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#rockbox log for 2002-09-01

00:17:30hardeeplaotan: maybe your hard drive is locked?
00:20:56adi|dadshmmm odd...
00:21:04adi|dadslaotan.. which file did you download?
00:23:32laotanya, it doesn't look like its locked
00:23:39laotanand i've not downloaded any file (other than mp3s)
00:23:52laotani.e. i've not yet upgraded the firmware
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00:24:15adi|dadsahh.. then.. ummm.. you didn't install rockbox yet?
00:24:34laotanno, but i'd really like to :)
00:24:59adi|dadsare you on windows or linux?
00:26:04laotanboth. although windows is easier as my linux kernel is missing some particular module or something
00:26:18laotanwill windows still recognize the drive?
00:26:32adi|dadseasy way to find out...
00:26:36laotanok, i'll go try that... (i'm at my linux workstation)
00:26:42adi|dadsplug your usb cable into the archos
00:26:45adi|dadsand reboot it
00:26:50adi|dadsif you get the usb display
00:26:53laotanthe archos?
00:26:56adi|dadsthen you can mount the devices w/o a prob
00:27:08adi|dadsyou have a recorder right?
00:30:03laotanhuh. no usb display
00:30:06laotansame error
00:30:21laotanand its plugged into the usb/computer and everything
00:30:24laotanoh wait
00:31:29laotanno, no dice
00:31:48 Join RipnetUK [0] (
00:31:48laotanits as if the computer sort of sense it, cause the usb icon comes up in the system tray, but otherwise nothing
00:32:09laotanand there's definitely no hard drive spinning
00:35:19adi|dadsthats okay..
00:35:25adi|dadsyou don't get a usb display on your player?
00:36:53laotanjust hd registry error
00:38:40adi|dadshmm and this is the firstr time you are using your player?
00:40:26laotani was able to use it for two days
00:40:41laotanthis would have been the third, but got this error when trying to turn it on this morning
00:40:56adi|dadshow do you know that the battery is fully charged?
00:41:23laotanit said. "battery fully charged"
00:41:35laotanthe charging aspect of it seems to work just fine :)
00:41:59laotanbut i don't get usb display
00:42:22adi|dadsyou have it on your windows machine right now yes?
00:43:55laotanwell, it's not in the machine per se
00:44:02laotani mean i've used it with the machine yes
00:44:10laotani.e. i've mounted it, loaded files, etc.
00:44:20laotanbut its not recognizing it with this blasted HD registry error
00:45:59laotani just emailed the guy (canadian distributor) who i bought it from
00:48:36laotani can't help but think the hard drive is wiped as it doesn't even spin up, and you'd think i could get the usb connection live
00:49:56*adi|dads nods
00:50:00adi|dadsi dunno what to say
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01:21:13adi|dadsso who wants to test another recorder version for me?
01:28:47adi|dadsum.. is it me.. or is cvs not updating according to the website?
01:36:01*adi|dads screams loudly
02:11:04dwihnoadi adi adi adi adi adi adi adi adi adi adi adi adi adi adi adi adi adi adi adi adi adi adi adi!
02:11:13adi|dadsit wasn't me i swear
02:11:16dwihnonice stuff with the game definition stuff
02:11:21adi|dadsthe builds work on my side
02:11:34adi|dadsbut the friggin web site listing (daily builds) are all broken
02:11:39adi|dadsbecause of the config script
02:11:44*adi|dads screams
02:11:48adi|dadsty btw
02:11:53adi|dadsworks for you?
02:12:17dwihnoI'll check
02:15:39dwihnomy box is slow
02:16:02dwihnoripping a heavily scratched CD as we speak
02:17:02adi|dadschances are you will have to build from cvs
02:17:08adi|dadsi fucked the daily builds
02:17:15adi|dadsbecause i had to break the config...
02:17:23adi|dadsbut I still don't understand why its failing...
02:17:38adi|dadsif USE_GAMES isn't defined.. the errors shouldn't be happening where they are
02:17:41*adi|dads shrugs
02:17:57adi|dadsso you like the games/ss removal bit?
02:20:01adi|dads-rw-r−−r−− 1 rhak users 102246 Aug 31 20:18 with
02:20:01adi|dads-rw-r−−r−− 1 rhak users 74482 Aug 31 20:19 without
02:20:08adi|dadsthats the diff between builds
02:20:09 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
02:20:11adi|dadswith has games
02:20:18adi|dadsand screensavers
02:20:20adi|dadsand w/o don't
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07:56:30rwoodanyone around that has looked at the ATA driver?
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12:12:30TooTs<- pedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedopedo
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12:15:07Hadakanow what was that all about
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13:48:28PHSOFTHello, Somebody here?
13:50:52PHSOFTAre there any Rockbob guys in here?
13:52:02Dexterno sorry
13:53:00PHSOFTWell, I leave BYE
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15:56:28dwihnoZagor! :D I welcome thee! :D
15:56:38dwihnoZagor: I'm gonna fiddle with custom WPS tonight! :D
15:57:42Zagorhave fun! :)
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16:40:41Zagorbah, adi|home. you never tried the new configure, did you?
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16:41:10*dwihno engages the sirens - Zagor is on the streak!
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17:20:45hardeephi all
17:21:44dwihnohi ho hum, I smell the box of a rock!
17:23:40 Join motiv01 [0] (
17:23:45hardeepZagor: you said you didn't want the current dir every track change but how about when a user selects "off" as Bradley Alexander suggested
17:24:01hardeepI personally like that idea
17:24:23hardeeper that's current dir changing every track change
17:26:09Zagoryou mean when you press OFF it jumps to the dir where the last played song resides?
17:26:53Zagorwhat if you press OFF in the browser?
17:27:40hardeephmmm, maybe just wps?
17:28:01Zagorcould work
17:29:26 Join Dexter [0] (
17:29:36 Part Dexter
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17:58:28dwihnotime to make some custom WPS
17:58:33dwihnono docs except that mail available?
17:59:27hardeepDocs about custom wps?
18:00:25dwihnoit's not synched to the latest patch isn't it?
18:00:47dwihnomagnus holmgren's patch
18:01:06hardeepThat I don't know
18:01:42dwihnome neither :)
18:02:21pimlottcI don't see that the [] around the settings name is necessary
18:03:06hardeepLast update: Sat Aug 31 04:59:57 2002 UTC (35 hours, 2 minutes ago)
18:03:13hardeepdesc: Documentation update for %pb
18:04:58dwihnono %d1 %d2 and %d3?
18:06:38Zagordwihno: magnus' patch isn't applied, so of course the docs doesn't describe it
18:06:54 Nick matsl|away is now known as matsl (
18:07:16matslZagor: I have been playing with magnus wps patch for a minute and I like it.
18:07:21dwihnoZagor: ah, me stupid :)
18:10:08adi|homeZagor you still around?
18:11:58matsldwihno: have you tried magnus patch?
18:12:29dwihnomatsl: no, I have no proper win32 patching utility :/... and I prefer just sticking to the CVS code... How come, does it rock?
18:12:41*adi|home pokes Zagor in the side of the head
18:13:24matslI think so. Some minor problems with the simulator, but I have fixed those I think.
18:14:03dwihnoI'd love the patch merged if the code is clean etc.
18:14:28dwihnothe changes he did to the update stuff is neat too
18:15:52adi|homegrrrrrr... wtf is Zagor?
18:16:58matsldwihno: Well, I'd just wnat to check the status with Zagor before commiting.
18:19:17dwihnomatsl: I'd drink to that!
18:19:27dwihnomatsl: star trek on the telly tonight! :D
18:19:31Zagori'm here
18:19:59Zagori'll look at his patch later tonight
18:20:08Zagorfrom the description, it sounds good
18:20:29matslZagor: I have tested the wps-patch submitted by Magnus in the simulator. And I think it works.
18:20:44adi|homezagor what was the issue with configure?
18:20:46Zagorok, good. i still want to look at it first :-)
18:20:47adi|homei tested it
18:20:49matslI had do do some small changes thought to get it working in the simulator.
18:20:50adi|homeand all seemed good
18:21:04Zagoradi|home: when both GAMES and SCREENSAVERS are enabled, make fails
18:21:25adi|homenot on my machine.. thats odd
18:21:25Zagorbecause EXTRA_FLAGS contain a space but is not enclosed in quotes
18:21:49adi|homei tested last night, and all was fine
18:22:09Zagori'll look some more
18:22:13matslZagor: OK. I won't commit it then. You go ahead and look at it. Maybe Justin wants to have a word too?
18:22:55adi|homeim testing a compile right now zagor
18:22:58adi|homehmm.. works for me...
18:23:09adi|homeill try and update and see if i didn't commit something
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18:24:52 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|away (
18:26:14adi|homeyeah.. nothing gets merged zagor.. and nothing gets updated, so I look clean
18:26:18adi|homeand configure works for me...
18:27:04Zagormake: invalid option −− D
18:27:04Zagormake: invalid option −− U
18:27:04Zagormake: invalid option −− E
18:27:04DBUGEnqueued KICK Zagor
18:27:04Zagormake: invalid option −− _
18:27:04Zagormake: invalid option −− G
18:27:05***Alert Mode level 1
18:27:05Zagormake: invalid option −− A
18:27:06***Alert Mode level 2
18:27:06Zagormake: invalid option −− M
18:27:09Zagormake: invalid option −− E
18:27:32Zagortarget works though
18:28:09adi|homehold on..
18:28:13adi|homeill clear my config and try again
18:28:22adi|homei had that prob yesterday.. and fixed it
18:28:32Zagordid you try the sims too?
18:28:38CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
18:28:38*adi|home nods
18:30:21adi|homeahh.. the sim is blowiing up..
18:30:22adi|homeill fix
18:31:14pimlottcis there any good reason sound settings use set_sound instead of set_int
18:31:39Zagorpimlottc: no. i have a fix for that.
18:31:51pimlottcI am cleaning up the menus a bit
18:35:20adi|homeokay.. zagor.. i fixed that problem..
18:35:22adi|homebut now i get
18:35:25adi|homemake -C ../uisimulator/x11 DISPLAY=-DHAVE_LCD_BITMAP KEYPAD=-DHAVE_RECORDER_KEYPAD OBJDIR="/home/rhak/src/rockbox/src/build" VERSION=020901-1235 EXTRA_DEFINES=" -DUSE_SCREENSAVERS -DUSE_GAMES"
18:35:26adi|homemake[1]: Entering directory `/home/rhak/src/rockbox/src/uisimulator/x11'
18:35:26adi|homemake[1]: *** No rule to make target `powermgmt.c', needed by `/home/rhak/src/rockbox/src/build/.deps/powermgmt.d'. Stop.
18:35:26DBUGEnqueued KICK adi|home
18:35:26adi|homemake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rhak/src/rockbox/src/uisimulator/x11'
18:35:26adi|homemake: *** [sim] Error 2
18:35:48Zagorremove the .deps dir
18:37:07***Alert Mode OFF
18:38:09adi|homeokay.. try now zagor
18:39:17Zagoryup, works
19:05:35 Quit RipnetUK ()
19:07:00adi|homeso Zagor.. the Games and SS defines.. thats the sort of thing you were looking for right?
19:07:33Zagorwell I haven't requested it, but I know others people have asked for it
19:08:05adi|homewell..this way its an option
19:08:10adi|homeand was minimally invasive
19:08:54Zagorif HAS_LCD_BITMAP checks in apps/recorder was a bit unnecessary, though :-)
19:09:08adi|homeheheh well...
19:09:13adi|homewas just making it standard
19:09:20adi|homewe had it in some of the games/ss, but not all :)
19:09:30adi|homewe can pull them out if you want
19:10:10Zagoryeah, they're just confusing now. "why the #ifdef, when this is only ever compiled for recorder anyway?"
19:10:25adi|homek.. ill fix .. should only take a min :)
19:13:35dwihnohey, custom wps rocks the box! :D
19:14:56adi|homefixed Zagor
19:15:14dwihnoThe only thing missing now is the scroll support and Magnus' WPS patch ;D
19:17:37Zagorwith custom wps, i'm removing the wps menu options
19:18:21dwihnoYeah, with some default stuff (as always)
19:18:45dwihnoCustom WPS rocks the archos' firmware 10x
19:19:02adi|homebtw.. Zagor.. removing SS and Games reduces the finger print significantly
19:19:17Zagoradi|home: how much?
19:20:12hardeepmy build went from 98k to 73k
19:20:42adi|homehold on.. ill scroll back
19:20:50adi|home<adi|dads> -rw-r−−r−− 1 rhak users 102246 Aug 31 20:18 with
19:20:50adi|home<adi|dads> -rw-r−−r−− 1 rhak users 74482 Aug 31 20:19 without
19:20:56adi|homethat was a test from yesterday
19:21:59Zagorthat's not even 2sec @128kbit... :-)
19:22:08 Quit matsl|away (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:22:44adi|homebut think how many more features we can cram into that ;)
19:22:49adi|homew/o the fluff :)
19:23:12Zagorin total, the saving is 48KB buffer space (look at location of .mp3buf in
19:23:55adi|homeso are you saying its pointless...
19:23:57adi|homeor a good thing?
19:24:10dwihnowormlet is personal favorite of mine :)
19:24:33Zagorwell that depends on what you want, of course. personally, I can live with 3 seconds earlier spinup due to the games.
19:24:34dwihnowhile in a game, the backlight timeout should be disabled
19:25:35pimlottcif you do that you better have a timeout for the game itself
19:41:57 Join mecraw12_ [0] (~mecraw@
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21:52:38Dexter__how to install GCC on cygwin?
21:54:40matslDexter__: It's included!?
21:55:31Dexter__how to appeal it has?
21:55:53Dexter__sorry I'm french !
21:56:18matslNo problem. Try again. ;-)
21:56:49Dexter__where is GCC in cygwin ?
21:58:05matslIf you using the netinstall, setup.exe, browse around and I'm sure you will find it.
21:58:52 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|away (
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22:10:52 Part Dexter__
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22:14:24elinenbesome nice fiexs/patches the past few days :)
22:15:49 Quit elinenbe (Client Quit)
22:17:53 Quit Miran ("Its not that you do not see, it is mearly that your eyes do not perceive")
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22:32:12 Quit lithermon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:32:32dwihnoZagor: I salute your patch merge!
22:43:12 Nick matsl|away is now known as matsl (
22:44:37dwihnomatsl: Magnus' patch made the CVS ;D
22:44:42dwihnoyay! :D
22:45:08Leardwihno: glad you liked it. :)
22:45:18dwihnoLear: you are Magnus?
22:45:27dwihnoMe too ;D
22:45:33dwihnoWe are all Magnus(tm)
22:45:37dwihnoI love it!
22:45:43dwihnoI'm customizing my WPS as we speak
22:45:46CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:45:46*pimlottc is not Magnus
22:46:20matsldwihno: I'm looking at it now ;-)
22:46:39dwihnoLear: With the conditional %?, are there a way to create newlines?
22:48:09merwindwihno: hey
22:48:33dwihnomerwin: hey! :O
22:49:10*dwihno waves at merw
22:49:53 Join rwood [0] (
22:50:39Leardwihno: conditional linefeeds? Sorry, no. That's done before %? gets parsed.
22:50:49dwihnoLear: Darn! :/
22:51:07dwihnoI want to check if d3 is set, and if it is, it feeds d3<br>d2
22:51:16dwihnootherwise it just feeds d2
22:51:39rwoodZagor: an update on ROLO - the problem is not the RTC. There is a error in the schematic. The RTC goes to PA13-IRQ1.
22:51:59dwihnoLear: I upriciate your work though, it simply rocks the box! :)
22:52:02rwoodZagor: I believe PA12-IRQ0 is the disk.
22:52:36LearDepending on the rest of the display, you could get that, by creative use of %? over a couple of lines... :)
22:52:38rwoodZagor: after two weeks of chasing my tail, I'll get on with looking at the disk interface
22:52:56merwindwihno: sorry i haven't taken a look at that :-) I've been busy planning my wedding. Tonight I should be able to. It'll probably be committed, as long as everything works well
22:53:01dwihnoLear: so I can do that without breaking the parsing?
22:54:14LearWell, just display d2 on a line of its own if d3 is set ("%?d3<d2>"). Problem is if you want stuff on lines below that...
22:54:50dwihno%?d3<%d3 %d2|%d2>
22:54:50DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
22:54:50dwihno%pr (%pt) [%pp:%pe]
22:54:51dwihnothis is what I got
22:55:03dwihnoI want to split the space on the first line to be on two lines
22:55:21mecrawLear: why are 10 lines allowed in the recorder? aren't there only 8?
22:55:28merwingotta run!
22:55:29Learah, that makes it harder. Still possible. :)
22:55:37 Quit merwin ()
22:55:39dwihnoLear: teach me the tricks ;D
22:55:56Learmecraw: loadable fonts. Dunno if 10 is "possible" (i.e., legible) though.
22:56:19mecrawLear: ah
22:57:11Learmecraw: but given current code (for loops), they aren't possible to use right now. Only wastes a few bytes though.
22:58:10dwihno%fn and %fm are mixed up
22:59:16dwihnoI want newlines! ;D
22:59:23dwihnoNewlines in the custom WPS ;)
23:00:13mecrawthe time line shouldn't be put in automatically anymore, right?
23:01:25matsldwihno: %fn and %fm. Error in the docs?
23:01:49Learmatsl: yep.
23:02:12matslLear: Something else in the docs while I'm at it?
23:02:13Zagorah, my mistake
23:02:39CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:02:39*matsl bows for Zagor
23:02:40Leardwihno: %?d3<d1|%s%n> (or maybe the other way around); similar for following lines.
23:04:12matslLear: I might have strange mp3 but I'd suggest: %s%pp/%pe - >%?it<%it|%fn> %?ia<[%ia%?id<, %id>]> as example. %in seems to be nil in all my mp3
23:04:53mecraw%in isn't nil if you apply my id3v1 patch :)
23:06:02matslmecraw: ;-) I'd prefer the position in the playlist to the id3->index anyway!
23:06:31matslOOPS! id3->index/ide->tracknum
23:12:33 Join diddystar5 [0] (
23:13:08diddystar5where is wps in the newest build?
23:13:22mecrawit's gone
23:13:30matsldiddystar5: It removed! ;-)
23:14:11diddystar5well what about custom wps?
23:14:15Zagorbecause we use wps.config now
23:14:24matslYou can customize it now. Read docs/CUSTOM_WPS_FORMAT
23:14:33diddystar5then how do i change it?
23:14:38diddystar5o thanks
23:15:28matslZagor: Maybe it's time to introduce my text-entering-code so that the wps-customize-string can be changed on the archos ;-)
23:16:35Zagoryeah, except we still can't save it. but soon...
23:17:40matslafter you have edited that line with four buttons you'll don't want to save it ;-)
23:17:50Zagorindeed :-)
23:18:25rwoodZagor: is whoever did the recorder schematic still around, and is it worth asking him to update them?
23:18:30diddystar5wow loks like it will work good!
23:18:39matslmaybe I have found a need for a java app after all. A nice GUI for the WPS config.
23:18:40 Join DaggerLee [0] (
23:19:40Zagorrwood: there's a lot of errors in those schematics. we should assemble a list and have them fixed.
23:19:58ZagorI think it was andrew jamieson who did it originally
23:20:30rwoodZagor: did you see my comments a while ago on IRQ0 and 1?
23:20:55diddystar5i can't really figure out how to make custom wps though
23:21:12rwoodZagor: ok, i'll get on with my problem
23:21:42Zagordiddystar5: create a wps.config file and put it in /.rockbox
23:22:09diddystar5i understand that but what text in the file im not sure
23:22:22 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:22:43pimlottclook, it's a pointer
23:25:33BoD[]hey i have a question... what does "aligned" mean in "- No playback gap between tracks (if they are aligned)" ?
23:26:31DaggerLeeI'm sorry for asking this, but the Manual is a little bit misleading - what exactly does the Disk Spindown do? :)
23:26:44pimlottcpowers down the hd
23:27:37DaggerLeeso how do long and short spindown times affect the HD?
23:27:44diddystar5time for powering down the hdd
23:27:53diddystar5battery time
23:28:17pimlottcit's how long the hd has to be idle before it is spundown
23:28:21pimlottc(if that's a word)
23:28:22DaggerLeeoh, ok
23:28:56DaggerLeethanks a lot
23:30:25 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
23:31:50 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|away (
23:32:12 Join diddystar5 [0] (
23:32:30diddystar5i can't name a folder .rockbox
23:32:55mecrawdo it on the command line
23:33:11diddystar5in dos?
23:33:38pimlottccommand line != dos
23:33:41diddystar5ok im not familure with doing things in dos how i do it?
23:33:45pimlottcnot exactly
23:34:13pimlottcgo to start menu -> run and enter "cmd"
23:34:17mecrawdiddystar5: mkdir .rockbox from the root of your jukebox
23:34:54diddystar5k im in dos
23:35:16diddystar5i cant it won't let me
23:35:22diddystar5in windows
23:35:45mecrawyou're in a dos window?
23:36:04diddystar5im rnning dos in windows
23:36:18diddystar5ms-dos prompt right?
23:36:38mecraware you in the root of your jukebox?
23:37:05mecrawmkdir .rockbox
23:37:45 Join webbie_ [0] (
23:37:52 Quit webbie (Remote closed the connection)
23:39:42 Quit rwood ()
23:41:14dwihnoDamn what a good star trek episode! :D
23:41:24Zagorcrap, I missed it...
23:41:25diddystar5yeah think dos did it!
23:42:06HesI was afraid this would be a bit complicated for some...
23:42:21Hes(good evening)
23:42:28diddystar5i sec im gonna give custom a try now :)
23:42:34dwihnoZagor: It was truly kickass. 7of9 cried! :~~)
23:43:36diddystar5cool got it to work now to edit it ...
23:44:15*dwihno loves custom WPS
23:44:31dwihnoAnother milestone, if you ask me
23:45:05*diddystar5 now reallllly luves custom wps
23:45:21dwihnoI just need to get my newline stuff to worj :)
23:46:53diddystar5c ya im gonna work on custom!
23:47:01diddystar5thanks everyone
23:47:13 Quit diddystar5 ("Leaving")
23:47:21dwihnoLear: I didn't really catch what you ment about the matching... Got a minute to discuss details?
23:47:38Leardwihno: what matching? :)
23:47:52 Quit DaggerLee (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:48:38Leardwihno: or do you mean the newline stuff?
23:48:45dwihnoLear: you bet :)
23:49:14dwihnobecause empty lines will look pretty ugly
23:49:33Zagordwihno: make them conditional
23:49:45Leardwihno: just that if there is no d3, the remainling lines move up one line. So each line starts with a #?d3...
23:50:33pimlottcdoes it support nested conditionals?
23:51:21dwihnoDamn, I'm too low on caffeine to assimilate all this
23:51:27Learsee CUSTOM_WPS, it includes such an example.
23:52:20Leardwihno: well, I started using it in the MAD plugin like a year or so ago, so I've had time to assimilate it...
23:52:45 Join TotMacher [0] (
23:52:54dwihnoLear: MAD plugin?
23:53:07TotMacherwhy consumes rockbox so much more battery ?
23:53:49ZagorTotMacher: have you measured?
23:54:02Zagormy unit consumes less with rockbox than with stock firmware
23:54:04Leardwihno: MAD = MPEG Audio Decoder. A GPL:ed fixed-point MPEG decoder. The author also made a Winamp plugin based on that.
23:54:08TotMacher3 hours and its empty
23:54:19Zagorhow did you charge it?
23:54:23dwihnoLear: ah, neato :)
23:54:25TotMacherwith stock firmware no change in battry display
23:54:32TotMacherzagor: of course :)
23:54:39TotMacherafter 3h ours
23:54:50TotMacheri have a 40 gig hd in 6gb recorder
23:54:53ZagorTotMacher: did you charge with rockbox or stock firmware?
23:54:58TotMachermaybe that is a problem
23:55:17Zagor40GB is not a problem. lots of us have it.
23:55:18TotMacheron chip firmware
23:55:23TotMacherturned off
23:55:27TotMacherand charged
23:55:44TotMacherwhat hds ?
23:55:44Zagordo you have a multimeter you can measure with?
23:55:56TotMacherno sorry
23:55:59ZagorToshiba 4018GAP, mostly
23:56:05TotMacheri have gas
23:57:22dwihnoBtw, a wps-config testing utility in tools/ would be neat ;)
23:57:31dwihnoJust a thought from me
23:57:48TotMacherso your battery cosume is less with rockbox ?
23:57:53Zagordwihno: use the simulators
23:57:57ZagorTotMacher: yes
23:58:29TotMacherbtw, what about a display of free disk space in info screen
23:58:38dwihnoZagor: erhm, I have no tools for compiling a simulator for win32 :/

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