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#rockbox log for 2002-09-12

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00:28:22Jet8810is there any damage to constantly leaving my archos studio 20 plugged into the computer and the wall?
00:28:39Jet8810instead of transfering files to comp, i want to save space and play them from archos directly in windows
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00:29:40Jet8810anybody there?
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02:22:48pimlottcit could hurt your battery performance jet
02:23:14pimlottcthe player has no control over the charger so it'll keep charging as long as it's plugged in, so you could overcharge the betteries
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04:54:26nunyaok.. perspiring minds wanna know... so what's up with the newest rockox release, people??
04:56:57nunyadon't everyone speak at once!!! ;)) merwin - u alive????
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07:18:16mecraw12no commits all day?! people actually have other stuff to do?!
07:18:42LinusNi think it's a first
07:19:04LinusNwe can say we had a day of inactivity to honour the 9/11 victims :-)
07:19:10mecraw12we're not even in the top 200 anymore on sourceforge
07:19:24mecraw12good spin
07:21:06pimlottcI have slidebar code done for player, just too lazy to implement it for recorder
07:21:49LinusNpimlottc: slidebar?
07:21:57LinusNyou mean for settings?
07:22:44LinusNcan i see it?
07:22:56pimlottcya sure, dcc?
07:23:04LinusNmail to linus at
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07:27:22LinusNyo Hes!
07:27:30pimlottcshould be pretty easy to add recorder since you don't need charcell tricks :P
07:27:40pimlottcas it is it only uses 2 custom cells
07:27:49LinusNpimlottc: have you taken care of both player versions?
07:28:03pimlottconly have post to test though
07:28:10pimlottcbut it should work
07:28:11LinusNi have both
07:28:38pimlottccontract, spindown and scroll speed use it
07:28:47pimlottcer contrast
07:29:13pimlottcbtw I skimmed a paper that said 2s is the optimal spindown time
07:29:17pimlottcfor laptops at least
07:30:00LinusNpimlottc: that will depend on the application
07:30:29pimlottcthat's why I added the last bit
07:34:10pimlottcdoes lowering contrast make any appreciative difference in power consumption
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07:35:55LinusNyo Bagder
07:41:48 Join hardeep [0] (
07:42:36hardeepevening all
07:42:56Bagderhi hardeep
07:44:11*adi|home coughs
07:44:18adi|homeim still waiting on comments for the keyboard ;)
07:45:40adi|homeokay.. enough about 9-11
07:45:46adi|hometime to watch LOTR
07:47:20hardeephmmmm, anyone got a better name for the "Browse Current Song" feature... i bet we'll be asked about it a lot if it isn't changed (message on yahoo board right now)
07:47:40adi|homeyou have a url for it?
07:47:41pimlottcyeah I thought the same thing when I saw that today
07:47:55hardeepnothing good came to mind when i wrote it
07:48:10LinusNi want a quick-menu item for that option
07:48:20pimlottcnothing comes to mind, at least nothing short
07:49:56LinusNmaybe "Browser follows playlist" or something
07:50:16pimlottcrather long but more descriptive
07:50:18adi|homewhat exactly is the feature supposed to do?
07:50:58adi|homei haven't heard or it before.. thats why i ask
07:50:59pimlottcwhen you return to file browser from playmode, the current location is the track that was last playing
07:51:14pimlottcwhich is what the archos firmware does
07:51:28LinusN"Archos Emulation Mode"
07:51:28pimlottcvs rockbox's behavior which returns to where you were when you hit play
07:52:06adi|homehow about just 'Display Current Song'
07:52:09pimlottcI think the archos behavior makes more sense
07:52:21pimlottcthat's what desktop players do
07:52:36LinusNi think the opposite
07:52:44hardeepi don't know if display is any more informative than browse
07:52:50LinusNi think of the dir browser as a, well, dir browser
07:53:09pimlottcyou think of it like windows explorer
07:53:09LinusNi want to browse around freely while playing
07:53:13pimlottcvs winamp playlist
07:53:19adi|homeLast Played Song?
07:53:39hardeepadi|home: the song can still be playing
07:54:04pimlottcbut the fact that you hit stop, then play and end up on a different song than you were at when you hit stop is unintuitive
07:54:10LinusN"Browser starts at current"
07:54:31LinusNpimlottc: i disagree
07:54:44pimlottcthat's how desktop players work
07:54:57pimlottcthat's how most music players in general work
07:55:03pimlottclike tapes etc
07:55:07LinusNto be thrown around in the filesystem when you play a multidir random playlist is unintuitive to me
07:55:18Bagderto me too
07:55:24pimlottcmulti dir playlists are not the most common case though
07:55:30pimlottcthe common case is playing a directory
07:55:30LinusNpimlottc: that's my point
07:55:37LinusNpimlottc: for you maybe
07:56:14pimlottcfor most users, I think multi-directory playlists are relatively rare
07:56:24LinusNfor directiry play i can agree that moving the browser cursor may be intuitive
07:56:41pimlottcmany people don't even use playlists
07:57:05LinusNi can even imagine that browsing to the currently playing directory might be nice in my case too
07:57:25LinusNif i hear a song and want to listen to another song that i know is in the same dir
07:57:35pimlottcI'm certainly not saying the option should be removed, just that the Archod method makes a better default
07:57:39LinusNthat's why i want a quick-key for that
07:58:12LinusNmaybe even a key combo for "go to dir"
07:58:47LinusNwe should have a polling engine on the site
07:58:57pimlottcmaking stop-play change songs will confuse people
07:59:09LinusNpimlottc: why?
07:59:19pimlottcbecause it goes against how music players work
07:59:35pimlottcxmms winamp media player all work that way
07:59:42pimlottctape players work that way
07:59:44Bagderon a CD-player stop-play changes song ;-)
07:59:52LinusNmy cd starts over from the first song when i press stop and play
07:59:53Bagderunless you play song 1
08:00:04pimlottcxmms and winamp are more direct comparison than cd players
08:00:21Bagderbut not a good comparison either
08:00:27Bagderthey "walk" in the playlist
08:00:29LinusNwinamp doesn't include a file browser
08:00:30Bagdernot in a directory
08:00:32pimlottcthey're what 99% of the people are used to
08:00:44LinusNpimlottc: this is not winamp
08:00:48pimlottcit's an mp3 player
08:00:56pimlottcand people will expect it to behave like mp3 players they have used before
08:01:01pimlottcprinciple of least surprise
08:01:32pimlottcand in the case I'm not talking about the walking in playlists or file browser, just the stop-play behavior
08:01:35LinusNi have always hated the Archos way
08:01:55LinusNit always timed out and went back to the play-screen
08:02:05LinusNand i had to start over with my browsing
08:02:18LinusNsilly behaviour imho
08:02:51PsycoXulyeah, if i go to some screen i'm tere cause i want to be
08:02:57PsycoXulif i want to go to another, i'll go there
08:03:16LinusNindeed, that's why i am not voluteering to implemen the requested timeout feature
08:03:17pimlottcit could be made to only track within the dir and not on multi dir perhaps
08:03:18PsycoXuli don't want it to decide to go somewhere else just cause i've left it there for a while
08:03:50LinusNpimlottc: maybe the upcoming playlist browser will solve that
08:03:50pimlottcI just think the stop-play behavior is confusing and inconsistant with what people expect
08:04:15PsycoXulstop-play behaviour? isn't that dependant on how you have the one option set? i forget what its called...
08:04:23BagderLinusN: yes, as then we could have STOP pop into the playlist browser at current position
08:04:29pimlottcand that it is an overriding concern vs changing directories which imo is a relatively rare case
08:04:44LinusNthe playlist browser will be like winamp
08:04:58pimlottchave you ever used cplay
08:05:31pimlottcit's a python front end to mpg123
08:05:37pimlottcmight be a good model
08:05:42pimlottchas a file view and a playlist view
08:06:15LinusNok, how many average users have used cplay?
08:06:45pimlottcfile view and playlist view is what we are moving too no?
08:06:53LinusNpimlottc: i see your point
08:07:09LinusNand i agree that many people would like it that way
08:07:19pimlottcI don't disagree with your view that 'where am i is where i want to be and track changes shouldn't affect that'
08:07:20LinusNi might even like it
08:07:31pimlottcjust the the stop-play issue is unfriendly
08:07:49LinusNfor those who are used to winamp and stuff
08:08:34LinusNso what should we call the option?
08:08:59LinusN"Follow playlist"
08:09:28pimlottcFollow Playlist for consistancy :)
08:09:30LinusNor, if it is supposed to be the default behaviour, "Browse independently"
08:10:00pimlottcugh 2 am
08:10:09pimlottcyou swedes are not helping me get to sleep
08:10:29*Bagder tries to look innocent
08:10:34pimlottcnever around in the day time..
08:10:39hardeephmmmm, "Follow Playlist" is still confusing... what's following the playlist? =)
08:10:41LinusNwe are vampires
08:10:42pimlottcmy day time at least
08:10:58pimlottchardeep - it's under "File View" so that should tip you off
08:11:24pimlottc'file view follows playlist'
08:11:38LinusNnice and long :-)
08:11:54pimlottcno I mean that's what you should think when you see "follow playlist"
08:12:20LinusNsounds ok to me
08:12:29hardeephmmm, yeah, that makes sense
08:13:14hardeepi bet we still get a bunch of questions though. :)
08:13:41pimlottcalright good night scandanavians
08:13:46LinusNpimlottc: sleep tight
08:13:47Bagdernight pimlottc
08:14:23pimlottcand assorted others
08:14:46hardeepah yes, i'm proud to be an "assorted other" !!
08:15:18*Bagder chuckles
08:15:42pimlottcwell I can't tell where you're at when you're on a free shell account :P
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08:16:32adi|home"its my.. precccciiiooouuss..."
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08:17:19hardeepokay, so we happy with "Follow Playlist" ?
08:18:35LinusNi buy that
08:19:04LinusN(people will say "but i am not playing a playlist, i am playing a directory")
08:19:35Bagder"follow the song that wps is playing, be it playlist or directory"
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08:59:52Schnueffits 10:00 where u are, right?
09:00:16Schnueffearly up
09:00:47LinusNhehe, a guy from US called me 4:00 this morning
09:01:13Schnueffcalled = on phone?
09:01:19Schnueffhehe thats not good
09:01:29LinusNi told him to mail me instead
09:01:32Schnueffquestion bout rockbox or smth serious? :)
09:01:54LinusNserious, as in work
09:21:22 Join bobTHC [0] (
09:21:50bobTHCgood morning all!
09:27:29adi|homeLinusN: its nearly 4 am here.. if you want.. you can call me and get even ;)
09:41:01LinusNwinamp can't handle mp3 file names that start with a #
09:41:08LinusNin playlists
09:41:38LinusNi can't see how it coule either
09:43:46Schnueff# is comment sign isnt it?
09:44:04LinusNyes, that's the problem
09:44:10Schnueffwhat about ./#somefile.mp3 ?
09:44:25Schnueffor rather .\#somefile.mp3 ?
09:44:25LinusNa guy had a file called #34.mp3 and couldn't play it in rockbox
09:44:50LinusN./ is a nice solution
09:44:53LinusNfor him
09:45:18hardeepi think his problem was that he couldn't play it for dir browser either
09:45:26LinusNyes it is, i am fixing it now
10:12:08adi|homeheheh funny...
10:12:12adi|homei was just thinking about this..
10:12:25adi|homeits a Dave matthews song
10:12:26adi|homei have it too
10:12:53adi|homewhat happens is # is found midline?
10:13:08adi|homeor is comment only the _first_ char of the line?
10:13:43Hesthe comment parsers i've usually written cut from the first # unless it's preceded by a \
10:13:53Hesand then ignore empty lines if that's what comes out of it
10:15:01LinusNWinamp comments are only detected if # is the first character
10:16:02adi|homeid rather the first char
10:16:09adi|homeit makes it easier in this case
10:16:14adi|homeie: if i have a full path
10:16:19adi|hometo an mp3 with a # in it
10:16:26adi|homei do'nt want it ignoring that file
10:16:39LinusNif course not
10:17:00adi|homehmmm.. here's an idea.
10:17:07adi|homemaybe when we load the playlist
10:17:20adi|homewe could also state how many mp3's and comments were found
10:17:47adi|homebecause while ./ is nice
10:17:56adi|homeit requires the user to edit by hand :(
10:18:25adi|homehmmm.. what if...
10:18:35adi|homewe say.. a comment is any line begining with a '#'
10:18:41LinusNwinamp silently discards the comments
10:18:41adi|homebut if it ends with .mp3
10:18:45adi|homewe try and load it
10:18:54LinusNwhat if you want to comment out some files?
10:28:10adi|homewell.. my preference would be just to have the user escape the value
10:28:17adi|homerather then ./
10:28:24adi|homethat means current directory to me..
10:28:36adi|homeand that may not be right
10:28:45adi|homeassuming i have a dir called #something
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10:30:30LinusNi think we should be compatible with winamp playlists
10:30:35LinusNand we are now
10:31:14Schnueff./#something/file.mp3 whats wrong with that ?
10:31:46adi|homewell.. my biggest problem is that i don't like having to edit my playlists by hand...
10:31:51adi|homebut im just biased that way ;)
10:32:25LinusNthen you should rename your files, or change your script that generates the playlists
10:32:43adi|homewell it hasn't been a problem to me silly ;)
10:33:13adi|homehas anyone tested the # file on winamp?
10:33:18adi|homedoes it just skip the file?
10:33:18LinusNi have
10:33:22LinusNit skips it
10:33:53LinusNWe should call that dave matthews guy and tell him how to name his songs
10:33:53Schnueffif u try to generate a playlist with that file in winamp, it just stores #34.mp3 ?
10:34:04LinusNlemme see
10:36:47LinusNwhaddafuck is #EXTINF?
10:37:13Schnueffdoes it load correctly though?
10:38:52Schnueff'extended m3u files'
10:39:58Schnueff"Extended .m3u files contain additional information, such as the length of the song and data from the ID3 tag."
10:41:49HesHey, i did a test drive to the office - it didn't skip at all. It might be luck, but i'll do some more driving today and a lot during the weekend.
10:42:55adi|homelinus.. wanna give me an opinion on something?
10:43:06adi|homethe for loop
10:43:06LinusNadi|home: sure
10:44:16LinusNadi|home: the randomize?
10:46:53adi|homeim thinking.. the comment check..
10:46:53adi|homewoulding it make more sense to have that only inside the successful CR check?
10:46:53adi|homei mean.. it comment is to only be on the first char?
10:46:53DBUGEnqueued KICK adi|home
10:46:53adi|homethen we can drop the && store_index check
10:46:56adi|homecause its already set
10:46:58adi|homeand its also on less check on _every_ char in the playlist
10:47:06adi|homedoes lcd_updaterect work on the player yet?
10:49:06adi|homethe for loop starting on line 332 in the playlist.c
10:51:07LinusNsorry, i was looking in the wrong version of playlist.c
10:51:20LinusNthe store_index variable should ba a boolean imho
10:52:03LinusNthe comment check could be moved to line 349
10:52:51adi|homethat would make more sense no?
10:55:00adi|homea continue inside that if
10:55:06adi|homejust that break out to the for
10:55:10adi|homeor just out of the if/
10:55:12adi|homethe for yes?
10:55:15CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
10:55:15*adi|home is tired
10:56:17LinusNor just an if/else
10:56:36adi|homeyeah.. but we get a bit to much nesting at that piont for my taste ;)(
10:56:36LinusNif(!comment) {store}
10:56:45adi|homeall the other if/else become over more
10:56:59adi|homejoin #spam for a sec
11:16:10LinusNadi|home: don't use TAB's
11:16:21adi|homei wasn't.. where are they?
11:16:39LinusNstore_index = false;
11:16:49adi|homegrrrrrr... damnit
11:16:52adi|homeit was a quick edit..
11:16:56adi|homeso i went into vi
11:17:11LinusNyou don't need to initialize the bool to true either
11:17:21adi|homeforce of habit
11:17:41LinusNand the old ont set it to 0
11:17:54LinusNso it should have been false
11:17:59adi|homeright.. then 4 lines later set it to 1
11:18:10adi|homewhich would be wrong
11:18:19adi|homebecause if the store_index = true;
11:18:22adi|homegets deleted
11:18:26adi|homewe break
11:18:27LinusNso just don't init it
11:18:57adi|homecan i get some bread with that whine ;)
11:21:20adi|homeummm are MAX_PATH and PLAYLIST_BUFFER_SIZE
11:21:33adi|homewhat are the chances they will/are the same size?
11:22:26adi|homedidn't page ahead
11:24:57adi|homehmmm.. it looks like lcd_update() is just #defined in the case of the Player.
11:25:03adi|homeso how is the screen actually updated?
11:27:01LinusNit is updated instantaneously
11:27:09LinusNno frame buffer
11:27:21adi|homeso... theoretically...
11:27:48adi|homereplacing lcd_updates() with lcd-update-rect shouldn't affect the player at all.
11:30:42LinusNyou didn't remove all TAB's
11:32:13adi|homeokay.. what line?
11:32:24adi|homei don't see it
11:33:26LinusNending curly brace of if(playlist.in_ram || (*p != '#'))
11:33:49LinusNsorry, ending brace of if(!playlist.in_ram) {
11:34:08adi|homethats odd that emacs didn't catch it..
11:36:28LinusNm-x untabify
11:36:53LinusNhehe, i can change the pitch on the recorder
11:37:07adi|homei use indenty
11:37:09LinusNworks like a charm
11:37:11adi|homefix the functions that way...
11:37:15adi|homeodd it didn't convert
11:37:37LinusNit doesn't convert if the indentation is at the correct level
11:37:55adi|homeahh.. okay..
11:38:13adi|homeknow what sucks about lcd_updat_rect?
11:38:18adi|homeworking with text
11:38:28adi|homebecause you can't ensure the font height
11:38:37adi|homew/o getting font info...
11:38:42LinusNof course
11:38:56adi|homebut i just wonder what is worse...
11:39:01LinusNis that lcd_update_rects() fault? :-)
11:39:03adi|homegetting the font size when you need it..
11:39:14adi|homeor call ing lcd_update all the time
11:39:34adi|homewell.. it would be nice to have an lcd_update_string or lcd_update_line
11:39:36adi|homeor something
11:39:40adi|homegive it an x, y
11:39:49adi|homeand it only updates the font size for that line
11:40:01LinusNlcd_update_string is not good
11:40:24LinusNthen ut would have to call getfontsize for every update
11:40:45LinusNcall getfontsize once, and then lcd_update_rect for every line to update
11:41:00 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lunch (
11:41:20adi|homewhat might make more sense
11:41:28adi|homeis to have the font size figured out in global space
11:41:34adi|homewhen the firmware ends loading
11:41:45LinusN|lunchwhy? you can change font anytime
11:42:07adi|homeand following that logic ;)
11:42:09LinusN|lunchand even have several fonts loaded
11:42:13adi|home<LinusN> lcd_update_string is not good
11:42:14adi|home<LinusN> then ut would have to call getfontsize for every update
11:42:17adi|homeis still true..
11:42:37adi|homeyou can't just 'call getfontsize once'
11:42:45adi|homebecause it may be diff at any time you call update
11:42:48LinusN|lunchyes, in the beginning of your function
11:43:06LinusN|lunchfor example, when entering wps
11:43:21LinusN|lunchthe font will be the same until you leave wps
11:43:38LinusN|lunchgotta go
11:43:41adi|homeis that guarenteed?
11:43:48adi|homei need sleep anyways
11:50:25 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
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13:07:55 Join notch [0] (
13:08:31notchdropped my laptop last week...
13:08:44notchscreen went all screwey :-(
13:09:30notchEven though it was 5yo my insurance company just bought me a new one. Who hoo!
13:10:15*notch is stoked...
13:21:28PsycoXulLinusN|lunch: i had the thing where it stops and clears the WPS again, on a playlist in shuffle mode, with resume off
13:22:31PsycoXulLinusN|lunch: and also when it does it, pressing next in the blank WPS will go to the next track just fine and fill the WPS back in like normal
13:25:16 Join tot|einkauf [0] (
13:28:33 Nick LinusN|lunch is now known as LinusN (
13:32:18LinusNPsycoXul: does it work when you push Back again?
13:33:54PsycoXuli'll check next time
13:40:21 Nick Bagder|runaway is now known as Bagder (
13:42:52 Nick elinenbe|sleep is now known as elinenbe (
13:43:09elinenbebagder: are you reading through the new font code?
13:43:15Bagdernot yet
13:43:18BagderI'm about to
13:57:09 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
13:58:12 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-school (
14:06:44elinenbeBagder: have you gotten Greg's font stuff to load?
14:07:19elinenbeit compiles here with about 500 warnings, and then when the jukebox starts up, it just shuts off after about 15 seconds.
14:08:56Bagdernow it works
14:09:11elinenbeBagder: what was the deal?
14:09:32BagderI didn't use propfonts ;-)
14:09:59elinenbeahhh... mine works too, but only with the installed default font.
14:10:16elinenbeif I put a system.fnt into the root of the archos, it hangs
14:10:38Bagderoh right
14:10:42Bagderit ignores my font file
14:10:57elinenbeon mine it just ... shuts off!
14:11:05 Join Zagor [0] (
14:11:09BagderI didn't try on target, only in sim yet
14:11:12LinusNhi Zagor
14:11:21elinenbehello Zagor.
14:11:29elinenbeBagder: I am on target
14:11:31Bagderthe font converter program is a bit inconvenient
14:12:47ZagorLinusN: it struck me that ON+PLAY should hold playback (pause on press and resume on release)
14:13:35elinenbeI am on a win box, and I don't have perl on this, so I will either have to go to myt linux boc, or I will have to install perl on here.
14:14:07LinusNZagor: what?
14:14:46 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|out (
14:15:14ZagorLinusN: as complement to the pitching
14:15:24Zagorhold is very useful for beat mixing
14:16:18Bagdersnow doesn't work in the sim
14:16:46ZagorBagder: that's because it exits on keypress and the sim sends two for each key
14:16:47LinusNZagor: aha, in the DJ-WPS
14:16:51HesZagor & Linus: Hey, i did a test drive to the office - it didn't skip at all. It might be luck, but i'll do some more driving today and a lot during the weekend.
14:16:52ZagorLinusN: right
14:17:07HesSo the relaxed sleeping might have helped.
14:17:08ZagorHes: nice!
14:20:40LinusNZagor: i guess there is no need to store the pitch in RTC
14:21:02ZagorLinusN: no
14:21:17LinusNso we have pitch control only in the DJ-WPS?
14:22:25Zagorwhy a special dj-wps? just use ON+UP/DOWN in the standard wps.
14:23:07LinusNa dj must have audible feedback on rew/ffw
14:23:43LinusNwe must develop a jog-wheel remote control
14:23:55LinusNthat would be cool
14:27:05LinusNpitch control committed, mpeg_set_pitch()
14:27:24LinusNany WPS guy that wants to use it?
14:28:03LinusNworks onlt on MAS3587F
14:28:12Zagori'll fix the wps if you don't
14:29:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:29:57LinusNi think some people will like us for adding pitch control
14:30:30elinenbe|outLinusN: what is the percentage that we can change the pitch?
14:35:04Bagderyou guys ready for a huuuuuuuge commit? ;-)
14:35:15ZagorBagder: fonts?
14:35:35ZagorBagder: i'm strapped in
14:35:43Schnueff..eyes closed
14:35:45LinusNelinenbe|out: +/- 100%
14:35:58Bagderuh, it'll take a while more, I better run it on target first
14:36:18Schnueffand -100% = half freq ?
14:36:31Zagor-100% sounds like "stop" to me :-)
14:36:34Schnueffor 0 freq
14:38:45LinusNZagor: it is
14:38:59LinusNbut i didn't bother to set any limits
14:39:14ZagorLinusN: limits are silly
14:39:25Zagorif someone wants to hear it at 1% speed, let him
14:43:04Bagderor perhaps "sort of works" ;-)
14:43:18Bagderthe menu gets all funky with a courier14 font
14:43:46ZagorLinusN: is the parameter 0-200 or -100 to +100 ?
14:43:55LinusN-100 - +100
14:44:01BagderLinusN: the cursor could disappear down the bottom of the screen ;-)
14:44:02LinusNbut no checking is done
14:49:53Bagdershall I remove all LCD_PROPFONTS checks?
14:50:28LinusNBagder: not like that
14:50:50LinusNwell, why not?
14:50:54LinusNgo for it
14:51:02LinusNlet's break the build!!!!
14:53:06Bagderactually, the build should still be ok
14:56:43ZagorBagder: yes, remove all font conditionals
14:57:06Bagderdone that now
15:01:56 Quit tot|einkauf ()
15:02:14 Join TotMacher [0] (
15:09:50LinusNBagder: remember, the ultimate check is the time setting menu
15:11:34Bagderthis breaks more things than that ;-)
15:11:48LinusNi'm not surprised
15:25:58LinusNtime to go. bye all!
15:26:09 Part LinusN
15:27:14Bagderperhaps we should set a cvs tag
15:27:32Zagorwuss ;)
15:27:43Zagordoes it break that much?
15:28:08Bagdernot that I know of
15:28:14Bagderbut setting a tag is easy ;-)
15:28:24Zagoryup. go ahead.
15:29:01BagderI'll name it 'prefont'
15:29:09Bagderdoesn't say much but we'll know what it is
15:29:52Bagdercan you do it?
15:30:02BagderI've already done 'cvs add' on a few files
15:30:06Bagderso it complains
15:30:35Bagder"cvs tag prefont firmware apps tools"
15:30:37Bagdershould be enough
15:31:52Bagderbtw, this is still one single lcd.c
15:32:03Zagorthat's good
15:32:13Zagorthe split should be a separate patch
15:36:53Zagorhmm, should really getstringsize have a font parameter?
15:37:04Zagorwon't it be the same always?
15:37:14Bagderwell, his system introduces a few different fonts
15:37:42Zagoroh boy...
15:39:03Zagoris there really a point to having separate fonts?
15:39:22Bagderwell, there's a point in having at least one smaller for the status bar
15:39:44Zagorsure, the same used as fallback if the loadable can't be found
15:39:50Zagori'm more thinking about the api
15:40:03Zagori don't like specifying font for all calls
15:43:19Zagorugh, the fallback font isn't very pretty :-)
15:43:37Bagderbut it should be fairly easy to replace
15:43:54pimlottcyou mean the lcd font?
15:43:58Bagderwe have some work to do though, as his code seems to rotate the bitmap run-time
15:44:29Zagorpimlottc: yes
15:44:39BagderZagor: I'll mail him about it, it seems like such a waste
15:44:44pimlottcsome of us have to live with that font
15:44:59Zagorpimlottc: i'm talking about the new recorder font code
15:45:13pimlottcI know
15:45:29pimlottcjust that you don't have to insult our (player's) only font :~(
15:45:29Zagorthere's not much there we have to live with :-)
15:45:55*pimlottc stands on a soapbox
15:46:02pimlottcEqual rights for Players!
15:46:03pimlottcEqual rights for Players!
15:46:06*pimlottc gets off
15:46:07ZagorI didn't. I was talking about the font Greg included as default in the recorder code. it's not the same.
15:47:07ZagorBagder: did you get a ?
15:47:27Bagderbdf2fnt yes
15:47:47Bagderits a bash script
15:48:18Bagderit invokes the bdf2c which is a perl script
15:49:10Zagordid you check it in? it's not in the tools module.
15:49:16Bagderah right
15:55:35Zagorthe font converter is... erratic
15:56:27Bagderls -l helvR08.fnt
15:56:27Bagder-rw-r−−r−− 1 daniel daniel 59524 Sep 12 14:01 helvR08.fnt
15:56:29ZagorI can't convert a single font
15:56:38ZagorUse of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at ./bdf2c line 155, <BDF> line 2647.
15:56:38ZagorUse of uninitialized value in array element at ./bdf2c line 153, <BDF> line 2647.
15:56:42Zagorrepeating forever
15:57:16Bagderweird, I get that too
15:57:24BagderI managed to get that .fnt once
15:58:11BagderI broke it I guess
15:58:23Zagori should have guessed ;)
15:58:34Bagderok, first I missed a C file
15:58:40Bagderadding it now
16:01:28Zagortools/configure needs updating too
16:03:57Bagderupdate now
16:04:05Bagderseems to work here
16:07:28 Join edx [0] (
16:08:13 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
16:11:09 Join tot|away [0] (
16:12:07 Part TotMacher
16:12:34 Nick tot|away is now known as TotMacher (
16:17:39notchwhich routine specifies the font size?
16:22:22notchIt it easy to change the font size? Done in font.c?
16:23:38Bagdersystem.fnt in your root ;-)
16:24:02Bagderif you're using the latest CVS
16:26:44notchjust done cvs update -dP, cant find system.fnt ? any ideas?
16:27:06Bagderyes, there is no default one (yet)
16:27:24notchahh.. so wait for one...
16:27:45Bagderpick a font from that
16:28:17notchcheers :-))
16:29:19 Join quelsaruk [0] (
16:29:52TotMachercan i load these
16:29:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:42:27 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:43:01 Join edx [0] (
17:03:08 Join RipnetUK [0] (
17:11:49RipnetUKHi, the new work on the fonts looks good, but can I ask a q please? there seems to be confusion about the file extension of font files - should they be called .fnt or .ajf? the utility in tools seems to be called bdf2fnt but the makefile needs bdf2
17:12:26 Join gizz [0] (
17:12:34Bagderthe ajf is obsolete now
17:12:46Bagder.fnt is the king
17:13:50RipnetUKok, also, may i ask why the conversion programs in the cvs are binaries, with no source.. just interested
17:14:17Bagderthey're not, they're a shell script and a perl script
17:14:31Bagdernot good enough anyway, I know
17:14:43RipnetUKdoh! thanks
17:14:45Bagderit'll take a little time to get everything this sorted out
17:15:38Bagderhave to go
17:15:41 Part Bagder
17:16:45 Quit gizz (Client Quit)
17:18:36 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:23:09 Quit RipnetUK (
17:23:09 Quit bobTHC (
17:23:09 Quit Schnueff (
17:23:09 Quit Synthe (
17:23:09 Quit PsycoXul (
17:23:09 Quit mecraw12 (
17:24:15NJoinRipnetUK [0] (
17:24:15NJoinbobTHC [0] (
17:24:15NJoinSchnueff [0] (
17:24:15NJoinSynthe [0] (
17:24:15NJoinPsycoXul [0] (
17:24:15NJoinmecraw12 [0] (~lmarlow@
17:26:26*notch might quit and join too! :-)
17:31:51 Join edx|notebook [0] (
17:31:51 Quit edx (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:33:30 Nick edx|notebook is now known as edx (
17:45:16 Quit notch ()
17:54:18 Join hardeep [0] (
18:15:06elinenbe|outne1 here?
18:15:09 Nick elinenbe|out is now known as elinenbe (
18:30:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:40:09dwihno|goneAre there some simpler way to read the CVS changelog to sum all the changes from yesterday?
18:47:06 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
19:18:26 Quit RipnetUK ()
19:24:59 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
19:57:43 Nick Zagor|away is now known as Zagor (
20:07:58 Join quelsaruk [0] (
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20:37:01 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
20:43:42 Nick edx is now known as edx|dead (
20:43:57 Nick edx|dead is now known as edx (
20:52:32 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
21:04:49 Join hardeep [0] (
21:37:47 Quit datazone (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:41:10 Join datazone [0] ([W0R+tN4wS@
21:58:27edxhmmm .. what's that website where you can look up (nearly) any file formwat?
21:59:32edxgot it (
22:08:33 Join matsl [0] (
22:30:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:50:31 Join BoD[] [0] (
22:50:35BoD[]youhou !!!
22:53:25 Join noalavida [0] (
22:54:47noalavidai've a problem compiling rockbox under win32
22:55:51noalavidado you know something about this?
22:57:24BoD[]sorry i can't help
22:57:33BoD[]i'm useless ;)
22:57:36noalavidaany way, thanl you
22:58:30 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
22:59:08noalavidathis chanel is not very active, isn't it?
22:59:23BoD[]sometimes it is
22:59:28BoD[]sometimes not
22:59:49noalavidamaybe the time...
23:00:34noalavidaany way, can i talk with you about the rockbox?
23:03:59BoD[]well you can :)
23:04:14BoD[]what is there to say
23:06:15noalavidai've noticed tha when i plug the ajbr to an speaker, these disturbs a litle
23:06:36BoD[]like what ?
23:07:45noalavidai haven't speak english very well, so it's dificult to me decribe it acurally
23:08:27BoD[]well I don't speak it neither :)
23:08:29noalavidabut i fell that the archos firmware works betters when using speakers
23:09:02BoD[]what model of archos do you have ?
23:09:36noalavidahowever y prefer the rockbox firmware when i use headphones
23:09:42BoD[]well I have a recorder 20 myself
23:10:14BoD[]and never had any problem with the sound... but i've read on the mailing list that some sound problem were fixed when using rockbox on other models
23:10:29BoD[]cant remember if the recorder 6 was concerned by this...
23:11:23noalavidayes, i've read this too, but i've never have problems with the sound quality, it's only a detail
23:12:13BoD[]well :)
23:12:22BoD[]i dont know then
23:12:41BoD[]maybe it just comes from the sound setting
23:12:53BoD[]but all this is subjective
23:13:40noalavidai thought this too, but i probed with differents configurations and this is not the cause
23:14:15 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|out (
23:15:35 Quit _seb_ ("See ya!")
23:21:39BoD[]why not
23:23:26Lowfileryou want to compile?
23:25:16Lowfilerload gnu-sh
23:25:27Lowfilerand type: make -f win32.mak
23:25:37 Join _seb_ [0] (
23:25:49noalavidai do it , but it gives me an error
23:26:18Lowfilerwhich one
23:26:29noalavidathis error 5 times: ./tree.o(.text+0x278): undefined reference to `memcmp'
23:26:59Lowfilerwait 1 sec
23:27:04noalavidabut in diferents files
23:27:39noalavida./tree.o: In function `showdir':
23:27:45noalavida./tree.o(.text+0x278): undefined reference to `memcmp'
23:27:45noalavida../firmware\librockbox.a(id3.o): In function `setid3v2title':
23:27:45noalavidaid3.o(.text+0x308): undefined reference to `memcmp'
23:27:45DBUGEnqueued KICK noalavida
23:27:45noalavidaid3.o(.text+0x3c4): undefined reference to `memcmp'
23:27:45noalavida../firmware\librockbox.a(id3.o): In function `getid3v2len':
23:27:45***Alert Mode level 1
23:27:45noalavidaid3.o(.text+0x460): undefined reference to `memcmp'
23:27:47noalavida../firmware\librockbox.a(id3.o): In function `getid3v1len':
23:27:49noalavidaid3.o(.text+0x4cc): undefined reference to `memcmp'
23:27:51noalavidamake: *** [archos.elf] Error 1
23:28:18BoD[]this is not necessary ;)
23:28:42 Quit _seb_ ("$iq")
23:28:57Lowfilerdid u change somethin
23:29:16Lowfileror renamed
23:30:00 Join _seb_ [0] (
23:31:37Lowfilerno errors here
23:32:26Lowfilertry to clean your cvs directory (or build directory) and check them out again
23:32:45noalavidabut what's memcmp, it's related with the firmware or with the libraries?
23:33:03BoD[]i'm sure it's more a lib problem
23:33:11Lowfilerthink so 2
23:33:31Lowfilerre-check your cvs files after cleaning your directories
23:34:04noalavidai've download a gz.tar file from the daily builds page
23:34:44noalavidai've not use cvs
23:34:58noalavidai don't use cvs
23:35:43Lowfilerwhere u from?
23:36:14noalavidaspain, but it is important?
23:37:45pimlottctry adding "#include <memory.h>" to the top of firwmare/id3.c
23:37:46***Alert Mode OFF
23:38:10 Nick TotMacher is now known as tot|pennen (
23:39:22noalavidanow i get this error:
23:39:31noalavida./tree.o: In function `showdir':
23:39:33noalavida./tree.o(.text+0x278): undefined reference to `memcmp'
23:39:33noalavida../firmware\librockbox.a(id3.o): In function `setid3v2title':
23:39:33noalavidaid3.o(.text+0x308): undefined reference to `memcmp'
23:39:33noalavidaid3.o(.text+0x3c4): undefined reference to `memcmp'
23:39:33noalavida../firmware\librockbox.a(id3.o): In function `getid3v2len':
23:39:33***Alert Mode level 1
23:39:33noalavidaid3.o(.text+0x460): undefined reference to `memcmp'
23:39:35noalavida../firmware\librockbox.a(id3.o): In function `getid3v1len':
23:39:37noalavidaid3.o(.text+0x4cc): undefined reference to `memcmp'
23:39:39noalavidamake: *** [archos.elf] Error 1
23:39:42Lowfilerstrange error
23:39:42noalavidanot this, sorry
23:39:56hardeepnoalavida: the problem is because you're using gcc 3.1
23:40:03noalavidaid3.c:30:20: memory.h: No such file or directory
23:40:06noalavidamake[1]: *** [id3.o] Error 1
23:40:06noalavidamake[1]: Leaving directory `C:/rockbox/firmware'
23:40:06noalavidamake: *** [librockbox.a] Error 2
23:40:35noalavidai downloaded the latest version of gnush
23:40:38hardeepthe fix is to compile with "-fno-builtin"
23:40:55hardeepnoalavida: yeah, the latest gnush moved to gcc 3.1
23:40:57pimlottcget rid of that line you added first
23:42:38hardeepnoalavida: see
23:44:16noalavidathen i've to add this option in each line of the make file that calls to the compiler?
23:45:32BoD[]i go to bed !
23:45:34BoD[]see you bye
23:45:43 Quit BoD[] ("AL LALA")
23:45:46noalavidasee you
23:46:10hardeepnoalavida: there are only two makefiles for gnush: firmware/win32.mak and apps/win32.mak
23:46:22hardeepmodify those two and you should be good
23:49:01noalavidai'm go to trying
23:49:34***Alert Mode OFF
23:58:42noalavidaok, the problem is solved
23:58:47noalavidavery thank you

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