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#rockbox log for 2002-09-13

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06:40:02dwihno|goneedx: Did you try out the new font loading stuff?
06:43:08edxdwihno: nope
06:43:22dwihno|gonehmm, I'm rather curious :)
06:43:38edxhow can I use it?
06:44:08edxi'll try when i get back from school this afternoon :)
06:44:27dwihno|gonesystem.fnt is the font it loads from disk
06:45:57dwihno|gonebut obviousley you need perl to convert the bdf's :/
06:47:07dwihno|goneI better get ready for work *sigh*
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08:12:04Bagderhi mats
08:16:08Bagderthis new font stuff sure make things break ;-)
08:17:07matslIs it 1.4 release time when that is fixed?
08:17:20Bagdermight be
08:18:12matslI just got the feeling things are getting stable. Not so much activity.
08:19:15Bagderwell, we still have fat writing left to add ;-)
08:20:20matslI was talking about 1.4. Fat writing isn't scheduled for that is it.
08:20:29Bagderthe roadmap says so
08:20:41Bagdernot that we must follow it
08:21:21matslCustom WPS seems to me a good reason to relase 1.4.
08:22:47Bagderyes I agree
08:24:09matslBagder: What's the story "We didn't quite like that 12x16 font for the Player sim"
08:24:56Bagder1) it doesn't look like the player font 2) it is a different size which makes lcd_define_pattern() harder to simulate
08:28:02Bagder3) it didn't have all the glyphs that the player font has
08:28:37matslok, ok!
08:29:30matslThe size wasn't that bad though
08:29:53Bagderno, I liked have the letters a bit bigger than we had before
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08:30:24matslAre you working on the simulator now?
08:31:33BagderI'm applying Greg patches
08:32:31matslok. I was amazed how much you could do when you where out there but now I see why ;-)
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08:49:47adi|homewhen you were out where?
08:50:03Bagderat work I guess
08:50:18Bagdermy contract ended this week
08:50:27Bagderso I'm now "free" ;-)
08:50:37Bagderwhich means more time for rockbox
08:50:37adi|homeno no.. now your 'unemployed'
08:50:42adi|homewelcome to the club ;)
08:50:47BagderI'm still employed
08:50:54BagderI just don't do anything ;-)
08:51:14adi|homevoting ends this weekend huh?
08:51:17adi|homehow do we stand?
08:51:27Bagderits about the same
08:51:35Bagder6, 23 and 24
08:52:57adi|homebye bye chartables, you have served us well
08:53:01adi|homei love it
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09:03:16Bagderoooh, we're on green again
09:13:55langhaarrockerDo I see that right that there are principially two ways to register something "thread-like:"
09:13:55langhaarrocker1.) create_thread
09:13:55langhaarrocker2.) tick_add_task
09:14:13langhaarrockerOr is tick_add_task a nono
09:14:19Bagderit is
09:14:34Bagdercreate_thread() is the way to create threads
09:16:03langhaarrockerIs the stack for other things than for saving the thread status?
09:16:57Bagderwell, all the local variables and return addresses etc too of course
09:18:41langhaarrockerDoes that mean that if I know exaclty how big my stack is (including all locals) when calling yield() that this is the size I should make the stack?
09:19:54Bagderthere's a stack size view in the debug menu too
09:20:03Bagderthat displays how much stack percentage is used
09:20:11Bagderso you can tweak it a bit later
09:20:24langhaarrockerSince yesterday I have a slight clue what it might be for :)
09:21:51langhaarrockerAssuming I don't use recursions: are there other things that might make the stack size unpredictable?
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09:23:35Bagderhey quelsaruk
09:23:42langhaarrockerIs there any priority concept?
09:23:46HesGood morning
09:23:56Bagderlanghaarrocker: no, they're all just round robin
09:23:58quelsarukgood morning
09:24:09HesI think my skipping problem is solved now!
09:24:13BagderHes: cool!
09:24:29Heswith the relaxed sleeping and timeout set at 5 seconds it didn't skip at all yesterday
09:25:07Hesif the weather's all right, i'll drive some 1000 km during the weekend
09:25:13Hesthat should tell for sure 8-)
09:25:44langhaarrockerHes: What kind of batteries do you use ;)
09:26:14Heshave the stock 1500 mAh set and another 1800 mAh set
09:27:54quelsarukBagder: one question, where's the build_playlist function defined? i can't find it"
09:28:26Bagderfind . -name "*.c" | xargs grep build_playlist
09:28:33Bagder./tree.c:static int build_playlist(int start_index)
09:29:07quelsarukargg.. i looked at tree.c yesterday night
09:29:22quelsaruki suppose i was very tired :)
09:32:40quelsaruktime to work
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09:32:48quel|outsee you later
09:33:10Bagderwe have the .lang file format set now
09:33:15Bagdermail follows soon
09:35:46PsycoXulyou know what i think'd be cool for the t-shirts... the rock logo from 23 on the breast pocket area and then 24 large on the back
09:35:58PsycoXulor something
09:36:24adi|homemy back hurts _so_ much...
09:36:26CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:36:26*adi|home winces
09:36:53langhaarrockerwrong girlfrien?
09:38:08adi|homei wish
09:38:13adi|homenah.. hurt my back in college playing soccer
09:38:20adi|homeacts up on and off...
09:38:32adi|homegenerally when i start playing a sport that uses muscles diff...
09:38:43adi|homeie: switching bowling -> softball -> soccer etc
09:38:55adi|homeand someday.. sex with the wife ;)
09:41:50langhaarrockerI don't do sports ...
09:41:59quel|outBagder: really?
09:42:12quel|outmaybe work can wait :)
09:42:30adi|homeive done sports as long as i can remember...
09:43:19Bagderquel|out: I've even started on the support scripts
09:44:19quel|outBagder: that's great, sorry i cant' help you this days, i have a lot of things to do... and too few free time to spend
09:44:26langhaarrockerIs anybody working on a volume peak meter for the statusbar / wps=
09:44:45Bagderquel|out: well, I'm sure we'll work it out and you can help out when you get time
09:45:44langhaarrockerIs there any desire for a volume meter in status bar / wps?
09:46:13BagderI don't know
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09:53:36HesI did that a while back
09:53:51 Quit quel|out ("rebooting system")
09:54:26Hesdidn't get acceptable performance, but with the current iram & dram & lcd update rect enhancements it might work out okay
09:54:35Hesit was very easy to do
09:55:28PsycoXulso when is rockbox getting support for some kinda journalling filesystem or something? :p
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10:02:11langhaarrockerHes: I did a thread based approach yesterday and it has good performance.
10:02:32langhaarrockerBut it's still very dirty.
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10:11:24langhaarrockerI thought of a 8 pixel high, 2 pixel wide (l/r)level meter in the status bar and later a horizontal level meter in the wps in a width the user can specify in the wps config files.
10:13:16LinusNlanghaarrocker: a good idea, i have had the same thing in mind
10:16:11langhaarrockerAnother idea that came up is: use the volume setting icon with some magical xor for level.
10:16:11langhaarrockerOr mix it: when you have low volume setting the level meter would be displayed at the right, if very high volume setting have the volume meter xored at the left.
10:18:47LinusNi have no idea what you're talking about
10:19:32LinusNnow i understand
10:19:38langhaarrockerI have no player.
10:20:13langhaarrockerprobably some characters had to be defined on the fly.
10:21:53langhaarrockerAnd I won't write code to simulate the volume reading from MAS! :)
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10:24:23langhaarrockerDo you think it's worth to include the Osci-demo in the cvs?
10:25:15Zagori'll take a look at it soon
10:25:37langhaarrockerpoor Zagor: Seems you're very busy.
10:27:03LinusNlanghaarrocker: there is no easy way of getting a quasi-peak from the MAS3507D
10:29:58langhaarrockerDoes archos provide a peak meter on the player?
10:29:58langhaarrocker* flame suit on*
10:29:58langhaarrockerI don't have that looser toy ...
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10:31:31Zagorlanghaarrocker: no they don't
10:33:36langhaarrockerThus I'd say: Maybe someone else (owning a player) should bother with the player vol meter later and I'll do the thing for the recorder anyway.
10:39:11LinusNthe default font on the recorder is tiny
10:39:32Zagoryup. we must find a better one.
10:40:42LinusNZagor: how do i build my own font?
10:40:48quel|outi thought it was big :)
10:40:52LinusNi tried bdf2fnt but i barfed on me
10:41:04LinusNit barfed on me
10:41:27LinusNquel|out: you haven't tried the latest build have you?
10:41:38Zagorthere was a problem with that yesterday. i'll see if I have better luck.
10:42:16quel|outLinusN: i have no battery on my recorder, and the charger is at home.. but i'll try it this afternoon
10:43:05quel|outdid you change the font size?
10:43:32LinusNthe whole font system is changed
10:43:40LinusNloadable fonts
10:43:53ZagorLinusN: I can't get it working either. ask bagder.
10:45:04mecraw12Is backtracking through the mersenne twister possible?
10:45:21LinusNmecraw12: it should be
10:45:30LinusNbut it is a silly way of doing it
10:45:44LinusNi assume you talk about the playlist entry number thing
10:45:50mecraw12better than keeping a second array around of indexes?
10:46:22LinusNi'd rather have an extra array than a complicated backward random number monster function :-)
10:47:06Zagori don't think i've really understood the point in knowing the original playlist position
10:47:15mecraw12that would take up 4*10000 bytes though, right?
10:47:28Zagor2*10000 would be enough
10:47:48LinusNmore than the whole dir buffer :-)
10:48:04mecraw12Zagor: There really is no point, but sometimes I'm just curious about where in the playlist I am.
10:48:13LinusNZagor: the reason is obvious
10:48:45LinusNyou have a playlist of a complete album
10:48:56LinusNin track order, and you scramble it
10:49:26mecraw12just use the id3->tracknum then
10:49:37LinusNand if that is wrong?
10:49:55Zagorthen your data is bad. should we spend ram because your data is bad?
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10:50:19LinusNZagor: why is the user always wrong?
10:50:26mecraw12is anyone working on the id3v2 buffer stuff?
10:50:39Zagori'm just asking if it's worth it. when does one want this feature?
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10:51:00LinusNi gave you one (perhaps lame) example
10:51:03ZagorLinusN: because writing code to fix user mistakes is damn near impossible
10:51:47LinusNnot all users have perfect rips with complete id3 info
10:51:56langhaarrockerWhy fix the user when you can have the fix yourself?
10:52:59LinusNpeople like rockbox because it is way better than archos in many respects
10:53:04LinusNplaylist handling is one
10:53:30LinusNsome people have had to put dummy files in their directories to cure a randimize bug in the stosk firmware
10:53:42 Join quelsaruk [0] (
10:54:15mecraw12don't we have that same bug?
10:54:43mecraw12don't we play the selected file first, and then shuffle the rest of the directory?
10:55:06Zagorstill, I'm not about to spend 20K to simply "cure" missing id3 tracknum entries
10:55:07LinusNwe do
10:55:21Zagormecraw12: that's not a bug, it's a feature. we worked hard to get that.
10:55:35mecraw12i thought that was the "bug" in archos directory shuffle
10:55:43LinusNaha, so *that* was the bug! :-)
10:56:07mecraw12that's why people put 1 second blank mp3s in a directory
10:56:18LinusNso we might want to have an option for that
10:56:40mecraw12actually, i think it would play the first song in a playlist before shuffling, too (which we don't do)
10:57:15LinusNor just say "hey, you should put a blank file first in your dir. All people should have that!"
10:57:39*LinusN is grumpy today
10:57:50mecraw12it's been almost 3 months since i've use archos firmware... too long to remember, i've put those awful days behind me :)
10:58:23mecraw1220k = ~1 second of playtime?
10:58:36LinusNon 320kbit/s
10:58:53langhaarrockeroh. HiFi silence!
10:59:21LinusNactually, i have another solution that doesn't eat any memory at all
10:59:28ZagorLinusN: shoot
10:59:37*mecraw12 awaits anxiously
10:59:51LinusNbut it will make the 10000 file limit permanent
11:00:10mecraw12high bit/low bits?
11:00:34 Part mecraw12
11:00:42 Join mecraw12 [0] (~lmarlow@
11:00:51LinusNand it limits the size of the playlist file
11:01:00LinusNso i don't really like that solution
11:01:12Zagorwhat solution?
11:01:50LinusNusing the high 14 bits for "original index"
11:02:21mecraw12who put in the mersenne twister?
11:02:42LinusNbut it is lame, because the playlist file size is limited to 256Kb
11:03:20 Quit Hagbard ("Spermabertragung unterbrochen (broken pipe)")
11:03:20Zagormecraw12: i added it, but I got the code from someone else. can't remember how now...
11:03:33Zagorcould be
11:03:53mecraw12i should whip out my number theory books, and actually read them this time
11:04:37LinusNwe can use the same buffer for playlist entries and original index
11:05:10LinusNthen we can keep the original index if the playlist is smaller than 5000 files
11:05:49LinusNa simple solution
11:06:18Zagoris it ever useful for playlists comprising more than one dir?
11:06:49mecraw12if you know your playlists well, it could be
11:07:12Zagoruseful or just fun?
11:07:21LinusNjust fun, i guess
11:07:33LinusNbut it may be nice to track down bad entries in the playlist
11:07:50LinusNfrezzes and stuff
11:07:52Zagorusing the number???
11:07:58Zagoryou know the filename
11:08:23LinusNmaybe not
11:08:30LinusNit depends on the WPS info
11:08:30mecraw12and as soon as Zagor finishes fat write, we can just dump them to a file :D
11:08:59Zagortoo many ifs and maybes imho
11:09:09LinusNZagor: you're the boss
11:09:18Zagori'll accept your <5000 solution, if it's simple and elegant
11:09:43LinusNyou mean "show me the code"? :-)
11:09:45adi|homewhat is a mersenne twister?
11:09:56Zagoradi|home: our random algorithm
11:09:57LinusNadi|home: a random number generator algorithm
11:09:59adi|homegot ya
11:10:08mecraw12mersenne was chubby checkers cousin
11:10:20*LinusN writes that down
11:13:16mecraw12quelsaruk: any luck with repeat on/off?
11:13:44quelsaruki'm starting at it right now
11:14:19quelsaruki hope to have some good news today
11:14:51langhaarrockerwill that include repeat 1 song?
11:15:07quelsarukfor now it wil only include no repeat
11:15:31 Join TotMacher [0] (
11:15:40quelsarukbut of course once that work i could study that possibility
11:16:27quelsarukbut it is better to go step by step :)
11:16:39langhaarrocker_please_ (falling down on my knees, begging) do!
11:19:01LinusNand i want repat-1-song with shuffle!!!! :-)
11:19:18mecraw12Zagor: does "make set_option() wrap" mean that in a menu if i keep pressing up an option will go from "yes" to "no" to "yes" to "no" etc.?
11:19:23langhaarrockerLinusN: Great idea!
11:19:27Zagormecraw12: yes
11:20:07mecraw12Zagor: ok, just trying to find things in the TODO that I can handle :)
11:21:40mecraw12five hours until my first meeting... better get some sleep
11:21:44ZagorLinusN: do you know if there's a problem detecting BUTTON_ON | BUTTON_PLAY | BUTTON_REL ?
11:22:41Zagoralso, pitch percent goes the wrong way. mpeg_set_pitch(10) gets me 10% slower playback
11:23:32Zagor(forgot PLAY in RELEASE_MASK)
11:24:16LinusNZagor: no, that should work
11:24:42LinusNbut maybe button_play and button_rel will be in a separate event
11:25:06LinusNZagor: it does?
11:25:09LinusNthen i am silly
11:25:14LinusNi fix
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11:31:16 Quit Zagor (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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11:35:23langhaarrockerA thread that updates peak volumes in the status bar and in the wps - does that belong in an existing source file or should I create a new one for that? Where would that new file be?
11:36:25 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|out (
11:38:37LinusNif you really need such a thread it would probably be in apps/
11:39:11langhaarrockerIf not as a thread the thing would become unusable slow. Ask Hes.
11:39:48LinusNwhy would it be slow?
11:40:40langhaarrockerI tried it and it seems that the status bar is updated not often enough. The value read doesn't match with what you hear.
11:41:05langhaarrockerThen I did a quick dirty hack to try with a thread. Now it works super.
11:41:30LinusNyou mean only update a part of the status bar?
11:42:17LinusNi'm not sure i like that
11:42:29LinusNi mean, the status bar is controlled by the status bar code
11:43:00LinusNdoesn't it clear that area when updating?
11:43:57langhaarrockerI don't like it either. But I'd put the updating part into the status bar code and just make the thread use that code.
11:44:30LinusNthat would at least make it a little bit more koscher
11:45:14langhaarrockerI don't think it's a good idea to make the status bar update more often just to get a fluent read out of volume. Thus we need a separate controller that handles updating volume read out only.
11:45:40LinusNi agree, thats why i wouldn't put it in the status bar in the first place :-)
11:46:08langhaarrockerThen there's the same problem with WPS.
11:46:14LinusNhow do you make room for the peak meters?
11:46:41LinusNbut i can imagine that it looks cool in the status bar
11:46:57langhaarrockerMomentarily I introduced some space after the volume setting display in status.h
11:47:07langhaarrockerBut it's just a study yet.
11:47:43langhaarrockerIt's only two pixel wide (+ spacer)
11:48:00LinusNwhat is there to the right of the dice?
11:48:52langhaarrockerlock symbol
11:49:49langhaarrockerand then the time
11:50:03 Join Silly_Fly [0] (luk@
11:51:51LinusNlanghaarrocker: aha
11:52:01LinusNwe must find a way to squeeze it in there
11:52:58langhaarrockerAs I said: It might be possible to combine the peak read out with the volume setting symbol
11:53:14LinusNand if you have max volume?
11:53:33langhaarrockerPut the thing to the left of the symbol with xor
11:53:52LinusNsounds ugly
11:54:50langhaarrockerBut now whith new font handling we might be able to use a appropriate font so that we have those 4 pixels space available in the status bar.
11:55:10langhaarrocker(font for time display)
11:55:22LinusNi don't think we will be using a font that small
11:55:50Schnuefftime display is rather large atm
11:55:53LinusNmaybe we will...
11:56:08LinusNi was looking at my propfonts recorder
11:56:15LinusNand there is room with that one
11:56:22langhaarrockerI momentarily have a propfont build and there's enough space.
11:59:35 Quit matsl|away ("Liece")
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12:05:03 Nick Zagor|out is now known as Zagor (
12:05:30 Nick Bagder|away is now known as Bagder (
12:05:34LinusNyo Bagder
12:05:45LinusNbdf2fnt barfs on me
12:06:17Zagorme too
12:06:41LinusN/tmp/5x8.c:13: invalid suffix on integer constant
12:08:10Bagdertry renaming the font to not start with a digit
12:09:36Bagderdid it work?
12:09:56Zagori have a font: pixelette.bdf. never works.
12:10:05LinusNbut it crashes when i boot
12:10:26Zagortried atari-small.bdf too, also barfs
12:12:30LinusNcan i load a font dynamically?
12:13:09Heshm, quality 8-)
12:13:23*Hes makes a mental note not to update from CVS for a week
12:13:47Hesnow that I have a non-skipping and well-working version 8-)
12:14:00Bagderwe can't have that! ;-)
12:14:07Heswith the relaxed sleeping and timeout set at 5 seconds it didn't skip at all yesterday
12:14:15Hesif the weather's all right, i'll drive some 1000 km during the weekend
12:14:24ZagorHes: goodie. sounds like that was the culprit then.
12:14:25Hesthat should tell for sure if it works 8-)
12:15:40LinusNZagor: the relaxed sleeping solves it, but i think it is a mutex related problem
12:15:40HesThank you for the ATA work, I appreciate it very much
12:15:55LinusNthe relaxing just masks it
12:16:07ZagorLinusN: yes, i agree
12:16:36Hesso you're going to unmask and break it again? 8-)
12:16:42Hesfine with me 8-)
12:16:58LinusNonly on builds downloaded from Finland
12:17:07Hesokay, fair enough
12:17:42 Join RipnetUK [0] (
12:18:06LinusNBagder: rotate_font_bits crashes
12:19:50ZagorBagder: will you have time to smooth things out with the new font code? tools/configure, the Makefiles etc?
12:19:58Bagderthose are fixed
12:20:13RipnetUKdo loadable fonts work now? ive compiled the latest CVS, but if I try and load a .fnt file, nothing happens...
12:20:20Zagorok, is there any docs how to actually build fonts?
12:21:20RipnetUKno fonts dont work, or no docs :-O
12:21:23Bagderbut for starters, you can play with the already existing ones
12:21:46Bagderwell the bugs need to be fixed of course
12:22:03ZagorRipnetUK: we're in an unstable status right now. give us a few days.
12:22:16HadakaI'm here!
12:23:12ZagorHadaka: it was nothing important. we we're just trying to remember who contributed the mersenne twister code
12:23:34 Quit Silly_Fly (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:25:55*Bagder reads another mail from Africa
12:26:02BagderI like this part:
12:26:17Bagder"I got your contact address from the Girl who operates the computer."
12:26:31LinusN(gdb) p pf->offset[i]
12:26:37LinusN$17 = 0x18000000
12:26:50ZagorLinusN: where is that?
12:27:04HadakaI really need to open up and fix my archos :(
12:27:09Hadakatoo bad I'm busy as hell :(
12:28:05ZagorBagder: did you make a new bug table using the xml parser you wrote?
12:28:06 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lunch (
12:28:22BagderZagor: it isn't done yet
12:28:32BagderI have so many half-done things ;-)
12:28:46Bagderthe .lang spec and scripts too
12:30:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:39:39Zagorpitch rocks
12:39:59Zagor+20% == instant smurf hits
12:42:17Zagorbrings back memories of vinyl records
12:42:46Zagorwoops, at %63 the box hung
12:43:13Schnueff+ ?
12:43:47ZagorSchnueff: upcoming feature, playback pitch
12:43:57Schnueffat +63% the box hung?
12:44:03Zagoranything above +60% is just noise
12:44:13Zagorand at 63-64 it hangs
12:44:18Schnueffmaybe samplerate is 16bit only?
12:46:02Zagornegative pitch works fine to -100%, but it doesn't do what I expected
12:46:25BagderZagor: we should make a "fonts page" on the site, to allow people to download .fnt fonts
12:46:28Zagor-100% is more like 25% of original speed
12:46:31ZagorBagder: yes
12:46:33Schnueffquestion: is any of the fonts from rockbox-fonts.tar.gz proportional?
12:47:31BagderI tried a few of them and they weren't
12:47:58Schnueffhm maybe times
12:48:18Zagor-100% is actually half speed
12:48:49Schnueffah that was my question yesterday
12:49:46Schnueffbadger: timR08.bdf seems to be propertional
12:49:51Schnueffproportional even
12:50:18Schnueffeh w8
12:50:48Schnueffyeah looks like that
12:51:59Schnueffuh but it won't load
12:52:04SchnueffFont /system.fnt too large: 9000
12:52:18Schnueff(in simulator)
12:52:44BagdertimR08.fnt is?
12:53:04Schnueffeh i copied timR08.bdf to system.fnt .. no good :)
12:53:18Schnueffbadger: yes
12:53:41Bagderright, because its 5676 bytes in my dir ;-)
12:54:47 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
13:00:21BagdertimR08 looks pretty nice
13:01:09BagderZagor: is there any scroll patch that still is suitable now?
13:01:49Bagderbug: the resume screen doesn't use the correct font
13:01:59Zagori'm not sure. look in my pm1:patch/old dir.
13:02:10Zagorneither does the boot logo version
13:02:28Bagderbut the boot logo appears before the disk stuff is inited ;-)
13:02:42Zagoryeah, but it should then use the compiled-in
13:02:57Bagder? it does
13:03:03Bagderthere's only one built-in
13:03:26Zagorwell, I only get garbage
13:03:45 Nick elinenbe|sleep is now known as elinenbe (
13:03:46Zagorchoosing menu->version looks ok, but not at boot
13:03:57Zagor(and I don't load a font)
13:04:08elinenbewith latest CVS, I get I09:CPUAdrEr
13:05:06elinenbethat is only with a system.fnt in /
13:05:27BagderI think the gdb'ers need to dig a little on that one
13:05:31Bagderit works in the sim
13:06:01elinenbewhat font are you using?
13:06:11BagdertimR08 right now
13:06:22Bagdera bit biggish, but looks awesome
13:07:20elinenbeI am trying that font out now.
13:07:42elinenbethis time it loads, but everything is completly garbled
13:08:28elinenbenothing is legible, and each letter is a "box"
13:08:56Bagderthere's something wrong in the font load code on target
13:09:51Zagor created
13:10:34elinenbethat is where I pulled the font from. Are these the same that were sent out to the mailing list a few days ago?
13:11:59LinusN|lunchBagder: maybe it's an endian thing
13:12:07 Nick LinusN|lunch is now known as LinusN (
13:12:15Bagdercould be
13:12:28elinenbeI don't know... seems the recorder 6k is always having problems :)
13:15:27BagderZagor: can you make that dir writable for me too?
13:15:34BagderhelvR08.fnt coming up
13:15:54ZagorBagder: sure
13:16:00Bagderit shows that there's something wrong with the height of the font conversions
13:16:51BagderI made it use max 255 letters
13:17:24LinusNi think we should try to find a good 8859-1 font as the default font
13:17:31Bagderoh yes
13:17:48LinusNthe current defaut sucks even more than the last proportional one :-)
13:18:40ZagorBagder: try some of the fonts in the test/ dir I just created
13:19:18Bagderwhat kind of stuff is pixelette?
13:19:25Zagora nice font :-)
13:19:36Bagderin colour?
13:19:45Zagori don't think so
13:20:09Bagderah, no
13:20:16Bagderthey're just super-big
13:20:23Zagoroh, ok
13:20:40BagderBBX 40 6 0 0
13:20:49Schnueffhm bdf2fnt doesnt work on all fonts
13:20:53Zagorit's not that big for real
13:21:19Schnueffgot 3 out of 7 while doing a batch conversion
13:24:13LinusNwhy all these typedefs in the font code?
13:24:42LinusNand typedef'ing pointers???
13:25:25*Zagor is getting sloppy :)
13:25:42LinusNnot my definition of clean and easy code
13:25:54 Quit RipnetUK ()
13:30:00LinusNthe PMWCFONT is my favourite silly typedef
13:33:53LinusNi think the fonts should be stored in big-endian format
13:34:07LinusNno need for lots of endian conversions in the target
13:34:26LinusNthe target is the main platform
13:34:38Bagderand the converter might run on any-endian machines too
13:34:52BagderI mean it still needs to do right
13:35:55LinusNwhat is the "default character code in font"?
13:36:11 Nick langhaarrocker|m is now known as langhaarrocker (
13:36:26 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
13:36:33Bagderit's what it uses if one doesn't exist
13:36:50Bagderlike we used ? before
13:37:12 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
13:39:45LinusNhehe, i can't see the need for 32-bit values for firstchar, defaultchar and numchars
13:40:24BagderI guess not
13:43:39 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
13:47:50LinusNi just took the timR08.fnt from the site and i just shows garbage
13:48:10Bagderon target, right?
13:48:14LinusNof course
13:48:19Bagderworks in sim
13:48:32LinusNyou haven't tested on tagret at all?
13:48:36BagderI have
13:48:43Bagderbut not the new rotate stuff
13:48:56LinusNbut you committed it anyway?
13:49:26BagderI don't want to sit on this myself
13:49:26LinusNyou really should test on target first
13:49:32BagderI disagree
13:49:37Bagdersince I'm only the middle man here
13:49:49Zagorrelax. we knew the new font code would mean some shaky days
13:49:52LinusNi understand
13:50:29BagderLinusN: so where did it crash before on target?
13:50:41LinusNin the rotate function
13:50:54LinusNthe font structure seems corrupt
13:52:28BagderI think the rotating is doing some bad assumptions
13:53:27Bagdercheck line 175 in font.c
13:53:42Bagderand then line 192
13:53:56Bagderit just can't be using the same number of bytes
14:00:44 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-school (
14:05:52ZagorLinusN: the pitch percent isn't really truthful. -100% is a 50% slowdown
14:06:23LinusN-100% means writing 0MHz in the oscillator frequency register
14:06:32LinusNgod knows how the MAS handles that
14:07:06LinusNwe can't make any assumptions on how the MAS handles that register at all
14:07:25LinusNthe percent is just the difference in the frequency setting
14:07:36LinusNwhat else can we doo?
14:09:28Zagori don't know
14:10:37ZagorI could simply display half the value I set. that seems to be fairly accurate.
14:11:45Zagorno, that's wrong too. bah.
14:11:56Zagori'll just check this in and let people argue about it :-)
14:12:17Bagder"buy why is there a -100% limit?" ;-)
14:12:29*Bagder prepares the crew
14:13:48Zagori'll limit up-speed to 60% since anything above that is just noise
14:16:23Zagorat high bitrate it starts skipping when you raise the pitch too much, too. ah well, it's a feature that pushes the envelope so we'll just live with a few glitches in it
14:18:00pimlottclinus - did you get a chance to look at the slidebar?
14:18:10LinusNi never got it
14:19:51Zagorhmm, -100 is half the speed and +50% is twice the speed
14:20:38LinusNbut is it linear?
14:20:58Zagori think so
14:21:07LinusNok, then we can adjust it
14:21:29LinusNwe set the milits to +/- 50%
14:21:35Zagoryes right?
14:21:41pimlottcer linus
14:21:42LinusNand double the negatiuve ones
14:21:52LinusNwrong, wrong, wrong
14:21:58LinusNlinus at
14:22:14ZagorLinusN: umm, wait
14:23:54ZagorI know why this happens
14:23:55LinusNaren't we able to support more that 16-pixels wide chars?
14:24:27LinusNZagor: why?
14:24:40Zagor-100 results in val *= 2
14:24:52Zagori.e. twice the frequency == half the speed
14:25:17LinusNi am silly
14:26:02Zagorcouldn't it simply be: val = 18432*percent/100;
14:26:12LinusNi guess
14:26:15Zagori'll try it
14:26:24pimlottclinusn - sent
14:26:24Zagorthen 0-200 range
14:26:46LinusNthen don't call it percent
14:26:56Zagorsure. 100% is normal speed.
14:26:58LinusNi am silly again
14:27:05LinusNpercent is fine
14:27:09Bagderright, 100% is normal, that sounds fine
14:27:30*LinusN is often silly nowadays
14:27:41LinusNpimlottc: got it
14:30:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:13:24Zagorjust realized we need a loop feature :-)
15:16:29LinusNhehe, for dj:ing?
15:16:41LinusNand a jog wheel
15:16:56Zagori was browsing DENONs dj gear to see what they call things
15:18:46Schnueffbut at best we can only loop on mp3 frames, right?
15:19:18Schnueffso not down to sample resolution
15:19:18ZagorSchnueff: yup. but that's about 25 ms. few djs are faster than that :-)
15:20:27Schnueffyeah, but u will never get a loop to match with mp3 frame resolution
15:20:37ZagorLinusN: if we don't explicitly tell the MAS the frequency changed, does it never notice? or does it notice, but later?
15:21:08ZagorSchnueff: this is not for seamless looping, it's for keeping the music going while syncing the beat.
15:24:35Zagorbesides, 24ms should be enough to make decent seamless loops too
15:25:08Schnueffi'm not sure on that
15:25:29Zagorwhy not?
15:26:19Schnueffwell maybe
15:26:44Zagortake a beat at ~120 bpm. that's 2 beats per second. 24ms is 2.4% of a sec, i.e 4.8% of one beat.
15:28:02Zagoranyway, the loop feature is not exactly at the top of my todo list :-)
15:28:48langhaarrockerIt'll be a subproblem of my idea of a split editor though.
15:29:51langhaarrockerBut before I' m ready to write that thing I've got to learn a thing or two yet.
15:29:51langhaarrockerWhere is that *&% SYNC line ?!?
15:31:00Schnueffsplit editor should split up .mp3 ?
15:31:17langhaarrockeryes. I want a graphical ui for that.
15:31:49Schnueffwith MD players splitting songs was always ok
15:32:09Schnueffu do playback as usual, then hit a split key
15:32:14Schnueffthen u can fine tune the splitpoint
15:32:30LinusNZagor: it never notices, as far as i have seen
15:32:33Schnueffat a range -128 / +127 frames
15:32:35ZagorLinusN: ok
15:32:57LinusNit only accepts the values written to those registers if they aren't validated
15:33:01LinusNare validated
15:33:43Zagorah, that's what the second write does?
15:33:51LinusNby writing the "valid" bit in the config register
15:34:38langhaarrockerSchnueff: But I _WANT_ a graphical editor with an oscillosgramme through which you can navigate.
15:34:39langhaarrockerAnd I
15:34:39langhaarrockerwant it to have three loop modes:
15:34:39DBUGEnqueued KICK langhaarrocker
15:34:39langhaarrocker1.) loop to the split point
15:34:39langhaarrocker2.) loop from the split point
15:34:39***Alert Mode level 1
15:34:39langhaarrocker3.) loop over the split point with a beep at the split point
15:35:19pimlottcwhy would you want to do these things on the archos as opposed to on your pc
15:35:57pimlottcjust fo fun?
15:36:07langhaarrockerBecause I record the gigs and practices of my band and on the way home in the train I''ve got time for splitting the 4h take.
15:36:57Schnueffok, MD players only got 2) loop from split point. that's not enough sometimes
15:37:39LinusNMP3 files are not easily split without glitches
15:38:05langhaarrockerWe have to detect frames. Once that is done it should be possible.
15:38:07pimlottcI assume the recorder does constant bit rate
15:38:17LinusNthe bit reservoir is the problem
15:38:27langhaarrockerAnd the file operations
15:38:31LinusNnot the frame detection
15:38:38Schnueffthats data kept over frames
15:38:43LinusNfinding frames is easy
15:38:48pimlottclinusn - that was what i was working towards
15:39:23LinusNeven VBR streams use the bit reservoir
15:39:40LinusNbut the MAS3587F can be told not to use it, for easy splitting
15:39:46LinusNthe result is bigger files
15:40:13LinusNso we can include an "easy splitting" recording option
15:40:40langhaarrockerNevertheless - if we put effort in splitting we should do as good as we can.
15:40:59LinusNif course, who cares if the first split second of the file is noisy
15:41:20langhaarrockerMaybe we will be able to find appropriate split points in spite of bit reservoirs
15:41:43langhaarrockerWhat really bothers me is the file operations involved.
15:41:50LinusNif you split in silent sections it is probably possible
15:42:13langhaarrockerOn my gigs therte is no such thing as silence :)
15:42:41LinusNthen you won't notice the noisy split pints either :-)
15:42:56LinusNtime to go home
15:43:01LinusNbye all
15:43:15 Part LinusN
15:44:40***Alert Mode OFF
15:45:52pimlottchow many hours is sweden off gmt
15:46:09Bagderright now, as we're on dst
15:46:31pimlottcmust.. save.. daylight
15:46:53Bagderwe need that daylight for the winters when we hardly have it at all ;-)
15:47:00langhaarrockerwhat's dst?
15:47:06Bagderdaylight savings time
15:47:29Zagordst is a silly invention
15:47:37pimlottcI never can remember when dst is
15:47:43langhaarrockerdst usually is my abbrevaition for destination.
15:47:46Bagderin fact, I think we should remain on the dst level always
15:47:50Zagormakes 24/7 systems really awkward
15:48:26CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
15:48:26*Zagor wrote a power grid supervision system once. the mental scars remain.
15:48:57langhaarrockeron the jukebox?
15:50:22pimlottc7 hours diff between me and the swedish instigators
15:50:34pimlottcso when I go home everyone is going to sleep
15:57:16 Join gizz [0] (
15:57:50gizzhi all
16:11:20 Quit quel|out (Remote closed the connection)
16:12:20 Join quelsaruk [0] (
16:14:44 Quit gizz (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:25:09Bagderbtw, the boundary checks in lcd_bitmap() are not working properly
16:25:20Bagderthey work, but they do bad actions
16:26:47langhaarrockerbtw: I've been to stupid to do optimized draw_v_line / draw_h_line functions.
16:26:58langhaarrockerIs there a c operation that shifts in ones?
16:27:03Zagorlanghaarrocker: no
16:27:26Zagora = a << 1 | 1;
16:27:39Zagorperhaps you need to write: a = (a << 1) | 1;
16:27:54langhaarrockerAnd if i want to shift in n ones?
16:28:18langhaarrockerStupid me: I could shift in zeros and invert!
16:28:50Zagoror: a = (a << n) | (1<<n)-1;
16:29:13Zagorbut inversion sounds better if that solves your problem
16:29:45langhaarrockerI'm still trying to wrap my brain around you line.
16:29:55quelsarukhey! there's a "normal play" icon :) that's nice
16:30:03Zagorquelsaruk: hehe
16:30:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:30:58Zagorlanghaarrocker: first shift the value, then create a 1-mask by shifting up a but n steps. then make the mask all 1:s by decrementing once. 1<<1-1==1, 1<<2-1==3
16:31:48langhaarrockerOh, yes. Now I see. Or better yet: Now I c
16:31:55*Zagor moans
16:32:03 Part Bagder
16:33:03quelsarukZagor: what does moans mean?
16:33:33langhaarrockerIt's like sighing but with more tone in it.
16:33:46Zagor"A low, sustained, mournful cry, usually indicative of sorrow or pain"
16:33:56Zagora sound used for bad jokes :-)
16:34:22quelsaruki must come next day with my dictionary
16:34:57quelsarukbut i'll make all of you come with an spanish dictionary if you try to understand me!!
16:35:58*Zagor trembles
16:36:32langhaarrockeras long as it's a spanish dictionary and not the spanish inquisition...
16:36:44langhaarrockerCome on Zagor: moan once more!
16:37:01Zagorwas that a joke? ;)
16:37:14langhaarrockerAnd a _really_ bad one!
16:37:20*Schnueff groans.
16:38:57 Join edx [0] (
16:42:13langhaarrockeryou played wormlet?
16:42:17quelsarukit works for the simulator.. but not at the recorder
16:44:09 Join skypher [0] (
16:44:24 Join matp [0] (
16:44:38matphi all
16:57:20 Join Snorlax [0] (
16:57:20 Quit quelsaruk (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:07:02 Join hardeep [0] (
17:07:02 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:08:13 Join notch [0] (
17:08:35notchcould someone give me the lowdown on how to configure my own wps?
17:09:15notchis there a file or soething I can edit>
17:10:05notchthanks... I did try to find it on the website to no avail....
17:10:20Schnuefffrom the FAQ there's a link
17:11:09notchahh, didnt get to number 39 :-)
17:11:37Schnueffmaybe there should be 'Recent FAQ activity' on the mainpage :))
17:11:43pimlottcit's a long faq heh
17:12:28langhaarrockerIt might be a good idea to link the wps stuff with the manual.
17:13:56Zagorit might be a good idea to update the manual on a zillion points
17:14:32langhaarrockerReally? I never read manuals anyway...
17:21:22langhaarrockerThat would be like going to church after reading the bible ...
17:29:22elinenbeZagor: nice patch :)
17:29:49elinenbeZagor: doesn't a song playing in 200% pitch, play 50% quicker then the song at 100% pitch?
17:30:00Zagorno, 100% quicker
17:30:08elinenbethat is what I meant.
17:30:09Zagori.e 2x speed
17:30:24elinenbeokay.... so, 1s real song = .5 sec at 200% pitch
17:30:30webbie_manuals are damn usefull
17:30:59elinenbehmmm. what George Styles wrote, then is wrong.
17:30:59elinenbeOn the other idea - adjusting the pitch does not adjust the speed, 1s is
17:30:59elinenbestill 1s, just pitch shifted up, so it doesnt actually allow searching
17:30:59DBUGEnqueued KICK elinenbe
17:30:59elinenbethrough the song... sorry if I misunderstook this....
17:31:23Zagorwe can't do that. we can just fool the MAS to run faster
17:31:42Zagoroh, gotya. ok
17:31:56elinenbewhat I was talking about was when you ff/rw
17:32:40elinenbeadjust the pitch (UP) the longer you hold the button until it reaches a max.
17:32:56elinenbeand then when you let go of the button, it goes back to normal.
17:33:17elinenbeanother thing with the pitch. I think maybe there should be an option to reset it between songs.
17:33:27langhaarrockerlike skipping every 2nd / 3rd ... mp3 frame?
17:33:50Zagorelinenbe: yeah maybe
17:33:51elinenbewhen I used to DJ, one song is usually not wanted to be played at the same pitch as the next.
17:34:50Zagoron the other hand, you won't play two songs from the same unit back-to-back. so you have plenty of time to adjust.
17:36:21elinenbeZagor: agreed.
17:36:38elinenbeZagor: I see your response to my mailing. thanks.
17:52:40notchwhen trying different fonts - I get I09:CPUAdr Er - known bug?
17:53:22Zagornotch: yup
17:53:46Zagorthe font code is still a bit unstable
17:54:57notchJust tried the pitch adj - cool . Amazing how much 1% changes the pitch.. explains why some tapes sound flat!
17:56:51Zagorwho's first with a bpm analyzer? ;)
17:57:16Schnueffthat's not so easy
17:57:20Zagori know
17:57:41notchlow pass filter and peak detector.... in how many mips?
17:58:03Zagorumm, well, 12 maybe... :-)
17:58:27Schnueffbetter one day use the BPM info from id3v2.4 tags
17:58:40notchno problem ;-)
18:04:00elinenbeZagor: what about support for the BPM frame that is sometimes defined as an ID3 v 2.4 tag.
18:04:28elinenbeZagor: Tag&Rename & Helium 2.x have support for this (both windows tag managers)
18:04:59Zagoris id3v2.4 standard, or just something some jerks expanded on their own?
18:05:18Schnueffno standard
18:05:25Zagori guessed not
18:05:57Schnueff'TBPM' frame
18:07:20langhaarrockercygwin users: there surely is a way to change your PATH variable permanenlty. Something like a shell script I assume. Where and how do I do that?
18:07:23Zagorwell if it's ratified by it's about as much standard as we can hope for, isn't it?
18:08:59Schnueffah, sorry, 'no standard' should have been 'no, it is standard' :)
18:09:17Schnueffdamn the commas
18:10:10Zagorhehe. well then I have no problem with supporting it
18:10:19Zagorgotta go
18:10:23 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
18:10:44langhaarrockerWhere do I find the control to adjust the pitch?
18:11:21Schnueffin the WPS press ON iirc
18:11:32Schnueff(press & hold ON)
18:13:59 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
18:14:59langhaarrockerThat's fun.
18:15:00langhaarrockerA bug: When you enter the menu from pause mode and hit pause while still pressing on playback will resume but when you leave the menu again the pause icon is still being displayed.
18:15:54 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
18:30:32***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:33:54notchhave ye a good w/e all....
18:33:58 Quit notch ()
18:40:00CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
18:40:00*Schnueff .. away for weekend.
18:41:51skypheralright, i've placed my order on a archos jukebox 10
18:49:04 Join LinusN [0] (
18:54:13 Join hardeep [0] (
18:54:28langhaarrockerhow do I detect wether the status bar is being displayed? statusbar in status.h seems to be somehow out of date.
18:55:45LinusNisn't it in global_settings?
18:57:26 Join edx [0] (
18:58:07elinenbeLinusN: GREAT addition with the pitch stuff... now you have really outdone yourself.
18:58:45LinusNhehe, actually it wasn't my idea...
18:58:53LinusNi can't remember who it was
18:59:17LinusNbut it worked better than expected
18:59:31hardeepbah, that feature's just rubbish considering there are more important issues to be addressed!!
18:59:43LinusNbut that feature is probably rubbish too...
19:00:01hardeeplaf, nice response btw. =)
19:00:41LinusNi got so angry!
19:00:57LinusNwhat did the guy think?
19:01:20LinusNman, i owe him nothing!
19:01:42elinenbehe is a rat bastard.
19:04:27 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:05:34 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
19:06:00LinusNhehe, nice archive digging, eric
19:07:06elinenbewell, he was vocal before, and he was vocla again.
19:14:43LinusNi wonder what ticked him off that much
19:14:57LinusNpeople are certainly strange...
19:15:45elinenbeLinusN: when are you going to implement stuff that was in the original Archos firmware that is missing from Rockbox??? : recording, make playlists, repeat 1/all −− DAMNIT! you guys suck!
19:15:57elinenbeI kid... I kid... ;)
19:17:06 Part skypher
19:17:49LinusNif we implement the things archos implemented it would be rubbish! :-)
19:18:08elinenbewhen are you going to make my recorder crash every 10 minutes?
19:18:18langhaarrockerin 10 minutes?
19:18:21elinenbewhy are my playlists not taking 3 hours to load?
19:18:38elinenbewhy does shuffle play the same song 10 times in a row?
19:18:38langhaarrockerWhy does the stack of my thread grow?
19:20:01elinenbewhy is there a true repeat −− I like the repeat to just throw me into the directory!
19:20:16elinenbewhat? this battery meter works?
19:21:34langhaarrockerWhat does that mean when I tried to make a thread and all of a sudden I realize its stack can grow. Do we have dynamic memory again?
19:22:59langhaarrockerI thought the stack was only for saving registers, local vars and so on. Unless I have a recursion (which I don't have) from which I would call yield() - how could I possibly make the stack grow?
19:23:38LinusNlanghaarrocker: when does it happen?
19:24:23langhaarrockerI have no clue yet and no clue where to search. The code is still experimental. Where should I start searching?
19:25:29LinusNwho calls your function?
19:26:07LinusNwhat does the thread do?
19:26:14LinusNshow me the code! :-)
19:26:43langhaarrockerThat's a bit difficult: its spread over half a dozen files....
19:27:22LinusNok, you have a function that draws the peak meters?
19:27:34LinusNand a thread that calls it?
19:28:00langhaarrockeryes. The thread is registered using create_thread
19:28:26 Join tot|away [0] (
19:28:48langhaarrockeryes: from main
19:29:09langhaarrockerwait a minute and I'll show you some code.
19:29:17 Part langhaarrocker
19:30:48 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
19:31:16langhaarrockershall I post a (quite short) code snippet straight here?
19:31:50LinusNi have to read a goodnight tale to my son, be back in a few. mail me the source.
19:32:01LinusNlinus at
19:44:57 Join Phantom [0] (
19:45:57PhantomWe took a big step and converted to an entirely new font system for the Recorder. Please bear with us as we smoothen out the initial quirks.
19:46:01PhantomYOUPI !!
19:56:52langhaarrockerI'll be back.
19:56:54 Part langhaarrocker
20:04:26 Join Silly_Fly [0] (~luk@
20:15:05 Quit Phantom (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:20:24 Join freshmaker [0] (
20:22:56freshmakerHej. I was away a few days. Just compiled a freshly cvsupped rockbox −− and LCD_PROPFONTS is gone?!
20:26:12 Join quelsaruk [0] (
20:27:07pimlottcfonts are ungoing a complete overhaul
20:27:20pimlottcer, undergoing
20:27:52quelsarukLinusN: i have some kind of problem, maybe you could help me
20:30:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:30:46quelsarukdo you know why i can't change global.settings.loop_playback ??
20:32:08quelsarukif i try to change it at the simulator, it works, but using my recorder.. i can't
20:35:39freshmakerpimlottc: yeah, seems like it's getting worse before it's getting better: the new default font on the recorder is uglier than my gandpa's ass
20:36:24freshmakeris the old propfont available as bdf or something?
20:46:51 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
20:54:06pimlottcfreshmaker - I don't know, I've a player myself so I don't follow font matters too closely
20:56:08freshmakerpimlottc: ok, then i'll have to wait for badger or zagor (eww! the font conversion script starts with #!/bin/bash)
21:01:35 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
21:03:16 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020829]")
21:13:24 Quit TotMacher ()
21:13:26 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
21:27:26 Join datazone-work [0] (
21:29:29 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
21:36:39 Nick Silly_Fly is now known as Silly_away (~luk@
21:48:21 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
21:49:05 Nick seb-school is now known as seb-away (
22:30:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:41:47 Part LinusN
22:41:52 Nick Silly_away is now known as Silly_Fly (~luk@
23:00:36 Quit hardeep (Remote closed the connection)
23:03:43 Quit tot|away ()
23:06:00 Join TotMach3r [0] (
23:08:29 Join Snorlax [0] (
23:08:51Snorlaxis configurable WPS implemented in the newest bulid?
23:09:06Snorlaxor do u have to enable it in CVS yourself?
23:10:58 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
23:16:58Snorlaxok, I can't make a folder with the name .rockbox!
23:17:58Snorlaxweheej I was able to do it in dos though..
23:22:37 Quit Silly_Fly ("Connection reset by peer ( )")
23:22:43 Join Silly_Fly [0] (~luk@
23:27:18adi|homeconfig WPS is only in CVS
23:27:23adi|homeas the roadmap makes it look
23:29:25dwihno|goneHello hello
23:29:26 Nick dwihno|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
23:29:26DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
23:29:33dwihnoNow it's (FINALLY) weekend! :D
23:29:34Silly_Flyroadmap states recording on 1.4 will it be ready soon??
23:29:59dwihnoadi: did you test the font stuff?
23:31:32Snorlaxwell I downloaded the newest bulid and made a .rockbox folder and put a file named default.wps there and configured it as I wanted and it works!!
23:31:52Snorlaxjust gotta say that the player progress bar is so SMART!
23:32:57adi|homedwihno: nope...
23:33:11adi|homehhehe glad you like it snorlax
23:33:13dwihnoDarn, I wanted to know if propfonts are ok
23:33:31dwihno(just as a clearing to continue the conversion of my font)
23:40:33 Quit datazone-work ("I like core dumps")
23:42:29PsycoXuldwihno: it has been indicated previously that the new loadable font support works with either kind
23:42:43PsycoXulproportional or not
23:44:35 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
23:44:37dwihnoPsycoXul: cute! then I only need to finish the conversion
23:49:46dwihnodamn pfaedit!
23:49:57dwihnoI want that glyph to be 3 pixels wide!
23:50:23TotMach3rwhat is the pitch setting ?
23:50:27TotMach3rcan i pitch my MP3s ?
23:50:29TotMach3rnow ?
23:50:39Snorlaxdoes costume WPS only support ID3v1?
23:53:39Snorlaxanybody who knows if only ID3v1 is supported?
23:58:48PsycoXulid3v2 is supported, but there's some tags that are too big to be handled properly at the moment.. that limitation will be removed in the future though

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