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#rockbox log for 2002-09-08

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00:36:50langhaarrockeris there some hardware guru with recorder knowledge around?
00:39:57langhaarrockerAccording to the MAS manual there seems to be a pin SYNC that displays that a frame has been decoded. But in the recorder schematic this pin doesn't seem to be connected. Is that because it is really not connected or because noone bothered about that pin, yet?
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03:14:17merwinuh oh
03:16:27CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
03:16:27*merwin is screwed
03:17:20merwinall my lfn's are gone :P
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03:25:48merwinanyone around?
03:28:48merwinI lost all my friggin LFN's
03:29:08PsycoXullfn's? long filenames?
03:29:19merwinyeah... I used a NTFS to FAT32 conversion program
03:29:22merwinit worked
03:29:24merwinbut I lost my lfn's
03:29:33merwinsuprisingly, windows 2000 boots still
03:30:18 Join nunya [0] (nunya@
03:30:44merwinif I didn't pirate the software, I'd yell at them :)
03:30:45nunyaI'm baaaaack!!!!!! And still no frikkin Rockbox on my AJB!!!
03:31:38merwinnunya: I'm sorry, at least you're not in my position right now
03:31:54nunyarut roh.. wha happen???
03:32:04merwinnunya: no Long Filenames on my entire computer
03:32:18nunyaoh, my ass!!! that'll leave a mark!!!
03:32:24merwinwhich means no development until I can reinstall cygwin
03:32:49nunyawhats dat?
03:33:02merwinUnix environment for windows
03:33:15nunyacoool... how is it?
03:33:29merwinit's an entire unix system on your computer :)
03:33:47merwinwindows and unix co-existing
03:33:52nunyaim going to guess it aint freeware or shareware>?
03:33:58merwinit's freeware
03:34:02nunyano way
03:34:03PsycoXulits all gnu stuff
03:34:04merwindeveloped by redhat
03:34:06PsycoXulfor windows
03:34:19nunyacool... gotta cdheck it out. but I WANT ROCKBOX!!!!!!
03:34:51merwinthe phillies lost to the mets last night.... now that sucks
03:35:03PsycoXulthis mark wilson person sure uses a lot of samples in this music
03:35:15PsycoXulfor it being c64 SID chip music...
03:36:35merwinI think I'll install cygwin tonight
03:37:03merwinBersirc is a damn good irc client
03:37:14merwinnice and free too
03:37:59merwinI think snoop dogg and puff daddy should get together and form a comedy team :-)
03:38:30nunyamerwin - heres the latest:AJB - freshly upgraded to 40GB drive. Placed ARCHOS.MOD (Rockbox 1.3) as first file on the new drive. Still wasn't recognized. Played around today - got it to boot up cuz
03:38:30nunya it said ROCKBOX!! I figure - cool, done deal... until I placed the latest daily build on the AJB... now I'm back to the Archos firmware... no Rockbox at all! Use DirSnoop to take
03:38:30nunya a look - everything looked OK
03:38:30PsycoXulthat probably would be pretty funny...
03:39:04merwinnunya: really? what did you do to get it to boot?
03:39:16merwinPsycoXul: I don't really like rap, I just think they're funny
03:39:23PsycoXulmerwin: me either
03:39:34PsycoXuli don't like either of their "music"
03:39:53PsycoXulbut snoop seems like a pretty cool, and pretty comical guy
03:40:09merwinPsycoXul: it's not really music. Suprisingly, I actually like Eminem's music. I don't know why. It's the only rap that I can stand
03:40:15merwinprobably because I'm a white boy :P
03:40:25adi|homefunny.. same here merwin
03:40:54PsycoXuli don't listen to eminem generaly either
03:40:57merwinnunya: what did you do to get the archos to boot?
03:40:59PsycoXulbut what i've heard of his isn't too bad
03:40:59nunyanerwin: i have no clue - just copied it over ... and over... and over.. finally there it was!
03:41:14merwinnunya: interesting
03:41:22merwinnunya: I dunno... maybe it's your windows installation
03:42:10PsycoXulnunya: get a rolo-enabled rockbox working and just keep that on there and load new ones through it... if nothing else, maybe it'll give you a useful error on the new ones...
03:42:34PsycoXulthat is if you can get a rolo-enabled one working...
03:42:37merwinin windows 2000/xp, what's the folder called on the root that holds the system information... is it just System Information? I need to rename it to what it's supposed to be :)
03:46:23merwinanyone know?
03:48:02adi|homeone sec.. let me see if i can fid it...
03:48:09adi|homeneed to bood my win2k box
03:48:10merwinit's a hidden/system file
03:48:17merwinfolder I mean
03:49:42merwinoh my god... violent femmes on conan :)
03:50:18merwinand they still suck
03:51:00merwinactually, the instruments are good, just the singing is bad
03:51:03merwingone downhill
03:51:14nunyapsycho: what is "rolo-enabled"??
03:52:14merwinnunya: any of the new daily builds... has the ability to load firmware from inside of the firmware
03:52:21merwinbasically, reboot into a differnet firmware
03:53:52nunyathats my problem... so basically yer saying get 0907 or so to work & leave it alone, upgrading via the firmware instead of copying new archos.mod over via usb??
03:54:12nunyacan you do that with 1.3?
03:54:40merwinwell, you copy the other .mod file over as a differnet filename (ie: newarchos.mod) and load it through the file browser in the firmware... like you'd load a song. It's not in 1.3
03:55:16nunyaahhhh... ok... lemme go pay.. back in a bit... thanx!
03:55:31merwinhave fu
03:56:04merwinI can't believe all my LFN's are gone
03:56:05merwinthis sucks
03:56:09adi|homemerwin: i have a 'SYSTEM' folder
03:56:14adi|homeand a 'WINDOWS' folder
03:56:31merwinadi|home: are your hidden files shown?
03:56:41adi|homenot sure.. one sec..
03:57:31merwinand there's no C:\System Information or anything?
03:57:40adi|homei don't see one..
03:58:41merwinI'll have to connect to my home computer later over VNC and figure it out
03:58:41nunyaYEEEEEHA!!!!! ME GOTS ROCKBOX!!!! WHOOOP!!!!! WHOOOOP!!!!! YEEEEEHA!!!! :) sorry...
03:58:53merwinnunya: it worked?
04:00:18merwinAt least I have fat32 now instead of NTFS
04:01:05nunyadunno why ythis time... deleted archos.mod... copied 0907 archos.mod over... copied over a couple 1mb files to flush buffers... and voila!!
04:01:16nunyago figger!
04:02:32nunyaso 2 more questions... is there a roadmap of features for the latest versions available anywhere? and how do i tell it to use a diffrnt mod file?
04:02:41merwinhehe, the anal probe southpark is on
04:02:51merwinnunya: the download page has the roadmap
04:03:15merwinand to have it load a different mod file, you copy the mod file over to something other than archos.mod, and click on it through the file browser in rockbox
04:03:20merwinjust like you'd load a song
04:04:10*nunya slaps himself with a dead trout
04:05:18*merwin slaps nunya around a bit with Tux, the Linux Penguin
04:05:33merwinbrb, gotta grab a soda from the machine
04:06:42nunyaooooh baby.. more... more!!!
04:07:00merwinyou go to hell! you go to hell and you die! :-)
04:07:20merwin"Eric, do you need to sit in the corner until your flaming gas is under control?"
04:11:19nunyaok.. im outta here... gotta go rip more cds and see what ewlse i can screw up... merwin - you said cygwin is from red hat?
04:11:33merwinyeah, just do a search for cygwin on the net
04:12:07nunyako.. thanx!!! and good luck with yer LFN problem
04:12:20merwinheh, thanks
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04:13:18nunyamiss me??
04:13:23merwinthat was quick nunya
04:14:00nunya1 more ? - when u load up a diffrnt mod - does it only stay loaded until power down, then reboot into original version named archos.mod
04:15:03nunyaok.... thanx again!! L8R again!!!
04:15:09merwinwe should have a multiboot that loads from an ini file
04:15:50nunyaoooh yeah.. .good idear... kinda like winders... have a default that loads in x seconds unless another is picked!
04:19:30merwinMOM! Kitty's being a dildo! ... well then I know a certain kitty kitty who's sleeping with mommy tonight.
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04:52:41merwinheh, I'm watching contest searchlight... this shit is depressing
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04:55:22 Quit seb-away ("room being taken over :/")
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05:41:39merwinnow I'm fucked :)
05:57:07 Join AaronD [0] (~woop@
06:03:28adi|homewhat happened?
06:03:40AaronDhey peeps
06:04:00AaronDIve just started using rockbox today
06:04:11adi|homewelcome :)
06:04:15mecraw12took you long enough
06:04:16adi|homehow do you like it so far?
06:04:43AaronDsomehow I misunderstood what it was on the yahoo group page but since there were so many postings I checked it out and found out it was firmware
06:04:53AaronDvery slick
06:05:20adi|homewelcome to the future ;)
06:05:26adi|homei only wish we could play ogg
06:05:30*adi|home has a hard on for ogg
06:05:38AaronDmush better browsing
06:06:09AaronDman I was typing that out and figured you wouldnt want to hear that :)
06:06:32adi|homeis there anything you don't like yet?
06:06:40adi|homeother then the not being able to write to disk or record
06:06:42adi|homethats a given
06:06:44AaronDI swear I had a whole sentance typed out and deleted it thinking it would be anoying
06:07:04adi|homedon't worry about annoying
06:07:11adi|homeim head LART'er in charge
06:07:18adi|homethe LART police if you will
06:07:29adi|homeLinus/Zagor are the code police
06:07:33*adi|home points at merwin
06:07:53adi|homehe's 'High Mucky Muck of Broken Things'
06:08:14AaronDI gave up on my archos for a while after it screwed up my computer
06:08:14*adi|home whispers in your ear 'shhhh.. we only call him that because his mommy said he doesn't have friends
06:08:25adi|homewindows or linux?
06:08:28AaronDIm giving it another chance now and being more careful
06:08:29adi|homeor bsd
06:08:30adi|homeor mac
06:08:32AaronDMac OS
06:08:36adi|homeor.. um.. abacus
06:08:40*adi|home smirks
06:08:52adi|homei threw that out as a joke.. didn't expect you to have a mac :)
06:09:02adi|homenot to many ppl ive seen have an archos and a mac
06:09:08adi|homeipod is what ive seen
06:09:15adi|home_that_ has a great UI
06:09:28mecraw12only if you have enough cash left over from buying the mac
06:09:28AaronDI would have got an iPod
06:09:41AaronDwish I had after the crap this thing did
06:09:55AaronDbut I will consider that it could have been my fault
06:10:55adi|homeoh jesus.. this guy needs to be beaten senseless...
06:11:04AaronDbut it was a lot of files, I wanted to leave it copying while I was asleep, didnt think it would crash my computer and take down 2 hard drive partitions
06:11:49adi|homefrom a post "so I'd like to have something in the rockbox firmware what controls shuffling or not I'm too lazy to go in the menu to switch shuffle on or off :-)"
06:12:10adi|homesorry to hear that AaronD :(
06:12:11adi|homethat sucks
06:12:48AaronDyeah so I left the archos laying around my room for a while until I could get the nerve to try again
06:13:02AaronDthis time Im going to only transfer a little at a time and not leave it
06:13:35AaronDthe files that had been copied were corrupted so they sounded glitchy
06:14:16AaronDso what else is planned, not that its not good already
06:14:22mecraw12wow, Sven is lazier than I am
06:14:27adi|homeAaronD: what are you usign to transfer the files?
06:14:38adi|homemecraw12: we got yet _another_ question about the 400 file limit
06:14:42 Quit merwin ()
06:14:47AaronDIm just copying them on as if it was a normal drive
06:14:57adi|homedunno then
06:15:07adi|homei used the Jukebox sw that came ont he windows version
06:15:15adi|homeand that _sucked_ much donkey butt
06:15:24AaronDI lost my disk pretty soon after I bought it
06:15:53AaronDI realized soon after but didnt bother to go get it cause I knew it wouldnt have anything usefull one it that I couldnt just get online
06:16:09adi|homemecraw12: wait.. it gets better
06:16:34adi|homewell.. if it craps out on you again.. and your looking to sell it cheap ;) have a mention in here..
06:16:38adi|homewe always have ppl looking ;)
06:17:10AaronDwhats that guy mean shuffle all tunes? I didnt find that, when I put on shuffle and hit next it only did tunes from the current folder
06:17:21AaronDsorry I need to read instructions before I ask stupid questions
06:17:35adi|homethats not a stupid question.. trust me..
06:17:43adi|homethe shuffle only works for playlists
06:17:50adi|homewe can do random w/i folders
06:17:58adi|homebut to do the whole disk, we need to do it via playlists
06:18:14adi|homehe's bitching because he doen'st want to switch from normal to shuffle and back
06:18:14AaronD500 files or what? damn
06:18:19adi|homew/o having to hit keys
06:18:24mecraw12how many forums does Bjorn watch?
06:18:28AaronDaah okie so isnt that the same?
06:18:36adi|homebut i watch 2 right now.
06:18:44adi|homeplus our mailing list and bug reports
06:18:50adi|homei dunno wwhat other forums are out there..
06:18:52AaronDwhen I tried making playlist before I couldnt make them work
06:19:00mecraw12i unsubscribed from yahoogroups once i found the promised land here
06:19:01adi|homeAaronD: what did youdo?
06:19:07AaronDwith old firmware that is
06:19:19adi|homewell try it with our AaronD
06:19:28adi|homeyou basically just build a list of the files
06:19:37adi|homewith full paths as you need them
06:19:44AaronDI used some of the playlist software listed on the yahoo group site and some others to make .m3u files and I couldnt make them work
06:19:48adi|homei don't know mac well enough to say how.
06:19:52mecraw12adi|home: do you use prop or loadable fonts?
06:19:58adi|homeright now neither
06:19:59AaronDI just tried playing them like normal files, not sure if thats how you use them
06:20:04adi|homebut i like the look of the prop
06:20:13adi|homeloadable weren't working when i used them about a month ago
06:20:24adi|homewell.. for us, yup..
06:20:30adi|homeit will load automatically
06:20:41adi|homeAaronD: just create a plan text file
06:20:44mecraw12i'm trying to fix a lcd_puts bug, but don't want to load up the fonts to test it :)
06:20:49adi|homewith each file on a seperate line
06:20:53AaronDthe paths in the playlist might have been realative to where the software was but then to make it usefull the software would need to be on the players hard drive which is stupid
06:21:11adi|homeCountry/Aaron Tippin/Aaron Tippin - A Little Dust On The Bottle .mp3
06:21:11adi|homeCountry/Aaron Tippin/Aaron Tippin - There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With the Radio.mp3Country/Alabama/Alabama - I'm In A Hurry.mp3
06:21:11adi|homeCountry/Alabama/Alabama - If You're Gonna Play In Texas.mp3
06:21:11adi|homeCountry/Alabama/Alabama - Im in a Hurry and Don't Know Why.mp3
06:21:11adi|homeCountry/Alabama/Alabama - Mountain Music.mp3
06:21:13adi|homeCountry/Alabama/Alabama - Song Of The South.1.mp3
06:21:15adi|homeCountry/Alabama/Alabama - Song Of The South.mp3
06:21:17adi|homeCountry/Alabama/Alabama - Hometown Honeymoon.mp3
06:21:21adi|homeCountry/Alan Jackson/Alan Jackson - Chasin' That Neon Rainbow.mp3
06:21:39adi|homeif you are loading a playlist what will only reference stuff _below_ the dir you are in, then relative is fine
06:21:42adi|homeelse you need a full path
06:21:52adi|homeassume all the files i posted have '/' inf ront of them
06:22:11adi|homelol@mecraw12 sorry.. cant help
06:22:18adi|homewhat is the lcd_puts bug?
06:22:33AaronDoh Im not sure but I think my files have tags and when I use the 2 line setting it shows <no tag> on both lines
06:22:36mecraw12it doesn't clear out the rest of the line... it shows up in wps
06:22:38AaronDbut I will double check that
06:23:34AaronD"<no artist> <no title>"
06:26:47mecraw12loadable fonts doesn't work for me
06:27:28 Join edx|sleep [0] (
06:27:42mecraw12hi elinenbe
06:27:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
06:27:49mecraw12hi edx|sleep
06:28:19mecraw12edx|sleep: have you had any success with loadable fonts?
06:30:07AaronDi wont chat so much now hehe
06:31:42adi|homehehe you can chat all you want AaronD
06:31:44 Join AaronD1 [0] (~woop@
06:31:50adi|homewe're a pretty open bunch
06:32:03AaronD1didnt even know I was gone
06:37:10AaronD1wish someone had haxored the Rio500 like this
06:37:27AaronD1but it was pretty much as good as it could be
06:41:00 Quit AaronD (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
07:06:45AaronD1so chat just goes in burst?
07:07:22mecraw12wait for the swedes to come on
07:12:08 Join AaronD [0] (~woop@
07:21:43AaronDman this sure makes chating hard
07:21:53AaronDsorry about this
07:22:16AaronDguess I will leave cause it will probably make the log anoying to read
07:22:36mecraw12i wouldn't worry about it
07:23:18AaronDthis connection cuts in and out, I wish it was something on my computer I could fix
07:23:39AaronDand I never know when it does it until a lot later
07:28:22 Join merwin- [0] (
07:28:30 Nick merwin- is now known as merwin (
07:28:52*merwin is still fucked
07:28:58merwincan anyone dcc me a floppy drive?
07:29:03*mecraw12 didn't do it
07:29:31merwinnever use the NTFS -> FAT32 conversion software
07:32:42merwinthings are just going from bad to worse
07:35:43merwintime to try again
07:35:45 Quit merwin ()
07:38:52 Quit AaronD1 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:49:45 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
07:51:53 Join hardeep [0] (
07:52:04hardeepevening all
07:52:17mecraw12hardeep: do you use loadable fonts?
07:52:40hardeepmecraw12: not currently
07:52:43 Join AaronD1 [0] (~woop@
07:53:08mecraw12have you ever gotten them to work?
07:54:31hardeepbut i've only tried once or twice... i actually like the default font
07:54:56mecraw12me too, i'm just trying fix something and can't test the loadable font
08:03:41adi|homeheheh its funny to look at menu.c/h
08:03:47adi|homeand see code i put in there months ago
08:03:49adi|homefeels weird :)
08:04:10mecraw12how do i print a boolean with snprintf?
08:04:20adi|homebest be...
08:04:50adi|homesnprintf(buf, sizeof(buf) "%s", val:"True"?"False");
08:04:57adi|homeim assuming thats what you want
08:05:05mecraw12yep, gracias
08:05:08adi|homeor do you want 1 or 0
08:05:19mecraw12doesn't matter
08:05:28adi|homewell.. something like that should work
08:06:20 Quit AaronD1 (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
08:07:56 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
08:09:10 Quit AaronD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:13:23 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
08:14:45 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
08:16:54 Join AaronD [0] (~woop@
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08:29:26 Join merwin [0] (
08:29:43adi|homehey merwin
08:29:53adi|homeive got 80% of a basic keyboard going
08:30:07merwinI've got 10% of a basic win2k going
08:30:11merwinlooks like you've got me beat
08:30:55langhaarrockerYou programm the 8048 of your keyboard with basic? :)
08:31:36adi|homehehe no smartass ;)
08:34:28langhaarrockerIsn't there anybody who can tell me: The SYNC pin of the MAS is connected to IRQ pin number x of the 7034 it's just not drawn into the recorder schematics?
08:34:54adi|homeis proof of concept right now
08:36:31langhaarrockerI want a mouse to control that. :)
08:36:44adi|homenope ;)
08:36:49adi|homebut it scrolls nicely..
08:37:17langhaarrockerThe 2 at the bottom means there is a page 1, too?
08:37:29adi|homethat means you just selected the char '2'
08:37:40adi|homeit was a test to make sure the select of the cursor worked
08:37:47adi|homeim working on buffering input now
08:38:13langhaarrockerWill the editor work on a 2-lined player, too?
08:38:23adi|homeeventually yes
08:38:29adi|homeim making it work on recorder first
08:38:32adi|homeits easier to see..
08:38:40adi|homebut i plan on having the same interface on both units
08:38:52adi|homeand even the ability to load your own keyboards ;)
08:38:57 Quit AaronD (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
08:38:59langhaarrockerI'm glad to have a recorder, too
08:39:00adi|homefor ppl that want there own key orders
08:40:30 Quit merwin ()
08:40:40langhaarrockerHave you thought about auto completion? Like you type f and it automattically suggests *ck...
08:40:41PsycoXul4.0k Dark_Side.sid
08:40:41PsycoXul64M Dark_Side.wav
08:40:43PsycoXul14M Dark_Side.mp3
08:40:55adi|homehehe no..
08:41:00adi|homethat would take too much logic
08:41:14adi|homeand you would need a db of words to look up..
08:41:24adi|homelet the users to the work till the demand is there ;)
08:42:11langhaarrockerunfortunately the keys of my jukebox are so worn out since alpha testing wormlet...
08:43:48 Quit PsycoXul ("blaaaah.")
08:46:21 Join PsycoXul [0] (
08:48:02mecrawwhat are the odds that Zagor shows up soon?
08:48:12adi|homemy guess
08:48:17adi|homeabout 2 mins after you log off
08:48:48mecrawgood thing i have the wireless laptop next to my bed
08:50:13mecrawdid you guys see Zagor's to do list?
08:51:37 Join merwin [0] (
08:53:56langhaarrockeris that public?
08:58:16langhaarrockernow that you've sent your patches you're out of work?
08:59:37 Join rwood [0] (
09:00:26mecrawlanghaarrocker: i tried to fix the repeat, but am having a little trouble
09:01:11hardeepmecraw: what trouble?
09:01:52mecrawit didn't handle playlists with only one song in it
09:01:55*merwin watched the anal probe episode today
09:01:57merwinit's my favorite
09:02:05adi|homesome of his todos go away
09:02:05mecrawand the wps would just blank when it's done
09:02:22adi|homebug: display glitch in wps: when lines shorten (i.e. time) chars are left behind - make lcd_puts() erase to end-of-line [mecraw]
09:02:25adi|homewas submited
09:02:33adi|homeand snow dont seem to be whigging out anymore
09:03:45adi|homedoes bounce seem to work odd to you now?
09:03:50adi|homeit used to be nice and smooth
09:03:58adi|homenow it seems to be.. well.. fidgity
09:04:15mecrawBagder made some changes to it this week
09:05:47adi|homeahh.. i think he needs more work on it :)
09:08:02 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
09:16:30 Nick edx|sleep is now known as edx (
09:19:50 Quit merwin ()
09:27:08*adi|home yawns
09:35:39 Quit mecraw (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
09:38:30 Join mecraw12_ [0] (~lmarlow@
09:45:41 Quit mecraw12 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:47:07 Quit rwood ()
10:11:37 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
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11:10:29 Join Phantom [0] (
11:10:35Phantomhi !
11:10:51PhantomSalut !
11:10:55PhantomBonjour !
11:15:18 Quit Phantom ()
11:20:56 Join Norrin [0] (
11:21:08 Join TotMacher [0] (
11:21:26NorrinJust read about the changes to the most recent build. Anyone know what the %d4 to %d9 added?
11:27:04 Quit Norrin ()
12:22:22 Join Jojoba [0] (
12:22:53Jojobahi, can you excuse my ignorance, but what does 'The default configuration file must be located in the /.rockbox folder
12:23:16Jojobaoops, i meant to put mean on the end
12:24:34Jojobai mean, what is that folder? is it like J:\rockbox or what?
12:27:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:38:25 Join Phantom [0] (
12:38:47 Quit Phantom (Client Quit)
12:54:31 Quit Jojoba ()
12:58:37 Quit TotMacher ()
13:03:28 Join TotMacher [0] (
13:17:19 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
13:57:33langhaarrockerThe menu interferes with my program. It occasionally draw itself. Why?
14:07:24 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
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14:33:38 Join stormy [0] (
14:44:29 Quit TotMacher ()
14:50:32 Join Zagor [0] (
14:50:44Zagorhi guys
14:54:41Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
14:54:51Topic"Bagder wants YOUR vote! ||" by Zagor (
14:54:59Mode"#rockbox -o Zagor " by Zagor (
14:56:29PsycoXuli only keep my default.wps in my .rockbox dir
14:56:41PsycoXultoo hard to browse to in general for that, i keep the rest in /
15:03:00 Join lithermon [0] (
15:24:41 Quit lithermon ()
16:04:30 Join Sign` [0] (~ngis@
16:05:52 Part Sign`
16:26:30 Join malda [0] (
16:27:47Zagorhey malda. how many ISPs do you have, anyway ;-)
16:27:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:28:06maldaZagor: A few, why?
16:28:36Zagoroh, nothing. just noticed it differed.
16:34:57 Join TotMacher [0] (
16:56:41TotMacheri want loadable fonts
16:56:47TotMacheri had a version with other font
16:56:49TotMacherthat rocked
16:57:03edxZagor, are you in?
16:57:05Zagoryou can build with propfonts, they work fine
16:57:19Zagorwe're not releasing it because we are doing loadable fonts instead
16:57:23edxah, yes you are - did you get my mail?
16:57:33Zagoredx: yup. i will put it up soon.
16:58:20 Quit edx ("brb")
16:59:11 Nick dwihno|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
16:59:11DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
16:59:17dwihnoGood evening gentlemen
16:59:47Zagorhi dwihno
17:00:35dwihnoI just fooled around with Rockbox realizing the features has outclassed the Archos' firmware for months!
17:00:54Zagor:-) we still lack recording, though
17:01:03dwihnotrue, but how often do you use that? :)
17:01:15Zagori don't, but some people use it a lot
17:01:18dwihnoI used it once actually...
17:01:34dwihnoThe built in microphone is the most dumb hardware feature
17:01:49dwihnoIf you use it, you'll hear the disk spin up on the recording :)
17:01:53Zagornah, it's bad but still better than not having one at all.
17:02:14dwihnofor interviews it's usable
17:02:51dwihnoHow far away is the completion of the loadable fonts? a week? two? a month?
17:03:08TotMacherthe recording feature is nice
17:03:22Zagordwihno: about a week, i'd think. bagder is working on it.
17:03:40dwihnouncompressed audio recording (-> WAV) would be pretty neat for production editing and stuff...
17:03:53dwihnoZagor: ah, okay. Then I know the timeline to finish the propfont bdf
17:04:27dwihnoI should do it tonight... but playing warcraft and watching star trek is occupying all my spare time ;)
17:05:47ZagorRegarding new formats: Everybody assumes that we will move on to the Multimedia after a while, but a would consider any cool hardware that is upgradable. Especially if they we can add new formats easily.
17:06:04 Join edx [0] (
17:08:08dwihnoWould be neat to check the Multimedia... Purchase one and showcase it on the upcoming devcon! :D
17:10:41Zagornah, i'll just sit back and wait for someone to donate one ;-)
17:11:25Zagoractually, I have a guy who said he's going to open up his, take photos, find data sheets etc. the gruntwork.
17:12:38dwihnoI'll do the graphics for MediaBox - Fun to move across the 2bit graphics limit :)
17:13:00Zagor2 colors == 1 bit :-)
17:18:25dwihno1 bit / 2 bit, iran / irak :-)
17:23:14 Quit malda (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:54:16 Join Tsd [0] (Tsd@
18:06:46 Quit datazone ("Client Exiting")
18:18:49 Join lithermon [0] (
18:21:08 Quit lithermon (Client Quit)
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18:56:39 Join hardeep [0] (
18:56:49hardeepmorning all
19:00:16dwihnoevening, hardeep
19:01:26TotMacherthat thing is nice
19:05:32hardeepZagor: are you around?
19:08:02 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
19:10:37 Nick mecraw12_ is now known as mecraw12 (~lmarlow@
19:10:54 Quit TotMacher ()
19:12:13 Join AaronD [0] (~woop@
19:12:34AaronDhey everyone
19:12:58hardeephi aarond
19:13:44 Join TotMacher [0] (
19:14:00AaronDI have another silly question if anyone is here but Im going to try to answer it myself on the website first
19:14:51 Join lithermon [0] (
19:14:57 Join langhaarrocker [0] (~Philipp@
19:16:47AaronDdamn I think my player is faulty
19:17:08langhaarrockerWhat doesn't it do?
19:18:49 Nick edx is now known as edx|eats (
19:19:19AaronDwhat? my player?
19:19:55miahwhat doesn it do that makes you think its faulty
19:20:24langhaarrocker(wasn't buying a player instead of a recorder the first malfunction?)
19:21:03miahwhen i bought my player recorders didnt exist
19:21:21AaronDI cant see the need for the recorder and didnt know about it
19:21:42AaronDbut every since it screwed up my computer
19:21:55miahthe player has line-in though
19:22:05miahcouldnt it be modified to do recording?
19:22:14langhaarrockerAaronD: You're right: Unless you need a portable _recording_ device you don't need a recorder.
19:22:15AaronDI thought I would give it another try but now the songs sound corrupted
19:22:19langhaarrockermiah: no.
19:23:23langhaarrockerAaronD: do the same songs sound ok when played by the pc?
19:28:18Zagorhardeep: i'm here now
19:28:27Zagorbut only a short while
19:29:19langhaarrockerZagor: if you really intend to code-police the wormlet patch - make sure you take the second one.
19:31:41 Quit AaronD (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:32:56mecrawmorning, Zagor
19:33:48hardeepZagor: I made a small change so that when you press "OFF" in wps display the dir browser starts at current playing song instead of first song or playlist
19:34:04mecrawi wasn't able to test the lcd patch on loadable fonts or the player, but it works on propfonts and regular fonts
19:34:17Zagormecraw: ok
19:34:28 Join AaronD [0] (~woop@
19:35:12Zagorhardeep: nice. although i'm not sure we always want that
19:35:26hardeepZagor: i only set it when you press off
19:36:07hardeepMaybe I'll just send patch to mailing list to allow discussion before committing
19:36:56mecrawZagor: i started working on repeat functionality, but ran into a few snags
19:37:07Zagorhardeep: yes, i think that's probably best
19:37:35Zagormecraw: that's a difficuly job, with lots of hidden catches
19:37:45mecrawit didn't work for playlists with only one song in it (i didn't try it on directory play), and wps just went blank after the last song
19:38:15mecrawZagor: i was hoping it was harder than i thought after i started :)
19:39:41langhaarrockerapropos blank screen: is it normal that the wps is blank after disconnecting from usb with repeat on?
19:42:36langhaarrockerZagor: I think I read that you were addicted to filewriting. Have you thought about splitting mp3 files yet?
19:42:39Zagorlanghaarrocker: doesn't sound normal to me
19:43:12langhaarrockerZagor: maybe rockbox looses its mp3 info and must reload it again.
19:43:13Zagorlanghaarrocker: i have not planned any apps yet, but much will be possible when file writing works
19:43:33Zagorafter USB, it goes back to root
19:43:50AaronDfile writing sound scary
19:44:11Zagorhehe, that's why we're testing a lot first
19:44:18Zagorgotta go, see you later!
19:44:20 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
19:45:40 Join AaronD1 [0] (~woop@
19:45:51AaronD1I just had an idea about what could be causing this wierd corruption problem
19:45:54langhaarrockersplitting sounds worse: you don't want to copy mass data just to split a file. I assume dirty things must be done like copying a single cluster and fill it with some dummy data and then relink the files. And what will you do when you want to join mp3s? They must match and so on.
19:45:57AaronD1sorry I know it doesnt have anything to do with rockbox
19:46:58langhaarrockerNever mind: I'm corrupted enough to take money for that... ;)
19:47:14AaronD1you aren't talking about doing that on the player are you?
19:48:16langhaarrockerPlayer or recorder doesn't matter much. Maybe the recorder get's a nicer interface, but the split and join problems remain the same
19:50:55 Nick edx|eats is now known as edx (
19:51:51langhaarrockerJust messed a bit with the recorder lcd: vertical scrolling is cooooool.
19:52:12langhaarrockerWhat a pity there's no support for horizontal scrolling.
19:54:30 Quit Tsd (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:56:38 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
19:56:38mecrawwhat do you mean there's no support for horizontal scrolling?
19:56:39 Quit lithermon (Killed (NickServ (Nickname Enforcement)))
19:58:08 Join lithermon [0] (
20:02:44 Quit AaronD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:06:08AaronD1dont those Cyprus people ever do anything?
20:09:18AaronD1does changing the batteries void waranty?
20:10:12mecrawnot according to the FAQ
20:10:50AaronD1sorry I know you guys arent archos, just wondering if anyone knows
20:13:56mecraw Question 5
20:19:30AaronD1I scratched one of my players crapy battery covers when changing them
20:20:44HesI asked their tech support and they said replacing won't void warranty
20:20:50Hesthe covers _are_ crappy
20:21:02Hestry calling/emailing them, they might replace it or the unit
20:22:36AaronD1right now I was thinking about returning it, but Im going to try to make it work properly first
20:23:15 Nick edx is now known as edx|tb (
20:23:17 Nick edx|tb is now known as edx|tv (
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20:39:32 Quit lithermon (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:41:33 Quit AaronD1 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:53:23 Quit stormy ("bye !")
21:15:41 Join lithermon [0] (
21:18:45 Join _seb_ [0] (
21:30:13 Join Phantom [0] (
21:30:31PhantomL O
21:32:44Phantomvi bonsoir
21:33:23dwihnoCa vat?
21:35:24Phantomvi, tu fait parti de la team ?
21:36:09 Join merwin [0] (
21:37:18dwihnojuste peu
21:37:40Phantomc quoi la derniere version de propfont ?
21:38:29dwihnomy french is pretty bad :)
21:38:30mecrawgood afternoon, merwin
21:38:53Phantomwhat is the last "propfont" version
21:39:14dwihnothe propfont is a CVS thing only
21:39:30dwihnoYou CVS synch, add a define and voila
21:39:39dwihnoor what do you mean?
21:40:12 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
21:40:48Phantomadi had give me a "propfont" version
21:40:59TotMacherme 2 !!
21:41:08 Join hardeep [0] (
21:41:17Phantombut he told me that it wasn't the last
21:41:22dwihnoah, okay
21:41:31dwihnoI'll build you one from the current CVS and put it on the web
21:41:35dwihnoyou have a recorder, I guess? :)
21:41:42TotMacherme 2
21:41:49dwihnow8 a sec
21:41:54merwinafternoon mecraw
21:42:02 Part Phantom
21:42:54 Part miah
21:49:05 Quit merwin ("[BX] Elvis has left the building")
21:49:10dwihnoWhen loadable fonts is done, even more configurability might be possible ;D
21:59:35 Nick edx|tv is now known as edx (
22:05:46dwihnohowdy edx
22:05:53dwihnohave you done something to the makefiles?
22:06:25dwihnoI tried building straight from CVS and it bugged out
22:07:55 Quit lithermon (Remote closed the connection)
22:08:09edxdwihno: how?
22:08:16edxyea i did something to the makefiles
22:09:01edxit worked for me...
22:10:31dwihnoI just do a make -f win32.mak and this happens
22:10:33edxyouy are right
22:10:35edxit bugs
22:10:39edxwait a sec
22:10:42dwihnosh-elf-gcc -O -W -Wall -m1 -nostdlib -Wstrict-prototypes -fomit-frame-pointer -
22:10:44edxuse RECORDER=1 and it should work
22:10:45dwihnofschedule-insns -I../firmware/include -I../firmware -I../firmware/common -I../fi
22:10:48dwihnormware/drivers -I../firmware/malloc -I. -DARCHOS_RECORDER=1 -DAPPSVERSION=\"CVS
22:10:50edxits the-Iplayer stuff
22:10:56edxit should be -Irecoder
22:14:24edxcheckout again and retry
22:17:47dwihnoI appreciate you keeping makefiles for gnush
22:25:15 Quit adi|home (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:26:43 Join adiamas [0] (
22:26:55 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|home (
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22:48:56 Join LinusN [0] (
22:49:00 Part LinusN
22:54:20 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
22:54:20DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno|gone
22:54:59 Join Snorlax [0] (
22:56:46Snorlaxwho was Jon Doe?
22:58:28SnorlaxI'm watching the movie se7en right now and they are talking about him
22:58:38Snorlaxand I don't know who he is/was
23:09:55 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
23:45:16 Quit hardeep (Remote closed the connection)
23:52:50 Join ForTheEnd [0] (
23:54:08 Part ForTheEnd
23:54:16 Join EnnaN [0] (
23:55:21 Join ForTheEnd [0] (
23:55:27ForTheEndany1 here?
23:56:13EnnaNJust wanted 2 tell you that the rockbox is very, very good...
23:56:30EnnaNcan't believe that people have put this much effort in it, and share it, like one shoud :)
23:56:34 Part EnnaN
23:56:42 Quit ForTheEnd (Client Quit)

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