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#rockbox log for 2002-09-21

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00:13:40langhaarrockergerman.lang is buggy. There are strings without closing quotation marks.
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00:15:26langhaarrockerwas tv that boring?
00:21:22dwihnolawnmowerman is a good movie indeed
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00:27:06BoD[]youhou !
00:27:20 Quit matsl|busy ("Client Exiting")
00:27:50langhaarrocker(at least not yahoo...)
00:28:07dwihnoevening, langhaar
00:28:43langhaarrockeractually its _very_ early in the morning. So: Einen fröhlichen Morgen!
00:29:24dwihnoeiner frhöliches morgen indeed
00:30:12langhaarrockerWhat's the time around you?
00:30:42BoD[]same here
00:30:47langhaarrockerhey, we live in the same time zone!
00:30:56BoD[]i'm french
00:31:11dwihnobonsoir! :)
00:31:21langhaarrockerI learned paragliding in france.
00:31:47BoD[]parawhat ?
00:32:15dwihnodoes any of you guys have experience with wireless nic's for laptops?
00:32:36langhaarrockerWhat's a nic?
00:32:45dwihnonetwork interface card
00:33:02langhaarrockerAh. Not yet, but my boss intends to buy me one.
00:33:15dwihnoI need to know how much the eqipment will cost
00:33:25dwihnoI want to equip my laptop with a wireless network card
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00:34:29langhaarrockerSo do I. There's too many cables running through my bed.
00:34:35BoD[]well who doesn't ;)
00:34:52BoD[]i guess it's not cheap
00:34:56*dwihno starts a quick search for hardware
00:36:20dwihnoabout 180e for a NIC (intel)
00:37:00langhaarrockeris that green tooth?
00:37:02dwihnoThen you need some kind of base station
00:37:02BoD[]yes but
00:37:04langhaarrockeräh blue
00:37:25dwihnoaccesspoint sounds good
00:37:36BoD[]yes .. you also need the other side
00:38:43dwihno760e for the complete gear
00:38:50dwihno(including two wireless nic's)
00:43:11BoD[]now that's expensive
00:43:16BoD[]is it the cheaper ?
00:43:59langhaarrockerwhy is jukebox blue edged instead of blue toothed?
00:44:21BoD[]hm :))
00:53:23langhaarrockergood night. I'm gonna dream some code...
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01:15:03PsycoXuli got a violin and a guitar today
01:15:42PsycoXulthe one'll be a major project to learn to play, the other'll be a major project to get into decent shape ($40 for a guitar, with shipping.. it needs refinishing, rewiring, new everything :P)
01:18:31BoD[]you know how to play the guitar?
01:23:28BoD[]i try to play the bass
01:23:37BoD[]for 3 years now
01:23:41BoD[]and i still suck ;)
01:23:58PsycoXulyeah bass is hard
01:24:04PsycoXulyou need to really stretch your hands far
01:27:01BoD[]i need a teacher, too ;)
01:27:15BoD[]trying to learn by my own is not a good idea
01:27:33PsycoXulteachers are overrated
01:27:46PsycoXuli've been playing the guitar since i was like 13
01:27:57PsycoXuli'll be 22 in dec
01:28:06PsycoXuli never had any lessons
01:28:08BoD[]you must be good
01:28:33PsycoXulwell i've met plenty of people who're way better
01:28:43PsycoXulbut i get out of practice a lot
01:28:48PsycoXuli haven't played much in the last year or 2
01:29:06PsycoXulevery time i pick it up, i gotta practice for a few hours to re-learn it
01:29:14PsycoXulbut i usualy pick up a few new things each time too
01:30:53 Join diddystar5 [0] (
01:31:48BoD[]i play while playing a mp3, and trying to do the bass line
01:32:31PsycoXulyeah it must suck to play bass without anyone to play along with
01:32:38PsycoXulguitar's easier in that respect
01:32:43diddystar5does the .lang files work yet?
01:32:54 Quit diddystar5 (Client Quit)
01:33:42BoD[]yes it's true
01:34:13BoD[]well I think I could find people to play with.. but I suck too much :) who would want to play with a beginer like me !
01:34:35BoD[]i prefer to play alone, so I can't be embarassed ;)
01:37:32PsycoXulthats not a very good attitude
01:37:46PsycoXulwhat you gotta remember is that there's people playing every instrument at every skill level
01:38:03PsycoXuljust find other people who're about as good at their instruments as you are at yours
01:38:18BoD[]well hmm
01:38:34BoD[]that'd be an idea
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02:20:40BoD[]se you all
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03:45:03 Part probonic
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05:59:32merwinno yoyo's?
06:17:07PsycoXuli got my guitar and my violin today
06:19:48merwinyou play violin?
06:19:52merwinand guitar?
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06:35:11merwinedx|sleep: you sleep-irc'ing?
06:39:42PsycoXuli play the guitar
06:39:45PsycoXuli'll be learning the violin heh
06:42:46merwinI have a friend who bought a $12,000 violin... now that's dedication
06:46:00PsycoXuli'd build 10 of my own before i spent that much on one :p
06:46:51merwinthere's a certain quality to $12,000 ones
06:47:15PsycoXulwell yeah
06:49:53merwinI've been slacking on the project and working on my ringtone converter software.... I'm not into the language stuff
07:04:35*merwin is going to sleep I think
07:04:56merwingood luck with the violin
07:05:15 Quit merwin ()
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09:23:37 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
09:25:12langhaarrockerIt shouldn't be allowed that neither Zagor nor Linus are around.
09:26:03quelsarukor bagder
09:26:10quelsarukno sleep time
09:26:22quelsarukno friday parties
09:26:33quelsaruknothing at all, just work :)
09:26:40langhaarrockerThat's exactly what I'd like to talk about: sleep time (of threads)
09:28:27quelsaruklanghaarrocker: it's just 9:30 a.m. in spain and in sweeden. Don't be so cruel
09:28:57langhaarrockerIt's the same time here!
09:29:04langhaarrockerIn germany.
09:29:24quelsarukand why are you awake?
09:29:44langhaarrockerBecause I didn't want my thread to sleep either :)
09:30:09langhaarrocker* langhaarrocker sloshes a bucket of cold water over LinusN *
09:30:42quelsarukbtw i hope you are not from bayern munchen (or the way to say that in german)
09:31:27langhaarrockerNo. I said germany. For us germans bavarians are foreigners. :)
09:32:14quelsaruki'm talking about football
09:33:11langhaarrockerOh _that_.
09:33:12langhaarrockerI don't care about soccer as long as Dortmund looses. I live in Dortmund and each time Dortmund wins something there's a big hubub for nothing.
09:33:35langhaarrockerabout nothing
09:36:57langhaarrockeryou don't use trillian by any chance, do you?
09:38:32quelsarukno idea of what's that
09:39:12langhaarrockerIt's a instant messaging client for AOL, ICQ, Yahoo, irc, etc.
09:39:58quelsarukno, sorry
09:40:39quelsaruki'm quite classic it that kind of things
09:42:23langhaarrockerit's only because I often saw people post a line that starts with * instead of their nick. I wonder how this technique might be called and wether trillian is capable of it.
09:42:55 Join bubba2u [0] (
09:42:57quelsarukjust write /me something
09:43:05quelsarukyou mean like:
09:43:11*quelsaruk says hi
09:43:29quelsarukit's an irc command, an action :)
09:43:47quelsarukwrite /me (whatever you want to say)
09:44:31langhaarrockerI wanted the slosh of water over LinusN / Zagor
09:46:29langhaarrockerSo you have some special kind of button to submit an action?
09:49:04quelsarukno, you just have to write that in your command line.
09:50:22quelsarukwhen an irc client gets a line starting with /me it will translate it into *langhaarrocker sloshes.......
09:50:39*langhaarrocker really?
09:50:43dwihnogood morning
09:50:46dwihnoGood morning langhaar
09:50:55quelsarukgood morning dwihno
09:50:59dwihnobienvenue, quel
09:51:33quelsarukwe don't have any italians here, no?
09:51:55dwihnosame language ;)
09:52:02langhaarrockerAnd no bavarians
09:52:13langhaarrocker(I assume)
09:52:25dwihnorule #1 - don't assume anything :)
09:53:11langhaarrockerrule #2 don't assume rule #1 to be valid at all times.
09:53:22quelsaruki asked because i may go to live to trento next week
09:53:26bubba2udoes anyone here know if the reason the archos can't record from line in is hardware or software based?
09:53:55langhaarrockeryou men the player? It has no encoder hardware.
09:54:36bubba2ujukebox recorder
09:54:49quelsarukit should record form line in
09:54:55dwihnoquelsaruk: how do you say good morning in español?
09:55:01dwihnoYo! Español! :D
09:55:03quelsarukbuenos dias dwihno
09:55:09dwihnobuenos dias! :D
09:55:10bubba2uhmm ... specs say that it only records from the internal mic
09:55:13dwihnoReminds me of Zorro!
09:55:14langhaarrockerI only use the line in for recording.
09:55:18dwihnoLanciers, get him!
09:55:28bubba2ui'll have to give it a try
09:55:38quelsarukbubba2u: try to change rec soruce at menu
09:55:47quelsaruki mean source
09:56:42 Join Zagor [0] (
09:56:50quelsarukhi zagor
09:56:59langhaarrockerstill wet?
09:57:20quelsarukif you are the boss you have to wake up at 9:00, not at 10:00!!
09:57:27bubba2uthanks quel
09:57:37Zagorquelsaruk: :-)
09:57:38langhaarrockerZagor: I tried to slosh a virtual bucket of water over you in order to wake you up.
09:58:26*langhaarrocker passes Zagor a hair dryer
09:59:40dwihnowb, Zagor
10:02:26 Part bubba2u
10:02:34langhaarrockerI made a few experiments with mas volumer readout / sleep in thread / time and so on.
10:02:34langhaarrockerConclusion: As soon as I make the busy thread less busy (eg. with sleep(1)) it becomes useless because it reads out the mas only once or twice between screen updates. -> The meter becomes less accurate than it can be.
10:03:50langhaarrockerWithout sleep it drains the batteries with read 5 - 25 values / 8 - 10 ticks
10:03:56Zagorlanghaarrocker: what worries me is that since we have no thread prioritizing, your meter will "steal" cpu from things like the bitswapper, resulting in higher risk of skipping etc.
10:04:49langhaarrockerI guess there's no single entry point for thos critical threads?
10:06:07dwihnoZagor: Tell me about the t-shirt contest :)
10:06:12dwihnoWho is the grand winner?
10:12:44Zagorbagder is handling the thsirt contest. my hands are clean :-)
10:13:17quelsarukand we have to believe you?
10:13:26Zagoryou have little choice :-)
10:13:34 Join TotMacher [0] (
10:13:40langhaarrockerTime for dictatorship?
10:16:17dwihnoThe result is only 2 days overdue ;)
10:16:50langhaarrockerNow that's time enough for manipulation.
10:17:15quelsarukyou just have to look at rockbox name contest
10:17:32langhaarrockerThat's what I'm referring to :)
10:17:33quelsarukthere was some kind of strange stadistics
10:18:36quelsarukZagor: you can kill us, but you'll never mute our voices :)
10:19:09dwihnoMy propfont has been raped! :¨¨(
10:19:38Zagordwihno: i think you should take uwes version and make a "director's cut"
10:20:43dwihnoHe still saved a lot of time
10:22:18quelsarukbreakfast time, see you later!
10:22:25 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
10:28:01langhaarrockercu later
10:28:14 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
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10:45:31quel|outmecraw: are you away?
10:46:03mecrawno, but i'm a little tipsy
10:57:52dwihnoHe still saved a lot of time
10:59:47mecrawZagor: you there?
11:02:00mecrawwill the idle power off need another thread?
11:02:49mecrawcould it be stuck into the button thread?
11:05:42Zagoryeah, maybe
11:06:56dwihnoI got it working ;D
11:07:08mecrawI was thinking that a sleep function could piggyback off of idle poweroff as well
11:07:54mecrawis it ok to check global_settings from the firmware files?
11:11:56mecrawso, we would need to use a thread on the app side then and just have some flag on the firmware side stating whether there has been any button pushes or if a song is playing
11:13:57mecraware there any threads on the app side?
11:14:10mecrawi don't see any
11:14:26Zagorum... maybe there aren't...
11:18:50 Quit tot|away ()
11:19:57mecrawdo you know if anyone else is working on this?
11:20:50Zagori don't think so
11:21:38mecrawi think i'll take a look at it this weekend... it looks like the backlight might be a good model to use
11:21:39Zagori suggest you add it to the button thread, with an api to turn it on or off
11:21:50Zagoryeah, backlight could be good too
11:24:43mecrawI'll see what I can come up with. I'm sure it'll need some massaging by you, Bagder or Linus though. :)
11:25:02Zagorno worries
11:25:24mecrawall right, it's almost 3:30am... time for bed
11:25:29mecrawgood night
11:25:44 Nick mecraw is now known as mecraw|zzz (
11:28:58TotMacherthe new daily build suck, they have the old font !
11:29:32Zagorhuh? that's odd...
11:31:20Zagorumm, that's because there is no daily for recorder. the latest is 0920.
11:31:43TotMacheri took the cvs build
11:31:48TotMacherfrom the page
11:32:34TotMacherist 020921-1101
11:32:51Zagorworks for me
11:33:06Zagorwhat do you mean with "old font"?
11:33:39TotMacherthe fixed
11:33:58TotMachermuch too big
11:34:25Zagorthat's not the old font, that's the new font. and it will stay. if you want another font, copy it to /.rocbox/default.fnt
11:34:44TotMacherwhere can i get the
11:34:47TotMacherfonts ?
11:35:12TotMacheryou want to have that big font as default ?
11:35:55Zagoryes, I want the default to be similar to what people are used to from the Archos firmware. otherwise they will get confused and complain a lot.
11:35:57TotMacheri have found the fonts
11:39:17TotMachercan it only be loaded at startup ?
11:40:27TotMacherwhere can i get font files ?
11:40:33TotMacherthese from cvs
11:40:33dwihnouwe_prop is not readable! (
11:40:37TotMacherdo not work
11:41:44dwihnodon't forget to convert them
11:42:19TotMacheri cannot load them
11:43:37Zagordwihno: fixing
11:44:10dwihnoZagor: grazie
11:44:15dwihnomy utility is fixed :)
11:44:19dwihnoNo need for long long's
11:44:29dwihnoJust a struct combined of two double-words did the trick
11:44:33Zagorwhich utility is that?
11:44:39TotMacherjust a suggestion: dir filtier in quick menu, should also switch hide/show hidden files
11:45:31dwihnoZagor: Just a little parser utility.
11:45:42ZagorTotMacher: i'll add show/hide to F2+RIGHT
11:45:57dwihnoGood idea, TotMacher
11:46:06TotMacherwhy to have to functions ?
11:46:11TotMacheri alway use f
11:46:16Zagorbecause they are two options
11:46:21TotMacherthe i want just quick to switch
11:46:32TotMacherbut think about the user
11:46:38TotMachertoo much options are confusion
11:47:02Zagorwe might integrate the two into one, yes
11:47:37dwihnoThinking user friendly, are we? :)
11:55:04quel|outdwihno: multilanguage support was just to be a bit more user friendly.. or not? :)
11:55:40quel|outmaybe to make them feel comfortable and strike them back afterwards...
12:20:01 Quit quel|out (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:20:39 Join quelsaruk [0] (
12:23:40Zagorfont page now has preview images of the fonts
12:25:00dwihnoZagor: tell me how you did that. I'm curious
12:25:09Zagorwhich part of it?
12:25:17dwihnogenerating everything
12:25:20dwihnoincluding the images
12:25:46dwihnosome perl script parsing the .fnt and creating a png through libpng or such?
12:26:33Zagori found bdf2bmp.c with google
12:26:46dwihnoah, okay
12:26:56dwihnoso you're using some kind of html script generator stuff?=
12:27:00dwihnoand bmp2png?
12:27:23Zagorthe html generator is simple perl:
12:28:17dwihnoit bugs out when calling it directly ;)
12:28:33Zagorah, right you can't see it. hang on.
12:30:19quelsarukthat doesn't work
12:30:34Zagorwhat doesn't work?
12:30:43quelsarukthat last link
12:30:48dwihnoZagor: what kind of templating system do you use?
12:30:56Zagorquelsaruk: works for me
12:31:17quelsaruknow i'm using that kidn of S.O. called win2k
12:31:37Zagordwihno: a simple preprocessor. see
12:31:41quelsarukyou know.. that kind of toy
12:31:51Zagorquelsaruk: well, not much I can do about that :-)
12:31:53quelsarukand it doesn't work here
12:32:53Zagordwihno: head.t and foot.t is in the root:
12:33:17dwihnoZagor: so generating html is just running make? :)
12:34:13dwihnoand you use perl for evaluating the expressions?
12:34:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:35:12dwihnoA rather interesting approach indeed
12:36:05Zagorno perl is just for this font list, not for the template system
12:38:31dwihnohow does the template system work then?
12:38:58ZagorI use a modified C preprocessor to convert .t files to .html files.
12:39:23dwihnogot URL? :)
12:39:32Zagorhang on...
12:43:33Zagoruh, don't know. bagder seems to have removed the link from his home page. we'll have to ask him later.
12:43:50Zagorat the bottom of this page:
12:44:14Zagorah, it can be found here:
12:48:10*Zagor is adding a __FILEDATE__ macro
12:50:15dwihnoin the preprocessor?
12:51:08dwihnoare there any case-insensitive strstr's? :)
12:51:30Zagoryes, i've always wanted that macro for use in my web pages
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13:06:03 Nick dwihno is now known as dwihno|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
13:06:03DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno|gone
13:24:28 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
13:25:51 Join linuxstb [0] (
13:27:14linuxstbHello all. I'm planning on adding some kind of "cue file" support to Rockbox this weekend. Does anyone want to discuss?
13:30:45Hadakacue file?
13:32:19Zagorlinuxstb: how is your plan?
13:33:26linuxstbI'm a bit confused about how it relates to m3u playlists. It seems to me that there are many similarities between a cue file and a playlist.
13:34:12Zagornot really. m3u files tell you which files to load. a cue file tells you where in a single file each track begins.
13:34:52linuxstbBut both m3u and cue files contain a list of tracks
13:36:06Zagorno. cue files contain a list of indices into an image. don't they?
13:36:21Zagorif they contain several files, what is the purpose of cue files?
13:36:53linuxstbYes. But I'm thinking from a more abstract level.
13:37:20linuxstb[Zagor - no, I think cue files only relate to a single file]
13:38:31linuxstbMaybe I've been thinking about this too much :-)
13:39:35Zagor:-) it seldom pays to abstract things too much. you will probably have to hack playlist.c to work differently if the "playlist" is a .cue file instead of an .m3u file.
13:41:33linuxstbMy first problem is actually finding out what the format of a cue file is. All I can find is examples - no definitive documentation.
13:43:04 Join gizz [0] (
13:43:51gizzHi all !
13:44:19gizzzagor: 1 question :
13:44:38linuxstbZagor - I think I will just start hacking and see what happens.
13:44:44Zagorlinuxstb: ok
13:45:02linuxstbI'll post patches to the mailing list when something happens. Bye for now.
13:45:09 Quit linuxstb ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.0")
13:47:26gizzzagor: would there be some interest in making some SDL backend for uisimulator ?? I've tried some work on it, and I just ask you for your opinion (if it works, Mac users (for example) could compile and play with uisimulator too.. So ?
13:48:36Zagorsounds like a good thing. we haven't done it simply because we have what we need. but if you or someone else contributes it, we'll definitely consider it
13:48:48gizztrue ?
13:49:22gizzwell, I'm not (yet) an SDL expert, but so I can continue to deal with it, just to see what happens ...
13:49:32Zagorthe critical issue is that it mustn't mean more work for building the x11 sim, which is the workhorse
13:49:44Zagorsure, do so
13:50:12gizz(just to mention : I can't compile neither the win32 one : that's why I jumped in it)
13:50:41gizzBTW : I started with the X11 sources, just to mention (it's the cleaner I suppose :)
13:50:42Zagori don't think SDL or not is the reason for that, though...
13:52:57gizzzagor: the main reason for SDL jump : I've seen it in action in scummvm@sf and I'd just loved the result ! I thought : why not with rockbox ??
13:55:03gizzok back to work... see you, bye !
13:55:15 Quit gizz ()
13:56:15 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
14:18:36 Quit TotMacher ()
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14:25:32 Join EnnaN [0] (bla@CC53164-B.GRONI1.GR.HOME.NL)
14:26:42EnnaNah: read on the site you might be needing translators? any dutch helping yet?
14:27:26Zagoryep, we have a nederlands.lang already. you can always proofread it though :-)
14:28:20EnnaNwell, if you're not confident it's a good trans..
14:28:57Zagori think it's pretty good, two dutch people have looked at it already. but a third look can't hurt.
14:29:12EnnaNsure..where i gettit?
14:29:22EnnaNget it i mean
14:30:34EnnaNi'm looking at rather long that correct? "algemene instellingen" is rather long...
14:30:58Zagor"new:" is the line you should look at
14:31:39EnnaNi know
14:31:49EnnaNbut i dont know how long those menu items can/should be...
14:32:06Zagormost lines scroll, so lentgth is not a big issue
14:32:19EnnaNi'd rather see a short menu-name that a rather lengthy one that's scrolling..ok, never mind.
14:32:43Zagorif you can come up with a good short name, that's better of course
14:32:53EnnaNeeuhm, what i do with things that are 'wrong' (at least things I think are wrong)
14:34:14Zagorcopy the file to a new file, then run "diff -u oldfile newfile" and send the diff to the mailing list
14:34:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:41:14EnnaN*n00b-mode* -what- mailinglist? announce? cvs? sf? */n00b-mode*
14:41:58Zagorthe development list:
14:42:11 Quit mecraw|zzz (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:42:23 Join mecraw|zzz [0] (~mecraw@
14:42:43 Quit mecraw12 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:43:00 Join mecraw12 [0] (~mecraw@
14:50:22EnnaNhmm.. should i be seeing the *whole* file, if i only changed 1 line????
14:50:46Zagoruse -ub instead of just -u to ignore whitespace changes (such as newline format)
14:51:45EnnaNstill getting it..i just changed a couple of spelling errors, but i'm getting the whole file...
14:51:56EnnaNomg i should be able to do this ... (bangs head on keyboard)
14:52:54EnnaNok test: *cp ned.lang n.lang*
14:52:58EnnaN*diff (bla)
14:53:02EnnaNno output
14:53:05EnnaN(that's good)
14:53:12EnnaNi change 1 letter in the first line
14:53:17EnnaN*diff bla
14:53:24EnnaNwhole file output...
14:53:33Zagorwhat is your exact diff command line?
14:53:58EnnaNdiff -u ned.lang n.lang
14:54:08Zagoruse "diff -ub ned.lang n.lang"
14:54:27Zagor<Zagor> use -ub instead of just -u
14:54:59EnnaNhmm. ok, now most of the lines are dissapeared...xept for some strange ones...hmm lemme f*ck with this a little
14:55:58EnnaNah gottit...
14:57:17 Join TotMacher [0] (
14:59:52EnnaNon her way...
15:03:51EnnaNsome very weird spelling in there :)
15:04:02EnnaN(btw, is "spelling" correct english??)
15:09:59 Join elinenbe [0] (
15:15:24 Quit tot|away (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:15:36 Join tot|away [0] (
15:15:52 Quit tot|away (Client Quit)
15:24:08 Join tot|away [0] (
15:24:23 Quit tot|away (Client Quit)
15:24:46 Join tot|away [0] (
15:36:42 Quit tot|away ()
15:37:10EnnaN***tot|away has joined #rockbox
15:40:58 Join tot|away [0] (
15:42:16 Join _Snorlax_ [0] (
15:42:26 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:43:04elinenbeZagor: you here?
15:43:13Zagoryup, but i'm about to go out
15:44:18elinenbejust wondering how you are going to achive different languages on the player?
15:44:28Zagorusing the configurable chars
15:44:51elinenbeso you can make the char whatever you want?
15:45:16elinenbegames might be possible then :)
15:45:20Zagoroh, they are
15:45:48elinenbeeach char is how many pixels by how many
15:46:00Zagor5x7, i think
15:46:23Zagorgotta go, see you later
15:46:27 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
15:46:41elinenbeand there are two rows of 11
15:47:11elinenbewe are talking about a 55x22 size screen?
15:47:54_Snorlax_how do u activate a new language?
15:48:22elinenbewith the activator silly.
15:49:26Zagor|awaytools/configure lets you choose language
15:50:14_Snorlax_so u have to be a programmer to change language...?!
15:50:39elinenbetetris would be possible on a 55x22 screen
15:51:05elinenbe_Snorlax_: currently you have to be able to compile, but this may change in the future.
15:57:39 Join Jet8810 [0] (
16:12:26 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
16:34:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:35:39 Quit _Snorlax_ ("gittar ny!")
16:46:37 Quit tot|away ()
16:53:29 Quit EnnaN ("Leaving")
16:58:08 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
17:04:57CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
17:04:57*laotan waves
17:05:29laotanhow's the stability of the cvs version?
17:46:08 Nick mecraw|zzz is now known as mecraw (~mecraw@
18:02:38 Nick edx is now known as edx|away (
18:09:42 Join tot|away [0] (
18:34:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:37:31 Nick Zagor|away is now known as Zagor (
18:38:29Zagorlaotan: stability is good
18:49:16elinenbeZagor: we are talking about a 55x22 size screen?
18:49:28elinenbeZagor: something like tetris would be possible on a 55x22 screen
18:51:25Zagorwell, only 8 chars are programmable, so we can't fill the screen with custom chars
19:05:16 Nick dwihno|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
19:05:16DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
19:36:52elinenbeZagor: we can program these characters on the fly?
19:37:15Zagorit's used to animate a progress meter on the player wps screen
19:37:28elinenbedoes the player work like the recorder with a screen buffer that you write to and then update the display?
19:37:38Zagorno, it's updated instantly
19:37:55elinenbehmm... can we program a character −− place it, then reprogram and place?
19:38:18elinenbethus giving an unlimited number of characters?
19:38:19Zagorit changes immediately when we reprogram it
19:38:27elinenbeoh. I see.
19:38:43Zagorso we need to make a clever algorithm
19:39:06elinenbeI guess the algorithm would need to be REALLY clever to make that work.
19:40:07Zagornah, it shouldn't be that difficuly
19:41:16elinenbeso, you are telling me that it may be possible to treat the screen as a 55x22 pixel screen. (using custom chars)
19:42:12dwihnoI feel like singing
19:42:14dwihnoLet's sing!
19:42:24elinenbethen what were you talking about "nah, it shouldn't be that difficuly"
19:42:28Zagori'm saying it's possible to handle sporadic characters with the custom-chars, so we can display things like åäö and ¿ on players
19:42:40dwihnoZagor: nice stuff done with the font code! :-)
19:42:43Zagori mean for mp3 use, not for games
19:42:46Zagordwihno: thanks
19:43:20dwihnosystem.fnt is default.fnt nowadays?
19:43:33Zagordwihno: yes, and placed in /.rockbox
19:44:22elinenbewhy could it be used for mp3s and not games?
19:44:46Zagorit could be used for both, but my first prio is for mp3 use
19:44:59elinenbewhat I am thinking here is each char is 5 bytes.
19:45:32elinenbewe write to a buffer to program the font on the fly, and then display it?
19:45:50Zagoralmost. we write directly to the lcd controller
19:45:57Zagorok, yes you're right
19:46:08Zagorwe first define the char, then we display it
19:47:29elinenbewell, I am just thinking tetris would be quite a possibility.
19:47:52dwihnoI have a small idea
19:48:31dwihnoSome kind of "USB mode" text _should_ be displayed while the unit is connected via USB
19:50:06PsycoXulsince when hasn't there been?
19:50:22PsycoXulor am i just reading too little of a middle of a conversation? heh
19:50:53dwihnoFor the Recorder
19:51:08dwihnoThe Recorder just shows a (pretty cute and neat ^_^) icon
19:51:21PsycoXuli see
19:51:42Zagordwihno: why is a text necessary?
19:52:06dwihnoZagor: It will look more like the Archos firmware, making new user feel more comfortable.
19:52:20elinenbeI think my hard drive died.
19:52:27edx|awaylooking like the Archos firmware makes nobody feel comfortable :P
19:52:28elinenbeanyone have any suggestions?
19:52:32Zagordwihno: i think few people can misunderstand the usb screen :-)
19:52:39elinenbeit was turned on in my bag, and now it no longer boots :(
19:52:58PsycoXulelinenbe: let it charge
19:52:59 Nick edx|away is now known as edx (
19:53:12mecraw12elinenbe: why was your bag listening to music?
19:53:21edxelinenbe: how does it not boot? - is it like showing the first bit of the progress bar and then just turning off?
19:54:22elinenbeI let is charge.
19:54:36dwihnoZagor: The users are dumb ;)
19:54:43CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
19:54:43*dwihno sure is ;)
19:54:48dwihnoNeed for any new gfx btw?
19:54:52elinenbeshows first bit of progress bar (first 4 boxes) and then stops.
19:54:56elinenbebacklight stays on
19:54:59*dwihno is getting the hang of making 1bit gfx ;D
19:55:07edxelinenbe: i had a similar problem but it turned off then
19:55:21Zagordwihno: we could use some cool animations. everybody likes animations :-)
19:55:29edxand i fixed it by putting a bit of metal into the battery case (contact was not too good - but that cant be your problem)
19:55:41elinenbebatterys are not the problem.
19:56:00edxyes i see..
19:56:09dwihnoZagor: Ah... I'll make some 3D stuff ;D
19:56:18dwihnoZagor: how many vertices do you think the CPU can handle? :)
19:56:55dwihno2? ;)
19:57:26dwihnoAnother idea (as discussed earier today) ... making "hide files" a F2 submenu option
19:58:12 Nick edx is now known as edx|away (
19:58:44Zagori think i'll rather remove the hide files option and make music filter toggle that too
19:59:00dwihnothat's a better idea
19:59:07dwihnotoo many options will probably just confuse the users
20:00:34Zagordwihno: seriously, i think some nokia-style animations would be nice
20:01:13dwihnoZagor: Ahh. I see!
20:02:33mecraw12how do i turn this thing off programmatically? i only see system_reboot in system.[ch]
20:02:58Zagormecraw12: we haven't done an api for that yet
20:03:11mecraw12uh oh :(
20:03:53elinenbeZagor: nokia style animations would make it look so professional
20:03:57Zagorfix the timer, and test it with reboot
20:04:22mecraw12Zagor: will do, i'll probably stub out a shutdown, but let you guys handle the implementation
20:04:32Zagorelinenbe: yeah, i think many people would like it
20:04:50Zagormecraw12: excellent
20:05:29elinenbeZagor: do you know how disk writing is coming?
20:06:10Zagorit's a bit "on ice" right now. we'll be releasing 1.4 first, without disk writing and recording
20:06:25mecraw12Zagor: just curious: did persistent WPS setting become undesirable, or it just hasn't been gotten to yet?
20:07:15 Quit tot|away ()
20:07:39Zagorit's there. add a /.rockbox/default.wps and you've got it
20:08:00Zagoroh, you mean the settings saving? ooops, i forgot that one
20:08:08mecraw12right, that one :)
20:16:16 Join Jet8810 [0] (
20:16:16 Quit RedLeg (Remote closed the connection)
20:25:27dwihnoZagor: Uwe has totally raped my font! :¨¨(
20:25:46 Nick edx|away is now known as edx (
20:32:43Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
20:32:55Topic"" by Zagor (
20:33:23dwihnoAll Yay to the ppl enabling cool fonts :)
20:33:48Zagori'd like some nice big fonts to test with. anyone got some?
20:33:57dwihnoThere are some on the font site
20:34:01dwihnobut I guess you already tested that
20:34:08Zagori want bigger :-)
20:34:16Schnueffu can use ttf2bdf -p XX to get large fonts
20:34:18Zagor20x16 or something like that
20:34:19dwihnoUse TTF2BDF then :)
20:34:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:34:37Zagorttf2bdf doesn't do a very good job. the fonts look like crap :-(
20:35:10Schnueffbut u only want large fonts not nice fonts, ey? :)
20:35:34Zagorhehe, well nice fonts are better. then bugs stand out more.
21:01:02 Nick edx is now known as edx|pizza (
21:01:25*mecraw12 wants some pizza too
21:01:57Schnuefftoday there's pizza boycot in italy
21:02:28Zagorlol. why?
21:02:48Schnueffi heard in the radio, they protest against the high prices (euro...)
21:09:59 Nick edx|pizza is now known as edx (
21:21:57dwihnoPizza ist sehr gut
21:23:19Hadakagrr now I'm hungry again
21:23:22dwihnoedx: you available for some chit-chat?
21:23:35edxdwihno: yup
21:23:57edxpizza is indeed very good ;)
21:27:37dwihnoedx: I was just thinking how hard it is to adapt the .mak's to work with the current language stuff, just to make the current CVS build without tweaking it :-)
21:28:03edxi dont know how the lang stuff works at all
21:28:37edxhow can I use the lang filesa?
21:29:16dwihnoyou use perl to genlang a lang.[ch]
21:29:27dwihnothen you generate a default font too
21:29:30Zagoredx: pass LANGUAGE=deutsch as parameter to the app/Makefile
21:29:43Zagortools/configure does that automatically
21:29:55dwihnothe win32 mak's are a bit ... spccial ;)
21:29:56edxhmm well.. configure wont run in windows
21:30:06edxunless you use cygwin but then you can use the normal makefile anyways
21:30:12Zagori know, that's why i gave you the gritty details :-)
21:30:38edxdo i have to generate the lang stuff?
21:31:10Zagorapps/Makefile does that, but it may or may not work in win32
21:32:14edxi guess ill need a win32 version of genlang first, right?
21:33:56Zagorjust download perl
21:34:06Zagorit's now part of the required build tools
21:34:22edx$(OBJDIR)/build.lang: lang/$(LANGUAGE).lang
21:34:22edxperl ../tools/uplang lang/english.lang $< > $@
21:34:27edxthats this one.. ok
21:34:43edxyea i have perl already.
21:35:46Schnueffis there a way under linux to leave usb mode without unplugging the cables?
21:37:02 Join _Snorlax_ [0] (
21:45:40edxhmm Zagor: genlan uses sh?!
21:46:44Schnuefflooks like perl to me
21:47:13Zagordefinitely perl
21:47:15Schnueffno system() or backquotes
21:47:21edxyea.. my mistak (yes its perl but maybe the perscript uses sh - was another mistake)
21:48:14edxwhere is lang.h?
21:48:28Schnueffshould be generated by genlang
21:48:51Schnueffit's in the rockbox dir then
21:50:16edxlang.c:33:24: warning: multi-line string literals are deprecated
21:50:18edxwhats all this?
21:50:46Zagorshouldn't be. what does the line look like?
21:51:00Schnueffmaybe another \n\r quirk
21:51:13Zagoryeah, could be
21:52:13edxbut: it works with LANGUAGE=ENGLISH
21:52:42edxfont.o(.text+0x2c): undefined reference to `sysfont' - ok how is this done?
21:52:43Schnueff(as the name of the file in ./apps/lang )
21:52:59Zagoredx: look in firmware/Makefile
21:53:12Zagortools/confbdf makes a sysfont.c
21:53:20edxis that perl, too>
21:53:32edxso i need to recompile then
21:53:53mecraw12is there anyway to tell if the USB is connected without receiving the event?
21:54:41Zagoryes. but you should use the event.
21:56:05mecraw12i'm not really in a thread though... i'm just using button.c to call my countdown function
21:58:39edxhmm cool - convbdf compiles without problems in windows it seems
21:58:56edxshall I upload the win32 compilation to cvs?
21:59:43Zagorwhat did you change?
22:08:34edxi didnt change anything - i mean just the compiled file
22:08:50edx(you have linux compileations uploaded as well, havent you?)
22:11:27Zagorno, compiled files are not in cvs
22:14:11edxoh.. ok then
22:14:20edxbut ill have to make a win32.mak as well then
22:14:24edxto compile the tools
22:15:03edxyay :) i got it to compile now :D
22:15:28Zagortools/Makefile is *very* simple. win32 compilers should be able to use it.
22:16:49edxyes... ill give it a shot
22:17:06edxmakefile(9) : fatal error U1033: syntax error : '=' unexpected
22:17:11edxthere you go :/
22:18:33edxif i change the := to = it works (til line 22)
22:19:19Schnueffmaybe thats a gmake extension
22:25:07Zagor295.85 MB .ajz files have been downloaded from the site so far
22:25:13edxwow :)
22:25:42Zagoror, uh, that's just in september...
22:27:57edxZagor, shall I add the win32.mak for tools to cvs now? (it compiles everything except for the bmp2rb.c source)
22:28:26Zagorwhat doesn't work with the normal Makefile?
22:29:59edxbecause it does a) not understand the := syntax and b) the compiler uses totally differen falgs (namely none) and c) one file wont compile [but the makefile will try to compile it and mine wont]
22:30:14edxand d) the $+ stuff is not understood (and i dont know what it means)
22:30:58 Quit _Snorlax_ ("gittar ny!")
22:30:58Zagorwe can skip the := syntax and just use =
22:31:21Zagori can understand the clean target doesn't work
22:32:12Zagor$+ should be replaced with $< in this case
22:34:12edxill try :)
22:34:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:35:17edxmakefile(28) : fatal error U1000: syntax error : ')' missing in macro invocation
22:35:21edxthat is the clean line
22:35:57edxand if I remove that line:
22:35:59edxNMAKE : warning U4006: special macro undefined : '$<'
22:37:18edxthe target names need a .exe append as well
22:37:57edxi really think that rewriting the makefile is better - we have a win32.mak in every module then ..
22:39:01edxtools are not autocompiled with the apps makefile, right?
22:40:44edxall seems to work now
22:40:50edx*checking for player models*
22:41:55edxhmm I get an error there:
22:42:10edxsysfont.c:19: parse error before "_font_bits"
22:42:16edxand a number of following errors..
22:42:44Zagorplayer isn't supposed to compile sysfont
22:42:50edxwas just about to say that, yes
22:44:48edxifeq (RECORDER,$(findstring RECORDER, $(CFLAGS)))
22:44:56edxsomehow this line does not work with the make i have
22:44:59edx(the GNUSH make)
22:45:28Zagorodd. that should be standard gnu make syntax
22:46:52edxGNU Make version 3.78.1, by Richard Stallman and Roland McGrath.
22:46:52edxBuilt for Windows32
22:46:55edxthats teh version
22:57:43edxhmm the ifeq lines just seem not to work :/
23:05:19dwihnoOh joy!
23:05:26*dwihno is master of strategy
23:06:53edxdwihno: i guess i cant fix it this time :( i need a working ifeq statement..
23:07:17dwihnoedx: is there none? :/
23:07:52dwihnoedx: why is a ifeq statement required? aren't there any workarounds?
23:10:50edxi just made a (a little bit ugly) woraround
23:10:52edxmight work now
23:11:08edxactually it did work
23:12:45edxok fine.. now i can finally upload my work ;)
23:14:22edxdwihno: are you able to check stuff out and run a quick test compilation right now?
23:29:02 Quit _seb_ ("$iq")
23:29:59mecraw12what's the difference between playing and is_playing in mpeg.c?
23:30:13 Join sx [0] (
23:30:40 Nick sx is now known as _seb_ (
23:31:40 Quit mecraw12 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:34:39 Join mecraw12 [0] (~mecraw@
23:37:56Zagorstatic bool playing; /* We are playing an MP3 stream */
23:37:56Zagorstatic bool play_pending; /* We are about to start playing */
23:38:17Zagorstatic bool is_playing; /* We are (attempting to) playing MP3 files */
23:38:58mecraw12i'm thinking that the idle poweroff should shutdown when the unit is paused, do you agree?
23:39:34Zagori guess so, yes
23:39:48mecraw12how do i know when we're paused?
23:40:03mecraw12is_playing returns true when paused
23:40:09Zagorpaused == true
23:40:24Zagoryes it does
23:40:33 Quit laotan (Remote closed the connection)
23:40:50Zagorwe might need a new api for this
23:41:32mecraw12i'm basically done except for that part... i even found a power_off() in power.h
23:43:19mecraw12should i send it to the list as is, or put in a paused function into mpeg?
23:45:01Zagorhow does it work now?
23:45:35mecraw12i put two settings in the system menu: Idle poweroff and Sleep timer
23:45:56mecraw12sleep timer is an absolute timer regardless of activity
23:46:26mecraw12idle will shutdown if their is no music is playing and no activity has occurred in the specified time
23:46:52Zagorok. submit it like this, with a comment about pause.
23:47:02dwihnoedx: I can check it out and test.
23:47:06mecraw12actually the idle timer only shuts down when music is stopped
23:47:41edxdwihno: cool. do so.
23:48:02dwihnoC:\wip\src\rockbox\tools>make -f win32.mak
23:48:02dwihnomake: *** No rule to make target `scramble.exe', needed by `all'. Stop.
23:49:36edxyou dont use the gnush make there
23:49:58edxnmake rather (from visual c++ or something like that)
23:50:59dwihnoI use gnush make
23:51:00dwihnono success
23:51:10dwihnoGNU Make version 3.79.1, by Richard Stallman and Roland McGrath.
23:51:10dwihnoBuilt for mingw32
23:51:13edxi mean you cant use gnush make there
23:51:15edxthats what i meant
23:52:42edxdo you have a win32 make or something like that (NOT for SH1 but for Win32)
23:54:01dwihnoah, okay
23:54:05dwihnowhat make do I need then?
23:54:16edxi use nmake from visualstudio
23:54:27dwihnoit's not possible to build with gnu make`
23:55:17edxyou need a windows compiler
23:56:28dwihnobut the makefile ain't that advanced
23:57:24dwihnoso gnu make will never work again :( ?
23:57:32*dwihno does not have visual studio stuff
23:57:45Zagordwihno: you should be able to use the normal Makefile
23:58:33dwihnoZagor: even without cygwin?
23:59:00Zagoras long as you have a gnu make

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