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#rockbox log for 2002-08-30

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00:09:42merwinI think the FF/REW Accelleration needs to be changed.. no matter what the accelleration speed is, the step size is still too small for me. There should still be the step size setting i think
00:09:51merwinfor the starting step size
00:10:26Zagori don't want it. it's a silly setting. think of a better acceleration system instead.
00:10:44Zagormaybe initial step size should also be a fraction of track length?
00:11:23merwinZagor: that would be a good idea. I had my step size at about 4 or 5 seconds before... because i didn't want to have to wait 30 seconds to get to the middle of a 5 minute song
00:12:59merwinhow long do you think that wps rewrite is going to take?
00:13:19Zagora while more. hopefully i'll check it in tonight, at least
00:14:14merwinok, because i want to have it available for my flight home tomorrow
00:16:49Zagoruse the old code, then. my code will probably have some bugs
00:16:57Zagoror use your code
00:17:13merwinIt's a bitch to merge my code with drastic changes though
00:17:27Zagornah, merging is fun :)
00:17:35merwinoh yeah, a blast!
00:17:45PsycoXulmerwin: hey nice job on the custom wps btw
00:17:47PsycoXulmine's now
00:17:47PsycoXul%pc %pp/%pe
00:17:52Zagorseriously, it's a necessary pain. the wps needs this rewrite bad.
00:18:42merwinPsycoXul: hehe, I'm proud, i created something very useful but confusing
00:18:50merwinjust confusing to read
00:19:08merwinwhat is %pc again?
00:19:20PsycoXulcurrent time
00:19:23PsycoXulof the track
00:19:28merwinoh :)
00:19:33merwini should also add "remaining time"
00:19:46merwinI use that more than current time
00:20:06PsycoXuland i want a progress indicator of some sort
00:20:06merwinand maybe one for the status of pause (ie: put a "P"
00:20:10merwinif it's paused)
00:20:14merwinerr, "M" for mute
00:20:22merwinwe have a pause indicator
00:20:42PsycoXulmy favorite would be a custom char that has whatever char it's on top of with a pixel added(or removed) to the bottom that moves all the way accross the screen
00:21:17merwinPsycoXul: that is a good idea
00:21:22PsycoXulbut that probably needs some reworking of several pieces of code
00:21:23merwinPsycoXul: tough to implement, but good
00:21:26PsycoXulso i don't expect it any time soon
00:21:50merwinPsycoXul: baseball is going to die tonight :)
00:21:54PsycoXulwhat might be good intermediately is a single custom char that just fills up as it goes
00:22:24merwinPsycoXul: hmmmmm.... that is an even better idea... fills up line by line pixel by pixel from white to black
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00:22:46PsycoXulits filling could zig zag left-right working down or up, or up-down working left or right, or spiral inwards or outwards, or any one of a number of things :p
00:23:07merwinPsycoXul: hell yes, i need to learn how to make custom characters
00:23:16merwini could do that easy enough
00:23:20Zagormerwin: lcd_define_pattern()
00:23:44PsycoXulthat could go right between my %pc and %pp/%pe on the 2nd line...
00:24:03merwini'll work on that possibly. that would be a killer feature
00:24:18merwinafter i fix the scrolling in the recorder :)
00:25:24merwini need to wipe my apps dir clean and start fresh. i've butchered the code trying to fix this recorder problem
00:26:01Zagorthe simulators don't support that yet, though
00:26:07Zagorcustom chars, that is
00:26:37merwinahh... well, this is a player only thing so i can test that myself
00:27:32*merwin has a problem.
00:28:09merwinSomeone i do not want to work with has a good possibility of getting hired to work with me. that would mean 5 or 6 hour plane rides with this person.
00:28:22Zagorooh, fun :(
00:28:25merwinI think he would be dead within the first 3 hours
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01:01:54merwin-Zagor: ok, so i do the lcd_define_pattern() ... the 'which' variable is a numeric value for which one to modify, the pattern is of course the pattern, the length is the length of the pattern, right? How do i go about printing this custom character on the screen if, say, i modified character 0
01:06:45Zagordon't use 0 :-)
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01:11:15merwin-so the 2nd one would be \101?
01:11:28Zagorno \x02
01:11:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
01:11:43merwin-\x02? i never heard of \x ?
01:11:52Zagorhex value of a character
01:11:59merwin-is the which variable still 02? or would i use \x02 for that also
01:12:06Zagor'\x0a' is the same as '\n'
01:12:21Zagorwhich is an int, so that's just 2
01:13:18 Nick merwin- is now known as merwin (~merwin@
01:23:05merwinso it starts with \x01, not \x00
01:23:39merwinsounds good, i'll get this progress bar done today :)
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01:43:13mecrawi see hardeep fixed my pause bug in the "go to beginning of song" feature
01:43:50mecrawmerwin: any progress with custom wps scrolling?
01:47:45 Quit merwin (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
01:49:50mecrawZagor: what do you think about auto-resume after USB disconnect?
01:50:04mecrawor at least a way to resume manually
01:50:28Zagori'm not sure
01:51:41mecrawit's as safe as doing it after power on... the disk could have changed either way
01:53:41mecrawi'm not sure how to implement it since you could be in a menu or in a game when you connect
01:54:51Zagorall apps are required to exit after usb disconnect, so you could just call start_resume() in tree.c
01:55:23mecrawyou stay in the menu if you were in it when you connected
01:55:34Zagorthat's a bug
01:56:37adi|homeZagor btw.. i agree with you w/respect to the 'pause from anywhere' issue that Chad won't let die
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01:56:51adi|homecode gets nasty on button checking as is..
01:56:54mecrawk, i had that working the other night, but was worried about all of the other threads, i'll try it again
01:57:05adi|hometo have to check for play/pause _everywhere_ and have it pause would be a nightmare
01:57:40mecrawi agree, why does he need to pause so much in the menus?
01:58:02adi|homei don't know...
01:58:25adi|homei mean.. i figure you will be on the wps 75% of the time when you get interrupted (at a min)
01:58:41adi|homethen if you are only o the dir listing or level 1 of menus
01:58:46adi|homeyour talking 2 keystrokes
01:59:29mecrawwho has time for 2 keystrokes? :)
01:59:32adi|homeZagor: for removing games/ss on build is it safe enough to just #define around everything?
01:59:42CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:59:42*adi|home doesnt
02:00:00adi|homebut then again.. i only use my archos when im driving.. so im on wps anyways :)
02:00:29Zagoradi|home: should be safe
02:01:03 Join merwin [0] (~merwin@
02:01:03*mecraw enjoys a bowl of onion dip
02:01:11*merwin doesn't enjoy onion dip
02:01:24Zagorwps patch from hell coming up...
02:01:26*adi|home enjoys onion soup.. that count?>
02:01:33adi|homeheheh why you say that?
02:01:36mecrawthe rework?
02:01:44*Zagor nods
02:02:03*mecraw waits to see the code before bowing to Zagor
02:02:04merwinZagor: will this make things easier in the long run?
02:02:16Zagori've probably reintroduced a bunch of old bugs...
02:02:22Zagormerwin: yes, very much
02:02:28merwinZagor: then hats off to you :)
02:02:46*adi|home dials 9-1- and awaits the pathc so he can finish callign the code police
02:02:49merwinZagor: If you commit it before 9AM EST tomorrow, then i'll smooth out the bugs for you
02:03:08adi|homemerwin: are you back est?
02:03:11merwinZagor: i'm itching for something to do on the airplane tomorrow :)
02:03:16merwinadi|home: err, CST i mean
02:03:20merwinadi|home: i'm in dallas right now
02:03:25adi|homegot ya
02:03:30merwini keep forgetting where i am
02:04:29merwinyay! sim card registration successful.
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02:04:57*merwin just gave some random person a $30 credit on their prepaid service
02:05:03Zagorso, who wants to tell josh where he can find new features?
02:05:11merwinwho is josh?
02:05:16Zagormailing list
02:05:28adi|homei got it
02:05:31*merwin is on a 19.2 connection, can't do it
02:05:36Zagorobviously, the web front page and the faq are both too hidden for this gentleman...
02:06:15adi|homei know
02:06:21merwinZagor: happens often
02:06:38merwinmaybe we should up the font size on the FAQ about 5 poitns
02:06:54adi|homezagor he might have had problems with the whole 'what are the funny chars on the screen' thing...
02:07:22Zagoryeah. "y'all talk about text. why can't someone just tell me?"
02:08:49*merwin is happy that Our Lady Peace is finally becoming famous after being around for 7 years :P
02:10:10merwinzagor: methinks that a friend of mine got hired for the job... there's 2 positions open, so hopefully the one that i DONT want to get hired actually won't, since there were a total of 30 applicants and he doesn't have any experience
02:10:42ZagorOur Lady Peace?
02:11:25 Part alkorr
02:11:31merwinZagor: A Canadian band... they've been really famous up there, but in the states they haven't had any real airplay. Now they've got a song on all of the commercials for this new movie "TripleX"
02:11:50merwinand no, not a porno :)
02:12:54merwinI'll be right back. gotta make a few landline calls
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02:29:06 Join merwin [0] (~merwin@
02:29:44merwinadi|home: i like your sigh :)
02:30:23PsycoXuli saw Our Lady Peace on MTV plenty like several years ago
02:30:34PsycoXuland on the radio for the past several years too
02:30:42merwinPsycoXul: where are you?
02:30:45PsycoXulhere in california and in arizona too i think
02:31:19PsycoXulthey did that one song.. "superman's dead" or something right?
02:31:24Zagor"[...983 lines suppressed...]" ;-)
02:31:27merwinPsycoXul: wow, I haven't heard them at all up until this album and like 1 song from the last album (last year).
02:31:29PsycoXuland then i forget the more recent song i've heard
02:31:35merwinSuperman's dead was 1997
02:31:48PsycoXulthats the first thing i heard from them
02:31:49merwinPsycoXul: They are played alot on Much Music
02:32:00PsycoXuland i've heard that many times since and then some newer songs
02:32:16merwinthey're playing alot of the songs from their latest album now
02:36:38Zagorwhat's it called again? (a > 0) not "reasonability check", another term
02:36:59merwinhmm... not sure
02:37:06merwini just call it a is greater than 0
02:37:31Zagornot that specifically, but checking that dates are valid and numbers are not out of bounds
02:37:37Zagorand such things
02:38:29Zagoryou noticed I have checked in the new wps now?
02:38:48merwinyou have?
02:38:59merwinI don't get the e-mails of cvs
02:39:00Zagor"[...983 lines suppressed...]" :-)
02:40:13Zagor...told you it was big :-)
02:40:38merwini don't exactly see what you changed though
02:41:05Zagorwps_show is split in many small functions
02:41:42Zagorthis way we get rid of almost every state variable
02:42:07merwinwhat is update()
02:42:27Zagorthe code called periodically to update the screen
02:42:41Zagori moved it into a separate function since it's called from two places
02:43:49Zagorthis shouldn't be too hard to merge with your changes. I think we've touched on different things, mostly
02:44:51merwinis there an example somewhere of displaying a custom char on the player?
02:46:23Zagorno :)
02:46:56merwinyou broke the custom wps :)
02:47:08Zagori did? sorry :)
02:47:11merwinor the player build
02:47:18merwini don't have the custom wps being used
02:47:29pimlottczagor - boo!
02:47:54merwinZagor: i'll take care of this one
02:48:25merwinZagor: dont_go_to_menu is undefined
02:48:32merwindid you change something about that?
02:52:10Zagorit's removed
02:52:31Zagoroh crap, i forgot to compile for player :-(
02:52:36Zagorhang on, i'll fix
02:52:50merwinZagor: ok
02:53:25merwinZagor: you did bring back a few problems i think. I commented out dont_go_to_menu and restore ... there's a few probs again
03:01:40Zagorah, green build again
03:01:51Zagorwell i'm off to bed. see you tomorrow.
03:02:13merwinwoo! shrek is on
03:02:43 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
03:04:52datazoneeat me!
03:05:02datazonei like the gingerbread man :)
03:06:48datazonei noticed a funny thing about my player today when i was replacing hte hard drive. it has that metal square stuck on the orignal drive, and it was covering that hole on the hard drive that it says you are not to cover... go figure
03:07:20datazoneso i made sure i moved it down on my new drive
03:08:03datazonenow all i have to wait for is linus to get the splashsound code in there, and i would be a happy man
03:08:33datazoneyeah, so when you turn on the jukebox, it plays a startup sound :)
03:08:54merwinthat would be nice
03:09:17datazonei am going to put the winamp one on mines.. "rockbox! it really whips the llama's ass"
03:10:03merwinor "ROCKbox! It really whips the Archos' ass"
03:10:13datazoneeven better
03:10:26datazonethe problem is pronouncing "archos"
03:10:46merwinpronounce it archos
03:11:03datazonewe will end up like that sound file with linus (of linux fame) saying "hi!, i am linus torvalds, and i pronounce linux as linux"
03:11:30datazonei say arch-os
03:11:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:11:38merwindatazone: that's what i mean
03:11:40datazoneor actualy arch-o-s
03:11:46merwinarch o s?
03:11:53datazonelame, eh?
03:11:59merwincall up their customer service :)
03:12:00merwinask them
03:12:08datazoneno one answers the phone
03:12:25merwinreally? I got them once, and they pronounced arch-ohs
03:12:50datazoneas long as they are around next year i would be happy. cause i really want to get the multimedia
03:13:45datazoneand put my 30gb drive in it
03:13:57datazoneor even something bigger
03:14:34merwini've only got a 20gb
03:17:24merwinit's the gingerbread man part :)
03:17:36merwinNO! not the button! not the gumdrop button!'
03:17:48merwindo you know the muffin man? the muffin man? yes, the muffin man
03:20:00datazonethats the only part of that movie that i really like
03:20:51*merwin is cleaning up after zagor :)
03:34:50 Join nunya [0] (
03:44:31 Quit h0bby ()
03:51:08merwinanyone here got a recorder and want to try a mod?
03:52:38PsycoXuli want something like the multimedia
03:52:48PsycoXulexcept with a touchscreen the size of the whole face of the device
03:53:03merwinthat runs linux :)
03:53:07PsycoXulof course
03:53:40PsycoXuland a terrabyte HD
03:53:42merwini found a device about the size of the multimedia that runs linux, has a network attachment, pcmcia, tv out
03:53:47merwinand a color screen
03:53:52PsycoXuland "Don't Panic!" in large friendly letters for the bootup screen
03:56:30merwinterapin mine
03:56:33merwini think it's calle
03:56:54PsycoXulhey check that out
03:57:08PsycoXulyeah.. this thing?
03:57:13 Quit mecraw|away (
03:57:13 Quit PsycoXul (
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03:57:51NJoinmecraw|away [0] (~kdfjs@
03:58:58PsycoXuler wtf
03:59:02nunyaOK... still no 1.3... no 1.2... no nothing but archos' mod on my 4.53 firmware player!!!! HELLLLLPPPP ME!!!
03:59:38merwini want that terapin
04:00:17 Join Tumm [0] (
04:01:00datazoneare you downloading the right one for your jukebox?
04:01:09datazoneand naming it correctly?
04:01:37PsycoXulnunya: are you using windows and properly ejecting it after copying the file?
04:02:53 Join elinenbe [0] (
04:03:09PsycoXulmerwin: that mine's specs say its got a 4 line 20 char LCD and uses video out for viewing images
04:04:04PsycoXulpersonally i'll take a future generation of the class of devices that the terapin mine and the archos multimedia roughly belong to
04:05:36merwinPsycoXul: i thought it actually displayed on screen. ouch
04:05:53elinenbedid anyone try the latest patch on the mailing list?
04:05:59merwinwhat patch?
04:06:38elinenbethe playlist patch.
04:06:54elinenbecreate playlists on the fly. dynamic queued playlists...
04:08:37merwinanyone got a recorder and want to try a mod?
04:08:38 Quit m5jaz (Remote closed the connection)
04:09:42 Quit nunya (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:10:24 Quit merwin ()
04:12:22 Join nunya [0] (
04:13:37nunyaOK... player with 4.53 firmware & cannot get it to see any of the rockbox mods I put on it. Sorry - my machine puked so I don't know if anyone answered me a few minutes ago.
04:13:39 Join merwin [0] (
04:13:43merwinmuch better
04:14:01nunyamerwin - still nooo luck over here!!!!!! :(((
04:14:08merwinnunya: haha, really?
04:14:09PsycoXulnunya: are you using windows and properly ejecting it after copying the file?
04:14:12merwinthat's weird
04:14:28nunyawindows... but XP. ejecting it?
04:14:47PsycoXulthinkgeek's got a flashlight with an LED instead of a bulb and a coil, magnet, and capacitor instead of batteries
04:15:08PsycoXulyou just shake it for 30 seconds to use it for 5 minutes on that charge heh
04:15:20PsycoXulDuring prolonged use it can be shaken for 10-15 seconds every 2 or 3 minutes.
04:15:42nunyahmmm.... wonder if shaking my player would help!!!! ;)
04:15:47merwinnunya: copy the archos.mod file over and then copy some other big file over
04:16:05nunyaok.. back in a few.. .again... !!!
04:19:29merwinnobody here has a recorder?
04:19:45PsycoXullook at that... thats a WATCH
04:20:31merwinwow, i could go for that
04:20:38PsycoXulhow's a $170 watch get a better screen than a $250 mp3 player :p
04:20:50merwinthat watch doesn't come with a 20 gig hard drive though
04:20:55merwinthat's half of the price
04:21:12PsycoXulyeah but still
04:21:20PsycoXulthey skimped on those screens i tell ya :p
04:22:06PsycoXuland you can get a 20G 9.5mm drive for $85 anyways
04:23:02merwini need someome to test my custom wps :P
04:23:04merwinfor recorder
04:27:03nunyaOK... no go ... copied mod then 20MB file over to pukebox... shut off... unplugged... powered up.. good ole archos 4.53 message!! WAAAH!!!
04:27:14PsycoXuldoes nobody use watches that don't strap to your wrist anymore
04:27:31PsycoXulnunya: is the 20MB file you copied there?
04:30:35nunyayup.. no problem there... the mod file always shows up there no matter what... just doesnt get recognized. I even pulled batteries before.
04:33:05merwinnunya: just a sec, got another idea
04:33:44nunyauh-oh!! CLEAR!!! ;)
04:37:03merwindownload 5.07a firmware
04:37:09merwinrename it the ajz to archos.mod
04:37:19merwincopy it over
04:37:19merwinsee if it loads that
04:37:44merwinactually, the file is:
04:43:01 Join hardeep [0] (
04:43:42nunyait still just says 4.53 at powerup. nothing else - cept that it also still says 6GB and I have a 20GB in it.
04:44:01merwinnot at powerup.. there should be a version menu inside of it maybe?
04:45:11nunyavol., soiund, play mode, language, hard disk, diagnose, firmware & external - the firmware just says ver 4.53, Jan 19, 2001
04:45:25merwinuhh... it's not rockbox then :)
04:45:42merwinmaybe need a complete fat32 format
04:45:54merwinrepartition and format.
04:45:58nunya<<== smack merwin with a 12 day been laying in the sun rotten trout!! ;)
04:46:15merwinnunya: it's not the hd that came with it, right?
04:46:51nunyanope.. upgraded to 20gm ibm travelstar - and funny you should ask, getting a 40gb!! ibm travelstar delivered tomorrow!!!!!
04:47:01merwinthat may fix it
04:47:29nunyawhats the reason for repartition & reformat?
04:47:44merwindunno.. just seems like it may do something :)
04:47:48merwinit has worked before
04:48:45merwinso how come the archos firmware is able to load and play the mp3's immediately:?
04:49:19 Quit nunya (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
04:53:36 Join nunya [0] (
04:53:43elinenbewho is in charge of the scrollbar patch?
04:53:58merwinnot sure
04:54:08nunyaOK... I *HATE* when my laptop battery dies!!! so merwin, let's try again - why repartition and reformat?
04:54:46merwindunno.. just seems like it may do something :)
04:54:48merwinit's worked before
04:54:51merwinfor some people
04:56:14nunyaok... cut out those technical explanations and give it to me in english!!! :)
04:56:35merwinnunya: when you get your new drive and it happens to work, then you'll know i'm right :)
04:57:30nunyaLOL!! yup... i guess i'll wait til 2morrow nite - not much sense doing it now!!
04:59:21nunyai picked up a 2.5" usb drive case for $35... open it, connect drive, connect to usb & boom! i also have a 4 port usb hub, so i'll go right from 1 drive to the other to copy stuff over, then swap drives in the jukebox & HOPEFULLY be good to go!!
05:10:25 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
05:11:29merwinanyone here ever used lcd_define_pattern?
05:11:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:12:40Syntheack wrong window :)
05:13:36Synthenot to imply that I am not friendly toward y'all
05:16:00 Part nunya
05:17:27merwinAnyone know how to create custom characters on the player?
05:17:33*merwin needs to find out :)
05:29:37PsycoXuli haven't done it with rockbox code
05:30:00PsycoXulit's just a bitmap
05:30:29PsycoXul5x8 (but only 5x7 is shown normally, the 8th line gets used for double-height)
05:31:06merwinhmm... well, lets see how it works :)
05:35:32merwinok, didn't quite work right
05:36:14pimlottcI have some code from the fly demo
05:36:28merwinpimlottc: could you e-mail it to me?
05:36:34pimlottcdcc ok?
05:37:28pimlottcjust got it working myself
05:37:36merwini can get things displayed, but it doesn't look like what i want it to :)
05:37:56PsycoXulis it sideways? :p
05:38:28pimlottcI wrote a little perl script so I can draw it out in ascii art and translate to hex
05:39:07PsycoXuli just draw in the gimp and save as an xbm
05:39:19merwinwhite is 0xff and black is 0x00, right?
05:39:33pimlottcbut 0x1f is enough
05:39:35pimlottc5 wide
05:39:42PsycoXulwhite is 0 and black is 1
05:39:47PsycoXulthey're 1 bit
05:39:50pimlottcer sorry other way
05:40:03pimlottc0x1f = full black line 0x00 = full white line
05:40:26merwinso how about just 1 pixel?
05:40:28merwin0 or 1?
05:40:38PsycoXulit's positional
05:40:50pimlottc1 pixel = 1 bit, 0 = off 1 = on
05:41:25PsycoXulthe binary value of the number is the row (or is it column?)
05:41:38pimlottcit goes by row
05:41:47merwini don't quite understand
05:42:10pimlottc0x1f = 0b11111 = 5 black pixels
05:42:37pimlottc0x07 = 0x00111 = 3 black pixels on the right
05:42:42fraggletoh dear...
05:42:52pimlottcand 7 chars for the 7 rows
05:43:05pimlottcer that should be 0b00111
05:43:15merwinwhy 0b00111
05:43:18merwinwhy not just 111?
05:43:21 Nick mecraw|away is now known as mecraw (~kdfjs@
05:43:21DBUGEnqueued KICK mecraw
05:43:31merwinhey mecraw, i need help :P
05:43:36mecrawi know
05:43:36PsycoXulhold on...
05:43:39pimlottcwell ya 111 binary, just the 0's to show that it's the right 3 pixels
05:44:28mecrawmerwin: what do you need help with?
05:44:37PsycoXul * 00100 // row1
05:44:37PsycoXul * 01010 // row2
05:44:37PsycoXul * 10001 // row3
05:44:37DBUGEnqueued KICK PsycoXul
05:44:37PsycoXul * 11111 // row4
05:44:38PsycoXul * 10001 // row5
05:44:40PsycoXul * 10001 // row6
05:44:42PsycoXul * 10001 // row7
05:44:45PsycoXul * is the letter A... convert each binary row to hex dec or oct
05:44:48PsycoXul /* Each row is 5-bit binary 1 puts a pixel 0 leaves it blank
05:45:13merwinis there a function to convert a binary string to hex?
05:45:24PsycoXul * i'd really like to know how to specify the numbers as binary here
05:45:25pimlottcthat would be 0x04, 0x0a, 0x11, 0x1f, 0x11, 0x11, 0x11
05:45:43PsycoXul["here" was in the code that that was a comment of]
05:46:04pimlottcif you wanted to do that one it'd be
05:46:13mecrawmerwin: use scientific calculator in windows
05:46:19pimlottcunsigned char letter_a[7] = { 0x04, 0x0a, 0x11, 0x1f, 0x11, 0x11, 0x11 };
05:46:21merwinmecraw: i need to do it in the code :)
05:46:37pimlottclcd_define_pattern(i * 8, letter_a, 7);
05:46:56merwini * 8?
05:47:00pimlottc(where i = 0 .. 7, which custom char you want)
05:47:21merwinpimlottc: or just "\x01" for the first char, etc
05:47:21pimlottcif you want you can define multiple characters at once
05:47:46pimlottc0 for the first, 8 for the second, 16 for the third ..
05:47:52PsycoXuland if you ever intend on a custom char being displayed in double-height, make sure to give it 8 rows
05:47:54pimlottcin the parameter list at leat
05:48:00merwinpimlottc: or just "\x01" for the first char, etc
05:48:14pimlottcwhen you lcd_puts them, it's \0, \1, \2, \3
05:48:29pimlottcputting \0 doesn't work because that is end of string
05:48:37merwinpimlottc: you do "\x01"
05:48:39pimlottcwhich is why a lcd_putc is needed
05:48:57pimlottc\# works
05:49:07merwinseems to work
05:49:21pimlottcsame difference
05:49:25merwinmecraw: try this code, see if it even scrolls anything :)
05:49:35merwinmecraw: zagor rewrote the wps today :)
05:49:49PsycoXul\x01 is just hex for \1
05:50:02mecrawmerwin: i saw, how does it look?
05:50:14merwinmecraw: the code looks fine inside.. it's easier to use now :)
05:50:15pimlottcif there were more than 10 characters it would make a difference heh but only 8 custom chars :~(
05:51:07PsycoXuli don't suppose there's any kind of hack to use the unused 8th row of each of the 8 chars to have a 9th? heh
05:51:16PsycoXulthats possible to do?
05:51:25PsycoXulprobably not
05:51:32merwinhmm. prolly not
05:51:33pimlottcum no heh
05:52:07pimlottc'ya take these 8 non-contiguous bits plz and...'
05:52:14pimlottcer bytes
05:52:34mecrawmerwin: nothing, no scroll
05:52:38PsycoXulits a shame
05:52:53merwinmecraw: figures :)
05:52:56PsycoXulyou know it'd be nicer if even archos chose an lcd that could actualy display the 5x8
05:53:56merwinmecraw: it's strange that it works fine on the player, but not the recorder
05:54:03merwini'll have to have someone who has a recorder fix it
05:54:08pimlottcthat's ok
05:54:13pimlottcwe need to even the score
05:54:28mecrawmerwin: has anyone else tried it?
05:54:33merwinmecraw: nope
05:54:42merwinunsigned char player_progressbar[7] =
05:54:43merwin 0x04, 0x0a, 0x11, 0x1f, 0x11, 0x11, 0x11
05:54:43DBUGEnqueued KICK merwin
05:54:47merwinthat is correct, right?
05:54:48PsycoXulpimlottc: so did you do that pixel demo?
05:55:00pimlottcthe guy sent me the code that's all
05:55:33pimlottchaven't seen him around since then
05:55:39PsycoXulwho was it
05:55:48pimlottchis nick was lick
05:55:56merwinhey, i'm lick
05:55:59pimlottcnausezeud or something
05:56:09pimlottcdon't recall exactly
05:56:10PsycoXuloh him
05:57:11pimlottcus player people get neglected
05:57:21pimlottcthe simulator is not up to date for player lcd routines
05:57:28PsycoXulyeah i downloaded his diff's and zip from the mailing list but all it seemed to have was the port of my gamebox crap and was missing header's heh
05:57:31pimlottcit doesn't have double or define_pattern
05:57:58pimlottcya he didn't send me the full code just the c file of the demo part
05:58:37PsycoXuli didn't feel like filling in the headers to see a port of something i should rewrite anyways heh
05:59:06elinenbedoes anyone know who is in charge of the scrollbar patch?
05:59:54mecrawmarkus braun, i believe
06:01:32merwinuhh, why can't i find where lcd_putc is defined?
06:01:40pimlottcit isn't
06:01:46pimlottcnot in cvs at least
06:01:51pimlottcmust be in his own code
06:01:57pimlottcnot hard ot make it
06:02:08merwinok, so how do i display a character that i made?
06:02:39pimlottclcd_puts(0, 0, "\1\2\3\4\5\6\7");
06:02:41pimlottcor something
06:02:58pimlottc(well I mean exactly like that except what you want to print where you want it)
06:03:37pimlottcwithout putc can only use 7 custom chars heh
06:03:59pimlottcputc is in cvs now
06:04:13merwindid you just put it in?
06:04:31pimlottcno I just updated from sf :)
06:04:53mecrawmerwin: why is PLAY_DISPLAY_FILENAME_SCROLL defined as 1 for recorder and 2 for player?
06:05:03merwinmecraw: different menus
06:05:23merwinplayer has more options than the recorder
06:06:08mecrawjust seemed weird
06:06:19 Join hardeep [0] (
06:06:27pimlottcI hate accidently running make outside the build dir
06:06:28elinenbehello hardeep.
06:06:29merwinpimlottc: mine doesn't have putc
06:06:41hardeepgood evening all
06:06:46merwinhey hardeep
06:06:53pimlottcdunno I just updated and it was there
06:07:32PsycoXulnope its not there
06:07:40merwini'm recreating my firmware folder :)
06:08:01pimlottcwell I must be special then :P
06:08:20hardeepstill hunting for mp3's > 3 hours if anyone has any
06:09:12pimlottcyou mean a single mp3 longer than 3 hours long
06:09:23hardeepyep, heh
06:09:31pimlottcwhy not just make one
06:09:31hardeeptrying to track down a bug reported
06:09:44elinenbeI love the scrollbar patch, but there seems to be some bugs with it.
06:09:55hardeepyeah, i'm being lazy... =)
06:10:20pimlottcat first I thought you had been looking for mp3s to download for the last 3 hours
06:10:20elinenbewhen you turn it on, go the directory bowser, and then back to the file view, it keeps everything indented.
06:10:23pimlottcand hadn't found any
06:10:36pimlottcwhich would be rather pathetic heh
06:10:42PsycoXuldd if=/dev/zero of=blah.raw bs=1 count=952560000
06:11:04PsycoXulthen encode that as 44100khz 16bit mono
06:12:06PsycoXulhmm... i've got a shell script on a cd that makes blank mp3's without encoding too
06:12:21hardeepheh, yeah, that works. But I think i'm just going to combine a few mp3s so at least I can listen to something while debugging.
06:12:29PsycoXulusing a predefined frame header and dd if=/dev/zero
06:12:37PsycoXulhardeep: yeah
06:17:40merwinpimlottc: i just did a full new checkout and lcd_putc doesn't exist
06:17:52PsycoXulnope, it doesn't...
06:18:45pimlottcdon't ask me
06:18:48pimlottccuz I didn't put it there
06:19:04PsycoXulwhat file do you have it in
06:19:34merwinThis doesn't seem to display anything:
06:19:34merwinunsigned char player_progressbar[7] =
06:19:34merwin 0x04, 0x0a, 0x11, 0x1f, 0x11, 0x11, 0x11
06:19:55pimlottcyou did the lcd_define_pattern too right
06:20:21merwin lcd_define_pattern(1,player_progressbar,sizeof(player_progressbar));
06:20:22merwin lcd_puts(10,1,"\1");
06:20:30pimlottcnot 1
06:21:11pimlottclcd_define_pattern(8, ... );
06:21:40pimlottcfor \0, 0, for \1, 8, for \2, 16 ...
06:21:46merwinnobody told me THAT :)
06:21:52PsycoXulmerwin: he said i*8
06:21:53pimlottcya I did
06:22:57merwin lcd_define_pattern(16,player_progressbar,sizeof(player_progressbar));
06:22:57merwin lcd_puts(10,1,"\01");
06:22:59merwinthat's right then?
06:23:25pimlottc1 * 8 = ?
06:23:35pimlottc!= 16
06:23:43merwinoh fine
06:23:45PsycoXulso \0 goes in 0?
06:23:54CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 11 minutes and 22 seconds at the last flood
06:23:54*PsycoXul wonders where merwin got 1
06:24:03*merwin hasn't gotten enough sleep
06:24:20pimlottcheh that is weird tho I wonder where I got putc from..
06:24:28merwinwoo, it works
06:24:43PsycoXulpimlottc: what file do you have it in?
06:24:49pimlottcperhaps there is some benevolent hacker intercepting packets between here and sourceforge
06:24:53pimlottcand editted it for me
06:25:09pimlottcI checked the cvs viewer on sf and it's not in there
06:25:18pimlottceven tho my lcd.c says it's the same version as online
06:25:35merwinpimlottc: remove the file and reupdate it
06:25:40merwinit won't have putc anymore
06:25:50PsycoXuldid it come from a patch or something?
06:25:54pimlottcI like putc :)
06:25:55PsycoXulthat pixel code?
06:26:12pimlottcno it was just a .c and .h file
06:26:19pimlottcI have not applied any diffs or anything
06:26:48*merwin needs bin2hex
06:27:20merwini may have to write one
06:28:48 Join lithermon [0] (
06:29:01pimlottchere a perl oneliner
06:29:13pimlottc perl -ne 'printf "0x%02x\n", oct("0b$_");'
06:29:20merwini need something in c :)
06:29:32merwincould i do it in perl and then use p2c? :-)
06:29:38*pimlottc groans
06:29:50pimlottcc'mon man
06:29:52pimlottcyou call yourself a coder
06:30:06pimlottcyou can convert hex in your head
06:30:11pimlottcit's only 5 bits
06:30:46merwinpimlottc: can you think of a way to make a progress bar any better way?
06:30:52merwinpimlottc: it's not something static
06:31:04merwinpimlottc: i'm going to have a custom char that fills itself up as the song goes by
06:31:04PsycoXulbitwise ops?
06:31:24pimlottcthere are characters in rom to make a vertical bar
06:31:27pimlottcgoes from _ to the full box
06:31:35PsycoXulyeah but that sucks
06:31:36pimlottcgives you 8 steps
06:31:45merwinbut i want to have it fill up character by character
06:31:48PsycoXulwe want 36 steps :p
06:31:49merwinerr, pixel by pixel
06:31:56pimlottcmake it snake around
06:32:05pimlottcfirst row left to right
06:32:09pimlottcthen 2nd right to left
06:32:14pimlottcor spiral
06:32:17merwinpimlottc: but don't i need bin2hex to do this/
06:32:23merwinit would make things easier
06:32:57merwinhave a long long string of 1111111111111111111111111110000000000000000000 and just split it up into fives and convert it into hex
06:33:10merwinsimple example of course
06:33:43merwinPsycoXul: isn't it only 35 steps?
06:33:53PsycoXulmerwin: plus blank
06:33:56merwinPsycoXul: oh
06:36:19 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
06:38:23PsycoXulthe : in the time display isn't removable huh...
06:40:15 Join hardeep [0] (
06:45:28merwin snprintf(player_progressbar,1,"%c",bin2int("00011",5));
06:45:31merwinis this correct?"
06:45:35merwinor rather, will this work?
06:46:50pimlottcI would use 1 character and redefine to change it
06:48:20merwin player_progressbar[0] = bin2int("00000",5);
06:48:24merwinends up displaying just a white line
06:48:40merwinmorn hes
06:48:48PsycoXulmerwin: is it supposed to do something else?
06:48:54pimlottc0 = white
06:48:56pimlottc1 = black
06:49:15merwinoh, whoops, i mean 00111 :) ill see if that works
06:50:11merwinit works
06:53:54 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
06:54:24merwini think this is going to work
06:58:29merwinis there a function or a way to copy part of a string of length 35 into a string of length 5?
06:58:37merwinjust a random section of the string
06:59:05merwini'd kill for a left() right() and mid() function right now
06:59:37merwinstrcpy can copy from the middle of a string?
06:59:41merwinwhat's the syntax?
07:00:41Hessubstitute src+5 to get 6th character of src
07:00:47pimlottcstrcpy(dest, src+a, b) would copy from b chars starting at char a (start at 0)
07:00:54Hesjust increase the source pointer
07:02:01Hesremember, dest and src which are being passed to strcpy are just pointers to a location in memory
07:02:18Heswhich allows for all sorts of nice tricks.
07:02:22merwinalthough it IS strncpy, not strcpy
07:02:25pimlottcand lets you screw yourself
07:02:33pimlottcso be careful
07:02:51Hesexactly 8-)
07:02:52pimlottcmerwin - my bad, you're right
07:02:57pimlottcI got the zig zag thing going
07:04:38merwinlucky me, roseanne is the only thing on :(
07:05:17merwindarn, crashed the player
07:06:23merwinok, i'm going to cut and paste about 15 lines of code...
07:06:31pimlottcdamn it
07:06:33merwini'm probably missing something
07:06:33merwin char binline[34];
07:06:33merwin char charline[4];
07:06:33merwin int songpos = 0;
07:06:33merwin int tmpcnt;
07:06:34pimlottcrockbox makes me lose sleep
07:06:34***Alert Mode level 1
07:06:34merwin binline[0] = 0;
07:06:36merwin songpos = (id3->elapsed * 34) / id3->length;
07:06:37merwin for(tmpcnt=0;tmpcnt<=songpos;tmpcnt++)
07:06:39merwin binline[tmpcnt] = 1;
07:06:41merwin for(tmpcnt=0;tmpcnt<=6;tmpcnt++)
07:06:43merwin {
07:06:45merwin strncpy(charline,binline+(tmpcnt*5),5);
07:06:47merwin player_progressbar[tmpcnt] = bin2int(charline,5);
07:06:49merwin }
07:07:25*PsycoXul goes off to do something else now
07:07:46PsycoXulheh :p
07:07:53pimlottcmy roommates alarm just went off
07:08:04pimlottc(it's 1 am here)
07:08:29pimlottccharline is not being defined
07:08:42pimlottcer wait sorry
07:09:36merwinit's something with the last for statement that's crashing it
07:09:57merwini have a feeling it's the strncpy
07:11:15PsycoXulyou're putting 5 bytes into a 4 byte array?
07:11:26merwinno, charline[4] is 5 bytes
07:11:29merwin0 counts
07:11:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
07:11:43PsycoXulcharline[4] is 0 - 3
07:12:02*merwin is a dumbass
07:12:20PsycoXuldifference between a count and a size
07:12:38PsycoXulor something like that
07:13:57merwinok, so it's only creating a 7x4?
07:14:19merwinit's cool animation on the screen though :) looks like random chars
07:14:24merwinor maybe 6x4 even
07:15:03merwinany clue why it's doing that?
07:15:50PsycoXulwell did you adjust your array's and any other things that need to be adjusted?
07:16:35***Alert Mode OFF
07:18:35merwinooooh, how would i completely empty out a string?
07:18:42 Quit lithermon ()
07:19:02 Join hardeep [0] (
07:19:35PsycoXulfor (i=0;i<strlen(string);i++) string[i]=0;
07:19:43Hesif it's a normal character string, s[0] = 0; is fine
07:19:44PsycoXulor something
07:20:04Hesotherwise memset(s, 0, sizeof(s));
07:20:10PsycoXulor those :p
07:20:51 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
07:20:55Hessizeof(s) is in case of a static-length string is optimized to a constant by the compiler
07:21:14PsycoXuli see
07:22:04pimlottcwhat about strcpy(s, "");
07:22:24Hesthat would do the same thing as s[0] = 0;
07:22:49Hesbut still call a function (which would be much more weightly)
07:23:03pimlottcI really wish it would save the backlight timeout
07:23:11merwinyay, it works! i've got a working progress filler now :)
07:23:59PsycoXulpimlottc: huh?
07:24:07pimlottcit is 5s by default
07:24:29pimlottcwhich is annoying when you are testing an animation or something
07:25:23PsycoXulit saves it for me...
07:25:33pimlottcnever has for me
07:25:53PsycoXuli just set it to 7, paused and shut off then booted back up and watched the time count 7 seconds
07:26:01PsycoXulat which point the backlight shut off
07:26:17PsycoXuli seem to remember a bug i had some time ago.. lemme check it
07:26:21pimlottcsorry default is 4 it appears
07:26:43PsycoXulactualy i think the default is 5... heh
07:27:19PsycoXulso its the old bug
07:27:25pimlottcit keeps going back to 4 for me
07:27:27PsycoXuli must've forgot to report it and nobody else noticed it
07:27:32PsycoXultry going to the menu
07:27:39PsycoXuland then exiting the menu
07:27:45PsycoXuler well
07:27:48PsycoXuli dunno actualy
07:27:50PsycoXulfor me what it does
07:27:54PsycoXulis it saves the value i set
07:28:04PsycoXulbut then it doesn't use it on next boot untill i go into the menu and exit
07:50:33 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
07:58:09*mecraw seconds that
08:06:20 Join Bagder [0] (
08:07:16Bagderhey ho
08:07:58merwinhey bag
08:08:29*merwin needs a working bin2hex function
08:08:32merwini don't trust mine
08:09:16merwinactually, i need bin2int converts a binary string to a integer
08:10:01merwinexcuse me?
08:10:11Bagderthat's a C function that does it
08:10:18merwinhow do you use it?
08:10:29Bagderlong int strtol(const char *nptr, char **endptr, int base);
08:10:47Bagderbut if this is rockbox talk, we don't have that function (yet) ;-)
08:11:22merwinwell, i need rockbox :)
08:12:45Bagderwhen write your own!
08:13:29merwinworking on it :)
08:13:42merwini think i've got a binary to integer converter
08:14:08merwini just don't trust it 100% yet :)
08:14:21Bagderis it committed?
08:14:46BagderI could have a look at it
08:15:03merwinpardon this:
08:15:03merwinint bin2int(char *input, int size)
08:15:03merwin int i;
08:15:03merwin int b;
08:15:03***Alert Mode level 1
08:15:03merwin int res;
08:15:05merwin int result = 0;
08:15:07merwin for(i = size; i > 0; i−−)
08:15:09merwin {
08:15:11merwin res = 1;
08:15:13merwin b = size-i;
08:15:15merwin while(b−−>0)
08:15:17merwin res *= 2;
08:15:19merwin result += (input[i-1] - '0')*res;
08:15:21merwin }
08:15:23merwin return result;
08:15:27merwinsize is equal to strlen(string)
08:16:24BagderI'd do it differently, for each letter shift left one step and add 1 or 0, repeat until done
08:16:49Bagderfrom left to right
08:17:07merwini stole this from somewhere :) I'm actually not sure how to write one :P
08:17:17merwini get the general point, but couldn't write one from scratch
08:17:31Bagderthis loops a bit too much to be really good
08:17:40Bagderok, gimme a sec
08:18:11merwini'm writing player code for a simple progress bar, and it relies on bin2int :)
08:18:24merwinmore like a progress bar that "fills up a cup"
08:19:21Bagderint bin2int(char *input, int size)
08:19:21Bagder int result=0;
08:19:21DBUGEnqueued KICK Bagder
08:19:21Bagder while(size−−) {
08:19:26Bagder result <<= 1;
08:19:26Bagder result += (*input - '0');
08:19:26Bagder }
08:19:30Bagder return result;
08:19:42Bagderuh, and increase input
08:19:49merwinmuch smaller
08:19:51merwinexcuse me?
08:19:53merwinincrease input?
08:19:55Bagder result += (*input++ - '0');
08:20:16Hesmight take a long time to finish without that 8-)
08:20:45Bagdernot really
08:20:56Bagderit just doesn't get right
08:21:03Hesum, yes.
08:21:15merwinsize is the same, right? it's the strlen
08:24:52merwinok, now i need a bit of code review... the function almost works fine. it fills up from top right corner (goes over to the left, then starts on the right one line down). except the leftmost line is white most of the time
08:24:56merwin char player_progressbar[8];
08:25:04***Alert Mode OFF
08:25:06merwin char binline[35];
08:25:07merwin char charline[5];
08:25:07merwin int songpos = 0;
08:25:07merwin int tmpcnt;
08:25:07merwin memset(binline, 0, sizeof(binline));
08:25:07***Alert Mode level 1
08:25:07merwin memset(charline, 0, sizeof(charline));
08:25:09merwin songpos = (id3->elapsed * 35) / id3->length;
08:25:11merwin for(tmpcnt=0;tmpcnt<=songpos;tmpcnt++)
08:25:13merwin binline[tmpcnt] = 1;
08:25:15merwin for(tmpcnt=0;tmpcnt<=6;tmpcnt++)
08:25:17merwin {
08:25:19merwin strncpy(charline,binline+(tmpcnt*5),5);
08:25:21merwin player_progressbar[tmpcnt] = bin2int(charline,strlen(charline));
08:25:23merwin }
08:25:25merwin lcd_define_pattern(8,player_progressbar,sizeof(player_progressbar));
08:25:27merwin lcd_puts(9,1,"\01");
08:25:37mecrawAuto-resume from USB patch is on its way.
08:25:50merwinmecraw: wo!
08:25:53merwinwoo i mean!
08:26:49mecrawI noticed a little bug just now...
08:27:24mecrawwhen I press the left button in the main menu to exit, it exits and starts the current song over from the beginning
08:27:38merwinmecraw: hehe. nice. recorder?
08:28:51mecrawmerwin: does it happen for you?
08:28:58merwini've got a player
08:29:11merwinmecraw: hence, me having you test my recorder patches :-)
08:29:29mecrawhow do you exit the main menu?
08:29:34merwinmecraw: press the menu key
08:30:05mecrawthat works for me too
08:31:30merwinBagder: see anything wrong with that code, at first glance?
08:31:50Bagderno, can't say I do
08:32:03mecrawBagder: do you have a recorder?
08:32:14Bagderexcept that you copy the charline unnecessary
08:32:24Bagderyes, me a recorder person
08:33:15mecrawdo you exit the main menu by pressing F1 or BUTTON_LEFT?
08:34:05BagderI actually added exactly that yday ;-)
08:34:14mecrawvery nice
08:34:33merwinBagder: what do you mean i copy the charline unnecessarily?
08:34:34mecrawcan you try playing a song, going into the menu, then press left
08:34:57mecrawand tell me if the song starts over
08:35:04Bagdermerwin: it is enough to pass a pointer to the data, you don't have to copy it
08:35:08***Alert Mode OFF
08:36:10Bagdermecraw: sorry, can't test now. no batteries left and I forgot my charger elsewhere :-(
08:37:06mecrawcan you pretend to test it and tell me what you think it would do? :D
08:37:08merwinThis is weird, the leftmost vertical line in the character is black, the rest of it works fine
08:45:46merwinin lcd_define_pattern it specifies length... that would be strlen() right?
08:46:45Bagderthe char is only 5 or 6 pixels wide
08:49:01merwinactually, it's 7
08:49:03merwinor 8
08:49:12Bagderit is?
08:49:15mecrawmerwin: why is custom wps still a #define?
08:49:24merwinmecraw: it doesn't scroll in the recorder
08:49:58mecrawi don't think that's enough to keep it out of the daily builds
08:50:08merwinBagder: we're going to have to find someone who can troubleshoot and fix the recorder scrolling problem in the custom wps. I can't do it...
08:50:32Bagderso remove the use of the define and we'll all of a sudden get lots of them ;-)
08:50:50merwinsounds good
08:50:54merwini'll do that :)
08:50:59Bagderas long as it compiles and builds and is volountary
08:51:07merwinit compiles fine
08:51:09mecrawanyone have the id3 specs? seems to be down
08:51:20BagderI have them somewhere
08:52:13BagderI only have the 2.3 specs
08:59:55merwinthere were a hell of a lot of changes for custom wps :P
09:02:16 Join hardeep [0] (
09:02:20merwinhey hardeep
09:02:32CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:02:32*merwin is waiting for his girlfriend to get off of work at 4am... such a sweet boyfriend i am
09:03:40merwinor rather, i'm whipped :)
09:05:06mecrawanyone know how long many digits can be in a track number in id3v1.1?
09:05:13merwinhold on a sec
09:05:17merwin'll find
09:05:39PsycoXulmerwin: so whats the status on the progress bar
09:05:40merwinaccording to winamp, 3 digits
09:05:55merwinPsycoXul: it works, but there's a vertical line on the left... i can't get rid of the damn thing
09:06:00merwinso it's in a #define for now
09:06:27merwinit always displays at 10,1 also :)
09:06:29merwinfor now
09:06:36merwinmecraw: according to winamp, 3 digits
09:06:49mecrawmerwin: thanks
09:06:50merwinPsycoXul: i'm working at getting it working, before putting it into the custom wps
09:07:00merwinmecraw: i didn't address it to you so i didn't know if you got it :)
09:07:13merwinPsycoXul: i've got 5 hours of flying to figure it out tomorrow
09:07:41PsycoXulso is it in cvs?
09:07:43merwini hate when i type make in the apps folder
09:07:49merwinPsycoXul: it will be in about 5 minutes
09:07:54PsycoXulheh ok
09:08:04merwinalong with CUSTOM_WPS being the default :)
09:08:09merwinNO MORE REGULAR WPS!
09:08:24merwini think the codesize went down because of it
09:08:38hardeepOkay, those of you with really long (> 3 hours) mp3's... let me know if the latest cvs fixes your problem. :)
09:09:04merwinhardeep: what files did you commit?
09:09:11merwinplease don't let it be wps :)
09:09:14hardeepmerwin: mpeg.c
09:11:05*merwin crosses his fingers as he hits enter on the commit
09:11:28merwindone... PsycoXul: feel free to download
09:11:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:11:48merwinI hope i didn't fuck too much up (which is what i think after every commit)
09:12:02merwinthe player and recorder build fine, dunno about the sims
09:12:29Bagderthey build too
09:15:12PsycoXulso eventualy are we gonna heve rolo in the codebase and have it [optionaly?] automatically detect new archos.mod's and upgrade to them on usb disconnect? heh
09:15:23merwinPsycoXul: good idea
09:16:24merwinBagder: how does scrolling work in the recorder sim for x11?
09:16:44Bagderpretty much the same way as in the target
09:16:58merwinBagder: i meant how does it work NOW :-) as in functional
09:17:01PsycoXulmerwin: the left line is black...
09:17:06merwinPsycoXul: ?
09:17:10merwinPsycoXul: yes it is
09:17:16PsycoXuli thought you said it was white
09:17:19merwinPsycoXul: that's what i said
09:17:53PsycoXulmaybe i read it as blank
09:17:53merwinOur Lady Peace (the best damn band ever) did the theme song for WWE's Chris Benoit (who i've never heard of). Great song though
09:18:12PsycoXulwhats WWE
09:18:30merwinPsycoXul: i said "A vertical line on the left"
09:18:40merwinPsycoXul: World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly WWF)
09:20:33merwinyahoo sports is late with the decision on whether or not we have baseball anymore. it was supposed to be decided 20 minutes ago
09:23:25SyntheI thought the deadline was sometime tomorrow morning
09:23:41merwinis it?
09:23:55Synthethe start time of the first baseball game tomorrow is what I heard on the news
09:25:31merwinoh, i thought they said 3am, not 3pm :P
09:25:39merwinthe first game today is 3pm :)
09:25:42merwinmorning webbhead
09:25:51merwin``It doesn't sound real good from what I've heard in the last few hours,'' said Rangers shortstop Alex Rodriguez, who would lose the most of any player, $114,754 a day. ``You just have to prepare yourself for the very worst.''
09:25:52Syntheyeah 3:20pm
09:26:15merwinThe lowest played player would lose $60,000 (2 paychecks)
09:26:24merwinsorry :)
09:26:38merwinPersonally, i think they're a bunch of big whiners :)
09:27:15merwinno, i believe it WAS 60,000$
09:28:06merwinmecraw: are you lee?
09:28:38merwinBagder: the recorder sim crashes now when it tries to scroll a line :P
09:28:41mecrawtoday i am
09:28:48merwinmecraw: excuse me?
09:29:13Bagderthe recorder sim seems screwed up in general
09:29:14mecrawmerwin: i am lee, lee is me
09:29:30merwinmecraw: heh
09:29:52merwinBagder: good, then it's not just me. although custom_wps was the straw that broke that camel's back
09:29:58mecrawI'm reading the track number out of id3v1.1 tags, anyone interested?
09:30:19Bagdermerwin: I'm not gonna bother with that now, possibly later
09:30:51merwinBagder: yeah :) I would assume that fixing the crashing problem may also fix the problem with not scrolling
09:32:17merwingeez, i leave at 11am CST tomorrow and get back to seattle at 5pm PST. 7 hours. I must spend half my life on those damn planes. I need to take more direct flights i think
09:32:41mecrawor get a new job
09:33:19merwinmecraw: yes, but this one pays $45,000/year and i get enough frequent flier miles and hotel points to get all vacations paid for. With only 2 years college, that's not too shabby. I'd be afraid to go anywhere else :)
09:34:17mecrawi just quit my last job because of the travel...(and took a paycut)
09:34:42merwinhopefully, a manager position will open up soon :)
09:34:50merwinthey don't travel unless they want to
09:35:59merwinpuff daddy is hilarious in person :-)
09:36:04merwinon talk shows and shit
09:36:14merwini don't particularly like the music, but hey...
09:39:14*merwin doesn't understand why there's a telephone and a TV right in front of the shitcan at this hotel :P
09:39:25merwintime for bed
09:39:27merwinor nap
09:39:47mecrawmerwin: what's there to understand
09:40:04mecrawthere's nothing better than being able to see the TV from the crapper
09:40:05merwinmecraw: I'm suprised there's not a magazine rack and a network jack also
09:41:05merwintalk to you lates
09:41:10 Quit merwin ()
09:47:04mecrawtrack number id3v1.1 patch on the way
09:48:16*mecraw heads to bed
09:48:27 Nick mecraw is now known as mecraw|snoozing (~kdfjs@
09:48:27DBUGEnqueued KICK mecraw|snoozing
10:02:25Bagdermorning mbr
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10:37:23 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
10:37:39Bagdermore more more
10:37:45Bagdertshirt designs
10:37:48Bagdercoming up
10:39:40matslHi folks!
10:39:47Bagdermorning matsl
10:40:12matslI just fixed so that the simulator reads wps.config from archos directory.
10:40:32Bagderit didn't before?
10:40:42matslnope. it was hardcoded.
10:41:09matslany reason not to read it from disk?
10:41:27matslI'll check it in then.
10:41:33Bagderit should work like the target one as closely as possible, imho
10:42:08matslJupp! It was hardcoded for recorded 5-lines. That got a bit ugly on the player simulator.
10:46:34Bagderstupid me
10:46:37 Join Zagor [0] (
10:46:41Bagderhey ho z
10:46:55Zagorfixed any of my bugs yet? :)
10:47:16Bagderthe recorder sim has gone really bad
10:47:41Zagorit has? i tested that rather much.
10:47:46BagderI could get scrolling in the status bar
10:48:25HesThe current code with USE_STANDBY does not spin the disk down on my recorder with the 40G disk.
10:48:42Bagderbut I've cleaned, cvsup'ed and remade now so let's try again
10:48:50ZagorHes: even with linus' IMMEDIATE fix?
10:49:26BagderSegmentation fault (core dumped)
10:49:35HesStrange. I'll look at it more when I have time
10:49:41Heswill do some debugging
10:49:47Bagder#2 0x8050dc4 in display_custom_wps (x_val=0, y_val=1, do_scroll=false,
10:49:47Bagder wps_string=0x80665e0 "%id") at ../../apps/wps.c:439
10:50:58Bagderthe custom wps code sprintf()s with a %s, NULL
10:51:31Zagorwell, the custom stuff aren't my bugs. slap jheiner.
10:51:38BagderI know
10:51:46BagderI encouraged him to commit without defines
10:52:25Zagorso it works for recorder now?
10:52:38Bagderseems to work
10:52:44Bagderhe mentioned a scroll problem though
10:53:13*matsl can't hold back the tears ... I was not mentioned in the 1.3 README ;-)
10:53:43Zagoruh, sorry. i forgot to update the credit list
10:53:48Bagderbad bad bad zagor
10:55:38Zagorhave you looked at the new wps structure?
10:56:02Zagorwps_show() is a about 300 lines shorter :-)
10:56:06Bagderwell, a little but not much
10:56:24Bagderno path on the rec-wps now :-/
10:56:55Bagderand toggling off the scroll bar makes the title dissappear, in the sim at least
10:57:02Bagderstatus bar
10:57:39Zagormerwin has some work to do...
10:59:53mbrHas someone tested the scrollbar patch? Coments?
11:00:23ZagorI haven't tested it yet
11:07:09Zagorah, nice. you found some big files to test, hardeep?
11:09:19ZagorBagder: have you responded to jeansebastien again? seems he doesn't read his mail...
11:09:43BagderI've taken care of it
11:09:47Bagdernew designs are committed
11:10:31 Join alkorr [0] (
11:11:33alkorrDRRRINNG ! people seems to be asleep here !
11:11:48*Bagder awakes and looks around
11:11:53alkorrarf :)
11:12:06Zagormatsl: how come you can't use plain open() in the simulator?
11:12:10alkorrgooooood moooorning !!!
11:12:10*Bagder puts his head down on the pillow again...
11:13:32Bagderright, open() should work and be used
11:16:17matslZagor: Huh... Well I was trying to be smart ;-)...
11:16:38alkorrwhat's the matter ?
11:17:00alkorrsomeone refuses to use posix function in recorder, we must slap him/her !
11:17:32matslZagor: Thought that x11_open was the way to do it in the simulator to get the archos/ prepended. Bad idea?
11:18:01Bagdermatsl: open() does that too
11:18:11Bagderand is a better way
11:18:16Zagormatsl: not bad, just wrong :-) look in uisimulator/x11/file.h
11:18:26matslAha... I'm learning.
11:18:33matslFix coming up.
11:20:26 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
11:21:00Zagorhmm, what do you guys say about splitting wps into wps.c and wps-display.c?
11:21:17Bagdermakes sense
11:21:21Zagorwps.c handling the keys, mostly
11:24:45 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|lunch (
11:28:52 Quit Blaster_Master (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:34:08 Nick matsl|lunch is now known as matsl (
11:36:16Zagorcan someone do the same open() trick in win32sim?
11:36:38Bagderdoesn't it already?
11:37:00matslit should
11:37:13Zagoroh, it does. the red build is from matsl previous version. my bad.
11:37:31Zagorno wait, it's not
11:37:46Zagorwarning: implicit declaration of function `x11_open'
11:37:49Bagderisimulator/win32/../../apps/wps.c:343: undefined reference to `x11_open'
11:38:00Bagderlooks wrong ;-)
11:38:26alkorri suppose the daily snapshot are still old ?
11:38:50alkorryes compared with CVS files
11:38:52Bagderyes, about 7 hours old ;-)
11:38:55Zagoralkorr: you can download the very latest cvs builds at the bottom of the daily page
11:39:40Bagderso how can the win32 sim play mp3 ?
11:40:30alkorrbuild ? you mean archos.mod and cie ? i want source
11:41:07Bagdercvs update should even be less data than downloading the full tarball
11:41:31alkorryes but i need to reinstall since i'm on newer harddisk
11:42:07alkorrokay okay just install CVS and use pserver should work...
11:45:17alkorris there anyway to just ask a module instead of several modules to checkout
11:45:21Bagderwe should introduce .rockbox really soon
11:45:36Bagder'co [module]'
11:46:19alkorrco rockbox doesn't work ? it is not very convenient to checkout one for firmware, one for apps, etc.
11:46:34Bagder'co rockbox' doesn't work no
11:46:37Bagderrockbox is not a module
11:46:57Bagderyou can 'co .' to get the entire thing
11:47:04Bagderbut that gives you www too etc
11:47:14alkorryes not a good idea too :(
11:47:43alkorrno possibility like a module which includes necessary modules ?
11:48:05Bagderyes it is possible too
11:48:07HesIs there any more to .rockbox than having a global char rockboxdir[] = ".rockbox" and using that when constructing filenames everywhere?
11:48:10Bagderwe've just made it
11:48:16BagderNOT made it
11:48:30Hes".rockbox/" or ".rockbox\" ?
11:48:36Zagor /
11:48:36Bagder /
11:50:26Hesin settings.c and prototype in settings.h
11:50:35matslalkorr: I use a script to get the modules I want.
11:54:13*matsl looks at the green lights ...
11:56:24Bagdercool, someone in Zimbabwe needs my help. I better send him lots of money
11:56:47Zagoryou are very popular with african men, bagder...
11:57:00BagderI have so many friends ;-)
11:58:45alkorrBagder: you need to give him money so he leaves you alone ?!
12:00:06BagderI don't think that would leave me alone ;-)
12:02:57alkorrarf :) i can figure out, I lived for 10 years in Africa (Gabon)
12:04:21alkorra good life, sea, strand, equatorial forest. shortly, an adventurous life, not like in european countries.
12:04:46*Bagder toured Tanzania a month this summer
12:05:40HesShall i stick the rockboxdir[] in ?
12:05:48BagderI think so
12:06:09Hesis that a good name?
12:11:02alkorrhumm now the moment to test if i can compile fine
12:12:33alkorrgrrr no permission it says !!!!!
12:12:49alkorri maust be administrator apparently...
12:13:45alkorrsomeone knows here how i can switch administrator in Windows XP ?
12:14:17*Bagder looks on his toes
12:15:08alkorrhey i'm working on a commercial project which turns on Windows so i must use Windows !!!
12:15:39Bagdersure sure, blame it on the company :-)
12:15:40alkorrnot my fault if commercial people don't like linux :P
12:16:13matslalkorr: i don't follow your problem. you want to become admin on your machine?
12:16:29alkorryep, because i have no permission under cygwin
12:16:45alkorrlooks like gcc was compiled with administrator rights
12:17:05alkorrand i'm not logged like an administrator
12:17:17matslwhy don't you log in as admin then?
12:17:36alkorri spoke about sh-gcc for cygwin i got from rockbox site
12:17:54alkorrbecause i don't know how to so, i used to be under W2K
12:18:35alkorrit seems be different, and it displays only my log an no administrator log i could switch
12:18:58alkorrso i'm puzzled
12:19:34alkorrwhy they must change everything. W2K was more easy to handle :(
12:20:26matslOK. If I get this right. You know the admin password but needs to find the menu to switch user?
12:21:32*matsl goes to his sons machine to boot XP ...
12:21:40alkorrooh it seems my log is an administrator account :(
12:22:10*matsl still stitting on linux machine ...
12:22:24alkorrdon't move :)
12:22:29matslhave you solved it?
12:22:52alkorrnot exactly but i found a... menu about account
12:23:03alkorrso i will try to manage with that
12:23:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:23:43alkorri've right of administrator. I'm confused
12:24:15alkorrbut i still have problem with .configure for rockbox (denied access permission)
12:25:08matslwhat authority model do you use in cygwin?
12:25:15alkorr$ ./configure
12:25:15alkorrSetup your Rockbox build environment.
12:25:15DBUGEnqueued KICK alkorr
12:25:15alkorrEnter target platform: (defaults to Recorder)
12:25:15***Alert Mode level 1
12:25:15alkorr1 - Archos Player old LCD
12:25:17alkorr2 - Archos Player/Studio new LCD
12:25:19alkorr3 - Archos Recorder
12:25:25alkorrBuild (N)ormal, (D)ebug or (S)imulated version? (N)
12:25:29alkorr./configure: cannot create Makefile: permission denied
12:25:31alkorrCreated Makefile
12:25:46alkorrauthority model ? a new concept for me
12:27:29alkorrcan you explai what an authority model is ?
12:27:51matslWell maybe not the right word and I'm not sure this is it but ...
12:28:36alkorri now i have the administrator rights but i don't use 'Administrator' as logname
12:29:07alkorrit could something else in fact
12:29:40ZagorHes: a #define is better. then we can concatenate the strings compile-time
12:29:52alkorrmaybe the cygwinsh1.tgz i downloaded from rockbox site is not so smart to allow me to use anyhow
12:29:57Zagorlike this:
12:30:01Zagor#define WPS_CONFIG ROCKBOX_ROOT "wps.config"
12:30:27Zagoror ROCKBOXDIR
12:30:33matslhuh... i don't know how to explain. If you do a ls -l you see cygwin tell you about the mode of the files.
12:30:37BagderZagor: that might take a little more memory though if used on many places
12:30:53matslalkorr: But that isn't neccessary what XP things.
12:31:09ZagorBagder: yeah, about 8 bytes more. and we'll avoid ten times that amount of code
12:31:50alkorrNTFS has rights access as you can find on unix, so...
12:32:01alkorrbut all looks fine however
12:32:16matslalkorr: I don't think that works like that out of the box with cygwin.
12:32:39matslIt didn't on NT 4 at least. I'll try to find the reference for you.
12:33:01 Quit Hes (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:33:55alkorri'm looking for the URL whic tells me how to run rockbox compilation
12:34:29Bagderthere is none
12:34:31Bagderfor windows
12:34:54alkorrfor linux, it is same under cygwin
12:35:04Bagderthen run configure
12:35:05Bagdertype make
12:35:17***Alert Mode OFF
12:35:31Bagderbuild the tools first
12:35:44alkorryes but how ? something like ./configure in .../tools or ./tools/configure in .../rockbox ?
12:35:53Bagdermkdir build-dir
12:35:55Bagdercd build-dir
12:36:14Bagderthat's what I use and like anyway
12:36:15Zagorthere's much work left on config_wps before it's as good as the old hard coded :)
12:36:26BagderZagor: yes
12:36:55Zagorbut I agree about converting to it now, so we all get annoyed and fix it
12:36:55alkorrBagder: Makefile in tools/ is normal ? or i must clean it up ?
12:37:13Bagderdid you run configure there first? then you ruined the original one
12:37:29Bagderremove, cvs update
12:38:10Zagordoes anyone else have problems setting the time? everything sticks for me, except the hour value
12:43:11matslalkorr: Please read
12:45:32CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
12:45:32*matsl needs coffe after reading about NT security model
12:46:06alkorrthx matsl
12:46:26 Nick alkorr is now known as alkorr|lunch (
12:46:26DBUGEnqueued KICK alkorr|lunch
13:03:18 Nick alkorr|lunch is now known as alkorr (
13:03:18DBUGEnqueued KICK alkorr
13:04:53alkorrok it looks like some directory have no write permission
13:05:39alkorroh i see ! uisimulator has no owner !
13:07:14alkorrargh i can delete this directory !!!!
13:08:25alkorrat last :)
13:08:40alkorrok i know where the problem was
13:11:31alkorruisimulator directory has owner 'none' so i was not the owner of it
13:11:49alkorri don't know how it was poosible to have that
13:12:03alkorrbut i hope it wouldn't repeat
13:12:31mbrZagor: time setting works for me, but I discovered errors in bitmasks.
13:12:42mbrI'll commit that ...
13:17:29alkorri cross my fingers
13:18:23alkorrhow to compile scramble ?
13:18:30alkorrat hand
13:18:41Bagderin tools
13:18:49Zagormbr: thanks, i'll try this
13:19:53alkorri cross my fingers again (hmmm must find a recharger for the player first)
13:20:29 Join Hes [0] (
13:24:00Zagormbr: booo, it's my change in icons.c that is very very wrong :-)
13:24:12Zagorstatus.c, even
13:24:16Zagorboth :-)
13:24:44mbrZagor: Ahh, now I understand ..
13:24:56mbrI thought you meant time setting menu ..
13:33:50 Join alan [0] (
13:33:51 Quit alkorr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:34:09 Nick alan is now known as alkorr (
13:35:23alkorri don't understand
13:36:50Bagderice cream time
14:09:12PsycoXuli made the player progress bar work right
14:09:56Bagderdoes it look any good?
14:10:15PsycoXulit could do with spicing up, spirals and other neat effects like that...
14:10:18PsycoXulbut you know heh
14:14:48pimlottcya I did one too
14:15:41pimlottcdidn't like that bin2int stuff heh
14:23:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:43:55Zagori'm going away for the day. see you tomorrow, possibly
14:43:59 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
14:49:41 Join notch [0] (
14:51:35 Join datazone-work [0] (
14:52:20notchif I wrote a button routine that toggled global_settings.playlist_shuffle, and then called settings_save(), would this work?
14:52:39notchto turn shuffle mode on/off....
14:53:23Bagdernot completely
14:53:45Bagderthe mpeg thread may have loaded several songs in memory
14:55:14notchHow could I purge these tracks?
14:55:25BagderI don't know really
14:55:33notchis linus the man?
14:55:39Bagderit should be some call to mpeg, yes linus is the man
14:55:53notchhas he been around today?
14:55:59Bagderno, he's away today
14:56:19notchcheers, I'll await his return!
15:00:59 Join nuphem [0] (
15:01:52nuphemzagor, your were right about my disk
15:01:57nuphemvery much corrupted
15:04:20PsycoXulBagder: i just sent you a diff w/ the fixed up player progressbar
15:04:38nuphemso i guess i'll just run away and reformat. thanks for the help yesterday all (if youre listening...) ;)
15:04:45 Quit nuphem (Client Quit)
15:05:58 Join elinenbe [0] (
15:06:07 Quit notch ()
15:06:10PsycoXulor well it was against the current cvs... heh
15:06:24elinenbewho was doing the scrollbar patch? There is a bug with it
15:06:48PsycoXuli dunno
15:06:56Bagder merwin did it
15:07:03Bagderno, that's mbr
15:07:38mbrelinenbe: That was me ..
15:08:34BagderPsycoXul: I apply
15:08:47elinenbembr: first off I love that patch
15:09:41elinenbebut there is a bug, when you are playing a song and hit F1 to go to the menus, then the song information is then indented
15:10:06matslcustom wps question: With current possibilities we can build a really long scroll-line but the internal buf is just 128 chars long. Any problem in making it much bigger?
15:10:23Bagdermatsl: go go go ;-)
15:10:34elinenbealso, there are some areas where the loadable fonts or proportional fonts should NOT be used. (on the status bar, in games, setting the clock, etc.) it is just not worth it
15:11:01mbrelinenbe: Ups, maybe the patch is outdated ... that is fixed here
15:11:22mbrelinenbe: I disagree. I think you should get the same font everywhere.
15:11:28elinenbeah... is is bart of the CVS?
15:11:38PsycoXulBagder: oh whoops i missed a ( with sizeof on line 560
15:11:54PsycoXulor nevermind i'm seeing things
15:11:56PsycoXulthats just the way it is
15:11:59 Join sylvr [0] (
15:12:07elinenbembr: well, try to use a 20 pixel high font at the clock on the statusbar and the volume number −− it just does not work
15:12:41PsycoXuli think its bed time now...
15:13:13mbrelinenbe: ok, that is a argument. But It looks realy ugly if you have 5x7 loadable font and have the system font in statusbar ..
15:13:39elinenbembr: agreed, but it looks REALLY bas if you see nothing instead.
15:13:47elinenbembr: has that patch been committed to the CVS?
15:14:01mbrelinenbe: no
15:14:20elinenbembr: you should committ it.
15:15:11mbrelinenbe: not sure. I'd like to get an ok from zagor ..
15:17:39mbrelinenbe: What do you think about the "filled" scrollbar in screens that are not longer than screen?
15:18:26mbrI think not displaying it is not an option, because it is on the left side ..
15:19:42elinenbembr: I like it still
15:20:05elinenbembr: it would look odd to keep having the bar flash on and off...
15:21:02mbrelinenbe: I think that too, but it is also wasted space. but a "living" display is even worse.
15:25:03 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|away (
15:29:28 Join quelsaruk [0] (
15:43:36elinenbembr: I am going to commit the latest patch.
15:44:18mbrelinenbe:You? I have commit permission my own. but as said, i'd like to wait for zagors ok.
15:45:50elinenbembr: I don't see why it would be a problem. Everything looks good.
15:46:15Bagderif it makes a difference, I think you should commit mbr
15:46:25elinenbeI agree with that.
15:46:50mbrBagder: OK, if you say that ... :)
15:47:20Bagderif anyone has any strong objections, we either revert it again or modify it
15:47:44mbrWhen I commited "status bar in menus" zagor said, that I should consult on of the three amigos before doing such a change :)
15:48:16mbrSo I would not risk my commit rights :)
15:48:29mbrCommiting now ...
15:49:31elinenbemaybe someone can help me here... what am I doing wrong. I can't figure it out for the life of me.
15:49:45elinenbemake -C ../firmware TARGET=-DARCHOS_RECORDER NODEBUG=1 OBJDIR="/home/Eric/rockbo
15:49:45elinenbemake: invalid option −− D
15:50:00elinenbewhen I run make
15:50:05Bagderthe custom wps is used by default now
15:50:15elinenbeahhh... that would be it. Thanks.
15:50:23Bagderyou need to enclose that within quotes
15:50:40elinenbeBadger: thanks. problem solved.
15:50:59CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 16 minutes and 52 seconds at the last flood
15:50:59*Bagder bows
15:52:32elinenbeBadger: when will loadable fonts go default. When is that going to be forced onto everyone?
15:52:59BagderI'd like my complaints to be addressed first
15:53:12Bagderfor example, they should be proportional
15:53:29Bagderthat's just a bug preventing that right now
15:53:37elinenbeproportional? what do you mean by that?
15:53:49Bagdereach letter should have their own individual width
15:54:21elinenbeah. is that enclosed in the ajf format?
15:56:03elinenbewhat is this: I also added a menu item to the first menu. It's called "Resume Now"
15:56:03elinenbeand will invode start_resume when selected. This allows you to stop a
15:56:03elinenbesong, move around directories and/or menus, then restart from where you
15:56:03DBUGEnqueued KICK elinenbe
15:56:03elinenbeleft off.
15:57:40Bagderit makes most sense if you say no to the boot q and then change your mind
16:00:02elinenbedoes the font need to be in .rockbox now?
16:00:24Bagderno, nothing has yet been modified to use that, but soon...
16:00:47elinenbefor some reason my latest build does not find the font I have been using for the past week
16:01:48elinenbe? no font works at all!
16:02:06BagderI'll try too
16:02:55elinenbeBadger: what is your result?
16:02:59Bagderworks fine in my sim
16:03:07HesI did code changes for wps and fonts to use .rockbox/
16:03:09Bagderwooo scroll bar!
16:03:20Hesbut my device is at home, so i couldn't test them
16:03:23Bagderdidn't see that
16:03:31Hesso i didn't commit yet
16:03:31elinenbeHes: did you commit that?
16:03:48elinenbeI will rebuild... hold on.
16:03:49Bagderright, since my font works and I have no .rockbox
16:03:59HesI want to test the /.rockbox/ directory is fine under dos and linux
16:04:06 Nick mecraw|snoozing is now known as mecraw (~kdfjs@
16:04:26BagderHes: if you make it using the dos prompt in windows, it seems to be
16:04:49elinenbeHes: you cannot make a folder start with a . in the windows GUI
16:05:08elinenbeHes: but you can do "mkdir .xxxx" under a DOS prompot
16:06:27elinenbehmmmm.... with a clean build here. it is still not working?
16:06:36elinenbeI don't know what the deal is.
16:06:39HesHm, i wonder if that's too hard for the average user 8-)
16:06:48elinenbeHes: I also added a menu item to the first menu. It's called "Resume Now"
16:06:48elinenbeand will invode start_resume when selected. This allows you to stop a
16:06:48elinenbesong, move around directories and/or menus, then restart from where you
16:06:48elinenbeleft off.
16:07:00elinenbesorry about that...
16:07:11elinenbeHes: pressing play is too hard for the average user.
16:07:18HesWell, yeah.
16:08:09HesIf we had a "/rockbox/" directory with the hidden bit on, would that be seen as /.rockbox/ in Linux?
16:08:19Heswould the fat filesystem do that? 8-)
16:08:39mecrawelinenbe: you making fun of my resume patch? :-p
16:09:03elinenbemecraw: I just did not understand the second part of the patch
16:09:33elinenbemecraw: a problem with the first part is if you change the filesystem while under USB. You will get a messed up resume.
16:10:02mecrawtrue, but that could happen when you reboot too
16:10:28HesI'm going ... bye
16:10:36Bagderbye hes
16:11:17elinenbeHes bye.
16:11:38mecrawthe second part is not really needed if the resume from disconnect is included
16:11:46elinenbeBagder: is it correct that the new custom WPS does not scroll any lines on the recorder?
16:11:48pimlottcno hes
16:12:00Bagderelinenbe: yes, it seems to be a bug
16:13:49elinenbeokay... just checking.
16:14:23elinenbecan anyone here compile a reocrder build with loadable fonts and check it out on the device?
16:17:47mbrelinenbe: yes and no. Yes I can compile, no because there is a bug. I get currently "No font loaded!"
16:18:03mbrANd it worked before.
16:19:59elinenbembr: I get the same exact thing.
16:20:13elinenbecompiles fine, but always give "no font loaded"
16:20:56elinenbeand I like having all the info on the screen at the same time with my 3pixel high font :)
16:23:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:24:58 Join hardeep [0] (
16:25:27elinenbehi there hardeep
16:25:48 Join merwin [0] (
16:26:01merwinjust stopping in to say hey before i leave for seattle :)
16:26:04merwini'm late :P
16:26:08elinenbehave fun in Seattle.
16:26:16merwinseattle is home (me is lucky)
16:26:34merwin: /s/me///me
16:26:34hardeephave a safe trip home. :)
16:26:54merwinmaybe i'll get some good coding done
16:31:16 Part elinenbe
16:33:26 Quit merwin ()
16:38:09quelsarukbadger: could i ask you one *really* stupid question?
16:39:06quelsarukif i compile rockbox firmware and my ajbrec.ajz is about 151MB there's something wrong, or not? :)
16:39:50alkorri wonder how you be able to download 151 Mb in a 2MB dram :)
16:40:02quelsaruki had problems building the sh1 cross complier, but now it compiles... the question is how??
16:41:00alkorrquelsaruk : which os do you use ?
16:42:02pimlottcheh what'd you put in there
16:43:12alkorrin the main directory, mkdir buid
16:43:14alkorrcd build
16:43:33quelsaruki thought it was my patch, so i have just downloaded again rockbox firmware from cvs and it gives me a 151MB firmware :)
16:43:40pimlottcit's all in docs/README
16:43:56alkorrthen : make
16:44:06quelsaruki know how to compile
16:44:09alkorrshould be okay at the end
16:44:24quelsaruki'm asking this because it's *not* normal
16:44:48alkorrdid you use an include file with a very long array ?
16:44:50pimlottctried doing make clean?
16:45:20quelsarukpimlottc: yes, alkorr: no
16:47:44hardeepquelsaruk: there should be an archos.elf in the same directory... what size is it?
16:48:32alkorryes good idea, how many bytes is archos.elf ?
16:51:21 Join Miran [0] (
16:51:45mbrMust go. Have a nice weekend!
16:51:58 Nick mbr is now known as mbr|we (
16:53:35 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
16:53:36alkorrtry to zip it !
16:53:49quel|outmust go
16:53:52quel|outcu later
16:54:09alkorrif it size is very short, like there are too much zero-pad
17:03:05 Quit Miran ("Its not that you do not see, it is mearly that your eyes do not perceive")
17:06:08 Join elinenbe [0] (
17:06:45elinenbemany bugs in new CVS code: scrollbar does not update when you fast forward
17:07:06elinenbemany bugs in new CVS code: screen with scrollbar and without scrollbar shows much different information
17:07:13elinenbemany bugs in new CVS code: no lines scroll
17:08:01 Nick mecraw is now known as mecraw|working (~kdfjs@
17:14:50 Part Bagder
17:16:41 Part alkorr
17:38:30 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
17:51:30 Join alkorr [0] (
17:52:17alkorrIs there someone who has Windows XP and know how to put archos.mod on jukebox ?
17:54:17pimlottcthe same way you do mp3s
17:54:26pimlottccopy it over with explorer
17:54:39alkorrwell it doesn't work :(
17:55:02pimlottcmake sure you remove the device properly with the eject systray icon
17:55:13alkorrwhat i did
17:55:39alkorrwhen i look at the content of archos.mod with WinHex in jukebox, all seems to be okay
17:55:51alkorrbut my jukebox still refuses to boot it
17:56:04pimlottcwhat happens
17:56:09alkorrworse, i did have another archos.mod for serial testing
17:56:21pimlottcit refuses to boot or boots just the archos firmware in rom
17:56:30alkorrand now even it, it refuses to boot
17:56:42pimlottclow on power perhaps?
17:56:47alkorrwell let me check...
17:57:40alkorrarchos firmware
17:57:51alkorrfirmware = software in rom
17:58:09alkorrits version number is old
17:58:42alkorrnormaly i did have another archos.mod which ran on jukebox
17:59:04pimlottctry 1.2 or 1.3
17:59:54alkorrit is not a problem of software
18:00:11pimlottcthen it's out of my league :)
18:00:17alkorrsince my old archos.mod for serial testing doesn't now want to run too
18:00:54pimlottcunless you are low on powe rI dunno
18:01:03alkorri suspect it is an issue with Windows XP. The last time I used jukebox it was on W98SE
18:01:46alkorrhummm if it is a low power issue, i should be able to hear songs, right ? i try
18:04:06alkorrno there's no problem with disk access
18:05:30alkorri want a gun !
18:05:41alkorrno a hammer !
18:16:42 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
18:16:44quelsarukim back
18:17:55 Join Silly_Fly [0] (luk@
18:22:14quelsarukalkorr: i've compressed my extra big ajbrec.ajz and it's *just* 215458 bytes...
18:23:20alkorr215 KB ? so it must be zero-padded with outrance
18:23:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:23:37alkorrsend me it zipped
18:27:37alkorrwell its header sounds wrong
18:28:06 Part matsl|away ("Client Exiting")
18:28:08quelsaruki suppose something is wrong
18:28:17alkorrthe first four bytes should tell us the size of the software : it is too big !
18:28:41alkorrclean anything
18:28:43quelsaruk151MB big?? really?? :)
18:28:47alkorrand retry compilation
18:29:34alkorryour archos.bin is 151 MB, right ?
18:31:13alkorroh bad, even reformatting my jukebox, i cannot still boot rockbox software :(
18:31:27alkorrwell you must clean everything
18:31:36alkorrand try to compile again
18:31:43alkorrto se if it persists
18:31:50quelsarukbut archos.elf is just 142032 bytes
18:32:19quelsarukwhat's your problem with the jukebox?
18:32:55alkorri may well copy an archos.mod in my jukebox, it still refuses to boot it
18:33:26alkorrit is a player so it needs archos.mod
18:33:49quelsarukok, and, when booting with the firmware at rom, does it recognise directories?
18:33:58alkorrif we suppose your archos.elf is right
18:34:18alkorrit can access songs when not reformatted
18:35:09quelsarukthen, i haven't got any clue about what's going on with your player, sorry :(
18:35:20alkorrif your archos.elf is right. It is like you have a section too large
18:35:53quelsaruka section too large?
18:36:12alkorranyway you archos.bin is totally wrong
18:36:37alkorrwe must find a vector table starting you archos.bin
18:37:02alkorrbut your firmware seems to contain anywhat else the right thing
18:37:43alkorrclean you rockbox directory
18:37:54alkorrand recompile as said in notes
18:39:26alkorrtip : normally your archos.bin should be shorter than archos.elf, if elf is 90 KB, then bin should be 50 KB
18:40:03quelsaruki suppose, that's why i don't understand what is happening
18:43:30alkorrokay my very old test archos.mod works !
18:43:41alkorrnow i must try to work rockbox
18:43:56quelsarukalkorr: i've downloaded again rockbox firmware from cvs in a new directory, i've done *exactly* as said in the readme, and again we have a 151MB firmware, Am I in a nightmare?
18:44:11alkorrsure :)
18:44:42alkorryou update apps too
18:45:02quelsarukupdated tools, firmware and apps
18:45:11alkorrwell looks like you gcc and cie are weird...
18:46:05quelsarukany solution, apart from using an axe?
18:46:10alkorrhuh... did you export well your path ?
18:46:40alkorrdo #echo $PATH ande echo me it
18:47:43alkorrno shouldn't be the trouble...
18:47:51alkorrit would complain
18:48:16alkorrdid you have several gcc and cie for SH1 target
18:48:31alkorrsomething like a mixture ?
18:48:53quelsarukalkorr: my path seems to be ok
18:48:55alkorrdon't use a bad objcpy for example
18:49:19alkorrsupposely your archos.elf is right
18:49:26 Nick Silly_Fly is now known as Silly_away (luk@
18:49:39alkorrsize of archos.elf ? i want to compare with mine
18:49:48quelsarukwell, it has at least a normal size
18:50:03alkorr93 428 bytes
18:50:27alkorrlast CVS version ?
18:50:36quelsarukfor recorder
18:50:41alkorrah yes
18:50:47alkorrthat could change :)
18:50:58alkorrokay send me it
18:52:13alkorrwell it looks pretty good
18:54:20quelsarukso it seems to be all ok until sh-elf-objcopy -O binary ..........
18:54:53quelsarukin other words.. it's something wrong with the cross compiler
18:57:28alkorrhey if i do a simple "sh-elf-objcopy -O binary archos.elf" I get a big file
18:57:44alkorr150 MB
18:57:49quelsaruklike me
18:58:55alkorrhummm let me try to compile for recorder
18:59:47alkorrloadable font ?
18:59:55quelsarukdoesn't matter
19:00:03quelsaruksay no to everything
19:00:15alkorri want the same compilation as you
19:00:23quelsaruki said no last time
19:01:57quelsarukcould you send me your archos.elf (for the player) to try if doing sh-elf-objcopy -O binary gives me a big file?
19:02:07alkorr101 KB
19:03:10alkorrmodem ?
19:03:27quelsarukbut it goes too slowly :(
19:04:50alkorrso ?
19:06:01quelsaruk1 minute
19:07:24quelsaruk"file format not recognized"
19:07:35quelsarukthis is so weird...
19:10:16 Join hardeep [0] (
19:10:26 Nick Silly_away is now known as Silly_Fly (luk@
19:14:04quelsarukdoes your jukebox work now?
19:14:15alkorri should check the format of your archos.elf
19:15:40 Join Jbell73w [0] (~Jbell73w@
19:15:40 Quit Jbell73w (Client Quit)
19:15:50alkorruse sh-elf-objcpy ?
19:17:18Silly_Flyerrm.... what exactly is the "disk spindown" option?
19:17:24quelsaruki'm re-building the cross compiler
19:17:37quelsarukjust in case that could help...
19:17:52alkorrwe stop the disk spining
19:20:12Silly_Flyso it is the maximum time allowed for the disk to spin??
19:20:46alkorrit must be the time before sleeping or something like it
19:32:08quelsarukalkorr: i've re-builded the cross compiler and again it gives me the same error... the 150MB firmware :(
19:32:25alkorrgcc version ?
19:32:57alkorrwhich is ?
19:33:01alkorr3.2 ?
19:33:35alkorreuh... use 3.0.3 for sh target
19:33:40 Join merwin [0] (merwin@
19:34:05alkorr3.1.1 is good
19:34:17quelsarukhi merwin
19:34:34alkorri use 3.1.1
19:34:46merwini've given up on debugging the recorder's wps myself and sent out a plea to everyone else :)
19:34:50CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:34:50*merwin only has a player
19:35:25alkorr5 s
19:35:44merwinsorry, i'm connected via a cell phone over infrared... it moved out of range and i wanted to see if i was still alive
19:36:58quelsarukmerwin: how much does that kind of connection cost you?
19:37:10Silly_FlyI just got something funny - I turned my recordr on, and it asked me if I want to resume. I clicked play (for yes) and it resumed, but the nest song in the dir!
19:37:35quelsarukhere in spain you should be rich to afford it
19:37:55merwinquelsaruk: I work for VoiceStream/T-Mobile Engineering :-) I get free GPRS
19:39:25Silly_Flyand one more thing - _ is diplayed as .
19:39:52merwinSilly_Fly: interesting
19:40:01quelsarukmerwin: interesting :)
19:40:24merwinquelsaruk: I think I end up using about $400 USD each month in it.
19:44:31quelsarukthat's a lot
19:45:44quelsarukbtw, what kind of music do you like?
19:46:00merwinrock, dance, techno, some rap\
19:46:26quelsarukbecause i've read in the mail list something about songs of 2 hours...
19:46:30 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
19:46:39quelsarukthat sounds like tecno or something like that
19:47:15quelsaruki prefer some good power metal :)
19:48:41merwinsomeone broke my function :P
19:49:35quelsarukwhich function?
19:49:57merwinthe PLAYER_PROGRESS stuff
19:50:34merwini think it was zagor :)
19:52:21Silly_Flydo you know of any tool for making bdf fonts under windows?
19:52:38merwinSilly_Fly: nope
19:52:46merwinSilly_Fly: do a yahoo search for +bdf +windows
19:52:52merwinor +bdf +win32
19:55:43*merwin doesn't understand what was done to his function
19:55:55alkorri eat it
19:56:15merwinit got munched up :P
19:56:43alkorrgrrr i cannot still boot my jukebox with rockbox :(
19:56:58merwinalkorr: you also?
19:57:27merwinYou weren't the one who was getting a new HD today
19:57:51alkorrtoday but yesterday but one
19:58:04alkorrtoday no but ...
19:58:19alkorrhuh on my jukebox ?
19:58:26alkorrnot at all
19:58:35merwindid you upgrade the HD on your jukebox ever?
19:58:44alkorrit is a very old 6 GB fujitsu
19:58:59alkorrenough for development
20:00:41Silly_Flynow, how about bidirectional support for rockbox? will it ever be done??
20:01:05alkorrbidirectional ?
20:01:13Silly_Flydisplaying text backwards.....
20:01:21Silly_Flyfor rtl languages......
20:01:28Silly_Fly(right to left)
20:01:28merwinrtl languages?
20:01:50merwinSilly_Fly: then you've gotta reverse the scrolling also
20:02:21Silly_FlyI don't really care 'bout this.... just want the text to be diplayed correctly....
20:02:42alkorrwell to your pleasure, you would like to add language to jukebox !? do you think about adding a keyboard fist ?
20:03:22alkorrwe can reverse the way to draw a pixel on screen hardwardly
20:03:56alkorrbut you will reverse words :)
20:04:40pimlottcso would rtl text be right justified
20:05:00merwingotta split, ttyl
20:05:02 Quit merwin ()
20:06:03quelsaruki must go
20:06:08quelsarukcu later!
20:09:18 Quit quelsaruk ("Aplicaciףn Saliendo")
20:15:32 Quit Silly_Fly ("Connection reset by peer (כשאני ימצא את הפיר הזה אני יכסח לו את האמאמא)")
20:19:49b0bTHC beark:s8o:L(cowboy)
20:23:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:27:57alkorrat last !!!!!!! it works !!!!
20:29:19 Part alkorr
20:37:21 Join edx [0] (
20:43:56 Join g003y [0] (
20:59:06 Quit RipnetUK ()
21:30:20 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
21:41:33 Part g003y
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22:27:19 Join lithermon [0] (
22:33:03 Join merwin [0] (
22:33:17merwinyo again
22:46:50merwinzagor (i think it was him) fixed my player progress bar, time to implement
22:47:01*merwin is waiting at the houston airport
22:56:18 Join hardeep [0] (
22:56:52merwinhardeep: is there any way to share a changing variable between 2 different files?
22:56:57 Join LinusN [0] (~linus@
22:57:09merwinLinusN: i'll ask you too
22:57:12merwinis there any way to share a changing variable between 2 different files?
22:57:18merwina proper way i mean
22:57:33LinusNhehe, define "proper"
22:57:45merwinsomething that zagor would approve of :)
22:57:51LinusNin C, just declare it in a global scope
22:57:57LinusNand use extern
22:58:07merwinLinusN: example?
22:58:10LinusNto keep Zagor and me happy, just prefix the variable
22:58:34LinusNlike "extern bool mpeg_is_playing;"
22:58:35merwini need to share a variable between wps.c and wps-display.c :)
22:58:55merwinextern declares it global?
22:58:57LinusNwps_my_variable would be a good name
22:59:07LinusNextern declares it extern
22:59:28LinusNin the "owning" file, declare it as bool wps_whatever;
22:59:29pimlottcexcept it's his
22:59:33pimlottcso wps_his_variable
22:59:40merwinpimlottc: hah
22:59:42pimlottcunless merwin is female
22:59:43LinusNin the other file, as extern bool wps_whatever
22:59:47pimlottcwhich could very well be true
23:00:36merwinpimlottc: zagor wouldn't approve i think :)
23:00:44LinusNlook at how the playlist is exported
23:00:59LinusNit is exported as extern in the header file
23:01:21LinusNnot something i really like, but it works
23:01:34LinusNpimlottc: drunk? :-)
23:01:49pimlottcjust 30 minutes from end of a friday
23:02:15LinusNyeah, this friday ends in 60 minutes
23:02:24merwinmy friday ends in 5 hours :(
23:02:32merwinbut 4 of the hours are first class :)
23:02:54pimlottchey linus weird question for ya
23:03:10merwinthere's no weird questions, only weird people
23:03:21pimlottcis there a way to intentially lock the archos hd
23:03:22LinusNsays you! :-)
23:03:39pimlottcme and wc64 are making a disk image for windows users to load linux and unload it but we need to test it out
23:03:58pimlottcer intentionally
23:04:21LinusNthe dos program mentioned in the "have you locked your HD" faq can lock the hd
23:04:49pimlottcthat'll be a lot of rebooting to test out tho :)
23:05:02pimlottctoo bad I don't have another system
23:05:12merwinpimlottc: why not use the dos program instead?
23:05:15merwinpimlottc: why linux?
23:05:34LinusNmerwin: because we have USB drivers with source code
23:05:37pimlottcit's automated
23:05:39merwinLinusN: ahh
23:05:49pimlottceasy for windows users
23:05:56pimlottc1) inssert disk 2) insert archos 3) reboot
23:05:57LinusNin Windows World, there is no such thing as source code
23:06:10*merwin is connected at a piddly 9600 baud :)
23:06:16pimlottcwell, attach archos, ya know
23:06:29merwini just keep going back in time with my connection speeds
23:06:29pimlottcbesides it's fun to compile a kernel with practically nothing in it
23:06:39pimlottc9600 baud
23:06:49pimlottcdid you kill someone
23:06:53pimlottcare you being punished
23:07:20merwinnah, it's a straight circuit switched data connection from my cell phone. More reliable than GPRS, but slower
23:08:10pimlottcget more cell phones
23:09:05merwinpimlottc: i've already got 3 nokias, a couple ericssons, 2 motorolas, 2 pocket PC phones, and 2 blackberry devices, plus a few random ones :)
23:09:32LinusNpimlottc: are you patching the original IDE drivers as well?
23:13:48merwin if(wps_time_countup == false)
23:13:49merwin wps_refresh(id3, -ff_rewind_count, false);
23:13:54merwinthat doesn't set it to negative, does it?
23:14:06merwinit just passes the variable as negative
23:17:03merwinlcd_update is both player and recorder, right?
23:17:38LinusNit does nothing on the player
23:18:00LinusNit might do something in the player simulator, but on the target it is empty
23:19:32pimlottcmerwin - then wire them together and get some real backwidth
23:19:51merwinpimlottc: haha... have 10 serial ports in the back of my computer and use connection sharing :)
23:20:04pimlottcnow you're using ur noggin
23:20:33merwinthat would look damn funny in an airport... sittin' there with 10 cell phones strung together :)
23:21:35 Join nunya [0] (
23:21:43merwinwhat function do i need to do to update the custom characters that are already displayed on the screen?
23:21:45merwinhey nunya
23:21:49merwinnunya: get that new hd?
23:23:13LinusNmerwin: update custom characters?
23:23:31 Quit sylvr (Remote closed the connection)
23:23:42merwinLinusN: from what i hear, if you change a custom character that is already displayed on the screen, it'll automatically update it
23:23:51merwinie: change what is displayed
23:24:21pimlottcnod merwin
23:24:24nunyamerwin.. yupper.. got it.. .but i'm stumped... xp is only giving me option to format with ntfs!
23:24:39merwinnunya: right click on it, choose format, and choose the type
23:24:55nunyayup... only type allowed/displayed in pulldown is ntfs
23:25:25merwinhmm.... create a dos boot disk?
23:25:29merwinformat it with that?
23:25:34merwinget a better OS?
23:25:44nunyai was going to use partition tragic.. but well that program has bit me before big time and man, it hurts!!!!
23:26:15pimlottcreformatting the archos?
23:26:21nunyaya... was thinking the 98 boot disk deal... i actuially just sat down to try it about 15 min ago.
23:26:36nunyapim - nooo - i just got a 40gb drive for my archos
23:27:09pimlottcthere was something on the site about partition magic not working for that
23:27:34nunyaya... well like i said that would be like a big time last resort bazsed on past experience
23:27:55nunyaok... time to go make boot disk... back in a while!!
23:28:09 Nick nunya is now known as nunya-AWAY (
23:30:29merwinflight time
23:30:35 Quit merwin ()
23:34:10 Quit nunya-AWAY (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:39:02dwihno|goneTime to party!
23:39:04 Nick dwihno|gone is now known as dwihno|party (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
23:43:37 Join sylvr [0] (
23:44:40 Join ironi [0] (
23:44:45ironiwow 1.3
23:45:52datazone-workhey linus
23:46:03datazone-workwhen are you going to implement the "splashsound"
23:46:08*datazone-work ducks
23:46:36LinusNyou mean the splashing sound of me hitting you with a large trout? :-)
23:47:22datazone-workcome on guy
23:47:23LinusNah, my mistake
23:47:38datazone-workif you do it, i will buy you a drink
23:48:01LinusNi could need a drink
23:48:07ironithis is awesome
23:48:23LinusNthe drink?
23:48:24*ironi hasnt tried the rockbox firmware in quite a while and is amazed by the UI and speed
23:50:46ironiparse display mode is awesome
23:52:37ironiwow keylock is using the dot in front of the play symbol
23:52:55PsycoXulironi: you have a player?
23:53:00ironiPsycoXul yup
23:53:05ironiwow mute and stuff
23:53:19PsycoXulyou wanna see something else cool, try it out compiled with -DPLAYER_PROGRESS
23:53:20*ironi is bowing to the developers team
23:53:39ironiPsycoXul: could you do that and send me the mod perhaps?
23:53:47ironicause i dont have a devel env. set up
23:54:20PsycoXulplayer or old player?
23:57:36ironiok its there
23:58:11 Join nunya-AWAY [0] (
23:58:26nunya-AWAYok... new nick for me... dumb_nunya
23:58:32 Nick nunya-AWAY is now known as nunya (
23:58:56 Quit nunya (Client Quit)

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