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#rockbox log for 2002-09-17

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02:57:53Jet8810does anybody have winamp 2 setup file?
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04:52:58huevo5050hello anybody can send me the new greg font in fnt format??
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04:57:57huevo5050anybody here????
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08:22:12*mecraw12 scratches his head
08:22:26BagderI just noted the memcpy edx added
08:23:02Zagorright. i'm partly to blame for that. I didn't remember we had solved it with -ffreestanding
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08:39:45Bagderhey ho
08:45:34*Bagder adds .lang files to cvs
08:45:51hardeepMay the force be with you
08:46:19Bagderit's mainly still just showing the concept
08:46:54hardeepblah, why doesn't everyone just use english... makes everyone's life easier!! =)
08:52:57ZagorBagder: you're implementing it bad. use a string array instead, like i wrote in my mail.
08:53:16Bagdermy point is that since we generate that stuff, we can change that anytime
08:53:27Bagderof course it'll change
08:53:46Zagoryes, but this makes florian (and others) very confused, since I explicitly said this is not how it will work :-)
08:54:23Bagderok then, but then I need to generate a .c file too
08:56:36Bagdershall I generate an enum or use defines?
08:57:07Zagordefines are best, since thre may be "gaps" in the string id sequence
08:57:28Bagdersince I genarate it
08:57:39Bagderright, different targets may not have them all
08:57:53Bagderwhatever difference that makes
08:57:55Zagoryeah, that's what I thought. maybe it isn't a problem?
08:58:01*Zagor is confused :)
08:58:11Bagderno, since the gap is there in the enum/define too
08:58:36BagderI'll use a define for now
08:58:39Zagormake it an ENUM first. it we get problems, we can use defines later
08:58:48Bagderok, enum
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09:06:22Schnueffmoin all
09:07:03hardeepevening schnueff
09:07:33langhaarrockerSchnueff: Are you german?
09:07:41Schnueffhardeep: hehe what's your time?
09:07:44Schnuefflanghaarrocker: jawohl
09:08:01hardeephmm, doh, i guess it is morning here now! (12:07 am)
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09:21:29bobTHChi all !
09:22:02bobTHCanyone have a listing of all word displayed in rockbox to start translation work ?
09:25:42Bagderthat's still left to fix
09:26:33bobTHCsomeone works on it ?
09:27:02Bagderbut we now have the basics to get it started
09:28:28bobTHCok... if u have it please send me it and i'll start translation...
09:28:54Bagderyes, when it exists we can do that
09:30:21bobTHCi can start directly with what i see when i'm browsing menus but it's not in the good order...
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09:37:55bobTHChi !
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09:40:52quelsarukBagder: how is the development of .lang conversion tool?
09:41:10Bagderseems to work fine
09:41:39rwoodZagor: I'm using the player and when I pause before powering off, I don't when it's save to power off - how about turning on the red LED before calling write_sectors - when LED goes off, it's safe to power off.
09:43:47quelsaruki had some problems with my mail server and i have near 150 mails from rockbox, so i don't know if it's implemented yet..
09:44:13Zagorrwood: good idea
09:44:34rwoodZagor: seems useful - thanks
09:46:13Bagderquelsaruk: the tool is there, the file format is set, all we need now is to fix the source and provide a "master" file for english
09:47:11rwoodZagor: is there any way to create read errors (other than shaking the hell out of the unit)? - i could work on the read retry next week, if its still on the TODO list
09:47:54Zagorrwood: no there isn't. but you could simply make ata_read fail the first time you call it... :-)
09:49:14rwoodZagor: i'll come up with something - i have a report to get out this week - i'll start on it next week
09:49:16ZagorBagder: should lang.[ch] always be committed? i thought we should create it compile-time.
09:49:23Zagorrwood: ok
09:49:54BagderZagor: right, I'm just not sure how to proceed with that since that'll require perl (atm)
09:50:15Bagderthat's why I've committed them so far
09:51:43Zagoreither we rewrite genlang in c or we add perl as a required build tool
09:52:13hardeepi don't see any reason why perl can't be a required tool
09:52:20Bagderme neither
09:52:21hardeepit's available for both linux and win32
09:52:25Schnueffwow 9 lines on display with clR5x6.bdf
09:52:30Bagderrewriting all those little tools in c will be annoying
09:52:41Schnueffand quite readable too :)
09:53:29BagderSchnueff: coolness ;-)
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09:56:44quelsarukbagder... i have this mornign free... if you have things to do, i could change agein all strings and use new id names, more related with the text string
09:56:45Zagorso we're adding perl then
09:57:01Zagorquelsaruk: sounds great
09:57:14Bagderquelsaruk: sure, go ahead
09:57:23quelsaruki did it once.. i suppose this time will be easier
09:57:40Bagderquelsaruk: the strings should be fetched with "str(LANG_XXX)" where XXX should be somewhat descriptive
09:59:18quelsarukbagder: where's the tool? i mean has it been sent to the mail list?
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09:59:26BagderZagor: I think so, it won't be that tricky for most of the windows people anyway since many uses cygwin already
09:59:32Bagderquelsaruk: it's in tools
09:59:37Bagdercommitted to cvs
10:00:44quelsarukwhat does *fetched* means?
10:01:09Bagderpicked, gotten, received
10:06:26quelsarukbagder, there are some strings translated in main_menu.c. It's that ok?
10:06:45BagderI've done those as an example on how to proceed
10:07:07quelsarukok, so all should fit that standard
10:07:09Bagdercheck out the lang/english.lang to see how those are written
10:08:07quelsarukgetting on it
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10:18:05quelsarukbagder, there is one "small" problem
10:19:40bobTHCfor french.lang, i overwrite the "eng:" line by "fr:" lin or i fill the empty "new:" line ???
10:20:46Zagorquelsaruk: what is the problem?
10:20:53quelsaruksome strings have a fitted lenght
10:21:01quelsarukfor example in some games
10:21:10quelsarukwe must have that in mind
10:21:27Zagoryes. put that in the comment/description. "must be kept short" or something.
10:22:37hardeephmmm, maybe something a little more descriptive... like "Max 20 chars"
10:23:11hardeepgood morning webmind
10:23:19webmindsup ?
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10:32:48TotM4cheri want to make the german translation file !!
10:33:13ZagorTotM4cher: wait for quelsaruk to create the first with all the strings, then you can translate
10:34:29pyvaseneI can be in charge of the french translation if noone is on it yet
10:35:20bobTHCi on it yet
10:35:36pyvasenebobTHC : no pb
10:35:40Zagorah, right. bobTHC got it first :-)
10:35:53Schnueffwho will do klingon?
10:35:56bobTHC;) help is always welcome
10:36:12Zagori want "swedish chef". bork bork.
10:36:40TotM4cheri will do l33t too
10:36:50pyvasenebobTHC : Send me your translation once done for validation if you want (
10:37:24bobTHClook @ it's the workfile
10:38:22pyvasenebobTHC : What about the accents ?
10:38:28Bagderjust wait for quelsaruk's work first, then you'll have something more to work on
10:38:53ZagorbobTHC: your LANG_BUFFER_STAT_PLAYER won't fit on the player lcd
10:39:16bobTHCok i change
10:40:47bobTHCit's hard in 3 letters ! :)
10:43:00ZagorbobTHC, pyvasene: you should use full iso-8859-1 for the french texts
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10:45:35quelsaruki must reboot, see you later!
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10:54:20bobTHCzagor : id string are in an order ?
10:54:47bobTHCi can add news as i want ?
10:55:08Zagorno. quelsaruk is making the ids. wait for his work.
10:55:20bobTHCno pb
10:55:46*bobTHC is waiting ;)
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11:10:03langhaarrockerIs there a way to detect wether the status bar is really being displayed? I mean global_settings.statusbar just tells you wether it is _enabled_ not wether it is being displayed.
11:10:55Zagorthat should be the same thing
11:11:05Zagorwhat is the problem?
11:11:17langhaarrockerNo: while playing a game you don't see the status bar but it still may be enabled.
11:11:30Zagoryes. but why do you want to know?
11:11:40Zagorgames don't care about the status bar
11:12:00langhaarrockerThe problem is that I made a task that updates peak info in the status bar. That task must be disabled while the status bar is not visible.
11:12:38Zagoryou are doing wrong. nobody should draw in the status bar except status.c
11:13:28langhaarrockerI placed the drawing routine is in status.c but the thread calls it.
11:14:02langhaarrockerI don't want to redraw _all_ the status bar just to update 16 pixels
11:14:05Zagorthat's your problem. don't call it from a thread. the status bar handling is carefully written to go around exactly your problem
11:14:41Zagorthen have conditionals in the status update that only updates changed sections
11:15:39langhaarrockerYou mean like passing a parameter to status_draw?
11:15:55bobTHCfrench ppl : see the francais.lang proof of concept @
11:16:10 Join PiotR [0] (
11:16:25Zagorlanghaarrocker: no, i mean keep track of the last drawn values. only redraw if new value is different
11:16:44Zagorbut you probably don
11:17:05Zagordon't have to do any of that. the status bar is updated pretty often anyway.
11:17:36langhaarrockerBut not often enough to make the peak meter useful
11:17:56langhaarrockerI think increasing the general redraw of statusbar is a bad idea
11:18:57Zagoryes, but redrawing it from a thread is even worse. it breaks the design.
11:19:47langhaarrockerThen the only solution I see is not to draw any peak meter at all in the status bar.
11:19:47Zagorif you want to draw more often, conditional drawing is the best approach
11:20:28Zagori'm not sure peak info should be in the status bar anyway. where do you squeeze it in?
11:20:53langhaarrockerdirectly behind the volume setting icon.
11:21:08langhaarrockerIt's so small it fits neatly
11:21:44Zagora number or a graph?
11:22:03langhaarrockertwo 8 pixels high vertical lines
11:22:19Zagorto the left or right of the volume?
11:22:43langhaarrockerthats why it's two pixel wide.
11:23:17Zagorvery crowded...
11:23:50langhaarrockerI am a Kraut.. :)
11:26:15langhaarrockerOk: I see this will be a dead and. No peak info in the status bar. I'll investigate wps. But I still will need to redraw using a thread. Will that break design, too?
11:27:04Zagorit's very complex, since we redraw the screen a lot. quickscreens, menus, usb screen, browser etc.
11:29:23langhaarrockerOr might it be better to introduce something completely new? I mean the status bar, the scroll bar, wps and so on are quite compact units. What about installing a volume peak bar at the right side - just like the scroll bar?
11:29:42langhaarrockerNo, doesn't change the problem.
11:30:32langhaarrockerWhat determins that something has to be redrawn?
11:31:39Zagorthat's different for each code
11:35:38langhaarrockerIs it ok to break the disign while listening to "Breaking the law?"
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11:50:52Zagorhi. done?
11:51:44quelsaruknops.. i had to re-compile the kernel to enable ntfs support
11:51:59quelsaruki needed some files in that hd
11:53:05langhaarrockercu later
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12:05:17quelsarukbtw Zagor, when key lock is on
12:06:02quelsarukyou can still press off-key to shut down the jukebox, is that a bug?
12:09:02Zagorno. that's hardware.
12:12:29quelsarukanother thing, about language conversion...
12:16:09quelsarukfor example, in demo_menu.c you have a string like "bounce" should i use LANG_DEMO_BEOUNCE or just LANG_BOUNCE? i think the first one is more specific, because you'll have to use LANG_BOUNCE_XXX later at bounce.c, what do you think about this?
12:19:54 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:25:39Zagorquelsaruk: i agree, but don't make it longer than you need. LANG_BOUNCE is ok, since all strings Bounce uses will be called LANG_BOUNCE_XXX
12:27:05quelsarukok, as you wish *boss* (it's a joke) :)
12:27:17*Zagor is *the boss*
12:27:29Zagoroh, it was *big boss*
12:27:32quelsaruksome kind of sauron
12:27:57Zagorevil and menacing, i wish to inflict pain on everyone.
12:29:55quelsarukyou've forgot to say "muhahahahahahahahahaha"... then it will look diabolic
12:30:48Zagoradi|home: the "OFF turns off the unit even when keylock is on" should be in the faq
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12:36:13bobTHCsomeone have make custom font ?
12:36:25Zagornot yet
12:36:40Zagordwihno is working on one, but it's not ready yet
12:38:15bobTHCok, downloading directly font set at the rockbox format on will be a good when that work fine...
12:38:50 Join PiotR [0] (
12:43:28Schnueffselecting a font from the browsers as FONT_UI would be cool
12:45:48ZagorSchnueff: how do you mean?
12:46:19Schnueffthat fonts display in the browser with a new icon and one can press play on them (like with mp3, playlists, rolo)
12:46:43Schnueffthen it gets loaded
12:46:48Zagoryes. that will come soon.
12:47:25Schnueffmaybe i take a look at it
12:47:35Schnueffbut i'm no sure how much time i have :)
12:49:42bobTHCWith last Daily
12:49:42bobTHCwhen i try to play a long 215 Mb 192kbps 44Hz CBR, the HD start, the HD red led flash but after 30 sec nothing happen !
12:49:42DBUGEnqueued KICK bobTHC
12:49:42bobTHCthe WPS is empty but the device always work I press "ON" and i can play another file
12:49:42bobTHCWith v1.3
12:49:43***Alert Mode level 1
12:49:43bobTHCwhen i try to play a long 215 Mb 192kbps 44Hz CBR, the HD start, the HD red led flash but after 30 sec passing at the next track
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12:55:00 Quit TotM4cher (Remote closed the connection)
12:57:04ZagorbobTHC: it's probably not the file size that is the problem
12:59:44***Alert Mode OFF
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13:22:08quelsarukZagor: nearlyu finished, it's lunch time, this afternoon i'll submit the diff to the mail list, ok?
13:22:15Zagorsounds great
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15:12:06bobTHCzagor : if it's not the file size what is the problem ?
15:12:57 Nick Zagor_ is now known as Zagor (
15:13:07Zagori would guess another id3 tag problem
15:17:35 Nick elinenbe|sleep is now known as elinenbe (
15:17:58elinenbeI just necountered an interesting bug. I loaded up a song, and it started on 12 seconds!
15:23:34 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
15:28:06 Quit gizz ()
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15:40:55 Part pimlottc
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15:47:55 Part elinenbe|out
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16:48:14CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
16:48:14*edx|sleep schnarcht und schlaf-chattet
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18:10:09 Quit _Snorlax_ ("gittar ny!")
18:15:31quel|outZagor: debug messages need to be translated?
18:15:55Schnueffhehe i guess not
18:16:05quel|outi hope no
18:17:55quel|out*off* and *on* are international, i mean *everyone* knows what do you want to say with "on"
18:19:11 Quit pyvasene ("Leaving...")
18:21:08*Schnueff .. away
18:25:19hardeepquel|out: I can tell you that we localize "off" and "on" where I work... (eg. German = "Aus" and "Ein")
18:27:00quel|outhere we say "encendido" and "apagado", but you can see everywhere on and off
18:27:15quel|outit's too large the other way
18:27:53hardeepwhich language?
18:32:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:33:12 Quit TotMacher ()
18:33:41quel|outi suppose i can change all "on" with the same LANG_ON
18:34:02quel|outi hope the *big boss* don't send me to jail for this
19:02:11 Join Phantom [0] (
19:03:05Phantomhi ! is somebody can send me a full english.lang ? I m going to do a french translation...
19:03:32 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
19:05:26Phantom is somebody can send me a full english.lang ? I m going to do a french translation...
19:06:54quel|outnot yet finished
19:07:00quel|outbut i'm finishing it
19:07:34quel|outi hope it will be in less than 1 hour, but after i have to submit changes to the mail list and wait confirmation :)
19:10:04Phantomk, as soon as it is good I will make a French translation
19:15:34 Join tot| [0] (
19:17:02 Nick tot| is now known as TotMacher (
19:41:00 Nick edx|sleep is now known as edx|eats (
19:41:01 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:43:10ZagorPhantom: bobTHC will do a french translation too. you should probably work together.
19:43:30Zagorquel|out: no, debug messages do not need to be translated :-)
19:49:16quel|outZagor: i'm a bit collapsed, how would you call a string like " Dir buffer" in showdir() function ??
19:49:33 Join YourNick [0] (
19:50:17Zagorquel|out: well, the dir buffer is the memory area allocated for holding a dir. the message is shown when the dir does not fit into the area.
19:50:34ZagorYourNick: hi
19:51:15YourNicki just installed rockbox 1.3 on my player, is there a clock like on the recorder?
19:51:41 Nick YourNick is now known as D4damage1 (
19:51:41quel|outi know.. but i can't think in a correct id for that string
19:51:59ZagorD4damage1: no, the players don't have a real-time clock
19:52:19D4damage1is that a hardware restriction?
19:52:47D4damage1are there plans to include any games on the player?
19:53:25ZagorD4damage1: it simply has no clock chip. i guess you can call that a restriction
19:53:46ZagorD4damage1: as soon as someone writes a good game, we'll most likely include it
19:54:26D4damage1excellent, I only ask because it looks like the recorder already has a couple
19:54:48Zagoryes, the bitmap screen makes games a lot easier
19:55:08D4damage1hmm, I think I might invest in a recorder
19:57:54quel|outthere seems to be a new recorder, with FM radio
19:57:57hardeepstrange... is it intentional that the status bar always uses the built-in font?
19:59:50TotMacheris there a final english.lang ?
20:01:12Zagorhardeep: yes
20:01:58 Nick dwihno|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
20:02:01dwihnoGood evening people
20:02:13dwihnoI see somebody converted the font, that saves the work from me. Nice.
20:02:23quel|outTotMacher: not yet.. pleeeeease wait a bit
20:02:26*dwihno has -> zero <- time nowadays :(
20:02:39hardeepzagor: it makes the display a bit uglier imo
20:02:41TotMacherbut, i can start the translation ?
20:03:15hardeepalthough this could be partially due to the current built-in font. =)
20:03:16Phantomis final english.lang finished ? I want to try todo a translation
20:03:48Zagorhardeep: exactly. we'll find a good-looking built-in font
20:05:03TotMacherhehe, i wi
20:05:24TotMacheri will also translate the name rockbox to german : rockbüchse
20:06:40Phantom i will also translate the name rockbox to french : Rockbox FR
20:06:41quel|outTotMacher, Phantom, i suppose that when english.lang is finished, Zagor will notify that in the website, so please don't be impatient.
20:06:56TotMacherREADY !
20:07:23TotMacherits not that much to
20:08:41 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
20:11:52PhantomI'm ready, I should translate in french in less than 10 minutes...
20:13:36dwihnofrench french bench
20:13:40 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
20:13:43dwihnoI want amiga workbench
20:13:46dwihnoworkbench for PC
20:13:56dwihnoincluding guru meditation emulation
20:14:39Phantomlol, stop smocking...
20:15:27dwihnoWell, a better job might do the trick too
20:15:33dwihnoBeing away from home 11 hours a day sucks
20:16:51dwihnoZagor: hire me :-D
20:19:10 Nick edx|eats is now known as edx (
20:23:22 Join xam [0] (
20:30:21 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
20:32:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:33:44langhaarrockerSo: now we can have a volume peak meter in wps - without a dirty thread.
20:35:51Phantomquel said :"i hope it will be in less than 1 hour..."
20:36:12Phantom...2hours later...ARG, kill me !!!
20:36:35langhaarrockerI told you not to eat arghs with your worm
20:39:03quel|outPhantom... you should prey i can finish this before 21:30
20:39:20quel|outo i will go home and finish this tomorrow morning
20:39:54PhantomMay the force be with you
20:40:14PhantomQue la Force soit avec toi
20:40:17 Join adiamas [0] (
20:40:27quel|outhi adiamas
20:41:22 Quit adi|home (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:42:36 Nick adiamas is now known as adi|home (
20:46:06langhaarrockerelinenge: Thank you for committing my patches!
20:53:49langhaarrockerIs there anywhere a good place to initialize a new global_settings field without abusing settings_load?
21:00:16TotMacherdoes anyone here uses the JUKEBOX synchronizer ?
21:00:36langhaarrockernot me
21:02:22 Quit TotMacher ()
21:04:46Phantomyes me
21:05:02langhaarrockernow that he's gone...
21:05:15xamwill the "oszillator" be included in 1.4?
21:05:30Phantomwhile Quake be included in 1.4?
21:05:56langhaarrockerxam: I'd appreciate it. But I don't know.
21:06:17langhaarrockerPhantom: I'd appreciate that too ;)
21:06:28xamlanghaarrocker I think there are still some bugs ...
21:06:35langhaarrockertell me
21:06:43langhaarrockerI'll fix them
21:07:04langhaarrocker(when I know them)
21:07:23xamWell, at least the version I use (CVS, with patches from mailing list). After some time (some minutes) the ozillator crashes ...
21:07:36langhaarrockerThat's fixed.
21:07:50langhaarrockerIt ran >2hours on my machine.
21:07:55xamIt langhaarrocker coll
21:08:58langhaarrockerhave you used the patch submitted with
21:10:11 Join TotMacher [0] (
21:10:53xamI think so. I have the three features (with F1, F2, F3)
21:10:54langhaarrockerphantom: Totmacher is alive again: that's your great moment!
21:11:15TotMacherMY heart !!!
21:11:22TotMacheri had boxes on full volume
21:11:28TotMacheryou could have killed me
21:11:32TotMacherwith that highlight
21:11:39langhaarrockerIt's HEADphones, not HEARTphones!
21:11:44dwihnoheh :
21:11:54TotMacheri said
21:12:45langhaarrockerxam: and that thing froze?
21:13:47xamwell, it said something about an error ... and I had to poweroff/poweron again ...
21:14:00langhaarrockerwait a moment...
21:14:16quel|outok.. i have to check games and demos and i'll finish
21:15:00xamlanghaarrocker doesn't happen to often (I don't use it too often either)
21:15:03 Join hardeep [0] (
21:16:10langhaarrockerbut I use it very often and it never crashes on my recorder.
21:16:14xamlanghaarrocker I try to recreate the error, but right now it's working
21:16:42langhaarrockerI'll check wether I changed something after the fact...
21:18:01Phantomjust a question : why don't make a "Big release with "all" : propfont, rolo, games, demos, oszilator,.... ?
21:18:05 Quit edx ("reboot - brb")
21:18:25xamlanghaarrocker: I only used one version of your oszillorgraph (never used any other version): the one with the three features. I got 3 or 4 crashes with it
21:19:42langhaarrockerWhat puzzles me is that you use the word oszillosgraph. I now know that it should have been spelled osCillosgraph and changed it accordingly. If your version says oszillosgraph it's old.
21:20:05quel|outPhantom: i must go home, but i will work tonight, so tomorrow morning i will submit the changes to the mail list
21:20:17quel|outso you'll have to wait one more day
21:20:27langhaarrockerSorry my fault: even in the 'new' version I didn't correct the typo in the menu
21:20:28Phantomwath time is it in your country ?
21:20:43Phantomwhere do you live ?
21:21:03langhaarrockerKrautland ;)
21:21:23xamit's spelled "Oscillosgraph" on my Recorder ... I'm from germany, so forgive my wrong (?) spelling
21:21:27Phantomarf, me in paris, so, this is the same time
21:22:01langhaarrockerAnd my watch is 10 minutes early.
21:23:09 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
21:23:35langhaarrockerxam: seems to be a familiar 'false friend' for us germans.
21:23:45xamlanghaarrocker ;)
21:25:49 Join edx [0] (
21:26:51quel|outsee you tomorrow!
21:30:07langhaarrockerxam: do you by any chance know at which kbs rate your files were when the osci crashed?
21:30:43 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:31:02xamlanghaarrocker: I'm not sure. I've everything from 128kb/s to r3mix
21:31:22D4damage1in the archos firmware you could change the volume of the player by holding the on button and pressing the + or - button, is anything possible like that with rockbox?
21:32:12langhaarrockerxam: I tried it with up to 224 kbs and it was stable
21:32:35xamlanghaarrocker I just tried with 320 and it didn't crash
21:33:00langhaarrockerd4damage1: although I have a recorder I'm pretty sure that on the player you just have to press up / down to change the volume
21:33:57langhaarrockerxam: Have you noticed that the osci slows down for a moment after some mp3 data has been loaded from disc?
21:34:12D4damage1the player hasen't got up and down, it got on, menu, =, -, play/pause and stop/off
21:34:26xamlanghaarrocker It crashed again. This time no error message. Using r3mix and pressing the left arrow keys ...
21:34:45langhaarrockerwhat is r3mix?
21:35:00xamlanghaarrocker yes, but the slowdown is not what I'm talking about ...
21:35:17langhaarrockerdid it crash during that slowdown?
21:35:47xamlanghaarrocker and option of LAME: it's VBR with highest quality (from about 96k up to 320kb, usually about 200k)
21:36:26xamlanghaarrocker r3mix is closest to the CD as you can get with mp3 IMHO
21:36:37Hadakawell −−r3mix is one guys opinion of that
21:36:58Hadakaiirc −−alt-preset 3 is another guys opinion
21:37:21langhaarrockerI thought guy is out. ;)
21:38:12langhaarrocker#*&% Now I've got to fiddle with lame. Never did that before.
21:38:57Phantomjust a question : why don't make a "Big release with "all" : propfont, rolo, games, demos, Oscillosgraph,.... ?
21:39:14PhantomOr, if somebody have it send it to me !!!
21:39:25xamlanghaarrocker "lame −−r3mix in.wav out.mp3" that's all you need to know ;)
21:39:54langhaarrockerbefore that I've got to find lame!
21:40:28langhaarrockerPhantom: Probably because there's no file writing, recording and all the announced features for 1.4
21:41:41PhantomI didn't ask for 1.4, but just a version with "all" the work allready done
21:42:31langhaarrockerwhy don't you use the daily build? It's got everything - besides the osci...
21:43:38Phantomwhy ?
21:47:17langhaarrocker'Why' it doesn't have the osci or 'why' use the daliy build?
21:52:04 Join dwihno_ [0] (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
21:53:54Phantom 'Why' it doesn't have the osci
21:54:42langhaarrockerbecause nobody commited it yet. Probably it's one of those features that makes people say: "I'm out!"
21:55:40xamlanghaar ;)
21:56:05xamlanghaar stupid people IMHO ...
21:56:08dwihno_COMMIT IT!
21:56:15dwihno_Commit! :D
21:56:48dwihno_Then Captain Zagor will bust your sorry ass. Prime violation of the Code laws! :)
21:57:26langhaarrockerI don't have cvs access - fortunaltely.
21:58:47D4damage1i've got a question
21:58:54langhaarrockeronly one?
21:59:27D4damage1is there a firmware that lets you choose between loading the rockbox firmware or the archos firmware?
21:59:41langhaarrockeryes, the current daily build.
22:00:00dwihno_publish some oszillo enabled ajz on a webpage, I'd love to test
22:00:24D4damage1this one off the site?
22:01:08langhaarrockeryou use player or recorder?
22:02:15langhaarrocker or
22:03:17D4damage1and what do I call the archos.mod ? (archoses firmware)
22:03:32Phantomand I, JBR with osci plz...
22:03:36dwihno_langhaarrocker: Put the ozci enabled ajz online plz :)
22:05:09DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno_
22:05:14dwihno_Come on, you lang haar rocker dude! :)
22:05:28xamlong hair rocker ...
22:05:52langhaarrockerIf I only remebered my ftp password.
22:06:14 Quit dwihno (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:06:21langhaarrockerWait a few minutes: I'll have to swap the computer.
22:06:34 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
22:06:52dwihno_We get ozci! :)
22:08:44xammhh, compiling wine ... hopefully I can run counterstrike on my laptop now ...
22:15:15Phantomdwihno : where ???
22:15:28dwihno_Phantom: Still waiting for it...
22:15:33dwihno_I think he'll never return :(
22:15:36dwihno_Just to keep us on the edge
22:17:16dwihno_Hey, you langhaardude! Return now! :)
22:17:23CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:17:23*dwihno_ dials 1-800-langhaar
22:19:37 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
22:19:55langhaarrockerhave a look at
22:20:10langhaarrockerthat has the osci and the volume peak meter in wps.
22:20:52langhaarrocker(of course you have to modify your .rockbox/default.wps and include a line with %pm in it)
22:21:59Phantom(of course you have to modify your .rockbox/default.wps and include a line with %pm in it) ???
22:22:09PhantomHOW ? what that ?
22:22:17langhaarrockerAnd _please_ report if you encounter any problems with the osci. That really puzzles me.
22:22:43langhaarrockerPhantom: have you ever customized your wps?
22:22:48Phantom.rockbox/default.wps ? what is it ???
22:23:34Phantom"Every, new features apears, RockBox, the Endless Firmware"
22:23:44langhaarrockerThat is a file with which you can modify what your wps shows. Including progress bar and (only with this version) volume peak meter.
22:24:05dwihno_my WPS is cute
22:24:22dwihno_I need to extend it someday though
22:24:27Phantomis there a file with full help for WPS ?
22:25:02dwihno_I'll test it
22:25:13TotMacherdid you ever thought about asking archos to link to rockbox
22:25:18langhaarrockerbut as said: I made a new tag %pm that works similar to %pb but displays a volume meter
22:25:19TotMacheras alternative firmware ?
22:25:53Phantomgood question ?
22:25:56langhaarrockerI'm pretty sure Archos knows about rockbox. And if they really liked the idea they'd link anyway.
22:26:37 Nick Zagor|away is now known as Zagor (
22:26:43PhantomThey are very sympatic at Archos, I see them for a probleme (yes, directly)
22:26:44dwihno_they will probably invalidate their warranty for ppl using rockbox
22:26:45TotMacheri dont know
22:26:56TotMacheri think they have very less support on archos
22:27:12TotMacheri think most on the new multimedia box
22:27:35TotMacherthat would take pressure off archos jukebox support
22:27:41TotMacherso positive for archos
22:28:02TotMacherever thoght about a dialog with archos ?
22:28:06TotMacherZagor ?
22:28:17langhaarrockermaybe they're confronted with support hotline for rockbox :)
22:28:27*dwihno_ loads a kickass beat
22:28:58langhaarrockerWhy not outsorce the support to archs. That would enable Zagor to have enough time to commit the oscillosgraph!
22:29:19dwihno_the osc is not fast enuf! :)
22:29:30dwihno_looks stupid with my beats! :)
22:29:33TotMacherist there Now a OSC ?
22:29:49Zagorlanghaarrocker: :-)
22:30:12dwihno_it probably uses the rand() function ;)
22:30:16dwihno_doesn't seem accurate at all
22:30:24dwihno_j/k langhaarrocker, it has a great future :)
22:30:42ZagorTotMacher: there's a guy (outside the project) talking to archos about open sourcing their code. we'll see what that amounts to.
22:30:47langhaarrockerjump! Joy!
22:30:54TotMachervery kewl
22:31:19Zagorapparently the americans are very positive while the french management is, um, not :-)
22:31:25langhaarrockerZagor: is that the GUY who's out?
22:31:34Zagorhaha. no.
22:31:56xamlanghaarrocker it's kurzhairpopper
22:32:14PhantomCOMPRIS ????!!!!
22:32:22Zagorif you say so...
22:32:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:32:31langhaarrockerwhats kurzhaarrocker in french?
22:33:15PhantomTranslate : les français de chez archos son super sympa et m'on échangé mon AJBR 6GO contre un 10GO GRATUITEMENT !!!
22:33:46langhaarrockerWell that's a fine deal if you didn't have to pay extra
22:33:57Phantomfrenchs from Archos are very sympathics, they change my AJBR 6go for a 10 go FOR FREE! !!
22:33:59dwihno_mangez les baguette pour moi, s'il vous plait!
22:34:09Phantomcoz my 6go burned
22:34:26langhaarrockerdwihno_ eat it yourself
22:34:40xamPhantom what about screwing up you 10 and get a 20?
22:34:53langhaarrockerPhantom: I'll by a lighter at once.
22:35:13dwihno_langhaarrocker: Yeah, je mange les baguette with saucisson et stinky fromage :)
22:35:52*xam get's hungry
22:36:19langhaarrockerWait a minute while I'm being sick.
22:36:39dwihno_baguette with saucisson - c'est parfait
22:37:02*xam doesn't understand french language ...
22:37:09PhantomFOR ROCKBOX DEV TEAM : BE READY, the FM/AM jukebox recorder is already sold in France
22:37:17langhaarrockerI've been in the Vogeses lately and they had some fantastic meat pie!
22:37:36xamPhantom ARGGLLLL
22:37:55dwihno_Phantom: still the same design?
22:38:01ZagorPhantom: until someone buys one and writes drivers, we won't support it
22:38:13dwihno_Phantom: url?
22:38:17Phantom2 sec
22:38:28xamPhantom I just bought my Recorder two weeks ago ... and the oly thing that I missed was a AM/FM tuner
22:40:00dwihno_looks fishy
22:40:09PhantomJust when you thought Jukebox technology could not go any further, Archos get seriously retro with The Jukebox FM Recorder 20 and the Ondio adding another unique feature to their category-leading Jukebox Recorder – so now you can capture any track off the radio you like on the move, with the next generation Archos Jukebox FM Recorder 20 or Ondio, both with built-in FM radio.
22:40:47Phantom :
22:41:06dwihno_looks fishy indeed
22:41:08Phantomthis is a 128MB MP3 recorder
22:41:19dwihno_ah ,okay
22:41:23Phantomnot the Archos Jukebox FM Recorder 20
22:41:40xamPhantom the picture of the FM Recorder is the background picture ...
22:42:07xamor is this the JBMM
22:42:13dwihno_it's the mm
22:42:13Phantomthat is the JBMM
22:42:20dwihno_nice piece :)
22:42:28dwihno_(NOT talking about the JBMM) ;)
22:42:46xambut they didn't show a picture of the FM recorder 20 :(
22:44:12dwihno_I'd love if they would skip the bumpers
22:44:18dwihno_they does not fill a purpuse imho
22:44:53langhaarrockerZagor: Any progress with file writing?
22:45:06Phantomno, but the JBMM have bumpers
22:45:08Zagorsome. still lots to do.
22:45:35PsycoXuldwihno_: those bumpers have saved my HD on a tile floor
22:46:09PsycoXuland probably the case and other componants too
22:47:19PsycoXulthe ruggedness of the archos was one of its selling points for me
22:47:52Phantomsure, but mine burned...
22:47:59langhaarrockerxam: do you know in which mode you crashed the oscillosgraph?
22:48:10langhaarrockerline / filled /dots?
22:48:31xamlanghaarrocker the second mode
22:48:33dwihno_Yay for Zagor!
22:48:49dwihno_Zagor: Take your time, don't stress the code. Feel the code flowing through you! :)
22:49:02xamlanghaarrocker (out)lined
22:49:05Phantomlanghaarrocker :the file you posted is good, but...this font is VERY BAD
22:49:12dwihno_Oh my god! It's SNAZZ tomorrow!
22:49:17dwihno_uhm, I ment SNAXX :)
22:49:29dwihno_Albeit, SNAZZ sounds more yum :)
22:49:44TotMacheris there a osscisograph ?
22:49:58dwihno_TotMacher: ya, langhaarrocker has made some work on such a thing! :D
22:50:09TotMacheris it in CVS ?
22:50:33TotMacheris it in CVS ?
22:50:41langhaarrockerI have no cvs acces and I'd really like to have that thing code polieced first.
22:51:05langhaarrockerThere are some things I'm not quite sure about.
22:51:10TotMacherlets have a look
22:51:27langhaarrockerAre you going to mach it tot?
22:51:39TotMacherthese two bars ?
22:51:46TotMacherthese REALLY small two bars ?
22:51:57langhaarrockerbars? what bars? Ah no.
22:52:07TotMacherhow can i activate it ?
22:52:17langhaarrockerEdit your .rockbox/default.wps and add a line wit %pm
22:52:18dwihno_%something in wps.config
22:52:51dwihno_I think all rockbox related data should be in .rockbox for future stuff (such as fonts, and rockbox specific data stuff)
22:52:58dwihno_hiscore saving etc.
22:53:04Zagorit will
22:53:26TotMacheri cannnot create a diretroy called ".rockbox"
22:53:27dwihno_I can always count on you :D
22:53:41dwihno_TotMacher: mkdir x:\.rockbox (in that DOS prompt thingy)
22:53:50TotMacherwhat a shit
22:54:11dwihno_perhaps the file reading code is nagging about upper and lowercase file stuff?
22:56:24TotMacherwhere is the wps help html file ?
22:57:05langhaarrockerthere's a link from the faqs
22:57:13TotMacherok thx
22:57:22langhaarrockerand a request by zagor to update the manual
23:00:47 Nick dwihno_ is now known as dwihno|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
23:00:47DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno|gone
23:00:48dwihno|goneGotta sleep
23:00:51dwihno|goneZagor: hire me ;D
23:01:06dwihno|goneI'll do coffee for you! :)
23:01:11dwihno|goneJust get me off this shitty job
23:01:14dwihno|goneI'll even do HTML! :D
23:01:25Zagori have some spare change laying around here. you can have that...
23:01:48CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:01:48*dwihno|gone takes his place next to the rullstols-bingolotto-försäljar-dude in centraltunneln
23:01:56dwihno|gone"will do HTML for food and shelter"
23:02:05TotMacherwhy does rockbox not load the new default.wps when i stop USB ?
23:02:52Zagorbecause it only does that at boot
23:03:09Zagorwe should probably do it after usb too, but we don't
23:03:24PhantomQUESTION: what software do I need to build my own firmware ?
23:03:25TotMacheryou should, when i change it
23:03:28TotMacheri cannot access
23:03:50TotMacherdoes conditonal in WPS cover more than 1 line ?
23:03:56ZagorTotMacher: no
23:04:00langhaarrockercant you update your wps by just selecting it from the browser?
23:04:00ZagorPhantom: gcc
23:04:30Phantomthis is command line program, no ?
23:05:39ZagorPhantom: yes
23:06:17TotMachernot becaus i cannot access the rockbox directory
23:06:34 Quit xam ("ChatZilla 0.8.7 [Mozilla rv:1.0.0/1]")
23:07:19ZagorTotMacher: turn off "dir filter" and turn on "show hidden files"
23:10:17 Join Jet8810 [0] (
23:11:58TotMachera VERY important
23:12:01TotMacherWPS tag
23:12:10TotMacherlanghaarrocker ?
23:12:22TotMachermaybe you could include this
23:12:26TotMacheri need two tags
23:12:49TotMacherthe filename until a "-"
23:12:57TotMacherand the filename after the "-"
23:12:59TotMachertwo tags
23:13:05TotMacherto parse
23:13:10langhaarrockerthat sound like regular expressions
23:13:30TotMacherheino - haselnuss
23:13:34TotMacheri need one string
23:13:37PhantomVIVA CYGWIN
23:13:40TotMacherwhich includes
23:13:46TotMacherand one
23:13:57TotMachermost of the songs
23:14:04TotMachernames in this shema
23:14:14langhaarrockerLet me guess: And you want that to update your mp3 tags?
23:14:29TotMacherif there is no
23:14:37TotMacherartist name in tag available
23:14:41TotMacheri want to display
23:14:47TotMacherthe parsed filename
23:14:48TotMacherin WPS
23:14:55TotMacherand if there is no title
23:14:58TotMacheri want to display
23:15:03TotMacherthe last part of the filename
23:15:12TotMacherunderstand ?
23:15:24dwihno|goneyeah, and parse the stuff between ( and ) too :)
23:15:47langhaarrockerSo roughly, yes. But actually I don't feel addicted to that job. I'm just working towards a split editor. Reading out volume info was on that way.
23:16:45TotMacherschade :(
23:16:51TotMacherthat is soo simple
23:16:55TotMacherbut i cant do it
23:17:18langhaarrockerI haven't played much with the wps but there are conditional things already included. Are you sure that can't be done with that?
23:17:30 Nick edx is now known as edx|tv (
23:17:40TotMacherthere is no tag Parsing
23:17:47PhantomIs there one of Rockbox Team "big boss"'s ?
23:17:50TotMacheronly check if tag is filled or not
23:18:17PhantomCan I make a french web site about rockbox ?
23:18:28TotMacherall the program shit and rest of rockbox is done by zagor
23:18:32TotMacherask zagot
23:18:37TotMacherabout that
23:18:40TotMacheriam no the boss :)
23:19:23*Phantom is a French "bad guy" : be carefull
23:19:27TotMacher10 wps lines for recorder ?
23:19:30langhaarrockerIf I was Zagor I'd only allow that after you've updated the manual :)
23:19:45TotMacheri only see maximal 8 lines
23:19:55langhaarrockerthat's all there is
23:20:08Phantomthat is why I want to make a french page, to make a "full" manual
23:20:25ZagorPhantom: why a french site? it will always be out-of-date
23:20:40langhaarrockerlike french firmware? ;)
23:21:12TotMacherthe english page is also always out of date
23:21:18PhantomDon't need to have all "beta" releases
23:21:20TotMacherfrench will be horrible :)
23:21:35PhantomJust "Important" things
23:21:45Phantomand a full "french" firmware
23:23:20TotMacheri will do a german one
23:23:27TotMacherechte deutsche FIRMWARE
23:23:34TotMacherlecker leberwurst
23:23:48ZagorPhantom: i don't like it. it will only add more confusion.
23:24:04Zagora french translation of the manual is fine, but it should be on the official site
23:24:48PhantomI should become one of the "Frenchie Rockbox team member" lol
23:25:22TotMacheris conditonal recursive ?
23:25:37ZagorTotMacher: you can use it recursively, yes
23:25:47TotMacherrockbox roxx
23:29:32TotMachercustom wps rox :)
23:35:33Phantomis there other prog than gcc to compile rockbox ? (visuel c++ , and so on...)
23:35:50ZagorPhantom: visual can only create windows programs
23:36:06Zagorfor 80x86 processors
23:36:34Phantomlol, but may be something near
23:36:49Zagorgcc is near. it's the compiler to use.
23:38:07Phantomand : how to use it under windows ? (I ve linux but i m boring in reboot)
23:38:54Phantomyour my hero
23:40:03Phantomyou 're my hero
23:40:10PhantomOUCH !
23:40:13Phantom35 mo
23:40:39Zagorabout 1/10 of visual
23:41:14langhaarrockerDo we have any wps tags that have parameters (besides the conditional)?
23:41:32Phantomyoupi, superb tutorial
23:41:57Phantoma french version a rockbox should be out sooner
23:42:00Zagorlanghaarrocker: no
23:42:26Phantom60ko/s : fast download
23:43:33langhaarrockerZagor: I assume it is not desired to have any persistence saving in the *.wps files, right?
23:43:46Zagorlanghaarrocker: right
23:45:30Zagorlanghaarrocker: how would clearrect/fillrect be faster than draw/clearline?
23:45:39Zagor(reading your osc source)
23:46:20langhaarrockerBecause drawline transfers pixel by pixel but drawing a rect can transfer 8 pixels at once while vertical / horizontal.
23:46:35Zagorbut you only draw one pixel high
23:46:59langhaarrockerone pixel wide
23:47:13Zagorthe lcd buffer bytes are arranged vertically. so 8 pixels wide is 8 different bytes.
23:48:05Zagorwhich means drawing 8 pixels wide always means 8 separate byte writes. and thus no gain using drawrect().
23:48:37langhaarrockerbut i also must fill the rect
23:48:50langhaarrockerdid I use drawrect or fillrect?
23:48:51Zagorwhich rect? it's a single pixel line, isn't it?
23:49:10langhaarrockerThat's just for the max values
23:49:26langhaarrockerThere's really no necessity for that to be fillrect
23:50:27langhaarrockerAh, yep I see: it's 'historical'. I started off drawing only one channel and then the line was 8 pixel high. Fillrect might have drawn them at once.
23:51:46Zagorok, so now you can use drawline?
23:52:21langhaarrockerI always intended to write an optimized draw_v_line / draw_h_line
23:52:45langhaarrockerBut then I got my brain twisted and couldn't draw straight lines at all...
23:55:38Zagordrawline isn't that slow anyway. it's just a couple of extra variable assignments.
23:56:14 Join tot|n8 [0] (
23:56:24tot|n8is %s include in conditonal ?
23:56:28langhaarrockerBut especially when drawing vertical lines you could reduce the loop to 1/8 at best
23:56:32PhantomI've build my first FIRMWARE !!!
23:56:38Zagorlanghaarrocker: please submit next patch as one file instead of several
23:56:41langhaarrockerPhantom: congrats:
23:56:57PhantomNow : is it work ?...
23:57:01langhaarrockerZagor: I'd have done it but my cvs didn't
23:57:16Zagortot|n8: ?
23:57:40tot|n8can i include %s in a conditonal
23:57:49tot|n8eg i want to let scroll the first line
23:57:52tot|n8if tag is found
23:57:56tot|n8scroll second line
23:58:02Phantomfirst thing I've done : had my name in Credits ;-)
23:58:04Zagorah. i don't know, actually
23:58:25langhaarrockerPhantom: Then you have achieved more than me ;)
23:58:32PsycoXulbtw, i think that %s should scroll whatever comes after it and leave what comes before it stay solid [similar to how the cursor and icon stay while the filename scrolls in the browser], that way you can do things like %pp%s%it

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