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#rockbox log for 2002-09-11

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00:24:00adi|homewhats up lowfiler?
00:24:15Lowfilerhuh ok u are there :)
00:24:51adi|homewhat was it?
00:25:02Lowfileri think the win32.mak file isnt up 2 date
00:25:10adi|homeokay.. why/
00:25:10Lowfilerwhile compiling, the following error appears:
00:25:31Lowfiler./recorder/icons.o: In function `statusbar_icon_volume':
00:25:31Lowfiler./recorder/icons.o(.text+0x1d0): undefined reference to `lcd_getstringsize'
00:25:31Lowfiler./recorder/icons.o: In function `statusbar_time':
00:25:31DBUGEnqueued KICK Lowfiler
00:25:31Lowfiler./recorder/icons.o(.text+0x318): undefined reference to `lcd_getstringsize'
00:25:31Lowfilermake: *** [archos.elf] Error 1
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00:25:48adi|homewhere is the win32.mak file located?
00:26:54adi|homehmmm well..
00:27:02adi|homeit looks fine on the hourly builds
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00:27:30adi|hometry clearing out your build directory..
00:27:31Lowfilerhmm i checked out the latest cvs files
00:27:38Lowfilerok i do
00:27:40adi|homeand delete .deps dir
00:27:51adi|homeor whatever the dependancy dir in windows is
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00:32:25Lowfilerok works now!
00:33:55adi|homenp :)
00:36:36Lowfilerhow can i change the font?
00:37:09Lowfilerthe original big font makes my eyes crying :)
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00:48:09adi|homeoff to my ambulance core.. see you later
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07:14:10mecraw12morning LinusN
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07:19:51hardeepmecraw: you're working on repeat aren't you?
07:20:01hardeep'cause the todo list hasn't been updated
07:20:17mecraw12not really, i gave it a quick try, but wussed out
07:20:33mecraw12i think quelsaruk is going to give it a shot
07:22:48mecraw12LinusN: any progress on queueing?
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07:24:02LinusNi have written most of the playlist stuff, but there are a few quirks to sort out
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07:31:12gizzhi all, are Psyco Dedman and/or Diddystar here ??
07:31:23PsycoXuli am
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07:32:17*LinusN senses a Gamebox discussion coming up
07:32:24gizzwhy ??
07:32:32gizzindeed yes
07:32:41*PsycoXul runs away
07:32:46gizzLinus did you receive my reply about it ?
07:33:03gizzand you Psyco ?
07:33:26PsycoXullemme see
07:33:35*gizz presumes nobody wants to hear about Gamebox
07:34:35hardeepi have become addicted to sokoban... can't get enough of it
07:34:52PsycoXuli see
07:35:15PsycoXulgizz: the basic method i used for that particular piece of code was more demonstration-minded than anything
07:35:40gizzI know that, I did too, by sending the result to Bjorn
07:35:57PsycoXulgizz: i would like to do more with the idea, but it'll be new code
07:36:05gizzbecause many ppl didn't have the chance to see anything not boring on their box
07:37:33gizzBTW, others : I ported the 'snow' demo on the player :)
07:37:52gizz(boring : on the player, of course 8)
07:38:24gizzPsyco : see what I mean ?? :)
07:38:54PsycoXulwhen i saw the snow demo for the recorder on the mailing list, i wondered if somebody'd port it to the player :p heh
07:39:05gizzPsyco : it was more a proof of concept intended to bjorn, because he had even _forgot_ you submitted gamebox before, see ?
07:39:59PsycoXulgizz: yeah, none of the main rockbox people seemed to take much of an interest in that piece of code heh
07:40:11PsycoXulgizz: i'm not sure if any of them actualy tried the gamebox part
07:40:18LinusNi haven't
07:40:44LinusNthe thing is that we are quite busy with a lot of other stuff
07:41:01LinusNand games tend to have low priority for us
07:41:08gizzLinus : of course we can understand that :)
07:41:10PsycoXulof course
07:41:23LinusNthat's why we prefer people like you guys to develop the games
07:41:24gizzLinus : I presume Psyco talked about _others_ (like me :)
07:42:04gizz(and we prefer gurus like _you_ developping ata, usb and other complex ones ;-)
07:42:25LinusNBTW, i wonder why elinenbe committed another snake game
07:42:40gizzplayer version ?
07:42:58LinusNactually, that snake game was submitted to use before Wormlet, but wormlet is a lot better
07:42:59gizzI'm sure it's possible, if nobody does, I'll test it
07:43:04LinusNno, recorder
07:43:11gizz(on player :)
07:43:22PsycoXuli had been waiting for certain api's to come in and settle down in rockbox before i started it anew... i think they're all there now, but i've gotten my attention pulled to other projects for the moment...
07:43:39LinusNPsycoXul: tell us what you need
07:43:51PsycoXuland speaking of which, tonight i need to play with steel tubes, paper, tape, wax, plaster, and maybe even molten metal
07:44:50PsycoXulLinusN: i don't think there's anything i need that's not there now
07:44:53gizzPsyco : did you _ever_ see my gamebox sources ?? (yours wrapped for rbx)
07:45:12PsycoXulgizz: i looked at what you sent to the mailing list.. the zip and diff's
07:45:21gizzand the api ?
07:45:23PsycoXulgizz: but that was missing a lot
07:46:27PsycoXulwell not a lot i guess, but a few things it needed to compile, which i could've thrown in pretty quickly... heh
07:47:01gizzdo you mean : missing player lcd_ funcs ?
07:47:12PsycoXulyeah i think so
07:47:26gizzI sent patch to ML for it
07:48:03PsycoXulyeah that was after then
07:48:53gizzproblem is current lcd_api is not fitted to players, at least for your game, there's no func that output a byte to lcd, not only converted ASCII chars
07:49:39adi|homeeven better yet.. i want to know why elinenbe commited a _buggy_ snake game
07:50:08*mecraw12 hopes elinenbe|sleep doesn't wake up
07:50:44PsycoXulwell the new one would use a mix of cgram and cgrom chars, and it'd use a different map format.. so whatever lcd api issues will be different ones heh
07:51:14adi|homebah.. he does.. ill bust him about it ;)
07:51:24adi|homeLinusN: you had a chance to look at my keyboard code?
07:51:42PsycoXulhas playlist loading on rockbox gotten faster?
07:51:53adi|homeon the recorder yeah.
07:52:00PsycoXulit just loaded my 2975 track list in like 1 second or less
07:52:21PsycoXulon my player
07:52:37PsycoXuli haven't used playlists for some time
07:52:42mecraw12PsycoXul: Zagor decided to push the turbo button on the RAM
07:52:43LinusNPsycoXul: lcd_putc() is in lcd.c now, but it still does ASCII translation
07:53:08PsycoXulsince i have no use for static ones in general, and my wholedisk one's been getting out of date.. i just updated it though heh
07:53:12LinusNmecraw12: dont give Zagor the credit for my work :-)
07:53:24*mecraw12 hides under the bed
07:54:11mecraw12LinusN: it's hard to keep track of who does what when you're reading the irc logs at work without your boss seeing
07:55:06LinusNgizz: why is lcd_gotoxy() needed?
07:55:20LinusNand lcd_putbyte()?
07:55:44gizzwell, it was a quick port of gamebox, and it needed it,
07:55:52LinusNPsycoXul: do you know?
07:56:01gizzbecause there's a loop,
07:56:07PsycoXulthe old gamebox only needed to avoid the ascii translation because of it's simplistic map format and "collision detection", which will be different in the new one... it'll probably make it easier to keep the game looking right on both old and new players by making use of the translation
07:56:16gizzgotoxy'd at beginning, and putting raw bytes in it
07:57:03LinusNinstead of moving the cursor for every character?
07:57:07gizzif I understand well, Psyco works on a totally new version, and nobody wants any more nfo about current version. understood
07:57:11gizzlinus: yea
07:57:25LinusNok, so an optimization really?
07:58:35PsycoXulok so i'll be working on the new version in my head as i go about my other project, which i've been meaning to get to since december...
07:58:51PsycoXul[why do tomorrow what you can put off till today?]
07:59:06LinusNwhat do you Recorder guys think of the "F1 goes back all the way" suggestion on the mailing list?
07:59:07 Join Bagder [0] (
07:59:10LinusNwhat do you Recorder guys think of the "F1 goes back all the way" suggestion on the mailing list?
07:59:21LinusNmorning Bagder
07:59:23mecraw12why do in 5 minutes what you can automate in 5 years?
07:59:40gizzheya bagder
07:59:42mecraw12LinusN: seems good to me
08:00:08LinusNi don't like the suggestion for the ON button, though
08:00:42mecraw12does the ON button do anything in the menu right now?
08:01:19mecraw12poor button
08:01:29LinusNleft out in the cold
08:03:12gizzplayer users : anyone interested in a player lcd_ api for drawing pixels ? or nobody ? ( the snow port uses one )
08:04:34LinusNgizz: how would it work?
08:04:51gizzwell, basically the same as in gamebox,
08:04:54LinusNa matrix of 4x2 chars?
08:05:34gizzlinus: matrix of 8*7 chars,
08:05:53gizzlinus: to hold cgram pixels (for 8 custom chars)
08:06:03LinusNthe display has only 2 lines, how can you have 7 rows?
08:06:35gizzlinus: no,
08:06:37LinusNthe old playes has only 4 user-definable chars, btw
08:06:54gizzlinus: I output 8 custom chars wherever on screen, then no one,
08:07:06gizzlinus: old : oops
08:07:29gizzlinus: then, I only change custom pixels not screen
08:07:32LinusNbut we don't need to support the old players
08:07:39gizzyes ?
08:07:48LinusNnot if we can makke cool games on the newer ones
08:08:09LinusNwe'll just have to skip, or reduce the games on the older models
08:08:47LinusNok so you create a 40x7 pixel bitmap?
08:09:19gizzwell, (5 * 4) * (7 * 2) = 20 * 14 indeed ;)
08:09:41LinusNthe problem is the gap between the rows
08:09:59gizzbut we can't avoid this, anyway, so..
08:10:18gizzif I had a recorder, but *sigh*
08:11:29PsycoXulso how about some sorta quiet mode that turns off all the messages that become unnecessary once you're familiar with rockbox, or something
08:11:41PsycoXuland what happened to wrapping of setting choices
08:13:08LinusNPsycoXul: what messages do you want to get rid of?
08:13:16LinusNPsycoXul: and what wrapping?
08:15:05PsycoXullike "Keylock {On,Off}" "ID3 Info Screen" and things of that nature if there's others heh
08:16:10 Quit Synthe ("Connection Lost - Excess Blood")
08:16:15PsycoXulLinusN: in the choices for a setting in the menu, for example turning something on/off.. pressing past the last choice going back to the first.. it used to do it, but it doesn't anymore
08:17:00adi|homeBagder.. how goes it?
08:17:15LinusNPsycoXul: ah, you mean the boolean values?
08:17:31Bagderhow goes what?
08:17:35LinusNi don't know why that diesppeared
08:18:17PsycoXulsomething like that
08:18:23BagderI was about to mail out my font patch, but now I think I'll need to check out Greg's stuff first
08:18:37PsycoXuli wish i knew how to consistently reproduce this stopping for no reason bug
08:18:42PsycoXulit's happened on my playlist on shuffle now too
08:18:48gizzbagder: any t-shirt poll result ?
08:18:51PsycoXulwhile i was in the menu
08:18:53LinusNPsycoXul: stopping?
08:19:21Bagderdesigns number 6, 24 and 23 are top-3
08:20:16PsycoXulLinusN: yes, stops for no reason, the WPS (just the text lines) goes blank, and it reads from the HD and spins it down over and over a few times, but does nothing else... if i go back to the browser it works normal, though if i press on again it stays in the browser, and i can play another song just fine and then it's all normal again
08:21:29gizzbagder: sorry for 7 heh :) ; 23 visibly rocks !!
08:21:32PsycoXulLinusN: it's always seems to happen a few tracks into the dir/playlist, it's happened on dir play, in a shuffled playlist, without touching it, with the keylock on, and just now in the menu [it stopped, and i returned te the wps which promptly went blank and etc as described]
08:21:57Bagdergizz: yeps ;-)
08:23:18PsycoXulthe reading/spinning down happens at least 3 times or untill i press the on button, the red light comes on while it's reading and then it spins down, going through each cycle fairly quickly like that like once a second or thereabouts
08:24:35LinusNPsycoXul: looks like a HD read error
08:24:45LinusNPsycoXul: is resume on?
08:25:09 Join merwin [0] (~merwin@
08:25:18gizzok bye gentlemen ! (ever noticed there are only male ppl on the project ? :)
08:25:33mecraw12how do you know?
08:25:33merwingizz: that's fairly usual I've noticed
08:26:14gizzc u
08:26:18 Quit gizz ()
08:26:34*merwin wants to do manual updating
08:26:35LinusNa mailing list for embedded systems programming is probably not the best place to meet women... :-)
08:27:05PsycoXulyes resume is on
08:27:08Bagdermerwin: go go go ;-)
08:27:25LinusNPsycoXul: try to disable resume and see what happens
08:27:35merwinBagder: heh, only problem is screenshots... I can't do those, 'cuase the win32 sim for the player doesn't work right
08:29:14*merwin is pigging out on imitation ritz crackers :-)
08:29:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:30:07merwinstale imitation ritz crackers, even
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08:40:44merwintime for bed for me
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09:08:16mecraw12how about faster skip backward... just in case i hit the previous button :D
09:08:33adi|homewow.. anyone looked at yahoo today?
09:09:06Schnueffhm now
09:09:26LinusNmecraw12: it is possible, but tricky
09:09:52LinusNadi|home: yes, what about it?
09:10:06mecraw12mourning... for 9/11
09:10:28mecraw12does 9/11 get much press in Sweden?
09:10:43LinusNmecraw12: yes
09:11:09LinusNthe jukebox group is still yellow :-)
09:12:04LinusNpersonally, i don't like all those sites scoring cheap points by "mourning" the 9/11 victims
09:12:31mecraw12what are they scoring?
09:15:30LinusNcheap publicity "we care so much"-points, but never mind, i don't live there, so i should probably shut up. this is not a political discussion channel
09:15:52mecraw12true true
09:15:57mecraw12time for bed
09:20:11adi|homenah.. LinusN you have a right to your opinions
09:20:16adi|homeif we don't like it..
09:20:22adi|homewe'll just bomb you too
09:20:32*Bagder runs
09:20:33adi|home1. afghanistan
09:20:35adi|home2. irag
09:20:38adi|homeiraq even
09:20:47adi|home3. france (i mean.. hey.. their french)
09:20:50adi|home4. Sweden
09:21:42LinusNfirst the frog eaters and then the meatball eaters
09:26:01 Quit merwin|zZzZz (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:28:01 Join Zagor [242] (
09:28:12LinusNyo xagor
09:28:13Bagdermorning Zagor
09:29:01Zagori'm at work today, so i'll be away sporadically
10:15:50*Bagder gets annoyed at doxygen
10:17:13BagderI wanted to use it generate docs for rockbox
10:17:20Bagderbut I can't make it do what I want
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11:11:02bobTHCthe lcd code was opimized for oscillo function ?
11:11:20LinusNit used hardware scrolling
11:12:16bobTHCoscillo function is now useable ?
11:12:28bobTHCwith good refresh rate
11:12:50LinusNit refreshes very fast
11:13:34bobTHCit's good for games and graph...
11:14:26LinusNwell, the oscillo function was optimized, not the lcd driver
11:15:14Zagorwooo, we need a side-scrolling shooter game
11:15:25bobTHCok it's a tweak only for oscillo but it's can be apply to all apps ...
11:15:51bobTHCor it's better to remake the lcd driver directly?
11:15:59ZagorbobTHC: not really. it can only scroll the entire screen, which makes it not very useful for our normal things
11:16:12Zagorfun for demos and games, though
11:16:44bobTHCyes yes shoot them up
11:28:34ZagorBagder: will you make the text file changelog script available too?
11:28:53Bagderah, for the daily build you mean?
11:29:24BagderI'll put it on the same page
11:29:58 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|lunch (
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13:41:07 Part alkorr
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14:06:21Schnueffis this a vfat feature: i do mkdir with an all uppercase dirname and get a lowercase result?
14:06:38Schnuefffrom linux on an archos connected over usb
14:08:10Bagderwhere is the "lowercase result" ?
14:09:03Schnueffhm browsing from the archos its uppercase as it should be, from linux though its lowercase
14:09:18Bagderrockbox shows the name unaltered
14:09:27Bagderlinux might be "beautifying" it
14:09:35Schnueffyeah that might be the problem
14:09:49Schnueffmaybe there a mount option
14:09:59Bagderpossibly, yes
14:14:07 Join quelsaruk [0] (
14:14:34quelsarukBagder: is there any news about .lang file format?
14:15:29Bagderme and Linus agree now
14:15:59LinusNand that's what's important!
14:16:30LinusNi just love this (from
14:16:35LinusN"I'm so sick of my archos with the disk error crap. So I switched the polarity. I let it sit for about 5 minutes and smelled the sweet smell of hot electronics, but nothing has changed. It still works, it still gives disk errors when not hooked up to the adapter (properly). Maybe a good electronic spanking is what it needed. "
14:17:01 Join czman [0] (
14:17:29 Part czman
14:17:49 Join herenot [0] (
14:18:20Schnueffthe option is shortname=mixed
14:18:40LinusNSchnueff: good to know
14:18:58Schnueffit seems to apply to 8.3 names only, which was the case for me
14:23:45Bagderquelsaruk: we still need to adjust all occurrences with fixed strings in the source code
14:24:20quelsarukdid you have a look to the diffs i made?
14:24:30Bagderhave you posted them?
14:24:37quelsaruksome days ago
14:24:44quelsarukcan't remember when
14:24:45Bagderme check
14:24:47quelsarukbut last week
14:25:17Bagderfound it
14:25:22quelsaruki think its the one of the latest mails in that thread
14:25:38Bagderthe attachment index is neat
14:25:50Bagderok, I can comment it right away
14:26:19BagderI want access-macros that use the string ID in the style: getstring(LANG_PLAYLIST)
14:26:46Schnueffhehe "Yesterday I upgraded from 1.3 to the latest daily build (20.10.02)."
14:26:55Schnueffwhere to get updates from future?
14:28:04 Quit Zagor|lunch ("Client Exiting")
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14:29:56Bagderquelsaruk: also, I want IDs that describes the text, so not LANG_PLAYLIST_1 but rather LANG_LOADING etc
14:31:08quelsarukgot it Bagder
14:32:24Bagderand sorry for not noticing this before
14:32:32quelsarukas i had no notices from you, now i was trying to make non-continuous play, so this must wait at lesat one week, ok?
14:33:00BagderI'll sort out the lang file format in the mean time
14:33:05quelsarukdoesn't matter... there are a lot of mails.. and that was when we had the mail loop with the "funny" word
14:33:28quelsarukso.. it's normal to miss one
14:35:04quelsaruklunch time, cu later
14:35:12 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
14:35:12Bagdersee ya
14:35:22*adi|home sighs
14:35:34adi|homeeven if i wanted to escape 9-11
14:35:36adi|homei can't
14:35:43adi|home_every_ tv channel
14:35:47adi|home_every_ radio statio
14:35:53PsycoXultv sucks
14:35:55PsycoXulso does the radio
14:36:05Schnuefflisten more mp3 then
14:36:10PsycoXulits all a bunch of crap the rest of the time
14:36:19PsycoXulnow it's all just focused crap
14:36:37adi|homewell.. i dunno if i would call it crap...
14:36:44adi|homebut i just...
14:36:48*adi|home shrugs
14:37:16LinusNjust focus on business, and code Rockbox!!!
14:40:04PsycoXulFAQ #39's kinda out dated isn't it?
14:41:26 Join Phantom [0] (
14:41:30PhantomHi !
14:41:33PhantomSalut !
14:41:40PhantomBonjour !
14:41:44Bagderhey ho
14:42:14adi|homeno.. not yet PsycoXul
14:42:16PhantomIs there somebody with the last propfont ? ;-)
14:42:20adi|homenot until we reach 1.4
14:42:33Bagderthe last propfont?
14:42:53PhantomI want to play classic snake with propfont
14:43:04Bagderthen build one ;-)
14:43:50Phantomif I was able to build one a french rockbox should allready be out
14:45:24Phantomnobody is here ?
14:46:05BagderPhantom: only 25 ppl and you ;-)
14:47:27Phantombut nobody say anything
14:47:42Bagdermost of us are busy with various things
14:48:27Phantomso if I want "propfont" with snake classic i need to ask to god ?
14:49:09LinusNi am god
14:49:22LinusNPhantom: hang on
14:49:44PsycoXuli'm god too, but not the kind to help you with that, sorry
14:53:05PhantomI love you
14:54:37Phantomquestion : why don't make a version with both fonts ?
14:54:57Bagderanswer: the propfonts are subject for removal
14:55:03Bagderand we'll use loadable fonts all over
14:56:26 Quit Phantom ()
15:01:57 Nick elinenbe|sleep is now known as elinenbe (
15:02:05elinenbeadi|home : you here?
15:26:38Schnueffresume is only possible after booting up is that right?
15:27:17 Join wodokm [0] (
15:27:32wodokmhi you all, linus u there ?
15:28:37LinusNi am
15:31:49wodokmah great, i'm currently using v1. where you (guys) have fixed sound distortion once again. but it's not 100%, or am i the only one that noticed that? when i use my headphones with vol >70 or 80, it's so messed up ;(
15:32:49datazone-workmaybe its your headphones cant handle it
15:33:25wodokmdata: na, it's not that loud that i'd be trashed, i have it on my amp at home now, lemme try volume 100
15:34:05LinusNwodokm: does the distortion disappear when you increase the treble?
15:34:06datazone-workas far as i can tell the max volume with the rockbox firmware is much louder than the max with the standard firmware
15:34:25PsycoXuldatazone-work: it is
15:34:40datazone-workthe 100% on the original is like 86% on rockbox
15:35:03PsycoXulactualy it depends on the bass/treble settings too
15:35:08LinusNdatazone-work: that depends on the bass/treble settings
15:35:25PsycoXulwhen i've got them set fairly high, the 100% original is more like 75 or 80% on rockbox
15:35:39datazone-worki see
15:35:52LinusNwe try to max out the volume
15:36:07LinusNso if the treble/bass is low we can have a higher volume
15:36:19LinusNand better quality
15:36:24datazone-workmy headphones sound right without having to adjust anything but the volume, so i dont worry about it
15:36:25wodokmlunis: my bass/treb settings are 7db and 7db... strange thing, in the first version there was this where i sent you the waves, but this seems to be some other kind of distortion...
15:36:48wodokmdata: you have player >4.5?
15:37:21wodokmdata: strange...
15:37:40wodokmlinus: btw do you go for not displaying .mp3 and .mp3 ? ;-))
15:38:48wodokmlinus: sounds clipped, mostly on bass (it's where i notice it).. i don't know if thee's distortion on lowe volumes also, i'll go for the sampling method again ;(
15:39:09wodokmlinus: WPS set to filename, it sould not display the file-extension...
15:39:34LinusNwodokm: it still does in the WPS
15:39:41PsycoXulwodokm: there's 2 seperate tags for that now, one with and one without
15:39:51LinusNwodokm: does it sound the same if you connect the line-out?
15:40:13wodokmah okay i guessed you guys will take care of this, you just know everything i want to be improved - because you want it too ;-)
15:40:18PsycoXulwodokm: with the custom WPS in CVS that is
15:40:23wodokmlinus_ i'll check moment
15:40:47datazone-worklinus, you havent forgotten about my slash sound
15:40:55wodokmline-out sounds fine!!
15:42:29wodokmcool, custom wps ;-) tooo cool guys
15:44:27wodokmi can't hear a difference between 72% and lineout for now on that song, i'll check if therre's a difference...
15:44:41elinenbeLinusN: how is the queue stuff coming?
15:44:58LinusNelinenbe: haven't had the time
15:45:32 Quit herenot (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:46:11LinusNwodokm: remember that the Ear jack isn't exactly tailored for connection to an amplifier
15:46:24LinusNthat's what the Line out jack is for
15:49:41wodokmwell, yeah , well: i'll go grab my headphones and test with them again, and do some sampling.. strange thing..
15:55:48*mecraw12 wakes up to no CVS commits
15:58:31wodokmlinus: hee we go: line-out -> amp -> headphones : sounds okay i can turn the volume up like hell!
15:59:09wodokmlinus: ear-out on 90 or 100 or so ->headphones : sounds terrible... ;(
16:00:25pimlottcwell, what do you expect?
16:00:25BagderI've never been able to go that high ;-)
16:00:43LinusNMy ears hurt when i do that
16:03:06wodokmbadger: 90% on volume setting
16:03:37wodokmlinus: hmm maybe i should try the newest build first before discussing on?
16:03:40Bagderif I go to 90 I blow my ears off
16:03:49LinusNwodokm: no need to try new builds
16:04:04LinusNwodokm: what do you expect to happen?
16:04:14wodokmlinus: maybe you changed smtg
16:04:29LinusNwhy do you think that you should be able to push it to 100% without distortion?
16:05:05LinusNit all depends on your amplifier/headphones
16:05:34LinusNall we can do is to lower the max volume, and many people would dislike that
16:06:46wodokmlinus: as i told you it's not the amp/headphones, the same volume when going via line-out then amp works on the headphones, so there must be some reason for the distoriion..
16:07:35LinusNwodokm: the Ear out jack is different from the Line out jack
16:07:51wodokmlinus: if it's just a problem of being too loud, it's okay (well, yeah ;( ) but i just wondered that it may be some general "bug", i have to check out the lower volumes again, so maybe they're 100% un-distorted...
16:07:55LinusNit is tailored to be connected to *earphones*, not amplifiers
16:08:25LinusNi think it is a question of output levels and impedance
16:08:45wodokmlinus: sure, but from 84% upwards it gets distorted, and again: the headphones work with such ear-killing-volumes.. that's my point.
16:08:53LinusNif the Line-out sounds okay, there is nothing we can do except lower the volume
16:09:24LinusNwodokm: the amplifier in the Archos is weak, it can't drive all types of ear phones
16:09:57wodokmlinus: just dunno if it's a bug again like the last times or it's simply that the ear out can't take such louds volumes (by hardware), so no one can fix it...
16:10:17LinusNwodokm: if the line-out sound okay, there is no bug
16:11:14pimlottcunless you get better results in the archos firmware I'd just say the internal amplifier is not great
16:11:17wodokmlinus: okay, that's an answer ;-)
16:11:50wodokmlinus: what had you misadjusted so there were the 2 bugs that caused distortion?
16:12:27wodokmlinus: it's some other kind of distortion , so it really maybe the cheap ear-out-amp
16:13:02LinusNwodokm: there is a hardware "bug" on some players that sets up the D/A converter wrong, so we have to explicitly set it by S/W
16:13:51LinusNsecondly, the addresses of the PLL registers are moved on some revisions of the chip
16:16:00wodokmah okay, anyway, you get that kind of messed sound also when at 86% andhigher, or didn't you try with your headphones?
16:16:41wodokmlinus: not that it's some other "hardware bug" noone knows about ;)
16:18:49LinusNhehe, i'm afraid not...
16:21:40wodokmlinus: okay, so it's messed up with your jb too, it's not some probs of my jb hardware rev. ... is it the same on the recorder?
16:23:29 Join Snorlax [0] (
16:24:10 Quit Snorlax (Client Quit)
16:25:59LinusNwodokm: that was the problem, none of my Players experienced the problem
16:26:15LinusNi had to rely on other people to do the testing
16:26:45LinusNthe recorder doesn't have any such problem
16:26:58wodokmah okay...
16:27:21wodokmso you have it messed up on earphones also with >86%
16:28:18wodokmlinus: and sorry for getting on your nerves ;(
16:29:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:33:54 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:34:51LinusNwodokm: i don't know if the sound is distorted when i turn up the volume that much
16:35:08LinusNit gets so loud that i can't bear the pain! :-)
16:35:54Schnueffmaybe u should raise the volume slowly for a week or so :)
16:36:00wodokmlinus: hmm strange issue then.....
16:36:12LinusNwodokm: i don't find it strange at all
16:36:39wodokmschnueff: heheh, but it' snot that problem for me to do 90%... dumb ppl use this as earphone volume, you it works for a short time...
16:36:56 Join Zagor [0] (
16:37:07Zagorhi again
16:37:28pimlottcperhaps dumb people will be discouraged from making themselves deaf if it sounds worse at >90% :P
16:37:31wodokmlkinus: maybe there's really something hehehe... i'll test at some other jukebox then...
16:38:22wodokmpim: heheh yeah, you guys are sponsored by the state's health commission o what??? i just wanna connect it to some passive speakers on the beach/lake and such...
16:38:34wodokmthat's why i need power outta the ear-out ;)
16:41:31pimlottcbetter bring your amp
16:44:25wodokmpim: would work fine with 100% volume if undistorted, but hey, i'm happy with the cool features of rockbox, so it's okay ;)
16:45:39pimlottcif it sound any different with the archos firmwire, then it might be a rockbox issue, otherwise I'd call it hardware
16:48:05wodokmyeah i'll compare output with archos 100% and the corespondig rockbox output, if that's okay, everything's fine ;-)))
16:59:28 Part LinusN
17:03:51 Part elinenbe
17:20:23 Join hardeep [0] (
17:20:44hardeepmorning all
17:20:50Bagderhey hardeep
17:22:06 Join elinenbe [0] (
17:23:19Bagdernot a single commit today!
17:23:34 Quit edx|school (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:23:58 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
17:36:28elinenbeBadger: woohoo!
17:37:01Bagderwell Greg stepped on my toes :-)
17:50:27 Quit wodokm ("Leaving")
17:51:04elinenbeBagder: did you get his code yet? It would be nice to get that submitted and the problems worked out.
17:51:53Bagderhaven't got it, no
17:58:53 Part Bagder
18:10:09 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|out (
18:15:48 Join EnnaN [0] (
18:16:11 Quit EnnaN (Client Quit)
18:22:13 Part bobTHC
18:27:54 Join edx|school [0] (
18:28:12 Nick edx|school is now known as edx (
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18:37:07 Quit RipnetUK (Client Quit)
19:05:01 Nick edx is now known as edx|eats (
19:09:52 Join Phantom [0] (
19:10:06Phantomhi again !
19:10:24Phantomquestion : do you need a french translator ?
19:16:29 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
19:17:06Phantom question : do you need a french translator ?
19:29:29 Nick edx|eats is now known as edx (
19:31:02Phantom question : do you need a french translator ?
19:33:41pimlottcif you want to make a translation that's fine, but there is not a good system in place yet for translations
19:33:50pimlottcthe only one done so far was done manually
19:34:30pimlottcso unless you really want one for yourself it'd probably be best to wait until a translation scheme is in place
19:36:48Phantomokey dokey
19:37:29 Quit Phantom ()
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20:58:38 Join dmitri_tsd [0] (Tsd@
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21:42:13 Nick edx is now known as edx|slee (
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21:49:12 Quit Hes (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:53:52 Quit datazone-work ("I like core dumps")
21:55:52 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
21:56:32langhaarrockerGuten Abend!
21:58:13langhaarrockerHas there been a discussion about _completely_ configurable user interface yet?
22:02:06langhaarrockerPimlottc: Are you awake?
22:02:44langhaarrockerOh, sorry, name conflict.
22:03:35langhaarrockerI meant someone else.
22:13:11langhaarrockerIs there a shift operator that rolls in ones in c?
22:13:25 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
22:15:34 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
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22:38:46 Join Hes [0] (
23:37:17 Join AaronD1 [0] (~woop@
23:39:38AaronD1how goes it peeps?
23:44:12 Quit Zagor|away ("Client Exiting")
23:46:29AaronD1woohoo new mac drivers finaly
23:46:43adi|homebeen better
23:46:49adi|homeconsidering the date
23:51:07AaronD1nothing new has happened today like they predicted though has it?

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