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#rockbox log for 2002-09-14

00:01:27TotMach3rpitch roxx
00:01:34TotMach3rperfect for djing
00:02:38dwihnohow do you fool around with that?
00:03:14TotMach3rfool around ?
00:03:52dwihnofool around / test :-)
00:04:10PsycoXuldwi: don't you read the mailing list?
00:04:12PsycoXuldwihno: even
00:04:16TotMach3rpress on
00:04:33dwihnoPsycoXul: I just got home
00:04:41dwihnoall excited with weekend and such :)
00:04:55PsycoXulyeah but i don't even pay attention to recorder-specific stuff on there and i still know :p
00:06:05TotMach3rthe time bar is then not correct
00:07:23dwihnoI can't see anything regarding the pitching
00:07:33dwihnois it an additional patch?
00:08:14Snorlaxso first it checkes for the id3v2 tag and then then if there is no id3v2 tag(or if it is to long) it uses the id3v1?!
00:08:15PsycoXulSnorlax: yeah
00:08:41PsycoXulSnorlax: if there is an id3v1 to use
00:09:11PsycoXulcurrently the id3v2 buffer is 300 bytes i think
00:09:39PsycoXuland some things add pictures to the id3v2 tag which makes it not work in rockbox currently
00:09:43Snorlaxok if there are no tags WHAT SO EVER then?
00:09:47PsycoXuland then other things add some padding for no apparent reason
00:09:55Snorlaxwill it show hte filename then?
00:10:10PsycoXullike the 'id3v2' utility adds padding i guess that makes it >300 bytes and so things tagged with it use the v1 tag in rockbox
00:10:21PsycoXulSnorlax: not as id3 info, no
00:10:34PsycoXulSnorlax: thats what the conditionals are for in the WPS config
00:10:54Snorlaxok I'm talking about a player not recorder..
00:10:58Snorlaxjust so u know..
00:11:04PsycoXuli have a player too
00:11:15PsycoXulit doesn't matter with reference to id3 tags filenames or WPS display
00:11:53Snorlaxok if you haven't done any conditionals for if there isn't any id3 tags, will it show the filename then?!
00:11:58PsycoXulthe only difference between WPS configs on player and recorder are that recorders got more lines [and maybe something different about the progress bar tag thing, i forget]
00:12:11PsycoXulSnorlax: no
00:12:20Snorlaxwhat will it do then?
00:12:26PsycoXulSnorlax: if you only tell it to show id3 and there is no id3 it'll say <no artist> or <no title> or whatever
00:12:48Snorlaxok, then I'll just have to make some conditionals than..
00:12:55PsycoXulhere's my default.wps's first line:
00:13:10PsycoXulif there's an id3 title, it'll use it, if not it'll display the filename
00:13:37PsycoXulthen a / and if there's an id3 artist, it'll use it, else it'll show the topmost directory that the file is under
00:13:55Snorlaxok this is mine:%s%pp/%pe %?it<%ia - %it|%fn> %?id<(%id)|>{%fbkps}
00:14:15PsycoXulwhich is cause my directory layout is Artist/Album/#-track.mp3
00:14:25Snorlaxmy filenames are title - artist
00:15:00Snorlaxmine dir layout is genre/artist/title - artist
00:15:14PsycoXulyeah that looks fine
00:15:24PsycoXulexcept the |> is optional if you don't have an else
00:15:33Snorlaxand some songs which are single(not a whole album) are in genre/tile - artist
00:15:36PsycoXuli think
00:15:40PsycoXulor the > is
00:15:41PsycoXuli forget
00:16:22PsycoXulbut yeah yours should be good then
00:16:47Snorlaxso I can't do the %?d2 etc. thing..
00:17:23PsycoXuli've also got a va.wps that i load for soundtracks or various artist albums that don't have id3 that does the dir parsing a bit different
00:18:19Snorlaxso can I put a special *.wps file in the genre folder and then the files in that folder(not the subfolders) will have that WPS?!
00:18:32PsycoXuleventualy i'm sure we'll get some sorta dir-config files that will autoload such things
00:18:38PsycoXulbut currently you have to select it in the browser yourself
00:18:49Snorlaxok, then I'll ust wait..
00:20:14TotMach3rthere have to be presets
00:20:18TotMach3rin the full version
00:20:23TotMach3rof rockbox
00:20:52PsycoXulwhat kind of presets?
00:21:32PsycoXuloh you mean a default selection for people who want something simple and not to have to make their own file for it?
00:22:02PsycoXuli'm not sure why they removed the menu choices for it
00:22:07Snorlaxwho came up with the player progress bar?!?!?
00:22:16Snorlaxit so, so BRILLIANT!!
00:23:26PsycoXulthe same guy coded both the first version of the custom WPS and the progress bar
00:23:29PsycoXuland i gave him both ideas :p
00:23:52SnorlaxGO PsycoXul!!
00:24:01Snorlaxwhat scroll speeds u got?
00:24:22PsycoXulscroll speeds?
00:24:50Snorlaxyeah scroll speed, that u can choose in the menu..
00:25:08PsycoXuli've got mine at like 5 or 7 or something, i forget...
00:25:32PsycoXulah yeah 5
00:25:52PsycoXulspeaking of scrolling...
00:25:54CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
00:25:54*PsycoXul tests something
00:26:43Snorlaxwhat ya testing?
00:27:00Snorlaxwel I got my scrollspeed on 8 or 9
00:27:16PsycoXuli'm testing if 'blah%ssomestuffhere" will show blah stable with somestuffhere scrolling
00:27:44Snorlaxwhat ROM version u got?
00:28:07PsycoXulbah, nope... it scrolls the whole line anyways...
00:28:45Snorlaxok, u got the new display..
00:28:56SnorlaxI got ROM 4.09
00:29:02Snorlaxold skool! =)
00:29:18PsycoXulsomebody should make it so just whats after %s scrolls
00:29:37PsycoXuli know it can do it, the browser scrolls the filenames while keeping the cursor and icon in-place
00:30:29PsycoXulor maybe not just after %s but between %s's or some other thing like the conditional is so that you can have little sections scrolling
00:30:31Snorlaxyupp, so u can hae the time first for example and then the rest scrolls and then u got yourself an extra line!!
00:30:38***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
00:31:10PsycoXulor i could have
00:31:12DBUGEnqueued KICK PsycoXul
00:31:12PsycoXulinstead of
00:32:14PsycoXulyou could replace some seperators with scrolling too probably
00:32:26PsycoXulif you can do it with specific subsections
00:32:48PsycoXuloh except how to define what size the scroll area is i dunno
00:32:53Snorlaxhave u tried scrolling the time?
00:33:16PsycoXulthe scrolling system needs to be redone i think
00:33:37PsycoXulwith a decently designed way to do it there's no reason the time couldn't update properly while scrolling
00:33:44Snorlaxyou could have the progress bar still and the rest scrolling WHEEEY!
00:33:55PsycoXulor having both lines scroll together and indepedantly
00:34:24PsycoXuli'm not sure why the current scrolling is the way it is
00:35:22PsycoXulall you gotta do is have a little buffer that acts like a window over a bigger buffer and shift the offset sorta thing
00:35:49Snorlaxwhat happens if u show the kbps and it's a VBR file?!
00:36:24PsycoXuli'm not even sure how you could have a limitation of only 1 line scrolling at a time or not having time update properly in it.. it seems like some thing's are being done in the wrong places or something... but i haven't actualy looked at the code for it either heh
00:36:29PsycoXulSnorlax: i'm not sure
00:37:08PsycoXulall the stuff i rip is vbr and always try to get vbr copies of whatever i download too so i don't display kbps
00:38:14Snorlaxok, haven't u tried?
00:39:15PsycoXuli tried showing the bitrate once and i didn't like how much space the whole thing took up for something i don't really care about seeing so i removed it
00:39:25PsycoXuli didn't really pay attention to what it was displaying or if the file was vbr or not
00:39:34PsycoXullets see though
00:39:52PsycoXulmenu+on lets you browse a bunch of info including that, though
00:40:08PsycoXulso lemme see what that says for a vbr
00:40:53PsycoXulon one file it displayed 168, on the next it displayed 159
00:40:54SnorlaxI have to try that!
00:41:13PsycoXulso it either figures out an average somehow or it just uses the first one or something like that
00:42:14PsycoXulwhat retarded thing did i rip this with that put Artist-Title for title, album for artist, and "Soundtrack" for album for soundtracks...
00:43:51Snorlaxhow long has the menu+on feature been there?
00:49:01Snorlaxjust gotta reboot..
00:49:04 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
00:52:48 Join Snorlax [0] (
00:53:21Snorlaxwell, for how long has the menu+on feature been there?
00:58:45Snorlaxanyone here?
01:01:37SnorlaxI need help with dos commands
01:01:51 Join Jet8810 [0] (
01:01:56 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
01:02:11 Join Snorlax [0] (
01:07:05Silly_FlySnorlax : maybe I can help you with those dos commands (but only maybe...) what's the problem?
01:08:33Snorlaxit's ok, I figured it out..
01:08:54SnorlaxI was gonna ranme a directory so that it has a . in the beginning..
01:09:15Snorlaxwhich u aparatly can't do in windows..
01:10:16Snorlaxas fast as you want to have a directory to begin with a . it says "you have to write a file name"?!?!?
01:11:05Snorlaxbut it worked if you rename it in dos(could be a prob for some people who want(need) a .rockbox folder for configurable WPS!
01:11:13Snorlaxam I talking to myself?
01:11:29Snorlaxyes u are
01:11:40Silly_FlyI'm still here.........
01:16:19Jet8810so what is being worked on in rockbox righ tnow?
01:16:25Jet8810loadable fonts pretty much?
01:17:36 Quit Silly_Fly ("Connection reset by peer (כשאני ימצא את הפיר הזה אני יכסח לו את האמאמא)")
01:19:24 Quit Snorlax ("gittar ny!")
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01:47:50dwihnoZagor: I'm fooling around with the loadable fonts support, and I get CPU error stuff
01:48:10Topic"Bagder wants YOUR vote! || || the font code is being completely replaced. give us a few days to smooth things out" by Zagor (
01:48:27Zagordwihno: yeah, that's a known problem. the loader still bugs.
01:48:52dwihnoZagor: ah, okay... Then it's "not my fault(tm)" :-)
01:49:08dwihnois there some other way to test it?
01:49:40Zagori haven't done much with the font code yet, busy with fat writing
01:49:47dwihnoI'll test one thing
01:50:09Zagorbagder knows more, and greg of course
01:50:22dwihnoI think I'll finish the font first ;)
01:50:31dwihnoThe current default font is tiny
01:50:32Zagorfyi: i'll be away until sunday afternoon
01:50:39Zagoryeah, the current is not very good
01:51:38Zagorgotta go
01:51:41 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
02:04:02pimlottchow long is this vote gonna last
02:04:54dwihnountil sunday
02:05:16dwihnoThe font stuff rules btw!
02:05:48dwihnoWhen the loading part has been bugfixed, another milestone has been reached :)
02:10:21dwihnothe pitching rocks the box btw :D
02:10:41dwihno"Caramell" with the pitching kicks ASS :)
02:11:03dwihno ^ enabled
02:20:49dwihnoI'm off
02:20:51dwihnoGotta sleep
02:20:58 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|zzz (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
02:20:58DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno|zzz
02:28:06Jet8810in rockbox recorder sim what do you push to turn it on?
02:28:08Jet8810cant make out letter
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03:57:22 Join nunya [0] (
03:59:48nunyahere's my question... when i fire up my ajb (which has rockbox loaded) while it is connected via usb to pc, it shows me the old original archos message "USB Active"... then while not connected, i had the ajb powered up, connected the usb cable and it shows "[USB Mode]. Why is it diiferent? Is it because when it was powered up, it had rockbox loaded and wasnt just firing up the archos built-in firmware when it is connected and then powreed up
04:01:52pimlottcI would assume so
04:02:08pimlottcbecause when usb is active the firmware does not have access to the hd
04:02:15pimlottcso it wouldn't be able to load the archos.mod from the disk
04:09:50nunyaok... now another ?... i was told i could load up any rockbox version that i have on my ajb, i could select it & load it up just like if i was picking an mp3 file to play. so i created a folder called mods on the ajb, put a couple diffrent rockbox daily build .mod files in it... disconnected, rebooted ajb, went to mods folder and voila! nothing there to select! ??
04:18:46pimlottchmm it should be
04:19:01pimlottcyou need to have music filter off
04:22:22 Part elinenbe
04:24:12 Quit pimlottc ("reboot for ut2003")
04:25:00nunyasorry... was gone for a few... ok.. just found the music filter switch and changed it from yes to no and it worked. since yer doing so well on this, i'm gonna keep goin... I have a folder inside of a folder of my ajb root named "_LIST". rockbox doesnt seem to want to see it. any idears?
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05:45:56nunyapim... i'll give ya another one...found the music filter switch and changed it from yes to no and it worked. since yer doing so well on this, i'm gonna keep goin... I have a folder inside of a folder of my ajb root named "_LIST". rockbox doesnt seem to want to see it. any idears?
05:48:00nunyafor shits & giggles, I moved the _LIST folder out to the root & have no problem seeing it & its contents there
05:48:57pimlottcno, I have no idea
05:52:50nunyajust tried naming it ALIST1, getting rid of the underscore at beginning of name & she still wont see it there... but i have other folders inside other folders inside others, etc & have no problem with them.
05:56:40nunyaok.. now moving right along... :) i asked before where to find list of mods, updates, etc. to the daily build and was told to look at the manual on the website. that covers the basic stuff, and not really current. the only thing close to it was the changelog file on the daily builds page and that seems meant more for the programmers use... i mean is there somewhere that says that in the 0913 build the follwoing features were changes,added,e
06:04:30pimlottclemme see
06:08:49pimlottcnot that I can see
06:09:03pimlottcyou can subscribe to mailing list that sends out a message for each cvs commit
06:09:15pimlottca mailing list
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08:04:20adi|homeis Lee Marlow here?
08:04:28mecraw12who wants to know?
08:04:44adi|homehehe i just added your patch to the cvs
08:04:48adi|homedidn't know your screen name ;)
08:05:00mecraw12it was a tough one
08:05:06adi|homeis that sarcasm?
08:05:14mecraw12very much so, 4 lines
08:05:18CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 1 hour and 49 minutes at the last flood
08:05:18*adi|home is tired.. he can't tell
08:05:21adi|homehehe got ya :)
08:06:49mecraw12Zagor took persistent custom wps off of the TODO list, but it was never put into CVS :(
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08:07:21DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
08:07:26dwihnoGood morning fellow ninjaras
08:07:57mecraw12good evening
08:08:26adi|homethats okay.. he took text input off too.. but thats not in cvs yet either
08:08:30adi|homegoing for food...
08:08:34dwihnoNinjas (although pretty fux0red pronounciation) :)
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10:46:12adi|homefirst time ive seen you here.. you new to rockbox>
10:47:16quelsarukadi|home: are you talking to me?
10:50:01quelsarukmust go
10:50:03quelsaruksee you!
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13:00:47Phantomhi !
13:00:57Phantomwhat's new today ?
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13:13:25Phantomwhat's new today ?
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