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#rockbox log for 2002-08-31

00:00:03ironiwhe ni start a song, the display remains in the file window
00:00:11ironiah i see
00:00:20ironii have to push on to switch to audio
00:00:52ironiwhats the litte square ont he right
00:00:55PsycoXulyeah i dunno why that is, it was doing that for me before this addition too
00:00:58ironinext to the seconds ticking
00:01:02PsycoXulironi: thats the progress bar
00:01:13PsycoXulit should start off blank and then fill in from left to right, top to bottom
00:01:58ironithe arrow is hiding the first letter on the menus
00:02:05ironion the active row of a menu
00:02:13LinusNwell, gotta get some sleep. night all!
00:02:13PsycoXulit is?
00:02:19ironi->eneral Settings
00:02:22ironilike that
00:02:28ironibefore it starts to scroll
00:02:38 Part LinusN
00:03:41ironii wonder what archos would say if theis project result was presented tot them
00:03:49ironimaybe they would consider open source developmewnt
00:04:14ironii mean this impresses nice UI on a kinda lousy display
00:07:32PsycoXulsomebody needs to figure out a way to make the custom WPS support parsed info and use it when lacking id3, and still be able to fall back to filename if there's not enough to parse or something
00:11:13PsycoXulthat mod i sent you should also display .txt files, though not very well and it's not well tested.. heh
00:13:20nunyaok... i'm new... what's WPS?
00:13:28 Quit sylvr (Remote closed the connection)
00:13:41PsycoXulthe while playing screen
00:13:55nunyaahhhhh.... i knew that... was just testing ya. ;)
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00:15:38nunyawhile i was delirious the other night, i had a dream (hallucination?) - someone figgered out a way to connect a large display unit to the jukebox so we could see more tag / filename info at once instead of scrolling.
00:17:17langhaarrockerI just have a nightmare about a jukebox that need wheels to be carried around.
00:20:48PsycoXuli had dreams about having and using my archos before it even existed...
00:21:11langhaarrockerAnd I have a vision of a uisimultor that works with windows.
00:21:41PsycoXulnunya: but that wouldn't be too terribly difficult if you could find the screen to do it and some controller for it that could take display info from the serial port
00:21:59PsycoXuland had a bidirectional serial port mod
00:22:01nunyaserial port? u mean usb ?
00:22:25PsycoXulno, the usb port's only accessable by the dedicated usb-ATA chip
00:22:35PsycoXulso we can't do anything with it
00:22:54nunyahow bout... throw it out & put usb2.0 in?????
00:23:01PsycoXulbut there's a 9600bps serial port too
00:23:07nunyathere is?
00:23:22PsycoXulit only comes wired for input though
00:23:25PsycoXulfor the remote controll
00:23:40PsycoXulbut you can make a mod and wire it bi-directional to the line-in
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00:23:44nunyacoupoe wires here... little solder there... some magic powder .. and boom! we're cooking!
00:23:59PsycoXulthere's instructions for it on the rockbox website
00:24:31PsycoXulalong with instructions for an adapter to hook it to a PC serial port
00:24:35nunyacool... hafta check it out. bunch of EE's at work might be able to dream up something
00:25:35ironi*gotta try*
00:26:02ironithey have to end with .txt right
00:26:09langhaarrockerany cygwin users up? Which file must I edit to get my path change permanent?
00:27:24ironitext file...lets see
00:28:14langhaarrockerthere probably is some shell script somewhere but all I find in my home dir is a .bash_history
00:28:20ironimy test.txt in the root dir is not visible
00:28:33ironiPsycoXul: how can i read text files then
00:29:25langhaarrockerirony: less test.txt
00:29:50langhaarrockerprovided you use unix
00:29:57langhaarrockeror cygwin
00:29:57ironiwell on the player
00:30:11ironii figured it out, i had to turn off thew m3u filter
00:30:14ironiand there it was
00:30:20ironithe text file
00:30:26ironinice scrolling text reader
00:30:44ironi"look, my 6000 doubles as a e-book reader"
00:30:53ironithat could be done with the recorder perhaps
00:31:12ironihm or how about a archos karaoke(tm)
00:31:24ironilisten ot the song while the lyricsa are displayed on the screen
00:31:27ironiand sing along
00:31:33ironii am full of useless ideas
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00:31:42dwihno|partyI want karaoke!
00:31:53langhaarrockerHm. Can the text be interleaved into the mp3 stream?
00:31:57dwihno|partyI'm the master when it comes to karaoke
00:32:08dwihno|partyyou mean some kind of voice synchronizing?
00:32:08ironii think there is some standard format for karaoke text files
00:32:18ironiat least there are some common karaoke apps for windows
00:32:54ironiwell anyway
00:32:54dwihno|partyprobably some japan'ish rubbish
00:32:55ironigotta go
00:33:06ironii looked into a couple of yearts ago
00:33:19 Join nlithermo [0] (
00:33:22ironiwonder how development is progressing on the karaoke app side
00:33:36ironiim tired i should sleep instead of psyching you with this rubbish
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00:47:21PsycoXulThe SingIt Lyric Displayer is an XMMS plugin which displays formatted lyrics, including id3v2xx lyrics. It consists of the displayer and an integrated editor which allows one to easily insert time stamps, edit the text, and export & strip HTML.
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01:12:53pimlottchey you could make rockbox do that if you really wanted
01:13:04pimlottcwell, not the editting
01:16:24PsycoXulactualy even the editing, though it wouldn't be fun :p
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01:30:39pimlottcrockbox portable karoke
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03:15:01CtcpPing on #rockbox from pimlottc!
03:24:48nunya-AWAYhere we go again... 40gb drive brand new for my ajb. tried to format it as fat32. 'volume is too big for fat32'
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05:53:30Jbell73nunya: Try using a program like PArtition Magic...
05:54:26 Part Jbell73
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06:13:54*merwin is going to pass out if he doesn't get food, but rockbox comes first :)
06:17:39pimlottcya eating sucks sometimes
06:21:22*merwin hates it
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06:26:56PsycoXulmerwin: hey
06:27:49PsycoXulmerwin: the problem with the progress bar was something to do with bin2int or whatever...
06:28:02merwinyeah... who changed it?
06:28:31merwini'm close to committing the full working one
06:28:56PsycoXuli think zagor changed the wps.c stuff to wps.c and wps-display.c
06:29:26PsycoXuland i had already fixed it before then, and i merged my fix with wps-display.c and sent the diff to bagder who comitted it
06:29:45merwinthanks :)
06:29:50PsycoXulno, thank you :p
06:29:54PsycoXuli've been using it since :p
06:30:01merwinit'll be working in the custom_wps :)
06:31:07PsycoXulbtw i made it have 36 steps and start blank.. it makes more sense i think, than starting with 1 step already shown
06:31:27merwini noticed, good :)
06:31:49merwinexcept i changed it to display as black beginning, going to white... looks better IMHO
06:32:19PsycoXulthat certainly would be easier to tell how far you are
06:32:31pimlottcwhy do you say that
06:33:25merwinyou start full, so you know exactly how much there is... when you start empty, there's just alot of white space
06:33:53pimlottcI don't see the diff, when its' all empty you know you're at the start...
06:34:26merwinpimlottc: but there's alot of white space above and below... you don't know exactly when the end is
06:34:53pimlottcthe end would be a full block
06:35:05merwinyes, but there's no border around the block
06:35:30PsycoXuli want it to start empty then fill in the top left, work down, turn at the bottom, work to the right, turn up and work up the right side to the top, then go left and then start zig-zagging down the rest of the way
06:35:55merwinthat would be neat
06:36:42pimlottcyou start with empty and end at full or start at full and end at empty
06:36:54pimlottcI don't see how one is significantly better than the other
06:37:09PsycoXulits a matter of preference
06:37:34PsycoXuli'd like to see a selection of differnt "paths" heh
06:37:57PsycoXuland a color bit which switches between start full and start empty
06:38:26pimlottcall things equal drawing with black dots makes more sense given it's a white screen
06:38:36PsycoXuli dunno though, some people seem to be against runtime configurability...
06:39:29merwinpimlottc: you'll see, when it's implemented :)
06:39:42pimlottcjust tell me :P
06:39:52merwinyou have to see it to understand it
06:41:10PsycoXuloh and how about optional path tracing
06:41:20PsycoXulor "trails" rather
06:41:47PsycoXulso if you have it start-filled and trails off you just see 1 blank pixel at it's position
06:41:58PsycoXulor trails on you see the whole path it's traveled so far blank
06:42:32pimlottcyou could always make it count in binary pixels
06:42:49PsycoXulsomebody should impliment a rockbox config file that can set everything anybody would ever want to configure [including all the stuff that doesn't belong in the menu's]
06:42:51pimlottcthen you'd have 2^35 positions
06:43:12PsycoXulso then all the common options are in the menu's, but people who know how to rtfm can config to their hearts content with the file
06:44:20pimlottcfor the progress char you could have a file that's read at runtime with the sequence of character images to use
06:44:47PsycoXulit seems like there should be a fairly way to tie all the stuff that can be configurable but currently isn't into a generic system with just a little code that handle's all of it, easily extensibly, with the file
06:45:25pimlottcI'm sure we'll have modules before too long
06:45:55PsycoXullast word from the main guys i heard about plugins was too much code for too little benifit
06:46:09PsycoXulwhich i don't really think is true, but it's not my project
06:54:07PsycoXulpimlottc: the whole sequence of 36 chars?
06:57:03merwinlet's see if this update works... with cvs update, is there a way to take the update message from a file?
06:57:35merwinerr, cvs commit
06:57:46merwinnevermind, got it
06:57:57 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-sleep (
06:58:35PsycoXulwe could have a file for the whole sequence that uses 0x00 - 0x23 for the sequence to start filled and follow the numeric order in unfilling and 0x80 - 0xa3 to start blank and follow filling
06:58:39PsycoXulor something like that
06:58:40 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
06:58:43 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-sleep (
06:59:00pimlottcpsyco - sure why not
06:59:11PsycoXulthen you can mix it up
06:59:15pimlottcA whole 252 bytes
06:59:20merwinPsycoXul: do an update :)
06:59:59PsycoXulthis one would only be 35 bytes for a whole sequence in a single file
07:00:20merwinPsycoXul: if you want to see a quick example of my implementation, choose "1 Line ID3+" as the WPS setting
07:00:24pimlottcthe format for define is 7 bytes a char
07:01:17*merwin is going to give in and have a couple veggie dogs before I pass out
07:01:29pimlottc7 * 36 = 252
07:01:47merwintechnically it's 288 (8 * 36)
07:01:52merwinor nevermind
07:01:54merwini'm on crack
07:02:13pimlottctechnically, yes, you are on crack
07:02:16PsycoXuli dunno
07:02:33PsycoXuli think it'd be easier to define a pattern only having to make 1 35 byte file
07:02:54pimlottchow do you figure
07:03:28PsycoXulas opposed to defining 36 different chars?
07:03:53pimlottchow are you storing a 36 character sequence in 35 bytes...
07:04:15PsycoXuli said already
07:04:29pimlottcI don't see it
07:06:08pimlottc(heh chairman kaga rules)
07:08:32pimlottcyou need at least 5 bytes for each custom character
07:09:39PsycoXulwell say for example that 0x00-0x22 went in order from blank to full
07:10:00DBUGEnqueued KICK PsycoXul
07:10:13PsycoXulthat would be the go around then zig-zag thing i was talking about earlier
07:10:45pimlottcwhat do you mean, characters 0 through 34 in the sequence? in rom?
07:10:49merwinPsycoXul: implement it :)
07:11:23merwinack, i broke the player sims
07:11:39PsycoXulpimlottc: just follow the order of the numbers in the example
07:12:20PsycoXuli messed it up though
07:12:23PsycoXuloops :p
07:12:24pimlottcyou are talking about a trail
07:12:32pimlottcI'm talking about being able to define any sequence
07:12:41pimlottcyou're talking about only defining trails
07:12:41merwinthat would be nice
07:13:00merwinyou could have it checkerboard and then fill in :)
07:13:57PsycoXulwith this then a higher set of values represents starting filled and unfilling when it gets to it
07:14:40PsycoXuli.e. using 70 of the 255 values availible instead of 35
07:15:10PsycoXuland say 0xA0 is the first start-filled value
07:15:14pimlottcit's still a trail
07:15:24pimlottcit's still only 1 pixel changes each step
07:15:59PsycoXulwell whether it leaves a trail or not could be set somewhere else
07:16:03PsycoXuland beyond that i dunno what else you'd want to do
07:16:34pimlottcyou could make a clock like animation, or count in romen numericas, or count in binary
07:16:48merwinok, will sizeof, or strlen give you a bigger value for a string/
07:17:01pimlottcthere's plenty of stuff you might want to do beyond trails
07:17:15PsycoXulyeah you're right
07:17:49PsycoXulbut those introduce other complications...
07:18:23PsycoXulif you're displaying a sequence of different something's then there's nothing limiting you to 36 steps
07:18:44pimlottcjust read the file and read in how ever many characters you have defined
07:18:54pimlottccould be as many steps as you want
07:19:08PsycoXulthats pretty good
07:21:33PsycoXulso lets do it your way
07:21:50PsycoXuland i'll just make a converter from my way to yours to make it easy to define trails :p
07:23:46PsycoXulso would it be like a bunch of .xbm's in an identifying directory within the rockbox config dir or what
07:24:04pimlottcjust a single fle
07:24:11pimlottcmultiple files would just be messy
07:26:05PsycoXulso just a single file of some number of bytes devisible by 7
07:26:53PsycoXulsounds good
07:29:36merwinPsycoXul: you checked out my commit?
07:30:01merwinpimlottc: you check it out too :)
07:30:09merwinChoose 1 Line ID3+
07:30:30PsycoXulwps-display.c: In function `draw_player_progress':
07:30:31PsycoXulwps-display.c:565: `player_progressbar' undeclared (first use in this function)
07:32:39merwinPsycoXul: done
07:32:42merwinPsycoXul: reupdate
07:33:10pimlottcshould prolly make sure it at least compiles before you commit...
07:33:22pimlottc(let alone works)
07:33:31merwinpimlottc: i did make sure it worked, i was fixing a sim problem, and accidently deleted a line :)
07:34:06pimlottcworks but not compiles eh
07:34:27merwinwell, the build for player/recorder worked, then the sim worked, now both work
07:37:39PsycoXuli like how it goes with the ff/rw
07:37:54PsycoXulthat kinda makes it useful :p
07:38:07merwinPsycoXul: yeah, that took a while to implement
07:38:58PsycoXulso its kinda annoying that archos.mod copies over faster than wps.config
07:39:48merwinmy rockbox crashed by itself today
07:39:52merwinnon repeatable
07:40:13merwinI fixed the in-wps volume changing also
07:40:34merwinI've basically rewritten the entire wps :P
07:40:41merwinalong with zagor
07:41:33PsycoXulbut yeah i guess that 1 line id3+'s nifty and all
07:41:38PsycoXulbut i prefer
07:41:58merwinI'm using ID3+
07:43:16PsycoXulso what do you think of that custom WPS suggestion on the mailing list...
07:43:17PsycoXulIt would be more general if you could test
07:43:17PsycoXulany expression. Wouldn't the c-construct x?y:z handle most cases just
07:43:17PsycoXulas it does in the hardcoded wps views without adding to much
07:43:21PsycoXulthat one
07:43:49merwini dunno :P
07:43:56merwinif someone can write it, i'll accept it :)
07:44:19PsycoXulmake those nestable and add a few format char thing's for the Parse mode's info
07:45:16PsycoXuland then i think maybe all the modes would be replaced by the custom one
07:45:55merwinall of the modes ARE using the custom strings now
07:46:05PsycoXuleven the dir parse one?
07:46:27merwinPsycoXul: well, all but that
07:46:29PsycoXulhows that handled? i didn't see dir parse format chars in the doc
07:46:33PsycoXulwell see :p
07:48:19merwinwhat does dir parsing actually display on the screen when it's used?
07:48:46PsycoXuli dunno i don't generaly use it since most of mine have id3 tags...
07:49:16merwini don't think dir parsing is very useful personally
07:49:20merwinjust use frickin' id3 tags :)
07:49:53PsycoXulthats all fine and well but not always a good option for people
07:50:01merwinthere's gotta be software to add id3 tags based on dir parsing
07:51:41PsycoXulbut isn't this just so pretty?:
07:52:07merwinjust don't go over the 64 char limit
07:52:15PsycoXul%dt being directory-parsed title and %da being same for artist
07:52:27PsycoXulthats only 48 chars
07:53:01PsycoXulactualy 47
07:53:06PsycoXulnot counting the newline
07:53:19merwin49 if you're using windows
07:54:03merwinlinux uses LF, mac uses CR, so microsoft just decided, "Hey, lets use both and create our own incompatable and annoying standard!"
07:54:44PsycoXulbut yeah so that would display id3 Title if available, falling back to directory parsed title if available, and falling back to filename if all else fails... and then /Artist from id3 or directory parsed if either available and no more if neither are are
07:55:02merwinyou want to write the code for that?
07:55:28PsycoXulin which case say the id3 has title but not artist but the directory parse can figure out the Artist you still get Title/Artist with a combination of them :p heh
07:56:01PsycoXulmerwin: i fix things and do copy-paste coding mostly
07:56:02merwinI use a format of /Albums/[Nirvana] - Nevermind/[Nirvana] -01- My Song Name.mp3
07:56:27PsycoXuland you also just make sure they're all tagged
07:56:27pimlottcwhy put the name in brackets
07:56:34merwinAll 20 or so gigs are like that :)
07:56:36pimlottcI don't understand why people do that
07:56:37PsycoXuli use Artist/Album/#-Title.mp3
07:56:39pimlottcor in parens
07:56:50merwinI find it easier to differenciate between the artist and title
07:56:51pimlottcthen you can't hit the first character to jump to it in explorer
07:57:17merwinI think I was the one who started [Artist] -Track- Title.mp3 long ago when napster came out *grin*
07:57:31PsycoXulyeah but you can type \[N and hit tab in your *NIX shell and be fine.. heh
07:57:34pimlottcpsycho - so what about multiartist cds
07:57:46pimlottcpsycho - i'd rather just hit N and tab
07:57:56merwinPsycoXul: "N <tab>
07:58:08PsycoXulpimlhottc: me too
07:58:20merwinPsycoXul: besides, i don't use *nix
07:58:49merwinmy fiance' has to play "the sims"
07:58:57PsycoXulmy miltiartist cd's are in Soundtracks/Movie/ and Various Artists/Album/
07:59:13pimlottcand the filenames
07:59:21merwinmultiartist i name: -track- [Artist] - Title
07:59:32PsycoXulmerwin: that runs in winex... in fact some company shipped a winex-setup version of it for linux... heh
07:59:42merwinPsycoXul: but you have to pay for it
07:59:44pimlottcmerwin - then you ahve different formats
07:59:46merwinPsycoXul: there's no free version
07:59:48PsycoXulpimlottc: varies
08:00:00PsycoXulmerwin: so just download winex cvs and use that with your copy of the sims
08:00:01pimlottcsee, why vary, just use a uniform method
08:00:17PsycoXulbecause i don't always rename files i download or get sent various places
08:00:23pimlottcI do Artist - Album/## - Artist - Title
08:00:33merwinpimlottc: nah, the track is always enclosed in -'s, and the artist is always enclosed in []'s, the rest is the title
08:00:57PsycoXulsee personally i don't see the point of having the artist in the filename if its in a directory with the artists name in it
08:00:58pimlottcbut the ordering changes unnecessarily
08:01:06PsycoXulits not only redundant but wastes screen space
08:01:39pimlottcpsycho - to be consistant. you also have singles that don't have an album dir and tracks in compilations that don't have the artist name in the dir
08:02:02pimlottcalso I think that it is good to have the filename itself have a minimum of useful information regardless of its directory
08:02:18merwinPsycoXul: what if you send it to someone? then they won't have the artist in the name
08:02:34 Join MasteR [0] (
08:02:38PsycoXulmerwin: they'll just have to look at the id3 :p
08:02:45pimlottcfor singles I omit track # but otherwise it's the same
08:02:51merwinpimlottc: me 2
08:03:22pimlottcand it looks nice w/o any silly () :P and easier to tab complete
08:03:31PsycoXulactualy last time i tried the dir parse it worked great for the soundtrack's i've got that don't have id3...
08:04:12merwinNo matter what, dir parse will at least display the filename without the .mp3
08:04:31PsycoXulthat reminds me
08:04:37merwinof a girl that i once knew?
08:04:52PsycoXulthe filename display mode was made to strip the .mp3 extention iirc
08:05:10PsycoXulbut not yours
08:05:11merwinPsycoXul: i'd rather it didn't strip it
08:05:16PsycoXulwhy not?
08:05:18pimlottcanyhow Artist - Title is the way it's normally displayed in mp3 players using id3 tags and all so why not the same for my filenames
08:05:22merwinPsycoXul: it's the filename :)
08:05:27PsycoXulwhy the hell would you want to see .mp3 scrolling by in your while playing screen
08:05:51merwinpimlottc: also, with my way, i can easily see which ones don't have id3 tags
08:06:02PsycoXulmerwin: so maybe you should add another format char then, cause it personally bugs me to waste scrolltime/screenspace with .mp3 in the while playing screen
08:06:03merwinPsycoXul: why not? it's only 3 characters, and with the scroll speed you have...
08:06:11pimlottcit doesn't give any useful infomration
08:06:12merwin4 chars
08:06:19pimlottcyou might as well add the last modified date
08:06:33merwinpimlottc: gives me useful info... like whether or not it's displaying id3 or filename for the conditional
08:06:51pimlottcwhy should you care, you can't edit it on your jukebox
08:07:01merwinpimlottc: mental notes
08:07:04pimlottcpeople want it to look good not to remind them of stuff
08:07:16merwinPersonal preference
08:07:30pimlottcthen make a token for file extension
08:07:41PsycoXulor hey
08:07:43PsycoXuli've got an idea
08:07:51PsycoXuljust make the format char strip the extention
08:08:03PsycoXuland use %fn.mp3 in your config if you want it :
08:08:15MasteRwhere am i supposed to save wps.config? i can't get it to work
08:08:24merwinMasteR: on the root folder of your jukebox
08:08:28merwinin all lowercase
08:08:36merwinyou also have to go into the settings/wps settings/custom wps
08:08:45MasteRyeah did that
08:08:51PsycoXulyou know windows is funky and sometimes doesn't let you save it all lower case
08:09:00MasteRit's all lower
08:09:07PsycoXulit'll even sometimes show it to you like you did and then you look at it in linux and it's uppercase or mixed
08:09:21MasteRi can try renaming it in cygwin
08:09:36merwinMasteR: make sure you choose Custom WPS in the settings or it won't work
08:09:40merwinin the General Settings
08:09:40PsycoXulsince fat32 isn't case sensitive
08:09:50PsycoXuli would think that loading files from it shouldn't be either
08:10:07merwinPsycoXul: we're not using fat32, we're using LFN to load files
08:10:20merwinhence, being able to load custom.wps
08:10:24merwinfat32 is 8.3 characters
08:10:28PsycoXulwell yeah
08:10:34PsycoXulbut its still case insesitive
08:10:40pimlottcit's vfat
08:10:44PsycoXulyou can't have wps.config and Wps.config both on there can you?
08:10:48merwinVFAT stores the case
08:10:51merwinWindows won't let you save it
08:10:58pimlottcyes windows will
08:11:12pimlottcyou store care you just don't care when you load it
08:11:19pimlottcyou store case that is
08:13:56MasteRmeh, still wont work
08:14:18MasteRscrew it, back to 1 id3+
08:14:34merwinMasteR: sorry :P
08:14:42PsycoXullets see your wps.config
08:14:50merwinMasteR: yeah, cut and paste your wps
08:15:00MasteRk, just a sec
08:15:32MasteRhmm, that was wierd, wouldn't go into usb mode
08:15:48MasteR%c - %b
08:15:59merwinMasteR: that's your problem
08:16:09merwinMasteR: read the CUSTOM_WPS_FORMAT doc
08:16:14MasteRthought i did
08:16:29merwinMasteR: i've updated it since the first version (which is what you're refering to)
08:16:37merwinit's now got %xx, not just %x
08:17:35MasteRso it would be %cc - %bb?
08:17:45PsycoXulread the doc
08:17:53PsycoXulthe current one
08:18:08PsycoXulmaybe some day it'll be %s%it%?%it%:%dt%?%dt%:%fn%ta%?/%ta%:%da%?/%da%:
08:20:46MasteRah there it is
08:21:06CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
08:21:06*merwin will be right back... cig break
08:23:51***No seen item changed, no save performed.
08:24:49MasteRallright, got it working, thanks yall
08:29:26merwinno prob bob
08:29:28*merwin is back
08:31:33PsycoXuleven my mom's mp3-cd player has a 2x16 screen :p
08:31:44PsycoXuler 16x2
08:32:58PsycoXulthats just her portable one
08:33:02PsycoXuli think the one in her car has more :p
08:34:17*merwin needs to take off :)
08:34:27merwingotta get up early to put zoom zoom exhaust on my car
08:35:09merwin'99 eclipse
08:35:23merwingoing up to canada to do it (much cheaper)
08:35:55 Quit merwin ()
08:41:46 Quit MasteR ("ž")
08:57:49 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
08:58:55 Quit langhaarrocker (Client Quit)
09:14:38 Join merwin [0] (~merwin@
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11:32:23 Quit merwin (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:11:45 Join alkorr [0] (
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12:25:15 Part alkorr
12:29:50 Join Zagor [0] (
12:50:04 Nick dwihno|party is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
13:12:31 Join Snorlax [0] (
13:36:44 Join alkorr [0] (
13:36:54 Part alkorr
13:50:18 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
13:54:43 Join alkorr [0] (
13:54:49 Part alkorr
13:58:14 Join elinenbe [0] (
13:58:24elinenbeZagor: you here?
13:59:35dwihnoZagor: got time for some hw discussion?
14:00:20dwihnoSince I got a laptop, I would really like to get some kind of external storage thing for "long time storage" of data...
14:00:50dwihnoThe solution I'm currently looking into is an USB2connect PCMCIA card from adaptec...
14:00:54dwihnoand some kind of storage box
14:01:06dwihnoHere's the tricky part
14:01:14Zagordefine "storage box"? harddisk or disk writer?
14:01:30dwihno3.5" external usb2 cabinette for regular hard disks
14:02:10dwihnoI want the ATA-USB bridge to be mass storage compliant since I don't want to be a slave under some extra drivers
14:02:48dwihnoThe only chip I know of is the ISD-300
14:02:49elinenbeZagor: there is a problem with loadable fonts
14:03:04Zagorelinenbe: plenty :-)
14:03:41elinenbeZagor: well, there is a big one that says, no font found or something like that.
14:03:51elinenbeIt is new in the past few days
14:04:18Zagordwihno: and you can't find such a cabinet?
14:04:24elinenbeI will build the latest CVS and tell me what is up.
14:04:57dwihnoZagor: Well, I'm not sure since I found a store near odenplan (data-enter or something like that) carrying some USB2 cabinettes, but there was no way telling the bridge hardware...
14:05:29Zagorand they wouldn't open one and look?
14:06:15Zagorthen check them on the never-buy-here list
14:06:48dwihnoI know that dustin carries some USB2-cabinettes as well, maybe I can mail them and ask?
14:07:00Zagoryou can try
14:07:57dwihnoAren't there some kind of software to detect the bridge hardware?
14:08:01dwihnoor some special trick?
14:08:14Zagoras i said, plug it into a linux box and it will tell you
14:08:17elinenbeby a USB2 cabinet what exactly do you mean?
14:08:22Zagorwindows never tells anyone anything
14:08:36Zagorelinenbe: an external harddisk box with a USB/ATA bridge
14:09:01elinenbeoh... I habve 3 firewire ones for stuff on my laptop
14:09:01Zagorsort of like the archos, but for 3.5" disks and no batteries
14:09:38elinenbeZagor: I get "no font loaded" ... did not get it two days ago
14:09:57Zagorelinenbe: ok, i'll try it
14:12:32dwihnoZagor: <−− that's what I want (I _THINK_ it has the ISD-300 since the previous model uses ISD-200)
14:18:20elinenbebug: in WPS screen in the ID3 mode when you turn the statusbar on or off, it gives different screens
14:18:45elinenbebug: in WPS screen in the ID3 mode top line does not show up.
14:21:02Zagordwihno: that's no guarantee. call and ask. demand straight answers, and return it if it's not correct
14:22:12dwihnoZagor: I'm considering to buy the hardware from the store (if I get a refund-if-not-satisfied guarantee) and check it out... That is probably the easiest way
14:23:26 Join TotMacher [0] (
14:23:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:23:59elinenbebug: in WPS screen −− when you fast forward or rewind, the status bar does not update properly.
14:24:42Zagorthere are lots of wps bugs with both the rewrite and custom-wps
14:26:40elinenbeZagor: just letting you know :-)
14:27:19TotMacherwhy skips rockbox so often ?
14:27:23TotMacherthat really sucks
14:27:31TotMacherevery second mp3
14:27:49ZagorTotMacher: did it always do that for you, or just lately?
14:28:06TotMacherthe last 4-5 days
14:28:11TotMacheri update daily :)
14:28:16Zagorso 1.2 doesn't?
14:28:24TotMacheri dont thinkl so
14:28:28Zagortry it
14:28:37Zagorit's important that we know
14:28:45TotMacheri will test it
14:29:12dwihnoffw-ing sometimes causes skips too
14:29:30dwihnoI'll test the latest CVS soon
14:29:55TotMacherwhere do i get 1.2 ?
14:31:46elinenbebug: in WPS screen −− in Custom WPS %pp : Playlist Position under shuffle gives position of playing song in the playlist −− not the position of the song in the playlies
14:32:32dwihnoNo custom WPS for recorder yet, I presume?
14:33:01TotMacherand please, display the filename, if no id3 tag is found
14:33:14Zagordwihno: yes, but it doesn't work right
14:33:17TotMacherits horribile with <no artist> <no title>
14:33:29TotMachermaybe you could parse the filename
14:33:46PsycoXuli use
14:33:49TotMachermostly the files are named after this pattern : artist - name
14:33:51PsycoXulon my player for custom WPS
14:34:06dwihnoZagor: Hmm, doesn't work right? Bugs or such?
14:34:10PsycoXulwhich gives me Title/Artist on the first line if the id3's there or the filename if it's not
14:34:12Zagorbugs, yes
14:34:57TotMacherwhy are there no games on player ?
14:35:13PsycoXuli'm hoping one day my first line will be replaced with
14:35:20PsycoXulor something along those lines
14:35:29dwihnoZagor: tell me and I'll fix! I'd love to have custom WPS :)
14:35:54Zagordwihno: it's already activated. fix the bugs you find.
14:36:07PsycoXulTotMacher: cause i haven't bothered to start my angband clone for it yet :p
14:36:09Zagori'm only in reading the mail, no time to work today
14:36:49dwihnoAn idea btw... Instead of having the entire path as a % thingy, it would be neat to have 3-4 tags containing the dirs, thus enabling some kind of "archos" display of the files...
14:37:03dwihno"Dance, techno"
14:37:26dwihnoif the path is "dance, techno\artist\filename.mp3"
14:38:01PsycoXuldwihno: yeah i want directory parse support for the custom WPS.. i told merwin that last night heh
14:38:19TotMacherseems that 1.2 does not SKIP
14:38:55dwihnoPsycoXul: feels good not to be the only one wanting this
14:39:15PsycoXuldwihno: doing like you said with just anonymous path components like you just said would be better than what i was thinking though
14:39:42PsycoXuldwihno: because that would allow people to configure how their dirs are parsed right along with how its displayed on the wps
14:39:56TotMachersometimes a song skips, sometimes it does not ! so there is no rule
14:40:20PsycoXuldwihno: though i dunno about the info from the filename...
14:40:28TotMacheruntil you fix the skipping, the newest firmware is useless !
14:40:44TotMacherso, start programming :)
14:41:08dwihnoPsycoXul: everybody has their way of keeping structures, with makes parsing a helluva job... keeping some kind of path structure is ten times easier..
14:41:19dwihnoAnd ppl could configure just about everything :)
14:41:29dwihnoWhat a perfect world it would be :)
14:43:13*dwihno senses the urge to add functionality
14:43:51PsycoXulthe player's suddenly getting like a whole slew of killer features :p
14:44:12dwihnoYou got a recorder ?
14:44:43PsycoXuli guess whatever custom wps stuff you do'll be for both eh?
14:45:08dwihnoyaman :)
14:45:20dwihnoJust gotta finish my mail then I'll dig into it
14:45:22PsycoXulbut i mean first the custom wps
14:45:27PsycoXulthen the progress bar
14:45:44PsycoXuland now both are gonna be getting extended for even more configurability and capabilities
14:47:03dwihnoSuperceding the archos' firmware by warpspeed! :)
14:47:09dwihnoFull speed ahead, mr. Zulu!
14:47:44dwihnoDo you think the archos ppl know about rockbox?
14:48:11PsycoXulyou know i suspect archos' firmware for the player is probably like a hacked up collection of reference source from the various companies that made the hardware components :p
14:48:54dwihnowhen recording support goes in along with disk writing, rockbox will rock their world :)
14:49:17Zagorwell, i'm off again. see you tomorrow.
14:49:18 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
14:49:24PsycoXulits probably a complete mess and virtualy impossible to extend much beyond what it does already or locate bugs etc
14:49:35dwihnothat's why they never release fixes nowadays
14:49:52dwihnoJust think about the LCD cluttering
14:50:08dwihnoa simple thing to fix
14:50:14dwihnobut it has always been there
14:55:46dwihnoBTW! I (foolishly) got my display scratched some time ago... I bought some "displex" display polishing stuff on a win/lose basis... After testing the goo on my cellphone cover, I used it on the archos and the plastic got as good as new! YAY! :-)
14:56:53PsycoXultry it on any scratched cd's? heh
14:58:10dwihnoDoesn't sound that stupid :)
14:58:35dwihnoI can try that with my über-won't-work-blümchen CD
14:59:03dwihnoIt won't work, I bet, but if you never try, you never find out! :)
15:03:35PsycoXuljust remember
15:03:44PsycoXulalways go in a straight line from the center to edge
15:19:01dwihnowhy, btw?
15:19:33 Join Lear [0] (
15:19:48PsycoXulcause scratches running in that direction are much easier to read past without skipping that scratches that run along with the data
15:31:11 Join Jet8810 [0] (
15:55:00 Quit TotMacher ()
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16:57:49 Quit Lear ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020826]")
17:06:16 Join TotMacher [0] (
17:07:23 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:07:49 Join Jet8810 [0] (
17:14:41 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-away (
17:14:41 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:15:01 Join Jet8810 [0] (
17:31:49 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
17:37:17 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
17:37:21 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:44:54 Quit TotMacher ()
17:53:20 Join Lear [0] (
17:57:02 Quit Synthe (
17:58:29NJoinSynthe [0] (
18:20:46 Join alkorr [0] (
18:20:56 Part alkorr
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19:00:44 Join datazone-work [0] (
19:37:22 Join Dexter [0] (
19:42:06 Part Dexter
20:11:06 Join adi|dads [0] (
20:20:06 Join Dexter [0] (
20:20:41Dexterwho speak french ?
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20:29:14 Quit Dexter ("bye")
20:30:12 Quit Lear ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020826]")
20:43:01 Join Jbell73 [0] (
20:48:04 Join merwin [0] (~merwin@
20:48:12merwinwhatever :)
20:49:33 Nick merwin is now known as merwin|shower (~merwin@
20:55:38adi|dadshey mer
21:17:36 Join merwin [0] (~merwin@
21:17:36 Nick merwin is now known as MeRWiN- (~merwin@
21:17:43MeRWiN-hey adi
21:20:23*MeRWiN- is going to get his asspipe enlarged
21:26:48adi|dadslol why?
21:27:06adi|dadsmer.. you have a recorder?
21:28:46adi|dadsanyone have a recorder?
21:28:55*adi|dads needs a guinea pig
21:28:57adi|dadsi mean.. volunteer
21:29:08 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
21:35:46 Quit merwin|shower (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:42:52adi|dadsdamnit.. i need a volunteer here folks.. with a recorder
21:43:46 Join laotan [0] (
21:43:58*laotan waves
21:44:02*adi|dads screams softly
21:44:07adi|dadslaotan do you have a recorder?
21:44:10adi|dadsand welcome btw :)
21:44:17laotanam overjoyed to find rockbox :) just bought an archos recorder this past week...
21:44:33adi|dadssweet :)
21:44:38adi|dadswanna test something for me?
21:44:50laotani would, but may not be able to just yet
21:44:56dwihnoadi: what do you need testeed?
21:45:15laotani just found rockbox moments ago, so i still need to read the docs before installing :)
21:45:26dwihnolaotan: rockbox rocks the box!
21:46:38laotani'm also getting my first "HD registry error" error
21:46:48laotanhence why i searched for alternatives :)
21:46:48adi|dadsyour batteries are low
21:46:57adi|dadsdwihno you have a recorder?
21:47:02dwihnoadi: of course I do!
21:47:14adi|dadswanna test something for me?
21:47:37adi|dadsload that for me..
21:47:47adi|dadsat my fathers.. can't test
21:47:59adi|dadslaotan welcome to your future :)
21:50:39dwihnoCan't do that
21:50:42dwihnomy recorder is busy
21:54:10adi|dadswhat do you mean buys?
21:54:29adi|dadsie: "im to lazy to help poor adi who can't work on his at his fathers?"
21:54:31adi|dadsor do you mean
21:54:43adi|dads"fuck you adi you lazy bastard.. im not helping you1!!!"
21:54:45*adi|dads grins
21:55:52laotani'd do it
21:56:07laotanhow long does it take for the batteries to charge enough that i don't get that error
21:57:06adi|dadswell.. id say a few hours
21:57:16adi|dadsbut if you dont need it right away.. charge it over night
21:58:02laotanit would be nice to use it to try rockbox though :)
21:58:54laotanwhat's up with the batteries? is it possible to buy any generic NiMH?
22:00:35datazone-workbut dont get crap batteries
22:00:38datazone-workyou will regret it
22:00:44*laotan nods
22:01:10datazone-workget some 1.2V 1900MmAh
22:01:20datazone-workignore that first "M"
22:02:05datazone-workand a good external 4 battery charger
22:02:49datazone-worknot the "accelerated" chargers.. i have heard those arnt that good in the long haul for your batteries
22:03:20adi|dadsdatazone do you have a recorder or player?
22:03:30adi|dadsdamn you :)
22:03:39datazone-workwith 30GB of sweetness
22:03:52adi|dadsmmmm... 30 gigs of milky sweetness
22:24:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:28:17 Join Dexter [0] (
22:36:49 Quit webbie_ (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:37:21mecrawadi|dads: do you still need a recorder guinea pig?
22:37:35Dexterwho speak french ??
22:37:46_seb_a little
22:38:05mecrawDexter: not me
22:38:49_seb_but i don't know much about rockbox
22:39:28_seb_hey folks how does one compile the source with cygwin
22:39:56mecraw_seb_: i just followed the directions on the site
22:40:18mecrawdid you set up the cross-compiler?
22:40:31_seb_no, i'm trying to explain it to the french guy but i've never done it myself :/
22:41:04mecrawsounds tough, good luck :)
22:41:55Dexterok thanks!
22:44:09adi|dadsmecraw yeah i do..
22:44:10adi|dadscan you ?
22:45:05mecrawwhat am i testing?
22:45:09 Quit Dexter (Remote closed the connection)
22:45:52 Quit MeRWiN- (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:46:52adi|dadssee if Screensavers
22:46:52adi|dadsare still listed as a menu option
22:50:32 Quit adi|dads ()
22:56:30 Join adi|dads [0] (
22:58:48 Join lithermon [0] (
22:59:30adi|dadsi wish zagor or linus was around
23:18:23pimlottcpysol rules
23:25:17 Join webbie [0] (
23:30:45 Join hardeep [0] (
23:31:01hardeephi all
23:40:03 Quit lithermon ()
23:45:51 Quit pimlottc ("leaving")
23:46:50 Part elinenbe_
23:50:05laotanhmmm. the batteries are fully charged, but i still get the hd registry error
23:52:49 Join mecraw12 [0] (~mecraw@
23:58:04 Join PsycoXul_ [0] (
23:58:04 Quit PsycoXul (Remote closed the connection)
23:58:10 Nick PsycoXul_ is now known as PsycoXul (

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