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#rockbox log for 2002-09-07

00:10:09dwihnoZagor: U there?
00:10:18dwihnoobviousley not
00:10:48dwihnoI was strolling around the wps-display.c and pondered about line 581
00:11:21Zagoryup, should be removed
00:11:49dwihnoremoving the line will cause the last line to be displayed twice
00:11:51Zagorthe slider should be a tag too
00:11:58 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
00:12:05Zagortwice? that's odd
00:12:28dwihnoI'll check again, just to make sure.
00:13:15 Join RipnetUK [0] (
00:13:48RipnetUKhi - did someone say there exists a program which will lookup (complete albums) of mp3s on freedb/cddb and sort out the ID3's?
00:13:51dwihnoCommenting the line will cause the last line to be displayed twice
00:14:10dwihnoZagor: format_display(buf, sizeof(buf), id3, "", &flags);
00:14:19dwihnothat will prevent the "double line" effect
00:15:03ZagorRipnetUK: i have only used freedb when ripping, i haven't seen a program that fixes it afterwards
00:15:23dwihnoPlaylist loading is FAST AS BLOODY LIGHTNING btw! :)
00:15:29RipnetUKactually, sorry, should have Google'd - for you information, its called psysicmp3
00:15:34RipnetUKabout to test it :)
00:15:44Zagordwihno: you need to remove line 580 too. and the four lines above that.
00:16:07RipnetUKdwihno - yeah, playlist is SOOOOO fast, it makes you wonder if Archos had a deliberate delay loop in their implementation... i thought it was fast before the dram burst mode was put on :)
00:16:11Zagordwihno: yeah, we load around 2500 files/sec :-)
00:16:30dwihnoIT'S SO DAMN FAST!
00:16:39dwihnoAnd I thought the 1000 files/sec was fast ;D
00:16:49*dwihno shivers with anticipation
00:17:48dwihnoZagor: is there something preventing the Time: blabla/blabla fix atm btw?
00:18:11dwihnowith rolo, firmware testing has become 10 times faster
00:19:28Zagorpreventing? nope
00:19:54dwihnoshall I mail you the patch? :)
00:22:00RipnetUKthat psychicMP3 looks good...
00:22:52 Quit datazone (Remote closed the connection)
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00:30:12dwihnoZagor: boink, you got mail
00:30:52*adi|home sniffles
00:31:00adi|homeim taking you off my christmas card list Zagor
00:31:34*adi|home glues boxes back into the source tree
00:32:00*adi|home smirks
00:32:32Zagordwihno: can you run diff again, with a -b parameter this time? your diff showed every line as modified...
00:32:43dwihnoZagor: ooops :)
00:32:46dwihnoMe bad.
00:32:48Zagori.e. "diff -ub"
00:33:24dwihnoI said me bad .)
00:33:47*Zagor takes a deep breath and loads fat32.c
00:34:37dwihnoZagor: file writing, aye?
00:34:40dwihnoZagor: boink
00:35:01*dwihno makes sure the oxygen tube is operational
00:35:27Zagorpray for your hard drives... :-)
00:36:22dwihnomake it default and you'll pretty soon see how well it works ;)
00:37:20dwihno1000+ sourceforge reports of broken harddrives :)
00:37:32dwihnoHow many rockbox users do you estimate?
00:37:56*dwihno loves the bleeding edge builds
00:38:39Zagoroh, a couple hundred i'd think
00:39:14dwihnoI've been using it ever since playback was possible on the recorder
00:40:00dwihnoThe "deleted folders reappearance" problem puzzled me for quite a while though
00:41:10adi|homedwihno: whats that?
00:41:33dwihnoadi: it was something fishy causing folders to appear with faulty names...
00:41:51dwihnoI'm expecting the new DRAM chips within the next week, my soldering iron
00:41:51dwihnois hot and waiting for the neat job of replacing the 2MB with the 8MB RAM
00:41:51dwihno- then I'll finally join the software team to enable support for the
00:41:51DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
00:41:51dwihnolarger memory.
00:41:53dwihnoWhoa :)
00:42:06dwihno8 mb ram :)~
00:42:59dwihnoZagor: since you've seen the insides of the archos, is it dangerous to switch RAM module?
00:43:07Zagorit will be interesting to see if he succeeds. that would be quite a hack
00:43:30Zagordwihno: not more dangerous than replacing any other surface-mounted chip... :-)
00:43:34dwihnoHehe :)
00:43:54Zagorquite tricky. nothing like swapping ROM on the old C64 :-)
00:43:57dwihnoToo bad he didn't mention the price he paid for the chip
00:44:34Zagori think he will document it very well if it works out
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00:45:27*dwihno crosses his fingers
00:45:45dwihno60 gb disk swap is also a neat hack :)
00:45:52dwihnoAlbeit a bit much perhaps
00:45:55dwihno"Nothing is too much"
00:45:56dwihnoI agree
00:46:09dwihnobut how about power usage with the larger capacity drives?
00:46:23Zagorthe 60gig uses a bit more power than the 40 gig
00:46:41Zagori'm not sure why,though, because the mass is the same
00:47:22Zagorsee info on toshiba's site
00:47:52 Quit RipnetUK ()
00:48:37*dwihno will get his soldering iron and perform a 2" full color TFT upgrade tomorrow ;D
00:50:06elinenbeZagor: how is the file writing coming?
00:50:37Zagorthere's plenty of work left. i've barely started.
00:50:47dwihnoZagor: I'd like to write a couple of lines regarding fixing scratched displays in the hardware section, is that OK?
00:50:57Zagordwihno: sure
01:17:12Zagori expanded a bit on your patch, dwihno. hope you don't mind. ;)
01:26:09 Quit Synthe ("Connection Lost - Excess Blood")
01:30:49 Quit adi|home (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
01:31:36elinenbeZagor: make it so you can have or not have the time/total time line :)
01:31:45elinenbeZagor: the progrss bar is now optional?
01:32:33elinenbeis the time/total time line optional?
01:36:16dwihnoZagor: no minds at all ;-)
01:36:50dwihnohow many of the RTC bytes are currently used?
01:38:12elinenbethat is great.
01:38:32elinenbenow when you show the "title bar" what line gets erased if you have an 8 line WPS?
01:39:02elinenbeon the recorder?
01:39:25Zagorbottom line, still
01:39:36elinenbecan you have an 8 line WPS?
01:39:51Zagor10 lines, if you have a small font
01:39:51elinenbeoh.. that is a GREAT feature
01:39:56elinenbethe custom wps is very nice/
01:40:02Zagornot that font loading works... ;)
01:40:22elinenbenot for me.
01:40:32elinenbefont loading does not work on my recorder.
01:40:38dwihnoof course it works :)
01:40:43dwihnoIt only has a few glitches :)
01:41:01 Join GomGom [0] (
01:41:58GomGomis there a known bug in yesterday's snaphot when tracks are just skipped ?
01:42:23GomGomi'm listenning to a track and it justgo to next track
01:42:25Zagorwe are chasing a bug where tracks sometimes skip to the next in the middle
01:42:33GomGomthat's it
01:42:40Zagordoes it happen a lot?
01:42:41GomGomok, so you already know about this bug
01:42:47elinenbeI have had that bug quite a bit.
01:42:47GomGomnot so ofen
01:42:58elinenbenot that often, but often enough.
01:43:02GomGom3 times / album in general
01:43:04 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenb|bar (
01:43:05Zagorit seems to affect different people to variying degrees
01:43:12Zagorbye elinenb|bar
01:43:33GomGombye elinenb|bar
01:44:21GomGomi had not this problem in 20020828 snapshot
01:44:32GomGomi don't think this info is so useful
01:45:07elinenb|barback for one last thing.
01:45:11Zagoryes, it seems to have been introduced when we changed the disk sleeping code
01:45:25GomGomthe spin down time perhaps
01:45:26elinenb|barZagor: while you are working on wps code there is a little bug in it (cosmetic)
01:45:41elinenb|barZagor: if yo have a song that goes into the hundreds of minutes...
01:45:49Zagorah, right
01:45:56elinenb|barthe time line looks like 99:99/99:99
01:46:06elinenb|barand then you rewind to where the time is shorter.
01:46:39elinenb|barthe 9's will still be on the screen. (like the last 9 of the line)
01:46:42elinenb|baryou see what I mean.
01:46:46Zagoryeah, i know
01:46:54elinenb|barwhitespace has to be written after the time.
01:46:58elinenb|barthat is all.
01:47:28ZagorGomGom: i have a test for you
01:48:23dwihnoA thing I also noticed lately... key-repeat is a lot faster now - NICE :)
01:48:38GomGomZagor: yes sure
01:49:18ZagorGomGom: you had a recorder, right?
01:49:30GomGomnope jukebox 6000
01:49:40Zagoroh, ok
01:50:08Zagorold or new?
01:50:22GomGomthink it's new it has foirmware 5.02
01:50:54Zagordoesn't dcc work for you?
01:51:26GomGomit works, i've just to explicitly start it :)
01:51:35Zagorok :-)
01:51:46GomGomthe problem is the bug is random
01:51:55Zagoryeah, i know
01:51:55GomGomit appears at different placesin the same song
01:52:14Zagorjust run it for a while and see it it seems to happen less
01:52:15GomGomanyway, i'll test your firmware
01:52:38dwihnoZagor: Do I have to add %pb to get a progress bar at the bottom now?
01:52:45 Join adiamas [0] (
01:52:49Zagordwihno: yes, if you use a custom .wps file
01:52:54dwihnoOf course I do
01:53:02dwihnodoesn't everybody?
01:53:05dwihnoHow does yours look?
01:53:11ZagorI don't, except for testing... :-)
01:53:14 Nick adiamas is now known as ad|home (
01:53:17 Nick ad|home is now known as adi|home (
01:53:30Zagori'm too busy coding, no time to use it ;-)
01:53:38dwihnoI'll hand you mine ;D
01:53:47dwihnowith really nice archos-look-a-like features ;D
01:53:50GomGomhehe, you ship untested code ? ;-)
01:54:01Zagorwe should probably put up a few example files on the web page
01:54:28ZagorGomGom: nah, I test it but haven't really customized an optimal one for myself yet
01:55:12GomGomstrane your uploaded firmware does not load at startup
01:55:19GomGomit ouput trash on screen
01:55:55Zagorlet me make you a clean new one
01:56:33dwihnoZagor: there are two %d2 in the CUSTOM_WPS_FORMAT file
01:57:35dwihnothe playlist shuffling is made possible by first loading the list and then performing some individual swapping?
01:58:10Zagorwe don't really load the file, we just scan it and remember the byte offset of each line
01:58:29Zagorthe shuffle swaps around the array of byte offsets
01:58:56dwihnoso an index to keep the %pp normal is out of the question?
01:59:07 Join lithermon [0] (
01:59:11dwihnosong #1 might be song #340 in the playlist
01:59:13dwihnoyou catch my drift?
01:59:13GomGomZagor: now it boots
01:59:28ZagorGomGom: ok, good
01:59:33Zagordwihno: yes
01:59:54dwihnoZagor: are we being memory conservative or is it just "not added"?
02:00:00Zagorwe have no info about which "actual" song it is. there was a mail about this a while ago
02:00:21dwihnoI've been quite busy to read all mail :/
02:00:26dwihnoI read the most interesting topics
02:00:33dwihnosuch as the 8 mb buffer stuff :)¨¨¨
02:01:32dwihnohaha... it looks pretty silly with multiple progress bars :)
02:01:44GomGomZagor: hmm, have you any news about a possible "tremor" imlementation ? is the hardware flashable to support (one day) vorbis ?
02:02:15ZagorGomGom: no. tremor requires about 100K just for lookup tables. we have max 4K for code *and* data...
02:02:46GomGomok... :(
02:02:46Zagorthe archos will never support ogg. that's the grim reality.
02:03:07GomGomwell mp3 will be nice for next 2 years
02:03:14 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
02:03:20GomGomthen i'll buy a brand new ogg/vorbis jukebox ;)
02:04:20Zagoryeah. let's hope someone makes one soon. perhaps the multimedia can be persuaded to play ogg. i haven't looked much at it yet.
02:05:37GomGomsomeone will have to make the first step into mass usage ogg/vorbis, it's free (beer and speech)...
02:05:52GomGomand sounds better
02:07:51dwihnodamn the archos firmware feels sucky!
02:07:57dwihnoI just tested it though rolo
02:09:09dwihnoI never knew Rockbox would rock this much when I got my Archos
02:09:38dwihnoA rather pleasing thought
02:09:53dwihnoand resume
02:09:57dwihnoand propfonts
02:10:03dwihnoand custom wps
02:10:06dwihnoand goodies
02:10:08dwihnoand games
02:10:13dwihnoIt simply rocks! :D
02:10:18dwihnoZagor: go to bed
02:10:21 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
02:10:21DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno|gone
02:10:32dwihno|goneI'm gonna make a cup of tea before I hit the hay.
02:11:02Zagori'm off soon too
02:21:01GomGomZagor: ten minutes without jump
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02:34:35adi|homeZagor.. have you run the snow for a while?
02:34:40adi|homemine just locked up
02:34:58Zagorno, i didn't test for very long. half a minute maybe
02:35:18adi|homeim testing again now..
02:35:36adi|homerestarting now
02:35:47adi|home20:35 by me
02:37:51adi|homeyup..Zagor.. run snow
02:37:59adi|homelet the flakes hit the bottom
02:38:03adi|homeand wait about another minute
02:38:06adi|homeit locks up on me
02:38:07Zagor"Our products just aren't engineered for security." −− Microsoft, Sept 5 2002
02:38:33adi|homei have to reboot to get out
02:41:32Zagorwell, i have to hit the sack. we'll look at this tomorrow.
02:41:35Zagornight, all
02:41:49GomGomnight too
02:41:55 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
02:42:09 Quit GomGom ("sleeping time")
02:46:06 Quit lithermon ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020826]")
03:12:23 Join Synthe [0] (
03:13:41adi|homehey synthe
03:13:44adi|homethanks for the files
03:13:51adi|homei have 2 bids in for the cd's on ebay :)
03:18:38 Join datazone [0] ([h+PKdK8Nr@
03:26:01 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
03:29:07 Nick fragglet is now known as fraggle (
03:35:08 Join gizz [0] (
03:43:23 Quit Synthe ("Connection Lost - Excess Blood")
04:09:02 Join MALOW [0] (
04:09:51MALOWIm spanish & I have a JR 6GB
04:11:17 Quit MALOW (Client Quit)
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04:45:38 Quit edx|sleep (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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05:01:37 Nick seb-away is now known as seb-sleep (
05:16:37 Join g003y [0] (
06:01:58 Join Synthe [0] (
06:09:23pimlottc10GB recorder on amazon gold box
06:11:21 Join edx|sleep [0] (
06:14:49 Part g003y
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06:29:45 Join Dexter [0] (
06:30:00 Part Dexter
06:40:25 Join merwin [0] (
06:56:28adi|homepimlottc: whats that about a 10G?
07:01:45merwinadi|home: hahaha
07:08:30pimlottcadi - my first amazon 'gold box' offer was a 10G archos recorder
07:10:44CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
07:10:44*merwin needs partition magic or partition manager :P
07:15:30adi|homepimlottc: what is a gold box?
07:18:03pimlottcadi - every day on they give you 5 'gold box' offers that have extra discounts, but they only last for 60 minutes
07:23:38pimlottcbut they choose lots of random things, so most of the time I get offers for tools and hardware
07:27:25adi|homeahh.. how much was the 10Gig?
07:27:31adi|homeand how do i find out about these gold boxes
07:34:06pimlottc$215 I believe
07:34:49pimlottcit will show up in the upper right hand corner but it doesn't come up for all people
07:36:15adi|homegot ya...
07:40:47merwin215 isn't a very good price for the 10gb recorder
07:43:41*merwin has the hiccups...
07:43:48merwini hate those
07:44:55pimlottcyeah, most of the offers are just like 10-20 bucks less than normal
08:04:49 Nick merwin is now known as merwin|zZzZz (
08:23:15 Quit Jbell73 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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08:44:07 Quit merwin|zZzZz ()
08:53:19 Join merwin|zZzZz [0] (
08:53:19 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:53:19 Quit mecraw12 (Connection reset by peer)
08:53:55 Join mecraw12 [0] (~lmarlow@
09:07:23merwin|zZzZzFound a new irc program for windows... bersirc
09:15:01 Nick dwihno|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
09:15:01DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
09:16:10dwihnoGood morning
09:16:45 Join drewsta [0] (
09:19:48 Part drewsta
09:41:50 Quit Synthe ("Connection Lost - Excess Blood")
09:44:42adi|homemorning dwihno
09:44:47adi|homeyou have a recorder or player?>
09:45:07 Join Synthe [0] (
09:45:31adi|homehey synthe
09:46:02merwin|zZzZzadi: you're up late
09:46:59adi|homecouldn't sleep
09:47:05adi|homeand i had to fix the daily build
09:47:09dwihnoadi: a recorder! :)
09:47:10adi|homezagor broke it
09:47:17dwihnohe did? what a evil person!
09:47:17adi|homedl the daily build
09:47:19adi|hometest snow
09:47:24merwin|zZzZzadi|home: what did he do to it?
09:47:26adi|homesee if it locks up your player
09:47:30dwihnoI tested the CVS last night and it works
09:47:38dwihnoI got a recorder, not a player ;)
09:47:42dwihnobut sure, I'll test.
09:47:48adi|homemerwin|zZzZz: when he removed boxes and blank, he forgot to fix the sim makefile for x11
09:47:54dwihnofix a direct download link while I fetch my rockbox
09:47:59merwin|zZzZzadi|home: ahh... where does it lock up?
09:48:22adi|homewhen you let snow run
09:48:28adi|homethe flakes hit the bottom of the screen
09:48:31merwin|zZzZzadi|home: oh, i've got the player :)
09:48:33adi|homeand wait about 45 seconds
09:48:34adi|homeand poof
09:49:54merwin|zZzZzgotta split
09:49:58adi|homehehe and bounce acts funny in the sim
09:50:10 Quit merwin|zZzZz ()
09:51:22dwihnookay, gotta test it now
09:52:43 Nick edx|sleep is now known as edx (
09:53:44dwihnoHeh, growing accustomed to propfonts, the regular seem utterly huge! :)
09:54:15dwihnoedx: Zagor did some changes to the configuration stuff, I think you should take a peek at the makefiles
09:54:34dwihnookay, running snow
09:54:59adi|homewhat do you mean take a peak at the makefiles?
09:55:32dwihnothe defines for the GAMES and SCREENSAVERS has been modified
09:56:02adi|homei don't get what your getting at
09:56:05edxdwihno: ok wait a sec
09:56:05dwihnoadi: no lock yet, what's supposed to happen?
09:56:14dwihnoadi: it's about the makefiles for gnush
09:56:34dwihnoadi: still nothing
09:56:49adi|homeahh the gnush makefiles i know nothing about
09:56:55adi|homehmmm.. ill test again on mine
09:58:01dwihnoadi: it won't simply crash :)
09:58:12dwihnothe snow keeps falling on my head *singing*
09:58:31edxdwohno: the firmware compiles.. testing for the apps makefile
09:59:14edxworks, too
09:59:41edxhmm I really have to update the gnush tutorial this weekend
09:59:59adi|homeis your snow really faint?
10:00:06dwihnoedx: yeah, it works, then maybe USE_GAMES has been made default and I need to invert the selection?
10:00:22dwihnoadi: the snow is snowing :)
10:00:31edxi dont know about the USE_GAMES stuff, yet
10:00:40edxwahts it about? is it that you have to define USE_GAMES?
10:00:46edxto use teh games?
10:00:55dwihnonope, I want to skip it
10:01:07dwihnoif I don't define USE_GAMES, it's supposed to skip the games
10:01:09dwihnowhich it won't
10:01:21adi|homethey changed that
10:01:25adi|homelook at options.h
10:01:37adi|home#ifndef DISABLE_DEMOS
10:01:37dwihnoso it's options.h that needs to be tampered from now on?
10:01:38adi|home#undef USE_DEMOS /* since older Makefiles set the define */
10:01:38adi|home#define USE_DEMOS
10:01:38DBUGEnqueued KICK adi|home
10:01:38adi|home#ifndef DISABLE_GAMES
10:01:38***Alert Mode level 1
10:01:38adi|home#undef USE_GAMES /* since older Makefiles set the define */
10:01:40adi|home#define USE_GAMES
10:02:05edxit changed to DISABLE_GAMES?
10:02:14edxdo i have to change anything inside the makefile to make it work?
10:03:04adi|homeonly if you want to disable games
10:03:14adi|homesince DISABLE games isn't defined by default
10:03:21adi|homeUSE_GAMES _gets_ defined
10:03:45adi|homeman my snow is faint
10:03:51adi|homebut now its not crashing.. i don't get it
10:04:04adi|homeoh well.. maybe i had an old version of it
10:04:39edxwell i'll add a comment to the makefile where to change that DISABLE_GAMES stuff
10:04:53adi|homegood idea
10:06:22adi|homedidn't someone hack out a double size font for the player?
10:06:39 Quit Tumm (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
10:08:11CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 46 minutes and 37 seconds at the last flood
10:08:11*dwihno gets to work on the prop font
10:08:57edxhmm ok.. now you can disable the games by calling
10:08:59adi|homeim wondering if sound settings and general settings should be combined
10:09:03edxmake -f win32.mak DISABLE_GAMES=1
10:09:29adi|homeit don't seem to make sense to me to have sound settings and general settings
10:10:59adi|home - Sound
10:10:59adi|home - Vol
10:10:59***Alert Mode level 2
10:10:59adi|home - Bass
10:10:59***Alert Mode level 3
10:10:59adi|home ...
10:11:01adi|home - Playback
10:11:03adi|home - File View
10:11:05adi|home - Display
10:11:07adi|home - System
10:11:09adi|homewould seem to make more sense
10:11:11adi|homewouldn't you think?
10:21:00***Alert Mode OFF
10:21:19adi|homedwihno: feel like giving opinion on a build?
10:22:17edxim having trouble with the makefile syntax.. :/
10:22:30edxhow can i compare whether a defined variable is set to a specific value?
10:24:22adi|homeifeq (1,DEFINE_HERE)
10:24:23adi|hometry that
10:24:31adi|homeor whatever your value
10:24:38adi|homeifeq (compare,compare)
10:24:51 Quit Synthe ("Connection Lost - Excess Blood")
10:24:56adi|homeanyone with a recorder?
10:25:26dwihnothat would be me ;)
10:25:29dwihnoyou have a player?
10:27:08adi|homenope.. recorder
10:27:12adi|homewanna test a build for me..
10:27:14adi|homeneed an opinion
10:27:25dwihnoon what? :)
10:27:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:27:39adi|homeon menus
10:27:46adi|homei merged sound/general settings
10:27:51adi|homei think it makes more sense now..
10:27:54adi|homewant another opinion
10:28:25dwihnois the sound menu inside the general settings menu now?
10:29:06dwihnoIn that case, I don't like it :)
10:29:10dwihnoI like it the way it is now :)
10:29:34 Join Synthe [0] (
10:29:44dwihnoI got a pretty cool idea
10:30:14dwihnoHow about having some kind of indicator on the progress bar also showing how much is buffered? :)
10:30:55dwihnolike this: | [ ] : |
10:30:59dwihnoyou catch my drift?
10:31:09adi|homewhy don't you like the idea of sound and general being in the same menu?
10:31:23adi|homesound fits more as a submenu of 'Settings'
10:31:31dwihnowell, I prefer the sound menu being a separate thing, thus making navigation and structure a bit easier
10:31:34adi|homerather then a split of 'Sound' and 'General'
10:32:04adi|homea seperate thing from what?
10:32:07adi|homeother settings?
10:32:08dwihnoI think it's fine the way it is :)
10:59:21adi|homegrrr.. linus sends out emails..but don't come to irc .. :)
11:00:25 Join Zagor [0] (
11:00:39ZagorHes: are you there?
11:00:47adi|homeZagor :)
11:00:51adi|homequestion for you..
11:01:09adi|homewhat do you think of merging Sound and General settings into just 'Settings'
11:01:20adi|homedoes it make sense keeping 'Sound' a seperate menu anymore?
11:01:27Zagorthat would make it very long
11:01:36adi|homemake what very long?
11:01:54Zagoruh, no. forget what I said.
11:01:55adi|homeoh.. no .. no.. hold on
11:02:11adi|home<adi|home> Settings
11:02:11adi|home<adi|home> - Sound
11:02:11adi|home<adi|home> - Vol
11:02:11adi|home<adi|home> - Bass
11:02:11adi|home<adi|home> ...
11:02:12***Alert Mode level 1
11:02:12adi|home<adi|home> - Playback
11:02:13***Alert Mode level 2
11:02:13adi|home<adi|home> - File View
11:02:17adi|homelike that
11:02:34Zagorit's probably a good idea. the only drawback is that it takes longer to reach the frequently-used sound settings
11:03:00adi|homevol you get to with up and down arrows as the song plays
11:03:05adi|homeand the bass/....
11:03:13adi|homehow often are those played with?
11:03:22dwihnoadi: I agree with Zagor on this on!
11:03:41adi|homeno you don't ;)
11:03:43Zagori say we hold on with moving until we have .eq file support
11:03:48adi|home<dwihno> I think it's fine the way it is :)
11:04:06dwihnoYou are misinterpreting me
11:04:09adi|homei still don't understand what the .eq files are to do.
11:04:16dwihno"only drawback is that it takes longer to reach the frequently-used sound settings"
11:04:26dwihnofast loading of different settings
11:04:29dwihnoI mean, I have two pair of headphones
11:04:45dwihnoMy Sony (hello Zagor ^_^) and Sennheiser
11:05:07dwihnoThe Sennheiser are more exquisite and I prefer a lower bass on those...
11:05:19dwihnoLet's say you can keep two different configurations, that would kick truly ass
11:05:24dwihno(or with .eq files, unlimited)
11:05:33dwihno(of course, easily configurable)
11:05:40dwihnoWhich would require disk writing
11:05:43dwihnoso get to work Zagor ;)
11:06:26adi|homesee i can't see the trade off of 1 extra key stroke for a cleaner interface being all that bad
11:06:49dwihnoUser friendlyness! :)
11:07:33adi|homei don't see how keeping the menus seperate makes them _less_ user friendly...
11:08:02Zagoradi|home: I agree. but I still want to take it easy, to avoid ramblings on the list.
11:08:13Zagorit's just a question of a few days
11:08:15dwihnoa keypress is very jobbich!
11:08:20adi|homeesp considering i would figure that the cases of ppl _not_ playing with bass/treble/balance is sig. more then those that do.
11:08:32adi|homenods i have no prob with it
11:09:25adi|homethe default config menu option
11:09:34adi|homeit seems to 'hang' on me...
11:09:42adi|homeit's looking for a default config file yes?
11:10:58Zagordefault config menu options? what's that?
11:11:39Zagorcan you guys reach the web site? there seems to be a dns problem
11:11:51adi|homeGen settings->system->load default config
11:12:14***Alert Mode OFF
11:12:15adi|homei can
11:13:24Zagorwho added that option? it's silly.
11:13:43Zagorfiles are loaded in the browser
11:13:49*Zagor slaughters
11:14:05adi|homedoes snow seem dim to you on your recorder?
11:14:14adi|homeit seems to run fine now (i think i had an old snow.c)
11:14:20Zagora bit, but not very
11:14:22adi|homebut the flakes seem like the contrast is down on them.
11:15:03Zagori think that's because they move. the text in Bounce also looks dimmer than the text below (if you press right/left)
11:15:32Zagorah, "Load Default Config" really means "Reset settings to default"
11:15:54adi|hometo5 yq..
11:15:55Zagoronly it doesn't have a lcd_update() so it's invisible on recorders
11:15:59adi|homehehe got ya..
11:16:07adi|homethat needs to be fixed
11:16:25adi|homehave you given any thought to a text input interface?
11:16:42Zagorlots. but i let others write it :-)
11:16:55adi|homehehe thats fine..
11:17:00adi|homei was planning/hoping too.
11:17:12adi|homebut im not sure what input method seems to make the most sense
11:17:19*PsycoXul would like the option of a layout derived from dvorak
11:18:42PsycoXulif thats applicable to how you end up doing it ...
11:18:57adi|homewell.. im sure we could make it an option..
11:19:03adi|homeive given that thought too ;)
11:19:27adi|homemind if i use you guys as sounding boards?
11:20:02adi|homewell.. the 2 interfaces that seem to jump out right now..
11:20:09adi|homeare 1. a straight char lay out
11:20:20adi|homea b c d e f g h i
11:20:32adi|homej k l m n o p q are t s
11:20:37adi|homestupid xchat
11:20:48adi|homeand you arrow to the char you want.. and select it..
11:20:55adi|homeor 2.
11:21:07adi|homethe alpahbet broken up into 3 groups...
11:21:21adi|homeand arrows left, up and right take you to one of the groups
11:21:29adi|homethen that group is split in 3
11:21:36adi|homeand etc till you get to the char you want
11:21:51adi|homewitht he down being reserved for punc etc on the first level
11:22:05adi|homebut that seems like you don't really save on keystrokes
11:22:10adi|homeand the display is much more messy
11:22:27adi|homei figure with option 1, the user can choose what layout of the chars they want
11:22:46adi|homeor.. option 3. and a bit toughter
11:22:52adi|homewe layout an actual keyboard...
11:23:36adi|homemonetary donations?
11:24:14Zagori think the straight map layout is probably the best, at least for starters
11:24:20Zagorespecially for players
11:25:05adi|homeso then option 1 to start...
11:25:10adi|homefollowing that..
11:25:24adi|homei figure a layout with the top line being the display of selected chars
11:25:37adi|home2nd line being the (first on recorder) selection line
11:25:50adi|homefair enough?
11:25:58dwihnoare there a more sufficient way to encode data than base64?
11:26:03PsycoXuli find dvorak has less reaching from the home row than qwerty.. which is especialy important on players...
11:26:08Zagori prefer a 2d map for recorders
11:26:08dwihnojust to make it survive a non-8bit transport?
11:26:10PsycoXuladi|home: if i read that right i think it sounds good
11:26:29adi|homeZagor: what do you mean a 2d map?
11:26:41Zagora b c d e f g h
11:26:45Zagori j k l m n o p
11:27:03Zagorand a single line at the bottom with a cursor
11:27:09adi|homewell.. i figure that for both players and recorders ;)
11:27:09Zagorwhere the text ends up
11:27:20adi|homeah.. see.. i figured put the selected text at the top..
11:27:23adi|homebut bottom if you want...
11:27:36Zagorplayers can't show more than one line. the other will be the entered text.
11:27:46adi|homei know..
11:27:52Zagorso i figure playes will be like old arcade high-score screens :-)
11:39:10Zagorwill "dir /sb > playlist.m3u" make a good playlist\
11:39:29Zagorany windows user here?
11:39:49*Zagor is updating the faq with a softer, friendlier touch :-)
11:41:48adi|homewhat i do this time?
11:42:04*adi|home is starting to think that Zagor doesnt' like him
11:42:05*adi|home smirks
11:42:27adi|homehey.. zagor.. you want my girlfriend while your at it?
11:42:31adi|homei have a dog you could kick
11:42:34*adi|home cackles
11:43:33adi|homezagor i ment to ask.. what caused the turn around on the inclusion of snow?
11:50:28 Join Phantom [0] (
11:50:39Phantomhi !
11:51:34*Phantom is french and want to translate rockbox in the most beautifull language => French
11:54:59*Phantom have just a problem, he know how to translate but not how to build the .ajz
11:55:14Zagoradi|home: we discussed it over lunch, me, linus and bagder. and decided to change "screensavers" to "demos". and snow is a semi-decent demo that takes very little space, so we opted to include it
11:55:26Zagoryou kan keep the dog, by the way. ;)
11:56:25ZagorPhantom: i suggest you wait a couple of days. we're in the process of fixing proper multi-language support
11:56:31adi|homeim just convinced you guys don't like accpeting things i suggest ;)
11:56:39adi|home"i recommend snow"
11:56:51adi|home"okay.. i recommend we move menus"
11:57:01Zagorhehe. we want to keep you on a short leash :)
11:57:16adi|homeand now your 'nuetering' the FAQ
11:57:26Zagornah, just the 400 files question.
11:57:42adi|homeahh.. i don't remember what the answer to that was.. gotta look
11:58:40Zagori'm making it more "marketing speak" ;)
11:58:47adi|homeyou do know im just busting your balls about all this right?
11:58:50Phantomok, and for ROLO ?why do not inclued it in the "non-daily" version ?
11:58:57Zagoradi|home: yup, i know
11:59:03adi|homei do understand that this isn't a true democracy ;)
11:59:09ZagorPhantom: non-daily?
11:59:11adi|homewe live in a state ruled by the code police :)
11:59:21Phantomin the 1.3
11:59:29adi|homeit wasn't ready when 1.3 came out
11:59:32ZagorPhantom: because rolo wasn't written when 1.3 was released
11:59:35adi|homeit will be include in 1.4
11:59:35Zagorit will come in 1.4
11:59:40adi|homehehe beat you Zagor
11:59:55*Zagor is just a fait echo of adi|home
11:59:57adi|homesee.. now -that- was a perfectly valid question...
12:00:01Zagorfaint even
12:00:08*adi|home would like more newbies like Phantom
12:00:23adi|homebtw.. welcome Phantom
12:00:37Zagorwe have many french users. is archos really big in france, Phantom?
12:00:39Phantomdo you want to listen the story of my JBR ?
12:00:48Phantomthat very fun
12:01:10PhantomI've buy a JBR 6GO last chrismash
12:01:15adi|homeZagor #50 was taken mostly from one of your posts on one of the forums ;)
12:01:44Phantombut last week, It burned
12:02:09adi|homeohhh.. #51 was a good addition Zagor.. good call..
12:02:45PhantomAnd today, Archos send me a new one but 10go !
12:22:15 Join PiotR [0] (
12:24:34PhantomMay the force be with rockbox !
12:25:18Phantomall the earth wait for 1.4 with Record and/or ROLO
12:25:52Zagorrolo is in the daily builds. dont wait - download
12:26:22Phantomyes, but... there is no games in daily
12:27:30***No seen item changed, no save performed.
12:28:39Zagorhave you tried the latest?
12:29:02Zagortry it. the games should be there.
12:29:09 Quit PiotR ("PiotR: si hay pleito, te arregla el papeleo")
12:30:42adi|homezagor... the lcd_putsxy
12:30:55adi|homethere is no way to control the padding between chars correct?
12:30:57Phantomright games are in to start rolo ?
12:31:15ZagorPhantom: select an *.ajz file and press play
12:31:20adi|homewhat would you think about adding a function allowing you too?
12:31:26ZagorPhantom: turn off mp3/m3u filter to see ajz files
12:31:41PhantomNO !!!
12:31:42adi|homebecause having to call lcd_putcxy seems to be a bit overboard for all the chars to display
12:31:45adi|homeon the keyboard..
12:31:46Zagoradi|home: what for?
12:32:07Zagornah, you must do that anyway since chars are of variying width
12:32:10adi|homeim just thinking 26-36 calls to lcd_putcxy would be senseless
12:32:17PhantomThere is no *.ajz, coz' I ve have the last firmware 1.28
12:32:17Zagormake a loop
12:32:28ZagorPhantom: hehe
12:32:43adi|homewell.. they are of varing width, yes, but font size widht will remain the same..
12:32:54adi|homeand if we set the padding, that won't change either will it?
12:33:02*adi|home is brainstorming
12:33:08Zagoradi|home: there will be no "font size width" in the future. only width of specific strings
12:33:18adi|homeah.. okay then
12:33:26Phantomis somebody have the 1.28 file ?
12:33:33adi|homeum.. how do i know how wide a char is then?
12:33:38ZagorPhantom: isn't it available on
12:33:45Zagoradi|home: lcd_getstringsize()
12:33:57adi|homebut then i need to do that on each char as well..
12:34:00adi|homeso i would need like
12:34:01 Join GomGom [0] (
12:34:04adi|homefor() {
12:34:28adi|homeother stuff
12:34:38PhantomZagor : it is the 1.27d in archos web site
12:34:39Zagornot really. the chars can have fixed positions
12:34:48ZagorPhantom: use that. it's not a big difference.
12:35:14 Join Snorlax [0] (
12:35:17adi|homei don't see how fixed positions helps.
12:35:26GomGomZagor: does the 2 scripts cvslast5 and can generate ascii changelog ?
12:35:27PhantomI must rename it in something ?
12:35:42Zagoradi|home: then you don't need to know the size of the char. just put it at its' fixed position
12:35:59ZagorGomGom: ah, no. i thought you wanted the html log. hang on...
12:36:06adi|homeyes i do...
12:36:11ZagorPhantom: no, just call it something.ajz
12:36:15adi|homebecause how am i to select the char?
12:36:24adi|homeim figuring a rect around the char or something
12:36:30Zagorah, right
12:36:31GomGomZagor: thx
12:36:45adi|homedon't mean to make you multitask ;)
12:37:10Zagorwell this is pretty fluid right now with the font code changing. we might be able to dive right into the font info struct one it stabilizes
12:37:24adi|homeill just do it the messy slow way
12:37:32adi|homewe can square peg round hole it later
12:38:46 Quit Snorlax (Client Quit)
12:40:20PhantomZagor: I can see the 3 firmware "ajbrec.ajz/archos.ajz/Jukebox" but when I press play nothing happen
12:41:52GomGomZagor: do you send me the ascii script by email ?
12:42:35adi|homephantom, nothing happens when you play on archos.ajz?
12:43:12adi|homewhat version of Rockbox are you using?
12:43:48adi|homeyou don't get _any_ message at all on the screen?
12:43:53ZagorGomGom: yup
12:45:26adi|homeare you on a recorder or player Phantom
12:46:06Phantomrecorder 10
12:46:19ZagorGomGom: umm, what was your mail again? :-)
12:46:27adi|homeim going to send you a .ajz try and load it by 'playing' it
12:47:33PhantomGomGom tu est français toi aussi ?
12:47:41adi|homePhantom: take the file...
12:47:45adi|homedo you get dcc?
12:48:28adi|homeill try again
12:48:42adi|hometryng again
12:49:22Phantomthat is better
12:50:39adi|homethats better :)
12:51:15adi|hometry loading that..
12:51:53GomGomPhantom: ouais frenchy espagnol mm :)
12:52:10adi|homeNews from the 'mommy said i have no life' dept:
12:54:06Phantomdon't load
12:54:45Phantomwhat firmware must I start? last rockbox, archos or this one ?
12:54:52Zagorlast rockbox
12:55:01adi|homeare you in archos now?
12:55:05Phantomso, don't work
12:55:13Phantomno, rocbox
12:59:20adi|homePhantom do me a favor?
12:59:37adi|homehit your first menu button
12:59:49adi|homescroll to version and tell me what version it says you have
12:59:58adi|homeZagor.. i look at the credits screen..
13:00:02adi|homeit looks all blurry..
13:00:07adi|homelike its scrolling too fast
13:04:17Zagoradi|home: hmm? i'll try
13:05:28Phantomver 1.3
13:05:35adi|homethats why
13:05:40adi|homeyou didn't load the daily build
13:05:48adi|homever 1.3 doesn't have the rolo
13:06:42PhantomI know why, come back in few seconds
13:09:58 Join bmidy [0] (
13:11:36 Quit bmidy ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c19 for the Commodore 64 today!")
13:14:01Phantomif I load Archos, how to return to rockbox ?
13:14:26dwihnosince archos does not have a bootloader
13:14:45Phantomthat is why I asked
13:16:09Phantomadi ?
13:17:54PhantomAdi, your the one ! That work, and the firmware you give me support é/è/à ...
13:17:55dwihnoadi will probably answer something similar ;)
13:18:33dwihnoPhantom: with propfonts, a lot more information can be fitted on the screen.
13:19:06Phantomcoz letters are smaller ?
13:20:01dwihnonope, they are thinner
13:20:03PhantomMore games ! More games !
13:21:10dwihnowormlet is most addictive
13:21:55adi|homephantom you want more games, then write them ;)
13:21:56Phantombut others games could be good
13:22:11adi|homephantom the firmware i gave you is prop font..
13:22:15adi|homeits a bit outdated though
13:22:19adi|home3 days old :)
13:22:29*adi|home works beyond the bleeding edge
13:22:36adi|homeor else i would compile you a clean one
13:22:42Phantomwhy don't give it on the web ?
13:22:58adi|hometo many options to off them all on the web
13:23:01dwihno3 days? then it doesn't have the recent speed boosts...
13:23:21adi|homei think we need mine sweeper
13:23:29PhantomYES !!!
13:23:31dwihnoWe need also a .txt viewer
13:23:37adi|homewe have a stub for it
13:23:37PhantomYES !!!
13:23:40adi|homeso get working boy ;)
13:24:02Phantomand halflife !
13:24:12Phantomescuse me
13:24:18adi|homeread the faq ;)
13:24:30Phantomalready done
13:24:30dwihnohow about doom then? :)
13:24:45adi|homedon't make me hit you ;)
13:25:19Phantomthere are good, small and black and white games
13:25:30adi|homeyour french.. you already have one strike against you ;) don't make me give you another one
13:25:31*adi|home smirks
13:25:44adi|homeim up for porting almost anything we can do..
13:25:58adi|homeand once i get keyboard done..
13:26:03PhantomI know
13:26:11adi|homeim considering a modified version of hangman for the players ;)
13:26:13Phantomyou do a very good work
13:26:15adi|homeso they have games too..
13:26:19adi|homenot me..
13:26:24adi|homezagor, linus
13:26:35adi|homeand all the other guys..
13:26:39adi|homei do small needed hacks
13:26:42adi|homethe icons
13:26:51adi|homemy personal fav is the folder icon
13:27:18adi|homeLART'ing users when needed
13:29:36Phantombut a small X O X could be fun
13:29:40PhantomI stop
13:40:00 Part Phantom
13:48:42 Join Phantom [0] (
13:49:05Phantoman answer
13:49:44Phantomis it possible to delete a folder at startup, automaticly
13:49:58adi|homeon the archos?
13:50:28adi|homeon the archos.. i don't think soo..
13:50:32adi|homeokay.. bed time for me
13:50:43Phantomcoz WinXP make a System Volume Information folder on my Archos each time I plug it
13:51:17dwihnoAnd that's pretty gay :) *hehe*
13:54:22 Join Dexter [0] (
13:57:43DexterHow run "tools / configure" with Cygwin?
14:15:01 Join Tsd [0] (Tsd@
14:27:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:41:49elinenb|barZagor: you there?
14:42:00 Nick elinenb|bar is now known as elinenbe (
14:46:04Zagorsporadically :-)
14:47:14elinenbewant to fix a bug for me?
14:47:55Zagorwhat is it?
14:48:14elinenbethe progress bar on the recorder does not update when you hold ff/rw
14:48:32elinenbeit only updates after you release the button.
14:48:55elinenbeand as I see you are working on the wps...
14:53:20Zagorreally? i tested that yesterday. are you running the very latest code?
14:57:04elinenbehold on I check right now.
14:59:15 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
14:59:15DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno|gone
15:00:15 Quit Dexter (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:02:22elinenbeZagor: sorry about that... it works fine now.
15:02:37elinenbeZagor: One thing though, you can't have text and a %pb on the same line
15:02:42elinenbethat would be nice :)
15:03:09elinenbeI would like to do currenttime(=========)totaltime
15:03:18elinenbewhere (========) is the progress bar
15:03:54 Quit Tsd ()
15:06:34Zagorelinenbe: yeah, that's next step
15:06:40elinenbeanother nice feature would be to "fix" things in place
15:06:57elinenbesuch as fix something to the left or right side of the screen
15:07:12elinenbeor 50 pixels in from the left...
15:07:30elinenbealmost more of a template
15:09:55Zagorsounds complex. would it be worth it?
15:10:41elinenbeI dont know.
15:10:56elinenbeI think it would be nice to have the title always centered on the screen :)
15:11:22elinenbeand I would like total tracks top right corner
15:11:30elinenbeand current track top left corner
15:11:51elinenbeand multi-line pixel scrolling :)
15:12:14GomGomi would like money getting out from the usb port
15:12:23GomGombut i think it's not possible ?
15:12:31elinenbeconfigurable pixel scrolling (1 - x) per scroll.
15:12:41elinenbeit coul dbe nice to have the whole line update at once
15:13:09elinenbeso if the scrolling line was "Dave Matthews Band - Singing The Blues"
15:13:25elinenbethe screen would look like "Dave Matthews Ban"
15:14:08elinenbethen like "d - Singing The Bl" , and then "ues "
15:14:55Zagormore like paging than scrolling. i think matsl was into that for the player
15:15:17elinenbethe iriver CD player has that option and amazingly most people use it
15:15:31elinenbeyou get to see the most info the quickest, and there is no blur.
15:16:28elinenbeIt would be harder with prop fonts and loadable fonts though
15:16:41elinenbeZagor: how is fat32 writing coming?
15:16:51Zagorslowly :-)
15:17:04elinenbeit takes guts to test.
15:17:25Zagori use a 2G file as disk image for testing
15:18:41elinenbeah... on the simulator?
15:18:58Zagorno, special code. in firmware/test/ata
15:20:51 Join TotMacher [0] (
15:28:35 Quit TotMacher ()
15:33:32 Quit edx ("later")
15:42:33 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
15:54:50 Part elinenbe
15:55:30 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|out (
16:03:15 Join bmidy [0] (
16:03:22bmidyhi all
16:04:20 Quit bmidy (Client Quit)
16:11:17 Join Electrocut [0] (
16:11:49Electrocuti've a question for someone who have an archos player with remote
16:12:26Electrocutwhen u keep the Stop key at the remote, does the jukebox shut off ?
16:12:36Electrocut(keep pressed)
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16:28:19 Join bmidy [0] (
16:28:23 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
16:29:39 Quit Electrocut ()
16:31:55langhaarrockerWhich email adress do I have to use to send a mail directly to the rockbox list?
16:32:06 Quit _seb_ ("Killed (Mom (don't hang out with them, they're troublemakers!))")
16:40:36langhaarrockerIs there anywhere some code with which I can detect which mp3 frame the MAS is currently playing?
16:46:41 Join _seb_ [0] (
16:47:22langhaarrockerNow I accidently sent this &%!$# mail twice.
16:47:53 Join elinenbe [0] (
16:47:57langhaarrockerIf somone is bored he might want to have a look at the new wormlet and maybe commit it to cvs
16:49:28langhaarrockerelinenbe: do you use trillian?
16:50:38 Quit bmidy ("BitchX Official WWW Site --")
16:53:30elinenbelanghaarrocker: I am not using it now, but I have used
16:54:14langhaarrockerjust because I saw something like trilluser@... in your joining message
16:54:51elinenbeoh... I don't know about that. I use mIRC
16:55:24 Join TotMacher [0] (
16:58:52langhaarrockerI've sent my stuff -> time to quit
16:59:22 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
17:20:31 Join CmdrTaco [0] (~malda@
17:26:24 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
17:30:55 Quit TotMacher ()
17:44:09 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
17:52:25 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
18:06:40 Join wodokm [0] (
18:07:24wodokmsomeone here? linus?
18:08:22wodokmanyway, great work dudes!!!!!! c ya
18:08:24 Quit wodokm (Client Quit)
18:12:14 Join bmidy [0] (
18:17:46 Nick Zagor|out is now known as Zagor (
18:17:57Zagorcalling hes...
18:24:44 Quit CmdrTaco ("Client Exiting")
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18:31:04 Quit Phantom (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:45:17Zagorif anyone is bored, look at
18:51:05mecraw12hey Zagor
18:52:07mecraw12i think i might be able to handle persistent wps and the display glitch in wps
18:52:35Zagorok. make one patch for each fix.
19:04:25 Join merwin|zZzZz [0] (
19:04:35mecraw12wake up merwin|zZzZz
19:04:44 Nick merwin|zZzZz is now known as merwin (
19:04:46merwindamn i'm tired
19:05:09mecraw12where are you this weekend?
19:06:39merwini got friends here so i'm not going home until tomorrow :)
19:07:23mecraw12i spent 6 weeks there once, gotta love the Mall of America
19:07:47merwinit's nice... only problem is that i can spend all day there and still not find a store that i want to go to
19:07:59merwini do like the roller coaster
19:08:40mecraw12Zagor: i assume putting the persistent wps in sector 61 is fine... i shouldn't worry about trying to find 10 bytes in rtc, right?
19:11:24Zagorput it at the end, next to the resume info
19:11:33 Join Tumm [0] (
19:12:14mecraw12Zagor: will do
19:12:27mecraw12or at least try to do :)
19:12:55 Quit merwin ()
19:17:15 Quit datazone ("Client Exiting")
19:19:28 Join datazone [0] ([dmyq3JVn1@
19:21:50 Quit bmidy (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:01:55 Quit fraggle (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:09:23 Join edx [0] (
20:09:42 Join fraggle [0] (
20:24:37 Join telliott [0] (trilluser@
20:26:23telliottAnyone know of an app I can use to unmount my USB Archos so I can run it from a button on my keyboard?
20:26:39mecraw12windows or linux?
20:27:02mecraw12one was posted to the mailing list about a month ago
20:27:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:27:42telliottCool. Is it in the Yahoo group file area?
20:28:07mecraw12i don't know
20:28:39telliottDo you remember the name, so I can search for it?
20:28:49mecraw12i'm looking...
20:28:57telliottok. Thanks
20:29:41mecraw12here you go:
20:29:48telliottI love USB 2. Almost as fast as an internal IDE hard drive.
20:30:05mecraw12let me know how it works
20:30:13mecraw12i think i may need it soon
20:39:35telliottThanks for the file. It works great in Windows XP.
20:46:58 Part telliott
21:17:28 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
21:38:07edxhmmm Zagor, are you in?
21:46:38 Quit mecraw (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:52:33pimlottcdisk: NULL
21:52:40pimlottccan't be good
21:52:43adi|homehmmm does lcd_putc not work?
21:53:01pimlottcworks fine
21:53:18adi|homehmm.. i can't figure out why i can't get a char to display..
21:53:53pimlottcfor player at least, can't vouch for recorder
21:55:38adi|homei don't see putc being using anywhere...
21:55:53pimlottcI have been using it in my own code
21:56:13adi|homevoid lcd_putc(int x, int y, unsigned char ch)
21:56:13adi|home (void)x;
21:56:13adi|home (void)y;
21:56:13adi|home (void)ch;
21:56:14***Alert Mode level 1
21:56:18adi|homein the stubs under sim
21:56:24adi|homeit don't work in the _sim_
21:56:29pimlottcwow, lazy
21:56:50pimlottcsims need work for sure
22:01:33pimlottcI think linux usb just fucked up
22:03:29 Quit pimlottc ("reboot")
22:06:15***Alert Mode OFF
22:08:03 Join pimlottc [0] (
22:08:22 Part pimlottc
22:08:24 Join pimlottc [0] (
22:08:42 Quit pimlottc (Client Quit)
22:10:01 Join pimlottc [0] (
22:12:57 Quit datazone ("Client Exiting")
22:17:49 Join mecraw12_ [0] (~lmarlow@
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22:35:50 Quit mecraw12 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:36:08 Join backspace_ [0] (
22:38:30adi|homeZagor you around?
22:41:24 Join datazone [0] ([+Zm8Hn30R@
22:47:59 Quit backspace_ ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020826]")
22:49:13mecraw12_what's the best way to concat strings together?
22:49:28 Nick mecraw12_ is now known as mecraw12 (~lmarlow@
22:53:38 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
22:53:39datazone" %s %s " % (string1,string2)
22:53:47datazonei mean whats the big deal
22:54:22datazoneif you are trying to optimise something, i doubt that this is the source of your problem
22:54:28mecraw12not knowing c real well
22:54:48datazonedamn, wrong channel
22:54:52datazonemy bad :)
22:55:01mecraw12i want to put together ROCKBOX_DIR "/" global_settings.wps_file ".wps"
22:55:03datazonestupid xchat tabs
22:55:30mecraw12where wps_file is a char[]
22:59:11Zagormecraw12: snprintf
22:59:56mecraw12i just started using it
23:02:07 Part GomGom ("ciao")
23:02:18langhaarrockerIs there a place where I can search code that provides me with info which mp3 frame is currently being played?
23:02:29Zagorlanghaarrocker: mpeg.c
23:03:23Zagorbut you won't find exact info. there's a RAM buffer in the mp3 decoder. we just fill the buffer, we don't know when what is played
23:03:52langhaarrockerDo you know wether the MAS can deliver that info?
23:04:15Zagori doubt it. what's your idea?
23:05:55langhaarrockerNow that I've declared wormlet for finished I want to plan the cuttin editor. I'd like to make an oszillosgramme of an mp3 snippet by using the volume info of the MAS. But somehow I must match which volume values belong to which mp3 frame. I'd really like to get around decoding the real frames.
23:07:31pimlottcwouldn't be cpu for decoding them anyway
23:07:47ZagorI see. well, I could be wrong. grab the docs and start reading
23:09:39Zagoralternatively, you could maybe feed it frame by frame yourself and thus keeping sync
23:09:40langhaarrockerpimlottc: I'd really like to delegate that to the MAS chip as it does the decoding anyway.
23:09:40langhaarrockerZagor: Yes. I've already printed them and marked the addresses with the volume info green :)
23:13:34langhaarrockerZagor: single frame feed is an idea that came up in my mind, too. But I've read in the MAS sheet that while recording it can provide a frame counter in the ancillary data. Only that doesn't help me since I don't want to record. :(
23:15:28langhaarrockerBy the way: If someone finds any code convention violations in my wormlet patch: Don't hesitate to make me change them.
23:15:53Zagor:-) i haven't checked it yet. (but it's in my queue)
23:17:40adi|homezagor is there im getting an undefined ref to lcd_putc
23:17:44adi|homebut i have include lcd.h
23:18:07Zagorin sim or target?
23:18:09langhaarrockerisn't it lcd_puts?
23:18:19Zagorthey both exist
23:18:31Zagorputs() can't output \x00
23:18:35langhaarrockerOk, I'll shut my mouth
23:19:17 Join Jojoba [0] (
23:20:07Zagoradi|home: do you get a link error or compile error?
23:20:38adi|home/home/rhak/src/rockbox/src/build/recorder/letters.o: In function `display_keyboard':
23:20:38adi|home/home/rhak/src/rockbox/src/build/recorder/letters.o(.text+0x70): undefined reference to `lcd_putc'
23:20:38adi|homecollect2: ld returned 1 exit status
23:20:38adi|homemake[1]: *** [/home/rhak/src/rockbox/src/build/archos.elf] Error 1
23:20:39adi|homemake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rhak/src/rockbox/src/apps'
23:20:41adi|homemake: *** [apps] Error 2
23:20:48adi|homeits the playing with keyboard code
23:20:52adi|homei would compile for sim
23:20:59adi|homebut lcd_putc is a stub for the sim
23:21:09Zagoraaah, putc only exists for player
23:21:16adi|homegrrrr.. okay
23:21:35Zagoronly players need to output \0
23:21:35adi|homethen htf am i supposed to draw individual chars on the recorder?
23:21:45adi|homeeither that or i need that padding function ;)
23:21:53adi|homegrrr.. was hoping not to..
23:22:31langhaarrockerBut now that you mention link errors: for a very short time I was very happy to find that the uisimulator\win32\Makefile.v6 worked.
23:22:34Zagorit's actually exactly the same code, so putc() would not be better
23:23:02Zagorlanghaarrocker: but now it doesn't?
23:23:20langhaarrockerNMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'cl' : Rueckgabe-Code '0x2
23:24:48langhaarrockerstrange. I never noticed it was MY WORMLET that caused the malfunction!
23:25:22adi|homehey zagor..
23:25:30adi|homedid you look at the daily build output recent?
23:25:45adi|homespecifically.. EXTRA_DEFINES
23:26:41Zagorummm, no. *checking*
23:27:21Zagornice module delimiter :-)
23:28:20Zagori'll deal with that tomorrow, if nobody beats me to it. i'm going to bed now.
23:28:38 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
23:29:11langhaarrockerZagor: don't look at my wormlet patch until I moved all declarations of local vars to the top of the methods. The microsoft compiled doesn't seem to like it.
23:31:12langhaarrockerOh. seems that note was too late.
23:44:46langhaarrocker cool, now it seems to run in the simulator.
23:47:01langhaarrockerWas I the only one who didn't know that you must declare all variables at the beginning of a block?
23:48:42 Quit Jojoba ()
23:57:36langhaarrockergood night, sleep tight
23:57:49 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")

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