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#rockbox log for 2002-09-24

00:03:30DexterAYS'cause i could do one =)
00:07:00DexterAYSanyone here?
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00:10:37PsycoXul14317 Sep 21 05:30 apps/lang/deutsch.lang
00:12:42PsycoXullanghaarrocker: <DexterAYS> hi dudes, do you already have a german translation?
00:13:31langhaarrockeryes - although I'm not sure it works. Very time I checked it there were quotation marks missing.
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07:20:24YeAhxhey everyone
07:20:33YeAhxsorry its me again :)
07:21:53YeAhxhow ya doin?
07:23:10elinenbeLinus: have you worked on queuing at all recently?
07:23:43elinenbeLinusN: Rockboxx suxx haxx without that. :)
07:24:26LinusNhehe, i've been busy with other stuff
07:24:30YeAhxwhat about the quake port?
07:24:31LinusNyou want to do it?
07:29:37elinenbeLinusN: something serious now though.
07:30:20adi|homeis it me or have we had a drastic influx of suggestions for things that either a. already exist or b. aren't going to happen and are stated so in docs?
07:30:42elinenbeLinusN: the General Idle poweroff resets each time a button is pressed and only starts when mpeg is nopt playing
07:30:55elinenbecouldn't this become a sleep timer to not reset when mpeg is playing.
07:32:17mecrawmorning, folks
07:32:50elinenbedo you understand? Do not reset the timer when mepg_thread is playing. So, it turns off when you are listening to music −− thus acting as a sleep timer
07:33:40elinenbeinstead of Idle poweroff we have much requested feature "Sleep Off" (and before it shuts off, it turns itself off (the option) and sets the resume point)
07:33:46mecrawelinenbe: i believe that is planned, we're just not sure how to activate since it's a function and not a setting
07:34:00elinenbeput it in the setting menu
07:34:18elinenbea setting that ALWAYS has the same "off" value when you turn the device on.
07:34:25elinenbelike my TV or stereo.
07:34:34elinenbethe sleep is always off unless I set it.
07:35:01mecrawi agree, but the triumvirate is not sure about it :)
07:35:38elinenbewell, the senate has overruled them. Open source is for the people and by the people.
07:36:30mecrawit's open, it's just up to the benevolent dictator what gets in
07:38:34mecrawelinenbe: are you on windows or linux?
07:39:17elinenbemecraw: windows with cygwin
07:39:32mecrawcan you build the sim?
07:39:34elinenbemecraw: linus sometiems but not nearly as much.
07:39:47elinenbemecraw: never cared about it.
07:40:33mecrawi haven't too much either, but it would be nice to be able to build it under cygwin
07:40:46mecrawi tried mingw, but had no luck
07:41:36LinusNelinenbe: we don't want the sleep timer to be a setting, since settings are expected to be persistent in Rockbox
07:41:58LinusNwe will implement it as a "regular" menu item
07:42:15mecrawWhat's a "regular" menu item?
07:42:26LinusNyou know, the main menu
07:42:29 Join Zagor [0] (
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07:42:37LinusNwhere you select "Settings" in the first place
07:42:49mecrawisn't "Reset settings" in the settings area :)
07:42:53elinenbeI think there should be a features menu maybe.
07:43:08elinenbewith things like sleep timer
07:43:10LinusNmecraw: watch you mouth! :-)
07:43:26elinenbeword processor
07:43:27mecrawi'm watching it
07:43:28LinusNelinenbe: perhaps
07:43:31elinenbepda features
07:43:41elinenbehandwriting recognition
07:43:52LinusNmind reading
07:43:53elinenbevoice recording analysis and translation
07:44:07LinusNpalm reading
07:44:29elinenbemaybe MS work, excel, (powerpoint is too hard to do, so forget that)
07:44:35mecrawLinusN: any thought to how to idle poweroff when the music is paused?
07:44:35LinusNPalm reading, isn't that Graffiti?
07:44:47LinusNmecraw: easy as pie
07:45:02mecrawLinusN: show me the code :D
07:45:13LinusNi didn't do it yesterday because my mpeg.c was full of recording code that i didn't want to commit
07:45:28LinusNyou can do it in 10 seconds
07:45:40LinusNbut i can't commit it for you
07:45:50mecrawno, you can do it in 10 seconds, it'll take me 2 minutes
07:46:13elinenbeLinus: how is recording coming?
07:46:21mecrawI nominate Zagor
07:47:22LinusNelinenbe: i haven't come that far yet
07:47:24CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 4 hours and 5 minutes at the last flood
07:47:24*Zagor wakes up. Huh?
07:48:13*mecraw hides
07:49:47LinusNZagor: an mpeg_is_paused() function to be called from handle_auto_poweroff()
07:50:19LinusNor maybe extend it to mpeg_status() returning an enum/bitmask?
07:51:04Zagorsounds better, yeah
08:06:28adi|homehas anyone had any problems with the wps at all?
08:06:44Zagorseems to work rather well
08:06:52adi|homehmm.. odd
08:06:58adi|homeit seemed to blank out on me this weekend.
08:07:06adi|homei could bring up the menus, no prob
08:07:11adi|homebut music would stop.
08:07:14adi|homewps disappeared
08:07:27Zagorsounds like a playback bug rather than wps per se
08:07:35LinusNadi|home: were you playing with the keylock?
08:07:40adi|homeit may be a low charge thing too
08:07:54adi|homebattery died about 10 mins after or so...
08:08:05adi|homeim staying on the same build .. checking tomorrow if it happens again
08:08:07LinusNi saw a post on funmp3players talking about blank screen on daily builds
08:21:58 Join Bagder [0] (
08:22:05Zagorhey, baggie
08:22:08Bagderhey ho
08:22:42LinusNyo Bagder!
08:23:19BagderZagor: what about using the patch tracker?
08:23:36Zagoryeah, a good idea. i'll post a mail about it
08:24:35Zagorhave you seen the font page?
08:25:06LinusNwhat font page?
08:25:40Bagderwe need a link to it
08:25:47Zagorah, right. me fix.
08:26:06LinusNis rockbox_default.bdf fetched from CVS?
08:26:27LinusNit should probably
08:26:36Zagoryup. i've been meaning to rename the font in cvs to a more meaningful name :-)
08:28:18Zagori've colored "fixed" bug/request items a sickly shade of green too
08:28:55Bagderah, cool
08:35:08Bagdersickly green is a fine name for the colour indeed ;-)
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08:35:37Zagorhehe. i spent some time trying to find a nice shade, but i just suck at colors :-) now charges to allow one to have info on their site
08:37:03*Zagor is baffled
08:37:36Bagder"price of $49 per submission or update"
08:38:38Zagorbye bye
08:38:58adi|homeany word on double sized fonts yet?
08:39:00LinusNhow silly
08:39:41Zagoradi|home: for player?
08:40:17adi|homefor recorder...
08:40:29 Join linuxstb [0] (
08:40:41adi|homebasically a 'font large enough to read while driving so adi doens't kill anyone on the sidewalks' kinda font
08:41:04LinusNyou mean as large as the windscreen?
08:41:06Zagorgo search out a nice big bdf font, convert and load it. no need waiting for us :-)
08:41:49adi|homehehehe but why reinvent if it was already in.. i wasn't sure thats all ;)
08:42:29 Join bobTHC [0] (
08:42:43bobTHChi all!
08:45:25LinusNadi|home: you might run out of font memory space though
08:46:06adi|homeim off to bed.. my mount wont load my archos again
08:46:10adi|homeill deal with all this tomorrow
09:04:39LinusNquestion for you all:
09:05:07LinusNthe auto-poweroff does not power off if the charger is inserted
09:05:18LinusNbut should it power off when it is extracted?
09:05:35LinusNor should it restart the timeout when the charger is extracted?
09:05:45Bagderpower off then
09:07:30Schnueffmy backlight-on-when-charging patch restarts the timer when charger is extracted
09:07:38Schnueffbut these are shorter times
09:09:18LinusNthe effect will be that the unit may shut off right after you remove the charger
09:09:30Schnueffwould be a little disturbing to me
09:09:36LinusNi guess
09:09:58LinusNwhere are you polling the charger in your patch?
09:10:07Schnueffin backlight.c
09:10:14LinusNah, when it times out?
09:10:24Schnueffbacklight_tick() which gets called from button.c somewhere
09:10:48Schnueffwhen it times out? it has its own timeout counter?
09:11:26LinusNof course, it has to dim the backlight after a timeout
09:11:41Schnueffyes, that worx over the backlight_{on,off}() functions
09:11:44LinusNor you meant the charger?
09:11:47Schnueffas before
09:12:11Schnueffu were asking where i check for charger_inserted()?
09:12:27LinusNand you answered
09:13:27Schnueffwhen timer reaches zero, backlight_off() is called which poses an event for the backlight queue which gets handled by backlight() thread
09:15:34LinusNok, added timeout for charger as well for the auto-poweroff
09:16:04LinusNi don't like that the button handler talks to the RTC for every keypress...
09:17:43bobTHClinus : u think it's possible like the ff/fd config menu to configure steps for the pitch option ?
09:18:33bobTHCbecause it's to bad to listen too much "click" noise @ itch pitch step....
09:18:55bobTHCin all case, thanx a lot linus for this so good option!
09:27:37 Join TotMacher [0] (
09:27:46LinusNbobTHC: how would you want the steps to be?
09:30:13 Join YeAhx [0] (~aarond@
09:31:24 Quit linuxstb ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.0")
09:31:58LinusNbobTHC: what are you using the pitch for?
09:32:56bobTHCto mix techno and drum & bass tracks with vinyl...
09:33:37LinusNok, and you don't need fine tuned pitch control?
09:33:49LinusNi'm puzzled
09:35:03bobTHCof course but@ itch pitch change i have a "clik" noize.. and it's not good to have 15 "click" when i want a 115% pitch during a live session
09:35:30LinusNok, so you know what pitch you want beforehand?
09:36:17ZagorbobTHC: you're not pitching live, are you? i mean you first get the pitch right, *then* mix it into the PA system?
09:36:49 Quit TotMacher ()
09:36:55YeAhxyou'd trust an archos in a live session?
09:37:28ZagorYeAhx: sure thing. i've hear people who DJ with two archoses and a mixer
09:37:36bobTHCi have an idea so i'll choose for exemple 15 step and after i change the step for a fine tuning...@ 2 for example...
09:38:05ZagorbobTHC: that would require you going into the menu *very* frequently
09:38:10LinusNmaybe a way to select the pitch and a separate button to apply it
09:38:15YeAhxI guess it beats carrying big cases full of records, just would be emarassing if there was a failure of some kind
09:38:41bobTHCor a like EQ preset will be great ;)
09:38:43ZagorYeAhx: failures with the archos hardware aren't very common actually
09:38:51LinusNbobTHC: ok, so you know what pitch you want beforehand?
09:39:04ZagorbobTHC: if you hold the pitch key down, it will go many steps without clicking
09:39:23 Join YeAhx1 [0] (~aarond@
09:39:45bobTHCyep but no music during the hold
09:40:09Zagorright. but you want 115%, not music, right?
09:40:23LinusNbobTHC: ok, so you know what pitch you want beforehand?
09:40:37YeAhx1bur bye
09:40:50 Quit YeAhx1 (Client Quit)
09:40:59ZagorbobTHC: you'd better answer linus or he'll be stuck like this :-)
09:41:15bobTHCI have an idea but after it's for fine tuning...
09:41:37 Join Synthe` [0] (
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09:41:53LinusNok, so you guess that it is about 115% and then fine tune?
09:42:35Zagorwe could make BUTTON_REPEAT events not actually set the pitch until BUTTON_RELEASE
09:42:45LinusNok, so ON+UP/DOWN for 10% steps would be ok?
09:43:10LinusNsorry, i am a fool
09:43:14ZagorLinusN: ON+UP is already used. for pitching...
09:43:28LinusNmaybe left/right?
09:43:41Zagorseriously, I don't see why this is a problem. scroll to 115%, then fine tune. it takes 1.5 seconds.
09:43:43LinusNor, not setting the pitch for repeated events
09:46:54LinusNi like that the best
09:47:06Zagori can live with that
09:50:10bobTHC left right to choose step it's a great idea...
09:50:35Zagorwe have other plans for left/right
09:52:50LinusNit's a pity that we can't get rid of the click...
09:53:29LinusNi have checked out the entire rockbox cvs tree
09:53:46LinusNis it possible to remove and not update the www tree somehow?
09:54:15BagderI don't think you can
09:54:38Schnueffmaybe put it inside .cvsignore
09:54:43Schnueffor what was its name
09:54:52LinusNwhat's that?
09:55:07bobTHCu think it's possible to add a BPM Detector ?
09:55:15Schnueffit says cvs which files to ignore, w8 a sec, verifying
09:55:26LinusNbobTHC: yes and no
09:55:38Bagderit would surprise me if you can ignore a directory that is already in the CVS/Entries file
09:55:43bobTHCi love this answer !
09:55:50LinusNa BMP detector needs frequency analysis to be effective
09:56:02LinusNand we don't have that
09:56:18LinusNnot without MAS programming
09:56:20bobTHCi general tekno or d&b have a constant bpm...
09:56:41 Quit YeAhx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:56:57LinusNon techno music, however, the beat is often distinguishable from the quasi-peak alone
09:57:22LinusNso yes, it might work, using the bezerk peak-meter mode
09:57:38bobTHCthat what i think too..
09:58:14SchnueffLinusN: try settinv environment variable CVSIGNORE to www, but if that worx, its a hack rather
09:58:17LinusNanother interesting thing is that the MP3 frames are already frequency analyzed
09:58:35LinusNand huffman compressed, unfortunately
09:58:42bobTHCand after adding this features archos would be a real good djing tool !
09:59:20LinusNwe can parse the MP3 frames to find frames with high bass content
09:59:53LinusNbut that is quite difficult to do, since you also need temporoal information as well
10:00:56LinusNso that you can distinguish longer bass sounds from the actual beats
10:02:45LinusNthe bpm/pitch info can easily be analyzed and put into ID3V2 tags beforehand
10:03:03LinusNbut the beat synchronization must still be live
10:03:38Schnueffu can put it in time codes for specific beats in id3v2.4 too
10:03:45Schnueffs/put it in/put in/
10:03:50LinusNwould a 1/10th second pause function be helpful?
10:04:11Schnueffmaybe a way to directly set time
10:04:15LinusNfor synchronization?
10:04:19Schnueffin seconds + cd frames / mp3 frames
10:04:46Schnueffi dont need such thing at the moment,
10:04:55bobTHCyes... ithat's sounds good
10:05:02Schnueffbut it would be nice to finetune the setting of trackmarks (the thing we had yesterday)
10:05:05LinusNare the time codes for id3v2.4 inserted in the stream, or a table in the header?
10:05:41LinusNbobTHC: sound good? you mean the short pause?
10:05:51Zagorthe ON+PAUSE is intended for beat sync. it only pauses while you hold the key down.
10:06:07LinusNZagor: today?
10:06:19LinusNoh, i didn't know
10:07:41LinusNlanghaarrocker will have to implement a beat finder in his bezerk mode
10:07:55LinusNthe coolness would be immense
10:09:13Schnueffand langhaarrocker also wanted smth to split tracks, so he gotta to the fine-positioning in tracks too :)
10:13:12Schnuefffcpp, where can i find that?
10:13:56Schnueffits not a regular cpp, is it?
10:14:04Bagdernot quite, no
10:14:28BagderBjorn just patched it the other day so my package is not really the latest
10:15:04Schnueffk, i thought about make'ing the www/doc in my checked out cvs
10:15:10Schnueffeh www/manual
10:15:43LinusNthe best would of course be if the files could be analyzed beforehand and rockbox just needed to parse some ID3 tags for the beat synch
10:15:48BagderZagor: are you using that __FILE_DATE__ now?
10:17:14LinusNWhat do you guys think about non-combo quick menus, i.e one F2 click puts you in the menu, and the next leaves it again?
10:17:33LinusNmuch easier that two-button combos
10:17:39Schnueffhm maybe the leave button should be all the same them for all menus?
10:17:43LinusNand we can have the cake and eat it
10:18:13LinusNwe can support combos _and_ the "persistent" quick menu
10:18:23LinusNjust like the F1 key today
10:18:46LinusNa button_release without any combos in between pops up the menu
10:19:05LinusNor rather, doesn't remove the menu
10:20:32 Quit Synthe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:20:34 Join Synthe` [0] (
10:21:45ZagorBagder: yes
10:22:24BagderZagor: ok, so I better put a new fcpp package available somewhere for dudes that wanna build the web properly
10:22:33Zagorah, right
10:22:55ZagorLinusN: sounds ok to me
10:23:16*LinusN is busy with the recording code
10:23:17Zagori'll do it. i'm about to fix F3 in menus anyway
10:23:42LinusNZagor: maybe a more "general" quick-menu code?
10:24:06LinusNit looks kind of hard-coded today
10:24:13Zagorit is :-)
10:24:16LinusNbut maybe it's not worth it?
10:24:23Zagori'll give it a look
10:24:34LinusNdo the persistence first
10:24:46LinusNotherwise it will be too much work
10:27:36LinusNkey combos are good, but it's also nice to be able to use RB with only one hand
10:34:00 Quit Hes (
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10:40:49LinusNyo Zagor! was it that easy? :-)
10:41:32Zagoran added benefit is that we no longer have to treat the sim special
10:42:19LinusNjust that the sims can't do combos
10:42:25BagderI'm gonna have a go at a binary lang format
10:43:25LinusNBagder: good luck, and be careful out there
10:43:46Bagderthank you oh yee master for thy kind words
10:43:47Schnueffan array of zero-terminated strings? :)
10:44:09BagderSchnueff: basicly, yes but we need to keep the id numbers too
10:44:52Bagderbecause the language files need to work even when we add a language and similar
10:45:00Bagderuh, add a string
10:45:07Bagderor stop using one
10:45:36Schnueffyes thats what genlang does at the moment
10:45:42Schnueffat compile time
10:48:38Schnueffso, stop using a strings means: it's not present in the binary lang file on archos, but the rockbox might still try to display it?
10:48:50Schnueffor would a recompilation be necessary then?
10:49:18BagderI want the binary lang file to be able to only contain any set of translated strings
10:49:59Schnueffso, we got to give away unique LANG_XXX over the whole project and never reassign one?
10:50:11Schnueffhm, for example
10:50:26Bagderright, until we bump the lang file version
10:50:58Bagderand require newly built lang files
10:52:35Schnueff(here u mean the ascii ones)
10:53:09Bagderthe binary lang files will have a "version" in a header, so that we can make old ones obsolete when we want to renumber the ids
10:54:20Schnueffso, if one tries to load an obsolete lang file, then rockbox complains and switches to an up-to-date english one, which is guaranteed to be available
10:54:40Bagderright, it'll have a built-in language
10:55:41Schnueffand if version is ok, we just load the rest (zero-terminated array of strings) and overwrite the pointers in **language_strings
10:55:59Schnueffi.e. construct the pointers by scanning all the stinrgs
10:56:00Schnueffok fine
10:57:19Schnueffthe space for the built-in language is reused i guess
10:57:41Bagderthat's not likely I'm afraid
10:57:49Schnueffit would be ok i think
10:58:15Schnueffu can select a language file, if version is ok, it gets loaded, if not, language stays the same as it is
10:59:14Schnueffwhat could be the problem?
10:59:25Bagdernone really ;-)
11:01:17Schnueffbtw, has empty line after 'new:' become a convention?
11:02:34Bagderconvention, yes, requirement no. The 'new' has to be the last keyword, that's the only requirement really
11:04:29 Join Hes [0] (
11:05:06Bagderall english strings make a 2057 bytes binary lang file
11:05:13Bagdernot much
11:12:22Schnueffa LANG_XXX to int mapping has to be in the cvs then, right?
11:13:08Bagderthat mapping is set by the english.lang file
11:15:22Schnueffso, there are id remappings each time that english.lang gets changed
11:15:36LinusNZagor: 15 minutes...
11:16:13BagderSchnueff: only if one add/remove strings in the middle
11:16:30 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|lunch (
11:16:57Schnueffyes, but as i see, the things are categorized, so this may happen quite often
11:17:16BagderI might add a number to the fields in the english file
11:17:19Schnueffthis could be avoided with an external id file, though
11:17:21Schnueffor this way
11:17:39Schnueff(but that makes searching for an empty number more difficult)
11:17:47Schnueff'empty' = unused
11:18:22Schnueffif one decides to switch to a new version number of the language files, of course, the lang-id file could be automatically generated again
11:19:49Schnueffhm not that easy:)
11:19:59Bagderno, lots of things to consider
11:20:02Bagdertime for lunch
11:20:07Schnueffbon appetit
11:20:09 Nick Bagder is now known as Bagder|eats (
11:20:16Schnueffme too soon
11:28:06 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lunch (
12:05:54 Join NoXie [0] (
12:07:41NoXieany 1 here?
12:07:59bobTHC22 users... ;)
12:08:14NoXiei got a question, can i use rockbox on archos multimedia player?
12:08:28NoXieto bad :s
12:08:34NoXieyou gonna make it?
12:10:03NoXieit whould be nice since, it realy needs a hold button :P
12:11:29bobTHCmultimedia support isn't planne...
12:12:44bobTHCnot the same DSP, Processor, memory , nothing match...
12:13:12NoXieto bad
12:13:24NoXiewould get realy fun if some1 could make it hehehe
12:19:25bobTHCrockbox is far to be finish....
12:20:06bobTHCfrenchie rulez!
12:20:16NoXiewell to bad, hopefully it will come in the future some time hehehe
12:20:41 Join TotMacher [0] (
12:20:50bobTHCattempt to setup a developement team if u want noxie...
12:22:26bobTHCSchnueff : look @ the francais.lang in cvs to review it plz...
12:22:49NoXieheh to mutch work :P maby ill ask some programmers that i know to look at it hehehe :)
12:22:49Schnueff<- no french, no cvs access, no brains :)
12:23:47bobTHCsorry i confuse with psycoxul
12:23:57Schnueffpas de probleme
12:25:19bobTHCno french ?, ;) but french basis
12:25:36Schnueffheh, thought u wouldnt notice
12:25:40NoXiewell i'm out pz
12:26:08 Quit NoXie ("check je later")
12:27:09bobTHCSchnueff <-french basis, anonymous Cvs acces, a brain...
12:29:15 Join kargatron [0] (
12:29:46kargatronis it relatively easy to pop off the front screen, by any chance?
12:30:01Schnueffwhat is the font screen?
12:30:04kargatronsomehow, one of my cat's hairs got underneath the screen, and it's oh so very annoying
12:30:16Schnueffah, misread u :)
12:31:01Schnueffmaybe some of the hardware folks does
12:32:49kargatroneven at the bottom, the front screen is still intact. Damn cat hairs!
12:33:59bobTHCtake a look @
12:34:12bobTHCperahps can help u
12:35:41***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:37:50kargatronwhat i need is a cat hair module of type: Teleportation, Magnet, or Disintegration
12:49:55kargatronah, groovy, got it out - that link helped bobTHC
12:50:07kargatrononly need to take out the outer 4 screws to lift platee
12:51:18kargatronnow off to shave my cat
12:53:47kargatronthe one surprise - the buttons just lie there loose underneath - hafta be careful to resituate them (after you accidentally knock them around :)
13:21:43 Quit seb-sleep ()
13:25:02 Quit kargatron ("Suckers!")
13:26:58 Join seb-sleep [0] (
13:27:12 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
13:40:40 Quit TotMacher ()
13:41:49 Join TotMacher [0] (
13:42:39 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-school (
13:45:50 Nick LinusN|lunch is now known as LinusN (
13:52:12 Nick Bagder|eats is now known as Bagder (
13:55:12LinusNBagder: we should fix repeat too...
13:55:26Bagderyou mean before 1.4?
13:55:37Bagderqualsaruk is on the case, no idea how far though
13:57:17LinusNyes, i mean before 1.4
13:57:32LinusNwhat's with the scrollbar in the menus?
13:58:09LinusNnot only the menus, the knob is too small
13:58:28Bagderhow did that happen?
13:58:33LinusNbeats me
13:59:08Bagderbtw, check this
13:59:16Bagderthat's the ipod stuff
13:59:32LinusNfun reading
14:00:04 Nick Zagor|lunch is now known as Zagor (
14:07:42LinusNhey, that ON button bug report, what should we do with it? Reject, Invalid or Won't fix?
14:08:12BagderI'd say invalid
14:10:22ZagorLinusN: close it too...
14:28:51Bagderloaded a language ;-)
14:29:26Bagdernow why is the scrollbar broken?
14:29:44Zagorgood question
14:29:52LinusNi am debugging now
14:30:17Bagderyou guys ready for a binary language commit? ;-)
14:30:54LinusNlooks like a fillrect bug
14:31:23Zagori changed one thing about fillrect
14:31:41Zagorstatic unsigned char ones[8] = { 0xff };
14:32:13Zagori couldn't remember if that did what I wanted, or just set the first. from the look of the battery meter, it seemed fine. but maybe it's not=
14:32:40LinusNZagor: shouldn't it be 0xff, 0xff, 0xff.....
14:32:54LinusNit sets the first only
14:33:12Zagorthen that could be it
14:33:17LinusNi'll test
14:33:39LinusNwhat was it before the change?
14:35:21Schnueffdrivers/lcd.c:static unsigned char ones[] = { 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff,
14:35:24Schnueffdrivers/lcd.c- 0xff, 0xff };
14:35:42***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:35:58LinusNwhy did you change?
14:36:34Zagora devil in the back of my mind told me it would be the same effect. it was late. i was drunk. someone forced me to do it. it wasn't me. pick one. :-)
14:36:55*Bagder puts his blind fold on and picks one
14:37:04Bagderah, you were drunk ;-)
14:41:55LinusNBagder: you might want to either open OFILE in binary mode, or use the pack functions
14:42:15Bagderwill that crap out on windows you mean?
14:42:38LinusNthe printf(%c may very well generate 0x0d
14:42:47LinusNand 0x0a will be added
14:42:54LinusNor is it the opposite?
14:43:06LinusNon windows
14:43:27Bagderyou actually think windows users will use that? B)
14:49:37Schnueffhm whats the check 'if(filesize != MAX_LANGUAGE_SIZE) {' ? are all binary langauge file the same size?
14:49:58Zagorwe must have a max size
14:50:13Zagorthere's only so much memory allocated for the strings
14:50:46Schnueffbut read returns the number of bytes read and it may well return (filesize=read(..)) < MAX_LANGUAGE_SIZE
14:51:01Bagderright, and then all is good
14:51:17Schnueffin which case it appears to print DEBUGF("Language %s too large: %d\n", filename, filesize) ?
14:51:20ZagorBagder: shouldn't != be <= ?
14:51:26Zagoror >= even
14:51:31Schnueffno <=
14:51:36Bagdershould be <, yes
14:51:46*Zagor gets some coffee
14:51:52Schnueff<= is acceptable too
14:52:05*Schnueff thinks.
14:52:09Bagderbecause if it returned the full buffer, it could be larger than the buffer
14:52:46Bagderof course it could be *exactly* as big as the buffer, and then we bail out wrongly, but most often it'll be bigger
14:53:27Schnueffgot it
14:57:24Schnueffif one would store the messages in ascending ID order in the binary file one could save 2 bytes per message
14:57:31Schnueffbut i guess that doesnt count that muhc
14:57:52Bagderthat's kind of what I thought
14:58:00Schnueff(ah and one had to provide the empty messages as null string)
14:58:39Bagdernow, how do we load a language file by default?
14:59:01Schnueffmodify binlang so that it produces some lang.h
14:59:06Schnueffand compile that in
14:59:23Schnueff(that would be english, fixed, i guess)
14:59:25Bagdergenlang does that
14:59:44Schnueffah u mean smth different
15:00:07Schnueffhm .rockbox/default.lang is not good
15:00:27Bagderno, it doesn't sound good enough
15:00:44Schnueffone cant see which language it is
15:01:06elinenbeI think there should ba a folder /.rockbox/fonts /.rockbox/wps /.rockbox/lang where the respective settings are placed, and there be menu (setting) items that relate to these locations
15:01:13Schnueffwhat about some language code like 'en' 'de' and store that in the RTC
15:02:29BagderI'm leaning towards Zagor's solution, that we allow ".rockbox/[name].lng" and we store the 'name' in the settings secttor
15:02:49BagderZagor: comments on this?
15:03:18Schnueffmaybe we should start, as elinenbe suggests, to have a directory hierarchiy under .rockbox
15:03:32Bagderpossibly that too, yes
15:03:59Bagderthen we could have settings code that automaticly shows alternatives from the contents of those directories
15:04:05Schnuefffor example, one could look for .rockbox/lang/[name].lng first and then for .rockbox/[name].lng
15:04:09SchnueffBagder: yes that too
15:04:29Schnueffthat would avoid walking through many dir levels just too change the font
15:05:19elinenbefor the end user it would be nicest to show have all the settings (wps, lang, fnt) in the settings menu
15:06:36elinenbeI found (very) little bug
15:07:42ZagorBagder: /.rockbox/[name].lng sounds good to me
15:07:55elinenbeif you have a large font on the screen, and then switch to a smaller one, sometimes the tree does not update properly −− (instead of showing 7 rows of info, it only shows 6 until I press a button)
15:08:07BagderZagor: are you going to the saving of the font and wps this way?
15:08:50Schnueffhm so .lng is for the binary language files while .lang is for ascii language files/
15:08:53*Zagor just got a call from the dishwasher company. They're sending me a new one...
15:09:07BagderSchnueff: yes
15:09:13elinenbedo we have any binary .lng files yet?
15:09:21Zagorbagder does :-)
15:09:23Bagderelinenbe: since about 30 minutes ;-)
15:09:27LinusNThe remote doesn' work properly with the Archos firmware - but works great with Rockbox loaded.
15:09:27LinusNAnother gold star to the Rockbox team.
15:09:30BagderZagor: you do too when you update ;-)
15:09:41Zagornag nag
15:09:59Bagderand I manged to add it without going non-green ;-)
15:10:29elinenbewhen you update where are the .lng files?
15:10:42Bagderuh, they're built with the 'binlang' tool
15:10:57BagderI guess we should do that autmaticly on the site
15:11:42Schnueffshall i resubmit the backlight-on-when-charging patch to the patch tracker?
15:11:50Bagderplease do
15:12:03Schnueff.. looking if it still worx
15:14:44Schnueff.. 1 reject
15:16:13elinenbescrolling is messed up still.
15:16:28elinenbethe first time many things scroll, they go the whole line, and then redraw
15:16:29Zagorah, right. i want that fixed too. any takers?
15:17:02elinenbecan scrolling be pixel by pixel (and adjustable in settings)? that way if you like the character scrolling, you can set it to 8 pixels at a time?
15:17:17Bagderyes, it shall be made pixel wise
15:17:22elinenbefont loading should give some sort of feedback.
15:17:34Zagorit does: it shows the new font
15:17:58Bagderthe lang loading has no feedback, but I couldn't think of any nice ;-)
15:18:10Bagderit doesn't use a good icon either when I think about it
15:18:43Schnueffmaybe some comic-bubble
15:18:46ZagorBagder: just display "english loaded" for a second
15:19:05 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:19:06Bagderhehe, using the new language then I guess
15:19:33 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@
15:30:04elinenbeI just set ilde poweroff to 1 min, and it rebooted after 1 min!
15:30:38Zagordo you have the charger connected?
15:30:39LinusNelinenbe: charger inserted?
15:32:16elinenbekeeps rebooting every min.
15:32:37elinenbeit is just sitting in the tree
15:32:44elinenbeya. recorder 6k
15:34:26LinusNmy rec20 powers off nicely
15:35:21elinenbethis is with the latest cvs
15:35:28elinenbekeeps doin' it.
15:35:42LinusNthe rec6 must be different smehow usual
15:37:52Schnueffhm u should create some categories in the patch tracker
15:37:53LinusNelinenbe: try to put an endless loop last in drivers/power.c::power_off()
15:38:14LinusNmaybe even a set_irq_level(15)
15:41:49elinenbeI will try that now.
15:43:17 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:43:33Schnueffhuh, patch submitted
15:47:21elinenbelinus: set_irq_level(15) chages nothing
15:50:08LinusNand combined with the eternal loop?
15:51:12BagderZagor: /home/dast/rockbox-build/output-lang now contains a fresh set of binary lang files every morning
15:51:38Bagderbased on the cvs of course
15:59:19LinusNJust did my first recording!
15:59:39Schnueffwith rockbox? grats
15:59:50Bagderjust in ram then?
15:59:58LinusNnot even that!
16:00:06LinusNon the debug console! :-)
16:00:32LinusNand i can tell you that the rec6 is different :-)
16:01:06LinusNgotta go! bye all!
16:01:23 Part LinusN
16:18:45 Part elinenbe
16:21:07ZagorBagder: is .lng files still using the wps icon?
16:22:18 Join quelsaruk [0] (
16:22:28Bagderhey ho quelsaruk
16:30:46quelsarukBagder: what happened with the t-shirt contest?
16:31:22Bagderwe're currently working with the winner to produce an updated version
16:31:48Bagderwhen we have that, we'll anounce it
16:32:09Bagderand send the design away for printing
16:32:42quelsarukumm.. seems i forgot translating some text strings :)
16:33:33Zagoreuh, why are player icons 8 bytes? the chars only contain 7 columns...
16:34:20Zagorin fact, they only have 5 columns...
16:34:40Zagorthey are defined as rows, of course. doh.
16:35:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:35:58 Join edx|studying [0] (
16:36:36 Nick edx|studying is now known as edx (
16:54:56Zagorwhy is backlight_time(4) called every time USB is connected? why not just backlight_on() ?
16:55:32Zagori guess linus wrote that
16:55:47 Join _Snorlax_ [0] (
16:55:47Schnueffi thought that u do it that way because USB screen is particularly uninteresting
16:55:56Schnueffi have no other explanation
16:56:38Schnueff(so backlight_time(4) overrides a possibly longer default backlight timeout)
16:57:40Zagorsounds reasonable. i think it's wrong, though :-)
16:58:41Schnueffi think it would be cleaner if it uses the regular code.
17:06:18Schnueffuh Stkov scroll
17:06:23Schnueffjust after font switching
17:06:47Schnueffsays the display
17:07:09Schnueffhm lemme c
17:07:20Schnueffif have to do a hardrestart, i guess?
17:07:45Schnueff(first time rockbox hangs :)
17:08:47Zagorwhat do you do?
17:09:05Schnueffok. i have a large font, wps scrolls correctly
17:09:13Schnueffthen i switch to a smaller font in the browser
17:09:27Schnueffwhen i switch back to the wps (which would like to scroll) i get the Stkov
17:09:43Schnueffthe browser displays the new font correctly
17:09:43Bagderstkov is nasty
17:10:25Schnueffthats for current (2h old) build
17:10:33Zagoris your big font higher than the small one? so there are more lines after you switch?
17:10:50Zagorwhich font is it?
17:11:09Schnueffthe big is some ttf2bdf converted true type font
17:11:23Schnueffthe smaller one is clr5x10
17:12:10Schnueffstandard wps
17:13:11Schnueffhm, couldnt repeat that for some 9/21 build
17:13:17Schnueffshall try once more
17:13:39Zagorsee if you can make the sim crash. that would be good.
17:13:56Bagderprobably not if it is a stack overflow
17:14:10ZagorBagder: could still work if it's something recursiv
17:14:23Bagdersure, but not as likely
17:14:35Schnueffi can try
17:20:26Schnueffalways forget the keys in the sim :)
17:20:26 Join hardeep [0] (
17:20:31Schnueffwhat was On?
17:20:40BagderI think
17:20:45Schnueffeh for laptops
17:20:50Schnueffi read the source
17:20:56Zagornum +
17:20:58Bagdergood idea ;-)
17:22:05Schnueffhm sim doesnt hang
17:22:34Zagortoo bad
17:22:44Schnueffalthought its not exactly the same conditions
17:24:43Schnueffi'll check
17:27:49 Join freshmaker [0] (
17:31:04quelsarukumm any italian here?
17:31:45freshmakerZagor: Hej. Had a long weekend. Seems like my scrollbar-only-when-necessary-patch is still uncommited; any new problems?
17:32:04Zagornope, just nobody applied it yet
17:32:29Bagderfreshmaker: one of the reasons we convert over to the patch tracker now
17:32:30Zagorwill do soon, if nobody else does it first
17:32:45Bagderwe have a hard time to keep track of all the patches
17:33:33freshmakerNow I'm just about to polish my smooth scrolling code. Thank you for splitting up lcd.c :-)
17:34:04Bagdercool, we want that! ;-)
17:34:17Schnueffhow does the scroll_thread get notified of font changes?
17:34:50Zagorit doesn't, and doesn't need to
17:35:17Schnueffswitching from the large to timR08 worked btw
17:35:25Schnueff(which has also less lines)
17:36:14freshmakerew! lcd_putsxy() still has a font argument. will this change before 1.4?
17:36:51Zagorit will change, can't say if it will be before 1.4 though
17:37:43Schnueffmaybe that clR5x10 is the problem
17:37:54SchnueffclR5x6 -> clR5x10 got a stkov too
17:38:18Schnueffi'll take a look if i have up-to-date version of that fonts
17:39:15 Part Bagder
17:43:39 Quit _Snorlax_ ("gittar ny!")
17:46:57SchnueffZagor: i have the problem now with . i start with default font, play smth, set 6x10 in the browsers and switch back to wps -> stkov
17:48:49Schnueff9/21 ca. 21:27 build doesnt have this problem
17:50:28Zagorsounds like my lcd split introduced a bug
17:51:40Schnueffcould be
17:55:09Zagori'll look at it soon. fixing some other stuff right now.
17:55:23Schnueffi'll c if i find smth obvious
17:55:31Schnueff(u know like ones[8] :)
18:09:01Schnueffhm no luckl
18:26:29 Nick dw|gone0r is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
18:26:29DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
18:26:33dwihnoavec toi
18:28:48Zagorhi dwihno
18:29:13dwihnoGood evening Zagor
18:29:21dwihnoAnd a good evening it is! Warm and nice outside!
18:29:36Schnueffnot in my country
18:29:39Schnueffcold and wet
18:29:42Zagorwow! it really is.
18:29:59Zagorcvs is down again :-(
18:30:20Schnuefffrom i can update
18:31:29Schnueffhm and from my laptop too. so it worx for me (reading)
18:31:30CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
18:31:30*Zagor has modified every frickin file in apps...
18:32:41dwihnoZagor: you rule the CVS! :)
18:35:32Zagorwell I would, if it was up...
18:35:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:37:50Schnueffhm, as i said, for me twas up
18:37:58Schnueffgotta go, though
18:38:03*Schnueff .. away
18:40:17dwihnoZagor: any new cool stuff you're about to commit, or simply CP:ed *hehe* code?
18:41:07Zagor:-) i'm cleaning off the last typedef; the Menu thingy. and fixing working USB connect and recovery practically everywhere.
18:53:53Zagorsahgdajhsdgajhgsdjhasgdjhagsjdh!!! we need to set up our own cvs. this sucks!
19:00:51Zagorcan you look up the ip address of
19:01:20Zagortell me. my dns is stone dead :-(
19:02:36quelsarukdo you also want to see a visual route from my computer to that ip?
19:02:44Zagorno thanks :-)
19:02:51quelsarukin santa clara?
19:03:14quelsaruki thought it was near sweden
19:03:17quelsaruknot in EEUU
19:04:08quelsarukumm.. that is what my computer says
19:04:17quelsarukSanta clara CA,
19:05:50quelsarukEEUU is the spanish translation
19:05:58quelsarukEstados unidos
19:07:18 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
19:09:57quelsarukpeople really need now the repeat mode on/off
19:10:28quelsaruki should work on that... has anyone created a day with 32 hours?
19:10:46quelsaruki need some free hours to make this work
19:11:54 Nick Synthe` is now known as Synthe (
19:13:50quelsarukwhen do you plan to release 1.4?
19:14:19Zagorno date planned. just when I feel we've fixed enough issues.
19:14:24Zagor"soon" :-)
19:15:33quelsarukjust to know how fast i should be in doing a potable remuse off.. or if someone else is working on that (aprat from mercraw)
19:22:10Zagorbrace for impact!
19:22:41 Join merwin [0] (~none@
19:24:12quelsarukbrace for impact???
19:24:19Zagormonster commit
19:24:30quelsaruki have some lack of english expressions
19:50:22quelsarukbtw zagor how do you rip your music cds?
19:50:36Zagorit uses cdparanoia and lame
19:50:51quelsaruklame :)
19:50:57quelsarukcbr or vbr?
19:51:08Zagorvbr. i use the −−r3-mix option
19:51:28quelsaruki recomend you using the −−alt-preset standard option
19:52:09quelsaruki've tested both and it's better
19:53:39quelsarukfor lame 3.92
19:54:07Zagori guess both are pretty good
19:54:41quelsarukboth are great
20:00:20 Join hardeep [0] (
20:02:59quelsarukespanol.lang re-reviewed submited
20:03:14ZagorbobTHC: are you awake?
20:03:20quelsaruki hope no more reviews are needed
20:03:42PsycoXulhey if you want a laugh, search google for the phrase "go to hell" and check out some of the top results
20:04:05edxthats a nasty one ;)
20:04:21Zagoryeah. the interesting thing is to try and trace it. search for and "hell". no hits.
20:04:27Zagorso how the heck did that happen?
20:04:35edx"best operating system" is another one :)
20:04:42PsycoXuli guess google just knows some things :p
20:04:50edxZagor: certainly a joke of the google ppl
20:05:12Zagoredx: they claim it's not
20:05:24edxhaha ;)
20:05:35PsycoXulhow about and too
20:05:39edxI bet it is. It must be :)
20:06:02Zagori'm not so sure. they'd be sued to hell and back if they pulled something like that.
20:06:56Zagormonster commit #2 launched :-)
20:07:04edxZagor: yes... that's why they claim not to have done that ;)
20:08:12 Quit merwin (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:13:29 Nick edx is now known as edx|away (
20:26:48dwihnoZagor: have you removed any of the games?!
20:27:07Zagoryes. snake.
20:27:24Zagorsilly having two snake games
20:27:26dwihnono way
20:27:30dwihnoI play them both
20:28:09quelsaruksnake is like the nokia game
20:28:31quelsarukand wormlet is more like the gnome game
20:28:32Zagoronly a lot worse
20:28:58dwihnoZagor: you're the BAD cop! :)
20:29:18Zagordwihno: make a snake.mod
20:29:21dwihnoReminv such a fine game
20:29:23Zagorsnake.ajz rather
20:29:40 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
20:29:46dwihnohaving games as loadable games is cool, as long as you don't stop the mp3 stuff
20:29:55quelsarukthat could be a good idea...
20:30:06quelsarukhaving demos and games as an extra .ajz
20:30:10PsycoXulyeah who wants to stop their music just to play a game
20:30:23Zagorwho wants to play snake :-)
20:30:26PsycoXulunless the game provides it's own music/sfx
20:30:27quelsarukPsycoXul: you don't have to stop music to play a game
20:30:40*dwihno plays snake and wormlet on the (few) breaks @ work
20:30:48dwihnoZagor: I DO! :)
20:30:48PsycoXulquelsaruk: if the game's a seperate firmware?
20:31:00quelsarukPsycoXul: you win
20:31:39PsycoXulwhat'd be cool is a way to load extra functionality into the currently running firmware...
20:31:46PsycoXulbut i've been told that'd be more trouble than it's worth
20:31:52ZagorPsycoXul: indeed
20:32:30Zagorbe happy. at least we can spin the disk and play music at the same time. more than *cough* some other *cough* players can
20:34:24Zagori'd like to have that verified, actually. it sounds too bad to be true.
20:34:34 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020914]")
20:35:04 Quit TotMacher ()
20:35:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:37:43dwihnoZagor: Please reinstate Snake! :(
20:37:48dwihnoMisa like snake!
20:37:59dwihnoI can live without 500 bytes of extra buffer! I promise! :)
20:45:42Zagorfix it so it's fun, then maybe i'll put it back in
20:50:52quelsarukthe big boss has said
21:01:06 Join TotMacher [0] (
21:06:44Zagoranyone feel like fixing a nice smooth scroller?
21:10:16 Join freshmaker [0] (
21:15:26freshmakerZagor: You did some work on lcd_putsxy(), lcd_getstringsize(), et al. But I think, there are still some strange things in lcd_puts()
21:16:31freshmakerthe x/y pixel positions seem to depend on the average char width of the string: xmargin + x*w / strlen(str)
21:16:47freshmakerthat can't be correct, can it?
21:16:55Zagorright, that's because puts uses char positions. most unfortunate...
21:17:30Zagorluckily, very few calls set x to anything but 0
21:17:47freshmakermaybe the step size for lcd_puts should be fontheight x fontheight
21:18:03Zagorquelsaruk: bye
21:18:10 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:18:22Zagorfreshmaker: fontheight² ?
21:19:32Zagory is not a problem. only x is.
21:20:29freshmakerthen the x step size should be the character width averaged over the whole charset
21:21:03Zagorany way we make it will be incorrect. we can just aswell simply use the width of 'A'...
21:21:46freshmakeryup, and hope that noone will use a mad font with a very wide 'a'...
21:21:50 Quit TotMacher ()
21:21:52Zagorhehe, yeah
21:23:29freshmakerdid the bitmap format change within the last week? I have some problems to get my old smooth scrolling code running with the new font scheme...
21:24:05Zagorthe font struct changed some types, but nothing fundamentally
21:24:49Zagoryou should probably look over that code anyway, it's likely more complex than necessary due to previously having to cater to both player and recorder
21:26:10freshmakeryeah, i did a complete rewrite fir the recorder scrolling code. it looks *much* simpler now
21:26:52freshmakerjust squishing a bug or two, and the patch is on the way
21:34:02dwihnomisa likes scroll!
21:34:10dwihnoI love rockbox :)
21:34:15dwihnoI really do!
21:34:22dwihnoI never loved a software that much for ages
21:34:29 Nick edx|away is now known as edx (
21:34:31dwihnoit's really powerful!
21:34:47dwihnocustom wps, custom fonts, you can configure everything... but no snake game anymore :(
21:36:15*Zagor is evil
21:38:22Zagorfreshmaker: are you fischer?
21:38:50freshmakerZagor: Yes, I thought that was obvious :-)
21:39:04Zagoryeah, sorry, i keep mixing up people
21:39:18Zagoryour scrollbar fix is going in now
21:39:48freshmakeryeah, thanks. another local patch off the list ;-)
21:59:08 Quit seb-school (
21:59:08 Quit Synthe (
21:59:08 Quit Schnueff (
21:59:08 Quit adi|home (
21:59:38NJoinseb-school [0] (
21:59:38NJoinSynthe [0] (
21:59:38NJoinSchnueff [0] (
21:59:38NJoinadi|home [0] (
22:08:01freshmakeri'm back in a few minutes. i have to reconnect my ajb and since i messed with the FreeBSD usb stack to get preliminary ehci support i broke usb hot plugging: it only works once.
22:08:30*freshmaker reboots his machine
22:08:32 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020914]")
22:15:14 Join freshmaker [0] (
22:19:51freshmakerafter the font has been rotated, how many byte rows are used? as few as possible (i.e. font height <= 8 −−-> one byte row) or always two?
22:35:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:36:19 Join Phantom [0] (
22:36:22PhantomHi !
22:36:51PhantomWHY DID YOU KILL A WORM !!!! MAKE IT BACK !!!
22:37:26PhantomThey are 2 differents worms
22:37:57Phantoma Tron-like and a Snake-Like !!!
22:40:14Phantommake it back PLEASE
22:49:16 Quit Phantom ()
22:50:24 Join elinenbe [0] (~elin@
22:51:47freshmakerZagor: ok, the first version of the new scrolling code is ready to test
22:55:18 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
22:57:08elinenbeThe new scrolling code is exciting.
23:09:22freshmakerelinenbe: But there's still the problem with font height > 8. I tried to generate the bitmap on the fly, but the code looks messy (and still does not work)...
23:10:44 Join TotMacher [0] (
23:16:23elinenbefreshmaker: it does not look that bad with larger fonts
23:16:49freshmakerhmm, no glitches at the beginning of the line?
23:17:38elinenbea little. but not that bad.
23:17:43elinenbegood enough for me for right now.
23:17:52elinenbeI had to make the scroll speed go higher though.
23:18:07elinenbeand like you siad configurable pixel steps would be great too!
23:19:37freshmakerat the time being, you can set the step size at compile time: lcd-recorder.c line 86
23:22:36 Quit TotMacher ()
23:24:18elinenbefreshamker −− I have the scroll speed up to 60 and it could still go faster :)
23:26:44*dwihno tries the new stuff out
23:30:21dwihnoelinenbe: how did you make it go to 60?
23:31:55dwihnoelinenbe: tell me ;D
23:32:06PsycoXultoo bad there's not enough custom chars on the player to make player per-pixel scrolling worthwhile :/
23:32:42freshmakerelinenbe: it's still readable at 60? ok, the electrical part of the LCD is fast enough, but the optical?
23:32:49PsycoXulit'd look crappy anyways with the breaks between chars heh
23:34:30Zagorfreshmaker: i fixed >8 pixel chars
23:34:42freshmakercool. how?
23:34:43Zagorint bpc = pf->height / 8 + 1;
23:34:48Zagorlcd_bitmap (((unsigned char*) bits) + ofs*bpc, x, y,
23:35:05Zagorbpc is "bytes per column"
23:35:07elinenbefreshmaker: it looks somewhat crappy on a setting of 4.
23:35:23freshmakerah. i see.
23:38:33freshmakernice fix. thank you.
23:38:45elinenbebut it looks gorgeous at 1 pixel
23:38:51 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
23:38:51DBUGEnqueued KICK dw|gone
23:39:03Zagorit bugs if the font is exactly 16 pixels high though :-)
23:39:52elinenbewhy is that?
23:40:05elinenbeZagor: you have been a rockbox machine today.
23:40:06Zagorbecause 16/8+1 == 3
23:40:16Zagorwhen it should be 2
23:40:25freshmakerand what about 8 pixel high?
23:40:26Zagoryeah, it's been a good day
23:40:32Zagorsame thing
23:40:37Zagori'll fix
23:41:19freshmaker(pf->height - 1) / 8 + 1
23:41:50Zagoror simply (pf->height + 7) / 8
23:42:34freshmakerah math. i'm out of coffee :-)
23:44:55freshmakernow, who is going to code a menu setting and global option for step size? me? you?
23:46:24Zagori can fix that
23:47:37elinenbenice :)
23:52:39 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
23:53:01elinenbeZagor: you have almost completed all your tasks :)
23:53:27elinenbeZagor: ON+UP/ON+DOWN is still on the cutting board
23:55:23Zagori think we'll simply change scroll speed into step size. changing the speed from 15 to 30 makes very little difference.
23:57:59freshmakeri'd prefer to have two control knobs. an optimal scroll speed depends on the font that is used.

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