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#rockbox log for 2002-09-19

00:00:36MasterOfMagicGotta kernel...brb...
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00:34:24Jet8810recorder 20 has been recalled?
00:44:06freshmakerJet8810: where did you get the info about a recall?
00:59:42Jet8810<MasterOfMagic> Well, I went to Circuit City here in the States and they said that the Recorder 20 had been recalled. :(
01:16:45datazoneyou have to remember circuit city is stupid
01:17:10datazonehe could have meant that circuit city is no longer going to be selling them, so they are recalling them
01:17:56datazonethey may not want to be selling devices like it, they may have ties with the music industry
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03:09:59merwinI seem to have missed the whole huge blowup fights lately :)
03:10:18mecraw12i've been sitting quietly on the sidelines
03:10:23PsycoXuli just skipped passed all the font and language stuff
03:10:39PsycoXuli speak english and have a player, so it wasn't that interesting heh
03:10:59merwinI don't have a recorder and i don't really speak any other language fluently (other than spanish), so the arguments didn't pertain
03:11:39PsycoXulyou can't beat loose-leaf for tea
03:11:52merwinand binders
03:12:37PsycoXulbinders? you mean those things that hold that old "paper" stuff?
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03:16:53merwinPsycoXul: yeah... heh. Remember those?
03:17:05merwinmecraw12: your peers apparently didn't like your connection
03:17:54mecraw12my cable is screwed up, my dsl is screwed, my 802.11a is screwed...
03:17:56merwinLike 007? Yeah, except I'm going to be 009 1/2, get it?
03:18:03merwingreat quote
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03:18:05*mecraw12 wishes he was screwed
03:18:25merwinmecraw12: hehehe.... at least you're getting screwed by something
03:18:53mecraw12i should count my blessings i suppose
03:28:15merwinmy cablemodem is working smoothly, my 802.11a hasn't arrived yet :( I won a full 802.11a home kit a couple months ago and haven't gotten it yet.
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03:36:13merwin1500kbps download, 200kbps upload. I would rather they were an even 850kbp both ways though
03:44:56pimlottcbitch bitch bitch...
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04:16:37datazoneyou, know i am really sick of those apple "switch" commercials
04:17:13datazonewhere were they when i plugged my jukebox into a mac running OS X and couldnt figure out how to see the fricking drive.
04:17:40datazoneor when i plugged int a mac running os9 and it went and put all sorts of crap over my filesystem
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05:02:46PsycoXuldatazone: smiling with tech-support waiting to take your money to read some script to you
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06:26:23MasterOfMagicI'm having problems with my Recorder in Linux.
06:26:32MasterOfMagicWhen I mount the drive and write things to it, it's fine.
06:26:46MasterOfMagicWhen I go to unmount it, the machine locks. (The computer, not the recorder.)
06:27:13MasterOfMagicI'm using the usb-uchi driver.
06:27:26MasterOfMagicAnyone have any idea what is wrong/had this experience before.
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06:37:12MasterOfMagicI'm having a problem with a USB device. It's a mass storage device. (Archos Recorder 15GB) When I mount it, everything is okay. When I write to it, everything is okay. When I synch it, everything is okay. When I go to unmount it, the system freezes. Any idea on what I'm doing wrong?
06:42:05pimlottcyou mean umount the file system or when you disconnect the cable
06:42:28MasterOfMagicumount the fs
06:42:40MasterOfMagicBesides "don't do that", what should I do? :-)
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06:45:22pimlottczagor would be the one to ask about that
06:45:34MasterOfMagicI figured.
06:45:46MasterOfMagicWell, I'm going to try kernel 2.4.19 later today.
06:45:50pimlottcyou could try recompiling with USB storage debug info
06:45:56pimlottcsee if there's anything useful that shows up in the logs
06:46:26MasterOfMagicI tried that. Last message talks about a write, and then when I cut the power, the next message is "restart"
06:46:56MasterOfMagic(I let the machine alone for 15 minutes)
06:47:21pimlottcthere are definately some problems with the driver. just haven't seen that one in particular
06:49:09MasterOfMagicThanks for your help. No rockbox firmware until I fix that...:-(
06:52:35pimlottcyou could always compile the uisimulator :)
06:53:33MasterOfMagicTrue, but that doesn't help when I'm using the recorder in school instead of listening to the CS professor drone on about linked lists. :-)
06:54:00MasterOfMagicLinked lists were hard...when I was 9. :-)
06:55:01pimlottccould boot to windows maybe
06:55:11MasterOfMagicI would if I had it on this machine.
06:55:46MasterOfMagicI'll have to "borrow" my friend's IBook. :-)
06:59:59MasterOfMagicAs soon as I get that working, then it's ext2 hacking. :-)
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07:27:05merwinhey again
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09:15:49Schnueffhi all
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09:27:02Schnueffmoin zagor
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09:30:40SchnueffZagor: i have the patch for backlight-on-when-charging ready. do you want me to mail it to you for review? or should i mail it to the list?
09:30:52Zagorsend it to the list
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09:36:29bobTHChi all!
09:38:36bobTHCzagor : the 1st version of francais.lang is out, what u think about upload it in the cvs?
09:39:05Zagori will, as soon as I get through my mail
09:39:23bobTHCi send u it now ?
09:40:32bobTHCat your email or in the mailing list?
09:40:44Zagorthe mailing list, for review
09:40:55bobTHCok, sending....
09:47:39bobTHCshit, i forgot great to phantom and pyvasene!
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09:57:35bobTHCzagor : I can't post in cvs, when review is ok, u post it ?
09:59:14bobTHC*.lang discution in the mailing list is hot !
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10:53:23memZagor: It was an interesting "presentation" last night :-)
10:53:29Zagorhmm, mem? Malotte, Mats, Mikael?
10:53:44*mem is Magnus
10:53:49Zagorah, of course
10:53:57 Join Remo [0] (
10:54:10langhaarrockerhow do I specify the language for build?
10:54:16Zagoryeah, so when are you getting your recorder? ;)
10:54:25langhaarrockerOr where can I read howto?
10:54:30Zagorlanghaarrocker: you don't, yet. change LANGUAGE in apps/Makefile
10:54:57memZagor: I'm looking for the right place to buy the thing from
10:55:08 Nick dwihno|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
10:55:08DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
10:55:23dwihnomem: Dustin has it (I bought mine there)
10:55:49dwihnobreakfast time! :D
10:55:57memdwihno: Dustin doesn't have them i stock...
10:56:02memin, even
10:56:29dwihnomem: what a pity! When I ordered my unit, I got it the next day! (including 700km shipping) :)
10:57:47memZagor: The admin guy (inköpare) at Kontaktor was talking about another store that also could write "portable HD" on the invoice, do you know what store he was talking about?
10:57:57langhaarrockerI left the LANGUAGE target set to english but the generated lang.c contains no single string.
10:58:14memdwihno: for me it would be 15km shipping :-)
10:58:26CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
10:58:26*dwihno weeps a bit. The price has surely dropped! :(
10:58:38Schnueffdont tell us:)
10:58:55Schnueffso we dont weep as well
10:59:09dwihnoI won't tell you then ;)
10:59:10memdwihno: I wonder if Dustin can promise that price. All other stores has more or less the double price
10:59:37dwihnomem: well, place a phonecall and ask them when additional units will arrive.
11:00:12Zagormem: i don't know, but I can give you his number
11:01:27memZagor: you could /msg me his number
11:01:57dwihnoThis sounds like something on the brink of legality ;)
11:05:51langhaarrockerwhen I get a lang.c file generated that doesn't contain any strings - does that mean something is broken or does that mean I lack of knowledge?
11:06:11Zagorlanghaarrocker: good question :-)
11:06:16Zagorworks for me
11:06:18memdwihno: Dustin says that they will get them 27/9 but the delivery date has changed a number of times...
11:07:09dwihnolanghaarrocker: how do you call the perl script? I do "perl genlang english.lang" and everything turns out fine (on my win32 box too!)
11:07:33dwihnomem: aww... well, the 27th isn't that far away...
11:07:51langhaarrockerAh. I lack of knowledge. Didn't know I had to call any pearl scripts
11:08:27Zagoryou don't. the Makefile does that for you.
11:08:48dwihnoNot the gnush makefiles :)
11:10:52 Join LinusN [0] (
11:11:22*LinusN suffers from a serious hangover today
11:11:33langhaarrockeroh god
11:11:49langhaarrocker(have you ever read Terry Pratchett?)
11:11:50memLinusN: hi
11:12:57dwihnoTerry Pratchett? I recognize that name, but I can't remember from where...
11:13:25langhaarrockerHe wrote half a library of books concerning 'disc world'.
11:13:43langhaarrockersome kind of fantasy parody
11:14:03dwihnodisc world it is!
11:14:25langhaarrockerHe invented eg the Oh God. That's the god of hangovers. Because every prayer to the god of hangovers starts with "Oh God!"
11:14:33*dwihno is not the book kinda guy (unless it's sci-fi ^_^)
11:15:13 Quit Synthe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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11:15:19langhaarrockerif you like Douglas Adams Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy you MUST read disc world books!
11:15:31Schnueffat least some
11:16:10dwihnolanghaarrocker: I'll do that when I retire ;)
11:17:01langhaarrockerbtw it _is_ the perl script that generates this lang.c file that lacks of any strings. How that?
11:17:36Zagorlanghaarrocker: sounds strange
11:17:54langhaarrockerIt just contains a char **language_strings[] with comma separated whitespace.
11:18:16langhaarrocker(my typo: one * to many)
11:19:47langhaarrockerfrom my build dir I now tried to call the perl script using
11:19:48langhaarrocker perl ../tools/genlang ../apps/lang/english.lang
11:19:48langhaarrockeris that wrong?
11:19:49Zagorwhat can I say. the code in CVS works.
11:19:52memZagor: I've just spoke to Jon and got the information about Portal AB
11:20:15Zagormem: ah, right. i've heard that name before.
11:20:17memZagor: The guy at Portal will call me back with a price and delivery date soon
11:20:17HadakaI'm feeling a bit upset about comparing the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy to discworld books :(
11:20:54langhaarrockerThats what everybody does.
11:21:14langhaarrockerBut don't consider it comparing the books but its audiences.
11:21:21langhaarrockerThey overlap
11:22:05 Nick mem is now known as mem_away (
11:22:08Hadakawell yes, people who read humorous sci-fi do overlap
11:22:42dwihnoPeople who read books do overlap? :)
11:22:46Zagorlanghaarrocker: ../../tools/genlang -p=/home/bjst/src/rockbox/rsim/lang ../../apps/lang/english.lang
11:23:46Zagorbut even the simple "../tools/genlang ../apps/lang/english.lang" works
11:24:17Schnueffwhen building the simulator i had to build lang.{c,h} manually yesterday, iirc
11:24:45ZagorSchnueff: you shouldn't have to, unless you do a kludge win32 build
11:24:54Schnueffno windows here :)
11:25:15Zagorthe x11 sim creates lang.c automatically
11:26:21Schnueffyes u're right
11:26:37Schnueffso my remembrance played me a joke :)
11:32:45bobTHCZagor : Can i be charge of the francais.lang ?
11:33:36 Join Synthe [0] (
11:33:37 Quit Synthe` (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:33:42langhaarrockerZagor this /home/bjst/src/rockbox/rsim/lang - I don't have anything comparable. What should be in it?
11:34:23Zagorlanghaarrocker: that's just the path+prefix for the lang.c that is created
11:34:25Zagorit's not a dir
11:36:20bobTHCbecause few changes made by other french contributor are debatable... but a lot of other are Ok ;)
11:39:28ZagorbobTHC: i'll check in the last one Olivier sent and then you suggest changes to that, ok?
11:39:56LinusNIs anybody working on Greg's font patches?
11:40:03LinusNwith the new default font
11:40:44LinusNdo we like the don't-show-the-scrollbar thing?
11:41:04Zagori'm not sure, i haven't tested it yet
11:41:15LinusNi think it's a good idea
11:45:17langhaarrockerbtw: suggestion for improvement of genlang:
11:45:18langhaarrockerIt could complain if a *.lang file was specified that doesn't exist.
11:49:39langhaarrockerIn english.lang all new: tags are empty. Is that the wrong source for genlang? Do I have to create something else first?
11:50:00Zagorlanghaarrocker: english lang is supposed to have empty new: lines
11:51:41langhaarrockerAnd it's supposed to generate a lang.c with a valid string array?
11:52:04LinusNi have tried the scrollbar removing patch
11:52:10LinusNi think it is good
11:52:34ZagorLinusN: it doesn't look strange when the scrollbar goes away and comes back for different dirs?
11:52:47LinusNno, i don't think so
11:53:00LinusNbut other people might think differently
11:53:40LinusNyou should all try it and see for yourselves
11:53:43Zagorwe should have three scrollbar settings: "on", "off", "if needed"
11:53:50LinusNgood idea
11:54:02LinusNi'll do that
11:54:14langhaarrockerto specify the language there's nothing else but the *.lang file that is specified? It is not that any system information is used or something?
11:54:27Zagorlanghaarrocker: nope, just the .lang
11:57:22langhaarrockerI don't understand it at all. genlang generates a pretty looking lang.h but a lang.c that contains no strings.
11:57:33langhaarrocker(I just updated from cvs)
11:58:18langhaarrockermight it be that the pearl wit cygwin works differently than other perls?
11:58:52Zagormaybe. sounds strange, though
12:00:05langhaarrockerIs there anybody who can confirm that genlang works with cygwin?
12:06:13langhaarrockerOne again I wished I knew perl...
12:09:16Hadakasomebody mentioned the wonderful language of perl
12:10:16ZagorHadaka: can you look at it and see if you find a reason why it doesnt work for him?
12:10:36LinusNZagor: how do we want F3 to work when the scrollbar has three modes
12:10:55langhaarrockerdoes perl make differences between null and empty string?
12:11:07ZagorLinusN: F3+LEFT should cycle btwn the three modes
12:11:28Hadakanow lemme try and find that cvsweb
12:11:48Hadakawhere's the script?
12:13:02LinusNZagor: okidoki
12:13:07Hadakaweiiird script, what on earth is that $p it's using=
12:13:56Schnuefflanghaarrocker: null strings are 'undef'
12:14:03Schnueffempty are ""
12:15:09LinusNZagor: should we move the f2_screen and f3_screen to a separate file?
12:15:16Hadakahmm, I wonder if there's some jerking around on windows with the fact that files can be opened either in binary mode or in text mode - though I don't think that's relevant to cygwin
12:15:28Hadakaso lang.c has no strings?
12:15:35Schnueffhm with activeperl u need to set mode
12:15:58langhaarrockerjust comma separated white space.
12:15:58langhaarrockerWhat looks really weirdo to a non perl user is line 54
12:16:01Schnueffthats a nasty problem on windows
12:16:51bobTHCMicro$oft rules ;)
12:16:52langhaarrockerBut how comes it than that I get pretty lang.h files?
12:17:16Hadakayou are telling me that this script works fine on linux?
12:17:26Zagorit does
12:18:06Hadakait's not the ugliest perl I've seen, but still
12:18:19LinusNZagor: do we want quick-menus on F2 and F3 in other places than the WPS?
12:18:40ZagorLinusN: yes, dir browser (already there) and menus (todo)
12:19:33Hadakaum, the file wouldn't happen to be with dos line-endings would it?
12:19:43LinusNi don't like that they are implemented in wps.c
12:19:50SchnueffHadaka: which file?
12:20:08ZagorLinusN: i know. we could move them to a quickscreen.c or something
12:20:15LinusNor menu.c
12:20:16Hadakathe input file for genlang there
12:20:31Hadakabecause that could definitely cause this
12:20:35Schnueffenglish.lang is with unix endings
12:20:39ZagorLinusN: why is menu better than wps?
12:21:02LinusNbecause the quick-menus are more menus than they are WPS, imho
12:21:04bobTHCZagor : when u plan to review the francais.lang ? (it's not to stress u, just for my personnal todo list)
12:21:15Schnueffmaybe one should set $/ = "\n"; just to make sure on windows?
12:21:20Hadakawell either there's some crap at the end of the line - or the 'eng' values are not read correctly
12:21:23Hadakanono, never
12:21:36Schnueff$/ is a nice var:)
12:21:42Hadakayeah right
12:21:42ZagorLinusN: yeah, but i don't think they belong in menu.c. that would be mixing things too much. make a new file instead.
12:22:33Hadakalemme clean that script up a bit
12:23:04langhaarrockerit _was_ eof problem!
12:23:17Zagoreof or eol?
12:23:24Hadakaeol I suppose
12:23:27langhaarrockerI ran dos2unix on it and now I got a pretty lang.c
12:23:39Hadakayou must've checked it out with wincvs or something
12:27:35langhaarrockerWould eol + cr make perl skip every other line?
12:29:27langhaarrockercu later
12:29:40 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
12:33:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:34:13Hadakapuuh, ponder
12:35:29HadakaI wonder what is really wanted from that script
12:36:17Hadakawhere's a lang file for me to see?
12:37:08Schnueffin in apps/lang/english.lang
12:37:42Schnueffover sourceforge cvs browser:*checkout*/rockbox/apps/lang/english.lang?rev=HEAD&content-type=text/plain
12:37:58Hadakayeah did that already
12:38:12Hadakathe new: looks real ugly there
12:38:56Zagornew: should be empty in english.lang
12:39:06Hadakaaah! that's it
12:40:32Zagorit should use new:, or eng: of new is empty
12:41:57 Nick mem_away is now known as mem (
12:42:16bobTHCdutch translation is posted !
12:43:41 Quit TotMacher ()
12:44:23bobTHCit's not me but i announce it for dutch ppl
12:58:01 Join Bagder [0] (
12:58:15Bagderhey ho
12:58:20Schnueffwb badger
12:58:29Zagorhey there bag
12:58:35Schnueffeh bagder
12:58:46memBagder: hi!
12:58:57Bagderah, mem! ;-)
12:59:08*mem has to go for a meeting...
12:59:26memBagder: I have ordered a recorder from Dustin...
12:59:41Bagderright on!
13:00:19memBagder: I couldn't resist after your "promotion event" yesterday
13:00:38memCU all later!
13:00:39Bagderhm, I should get the pics
13:00:44 Nick mem is now known as mem_away (
13:03:09Bagderwhoa, what a spamday
13:03:46BagderI got mail to list admin from six different lists, all with the same spam that was stopped
13:05:37 Join hotrana [0] (~calpefros@
13:05:44hotranahi !
13:07:12hotranaI'm back and want to install the simulator on linux next weekend
13:09:44hotranahow can I mount the jukebox ?
13:10:30Zagormount -T vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/archos
13:10:43hotranasda1 is the usb port ?
13:10:54hotranascsi port
13:10:56Zagorno, sda1 is the first partition on your first scsi disk
13:11:07Zagorusb-storage creates a scsi controller for the usb-disk
13:11:08hotranahey, now I get it, cool.
13:15:33*Bagder extends the configure script to allow us to select language
13:20:36ZagorBagder: are you reading the app/lang dir to see what is available, or hard-coding?
13:20:37Bagderwe should run uplang in the build script
13:20:44BagderI read the dir
13:22:11Bagderfirst uplang and then genlang on the new lang file
13:24:11 Quit bobTHC ("Trillian (")
13:25:19 Join bobTHC [0] (
13:27:27ZagorBagder: remind me the reason why we rotate the fonts in rockbox instead of in convbdf
13:29:05Bagder"Certainly we can remove the runtime rotation during the font conversion process, but it gets a bit tricky and I didn't have time to do all this and wanted to get the new font stuff submitted for 1.4."
13:29:22BagderGreg's words
13:35:33 Join _Snorlax_ [0] (
13:36:20_Snorlax_is there a swedish .lang file?
13:37:11 Quit _Snorlax_ (Client Quit)
13:37:24 Join _Snorlax_ [0] (
13:37:25Zagorfast guy :-)
13:37:31Zagor_Snorlax_: no
13:37:54_Snorlax_are u too lazy?
13:38:16Bagderwe wait for you to write it
13:38:16_Snorlax_or what?
13:39:03_Snorlax_ok I just gotta go out my programming A course, and then I'll HAXXz0rZ you'll!
13:39:19_Snorlax_you'll=you all
13:39:49Bagderwriting a .lang file doesn't take any programming skill
13:39:59_Snorlax_sorry if I sounded cocky!
13:41:01Bagderwell, we have anough work already, so simple things are better done by others
13:42:44bobTHCzagor : In francais.lang
13:42:45bobTHC id: LANG_ID3_BITRATE
13:42:45bobTHCs/Taux de données/Taux d'encodage
13:51:50bobTHCIf u do everything it's not very funny for u and for us
13:53:56 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
13:57:55Zagorcan anyone reach cvs?
13:58:12ZagorbobTHC: i'll fix it
13:58:31Zagori know, we should have a language maintainer.
13:59:06bobTHCvolunteer ! ;)
14:00:21LinusNcvs seems down
14:00:52bobTHCcvs browsing is ok...
14:01:05LinusNcommitting doesn't work
14:01:40ZagorbobTHC: do you run windows or linux?
14:02:30bobTHCi have TortoiseCVS1
14:02:32Zagorhave you got cvs set up?
14:02:55Zagorok, good
14:03:40 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-school (
14:04:15ZagorbobTHC: do you have a sourceforge account?
14:04:23bobTHCyep : bobthc
14:07:57Zagorok, you now have commit access. thou shalt herebe be called The Language Guy :-)
14:08:41Zagordwihno: how are things going with your font?
14:09:23bobTHCzagor : ok thanx...
14:10:58BagderI can select language now
14:11:42 Quit _Snorlax_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:11:48ZagorBagder: cool
14:12:09Bagderit is
14:13:16 Nick fraggle_ is now known as fragglet (
14:15:47BagderZagor: are you on top of Greg's latest font patches?
14:15:57Zagoryes. just waiting for cvs to wake up.
14:16:19Zagoradded font loading in browser too
14:22:24 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|brb (
14:22:26BagderI have a bug/feature request hack coming up for the site too
14:23:19BagderZagor: you game for a look?
14:25:22Bagderand features.html
14:26:29Zagorthere's no header on the table
14:26:38Bagderif we make a new temporary page somewhere and insert them we can play around a little
14:26:43Bagderright, no header...
14:27:19dwihnoZagor: I'm awaiting Uwe Freese to finish his conversion... It only has a few glitches.
14:28:40Zagordwihno: ok
14:30:30 Join EnnaN|afk [0] (bla@CC53164-B.GRONI1.GR.HOME.NL)
14:33:07EnnaN|afkwow, people here :)
14:33:20Bagdernah, I'm just a bot ;-P
14:33:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:33:42EnnaN|afkso i can insult you and ask my n00b questions without actually hurting any1?
14:33:50Bagderright ;-)
14:33:51EnnaN|afknick Ennan
14:33:55 Nick EnnaN|afk is now known as Ennan (bla@CC53164-B.GRONI1.GR.HOME.NL)
14:34:02Ennanoops :p
14:35:16Ennanjsut a quick quest: my (long) playlist says 1/999 songtitle −−- while this because there are only 999 songs in the playlist, or are there just 3 spaces available for this...
14:35:50Bagderits because you only have 999 songs in it
14:36:46Ennan...eeuhm, i'm sure there are 1298 in there...
14:37:04Ennan(or i have uploaded my "only 999 songs because archos doesn't play any more" playlist)
14:37:08Ennanthat would be dumb...
14:38:03Bagderwell, Rockbox displays X/Y in the WPS, right?
14:39:12*Ennan bangs head on keybord
14:39:19Ennanbadger <−− nvr mind!
14:39:39Ennanuploaded my old pl.
14:39:52Ennanlucky 4 me you're a bot :)
14:40:39*Bagder received interrupt signal
14:40:57Bagdersegmentation fault (core dump)
14:41:43Ennancore dump? going to the toilet? :))
14:45:24 Quit pyvasene ("Leaving...")
14:46:23 Join probonic [0] (
14:48:01 Nick LinusN|brb is now known as LinusN (
14:50:28dwihnoLinusN: sur för att jag inte dök:ade upp? :)
14:52:55LinusNbangare där!
14:54:02dwihnoFick inget sällskap
14:55:42LinusNwe were there, wasn't that enough? :-)
14:57:34 Nick Ennan is now known as EnnaN|away (bla@CC53164-B.GRONI1.GR.HOME.NL)
15:01:57Bagderwe only had 6 Archoses around yday ;-(
15:02:37 Join TotMacher [0] (
15:05:06ZagorLinusN: aren't we using 8-bit swapping now? why then is a word swapped as one, instead of as bytes?
15:06:21Bagderdarned cvs
15:07:55LinusNZagor: the bit swapping uses an 8-bit table, but swaps whole words
15:08:11LinusNto minimize memory accesses
15:09:30 Join MasterOfMagic [0] (
15:10:04Zagornasty problem
15:10:27LinusNi'm not yet convinced that this is the problem
15:10:49LinusNbut i came to think if it yesterday when i fixed the other id3 bug
15:10:54LinusNof it
15:13:49MasterOfMagicZagor: I think I found an incompatibility in your ISD-200 driver that might explain why some recorders cause the system to lock.
15:14:02 Quit dwihno (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:15:30LinusNMasterOfMagic: recorders don't use the isd200 driver
15:15:41Bagderolder ones do, don't they?
15:15:47LinusNor are there USB1.1 recorders out there?
15:15:58LinusNmy bad
15:16:16LinusNMasterOfMagic: what is it?
15:16:22MasterOfMagicLinusN: My recorder (Recorder 15) uses the ISD-200
15:16:28MasterOfMagicIt's USB 1.1
15:16:36LinusNok, what have you found?
15:17:22MasterOfMagicWhen I umount the Recorder, the system hard locks. I did some digging and I found out that this only occurs when the pre-empt and lock break patches are applied to the kernel.
15:17:33MasterOfMagicAfter removing these patches, no hard lock of the machine.
15:17:35bobTHCcommit don't work ?
15:17:51BagderbobTHC: the cvs is silly atm
15:18:10 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
15:18:39MasterOfMagicSo I thought maybe it's something to add to the FAQ. I spent about 6 hours trying to track it down last night. :-)
15:18:53LinusNMasterOfMagic: nice work
15:18:55bobTHCso ? waiting....
15:19:05MasterOfMagicNow it may not be the ISD-200 drivers might be the lockbreak/preempt patch.
15:19:09LinusNbobTHC: we are in the hands of sourceforge
15:19:11BagderbobTHC: yes, we'll just wait until it starts working again
15:19:32MasterOfMagicI know it happens with the latest versions of these patches on kernel 2.4.18
15:20:47MasterOfMagicThe only reason I bring this up is because there's some talk of some distros patching the kernel with pre-empt and lockbreak in the next release, and that they will be standard in 2.6.
15:22:30MasterOfMagicWell, thanks for the time.
15:22:42 Quit MasterOfMagic ("New kernel...")
15:42:34Bagderwe should start using the prio field in feature requests and bug reports
15:42:42 Join freshmaker [0] (~chatzilla@okmok.TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE)
15:43:24bobTHCall @ prio 5 !
15:43:30Bagderyeah ;-)
15:43:49bobTHChey guys wake up! ;)
15:44:14LinusNwe are busy implementing rubbish
15:44:25Schnueffcategories for the requests would be nice
15:45:07bobTHCtshirt are arrived!
15:45:13Bagdernot really
15:45:24bobTHCit's beta test ;)
15:45:37LinusNthat is not the winning design
15:45:53LinusNbut we like it
15:46:06bobTHCso u print it...
15:46:08LinusNi made those three just for the occasion
15:46:37LinusNi am lame, yes i mystyped the colon
15:48:19bobTHCthe pic is misshooted to
15:49:41bobTHCure lucky , it's just on 3 printout...
15:49:52Bagderhehe, yes
15:50:26BagderI got a funny mail
15:50:51Bagder"I would like to ask you for permition to publish your brutal kick-ass simulation Porrasturvat on our DVD"
15:51:19LinusNeeeh? :-)
15:51:21BagderI wonder what that is ;-)
15:54:37LinusNi want to commit! damn cvs server!
16:00:15bobTHCU are the autor of this "" ?
16:04:21 Join akozak [0] (~akozak@
16:04:34bobTHC"2401 failed:" :(
16:08:15 Nick edx is now known as edx|sleep (
16:10:56 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020819]")
16:13:56bobTHCit's not only commit ,now browsing the cvs is impossible !
16:14:14Bagderssh: connect to address port 22: No route to host
16:14:22LinusNi think they are rebooting their servers
16:15:07bobTHCor it's worldcom who don't paid the electricity bill ;)
16:20:45LinusNor a total server crash
16:28:46LinusNmaybe we should have a timer for the hard disk LED, so it always lights at least ~0.2s when accessing the disk
16:29:04LinusNthat way the resume write would be more visible
16:33:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:33:59LinusNa led_blink() function?
16:42:36 Part LinusN
16:44:24 Join LinusN [0] (
16:44:54bobTHCcvs sucks!
16:46:20Schnueffno, its a good thing :)
16:46:59 Join MasterOfMagic [0] (
16:47:05 Join dwihno [0] (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
16:47:09bobTHCyes of course it's a good think when works (it's free so muting)
16:47:54LinusNany Player guys here?
16:48:21bobTHCu have mine ;)
16:48:22 Join freshmaker [0] (
16:49:26LinusNbobTHC: are you Julien?
16:49:44LinusNyou are one of our heroes
16:50:10LinusNyour unit was fried for sure
16:50:24LinusNbut it's working now
16:50:35 Quit MasterOfMagic ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c19 for the BeOS today!")
16:50:44LinusNyou have recorder now?
16:51:03bobTHCwith a 30gig IBM travelstar hd
16:51:06LinusNyou really helped us
16:51:57bobTHCand u really impress me...
16:52:26freshmakeraye. can anyone confirm problems with the rockbox cvs repository?
16:52:35Bagdermajor probbs
16:52:55bobTHCsurely, server down
16:53:23Schnueffhm there's a #sourceforge channel
16:53:28LinusNdoes anybody have problems with the keylocking on players?
16:53:30Schnueffany1 visited that?
16:53:51 Join quelsaruk [0] (
16:53:58Schnueffhm only 1 man inside
16:54:02LinusNa guy at funmp3players has problems unlocking
16:54:07quelsarukBagder: i have some notes to add in the english.lang
16:54:51Bagderquelsaruk: sure, just make a diff and mail
16:55:02bobTHCthe "add id" perl script work fine ?
16:55:30Schnueffand this lonely man in #sourceforge asks:
16:55:31Schnueff16:54 <@thomasvs> anyone know what's up with sf ?
16:55:31Schnueff16:54 <@thomasvs> cvs and rsync stuff, mainly ?
16:55:32DBUGEnqueued KICK Schnueff
16:55:40quelsaruki have a lot of things to do today, but i'll submit it tomorrow, i've come just to tell you :)
16:55:58Bagderquelsaruk: I just found a spelling error in there myself ;-)
16:55:58 Quit quelsaruk (Client Quit)
16:56:13 Join vekar [0] (
16:56:22bobTHCquick chat ;)
16:59:29LinusNbye folks!
16:59:38 Part LinusN
17:00:27 Nick mem_away is now known as mem (
17:02:41memBagder: I had to change my order of the Recorder from Dustin to PortalAB to save some money... And the ETA is the end of next week
17:02:42 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
17:03:07Bagdermine is from Portal too
17:04:39langhaarrockertimeout, too?
17:04:40bobTHCno it's possible!
17:04:51BagderI can update just now
17:04:57memBagder: the sales man at Portal told me that Jon has ordered like totally 20 units or something thru the time
17:05:15Bagdermem: hehe :-)
17:05:41bobTHCmem : what price in sweden ??
17:05:42 Nick vekar is now known as kargatron (
17:06:42langhaarrockerBagder: you said cvs! Any problems? I'm getting timeouts
17:06:47kargatronare there any accessible archives of what's planned or been talked about for bookmark implementation, if anything?
17:07:10BagderI said cvs because I finally got it working, its been malfunctioning for hours
17:07:19Bagderbut I see that it still doesn't work 100%
17:08:01bobTHCbye all ....
17:08:58 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020914]")
17:09:02bobTHCps: for me cvs don't work yet
17:09:09 Part bobTHC
17:09:47langhaarrockerhm. How to diff without cvs? :(
17:09:53Schnueffwith diff
17:10:22Schnueffeasy one, eh? :)
17:10:52Schnueffbut only if u have unmodified cvs still available :)
17:10:58langhaarrockerNow that you told me what do diff with I only need something to diff against..
17:11:34Schnueffthat could pose a problem:)
17:13:43memBagder: As I'll get my Recorder next week, I expect you to implement all my ideas for yesterday until then :-)
17:13:51memfrom, even
17:14:34langhaarrockerno cvs no way
17:15:27kargatronon the funmp3players forum: diddystar5: Probably the best way to get your requests through is on irc at on channel #rockbox.
17:15:32kargatroncan this be accurate?
17:15:54kargatronrequests in this channel better than through the feature request tracker? that sounds damn odd
17:16:05langhaarrockerIt's also the best way to get your request rejected :)
17:18:13langhaarrockerI think it's more dependend on the request itself. If someone likes it he might do it - if not - well nobody can force anybody to anything here.
17:18:58kargatronshould one deliberately dupe a request here if made in the request tracker at sourceforge?
17:19:18memIt's time to leave the office for today, CU around
17:19:18langhaarrockerThere are people who won't like that.
17:19:54 Part mem ("leave")
17:20:11Bagdergotta go
17:20:14 Part Bagder
17:21:28kargatroni would expect so - which is why i think it's questionable advice to actively advise people to make requests here
17:22:39langhaarrockerWell the best advice would be: do it yourself. :)
17:23:08kargatronno one wants a monolingual perl programmer trying to learn c for this project. :)
17:23:47langhaarrockeractually I had to downgrade from java to participate.
17:24:58langhaarrockerstrange: usually at least a few screams happen when the word java is detected in this chat.
17:25:19kargatronstill, i guess i don't mind repeating the smallest of my wishes here: %pn = playlist name in the wps config.
17:27:19langhaarrockermy wish is a logarithm functin. I'll have to do it myself.
17:27:46kargatronlog for the meter/
17:28:08kargatrondoes a very active display eat up any more significant power?
17:28:43kargatronthat's why i would never bother activating a meter, unless i was recording
17:29:38langhaarrockerI haven't measured it yet. But for a smooth looking meter you need a high frame rate -> more communication beteween different chips -> more power consumption.
17:30:19langhaarrockerAnd that's why all these communication activities are turned off unless you specify a peak meter in the wps
17:31:26 Quit hotrana ("bin bals zurück")
17:32:17Schnuefflanghaarrocker: i see some c source on for the logarithm. it worx with a lookup table and is reasonbly commented
17:32:52Schnueffmaybe one can convert that to fixed point integer arithmetic
17:33:28langhaarrockerI already found a magnificant link for that problem. But momentarily I'm to lazy to understand it.
17:33:47langhaarrockerMaybe I'll find out I'm too stupid, too.
17:34:57langhaarrockerIf you're interested in it:
17:35:14Schnueffill have a look
17:38:56langhaarrockerseems cvs is up again but I can't acces with anonymous? Does anybody have the same problem?
17:39:20Schnueffi dont get a connect
17:41:56 Join hardeep [0] (
17:51:28 Join quelsaruk [0] (
17:51:30quelsarukhi again
17:52:01quelsarukhas anyone a archos player?
17:53:28quelsarukand does anyone knows how many characters can be displayed on the player?
17:56:58dwihnoconversion to non-scalar type requested <−− ?
17:57:09dwihnowhat kind of compiler error is that? :)
17:57:23dwihnoI'm simply trying to malloc() memory for a heap of structs
17:57:44langhaarrockerdynamic memory is disabled.
17:58:11langhaarrockerusing malloc is forbidden.
17:58:41dwihnoit is? :)
17:58:51dwihnoso how am I supposed to enable space for a variable number of structs?
17:59:03langhaarrockernot at all.
18:02:13langhaarrockerafaik its all about fragmentation. If we had dynamic memory it might become fragmented. That's not a good idea because the free memory should be used for mp3 buffering.
18:02:46langhaarrockerAnd that buffer is accessed via dma, or so. I'm not quite sure.
18:03:12langhaarrockerJust try to get around your problem using a fixed number of structs.
18:03:21SchnueffFAQ entry 48 :)
18:03:35langhaarrockerI know.
18:04:04dwihnoHow can you code without malloc? :)
18:04:16 Join Phantom [0] (
18:04:20PhantomHI !!!
18:04:56Phantomwhat about French version ?
18:05:27quelsaruki think it's sent to revision
18:06:02langhaarrockergotta go
18:06:29Phantomcoz I don't want to have translate for nothing...
18:06:36Phantomand about font code ?
18:06:42dwihnoI knew it :)
18:06:52CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
18:06:52*dwihno roflmao's for a while, and won't be back for another few minutes
18:07:00quelsarukfont code??
18:07:19quelsarukmust go!
18:07:23quelsaruksee you later
18:07:25 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
18:07:35Phantomyes, there is a "space" bug
18:07:43dwihnoit's not a bug!
18:07:52dwihnoIt's the font not being 100% converted
18:08:05dwihnothe software is running perfectly (well, sort of)
18:08:21PhantomThe Lion King - Intro French ==> TheLionKing-IntroFrench
18:09:11dwihnoIt's because the font has not been fully converted
18:09:16dwihnoIt's not a software problem
18:09:19dwihnoDo you understand?
18:09:59Phantomyes yes
18:10:40Phantomyes use a "not fully converted" font ? original Propfonts was very good...
18:10:56dwihnoThe new font subsystem requires a conversion from the old to the new format
18:11:27dwihnolots of butts around here ;)
18:11:39Phantomwhy use it, if font aren't ready ?
18:11:58Phantomthey can wait before post it
18:12:21Schnueffah read the topic
18:12:43Schnueffcu later
18:12:44PhantomI know
18:12:45*Schnueff .. away
18:16:31 Quit Phantom ()
18:19:08 Quit adi|home (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:20:27dwihnoTalk about being impatient :)
18:20:38dwihnoWhen handing him the font, I said it had glitches :)
18:23:32dwihnolanghaarrocker: when malloc:ing memory for a struct, how should I do? ptr = malloc(n * sizeof(mystruct)) ?
18:24:52 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:28:57 Nick Zagor|away is now known as Zagor (
18:29:28Zagordwihno: we don't have malloc
18:29:39dwihnoZagor: I know, but I'm working on a private thingy ;)
18:29:51dwihno(which could be converted for rockbox, although not that useful) :)
18:29:55Zagoryou need to allocate it statically: struct apa data[n];
18:30:16Zagorbetter to do it The Right Way from the beginning
18:30:35Zagorah, cvs lives again. fixed font code coming up.
18:31:37dwihnoBut I always use typedef with structs!
18:31:42Zagorstop it
18:31:43dwihnoJust kidding ;)
18:32:19dwihnoI got a new cool game in the works btw.
18:32:38Zagorcool. what is it?
18:32:41dwihnoI need to get the simulator running with mingw first
18:32:43dwihnoIt's a surprise :)
18:32:48dwihnoIt will be a shelf-wrecker
18:33:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:35:16dwihnoAnd everybody will be happy ;D
18:37:28 Part Remo
18:39:53 Quit EnnaN|away ("Leaving")
18:39:58 Join Remo [0] (
18:46:45 Quit Remo ("ShadowIRC 1.1 PPC")
18:47:41 Join Remo [0] (
18:49:23 Quit Remo (Client Quit)
18:53:04 Quit akozak ("")
18:54:08 Join bobTHC [0] (
19:01:21SchnueffZagor: did u take a look at my patch
19:01:32Zagorwhich was that?
19:01:42Schnueffwith the backlight
19:01:58Zagorah, right. yeah, it looked ok. will probably be merged soon.
19:03:12Schnueffbtw, when the setting is on, the light will stay on also for USB mode. i guess u had the light turn off before, because with the usb screen there's nothing of interest going on
19:03:31Schnueffdunno if one can easily fix this with the new setting
19:04:06Schnueff(it should also be ok this way)
19:06:58Zagorbut it only turns on when you plug in the charger, right? not when you plug in usb.
19:07:26Zagorthen it's good
19:29:05kargatronso doesn't the backlight on slow down charging? or just increase adapter draw?
19:29:35Zagorit slows it down, but very marginally. it only draws ~20 mA
19:29:55pimlottcdoes changing the contrast level make any noticable different in power consumption?
19:30:10Zagorpimlottc: i don't know
19:30:18Zagori doubt it
19:38:48 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
19:43:05 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
20:01:04 Join MasterOfMagic [0] (
20:03:50 Quit MasterOfMagic (Client Quit)
20:26:01 Join freshmaker [0] (
20:29:12 Nick edx|sleep is now known as edx (
20:31:11dwihnoedx! :D
20:33:29***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:48:29kargatronare there ready-made copy scripts to fill up a jukebox from a playlist?
20:48:39kargatroni can write a perl one pretty easily, just wondering if already done
20:50:12Schnueffxargs cp −−target-directory /jukebox < playlist.m3u ?
20:50:28Schnueffhm dunno:)
20:51:27kargatronon windows, but was forgetting about cygwin, so i can use unix tricks, yeah...
20:52:47Schnueffwith -a hierarchy should be preserved
20:54:55Schnueffhm no
20:55:47dwihnowhat does xargs do really?
20:56:05PsycoXulturns stdin to arguments
20:56:09Schnueffit calls the command with the arguments from stdin
20:56:12Schnueffmah@marvin:~/junk/test% xargs cp -v −−parents −−target-directory ../test2 < test.m3u
20:56:16Schnueffthat worx
20:57:27 Quit PiotR ("PiotR: el aroma")
20:58:46*dwihno always uses "find" with the -exec parameter
20:58:47PsycoXuland you can give cp -u if/when you just wanna update
20:59:19Schnueffxargs or find according to situation
20:59:55Schnueffxargs can do nice things like parallel command calls (with forks) and such:)
21:00:37PsycoXuli just do like cp -R Album /mnt/jb/Artist/
21:00:41*dwihno just tested some xargs stuff :)
21:00:52 Nick dwihno is now known as xargs (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
21:01:03 Nick xargs is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
21:01:05Schnueffxargs: −−replace option for the find -exec lovers
21:03:28dwihnofind . -name \*.mp3 -exec echo {} \;
21:03:32dwihnoWhat's the xargs equiv?
21:03:58PsycoXulanybody ever use airborne express for shipments? their tracking is weird.. it got shipped on the 12th and today's the latest it's supposed to be delivered by, but the last thing on the tracking is still "Left Airborne Station" from it's source on the 12th... heh
21:04:00Schnuefffind . -name \*.mp3 | xargs -n 1 echo
21:04:34dwihnothat looks strange :)
21:04:41Schnueffwhy? :)
21:04:53DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
21:04:59dwihnoThat's NOT how it's supposed to look :)
21:05:12dwihnofind does the job rather well ;)
21:05:13PsycoXulof course if all you wanna do is print out the results, thats the default action anyways so 'find . -name \*.mp3' works just as well
21:05:35Schnueffhm should get breaks on spaces
21:05:40Schnueffshouldnt i mean
21:06:01Schnueffhm but it does
21:06:19dwihnowhat's the -n option?
21:06:29Schnueffxargs passes as much argument as it can to the command
21:06:34Schnueffwith -n1 it passes one only
21:07:03dwihnohow about argv lengths... ?
21:07:31Schnueffit observes that, that was 'as it can' means
21:07:40Schnueffit has to do more calls then
21:08:01dwihnoIt will automaticall understand where the limit is?
21:09:15Schnueffhm standard mode is to split stdin on white space
21:09:32Schnueffso u gotta do find . -name \*.mp3 -print0 | xargs -0 -n1 echo
21:09:37Schnueffif u really want it that complicated :)
21:10:13PsycoXulyeah or you can just do find -name \*.mp3
21:10:21Schnueffmuch tooo simple:)
21:10:24dwihnobut I wanna learn
21:10:31dwihnowhy make it simple when you can make it hard? :)
21:14:11PsycoXulfind -name '*.mp3' | xargs -n 1 −−replace echo {}
21:14:54PsycoXulexcept no that still doesn't work right
21:15:20Schnuefffind . -name \*.mp3 | perl -pe1
21:16:07PsycoXulfind -name '*.mp3' | sed -e s/\'/\\\\\'/g | xargs -n 1 −−replace echo {}
21:16:30Schnueffwhat was the problem we were solving?
21:16:42PsycoXul./dcc/Neil Young/Harvest/07-There's A World.mp3
21:16:55kargatronhaving probs with that xargs thing in cygwin
21:16:58PsycoXulxargs: ./dcc/Neil Young/Harvest/06-Old Man.mp3
21:16:58PsycoXulunmatched single quote
21:17:09dwihnoBlame it on xargs :)
21:17:22kargatronhow to get windows xcopy to read fomr file?
21:17:34PsycoXulsee simpler things work better for more cases
21:17:47kargatronneed the file because want to drag jukebox contents into winamp while 'compiling', then just set to copy overnight or whatever
21:18:06PsycoXulwhen you start adding unnecessary complexity then more complexity becomes necessary to handle problems that aren't there when you just use the simpler methods heh
21:18:09dwihnoGot block: URL (size: 2)
21:18:09dwihno Allocated 256 bytes (2 blocks)
21:18:09dwihno Read 1 bytes
21:18:20dwihnoIt's supposed to read more than 1 byte
21:19:10SchnueffPsycoXul: xargs seems to do quote parsing per default. should use -0 for zero-terminated input strings
21:19:16dwihno fread and fwrite return the number of items successfully
21:19:17dwihno read or written (i.e., not the number of characters). If
21:19:24dwihnoNot the number of characters :)
21:19:49dwihnoI blame it on XARGS! :)
21:20:16dwihnoxargs - public enemy no. 1 :)
21:25:18PsycoXulgeez i sure hope my violin gets here today
21:25:44PsycoXulit's already ridiculous that it'd take 5 business days to ship something from southern nevada to southern california
21:26:22PsycoXuli dunno what it'd be if it was Late on top of that :p
21:26:29 Quit Zagor|away ("Client Exiting")
21:26:47CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:26:47*dwihno sings "I'm going home, to California, and mjölka kooornaaa. I've been around in Texas, där köpte jag en häcksax"
21:27:14dwihnoOr was it Arizona?
21:27:16dwihnoHmm, can't remember :)
21:27:31dwihnoHmm, can't remember :)
21:27:42PsycoXulyou wanna see something silly?
21:28:08PsycoXulsomehow a GROUND shipment can make it to states on the OTHER SIDE of the counter faster than states that it has to GO THROUGH to get there :p
21:29:30 Join quelsaruk [0] (
21:29:49quelsarukno boss today :)
21:29:54quelsaruksee you later!
21:29:58quelsarukor tomorrow
21:30:59 Part quelsaruk (""Eve's Avatar - Avatar's Eve"")
21:43:27 Join LinusN [0] (
21:43:30 Part LinusN
21:51:32 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
21:55:25 Join thokra [0] (
21:56:53 Part thokra ("Client Exiting")
21:57:21 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
21:57:21DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno|gone
21:57:37 Join Phantom [0] (
21:57:42PhantomHi !
21:58:16Phantomnobody ?
21:58:25PhantomBye !
21:58:30 Quit Phantom (Client Quit)
22:02:53dwihno|gonefread is really puzzling me
22:05:12dwihno|gonePsycoXul: still around? :)
22:14:57PsycoXulit's LATE
22:15:18 Join hardeep [0] (
22:15:25PsycoXulit shipped a WEEK ago from a distance that can be driven in less than 1 single day and it's LATE getting here
22:15:51PsycoXulairborne express SUCKS
22:15:57PsycoXuldwihno|gone: yeah whats up? heh
22:16:44dwihno|goneI got problem :/
22:17:01dwihno|gonebuf = (unsigned char *)malloc(nread);
22:17:08dwihno|gonefseek(fp, nread, SEEK_CUR);
22:17:11dwihno|gonethat works
22:17:19dwihno|goneif I replace it with:
22:17:20dwihno|gonefread(buf, nread, 1, fp);
22:17:26dwihno|gonesomething gets fucked
22:17:58PsycoXulshouldn't the malloc arg be sizeof(mread)?
22:17:59dwihno|goneunsigned char *buf
22:18:10PsycoXulor hmm
22:18:19PsycoXulnm i dunno
22:18:33dwihno|gonemalloc just allocates the specified amount
22:18:43PsycoXulthats the size i guess
22:19:44dwihno|goneit should do the same thing but it doesn't :)
22:22:41PsycoXuli dunno
22:22:49PsycoXuli've always had problems with pointers and malloc personaly
22:22:58 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:23:00PsycoXuland all that junk
22:23:55PsycoXuland i'm upset that airborne express came today and delivered something from the other side of the continent shipped yesterday and NOT something shipped from the next state over shipped a week ago that was supposed to get here NO LATER than today
22:24:37 Join Phil [0] (
22:33:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:36:18PhilIt's always so frustrating that when you submit a patch no code police is around to commit it instantly.
22:37:09PhilStrange I'll never understand this trillian: why am I Phil all of a sudden?
22:37:22 Nick Phil is now known as langhaarrocker (
22:41:16dwihno|gonelanghaarrocker: help! :)
22:41:38langhaarrockerno way: it says you were gone :)
22:42:17langhaarrockerhow could I be of any help?
22:43:31 Nick dwihno|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
22:43:31DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
22:43:41dwihnoYou're not a master of the diffs between fread and fseek? :)
22:43:59hardeeplanghaarrocker: the patch you submitted doesn't include peakmeter.h
22:44:12dwihnofread(buff, nread, 1, fp);
22:44:12dwihnofseek(fp, nread, SEEK_CUR);
22:44:21dwihnothose two lines SHOULD advance the fp in the same way, right?
22:45:23hardeepdwihno: yes
22:45:32dwihnowell, they don't :)
22:45:43dwihnoif I use the fseek approach, it works flawlessly
22:45:52dwihnoIf I use fread, the fp gets screwed!
22:46:45hardeepdwihno: describe "screwed". Is it random?
22:47:29dwihnoWith fseek()
22:47:29dwihnoBEFORE: 0x6008
22:47:29dwihnoAFTER: 0x6100
22:47:33dwihnowith fread()
22:47:33dwihnoBEFORE: 0x6008
22:47:33dwihnoAFTER: 0x6106
22:47:36dwihnouniform behaviour
22:48:14hardeepand how large is nread?
22:49:29dwihnoboth times
22:49:41hardeepwhat OS is this?
22:49:58dwihnousing mingw
22:50:39hardeeper... this is with rockbox firmware? there is no fread() in rockbox, only read()
22:51:02dwihnoPlain C :)
22:51:09dwihnono rockbox
22:51:28dwihnoI didn't know where to search for help, so tried to pull a few strings in here :)
22:52:39langhaarrockerJust an idea: files opened binary / ascii?
22:52:39langhaarrockercr/lf problems?
22:52:58CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 46 minutes and 10 seconds at the last flood
22:52:58*dwihno gets that feeling in his guts
22:53:16PsycoXulyeah windows makes me sick too
22:53:41*dwihno goes outside, I suddenly got this urge to scream, brb
22:54:13langhaarrockerPsycoXul: Please be sick _out of_ the windows....
22:55:11*dwihno is back
22:55:18dwihnoI have made this mistake earlier too!
22:55:25dwihnoI spent 2 hours checking my code
22:55:35dwihno2 mo***rf***ing hours
22:55:42langhaarrockerdon't worry: I'm to stupid for mailing.
22:56:34PsycoXuldwihno: don't you know? windows is faster and more productive
22:56:53dwihnoPsycoXul: It must've bypassed me somehow ;)
22:57:16PsycoXulwell thats the fine print you see
22:57:28PsycoXulif you install any 3rd party software at all
22:57:35PsycoXulor if you fail to reinstall windows every few weeks
22:57:45PsycoXulor if you produce much of anything
22:57:49PsycoXulthen it's not true :p
22:58:31dwihnolanghaarrocker: you saved my day, thanks. I hate when I make those mistakes :(
22:58:48PsycoXulsee i would've never thought of that
22:59:00PsycoXuli'm too used to working with linux
22:59:16dwihnoopening the file in textmode... such a crazy idea
22:59:19dwihnowhat's it good for?
23:00:02langhaarrockerI had the same kind or problem today: genlang wouldn't eat files with cr/lf.
23:00:16PsycoXuli'm trying to think of something, even silly ideas for what it might be good for
23:00:19PsycoXulbut my mind is a blank
23:00:48dwihnocr/lf is a stupid invention!
23:00:59dwihnoWhy not use a uniform standard! :D
23:01:24PsycoXulbecause then everybody could interact freely and easily
23:01:30PsycoXulpeople wouldn't be so locked into what they've got
23:01:32dwihnobut if you use windows... ;)
23:01:45PsycoXuland nobody could make any money on conversion tools for dumb people
23:02:29langhaarrockerI want a Java vm for rockbox!
23:02:30pimlottcis there actual a standard for that though? beyond defacto standard.
23:03:05dwihnolanghaarrocker: I want windows to open files in binary mode ;)
23:03:29PsycoXulunix uses lf, mac uses cr, M$ probably thought they were being clever and compatable when they decided to use both :p
23:03:56langhaarrockerI didn't know that about mac.
23:04:06langhaarrockeryou never stop learning.
23:04:29PsycoXulthat is, if M$ ever has any thoughts about cleverness or compatability
23:04:36pimlottcwell if you think about the literal typewriter meanings, CR/LF makes sense
23:04:47PsycoXulexcept clever ways to take your money, and compatability with their bank accounts
23:04:59pimlottcyou both move down a line and return to the left most position
23:05:06PsycoXulpimlottc: thats true
23:06:22PsycoXulthough while having a carriage return without a linefeed could possibly be used for double-typing to bold a line
23:06:30PsycoXulline feeding without a carriage return isn't very useful...
23:06:51langhaarrockerreminds me of those old days when I used the C64 to drive the printer. With 9 needles.
23:06:57pimlottcI don't know about that
23:07:19dwihnoC64 was evilness!
23:07:27dwihnoI was a nintendo-guy back then
23:07:30pimlottcif you wanted to write a vertical line of X's in the middle of the screen, it'd be easier to LF down and BS back one for each X than the LF and CR then space out the middle of the screen for each line
23:08:13PsycoXulpimlottc: easier, yes, but not really logical heh
23:08:40PsycoXulthat little trick doesn't seem to warrant all the confusion it's caused
23:08:41pimlottcpsycoxul - well computers used to be much more text screen oriented, old terminal systems and all
23:08:48langhaarrockerI once build a scanner from my printer by mounting a photo cell to its head and feeding a needle signal to the C64 interrupt...
23:09:10PsycoXullanghaarrocker: hehe
23:09:17dwihnoI once bought Zelda, that was the rush! :)
23:09:23pimlottcI do think CR makes more sense for text files though
23:09:50PsycoXuli think LF does... heh
23:09:54pimlottcwhy use two all the time
23:10:18PsycoXulthe majority of the time you linefeed will be at the end of the line
23:10:32PsycoXula point past which you don't want to or often Can't type any further
23:10:34pimlottcthere are situations I can think of where you would want to move down without returning to the left. I can't think of many good reasons to overwrite a line
23:10:39langhaarrockerThe solution is (drumrol) a _single_ crlf token that does both!
23:10:55dwihnoImpressive, langhaar!
23:11:03pimlottclanghaarrocker - good luck getting ASCII2003 accepted
23:11:18langhaarrockerI'll call Bill at once.
23:11:22dwihnodon't worry, it'll be backwards compatible ;)
23:11:48PsycoXulpimlottc: well in the old days, bold was done by double-typing what you want bolded
23:11:51 Join tot|aewAei [0] (
23:11:55langhaarrockerbackward compatibility is no problem: I use 16 bit tokens!
23:12:17pimlottcpsycoxul - good point
23:13:07PsycoXulbut that was usualy done with backspacing i think
23:13:34pimlottcof course if you look at ascii there are many control characters that nobody uses in the original intended way anymore
23:14:00langhaarrockerdoes backspace work on stdout?
23:14:12PsycoXullanghaarrocker: i think it depends on the terminal
23:14:29langhaarrockerbut it surely works differently than on a printer :)
23:14:40PsycoXulagain, depends on the terminals
23:14:59PsycoXuli know at least some terminal's support the backspace/double-type bold
23:15:03langhaarrockerare there terminals that can print two chars over each other?
23:15:41PsycoXuldon't ask me what they do if the 2 chars are different ones, probably just writes the 2nd one heh
23:16:21dwihnoSince you guys are so nice, do you know the format of the windows version of unix timestamps? :)
23:17:08PsycoXulwell if it's supposed to be unix timestamps, i would guess it's the same format as the unix version? heh
23:18:15dwihnoMr Funnypants
23:19:06pimlottcthere are standards about dates so hopefully they use the same format. although it's windows so I wouldn't hold my breath
23:19:07PsycoXulwell from what i've heard windows does have some unix time compatability functions or somesuch in addition to it's own funky way of doing it
23:20:32PsycoXulbut i dunno any details about any of it, and i could be wrong heh
23:22:14 Join TotMacher|home [0] (
23:22:20 Quit TotMacher|home (Client Quit)
23:22:25 Join tot [0] (
23:23:00langhaarrockerWhat I experienced is that when you change the _system_ date format it makes _Access_ parse date strings differently. That's a real monster whean you try to do international software.
23:23:22dwihnoI guess QUADWORD isn't a standard? ;)
23:23:48dwihnounsigned long long ?
23:23:55dwihnounsigned long int ?:)
23:24:01*dwihno is out in the blue on this one
23:24:25langhaarrocker(singing) alalalalalong
23:24:45Hadakano standard
23:24:50dwihnothe long long long int song
23:24:52Hadakafor gcc it is 'long long'
23:25:04dwihnoand for wintendo?
23:25:09dwihnoREALLY_BIG_WORD ? :)
23:25:36 Quit tot|aewAei (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:25:41Hadakano idea about windows, __int64
23:25:41langhaarrockerNow I want the data type VERY_MANY_BITS
23:25:51Hadakait's, __int64, just asked a friend
23:26:07PsycoXuli thought it was a 32bit int on 32bit systems
23:26:18PsycoXulyou know, the 2038 problem :p
23:26:21Hadakawhat was?
23:26:37PsycoXulthe date?
23:26:45PsycoXulor are we talking about something else now?
23:26:49dwihnoHadaka: even with gcc?
23:27:04dwihnoSoon we'll have another 2k-holocaust! ;D
23:27:25langhaarrockerI'll be 68 and retired then.
23:27:39PsycoXulyeah but by 2038, 32bit computer's should be looking worse than a c64 does compared to modern computers today
23:27:59PsycoXuland 64bit int's can handle dates into year, what, 13 billion something? heh
23:28:19Hadakafor gcc: long long, for VC: __int64
23:28:26dwihnoHadaka: thanks
23:28:44Hadakaand unsigned long long and unsigned __int64 foo
23:28:53dwihnoso how do I print it?
23:28:57dwihno%lu won't cut it
23:29:50Hadakahmm now that's trickier
23:30:24Hadaka%llu works on gcc
23:30:27Hadakano idea about VC
23:31:48dwihnodoesn't seem right
23:32:00dwihnoWell, my code :)
23:33:08dwihnoI'm memcpying two aligned longs to produce the new value
23:33:35Hadakawhat about byteorders and other friendlies?
23:33:41Hadakaneeding to care about those sucks
23:33:49Hadakaint main()
23:33:49Hadaka long long a = 1234123123123123LL;
23:33:49DBUGEnqueued KICK Hadaka
23:33:49Hadaka printf("%lld\n",a);
23:33:57 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:34:34dwihnoHadaka: -1369644109
23:35:22dwihnoI get that value
23:35:23 Nick edx is now known as edx|sleep (
23:35:49dwihnogcc version 3.2 (mingw special 20020817-1)
23:35:50Hadakajust said gcc
23:35:58Hadakagcc version 2.95.4 20011002 (Debian prerelease)
23:36:23 Quit datazone (Remote closed the connection)
23:36:34dwihnoso what's the problem then? :)
23:36:49langhaarrockerI must snoze off. cu
23:37:08Hadakalfoox.c:5: warning: ISO C89 does not support `long long'
23:37:09Hadakafoox.c:5: warning: ISO C89 forbids long long integer constants
23:37:09Hadakafoox.c:7: warning: ISO C89 does not support the `ll' printf length modifier
23:37:15dwihnocu langhaar
23:37:21 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
23:37:59fraggletheh gcc
23:38:14dwihnogcc kicks :D
23:38:16fraggletthe latest versions of gcc complain if the last line of a source file isnt empty
23:38:28dwihnoHadaka: how did you get that warning?
23:38:30fragglethas to end in an empty line
23:38:46Hadakajust -Wall -pedantic
23:38:48fraggletstupid pedantic nonsense
23:39:08fraggletoh you specified -pedantic
23:39:09dwihnotest.c:4: warning: ANSI C does not support `long long'
23:39:09dwihnotest.c:4: warning: ANSI C forbids long long integer constants
23:39:17fraggleti thought it was displaying that by default
23:39:17dwihnoyou get much cooler warning messages, Hadaka
23:39:53dwihnoso my gcc is fux0red... ?
23:40:13Hadakathat was with gcc-3.2 btw
23:40:29Hadakagcc version 3.2.1 20020912 (Debian prerelease)
23:40:52dwihnoI get that error with all my mingw stuff
23:41:20dwihnoI need 3.2.1? :)
23:41:23 Quit kargatron ("Suckers!")
23:41:50dwihnoit shouldn't be needed.
23:42:08dwihnogcc version 2.95.2 20000220 (Debian GNU/Linux) works
23:42:25BoD[]in my very humble opinion, rockbox should always compile with the last version of gcc
23:47:19 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
23:47:19DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno|gone
23:54:12 Join Phantom [0] (
23:54:32Phantombob ?
23:54:39Phantomsomebody ?
23:55:01PsycoXuleverybody just goes quiet when you get here
23:56:12 Join tot|aewAei [0] (

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