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#rockbox log for 2002-09-20

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00:21:29BoD[]i go to bed now !
00:21:31BoD[]bye !!!
00:21:46tot|aewAeimy german
00:21:48tot|aewAeiis ready
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00:21:56TotMach3rany german guy here ?
00:22:00TotMach3rto check ?
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00:44:26TotMach3rthe osc R=XX
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01:25:49m5jazHello, can someone tell me where to find remoclone PIC code?
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04:53:45PsycoXulhey cool
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08:25:18LinusNhey Zagor!
08:31:58Zagori have busted the new font code. very frustrating. it works in sim but not in target. argh!
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08:37:25mem_LinusN: god morgon!
08:37:32LinusNZagor: a common problem
08:37:34LinusNTjena Magnus!
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08:38:25mem_LinusN: The "presentation" last Wednesday forced me to order a Recorder...
08:38:40LinusNi realized that
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08:38:50LinusNyou didn't wait for the FM?
08:38:55rwoodis anyone else having trouble getting genlang to work under cygwin?
08:38:56LinusNhi Bagder
08:38:58mem_Bagder: good morning
08:39:23Zagorrwood: it could be a linefeed problem
08:39:36Zagorlanghaarocker had problems yesterday
08:39:45Bagderit sure could be, yes
08:39:53BagderI just fixed uplang in that aspect
08:39:58mem_LinusN: I looked at Archos web page but couldn't see anything about a FM version. Is the FM version for real or just roumers?
08:40:03rwoodi tried converting genlang and english to dos with no success - by the way, genlang isn't in the tarball
08:40:23mem_Zagor: good morning to you too
08:40:57Bagderrwood: me fixed now
08:41:05Zagor"Ljup urladdning"? Odd spelling :-)
08:41:14Zagormem_: morn
08:41:22Bagderme a crap speller ;-)
08:42:08LinusNmem_: they recently published a press release
08:42:22Bagderwe have a red build
08:42:24LinusNi think those models are due for christmas
08:42:40Bagderguess I made it
08:42:47Zagorguess so :-)
08:43:20rwoodZagor: with the fonts and languages being such major improvements, are you going to hold 1.4 til recording is added?
08:43:33BagderZagor: those bugs and features tables seems to work now, with working links etc
08:43:38mem_LinusN: But if Archos don't say anything about it on the web how does ppl know? Inside info or just roumers? And I can't wait until Xmas...
08:43:44Zagorrwood: no, we'll be releasing a 1.4 without recording and file writing
08:44:20rwoodZagor: sounds good - could bring in many new users
08:44:32ZagorBagder: goodie
08:49:06mem_LinusN: Okay, but I _CAN'T_ wait that long :-)
08:49:59mem_LinusN: I guess I have to buy the FM version when RockBox has support for that one :-)
08:51:56Bagderwho cares for radio anyway? ;-)
08:52:32CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 13 minutes and 30 seconds at the last flood
08:52:32*mem_ cares for radio :-)
08:59:06ZagorLinusN: do you have time to rec-gdb something for me?
08:59:35*Bagder hopes for the builds to go green now any minute
09:00:08LinusNZagor: not really, but what is it?
09:00:20Zagormy silly font bug. i just can't see it.
09:00:42Zagoras soon as I call lcd_setfont(), target breaks. sim works dandy.
09:01:24Zagorit worked yesterday when cvs was down...
09:02:17LinusNsend me the patch
09:02:35Bagdershow me the code! ;-P
09:02:42*Bagder ducks
09:02:53*mem_ going for a coffee break
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09:05:11LinusNthat's a helluva patch
09:05:34Zagormake a copy of your work dir and apply this there
09:08:32Zagor"...saw some posts here about a program called Rockbox...searched for it online...I LOVE IT...loox very koool and i like the way u search for songz....and the volume and ...just everything"
09:09:12LinusNi think he found the Rockbox MP3 playing program for Windoze
09:10:07Zagorhaha, yeah probably
09:13:41bobTHChi all!
09:14:34Bagdermorning bobTHC
09:14:54bobTHClittle pb "cvs [server aborted]: "commit" requires write access to the repository"
09:15:13LinusNbobTHC: have you checked out non-anonymously?
09:15:16BagderbobTHC: you need to check out the repo using ssh and your account
09:15:16ZagorbobTHC: you need to login, not use pserver
09:17:28bobTHCok i use ":ext: " ?
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09:27:20BagderZagor: did you see MasterOfMagic's comments on the isd200 driver yday?
09:27:50Zagoryes. i updated the isd200 page about it. i've heard it before.
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09:27:55Bagderaha, ok
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09:52:21Bagderhave we made any adjustments in the key code for that ON issue?
09:53:24Bagderbug 595658
09:54:39LinusNBagder: what can we do?
09:55:00Bagderdon't ask me, I ask you ;-)
09:55:21LinusNwe can't adjust the code for a broken PORTB
09:55:52LinusNthe ON key is digital
09:56:21LinusNeither it works or it doesn't
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09:57:17langhaarrocker:( Linus doesn't like my thread.
09:58:07langhaarrockerBut it really improved the vu meter a lot.
09:59:19langhaarrockerIt's because the quasi peak of the mas is lousy you miss a lot of peak values. -> reading lots of values decreased that risk dramatically
09:59:19LinusNi'm sure it did
09:59:36LinusNwhy is it necessary to not miss the peaks?
10:00:04LinusNthe VU meter is a toy anyway isn't it?
10:00:34langhaarrockerBecause it's the peaks that are interesting. Only if you see a peek with every oomp you get the impression that the peak meter is related with the music.
10:01:40LinusNi see
10:02:03 Part bobTHC
10:02:32langhaarrockerYou can try it yourself easily by replacing the yield in the thread with a sleep(5), or so.
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10:07:50Zagorbrace for impact...
10:08:08*Bagder gets strapped
10:08:24langhaarrocker(taking cover)
10:08:38langhaarrockerfile writing?
10:08:59Zagornah, major font code changes
10:12:49langhaarrockerI wished there was a way to really unregister a thread.
10:13:07LinusNyou mean suspend it?
10:13:47LinusNno, we don't have that yet
10:14:03LinusNhowever, you can sleep(VERY_LONG_TIME);
10:14:16LinusNin a loop
10:14:35LinusNor better, wait on a queue
10:14:56LinusNbut the problem isn't when the thread is "idle"
10:15:08LinusNit is when it is talking to the MAS like crazy
10:16:05langhaarrockerThat's major improvement: before it was talking to the mas _and_ to the lcd like crazy.
10:16:17 Join tot [0] (
10:17:11totlanghaarrocker ?
10:17:24totdu sprichts doch deutsch
10:17:26tothaste nicht lust
10:17:35toteben ber meine deutsch.lang zu schauen ?
10:17:45*Bagder hides from the germans
10:18:00langhaarrockermaybe in the evening.
10:18:14langhaarrockertot: Are you the result of TotMacher?
10:18:24totyes :)
10:18:29totis my pc in office
10:18:36totbut i forgot to switch mirc off
10:19:33langhaarrockerhave you sent your deutsch.lang to the mailing list?
10:19:35totsonst noch jemand deutscher hier ?
10:19:41totonly to zagor
10:19:53Bagderand he didn't correct it? B)
10:20:04*tot slaps Bagder around a bit with a large trout
10:20:10BagderZagor's going soft ;-)
10:20:48langhaarrockerNo problem: When Zagor fails there's always Linus to dislike my threads.
10:21:13LinusNi'm a Code Police trainee
10:21:22Bagderif you want me to, I could ignore you on the list a bit too B-)
10:21:36*Bagder grins
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10:21:58LinusNlanghaarrocker: you are only implementing rubbish!
10:22:09totwho did the osscillograph ?
10:22:12LinusNfocus on the important issues!
10:22:13*Bagder falls off his chair laughing
10:22:20Zagoryikes, major reds
10:22:40Zagorah, tools is not rebuilt
10:23:20Bagderperhaps we should
10:23:37Zagoryes, would be good i think
10:24:19 Quit rwood ()
10:24:21Zagorwill you fix?
10:24:30Bagderme fixorz
10:26:56Bagderit should be enough to do it once for all targets
10:28:45 Quit tot ()
10:30:13LinusNi just had the most fantastic experience!
10:30:19 Quit Hes (
10:30:19 Quit Bagder (
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10:31:11LinusNi just had the most fantastic experience!
10:31:28LinusNi examined a PCB returned from a customer
10:31:48LinusNit has an MPC821 processor
10:31:52LinusNa PowerPC
10:31:59Zagorbouncy bouncy
10:32:02NJoinBagder [0] (
10:32:02LinusNtotal crash on boot
10:32:11LinusNi fired up the debugger
10:32:28Bagderyou have customers? ;-)
10:32:28*Bagder ducks
10:32:43LinusNguess what was broke?
10:33:02LinusNbit 4 was stuck at 0 in register r3!!!
10:33:13LinusNcosmic radiation?
10:33:36ZagorLinusN: yikes
10:33:36LinusNonly r3 was broke
10:33:41BagderI think it is an evil conspiracy by the CIA and RIAA
10:33:45LinusNall other registers were ok
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10:34:07ZagorLinusN: maybe they put in in the autoclave
10:34:51Bagderand we are green
10:35:10Zagoroy, the build table looks a bit strnge
10:35:29Bagderjust a few blanks ;-)
10:35:47BagderI run it manually, that's why
10:36:11LinusNthe PCB came back from Japan
10:37:20ZagorBagder: now, class on the bug & feature tables
10:37:42Bagderany specific requests?
10:37:53Zagorclass=bugs & class=requests
10:38:05Bagderon the TR ?
10:38:12Zagorno, the table
10:38:17Bagderah, ok
10:38:23 Join matsl [0] (
10:39:08Bagdertry now
10:39:25Bagderhey Mats
10:39:51matslhi Bagder.
10:41:16Bagderah, changed font extension I see
10:41:19matslBagder: I just did, for my own amusement, a plain stupid translation for everything into swedish
10:41:43Bagderdid you cvs update first? B-]
10:41:53matslBagder: I think so.
10:41:56Bagderor even, bring it in
10:42:11BagderI asked because I added a bunch of swedish strings
10:42:20*matsl phones rings
10:43:55ZagorBagder: you seem to filter out fixed bugs. i think they should be visible too.
10:44:41Bagderthe script probably needs adjustments, but if we can just show it somewhere it'll be easier to work on the details
10:44:49Zagorstatus uses it now
10:45:42Bagdernow, the fixed ones are included too
10:46:06Bagderis the date interesting?
10:46:19Zagornah, but sorting is probably nice
10:46:32Bagderyou mean custom or on a specific column?
10:46:44Zagor1:resolution, 2:prio, 3:id
10:48:54*matsl phone stops ringing
10:49:54matslBagder: I'll check it in. a bad translation helps others think of better ways to sait or?
10:50:11matslsait/ say it
10:50:30Bagderbad swedish is better than english in the svenska.lang
10:51:08matslsome things are reallt hard to get right in swedish though.
10:51:33BagderZagor: sorting on resolution is tricky, as 'None' should probably come first...
10:51:44Zagoryup :-)
10:51:59Zagorbut basic alphabetic is still better than unsorted
10:52:18Bagderwe *could* make a lookup-table, if we really want to
10:53:31matslBagder: One thing though. The fonts on the player and , and .
10:54:04Bagderwhat about them?
10:54:13LinusNnew players don't have them
10:54:41Bagderbut we have a translation table, don't we?
10:54:46Zagorwe should probably fix a defaultchar table for new players, translating to aao.
10:54:49LinusNnew players don't have
10:55:09BagderZagor: exactly my thinking
10:55:10LinusNZagor: that would be better than nothing
10:55:13matslor find good words in swedish without them
10:55:24matslbut that is hard
10:55:30LinusNor dynamically define customchars :-)
10:55:39*matsl phones rings
10:55:40Zagormatsl: good point. but filenames will always be a problem anyway.
10:58:37*matsl phone stops ringing
10:58:46BagderZagor: ok, I made a lookup table for the resolutions so that None gets before Works for me
10:59:09matslZagor: I know. grip fixes the bad chars for me anyway so I haven't noticed the -problem my self.
10:59:41Zagor are bad chars? :-)
11:00:34matslso what is the conclusion? check in with and fix a translation table to aao?
11:01:37matslhow about the user defined chars. can't they be used?
11:04:47Zagoryup, they can up to the limit of course. would be a cool hack.
11:05:51matslout of my scope now anyway. How much work is it with the translation table?
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11:07:18 Quit langhaarrocker (Remote closed the connection)
11:07:29Zagorshouldn't be much work
11:08:16BagderZagor: it struck me that the CVS activity table use the full time as a hash, including seconds, so only the same commit within the same comment arrive on the same row
11:08:29Bagderwithin the same second
11:08:50ZagorBagder: ah
11:09:15 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
11:11:24 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|breakfast (
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11:42:43bobTHCsomeone use cvs under win2k
11:43:20 Quit matp (Remote closed the connection)
11:45:45langhaarrockerI use WinCvs with Win2k but not on sourceforge.
11:46:08bobTHCi've some config pb...
11:46:36bobTHCu use it with ssh autentification ??
11:52:59bobTHCit's my problem... i can use it without ssh but without any right...
12:11:43bobTHCposting ssh key is requiere to have write right ???
12:15:36 Nick Zagor|breakfast is now known as Zagor (
12:16:23bobTHC zagor posting ssh key on sourceforge is requiere to have write access ???
12:17:11Zagorit's only required if you don't want to write your password for each cvs command
12:18:08bobTHCi can login me with my login/pass but he tell me "commit" requires write access to the repository
12:19:11Zagoryou need to check everything out again. your directory is using the pserver (anonymous) repository
12:22:34bobTHCi make it yesterday with same result....
12:25:56Zagormake a new dir, log in, check out
12:27:08langhaarrockerOh! I finally earned to be listed in the credits!
12:28:49langhaarrockerI must work harder. Maybe I'll manage to be nominated for a t-shirt.
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12:34:05 Part bobTHC
12:36:07 Join kargatron [0] (
12:36:19langhaarrockerIs the peak meter patch labled 'Not to commit'?
12:37:05kargatronasked yesterday, no one seemed to know - is there any archived discussion about bookmarking plans/intentions that I could browse?
12:38:12langhaarrockerThere are the feature requests on sourceforge.
12:38:42 Nick LinusN|lunch is now known as LinusN (
12:38:52LinusNkargatron: bookmarking is planned
12:39:11LinusNbut we can't do it until we can write to the disk
12:39:58kargatroni knew bookmarking was planned - just wanted to get a feel for the particular implementations in minf.
12:40:12 Join bobTHC [0] (
12:40:13kargatrone.g. auto-bookmarking of playlists when STOPped
12:40:41kargatron'write to the disk' - thought that happened all the time with resume?
12:41:17langhaarrockerLinusN: Do you consider that peak meter thread hog too hoggy to commit it?
12:41:42 Part bobTHC
12:42:38langhaarrockerHadak: does your 'yo' refer to the peak meter?
12:42:54 Join freshmaker [0] (
12:44:08LinusNkargatron: yes, we write to specific sectors for the settings, but we can't generate files yet
12:44:40 Nick mem_away is now known as mem (
12:44:41LinusNlanghaarrocker: nah, it only affects those who use the VU meter anyway
12:44:42Zagorlanghaarrocker: i do
12:45:01Hadakaum, the yo was for bobTHC who had msg's me a while back
12:45:52kargatronis the setting 'space' limited? would auto-bookmarking take up too much?
12:45:56langhaarrockerZagor: You consider it too hoggy or you do commit?
12:46:22Zagori think it's too hoggy
12:47:02kargatroni mean auto-bookmarking as 'automatic resume per playlist' as resume works now, in ask mode
12:47:29Zagorkargatron: when we can write files, space is a non-issue
12:47:48kargatronof course
12:47:51kargatronwas referring to before then
12:48:17kargatroni.e. we have resume now with sector-writing, would resume-per-playlist take up too much
12:50:57freshmakerthe extension for font files was changed: s/fnt/fon/ why? clash with old mickeysoft windows font file extensions?
12:51:03kargatronand file-writing is what is the main thing behind the predicted v1.5: File Management?
12:51:20Zagorfreshmaker: was it?
12:51:56freshmakerZagor: it was 'system.fnt' before; now it is default.fon
12:52:05Zagorthat's a mistake
12:52:08langhaarrockerZagor: Is it the fact that there is another thread or the frequent mas communication what you consider too hoggy?
12:52:18freshmakerby whom?
12:52:20Zagorfreshmaker: o
12:52:24Zagori'm fixing it now
12:52:32Zagorbyb me
12:52:39Zagorbleh, can't type toady
12:53:04LinusNlanghaarrocker: the frequent MAS communication
12:54:06Zagorexactly. another thread is ok, busy polling is not.
12:54:50LinusNit isn't exactly busy polling
12:55:14Zagorfreshmaker: fixed
12:56:04Zagorwell ok, busy + yield, but it's still a massive cpu hog
12:56:16kargatronwhere's system.fnt looked at now, / or .rockbox?
12:56:37Zagorit's /.rockbox/default.fnt
12:56:48 Join bobTHC [0] (
12:57:01Zagorall boot-loaded files should be called 'default'
12:57:11bobTHChaaaaaaaaaaaa! i succesfully commit !!!!
12:57:15Zagor(unless the user specified another, of course)
12:57:26ZagorbobTHC: nice
12:57:43bobTHCafter a total reinstall of tortoise and wincvs
12:59:24LinusNstill, i can't think of a "better" way of MAS'ing
12:59:25 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:59:44LinusNok, sleep(1) may be slightly better...
13:00:08kargatronah, ok, so given that i'm on 920 build and don't have a default.fnt file, that means that fischer's bold font is canned now as default?
13:00:08freshmakerZagor: Maybe you want to fix the simulator, too :-)
13:00:08kargatroncouldn't tell yesterday, cuz it was the ugly one without a system.fnt
13:00:08Zagorkargatron: yes, default font is non-bold
13:00:08Zagorfreshmaker: doh! :(
13:00:09 Join b0bTHC [0] (
13:00:09kargatronoops, confused. i meant 'canned' as in 'in the can', sorry - not dumped.
13:00:10DBUGEnqueued KICK kargatron
13:00:10kargatroni have fischer's big readable font working on 0920, but have no default.fnt file (only system.fnt)
13:00:10kargatronwher's the font actually coming from?
13:00:10Zagorkargatron: we use Uwes font. i think it's from Xfree86
13:00:10freshmakerkargatron: I made it
13:00:27Zagorfreshmaker: did you make it from scratch?
13:00:36freshmakerkargatron: it was derived from old ROM fonts of C=64 and Atari 800
13:00:53Zagorah, that font. yes. but that's not the new system font.
13:01:09kargatronit looks exactly like the one i grabbed on fischer's suggestion a few adys ago. wondering what i'm looking at - yours, or this old one/
13:01:21Zagorbut it's a very nice font. '' could be better though :-)
13:01:46Zagormaybe i'm mixing up names...
13:01:56kargatronthe one i'm looking at is very readable, but also big and bold looking.
13:02:09freshmakerZagor: At first I had a copy of the Atari8x8 font from somwewhere. more and more changes were added. It was messy. Then I started from scratch with two sheets of the original chartables (C=64 and Atari 800)
13:02:30Zagorkargatron: the new font was committed this morning. it's called clR6x8.bdf
13:02:52kargatronah, ok, i'm on the daily build, so wouldn't see it. gotcha
13:03:03Zagorright. try the bleeding edge build.
13:03:45Zagorfreshmaker: you should make '' the same height as ''. it looks a bit strange imho
13:05:10freshmakerI know. all small glyphs with accents should have the same x-height as all other small glyphs. but with effectively 7 pixels this is not possible.
13:06:10freshmakerSo I decided to make at least most of the accented small glyphs the same x-height. works for but not for
13:11:13freshmakerkargatron: i tried everything to reduce the 'bold' font (it's called Atadore = Atari + Commodore), but if I did so −− e.g. with 'o' or 'd' −− it was at the expense of readability
13:11:53Zagorfreshmaker: it's a good font
13:13:56freshmakerZagor: I showed my new Archos to my girlfirend; she said something like "piece of sh*t; can't read anything!". So I sat down to start looking for alternative fonts ;-)
13:14:37Zagorhehe. yeah, our previous font was really ugly
13:18:00Zagoruwes new font is not as good as the old, imho
13:24:04 Join datazone [0] ([B5hF+FdPv@
13:25:20freshmakerZagor: Why did he change 'E' 'F' and 'L'? That's a regression, imho
13:25:25Zagori agree
13:25:34Zagori'm responding to his mail
13:27:40Zagoroh, it's dwinos font!
13:34:01freshmakerZagor: Yes, I thought you're aware of that
13:35:19freshmakerZagor: It doesn't build anymore: stops at makeing in apps because EXTRA_DEFINES is unquoted -> investigating...
13:35:22LinusNlanghaarrocker: how slow can you do the MAS reading with acceptable results?
13:35:46 Nick Bagder|moo is now known as Bagder (
13:35:48LinusNis 100Hz too slow?
13:38:55Zagorbuilds for me
13:39:22LinusNfreshmaker: run configure again
13:40:57freshmakerLinusN: I found the problem: in tools/configure line 372
13:41:22freshmakerLinusN: missing double quotes
13:41:47Bagdermy bad
13:42:55Bagderfix committed
13:43:05 Quit Zagor (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
13:45:29freshmakerI'm looking for comments to the scrollbar patch I sent to the list
13:45:59LinusNyou mean the one that hides it?
13:46:23freshmakeryes, but only when the scrollbar is not necessary
13:46:26LinusNi tried it, and i like it
13:46:44LinusNi want to apply it, but i want it to be optional
13:47:01freshmakerthat's the expected behavior of scrollbars, i think
13:47:08LinusNmore options for the scrollbar setting: "on", "off", "when needed"
13:47:45LinusNthat's just my opinion
13:47:55LinusNi hope someone else can comment on this
13:48:01 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-school (
13:48:16freshmakerto make everything optional can lead to featuritis, too.
13:50:19freshmakerahh, just looked into the source for global settings. the byte is full: converting it into a tri-option would not fit that easily
13:51:38LinusNyeah, we'll have to move things around a little
13:52:00LinusNbut as you said, we can apply it as it is too
13:52:10LinusNi just want more opinions
13:53:50b0bTHCfor me 3 scroolbar setting is good
13:55:03matslabout options: With so many options around and now also lang-support wouldn't it be cool if you could through the webbpage configure your and build you mod?
13:55:35 Join Zagor [0] (
13:55:42Bagdermatsl: that's a cool idea
13:55:52b0bTHCa cgi based page who build ure version
13:56:59kargatronagree sith fresh - default scrollbar obviously (to me) 'when needed'
13:58:06freshmakerkargatron: let me carify: you want a dual option: 'off' or 'when needed', right?
13:58:45kargatron3's ok too, but i see n osubstantial objection to having 'when needed' but no 'on'
13:59:15kargatroni.e. can't see the 2-option being a burden
13:59:56freshmakerkargatron: it costs a bit, literally
14:00:07LinusNme neither, i can get used to the "when needed" behaviour
14:01:12kargatronis there a single place that the wps config var names are defined?
14:01:31kargatronlooking but can't find (but i'm no c coder, so maybe not surprising)
14:01:54kargatronyou know, fn, pe, ia, etc
14:02:38Bagderwps-display.c I believe
14:03:42Zagorthe "keep LED on when writing" request is tricky. due to caching, the write command finishes long before the data is actually on disk.
14:04:01Zagorkargatron: wps-display.c
14:04:23kargatronjust grepping there doesn't show any defs. eg. 'fv' only shows up in a default format call - can't see where fv corresponds to some entity
14:04:25BagderZagor: a little delay on the led-off is probably all it takes, even though not an exact indicator
14:04:38LinusNZagor: i have a very good solution to the LED problem
14:04:45Zagorkargatron: it's a char-by-char parsing.
14:04:47Bagderkargatron: the checks are split in to, one check for the first letter and then a check for the second mostly
14:04:59ZagorLinusN: tell me
14:05:02langhaarrockerLinusN: I'm @ work now. I'll try to find slower mas readout in the evening (which is in about 6 hours here).
14:05:06LinusNa timed LED-off
14:05:13Zagorhow long?
14:05:30LinusNwell, perhaps 0.2s, just enough to be able to see the LED
14:05:45LinusNusing a hardware timer and an IRQ
14:05:47Zagorit doesn't help. the led will go off long before the write is finished
14:06:05Zagorwe're talking >1 second here
14:06:40Zagorthe ATA write command finishes immediately, because the disk caches the request. then it spins up the disk and flushes the data.
14:06:52LinusNZagor: disable the write cache then
14:07:08Zagorthat's probably best, yes
14:07:17LinusNwrite caching is mostly evil anyway :-)
14:07:33Zagorit's very nice when we implement file writing...
14:07:42LinusNhow dynamic can we make it?
14:08:20Zagori'm not sure. reading...
14:09:20 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020914]")
14:12:20 Part b0bTHC
14:12:54 Join b0bTHC [0] (
14:16:39Bagderoh, new bug list
14:17:05LinusNyeah, but it doesn't refresh
14:17:20Bagderonce per day or something
14:17:30Bagderits a 500K xml download
14:17:53Zagorimho it should update twice a day: 18.00 and 06.00
14:18:21Bagderour time you mean?
14:18:36LinusNyou mean there are other times?
14:18:59Bagdercrontab installed
14:21:06BagderZagor: you plan on popping up the feature request list somewhere too?
14:21:13Bagderthat could be quite neat
14:21:18 Join freshmaker [0] (
14:21:49Zagoryes. i plan to point the menu links to our own pages, with just a "submit" link to the sf page
14:22:01Bagderthat's a good idea imo
14:25:03freshmakerok, i'm back. anything new in the scrollbar dual option / tri option discussion?
14:28:27LinusNno, most people so far think that two options is good
14:28:40Bagderso let's do that first
14:28:50Bagderand face the criticism on the list later ;-)
14:29:04Bagderwe do rubbish
14:29:16LinusNrubbish are us
14:29:29LinusNall your rubbish are belong to us
14:29:31Bagdertoys n' rubbish are us
14:30:20b0bTHC2 is good 3 too but 2 is sufficient
14:31:24LinusNb0bTHC: well said
14:31:55Zagori agree
14:32:22LinusNso who applies it?
14:32:42Zagori'm going out a few hours, so you fight about it :-)
14:33:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:39:39freshmakerwhat is the upper limit for the code size of the firmware?
14:40:12LinusNabout 200Kb i guess
14:40:26LinusNthe limit is really the Archos loader
14:42:05freshmakercrap. i have code for a softmodem (~450k). i thought since we couldn't send unencoded data through SP/DIF ... ;-)
14:45:12b0bTHCa lot of thing can be done with this amazing device ;)
14:48:42 Part Bagder
14:49:48b0bTHCu think it possible to make Vmanager with 80Kb ?
14:50:03b0bTHCVmanager :
14:57:08Zagorlanghaarrocker: is there any way to simplify wormlet.c? it's currently the second largest code segment
14:57:24b0bTHCi said 80k because the code is actually near 100k and with new other improvement and recording functions ... i think 80k is overestimated....
14:58:12b0bTHC200kb is very small!!!
14:59:01b0bTHCby the way it's always possible to make it as a individual *.ajz file lauch by rolo ....
15:01:10Hadakais the archos loader really a problem? I mean you can let it load a stub and load a 2 megabyte one from the disk yourself?
15:01:55ZagorHadaka: yes. let's hope we don't need that :-)
15:02:30 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|out (
15:03:19 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|busy (
15:04:11 Nick mem is now known as mem_away (
15:11:05 Quit kargatron ("Suckers!")
15:26:15Hadakadoes require group foo bar require the user to be in either of the groups or both?
15:39:59 Nick mem_away is now known as mem (
15:40:05 Nick elinenb|sleep is now known as elinenbe (
15:40:15elinenbe25 commits!!! WOW!
15:57:12 Part LinusN
16:02:13b0bTHCwhat''s up with "recent cvs activity" ??? on the website?
16:02:33 Join LinusN [0] (
16:04:17 Join quelsaruk [0] (
16:06:23b0bTHCwhat''s up with "recent cvs activity" ??? on the website
16:06:58b0bTHCok good now
16:07:57freshmakersometimes it's emtpy for me, too. a forced reload fixes it usually
16:08:00LinusNit disappears briefly when it is updated
16:18:03 Join Bagder2 [0] (
16:19:23LinusNyo Bagder2
16:20:17Bagder2I got my TV setup now for divx from my computer
16:21:19Bagder2had to get the latest matrox drivers first though
16:21:29Bagder2and mess with that silly windows OS
16:21:48b0bTHCfor minor change like adding a double quote, i commit instantly?
16:22:03Bagder2I installed the graphics driver, installed the new one and rebooted and had to reinstall my USB-card drivers! ;-O
16:22:27LinusNnaturally :-)
16:22:45b0bTHCmicro$oft silly rulez!
16:23:05quelsarukLinusN: how manny characters fits in the player screen?
16:23:10Bagder2unfortunately the matrox driver for X is not good enough
16:23:51quelsarukand in the recorder?
16:23:59Bagder2depends on the font
16:24:05quelsaruksystem font
16:24:20quelsaruki mean.. the default one
16:25:15Bagder2quelsaruk: count
16:25:38quelsaruki hve a horrible week
16:25:56quelsaruki wish i could sleep for 1 month or maybe a year
16:26:44b0bTHCspanish ppl ca sleep a year ? ;)
16:27:09quelsarukbut i could, maybe i have no problems
16:27:11b0bTHCU make me afraid !
16:27:39LinusNbue guys!
16:27:53Bagder2bye LinusN
16:27:54 Part LinusN
16:29:58 Join edx [0] (
16:33:22Bagder2hi edx
16:33:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:34:26b0bTHCwho finally win the tshirt contest ?
16:35:09Bagder2well, we'd like to keep that a secret until we present the complete design of the official rockbox tshirt
16:35:24Bagder2that's why it takes a little time
16:36:08b0bTHCinfo classified....
16:37:17b0bTHCI'm impatient ... to see it on u in photo !!!
16:49:45 Join hardeep [0] (
16:50:44quelsarukarghh spanish translations are to large!
16:51:09quelsaruki can't fit all words in the correct spaces
16:51:35b0bTHCit's very hard for specially for player id ...
16:51:35Bagder2well, most lines can scroll so its not always a very big deal
16:52:18b0bTHCs/very hard/hard ;)
16:52:29quelsarukthe worst part is wormlet game
16:52:49quelsarukjust 7 characters for "growing"
16:52:56quelsarukin spanish is "creciendo"
16:53:07quelsaruki must zip it
16:53:12quelsarukor something like that
16:54:13quelsarukBagder2: we left 2 lines that can be deleted
16:54:23quelsarukthe LANG_BACKLIGHT_ON id
16:54:34quelsarukwe just have id and desc
16:54:59Bagder2I think I'll write me a script that checks that all ids are used
16:55:01quelsarukand.. it's not used anywhere, i used LANG_ON instead of that id
16:55:21quelsarukall are used.. except that one
16:55:50quelsaruki made the .lang file in "real-time", changing each string with an id
16:57:46quelsaruki think me sould write at the begining of english.lang how manny characters does the player accept without scrolling and the recorder using the default font
16:58:32Bagder2I don't
16:58:53Bagder21. the lines scroll 2. the default font will not be used on a large amount of recorders
16:59:30quelsaruk"keylock on" scrolls ?
16:59:47 Join PsycoXul [0] (
16:59:51Bagder2ok then, most lines scroll
17:00:13quelsaruki was thinking in those kind of lines
17:00:25quelsarukof course lines in a menu scroll
17:01:42quelsarukbut as allways.. as you wish (please don't kill me!! :)
17:02:41Bagder2well, the info is of course useful
17:04:33quelsarukmay i include the info then?
17:05:04Bagder2I think it is better put in the "how to translate rockbox" document
17:05:16quelsarukbetter idea
17:05:28quelsarukdoes that document exist ?
17:05:46Bagder2but we should create it
17:05:55quelsaruki don't know why.. but i suspected that answer
17:06:13quelsarukand include it also at the web?
17:06:15edxdo you still need a German translation, btw?
17:06:20Bagder2quelsaruk: yes
17:06:37Bagder2edx: there was one posted just a little while ago
17:06:44edxBagder2: ok then
17:06:59b0bTHCreview comment and correct
17:07:33b0bTHCu are a german peer ;)
17:08:17 Nick Bagder2 is now known as Bagder (
17:08:53 Nick b0bTHC is now known as bobTHC (
17:10:41quelsarukspanish lang is being reviewed, commented and corrected right now.... but as there are only 2 spanish at rockbox, i have picked up some slaves to work on it :)
17:14:37quelsarukwell, i think it's time to work again in repeat on/off
17:15:46quelsarukbagder, will you delete LANG_BACKLIGHT_ON from english.lang or may i send you a patch for that? :)
17:16:15langhaarrockerquelsaruk: I was thinking about weakening the requirements for wormlet translations. I'm thinking about 'nationalizing' the size of the game field. So if the strings are too large the field simply shrinks.
17:16:27 Nick dwihno|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
17:16:27DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
17:16:29dwihnoHello ppl!
17:16:33Bagderhey dwihno
17:16:40dwihnolanghaar, thanks for your assistance last night! :) I slept pretty well :)
17:16:43dwihnoHello Bagder
17:17:16langhaarrockernice not to be useles.
17:17:49dwihnoNow I need to solve my 64 bit mingw issue :)
17:17:50quelsaruklanghaarrocker: that could help me... i have to put "hambriento" replacing "hungry" and don't know how!!!
17:19:01langhaarrockerOn the other hand international wormlet contests would become a bit unfair...
17:19:03dwihno"Code-policed font code"
17:19:22dwihnoThe Code Police ruuules :)
17:19:29Bagderthe RCPD
17:19:48dwihno*update CVS*
17:19:48langhaarrockerR like Rockbox?
17:19:54dwihnoC for community?
17:20:04BagderC for code
17:20:10quelsarukthat's right langhaarrocker, i think whe should fit our text in the field
17:20:18Bagder"Rockbox Code Police Department"
17:21:46bobTHCbeware the RCPD !!
17:22:33Bagderand stop writing rubbish! ;-P
17:22:41dwihno*compile a new firmware*
17:24:24bobTHCin witch language? ;)
17:24:47bobTHCenglish ?
17:24:56dwihno../firmware\librockbox.a(font.o)(.data+0x0): undefined reference to `sysfont'
17:24:59quelsarukBagder: is it posible to download a nationalized-firmware form rockbox ?
17:25:01dwihnoa new file perhaps...
17:25:55Bagderquelsaruk: I'm thinking about setting up a "build your own firmware page" on the site for that, but I haven't done anything like it yet
17:26:12BagderI mean, to have the site build a custom firmware on demand
17:26:20hardeepholy red batman
17:27:59dwihnoedx: update the win32 makefiles ;D
17:28:58hardeepuse cygwin and you'll never have to worry about the win32 makefile again! =)
17:29:08dwihnoI'm considering it
17:29:11quelsarukor use linux
17:29:16dwihnoZip it up for me and let me download it, hardeep :)
17:29:24dwihnoquelsaruk: that's a typical nono
17:29:33CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 4 hours and 16 minutes at the last flood
17:29:33*dwihno requires the evil wintendo gear!
17:29:34Bagdermerwin has a download package somewhere
17:29:38quelsarukdwihno: do you want cygwin?
17:29:47hardeepdwihno: cygwin is something you want to install using the provided installer... it's quite simple to use
17:29:48dwihnoquelsaruk: si, si
17:29:59quelsarukok, wait a few minutes
17:30:08*dwihno is hungry
17:30:11quelsarukand start downloading from my computer
17:30:21dwihnoate a puny salad this lunch
17:30:30quelsarukT3 conection.. i hope it's good enough for u
17:30:52*dwihno gives everybody a great tip of quick'n'easy food: a slice of white loaf bread, some cheese, and some bbq spices and oregano
17:30:57dwihnoand voila - evil kickass yumyum :)
17:31:18dwihnoquelsaruk: muy bien! :D
17:31:40quelsarukyou'll all finish speaking spanish!!
17:31:47Bagderstupid me
17:31:51dwihnois it possible to build the simulator with cygwin btw?
17:31:53quelsarukits a promise!
17:32:43langhaarrockerA language that exceeds the wormlet wordlengths? I'm too lazy for that.
17:34:50bobTHCa french version!!!! ;)
17:36:49dwihnoC'est parfait! :)
17:36:58*dwihno is the lingo quizmaster
17:37:14dwihnoQue pasa? Muy bien! Une hamburgesa con keso, por favor!
17:37:18dwihnoMUY GRANDE! :D
17:37:28Bagderhey, it spells "queso" :-)
17:38:26langhaarrockerYou shouldn't eat people just because the come from Hamburg.
17:38:33quelsarukyea.. it's queso, but i always speak using k... is shorter
17:39:11bobTHCreally international chat hoy !
17:39:33Bagderyeah, if only JFK had went to Hamburg instead of Berlin
17:39:39Bagder"Ich bin ein ..."
17:41:05bobTHCand its macdo who win the cold war !
17:41:44quelsarukmar da bra Bagder? (or something like that)
17:42:56quelsarukmar du bra?
17:43:07quelsaruki can't remember quite well
17:43:11bobTHCpienso que es possible de communicar en una idioma collectiva que puede ser Esperanto
17:43:50quelsarukwao bobTHC What language where you trying to speak?
17:44:18bobTHCCatalan hombre !
17:44:29 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020914]")
17:44:34*Bagder can feel that friday feeling here
17:44:52dwihnoBagder est une hombre! :D
17:44:54quelsarukcatalan is not a language (as they say, it's a short spanish)
17:45:01bobTHCCastellano !
17:46:06quelsarukPero, buen hombre! acaso quieres hacerme perder los papeles y permitir que el *gran jefe* me regae?
17:46:13quelsarukno more spanish
17:46:19quelsarukjust that
17:47:19bobTHCI think catalan is a Language ! like Occitan or Euskara
17:48:05bobTHCEnd for *el Gran jefe" No te preocuparce ;)
17:48:11quelsarukwell it's a language
17:48:54quelsarukbut we have some "problems" in my country just because some stupids don't believe they are part of the same country
17:48:56bobTHCImagine the log on the Rockbox site !
17:49:04 Nick edx is now known as edx|out (
17:49:42quelsarukwell, it's friday
17:50:15bobTHCit's not friday wear it's friday chat !
17:50:39bobTHCa little bit of fun in this serious world...
17:52:41quelsarukhas anyone his car out there? they have just stolen one
17:52:56quelsarukyou are not secure even at university
17:53:25 Join probonic [0] (
17:55:18Bagderah, we're green again
17:55:52bobTHCbye all folks ! and good weekend !!!
17:56:06Bagdersee ya bobTHC
17:56:15 Part bobTHC
17:56:40Bagderthe builds
17:57:43hardeepquelsaruk: you're working on repeat on/off right? how's it going?
17:58:15quelsarukwell.. it works if you don't skip any song, so, it doesn't work
18:04:10quelsarukhardeep: it's smoke what goes outside your head? :)
18:08:00quelsarukwas just a joke...
18:11:15 Quit probonic ()
18:12:12 Quit TotMacher ()
18:15:56quelsarukBagder: i've seen that spanish is a language option if you build yourself rockbox
18:16:16quelsarukbut, there's isn't a espanol.lang file yet
18:16:23Bagderthere is no spanish file
18:16:36Bagderthe configure only display the languages that you have
18:16:52quelsarukthat's why
18:17:01quelsaruki have an spanish file
18:17:08Bagderyou do, so you can use it ;-)
18:17:43Bagderyou tried running it on target with spanish yet?
18:17:55BagderI had mine on swedish over lunch
18:17:56quelsaruknot yet
18:18:27quelsaruki'm testing repeat on/off
18:18:55quelsarukso i'll use english, if there's any problem i'm sure it will be the repeat setting, not spanish translation
18:20:04quelsarukhardeep: you use cygwin?
18:22:15quelsarukdoesn't matter
18:24:58 Join _Snorlax_ [0] (
18:26:57hardeepquelsaruk: yes, i use cygwin
18:27:39quelsaruktoday i'm on windows
18:28:23quelsarukand i'm trying to use cygwin, so when i run make i have a strange error
18:28:42quelsaruk/cygdrive/c/DOCUME~1/ADMINI~1/CONFIG~1/Temp/cclbeZFn.s:4: Warning: .type pseudo-
18:28:43quelsarukop used outside of .def/.endef ignored.
18:29:18quelsaruki have no idea what on hell does this mean
18:29:35hardeepheh, i haven't a clue either... never seen anything like that before
18:30:16hardeepare you sure you're using the right "make" and "gcc" etc.
18:30:26hardeepie. the ones provided by cygwin
18:30:55quelsarukthe error is mine.. only mine... (like gollum and the ring)
18:31:11quelsarukyea.. and downloaded from rockbox the sh1 cross compiler
18:31:45hardeepbut are you sure those are the ones being used... is your PATH environment variable correct
18:32:17quelsarukseems to be ok, it really doesn't matter
18:32:26quelsaruktomorrow i can work again on linux
18:33:02quelsarukso one more day without testing the repeat setting will not kill anyone
18:33:17quelsarukit was curiosity
18:33:27hardeepstill doesn't hurt to get the win32 compile fixed for the next time you are forced to use it. :)
18:33:41hardeepwhat's compiling when you see the error?
18:33:50 Part Bagder
18:34:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:34:24 Join TotMacher [0] (
18:35:53quelsaruksh-elf-gcc -W -Wall -O -m1 -nostdlib -ffreestanding -Wstrict-prototypes -Iinclud
18:35:53quelsaruke -I. -Icommon -Idrivers -DARCHOS_RECORDER -DDISABLE_NOTHING -fomit-frame-pointe
18:35:53quelsarukr -fschedule-insns -c drivers/adc.c -o /home/Administrador/rockbox/drivers/adc.
18:35:53DBUGEnqueued KICK quelsaruk
18:36:21quelsarukthis was the last *normal* message i got
18:36:43quelsarukafter this.. a lot of errors like the one i pasted
18:36:52quelsaruki must go
18:36:54quelsaruksee you later
18:37:02 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
18:37:02DBUGEnqueued KICK quel|out
18:39:34 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
18:49:36 Part langhaarrocker
18:59:00dwihnodamn cygwin
18:59:02dwihnoit bugs out on me
18:59:10dwihnoso now I'm getting the entire folder of cygwin stuff ;)
19:14:57 Join Phantom [0] (
19:15:02PhantomHi !
19:15:07Phantoman idea :
19:15:55Phantomadd two or three "blanks" parts in "credits.c" to allow translator ad their name...
19:18:26Phantomas a thanks for there work they should be in credit...
19:18:31 Quit Phantom (Client Quit)
19:19:46 Quit _Snorlax_ ("gittar ny!")
19:35:01 Join probonic [0] (
20:02:50 Nick Zagor|out is now known as Zagor (
20:11:13 Join m5jaz [0] (
20:13:40dwihnoGreetings Zagor!
20:15:05dwihnoI greet thee, master of Code Writing! :D
20:15:55TotMachermy german translation
20:16:45 Nick TotMacher is now known as tot|away (
20:17:03CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 1 minute and 9 seconds at the last flood
20:17:03*Zagor bows humbly
20:20:19*dwihno is gonna build a cross compiler on his shell
20:21:30*dwihno does NOT like cygwin ;)
20:21:34*dwihno likes gnush
20:22:52*dwihno thinks the three musketeers rule!
20:24:41dwihnoZagoramis, Linuhos and Porthger
20:25:43m5jazhello, Can anyone tell me where I find the PIC code for remoclone?
20:29:14Zagorm5jaz: in the mailing list archive. way back, like march or something.
20:30:01Zagori should probably put it on the "hardware mods" page
20:31:15m5jazthat would be great! thanks... I will look again.
20:34:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:05:30 Join Phantom [0] (
21:05:33PhantomHI !
21:07:31 Quit Phantom (Client Quit)
21:15:51quel|outsee you!
21:15:57 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:31:33 Part elinenbe
21:47:08dwihnoZagor: "and left the funny N as it was" :) Yay! My font is still (a bit) intact! :)
21:47:34Zagoryup. i'm not sure I like the new rounded E and F, though
21:48:13dwihnoIf you are the Code Police (tm), maybe I should become your sidekick, FontDude ;)
21:48:59dwihnocan you publish your ajz?
21:49:22dwihno(it won't build)
21:49:37Zagorgrab a bleeding edge build. i have nothing special in mine.
21:49:57dwihnoYour builds are Code Police certified! :)
21:50:44*dwihno tries to find the bleeding edge builds page on the rockbox site
21:51:19Zagorthe bottom of the daily build page
21:51:31dwihnoyou're supposed to tell the t-shirt winner :)
21:54:27dwihnoplease tell me! :)
21:56:10Zagorhehe. my lips are sealed... :-)
21:56:59dwihnoFOR HEAVENS SAKE!
21:57:14dwihnoBagder told me last night the winner was to be announced today!
21:57:27dwihnoCome on Zagor
22:00:11dwihnoYou zag zag zag0r! :)
22:08:20 Quit edx|out ()
22:08:57 Join edx|out [0] (
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22:53:54 Quit Synthe (
22:53:54 Quit laotan (
23:00:09 Quit probonic ()
23:11:31 Nick edx is now known as edx|tv (
23:12:18 Join werty1st [0] (
23:12:20 Join LinusN [0] (
23:13:08werty1stive just downloaded the daily build
23:13:36werty1stbut i couldnt find a way to turn of the repeat funktion
23:13:48LinusNthere is no way, yet
23:14:19werty1stso if i fall asleep i always wake up with an empty battery
23:14:55LinusNyou will do that regardless
23:15:02LinusNwe have no auto-shutdown either
23:16:01werty1stdont u know the commands how to shut down the jukebox
23:17:02werty1stbut any way i like the software very much great work
23:18:08werty1sti first used the software because the original software always had this quite background noise
23:19:50NJoinSynthe [0] (
23:21:52 Quit werty1st ()
23:27:07NJoinlaotan [0] (
23:30:40 Join Synthe` [0] (
23:30:43 Quit Synthe` (Remote closed the connection)
23:31:06 Join Synthe` [0] (
23:31:18 Quit Synthe (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:31:22 Nick Synthe` is now known as Synthe (
23:35:29 Join Phantomdjp [0] (
23:35:33Phantomdjphi all
23:36:46 Part LinusN
23:46:20Phantomdjpis there somebody?
23:49:57 Quit Phantomdjp ()
23:50:23 Quit Synthe (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:56:51 Quit Zagor|away (Remote closed the connection)
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