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#rockbox log for 2002-09-02

00:00:10TotMacheris it better to charge with rockbox ?
00:00:46ZagorTotMacher: no, we still charge less than the stock firmware to avoid battery damage
00:00:57TotMacherahh ok
00:01:02dwihnoZagor: thanks
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00:02:32TotMacheri want to pose with my hd, so i need the free disk space display :)
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00:02:57ZagorTotMacher: yeah, we'll get that soon
00:03:03TotMacherhehe :)
00:03:06TotMachervery goofd
00:03:29pimlottcwumpscut fan?
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00:25:17dwihno*tweak WPS*
00:25:35Zagorbed time, see you later
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00:25:45dwihnoFarewell, noble code police!
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01:15:45BoD[]i go to bed bye !
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07:30:18black6hosthi all, took a look at rockbox today and I'm impressed. A bit concerned with the hard drive password issue. Is this a frequent thing?
07:31:16LinusNi haven't seen it since christmas
07:32:02black6hosti'm having issues on my linux box and I'm not in a position to compile in the patch...:(
07:32:22LinusNdon't worry
07:32:29LinusNit is very rare
07:32:50LinusNand also, it doesn not seem to be a rockbox issue either
07:33:06LinusNorthodox archos users have had it too
07:33:17black6hosti saw that though I did see mention that it affects the developers more than standard firmware...
07:34:19LinusNyup, it probably had to do with low battery level combined with uninitialized I/O ports or something
07:34:33black6hostjust got the recorder 15 and it's pretty slick. only thing though is that occasionally it locks up while playing and the hard drive starts making a bad bad sound
07:34:51LinusNbetter return it
07:35:08black6hostjust got done loading up a ton of cd's too, now I've got to take it back and exchange it
07:35:11LinusNrecorder 15?
07:35:16LinusNis that new?
07:35:27LinusNi only knew about 6, 10 and 20
07:35:46black6hostmust be, it's not mentioned on their site, even the manual doesn't refer to it
07:36:04LinusNdoes it say 15 on the unit?
07:36:25LinusNi mean printed on the plastic?
07:36:26black6hostyep, jukebox recorder 15
07:36:44black6hosti think it's still got the usb 1.1 interface
07:36:53black6hostcause I don't have usb 2.0
07:36:54LinusNhow lame
07:36:55black6hostand it works
07:37:10black6hostbut the price was right!
07:37:11LinusNbut usb2.0 is backwards compatible
07:37:26black6hostahh, maybe it does then, but no specs for it in the manual
07:37:32black6hostlet me check the box
07:37:45LinusNit is mentioned on the box
07:38:19LinusNit's strange that they don't boast more about the USB2.0
07:39:15black6hosttransfer rate is 1MB/sec, so nope...
07:40:45black6hosti just wish it didn't make that knocking sound. I hate to have to take it back. They don't have the 20 where I got it, unfortunately
07:41:24LinusNi would return it if i were you
07:41:36LinusNor buy a new hard disk
07:41:59black6hostwell, since it's only 3 days old... bit early to repair :)
07:42:24black6hosthope they got another on the shelf
07:42:58LinusNabout the USB, you should be able to see if it is an ISD200 or ISD300 in your device by checking which driver is used in Linux
07:43:53black6hosti haven't got that far yet, accessing it from a win box at the moment, my suse box is having, uhh, difficulty :)
07:44:48black6hosthopefully get that fixed tonight, new jukebox tomorrow, rockbox on it and life will be good
07:45:13 Join Bill_k [0] (
07:45:34LinusNblack6host: good luck
07:45:44LinusNHes: morning
07:46:07black6hostthx! off to fix my other stuff!
07:46:13 Part black6host
07:46:58Bill_kHello all can anybody point me where I can find info in setting up the dev envioment under windows?
07:47:37LinusNthere are different options
07:48:43Bill_kI heard somone had success using Visual studio? But I can also use a dos box
07:49:09LinusNdo you want to build a simulator or a target firmware?
07:49:47Bill_kfirmware is my goal for a recorder 20
07:50:09LinusNok, then you need a cross compiler, and Visual Studio will not help you
07:50:22LinusNyou can start reading at
07:51:24HesHi, any ata.c news?
07:51:29Bill_kI downloades the wingnushv020 and installed
07:51:43LinusNHes: no, i don't have any new theories
07:51:56HesOk... i'll go with some debugging stuff then
07:51:57LinusNsince my latest fix didn't solve anything
07:52:16LinusNBill_k: ok, and then?
07:53:13HesDoes ata.c code run in interrupts?
07:53:38Hesshould inserting lcd_print code there be safe?
07:53:58LinusNHes: ata is polled
07:54:23LinusNHes: do you still have skipping?
07:54:41LinusNand only with SLEEP, not with STANDBY?
07:54:41HesProportional font support? (N)
07:55:01Hesconfigure still asks for that although proportional is the default...
07:55:13LinusNis it default? that is a bug?
07:55:21LinusNit shouldn't be default
07:55:23Bill_kreading some more. I found a page I missed
07:55:33HesI thought it was made the default.
07:55:44LinusNno, we backed on that one
07:55:49HesAh, ok.
07:56:07HesIt doesn't skip on STANDBY but it doesn't spin down either - even with STANDBY_IMMEDIATE being issued.
07:56:21LinusNHes: is that so?
07:56:39HesYes. I wonder if the drive's STANDBY time should be to something else than 'disabled' for the _IMMEDIATE to work.
07:57:41LinusNlemme check
08:00:12LinusNthe spec says that sending the command will suffice
08:00:19LinusNno parameters
08:00:36HesI'll go to the office... seeya later
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08:13:25LinusNmorning Bagder
08:15:22 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-sleep (
08:15:35LinusNsleep tight, seb-sleep
08:15:57Bagderi forgot my charger at work last week so I haven't been able to update for days
08:16:05Bagderpainful ;-)
08:19:20 Join rwood [0] (
08:19:38Bagderhey rwood
08:19:51rwoodhi Bagder
08:20:05Bagderany news?
08:21:17rwoodis the call to lcd_update supposed to be inclosed in an ifdef on HAVE_LCD_BITMAP?
08:21:40LinusNnot necessary
08:21:51LinusNit is defined on players too
08:21:59LinusNalthough it does nothing
08:22:37rwoodBagder: i solved the problem - the schematics are wrong - IRQ1 is the RTC, i believe IRQ0 is the disk
08:23:51rwoodi'm finishing it off with the dynamic relocation - i know zagor wants to do something different, i'm not enough of a C and unix type to setup the .isection sutff
08:24:34LinusNrwood: actually, the resulting code is the same with the .section stuff, just different
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08:24:57LinusNthe code still has to be explicitly copied
08:25:04LinusNin crt0.S
08:26:04rwoodLinusN: is it going to internal RAM at start time?
08:26:36rwoodLinusN: the move routine - the loader is probably on as is
08:26:55LinusNi wouldn't put the loader in internal ram
08:27:58rwoodi agree, the move routine is quite small and could be recoded in C in internal ram - the fun part was the dynamic relocation
08:28:14rwoodsort of hate to see it go
08:29:23rwoodhave you had any problems with the ADC i2c on the player? - the spec says it is limited to 100k if the serial input is not operating
08:29:51rwoodi assume the serial clock is only operational when the decoder is playing
08:30:15LinusNi haven't seen any ADC I2C problems
08:31:18rwoodit may be something to look at if there are differences from player to player
08:32:09LinusNgood idea
08:32:52LinusNwe have had problems with the dac, but they had to do with not setting all registers i the dac
08:33:49rwoodin chasing what i thought was a RTC problem, i looked at all the I2C specs, rockbox is running somewhat faster than most of the specs
08:35:02LinusNrwood: do you have the timing info?
08:35:06rwoodi don't remember which one, but one specs a 1.25 us high and low clock times
08:35:11LinusNi mean, how far off are we?
08:35:45rwoodi thing our high time is quite short relative to some of the specs
08:36:09rwoodi'll take some timing and compare to all the specs tommorrow
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08:36:29*Bagder is fixing up the last designs
08:36:36LinusNbtw, send us the rolo patch as soon as you are done
08:36:42rwoodif you are interested, i would take on the task of making the i2c driver compliant with the specs
08:36:44Bagderhowto-vote mail coming up soonish
08:37:18LinusNrwood: that would be great!
08:38:01rwoodLinusN: good - as soon as i post ROLO, i'll start on that
08:38:26rwooddo you want me to recode the move routine in C and declare it an .isection?
08:38:47rwoodor leave it to one of the gurus
08:39:30LinusNrwood: leave it
08:39:44LinusNHes: less?
08:39:57Heswhoops, channel lottery, fvwm stopped changing focus, had to restart it 8-)
08:40:18rwoodby the way the only problem was that the IRQ0 had to be set to edge triggered
08:40:26LinusNrwood: i would like the i2c timings to be really optimal
08:40:41HesAh, you found a problem with the STANDBY
08:40:54LinusNmaybe even different timings to different devices
08:41:15rwoodLinusN: by optimal do you mean as short/fast as possible?
08:41:28Hesrwood: so the loader works on recorders now? 8-)
08:41:42LinusNas fast as possible to the codecs
08:42:00rwoodHes:YES - reloads 1.27d on the recorder
08:43:12rwoodLinusN: i'll setup some defines so that the timing can be changed easily
08:43:27LinusNrwood: good
09:01:34Bagder34 ones
09:04:00 Join Bill_k [0] (
09:05:46Bill_kis the make file that comes with the standard build platford specific. Does it have to be
09:05:52Bill_kmodified for win32
09:06:03Bagdertarget build?
09:06:34Bagderwindows compilers are stupid, so yes
09:06:45Bagderbut really, we should be able to make them into the same one
09:07:00Bagderbut so far no windows users seem to be willing to do the work required
09:07:08rwoodi have a build-player and build-recorder directory - is there a way to force a full re-compile in each directory?
09:07:20Bill_kI assume the make files that came for with the source are for linix
09:07:40rwoodwithout deleting all the .os
09:07:43Bagderrwood: 'make clean' 'make' is the way to force a complete rebuild
09:08:02BagderBill_k: we include windows makefiles too
09:08:03rwoodBagder: thanks
09:08:35Bagderand you shouldn't do anything with 1.2
09:08:40Bagderit is waaaay old
09:08:59BagderBill_k: what compiler are you using?
09:10:28Bill_kThanks Badger. I am using wingnushv 020
09:11:02Bagderright, then I *think* those makefiles should work
09:11:31Bill_kI just want to get a clean compile and then I'll get the latest source
09:11:36Bill_kThanks again
09:11:48Bill_kI'll be back
09:13:24Bill_kBadger where do I find win32.mak? Does not seem to be with the in the source RAR
09:13:46Bagderyou're right
09:13:52Bagderit's not the tarballs
09:14:23Bagderget them from the CVS
09:15:15Bill_kOff to get file
09:19:53mbr|weSory and morning :)
09:20:17 Nick mbr|we is now known as mbr (
09:25:20LinusNwho is gofurygo?
09:25:58Bagder /whois gofurygo ;-)
09:26:13Bagderno idea
09:27:18LinusNhe files a new gub report for every comment
09:27:28Bagderyeah, I notice
09:27:40LinusNand his bug first report was a list of already reported issues
09:40:37 Quit Bill_k (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:40:42Bagderdoes that make sense?
09:41:34LinusNlooks good
09:47:35 Quit Hes (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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09:47:46 Join Zagor [0] (
09:48:23BagderZagor: how-to-vote mail coming up in 15 mins
09:48:38Bagderjust waiting for the web to update first ;-)
09:49:18Bagder33 designs are competing
09:50:13Zagor"Insturmental Blues" ;-)
09:53:28Bagder"Congratulations from Germany, you are great!"
09:53:45 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
09:53:49Bagderthose forums gets all filled up with rockbox talk ;-)
09:54:07 Join matsl [0] (
09:55:09LinusNZagor: i mailed him about the Inturmental Blues"
09:55:09ZagorBagder: which?
09:55:27BagderZagor: I'm reading the right now
09:56:31rwoodROLO looks good with current CVS for recorder - need to regression test on player - anyone want to make an icon for program loads?
09:58:38Zagorrwood: nice!
09:58:58rwoodZagor: thanks
10:00:07BagderI just can't wait to rolo my first firmware ;-)
10:02:01Zagorit seems anyone can assign bugs to people. very annoying.
10:02:19 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|away (
10:02:30Bagderit is pretty useful when used correctly
10:02:44Bagderbut of course, most reporters have no clue
10:02:53Blaster_Masterquestion : i just went from 02/09/01 to 02/09/02 and the option to configure the WPS screen (before there was a nice scrobbar, now it is gone ?)
10:03:57Zagor"this feeling of trust in your development I never had with any other commercial software"
10:05:05Bagderencouraging words indeed
10:05:41Blaster_Masteron the player version
10:06:39ZagorBlaster_Master: yes. now we have fully customizable wps instead.
10:07:05BagderI have this growing feeling that we should appoint "managers" for different areas of the software
10:07:32Bagderthe amount of patches and improvements posted are a bit overwhelming to keep track of
10:09:09Zagorat the same time, I don't want to move too fast either.
10:09:47Bagderno, it wouldn't be to move faster
10:10:05Bagderit would just be easier to read through stuff and concentrate more on your area
10:10:18Bagderright now, we all try to cover all
10:11:35Zagoryes, but there are very few patches I'm ready to just accept as-is. Maybe I'm just a control freak... :-)
10:12:19Bagderno, you're right, but I'm more talking about who would apply the patches, and then possibly commit them
10:12:51Bagdernow, we all just randomly apply patches and possibly commit them
10:13:14Bagderwe might do the same patches or we might ignore the same patches
10:13:21LinusNwe might even come to the point where we should define in general terms what Rockbox should contain and what not
10:13:27 Join alkorr [0] (
10:13:32LinusNhi alan!
10:13:40alkorrHi linus !
10:13:42BagderLinusN: yes, that too
10:14:47Bagderanother approach could be to use the patches tracker on sourceforge for patches
10:14:57Bagderit would be easier to assign it to a person etc
10:14:57alkorrHi Bagder, Zagor and everybody else
10:15:02Bagderhey Alan
10:15:17ZagorBagder: i was just thinking about that too
10:15:22Zagoralkorr: hi
10:15:41BagderI think that would be an improvement compared to the current situation at least
10:15:55Bagderthen we'd quickly see when the amount of patches grow etc
10:17:20Bagderpersonally it would help me sort out where to put my efforts
10:21:25BagderLinusN: what's your opinion on going over to use the patch tracker for patches?
10:22:43LinusNI have never used it
10:22:57Bagderit's basicly like the feature-requests
10:23:30Bagderit'll be easier to get an overview, to assign them to people, to close already fixed ones etc
10:23:36LinusNi like it
10:25:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:26:26BagderZagor: so what do you say about encouraging people to post all their patches that way instead?
10:27:16Zagorthe only downside i can think of is that there might be less discussion about the patches
10:28:02Bagderyes, but I think we could have the initial posting get posted to the list
10:28:20Bagdernot all changes, just the initial one
10:31:18mecraw|workwould sourceforge let you mark the patches as accepted/rejected/pending?
10:32:31mecraw|worki think that would be good from the patcher's point of view, that way we would have a place to go to see the status of a patch
10:32:37Bagderand we have a VOTE! ;-)
10:32:53Bagdermecraw: I agree
10:33:06mecraw|workand would keep people from sending mails to the list asking "Where's my patch?"
10:34:07mecraw|workalthough it wouldn't keep me from crying when mine aren't excepted :)
10:35:00Bagderhehe, but it would make it more clear when they are denied or just forgotten ;-)
10:36:12mecraw|workspeaking of patches... :)
10:36:31mecraw|worki think multiline scroll isn't very useful
10:36:52mecraw|worki got it working, but just found it confusing to look at
10:37:15Zagorit could still be nice to have the option in wps.config
10:37:21Zagori haven't looked at the patch yet, though
10:38:34mecraw|worki just made them all scroll in synch
10:38:49mecraw|workmaybe it would be better to have them cycle, one after the other
10:49:04 Nick matsl|away is now known as matsl (
10:53:39mecrawBagder: how about using sourceforge's survey functionality for the t-shirt vote?
10:56:29Bagderhm, didn't think of that
10:57:30mecrawmight as well go all the way
10:58:07BagderI picked the email-way to reduce the possibilty of abuse
10:58:20matslmecraw|work: I have experimented with different scroll speed. One fast line and one slow. It wasn't that bad.
10:59:37mecrawmatsl: cool, i just wanted to see how hard it would be to do
11:00:00LinusNpersonally, i don't liek having the names on the shirt
11:00:09LinusNthat list grows every day
11:00:13Bagderme neither
11:00:17mecrawespecially since mine is missing :)
11:00:26Bagderbut let's see what the people say
11:00:51matslmecraw: Scrolling both lines on the player at the same speed hurts my eyes.
11:01:02LinusNand when a guy is awarded a shirt for a contribution, his name won't be on it, just a bunch of other people
11:01:19mecrawmatsl: same thing happened with me on the recorder
11:01:40mecrawLinusN: not if you win
11:02:10matslmecraw: So we should introduce for the wps %sN where N is the scroll speed.
11:02:42mecrawmatsl: what about scroll one line through, stop it, then scroll the next line?
11:03:33matslmecraw: Maybe. An alternative to scroll is to display one word at the time.
11:03:43LinusNmecraw: i will win anyway, since i pay the t-shirts
11:04:14matslmecraw: There are a lots of possibilities. ;-)
11:04:42*Bagder added a few more people to the CREDITS
11:05:32LinusNmaybe add "...and myself" to the name list on the shirt
11:05:51*mecraw weeps with joy after seeing the credits
11:06:22BagderI think it is important to include all contributors there
11:06:37mecrawAre the designs going to be taken as is? Or are you going to do some tweaks once the winner is chosen?
11:06:57BagderI think we'll need to tweak them, a little depending on which that wins of course
11:07:00mecrawi.e. fix the spelling of "insturmental blues"
11:07:05Bagderright ;-)
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11:07:43Topic"" by Bagder (
11:09:30 Join merwin [0] (~merwin@
11:09:44merwinSo does the new custom wps scroll correctly on the recorder?
11:09:57merwinwho did the update?
11:10:08Zagori did
11:10:16merwinZagor: i mean who wrote it?
11:10:26Zagorlear (Magnus Holmstrm)
11:10:36merwinMagnus... cool name :-)
11:11:28Bagder6 votes already
11:11:49Bagdervery diverse so far
11:11:53merwinSo, I was thinking, and it would probably be easily possible to update the scrolling text... Couldn't you just add an lcd_upate_scrolltext() function that just changes the text string?
11:12:12*merwin needs to vote, but would feel bad about voting for himself
11:12:32Bagdermerwin: if you think yours is best, vote for yourself
11:12:51merwinBagder: heh, sounds good
11:13:14BagderI did ;-)
11:13:21Bagder(vote for my own design)
11:14:08merwinheh. There's some damn good ones.
11:14:16merwinso what do you think about an update_scrolltext() function?
11:14:25merwinthe 2 line scrolling was nice also
11:16:59 Nick merwin is now known as merwin|packing (~merwin@
11:22:51 Join quelsaruk [0] (
11:23:27 Quit alkorr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:24:08 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lunch (
11:29:42Bagdera friend in Angola needs my money
11:29:53BagderI better send away all of it
11:34:44 Quit Blaster_Master (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:47:20rwoodRolo2 is on its way to the mail list and i'm on my way to bed - 2:45 AM here
11:47:43 Quit rwood ()
11:47:46merwin|packingBagder: why did the WPS Settings get taken out? Is there ONLY the custom wps now?
11:48:10BagderI haven't taken anything out
11:48:29Zagormerwin|packing: yes, only custom wps if you don't like the default
11:48:39merwin|packingBagder: oh, zagor did it
11:48:53Zagorit's silly having several pieces of code doing the same thing
11:49:35merwin|packingZagor: True. Shouldn't there be more than one setting still? Just in case you want to change it for a bit and don't have a computer handy?
11:50:26Zagorthe chance that the bit you want to change is one of our predefined is so slim it's pointless
11:51:23merwin|packingZagor: I meant 2 custom ones, could even be defined in the same file
11:51:29merwin|packingwith a header line
11:51:46 Nick merwin|packing is now known as merwin (~merwin@
11:52:09Zagorah, ok. yeah we could add the option to load several different wps configs. in fact, we should rename them to be called *.wps and let the tree browser load them...
11:52:26Bagderneat idea
11:52:41Zagorthen we have no limit
11:53:00merwinZagor: that is a great idea
11:53:16Zagordefault.wps is loaded at boot
11:54:00merwinPart of our goal, if I understand correctly, is "Ultimate Configuration, Without The Confusion (tm)"
11:54:01Zagoror we can even save a short filename in the resume block
11:54:20Zagormerwin: yes. but also Without The Messy Code
11:54:30merwinZagor: ahh, forgot that part!
11:54:47merwinZagor: I *try*, with my unfortunately limited knowledge of C
11:54:56merwinand math, i suck at math
11:55:41mecrawis wps.config reloaded after USB disconnect?
11:56:13merwinmecraw: i dunno... it used to be loaded whenever you went into the wps function
11:56:23 Join notch [0] (
11:56:24merwinmecraw: which I understand is only done once?
11:56:41Zagormecraw: currently no
11:57:00merwinZagor: another good function to add
11:57:01notchdid anyone get an email with a diff attached re: F2 button shuffle ?
11:57:06Zagorit currently only loads at boot. the new tree loader feature will fix this.
11:57:24Zagornotch: yes. but i'm having other plans for F2 so i'm not applying it
11:57:43mecrawZagor: new tree loader?
11:57:45notchno worrires - just didnt turn up in my inbox...
11:57:59notchfor some reason!
11:58:08Zagormecraw: yes, loading *.wps files from the dir browser
11:58:42merwinZagor: are we only going to allow the .wps files to be located in the .rockbox folder? Because if we don't, the string saved onto disk for the next bootup will have to be MAX_PATH
11:59:21Zagormerwin: we can load from anywhere, but only those stored in .rockbox will automatically resume. (and lets limit filename length to about 10 chars too)
12:00:01*mecraw tries to go to sleep again
12:00:03merwinZagor: good idea. How much space do we have in the RTS (is that the correct term, i'm tired), and on the disk
12:00:18 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|lunch (
12:00:19Bagdernight mecraw
12:00:46BagderRTC is 44 bytes
12:00:49Bagderthe mem
12:00:58Zagormerwin: rtc is rather crowded. this will go on disk only
12:01:40merwinZagor: why even bother using the RTC? :P
12:01:58Bagderbecause it is faster to save there
12:02:09Zagormerwin: to make sure settings are always up-to-date. otherwise you'd have to wait for disk spinup, like the players.
12:02:10Bagderno need to spin up disk etc
12:02:46merwinZagor: so the important settings, like resume, get saved to the RTC, and the non-essential ones (that don't change very often) get saved to disk
12:03:13Zagorno. all settings are saved on disk. some of them are also saved to rtc.
12:03:45Zagorbut rtc is written more frequently than disk, so on boot rtc values take precedence
12:03:47merwinZagor: ahh. k. How much room do we have on the disk? And should we consider an editable file at some point?
12:04:01Zagormerwin: we currently use a single sector (512 bytes)
12:04:14Zagora writable file has pros and cons.
12:04:23merwinZagor: fat corruption is a bad con
12:04:28merwinZagor: archos firmware had that
12:04:42Zagoryes. and a single sector is *very* quick to write. a file can be troublesome on full disks.
12:05:10Zagorwe will likely keep the sector solution for a while, at least
12:05:16merwinOnly if you have a disk with under like 1mb left :)
12:05:45Zagormerwin: even with 1G free on a 40G disk, it can take quite some time to locate free space
12:06:05*merwin went canoeing (in a canoe of course) today... fun stuff
12:06:17merwinZagor: really? i never would have though that
12:07:17Zagormerwin: the archos has this problem when recording. it sometimes takes a lot of time to start recording, because it searches for free disk space first
12:11:58merwinok, bedtime
12:12:09 Quit merwin ()
12:13:04 Quit notch ()
12:14:26 Nick LinusN|lunch is now known as LinusN (
12:25:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:26:12 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
12:29:59Blaster_Masteri wrote a little text about howto use the WPS command "%?". Who wants it ?? anyone interested...
12:32:40 Join linuxstb [0] (
12:36:02 Nick matsl|lunch is now known as matsl (
12:40:36 Quit linuxstb ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.0")
12:49:10 Join zodiac [0] (
12:50:24zodiachiya, can anyone pls help me? :)
12:56:00LinusNi can try
12:56:04 Quit Zagor (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
12:57:44zodiaci just tried to copy the archos.mod file to my jukebox, i restart and the file is gone, is that right? :)
12:58:00zodiaci might do something wrong, im not sure
12:58:04LinusNwindows or linux?
12:58:35zodiacjukebox studio 20
12:58:37LinusNdid you eject properly?
12:58:45zodiachmm i dunno :)
12:58:55LinusNright-click on the device, and select "eject"
12:59:03zodiacafter copying?
12:59:08LinusNof course
12:59:12Blaster_Masteroooh so the %? command is nested .. WOW :O
12:59:15zodiacsorry im a noob :)
12:59:56zodiacwhat about the locked hd issue does it happen often?
12:59:56LinusNin the file explorer, right-click on the device, for example f:
13:00:06zodiacim kinda scared :)
13:00:24LinusNthe file isn't written to the device until you eject
13:00:36LinusNthe lock issue is not rockbox specific
13:00:49LinusNit can happen with the original firmware as well
13:00:56zodiacok, cool
13:02:28zodiacno eject button in explorer the one in the task bar?
13:02:45zodiaci only have "safely remove hardware"
13:02:52LinusNthat's the one
13:03:21zodiachmm, the devide "Generic volume" cannot be stopped right now. try stopping the device again later
13:03:40LinusNi am no windows guru
13:03:54LinusNwhat windows version?
13:04:06LinusNoh, then i'm lost
13:04:15zodiacthx a ton anyway!!
13:04:27quelsarukzodiac: do you have a usb icon at the tray?
13:04:27zodiaci thought its worth a try :)
13:04:33LinusNbefore you safely remove the hardware, make sure that you don't have any explorer windows open
13:04:44zodiacaah lemme try that
13:05:03quelsarukright click on it, and you may have something like disconnect usb HD
13:05:23zodiacok im gonna copy now.. i guess :)
13:05:55quelsaruki had win2k before... and that tends to happen a lot of times
13:06:29quelsarukzodiac: if you don't disconnect correctly your jukebox, you may have problems with the partiton table
13:06:48quelsarukso be always sure you've done it correctly
13:08:58zodiacand then?
13:09:11zodiacneed a coffee first :))
13:09:12 Join Norrin [0] (
13:11:34NorrinHello all.
13:11:45quelsarukhi Norrin
13:11:55NorrinFirst, let me tell you the Rockbox mod files are killer.
13:12:01NorrinExcellent work.
13:12:18NorrinQuestion concerning latest build 20020902.
13:12:26NorrinWhere did the WPS option go?
13:13:24Bagderit took a hike ;-)
13:14:06 Join notch [0] (
13:14:31Bagderseriously, the wps options are replaced with a fully customized wps
13:15:08NorrinI have the Studio 20 which I have installed an IBM 40GB drive into.
13:15:45NorrinWhere are the wps options located now? Not that I really need to use them but was curious about the feature.
13:16:04zodiaci turned it on and i only see the start screen :jukebox ver:5.08 nothing else
13:16:34zodiacfook, hd error
13:17:03BagderNorrin: "/.rockbox/wps.config"
13:17:32Bagderyou define that file according to how you want it to look
13:18:14 Quit Blaster_Master (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:18:19NorrinThis folder is created on the Jukebox?
13:18:44Bagderyes, create the folder and then edit the file wps.config in it
13:19:28LinusNBagder: is there a link to that somewhere on the page?
13:19:49Bagderthat link is in the faq, but I don't know if its anywhere else
13:20:01Bagderit should be added to the manual for wps
13:20:04NorrinThanks, excellent.
13:20:48zodiacok, it seems its gone now :)
13:21:32NorrinAnother question, the wps.config goes in the directory "rockbox" correct?
13:21:51Bagderwith a dot first
13:21:54zodiaci have a HD error, any clues?
13:21:58NorrinCan't create .rockbox under Windows XP
13:22:07BagderNorrin: you need to do it in a dos prompt
13:22:19NorrinThanks again.
13:22:29Bagderwe'll need to document that too
13:23:18NorrinWhat purpose does the . serve?
13:23:40Bagderit makes the directory hidden if 'show hidden files' is Off
13:23:45zodiacnorrin, hide the file in unix
13:23:53Bagderit's also a common linux/unix way of hiding files
13:24:33 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
13:26:36zodiacmy device wont boot anymore, it only boots if its plugged into USB
13:26:51zodiacHD ERROR :(
13:27:16Bagderyou ran a scandisk on it or similar?
13:27:39zodiacafter i copied the archos.mod it didnt boot anymore
13:27:44 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|meeting (
13:27:56zodiaci deleted the archos.mod same error
13:28:08Bagderyou ran a scandisk on it or similar?
13:28:15zodiaci can see the device in window tho
13:28:24zodiacno scandisk
13:28:36BagderI think you should
13:28:47LinusNzodiac: this is exactly why you must "safely remove" the archos
13:29:00zodiaclunusN i did!
13:29:49NorrinBagder: Thanks for the info. Gotta go play with the settings.
13:30:40quelsarukBagder: i'm not sure, but, can windows handle .rockbox directory?
13:30:41LinusNzodiac: did you safely remove the first time? when the archos.mod file was lost?
13:30:54zodiacum, not really
13:30:55Bagderquelsaruk: yes it can
13:31:07Bagderquelsaruk: but you can't create it with the windows explorer crap
13:31:11zodiacbut it was gone then anyway after the next reboot
13:31:37zodiacunable to complete the disk check
13:31:39quelsarukBagder: i use linux, but i thought windows couln't do that, just curiosity
13:31:55Bagderwe've tried on several different versions, so we're pretty sure
13:32:22PsycoXulyeah it takes it to be an extention and complains about having no filename, when i tried it
13:32:28PsycoXulon win98
13:32:45LinusNsilly windows
13:32:47 Quit laotan (Remote closed the connection)
13:32:54LinusNuse the command prompt
13:33:24PsycoXuli just made the dir in linux earlier today... heh
13:33:59Hes2Once someone digs into FAT writing, rockbox could create the directory if it doesn't exist
13:34:02 Nick Hes2 is now known as Hes (
13:34:03Norrinquelsaruk: Windows can handle it, just created it from the Command prompt in Windows XP.
13:34:17BagderHes: that's a fair idea, indeed
13:34:26PsycoXulHes: yeah thats what i figured too
13:35:32quelsarukthx Norrin :)
13:36:03NorrinI'm looking over the setting for the custom WPS now. Trying to figure out what I want it to display.
13:37:19zodiacok i cant complete the scandisk
13:38:06 Join idefx [0] (
13:38:51idefxHi. I try to compile CVS version of rockbox, but i've got a problem, it answer me: "/home/idefx/Documents/cvs/tools/main_menu.o: In function `seek_next':
13:39:05idefx"home/idefx/Documents/cvs/tools/main_menu.o(.text+0x1b8): undefined reference to `strtok"
13:39:21Bagderseek next sounds like a seek patch applied
13:39:39PsycoXulso is the line-in's DAC input turned on in rockbox or is there any code for that or what? i'm getting stuff to make myself the patch cable i need to use it for a passthrough finaly...
13:39:39idefxin fact, i don't really understand how the makefile works in this project.
13:40:01Bagderyou run linux?
13:40:07 Join linuxstb [0] (
13:40:15idefxseek is the patch i maid, it worked with simulation, but not in true compilation.
13:40:22PsycoXulidefx: you should read the build instructions
13:40:22idefxyeah, i run linux
13:40:30PsycoXulidefx: it looks to me like you can configure from within the tools directory
13:40:33Bagderidefx: yes, you use strtok() which is badness
13:40:38 Join Zagor [0] (
13:40:47PsycoXullike you Ran not can
13:40:53zodiacshould i try to format the hd?
13:41:16PsycoXuldamn c's right next to the r
13:41:44Bagderwe should make the configure script check if it gets run within that dir
13:41:48idefxPsycoXul:OK, i'm gonna try the good way.
13:41:50Bagderand abort if done so
13:43:37Zagorhow nice of people to add whining comments to closed bugs :-)
13:43:48Norrinzodiac: can you access the jukebox via USB?
13:44:06zodiacbut i cant do a scandisk
13:44:16PsycoXulso whats the word on the line-in DAC input
13:44:18zodiacit says scandisk could not be completed
13:44:30NorrinDo you have any filenames longer then 32 characters? This will cause a false HD error
13:44:35PsycoXulor should i just go rtfc :p
13:44:57Norrindoes the archos.mod file exist in the root directory of the jukebox?
13:45:45zodiaci deleted it after i noticed the hd error
13:45:59zodiacbut it didnt help :) still hd error
13:46:50Norrintry putting it back, wait about a minute, then try "Safely removing" the device.
13:47:16zodiacwhat if i format the hd now?
13:48:25NorrinJust read the Archos FAQ, it says you should format it with FAT32 to fix the error.
13:49:08zodiack im gonna try that then, since i cant access it anymore
13:50:46NorrinGood luck.
13:50:54idefxwell, as it worked with simulated version... Is there a strcasetr(char *s1,char *s2) equivalent ??
13:51:34zodiacdang, now i cant even access it with usb
13:51:39Bagdernow check my configure diff ;-)
13:52:06Bagder"I know better than you"-patch
13:52:19 Quit Blaster_Master (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:52:25 Join laotan [0] (
13:52:32ZagorBagder: we should probably look for the FILES files too, so it's not ran in the apps/firmware/uisimulator dirs
13:52:52Zagorthat's a common mistake
13:52:56Bagderit is?
13:53:10 Quit quelsaruk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:53:26Zagoror, uh, no
13:53:43Zagorthe Makefiles should check that they are not ran directly. *that's* a common mistake
13:53:49Bagderah, right
13:54:15Bagderoriginally I thought it was handy to allow that, in case you want to do something special
13:54:30Bagderbut I guess people don't get my original intension ;-)
13:54:37Zagori don't think so, it causes more confusion than good
13:54:53Bagderbut the gnush-people must do it that way... :-/
13:55:16Bagderbecause windows-people don't fix their problems
13:55:25Bagderthey suffer
13:55:56Bagderthw gnush makefiles are very similar to the real ones
13:56:15idefxwell, as it worked with simulated version... Is there a strcasetr(char *s1,char *s2) equivalent ??
13:56:37Bagderis there a simulated one?
13:57:08idefxBadger: Well, i succeeded in compile this stuff while i compiled it as normal.
13:57:20idefxso, yes, there is a simulated one.
13:57:34idefxSo, i should my own strcasestr...
13:57:47Bagderwhere is that from? there's no standard function named like that
13:58:39 Join quelsaruk [0] (
13:58:49idefxBadger: not standard, but commonly implemented. It's like strstr, but case-insensitive.
13:59:10BagderI realized that, but since you could link using that, it somehow is somewhere
13:59:20*Bagder runs on a meeting
13:59:44idefxyep, but i didn't compile the good way (running ./configure ; make from tools dir)
14:00:07Norrinzodiac, any luck?
14:00:42idefxanyone can explain me what is the way to add a file, i mean, to get it well compiled ? i can't understand the makefiles
14:03:03LinusNidefx: just create the file, "make clean" and "make"
14:03:19LinusNthe file must be added in either "firmware" or in "apps"
14:04:52NorrinAnyone know how to permanently remove the Jukebox drive from System Restore without disabling System Restore?
14:05:12zodiacnorrin not really :) i still cant access it in both ways
14:05:24*Zagor assumes "System Restore" is some MSWin mumbo jumbo
14:05:45NorrinI have to turn off system restore for my Jukebox everytime I connect it to the USB.
14:06:03NorrinZagor is right, System Restore is Windows XP mumbo jumbo
14:06:18NorrinMore like Voodoo I think but what are ya gonna do?
14:06:22Zagoranyone feel like drawing an icon for *.wps files?
14:06:33*Zagor looks around for dwihno
14:07:57idefxLinusN: looks easy. Thanks
14:08:21quelsarukZagor: what kind of icon?
14:08:34Zagorquelsaruk: 6x8, for the dir browser
14:08:52*LinusN just found a very nasty ATA bug
14:08:59Zagorwe also need a "firmware" icon soon
14:09:04ZagorLinusN: ah, what?
14:09:32LinusNa mutex_unlock in perform_soft_reset()
14:10:04*LinusN is to blame
14:10:10idefxshould i use strtok_r or strtok ??
14:11:33quelsarukZagor: any predefined idea, or just what my imagination wants to work?
14:12:17 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
14:12:22LinusNi also found another not so nice "feature"
14:12:24Zagorquelsaruk: just anything. i don't have any idea for symbols
14:13:03quelsaruki'll try so, but can't promise anything. If i like it, i'll send to you :)
14:13:26langhaarrockerI ran tools/configure (with cygwin) and got
14:13:26langhaarrocker27: Syntax error: "then" unexpected (expecting "}")
14:13:48Zagorquelsaruk: that's all I ask
14:13:53ZagorLinusN: what was that?
14:14:01 Nick matsl|meeting is now known as matsl (
14:14:06LinusNif the ata spindown timer timed out during an opendir(), the opendir fails
14:14:17Zagorhow come?
14:14:23LinusNdon't know yet
14:15:49Bagderlanghaarrocker: ok, me check it
14:16:37langhaarrockerBagder: fine :)
14:17:34NorrinZodiac: Can you tell me exactly how your hooking up your Jukebox? Not being able to see what your doing, need to know each step your taking.
14:17:40langhaarrockerIs that right that there now is no way for any dynamic memory usage? No way to build a dynamically growing list?
14:17:56Zagorlanghaarrocker: correct
14:18:39ZagorI need to write a long FAQ about that...
14:20:31>>>"seen" used by Zagor ( [snoop prevented]
14:20:50>>>"whoami" by Zagor (
14:20:57>>>"sview" by Zagor (
14:20:58datazoneyou know what daddy needs :)
14:21:10langhaarrockerZagor: not for me - I can imagine enough reasons for disabling dyn mem.
14:21:29LinusNdatazone: did i miss something?
14:23:27quelsarukmust go!
14:23:32quelsaruksee you later
14:23:45 Quit quelsaruk ("Aplicacin Saliendo")
14:25:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:28:22 Join Dexter [0] (
14:34:14Bagderdarned cvs
14:34:47ZagorBagder: ?
14:35:02Zagorooh, conflict
14:35:13Zagorwhy'dya check in that? ;)
14:35:15BagderI got those darned conflict indicators in there
14:35:22langhaarrockerHas the dynamic memory topic been discussed in the mailing list? I didn't find anything useful at 1st attempt.
14:35:35Zagorlanghaarrocker: it has, in the 200 dir limit discussion
14:35:43zodiacrofl, it works now
14:36:06langhaarrockerZagor: Thanx, I'll check.
14:36:07idefxwhye does the compiler says me:" undefined reference to `strtok'
14:36:21Bagderidefx: I told you
14:36:25Bagderthere is no such function
14:36:35Bagderit is called strtok_r() in the target
14:36:43Bagderand is used a little differently
14:36:47idefxBadger: OK
14:37:08idefxBadger: sorry, but, you just told me that strtok is bad. ;)
14:37:23Bagderuh, sorry
14:37:31BagderI'm not verbose enough at times
14:37:54 Part Norrin
14:42:12idefxyou're welcome :)
14:42:29Bagder11 votes so far
14:43:36idefxBadger: how does strtok_r works please ??
14:44:05Bagderchar *
14:44:05Bagderstrtok_r(char *ptr, const char *sep, char **end)
14:47:02 Quit Dexter (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:47:41LinusNHes: are you there?
14:52:09idefxBadger: thanks
14:52:56LinusNHes: you should try the latest ata.c to see if the skipping is gone
14:53:07HesI will
14:54:03 Quit linuxstb (Remote closed the connection)
14:54:54Zagoryikes. have you seen the walmart $199 PC? hard to beat that price...
14:55:59Zagor128 MB ram, 10 gig disk, 52x CDROM, Integrated 100mbit ethernet, Linux pre-installed
14:56:20Zagorcomputer, keyboard, mouse & speakers. no screen.
14:56:23Bagder800MHz celeron
14:56:37ZagorVIA C3 even
14:56:41Bagderah, no "comparable to 800MHz celeron"
14:57:20Bagderamazing anyway
14:58:19Zagor"Games include Tron, Battleship, Poker, Minesweeper, Potato Guy" :-)
14:58:29Zagorcan't live without Potato Guy
14:58:41Bagderthey don't have wormlet! ;-)
14:59:08Zagorwe should write a breakout/pong soon. we need more action in the games! :)
14:59:34BagderI agree
14:59:38BagderI want a breakout
15:00:57 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:02:23idefxYes, another undefined reference for you guys: i have installed the rolo patch, and if i try to compile for simulation, i get an undefined reference (whiche i don't get in native compiling) to rolo_load_app
15:03:13Bagderrolo shouldn't be built like that when simulated
15:03:29Bagderwe can't simulate rolo
15:04:06Bagderso... don't use the patch or fix the code :-)
15:04:13Zagori'll fix rolo now
15:05:55idefxOK, thks
15:09:22LinusNhehe, using short ata timeouts is really fun
15:09:32ZagorLinusN: do you get it working ok?
15:09:50LinusNit seems to work a lot better, at least
15:10:04LinusNbut i never had skips
15:10:20idefxwell, how do I use rolo ??
15:10:31Zagoridefx: it's not there yet
15:10:35LinusNbut i tried with a short ata timeout before the fix and had a lot of opendir errors
15:10:48LinusNbut not after the fix
15:10:53ZagorLinusN: sounds good
15:10:58idefxbut i get a patch this afternoon, it doesn't work ?
15:11:20LinusNthe problem is that the mpeg thread spins down the disk immediately, even if another thread uses ATA
15:11:20Zagoridefx: yes it does. just apply it and klick "play" on a firmware file
15:12:09ZagorLinusN: right. i couldn't come up with a good solution for that.
15:12:33LinusNmaybe some kind of "grace period" after an ata access
15:12:42LinusNi don't know
15:13:15Zagori was thinking that too, but it didn't feel right
15:13:49LinusNor some kind of an "ata session" concept
15:13:59LinusNto tell when you'r done
15:14:20LinusNstart session. session
15:14:26Zagorugh, can't say that makes my heart sing either... :-)
15:14:33idefxwell, i may not be very good, i can't find where/when i can press play on a firmware..
15:14:35LinusNhehe, mine neither
15:14:55LinusNidefx: turn off the m3u/mp3 filter
15:15:38idefxLinusN: Whow ! this stuff is impressive !
15:17:07LinusNthe rolo?
15:17:47LinusNyeah, it's cool
15:18:00LinusNi hope zagor can merge that patch soon
15:18:01idefxthis is what i waited for a few mounth to definitly install rockbox in my archos.
15:18:13LinusNchicken :-)
15:18:57idefxnice to wait till everything works well!
15:19:02LinusNidefx: out of curiosity, what is lacking in rockbox that makes you want to load the original? recording?
15:19:55LinusNidefx: if everyone waited until everything worked well, we would never have found any bugs
15:20:22Bagderwe can't complain on the bravery of people
15:20:29LinusNnot at all
15:20:49LinusNespecially dwihno, still our hero
15:21:01LinusNit was him, wasn't it?
15:21:08Bagderyes it was
15:21:16Bagderfirst ever recorder rockbox
15:21:45LinusNnobody had tested it before, and he tried it on his second day as an Archos owner
15:22:11Bagdergrep -c archos200 /var/log/httpd/rockbox-access_log
15:22:33Bagderdaily builds
15:23:01Bagderthose daily builds have turned out really useful
15:23:08idefxperhaps a lack of stability last time i tried (rockbox 1)
15:23:08idefxLinusN: that's why i'm coding the function of my dream: a seeking function
15:23:08DBUGEnqueued KICK idefx
15:23:08idefxLinusN: i wasn't waiting, i could'nt find time to code. And i shouldn't code now too, for i have a flat to find ;)
15:25:15idefxLinusN: And his archos is still alive ?
15:25:22LinusNoh yeah
15:25:35idefxSo it is a hero, but not a martyr.
15:25:54Bagderthere's a very subtle difference :-)
15:26:31idefxit's good for us that there is no rockbox martyr (yet), this way, people can believe that we are not a sect
15:26:52LinusNzodiac seems close to becoming the first rockbox martyr... :-)
15:27:21LinusNor rather WinXP martyr...
15:27:37idefxthen he won't be the first one i'm affraid...
15:28:46Bagderwindows people often lose their fat due to bad disconnects
15:29:18LinusNgotta go now! bye!
15:29:23Bagderbye LinusN
15:29:27 Part LinusN
15:29:29idefxwell, windows and weight-watchers shound merge..
15:30:50BagderZagor: red build red build
15:32:13 Join alkorr [0] (
15:33:19zodiaclater all :)
15:33:27Bagderbye zodiac
15:33:45zodiacno martyr here, it runs fine again btw :)
15:34:15idefxYep !
15:34:25 Quit zodiac ()
15:35:00idefxi have a segfault using strtok_r. anyone can tell me what is the end ptr and how to use it ?
15:35:31Bagderidefx: check firmware/common/dir.c for an example
15:35:39idefxBagder : thks !
15:37:15idefxBagder wonderful, i have understand my mistake !
15:46:20idefxHehe, my patch works now !!!
15:46:37 Quit notch ()
15:49:58 Join bobTHC [0] (
15:50:11bobTHChi everybody!
15:50:15Bagderhey bobTHC
15:50:23idefxheu... It's quiete slow in the true device... but, it may works ;')
15:50:28idefxI have to go, bye
15:50:34Bagderbye idefx
15:51:07 Quit idefx ("(babaille)")
15:58:26 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
16:15:47bobTHCwhy the new features request on sourceforge aren't mailed like it's used to be ?
16:16:06Bagderthey're mailed to the rockbox-sf mailing list
16:16:19Bagderyou need to subscribe to it to get them
16:16:38bobTHCescuse me....
16:17:00Bagderno problemo
16:25:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:28:06bobTHCa lot of ppl already vote fot the tshirt contest?
16:28:09Bagderoh, office meeting tonight
16:28:23Bagder11 votes
16:28:31bobTHC12 with mine ;)
16:29:31bobTHCI view a lot of "just in time" design submission....
16:29:47 Join quelsaruk [0] (
16:29:53alkorri prefer not to vote. Voting for me is too hard especially some can be mixed for better design
16:30:24bobTHCI'm ok with u alkorr mixed can be a good deal..
16:31:37Bagderwell I still want to know which one(s) people prefer ;-)
16:34:47quelsarukhey.. someone has created a german version...
16:34:56 Quit Blaster_Master (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:39:11 Join alan [0] (
16:39:52 Quit alkorr (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:42:16 Nick alan is now known as alkorr (
16:45:20 Nick dwihno|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
16:45:20DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
16:45:53Bagderhey dwihno
16:45:54quelsarukBagder:if i can remember, we spoke about multi-language support here, at the channel, so maybe if you have the log you could post it at the mail-list.
16:46:15BagderI posted my suggestion back then as well
16:46:16dwihnoHi Bagder!
16:46:24Bagderand I replied now with a pointer to that posting
16:47:08BagderI understand people want other languages supported
16:47:21quelsaruki have nearly finished multi-language support at compile-time
16:47:49BagderI gotta go now, see ya
16:47:50quelsaruki had some problems with the cross compiler
16:47:53 Part Bagder
16:50:00dwihnoBtw, leaving the configuration menu with the left button also restarts the current track
16:50:15Zagordwihno: fix coming up
16:50:33dwihnoZagor: Ah, *joy* :D
16:50:57dwihnoDarn! That's what I'd call a quick fix!
16:51:18dwihno"If you want to order YOUR quick fix, just call 1-800-FIXFIX - it's on sale for only 9.99!"
16:51:20quelsarukthat happens to me also
16:51:39dwihno*sync with cvs*
16:53:44dwihnoIs it possible to get newlines in the custom WPS? :)
16:53:57dwihno%pr (%pt) [%pp:%pe]
16:54:00dwihnothis is how mine looks
16:54:11Zagordwihno: no
16:54:17dwihno*sniff* :~)
16:54:18Zagorthe wps is handled line-by-line
16:54:32Zagormost newline cases can be handled by conditional tags
16:54:59dwihnoI stayed up until 2am trying to solve it last night
16:55:05dwihnothen I gave up
16:55:40dwihnoMaybe you can help me out with a trick or two :)
16:55:50dwihnoMy dir structure is a bit like this:
16:56:04 Join rwood [0] (
16:56:07dwihno/Dance/Artist - album/01. track.mp3
16:56:25dwihnoI also want it to parse /Dance/Artist - track.mp3 and still not making everything ugly
16:57:05 Quit rwood (Client Quit)
16:57:45dwihnobut it still works
16:57:50dwihnoso I'm not complaining
16:58:39 Join marvincbr [0] (
16:59:42 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|meeting (
16:59:51dwihnoZagor: the time display should also be removed allowing the custom WPS to hide it :)
17:00:42marvincbrwhere can i find info on the daily builbs
17:00:57dwihnoPressing left still to exit the menu still restarts the current track
17:01:05CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 1 hour and 22 minutes at the last flood
17:01:05*dwihno - the official pain in the ass
17:01:10dwihno(official sidekick of the codepolice) ;)
17:01:30Zagorbuh, of course it does. /me silly
17:01:42 Nick matsl|meeting is now known as matsl (
17:02:03dwihnoHey, I got a job interview tomorrow :D
17:02:09dwihno*hooray for me* (or something like that)
17:03:29dwihnoTrolla the time display away too ;)
17:07:18Zagorgotta go. see you later
17:07:23 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
17:21:37 Join Dexter [0] (
17:21:55 Quit Dexter (Remote closed the connection)
17:22:49 Join Dexter [0] (
17:25:45bobTHCdexter : un francais d'outre mer!
17:29:00quelsarukdwihno: are you triyng to make an icon for *.wps ?
17:30:35 Join Jet8810 [0] (
17:30:44 Nick matsl is now known as matslmeeting (
17:36:22 Quit marvincbr ()
17:36:23 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:36:54 Join Jet8810 [0] (
17:41:14 Nick edx|school is now known as edx (
17:41:15 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:43:52 Part edx
17:46:49dwihnoquelsaruk: what icon?
17:47:59*dwihno looks like a question mark
17:49:28 Quit Dexter (Read error: 111 (Connection refused))
17:52:04quelsarukdwihno: before, when you were away, zagor asked if anyone could make an icon for *.wps files
17:52:12quelsarukand he looked to you
17:52:33quelsaruki said that i could try, but i don't get any idea for the icon
17:53:24*dwihno - font & gfx slave ;)
17:53:47dwihnowhat resolutions are the icons?
17:54:01quelsaruktoo small
17:54:05dwihnonaaah :)
17:54:10dwihnonothing is too small
17:54:14dwihno1x1 might be ;)
17:54:22quelsaruki have an idea
17:55:10quelsaruki don't know the english word, maybe you can imagine what i want to say with "clave de Sol"??
17:55:28quelsarukit's the symbol of rockbox
17:55:29dwihnobaguette con keso, por favor?
17:55:33dwihnosiempre ibama
17:55:37dwihnoa G-clave?
17:55:45quelsaruki suppose
17:55:52dwihnoThat's only good for music files :)
17:56:11quelsarukbut how can you represent the wps in a 6x8?
17:56:24quelsarukit must be related with display and music...
17:56:26quelsaruki suppose
17:56:46dwihnodisplay + custimizability
17:56:48quelsaruk(i'm good making 100x70cm posters, but not tiny things)
17:57:09dwihnoI'm good making silly stuff
17:57:51pimlottcicons are 5x7 for player
17:57:52dwihnoHence my T-shirt productions ;)
17:58:15quelsarukwhich one is yours?
17:58:42dwihnothose with the "Magnus man" stamp :)
17:58:50quelsaruki'l look at them
18:03:07bobTHCnice evil...
18:03:47dwihnothe devil'ish thingy?
18:07:36bobTHCwhat u think bout 5 ?
18:09:15dwihnopretty neat :)
18:10:54bobTHCjust neat? ;)
18:10:54 Quit webbie (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:10:57dwihnodamn it's hard to make a icon that small
18:11:44 Join webbie [0] (
18:16:14quelsaruki told you dwihno!!
18:17:27bobTHCu want to make a G-clave on 5x7 ?
18:17:38 Join Norrin [0] (
18:18:07NorrinCustomized WPS rocks. Awesome addition!
18:21:45 Join Dexter [0] (
18:22:36NorrinQuick question, where can I find information about the FF/Rewind Accel? What does the 2x mean?
18:25:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:26:31quelsarukdwihno: where are you from?
18:26:55Dexterwho speak french please ?!!!
18:27:09quelsarukDexter: not me :(
18:28:39bobTHCmoi dexter
18:29:44quelsarukmulti-language support seems to work :)
18:29:56quelsaruki hope i can finish it today!
18:34:15bobTHCsomebody already try to compil on Cygwin with winXP?
18:34:22 Quit matslmeeting ("Client Exiting")
18:34:54alkorryep me
18:35:11bobTHCand that's work?
18:36:11bobTHCalkor go private with dexter he want some help in french ... ;)
18:36:54alkorrno problemo
18:38:07dwihnoquelsaruk: sweden
18:39:14quelsarukok dwihno, it was to know which languages to *try* to include to the firmware for tomorrow :)
18:39:32quelsarukbut as i said.. just try ;)
18:40:41bobTHCquelsaruk : it's a translation utility for the code or just a sweden patch ? sorry if i miss a line...
18:41:51bobTHCquelsaruk : french
18:42:26quelsarukit's a compile-time language selector
18:42:32quelsarukit's just a test
18:42:37bobTHCok nice
18:42:57quelsarukif zagor likes, i suppose you can even download your language firmware from the website
18:43:26quelsarukCVS is a great advance :)
18:43:30bobTHCI'm volonteer for french version
18:44:11quelsarukadding a language will only need to change some macros, so don't worry :)
18:44:35quelsaruki suppose everyone will have the chance to help, but just if the *big boss* likes the idea
18:44:43bobTHCjust for the word translation i understand
18:46:15bobTHCyep we already talk about translation and it's ok but after its a question of "how to" and he's perahps not agree with ure method
18:46:16Dextergood idea !!
18:46:27alkorrjust a question, if you have a girl friend who only speaks french and you only spanish, how can I lend my jukebox ?
18:46:38quelsarukusing rolo
18:46:42quelsarukor calling me
18:47:15quelsaruki spoke this zagor, bagder and someone else, and this was the best solution.. but just in teory
18:47:16bobTHC1-800-MULTILANG !
18:47:30 Part Dexter
18:47:33alkorrbob :)
18:48:25quelsarukwell, i must go!
18:48:44alkorrtschss !
18:48:50quelsaruksee you tomorrow
18:49:03bobTHCC U!
18:49:09quelsarukand let see what the great men say :)
18:49:47alkorrbeware, big brothers are watching you with IRC logs !!!! ;)
18:49:51bobTHCnever break the rule... to see what the great men say
18:50:02quelsaruksee you
18:50:07 Quit quelsaruk ("Aplicacin Saliendo")
18:50:34bobTHCIt' really a international dev team...
18:51:25alkorri'm ironic of coures
18:51:39bobTHCmulti os too ;)
18:52:01NorrinHello Rockbox experts, where can I find info on the FF/Rewind Accel function? I can adjust the seconds but what is the 2x for?
18:52:17alkorrnot my skills
18:52:54bobTHC2x i don't use it but i suppose it's 2x the original speed
18:53:36bobTHCfor a 10sec ff press button durin 5 sec
18:54:02 Quit dwihno ("test-thingy")
18:54:08NorrinSo the 2x/5s is actually a 10sec setting?
18:55:38bobTHCi don't no but i think so (some ppl use very long audiobook mp3) and the previous setting are too short so perhaps he add the 2x..
18:55:54bobTHCit'sonly supposition
18:56:35bobTHCanybody more efficient ? ;)
18:56:56bobTHC C U later!
18:56:57 Part bobTHC
19:04:10 Join dwihno [0] (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
19:04:24 Join edx [0] (
19:10:07 Join rwood [0] (
19:11:31 Quit rwood (Client Quit)
19:12:14 Quit dwihno ("rehash")
19:13:17 Join dwihno [0] (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
19:28:22 Join Jet8810 [0] (
19:30:21Jet8810hey guys
19:30:34Jet8810what do I need to do to get archos studio 20 to work in mandrake 8.2?
19:37:13alkorrto recompile the kernel with USB and ISD200 on
19:38:02Jet8810alright thanks
19:38:20alkorrunless there is already compiled modules for that
19:38:28Jet8810yea im not sure
19:38:33Jet8810i am a new linux guy :)
19:38:37Jet8810first time ever using it so.
19:39:03alkorrah yes, not an easy task :/
19:42:28alkorrit is a long time since I didn't recompile linux, I know there is "make xmenu' or something like to launch the kernel setup windows under X
19:42:58alkorrjust look at USB part and found what it must be check for ISD200 drivers
19:44:13alkorronce setup is done, well type "make" then "make modules" then "make install install_modules" and it should be okay I think
19:44:38alkorryou must be familiar with DOS-commands i think
19:44:57alkorri mean DIS-like commands
19:45:00datazoneJet8810: am, it probably has that support in there already
19:45:04datazonedo a "lsmod"
19:45:19alkorryes good idea
19:45:32datazoneor a "dmesg" after you plug in and turned on your jukebox
19:45:34datazoneit will show it
19:48:41 Part Norrin
19:49:17 Join motiv01__ [0] (
19:51:43 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
19:56:50 Join Dexter__ [0] (
19:59:02 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
20:11:39 Join Bagder [0] (
20:13:16 Quit Jet8810 (Remote closed the connection)
20:13:59 Part motiv01__
20:24:03 Join rwood [0] (
20:25:08***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:28:16 Quit rwood (Client Quit)
20:28:24 Join Snorlax [0] (
20:28:33 Join RipnetUK [0] (
20:28:44Snorlaxu wanna know something kewl?!?!
20:29:17Snorlaxthe bassist in the great punk band Green Day has got a jukebox recorder!
20:29:26Snorlaxprobably rockbox!
20:30:30Snorlaxhe's famous man!
20:31:32Bagderdoes that make us semi-famous now? B-]
20:32:21Snorlaxyou're practicly on MTV!
20:35:54HesSnorlax: wow. How do you know? 8-)
20:36:19SnorlaxI saw it on MTV, some tour spacial with Green Day!
20:39:17 Join Silly_Fly [0] (luk@
20:49:52 Part Bagder
20:51:49pimlottcnow you have to email him about rockbox
20:52:04pimlottcthen when he switches put a quote up on the page :)
21:00:09 Part Dexter__
21:11:44 Quit alkorr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:28:48 Join WS64 [0] (
21:28:59WS64Hello :)
21:30:55WS64pimlottc, did you get my messages?
21:31:13pimlottcwhere's the file again
21:32:55WS64That should put it into the IRC log files, so even if the actual version is not okay (but I guess it is) at THAT URL there will be a working version soon
21:33:51Snorlaxwhat does that archosunlock file do?
21:34:21WS64Snorlax, a windows program to create a Linux boot disk to unlock the Archos
21:34:46WS64Should help with
21:34:50pimlottcat least that's the idea, not sure if it works yet
21:35:05Snorlaxk =)
21:37:35Snorlaxwhat is ws64?!?
21:38:00WS64Initials and birthyear. And I'm NOT William Shakespeare *g*
21:38:02 Join elinenbe [0] (
21:38:16pimlottcwill smith?
21:38:23elinenbehello there.
21:38:31WS64Was he born in 64 too?
21:38:36WS64Hi elinenbe
21:38:57pimlottcI wasn't aware Shakespeare was
21:39:33WS64pimlottc, he was... Just a different century *g*
21:40:14pimlottcha, nice
21:45:23 Quit pimlottc (Remote closed the connection)
21:52:25 Join merwin [0] (~merwin@
22:01:33 Join lithermon [0] (
22:05:12 Join KmdrTaco [0] (
22:05:51 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
22:08:28 Nick edx is now known as edx|sleep (
22:12:24elinenbehi merwin
22:12:47merwinhey elinenbe
22:12:54elinenbenothing much.
22:13:08elinenbejust paing around with the new WPS stuff.
22:13:58merwinI haven't had a chance yet to play with it
22:14:00merwinlooks really good though
22:14:01WS64No paying options on rockbox *g*
22:14:28 Nick edx|sleep is now known as edx (
22:14:31merwinthat's definately taking my custom wps to the next level :-)
22:16:19 Nick edx is now known as edx|sleep (
22:16:39 Part WS64
22:20:29*KmdrTaco offers mad props to the rockbox developers.
22:20:49 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
22:21:39KmdrTacoI just got my archos a few days ago, and was pleased to see a project well underway to replace its system.
22:23:19KmdrTacoDoes rockbox has the ability to shuffle the entire contents of the archos into a monster playlist?
22:24:58dwihnono, but it's planned for 1.4
22:25:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:25:14dwihnowell, if you have it as a single playlist, you can do it with 1.3
22:25:22dwihnobut no auto-building of playlists yet.
22:27:19KmdrTacols -R > monster_playlist.m3u
22:27:19KmdrTacoI guess that'll do for now ;)
22:28:00KmdrTacoThe only feature I desire is the ability to delete tracks from the unit.
22:28:01KmdrTacoBut thats 1.5 I s'pose ;)
22:28:47 Nick KmdrTaco is now known as CmdrTaco (
22:31:45CmdrTacoYour feature request list on SF is scarier than mine ;)
22:32:31elinenbewhat is your's?
22:34:27elinenbeah... it is you
22:34:34elinenbethat is what I figured.
22:34:41elinenbeyou went to MSU −− right?
22:34:56CmdrTacoAlthough I currently live 10 minutes from UofM.
22:35:10dwihnoUFO? :D
22:35:11elinenbeah... that is where I spent the past 10 years.
22:35:15dwihnoCmdrTaco: Hello computer!
22:35:20elinenbesorry s/10/7
22:35:29elinenbewhere are you at?
22:35:31*CmdrTaco loves ann arbor.
22:35:35CmdrTacoI'm in Dexter actually.
22:35:40elinenbeI was a CE major in AA
22:35:48elinenbeplay much frisbee golf?
22:36:01elinenbearen't you one of the founders of slashdot?
22:36:15CmdrTacoI don't go outside, so frisbee golf is right out.
22:36:26CmdrTacoI guess Slashdot is my fault, yeah.
22:36:32elinenbenot even to A&W?
22:36:52elinenbeso, you made a killing on it a few years back −− right ;)
22:36:53CmdrTacoThere are at least 5 places to eat in Dexter besides A&W ;)
22:37:00elinenbeDexter Pub
22:37:04elinenbeDairy QAUeen
22:37:07CmdrTacoMy office is very close to the pub.
22:37:15CmdrTacoWe eat there about once a week :)
22:37:20elinenbeCousins Heritage Inn
22:37:28elinenbeis that your main thing −− slashdot?
22:37:29CmdrTacoCousins is overpriced and not that great.
22:37:40CmdrTacoYeah, I do Slashdot full time.
22:37:40elinenbethe Bakery
22:37:48CmdrTacoI've never bought anything at the bakery.
22:37:56elinenbesounds like you got lucky and are having fun.,
22:37:58elinenbethat's cool
22:38:14CmdrTacoThere's also Wings 'n Things, The Alley, Mary T's, Cottage Inn, and Clocktower.
22:38:23elinenbeput a story up on slashdot about rockbox. I am just one of the very minor developers.
22:38:28CmdrTaco"Killing" is relative.
22:38:42CmdrTacoI'll probably post something about rockbox sooner or later.
22:38:50elinenbemore press = better
22:38:57elinenbeI am now in NYC
22:38:58CmdrTacoI left my USB cable @ the office, so I won't have a chance to test it until tomorrow afternoon.
22:39:05elinenbeworking for exponent
22:39:12elinenbehave you ever tried rockbox?
22:39:27CmdrTacoI only discovered it like 60 minutes ago ;)
22:39:41elinenbeug... there WAS a story on your site about it about release 1.0
22:39:46elinenbeit was very immature then.
22:39:51CmdrTacoI didn't have an archos then :)
22:40:06laotandid you just get one?
22:40:15CmdrTacoI really want to be able to delete tracks, and shuffle all my MP3s.
22:40:18elinenbewell, you will never use the archos firmware again.
22:40:20CmdrTacoThats all I want :)
22:40:29CmdrTacolaotan: I got one last week.
22:40:30 Join Bagder [0] (
22:40:30elinenbewell, give it time and you will get it.
22:40:37dwihnoYay! Bagder is back!
22:40:40CmdrTacoI wanted a car MP3 player, and it was bang/buck the best.
22:40:42Bagderhey ho
22:40:43*laotan just got one too.. was delighted to find rockbox
22:40:50elinenbeBadger... CmdrTaco is badmouthing you ;)
22:41:01*CmdrTaco has been called worse by better.
22:41:17elinenbeCmdrTaco: couldn't you get the empeg player (riocar)
22:41:24elinenbeCmdrTaco: that is one nice piece of kit
22:41:32elinenbeBadger: I am just kidding.
22:41:33CmdrTacoI had a riocar but it didn't work in my car, so I gave it to Jamie.
22:41:37fraggletthat isnt really CmdrTaco surely
22:41:39CmdrTacoIts really sweet.
22:42:00CmdrTacoHugo (from Rio, previously from empeg) gave me one of the original units.
22:42:04Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
22:42:05CmdrTacoIts really awesome.
22:42:09elinenbeCmdrTaco: oooohhh... Jamie. (that explains nothing)
22:42:15elinenbeCmdrTaco: Hugo is a nice guy too.
22:42:21elinenbeCmdrTaco: quite helpful.
22:42:28 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
22:42:34elinenbeCmdrTaco: the version II units are much better though.
22:42:34CmdrTacoelinenbe: jamie works for me. Posts on Slashdot. Writes much of the moderation code.
22:42:51CmdrTacoI bet. The empeg was rough, but it was 1.5 years ahead of everyone else.
22:43:13CmdrTacoI wished it fit in my car.
22:43:20 Join rwood [0] (
22:43:21elinenbeCmdrTaco: ah... (about jamie) −− it still is 1.5 years ahead of anything else, but that is the problem.
22:43:23CmdrTacobut the archos looks good.
22:43:29elinenbeCmdrTaco: what car do you have?
22:43:34*CmdrTaco has an audi.
22:43:51fraggletheh there was that slashdot article about mp3 players for joggers
22:43:53elinenbeCmdrTaco: you've been spoiled by the .com
22:44:02CmdrTacoelinenbe: Don't I wish :)
22:44:11elinenbeCmdrTaco: where did you go to school?
22:44:15fraggleteveryone recommended archos without paying attention to the fact that it said "for jogging"
22:44:15CmdrTacoHope College.
22:44:20 Nick Zagor|away is now known as Zagor (
22:44:24elinenbeCmdrTaco: oh.
22:44:27Bagderhey Z
22:44:31CmdrTacoI don't think the archos is a good idea for Jogging. That seems like suicide.
22:44:34Zagorhi B
22:44:41CmdrTacoFor *walking* ok ;)
22:44:41elinenbeCmdrTaco: it really isn't.
22:44:53fraggletiirc the documentation explicitely says dont use it for jogging
22:45:00elinenbeBagder & Zagor: CmdrTaco is one of the founders of Slashdot.
22:45:25Bagderrockbox is now ranked 53 on sourceforge
22:45:28elinenbeCmdrTaco: Bagder (not Badger) and Zagor are two of the founders of the projects...
22:45:29Zagorelinenbe: umm, I know. I don't *really* live under a rock, you know :-)
22:45:47elinenbeZagor: Sweden is close though :)
22:45:51*elinenbe hides
22:46:14elinenbegreat work on the projec this past weekend.
22:46:33Zagorso what is this? I'm away for, what, 4 hours and no new commits? you lazy bums!
22:47:01elinenbewhen do you think rolo will get rolled (bad pun) into the CVS?
22:47:11fraggletheh rolo
22:47:14fraggletdo you have rolos in america
22:47:17*CmdrTaco starts wandering through to code looking to add a delete function to delete MP3s from the HD.
22:47:18Zagorelinenbe: pretty soon. i'm working on it right now
22:47:24CmdrTacofragglet: Rolos are a hole role of smiles.
22:47:38BagderCmdrTaco: hehe, you better add proper fat code for that first ;-)
22:47:42ZagorCmdrTaco: we can't do that right now. the FAT32 driver has no write support. I'll be adding that this week.
22:47:51elinenbeCmdrTaco: there is no Fat32 file write yet.
22:47:52*CmdrTaco curses.
22:48:00fraggleti think i just experienced the patented cmdrtaco spelling (tm)
22:48:01elinenbefragglet: yes.
22:48:19BagderZagor: I'm pretty surely going off my current project this week, meaning more serious rockbox time soon
22:48:22*CmdrTaco has no patent pending on mispelling homonyms.
22:48:29ZagorBagder: ooh, nice!
22:48:38elinenbeBagder: I am going to change the mp3/m3u filter to include .wps
22:48:49Zagorelinenbe: no, don't do that
22:48:52elinenbewhy not?
22:49:05BagderI'm not so sure about that either
22:49:24 Quit merwin (Connection timed out)
22:49:25Zagorbecause we'll add *.mod and *.ajz support too soon and after that *.txt and who-knows-what
22:49:42Bagderyes, and it is called mp3/m3u-filter for a reason ;-)
22:49:51Zagorthe mp3/m3u filter is for those who just want to use the mp3 player features, and not care about all the other stuff
22:49:54 Join notmewsetwo [0] (
22:50:02elinenbeZagor: got it.
22:50:03Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by Bagder (
22:50:18 Quit Silly_Fly ("Connection reset by peer ( )")
22:50:25elinenbeZagor: what about another filter for all defined file types?
22:50:37fragglet.txt support?
22:50:46Bagderfragglet: it is only a matter of time...
22:50:51elinenbethat way when .mod .ajz .wps, etc are added then you can just turn that on for those types.
22:50:54fraggletwhat are you going to do, have the archos read the words in the file?
22:50:59Zagorelinenbe: for what purpose? you're not likely to have zillions of unsupported files on your archos, are you?
22:51:18elinenbeZagor: I do use it quite a bit as a portable drive.
22:51:18fraggletthats the ultimate compression i suppose
22:51:33fraggletjust teach your computer to sing/play guitar/etc
22:51:42Bagderfragglet: I think a text viewer would be more useful ;-)
22:52:10*CmdrTaco demands a jpg viewer that works w/ the player.
22:52:11elinenbei love the button cache clearing stuff... VERY nice.
22:52:24Zagorelinenbe: yeah, but you put that in a special dir. I still don't see a reason for second filter. either you want "just the muzak" or you probably are happy to see everything
22:52:31fraggletthe archos is designed for listening to music not looking at porn damnit
22:52:38ZagorCmdrTaco: i'll be happy to review your patch submission ;-)
22:52:50*CmdrTaco laughs.
22:52:59elinenbeCmdrTaco: I think someone was working on viewing bmps encoded in ID3v2 tags on the screen ;)
22:53:04elinenbeCmdrTaco: player or recorder?
22:53:15Bagdershowing bmps is already supported
22:53:20 Join Grotron [0] (
22:53:20Bagdermore or less
22:53:27elinenbeCmdrTaco: you do it for the player, and I will buy you lunch ;)
22:53:30CmdrTacoNo technology is adopted by the mainstream until it can be used for pornography (the internet, the VCR, DVD, etc etc :)
22:53:32Zagorthe bummer is scaling it down from 8 to 1 bits
22:53:47ZagorCmdrTaco: we can play the moans... :)
22:54:10elinenbeIf you can get it to view bmps encoded in ID3v2 tags that would be phenominal.
22:54:45Zagorelinenbe: we need to rework the id3 code first, to handle such large id3v2 tags
22:54:54Bagderwe have the code to convert bmp to internal "icon format"
22:55:08Bagderjust some tweaks needed ;-)
22:55:44*Bagder is annoyed by the "no constant backlight when on mains" bug report
22:56:16*Bagder will close it
22:56:49ZagorBagder: rightly so. it's a feature request, not a bug.
22:57:11elinenbeBadger & Zagor: what about resizing it to the screen?
22:57:13Bagderand he did file it as a feature-request as well
22:57:25fraggletperhaps you should just leave it how it is and save the environment as well as battery power
22:57:27Bagderelinenbe: that'll need some thinking ;-)
22:58:36elinenbeBadger & Zagor: it is obvious how badly this firmware is needed with the popularity that it has on sourceforge.
22:58:45Zagorelinenbe: scrolling it is a better first attempt, imho
22:58:47elinenbeBadger & Zagor: why is Archos so blind?
22:58:57elinenbeZagor: good idea.
22:59:12BagderArchos isn't blind, they're just ignorant
22:59:19 Join merwin [0] (~merwin@
22:59:22merwinanyone up?
22:59:26merwinminor problem
22:59:30*Zagor is way up
22:59:34*Bagder is UUUUP
22:59:36*elinenbe is high up.
22:59:45merwinThe Custom WPS for me only displays the first line
22:59:48Bagdergive us a tricky one to crak ;-)
22:59:58*Bagder can't spell, but you know that
22:59:59elinenbethe new custom WPS is nice.
23:00:07*merwin agrees it is nice, but i need 2 lines :)
23:00:15 Quit CmdrTaco ("Client Exiting")
23:00:47dwihnoThe time display on recorder should be removed.
23:00:52elinenbeBadger & Zagor: are you guys having problems with the loadable fonts?
23:01:11Zagormerwin: upload your wps file somewhere so we can have a look
23:01:11 Quit lithermon (Remote closed the connection)
23:01:19Zagorelinenbe: i don't use it :-)
23:01:19*merwin solved his own problem.
23:01:26Bagderelinenbe: I'm only using them on the simulator, and there it seems to work
23:01:38merwinZagor: bug... right now there needs to be a LF after each line... shouldn't require an LF at the last line
23:02:04Zagormerwin: ah
23:03:59*merwin uses %s%pp/%pe: %?it<%?ia<[%ia] - %it>|%fn>
23:04:17 Join lithermon [0] (
23:04:17elinenbeBadger: does not work on the target −− at least not on mine!
23:04:54BagderI guess we should force Zagor to try it on target with gdb then
23:05:18elinenbeBadger: yes! yes!
23:07:05Zagori only have gdb on my player, unfortunately. but i'll do some digging.
23:07:18elinenbeWOW! I was just submitting the EXACT same commit that was just committed at the exact same time!
23:10:06merwinelinenbe: you mean CUSTOM_WPS_FORMAT change?
23:10:54BagderZagor: we should probably try to decide something in the mutiple language issue soon
23:11:32merwinBagder: some sort of file that has a bunch of STRING=blah blah in it would work
23:11:50elinenbein /.rockbox
23:12:06Zagorelinenbe: that requires dynamic handling, which messes up A LOT
23:12:16Zagorcompile-time language will come first
23:12:21Bagderwe should have the strings in a data file and generate whatever format we want
23:12:43*merwin needs to head into work for a couple hours, bbiaf
23:12:47 Quit merwin ()
23:12:50rwoodi traced through the Archos firmware - they have a table for each message with language as an offset - very memory expensive
23:13:10elinenberwood: VERY nice rolo patch :)
23:13:14elinenbeI LIKE IT!
23:13:20rwoodelinenbe: thanks
23:15:11dwihnoI haven't tried it
23:15:14dwihnois it cool?
23:16:06 Join idefx [0] (
23:16:52elinenbebug: %pp : Playlist Position when the playing in a directory and the directory is shuffled shows the actual track in the playlist. It does not show the actual position of the file in the directory. I think it should.
23:16:53idefxHi, what is the way to get the path of a DIR struct ?
23:17:18Bagderidefx: remember it
23:17:25Zagorelinenbe: we don't have that info
23:17:43Bagderelinenbe: yes, but we have no proper storage of the orginal number
23:18:20Zagoridefx: about your search feature, you should create a database while the disk is connected to the PC and then use that database to search in. searching each file is too slow on target.
23:18:20idefxBagder: from one function to another ?
23:18:37Bagderidefx: however you want, you can't get the path from the DIR struct
23:18:50idefxZagor: my stuff is nearly ready; i will test it.
23:19:01idefxBagder: no way ?
23:19:26elinenbeare you guys considering the multiple line scroll patch?
23:19:47Zagorelinenbe: not at this very moment, no :-)
23:20:03rwoodis there a way to tell if the mp3 decoder is active on the player - playing and not paused?
23:20:30elinenbeZagor: why is that?
23:20:37idefxSo, Bagder, any way to get the full_path of an entry ?
23:20:43Zagorelinenbe: no reason, just busy with other things
23:20:48idefxi mean, of a dirent
23:20:56Bagderidefx: there is no way, read what I type
23:21:15elinenbeI am currently going through it right now. Would it be a problem if it was committed?
23:21:30Zagorrwood: no
23:21:31Bagderrwood: hm, I don't think there is...
23:22:00idefxBagder: I read what you type, but a DIR and a dirent is not the same thing.
23:22:19Bagderidefx: and neither have path info around
23:22:35Bagderwe don't use memory without good reason
23:22:35idefxBagder: So, that's not cool !
23:22:43Bagderyes it is
23:22:45Zagoridefx: that's POSIX. live with it.
23:22:57Bagderidefx: you just solve your problem differently
23:23:05idefxBagder: Ok
23:24:16Bagderyou should not keep lots of those structs around anyway
23:24:29Bagderso I can't see how knowing which path it is can be very hard
23:25:06idefxwell, that's not so hard, but, i have to add an argument more.
23:25:14 Join Hes2 [0] (~hessu@2001:788:0:20f5:2c0:f0ff:fe4b:b288)
23:25:55Bagderipv6-hes! ;-)
23:26:59elinenbethere are currently some serious problems with the multiline scroll patch
23:27:06Hes2reverse delegation doesn't seem to be on all servers yet.
23:27:29Hes2Or the guys try resolving from still.
23:28:28ZagorHes2: did linus' ATA patch improve your skipping anything?
23:28:34dwihnoWhat's the prob with multiline scroll?
23:28:53Hes2I didn't get around to test it yet. I've had massive problems with usb-storage crashing my systems.
23:29:04Hes2Which kind of pissed me off this afternoon.
23:29:10Zagordwihno: "too few hours per day error in lcd.c:438"
23:29:37dwihnoZagor: hehe :)
23:29:42elinenbedwihno: try it out and look a the directory browser.
23:30:04dwihnoelinenbe: I have no patching utility for my wintendo :(L
23:30:24elinenbetry cygwin. that is what I use.
23:30:46Bagdervote vote vote
23:31:26elinenbeBagder: add that to the news on the web page.
23:31:31Bagdergood idea
23:31:35 Part Hes2 ("hm")
23:31:55Zagoryou don't see ipv6 much in irc
23:32:02ZagorI don't, anyway :-)
23:32:19HesNot much yet...
23:32:52Hesdid my first ipv6 login on ircnet about two years ago or so
23:33:19Bagdergrep "^ *[123]:" mail/vote | tr -d '#[]' | cut "-d " -f2 | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn
23:33:41Bagdernice one-liners are fun ;-)
23:35:26Bagder14 people have voted so far on 23 designs
23:36:05dwihnoBagder: your 13 votes can't count, you can only vote once ;)
23:36:14Bagderoh darn
23:37:38dwihnotop3 designs?
23:38:04elinenbeI think "ON" in the menus should return to the tree view.
23:38:07Bagderso far: 6, 13 and 7
23:38:15Bagder(not in that order)
23:39:16HesI'm stunned.
23:41:04Zagorelinenbe: nah. too much hassle.
23:49:27elinenbedoes anyone have a really nice wps file for the recorder?
23:52:57idefxwell, Zagor, you were true, that's damn slow !!
23:56:28idefxmaybe i could improve it, but, may still be too slow. Youre idea was good,i now have to make: -an efficient format to store title, album artist and filename, a tool to read it efficiently on the archos, something to make it on a Linux computer, [and find someone to make a windows version]. Bad, very bad...
23:57:01Zagoridefx: you should write the indexer in something portable, like perl or java
23:58:03idefxZagor: Yes, i'll make it in perl or python (or ada, but, no-one will love me after that ...)
23:58:20Bagderyou could talk to matsl, as he started thinking/working on something like that
23:58:26*Zagor prefers perl overy python, personally
23:58:30ZagorBagder: right
23:58:43*mecraw prefers java

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