suppose it's not so bad if i just back it up first...
19:36:34quelsarukyou dont need to format
19:36:54quelsarukif only i can remember how i made it work...
19:37:12nuphemno im sure this is all a result of windows having partitioned my disk
19:37:27quelsarukis something like that
19:37:37quelsarukshit, i can't remember the english word
19:37:49quelsarukin spanish is "tabla de contenidos"
19:38:08nuphemtable of contents?
19:38:33nuphemeducated guess ;)
19:39:06quelsarukarchos had an utility to repair it, but just worked on AJB6B with a 6 Gb hd
19:39:34quelsarukso i repaired it by myself
19:39:43quelsarukbut i can't remember how
19:39:55nuphemonly 6gb?
19:40:17quelsarukyes.. i tried with my 30Gb hd and didn't work
19:40:59nuphemoh hey that reminds me
19:41:10nuphemwhy can't you toggle repeat?
19:41:22nuphemi like when my playlists end
19:41:34quelsarukhave you ever disconnected usb cable before umounting the drive??
19:41:34Zagorwell, we just haven't fixed that yet
19:42:06nuphemoh ok
19:42:25nuphemyeah sometimes it just slips my mind, all that unmounting stuff
19:42:34quelsarukthat's why you have this problem
19:43:25nuphemwhat has changed since v. 1.2 era that doesn't let recent versions cope with this problem
19:43:28Zagorquelsaruk: what does "XD" mean?
19:43:35Zagora smiley?
19:44:09quelsarukis like :D but when you have your eyes closed... they seem to be a x
19:44:25quelsaruk(is quite common in spain, sorry)
19:46:02Zagornuphem: have you tried 1.2 now and verified it works?
19:46:15nuphemoh yeah it always worked
19:46:32Zagorwhen did you last run it?
19:47:07nuphemjust now
19:48:55Zagoruhhh, have an idea...
19:49:04Zagorbut I would really like to see your partition table
19:49:19Zagor1.2 searched for valid FAT32 partitions, and only mounted those
19:49:21 Join fulama [0] (
19:49:39Zagor1.3 tries to mount each partition in sequence, and stops when it succeeds mounting one
19:49:42 Nick fulama is now known as Dexter (
19:50:23Zagorso if you have one bogus fat partition first, it will be mounted by 1.3 instead of the proper later partition
19:50:33Zagorhi Dexter
19:50:38nuphemhi dexter
19:50:42Dexterwho speak french ???
19:51:00quelsarukalkorr.. i suppose
19:52:12nuphemwell i can guess where that bogus one came about
19:52:36quelsarukZagor: just one question, can you make rockbox to stop playing after the last song of a directory is played?
19:52:44Zagorquelsaruk: currently not
19:53:20Zagornuphem: we did it like this because so many archoses have wrong partition type and thus rockbox refused to mount them
19:53:28quelsaruki know currently not... but as you are re-writing wps, maybe you would like to change that "playing" option :)
19:53:51Zagorquelsaruk: it's a bit more than just the wps i'm afraid :)
19:55:38quelsarukZagor one question about programing, if you don't mind
19:55:53nuphemwell i'll try to get my hands on partition magic and then try and repartition
19:56:10nuphemi'll report back maybe tomorrow
19:57:11nuphemuntil then, goodbye all
19:57:26Zagorbye nuphem
19:57:36 Quit nuphem ()
20:02:32 Quit hardeep (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:03:00 Join manitee [0] (
20:06:27 Join bmidy [0] (
20:06:45bmidyhi all
20:07:01 Quit bmidy (Client Quit)
20:09:45maniteehi folks
20:09:48maniteeanyone here?
20:11:42 Part Dexter
20:12:02alkorrhumm... who dares to awake me !!!
20:13:45Zagormanitee: sure, we're here
20:13:47 Join bmidy [0] (
20:15:44maniteei was wondering about the customizable WPS coming in 1.4
20:15:56maniteewhat kind of features are you intending to put in?
20:16:23Zagorjust simple customization. you choose which line shows which info.
20:16:32Zagorand which line scrolls
20:16:43bmidyhi allm i m back from workm so whats new about the scrollbar in the file directory?
20:16:59Zagorbmidy: new?
20:17:18maniteei dont suppose there is a way to put more than 2 lines of text on the studio 20 screen is there.
20:17:26Zagormanitee: no
20:18:13maniteethe smallish display is really my only complaint about the unit
20:18:54bmidysorry Zagor i mean is it in the cvs ? and does it works ?
20:19:02Zagorbmidy: it's not in cvs yet
20:19:36HesGood evening.
20:20:11HesDid a couple of good test drives with the stock firmware this evening, it didn't skip at all.
20:20:31HesWill try out the current CVS code with the last ata fixes during the weekend.
20:20:36ZagorHes: ok
20:20:46maniteehes: i was having the issue to, but 1.3 seemed to fix it
20:20:54CtcpVersion on #rockbox from bmidy!
20:21:38Hesmanitee: it didn't for me
20:21:44Hesmine is different and really bad
20:22:32maniteehes: huh
20:25:46maniteeok all im out - talk to you tomorrow
20:25:48*manitee waves
20:25:51 Quit manitee ()
20:34:13dwihnothat "rap" caca?
20:34:34 Quit Synthe ("Connection Lost - Excess Blood")
20:38:49 Join Synthe [0] (
20:43:54 Join Snorlax [0] (
20:46:21 Quit quelsaruk ("Aplicacin Saliendo")
20:47:07 Join hardepe [0] (
20:48:38 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
20:52:36 Join merwin [0] (
20:52:44*merwin is getting pissed off at gcc :)
20:53:46merwinI am the keeper of the Schwartz
21:01:33hardepeMay the Schwartz be with you
21:03:47merwini see your schwartz is as big as mine!
21:11:08merwinhow do you compile the source with vc
21:11:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:13:05alkorrwhich source ? which vc ?
21:14:01merwinthe recorder source, vc6
21:14:05merwinrecorder sim i mean
21:14:49alkorroh well it seems there is very few people who compiled for vc6, since I found out the makefile for vc6 is wrong
21:15:16merwinhow would i go about compiling the vc6 makefile?
21:15:45alkorrwell i think you should create a new project and add files
21:16:42merwini dunno anything about vc
21:16:51alkorrarf !
21:17:02alkorryou're definately stuck :/
21:17:30alkorri've no vc6 and i intend to install vc7 sometime
21:17:34merwini just can't compile the sim, no matter what i try
21:17:36 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
21:17:38merwinwith anything
21:17:51alkorrget the binary :/
21:17:58merwini need it for testing my patches
21:18:08hardepenmake -f Makefile.vc6
21:18:12hardepethat should work
21:18:38merwinwhat path do i need to have in vc6?
21:18:39alkorri tried it, tell me if it works because it never worked for me
21:21:10hardepemerwin: i've only compiled for command line, haven't tried from within the vc6 ide
21:24:03merwinhardepe: i need the path that i need to include though
21:27:25HesHah. With proportional fonts, the scroll speed indicator in scroll speed setting is not long enough to start scrolling 8-)
21:27:26hardepemerwin: hmmm, i just tried it and didn't have to specify an include path
21:27:28Heslet me fix that 8-)
21:28:41merwinhardepe: type path and tell me if there's any vc in the path?
21:29:27hardepemerwin: oh, that's the path you were referring to... −−hold
21:29:40 Join ecHs [0] (
21:29:47merwinheya echs
21:29:50ecHshey merwin
21:30:11ecHsi just realized i got a player(new) :)
21:30:40ecHsloadable fonts? :)
21:30:44merwinI think i need to reboot
21:30:47hardepemerwin: take a look at VC98\bin\vcvars32.bat. That sets all the environment variables/paths you need
21:30:52merwinecHs: no loadable fonts for player
21:31:15ecHsso whats the advantage of the player(new)?
21:31:22merwinecHs: just a different lcd
21:31:27merwinno real difference
21:32:31ecHsif $(overflow) == true; do until $(0); buy(archos_recorder);
21:32:33merwinhardepe: worked... the long rectangle screen is the recorder, right?
21:32:49 Join elinenbe|sleeps [0] (
21:32:57 Nick elinenbe|sleeps is now known as elinenbe (
21:33:26ecHshi there
21:33:35 Nick ecHs is now known as ecHs^testing (
21:33:48merwinhey elinenbe
21:33:54elinenbehey there.
21:34:03elinenbewho did the scrollbar patch?
21:35:17elinenbeI have been using proportional fonts and loadable fonts and there a a bunch of bugs.
21:35:37elinenbefirst off, some places should NOT use loadble fonts even if they are loaded.
21:36:01elinenbesuch as the games, some of the menus (clock setting menu, etc)
21:36:21elinenbethese should just use the default font.
21:37:22merwinhardepe: how do i specify for it to build the recorder?
21:43:40*merwin built the recorder sim! woo!
21:44:12 Join edx [0] (
21:46:31 Join Silly_Fly [0] (luk@
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22:02:24alkorredx: are you sure about the makefile for vc6 ?
22:02:33alkorri did tried it without success
22:02:44HesArrgh. The current CVS firmware still skips at least with USE_SLEEP
22:05:46HesThe wait for rdy change didn't fix that
22:05:55HesI'll try with USE_STANDBY next
22:06:09edxalkorr: what waws your problem?
22:06:37HesAt least the stock archos firmware doesn't skip with this new disk so it can't be physically bad
22:06:47Hesjust trips on our firmware at times
22:06:49alkorrwell i cannot compile uisim with vc6 because the vc6 makefile doesn't seem to be correct
22:07:37ZagorHes: we should add read retry soon to see if that's the problem
22:08:16alkorri notice there is no error notification in ata.c
22:08:22 Join datazone-work [0] (
22:08:49datazone-workjust mins away from having my 30GB drive in my player :)
22:09:57edxalkor: the vc6 makefile doesn ot work indeed.. i think
22:10:26edxusing the nmake tool:
22:10:29edxit compiles
22:10:35edxtkae the normal makefile
22:10:51edxor no.. i think i take the vc6 makefile, too
22:11:03edxwhat is the error that you are getting?
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22:29:49 Nick ecHs^testing is now known as ecHs^4w4y (
22:31:48Zagoroh we all love, the wibbely wobbely net
22:31:54Zagorsing with me!
22:35:16adi|home"oh we all love, the wibbely wobbely net"
22:35:18adi|homehows that?
22:35:21adi|homewas i off key?
22:36:06Zagorexcellent. i'll sell recordings.
22:37:50Silly_Flywould you give them free to rockbox users?
22:39:04ZagorSure, as soon as I recoup the $5000 fee i owe Thomson Multimedia
22:46:10Silly_Flywould you implement the vertical scroll bar? this is one feature I actually miss from the archos firmware.......
22:46:34Zagoryes we'll have it soon
22:47:18Silly_Fly10x. while your'e at it - maybe use F2 to toggle it on/off , as it's not used for anything else right now.....?
22:48:19Zagorhehe. everyone has wishes for f2. luckily, so do I. and it's a bit more than just hooking it to a single function :)
22:48:54ZagorHolding F3 will get you to a View Config screen, toggling status bar, scroll bar, menu help strings etc.
22:49:12ZagorHolding F2 will get you to a Play Config screen, toggling repeat, shuffle etc.
22:51:07 Quit hardepe ("Leaving")
22:51:22Zagornow if I could just get those extra 18 hours/day I ordered...
22:51:37Silly_Flycan rockbox charge the batteries when the unit is off? 'cause when I'm not turning mine on, and I plug the charger, I get the archos charging screen......
22:51:52Zagorno, we can't
22:52:05Silly_Flyyeah, I ordered 12 more hours from those basterds ages ago :)
23:01:04 Join lithermon [0] (
23:02:26 Join m5jaz [0] (
23:03:50m5jazsorry, don't mind me... trying to type "/list" :)
23:04:33 Join merwin [0] (~merwin@
23:07:44Zagorhi merwin
23:08:50Zagorcan players not see when the charger is attached?
23:08:59Zagori think they can?
23:09:13pimlottcthey can in archos
23:09:22pimlottcthe battery charing led animates
23:09:28pimlottcer lcd icon
23:09:39pimlottc(I mean in the archos firmware)
23:09:46Zagorwe don't show that, for some reason
23:10:05pimlottcyeah I noticed that
23:11:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:25:14 Quit lithermon ("[BX] Eat, drink and be merry...for tomorrow we die")
23:25:24 Quit bmidy (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:27:25merwinZagor: i'm stumped on why the custom wps isn't scrolling the custom string.. it's scrolling all of the other wps types though (they're all being fed through the custom wps also)
23:27:35merwinZagor: on the bright side, i got the win23 sim to compile with vc6
23:27:38merwinso i can test it
23:27:50Zagormaybe you could document it?
23:28:15merwinZagor: vc6 was easy... it's like 2 commands
23:29:09merwinZagor: the weird part of the scrolling is that it's being fed through the same function to start the scrolling. I'm going nuts trying to figure this out :) It scrolls one letter, then goes back to not scrolling.
23:32:37Zagorhum, strange
23:32:55merwinyeah :) I've got a couple of ideas left
23:33:02Zagorooh i love cleaning code!
23:33:21Zagorthat fresh smell of clean slates. exhilirating!
23:33:41merwinheh... once i get that resolved, i can work on making it only update the line with the time on it
23:34:11merwinclean slates
23:34:17Zagormerwin: you'd better wait. i'm ripping up the carpet :)
23:34:46merwinZagor: ripping up the carpet?
23:35:05Zagora metaphor
23:35:16merwinZagor: yes, what are you doing though?
23:35:19Zagorredoing a lot of things
23:35:31Zagorwps & status bar at the moment
23:35:53merwinZagor: are you modifying my code also? because i changed how the wps works too :)
23:36:53Zagordisplay_custom_wps() is unchanged. it's wps_show() that is now split into four or five functions
23:37:13Zagorgetting rid of all the state handling
23:37:16merwinOK... i use a refresh_wps() also
23:37:33merwinahh, it will be nice to have a clean wps
23:37:36Zagorit'll be a nice merge then ;)
23:37:57Zagorcan you build a rec simulator now?
23:38:19merwinthe sim doesn't load my wps.config file though
23:38:29merwinso i had to do an #ifdef SIMULATOR and fake one
23:38:51Zagorit should load the file
23:39:10Zagoroh, maybe the winsim doesn't like using forward-slashes?
23:39:18merwinthe win32 sim is a little screwed.. it doesn't use the archos folder either
23:39:26merwinit uses the root folder
23:39:27Zagor!? that's bad
23:39:38merwini brought that up a LONG time ago :)
23:40:09Zagoryeah, but you windows types need to keep the winsim up to date. I can't, I don't have windows.
23:40:57merwini dont' know how any of the sim stuff works. Who built it in the first place?
23:41:32merwinis he around still?
23:43:04Zagoryeah, he pops in sometimes
23:49:43 Join merwin- [0] (~merwin@
23:50:41 Quit merwin (Remote closed the connection)
23:50:53 Nick merwin- is now known as merwin (~merwin@
23:51:26merwinunder 24 hours until the great baseball strike of 2002
23:52:22merwinall of the baseball players in the states are going on strike because they aren't getting paid enough
23:52:29merwinonly in the multi-millions :)
23:52:55Zagoroooh, poor souls
23:53:02merwinyeah... heh
23:53:18merwinit'll kill baseball in the states for a very long time though.
23:53:53Zagori'm so devastated. honestly...
23:54:23Zagori'm a euro bum, I've never cared about baseball :)
23:54:42merwinit's the top story in the news :) That and we're sending Lance Bass from 'N Sync into space. Yay!
23:56:58merwinI hope the russians keep him up there with them.
23:57:26Zagor"I'm sorry Lance. I'm afraid I can't let you do that..."
23:57:51merwinoh my god:
23:57:51merwinYou have 75 unread messages:
23:57:51merwinInbox (2), Bulk (8), Archos Rockbox (65)
23:58:04merwinthat's what happens when i leave my e-mail for 10 hours

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