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#rockbox log for 2002-09-25

00:01:10freshmakerone may want to have a scroll speed of 8 and a step size of 6 (like normal charcell scrolling) in order to save resources
00:02:18freshmakerbtw. "save resources", do we spin when idle or calling 'halt' or something?
00:02:42Zagorwe are never idle
00:02:59Zagorthe kernel always schedules the next thread
00:03:05Zagorthat will change, though
00:04:04freshmakerdoes sh1 support halting for power saving?
00:04:25Zagorsort of. there are a few low power modes.
00:05:11freshmakerjots! another item on the wish list ;-)
00:05:58Zagorhehe, yeah. we just need to fix the kernel to be a bit more aware of what's going on, so it can skip scheduling threads that are sleeping or waiting for mutexes or queues
00:06:12 Join YeAhx [0] (~aarond@
00:06:23Zagorthen we might be able to save another ~15-20 mA
00:08:16YeAhxim having trouble figuring something out
00:08:56YeAhxis there a way to set the player to not repeat?
00:08:58freshmaker15-20 mA? that may be about an hour!
00:09:16ZagorYeAhx: no, not yet
00:09:21YeAhxcause I couldnt find an option in the settings
00:10:12YeAhxok I didnt think so, just checking
00:10:25YeAhxguess I should have it pluged in when I lay down with it then
00:10:25ZagorYeAhx: we hope to fix that soon
00:14:01YeAhxthats cool, its not a big deal
00:14:02YeAhxI thought this morning that my player was off because the folder finished playing and it shut off after being idle, but I guess it just not
00:17:31Zagorfreshmaker: the scrollbar is not visible in sound settings, but it should. can you see why?
00:17:58freshmakermoment, let me see...
00:18:05YeAhxooh a scrollbar
00:18:42YeAhxis that in the latest cvs build?
00:18:51 Quit edx ("later")
00:18:53ZagorYeAhx: only on recorder
00:21:16freshmakerhmm, i have a scrollbar in sound settings −− with both fonts atadore and clR6x8. but this build was pre split of lcd.c
00:22:26YeAhxI'll find out
00:23:29freshmakerhmm, i'll build from latest cvs and check. but i'll have to reboot. will never mess with BSD's usb stack again. promise. :-)
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00:23:47*freshmaker is rebooting his machine. again.
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00:33:47freshmakerZagor: Hmm, I can't reproduce the problem
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00:34:50freshmakerwhich font did you use when it happened?
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00:37:05ZagorGuy #1: I hear if you play the NT 4.0 CD backwards, you get a Satanic message.
00:37:13ZagorGuy #2: That's nothing. If you play it forward, it installs NT 4.0.
00:37:55 Part langhaarrocker
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00:38:05Zagorit's a joke. laugh. :-)
00:38:15freshmakerhmm, this is a fresh cvs build. no local patches applied. i'm starting it with rolo. tried both versions with and w/o games+demos. no problem.
00:38:36freshmakeryahaha, just finishing that long line
00:40:04Zagorodd. i'll look at it again tomorrow. i'll check in the scroll code with just step size setting, tweak on it more if you feel like it. i need some quality bed time! :)
00:40:31langhaarrockerIs there a chance for the peak meter to get in V1.4?
00:41:14freshmakerZagor: Then good night. Or good what-ever-you-will-do ;-)
00:41:35Zagorlanghaarrocker: i don't think so. i'm still undecided about it.
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00:43:40freshmakermaybe a web page with patches that won't get committed due to policy?
00:46:10langhaarrockerIf they're useful patches why not change them so that they meet the need of code police. Otherwise we don't need them.
00:46:19Zagornot many patches are so clearly policy-breaching. it's just some who like to walk on the edge :-)
00:46:39Zagori'm going to bed. see you in the morning (for me).
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00:47:44freshmakeri can imagine features, that only targets a few people. too few to get into the mainstream version, but still useful for those who need them
00:49:32langhaarrockerYes, I can think of one: serial data transfer with digital cameras. But I think that things like that still should be in the main cvs tree but must be enabled specificially at compile time.
00:49:43langhaarrockerJust like it is with games / demos right now.
00:49:58 Quit YeAhx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:51:13freshmakerhmm, some things just mess up the code.
00:52:22langhaarrockerMaybe you're right. But I still believe that it is not necessary to have things messing up the code. They could be changed not to mess up the code.
00:52:39 Part YeAhx1
00:56:26freshmakerof course. but what if nobody wants to do the work? but i agree, what ever fits should be committed
01:01:23langhaarrockerWell someone wrote the code. If he wants to get it into rockbox he'll have to make sure he meets a few rules. I learned a lot just by obeying the rules here on rockbox.
01:06:23freshmakeryeah, but also one may write a patch because he needs this or that, but simply doesn't care about a commitment.
01:09:00 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
01:09:06langhaarrockerYes, that might happen. But I see difficulties with collecting patches like that. As rockbox grows things will change and then we'd have lots of patches bumping around somewhere that only work on some old versions of rockbox. I consider that confusing. If the feature is not trash it must be maintained. That is only possible with reasonable effort when the patch goes into cvs.
01:10:52langhaarrockergonna get me a nap.
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05:33:55heltrskeltr349question: how do I use the custom fnt fonts?
05:40:38 Quit heltrskeltr349 ()
06:32:46mecraw12I just wanted to commend you on your restraint.
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06:37:08dw|goneT-shirt contest −−> Winner: The winner will be announce really soon.
06:37:22dw|goneWasn't it supposed to be annouced last thursday? ;)
06:37:48mecraw12details details
06:38:04mecraw12wasn't 1.4 supposed to have FAT write :)
06:38:19dw|gonedetails details ;)
06:38:34adi|homehehehe restraint on the FAQ email :)
06:38:58mecraw12adi|home: exactly
06:39:13*adi|home thinks he needed a bit more bite.. but thats okay :)
06:40:57dw|gonemecraw12: as opposite to the FAT writing code, the winner has already been chosen :)
06:41:28mecraw12Why are Swedes so secretive? :)
06:43:41dw|gonebecause we still are the ABBA champions?
06:45:00mecraw12I'd keep that secret too :D
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07:23:38 Part LinusN
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07:24:11mecraw12morning, LinusN
07:24:19Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
07:25:03LinusNmecraw12: split personalities?
07:26:50mecraw12home and laptop
07:28:33mecraw12i can't do irc from work, i get rockbox deprived during the day :(
07:28:44LinusNpoor you
07:28:56LinusNor just no time?
07:29:53mecraw12i need to setup a bouncer at home once i figure out how to access my machine from the outside
07:30:33LinusNdo you have HTTP access?
07:30:47LinusNor rather HTTPS
07:31:11LinusNso the problem is reaching your home machine from outside?
07:31:38LinusNyou can set up an HTTPS tunnel through the firewall
07:33:20mecraw12i have dsl through msn right now and the modem they gave me has its own firewall
07:33:55mecraw12i found a document on the web written by our very own merwin on how to configure, but his directions aren't working for me :(
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07:56:10mecrawLinusN: why do we want to remove the button_set_repeat/release() mask functions and add them as a parameter to button_get()?
07:57:09LinusNbecause Bjorn doesn't like it
07:57:41LinusNthe problem is that all functions has to set and reset the masks all the time
07:57:48mecrawbut he just spent a lot of effort pulling the font argument out of the lcd string functions
07:57:56LinusNa kind of a "hidden" state in the button driver
07:58:00mecrawit seems inconsistent
07:58:05LinusNi think so too
07:58:29LinusNwe have had many long talks about that
07:59:43mecrawok, i was just curious
07:59:51mecrawtime for sleep, good night
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08:14:00Mightywhat is it the 'simulator' in the rockbox cvs simualte?
08:15:24LinusNthe user interface and most parts of the firmware API's
08:15:40LinusNfor application development without the hardware
08:16:07Mightyahh, nice
08:16:25Mightythat must ease up development quite a bit
08:16:49LinusNit sure does, and it was very helpful before we had all the drivers working
08:17:21LinusNwe could create the GUI parts before we could run them on the hardware
08:17:45Mightyone has to compile the rom for x86 target to run it in the simulator ?
08:18:28LinusNsort of, you just compile the firmware/application code in the simulator "mode"
08:18:52LinusNwith your x86 compiler, Visual C for Windows and gcc on Linux
08:19:34LinusNyou get an executable that opens a window with the rockbox display
08:19:40LinusNand off you go
08:20:02LinusNno accurate MP3 playback, but the UI parts are almost identical
08:20:04 Join rwood [0] (
08:20:08LinusNi rwood
08:20:43rwoodhalf a world away - amazing concept
08:20:48*LinusN gets some coffee
08:20:49 Join Zagor [0] (
08:21:05Mightyi've been thinking from time to time about trying to contribute to the project but I've not been able to figure out something funny to add ...
08:22:01Mightybut this simulator appears to be a great thing,, I really have to set up an sh1 compiler this morning.. and start testing things :-)
08:22:26rwoodZagor: i have been doing some testing, the blank screen isn't just a function of read errors - it appears that if the mp3 bufffer goes empty, the blank screen occurs
08:23:06Zagorrwood: yes, if the id3 data is empty. but when does that happen?
08:24:04LinusNMighty: you dont need an SH1 compiler if you only are simulating
08:24:58rwoodZagor: in some high vibration situation when the read gets held off long enough for the buffer to empty?
08:25:33Zagorrwood: yeah, maybe.
08:25:45LinusNlike in a motocycle tank bag... :-)
08:25:55Zagorrwood: did you have a patch for read retry?
08:26:43LinusNZagor: jheiner added the backlight_time(4) in tree.c, something about backlight not timing out in USB mode
08:26:54rwoodZagor: i was in the process of testing - i shock the hell out of my player trying to get a "real" disk error
08:27:34rwoodZagor: it would delay - then read - the drive must be doing some retries its self - that's what led me to look at the buffer going empty
08:28:55rwoodZagor: i patch debug to set a flag if the flag is set i delay 2 min in read_sectors. when the buffer goes empty, the display stops, when the read completes, the display goes blank
08:29:07LinusNthe mpeg thread stops the DMA when the buffer goes empty
08:29:09 Join Bagder [0] (
08:29:13LinusNyo Bagder
08:29:42LinusNmaybe it should just leave the DMA on
08:30:05LinusNit must still be "kick-started" again when data arrives
08:30:20rwoodit seems that the firmware should be able to recover from that situation
08:31:07ZagorLinusN: after a completed buffer-fill, restart dma if stopped?
08:32:45Zagorgotta go
08:32:48 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
08:35:15LinusNrwood: the mpeg code also signals a track change when the buffer goes empty
08:35:30LinusNthat probably explains the empty screen
08:35:46LinusNtricky stuff...
08:36:01rwoodand why it takes a key stroke to get it started again
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08:36:17LinusNtoday there is no good way of telling when the last song has stopped playing
08:36:52LinusNwe could insert a dummy ID3 tag info in the mpeg id3 queue...
08:37:41LinusNjust to have a track_offset
08:39:42rwoodsignaling the track change on buffer empty doesn't seem quite right - are error codes from read_sectors being checked or is it assumed the buffer empty is the result of an unrecoverable error?
08:39:45Mightyhow did you figure out how to descramble the rom ? that must have been a lot of work?
08:40:19LinusNMighty: yes, quite some cryptanalysis work
08:40:38LinusNrwood: it is the DMA interrupt that signals the track change
08:40:43rwoodand the key to the whole project
08:41:20LinusNthe buffer running empty is assumed to be the result of having played all data, i.e the last song
08:41:34MightyI was amazed, didn't think someone would figure out how to do it..
08:42:00LinusNMighty: much of the cleartext is known, since it is bound by the architecture
08:42:28LinusNthe interrupt vectors, the address range, the opcodes
08:43:16LinusNthe DMA IRQ does not know about read errors in the mpeg thread
08:43:29Mightyquite sad archos spend that much time on making their products more closed... they could have used that time fixing bugs..
08:44:21rwoodLinusN: is there a way to for mpeg to check if there is a read pending/executing?
08:44:38BagderMighty: indeed, they don't gain much by being so secretive
08:45:19rwoodLinusN: or are DMA and mpeg somewhat independent?
08:45:46LinusNrwood: actually, there is a "filling" flag to check...
08:46:18rwoodLinusN: don't signal if filling? - then how to kickstart?
08:47:49bobTHCgood morning!
08:48:04LinusNMighty: it is very common to scramble ROM contents in the consumer product world
08:48:10LinusNbobTHC: hi!
08:48:17Bagdermorning bobTHC
08:48:39LinusNrwood: the DMA IRQ has to set a flag telling that dma is off
08:48:51LinusNi think there already is one, iirc
08:49:23LinusNso all that needs to be done is to call start_dma() after the swapping is done
08:50:24rwoodLinusN: i think that it takes this fix plus read retry to really cure the problem that people have reported
08:50:41LinusNmaybe with the help of the play_pending flag
08:52:37rwoodLinusN: i'm in over my head looking at your application code - i'll try to help by continuing to nibble around the edges of the system stuff
08:53:38LinusNyou mean you don't want to write application code?
08:54:24rwoodLinusN: i write emulators and diagnostics - old fashion bit slice stuff mostly
08:54:54LinusNme too
08:55:14LinusNor rather, i write mostly low-level stuff
08:55:15rwoodLinusN: i am a rude novice at C - i'm much more at home in assembly
08:56:04LinusNnot that much assembly programming nowadays, but a whole lot of assembly code reading
08:57:46Bagderwe should rewrite rockbox into assembler to keep the magic level up ;-)
08:58:24rwoodLinusN: i've looked at the code in the archos disk driver, they have a much tighter loop for reading - i wish the code police would allow some assembly where it would have a real impact on performance
08:58:27BagderI mean, we do rubbish, don't we? <g>
08:59:53rwoodLinusN:i'm approaching retirement, so i don't have to learn too many new tricks
08:59:57LinusNrwood, feel free to optimize and benchmark
09:01:13LinusNthe code police allows assembly code if it pays off
09:02:05rwoodLinusN: speeding up disk transfers would reduce the time that the drive has to spin - how much is the question - i'll take a look at it
09:04:00rwoodLinusN: is there any documentation on the format for in-line assembly, i haven't been able to find it
09:05:56LinusNrwood: the documentation on inline assembly is really sparse
09:06:19LinusNyou can find it in google
09:07:04LinusNrwood: the question is how much faster the disk transfer will be
09:07:19Bagderit basicly says, check the linux kernel for good examples ;-)
09:07:35LinusNand the GCC internals, for the constraints
09:08:11 Join quelsaruk [0] (
09:08:46quelsarukBagder: is there any possibility to disable remote control on the recorder?
09:08:46Bagdermorning quelsaruk
09:08:58Bagderwhy do you wanna disable it?
09:09:07quelsaruki must have some kind of problem on line out
09:09:51quelsarukand when i move my recorder and touch it, the recorder power off or stops playing...
09:09:52rwoodLinusN: the loop gets executed once for every two bytes - taking 2-4 instructions out of the loop might be significant
09:10:45quelsarukso if i don't have a remote control i might want to disable it
09:11:05bobTHClong time ago who talk about a homemade IR Remote control, someone work on it ?
09:13:26LinusNrwood: depending on how many instructions there were in the first place :-)
09:14:55rwoodLinusN; i looked at archos and rockbox, if i remember correctly, archos has 20-25% fewer instructions in the loop
09:15:19rwoodLinusN: i don't remember the numbers - just the impression at the time
09:15:40Bagderquelsaruk: no, we don't have any current means to disable it
09:15:55bobTHCsome reciever already exist and can be adapt to the rockbox... plug on "ear" like
09:16:57quelsarukwell i mnust go
09:17:00quelsaruksee you later
09:17:34rwoodnight all - looks like 1.4 will be a real KICKASS release
09:17:41Bagdernight rwood
09:17:46 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
09:17:48 Quit rwood ()
09:24:36bobTHCit's too early to talk about remote...
09:34:42 Join Zagor [242] (
09:47:17Schnueffmoin Zagor
09:55:27Zagorhi ho
09:56:15 Join TotMacher [0] (
09:58:07 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
09:58:41langhaarrockerZagor: You didn't sleep really long did you?
09:59:15Zagorhehe, well i got a good 7 hours
09:59:47langhaarrockerWe wouldn't allow you more anyways... :9
10:00:13Bagdernah, we don't want him to go soft ;)
10:01:12langhaarrockerBagder: Now that it's autumn - would you allow him a t-shirt?
10:01:29 Join pyvasene [0] (
10:02:04Bagdersoon, when we get subzero degrees he might get one B)
10:02:28*Zagor shivers silently
10:02:49langhaarrockerfeature freeze?
10:07:49SchnueffZagor: about the stkov from yesterday, it happens with the default WPS but not with another custom WPS i tried
10:08:04 Join mbr [0] (
10:08:09mbrHi there!
10:08:09Schnueffwb mbr
10:08:16Zagorok. we should bully Linus into repeating it with his gdb recorder
10:10:06*LinusN hides
10:10:50LinusNthe stkov message is probably not a "real" stack overflow, but a static buffer overflow
10:10:59LinusNthe scroll stack is overwritten
10:11:07 Quit TotMacher ()
10:11:15 Join TotMacher [0] (
10:11:18LinusNlook in the map file to see what buffers are before the scroll stack in memory
10:11:26LinusNprobably the font buffer
10:11:27Schnueffwhere to find?
10:11:32Schnueffdebug menu?
10:12:45Schnueffwhats the name of it?
10:12:55Schnueffthe stack
10:13:35LinusNscroll_stack, i guess
10:14:16LinusNdamn, it's static
10:14:40LinusNdeclare it global and recompile
10:14:53Schnueffwill it be in the same position then?
10:17:12Schnuefftwo occurences of scroll_stack in thn
10:17:44Mightyyeah! I've built my own sh1 compiler ;-)
10:19:15langhaarrockerWill there be a feature freeze for V1.4 before the weekend?
10:21:14Zagoryay, turkish!
10:21:21 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
10:23:57langhaarrockerIf I post the perfect peak meter code before dawn - might it be considered for 1.4?
10:25:19LinusNlanghaarrocker: only if you pay us a truckload of money :-)
10:25:22Mightyit's quite sad they didn't use the large lcd display on the old archos players...
10:25:34LinusNlanghaarrocker: i need it to handle ADC peaks too
10:25:46langhaarrockerwhat for?
10:25:50Mightyone feels quite limited when one just have that elder small display.. and it feels dumb to pay that much money just to get the new one/recorder
10:26:14LinusNMighty: you don't get just a larger display
10:26:36LinusNyou get much better sound quality, and recording
10:26:43LinusNand USB2.0
10:26:56Mightyhmm, that's nice
10:27:06LinusNi have both
10:27:06Mightybut it's a lot of money :-)
10:27:21Mightywhat's the soundquality improvements ?
10:28:05Mightyit drives with more power ? that's one of the things I've seen may complain about in ajb testreports
10:28:35LinusNbetter phone amp, better codec with more eq options
10:28:36Mightythe bass doesn't come to its rights even when using larger headphones
10:29:10Mightygosh, let's stop talking about this.. so I don't buy one...
10:29:15Mightyit'd ruin my economy
10:29:58langhaarrockerAs far as I'm concerned: I wouldn't get an extra recorder unless I need to record.
10:30:41Mightylanghaarrocker but if one uses the jb a -lot- that extra soundquality might be quite appreciated
10:31:35Mightyif you write an GameboyROM emu for the recorder,, I'll buy one tomorrow ;-)
10:31:44LinusNlanghaarrocker: you _have_ a recorder, don't you?
10:31:48Schnueffgameboy has more pixels
10:34:54langhaarrockerLinusN: yes - of course I have a recorder! I need recording.
10:36:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:38:31LinusNso then you don't know what it is like to have a Player
10:39:25 Part bobTHC
10:40:59langhaarrockerLinusN: I had one for two days because my dealer sent me the wrong unit.
10:42:03LinusNlanghaarrocker: does you unit shut down or reboot on auto-poweroff?
10:43:02langhaarrockerI think it reboots but let me have another try.
10:44:18langhaarrockerIt does reboot.
10:44:29Schnueffhm, mbr could just repeat the stkov with the current cvs
10:45:14LinusNlanghaarrocker: that sucks
10:45:41langhaarrockerBut that might be also because I don't have the original hd any more. I upgraded it with a IBM 20GB drive. Since then I don't have to press and hold the on button to start the machine. A simple tip on on is sufficiant.
10:46:17LinusNlanghaarrocker: the HD change did that?
10:46:29langhaarrockerI believe so.
10:47:03LinusNmy ON button is like that too, but my unit still powers off
10:47:16LinusNi can't see how the HD can affect that
10:48:19MightyI remember there were a problem with the ajb hd sometimes got locked up some time ago, could that happen today with the later sources and/or anything else that might danger the ajb so one might have to go through pains resetting the hardware ?
10:50:08LinusNit can happen anytime, even with the archos firmware, but it is very very very rare
10:50:22Mightyok, feels safe to know :-)
10:50:43langhaarrockerLinusN: I thought maybe the IBM drive spins up faster.
10:50:55LinusNwe managed to trig it when experimenting with early RB code that didn't set up the HD
10:53:32langhaarrockerLinusN: do you still have the original hd?
11:02:06langhaarrockerSo when did your recorder start to behave like that - starting with just tipping the on button?
11:03:13LinusNcan't remember, i think it's always been like that
11:05:11langhaarrockerBagder: Was the t-shirt contest won by a nice design?
11:48:01 Quit Mighty ("BitchX: for distribution only with a new PC")
11:53:24LinusNlanghaarrocker: can you try a poweroff test for me?=
11:53:43langhaarrockeryes. For you I'd do almost anything.
11:53:53langhaarrockerwell almost.
11:54:32langhaarrockerWhat do you want me to try?
11:54:59LinusNgreat. before the call to power_off() in powermngt.c, insert a call to backlight_on()
11:57:00LinusNthat may load the VCC a little more, to prevent the unit from starting up again
11:59:24*langhaarrocker is waiting for power off
12:01:55*langhaarrocker s darned recorder reboots
12:02:35LinusNdid you see the backlight?
12:03:13langhaarrockerI usually have it on all the time. Now I switched it off. Let's see what happens.
12:03:36LinusNso the backlight was on when it rebooted?
12:04:56langhaarrockerAs expected: another reboot that turned on the light. After boot finished -> light off.
12:35:27 Join bobTHC [0] (
12:36:13***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:36:30 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:56:54 Part bobTHC
12:57:55 Quit pyvasene (Remote closed the connection)
13:23:32 Join bobTHC [0] (
13:25:29 Join TotMacher [0] (
13:31:37langhaarrockerholy cow!
13:32:11Bagderthe cow must be Zagor, I presume ;-)
13:32:34Schnueffholy pig!
13:32:37langhaarrockerWho are the wearers?
13:32:48Bagderleft to right: Zagor, Linus and me
13:33:00Schnueffthe stkov comes with many fonts
13:33:30Schnueffand its no related to scrolling, since default wps without %s crashes too
13:33:43Schnueffbut default wps without %s and without last line doesnt crash
13:33:54 Nick Zagor|away is now known as Zagor (
13:34:25*Bagder grins
13:34:31BagderLinus made the shirts ;-)
13:34:53Bagderdyslexic Linux I should add
13:35:00*Bagder can't type either
13:35:01langhaarrockerHe kept telling tey were your responsiblity.
13:35:29Bagderbtw, this is not the official nor winning tshirt design
13:36:10Bagderhere's the full collection of odd pics:
13:37:24bobTHCrockboxers@ the pub ... ;)
13:38:47langhaarrockerThey're not _all_ rockboxers, are they?
13:39:08Bagderonly six units were present
13:39:21Schnueffhehe u call urself units :)
13:39:48langhaarrockerLet me guess non of the 6 units was used as music device? :)
13:43:22langhaarrockerOn my head is more hair than on Zagors, Linus and Bagders together.
13:43:32Schnueffthats easy
13:43:52ZagorLinusN: keinehaarrocker
13:45:02Schnueffaha, wir muessen aufpassen, was wir sagen:)
13:55:21 Join pyvasene [0] (
13:59:07 Join Mighty [0] (
14:00:27MightyI get a quite odd looking effect on the uidisplay
14:00:41Mightynot sure whether something has gone wrong of if I'm missing a fontfile
14:01:00ZagorMighty: the player sim is like that right now
14:01:15Zagorthe new font code made it, um, confused :-)
14:01:20Bagderit needs attention
14:01:30Bagderits a cry for help! ;-)
14:01:36Bagderpoor thing
14:01:48*Zagor pats playsim on the head. There there...
14:02:12langhaarrockerZagor: is playsim hairy?
14:02:18Mightyhmm, odd :-)
14:02:25Zagorlanghaarrocker: quite :)
14:03:11langhaarrockerZagor: If I post perfect peak meter code before dawn - would it be considered for V1.4?
14:03:21Zagorlanghaarrocker: yup
14:03:36Zagori'm afraid to ask what "perfect" means :-)
14:03:52langhaarrockerEg no threads doing busy read.
14:04:37LinusNhow will you solve it then?
14:05:22langhaarrockerNot at all. I decided we don't need to have an accurate peak meter while playing. It just should look nice and smooth and that's about it.
14:05:52langhaarrockerWhen we get recording it might become a completely other animal.
14:07:00LinusNlanghaarrocker: and that is soon, i'm afraid
14:07:38MightyZagor, any clue on how soon the simulator interface will be looking ok again :-)
14:07:49Bagderwell, then it would be for recording only anyway
14:08:02BagderMighty: as soon as someone fixes it!
14:08:20langhaarrockerrecording? Really?
14:08:20*langhaarrocker is jumping up and down in joy</BODY></HTML>
14:08:26*Zagor cleaned up the web site left-menu
14:08:44LinusNlanghaarrocker: i recorded my first MP3 frames yesterday
14:09:57langhaarrockerbye bye Archos firmware.
14:13:12bobTHCand welcome kickass rockbox recorder !!!!!!
14:13:40langhaarrockerI neither associate rockbox with ass nor with kicking.
14:14:09MightyZagor don't forget to add info before 1.4rel on how to name/place the different roms so they're found by ROLO
14:14:48LinusNi think i have found a world-record ID3V2 tag!!!
14:14:59LinusNguess how big it is?
14:15:33langhaarrocker> 50k?
14:15:52LinusNyou're not even close
14:15:57langhaarrockeris an mp3 within the id3 tag?
14:16:22LinusNnot really
14:16:33*Zagor faints
14:16:39LinusNa huge BMP
14:16:54LinusNthat's the example the "i can't play VBR files" gave me
14:16:56Bagderall mp3s should have tags like that
14:17:25langhaarrockerMore V than BR I say.
14:17:30 Quit TotMacher ()
14:17:54langhaarrockerdidn't he claim that V1.3 played it?
14:18:25Bagderyeah, 780K bmp fed to the MAS ;-)
14:18:46Bagdercan it both sound and look good at the same time? :-P
14:19:17langhaarrockerIf we encounter bmps in the tag we should display it on the lcd.
14:19:29Bagdersure, send in the code ;-)
14:20:04Bagderthe hard part is to resize it
14:20:06bobTHCwho make a id3v2 tag with bmp ?
14:20:10langhaarrockerWe need a new bitmap tag for the wps
14:20:10Bagderand deal with all the colors ;-)
14:20:46langhaarrockerConcerning colors: wasn't there someone who exchanged the leds? ...
14:21:10bobTHCbacklight ?
14:21:43langhaarrockeryes. When we get them flicker - could we than make the lcd full rgb? :)
14:22:48Schnueffmaybe if one switches the pixels on/off fast enough one can get greyscale :)
14:22:59Mightyone can transform the ajb recorder into having colordisplay you know
14:23:41langhaarrockerThen we only need to reprogram the MAS and we have the MMJB.
14:23:47Bagder"to view this bmp, please just replace your LCD with a better one and then press ON"
14:23:53Mightyuse red/green and blue pens and just make extremly tiny r/g/b dots on the display very carefully above each pixel :-)
14:25:04SchnueffLinusN: tell me again, what should i look in for?
14:25:25LinusNwhat data is positioned before the scroll stack in memory?
14:25:38Schnueffthere are two entries for scroll_stack
14:25:51Schnueffi'm not experienced in reading .maps :|
14:25:58LinusNi can see that :-)
14:26:10LinusNcan you explain how i can reproduce it?
14:26:15Schnueffthe bug
14:26:23Schnueffyes, actually, it happens with a lot of fonts
14:26:46Schnueffturn on your record, switch to, e.g. 6x10.fnt, then play smth
14:26:56Schnueffthen you should get Stkov scroll
14:27:10LinusNyou have to play?
14:27:18Schnueffyes it happens with the WPS
14:27:24Schnueffshould be default WPS, btw
14:27:26LinusNdefault wps?
14:29:18Schnuefftaking out the %s tag in the default WPS crashes too, so, it's probably not connected with scrolling
14:32:02Schnueffgot it crashed?
14:33:12LinusNimpatient? :-)
14:33:23Schnueffsorry, just curious :)
14:33:45*Schnueff takes a nap :)
14:36:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:36:30Zagorcan someone take a bunch of new screenshots? things have changed a lot since 1.2 (which our current screenshots depict)
14:36:35 Join quelsaruk [0] (
14:37:43langhaarrockerHi quetsalcoatl.
14:37:49quelsarukZagor: will lang files have an icon? (or do they have it already?)
14:38:08quelsaruklanghaarrocker: your nickname is even stranger than mine :)
14:38:23Zagorquelsaruk: they have already. a little flag.
14:39:00LinusNSchnueff: ok, i can reproduce it, firing up gdb...
14:40:20 Join TotMacher [0] (
14:40:24*Schnueff wakes up.
14:40:56 Join Baa6599 [0] (
14:41:35Baa6599hi there, I am having a problem with the firmware from rockbox on my 20gig recorder
14:41:51Baa6599is there maybe anyone who can help me out?
14:41:59Bagderwhat's the prob?
14:42:13*langhaarrocker takes cover
14:42:26*LinusN puts his helmet on
14:42:33*Bagder buckles up
14:43:13Baa6599I updated the firmware with yours (very nice features btw) then all the characters from the directories and filenames got scrambled with stuf like ????
14:43:17Baa6599then one of your members suggested me to format the hd, did that (with XP)
14:43:34LinusNXP...uh uh...
14:43:50Baa6599that didn't solve the problem either.., I have put some files and dirs back and now I get an empty dir.
14:44:32quelsarukBaa6599: just one question did you made secure un-plug before disconecting your jukebox?
14:44:37Baa6599so.... I would really love to use your software as the one from archos not complete enough
14:44:37LinusNyou did remove the archos safely, right?
14:44:52Baa6599hmm....that honestly I don't know ;-)
14:45:02LinusNthe empty dir sure looks like you didn't
14:45:04quelsaruki had a problem like that once
14:45:30Baa6599okidoki..gonna test some now then ;-)
14:45:52quelsarukrun scandisk
14:45:57quelsarukor.. if you have norton
14:46:03quelsarukrun norton disk doctor instead
14:46:20quelsarukit's better than windows scandisk
14:46:26Baa6599don't have norton
14:46:31Baa6599should I run scandisk first?
14:46:46Baa6599okidoki, will do
14:47:02quelsaruki had to run norton disk doctor to correct TOC
14:47:36quelsaruknad a lot of errors made by un-pluging the jukebox not correctly.
14:48:01Baa6599btw, are the latest builds any good? I saw some nice features there
14:48:16quelsaruklunch time, cu later!
14:48:20 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
14:48:51BagderBaa6599: they're good
14:51:24Baa6599damn...scandisk takes long
14:51:36langhaarrockerAlthough the snake games tend to vanishing
14:51:45Baa6599btw, if I format a hd, normally the errors are gone aren't they?
14:52:21Bagderonly duplicate snakes go away ;-)
14:52:23langhaarrockerIf there are any errors left you have a serious problem with the hd
14:53:11Baa6599;-) I hope not, this is my second recorder now, the first one suddenly decided to crash
14:55:33langhaarrockerDid Archos exchange it without complaining?
14:56:05Baa6599yep, got a hd failure which I couldn't fix myself, all the data lost..aargghhh
14:56:24langhaarrockerDo you record a log?
14:56:29langhaarrockera lot?
14:57:24Baa6599couple of gig
14:59:00Baa6599btw, does anybody have any experience with the new multimedia player?
14:59:23langhaarrockerI had a lot of trouble with scandisc detecting errors on my hd. Now I move each file I recorded with the archos to the computer and back to the jukebox again. This way I don't get any complaints by scandisc any more.
15:00:24langhaarrockerBaa6599: Someone claimed that it seems to have a different firmware scramling.
15:00:43Bagderits a totally different beast
15:02:49langhaarrockerI still am waiting for languages like thai, chineese or something arabic...
15:03:08Bagderyeah, with 1.5MB font graphics ;-)
15:03:24Zagoreach glyph is loaded from disk
15:03:31Bagderthai isn't that weird actually
15:03:41Bagderits just an alphabet
15:04:07langhaarrockerDoes Archos sell in Thailand?
15:04:48Baa6599why doesn't archos take over some of your firmware? it seems a lot better then theirs?
15:05:01langhaarrockerBagder: do you speak thai?
15:06:33langhaarrockerBaa6599: I wouldn't be surprised if they did implicitly. Maybe they don't update their firmware any more because there's rockbox to solve all problems in the long run.
15:07:38Baa6599hehe...for sure ;-) their firmware sucks, I hate to fastforward anytime I boot the player..
15:07:57 Quit TotMacher ()
15:08:42bobTHCi think they dont update stock firmware because they sell new all little vendor without amount of money...
15:09:26BagderI think they don't update because they see no need to
15:09:42BagderI don't think rockbox does any difference
15:09:51bobTHC:) it's a question of point of view...
15:10:07Bagdertheir version is "good enough"
15:10:15bobTHCi'm agree ... errors with scandisk, I will try to update the firmware and then "undock"
15:10:47langhaarrockerbut with 'remove safely'!
15:11:03bobTHCI have problem with remove safely......on win2k
15:11:17bobTHCit doesn't work...
15:11:40langhaarrockerI have to log out and on to make the thing work
15:11:56bobTHCme too...
15:12:54Baa6599I can't remove it either..aarghh...
15:13:04Baa6599log out? should I click on OFF on the player?
15:13:20bobTHCshuntting down the comp...
15:13:29Baa6599oh..hehe..okidoki, try that that
15:13:32langhaarrockerclose any applications that might view any files on the jukebox.
15:13:35langhaarrockerThat helps
15:13:42langhaarrockerIncluding Explorers
15:14:02Baa6599that epled yes ;-)
15:14:45Baa6599ok....another problem, I just uploaded the latest build, but now the player hangs on the Rockbox start up screen ;-)
15:15:16 Join matsl [0] (
15:15:25Bagderhej matsl
15:15:53langhaarrockerYou can always shut off the recorder and reboot it with the usb cable connected.
15:16:04matslI'm getting `LANG_LANGUAGE_LOADED' undeclared but daily builds work fine. Whats wrong?
15:16:05langhaarrockerThen you can exchange the firmware with whatever you like.
15:16:37Bagdermatsl: you haven't updated the languages?
15:16:51matslRight! thanx
15:17:48Baa6599aarrghh...still the same problem with the characters...I'll try the 1.3 version
15:18:03matslBagder: I'm not sure. lang is in apps and I update this allways.
15:18:15langhaarrockerI hope you haven't mixed up player / recorder firware?
15:18:33Baa6599nope...I have the recorder and used that firmware
15:18:33 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:18:34ZagorBaa6599: could be wrong player version?
15:18:37Bagdermatsl: could be a tools update?
15:18:39Zagorah, ok
15:19:06Baa6599I have an empty directory
15:19:11matslBagder: I update these too always.
15:19:12BagderBaa6599: so first it hung and then it displayed bad characters?
15:19:34langhaarrockeran empty directory is normal after formatting the had...
15:20:20matslBagder: I even rerun configure manually
15:20:58Baa6599before formating I had bad characters, then formated....empty hd (after I installed some files) scandisk done...still empty (just a small arrow)
15:21:01Bagdermatsl: so check why the id doesn't end up in the lang.h file, it should be in the english.lang
15:21:21Baa6599right now I have the 1.3 version instaled
15:21:27Bagdermatsl: check that you don't have any bad lang.[ch] files in the apps dir
15:21:29langhaarrockerBaa6599: those files are mp3?
15:21:44Baa6599and one directory with files to test that too
15:21:45matslBagder: OK. I just wanted to avoid something obvious.
15:22:02 Part bobTHC
15:22:57LinusNcan someone explain the new recorder scroll code to me?
15:24:00Baa6599I understand ;-)
15:24:43Bagdermatsl: if there's a lang.h file in apps, that's what happens
15:24:52Bagderand it used to be one
15:26:13Baa6599wanna hear something funny ;-) If I change some settings in the general settings, I get the scrambled files names back (which aren't playable btw)
15:26:24matslBagder: No lang.h i apps.
15:27:00BagderBaa6599: have you made a partition on your harddisk?
15:27:55Baa6599nope, just formatted the hd with xp, should I use a different OS to format it?
15:28:18langhaarrockerShouldn't matter as long as you make it use Fat32
15:28:20BagderI dunno, it just sounds as if the saved settings interfer with your filesystem
15:28:58ZagorBaa6599: you should make *very* sure to partition the disk before formatting
15:29:00Baa6599aarrghh....For Sale: Archos Recorder, hardly used
15:29:01BagderLinusN: it sure has an odd-looking x*8 in there
15:29:56Baa6599everything works without problems when I use the archos that shouldn't be a problem or?
15:30:21Zagorthe 8 is a dummy width, since we use char positions for lcd_putsxy()
15:30:52Bagderso shouldn't it use the width of a letter instead, like A or H or M
15:30:53Zagorit's bad, but we can't make it correct with our current design
15:31:10Zagoryeah, maybe. it would still be wrong sometimes.
15:31:12LinusNi'm investigating the stkov
15:31:22Zagorwe should stop using X char coords for recorder
15:31:34Schnuefflinus: it happened with old scroll code too do I partition the hd?
15:34:47Baa6599don't I just select the hd and then select format?
15:36:57LinusNit's the wps that bugs
15:37:07LinusNit exceeds the frame buffer
15:37:19LinusNwhen it tries to draw the slidebar
15:37:33LinusNthe default wps config uses many lines
15:37:39LinusNload a larger font and boom!
15:37:56Bagdernice hunting Linus
15:38:12SchnueffLinusN: but not with all large fonts
15:38:14langhaarrockerI always wondered wether we should add some range checking to draw_line.
15:38:23LinusNSchnueff: maybe not
15:38:31Schnueffi have a quite large font (3 lines on display only) and it doesnt crash
15:38:57Schnueffbut it crashes with 10 pixels high, 9 pixel high, 12 pixel high, 13 pixel high fontds
15:39:23LinusNi think it's when it tries to draw a partial slidebar
15:39:52Schnueffso, no %pm, no crash
15:39:54Schnueffmaybe, yes
15:40:03LinusNit doesn't check if there is room for the slidebar
15:40:30Schnueffhas that changed the last days?
15:40:39Schnueffsince i havent got this problem with 9/21 build
15:41:34LinusNdid you have custom wps then?
15:41:44Schnueffno, the same wps
15:42:05 Join elinenbe [0] (~elin@
15:42:06Schnueffcan try it out again
15:42:22langhaarrockerwith the new fonts the scrollbar may have been put lower.
15:42:54Schnueffdefault.wps, 6x10.fnt, ~ 9/21 21:00 build, no crash
15:43:11BagderI bet that's just luck
15:43:23Schnueffu mean, sometimes it crashes sometimes not?
15:43:30LinusNactually, only one bit of the scroll stack was altered
15:43:53LinusNi don't know what is before the scroll stack in memory
15:47:12Schnueffwith the mentioned build, all fonts which i have on the archos work
15:47:22Schnueffone even got a partially drawn progressmeter (6x9)
15:47:40LinusNpure luck
15:47:58Schnueffif its luck why is it repeatable in the current build?
15:48:35Bagderbecause things have moved around to a less lucky situation
15:48:55Bagderanyway, let's patch this and try it out
15:49:00LinusNthe frame buffer is located before scroll_stack in memory
15:49:06LinusNhow to fix?
15:49:19Schnueffdouble frame buffer size temporarily :)
15:49:28langhaarrockerpatch draw_line with region checking
15:49:43Bagderslidebar should not be called if it doesn't fit
15:50:20LinusNan wps giy wants to fix it?
15:50:28BagderI can fix it
15:50:34LinusNthx, i have to go soon
15:51:47matslBagder: Seems like svenska.lang is missing some ids but they are added by the build process when building the mod but not the simulators. Whats is the story?
15:51:59*matsl phone rinning
15:52:23langhaarrockerBagder: I'll be working on wps due to peak meter anyway.
15:52:27Bagderuh, right, they might be doing wrong
15:54:09Bagderlanghaarrocker: then please go ahead
15:54:25mbrShould slidebar check it fits on screen?
15:54:39BagderI guess it should
15:54:48mbrthen i'll fix it ..
15:55:30Bagderanyone else want the ball?
15:55:33*Bagder smiles
15:56:10langhaarrockerThats double fixing the thing at two places: the slidebar and the wps.
15:56:20langhaarrocker-> no problem
15:56:25LinusNi think fixing the slidebar code may be better
15:56:25Schnueffdoppelt haelt besser :)
15:56:26*matsl back
15:56:27mbrnow again. where should it be fixed in wps or in widgets?
15:56:39matslBagder: how about the lang stuff?
15:56:39LinusNsafer, somehow
15:56:53Bagdermbr: I'd like it fixed in the slidebar
15:57:00Bagderthe wps fix is less important then
15:57:08Bagderif even necessary
15:57:12mbrBagder: OK, then i'll do it ...
15:57:17 Join bobTHC [0] (
15:57:18LinusNmbr: you won!
15:57:29Bagdermatsl: I don't think the uisimulator makefile does the same (correct) thing
15:57:37LinusNZagor: I want file writes!
15:57:49ZagorLinusN: blrrbblr
15:57:55langhaarrockerFor recording?
15:58:03MightyI must be quite dumb but no matter how much I look around I just can't figure out how to add my own sourcefile to the deps of sources in the apps dir
15:58:24langhaarrockernot necessary. Just put it there
15:58:30matslBagder: OK. So a little merge of makefiles might do it then.
15:58:37BagderI think so
15:58:37MightyI'm doing that, still it doesn't get compiled
15:58:55LinusNthe Makefile in uisimulator/ has to be modifieded as well
15:59:05BagderMighty: you build for target or sim?
15:59:10Mightyahh, thanks..
15:59:12Mightysim :-)
16:00:05LinusNgotta run! bye!
16:00:09matslBagder: whats the logic with adding ids that aint in the lang-file. shouldn't all ids be in all lang files?
16:00:27Baa6599damn...I still get the emtpy directory.
16:00:33Bagdermatsl: that won't happen, the english one will always tend to have a few more than the others
16:00:53Bagderthat's why I do 'uplang' first, then 'genlang'
16:00:57matslBagder: True but if build breaks then you'd notice.
16:01:14Bagderyes, and we don't want that
16:01:17matslthings noticed ghet fixed
16:01:24BagderI doubt it
16:01:31matslyour probably right ;-)
16:01:34 Part LinusN
16:02:48matslBagder: I have to eat and do some floorball and if it isn't fixed by then I'll give it a spin.
16:03:36Bagderme fix
16:04:08*matsl plays floorball while bagder works
16:04:29langhaarrockerWhat's floorball?
16:05:39matslshould give you some idea about it
16:05:42 Quit Baa6599 ("")
16:06:47langhaarrockerI thought that this is a sport that should be played by girls with short skirts
16:07:58matslyou learn something every day ...
16:08:25Zagormatsl likes to wear short skirts :)
16:08:27 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|cooking (
16:08:36langhaarrockerNow I think it's like polo without horses.
16:09:43langhaarrockerIs matsl from scotland?
16:10:32Zagorhe doesn't sound that way :)
16:10:52Bagderwell, he's fond of python so he must be from some other planet
16:11:03elinenbefield hockey (like floorball) is the national sport of India. Only men play it and it is quite violent and very competitive
16:11:45langhaarrockerWhen you retire you play golf?
16:11:46elinenbesimilar to the rockbox project (quite violent and very competitive)
16:12:05Bagderbut we do more rubbish of course
16:12:57elinenbeBagder: can you force a good read? like it keeps retrying until it reads properly?
16:13:29Schnueffno stkov anymore
16:13:50Zagorelinenbe: we don't want to try forever. it could be a real hard error.
16:14:08Zagorcurrently we retry for 5 seconds
16:15:39 Nick matsl|cooking is now known as matsl (
16:15:56Bagdermatsl: now update and smile ;-)
16:16:13elinenbeZagor: that is good. Just when I am skating it gets an error every hour or so.
16:16:28elinenbeZagor: this was on a build a week ago
16:16:54Zagorelinenbe: i just checked in a new retry fix. it could even work now :-)
16:17:05 Quit Bagder ("Client Exiting")
16:17:51Zagori'm off. see you!
16:17:53 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
16:18:22matsljust for the record: Python has nothing to do with wearing skirst unless you are a lumberjack. Which I'm not.
16:25:44 Join edx [0] (
16:27:46 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|away (
16:31:26 Join thokra [0] (
16:36:20***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:45:33 Join datazone-work [0] (
16:48:23 Join okidoki [0] (
16:54:08 Quit Mighty ("BitchX: not from concentrate")
17:07:48 Quit okidoki (" (EOF)")
17:10:47 Join okidoki [0] (
17:18:58 Quit okidoki (" (EOF)")
17:19:05 Part thokra ("Client Exiting")
17:21:37 Part langhaarrocker
17:33:53bobTHCsee ya l8ter!
17:33:56 Part bobTHC
17:36:52 Nick mbr is now known as mbr|gone (
17:52:21 Quit pyvasene (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:04:04 Quit datazone-work ("I like core dumps")
18:04:33 Join Jbell73w [0] (~Jbell73w@
18:05:17 Quit matsl|away ("Client Exiting")
18:05:42Jbell73wI just got the latest CVS Build, and noticed the new font was gone..??
18:15:42 Join Zagor [0] (
18:28:31 Nick dw|gone is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
18:28:31DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
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18:41:54 Join Django [0] (
18:48:35elinenbeZagor is in the house.
19:10:15 Join TotMacher [0] (
19:15:39Zagor"can I add a hebrew font to the list of rockbox fonts?"
19:16:20dwihno"can Zagor re-add the snake game?"
19:16:29dwihno"will the t-shirt winner ever be announced?"
19:17:04Zagorhehe. we're getting the final design cleaned-up, then it will be announced.
19:17:26dwihnoWell, it has only been a week
19:17:32dwihnoBut what the heck, who's counting ;)
19:20:09 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|out (
19:21:02 Quit TotMacher ()
19:21:26DjangoHi There! Just intstalled this irc client. Can anybody out there read this ?
19:22:50elinenbeDjango: yes
19:23:20DjangoAh! Thanks!
19:24:09DjangoI see there is currently a lot of work done for fonts.
19:24:38DjangoIs anybody working on a "queueing" or "dynamic" playlist?
19:27:12quel|outi think i've got repeat on/off
19:27:44quel|outone or two more tests and i'll submit it
19:28:28DjangoRepeat what?
19:29:16elinenbequel|out : nice.
19:29:37elinenbequel|out : does it work with repeate 1/all/off for files and playlists?
19:31:24DjangoWhat is the trick to create the /.rockbox dir? Windows Explorer won't do that.
19:32:13elinenbeDjango: hit the start menu
19:32:15elinenbethen run
19:32:18elinenbethen type cmd
19:32:30elinenbethen cd X:
19:32:37elinenbewhere X is the archos drive
19:32:44elinenbethen type mkdir .rockbox
19:33:10DjangoThanks! it worked ..
19:36:38 Join _Snorlax_ [0] (
19:51:14 Join LinusN [0] (
20:07:14elinenbeanyone have any sugesstions for running MP2100+ chips in the Tyan 2462?
20:27:00 Join freshmaker [0] (
20:28:21dwihnohello menthos :)
20:28:25dwihnomenthos is the freshmaker, right? :)
20:29:04freshmakerif you wanna get really fresh, there is nothing like the real freshmaker:
20:30:01freshmakertake a fisherman's friend (white packaging) and add one drip pure mint oil. wait 2-3 hours. take it.
20:33:19freshmakerpersons with asthma shouldn't try this. ;-)
20:33:42dwihnopersons who care about their throats shouldn't either ;)
20:33:53freshmakerwhat throat?
20:36:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:38:42 Quit _Snorlax_ ("gittar ny!")
20:38:57 Join TotMacher [0] (
20:41:56quel|outargghhh run out of batteries!! can't test repeat off until tomorrow :(
20:43:28 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:08:52 Part LinusN
21:13:57 Join LinusN [0] (
21:25:35LinusNelinenbe: USB poweroff/reboot bug fixed
21:26:04LinusNi just can't understand why some units reboot instead of power off
21:27:20 Join okidoki [0] (
21:28:33LinusNi disassembled the Archos poweroff function. It looks quite like ours
21:28:43okidokiHi, I was online this afternoon as well, I have a problem with my 20gig recorder
21:28:51LinusNexcept for a strange polling of the external power detection
21:28:58LinusNokidoki: shoot
21:29:21okidokiif I instal the rockbox firmware the directory/filenames are unreadable..
21:29:30okidokiAlready tried formating for the second time, doesn't help
21:29:40LinusNreally strange
21:29:58LinusNdo you have a localized windows?
21:30:21LinusNno error message, just garbled filenames?
21:30:25okidokia localized windows? what do you mean with that?
21:30:41okidokioh...yes...dutch version
21:31:05LinusNhmm, can't really see why that would make any difference...
21:31:18LinusNok, step by step, what did you do?
21:31:23LinusN1) format
21:31:32LinusNhow is the drive partitioned?
21:31:39okidokiyes...or an empty directory (just a small arrow) or 423???# filenames
21:32:11 Join Mighty [0] (
21:32:16okidoki1 format, 2, upload firmware, 3 upload test mp3's, 4 disconnect ,5, start player
21:32:18LinusNyo Mighty!
21:32:26LinusNhow is the drive partitioned?
21:32:29okidoki1 big partition
21:32:29MightyLinusN, morning :-)
21:32:52LinusNokidoki: 1 big primary partition, or no partition at all?
21:33:05LinusNwithout partition table
21:33:23okidokiyes..primary.... the recorder works fine with the archos firmware
21:33:46LinusNi guess WinXP formats it without partition table...
21:34:16okidokiyep....that is possible, there is no where I can set that
21:34:20LinusNdo you have a program that can read raw disk sectors?
21:34:51okidokinot really no
21:35:05LinusNwindows isn't very permitting in that area...
21:35:09okidokishould I format the hd with another OS?
21:35:22LinusNi want to solve this
21:35:41LinusNi'd rather want you to analyze the disk in Linux too ;-)
21:36:05okidokihm, I don't have access to a linux box, and I don't have much knowledge of linux.
21:36:19MightyI've been testing your api a little and played around with the functions,, very funny :-)
21:36:29LinusNwe've had all kinds of trouble with strange FAT32 partitions
21:36:40LinusNMighty: glad you like it
21:36:51Mightyvery nice you've documented the api too so one knows what mainfunctions there are
21:37:12LinusNMighty: that doc is very old and not up-to-date
21:37:15okidokihmmm.... is there anythig I can do with norton works? I have that software, not installed
21:37:22elinenbeLinusN: I had tried exactly what you added to the CVS and it did not fix the reboot issue on my recorder.
21:37:32elinenbeLinusN: I will try the latest CVS however.
21:37:32LinusNi would be glad if you helped us point out the obvious errors
21:37:35MightyI couldn't figure out how to make the .h included in make's dependency checks tho
21:37:50LinusNelinenbe: i didn't think that would help either
21:38:07elinenbeLinusN: I try anyway
21:38:09LinusNi just thought the poweroff function should do it anyway
21:38:20MightyLinusN, ahh, you could have used one of those inline-documentation systems that creates an API site automatically
21:38:35LinusNMighty: we are looking into Doxygen
21:38:37CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:38:37*freshmaker needs a large cup of café latte...
21:38:39 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020914]")
21:38:45MightyLinusN, very nice :-)
21:38:54okidokilinusn: I think it is rather strange the archos firmware works without problems
21:39:15MightyLinusN, but it's a tuff job for the guys who has to go through and doc-tag everything this far into a project,, timedemanding
21:39:17LinusNnot strange, methinks
21:39:20Mightybut it would really be great
21:39:37LinusNMighty: we add it when we feel like it
21:39:54elinenbewho wants to help me debug this beowulf?
21:40:14elinenbewhen I replaced the MP1200+ chips with MP2100 chips the thing desn't boot.
21:40:24elinenbewell, it boots 1 out of 30 times.
21:40:57LinusNhow many cpu's?
21:41:29LinusNhow old is the board?
21:41:33elinenbewell the beowulf is dual x 5 of them.
21:41:47elinenbeit is the tyan 2462
21:41:53elinenbeI flashed the latest bios.
21:41:59LinusNand how old is that model?
21:42:07elinenbeit is SUPPOSED to work with the new chips
21:42:09elinenbe1 year old
21:42:27LinusNsome older boards have inferior PLL chips
21:42:31elinenbewhat hell. this makes a 1 day job take forever.
21:42:46LinusNso they don't work with all multipliers
21:43:05elinenbethe 2462 specifically?
21:43:16LinusNi don't know anything about that board
21:43:17elinenbecd bu
21:43:28elinenbesorry −− wrong window
21:43:29LinusNi had a PLL problem on an ASUS bard
21:43:45elinenbewell, this is a huge pain. things take forever to get ordered in a company
21:45:38LinusNtry setting the multipliers manually to the 1200 setting
21:46:48LinusNokidoki: maybe WinHex can do the job?
21:48:36elinenbeLinusN: there is no setting multiplier −− it automatically does it
21:48:43elinenbeall I can set is the FSB to 200 or 266
21:48:48LinusNno manual option either?
21:48:49elinenbeLinusN: that fix worked!
21:49:11elinenbeLinusN: that fix worked! my jukebos shut off −− woohoo!
21:49:48LinusNwhat did you do different when you did the same thing?
21:50:04elinenbei had the lines inside the #ifdef recorder
21:50:09elinenbebut it should not have mattered.
21:50:18elinenbewho knows.
21:50:26elinenbemaybe I compiled the wrong thing.
21:50:49elinenbewho knows.
21:51:03elinenbeLinusN: now you can get back to work on recording :)
21:51:23LinusNit's so boring not being able to save the recorded data...
21:51:34elinenbewell, then I can think of something less boring
21:51:53elinenbequeing songs :)
21:51:58elinenbeare you looking for ideas?
21:52:02LinusNthat's a nightmare
21:52:28LinusNthe queue function is really tricky
21:52:58elinenbebut it will be SO worth it.
21:53:25elinenbehere is an easy one −− an option to fade in/fade out volumes on play and stop.
21:53:30elinenbemaybe pause too.
21:53:46elinenbeit is a nice feature :)
21:53:58elinenbewinamp 2.x for windows has it and it is really nice.
21:54:02LinusNi can see the coolness of a fading sleep feature
21:54:03 Quit okidoki (" (EOF)")
21:54:11elinenbeit is a quick fade. maybe like 1 sec
21:54:32LinusNi'd rather work on mp3gain support
21:54:53PsycoXulyes i'd love a fade to stop/pause
21:55:10PsycoXuli hate abrupt stops in the middle of a song
21:55:11 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
21:55:20LinusNis there a feature request for that?
21:55:30LinusNjust so we don't forget it
21:55:50LinusNPsycoXul: then don't stop the song :-)
21:56:09PsycoXulwell that would be ideal, but it doesn't always work out that way :p
21:57:15 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|gone (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
21:57:15DBUGEnqueued KICK dw|gone
21:57:26 Nick TotMacher is now known as tot|away (
21:57:37LinusNpeople are running away
21:57:41LinusNdo i smell bad?
21:58:08dw|goneThe smell of nobody telling the t-shirt design contest results reeks! ;D
21:58:21CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:58:21*LinusN goes to buy deodorant
21:58:34LinusNdw|gone: Bagder is lazy
22:01:13dw|goneLinusN: The result is already a week overdue!
22:01:30LinusNi'm not telling... :-)
22:01:35PsycoXulthere's a lot of repeat feature requests
22:01:45dw|goneLinusN: you are a smeetvrees :)
22:01:46LinusNtell me about it
22:01:50dw|gonedamn you smeetvrees!
22:02:17 Join freshmaker [0] (
22:07:34PsycoXulanybody know an easy way to get rid of the AC power hum from a cord plugged into like the mic port of a soundcard
22:07:41 Quit Mighty ("[BX] That's Mister BitchX to you")
22:08:12LinusNPsycoXul: electrically?
22:08:52PsycoXulusing a chromatic tuner prog with my mic set to record and i've got a home-made extention/adapter cord plugged into it for a piezo transducer
22:09:11PsycoXulthe humm seems to be coming from that extention/adapter thing, with just it plugged in the chromatic tuner prog shows me 60hz heh
22:09:29LinusNhehe, some tuner
22:09:43PsycoXulwell 60hz is the AC power frequency here in the US
22:09:49LinusNi know
22:09:58LinusNhow about grounding the device?
22:10:59LinusNtry grounding the chassis somehow
22:11:08LinusNis the cable shielded?
22:11:19PsycoXulheh probably not
22:11:32PsycoXuli used one of them rca style cords for the cable
22:11:37LinusNdoes the sound get worse when you hold the mic?
22:12:35PsycoXulwell i can't hear it most of the time
22:13:03PsycoXulbut if i touch the ground pole of the adapter or the metal plate the piezo's mounted to i get a humm heh
22:17:30PsycoXulmaybe i should reverse the polarity on one end of my adapter
22:17:50PsycoXulthat plugging it in backwards seems to get rid of it
22:20:36PsycoXuloh hah
22:20:40PsycoXuli've got it backwards anyways
22:20:56PsycoXulhow'd i do that heh
22:22:05 Join LWi [0] (
22:24:25 Part LWi
22:24:35 Join LWi [0] (
22:25:38LinusNPsycoXul: haha, did you get rid of the sound?
22:29:43PsycoXulwhen i plugged it in backwards, it went away unless i turned the +12db mic boost on
22:30:10LinusNthat mic boost thing always messes things up...
22:31:02PsycoXulheh yeah
22:31:09PsycoXulit's unnecessary for this purpose anyways
22:31:14PsycoXulso i'm fixing the polarity on my adapter
22:31:59LinusNsound like a good idea :-)
22:36:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:46:19PsycoXulnow it just shows 0.8 Hz
22:46:39LinusNacceptable, i guess
22:47:54PsycoXulit's probably really weak, and it's not even audible range, and it's there without anything even plugged in, so...
22:49:15 Quit LWi ()
22:50:16PsycoXuli got this little piezo transducer for $14
22:50:33PsycoXulit's a little piece of crap just made for plugging into a tuner instead of using a mic, for noisy conditions
22:50:49PsycoXullittle plastic clip-on thing
22:51:06PsycoXuli tore the whole thing appart till it was just the little piezo element and the metal plate it's mounted on
22:51:14PsycoXuland wedged that into the bridge of my violin
22:51:24PsycoXulsignificantly improved the signal strength over clipping it on
22:56:45PsycoXulthis violin though
22:56:50PsycoXulthe A tuner is screwed
22:56:59PsycoXulthe peg's pushed in further than all the rest
22:57:07PsycoXuland it still won't hold an A
22:57:13PsycoXulit just goes down to a G#
22:59:53LinusNwell, time to go to bed
22:59:59PsycoXulgood night
23:00:09 Part LinusN
23:04:15 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:19:47 Quit Django (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:27:38 Join Hadaka_ [0] (
23:27:44 Quit Hadaka (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:27:52 Nick Hadaka_ is now known as Hadaka (
23:51:44 Quit Zagor|out ("Client Exiting")

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