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#rockbox log for 2002-09-16

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02:42:16elinenbe|awaylanghaarrocker: how do you do?
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02:42:39langhaarrockerI've been flying all the weekend.
02:42:53langhaarrockerI'd better say: paragliding.
02:43:11elinenbesounds like fun. where do you live?
02:44:10langhaarrockerBut in an area without many mountains. The biggest hill in this area is just 50 m high. But that's still good for training.
02:44:42langhaarrocker(Yesterday I accidently 'helped' a farmer mow his corn field while landing...)
02:45:19elinenbeah... any projects with the rockbox?
02:46:02langhaarrockerYes: I wondered why the user *.eq file loading process was only half completed. Is there a special reason?
02:46:32elinenbeIt just never got finished.
02:46:36elinenbelike many things...
02:46:50langhaarrockerI fixed it and now I'm online to submit the patch.
02:47:49elinenbeah... do you have CVS access?
02:48:25langhaarrockerNo. And I think it's better this way. I still am learning the conventions and so on.
02:48:45elinenbewell, send it to the mailing list. I am sure it will get taken care of.
02:58:30langhaarrockerI've just sent it.
02:59:18langhaarrockerOhno: outlook told me I didn't :(
03:06:34elinenbeIt is here now.
03:07:06langhaarrockerThe wormlet patch too?
03:07:53langhaarrockerAh, yes, I can see it succeeded.
03:08:10langhaarrockerAre you working on something interesting?
03:08:47elinenbenot right now. I was working on a Breakout clone, but it is on the back burner.
03:09:26langhaarrockerHa! That game was really missing! I hat that in mind, too.
03:10:05langhaarrockerBut momentarliy I focus on peak meter. I should have finished an initial version by tomorrow evening.
03:11:25PsycoXulis it possible for the recorder to check the frequency of a signal from line-in/mic?
03:12:06PsycoXuli'm just curious if it could be used in any way as an instrument tuner if it had the software to do it
03:12:15langhaarrockerFrequency? That's a bit hard.
03:12:32langhaarrockerI don't believe that it is possible - at least not in real time.
03:12:41langhaarrockerThus unusable as tuner
03:12:45PsycoXuli see
03:12:48PsycoXulthats what i figured
03:13:56PsycoXuli only have a player anyways heh
03:14:03langhaarrockerBut I don't know: mp3 is a format that is based on frequencies. Maybe it's not impossible.
03:14:19langhaarrockerWith the player it is impossible.
03:14:23PsycoXuloh well i guess i can just keep a set of reference pitches in mp3
03:14:56langhaarrockerYea. But that's not much of coolness factor.
03:15:02PsycoXulno, it's not
03:15:09PsycoXulbut still better than nothing
03:16:26langhaarrockerJukebox as guitar tuner: That idea caught me now. The more I think about it. Unfortunately I don't know anything about mp3. (yet)
03:17:29elinenbelanghaarrocker: would love to see the peak meter. Is it going to be like the progress bar on the recorder? (will you be able to add it in to the wps?)
03:17:50langhaarrockerIsn't it so that am mp3 frame basically consist of frequency / amplitude pairs? If so it really should be possible to find the frequency with the highest amplitude.
03:18:15PsycoXuli dunno anything about mp3 either
03:18:53PsycoXullemme know what you find on the subject though
03:19:59langhaarrockerI won't investigate in that respect before I've done a split editor. I really _need_ that.
03:21:20PsycoXuli'd eventualy like to get a recorder like used or something for cheap and upgrade
03:21:46PsycoXuli wish i could find one missing the HD so i can get it really cheap and swap my player's 20G into it
03:22:21langhaarrockersniff. I've only 19G :(
03:22:56PsycoXul20G according to hardware makers is 20000000 bytes
03:23:09PsycoXulwhich is only 19.073486328125 "real" GB
03:23:37PsycoXulor wait
03:23:48PsycoXuli didn't do that right i don't think
03:24:06PsycoXulright it's 20000000000 bytes heh
03:24:36PsycoXulwhich is 18.6264514923096 real GB
03:24:39PsycoXulor something oh nevermind
03:24:50langhaarrockerEarlier these days 1kB = 1024 Byte. But with hd there was that inflation of units...
03:24:53PsycoXulyou know it's just greedy manufacturers making it sound bigger
03:25:41PsycoXulyeah the hd makers count by 1000's instead of 1024's
03:25:48langhaarrockerThe original archos firmware claims my hd contains 19060 MB.
03:26:04langhaarrockerBut it was sold as 20 GB.
03:26:53langhaarrockerIs there anybody online who knows how to scale volume in db?
03:26:54PsycoXulman it seems like every other search on ebay i do comes up with the anarchists cookbook on cd
03:27:21PsycoXulhow does 'archos recorder' find that? heh
03:27:32langhaarrockerI'd prefer anchovis cookbooks
03:28:11PsycoXul2nd price is buy it now heh
03:30:31PsycoXuloh damn
03:30:37langhaarrockerI've gotta catch some rest.
03:30:50langhaarrockerCU somewhen later.
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07:41:33LinusNyo Zagor
07:43:43LinusNi am thinking about adding an option for "true" random dir play, for all those 1seconf-silence-file guys
07:44:13Zagorwhat is true random?
07:44:29LinusNnot play the selected file
07:44:56LinusNwith "play selected" as default
07:45:19Zagorwhy have they added 1secofsilence.mp3?
07:45:49LinusNthey select it, and the next song will be random
07:46:21LinusNto avoid that the selected song plays first
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07:46:59LinusNyo Bagder!
07:47:32ZagorLinusN: silly option, IMHO, but it doesn't sound like it will take much extra code to support it
07:49:30Bagdernice HTML crap on the list
07:50:06LinusNZagor: many people don't think it's silly, obviously
07:50:38Zagormany? I think i've seen one or two ask for it.
07:51:06LinusNi have seen talk about it in the forum on several occasions
07:51:47Zagorfeel free to add it. but don't call it "true random". people will think the shuffle is not a good random.
07:52:09Bagderwhat feature are you talking about?
07:52:26ZagorBagder: play selected file or not in shuffled dir play
07:52:36LinusNi could call it "random dir play", with "random first", and "selected first" as options?
07:53:05Bagderon the recorder, we could have play and right act differently
07:53:13ZagorLinusN: sounds ok.
07:53:13LinusNBagder: true
07:53:24ZagorBagder: actually, i think right should not start a track.
07:53:42LinusNi agree
07:53:48LinusNplay is play
08:09:52BagderGreg does some fine work
08:10:09CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 1 day and 8 hours at the last flood
08:10:09*Bagder catches up emails
08:10:29Zagorhe's almost over-ambitions though
08:10:46Bagderyes, but that's better than the other way around
08:16:12Bagder"I have now seen a worm for the OpenSSL problems I reported a few weeks back in the wild. Anyone who has not patched/upgraded to 0.9.6e+ should be _seriously worried_."
08:16:23Bagdernasty stuff
08:16:57LinusNsome people are not lazy
08:17:00Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
08:17:14Topic" || the font code is being completely replaced. give us a few days to smooth things out" by Zagor (
08:20:52Bagderin fact, there are two separate worms
08:27:46adi|homesee.. i don't run a web server.. no problem here :)
08:28:07adi|homelinus.. on the TODO i see that we want USB to be detected in menus...
08:28:16adi|homedid this already get done or am i missing something?
08:29:44 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
08:30:52adi|homeand Zagor.. you can take the bit about the snow locking up off...
08:30:57adi|homeit seems to be gone
08:31:49***No seen item changed, no save performed.
08:32:13Zagoradi|home: ok
08:32:57langhaarrockerDoes anybody know why the *.eq loading hadn't been finished? It was so close to done.
08:33:17LinusNi guess the guy who wrote it was a Player owner
08:33:33LinusNit worked for Player, right?
08:35:31langhaarrockerFor the player was there no call to mpeg_sound_set necessary to make changes of sound settings take place?
08:37:53langhaarrockerLinus: did you get my mail about the growing thread stack phenomenon?
08:38:30LinusNyes, all three of them
08:38:52langhaarrockerSorry: I fought outlook...
08:38:59LinusNi have been busy, so i haven't had the chance to look at it
08:39:12langhaarrockerDon't worry.
08:40:02LinusNyou see the stack growth in the OD debug?
08:40:16LinusNhow much and how fast?
08:41:17langhaarrockerIt starts at 42% and grows to 54%. It doesn't seem to outgrow the latter.
08:42:03langhaarrockerI wouldn't have realized it if I didn't try to reduce the stack to minimum.
08:43:22langhaarrockerThe growing speed seems to decrease with time.
08:45:48LinusNlanghaarrocker: it is natural for the stack to grow a little over time, to stop after a while
08:46:12LinusNthe stack also holds the interrupt stack
08:46:40adi|homeZagor on todo you mention detecting USB in the menus
08:46:42langhaarrockerAh, and when every kind of interrupt has occured once the stack doesn't grow any more?
08:46:49adi|homedid i miss something or is it already implimented?
08:47:12langhaarrockerUSB in menus does work but not in games demos and other screens
08:47:18LinusNlanghaarrocker: exactly
08:47:31Zagormy mistake
08:47:35langhaarrockerIs that a problem of the games?
08:47:36LinusNhence the DEFAULT_STACK_SIZE
08:48:44langhaarrockerUff. That means you have a realistich chance to get a peak level meter in the status bar tonight.
08:49:25*adi|home screams violently
08:49:35adi|homemount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1,
08:49:35adi|home or too many mounted file systems
08:49:43adi|homei leave yesterday.. all is good
08:49:47adi|homei come home..
08:50:19langhaarrockerCan anybody hint me how to calculate db?
08:52:03langhaarrockeradj|home: is that a hint that the partition data is broken?
08:52:40adi|homei don't know..
08:52:53adi|homei haven't changed a thing on my machine or the archos since yesterday
08:53:15langhaarrockerBatteries full?
08:54:24adi|homelanghaarrocker: i have the equation to calculate decibles.. would hat help?
08:54:47adi|homefirst section
08:57:36langhaarrockerMust go now. Have fun!
08:57:47 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
08:58:43Zagorpretty cool feature:
08:59:49Bagderthat's pretty cool indeed
09:00:04Zagor"Shazam can now listen to music over an ordinary mobile phone on any network and match what it hears against a database of almost 1.5 million tracks. It can do this wherever the user is, even in noisy places like bars and cafs. It can tell between an original track and any of its remixes."
09:00:52Zagor"I tested it by playing 2 tracks at once out my speakers - it correctly identified one of them"
09:01:03Zagor(last quote from a slashdot user)
09:06:31adi|homecan i make a minor request from those that read the yahoo (and other ) archos forums
09:06:49adi|homewhen ppl post questions (technical or code or recommendations) to the forum..
09:07:10adi|homeinstead of saying 'you need to send this to our mailing list, but ill answer it anyways..'
09:07:20adi|homejust tell them to mail the list to get an answer
09:07:38adi|homei tend to think that ppl will be lazy and assume "well.. you answer my question here, why should i?"
09:07:57adi|homeor am i just maintaining my position as Project Asshole?
09:08:06Zagori've pretty much stopped answering questions on the yahoo forum
09:08:49adi|homei just wanted to make sure i wasn't being out of line feeling that way :)
09:12:10adi|homethat guy does a nice little job picking out questions of the month
09:12:19adi|homeits the best answered questions of the month..
09:14:34Zagorpage renders oddly for me (one word per line)
09:18:30LinusNme too, how silly
09:19:22Bagderuse mozilla ;-)
09:25:03Zagornobody knows how to bind keys in mozilla
09:42:04LinusNguys, isn't the ID3V2 tag length supposed to include the whole tag lenght, including the silly padding?
09:42:15Bagderthere's a padding?
09:42:26*Bagder has no clues
09:42:39Bagderthe tag length is read out from the file
09:42:42LinusNmost tags i've seen are larger than the actual data in it
09:43:21LinusNi have a file here that has lots of 0-bytes in it after the ID3 tag data
09:43:53Bagderbut is that really a "sane" file then?
09:44:16LinusNdon't know, that's why i asked
09:44:36Bagderthe id3v2 length we support is what is stored in the file, IIRC
09:44:46LinusNof course
09:44:47Bagderso if that is wrong, the program that wrote it should be wrong
09:45:23LinusNit isn't a violation to have non-mp3 data in the stream as long as it contains no frame syncs
09:45:48LinusNbut i wonder if that blob is intentional, or a silliness in the id3v2 tag creator
09:46:11LinusNi can't reach
09:46:43Bagder"The ID3v2 tag size is the size of the complete tag after unsychronisation, including padding, excluding the header but not excluding the extended header (total tag size - 10)."
09:47:09LinusNso the file is silly
09:47:20Bagderyes it seems so
09:47:33PsycoXulthe 'id3v2' utility creates files with padded id3v2 tags
09:47:51LinusNwith padding *after* the tag?
09:47:55PsycoXulall the ones i've tagged with it only show the v1 info in rockbox
09:48:15LinusNPsycoXul: and you tell us that *now*?
09:48:17PsycoXulwell, they all show the info just fine when i hacked it to just not check if it was too big
09:48:31PsycoXulLinusN: i'm sure i've mentioned it a few times in here, maybe once on the list even
09:48:38LinusNwith padding *after* the tag?
09:50:30PsycoXulwell all i know is that even short-info tags made by it, that should display fine, withoun any extraneous data don't show up on rockbox unless i remove the size check, in which case all the info displays fine
09:51:07PsycoXulall made by the latest ver of the tool on
09:53:43LinusNPsycoXul: the issue is not the displaying of ID3 info
09:53:59LinusNit's about stripping the id3 tag for glitch-free playback
09:54:05PsycoXuli see
09:54:20LinusNwe strip the id3 tag info
09:54:43LinusNbut some silly mp3 encoder/tag editor inserts garbage between the tag and the stream data
09:55:36adi|homewas that too harsh?
09:56:27PsycoXulwell it seems to me that if the tag is over the buffer size, and the padding came before the tag, that at least some of the tag info would be left out of the buffer and so wouldn't display.. i could be wrong of course, i didn't look that closely at the code and don't know much about id3 and mp3 formats and such
09:56:55LinusNadi|home: i don't think it was out of line
09:57:29LinusNPsycoXul: that is correct, we don't always display id3 info from largish tags
09:57:38adi|homeim considering posting a duplicate of that message (with corrections) as a root message to the yahoo and that forum
09:57:44adi|homewould anyone _not_ want that?
09:57:45LinusNadi|home: but it is difficult to draw the line
09:57:52*adi|home nods
09:58:14LinusNit *is* sometimes nice that they discuss the trivial "how-do-i" issues
09:58:23adi|homeright.. i agree...
09:58:35adi|homeits the bugs and 'wouldn't this feature' be neat things
09:58:41LinusNbecause then we can keep on discussing the "important" matters without the cluebies
09:58:56adi|homeright .. i fully agree..
09:59:15adi|homebut we just need them to realize that if they post, don't expect an answer
09:59:32adi|homei think many of them are in the 'if i post here the developers will give me my answer' phase
09:59:37LinusNadi|home: so your post should include some pointers on what to discuss there and what to discuss with us
09:59:39PsycoXulLinusN: yes but when i simply removed the check entry->id3v2len <= sizeof( entry->id3v2buf in mp3info(), all the info displayed fine for these files
09:59:53adi|homefair enough
10:00:05adi|homei could draft it, post a link here and take opinions if you want
10:00:11LinusNPsycoXul: that's why i wrote "don't always"
10:00:17adi|homebefore i post to a forum that is
10:00:46LinusNPsycoXul: it is possible to extract data from the tags without reading the whole tag
10:00:54PsycoXulLinusN: what i meant was, in that case if the padding was before the info, wouldn't some of the info get cut off in the buffer?
10:00:55LinusNadi|home: good
10:01:07LinusNyes it would
10:01:20PsycoXuland it doesn't seem to, so that leads me to believe the padding is after
10:01:40LinusNsimply removing the check will allow us to read the id3 info that's in the first 300 bytes of the tag
10:01:57LinusNpadding is always after, for what i can see
10:03:14PsycoXulyeah looking at one of the file's, it is padded after the tag
10:04:17Bagderright, that size check is pretty silly
10:04:35Bagderme fix
10:04:39PsycoXulbut that reminds me
10:04:47PsycoXulLinusN: i sent you a file at one time, i think it was you anyways
10:04:53PsycoXulLinusN: that crashed rockbox at the time
10:05:03PsycoXulthat file plays fine with that check
10:05:10PsycoXulbut crashes rockbox without it
10:05:20Bagderthat's weird
10:05:31LinusNnot wierd
10:05:49LinusNit depends on how the tag is interpreted
10:05:53PsycoXulthats not_meant_for_me.mp3
10:06:22LinusNwe need a better handling of large tags...
10:06:25Bagderthe weird part is that it is not suppoed to happen
10:06:38BagderI can't see how setid3v2title() would crash
10:07:24Bagderexcept for a single-byte overflow on the v2 buffer... :-O
10:07:38Bagderhm, no
10:07:42Bagdernot even that
10:07:46PsycoXulthe file's at if you need it again or whatever
10:07:57PsycoXuli'm going back to bed now
10:08:09BagderI'll try that file
10:12:36adi|homeokay.. gotta ask..
10:12:50adi|homewas shuffle removed from the menus, renamed or just only on the fast keys now?
10:13:59BagderI have serious doubts about the spin down option, what is the big gain with offering it?
10:15:23Bagderanother minor issue I've been thinking about:
10:15:35Bagderhow do we deal with language files for firmware vs apps ?
10:16:39Zagoradi|home: it was removed from recorder
10:17:04adi|homewas there a reason for it Zagor?
10:17:38Zagorbecause it's in the quickscreen.
10:18:39adi|homei figured as much.. i just wanted to make sure :)
10:18:44*adi|home heads off to bed
10:20:29BagderI removed the limit check in id3.c now
10:22:13BagderI verified with PsycoXul's mp3 and it looked fine
10:31:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:37:59Bagderthe lcd_bitmap function is tricky ;-)
10:38:27Schnueffmoin everybody
10:53:31LinusNi was thinking of adjusting the ID3v2 length in getsonglength()
10:53:43LinusNwhat do you guys think about that?
10:54:06Bagderseems like the best place to do it, yes
10:54:19Bagderand skip the xing too that way?
10:55:43 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|lunch (
10:56:09 Join Remo [0] (
10:56:43LinusNthe xing parser is wrong
10:57:50LinusNit gets the data from the wrong offsets if some data is missing
10:59:50 Quit TotMacher ()
11:11:10 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lunch (
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11:34:09 Join notch [0] (
11:38:12notchFlorian says there is a strong wind blowing where he is. Lots of hot air me thinks.
11:39:58Bagderhe's just angry because I didn't go his way
11:46:17notchI want to reply and say that the strong wind is coming out his ass...
11:46:27notchbut i will be good. :-)
11:46:38BagderI just deleted my reply too ;-)
11:49:42HesI didn't delete mine.
11:50:29Bagderit was a good reply hes
12:03:23 Join alkorr [0] (
12:04:21Bagderhi alkorr
12:04:45alkorri get some trouble with sending email to email list
12:05:01Bagderwhat happens?
12:05:05alkorri have a PDF which describes a .lnk format
12:05:21alkorris there a limit to send an attached file ?
12:05:36Bagder40K I believe
12:06:00Bagderit ends up at Bjorn's inbox otherwise ;-)
12:07:23alkorra .lnk is a shortcut file which allows us a seemly symbolic link to a file in Windows
12:07:31BagderI know
12:07:51alkorryes unhopefully
12:09:04alkorryou always use a in-memory playlist ?
12:09:40Bagderthe playlist array is always in memory, yes
12:09:49Bagderthe file names are only in memory when playing a directory
12:11:17alkorrsupposing .lnk was an option that we can switch on for Windows people wanted this capabilities. I was wondering if we could substitute the .lnk file entry with the real entry in the array
12:11:55alkorrwanted => wanting
12:23:46 Nick LinusN|lunch is now known as LinusN (
12:29:14alkorrok i can see a O_NOFOLLOW for "open" function
12:31:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:32:35alkorrwe can add as an run-time/compile-time option the possibility to follow a .lnk file for those who really want to have it when opening a file. Internally we use O_NOFOLLOW so we can open a .lnk file and access its content to retrieve the real path
12:35:00HesHey, am I right by saying #define "a long string with spaces" something_else wouldn't work?
12:35:18LinusNa #define can't have spaces
12:35:28Bagderand can't have " either
12:35:38HesIt seems florian simply doesn't know how things work.
12:35:49HesI was pretty sure of the above but just wanted to check.
12:35:54HesHadn't tried such an ugly trick.
12:35:58LinusNif the gettext format can allow for a string ID it would work
12:36:18Bagderas then you don't get the original sting
12:36:25Bagderand you can't use all those tools he's speaking of
12:36:44LinusNi mean an additional string ID
12:36:58Bagderah right
12:37:07Bagderbut gettext has no such thing
12:37:12LinusNlike some kind of persistent comment or the like
12:37:13Bagderso I can't see how the .po would
12:38:09Bagderthe formats could easily get translated into the other
12:38:23Bagderit is a lot of argue about very tiny details
12:38:30 Nick Zagor|lunch is now known as Zagor (
12:38:37LinusNi think it's a fear of the NIH syndrome
12:40:39Bagderit is
12:40:50Bagderand he's a unix dude no doubt ;-)
12:42:15alkorrNIH syndrome ?
12:42:31BagderNot Invented Here
12:44:22BagderI don't like his proposal more now
12:44:23alkorrgood to know :)
12:50:27*Hes is trying to describe the technical issue in hand slowly and clearly
12:52:30LinusNdoes he think that we can generate the ID from the english text string?
12:52:45Bagderwith a "perl script"
12:52:52LinusNlike using the first 20 characters with underscore between words?
12:52:52Bagderto generate a second source that we compile
12:53:08Bagderor use a lookup-table
12:53:16Bagderhow doesn't matter to me
12:55:28BagderI won't reply anymore
12:58:13Hesoh well.
13:08:36HesJust implement something, in a few days people will have a bunch of language files done, and after that the discussion is academic...
13:08:58Bagderyou're right
13:10:10Bagdershould we make a new 'lang' dir in the apps directory for language files?
13:11:04Bagdergotta go, see ya later
13:11:05 Part Bagder
13:40:23 Join pyvasene [0] (
14:09:24 Join Blaster_Master [0] (
14:11:14*Blaster_Master needs illumination
14:11:16Blaster_Masterthe loadable font ting is only for recorders, right ?
14:14:20Blaster_Masterok, thanks :)
14:29:50notchjust upgraded my hdd... Shizer those blue rubber bump stop are hard to put back...
14:31:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:32:27 Quit Zagor (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:38:21 Quit matp (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:47:58 Quit Blaster_Master (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:51:53 Join Zagor [0] (
14:57:57LinusNi now have an id3 parser that can skip junk data and Xing frames
14:58:19LinusNbut i found another problem
14:58:35LinusNLame also inserts information frames
14:59:06Zagorsuch as?
14:59:20LinusNit is almost like the Xing frames
14:59:32LinusNbut instead of "Xing" it says"Info"
14:59:45LinusNand contains some Lame information
15:00:24Zagorthat's a vbr frame, yes
15:00:31LinusNno CBR
15:01:01LinusNLame inserts CBR info frames as well
15:01:15Zagorreally? odd.
15:02:09LinusNas far as i can see, but i have to read further
15:03:38Zagoryou're right, it does
15:03:53 Part Remo
15:03:57LinusN"In the LAME Tag, the "Xing" identification string (mostly at 0x24) of the header is replaced by "Info" in case of a CBR file."
15:04:38LinusNi'll just add code to skip the info frames
15:08:10alkorri'm trying to understand the issue with .lang
15:08:35alkorris there any one array of string resident in memory ?
15:09:01alkorri mean if you select anglish, you will just have english strings in memory ?
15:09:43alkorrso wen you select swedish you replace the english strings with swedish strings
15:10:31alkorrso the strings are in fact a disk-loadable array ?
15:10:42Zagorthey could be
15:10:43LinusNyup, as far as i have understood
15:10:48Zagorbut at first they will be compiled-in
15:11:25alkorrbecause of the length of strings yo need an index array for strings
15:11:54alkorrso the id would be an index on a string pointer array ?
15:11:55 Join DexterAYS [0] (
15:12:25DexterAYShi dudes, someone ever exchanged the JB's harddrive to a bigger one?
15:12:50ZagorDexterAYS: yup
15:13:08alkorrthis string array would always be compiled-in or would be also disk-loadable ?
15:13:20alkorrindex array i mean
15:13:21DexterAYSzagor: cool, is it hard to do / dangerous?
15:13:22Zagoralkorr: compiled-in at first. disk-loadable later.
15:13:34ZagorDexterAYS: no, it's pretty easy. but you void your warranty
15:13:50DexterAYSzagor: the warranty is already overr, JB's 1 year old...
15:14:46DexterAYSzagor: any thing i have to be aware of? on xyz harddrives or something?
15:15:03Zagornope, just any 9.5mm 2.5" drive will work
15:16:26DexterAYSfine, thanx dude!!
15:17:07DexterAYSanyone: is the skipping bug already fixed? (randomly skips some tracks and proceeds to the next)
15:17:25Zagorit's improved, but not totally fixed
15:18:26DexterAYSoh okay, at least.. thanks...
15:18:46Zagoryou're welcome
15:19:00DexterAYSanyway thanks to all you dudes for rockbox, it really ROXX big time, i'm so happy with it!
15:19:04alkorrskipping bug is due to some special mp3 with extra stuff ?
15:19:16 Quit notch ()
15:19:20DexterAYSso i'm off, c ya...
15:19:44DexterAYSalkorr: no, it's not always on the mp3 it happened, when you play it again, it may work, so....
15:19:47DexterAYSanyway bye all
15:19:48 Part DexterAYS
15:21:37Zagoralkorr: it's something in the ata code. probably a mutex problem.
15:22:13alkorrnot a deadlock since it is just a skip not a freeze
15:24:47alkorra conflicting mutex between ata thread and the mpeg thread ? (ata thread owns the mutex and mpeg thread is blocked until the ata thread releases the mutex ?)
15:24:58LinusNi can see the bug in the DEBUGF output sometimes
15:25:14LinusNi haven't had the time to dig into it yet
15:26:39alkorrnot easy to find out
15:27:06LinusN"Failed opening dir"
15:27:29LinusNBTW, the splash screen is not very beautiful
15:27:36LinusNthe version text is garbled
15:33:51LinusNid3 padding fix committed
15:35:16LinusNplayback should be glitch-free in 99.5% of the cases
15:35:44LinusNthe ID3V1 tag is not entirely removed i all cases
15:35:49LinusNin all cases
15:35:50Zagori'll try my madonna live record
15:36:26LinusNstill, the bit reservoir issue, and the usual MP3 codec issues apply
15:37:21Zagoryup. i just want to see if it's any different now.
15:37:40LinusNof course, it may crash on you too :-)
15:38:50 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
15:38:58pimlottchey linus, did you test the slidebar?
15:40:56langhaarrockerhey linus, did you test the *.eq file patch?hey linus, did you test the wormlet patch?
15:42:03langhaarrockerPool linus seems you could make a full time job just checking patches.
15:42:25LinusNdamn, my id3 fixes still haven't fixed all glitch problems...
15:43:27Zagorthere's still a very big gap in my Madonna tracks. i wonder what they are...
15:43:53langhaarrockerDoes anybody have good links to mp3 file / frame format?
15:44:08langhaarrockerZagor: probably they're censored...
15:44:23Zagorlanghaarrocker: google for "mp3 frame header"
15:44:44Schnueffhm has some pointers
15:47:00Zagoryikes. each track has almost 512 bytes of 0-frames at the end!
15:48:00Schnueffvery unusual for a live recording :)
15:48:10LinusNthat must be the ripper
15:48:36Zagorhmm, the new code has
15:48:42Zagor*more* glitch than the old... :-(
15:48:49Zagormy raw-split file now glitches
15:50:16Schnueffdaily builds 9/11 and 9/12 are before the font changes, right?
15:50:45Zagoruh, don't remember. could be.
15:51:06 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:51:28Schnueff(changelog for 9/12 got 0 changes, i think that was the before font change)
15:52:25LinusNZagor: your split files have no tags at all, right?
15:57:31LinusNZagor: fire up the debugger and look for Old ID3V2 length / New ID3V2 length messages
15:58:35Zagorugh, i'm in the middle of other things. why don't you just split a file and test yourself? you introduced the bug... ;-)
15:59:03LinusNgott ago now, cu all!
15:59:16 Join Bagder [0] (
15:59:29 Part LinusN
15:59:51Zagorhi bagder
16:00:09Zagorhave you gotten the new font compiler from greg?
16:01:06Bagdermisa gonna do embedded linux on arm hacking rsn
16:03:37 Join Jet8810 [0] (
16:06:48 Part langhaarrocker
16:16:13Bagder8MB ;-)
16:16:25Bagder"just 12 additional wires"
16:16:46elinenbe|sleepwhat is that you are talking about?
16:16:49 Nick elinenbe|sleep is now known as elinenbe (
16:16:56Bagder"DRAM 2MB -> DRAM 8MB"
16:17:01Bagderemail just popped in
16:19:52 Join TotMacher [0] (
16:19:57 Quit TotMacher (Client Quit)
16:20:04 Join TotMacher [0] (
16:20:33Zagorreally cool hack
16:28:45 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
16:31:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:34:50 Join Jet8810 [0] (
16:39:55Bagder"But seriously... in our defence... the Rockbox site ain't easy to understand. I have been there several times and it isn't obvious how or where to post comments, bug-reports, questions etc. I guess several people have had the same problem, and come running back to funmp3players for a quick answer to their immediate query. "
16:40:14 Join freshmaker [0] (
16:47:52Zagorthe site is difficult? haven't heard that before...
16:49:09edxBagder: how many ppl have voted for the t-shirts yet? :)
16:49:28Bagderand the vote period is over
16:49:33edxi know
16:49:37edxyesterday :)
16:49:44edxdo we have a winner?
16:49:45Bagderwe'll announce the winner on thursday
16:49:48edxah ok
16:51:01edxI am excited about the 8MB DRAM mod..
16:51:25freshmakerZagor: now that the new loadable font stuff is there, has anyone started to make a bdf font optimized for readability on the recorder?
16:51:26edxtoo sad i don't understand enough of hardware to even follow a simple hardware mod without screwing it all up!
16:51:53Schnueffdont screw your archos :)
16:52:02Bagderfreshmaker: we'll probably need several ones
16:52:19Schnueffthere's some ttf2bdf tool
16:52:26Schnueffbut havent tested yet
16:53:05Zagorfreshmaker: dwihno is working on his font (which I like)
16:53:30Bagdersomeone could convert the previous monospaced font into bdf
16:53:36Bagderfor the conservatives ;-)
16:53:55freshmakerZagor: Yes i like his font, too. Maybe this font one point larger.
17:05:22BagderZagor: you think a 'lang' dir in apps is fine?
17:05:35Bagderor something
17:06:15Zagoryeah, that's probably a good idea
17:06:59BagderI thought I'd introduce the first few translated strings
17:07:12Bagderto start with
17:12:56Zagorgotta go
17:12:59Bagderme too
17:13:01 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
17:13:01 Part Bagder
17:29:57 Quit TotMacher ()
17:41:45 Quit pyvasene ("Client Exiting")
17:50:53 Join TotMacher [0] (
17:52:45 Part elinenbe
18:05:30 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020914]")
18:09:22 Join bobTHC [0] (
18:09:34bobTHChi all
18:16:31 Join LinusN [0] (
18:22:37 Part LinusN
18:24:23bobTHChave u a listing of all word displayed in rockbox to start translation work ?
18:25:00 Quit bobTHC (Remote closed the connection)
18:32:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:44:59 Join JohnQueso [0] (
18:45:25JohnQuesohow do you turn it off?
18:48:04 Quit webbie (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:48:43JohnQuesofound this documented anywhere?
18:48:55 Quit JohnQueso (Client Quit)
18:53:36 Join webbie [0] (
19:06:42PsycoXul"how do you turn it off?" gee what a deep and thought-provoking question
19:29:33 Join webbie_ [0] (
19:31:40 Quit webbie (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:41:07 Nick edx is now known as edx|eats (
19:49:25 Join datazone-work [0] (
19:49:35 Part alkorr
20:12:52 Nick edx|eats is now known as edx (
20:21:36 Join Phantom [0] (
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20:32:06 Quit Phantom ()
20:37:38 Quit PiotR ("BitchX-1.0c19 -- just do it.")
20:38:09 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
20:57:33 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
21:00:05 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
21:19:36 Nick dwihno|g1ne is now known as dwihno|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
21:24:41 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
21:28:16edxwhere is memcmp defined?
21:28:21edxwhat library?
22:05:13 Nick Zagor|away is now known as Zagor (
22:05:40Zagoredx: compiling with -lc is not advisable, since it includes the huge newlib c library instead of our routines
22:06:45edxi just saw it worked..
22:06:52edxso where do I get memcmp from instead?
22:07:52Zagorwe should try to find a way to prevent gcc 3.1 from replacing strncmp calls with memcpy.
22:08:20edxactually the output is 135kb... just like the linux-compiled...!
22:09:04Zagorreally? ok, then maybe it's just memcpy that is taken from newlib.
22:09:27edxi guess so
22:09:33edxbut it seems to be ok like this
22:10:16Zagorit works, but it's not a good solution. we've chosen not to use newlib, so we should add our own memcmp if we can't get gcc to do what we tell it
22:10:50edxbut how is it done in linux - i mean it compiels there, too.. ?!
22:11:00Zagoronly with gcc 3.0
22:11:00edxplus it compiled with an older version of GNUSH
22:11:05edxah ok
22:11:11edxthen this is kinda the same problem
22:11:20Zagor3.0 doesn't "optimise" strncmp into memcmp.
22:11:54edxa few lines assembler code would do - but you dont like assembler code, do you (even for that basic functions?)
22:12:07Zagorpreferrably not.
22:12:20Zagorthere's no gain in writing this in assembler anyway
22:12:38edxwell... I dont know.
22:12:54edxyou could dump it all into one line in c :)
22:13:33edxfor (; size; dest[size] = src[size++]); or something
22:13:57Zagorthat's slow. you want it to compare words, not bytes.
22:14:08edxthats cmp
22:14:10edxnot copy
22:14:32edxare you sure about words? what if size is an odd number?
22:14:50 Join elinenbe [0] (
22:16:12Zagoryou want to compare as much as possible with words, and any odd start and end bytes as bytes
22:16:23Zagorlook at newlib memcmp
22:20:35pimlottcbtw, is there any reason rockbox only uses -O1
22:20:37edxwell they use char ;)
22:20:57edxwe could use words anyways
22:21:53Zagorpimlottc: i think we got problems with hard optimisation. it was a while since I tested though
22:23:54edxZagor: is it importatnt that memcmp returns the differece of the two bytes it compared? or could it just return 1 or something?
22:26:30Zagorit must return the difference. sorting depends on it.
22:26:44edxah.. right.. too bad.
22:26:58Zagordon't write your own memcmp. you won't beat the GNU version anyway :-)
22:27:01edxso if it compares words.. does it have to return the difference between bytes or the words?
22:29:50edxi will.
22:30:06edxthe point is that the version i got does NOT use words to compare
22:32:06***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:32:28 Join LinusN [0] (
22:32:32 Part LinusN
22:43:37edxZagor, shall I create a memcmp.c?
22:44:42Zagoredx: I would like to use a standard and well tested memcmp if you don't mind.
22:44:53edxi dont minde
22:45:02edxi choose to use a standard and well tested memcmp.
22:45:14Zagorok. where did you get it?
22:45:58edxthe memcmp.c file (from visual c++, though... - but it looks like the memcmp from newlib)
22:46:30Zagoris the visual memcmp really free to use?
22:46:54edxuhm.. whatever? if new newlib one is this must be as well as it is the same
22:47:40Zagorexactly the same? then use the one from newlib. i don't want to even go near any "gray zone".
22:52:05edxbtw.. is that memcmp the only issue with later versions of gcc?
22:52:22Zagorthe only one I know, anyway
22:53:23Zagori'm off to bed. see you tomorrow.
22:53:32 Quit Zagor (Remote closed the connection)
23:01:58 Join gizz [0] (
23:09:51 Quit pimlottc ("leaving")
23:10:31 Nick edx is now known as edx|sleep (
23:15:39 Nick edx|sleep is now known as edx (
23:16:53 Join Phantom [0] (
23:17:30 Join freshmaker [0] (
23:17:35PhantomQUESTION : where can i find some fonts ?
23:18:16freshmakerPhantom: I have just posted a nice font onto the mailing list
23:18:17Phantomyes, "makes loadable fonts actually work "
23:18:38Phantomarf, I'm not in, I always forgot
23:19:33Phantomcan you send me fonts here : ?
23:20:49freshmakerPhantom: ok, but please tell me if you like it.
23:21:37Phantomsure !
23:21:37freshmakerPhantom: mail is sent.
23:23:02Phantomhow to install atadore.bdf
23:24:04freshmakerhmm, I installed it as the default font (the new default font is *ugly*)
23:24:15freshmakersimply use tools/bdf2c
23:24:59freshmakeraehm, you don't build rockbox from sources, do you?
23:25:24PhantomLOL, no, sorry
23:25:32Phantomdon't know how
23:25:49Phantomknow coding but not building
23:26:00freshmakerah, yes. my fault.
23:26:04Phantomthat's strange but true
23:26:43freshmakeri just tried to load the font dynamically, it didn't work. still buggy, i suppose.
23:27:12freshmakeri may email you a rockbox binary with my new font as default font
23:28:04Phantomcool tks
23:28:23Phantomfor JBR
23:30:00freshmakerof course, JBR. the player does not support loadable fonts, AFAIK
23:37:55gizzdon't laugh on player-owners grrrr :)
23:38:53gizzand font _is_ customizable on players (even if chars are only 5*7 ;-P
23:39:16freshmakergizz: even on the old LCD models?
23:39:30Phantomproblem: file lenght mismatch
23:39:32 Nick edx is now known as edx|sleep (
23:40:01freshmakerPhantom: how did you extract the attachment?
23:40:54 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
23:41:02Phantombye outlook, then I renamed it
23:41:21Phantomby, not bye
23:41:47freshmakerPhantom: renamed? why? ajbrec.ajz is applicable, i think.
23:42:10gizzfresh: oops, don't know, I own a new one... if I remember well, old have custom chars, but only 4 of these (new have 8 custom chars)
23:43:14Phantomyes but I like to be able to choose my firmware with rolo, propfont work so I use it by default, then I launch others...
23:43:22gizzc u
23:43:24 Quit gizz ()
23:43:27freshmakerPhantom: Can you make an md5 checksum of the file i sent you?
23:43:32freshmakergizz: cu
23:44:39Phantomhow ?
23:45:36Phantomsorry, but I don't know how...
23:45:46freshmakernevermind. i think either outlook or a mail server inbetween has fucked uop something
23:46:12Phantomwell, can you post it on the web ?
23:46:44freshmakertry this url:
23:47:03freshmakerbut be careful, wrong content type. try "save as"
23:49:38freshmakerPhantom: did it work?
23:49:53Phantomas said Neo, in the Matrix : WOOH !!
23:50:12freshmakerhow's the font?
23:50:28Phantomsuperbe, magnifique, belle, merveilleuse, admirable, super boulot !!!
23:50:39Phantom(I m french)
23:50:55freshmakeruh, eh. thanks!
23:51:31Phantom,,, work aswell, that is very good
23:51:52freshmakerhmm, i'm just browsing my mp3s. maybe the '1' char sould be as wide as all other digits...
23:52:11 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
23:52:15freshmakerit should be a good subset of latin-1
23:52:29Phantomis the posibility to load font without need to use rolo is planed ?
23:52:52freshmakeryes i think so.
23:53:14PhantomPhantom : Beta Test of all what is for JBR
23:53:15freshmakerit should be possible to load a font simply by selecting it
23:54:06Phantomquestion : do you tell Archos about Rockbox ?
23:55:48freshmakeri'm not a core developer. but i remember that one of them contacted archos
23:56:04 Join tot|n8 [0] (
23:56:10 Join tot|away [0] (
23:57:01Phantomk, I should asked core developer

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