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#rockbox log for 2002-09-18

00:00:03tot|n8give up credits for more BUFFERRAM !
00:00:30Phantombe carefull : I m a new chalenger
00:00:38 Quit Phantom ()
00:01:13ZagorPsycoXul: neat idea. send me your patch! ;-P
00:03:33PsycoXulor when the scrolling ability gets more powerful, %sN n being the number of chars to scroll the following stuff in would be cool... so if you wanted your title to scroll accross 4 chars and artist to scroll across the next 4 chars you could do %s4%it%s4%ia or whatever :p
00:04:25tot|n8I just want more than one line to scroll
00:04:31tot|n8then i am happy .)
00:04:49PsycoXulbut yeah i'll take a look at the code to see about the first one some time if nobody beats me to it
00:04:57ZagorPsycoXul: "chars" is an obsolete concept now...
00:05:21PsycoXulZagor: how so?
00:05:32Zagorproportional fonts
00:05:49tot|n8%s is include in conditonal
00:05:49PsycoXuljust cause they can have variable width doesn't make them not chars
00:06:00PsycoXuland players don't have prop fonts anyways
00:06:43PsycoXulthough i can see how that 2nd idea could be a little messy with propfonts anyways
00:06:47ZagorPsycoXul: no but they don't take up a fixed space, that's what I mean. so the concept of chars as screen space unit is obsolete
00:07:04langhaarrockerZagor: do you want me to resend the volume meter patch with drawline instead of drawrect?
00:07:15PsycoXulperhaps the specification could be pixels for the recorder
00:07:27PsycoXulor percentage of the screen width...
00:07:30Zagorlanghaarrocker: ah, this explains the confusion. i was discussing the oscilloscope code :-)
00:08:08ZagorPsycoXul: i question the usefulness...
00:08:52PsycoXulit would be a nice thing to have especialy on players where every trick to make the most of the screen helps...
00:09:08PsycoXulbut if it would be too much code then it's probably not worth it
00:09:13PsycoXulespecialy for recorders
00:09:27PsycoXulmaybe it could be just a char-based player-only feature?
00:11:28Zagorthe code would probably be a bit messy
00:11:39Zagorbut I won't reject the idea before I've seen it
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00:15:00tot|n8the osc is really nice
00:15:02 Nick tot|n8 is now known as TotMacher (
00:15:34langhaarrockerBut zagor doesn't like me filling rects :(
00:15:52Zagornot when you don't need to
00:16:00TotMacherwhat ?
00:16:05TotMacheris the code SHIT ?
00:16:13Zagorhaha, no
00:16:15TotMacheri dont want SHIT code on my jukebox
00:16:32langhaarrockerit was about filling rects, not about emptying rectums
00:17:58Zagorlanghaarrocker: i don't like that button_get_w_tmo(1)
00:18:13langhaarrockerin the osci?
00:18:28Zagorno, now i'm looking at the peak meter
00:18:36Zagorsorry for being confusing :-)
00:18:41langhaarrockerI don't like it either
00:18:59langhaarrockerBut somehow I had to increase the frame rate. Better ideas are welcome
00:20:30langhaarrockerbtw I don't like where I'm initializing that global_settings.peak_meter_release either.
00:20:45Zagoryou should at the very least use a timeout as long as the peak_meter setting
00:20:51TotMacheri want a second WPS screen
00:21:01Zagorbut even then, this will eat a lot of cpu :-(
00:21:20ZagorTotMacher: not a bad idea
00:21:37TotMacherdetailed mp3 infp
00:21:38Zagorenter it as a feature request
00:21:57TotMacheri will bother you here
00:21:59TotMacherwith that :)
00:22:14Zagoryeah, that'll make it happen a lot faster :-)
00:22:18TotMacherallday and always
00:22:31TotMacheri know how development works
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00:23:44langhaarrockerZagor: if you're talking about the global_settings.peak_meter_release - No: that time can't be used because it's only to keep the 'highscore peak' values and that is a user adjustable time that may be serveral seconds.
00:24:19Zagorlanghaarrocker: ok, but you still don't need to update the wps 100 times/sec, so the timeout should be longer
00:24:28TotMacherplease let sokoban remind the last LEVEL
00:24:51langhaarrockerZagor: I'll fiddle a bit to find an acceptalbe value.
00:24:58TotMacherhorrible on toilet alway going to the last one
00:26:19 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
00:27:07TotMachergood n8
00:27:14Zagorlanghaarrocker: you realize that the peak meter effectively kills any chance of ever going into low-power mode?
00:27:30elinenbe|outnick elinenbe
00:27:34 Nick elinenbe|out is now known as elinenbe (
00:27:50 Nick TotMacher is now known as tot|n8 (
00:27:51elinenbewho cares about low power mode. peak meter is cool! :)
00:28:08elinenbehow does Archos do peak meter with long battery life?
00:28:10Zagormaybe. but 100% cpu use is very uncool
00:28:17Zagorelinenbe: they don't have long battery life
00:28:39Zagorwe already outlast them by an hour or so
00:29:05Zagorlow-power mode could add another hour to that
00:29:47langhaarrockerI'm aware of it. Maybe we should introduce some short cut that turns off any superfluous activity. Something like peak meter is no 1 to shut off since it also requires intensive communication with other devices.
00:31:09langhaarrockerBut you're right: I could skip the weirded button loop if the volume meter is disabled and not used in wps.
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00:32:50langhaarrockerWell - maybe I'll skip it tomorrow.
00:35:08langhaarrockerbtw 100% cpu use == uncool: According to Watt that's a physical law. ;)
00:53:46langhaarrockerZagor: do you want me to change the osci to draw_line?
00:54:23langhaarrockerwant me to mail it?
00:55:50langhaarrockerZagor at
00:57:44langhaarrockeron it's way
00:57:58Zagorgot it
00:58:01elinenbeemail it to the list :)
00:58:06elinenbethat is fun
00:58:18langhaarrockerIt's no visual difference
01:00:44langhaarrockerI'm gonna catch some rest.
01:00:53elinenbeI know.
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01:25:46langhaarrockerZagor: I hope you haven't commited the osci yet?
01:25:58langhaarrockerI had a bug that reoccured.
01:27:09Zagornope, haven't committed
01:29:28Zagori'm going to bed. see you tomorrow.
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08:38:43dwihnogood morning
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09:06:28bobTHChi all!
09:06:43langhaarrockersame to you!
09:08:36dwihnoThe langhaar rocker!
09:08:53langhaarrockerhey! That's me! :)
09:09:54langhaarrockerAre you working on something interesting?
09:11:56bobTHCI'm working on the francais.lang file... but quelzaruc didn't submit the complete *.lang file
09:12:25bobTHCi think he submit it this day
09:13:59langhaarrockerEven though I think internationalization is a really good thing somehow I tend to stick to the english versions of software.
09:14:11Schnueffyes me too
09:16:26langhaarrockerWhy the *$& do we want to save energy? Saving energy and having a volume meter are XOR.
09:18:49HesSome people want a volume meter a lot... it's cool
09:19:07dwihnolanghaarrocker: have you gotten the meter smoothened? :)
09:19:09HesSome people want to save energy to the maximum... it's easy to switch between the two.
09:20:21Schnueffyes yes yes
09:21:34langhaarrockerIf you want a volume meter you have to read out the mas as often as possible because otherwise you might skip the peaks. Then you have a toy that still might look smooth but has absolutely no use for detecting the interesting things.
09:21:58dwihnoif it looks jumpy, who wants to use it? :)
09:22:46langhaarrockerIts worse: it doesn't look jumpy but doesn't reveal the peaks. So you get the impression it worked fine but it doesn't.
09:28:01langhaarrockerI really am thinkig about going berserk and have a tick thread that just reads out the mas but that doesn't visualize the peak meter. This tick thread would be switched off if no volume meter is used and visualisation could be just as fast to make it look smooth.
09:28:51langhaarrockerBut Zagor will beat me for that idea.
09:31:10 Join quelsaruk [0] (
09:31:19Schnuefffor me that sounds ok, since the tick thread doesnt mess with visualization
09:32:15langhaarrockerAt least I'll try that.
09:33:21langhaarrockerquelsaruk: Always when reading your nickname I somehow have to think Quetsalcoatl.
09:33:32quelsaruklanghaarrocker: you were the one who made the wormlet game?
09:34:27quelsarukthis nick comes from another place... it's a extrange language.. means aprox. "sword master"
09:36:04quelsarukthe story is quite large... adn very strange
09:37:08langhaarrockerdo you now want the wormlets to fight each other with swords?
09:37:25quelsarukmore or less
09:37:35quelsarukany weapon should fit
09:37:54quelsaruki suppose they would like bows instead
09:38:12langhaarrockerAnd use themselves as arrows?
09:38:47quelsarukthat's the idea
09:51:58 Join pyvasene [0] (
09:59:26bobTHCquelsaruk : the lang file is ok ?
09:59:35 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
09:59:52 Nick tot|n8 is now known as TotMacher (
10:00:14TotMacherwhy does it take more than 8 hours until my jukebox says battery charged ?
10:00:45langhaarrockerIs the battery of you watch weak? ;)
10:05:07TotMacherthese are NEW
10:05:11TotMacherwhat a fuck
10:05:17TotMacheri want li-io
10:06:15langhaarrockerI'm glad I can use standard NiMh.
10:06:43TotMacherdo they have memory effect ?
10:06:59langhaarrockeryes. Not as much as NiCd but they do.
10:07:18TotMacheri put them on yesterday night
10:07:24TotMachernow they are still charging
10:07:27TotMacherthat suxx
10:07:47langhaarrockerwith the archor firmware loading alg?
10:08:15TotMacheri put it off
10:08:20TotMacherthen put the loading stick in
10:08:45TotMacherstill too long
10:08:49TotMachermuch too long
10:09:24TotMacheri have to go
10:09:27 Quit TotMacher ()
10:09:47Schnuefffully charged he leaves
10:10:11langhaarrockerHe needed as many lines as his archos needed time for loading.
10:10:39Schnueffhm setting backlight from off to smth other has a long reaction time
10:11:32langhaarrockerI suspect the backlight thing to be buggy. Somehow I didn't manage to turn the light on permanently.
10:11:50Schnueffhm that worked for me i think
10:11:53Schnuefflet me try once more
10:12:09langhaarrockerAnd then connect / disconnect usb -> light off.
10:12:28 Join Zagor [242] (
10:12:51langhaarrockerZagor: did I send you a mail without attachment?
10:13:07Schnueffhm light is off already
10:13:12Zagordunno. still going through the mail.
10:15:16langhaarrockerDoes using the IC bus from within an interrupt mandatorily result in CPUAdrEr?
10:15:16langhaarrocker(and now listen to Zagor scream...)
10:16:15Zagorlanghaarrocker: a cpu error is always a bug, but what you are trying to do is too :-)
10:17:01Schnueffwould a setting 'backlight always on when plugged' make sense for u?
10:17:15Schnueffso one doesnt have to fiddle with the times so much
10:17:45ZagorSchnueff: that's a requested feature. it will probably be implemented sooner or later.
10:18:41Schnueffcharger_inserted() worx on all models?
10:18:59Schnueffhm maybe only with CHARGE_CTRL
10:20:56quel|outZagor: i had to modify a bit the bouncer demo to make it the same way as the rest of the code, i mean, i had to remove the SS_TITLE macro and include a new variable. Is that ok?
10:22:09Zagorquel|out: the demos don't need to be localized. they are just test code.
10:22:41langhaarrockerfor testint internationalization?
10:22:42Zagorbut if you've already done it, I guess it's fine
10:23:06Schnueffhehe, maybe we localize RockBox into SteinKiste for germans? :)
10:23:51langhaarrockerAnd if you translate that back you sooner or later end with Stonge Henge
10:24:54quel|outZagor: i can ignore this changes, just delete some lines and close bounce.c without changes :)
10:24:57Zagorwe don't translate the Rockbox name.
10:26:17langhaarrockerWill rockbox support chinese?
10:26:34Zagorwho knows :-)
10:26:34adi|homeonly possibly on the recorder ;)
10:26:40adi|homecant see it ever working on the player :)
10:30:14Zagor"I am so completely blown away, it is like magic."
10:30:38langhaarrockernah thats exaggeration
10:31:49langhaarrocker'blown away' can't impress me. I'm waiting for 'blown up'
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10:34:26 Join TotMacher [0] (
10:34:42langhaarrockerbatteries empty again?
10:35:46TotMacheryes :)
10:36:31Zagorlanghaarrocker: i don't see any mail from you
10:36:57langhaarrockerThat problem is solvable.
10:39:57langhaarrockergosh- seems it was late yesterday. I mixed up Zagor and Linus mail adresses.
10:42:38quel|outsokoban is sokoban in every language?
10:42:56quel|outhere in spain we don't have a tranlation for that game...
10:43:07Zagoryes. i think sokoban is japanese or something
10:43:08Schnueffyes thats ok
10:43:40quel|outyesterday, when i went to sleep i could only see C code
10:43:51quel|outit was like matrix.. searching text strings
10:44:42bobTHCwhen u submit the lang file quelsaruk ?
10:45:54quel|outhave to finish sokoban and worlmet files...
10:46:11langhaarrockerZagor: We can't have both a usable volume meter and power saving at once. When I reduce the 'frame rate' it still looks smooth but skips all relevant peak info. I think I now will go back to threaded peak reading but draw the meter separately.
10:47:25Zagorlanghaarrocker: we'll probably have to give up power saving when peak meter is used.
10:47:35Zagorso conditional code is a must
10:48:05 Join LinusN [0] (
10:48:13Zagoryo, the limp!
10:48:45LinusNdwihno: you there?
10:48:53LinusNcoming this evening?
10:48:58dwihnohm. dunno
10:49:01dwihnowould be pretty neat :)
10:49:14dwihnoWhen & where?
10:50:47dwihnoI am 23 yrs old and the rest of you are ... old :)
10:51:07dwihnoI would feel like a dagisbarn on the universitet
10:51:19bobTHCwizard are always old ;)
10:51:21langhaarrockerJust flip the digits...
10:51:50dwihnoLinusN: will there be any job scouts there? ;D
10:54:50langhaarrockerwhat happens when a thread quits? Any clean up necessary?
10:57:14Zagorwe never exit threads...
10:57:36Zagorwhat's your plan, busy read and 10Hz draw?
10:57:52langhaarrockerand make max while busy read
10:58:22langhaarrockerThat will _reduce_ the risc of loosing peaks
10:58:59quel|outdwihno: you are not the youngest one :P
11:00:31LinusNdwihno: come if you want, or stay home and have a boring evening if you want
11:02:58 Join Remo [0] (
11:04:37langhaarrockerare there any plans for acustic fonts? :)
11:05:06Zagorwe had an idea using a dir full of word.mp3 to read out song titles...
11:05:30quel|outzagor, does the .lang file accept comments?
11:05:42Zagorquel|out: yes
11:05:57quel|outstarting with #?
11:06:18dwihnoLinusN: well, I'll perhaps stop by, and shout "Oh Rockboxers, where art thou!" :-)
11:06:52quel|outok, langhaarrocker made a good job at the wormlet code and want to paste his instructions :)
11:22:22 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
11:27:56LinusNFrom "But seriously... in our defence... the Rockbox site ain't easy to understand"
11:28:06LinusNwhat is hard?
11:28:29Zagortoo much information :-)
11:29:06LinusNyou want to file a bug report? Try selecting "bug reports" from the menu!
11:30:37 Join Bagder [0] (
11:30:54Bagderhey ho
11:31:05LinusNyo Bagder!
11:32:35adi|homesomeone want to check my spelling here...
11:32:42adi|homeis it 'transmition'?
11:32:47adi|homeie: to send a file to someone
11:32:56adi|homeor transmittion?
11:33:15CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
11:33:15*adi|home sighs
11:33:17adi|homethank you..
11:33:19adi|homemuch tired..
11:33:26*adi|home is noticing a pattern here
11:34:47Zagoradi|home: what?
11:35:58adi|homei stay up late..
11:36:00adi|homei get tired
11:36:06adi|homeand all hell breaks loose :)
11:51:10LinusNmaybe it isn't very smart to use all 8 bits in an RTC byte for booleans
11:51:38LinusN if (config_block[0xe] != 0xFF) {
11:52:08LinusNif all bools are true they will be reset to defaults
11:53:28LinusNdo we really need the total uptime in RTC?
11:56:14Zagorno, that's just for fun
11:56:18 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|lunch (
12:06:37quel|outfinished changing all text strings
12:07:35quel|outsubmiting changes to the mail list
12:10:37quel|outBagder: i tried to make all ids to match the text string and os on, but sometimes it is imposible.. plese check it and modify what you want :)
12:14:15 Quit PiotR ("WesTsIde!")
12:30:45 Join gizz [0] (
12:31:03 Quit gizz (Client Quit)
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12:59:38 Nick Zagor|lunch is now known as Zagor (
13:00:08dwihnoZagor: Teach me your ninja tricks to fight spam! :/
13:00:19dwihnoI get 100+ mails of spam every week!
13:00:20Zagorreport all offenders
13:00:34Zagorquel|out: your mail was too big. compress the patch.
13:08:01Schnueffor use spam assassin
13:09:21dwihnoSpam assassin? Sounds effective :)
13:10:16Schnueff(eh, if u mail goes through some unix server with procmail and perl)
13:10:58Bagdermail that don't go through a unix machine should be ignored ;-)
13:12:45dwihnoYou damn unix nerds! :)
13:12:50LinusNBagder: that, and HTML-formatted mails
13:12:53dwihnoI bet you got a 2 meter long beard!
13:13:06Bagderdwihno: you wanna get rid of the spams or not? B)
13:13:37dwihnoBagder: I ment that in a good way, i Mean, you gotta wear the 'man' printouts somewhere :)
13:13:51*Bagder smiles
13:13:58LinusNdwihno: the rockbox t-shirt says it all
13:14:09*Bagder wears his "bow before me because I am root" tshirt today
13:14:10dwihnoLinusN: which what?
13:14:44dwihnohey, aren't you supposed to announce the winner?
13:14:46 Join matp [0] (
13:14:51*LinusN wears his rockbox t-shirt today
13:14:58Bagderdwihno: tomorrow is the plan
13:15:05dwihnoBagder: awww... you evil dude!
13:15:14dwihnoTomorrow is so far away! :)
13:15:18 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
13:15:24*Hes can't wait.
13:15:38dwihnoHow did you mass produce the shirts?
13:15:44LinusNwe haven't
13:15:53LinusNi just made one for myself
13:15:59dwihnoI'll make myself one then
13:16:15dwihno"Bagder has a 2 feet beard"
13:16:25dwihno(and yeah, Rockbox-good-something)
13:16:45LinusNdwihno: you can see his beard for yourself this evening
13:17:26dwihnoMy mother told me never to meet those crazy "internet people" :)
13:27:36Zagori really don't understand why florian refuses to grasp the concept...
13:28:05LinusNmaybe he thinks that we will generate the .lang files from the strings in the source
13:28:26BagderI suggest we just ignore him ;-)
13:28:30LinusNi don't
13:28:40*Bagder is a good ignorer
13:28:43Zagorhow on earth did he come to that conclusion. i detailed very explicitly, in c code, how this will work
13:29:10Zagori think he simply does not read the mails
13:29:14LinusN"Identifiers generated this way can be easily converted back to the
13:29:14LinusNoriginal string but are still good readable.
13:29:34Zagorbeats me. i'm responding to him now.
13:31:17LinusNi already have
13:31:29BagderI won't
13:31:34BagderI've given up
13:32:25LinusNi don't think we should ignore him
13:32:57LinusNhe puts great effort in this, he just doesn't understand what we want, and can't explain why he wants it differently
13:33:18Bagderand he doesn't understand why we want it our way
13:33:25LinusNtrue again
13:33:52Zagorwe should simply do it our way and then he will understand
13:37:35quel|outZagor: ok, compressing right now
13:38:28 Join Phantom [0] (
13:38:48PhantomBonjour, Salute, Hi, Hol
13:39:09Zagor:-) hi
13:40:52dwihnocan't nobody convert the font data from the .C file? It's a hassle using the editor which keeps crashing on me :/
13:41:12Zagordwihno: i thought uwe (or was it olivier) did that?
13:41:14Bagderyes it is certainly possible
13:41:23BagderUwe did some work on it, yes
13:41:28 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
13:41:36dwihnoZagor: erhm, forgotten about that. I read something in the mailing list, but there were no links or such
13:42:21langhaarrockerHas anybody heard of a smart way to do log calculations with integers?
13:42:58Schnueffbase 2?
13:43:07langhaarrockerno, base 10
13:43:34langhaarrockerI want to scale linear volume info to dbfs
13:43:40 Join Moof [0] (~moof@
13:44:32dwihnoZagor: ah, okay...
13:45:01quel|outZagor: message sent
13:45:19langhaarrockerThe formula would be something like 20*log(sample/samplerange)
13:45:55Schnueffmaybe you can precompute a look-up table
13:46:06 Quit Moof (Client Quit)
13:46:07langhaarrockerthat would become to large.
13:46:08Schnueffif your peak meter is only a few pixels high, it mustnt have much entries
13:46:16Schnueffi guess
13:46:35Zagormuch entries?
13:46:42langhaarrockermany entries.
13:46:43Schnueffmany entries
13:46:51Zagorah, i get it. sorry :-)
13:46:58Zagorslow context switch ;)
13:47:50langhaarrockerno, I have to map a quite large range of samples into a small range of db values. Thus the table remains large.
13:48:17langhaarrockerBut maybe there's some kind of preprocessing the sample values before mapping them with a table. I just can't thik of any.
13:49:52Phantomzagor : how to compile a simulator under windows ?
13:50:28Zagorgood question :-)
13:51:15langhaarrockerYou don't accidently have Visual C++?
13:52:40PhantomI have (somewhere)
13:53:12Phantomk, I've under stand
13:53:24dwihnobtw, is it possible to load fonts on the fly yet?
13:53:46quel|outmust go
13:53:55Phantomquel !!!
13:54:07Phantomenglish.lang ?
13:54:33quel|outsent to the mail list
13:54:46Phantomok, how to use it ?
13:55:08quel|outyou should wait until bagder and Zagor say it is ok
13:55:34Zagorwe need to review the string IDs, but you can start translating the text
13:55:47quel|outhas the mail arrived?
13:56:24quel|outtell me if i have to change anything
13:56:57quel|outi'll come back in 2 hours :)
13:57:18 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
13:57:33dwihnomamma mu bygger koja.mp3 :-)
13:57:51Phantomhow many time do you need to review the string IDs ?
13:57:55LinusNdwihno: var?
13:58:08ZagorPhantom: until we are satisfied :-)
13:58:22dwihnobtw Linus, Bag and Zag, since you're using linux, are you all using underscores instead of spacing when naming files?
13:58:32dwihnoLinusN: on my *drumroll* rockbox
13:58:35dwihnohow come?
13:58:38BagderI don't use spaces in file names
13:58:41 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-school (
13:58:47LinusNspaces make a mess
13:58:49Bagderfor mp3s, I might though
13:58:57dwihno"det r en koja, krkan. barnen r s duktiga, dom har byggt en koja!"
13:58:58Zagori do in mp3 files, yes
13:59:00LinusNyes, i do for mp3 files
13:59:11LinusNdwihno: give it to me!
13:59:14Zagorwhy would we use underscores just because we use linux?
13:59:32Schnueffin shell when tab-completing, spaces get ugly backslashes
13:59:34LinusNbecause Linux users have a clue
13:59:46ZagorSchnueff: use quotes
13:59:47Schnueffso i use not-backslashed chars for filenames preferably
13:59:55Schnueffzagor: not when tab completing
14:00:00Zagoryes, but mp3s are a different question
14:00:05ZagorSchnueff: yes, when tab completing
14:00:27Schnueffbut thats an extra char to type
14:00:29Schnueff(first quote)
14:00:37dwihnoLinusN: I hope for your own sake it's for your kids ;)
14:00:47Zagorhow often to you tab complete mp3 files?
14:00:51dwihnootherwise, I'm not the only looney around this channel yet :D
14:00:51Schnueffi use mpg123
14:00:54Schnueffso quite often :)
14:01:21Zagorwell i hate silly underscores when the title has a space
14:01:26langhaarrockerdwihno: I don't think non-looneys are around in this list
14:01:35Schnueffits a matter of taste
14:01:46Schnuefftags can give me the real names
14:01:48ZagorSchnueff: do you rename all your mp3 files to have underscore instead?
14:02:01Zagoron the archos to?
14:02:14Schnueffi dont change the names on archos
14:02:17Schnueffso, yes
14:02:32LinusNhow about setting up a list?
14:02:46ZagorLinusN: ?
14:02:51LinusNpeople tend to refrain from telling us about the daily build bugs
14:03:09LinusNbecause Sourceforge is only for "official" releases
14:03:27LinusNmaybe not a list, but somewhere to post bug reports
14:03:35LinusNon daily buildsa
14:04:13Zagorwe would drown
14:04:20LinusNmost rb users run daily builds because it is so long between the releases
14:04:34langhaarrockerZagor: you don't _have_ to read bug reports :)
14:06:12LinusNany other suggestions?
14:07:02Zagorwe get plenty of bug reports on the mailing list. if we encourage users to post about every flaky daily build, we'd get everything twice or more.
14:08:18LinusNtrue, i was just thinking...
14:11:24*Phantom translate...
14:15:05*Phantom translate in FRENCH
14:15:18dwihnoUne box les rox? :)
14:15:39*bobTHC too
14:16:05Zagorwe have a translator competition :-)
14:16:29LinusNdwihno: my DCC is out of order
14:16:41dwihnoLinusN: I'll fix0r to WWW, so you can cURL-grok it ;D
14:17:24bobTHCzagor : yesterday with pyvasene and this day with phantom!
14:17:29*Zagor has updated the manual
14:17:37LinusNZagor is a hreo
14:17:53ZagorbobTHC: you french are enthusiastic! :-)
14:18:26langhaarrockerthat compensates for german lazyness
14:19:15Phantomremember : Archos is a french company
14:19:29Schnueffyeah how do u pronounce btw?
14:19:34Schnueffpronounce them
14:19:46Schnueffarsho ?
14:19:50Schnueffarscho? :)
14:20:04langhaarrockerdon't call me that again!
14:20:22Schnueffor is Archos happy when they get pronounced english?
14:20:43Zagori always pronounced it "ar-kos"
14:20:54LinusNme too
14:21:08bobTHCin french is ar-kos too!
14:21:11langhaarrockerWhen buying a paraglider I almost bought one named arcus. But that would have been confusing.
14:21:14Schnueffok kewl
14:21:19PhantomArk-os to be exactly
14:21:33bobTHCwhy ?
14:21:53Schnueffstress on 1st syllable?
14:22:26Phantomcoz arch is for "Architects"
14:23:24langhaarrockerWill there be anyone else but me needing a log functionality in the rockbox?
14:23:50Phantomwhy ?
14:24:19langhaarrockerThen I'd spend a little more time with it and put it somewhere like common.
14:24:57Zagorah. not likely. keep it locally for now.
14:26:38 Nick elinenbe|sleep is now known as elinenbe (
14:26:41langhaarrockerSo: now I'll print out some logarithm algos and read them in the bath tub. Probably I don't know more afterwards but at least I'll be clean.
14:27:23 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
14:27:36elinenbeLinusN: what exactly is play_selected option?
14:28:02LinusNelinenbe: i had a hard time finding a good name for it
14:28:17LinusNit plays the selected file in the browser, even when shuffle is on
14:28:36LinusNbut when disabled, it shuffles even the first file
14:28:45elinenbedoesn't it already display this current behavior?
14:29:00LinusNso people won't need those 1-second files first in their directories
14:29:21elinenbeI see.
14:29:22LinusNelinenbe: yes it is exactly as it is today, but now you can turn it off
14:29:56LinusNwe need a good descriptive name for it in the settings menu
14:30:01elinenbethat is one that is going to have to be in the manual :)
14:30:17LinusNi have an idea for the Recorder models
14:30:37LinusNwhy not use the remaining space in the setting screen for a descriptive text
14:30:52elinenbehow about "start with current when shuffled" ?
14:30:57elinenbethat is a great idea.
14:31:01Schnueffdo we have a routine that breaks lines then?
14:31:12Schnueffguess that would be needed for setting descriptions
14:31:13LinusNHes has one
14:31:28LinusNit may even be in the textview code
14:31:55elinenbethe setting screens should be forced as FONT_UI
14:32:11LinusN"start with selected file when having set shuffle to ON in the settings" :-)
14:32:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:32:54elinenbe"start with selected file when having shuffle set to ON" we know it is in the settings :)
14:33:15HesMine sucks
14:33:18Schnueffor make Shuffle have yes/no/evenfirstfile setting in shuffle-menu
14:33:36Heshaven't had time to fix it
14:33:45LinusNhas anybody tried showtext()?
14:34:29dwihnoWhat do you guys think about inverting the current menu selection instead of having the evil cursor?
14:34:45elinenbeI like the inversion mode.
14:35:37elinenbebut, there is a problem with both modes currently that is a HUGE pain in the ass. If I hold down for a few seconds (like to go past >70 songs) and then I let go of down it keeps on going for a while.
14:35:40dwihnoIt would be pretty neat
14:35:56*dwihno blames it on the bossanova!
14:36:01LinusNelinenbe: a performance problem
14:36:41Zagorwe could use langa's hardware roll code for scrolling. saves us updating the entire screen.
14:36:49Schnueffmaybe one can detect when to jump scroll like in xterms
14:36:55LinusNhow does the hardware roll work?
14:37:16elinenbeZagor: that is cool idea. Faster smoother scroll.
14:37:18ZagorLinusN: you set which line is at top
14:37:40Bagderthat'll make the scroll bar and status bar do oddly though, won't it?
14:37:41LinusNso the framebuffer representation changes?
14:37:48Schnueffyou have to redraw the scrollbar all the time then, but its smaller
14:37:58Schnueffstatus too
14:38:02Zagorah, scroll bar is destroyed too. didn't think of that.
14:38:14Zagorbut still we get a lot fewer bytes to update
14:38:32LinusNand the memory locations in the frame buffer where to render data would change too
14:38:44LinusNa pain to keep track of
14:38:45ZagorLinusN: no
14:38:50Schnueffthe lcd routine could deal with screen start
14:38:51Bagderthe frame buffer would get updated
14:39:09Bagderwe'd only save the buffer => lcd operation
14:39:11Zagorumm, sorry. of course it does.
14:39:32ZagorBagder: we'd save the text->font->buffer operation too
14:39:54Bagderhow could we?
14:40:07LinusNBagder: i understand what you mean
14:40:25ZagorBagder: me silly. ok, let's forget the idea :-)
14:40:48LinusNhardware scrolling is not an option imho
14:41:11Schnueffhow expensive is the buffer -> lcd operation by the way?
14:41:12Zagorelinenbe: i don't get that problem at all
14:41:46Schnueffjust the cost of writing 900 bytes or is the lcd controller slower than regular memory?
14:41:47 Part Phantom
14:42:13Bagderthere's a few control bytes too
14:42:41Schnueffbut no more wait cycles per byte or so?
14:43:56LinusNSchnueff: the LCD connection is serial
14:44:03Schnueffso its slow
14:44:10 Join edx|sleep [0] (
14:44:14LinusNupdating the frame buffer takes 25-30ms
14:44:22 Nick edx|sleep is now known as edx (
14:46:48elinenbeZagor: try it with the reverse code. Where the cursor is replaced with an inverted line.
14:47:05Zagorah, ok. that code is slow, yes
14:47:14Zagorguess why it's not committed :-)
14:48:14dwihnoOptimize it :D More assembly! :D
14:48:26dwihnoThat reminds me, a new, fresh Hackles today! (
14:48:35Schnueffwhats that
14:49:17dwihnoa kick-ass comic :)
14:49:29Schnueffi c
14:54:30 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:05:35 Part elinenbe
15:12:34 Join PiotR [0] (
15:17:45 Join elinenbe [0] (
15:34:01 Join probonic [0] (
15:37:01LinusNZagor: how well does the ATA code handle odd buffer addresses?
15:37:18Zagorslow, but works
15:37:48bobTHCfrench translation soon completed
15:38:05LinusNZagor: and how about odd seek()?
15:38:36Zagorwhy should that be a problem if ata_read works?
15:38:50Zagortranslation: i believe it works
15:38:53LinusNi'm investigating the mp3 gaps
15:39:20bobTHCWhen no translation need, left empty or rewrite the line ?
15:39:20LinusNwe truncate the seek() amount to an even number
15:39:32Zagorwe do?
15:40:01LinusNZagor: yes
15:40:55LinusNin mpeg.c
15:41:14LinusNnot in the ata code
15:41:27 Quit edx ("later")
15:43:59Zagorthat's because we want to avoid loading odd addresses
15:44:14Zagoryou said a few stray bytes shouldn't affect playback
15:45:13LinusNi thought so yes, but i am investigating
15:45:27LinusNtesting as we speak
15:45:41LinusNthat was it
15:45:44Zagorleaving the VBR tag gave no gap
15:45:52LinusNstray bytes matters
15:46:14Zagorthis is not a stray bytes issue. clean-cut files gap now, they didn't previously.
15:46:48LinusNlet me commit this and try again
15:47:03*Bagder grants LinusN permission ;-)
15:47:21bobTHCtake a look @ for comment and help
15:48:01LinusNthere is still a problem with removing the ID3v1 tag on occasions
15:48:32LinusNa very rare situation when the last read chunk is smaller than the tag itself
15:48:51LinusNi.e when the buffer wraps inside the tag
15:49:09Zagori suggest focusing on tagless data first
15:49:38 Join akozak [0] (~akozak@
15:50:32bobTHCsome french people here ???
15:51:13akozakanyone know what is inside the NEW recorder FM unit? (is there a chip cable of decoding other codecs?)
15:51:53LinusNZagor: why would tagless data be different?
15:52:24Zagorbecause there is no issues about skipping over tags and such. it's a much simpler case, which should not skip. and did not skip. but now does.
15:52:26LinusNrefresh your CVS and retry
15:53:01LinusNis the length of your first file odd?
15:53:28Zagori don't know. i don't have an usb connection here.
15:53:32LinusNdoes your first file contain a v2 tag?
15:53:46Zagorbut i'm pretty sure it's not. I split into 2M files.
15:54:04Zagorfile2->file3 skips too, and neither contain any tag whatsoever
15:54:14LinusNZagor: did you cut at frame boundaries?
15:54:25LinusNthat's the problem
15:54:30Zagorno it's not
15:54:38LinusNdid you write the code?
15:54:40Zagorlisten to me. it worked. they did not gap.
15:54:40LinusNi did
15:54:46LinusNand i know it is the problem
15:55:04Zagorok, so what worked previously is not impossible?
15:55:05LinusNthe new padding fix is causing this
15:55:59LinusNthe id3 parser searches for the first frame
15:56:19LinusNand skips the data up to that
15:57:16LinusNi should modify it so that it only searches if there is atag
15:59:44LinusNZagor: committed
15:59:49LinusNnow it should work
16:00:01Zagorok, good. i'll try it as soon as I can.
16:05:19LinusNZagor: how often do we rebuild the web?
16:05:35Zagorevery 20 min
16:05:45LinusNi changed head.t 4 hours ago and nothing has happened
16:05:56LinusNdependency prob?
16:06:09Zagori need to fix that manually
16:06:14LinusNgo go go
16:06:37Zagorwhat did you change?
16:06:44LinusNi didn't like the word wrap of "feature requests"
16:08:52bobTHCya des francais ??????
16:08:55ZagorbobTHC: english.lang updated. please adjust your francais.lang accordingly
16:09:08bobTHCzagor : ok...
16:10:22Zagorany bets if the win32 build will go red or green? :)
16:10:51bobTHCi bet 10 on red ;)
16:11:42LinusNhow to select language?
16:12:12ZagorLinusN: LANGUAGE in Makefile. we'll to that in tools/configure once there are any to choose from
16:14:19LinusNwow, it works
16:15:00Zagorbig difference, huh? :-)
16:16:36LinusNhow are thing going with the font stuff?
16:16:51 Join quelsaruk [0] (
16:18:25Bagderhey quelsaruk
16:18:29Bagderlang system in use
16:18:29Zagorhi quelsaruk. nice work on the string fixes.
16:18:36LinusNi like the atadore font
16:18:42Zagori changed a few things but mostly I think it was good
16:18:53BagderZagor: maybe we should announce something about the .lang stuff being in use
16:18:59LinusNZagor: don't forget the credits :-)
16:19:00Bagderto get more translators going
16:19:14ZagorBagder: good point
16:21:25quelsarukthx, a boring work
16:21:42quelsarukbut at least it seems to work
16:22:36quelsarukthe problem is that just thinking in opening the english.lang once more.. that makes me sick :)
16:23:07Bagderthen make your spanish.lang and open that ;-)
16:23:29Bagder./uplang english.lang spanish.lang
16:23:39quelsarukBagder: there are some people asking about .lang file, i told them that when all this stuff were finished you would say so in the website
16:29:24quelsarukif i use a loadable font i should call it system.fnt or system.ajf... it now works with the first one no?
16:29:29LinusNHmmm, the scroll doesn't work with the atadore font
16:29:58BagderI love how we have soooo much stuff that can introduce bugs now ;-)
16:31:23LinusNaha, the scroll thread doesn't see to account for the cursor margin
16:31:54ZagorLinusN: no? then how come the dir browser works?
16:32:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:36:28quelsarukLinusN: it works for me
16:38:21LinusNi have a menu entry (play selected first) where the last "t" is off screen, and it doesn't scroll
16:39:32LinusNwhat's with the (LCD_WIDTH - x*8) comparison?
16:40:03LinusNin lcd_puts_scroll()
16:41:15LinusNwhy is it calling getstringsize for each character?
16:41:53Zagorthe scroll code should be ripped out and thrown away
16:41:59Zagorat least for the recorder
16:42:49LinusNZagor: no scroll?
16:43:25Zagori mean it should be rewritten to be bitmap-specific, and not try to piggyback on the player scroll code
16:43:39Bagderpixel scrolling
16:44:19LinusNany idea why it calls getstringsize for each character?
16:44:27Bagderold code
16:44:50 Join Phantom [0] (
16:44:50Zagorquelsaruk: are you working on espanol.lang ?
16:50:35LinusNwhat is
16:50:35Bagderred build
16:50:57quelsarukzagor: yes...
16:51:10quelsarukbut i'll finish it this night
16:51:22PhantomI just need to translate "multilanguage-rockbox.diff" to make a french translation ?
16:51:59ZagorLinusN: the scrolling area width, in characters
16:52:16BagderPhantom: there seem to be many people already doing the french stuff
16:52:19quelsarukPhantom: just use english.lang
16:52:32Phantomwhere it is ?
16:52:33ZagorPhantom: nono, you make a new francais.lang. but help bobTHC with his instead, he's already half-way there.
16:52:39LinusNZagor: so it should be in pixels on the recorder?
16:52:45bobTHCi'm on it phantom i can send u francais.lang
16:52:55Phantomenvoie bob
16:53:16ZagorLinusN: yeah, possibly. but don't waste time "fixing" the current bad code.
16:53:19Phantomje vais voir si il y a des choses a changer/amliorer
16:53:27LinusNZagor: who is fixing it then?
16:53:29bobTHCil y en a toujours
16:53:47LinusNbobTHC: :-)
16:53:55Zagornobody. it's nearly unfixable. there should be separate scroll code for player and recorder.
16:54:03LinusNZagor: true
16:54:18Phantombob tu envois ?
16:54:36quelsarukZagor: got me as spanish translator?
16:54:54Zagorquelsaruk: go ahead
16:55:21LinusNPhantom and bobTHC: en anglais s'il vous plait
16:55:42bobTHCsorry all ! ;)
16:56:06LinusNgot carried away, eh?
16:58:07Phantomlo siento
16:58:09 Join TotMacher [0] (
16:58:50Phantomso bob, you send ?
16:59:58bobTHClook prv message$
17:01:01 Quit TotMacher (Client Quit)
17:01:33 Quit Phantom ()
17:02:12 Quit bobTHC (Remote closed the connection)
17:02:53Schnueffi'm working on feature [ 603685 ] Constant backlight with mains connexion
17:03:07Schnueffi made a new menu entry in the display menu, but i could come up with a good name
17:03:19Schnueffcurrently it is 'backlight on when plugged'. any better suggestions? :)
17:03:58LinusN"when charging"?
17:04:10 Quit akozak ("")
17:04:18LinusNtechnically, it may not be charging, but anyway...
17:04:28Schnueffthat would be okay, if one can set time & 'when charging' in a single screen
17:04:31Zagoreither is fine with me
17:04:59LinusNSchnueff: ?
17:05:51LinusNi mean "backlight on when charging"
17:05:55Schnueffah ok
17:06:23Schnueffwould it be ok to store that option in bit7 of the byte reserved for current backlight ?
17:06:52LinusNthe current backlight doesn't use more than maybe 4 bits
17:07:22LinusNsorry, 5 bits
17:07:30Schnueffso i only have to modify settings_save() and settings_load() for this?
17:07:38LinusNand settings_reset
17:07:50Schnueffand add a bool global_settings.backlight_on_when_charging
17:07:51LinusNfor the default
17:08:04Schnueffwhat would be the default?
17:08:22Schnueffi have no opinion on that
17:08:42LinusNi want it off
17:08:55Schnueffshouldnt matter much:)
17:09:15LinusNthe variable should maybe be called backlight_on_when_connected
17:09:22LinusNor something
17:09:31Schnueffbut connected can be mistaken for usb
17:09:47Schnueffwhen_on_power ?
17:09:59LinusN :-)
17:11:16LinusNblah, it gets longer and longer
17:11:28Schnueffat the moment i have it abbreviate, but that will change
17:11:41Schnueff(backlight_owp on when plugged, not so descriptive)
17:11:48LinusNit's not like it is hard to change...
17:12:09Zagormake it simple: backlight_plugged
17:12:29Schnueffok then backlight_when_plugged
17:12:45Schnueffand for the menu 'Backlight on when plugged'
17:13:02LinusNi don't think "plugged" is good in the menu though
17:13:09Schnueffyeah power better
17:13:13LinusN"charging" will probably be better
17:13:24 Join bobTHC [0] (
17:13:36LinusNfrom the user's point of view, connecting the power means "charging"
17:13:47Zagori agree
17:13:52Zagori think :)
17:14:05LinusNi'm not a user, just a simple developer
17:14:48Zagorsometimes i dream of being a user
17:15:04LinusNno worries, just using
17:15:06*laotan is still waiting for his archos recorder to be fixed so he can be a user too :)
17:15:13quelsarukBagder: is there some kind of FAQ about .lang use and tranlating languages?
17:15:18quelsarukjust to know
17:15:38Bagderwe'll just point everyone to Bjorn's mail ;-)
17:16:30quelsarukwhich mail is that, to point averyone to it
17:16:52quelsarukcan't find it in thread
17:17:13LinusN"translators, start your engines"
17:19:41quelsarukit's a new mail
17:23:46Schnueffin set_int(): the function gets called called every .5 seconds because of the timeout in button_get_w_tmo. is that desired?
17:23:57Schnueff'the function' = the function passed as argument
17:24:27Schnueffmaybe one should call it only, when the variable has changed?
17:27:35LinusNSchnueff: only when changed
17:27:47Zagorbluergh, lcd_putsxy is in font.c ?!?
17:27:59LinusNand lcd_getstringsize
17:28:15*Zagor is codepolicing the font code
17:28:22LinusNbeware us all
17:28:41Schnueffso i have to fix this? or have i misunderstood the code?
17:28:45BagderZagor: I think Greg is right that the font code is not LCD driver code
17:29:01Zagorlcd_putsxy is not font code
17:29:13Bagderpossibly not
17:29:54LinusNSchnueff: it looks like it is doing the wrong thing
17:30:07Schnuefftherefore the backlight is on always in the backlight menu
17:30:38LinusNSchnueff: do you want me to fix?
17:31:22 Join TotMacher [0] (
17:31:22Schnueffyes, but there's no hurry
17:31:42Schnueffi'm happy that i dont have to fix the backlight code for that bug:)
17:32:42 Join hardeep [0] (
17:33:20 Join Phantom [0] (
17:33:28bobTHCfrench ppl take a look @ for correction and comments !
17:33:50*dwihno looks
17:34:00Phantombob : PV
17:34:04LinusNwhy does the set_int() function use button_get_w_tmo()?
17:34:21dwihnobatterie et baguette une saucisson
17:35:03dwihnoPERDU! :D
17:35:07dwihnoHow cool translation
17:35:26SchnueffLinusN: i dont know that
17:35:35LinusNbeats me
17:36:03Schnueffthe other set_*() functions dont?
17:36:12LinusNthat imples that someone needed the function to be called often
17:36:18quelsarukmust reboot, cu later
17:36:22Schnuefflets grep
17:36:28 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
17:37:06Schnueffmaybe for the scrolling?
17:37:17SchnueffScroll Speed Setting Example
17:37:51Bagderthe scroll is its own thread, it shouldn't need that
17:40:34PhantomThe French will be they first translation (what germans waiting for ?)
17:40:47PhantomThe French will be the first translation (what germans waiting for ?)
17:40:58bobTHC? Where are german ??
17:40:59Schnueffenglish is ok for me:)
17:41:34PhantomFrench power
17:42:00PhantomQuestion : Is Archos know about Rockbox ? Do you tell them about it ?
17:42:39dwihnoyum, fiskbullar!
17:42:45LinusNthe w_tmo() is for the status bar redraw
17:42:50PhantomMaybe they should give sources to help the project ...
17:42:52dwihnoThey are blind (and stupid) if they do not know of it
17:43:29LinusNi am changing to:
17:43:31LinusN if ( function && button != BUTTON_NONE)
17:43:35 Quit Phantom ()
17:44:37Zagorgah, confvbdf.c copies the font.h data...
17:44:44Schnueffuh F3 saves the settings. good to know
17:45:05SchnueffLinusN: should be ok
17:45:32LinusNSchnueff: woo, yes it save the settings.
17:45:39LinusNnot very nice imho
17:45:57Zagorwhy on earth is that added?
17:45:58Schnueffu got to switch( button = .. ) {} though
17:46:15Schnueffor is button a global variable?
17:46:16LinusNyes i do, almost
17:46:29LinusNi declare a local int button
17:46:54Zagorif you modify settings.c, remove all F3 handling in set_*
17:47:48Zagorwhy should we toggle the status bar in there? lots of messy code nobody ever uses.
17:48:14LinusNok, so no quick-menus either?
17:48:21Zagornot in set_*
17:48:47Zagorwe should have it in menu_run() though
17:49:54 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
17:50:18LinusNi see that we have to handle USB in there
17:50:54Zagorgotta go
17:50:55 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
17:54:02 Part LinusN
17:54:12 Join LinusN [0] (
17:55:42 Join quelsaruk [0] (
17:57:39quelsarukLinusN: can we include in text strings characters like " " ??
17:59:32LinusNi guess
17:59:49LinusNbut there might be e problem with tha
18:00:09LinusNis it 8859-1?
18:00:10 Join Phantom [0] (
18:00:21quelsarukdon't know
18:00:26dwihnoI think so
18:00:37quelsarukhope so
18:00:39Phantombob : have you finish
18:03:46Phantomfrench translation is near
18:03:54 Quit TotMacher ()
18:04:24 Quit Phantom (Client Quit)
18:07:42 Part LinusN
18:09:20 Quit pyvasene ("Leaving...")
18:14:28bobTHC1st "francais.lang "is out !!!! check out for correction and comments !
18:15:10bobTHCi think uploading it in the cvs can be good for correction ?
18:17:24bobTHCmasters where are u? ;)
18:20:19quelsarukthey're gone
18:20:28quelsarukour gods have left us...
18:22:37dwihnothey went to the pub
18:23:17quelsaruklike true metal gods!
18:24:04 Join edx [0] (
18:24:48bobTHCquelsaruk have u a cvs account ?
18:26:21quelsarukif i'm correct i'm not even in the credits
18:26:42bobTHCi think u'll be
18:26:57bobTHCbut i'm not a metal god
18:28:00bobTHCSwendish, french, spanish.... and more soon !!!
18:28:02quelsarukam i the only heavy here?
18:29:03bobTHCheavy ?
18:29:05quelsarukyou too?
18:29:16Schnueffi guess he speaks of heavy metal
18:29:19Schnueff(no my weight)
18:29:47quelsarukof coruse heavy metal
18:30:08Schnueffi bet bobTHC thought that was just another language :)
18:30:20bobTHCu talking about musik ! ok sorry i'm too tired!
18:31:31 Join TotMacher [0] (
18:31:48bobTHCtell me a band of heavy
18:32:17 Join Phantom [0] (
18:32:23quelsarukedguy, hammerfall, gamma ray, rage, primal fear, rhapsody, heaven's gate, after forever....
18:32:26quelsarukthere are a lot
18:32:35quelsarukthe best power metal comes from germany
18:32:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:34:29bobTHCquelsaruk : last daily can use *.lang file ?
18:34:29Phantomwhat are *.o files ?
18:35:02 Part Remo
18:35:02Schnueffobject files (what comes out of the compiler if u process a *.c)
18:35:46Phantomand how to change graphism (the boot screen for exemple)
18:35:54Schnueffhm dont know
18:36:55quelsarukbobTHC: yes, zagor added that setting 2 hours ago
18:37:15bobTHCthanx (really tired) ;)
18:37:47Phantomwhere .lang may be placed ?
18:40:31quelsarukPhantom: in apps/lang dir
18:40:56dwihnodemo_menu.c:34:18: lang.h: No such file or directory
18:41:00quelsarukand afterwards you should use a command (i can't remember which one) to create the lang.h file
18:41:17quelsarukdwingo... you have to create lang.h file
18:41:19quelsarukusing a tool
18:41:33quelsarukbut which tool?
18:41:48quelsarukwho knows...
18:42:00bobTHCnot me...
18:42:01dwihnoI'll check
18:42:03 Quit Phantom ()
18:43:07bobTHCIn the future the better will be like fonts, add the *.lang in the root directory and that's all folks
18:43:32dwihnonot in the root dir! :)
18:43:35dwihnoin the .rockbox dir! :)
18:43:47quelsaruki found a big error
18:43:52quelsarukwell not so big
18:45:06quelsaruksome phrases are divided into 2 lines... and english is different to all languages that come from latin
18:45:50quelsarukfor example Playlist buffer is full, we say "buffer playlist is full" (in your language)
18:46:01quelsarukat least in spanish
18:46:07bobTHCin french too
18:46:14quelsarukportuguese, french italian..
18:46:19quelsarukall comes from latin
18:46:33bobTHCcatalan, occitan...
18:47:21quelsaruki should send a mod warning of those problems
18:47:58quelsarukbobTHC: check out you haven't make that mistake
18:48:29quelsarukand LANG_PLAYINDICES_BUFFER
18:48:47quelsarukyou should swap the order ;)
18:49:18Schnuefftools/genlang, did u find?
18:49:36dwihnoI got it running
18:49:46dwihnogenlang, then put the lang.c/h in the apps dir
18:50:44bobTHC i'm tired, CU later !
18:50:50 Part bobTHC
18:52:09 Join Phantom [0] (
18:53:41Phantomwhere can I have lastest (but REALLY lastest) sources ?
18:54:43hardeepPhantom: see
18:55:19quelsarukhardeep: you are faster than me :)
18:55:53Phantomlol,don't have CVS...
18:56:06hardeepPhantom: which OS are you running?
18:57:02Phantomwindows XP (I m boring of Linux, in windows there are more "surpises")
18:57:15dwihnoWindows - YOu don't know where you're going today ;)
18:57:19dwihnoYou need perl for the genlang utility
18:57:30 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
18:57:46hardeepPhantom: okay, all you need is WinCVS:
18:57:57hardeepPhantom: or you could install cygwin
18:58:12quel|outthat's a better option
18:58:15hardeepbut i'm not sure how well cygwin works on XP
18:58:32Phantomit work pretty bad
18:58:38Phantomi ve tried
18:58:42quel|outin theory win xp uses win2k kernel
18:58:51quel|outjust in theory
18:58:55quel|outi don't use it
18:59:14Phantom2k "optimized" kernel
18:59:22hardeepquel|out: i've heard people report problems with cygwin + XP, don't have details
18:59:54Phantomit freeze
19:00:32dwihnoI've heard that too
19:00:38dwihnoThat's why I stick to Win2k :)
19:00:39dwihnoand GNUSH
19:00:55hardeepi run cygwin on Win2K without any problems
19:02:23 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
19:15:51 Join EnnaN [0] (bla@CC53164-B.GRONI1.GR.HOME.NL)
19:15:51 Quit Phantom (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:16:38EnnaNany1 here?
19:21:04 Quit PiotR ("BitchX: porque yo lo valgo")
19:21:54 Join PiotR [0] (
19:27:01 Join mecraw1212 [0] (~mecraw@
19:27:02 Quit mecraw12 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:30:59 Join Phantom [0] (
19:31:25Phantomis one of you can build a french/propfonts/game rockbox ?
19:32:35EnnaNnot me...just in here for some q&a (mostly from the q side) :)
19:34:38pimlottcbobTHC is doing a french translation
19:35:55EnnaNany1 can answer a question about (already reported) bug of premature file ending?
19:38:48adi|homeEnnaN: whats your question?
19:41:18EnnaNwell, i saw a bugreport (602571) for the skipping, but iwanna know if (i think so) this problem is solved allready (problem is about tracks randojmly stopping too soon) in any of the daily builds, cause 1.3 still does it..
19:43:30adi|homeyeah.. as far as i know its fixed in the daily builds
19:44:46EnnaNoke.. any idea wich saily build .mod is stable enough to use? i know they can be buggy, but i guess that some are better then others :) got a 10 gig studio (player)
19:44:51 Quit Phantom (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:52:41 Quit mecraw1212 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:53:17 Join mecraw1212 [0] (~mecraw@
19:56:43 Join kargatron [0] (
19:58:42TotMacheris the english.lang complete ?
19:59:29kargatronis there anything less than ideal about charging the recorder while pausing (in order to preserve my resume-position)?
20:00:56EnnaNeeuhm..doesnt the rockbox rember your resume position, even while off????
20:01:09EnnaNthat's the usage of resume function i think..
20:01:50EnnaNtomacher: as for as i'm concerned, the english language is far less then complete :)) (or: I dunno)
20:03:45 Join Phantom [0] (
20:04:30PhantomIs somebody can build a french release if I give him the french.lang ?
20:05:12EnnaNnot em
20:05:16EnnaNeeuhm, not me that is
20:05:30dwihnoIf you give me it, I can
20:05:34dwihnoput it online somewhere
20:06:51Phantomdo you have a mail ?
20:07:17dwihnocan't you just put it online on some web server? I hate my mail :)
20:08:12Phantomno, don't have
20:16:32 Quit mecraw1212 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:17:52EnnaNadi|home: you still here?
20:32:56quel|outthe english.lang is *complete*
20:33:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:33:18dwihnoit's very complete indeed
20:33:21quel|outi have submitted all changes to the mail list this morning
20:33:29dwihnoOtherwise the current build would not build :)
20:33:33dwihno(which it does)
20:33:36quel|outand zagor has added it to the source code
20:35:40 Join Phantomdjp [0] (
20:36:41 Quit Phantom (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:38:27 Part Phantomdjp
20:46:47EnnaNeeuhm, still trying to find out if one of the latest daily builds is (kinda) stable enough to run...
20:47:24EnnaNyesss? :)
20:47:39quel|outyou can only find out if you try
20:47:43quel|outbut i can tell you it's stable, enought
20:48:29dwihnoThere's always the other side of the medallion
20:48:31EnnaNofcourse, that's why me ask :) somebody shure would've tried it :) (ok, i know.. /me lazy) ...but tnx...
20:48:38EnnaNdwihno: and that is?
20:48:43dwihnoSuch as, ugly font, no or such chars and some quirks being worked on :)
20:49:00dwihnoAlthough I use the bleeding edge CVS every day
20:49:13quel|outas me...
20:49:18EnnaN:) .. i am mostly anoyed by 1.3's ability to skip to the next track sometimes, unasked for...
20:49:42dwihnoWho except Phantom wanted a french localized version of rockbox?
20:50:05*EnnaN doesnt :)
20:50:10quel|outdwihno: not me :P
20:50:31*dwihno prefers the software in english, though it isn't my native language
20:50:44*EnnaN dutch..
20:51:06dwihnowaat hoet gaat heet woot toot? :)
20:51:18EnnaNhmm..iets dergelijks :)
20:52:23dwihnoSeen any smeetvrees' lately? :)
20:52:45EnnaNin MY house????? no way!
20:53:07*EnnaN student in a student appropriate house (ok, that was hard to spell)
20:56:30 Quit probonic ()
21:00:40EnnaNcan anybody tell me what the "follow playlist" thingy is?
21:00:56dwihnoSure can
21:01:12dwihnowhen you start a playlist for instance
21:01:29dwihnoit will load some random song...
21:01:53dwihnoif you have the "follow playlist" enabled, pressing 'on' or 'stop' will return you to the current file, instead of the file you started
21:01:56dwihnoor last dir
21:02:25quel|outhas anyone here a player?
21:02:31*EnnaN does
21:02:53quel|outhow manny chars enter in the display?
21:02:54EnnaNow "jukebox studio" a player
21:03:01dwihnoisn't it hard to browse the contents of the unit with only 2 lines?
21:03:07quel|outjukebox studio is a player :)
21:03:14EnnaNquel: thought so
21:03:26 Join Phantom [0] (
21:03:27EnnaNdwihno: well...alphabethical is kinda logical..
21:03:46EnnaNdwihno: and i *know* my files/playlists rather well
21:03:54dwihnoEnnaN: ah, neato :)
21:04:08dwihnoI love the custom fonts and such :)
21:04:22PhantomFrench rockbox is out !!! (with ou space...)
21:04:31EnnaN...dunno bout htat...and i read about osci....can i do this now on player with new cvs?
21:04:37Phantom French rockbox is out !!! (without space...)
21:06:01kargatronanyone on windows know how to 'browse' the available fonts easily? is it possible?
21:06:38EnnaNgotta go..lator
21:06:47 Nick EnnaN is now known as EnnaN|afk (bla@CC53164-B.GRONI1.GR.HOME.NL)
21:07:16quel|outcan't anyone with a player tell me how manny characters can the player display??
21:07:25dwihnokargatron: dunno really... I guess "somebody" could make a program? :)
21:07:39dwihnokargatron: you ment bdf or the fnt files?
21:07:50kargatroni figure there's some complicated font-install thing to do, but i wanted to avoid something like that
21:08:06kargatronyeah bdf/fnt files available inthe fonts dir
21:08:24kargatronthe goal being to figure out which font you want to use
21:08:26dwihnoI don't think there's a windows utility for that
21:08:42dwihnoin the future, the fonts will be loadable, thus, reducing the need of such software
21:08:59kargatroni switched to bjorn fischer's font, which is better than the current defdault, but a bit too BIG and BOLD for me
21:09:46kargatronit's nice, but easy to just see a mess of bold when you glance at it.
21:09:49 Quit D4damage1 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:09:57 Join YourNick [0] (
21:10:10dwihnokargatron: Did you ever see the propfont in action?
21:11:20kargatronnot really messed with any of this stuff until today, sorry
21:11:36dwihnothere's a system.fnt in that file
21:11:38dwihnotest that
21:11:53Phantomhow to use the "system.fnt" ?
21:11:58PhantomI ve it
21:12:00dwihnoplace it in the root of the unit
21:12:10dwihnoPhantom: didn't you read my files.txt instruction?! :)
21:12:11dwihnoSHAME ON YOU!
21:12:18dwihnoI wrote instructions so you wouldn't need to ask! :)
21:12:28Phantombut don't see difference with "propfonts"
21:15:57dwihnothen you did something strange :)
21:16:47Phantomthe only difference is the "space" bug
21:18:33dwihnoThat's becuase the font has not been 100% converted by Uwe yet.
21:19:08PhantomI know but why use this "bug font" and not propfont ?
21:19:51dwihnoSee the topic :)
21:19:57dwihno"the font code is being completely replaced. give us a few days to smooth things out"
21:20:15dwihnoAre you blind? :-)
21:20:20dwihnoOr perhaps I should say -)
21:20:46dwihnoHave patience, young skywalker. The force will come to you in time,
21:21:35PhantomNOOOOOO, <==={{{−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−
21:22:17dwihno<==={{{ *bzz* *click* Damn! I KNEW I should've switched to duracell!
21:23:33Phantom−−−−==========|||[]|||==========−−−− dual light saber
21:23:47kargatronOT: any mp3gain users here?
21:24:01Phantom <==={{{−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−
21:24:06PhantomOnly padawan
21:24:58 Join noalavida [0] (
21:25:47Phantomso, tell to big boss to put french translation on rockbox site as soon as the bug is repeared (and to add my name in credits ;) )
21:25:51 Quit Phantom ()
21:27:41dwihnoIt's not a damn bug!
21:27:47dwihnoIt's the font not being 100% complete!
21:27:56dwihnoI think I told him that 7 times!
21:30:47 Quit noalavida ()
21:43:35quel|outmust go
21:43:53 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:53:07 Join Phantom [0] (
22:18:29 Join MasterOfMagic [0] (
22:24:34 Quit Phantom ()
22:33:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:46:01 Quit YourNick ("I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n 2.0 Build 1515")
22:46:27 Join noalavida [0] (
22:49:02kargatroni see this in recent changes: Added play_selected option
22:49:08kargatronanyone know what that is?
22:52:11noalavidacan i copile de uisimilator for win32 under win32?
22:52:43dwihnoif you have visual studio 6, yes
22:52:53noalavidayes i hve
22:53:15noalavidathen how i compile?
22:55:40noalavidado you know it?
22:57:15dwihnoGet the uisimulator and required stuff from cvs
22:57:17dwihnoopen the project file
22:57:20dwihno*build* :)
22:59:25noalavidathank you, but where is the project file?
22:59:48noalavidai've downloaded a tar.gz file from the daily builds page
23:06:19dwihnoBut I don't know if the daily builds include the simulators
23:06:32dwihno(I always use CVS stuff)
23:08:29noalavidai think they are included because the file includes a uisimilator directory with the fonts
23:08:36 Part kargatron
23:09:00noalavidabut in this directory there's only a Makefile to compile under linux
23:10:18 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
23:10:51 Nick edx is now known as edx|sleep (
23:11:09 Quit noalavida ()
23:11:48 Join hardeep [0] (
23:13:37 Quit EnnaN|afk ("Leaving")
23:24:35 Join Jet8810 [0] (
23:36:15 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
23:37:52MasterOfMagicAre there any plans to get the recorder to read ext2 partitions?
23:38:11MasterOfMagicIs anyone working on that? (Asking because I need a hacking project.)
23:40:54 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
23:40:54DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno|gone
23:41:00PsycoXulnobody is that i know of
23:41:33PsycoXuli'd love to be able to use something other than fat32
23:41:50PsycoXulbut of course the rom firmware needs at least a small fat32 partition to read the archos.mod from
23:42:01Hadakayay, reiserfs for archos ,)
23:42:29Hadakaso you want to play mp3's from something other than fat32?
23:42:30MasterOfMagicOr ext3fs. I'm looking for a good hacking project.
23:42:40MasterOfMagicWell, I want a more efficient fs.
23:42:50MasterOfMagicAnd journaling would be an overhead, but a good bragging point.
23:43:02MasterOfMagic"Does your crappy iPod have a journaling file system? I think not!"
23:43:14Hadakamore efficient? in what way?
23:43:25MasterOfMagicMore efficient block and sector size.
23:43:31MasterOfMagicLess fragmentation, etc.
23:43:46PsycoXulfat32 isn't exactly a high-performance high-integrity fs
23:43:46MasterOfMagicProbably less overhead, but we'd have to code it and see.
23:43:59MasterOfMagicRather, I'd have to code it and try.
23:44:14Hadakawell with the amount of writing you are doing on the filesystem, I'd say fat32 is high-integrity enough ;)
23:44:18 Join Silly_Fly [0] (~luk@
23:44:25 Quit MasterOfMagic ("[BX] Its not TV. Its BitchX.")
23:45:03PsycoXulexcept with the nature of the writing thats being done, mostly over a flaky usb connection...
23:45:26Hadakaand I'm not sure how much block and sector sizes matter on a filesystem storing lots of big files - usually filesystems perform pretty well in this regard
23:46:18PsycoXulplus recorder's writing large files, and players writing playlists and other little files on a device that's gets shaken around, interrupted power, etc...
23:47:17Jet8810dude, rockbox is awesome :)
23:47:25Jet8810just had to say that hehe
23:47:33Hadakawell fat32 can be fixed pretty well, unlike many newer filesystems
23:47:39PsycoXullast thing i want is the battery to go dead while saving a playlist and boot up to find all my files screwed up thanks to some silly FAT issue
23:47:58Hadakaurgh, NTFS is worse
23:48:10Jet8810so what do you have in mind?
23:48:19Hadakaoh, it's just a discussion
23:48:32Jet8810i know, but what is a more productive filesystem you could format it with?
23:48:42PsycoXulJet8810: i'd like ext3 or reiserfs
23:48:50HadakaI have many of my important files on the archos as well - but they are in a big file that is mounted loopback that's reiserfs
23:49:02 Quit Silly_Fly ("Connection reset by peer ( )")
23:49:30Jet8810yea I back up files to archos also
23:49:34Hadakaand I'm content letting my MP3's be handled by some cruddy FAT32
23:49:38Hadakanot backup - mounting directly
23:51:46PsycoXuli just don't trust fat filesystems
23:52:04PsycoXulfrom DOS 5 through win98 i've always had misc funkyness from them
23:52:19Hadakayeah, fat sucks in windows
23:52:41Hadakaworks like a dream in linux though - and dosfsck is pretty damn good at fixing things - though not as good as e2fsck ofcourse
23:52:43 Join MasterOfMagic [0] (
23:53:03PsycoXuleven in linux i get oddities on fat fs's
23:53:18Hadakawhat kind of oddities?
23:53:35PsycoXulon my stepdad's box whenever i run a find in linux it comes back with "<Somesuch file or dir>: no such file or directory" or whatever on stuff that isn't there
23:53:47Hadakadosfsck should fix those
23:54:03MasterOfMagicHas anyone tried mtools on the archos?
23:54:08PsycoXulah well i never tried that...
23:54:12MasterOfMagicThat might keep the problem at bay.
23:54:25Hadakawell mtools are not for serious access of the filesystem anyway
23:54:34Hadakathey are more prone for breaking things than the kernel filesystem
23:54:59MasterOfMagicTrue. Although I've never had them break anything.
23:55:06MasterOfMagickernel or mtools
23:55:13PsycoXuli've never used mtools for anything that i can recall
23:55:26MasterOfMagicIt's good to keep from mounting floppies.
23:55:31Hadakafor some reason, I've been able to replicate on two machine that mtools produce broken output if xmms is playing mp3's while copying :)
23:55:54MasterOfMagicMaybe it's the RIAA lobyists inserting bad code into mtools. :-)
23:55:55PsycoXulMasterOfMagic: whats wrong with mounting floppies? heh
23:55:55Hadakaa friend complained loudly about that
23:56:07 Join tot|n8 [0] (
23:56:13Hadakaand then I tested it and could make it happen as well
23:56:15 Join tot|aewAei [0] (
23:56:19HadakaI don't use xmms myself
23:56:27PsycoXuli used to use xmms
23:56:29PsycoXuluntill i got my archos
23:56:41MasterOfMagicPsycoXul: Nothing, I just find in my setup (don't use floppies much) it's unnecessary overhead.
23:56:50MasterOfMagicMe too. Been an archos convert for about a month now.
23:57:05PsycoXuli've had mine since last xmas
23:57:10Hadakamy archos is broken now :( I should really take it apart
23:57:31MasterOfMagicWell, I went to Circuit City here in the States and they said that the Recorder 20 had been recalled. :(
23:57:37MasterOfMagicSo I had to settle for a Recorder 15.
23:58:02PsycoXuli picked it out cause out of all the options, it was the one that looked the most hackable, not to mention durable and best storage and space size for the money
23:58:24MasterOfMagicYeah. I didn't want to shell out about $100 more for an it's great for recording lectures.
23:58:39MasterOfMagicPlus I got 5 GB more than that iPod.
23:58:49PsycoXuland so when i saw bjorn's initial page later that month with descramble.c and the LED blinker, it was exciting :p

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