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#rockbox log for 2002-09-03

00:00:11Bagderhe started working on build a "database" using some java code
00:00:29BagderI don't know if it got anywhere or anything
00:02:31idefxBagder: Well, i don't code in java, and i don't know much about database, but if i can help ??
00:02:51Bagderthat's why I think talking to him could be a good idea
00:03:04Bagdercoordination of efforts
00:03:17 Join merwin [0] (~merwin@
00:03:41mecrawelinenbe: what happens in directory browsing with multiline scroll?
00:03:46idefxwell, matsl, if you hear me ...
00:03:59Bagderidefx: he's not here right now
00:04:07 Join g003y [0] (
00:04:14Bagderhey g003y
00:04:16 Quit merwin (Client Quit)
00:04:21g003ylong time no see :D
00:04:42Bagderyes, lots of things have happened since ;-)
00:04:51g003yhow was your trip Bagder?
00:05:02Bagderit was fabulous
00:05:15idefxBagder : ok, so i gona sleep now ;) thanks for helping
00:05:22Bagdernight idefx
00:05:36 Quit idefx ("BitchX: causing all sorts of havok!")
00:05:38g003yI finally get a vacation myself. Taking a couple weeks to go to Singapore & India. Not until december though :/
00:05:50Bagderindia is nice
00:06:00g003yI liked it last time I was there
00:06:44g003ywow... those are great pics. that place looks nice
00:07:02 Join merwin [0] (~merwin@
00:07:37mecrawBagder: did you use a tool to create your picture gallery? or just hand-code html?
00:07:51Bagderhand made, with adiamas help
00:07:52*mecraw is looking to put some pics online too
00:08:02Bagderthose pics
00:08:08*Hes has a load at
00:08:16Bagderhand made those too, but I have a bunch of helpful scripts
00:08:45Bagderfor the travel ones, I usually take a good time to zoom and edit the pics as well
00:09:00ZagorI like the camera info I extract with my view script:
00:09:01Bagderthat's what takes the most time
00:10:37g003yZagor: are all those your personal mp3 players?
00:11:23Bagdercould be
00:11:28Zagorthe two on that pic are, but not all on the other photos
00:12:15g003ynice mickey mouse pints :D
00:12:34Bagderthose are Linus' ;-)
00:12:45Bagderthe pics are from his place
00:12:46g003yLinus the guy with glasses?
00:12:59g003ynow I have a face to the text :D
00:13:04elinenbemecraw: multiline scroll ruins browsing the directory
00:13:36merwinZagor: you're the one in black?
00:13:55merwinZagor: you look very military :)
00:14:08*Zagor is The Code Police ;)
00:14:13Bagderhe's scary
00:14:16Bagderbelive me
00:14:20BagderI should know ;-)
00:14:29*Bagder hides
00:15:55 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
00:16:28mecrawelinenbe: it works ok for me, although i just post crap so the real coders can fix it up :)
00:16:53elinenbemecraw: try to make it so it scrolls one line at a time.
00:17:06elinenbelike ti scrolls, line 1, then line 2, then line 3, then line 1 again.
00:17:46Zagorelinenbe: won't it take an awful long time for line 3 to start scrolling then?
00:18:07merwinBagder: you were right... once I un-defined the custom wps code, someone came along and made it 200% better :-)
00:18:34Bagderhehe, well that's the benefit of open source development! ;-)
00:18:46Bagderand having things enabled in the daily build
00:18:57g003yyeah you can even disappear into a hole, come back, and things completely change :D
00:19:04Bagdercan't wait to get the rolo there
00:19:06dwihno|goneEnable the font loading and see if someone fixes it ;)
00:19:13dwihno|goneJust my 0.2e ;)
00:19:25PsycoXulwith things like ROLO and the .wps loading, should we maybe have a little more configurable of a browser file filter?
00:19:25*dwihno|gone went to bed - time to rise & shine in 5 hours
00:19:44merwinPsycoXul: for the filter, just filter out the file types that we don't care about
00:19:48BagderPsycoXul: yes, we'll end up needing something better
00:20:14Zagoran easy-to-find quick toggle should be enough, IMHO
00:21:07*merwin is going through a hell worse than tax season...
00:21:13*merwin is balancing his corporate card
00:21:43merwinIf I miss even one thing, it could cost me around $1000 :-)
00:22:43 Join Dexter__ [0] (
00:22:54merwinhey dex
00:23:03g003yso are file writes _safe_ these days? For example could I create a playlist on disk with the file api now? Sorry if this has been answered... just trying to get my head around whats happening in the code these days.
00:23:07 Join miah [0] (
00:23:11miahhey kids
00:23:25merwing003y: i don't think we have file writes yet
00:24:12PsycoXulwoo .wps loading's nice
00:24:21merwinmiah: interesting
00:24:56PsycoXulnow i can load a different WPS for soundtracks/various artits that display's better for the ones with id3
00:25:02merwinmiah: so that means that they'd be willing to help us possibly :)
00:25:08miahmaybe =)
00:25:08PsycoXulerr ones withOUT id3 even
00:25:11merwinPsycoXul: do we have variable wps loading now?
00:25:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
00:25:30 Join LinusN [0] (
00:25:39Bagderhey LinusN
00:25:53merwinLinusN: interesting link just posted:
00:25:58PsycoXulmerwin: yeah you press play on a .wps file and it loads and uses it
00:26:18merwinPsycoXul: nice
00:26:33LinusNmerwin: yeah i have read that report
00:27:20LinusNmerwin: sorry, that was not the link i thought it was
00:27:22merwinso when's adi supposed to have the player icons done? :P
00:29:49LinusNmerwin: i thought you meant this one:
00:30:11LinusNhas anyone tested the new ATA fix?
00:30:24Dexter__who can send libintl2 packtage to me for cygwin please ??
00:30:41merwinLinusN: that's an interesting one too
00:31:49 Join lohap [0] (
00:31:53Dexter__libintl2 packtage ???
00:32:09g003yDexter: just use the cygwin installer and select the package yourself.
00:32:28lohaphi all
00:32:45merwinhey lo
00:33:14lohapjust got red hat installed over mandrake and red hat is alot better
00:33:27elinenbeLinusN: about the buttons... no, the archos firmware does not display that behavior
00:33:48Zagorlohap: you should try debian :-)
00:34:15lohapbut i still have the problem that it dosnt see my archos if i plug it in whilst my machine is on but it finds it if the machine is turned on when linux is booted
00:34:19LinusNelinenbe: that's not very nice to hear
00:34:26lohapi will when i get my hands on it
00:34:49lithermonslackware is best
00:34:57LinusNi don't want to handle those combinations...
00:35:03g003yBSD 0wnz @ll linux ! :D
00:35:06LinusNbut if we must, we must
00:35:17Zagorlohap: power up the archos, then plug in the usb cable
00:35:22LinusNanyway, i just wanted to find out if the ATA fix helped
00:35:32lithermonlinux vs linux
00:35:37merwinlithermon: redhat rocks
00:35:37lithermonvs bsd
00:35:38LinusNbut i guess nobody knows...
00:35:41lohaplets just say linux onzs
00:35:48g003yand the Death Star can totally 0wn the Borg cube. There now all geek arguments are settled :D
00:35:55LinusNi'll go to bed now
00:36:00Bagdernight LinusN
00:36:02g003ysee ya
00:36:03merwinnite linus
00:36:10 Part LinusN
00:36:17lohapi got wine working and im ircing using mirc how cool is that
00:36:35Bagdermirc? uuuuh
00:36:40Zagorlohap: around 0.5 on a 1-10 scale :-)
00:36:52PsycoXuli'm listening to 2 mp3's at once
00:37:09lohapyea just need to get real player 8 working in linux then im sorted using wine that is
00:37:12ZagorPsycoXul: on what?
00:37:21PsycoXuli set the dac_config's argument in mpeg.c to 0x0c to turn on aux1 and then plugged my mom's mp3-cd player into the line-in
00:37:35merwinBagder: what about mirc? it's got a bad rap, that's all
00:37:44PsycoXulit mixes pretty well
00:37:46Bagdermerwin: not only that
00:37:54g003ynix -> wine -> mirc is silly though
00:37:55lohapmirc is alot nicer than xchat
00:38:06merwinlohap: damn straight
00:38:19lithermonbitchx rules
00:38:19merwing003y: agreed
00:38:28Bagdermirc is closed source and written by an ignorant person, and not even very good
00:38:30merwinlithermon: if they had a bitchx with a good gui, i'd do it
00:38:39lohapnix > wine >real player 8 alot more useful
00:38:45g003yBagder: but how do you really feel about Mirc? :D
00:38:48merwinBagder: there's scripts for it that make it better though
00:38:53PsycoXuli like irssi
00:39:42g003yanyone that puts their picture in the about box of application they wrote looses my vote :D
00:40:08Bagderand which app started the irc colour crap?
00:40:08merwinI just use mIRC mostly because it easily supports SOCKS5, which i need to do IRC from work
00:40:13merwinand VNC for that matter
00:40:15lohapyea lol brb
00:40:21miahBagder: i belive ircii years ago
00:40:25Bagdermiah: nope
00:40:26 Quit lohap ()
00:40:27Bagdermirc did
00:40:33Bagderyears ago, yes
00:40:45miahircii supported some colors, and bolds and such
00:40:56Bagderbold, italic, underline, yes
00:40:58Bagdernot colours
00:41:45merwinat least mIRC has been kept relatively free... that's a good thing
00:42:15miahits not completely bad
00:42:28miahnot that i've used it int he last 4 years
00:42:54merwinare there any bitchx gui's anywhere?
00:43:10miahno idea, i use epic or irssi
00:43:49PsycoXulbitchx sucks, it's bloated buggy and slow
00:43:56PsycoXulthough not as bad as mirc of course :p
00:44:45lithermonslackware, bitchx - i just choose the one with the coolest name
00:44:48 Join lohap [0] (
00:45:07PsycoXuli used to use epic with a script by a guy i know
00:45:09lohaphi i was just wondering anyone run real player 8 in wine
00:45:10PsycoXulthen i discovered irssi
00:45:30miahscrollz is a pretty cool irc client
00:47:14g003yPsyco: how is the heat in SoCal?
00:47:29rwoodit's miserable hot!
00:47:50merwinIt's cold and cloudy in Seattle :)
00:48:41rwoodmerwin: so what's new about that
00:48:54merwinrwood: actually, it's been pretty nice up until yesterday
00:49:23*merwin got new exhaust on saturday... I was told that it was going to be "a little bit more of a growl". The damn thing sounds like a motorcycle now
00:49:28rwoodmerwin: i have friends up there - they say they have moss growing on thir north side
00:50:08g003yI haven't even gone outside today it is so damn hot in the bay area
00:50:38rwoodg003y: mark twain wouldn't believe it
00:50:42merwinI spent a good portion of March/April/May in cali... damn it gets hot
00:50:51PsycoXulwhy would you want to run realplayer 8 in wine
00:51:04merwinwhy would you want to run realplayer at all is the question
00:51:17g003yrwood: I know, but he is dead so he ain't got nothing to say about the subject anymore :D
00:51:23PsycoXulmerwin: true
00:51:30PsycoXulbut there's a linux version of rp8 anyways
00:51:53PsycoXulapparently even an alpha version of RealOne available
00:52:29*merwin despises realplayer... I hate any company that makes you pay for their software and still bombards you with ads
00:52:49PsycoXulonly suckers pay for real player
00:52:54rwoodmerwin: and invades your privacy when they get a chance
00:53:02merwinrwood: yes, that too
00:53:07Zagorlife is a lot more simple with only open source software
00:53:10PsycoXulpersonaly i just avoid realmedia
00:53:13PsycoXulit sucks anyways
00:53:24merwinAt least Windows Media Player has the decency to be FREE :-)
00:53:41rwoodPsycoXul: has a tendency to crash my system
00:53:48miahi like shockwave/flash
00:53:51datazonewell considering, they make up for it from the sale of the os, its not free
00:53:51miahthats cool stuff
00:53:57PsycoXulflash is ok
00:54:04PsycoXulbut it's being grossly misused these days
00:54:07merwindatazone: have you ever paid for a version of windows you've installed?
00:54:09lohapwhat media player do u use in linux
00:54:17PsycoXullohap: usualy mplayer
00:54:33lohaptexted based
00:54:35PsycoXuli use xine if mplayer does something funky
00:54:49PsycoXullohap: mplayer and xine both have GUI's
00:54:56PsycoXulthough mplayer's isn't enabled by default
00:55:09rwoodmerwin: there was an article that M$ has a clause in one of the security updates to media player that grands them the right to scan your computer and enforce copyrights
00:55:21lohapyea u need to enable it when u make it
00:55:35PsycoXulyeah, and you need to download a skin for it since it doesn't come with any and won't work without one
00:55:38Zagorrwood: i think that clause is for XP too
00:55:57datazonemerwin: the question at hand isnt about the ownership of the os, but that the software is made to run on a specific os that the medai player is made to run on, and that os is a commercially sold os, therefore you can make the assumption that the media player cost can be absorbed into the cost of the os and no one can prove otherwise
00:56:08rwoodZagor: exactly - RIAA and M$ want to control the world
00:56:34PsycoXulrwood: don't forget the MPAA
00:56:50Zagorah, bingo! my asm-free ROLO version finally works!
00:57:18Zagorwhy are the silliest mistakes the hardest to find? ;-)
00:58:04rwoodZagor: i don't know - if i rtfm, i would have found the problem with 1.27d in minutes
00:58:18Bagderbed time, mail in your votes, see ya tomorrow
00:58:21 Part Bagder
00:58:43Zagorrwood: what was it, anyway?
00:59:44rwoodZagor: rockbox sets IRQ0 to level triggered - 1.27d expects it to be set to edge - boot loader must have initialized ICR
01:00:03Zagoris the i2c_init really necessary?
01:00:19rwoodZagor: probably not
01:00:25g003yzagor: Are you sending a patch of the Rolo you just did?
01:00:35g003yor is that going in cvs now?
01:00:41Zagorg003y: i'll be committing it soon
01:00:46g003yschweet :D
01:01:00Zagorit's rwood's rolo, just a little modified
01:01:25 Join merwin- [0] (~merwin@
01:01:36merwin-hmm... i think M$ didn't like my last comment, booted me off of mirc
01:01:39merwin-damn socks
01:01:43rwoodZagor: i'm an old fart - assembly and fortran are my native languages
01:01:45 Join Jet8810 [0] (
01:02:08Zagorrwood: hehe, no problem
01:02:20Zagorwe like old farts around here :-)
01:02:32merwin-I'm a young squirt
01:04:27 Join nlithermo [0] (
01:04:29rwoodi'm amazed at the way this project went together - some sort of global understanding of the task - i'm used to requirement spec then design spec, ....
01:04:32g003yold farts rocl
01:04:35g003yrock that is :D
01:05:04g003yrockbox has been one of the finer examples of the strengths of Open Source.
01:05:04Zagorrwood: you never worked in an open source project before?
01:05:12datazonedude, mirc is nasty
01:05:46rwoodany other suggestion for win
01:05:56lohapwhat if dif between .src.rpm and i i383.rpm
01:05:56g003ytrillian works for me
01:06:09datazonelohap: one has source
01:06:16Zagorlohap: src.rpm is the source code, i386.rpm is the compiled binaries
01:06:19datazoneother is binary plus other stuff to be installed
01:06:25lohapso what i s the best to download
01:06:33datazonedepends on what you want to do
01:06:39datazonedo you just want to install it
01:06:39Zagori386 if you just want to run the program
01:06:44lohapjust run it lol
01:06:46datazoneor want to rebuild it for your machine
01:06:49 Part Dexter__
01:06:50lohapk sorted
01:06:51Jet8810xchat kicks ass
01:07:04lohapi need to download mplayer lol
01:07:53Jet8810rockbox kicks ass
01:08:10g003yrockbox 0wnz arch0z :D
01:09:22 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:09:30merwin-Zagor: So why can't we consolidate player-old and player into one? It seems that Archos found a way to do it
01:10:02rwoodZagor: missed you question - no this is my first, and my first chat room
01:10:54Zagormerwin-: we can, we just haven't done it.
01:11:05merwin-Zagor: Is it difficult?
01:11:42Zagorthe tricky part is finding out if you are running on a new or old unit. archos does it by probing the version number in the ROM firmware binary... feels a bit icky to me.
01:12:12 Join Jet8810 [0] (
01:12:29merwin-Zagor: seems fine to me to do it that way though... the version number in the ROM firmware is a definate indication of whether or not to use the old or new
01:12:34 Join marvincbr [0] (
01:12:52PsycoXuli'm not sure what the point would be
01:13:01merwin-marvincbr: so the cbr, is that Constant Bitrate, or Honda CBR?
01:13:07 Quit marvincbr (Client Quit)
01:13:21merwin-PsycoXul: easier end user implementation. Some people aren't that smart :-)
01:13:27merwin-hmm, guess marvin's neither
01:13:29 Quit merwin (Connection timed out)
01:13:34 Nick merwin- is now known as merwin (~merwin@
01:13:58elinenberwood: because of ROLO, I will never ever have to boot into the Archos firmware again. To debug I now, compile, copy, load, repeat. never a reboot
01:14:04PsycoXulyeah but have we had many problems with people getting the wrong version?
01:14:20merwinPsycoXul: i've seen a few myself :)
01:14:40datazonei dont see what the problem is, let them learn to read
01:14:44Zagorit's not one of my higher priority tasks :-)
01:14:56datazoneplus the jukebox is pretty resistant to being messed up
01:15:19datazoneits not like if you use the wrong mod it will destroy your unit
01:15:24rwoodZagor: speaking of the ROM firmware - once file writes are working, do we dare trying to suck out 1.28 for the recorder?
01:15:49merwinrwood: huh?
01:16:07Zagorwe can try, but I don't see it as part of the rockbox project really
01:16:17 Quit lithermon (Killed (NickServ (Nickname Enforcement)))
01:16:24rwoodmerwin: the latest version that is shipping is 1.28, the latest on the Archos site is 1.27d
01:16:32elinenberwood: it sounds fun. but really what is the point?
01:16:41elinenberwood: by then who will ever use it?
01:16:52merwindatazone: it won't destroy the unit of course, but user friendliness comes into play. It's not a very high priority, but still seems semi-useful
01:16:55 Nick nlithermo is now known as lithermon (
01:17:26rwoodelinenbe: good question - being able to load the origional to record is the only current reason
01:17:50elinenberwood: by then rockbox will be able to record.
01:18:22rwoodelinenbe: and Archos will post a link on their site
01:19:46merwinrwood: don't count on it
01:20:00merwinrwood: usually, companies don't take kindly to people rewriting what they're selling, even if it's better :)
01:20:10merwinrwood: makes them seem inferior or something
01:20:17g003yrockbox makes the older hardware useful again and they want to sell you new stuff
01:21:03rwoodmerwin: agreeded, but rockbox would sell more units - g003y and that too
01:21:29merwinrwood: they really should ship with rockbox installed :)
01:23:21g003yoooh... the player progress bar is cute :D
01:24:01g003ynice usages of screen space there. good job whoever did it
01:24:06merwing003y: thanks :)
01:24:20merwing003y: I made it, and PsycoXul fixed it
01:24:29merwinI think it was PsycoXul at least
01:25:02PsycoXuland zagor did some stuff to it too i think, mostly cleaning up and var renaming though
01:25:20 Quit lohap ()
01:26:28PsycoXuland i think somebody else is working on making it configurable
01:26:51g003ypsyco: configurable how? You can already turn it on & off with the custom wps
01:27:17PsycoXulwell i guess they're making it so you can make your own series of images to progressed through
01:27:29g003yoh ok
01:27:42PsycoXulall stored in a file to load
01:28:18g003yimages don't matter for us non-bitmapped screen types :D
01:28:27PsycoXulwell 5x7 images :p
01:29:03PsycoXulit Is for the player
01:29:37g003yis anyone working on custom wps to have more flexibility with file display?
01:30:01PsycoXullike what?
01:30:04merwing003y: MORE flexible than it already is?
01:30:11g003ywe have %d1
01:30:15g003yto grab the first dir
01:30:29g003yfor files we might be able to have a %f2 to grab the first two bytes
01:30:49g003yjust a though
01:30:55Zagorg003y: how would you know how many bytes to grab?
01:30:57PsycoXulwhat if you want bytes 5 to end
01:31:09g003yzagor: true. just a thought
01:31:38g003yI was only asking not suggesting a solution :D
01:31:39merwingotta jet
01:31:41 Quit merwin ()
01:36:42 Quit Grotron ("Our day-in, day-out world is real. Reality: That world is a hoax, an elaborate deception spun by all-powerful machines of AI )
01:38:13g003yI can't believe my cpus are still running under 50C in this weather.
01:38:48PsycoXulmy athlon's up to 58
01:39:16Zagornuts! I can load 1.3 but not myself...
01:39:35*Zagor is chasing little critters with 12 legs
01:39:52rwoodZagor: welcome to the club
01:40:05Zagorhehe :-)
01:40:07 Quit notmewsetwo ("No windows for this server")
01:40:17g003yzagor: aren't you a little big to fit into 2meg? :)
01:42:41Jet8810do you guys find archos sound quality to be worse then other mp3 players?
01:42:54rwoodZagor: are you putting the move routine in internal RAM?
01:43:16g003yI don't have any other portable mp3 player to compare.
01:43:37g003ybut I'm happy with it compare to say winamp on my home machine :D
01:43:40Zagorrwood: almost. i'm moving the loader to top of ram and from there loading without moving
01:44:15Zagori.e the linker puts the loader at top of ram, so we don't have to do it "manually"
01:45:02rwoodZagor: what about the calls down to the file routines?
01:45:51Zagori'm loading the new firmware into the mp3 buffer, just like you did. then, after all checks and controls are ready, I'm memcpy()ing it to start of ram and starts it
01:46:19Zagorand it works nicely with the 1.3 release...
01:46:36rwoodZagor: ok
01:47:06rwoodZagor: have you tried 1.27d or anyother Archos version yet?
01:47:16Zagorno, not yet
01:49:30Zagorlatest bleeding edge cvs build works too, so it's something about my local build that differs
01:49:38Zagori'll try an archos firmware
01:52:15rwoodZagor: one of the artistic types need to make us a good icon for mod/ajz
01:52:16 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
01:52:41Zagorrwood: yes. i've asked two people. we'll see what emerges.
01:53:20rwoodZagor: i almost took out the .rbx feature - the time savings is minimal
01:54:08Zagoryeah. i'm not including it in my commit. it's too much hassle making special mods for this.
01:55:04rwoodZagor: good
01:58:00elinenbeZagor: I am quite excited for this commit ;)
01:58:17Zagorstill having some problems :-(
01:59:04rwoodZagor: it's getting very late your time - any way you can pass me what you have and let me look at it while you get some sleep?
01:59:15Zagorrwood: sure thing
01:59:41elinenberwood: I am quite exicted for your commit ;) hehe
02:00:07rwoodZagor: i can't dcc (firewall) got an ftp site or something?
02:00:33Zagoryup. can you use a patch?
02:01:23rwoodZagor: i haven't tried that yet - the whole files would be easiest
02:01:55rwoodthe sun never sets on ROCKBOX
02:02:07elinenbeha ha
02:02:24 Join mecraw [0] (~lmarlow@
02:05:58Zagorif you find anything, mail me at
02:06:34rwoodZagor: got it - i
02:06:42rwoodi'll start on it
02:07:10Zagorgood. i'll catch some sleep. see you tomorrow!
02:07:35 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
02:07:51 Quit rwood ()
02:14:12g003ycya all.
02:14:14 Part g003y
02:20:02 Join h0bby [0] (
02:20:39 Quit Jet8810 (Connection timed out)
02:25:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:43:35 Quit lithermon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:25:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
04:48:11adi|homehowdy all...
05:06:27 Quit edx|sleep (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
05:23:22 Join merwin [0] (~merwin@
05:27:02merwinadi|home: you round?
05:33:43adi|homeyeah.. whats up?
05:37:09elinenbehey there.
05:41:14merwinadi|home: how are the player icons coming?
05:49:17 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
05:50:27elinenbeRockBox is almost in the top 50 on
06:06:45 Quit merwin ()
06:16:57 Join edx|sleep [0] (
06:24:20 Join merwin [0] (~merwin@
06:24:22 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|sleeps (
06:24:27merwinare there any xbm editors for windowz?
06:24:30merwinerr, windows
06:25:05 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-sleep (
06:25:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:26:02h0bbyis there anywhere i can get a compiled version of Rolo?
06:26:11merwinh0bby: the nearest candy shop?
06:26:22h0bbyto expensive
06:26:34h0bbyi prefer free downloads
06:27:13h0bbyguess not then
06:27:32h0bbybut i realy realy realy want it
06:28:09merwinyou sure?
06:28:22h0bbyyes, yes yes yes
06:28:51h0bbyi will brush my teeth, i promise
06:28:52merwinhmm.. i'd wait till it's in the cvs
06:29:08h0bbyim leaving for australia in three days
06:29:56merwinwhy do you need rolo?
06:30:26h0bbyso i can load archos for recording and playlist purposes
06:30:41 Part edx|sleep
06:31:03merwinunfortunately, i don't use rolo, or i'd send it to you
06:31:12h0bbyohh well,
06:33:49h0bbywell maybe it will apears on cvs in the next three days.
06:38:25merwinh0bby: i wouldn't put it past these guys :)
06:42:55 Join Bill_k [0] (
06:45:17merwinadi|home: 0x00 is white in xbm, right?
06:45:43Bill_kAnyone have luck in compiling firmware under windows?
06:45:53merwinBill_k: yup, cygwin for me
06:46:22Bill_kCan we go on the side so i ban ask you some questions?
06:52:04 Quit Bill_k (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
06:55:09 Join Bill_k [0] (
07:00:53 Nick merwin is now known as merwin|away (~merwin@
07:01:40 Part Bill_k
07:20:21 Join LinusN [0] (
07:30:01 Join rwood [0] (
07:32:04rwoodLinusN: I had my head in a dark place when I said rockbox is running too fast for the recorder.
07:32:56rwoodLinusN: a long string of SCL_HI,SCL_LO generates a 1.3 us square wave - right on spec for 400KHz
07:32:59 Join MeRWiN- [0] (~merwin@
07:33:59rwoodLinusN: I have a digital scope on the I2C and can see that Archos is never driving the SCL line - they set it to input and let the resistor pull it up
07:34:26LinusNyes they do, on the Recorder
07:34:55LinusNit is different on the player, at least the early models
07:36:20rwoodLinusN: the picture that I get on the recorder is a slow rise on archos around 1us versus ns on rockbox
07:36:25MeRWiN-LinusN: I made a set of Tree Icons for the player, implemented
07:36:33 Nick MeRWiN- is now known as merwin (~merwin@
07:37:04merwinLinusN: it takes up an extra char on the player's screen, but makes file format available at a glance
07:37:22merwinArrow then Icon then Filename
07:37:47LinusNrwood: yes, we drive it, they let the pullup do the job
07:38:16 Quit merwin|away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:38:27LinusNand by the way, the difference on the players is not about driving the signals, my mistake
07:38:47merwinLinusN: commitable?
07:38:58LinusNit's about how to read the data line
07:39:20LinusNmerwin: that's great
07:39:36LinusNcan i see the patch?
07:39:51merwinLinusN: how do i create the patch against a file?
07:40:10LinusNcvs diff -u <file>
07:41:00*LinusN fills his coffee cup
07:41:05rwoodit is the DAC on the player that is limited to 100KHz on the player - i think i said ADC last night
07:41:39rwood100KHz when S clk is not running that is
07:42:06merwinLinusN: there you go, it's in your e-mail box
07:45:08LinusNrwood: yeah i saw that in the data sheet
07:45:36rwoodmy I2C analyzer has address filtering, so if there is anything on the recorder that you would like to see, I can filter out the RTC stuff
07:46:02rwoodArchos version that is - analyzer is 100KHz only
07:46:51LinusNrwood: it would be great to see the traffic to the codec at boot, and when changing bass/treble settings
07:47:38rwoodLinusN: can do
07:48:47LinusNtoo bad it's the player i am really interested in
07:49:08rwoodLinusN: looking at the specs, I'm not certain if a slave can hold SCL low on any clock or only before an ACK
07:49:56LinusNas far as i know, it is only before an ack
07:50:16rwoodLinusN: if any clock, then switching to input and checking for high is probably the best method although is would make the high times about 4.5us
07:51:23LinusNrwood: why would that be best?
07:51:56merwinLinusN: Should we include .WPS in the MP3/M3U file filter? It would be nice :)
07:52:12LinusNmerwin: not sure
07:52:15rwoodLinusN: if a slave is holding SCL low, a clock pulse output could be missed
07:53:12LinusNyes, but if a slave is holding the SCL low, it would be completely out of sync anyway. i am almost certain that the SCL holding only applies to the ACK
07:54:08rwoodi see long periods of clock low on archos, but it could be the firmware isn't driving full speed
07:55:05LinusNmost definitely
07:56:03rwoodi'll take my player apart this week - if I can get the I2C signals as easily as I did on the recorder, I'll insturment the player
07:57:07LinusNmerwin: looks great!
07:57:39LinusNrwood: great, i only had an oscilloscope, so i couldn't see much of the traffic
07:57:47LinusNwhen i did that on my player
07:58:04LinusNmerwin: i'm not sure i like the WPS icon
08:05:42LinusNrwood: it is very easy to get the i2c signals on the player
08:06:54rwoodLinusN: on the recorder, there were 2 feed-thrus that made it easy - i want to be able to bring the wires out through the end bumper so i can use the unit
08:07:41rwoodLinusN: my recorder looks like a frog that has been disceted - strapped down to some peg board - i think i voided the warrantee
08:08:22rwoodLinusN: do you want me to email the logs to you? if so what address
08:08:23LinusNrwood: i know the feeling, my player seriously needed a haircut some days
08:08:25 Join Bagder [0] (
08:08:48LinusNi monitored all the signals for the MP3 communication, and the i2c
08:08:56LinusNrwood: linus at
08:09:22BagderI get work with my newly updated rockbox only to find out that it crashes hard every time I load my playlist
08:09:33LinusNBagder: badness
08:09:54LinusNhave you tried to raise the spindown time?
08:09:54rwoodLinusN: do you have access to a win machine?
08:10:01LinusNrwood: yes
08:10:06Bagderhm, I'll try
08:10:17merwinLinusN: it's hard to find an icon for WPS that's 5x7 :)
08:10:28LinusNmerwin: i know, i know... :-)
08:10:42merwinLinusN: i figured letters were the only way to go for that
08:10:46LinusNi just think the W looks a little too much like a character
08:10:46merwinLinusN: should i commit?
08:10:50merwinLinusN: true
08:10:58merwinLinusN: any ideas on a different char?
08:11:11BagderLinusN: that did it... changed it to 6 from 5 made it work...
08:11:23LinusNlemme think, how would we draw an icon resembling a settings file...
08:11:39Bagderfeels weird to require 6 seconds
08:11:45LinusNBagder: we have to implement a better spindown function
08:11:48merwinLinusN: with the added constraint of 5x7 :)
08:11:53Synthea checkbox
08:12:06Synthemake an icon that looks like a checkbox
08:12:07merwinSynthe: good idea
08:12:15merwinSynthe: i'll see how that looks, just a sec
08:12:25LinusNi had the samne thought
08:12:32LinusNstrange :-)
08:13:11merwinLinusN: again, a very difficult one in 5x7
08:13:24Syntheor just a check, no box
08:13:29*Synthe shrugs
08:13:35merwinOK, i think i got a check
08:13:44merwini'll draw it out on the player and see what it looks like
08:14:24Bagder20 people votes so far
08:16:24merwini've still gotta vote
08:17:04LinusNBagder: i and zagor touched the ata spindown subject briefly yesterday
08:17:36Bagderit really needs attention
08:18:00LinusNBagder: did it really hang, or did the disk just spin up and down like crazy?
08:18:08Bagderit rebooted
08:18:37Bagderinstead of the wps I got it reboote in the rom firmware
08:18:38LinusNmaybe we have a "return" statement somewhere in a bad place?
08:18:54Bagderyes, that might be it
08:18:57LinusNon read errors
08:19:14merwinLinusN: The 4th icon (wps) should be changed to: 0x01, 0x01, 0x02, 0x02, 0x14, 0x0c, 0x04, 0x00,
08:19:28LinusNroger that
08:19:48rwoodLinusN: do you know the address of the codec? or do you want to see all i2c traffic except RTC
08:21:01LinusNrwood: 3c
08:21:15LinusNthe device address, that is
08:21:40rwoodLinusN: thanks, that's what I needed
08:22:27adi|homeBagder: can you give a list of the top 3?
08:22:32adi|homeno part order...
08:22:44Bagder6, 7, 24
08:23:52mecrawanyone installed debian before?
08:23:54merwini like 24 :)
08:24:09LinusNi like 7
08:24:22LinusNsimple, with an attitude
08:24:57merwinBagder: Here's my vote (or should i email it to you): 24, 13, 12 (in that order please)
08:25:10Bagderplease email
08:25:24Bagderit's easier for me to keep track of them all
08:25:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:25:57Bagderand I have a script that summarizes all votes easily ;-)
08:26:06LinusNmerwin: the checkbox look fine
08:26:29LinusNmaybe the angle could be different, but it's ok
08:26:39merwinLinusN: can't really make the angle much different
08:26:44merwinLinusN: not enough room
08:27:02LinusNnot if you want it to be full height, no
08:27:20merwinPersonally, i like the angle :)
08:27:28LinusNthen it's ok
08:27:50*merwin must live with the player tomorrow on the airplane... I wish i had gotten the recorder
08:27:55LinusNi'm thinking...should the icons be in tree.c, or somewhere else
08:28:03Bagdermucho sokoban levels
08:28:22merwinLinusN: We could make an icon.c for the player, but it would be REALLY small :-)
08:28:43LinusNyes, it will be small now, but may be larger later on
08:29:08adi|homehehehe my design is still in the running :)
08:29:21merwinLinusN: You should write up the c file, i'm not the expert at creating new files
08:29:42LinusNBagder: what do you think? Maybe it's time for a player/ directory?
08:29:56LinusNthe player game would be there when it arrives
08:30:18*Bagder gives his blessing ;-)
08:31:01LinusNok, so an icon file, much like the one for recorder then?
08:31:22BagderI guess so
08:31:33LinusNok, hang on...
08:32:05LinusNdo we have any problems with identically named files?
08:32:17LinusNplayer/icons.h and recorder/icons.h
08:32:38BagderI think it is best to not use the same name
08:32:46Bagderah, let's try
08:33:01Bagderit makes it pretty neat to include include "icons.h"
08:33:04LinusNthe include path would solve that issue for us, i hope...
08:33:25LinusNlet's do it before zagor wakes up
08:33:35Bagdergo go go ;-)
08:33:36merwinLinusN: hah
08:35:56rwoodzagor was up late working on asm-less ROLO - 2:00am your time
08:36:36LinusNwhy on earth did he have to do that?
08:36:49LinusNi have done that and found out that it was pointless
08:36:56Bagderbecause he's the.... Code Police!
08:37:03*Bagder chuckles
08:37:09 Join matsl [0] (
08:37:14merwinBagder: i'm telling ya.... he's military!
08:37:17Bagderhey ho matsl
08:37:31Bagdermerwin: I think he works for some secret organization too
08:37:42merwinBagder: yeah... haxx
08:37:53Bagderough, that sounds really bad
08:37:53matslhej Bagder
08:38:34Bagdermatsl: that idefx person seems very much interested in making a database and search ability, I told him he could have a word with you about it
08:39:07matslidefix? ;-)
08:39:34Bagderhe's the one who posted the "seek" patch to the list
08:39:57*merwin really needs a bmp -> xbm converter
08:40:02matslok. He's welcome.
08:40:29Bagdermerwin: xbm? use gimp! :-) or modify the bmp2rb
08:41:14merwinBagder: There's a bug with the Custom WPS... One of my patches was taken out when the new custom wps came in. If you have "Remaining Time" instead of "Elapsed Time", when you FF or REW, it goes in the wrong direction :-) (ie: FF starts counting up instead of down)
08:41:32LinusNWhat's the difference between a Folder and a Directory (recorder/icons.h)?
08:41:47BagderLinusN: check if both actually are used
08:42:09merwinFolder is a microsoft term, Directory isn't :)
08:42:52LinusNDirectory is not used (in tree.c)
08:43:18Bagderthrow it away
08:43:48*LinusN brings out his surgical blade
08:43:59merwinLinusN: those icons i used are the same as the Archos ones... in case you didn't notice. Thought i'd bring it up :)
08:44:12LinusNthat's STEALING!!!
08:44:48matsllesser artists borrow, greater artists steal ...
08:45:27LinusNmerwin: we need a .MOD icon
08:45:39merwinLinusN: oh, so what do we do for THAT?
08:46:01LinusNhow does it look on the recorder?
08:47:44LinusNmaybe a box with an X, for executable?
08:49:23LinusNor F, for firmware
08:49:54Bagderor K for kewlness ;-p
08:50:06merwinI like box with X
08:50:11LinusNor a lightning symbol, like a flash
08:50:54merwinLinusN: box with an x looks pretty good
08:51:05LinusNor a small picture of a processor with opcodes flying through the screen... :-)
08:51:24merwinLinusN: it can be done :P
08:51:29rwoodaccording to the main screen at rockbox, a mod/ajb icon was committed
08:51:30LinusNactually, animating the icons would be sooooooo cool
08:51:41LinusNit's empty
08:51:55LinusNon my recorder
08:52:05LinusNbut i havent upgraded since last night
08:52:19Bagder0x63, 0x7f, 0x3a, 0x7f, 0x63, 0x00
08:52:24Bagderit can't be empty
08:53:10LinusNmy rockbox version is OLD! :-)
08:53:24LinusNgotta upgrade!
08:53:37merwinBagder: what's that?
08:54:02Bagderthat's the mod/ajz icon elinebe comitted
08:54:06LinusNthe AJZ icon for the recorder
08:54:12BagderI just checked the cvs diff
08:55:57 Join bobTHC [0] (
08:56:05Bagdermorning bobTHC
08:56:09bobTHCgood morning
08:56:34bobTHCmore vote ?
08:56:59Bagder21 people voted so far
08:57:07Bagderwe have 230+ people in the mailing list
08:57:38bobTHCyes, rockobox become famous...
08:58:21Bagderroccia boccia
08:58:48Bagderwe should settle on a way to do the different languages
08:59:26 Quit Hadaka (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
08:59:38bobTHCyes, i talk aout that with quelsaruk..
09:00:16Bagderhe and the german translations are obvious signs that we should make up our minds soon
09:02:09bobTHCthe german version is a pure code translation but quelsaruk make a translation macro isn't it ?
09:02:19PsycoXulhow hard would it be to have the player-new's use custom chars for the international ones that it's charmap is missing
09:02:23BagderI don't know what he does, since he won't tell me ;-)
09:02:36rwoodLinusN: i2c stuff on its way
09:03:07bobTHCin all case he want ure agrement before ....
09:04:19bobTHC<quelsaruk> said : " but just if the *big boss* likes the idea"
09:04:19LinusNrwood: great!
09:05:05BagderbobTHC: well, some sort of access-macro is what we want I guess
09:05:23bobTHC it's a compile-time language selector
09:05:47Bagderif made smart, it can be either compile-time or run-time
09:06:56merwinLinusN: got a haxx logo for startup if you want :-)
09:06:57merwin static char player_haxx_icons[24] =
09:06:57merwin {
09:06:57DBUGEnqueued KICK merwin
09:06:57merwin 0x11, 0x11, 0x1f, 0x11, 0x11, 0x11, 0x11, 0x00,
09:06:57merwin 0x1e, 0x01, 0x0f, 0x11, 0x11, 0x11, 0x0f, 0x00,
09:06:57***Alert Mode level 1
09:06:57merwin 0x15, 0x11, 0x0a, 0x0e, 0x0a, 0x11, 0x11, 0x00
09:06:59merwin }; /* H, A, X */
09:07:00bobTHCbadger I don't know details.... sorry
09:07:01merwin lcd_define_pattern(8,player_haxx_icons,24);
09:07:03merwin lcd_puts(2, 0, "\x01 \x02 \x03 \x03");
09:07:05merwinfor doubleheight of course
09:07:29LinusNmerwin: sucking up, eh? :-)
09:07:40merwinLinusN: hehe... i figure haxx should get SOME credit in this
09:07:56merwinLinusN: it was actually one of the t-shirts that gave me the idea
09:07:57rwooddouble flash screen at startup?
09:08:07 Join Hadaka_ [0] (
09:08:19 Nick Hadaka_ is now known as Hadaka (
09:08:24merwinrwood: excuse me?
09:08:31PsycoXuli tried doing a rendition of the rockbox logo in custom chars at one point, but it wouldn't fit in 8 of them and came out crappy at that size anyways heh
09:08:45rwoodmerwin: haxx then rockbox
09:08:48merwinPsycoXul: yeah, me too :-) HAXX fits perfectly though
09:08:50merwinrwood: yeah...
09:08:54merwinrwood: it actually looks good
09:09:07PsycoXulwoo earthquake
09:09:11merwinPsycoXul: hmm?
09:09:24PsycoXuli live in southern california
09:09:31merwinPsycoXul: enough said
09:09:37rwoodPsycoXul: what part?
09:09:47PsycoXulsan bernardino county
09:09:58rwoodi'm orange county
09:10:56PsycoXulso did you feel that jolt a minute ago?
09:11:12mecrawrwood: where in OC?
09:11:21rwoodno - must not have been that strong
09:11:29rwoodmecraw: Newport Beach
09:11:45mecrawrwood: i just moved from irvine
09:11:54merwinLinusN/Bagder: one thing about the player's startup rockbox logo that I just noticed... the doubleheight on the new LCD cuts out the version number. I think the version should be included personally :)
09:12:01rwoodmecraw: welcome to town!
09:12:15rwoodmecraw: school or work
09:12:41mecrawrwood: i just left OC... work in Denver now
09:13:01rwoodmecraw: sorry i miss read
09:13:24Bagderthe not-spin-down-that-fast fix is a really good improvement when moving along to next-song a few times
09:13:35merwinBagder: agreed
09:13:47Bagderso much more responsive
09:13:48rwoodBagder: amen
09:16:05LinusNmerwin: how's it going with the mod/ajz icon?
09:16:25merwinLinusN: oh, heh... it's done... i'll give you the code in about 30 seconds
09:16:58***Alert Mode OFF
09:17:05mecrawnot one commit in 3 hours?!! :(
09:17:18Bagderlazy gits
09:17:39CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:17:39*Bagder actually works
09:17:47merwinLinusN: 0x1f, 0x11, 0x1b, 0x15, 0x1b, 0x11, 0x1f, 0x00
09:17:49bobTHCsomebody ask info on the undocumented FF/RW "2x" option what is it?
09:18:25BagderI think it means "double" and the other number is in how many seconds
09:18:35Bagderthat's my theory ;-)
09:18:46bobTHCso it's ok, it's my theory too... ;)
09:18:47LinusNyes, it doubles the step size every Y seconds
09:19:36bobTHCit's what i tell him....
09:19:59merwinwe should probably document that feature (if it isn't)
09:20:54matslBagder: [ rockbox-Feature Requests-603569 ] Playlist only filter. I have one supporter! ;-)
09:20:55bobTHC"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning." - Rich Cook
09:21:45Bagdermatsl: I doubt that they want the directories cut out like you did anyway
09:22:20merwinLinusN: what did that e-mail mean about an "Empty Cup"? The progress cup is on the player :)
09:22:55PsycoXulmerwin: i wondered that too
09:23:14matslBagder: Ha! You still don't see the light ;-)
09:23:24PsycoXuli also wonder how you could have a play time larger than the total track time
09:23:25BagderI only use resume
09:23:33BagderI could remove the dir browser ;*)
09:24:16Bagderwell, a VBR song without xing tag must be rather uncertain, isn't it?
09:24:26Bagdertotal time that is
09:24:27PsycoXulmatsl: why not just put all your mp3 directories into a .mp3 directory
09:25:07LinusNBagder: indeed
09:25:13PsycoXulBagder: ah
09:25:17merwinLinusN: how's the player/ dir going?
09:25:33LinusNwell, i think. give me a few more minutes
09:26:02merwinLinusN: I've gotta have the cvs with the icons in it for my flight tomorrow :-)
09:26:19LinusNno problems
09:27:03matslPsycoXul: Yeah, why not. Its just a matter of regenerating all my m3u-files.
09:27:10PsycoXuli just remembered i think i made a rockbox logo
09:27:32PsycoXulmatsl: :%s#^#/.mp3#g
09:27:47 Quit merwin ()
09:27:53PsycoXulor something along those lines :p
09:28:13matslPsycoXul: easy for me but maybe not as easy for a non programmer.
09:28:27 Join merwin|away [0] (~merwin@
09:28:29 Nick merwin|away is now known as merwin- (~merwin@
09:28:30PsycoXuloh come on
09:28:33 Nick merwin- is now known as merwin (~merwin@
09:28:37PsycoXulwho doesn't know how to do a search and replace?
09:28:50matslMy mother!?
09:29:00PsycoXulmy mother does, i'm pretty sure...
09:29:06PsycoXuloh well
09:29:14matslSallute to your mother.
09:29:16rwoodmy wife - only search and destroy
09:29:56PsycoXulpersonally i don't even mess with playlists untill rockbox can make them
09:29:58*Bagder imagines rwood trying to hide from her wife when hacking on rolo
09:29:58matslWell I haven't checked the darn thing in so I really respect you view!
09:30:04Bagderhm his
09:30:04PsycoXuli never listen to the same one twice
09:30:15PsycoXulin general
09:30:27BagderI do playlists with find
09:30:52PsycoXulyeah i used find to make my last wholedisk.m3u
09:30:54rwoodshe's looking at me funny - from what she's heard about chat rooms she thinks it's perverted
09:31:03PsycoXuli should update that since i've added stuff
09:31:05Bagderit *is*
09:31:07matslI'm old. I want the playlist to be the same order as on the album.
09:31:36PsycoXulmatsl: i do to
09:31:44PsycoXulbut i like different selections of albums
09:32:15PsycoXulor to shuffle the whole disk if i can't decide on anything
09:32:45PsycoXuli hate the repeat that can't be turned off
09:32:46matslZagor suggested that a directory sort could list the m3u's first.
09:33:00PsycoXuli always end up listening to an album 1.5 - 3 times before i get around to changing it
09:33:16LinusNi have many mixed-artist albums, and i can't decide whether to organize by artist or by album
09:33:34rwoodor by genre
09:33:55PsycoXuli'd have a hard time organizing by genre
09:34:06*matsl sits on his hands to avoid the 200 file discussion
09:34:14PsycoXuli don't even know a good portion of what i listen to would be classified
09:34:20PsycoXuland if i found out, i probably wouldn't agree with it :p
09:34:24Bagderhey, its the 400-discussion now ;-)
09:34:37LinusNmerwin: i'm committing now
09:34:48matslyou said it bagder
09:35:09Bagder"but why can you..." :*)
09:35:53merwinLinusN: do we have rolo?
09:36:33Bagderno rolo committed yet
09:36:47merwinBagder: hmm... Zagor's futile attempt at a non-asm version?
09:37:00rwoodmerwin: Zagor modified it to get rid of asm - he had one last problem that i think i solved
09:37:02Bagderhe said it worked before
09:37:08merwinrwood: nice
09:37:23LinusNzagor can't get rid of the asm without putting the code in iram
09:37:27merwinrwood: so it works on the player and recorder now?
09:37:49 Join Zagor [0] (
09:37:51LinusNall he can do is to move the asm code to crt0.S
09:38:01rwoodLinusN: he made a new section at top of mem and moves in crt0
09:38:19LinusNrwood: yeah, and what did we gain?
09:38:21Bagderall hide from ... the Code Police!
09:38:29rwoodZagor: did you get my email?
09:38:45Zagorrwood: starting up now...
09:38:48rwoodLinusN: don't ask me - i just work here
09:39:33ZagorLinusN: we gained not needing a special rolo assembly routine
09:40:45Zagorrwood: doh, obvious solution. thanks!
09:40:57rwoodZagor: my pleasure
09:41:02LinusNbut we also got even more special sections in the linker command file
09:41:34ZagorLinusN: so?
09:42:03*Bagder awaits the red build for broken simulators B-]
09:42:14LinusNi thought the rolo asm code was more straightforward
09:42:43Zagormore straight-forward than a linker section? i, um, disagree
09:43:17LinusNyou're the boss
09:44:33Zagorthis was what we discussed previously
09:45:12LinusNyeah, i also thought a special section would be good, until i tried it
09:45:56Zagorwhat is the downside, in your opinion?
09:47:52LinusNhave you done it?
09:48:32LinusNok, maybe you found an easier solution than i did, then
09:48:56ZagorI do it exactly like .icode
09:49:57LinusNok, how did you place it at the top?
09:50:23Zagorlike .icode. 7 line copy loop in crt0.S
09:51:00LinusNno, in the linker script
09:51:32Zagorah. i simply cut 0x300 bytes off .mp3end and top .topram there.
09:52:10LinusNcheater :-)
09:52:13Zagor .mp3end 0x09200000 - 0x300:
09:52:20Zagor .topram : AT ( _topramcopy )
09:53:09Zagoryeah, it would be better to have dynamic size but I couldn't figure out how to do that so this will do for now
09:53:37LinusNi figured that out, and found that i liked the rolo asm better :-)
09:55:17LinusNmerwin: committed
09:55:27ZagorBagder: I want player custom-icon support in the simulator...
09:55:37*LinusN is waiting for all the reds on the build page...
09:55:42Bagdershouldn't be very hard to add
09:55:54BagderLinusN: does any code actually use those player icons?
09:56:19Zagorit does now
09:56:44Bagderso why does the simulator build fine?
09:57:30Zagorbecause you haven't updated :-)
09:57:43BagderI speak of the daily build
09:57:46Bagderthey're green
09:57:48Bagderall of them
09:57:52ZagorLinusN: just checked in code that uses it
09:58:17BagderI see now
09:58:19Zagorthe only current code is player_progress_meter, but that is #ifdef:d
09:58:31Bagderso now it'll go red
09:58:37Bagderin 2 minutes
09:58:41Bagderand counting
09:59:54LinusNso should we add a stub?
10:00:16Bagderand modify the simulator's makefile to use the icons stuff
10:01:03LinusNshould i put it in lcd_x11.c?
10:01:23Bagderyou can put it in common
10:01:28LinusNor common/stubs.c?
10:01:35Bagderthat's better
10:01:42Bagderworks for both x11 and win32
10:05:43LinusNdoes the player sim need the recorder directory?
10:05:59Bagderno, I don't think so
10:06:09Bagderyes it might
10:06:19Bagdernot at all
10:06:22Zagorwhy would it?
10:06:34Bagdersince the player sim uses the recorder lcd functions heavily
10:06:39merwinLinusN: MOD and ZIP icons aren't displayed
10:06:45LinusNand i do find that silly
10:06:48merwinZIP meaning unknown
10:06:52BagderLinusN: then you fix it ;-)
10:06:59Zagoryeah, but the recorder dir is just icons and games
10:07:08LinusNmerwin: that is because there are no file attributes for that
10:07:11Bagderthose shouldn't be needed
10:07:29Zagormerwin: .mod icons coming up. why should we show .zip?
10:07:34merwinLinusN: shouldn't MOD have the X displayed next to it?
10:07:42merwinZagor: NO icon is shown for any of the unknown files :)
10:07:44LinusNmerwin: that is because there are no file attributes for that
10:08:06Zagormerwin: i think that's good. then you know that they are not handled by rockbox.
10:08:14LinusNmerwin: the icon is defined, but the extension pattern match isn't
10:08:28merwinLinusN: ah
10:09:10merwinI just ran into the problem where a file in all lowercase is displayed in all uppercase on the rockbox
10:09:34Bagderis it *really* all lowercase in the fat?
10:09:54Bagderthat is probably windows playing a joke on you
10:09:59merwinBagder: yeah, i dropped to a dos prompt and looked at it
10:10:17Zagormerwin: we don't change the case of filenames
10:10:20merwinBagder: the dos prompt shows the case correctly
10:10:28BagderI don't trust any windows tools to show the correct case
10:10:45Zagormerwin: how long is the filename?
10:11:19merwinZagor: 8x3...
10:11:23merwinhere is a normal display of a file
10:11:26merwin05/09/2002 04:49p <DIR> DATA Data
10:11:38merwinDATA being the 8x3, and Data being the VFAT
10:11:50merwin09/02/2002 02:02p 54 default.wps
10:12:01merwinThat's my default.wps... there is no 8x3?
10:12:04Zagorno. "Data" is what windows converts it into. short filenames don't have a VFAT entry.
10:12:29merwin01/04/2001 09:28a 814,382 SETUP.ZIP
10:12:54Zagoryeah, but try making it "". you won't succeed.
10:13:16merwin01/04/2001 09:28a 814,382 SETUP.ZIP
10:13:40Zagorhmm? strange.
10:14:20merwinZagor: i would put money on the fact that if i rename default.wps to default.rwps that it would display in lowercase
10:14:43Zagorof course. default.rwps is not a 8+3 filename
10:16:00merwinZagor: i think i have an explaination... hold on
10:16:58merwinThere's a setting in Win2k/XP that says:
10:16:59merwinIf "Create 8+3 filenames" is activated (default), Windows also creates a 8+3 filename for each file. Only 16-bit apps will need those 8+3 names, so if you don't have any legacy programs you can properly deactivate this option.
10:17:27merwinit says it's only for NTFS (which my hard drive is formatted as), but maybe that's affecting this somehow
10:17:50merwinbecause the SETUP.ZIP also has a, but for some reason there is no MSDOS filename for config.wps
10:18:02 Quit Zagor (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
10:18:12merwini guess zagor didn't agree :)
10:18:21Bagderpeer killed him
10:18:31LinusNmixed case names always have long names
10:18:57merwinLinusN: Check this out
10:18:58merwin09/02/2002 02:02p 54 default.wps
10:19:06merwin09/02/2002 02:02p 54 DEFAULT.WPS deFault.wps
10:19:19merwinif i put a capitol F in it, it'll display correctly on the rockbox
10:19:39LinusNdefine "correctly"
10:20:18 Join Zagor [0] (
10:20:30merwincorrectly meaning contains lowercase letters also :) Windows and Linux will display default.wps in lowercase, but rockbox displays it in uppercase
10:20:31Zagorwhoa. what a ride!
10:22:52LinusNBagder: the sim makefile can't build without the games and screensavers
10:23:36LinusNmerwin: correctly in my world is displaying what FAT says...
10:24:22merwinLinusN: well, yes, but if every other OS that supports FAT32 will display it in lowercase, we might as well do that also :)
10:25:03BagderLinusN: that seems wrong, I agree
10:25:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:25:42Zagoras far as I can remember, 8+3 files are not supposed to *have* long entries.
10:25:52merwinZagor: they don't, that's why it displays them in all uppercase
10:26:09rwoodbedtime for bonzo - see ya tommorrow
10:26:10merwinZagor: so there is absolutely no way to create an 8x3 file that will display in lowercase on the rockbox
10:26:15merwinZagor: that's the only thing that i have a problem with :)
10:26:17 Quit rwood ()
10:26:39Zagormerwin: if there are no long entries, how come you have them on windows?
10:26:51merwin<merwin> 09/02/2002 02:02p 54 default.wps
10:26:51merwin<merwin> 09/02/2002 02:02p 54 DEFAULT.WPS deFault.wps
10:26:59merwinZagor: there isn't one for the all-lowercase apparently
10:27:07LinusNZagor: mixed case names always have long names
10:27:27ZagorLinusN: ah, of course
10:30:09Zagorany word from hes yet?
10:30:30LinusNnow i wish someone could fix the win32 simulator...
10:30:39 Join alkorr [0] (
10:30:49alkorrHi !
10:30:50LinusNyo alan!
10:31:48ZagorLinusN: you can start with fixing the x11 sim :-)
10:32:00Zagorjust kidding
10:33:53alkorrit would be too cool if we can compile the same code of uisimulator either under cygwin or VC or X11.
10:34:11Zagoralkorr: win32 doesn't have much X11 support :-)
10:34:46merwinsomeone should create a full linux distribution in Cygwin that boots to X11 :)
10:35:39matslZagor: there are X-support libraries under cygwin.
10:35:44alkorrcygwin can run X11 ;P
10:36:22matslZagor: I have tried it once and it works.
10:36:30Zagorthen what's the problem? just compile it.
10:36:46alkorrit is stupid to do so
10:36:57merwinalkorr: yes, but someone should create a full version that comes with KDE, StarOffice, etc, etc.
10:37:13Zagormerwin: why? run linux, like any sane person
10:37:51merwinZagor: but under cygwin you can run 100% of win32 apps also... which i need for my job
10:38:10matslmerwin: By vmware.
10:38:56merwinmatsl: I do have VMWare, but my company provided laptop isn't quite fast enough to do a realtime job of the apps that I need to have access to :-)
10:39:25matslmerwin: Buy a new laptop ;-)
10:39:42merwinmatsl: it's company provided... i can't get one until they say i can :)
10:39:47merwini'm their bitch
10:40:34matslmerwin: Does the company object to that you provied your own hardware ;-)
10:42:38merwinmatsl: I don't really have the 2k to spend on a new laptop
10:43:41matslmerwin: :-(
10:44:41merwinmatsl: if i did have that much money i'd definately not have this compaq piece of shit p3-700 (sounds decent, but it's a mobile p3... slow as shit :-)
10:45:01alkorrthe only valuable solution is to use SDL because it is multiplatform (windows, unix, beos, mac) and can handle video,sound,threads and files in a much simpler way
10:45:14Bagdernot at all
10:45:19Bagderbecause we have all the code today
10:45:25Bagdergoing SDL is much more work
10:45:51alkorrwell once done all extension to be done would be for all platform
10:45:52Bagderbut if someone makes it, then it'll be fun
10:45:53merwinBagder: but in the long run it'll provide the most comprehensive
10:46:21BagderI am not convinced that is true
10:46:23Zagorbut we don't need openGL graphics and sound playback
10:46:33merwinit would be nice to have sound playback
10:47:04Zagorit would be horrible, since the mpeg thread is very target specific
10:47:18Zagornice for fun, maybe. bad for debugging.
10:47:27BagderI wouldn't want sound, but I could have a more target-looking mpeg thread
10:47:52LinusNi want a more player-like player LCD simulation
10:48:04Bagderso what's wrong with it now?
10:48:16Bagdernot looking like the player LCD font?
10:48:47LinusNexactly, and no user-defined characters
10:49:04Bagderwell, the user-defined part can easily be added
10:49:40Zagorfonts too, if someone hacks up a font file
10:49:46Bagdervery true
10:49:49merwina quick lcd font file
10:50:01Bagderbesides, how the font look doesn't matter much to how we program it
10:50:08Bagderwe can still test most of the things in the sim
10:50:35Bagderas long as the APIs and behaviors are fine
10:51:15*merwin is going to bed... see y'all in 7 hours
10:51:18 Join idefx [0] (
10:51:23LinusNnight merwin
10:51:27Bagdernight merwin
10:51:33 Nick merwin is now known as merwin|zzzzz (~merwin@
10:52:01idefxMatsl, i've been told to talk to you, you're working to kind of db stuff, isn't it ?
10:53:11ZagorLinusN: did you try icons on your player-old?
10:54:07merwin|zzzzzLinusN: how many user config chars can the player-old have?
10:54:10matslidefx: I droped a mail to you
10:54:12Bagdertalking in his sleep? ;-)
10:54:20merwin|zzzzzLinusN: oops
10:54:21Zagorit appears to kill the contrast when displaying icons. very odd.
10:54:30merwin|zzzzzLinusN: we have more than 4, huh?
10:54:45Bagderat the same time?
10:54:50idefxmatsl: Did you ? i didn't receive it i think. Maybe i should verify
10:54:58matslidefx: I'm not really working on it. Just started to look at a java app that could get the id3
10:55:01LinusNat the same time
10:55:13merwin|zzzzzZagor: could be because we're putting 6 or so characters into something that can only handle 4 custom chars?
10:55:26idefxyes i received it. I'm reading it..
10:55:28matslidefx: But need idea on how the db should be organized.
10:56:01merwin|zzzzzok, real bed now. heh
10:56:12*merwin|zzzzz is shutting his laptop lid!
10:56:32LinusNi'm fixing the old-player now
10:56:54idefxOK: I only thought about a search string feature, case-insensitive, on the name/title/artist and album of each mp3 entries.
10:57:28idefxIn fact, i implemented the search function, but it takes too long to run on the device...
10:58:39matslidefx: Well, if there is a db why not go all the way and use it for browsing dir and browsing playlists etc.
10:59:26bobTHCidfx : how many time for a request ?
11:00:12idefxmatsl: yes, that's why i say you that i 'only thought about a search function', what you think about can go much further... But i'd be happy to work on it
11:00:33idefxbobTHC: i'm beginning a test...
11:01:33idefx45 sec for 64 files
11:02:02idefxwith a 2 word request ("the u")
11:02:23matslidefx: Well, I think it was LinusN idea from the start. Iwas just looking for a reason for hacking java.
11:03:22idefxOK, so, we have to think about what feature add in the db.
11:03:40matslidefx: To be honest I haven't thought about what limits there might be to the db solution. It might have its problems too.
11:04:22idefxWhat is the ram size ??
11:04:37Bagderidefx: 2MB
11:04:47Bagderfor *everything*
11:05:47Zagoridefx: think kilobytes, not megabytes
11:05:52matslSo the db-solution should use no more RAM than the current browse filesystem.
11:06:00idefxZagor: i know...
11:06:08 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
11:07:24matslSo browsing the filesystem creating on huge XML-file is probably not the way to go.
11:07:27Bagdersomeone should write up docs on how to setup a cross-compiler env with cygwin on windows
11:07:35Bagdersince that's the best windows env
11:08:07idefxmatsl: sure...
11:08:16HesCreate a locatedb (a binary tree in a file of some sort) by an external utility, searching it should be fast and not memory intensive...
11:08:29Heswrite perl and windows programs to create the db
11:08:38langhaarrockertopic cygwin: There surely is a way to edit some initializing script so that can set the path? Where is it? What's it's name?
11:08:41Zagormatsl: xml files are not very search-friendly. we should probably use fixed-field index files for quick scanning
11:08:45 Part LinusN
11:09:11Hesif the file would be sorted you could do a quick search in it
11:09:22 Join LinusN [0] (
11:09:38LinusNi guess usb-storage has a few bugs left...
11:09:53Bagderwell, sorted won't do since it should contain all sorts of data and it can't be sorted on all of them
11:10:10idefxJust a silly question: couldn't it be possible to use another fs than fat ??? for as far as i remember, some filesystem (like reiserfs) are db-based. Reiserfs is too complicated for an archos, but, maybe create another one ??
11:10:42bobTHCand lost the portable HD capacity ?
11:10:45Bagderthat is not really the sensible approach to this problem anyway ;-)
11:11:07Bagderidefx: think "windows compatibility"
11:11:08matslHes: I know perl is preferable but I need to refresh my java. It can allways be ported. Besides I haven't started yet,
11:11:29Bagderif the file format is just defined, anyone could write tools to generate the file(s)
11:12:25bobTHCmatsl : when u build java Virtual Machine for rockbox ? ;)
11:12:28idefxwell, someone here may be able to write a windows driver.. and, maybe partition the HD, on fat partition to put the driver, and the rest in idefx-fs(trademark), so, it could be used on windows ;)
11:12:51Bagderidefx: sure, come back when you're done and we'll consider your patch ;-)
11:13:08idefxBagder :=)))
11:14:44 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|busy (
11:15:01HesLinusN: usb-storage crashes my SMP boxes maybe 2 times of 3 inserts
11:15:08idefxthe fact is it sounds silly to make a db each time we add/modify a file, whereas we could make a db-fs... But... you know... still looks difficult ;)
11:15:29Bagderidefx: I disagree, making a new fs seems a lot more silly to me
11:15:59idefxBagder: It looks difficult, but more logical..
11:16:06BagderI disagree
11:16:09Bagderit is not in my head
11:16:31BagderArchos is successul a lot thanks to the fat
11:16:47bobTHCthe really question is it's possible to make an incremential db directly with the device or update a the db itch time with the pc...
11:16:58idefxI know some guy that liked too modify the firmware, and have re-written it from the beginning. Sounds logical.
11:17:19langhaarrockerIs there some code somewhere where I can spy how to receive events from the remote control?
11:17:31 Join quelsaruk [0] (
11:17:54bobTHC1-800-MULTILANG is here yo!
11:17:54Zagorlanghaarrocker: they are simply buttons
11:18:50idefxwell, a question would be: a single file db, or one db per directory ?
11:19:10Zagorlanghaarrocker: button_get() gets remote control events too
11:20:56quelsarukBagder: shoul i explain my idea of multilanguage support here or by mail? I normally don't explain myself quite well, so if you don't understand anything i can re-explain it :)
11:21:22idefxwell, is there a project to implement recording function in the moment ?
11:22:07LinusNidefx: no, not until we have filesystem writes
11:22:17Bagderquelsaruk: I prefer mail, since I'm not too concentrated on this IRC conversation
11:22:22quelsarukok :)
11:22:29idefxand someone working on filesystem write ??
11:22:40Zagoridefx: i am
11:22:55idefxZagor: oK
11:23:45idefxjust another question, has anyone test the recording (from the stock firmware) from the digital in ?? does it work ?
11:24:09bobTHCyes but SCMS work too
11:24:28bobTHCbut u can desactivate it ...
11:24:53Zagorthat'll be a nice can of worms...
11:25:24idefxbobTHC: is it softwared ??
11:25:24LinusNwhen RIAA sues Rockbox you mean?
11:25:31ZagorLinusN: yeah
11:25:40Bagderthat'll be a fun day ;-P
11:26:17bobTHCyes because a hack exist on the stock version
11:26:48idefxbobTHC: what hack ???
11:27:25bobTHCPut in the following as the new artists name: HFSCMSOFF
11:27:42LinusNi can't use the user-defined icon 0, because it terminates the string! :-(
11:27:50bobTHCtoo hard isn'it ?
11:27:55ZagorLinusN: :)
11:28:08LinusNgah, time for a lcd_putchar() function
11:28:49idefxbobTHC: OK, thks
11:33:05 Quit idefx ("BitchX: a modern client for a old world")
11:33:08BagderZagor: I got the most interesting crash this morning
11:33:35Bagderwith disk spindown at 5 sec, it reboots when entering wps after having loaded my full playlist and done the shuffle
11:33:45Bagderevery time
11:33:55Bagderincreasing it to 6 secs make it survive
11:34:36 Nick matsl|busy is now known as matsl (
11:34:43Bagderkind of not good
11:34:53Zagorkind of :-)
11:35:06LinusNwe very much need a spindown handler that doesn't spin down in the middle of a read
11:39:47quelsarukBagder: message sent, i hope you can understand my english :)
11:40:22Bagderquelsaruk: I'm sure I will, or I'll ask for clarification
11:40:23LinusNnow both players work with custom characters
11:40:27quelsarukof course, as soon as i finish this, i could send it to you so you can see what i mean
11:40:59LinusNwe may want to move the custom chars in the translation tables
11:42:08quelsaruksorry, LinusN, who are you talking to?
11:42:41LinusNi 'm speaking about the custom defined characters on the player LCD's
11:43:33LinusNthey are characters codes 0-3 and 0-7 recpectively
11:43:39Zagorthe players really are significantly faster than recorders
11:43:51LinusNcharacter code 0 conflicts with the string terminator
11:43:52Zagorit's very noticeable in the rolo descrambling
11:44:06ZagorROLO going in now
11:44:13*Bagder hoorays
11:44:19LinusNdescrambling code in IRAM perhaps?
11:44:34ZagorLinusN: nah, we're not really in a hurry doing it
11:44:38LinusNROLO r0000lz!
11:45:05Zagorthat "poor man's ROR" is probably what's taking the most time
11:45:19LinusNmaybe a lookup table?
11:45:24matslWhen I max bass or treble the volume gets lower. feature, bug, known?
11:45:29Zagori just noticed, again, how much difference there is
11:45:40ZagorLinusN: why do we want it 1s instead of 2s? no point.
11:45:42LinusNmatsl: a necessary feature to avoid distortion
11:46:07matslLinusN: So I gather. rather unexpected though.
11:46:30LinusNwe are working on a smoother calculation
11:47:14LinusNthe resolution of the volume compensation can be better
11:47:35matslsmoother? How can making the volume lower be made smoother
11:48:04LinusNin smaller steps...
11:49:22LinusNROLO ROCKS!!!!!!!
11:49:45matslHmm... Shouldn't volume, bass and treble be one function then. they all depend on each other?
11:50:11LinusNthe caller of those functions may not know all values
11:50:37LinusNand the compensation is done by the driver, not by the application
11:51:02 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
11:51:35LinusNat last i can load the gdb stub without USB!
11:51:51Bagderthat's cool indeed
11:52:18LinusNf*ckin awesome!
11:52:39LinusNbut should the volume name really show in the directory?
11:53:53Bagder<CmdrTaco> I'll probably post something about rockbox sooner or later.
11:53:56matslLinusN: I don't mean function as in C-function but rather that they arrarently depend on each other.
11:54:09Bagdercelebrity users are good ;-)
11:54:11LinusNyes they do
11:55:13matslLinusN: If you have to lower the volume when bass is increased maybe the volume shouldn't have been allowed to be set that high before. What am I missing?
11:55:57Zagorgah! I have to fix the F2/F3 stuff so people stop adding all kinds of fetures to F2...
11:55:58LinusNmatsl: we want to allow for maximum volume at all times
11:57:01matslI understand. behavior need to be documented. Its a surprising feature.
11:57:19LinusNit won't be as surprising when we have increased the resolution
11:57:42Bagderwe don't document anything so why should that be documented? B)
11:57:44matslLinusN: Don't you expect users to hear that the volume get slower?
11:57:48Bagdersee the player manual
11:57:59matslRTFM? ;-)
11:58:09Bagderthe player users read the recorder manual
11:58:15Bagdersince it is more complete
11:58:55Zagorwe should probably mix it more, so we don't duplicate so much into
11:58:56*Bagder utters subtle complaints about player developers not updating the manual ;-)
11:59:12Bagderor use proper #includes
11:59:35*matsl things some things conserns both player and recorder
12:00:14LinusNmatsl: we should document it, yes
12:01:24matslAbout the manual. Where is it? Looked in docs but ... ??
12:01:59matslOf course ;-)
12:04:03LinusNfrexx cpp
12:04:16matslfrexx cpp??
12:04:18LinusNhtml-aware c preprocessor
12:04:28LinusNby the c00lest d00ds on earth
12:05:19matslYou mean ..., no your not serious ... you are! Huh!
12:05:43Zagorwe'd never use software written by someone else :-)
12:09:48matslSince these c00l d00ds doesn't seem to have a link form the home page could I be please enlightened in how to get this invaluable tool ;-)
12:14:15 Quit h0bby ()
12:14:23Zagorgrab it from labb:~bjst/bin/fcpp
12:20:40 Part langhaarrocker
12:22:05Zagorah, green build again.
12:24:56matslZagor: There is no Makefile in www/devcon
12:25:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:36:32matslZagor: docs_ link is missing? I added it but got makefile loop. Help!?
12:38:01Zagorwell, docs_ is the /docs dir
12:38:22Zagorthe web site does not mirror the cvs structure completely
12:38:54matslAha. I did a link and the make got into a loop.
12:42:56 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lunch (
13:00:55HesThe build from this morning with the latest ATA fix did not skip - instead of skipping it got stuck
13:01:15Hesit was in WPS, play mode (play icon), in beginning of a song
13:02:07ZagorHes: oops :-)
13:04:08ZagorHes: what is your disk spindown timer set to?
13:05:49Hes3 s
13:06:02Zagortry settings it to 5
13:08:16Bagderwe should have a lowest spindown
13:08:23Bagderthat should probably be at least 4
13:08:39Zagorrather, we should make sure the code works with all spindowns
13:08:51Zagorvery low spindown is so painful nobody wants it anyway
13:09:07Bagder23 voters so far
13:09:16HesWhat difference would 3 => 5 do?
13:10:08ZagorHes: we have some bug in the ata code, it would be interesting to see if 3->5 makes a difference
13:13:11 Quit mbr (Remote closed the connection)
13:16:18 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|lunch (
13:16:31 Join mbr [0] (
13:16:57Bagderhey mbr
13:17:55Bagderwhen I press f1 to go to the menu from the wps, and then press left to return to wps, that left-press is treated in the wps
13:18:57HesI'll try with the 5.
13:19:49ZagorBagder: fixing
13:22:30 Nick LinusN|lunch is now known as LinusN (
13:23:05 Join notch [0] (
13:23:26LinusNZagor: didn't you fix that yesterday?
13:23:58Bagderthis was built this morning
13:24:09ZagorLinusN: no, i did the wrong thing
13:24:23LinusNyou? wrong? naaaahh...
13:27:06HesI added a little bragging about ROLO to the web news, and fixed openprojects => freenode on the irc page...
13:27:44Bagderwhy does the irc page get so wide?
13:28:08LinusNZagor: i think last_button may not necessarily be, for example, BUTTON_LEFT
13:28:10Hesthe logs table does not wrap it's rows
13:28:19LinusNif you press several keys at once
13:28:31Bagderaha, they're all <td>s...
13:28:54LinusNin the case of roght/left it may be ok, though
13:32:48ZagorLinusN: this is only for prev/next, not general
13:33:10 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
13:34:37 Join edx|sleep [0] (
13:35:41Bagderhey edx
13:36:39 Nick edx|sleep is now known as edx (
13:36:43edxhmm im at school
13:36:46edxgotta go
13:36:49 Part edx
13:41:36LinusNZagor: i wish we could find a general solution to that problem
13:42:26Zagorwe can't. the other option is to wait for button release in menu.c
13:43:20Zagorbut there will always be release issues to deal with. we already deal with it for the MENU/F1 key
13:44:46 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
13:45:46ZagorLinusN: there is no way to read the F2+UP combination, right?
13:47:09alkorryou need to see what value you get when F2+UP
13:48:02Zagorok, it is distinct. but messy :-)
13:48:56alkorrin fact you just need to have the limits for all combinaison
13:49:19alkorrand have a binary search to know the combinaison
13:49:40Zagorit seems different units have very different levels
13:50:34alkorras long as they have no conflict for differnt levels, it should works
13:50:59Zagoryes. we just need to find the limits.
13:51:28alkorra good average for each limit so it can work for all units
13:52:11LinusNmy unit and zagors unit have very different levels
13:52:25ZagorLinusN: but are they conflicting?
13:52:45alkorrif they are proportional it isn't a problem
13:53:29LinusNno they are not conflicting, but they are close
13:53:33langhaarrockerWe need a calibration method - just like joysticks ;)
13:55:36LinusNexample: my UP key gives 1000 decimal, Zagors 917
13:55:40alkorrone way to do so is having dynamical calibration
13:56:02LinusNmy F2 key gives 800 and zagors gives 730
13:56:14alkorrwhat is the greater number ?
13:56:34alkorrtry to have the limit in order
13:56:39LinusNso having the threshold at 900 is too close
13:57:00LinusNalkorr: why shouldn't we have the limits on order?
13:57:47LinusNi'm saying that the difference between my UP and F2 keys is 200 (1000 vs 800)
13:58:01LinusNtherefore i would want to put the limit at 900
13:58:24LinusNbut that is too close for Zagor, whose UP key gives 917
13:58:33alkorrwell we can have a dynamical callibration which alters limits to coaxe with the real ones
13:58:34 Quit Blaster_Master ()
13:58:52LinusNalkorr: yes, but we need to know which key is pressed to do that
13:59:14alkorrsay for UP, we have 950
13:59:16LinusNthe UP key is not a candidate for that, for example
13:59:18ZagorLinusN: we both have excactly 20% difference
13:59:47Zagornot that it helps :-)
14:00:05alkorrjust add a new menu to calibrate buttons
14:00:15LinusN20% difference?
14:00:37Zagor800 is 20% below 1000. 730 is 20% below 917.
14:00:57LinusNyes, the offsets are the same
14:01:18alkorrask for some buttons so a calibration would fit the limits
14:01:22HesWould that differ on the battery voltage?
14:01:33ZagorHes: no, we've checked that
14:01:38LinusNit seems like you have another voltage reference
14:01:42alkorrof course, they should have been put in disk
14:01:43LinusNfor the ADC
14:02:11LinusNbut the stock firmware handles it without calibration, so we should too
14:02:50alkorrit only can be due to a different voltage, they wouldn't change the resistors values, could be a catastrophic if so
14:03:10alkorrLinus: stock firmware doesn't like combination
14:03:29LinusNi figured so, but some users say they do
14:03:34alkorrexcept if they comes from different key groups
14:04:00alkorrso F2 with DOWN is okay, but not F2 and UP because they are in the same group
14:04:10LinusNyes i know
14:05:17LinusNsome users have reported that the stock firmware is tolerant to key combinations
14:06:40 Nick matsl|lunch is now known as matsl (
14:06:42alkorrmaybe they think the stock firmware is tolerant to key combination because they try with non ADC keys (on/off)
14:07:03alkorri mean "ONLY try"
14:07:36LinusNno, the bug report specifically mentioned UP+F2
14:08:14LinusNwe interpret UP+F2 as F3
14:13:29LinusNwe could autocalibrate if we could be sure about which key is pressed
14:14:00LinusNi mean, the very first keypress should be a single key
14:14:13LinusNand after that we adjust the limits accordingly
14:14:33LinusNnot dynamically, just at startup
14:14:41Bagderand only if we haven't stored the calibration before
14:14:54LinusNwe don't need to store it
14:15:15Bagderno, not if you can make it invisible
14:15:17PsycoXulwoo hey
14:15:47PsycoXulso now that the player's dir browser has custom char icons, why not just invert the one with the cursor over it and get rid of the arrow
14:16:12LinusNinvert the icon?
14:16:12Bagdersounds like a terrific idea
14:16:45LinusNor blink, toggling between an arrow and the icon
14:16:51PsycoXulLinusN: yes, or some such sort of indicative change
14:17:11LinusNanimate it, perhaps
14:17:17LinusNthat woudl be cool
14:17:25PsycoXulthat would be
14:17:30Zagoryeah, I want animation. why have you guys been so slow? ;-)
14:17:33LinusNit is certainly possible
14:17:55PsycoXuljust update the pattern definition and it's reflected on the screen
14:18:00LinusNeasy as pie
14:19:23alkorrPsyco, text LCD must have support for a cursor if it is what you want
14:20:33PsycoXulalkorr: hmm?
14:20:57PsycoXulalkorr: the icons are custom chars, rockbox can change them however it likes, independant of any other LCD features
14:21:02alkorrtext LCD usually has a hardware cursor
14:21:12alkorrif you want one
14:21:27LinusNthe blinking block kind
14:21:53PsycoXulalkorr: yes, the hardware cursor blinks between normal and inverted, and rather slowly.. its invisible half the time while scrolling through files
14:21:55alkorrif it can be helpful for something
14:22:22alkorrcannot be speedup ?
14:22:26PsycoXulalkorr: it's better doing something with the custom chars, which are easy to change on the screen
14:23:00alkorras you like, take it as a suggestion not as a mandatory request
14:23:30PsycoXuli modified rockbox to do it some time ago
14:23:43PsycoXuland it wasn't very good
14:23:54alkorrbut is was unsastified ok
14:25:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:25:41Bagderi hate people posting bug reports in various forums all over
14:26:11Bagderwhy do people post bug reports on debian on my programs?
14:26:17*Bagder is clueless
14:28:49mbrHave to say good bye!
14:28:57mbrI'm off for the next 3 weeks for vacation. Have a nice time!!
14:29:08Bagderwow, have a good time mbr
14:29:19mbrThanks :)
14:29:24Bagderwe'll modify all your code in your absense B)
14:30:17mbrIf it is better after that (what is not hard) I'll be happy :)
14:30:50 Part mbr
14:41:54 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-away (
15:00:22 Nick elinenbe|sleeps is now known as elinenbe (
15:00:27elinenbemorning all
15:00:41bobTHCafternoon eli
15:00:45elinenbedo you like my icons?
15:00:46Zagorhow do you guys feel about this font parameter many of the lcd_* functions take? I think we should skip it and just use one font.
15:00:52Zagorelinenbe: looks nice!
15:01:02BagderZagor: I think so too
15:01:03Bagderwe can
15:01:14Bagder't deal with dynamic font switches very good anyway
15:01:20elinenbeyou can do whatever you want with the extra sokoban levels... I know it takes up a bunch of space.
15:01:23Bagderand we never use them
15:01:40Zagorelinenbe: I want them, but I think they should be loaded from disk
15:01:51elinenbeZagor: I agree.
15:03:12elinenbewhat is the current status on the T-Shirt voting?
15:03:24Bagder6 and 7
15:03:37ZagorBagder: can do think about how (if) we can handle BUTTON_REL evens in the simulator?
15:03:50BagderI don't really know
15:03:57Zagorwe use them more and more and it would be nice to simulate it somehow
15:04:06Bagderyes, I agree
15:08:29langhaarrockerNow that the RoLo works (congrats! My life was brightened by that!) -
15:08:29langhaarrockerDo you think it would be possible do establish a more modular concept of loading modules with some extra functionality dynamically?
15:09:06Zagorlanghaarrocker: no. the overhead for loading modules would far outweigh the benefits
15:09:23Zagorbetter to make separate mod files and run them with rolo
15:09:39elinenberockbox is #45 on sourceforge's highest activity list! way to go!
15:10:15Zagori have a very odd bug here
15:10:18Zagorlcd_putsxy(0, LCD_HEIGHT/2 - h, "Scroll bar", 0);
15:10:19alkorrand difficult because you will need a special object format to allow address relocation of functions and data.
15:10:21langhaarrockerGimme cvs access and I'll push the activity ;), harharhar
15:10:24Zagorlcd_putsxy(LCD_WIDTH - w, LCD_HEIGHT/2 - h, ptr,0);
15:10:41Zagorthe second putsxy is drawn one pixel lower then the first!
15:12:49elinenbedoes anyone have a fun .wps that I can use on the recorder?
15:13:02LinusNZagor: one pixel down?
15:13:05*Bagder has not
15:13:07ZagorLinusN: yes
15:13:27Zagorelinenbe: i'm too busy programming to actually use this stuff :-)
15:16:05elinenbeZagor: haha I know what you mean. But sometime you need to try it out to see the bugs.
15:16:22elinenbeZagor: like loadable fonts not working on the target! ;)
15:16:36ZagorI never noticed ;)
15:24:12Zagorthe pixel bug only happens in propfonts, not fixed fonts
15:24:56LinusNi'm thinking about LCD_WIDTH-w
15:25:03LinusNhow large is w?
15:25:27Zagorthere's another bug in fixed-width mode: it cuts the last char on each line
15:25:35ZagorLinusN: lcd_getstringsize("string")
15:25:44LinusNso it can be negative?
15:25:52LinusNor very big
15:26:00ZagorLinusN: no
15:26:48Zagorthe string is "Status bar", so w should be about 40
15:27:05*Zagor is firing up gdb
15:27:08LinusNi was thinking that it may wrap in the frame buffer
15:27:23 Join Dexter [0] (
15:27:24LinusNone pixel row in the x direction
15:27:47Zagor657 lcd_putsxy(LCD_WIDTH - w, LCD_HEIGHT/2 - h, ptr,0);
15:27:48Zagor(gdb) p w
15:27:48Zagor$1 = 29
15:29:44LinusNso it starts at x=112-29
15:30:29Zagorah, misa silly
15:30:38Zagorw is not the problem. h is... :-)
15:30:55Bagderp h
15:31:08*Zagor is not saying :-)
15:31:46LinusNi think i know...
15:32:09 Part Dexter
15:33:41 Join pimlottc [0] (
15:35:46 Part elinenbe
15:36:29 Join gizz [0] (
15:37:19gizzHi all
15:41:20gizzI've got trouble booting rockbox on my AJB6K.. :(
15:42:17 Join elinenbe [0] (
15:43:25LinusNZagor: maybe we should set last_disk_activity after the mutex is aquired
15:43:44LinusNboth before and after, even
15:43:50gizzAnybody can decrypt bootup panicf() messages ??
15:44:16ZagorLinusN: it doesn't help, since ata_sleep() nulls the timer.
15:44:20 Join sylvr [0] (
15:44:29Zagorgizz: what does it say?
15:44:46ZagorLinusN: maybe that 500ms extra delay idea is the best
15:44:47gizzNo FAT32 pa
15:44:57gizz(2 lines)
15:45:11Zagorgizz: it means your disk is formatted very strangely and we can't figure out what kind of disk it is
15:45:12LinusNit doesn't find a fat32 partition
15:45:30gizzwell, archos firmware still boots..
15:45:40gizzand USB mode works still
15:45:47elinenbewho wants to solve my pet peeve with r0ckb0x?
15:46:18gizzwhat happened, is that my jukebox falled on the floor, so some area may be hard to read...
15:46:42gizzI wonder if read() shouldn't retry 1 or 2 times before panicf()....
15:47:58Zagorgizz: that is probably not the problem
15:48:09gizzyeah ?
15:48:18gizzso.. ?
15:48:22Zagordid rockbox 1.3 work on it before the fall?
15:48:32gizzyes (definitely :)
15:48:41Zagorok. hmm...
15:49:30gizzoh yeah, I forgot :
15:49:37LinusN(here it comes) :-)
15:50:24gizzI tried to dd() the begininning of my hdd, (both with linux/cygwin) and it fails at some point (impossible to read more than ~32kb)
15:50:40gizzBUT, archos firmware boots !!!!
15:50:58langhaarrockergizz: maybe your hd ist broken and it's only the rom firmware - not the one from disk
15:51:31gizzbut ROM fw loads MP3 correctly..
15:51:46gizzmaybe the partitionning area is broken.. :(
15:52:07Zagorsounds like it, yes
15:52:10gizzAnyone know a tool to check/fix that kind of problem ??
15:52:39gizz(or a way to move partitions, or anything, so the area is at another place)
15:53:07langhaarrockerYou can access the hd via usb?
15:53:08Zagormost disk tools should be able to check that. like norton disk doctor or similar.
15:53:29gizzOne info though, Rockbox seems to load, at least after logo (which is displayed) then, the panicf()
15:54:10LinusNok, so we may do one check too many
15:54:42gizzzagor: don't have ndd by hand, do you know some linux tools ?? or maybe freeware/windows ??
15:55:04Zagorgizz: no, sorry.
15:55:09langhaarrockerI'd try to backup anything valuable first and than start with good old checkdisk (from windows)
15:55:29langhaarrockeroh, it was calles scandisk
15:55:35gizzLang good idea.. (I've already backed it up)
15:56:29gizzlang: do you know if I can do the same as scandisk, but under linux ?? (have plugged my hdd to a linux box)
15:56:56gizzI know fsck, but it's logical rather than physical check
15:57:46LinusNtime to go home!
15:57:48LinusNbye all!
15:57:53Bagdersee ya
15:57:56langhaarrockersleep tight
15:58:06 Part LinusN
15:59:24gizzc u later !
16:00:02 Quit gizz ()
16:07:53Zagorlcd_getstringsize returns wrong for propfont. it returns max glyph size, while putsxy() still always clears 8 pixels high.
16:11:57 Nick quel|out is now known as quelsaruk (
16:16:11 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|out (
16:25:04BagderI guess the propfonts code isn't there to stay anyway
16:25:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:45:07 Quit mecraw|work (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:53:25 Join edx [0] (
16:54:47BagderI'm off for today, see ya around
16:54:55 Part Bagder
17:03:30 Quit merwin|zzzzz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:10:49 Join Snorlax [0] (
17:11:15bobTHCcu later !
17:11:20 Part bobTHC
17:14:43 Quit notch ()
17:25:37 Nick edx is now known as edx|off (
17:27:27 Join hardeep [0] (
17:27:38 Part langhaarrocker
17:27:45hardeephi all
17:28:45hardeepps: rolo rocks. kudos to randy and whoever else worked on it.
17:29:16elinenbehardeep: it makes debugging and programming so much better. No more reloading!
17:29:49elinenbehardeep: No more rebooting (that is what I mean)
17:35:40hardeepyep, very handy for debugging.
17:46:34 Nick dwihno|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
17:46:42dwihnoI'm dwihno! Hello!
18:02:23 Join merwin- [0] (~merwin@
18:04:29 Quit alkorr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:07:17 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|cycling (
18:08:02 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
18:08:24 Join Dexter [0] (
18:09:12*adi|home yawns
18:10:58merwin-I think it looked better on the player icons when ? wasn't displayed for unknown files
18:11:06merwin-morning adi
18:11:13 Nick merwin- is now known as merwin (~merwin@
18:11:20merwinadi|home: i agree wit hyou
18:14:52adi|homeabout what?
18:18:42 Part Dexter
18:19:18merwinthe yawn
18:19:26adi|homeahh.. okay :)
18:19:57merwinadi|home: so what do you think... does it look better with or without the ? being displayed for unknown file types
18:20:16adi|homehow do you mean?
18:21:06 Join LinusN [0] (
18:22:22merwinAmbitious Hebrew Owner Operators.""YAHOO"
18:22:30merwin, "Young
18:22:30merwinAmbitious Hebrew Owner Operators.""YAHOO",
18:22:38merwindamn outlook :P
18:22:57merwinLinusN: I think that the unknown file types looked better without the ?
18:23:32adi|homewhat do we use now?
18:24:33merwinadi|home: I implemented player icons for the tree last night... we use a ? next to unknown file types... i think displaying no icon is better for unknown icons. I didn't think that last night, but i do now :)
18:25:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:25:51adi|homewell i prefer the '?'
18:25:53adi|homei think..
18:26:15merwinadi|home: it's easier to tell which are handled filetypes if no icon is displayed, personally
18:26:26merwinadi|home: that was Linus' opinion last night
18:26:49*adi|home shrugs
18:26:59adi|homeim not really going to have odd files so :)
18:27:19LinusNmerwin: i agree. unknown files could be better without an icon
18:27:19merwinadi|home: mine have some mixed-in files
18:27:37merwinLinusN: who added the display of ? then?
18:27:59LinusNyou did :-)
18:28:17merwinLinusN: in your first implementation you didn't have it
18:28:21merwinthen this morning it's in
18:28:24LinusNthat was a bug
18:28:44merwinLinusN: mind if i take it out?
18:28:51LinusNnot at all
18:29:01 Quit edx|off (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:29:02*merwin likes rolo's
18:29:11LinusNi hope you're not talking about the simulator
18:29:22merwinLinusN: player
18:29:37LinusNcause the simulator puts a ? in front of every file
18:29:40adi|homemy recorder right now
18:29:46adi|homedisplays nothing for unknown files
18:29:50adi|homeand it looks odd..
18:29:50LinusNsince the icons aren't implemented in the simulator
18:29:54adi|homeid rather see the ?
18:30:31LinusNi'd rather have icons on files that rockbox understands, and no icon on the other files
18:30:40LinusNeasy to distinguish
18:31:08adi|homei guess my main issue is that no other gui display does that
18:31:19adi|homewindows/linux both display a default icon for a file they don't know
18:31:21adi|homeon a gui
18:31:29merwinadi|home: no other gui has a 2 line display though :)
18:32:05adi|homebut if we do/don't do a '?' on the player, it should be done the same on the recorder as well...
18:32:34adi|homeoooooo rolo is in?
18:32:38merwinadi|home: yuppers
18:32:40LinusNit sure is!
18:32:40adi|homeooooo.. how do i make it work?
18:32:43LinusNand it ROCKS!!!!!
18:32:48merwinadi|home: select a file in the browser
18:32:51merwinadi|home: that's it :)
18:32:57LinusNturn off the mp3/m3u filter
18:33:08adi|homebut once i go archos firmware.. how can i get back?
18:33:16LinusNthen select any .mod/.ajz file
18:33:31adi|homeokay. gonna test :)
18:33:45merwinLinusN: hmm... It won't let me reload the archos.mod file... says "File Not Found"
18:34:23adi|homewhats with the funny looking 'X' Icon?
18:34:24merwinLinusN: nevermind
18:34:34merwinadi|home: it's the 5x7 for eXecutable
18:34:44adi|homeahh.. hmmmm
18:34:46merwinadi|home: if you can draw up a better 5x7 for it, be my guest
18:34:50adi|homedunno if i like it :)
18:34:57adi|homehave to think about it a while :)
18:35:23adi|homeall right.. so im at the firmware i want to load...
18:35:23dwihnothere should be three file modes available? mp3/m3u mp3/m3u/rockbox files and all
18:35:30adi|homeits called "ajbrec.ajz.archos"
18:35:31merwindwihno: agreed
18:35:33adi|homehow do i load it?
18:35:43merwinadi|home: you have to call it ajbrec_archos.ajz
18:35:45merwinit has to end in ajz
18:35:49adi|homeahh.. okay...
18:35:50merwinor mod for the player
18:37:12adi|homeSO FUCKING COOl!!!!
18:37:17*adi|home grins at rolo
18:37:27merwinadi|home: i agree!
18:38:24adi|homeim soooo inlove with this
18:38:35adi|homeand i loved that CmdrTaco stopped in yesterday :)
18:39:18adi|homeoh.. has anyone had any word the short stop of files?
18:39:29adi|homeie file stop after 2 mins on a 4 min song?
18:39:36merwinadi|home: ?
18:39:36adi|homeCmdrTaco, founder of /.
18:39:42merwinwhat is /.
18:40:09LinusNmerwin: are you sure that the character position is cleared before not outputting an icon?
18:40:09merwinI missed CmdrTaco?
18:40:22merwinLinusN: yeah.
18:40:58merwinLinusN: I did notice with the wps, that the line isn't cleared before redrawing it... so if you have a variable length line that isn't using the full screen it'll leave characters behind sometimes
18:41:34LinusNdid you fix it?
18:41:37adi|home time stop: 22.28.47
18:41:40adi|homecheck that merwin
18:41:59merwinLinusN: not yet, i'm packing for a flight
18:42:03adi|homeSo no one else has their files stop mid song and move to the next song?
18:42:14merwinadi|home: not anymore
18:42:19merwinadi|home: I used to, about a week ago
18:42:59adi|homei was getting it last night driving back up...
18:43:06adi|homeand that was the build from sat night
18:44:16merwintacoboy is funny :P
18:44:36merwinadi|home: hmm... i haven't gotten it. Is your spindown set to above 3 seconds?
18:45:59adi|homehmm.. not sure.. let me check
18:46:28*merwin now has the ability to rolo into 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3 :)
18:46:40adi|homeyeah.. 5 seconds
18:46:46adi|homeshould i lower it to < 3?
18:46:56merwinadi|home: hmm.... well, i'll let you know if it's happening to me
18:47:02merwinadi|home: no, needs to be above 3
18:47:03adi|homeand why would that do it?
18:47:13merwinadi|home: being below 3 is causing serious problems
18:47:21adi|homegot ya...
18:47:26merwinadi|home: i've got a monster flight today in a couple hours, i'll let you know if i get it
18:47:49adi|homeohhh intersting
18:47:54adi|homeim in the spindown menu
18:47:58adi|homei plug in usb
18:48:03adi|homeand i don't switch to usb mode
18:48:04merwinadi|home: that happens in all menus
18:48:11merwinadi|home: i noticed the same thing last friday
18:48:17adi|homethats not good is it?
18:48:24merwinadi|home: doesn't hurt anything :)
18:48:36adi|homeright.. but is it what we want?
18:49:07merwinadi|home: no, we need it
18:49:17merwinadi|home: i was just too lazy to fix it on the flight
18:51:14LinusNgotta go, cu guys!
18:51:16merwinheh, load up 1.1 sometime and see the difference
18:51:19merwinttyl linus
18:51:24 Part LinusN
18:52:16merwinZagor is Cycling, huh?
18:58:08merwinOK, time to get ready for Chicago.... ttyl
18:58:11 Nick merwin is now known as merwin|packing (~merwin@
19:01:00 Quit quelsaruk ("Aplicación Saliendo")
19:08:23 Join Norrin [0] (
19:12:00 Join gizz [0] (
19:12:20 Part Norrin
19:20:06 Quit gizz ()
19:22:17 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
19:25:02 Quit matsl|out (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:29:47 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|out (
19:32:19 Join quelsaruk [0] (
19:37:06 Quit merwin|packing ()
19:43:55 Join man3l [0] (
19:51:37 Join edx [0] (
20:11:37quelsarukhi edx
20:21:23adi|homei swear to god.. we have reached the 'some users need to be LART'd' stage
20:22:53elinenbe|outLART'd' stage?
20:24:22adi|home[L]use [A]ttitude [R]eadjustment [T]ool
20:24:31adi|homethey need to be beaten over the head with a large hard object
20:24:43adi|homeluser rather
20:25:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:25:47quelsarukwhy do you say that adi|home?
20:26:26adi|homeppl still saying 'why is there a 400 file limit in the directories?'
20:26:44adi|homeand 'wouldn't it be cool if you could develope for <insert file format or other hardware here>"
20:26:51adi|homebasically.. RTFM's folks
20:26:58adi|homecheck the faq, and the mailing list
20:27:00*adi|home sighs
20:27:05elinenbe|outadi: the problem is more new people are finding out about Rockbox, so they do not know about the past.
20:27:33quelsarukbut now there is a good faq
20:27:45adi|homeno.. the problem is the same one every project faces
20:27:54adi|homeusers _not_ reading available material before asking questions
20:28:02adi|homeimmediate gratifications
20:28:27adi|home'i know i should read X document.. but i don't want to.. so will you do the work by just answering my question for me?'
20:29:01 Nick Zagor|cycling is now known as Zagor (
20:29:27adi|homehey zagor
20:29:34quelsarukhi Zagor
20:29:48adi|homedidnt we have a response to ppl wanting use to develop for other hardware somewherE?
20:29:53adi|homethe multimedia archos..
20:29:58adi|homei know we had something about it
20:30:08Zagorumm, we had. maybe it was never added to the faq.
20:30:16Zagorthe short answer is "maybe later"
20:30:44Zagorthe long answer is... longer :-D
20:36:46adi|homenow _thats_ an original question
20:36:59adi|homeis there any sun driver dev for the usb etc...
20:37:08 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
20:44:59 Join TotMacher [0] (
20:45:14TotMacherthe rolo is nive
20:45:20TotMacherbut you have to turn off mp3/m3u filter
20:45:22TotMacherthat suxx
20:46:51Zagorhas nobody tried my new quick-set screens? not a single comment...
20:50:04Zagoradi|home: new entry in the FAQ: "Why only 400 files"
20:57:22TotMacherquick set screens ?
20:57:48Zagorhold F2 or F3 and you get to toggle things like shuffle, status bar, scroll bar etc.
20:58:04Zagormp3/m3u filter could be one of these toggles
20:58:10TotMachervery good
20:58:17TotMacherhow can i do a custom WPS ?
20:58:27TotMacheri always read about it
20:58:39TotMacherbut it dont know what it does ?
20:58:43Zagorcreate a file called *.wps and press PLAY on it
20:58:45TotMacherand how i activated it
20:59:06TotMacherdo you have demo files ?
21:00:24TotMacherQUICKSET ROCK
21:00:32TotMacherfor shuffel
21:00:37TotMacherits perfect !
21:00:54Zagoryeah, I thought you'd like it :-)
21:01:20TotMachervery nice
21:01:24Zagori'll add m3u filter to the F2 screen
21:01:37TotMacheri still waiting for the posing feature
21:01:51TotMachermy HD size
21:01:59TotMacherin info screen
21:02:22Zagorhehe. that will come pretty soon, actually. not free space at first, but disk size
21:02:36TotMacherthat is enough
21:03:48TotMacherif there is no id3 tag
21:03:58TotMacherfill %ia : ID3 Artist
21:04:07TotMacherthe filename
21:04:12TotMacherall before a "-"
21:04:22TotMacherand %it : ID3 Track Title
21:04:32TotMacherwith all after "-"
21:04:35TotMacherin filename
21:05:03TotMacherthere is a conditional
21:05:12TotMacherjust include 2 additional tags
21:05:42TotMacher%fp : filename till a " - "
21:06:11TotMacher%fa : all of filename after a " - "
21:06:18TotMacherwould rock
21:06:31TotMacherbut trim the strings
21:07:12Zagordon't ask. code. :-)
21:07:24TotMacheri cant :)
21:07:30TotMacheriam a java g33k
21:08:47Zagorjava is not so different from c. you'll learn in no time.
21:09:29TotMacherin which file do i find the wps stuff ?
21:13:16TotMacheris the mp3 jumping fixed ?
21:15:15Zagorit's improved, but we still get it sometimes
21:15:38TotMacherdo you know, why this happend ?
21:15:43TotMacherhappens ?
21:15:49TotMacheri will test it
21:16:04Zagorit has something to do with multithreaded access to the ata driver
21:16:13Zagorthere's a bug somewhere in there we haven't found yet
21:17:19adi|homeZagor.. wtf should we put the 400 question in the FAQ.. let them read the fucking release notes..
21:18:06TotMacherwhere are the games gone ?
21:18:08Zagoradi|home: the notes that *that* the limits exists. I want a FAQ to point them to about *why*
21:18:17ZagorTotMacher: apps/recorder
21:18:18adi|homeokay fine...
21:18:20adi|homebut i don't like it
21:18:37Zagoradi|home: neither do I. but I like even less to explain it 100 times...
21:21:07adi|homeokay.. adding.. but i do it under protest
21:21:17adi|homeand an extra smattering of sarcasm for spite ;)
21:21:39adi|homeohhhh i can fix the rolo question too :)_
21:24:10 Quit dwihno (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:25:39 Join dwihno [0] (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
21:29:15adi|homeZagor: am i correct that the 10000 limit is for basically the same reason as the 200 limit?
21:30:01Zagorbut the 10k is not as fixed. as bigger disks arrive, I can imagine raising that
21:30:17Zagorbut >400 files per dir is silly, no matter how big your disk is
21:32:46 Quit quelsaruk ("Aplicación Saliendo")
21:35:08TotMacherit begins not to scroll
21:35:10TotMacherthe wps
21:35:22Zagoryou need to put a %s on the line that should scroll
21:35:38TotMachersoory :)
21:36:46TotMacherwhy does it not automatic detect that it should scroll ?
21:36:55TotMacheri know the answer
21:37:00TotMacher"begin to code"
21:37:17Zagorno, it's because several lines can need to scroll but only one line is allowed
21:37:56TotMacherwhy can there only one scrolling line ?
21:38:00TotMacherthat is very strange
21:38:27Zagorbecause it's written that way :-)
21:40:48dwihnoI want multiline scroooll! :)
21:40:56dwihnoAnd some ice cream, please fetch me some, Zagor :)
21:40:57TotMacheryeah :)
21:41:11dwihnoYum. Ice cream!
21:41:21TotMacherICE CREAM
21:41:29dwihnoIt's kickass!
21:41:40dwihnoPlain vanilla ice cream with some fudge sauce :)~~~
21:41:52adi|homefaq updated.. opinions please
21:41:55dwihnoZagor: We MUST have ice cream on the DevCon! :D
21:41:56TotMachermultiline scroll icecream !
21:42:06dwihnoYea, multiline scroll icecream!
21:42:18 Nick man3l is now known as manel (
21:42:19adi|homeZagor: could you reload the webversion of FAQ?
21:42:49elinenbe|outZagor: I really like the new options on the recorder
21:42:56elinenbe|outZagor: Just one ? though.
21:43:22Zagoradi|home: will do
21:43:28adi|homeoh.. Zagor.. should we doc somewhere that you can build the firmware w/o games and ss if you wish?
21:43:28TotMacherwhy is the last line always that sucking Time: XX/YY
21:43:56TotMacherw/o games is more buffer ?
21:43:59dwihnoTotMacher: that is sucky!
21:44:17TotMacherhow do i kill that line ?
21:44:21elinenbe|outZagor: first, that is somewhere where once loadable fonts are default, it should not use them
21:44:38dwihnoPatch the source, send the diff to Zagor, and he'll sync it if you are a good boy.
21:44:49dwihnoConverting the file to CRLF will also make Zagor happy ;)
21:45:02elinenbe|outZagor: secondly, I was going implement screen down/ screen up in the tree browser with F2-down or F2-up
21:45:09ZagorTotMacher: i'll fix that Real Soon Now
21:45:13elinenbe|outZagor: but now, that is impossible
21:45:17TotMacherui, thx
21:45:39Zagorelinenbe|out: yes. I'm planning F1 for that, but we have a problem reading Fx+UP
21:46:18 Join LinusN [0] (
21:46:22adi|homeTotMacher: w/o games just loads the firmware faster is all
21:46:26adi|homehey LinusN
21:46:32LinusNdo those 400-files people ever get tired?
21:46:38adi|homelinus.. we now have a 400/10000 quesiton in the faq to shut ppl up
21:46:45LinusNi saw it
21:46:50TotMacheryeah, games suck
21:46:51elinenbe|outZagor: roger that.
21:47:10TotMacherits a nice feature, but how plays games on jukebox !?!
21:47:15adi|homeZagor, LinusN i was thinking...
21:47:21adi|homeregarding the games/ss's
21:47:21elinenbe|outI got the stop son start next song bug today
21:47:29LinusNTotMacher: a lot of people play games on it
21:47:31adi|homewould it make sense to have a 'bare bones' version ont he website
21:47:36adi|homeno games or ss
21:47:41adi|homeno big press about it..
21:47:41elinenbe|outit was about 40 seconds into a song, and just started the next song in the list
21:47:52adi|homejust that its another choice for those that don't have a cross compiler
21:48:05Zagoradi|home: not much sense, really. i calculated the buffer gain to ~4s yesterday
21:48:06adi|homeyeah.. elinenbe|out i got it yesterday
21:48:15 Nick elinenbe|out is now known as elinenbe (
21:48:22adi|homeright.. but does the firmware load faster w/o the games etc?
21:48:33LinusNelinenbe|out: yeah, i think we still have a bug in the ata driver
21:48:43adi|homeso we leave it in there for ppl that want it.. but no press.. cool with me :)
21:49:22elinenbetalk about games... I am nearly done with my minesweeper clone :)
21:49:59elinenbeit is very sharp looking... with multiple difficulties :)
21:50:36adi|homebrb.. laundry
21:51:37elinenbethat is about all I can program... simple games :(
21:52:42Zagorelinenbe: I want a breakout! :-)
21:53:40elinenbeZagor: I can do that... without sin and cosin too!
21:54:03Zagorcool. that'd seriously rock.
21:54:24elinenbeyou really do not need sin and cosin in breakout −− you just need deltax and deltay
21:55:07dwihno(and cool levels)
21:55:27elinenbewell, that is true. It would be nice for some grayscale
21:55:49elinenbeZagor: I want grayscale! NOW!
21:56:09Zagoradi|home: A50 could contain something in the lines of "No you don't. You need to organise your files. Your laziness is not a very good reason for us to change our software." and a hint about the fact that shuffling many songs is best handled by a playlist
21:56:15elinenbeor color. 256 colors.^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^ 16 bit color
21:56:52LinusNZagor: i don't think it's that polite to call people lazy because they have many files in a dir
21:59:13Zagortrue. i'm just annoyed.
21:59:22*dwihno hands Zagor some vanilla icecream
21:59:41dwihnoI'll do a game for rockbox
21:59:56ZagorA51 is a but too rude, IMHO :-)
22:00:06LinusNpersonally, i don't mind increasing the file buffer size a little, but how much is enough? :-(
22:00:24LinusNsooner or later we will meet the 1000-file guy!
22:00:25Zagorwe will never get enough, that's why I'm against it
22:00:40Zagor98% of people were happy with the 200 limit too
22:01:03dwihno256 bytes of memory consumed per file in a dir, right?
22:01:11Zagordwihno: no, it's less now
22:01:12*dwihno is fully satisfied with 200
22:01:31LinusNnow we try to fill the buffer as much as we can
22:01:47 Nick edx is now known as edx|jogging (
22:01:50dwihnothere's a thing I was thinking about
22:01:57LinusNactually, i think we should lower the average file name length a little
22:02:17dwihnowhen skipping a number of tracks, the loading time for each track is quite high, how come?
22:02:21 Nick edx|jogging is now known as edx (
22:02:21LinusNit may be better to run out of space before hitting the numfiles limit
22:02:40LinusNdwihno: how lon gis your ata spindown timeout?
22:03:14elinenbeI have a directory with 219 files, and I think that is quite huge. I have no ide what is in there.
22:03:40dwihnoLinusN: 5 secs
22:03:50LinusNok, try raising it a little
22:03:58LinusNand see if the track loads faster
22:04:03LinusNdo you use a playlist?
22:04:31LinusNplailists take longer when next-ing
22:04:32dwihnoshould it really matter since the introduction of in-memory playlists of the dirs?
22:04:54Zagorwe still need to read the playlist file
22:04:59Zagorif it's a playlist and not in-dir
22:05:00 Nick edx is now known as edx|jogging (
22:05:01LinusNfile-based playlists take longer
22:07:06elinenbeLinusN: why can't we have an advance options menu where the user can set the max directory buffer and stuff like that.
22:07:28elinenbeso if someone has a shitload of files in their directory, then it can be set to be bigger.
22:07:31LinusNbecause it's more complicated to code
22:07:42LinusNbut yes, why not?
22:07:44dwihnoyou can use that ;)
22:07:50LinusNa config file in .rockbox/
22:07:56 Join Miran [0] (
22:08:25MiranHey, Is that Rolo loader, built into the lastest build?
22:08:30LinusNbut the buffer handling would have to change a lot
22:08:33LinusNyes it is
22:08:43LinusNand it rocks!
22:08:46elinenbesometimes the pain of coding is worth much much more than the pain of idiots
22:08:53LinusNelinenbe: true
22:08:59Miranexcuse my ignorance, but how do you use it?
22:09:15LinusN1) turn off the mp3/m3u file filter
22:09:29Zagorelinenbe: that would mean rebuffering everything in runtime. nothing is worth that pain.
22:09:32LinusN2) Look up the .mod/.ajz file in the dir browser and play it
22:09:34dwihnorolo was cool
22:09:49MiranAh, I see
22:10:01LinusNZagor: if we have it in .rockbox, it would only be adjusted at startup
22:10:02dwihno1.24-something fills the entire screen with black and nothing happens
22:10:07MiranI guess it loads what you want as default
22:10:14ZagorLinusN: "only"?
22:10:30LinusNi mean the rebuffering would not be an issue
22:10:40Zagori reiterate. it is only a handfull of people rehashing this issue. let it die.
22:14:22elinenbeLinusN: in .rockbox is a good idea ;)
22:14:43adi|homeokay zagor.. faq fixed for #50
22:14:51adi|homeim going to let 51 stew for a bit
22:15:09adi|homeim annoyed by all the 'im too lazy to read the docs, can you do the work for me and just answer my question' questions...
22:15:17LinusNelinenbe: still it's quite much work to do it
22:15:22ZagorLinusN: Fx+UP would be very nice... :-)
22:15:29adi|home"Can i ask a question?"
22:15:29elinenbeLinusN: I understant
22:15:36adi|home"No... fuck off."
22:15:39adi|homewas version 1
22:15:43LinusNZagor: i am working on a solution
22:15:45adi|home#51 is the more toned down version
22:15:50elinenbeLinusN: I also agree with Zagor on this one −− pageup/down in the screen would be nice.
22:16:23elinenbeLinusN: Now that I can load the archos firmware as I choose, I notice how much faster they are able to scroll their tree view. How do you think this is accomplished
22:16:47LinusNmaybe they have a faster key repeat?
22:17:10LinusNit is not a performance issue
22:17:35LinusNat least i don't think so
22:17:36adi|homei ment to ask.. was there a reason none of the menus wrap?
22:17:42Zagorthey have key repeat acceleration
22:17:49LinusNadi|home: yes
22:17:58LinusNnobody made them wrap :-)
22:18:21elinenbethere was a patch on the mailing list for menu-wrap a while back
22:18:29elinenbemaybe I will check it out.
22:18:40LinusNZagor: have you thought of a key repeat acceleration solution?
22:18:52LinusNjust to try it out
22:18:56elinenbethat would be nce.
22:19:04elinenbewhat file is key-repeat delay in?
22:19:45Zagori have been thinking about it, because I too think ours is too slow
22:19:58Zagorbut it has not surfaced on top of the todo list yet :-)
22:20:00dwihnohow about increasing speed of the repeat?
22:20:11LinusNwe can try
22:21:13elinenbeLinusN: do it! ;)
22:22:03LinusNi'm not able to right now...
22:22:13elinenbeLinusN: i am just kidding
22:25:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:26:18ZagorI'm adding "Sort case" and "dir filter" toggles to the F2 quickset screen
22:26:48dwihnoF2 quickset screen is a cool addition to WPS!
22:26:59dwihnoThree yays for the QSS! YAY YAY YAY! :D
22:27:03Zagordwihno: it's not only wps. the dir browser has it too.
22:27:05*dwihno loves abbreviations
22:27:38Zagorit just lives in wps.c for now :-)
22:27:56dwihnoI can't allow that!
22:28:04*dwihno sounds the siren! Where's the code police?!
22:33:08TotMacheris sort case important ?
22:33:18Zagorsome people think so
22:33:35TotMacheri think that is a option for the ass
22:33:46Zagormaybe not important enough to have in the quickset screen, but we can always change that later
22:34:05TotMacherthen the people whine: "why did you removed it"
22:34:36dwihnoZagor the almighty
22:34:41elinenbeI think sort case is useless too.
22:34:46Zagora good point, actually
22:34:53Zagortoo many changes confuse the users
22:35:17dwihnohow far away is disk writing?
22:35:24dwihno5 kilometres?
22:35:42TotMacherhow far is sort by date ?
22:35:57Zagordwihno: it's a bit off still
22:36:23 Nick edx|jogging is now known as edx|sleep (
22:36:25dwihnoZagor: I think rockbox is excellent right now... Some buffer issues occurs every now and then, but I don't know how to reproduce it yet.
22:37:08TotMacheryou should name the mp3/m3u filter into File Filter and do not filter out .ajz and .wps files
22:37:27dwihno.ajz and wps are your friend
22:37:32TotMacherhehe yes :)
22:37:36dwihnoand .txt - a simple txt viewer would be neato
22:38:00dwihnothat bar thingy in the file list is neato btw! :D it kicks mucho arse!
22:38:32dwihnoI think 1.4 will be the greatest release
22:38:50TotMacheryes, the bar rox
22:39:25ZagorTotMacher: no, the filter stays. it's for those who only want to use the mp3 features
22:39:46TotMacherbut those never have .ajz and .wps files :)
22:39:47Zagorif we include all supported file types, the filter will be pointless
22:39:59dwihnoZagor: is propfonts default nowadays?
22:40:00Zagorthey will always have at least one ajz file
22:40:03Zagordwihno: no
22:40:14TotMacherok, but that will always be named ajbrec.ajz
22:40:15Zagorwe will enable loadables directly
22:40:23dwihnosounds good to me
22:40:29ZagorTotMacher: filter switch is quickset now, so it's not a problem
22:40:41dwihnoZagor: has the current (fixed) font been converted yet?
22:41:21Zagordwihno: no
22:42:00dwihnoI hate windows
22:42:09dwihnoI pressed ctrl-w to erase the last word
22:42:16dwihnoit closed the window
22:42:18dwihnostupid windows
22:42:36*dwihno plays some solitaire to mend his soul
22:44:11TotMacheris loadable fonts included yet ?
22:44:29dwihnoI think it's ifdef:able
22:44:40ZagorTotMacher: yes but not enabled by default. they are not finished.
22:45:14dwihnoReminds me, I need to finish the conversion of the propfont
22:45:23dwihnoDamn, so many things, so little time! :(
22:45:45Zagordwihno: you don't say? ;)
22:46:16dwihnoZagor: Yeah, and with my shitty job I always get 110% tired when I come home so I don't have the energy to do anything productive!
22:48:26dwihnoI was on job interview today for a systemtekniker job
22:48:43dwihnoThey said they wanted me on their coding department instead :/ I got confused
22:56:10Zagordid you mention rockbox?
22:57:26dwihnohow come?
22:57:42dwihnoshould I've done that?
22:57:49Zagorjust curious. they might be impressed... :-)
22:57:59dwihnoWell, I haven't done anything really useful yet
22:59:08 Join Snorlax [0] (
22:59:08adi|homeyeah.. but they don't know that dwihno ;)
22:59:13adi|homebesides.. its experiance
22:59:46Snorlaxanything new on Mike Dirnt(bassist in Green DAy who has a jukebox recorder) =)
22:59:58Snorlaxprobably rockbox!
23:00:14dwihno"Mike Dirnt also rocks his box!"
23:00:25ZagorSnorlax: no, but CmdrTaco was here yesterday giving "mad props to the development team"
23:00:26dwihnoDirNT sounds like some two-window file management program
23:00:33dwihnoZagor: mad props?
23:00:39dwihnoproppa saltgurka!
23:00:50*dwihno gives Zagor some saltgurkasmörgås with leverpastej
23:00:59Zagori guess it
23:01:07Zagor's some kind of compliment :-)
23:01:15Zagoranyway, gotta go. see you tomorrow guys!
23:01:23dwihnoYum, I want taco's
23:01:25 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
23:01:42dwihnoand none of that hard corn shells... real bread :)¨¨
23:01:50dwihnoGive me TACOS!
23:01:55dwihnoAnybody wants a taco?
23:02:07*Snorlax fills a waterbalon with leverpatej and trows it MITTI PLANETEN on dwinho!
23:02:22dwihnoleverpastej är världens grej ;D
23:02:36adi|homehmm.. just noticed that scolling seems weird on the dir listing...
23:02:38Snorlaxleverpastej is a very funny word!
23:02:48manelshaleh: :(((((((( i wanna use some win fonts on *term
23:03:01manelshaleh: is there any _unofficial_ way to use them?
23:03:17adi|homewith wrap around on dir listing...
23:03:27adi|homewhen you reach the 'bottom' you auto jump the listing to the top...
23:03:33adi|homewith full screen listing
23:03:36adi|homeseems odd to do that
23:04:32 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:11:53 Part LinusN
23:14:58pimlottchappens in playback too
23:15:23pimlottcwhich is a bad thing if only for purposes of power saving
23:29:33 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
23:32:24 Quit datazone-work ("I like core dumps")
23:35:42 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:37:06BoD[]Hey i have a question ... what does f2 do in the latest build (recorder) ?
23:40:07BoD[]anybody ?
23:40:48adi|homeif you hold it it lists the shift menu
23:40:53adi|homeie what you can hit when you hold it
23:40:56dwihnoWell, it toggles the QSS (quickset screen)
23:41:32adi|homewhich is a kick ass feature btw
23:41:47BoD[]in the recorder ?
23:41:56BoD[]strange when i press it it does nothing !!
23:41:57dwihnoit's a kick ass feature indeed!
23:42:08dwihnoBoD[]: You got the absolutely latest CVS stuff?
23:42:24BoD[]well i took the nighly build
23:42:46adi|homewhat version do you need
23:42:50adi|homeill give you a new build
23:43:00BoD[]recorder :)
23:43:18adi|homeupdating.. 1 min
23:43:45adi|homeman i like this cd
23:43:54dwihnowhich CD?
23:44:31adi|homeavril levigne, Let go
23:44:46dwihnoNever heard of :)
23:44:53adi|homeshes new
23:44:57adi|homeskater punk chick
23:45:00dwihnoGotta catch some sleep, I got to get up tomorrow too :(
23:45:01adi|home18.. hot as all sin
23:45:04adi|homebut its a good cd
23:45:06adi|homesurprised me
23:45:09adi|homenite mate
23:45:12dwihnoI need to check her pics ;D
23:45:31adi|homeBod do you want games?
23:45:45BoD[]well of course :)
23:45:51dwihnocute chick
23:45:59dwihnoscreensavers are pretty useless right now
23:46:01adi|homesomething about her is soooo fuckable
23:46:04BoD[]i still not have checkedc the new game by the way !
23:46:13BoD[]yes please, too :)
23:46:24adi|homeloadable font support?
23:47:12BoD[]put everything on ;)
23:49:01dwihnobuffer size: 400k ;)
23:49:22Miranerm, with Rolo... how do you change back to the original firmware?
23:49:50dwihnoyou can only do that if the new firmware has a loader too
23:50:09Miranthere in is the problem
23:50:26Miranso I have to rename the files in order to return to the original?
23:50:50adi|homejust reboot
23:51:10Miranah I get it, explains why its not working
23:51:16MiranI'm charging
23:52:35 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
23:52:45BoD[]thank you very much adi !!!!!
23:53:00adi|homeit just the default build
23:53:03adi|homeno fonts etc
23:53:33BoD[]all right
23:53:45BoD[]i'm gonna test it right now
23:57:50BoD[]very strange
23:58:11BoD[]is it a work in progress ?
23:58:19BoD[](the f2 shift thing)
23:58:49adi|homejust press it and hold it..

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