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#rockbox log for 2002-09-26

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01:29:39k33khello. just some nice greetings to all the rockbox developers around. nice job, you've done ! i like rockbox very much !
01:41:42k33kphew. newer seen an irc channel with so much users just idling around :D
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01:43:30Moofoops sorry
01:43:33Moofhi everyone
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03:04:37Yefti luv rockbox!!
03:05:08Yeftwas about to throw my JB 6000 out the window.............
03:05:14Yeftthen i found rockbox
03:05:25Yeft...................just thought id share my story : )
03:05:45mecrawYes, it's an Archos-saver
03:06:11Yeftive only got 1 prob with it so far though....sometimes my archos neglects to turn on....
03:06:31*Yeft slaps Yeft around a bit with a large trout
03:06:56*Yeft i think this is how u do it
03:07:05*Yeft wooohooo i remember IRC stuff
03:07:15Yeftim obviously bored
03:08:53*Yeft runs around room screaming then sits back in comp chair like nothing happened
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03:09:54Yeftno ops?
03:18:02mecrawthey live in Sweden
03:18:13mecrawthey won't be on for 5 hours
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03:24:01Yeftive got a q......on the dail mods page are the mods w/ higher numbers newer???
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03:26:43mecrawthe numbers are dates
03:26:52Yeftydidnt realize
03:27:14Yeftyo koool ty
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03:27:30yeftsorry bout that
03:42:35yeftwell cya around
03:42:46 Part yeft
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07:49:20matslLinusN: Hi
08:01:11matslearly to rise ;-)
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08:43:26rwoodLinusN: regarding the ata_read loop i can go from 10 to 8 instructions in C or to 7 if i can figure out the inline asm
08:45:24LinusNfigure out?
08:45:36rwoodLinusN: i can't make the recorder to benchmark - "no rule to make target clr6x8.bdf..." is there a manual step i need to perform?
08:45:47LinusNresync your CVS
08:46:34rwoodLinusN: format for insturctions - ok i downloaded daily-20020926
08:47:08LinusNaha, maybe we don't include all that is needed in the tar archoives
08:47:40rwoodLinusN: looks like it - it won't build as is
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08:50:20LinusNdownload the clr6x8.bdf from the web CVS and put it in firmware/fonts
08:53:41LinusNrwood: look in thread.c for some assembly code hints
08:54:40rwoodi'll do that - the link that badgar gave last night has some good stuff i just haven't had time to look at it closely
08:55:45LinusNyou can ask me for specifics
08:58:16LinusNthe general format is asm("opcode using %x for arguments" "input constraints" (<input arguments>) : "output constraints" (<output arguments>);
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08:58:57rwoodthanks, let me try to get a timing benchmark to see if it is worth the effort
08:59:40rwoodthe battle is the compiler wants to put a exts or extu after a mov.w even if it isn't needed
08:59:48LinusNhow do you plan to benchmark? port pin & oscilloscope?
09:00:26LinusNrwood: for the ATA data?
09:00:34LinusNSchnueff: moin
09:00:37rwoodi call a dummy routine before and after the loop, i can trigger on the address of the routine in RAM
09:00:50LinusNah, logic analyzer
09:01:31rwoodborrowed from my company - out of date model for what we are doing now
09:01:58LinusNi have an LA, but haven't attached the busses
09:02:19LinusNi'm still using the unit...
09:03:25rwoodi have 10 address lines, and RAM control lines + i2c
09:03:49langhaarrockersound like hell to attach them
09:04:14rwoodit took my rework guy three hours to tack the wires on
09:04:22LinusNit is hell, without good equipment and steady hands
09:04:34LinusNfortunately, i have both
09:04:50langhaarrockerBut only on alcohol?
09:05:19rwoodclock is only available on the sh1 between power and ground - that one we examined carefully before powering up
09:06:00LinusNrwood: does auto-poweroff work for you?
09:06:54rwoodhaven't tried it yet - i'll do it when i get this build - recorder only or both?
09:07:36LinusNi haven't seen error reports on the Player models
09:07:54rwoodhave to take the dog for a short walk - back in 10-15 minutes
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09:13:41bobTHCgood morning!
09:24:08rwoodLinusN: auto-power off on my recorder is ok
09:29:47LinusNrwood: what recorder do you have?
09:33:37rwoodLinusN: 1.28 firmware - only had it a month or so
09:38:56langhaarrockerLinusN: What have you done? auto shut off works here now, too!
09:40:45LinusNthe power_off() function forgot to disable IRQ and hang
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10:30:33notchJust done cvs update -dP, but get compilation errors - cant use convbdf ...
10:30:46notchHow do I build this tool?
10:32:16rwoodLinusN: is anyone going do anything about the buffer empty/blank screen problem for 1.4 or put it off later?
10:34:03notchokay silly me... make!!!
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10:35:30LinusNrwood: what are you talking about?
10:35:41LinusNyou mean the mpeg dma?
10:36:41kargatronOT: any EAC users here ever see the 'unhandled exception: compression.NNN > ASSIGN-RANGE' error?
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10:36:57kargatronthe eac forum mentions it, but no answers
10:37:29LinusNwhat is EAC?
10:37:40kargatronsorry, exact audio copy
10:37:48kargatronone of the preferred rippers
10:37:51LinusNaha, no i haven't seen it
10:38:14LinusNusing external LAME?
10:38:39LinusNi use it myself
10:38:46kargatronoh, ok
10:39:22LinusNyou get it when compressing?
10:39:53kargatronyeah, seemingly irregularly, only when compressing WAVs from Tools
10:39:58kargatronafter some WAV editing
10:40:12kargatron(i.e., not yet when doing straight rip/encode combo)
10:40:21LinusNok, you rip, edit wavs, and the compress?
10:40:25kargatronis one forum report on it.
10:40:35kargatronright, in these cases, yes
10:41:02kargatrondon't see the problem regularly, and only when compressing WAVs on disc.
10:41:16kargatronin any case, if you haven't seen the bug....
10:42:09kargatronthat thread above mentions large disk problems, and indeed, this has started happening with a new 120 i installed, so it's possible it's something weird about that
10:42:20kargatron[shrug] oh well
10:42:35kargatronback to your normally scheduled programming
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10:49:28memhi all
10:51:33*mem hopes to get a phone call today telling him that the Recorder will be delivered today...
10:52:07LinusNis your SH1 compiler ready?
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10:53:45memDo I have to compile? I thought I could get a functional binary
10:53:52memBagder: hi!
10:53:55Bagderhey mem
10:54:04Bagderyou got your recorder now?
10:54:56memBagder: No, I'm waiting for Portal to call me and ask for the delivery address... It should arrive in the middle or end of this week...
10:56:47Bagderaha, ok
10:57:17LinusNmem: you will develop on it, won't you?
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11:01:51memLinusN: We'll see about that. It was a long time ago I used a compiler. Perl doesn't require a compiler :-)
11:03:05memLinusN: But as I have some ideas maybe I have to set up the SH1 environment, as you guys /never/ do what the public asks from you :-)
11:03:19Bagderwe mainly do rubbish
11:03:24Bagderthat's what we do best ;-)
11:03:31*Zagor is the Rubbish Guru
11:03:45memBagder: It's good that you're honest at least :-)
11:04:49memAs far as I know, where I work ppl think it was rubbish... :-(
11:05:24memBut there are a few number of ppl that still think you did some nice haxx (like me and Mats, etc)
11:06:42memI think they would like to put the rubbish in the dast-bin :-)
11:07:30memor should it be /home/dast/bin :-)
11:10:21Zagormv src/rockbox /dev/null
11:10:34LinusNis there a way to get mixed c/asm output with -save-temps?
11:10:56memLinusN: What's needed to set up the SH1 environment?
11:10:58Bagderthere's some fancy-asm option I think
11:11:25LinusNmem: a brain and some time, plus a decent operating system (not required)
11:11:44Bagder-fverbose-asm perhaps
11:12:07memLinusN: I just have the OS, not the time and the brain :-(
11:13:10LinusNmem: even small brains can understand this, i have seen Windows users doing this
11:19:55LinusNsh-elf-objdump −−disassemble −−source
11:19:59LinusNthat was it
11:20:35Zagorhas anyone tried if todays build skips less?
11:20:48LinusNit never skips for me
11:20:53LinusNnever has
11:21:01Zagorme neither, that's why i'm asking...
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11:28:55Zagoroff for lunch, see you later
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11:29:31*mem leaving for lunch
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13:12:49matphello all
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13:20:43langhaarrockerIs there a date for feature freeze for 1.4?
13:25:42LinusNnot really
13:26:00LinusNbut we are semi-frozen today
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13:49:37langhaarrockerWill I get a chance to deliver some peak meter code tonight or is that too late?
13:50:02langhaarrocker(I was lazy last night)
13:50:58LinusNlanghaarrocker: yes, but hurry up
13:51:04LinusNwe want that in 1.4
13:51:47LinusNmake sure that the code is nice and tidy, so it it easily applied
13:53:29SchnueffLinusN: what about the backlight-patch?
13:53:46LinusNwe are adding that too
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14:04:31quelsarukBagder: i found a text string i forgot to translate ;) could you fix it so i don't have to submit a patch to the mail list?
14:05:03Bagderuse the patch tracker please
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14:07:48quelsarukhi Zagor
14:12:04matsl|lunchZagor: I've implemented the player progress bar we talked about over a beer last week.
14:12:13 Nick matsl|lunch is now known as matsl (
14:12:56matslIt is not completely smoot. Want me to check it in or send a patch for review?
14:13:05Zagorsend a patch first
14:13:28matslok. I'll drop a patch to the list.
14:18:14freshmakerZagor: anything new about the missing scrollbar you had in the sound menu?
14:19:03Zagorfreshmaker: no. i still get it.
14:19:51freshmakeri thought you don't get the scrollbar, although you should have
14:20:07freshmakerand not other way round
14:21:27Zagorright. i meant i still get the bug.
14:23:31freshmakeris status bar on or off?
14:25:19Zagortoday's daily build has it
14:25:43matslZagor: patch sent to the list
14:26:15freshmakerok, i'll try the latest cvs...
14:26:34Zagormatsl: testing
14:28:07 Nick LinusN|away is now known as LinusN (
14:32:20Zagormatsl: it gets a bit jerky
14:32:48matslZagor: Yes.
14:33:07matslcan I make it smoother some how?
14:33:20freshmakerZagor: ok, latest vanilla CVS, no user font: with statusbar on, i get the scrollbar in sound menu as expected. w/o statusbar the scrollbar disappears as it isn't needed. i can't reproduce the problem.
14:34:33 Join Evil_Mind [0] (~StealthWa@
14:34:58*Zagor looks very embarrassed
14:35:22Zagorfreshmaker: umm... eh...
14:35:38Zagorfreshmaker: i didn't have the scrollbar on...
14:36:10quelsarukBagder: diff sent
14:36:29quelsaruka really stupid error
14:36:30Bagderquelsaruk: have you reached anywhere on the repeat issue?
14:36:38quelsarukmore or less
14:36:42Zagormatsl: 20 second tracks look really funny :-)
14:36:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:36:55Zagormatsl: but I still like it
14:37:58quelsarukBagder: i'm going to live to italy in 2 weeks, so i have quite few free time, but i think i've found a way to make it work... i hope to finish it soon
14:38:03matslZagor: Good if it makes you happy.
14:38:29Evil_Mindi didnt understand the lang stuff...
14:38:42Evil_Mindi want to insert hebrew....
14:38:55ZagorEvil_Mind: you can't yet. we only support left-to-right text
14:39:00matslZagor: Shall I feed it to CVS?
14:39:12Bagderwell, we have have hebrew texts in there anyway
14:39:15Zagormatsl: wait a bit. i'd like some more opinions.
14:39:29Bagderbut you'd need an 8bit hebrew font
14:39:42Evil_Mindwho else is from israel here?
14:40:02BagderI'm not aware of anyone
14:40:06matslZagor: OK
14:40:07quelsaruklunch time, cu you later!
14:40:11Evil_Mindso i should be able to see hebrew letter of my hebrew songs?
14:40:31BagderEvil_Mind: do you have a special font for hewbrew?
14:40:50Bagderof course, the scrolling should be going the other direction for hebrew
14:41:06Bagderwhere what?
14:41:21Evil_Mindi have special fonts...?
14:41:33Bagderwell, don't you?
14:41:33 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
14:41:46BagderI asked you
14:41:57ZagorEvil_Mind: you need a special font, of course. hebrew is not iso-8859-1
14:42:01Evil_Mindyou mean on the computeR?
14:42:07BagderEvil_Mind: yes
14:42:09matslZagor: For short songs we could fall back to the present grafics and for long songs we could have more squares moving ;-)
14:42:13Zagoron the archos
14:42:26BagderEvil_Mind: you use a special hebrew font in normal cases for hebrew, right?
14:42:27Zagormatsl: yup
14:42:35Evil_Mindyes....i think so..
14:42:59BagderEvil_Mind: so, you need one of those as .bdf and convert it to a rockbox font
14:43:15Bagderas an 8bit font
14:43:17Evil_Mindwhere can i find those files?
14:43:29BagderI don't know, you're the hebrew man here ;-)
14:43:33Bagdertry google
14:43:51Bagderbdf is a very commonly used font format
14:43:56Evil_Mindits not the fonts in the windows directory?
14:44:27Bagderwoo, a new game! ;-)
14:45:05LinusNjust what we need for 1.4
14:45:20Zagorwe could never get people to upgrade without new games
14:45:43 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020914]")
14:45:47LinusNone game per version
14:46:04LinusNso Archos must have 28 games :-)
14:46:25LinusNbut i can't find them
14:46:42langhaarrockerWhat do you expect by a toy firmware
14:46:49Bagderyou must save a file using the name GIMMEGAMES for them to appear
14:47:37LinusNGAMESON as artist name
14:51:58Evil_Mindthis ?
14:52:24Zagorright. you need to fix an iso-8859-8 font
14:53:06Zagori don't know. how does hebrew work on your computer?
14:53:18Evil_Mindwhat do you mean?
14:55:07Zagortry this one:
14:56:28Evil_Mindits mess
14:57:43Evil_Mindwhat should i do with it?
14:57:56Zagorcopy it to your archos and play it
14:58:06Evil_Mindthe file?
14:58:29Bagderand use a recent rockbox build
14:59:02ZagorEvil_Mind: you do have a recorder, right=
14:59:47Evil_Mindi got the playeer....
14:59:48Zagorthen you can't change font
15:00:05LinusNBagder: only the latest CVS version of GDB has a memory dump feature
15:00:22LinusNi compiled it and saved my recorded MP3
15:00:25ZagorEvil_Mind: because the player display can not change font
15:00:28LinusNand it WORKED!
15:00:37Bagderyou rock linus
15:01:00LinusNnow i'm only waiting for Zagors FAT32 fix... :-)
15:01:11LinusNEvil_Mind: GDB = Gnu Debugger
15:01:23Evil_Mindso no hebrew 4 my player?.....
15:01:26Zagornow we have hebrew, thai, greek and arabic support :-)
15:01:30ZagorEvil_Mind: no, only for recorders
15:01:41LinusNEvil_Mind: not possible
15:01:43bobTHCthe *.lang files are not automaticaly update with new ID ?
15:01:45BagderEvil_Mind: buy a recorder first ;-)
15:01:47Zagorit's a hardware limitation
15:02:03Evil_Mindoh....F**k It....
15:02:09Zagoroh, and cyrillic
15:02:10BagderbobTHC: no, you 'uplang' to get them
15:03:35bobTHCwhere is uplang ?
15:03:39Bagderin tools
15:05:30 Join freshmaker [0] (
15:07:01Zagor looks a lot simpler than bdf2bmp.c
15:07:26Bagderwe like simple
15:08:50LinusNEvil_Mind: for font presentation on the upcoming font download page on the rockbox site
15:09:56Evil_Mindcan u make a degauss option on rockbox?
15:10:12Zagor??? there is no gauss. how could we degauss?
15:10:14 Join elinenbe [0] (~elin@
15:10:32Evil_Mindi dont know.....
15:10:37Evil_Mindwhat is gauss?
15:10:37Zagorelinenbe: i uploaded some thai and other fonts. you may want to try them with your asian tags.
15:13:30Evil_MindRoLO stuck my player now
15:13:47Evil_Mindi just clicked on it and .....its loading..........................
15:15:19LinusNlots of '?' here... :-)
15:16:10Evil_Mindwhat is it supose to do?
15:16:12Evil_Mindthe rolo
15:16:20Zagorload another firmware
15:17:00elinenbeZagor: okay... I'll check it before I wreck it.
15:17:18Evil_Mindbut ..... i have only the internal archos 5.08 and today''s rockbox
15:17:22elinenbeZagor: how is disk writing coming?
15:17:35BagderEvil_Mind: so what's your question again?
15:17:39Zagorelinenbe: it's on ice until 1.4 gets out
15:17:49elinenbeZagor: how is ON + up/down as pgup/pgdn [zagor]
15:18:27elinenbeyou might think I am crazy, but I love the smalltalkmonotight.fnt (only it is kind of large :))
15:18:39LinusNelinenbe: ON+UP/DOWN is pitch control
15:18:48*Bagder thinks elinenbe is crazy ;-)
15:18:48Zagorelinenbe: hehe
15:18:54LinusNelinenbe: i am silly
15:19:06Zagorelinenbe: coming coming...
15:19:07elinenbeZagor: where is the thai fonts?
15:19:16Evil_Mindwhat do i need the rolo for?|
15:19:32BagderEvil_Mind: to load whatever firmware you want from the dir browser
15:19:59Zagorelinenbe: thai is iso8859-11
15:20:25elinenbeokay. I will check it out.
15:20:33Bagderwe need a thai.lang ;-)
15:21:15Zagorwho will be the first to write arabic.lang :-)
15:21:44Evil_Mindbye bye
15:21:48LinusNZagor: probably the one that first hears about the right-to-left feature
15:21:52 Quit Evil_Mind ("Live the rest, die like the best TELTH WR |PT B NIGHTWOLF")
15:22:10ZagorLinusN: well as bagder said, that's only important for the scroller
15:22:10BagderLinusN: we don't need right-to-left to support arabic
15:22:23LinusNwe don't?
15:22:33Bagdermost of our language stuff is direction agnostic
15:22:53Bagderwith the exception being the scrolling
15:22:59LinusNhow does an arab want the menus to be aligned?
15:23:17Bagderyeah, of course they might think we have some glitches
15:23:19Bagderbut it would still work
15:23:32Zagorit will not be perfect, but better than nothing
15:23:41LinusNof course
15:25:19LinusNtime to go home
15:25:24LinusNbye guys!
15:25:30Bagderbye linus
15:28:36 Part LinusN
15:29:51*mem is leaving. I didn't get the recorder today. I hope it arrives tomorrow! CU all!!!
15:29:56 Quit mem ("bye bye")
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16:20:50bobTHCfrench how u translate Idle Poweroff ??? :)
16:23:05bobTHCzagor i post the updated francais.lang with a blank for "idle poweroff"
16:30:58 Join edx|notebook [0] (
16:30:58 Join edx [0] (
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16:39:37*bobTHC francais.lang commited
16:42:36langhaarrockerhow do I post a patch that consists of mutiple files to sourceforge patch tracker?
16:42:58Bagderconcatenate all files into one
16:43:52langhaarrockerthat's a bit confusing to cat new *.c *.h files that haven't existed in cvs before.
16:44:03Bagderhm, right
16:44:17Zagorthere must be a way to use the -N diff flag with cvs
16:44:33bobTHCtar it;)
16:44:44Bagdercvs do that itself if you've done 'cvs add' first, but its not possible without write access! ;-(
16:45:13langhaarrockerDon't want to tar it for Zagors sake.
16:45:44bobTHCi'm joking..
16:49:14Bagdertime to go and smack people's legs with sticks
16:49:19Bagdersee ya
16:49:22 Part Bagder
16:56:19 Part bobTHC
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17:00:23langhaarrockerI don't see a way around the tar joke.
17:00:52langhaarrockerZagor: will you beat me when you get a tared patch with new files?
17:01:13Zagorlanghaarrocker: hang on a bit, i think i've got a solution
17:02:55Zagorrun "diff -ub /dev/null newfile.c" to get proper diff output for new files. then add that to the diff.
17:10:51freshmakeror you can simply touch the files in the original tree, so that empty files are created.
17:11:33Schnueffi think he doesnt keep an original tree
17:12:00langhaarrockerI do but I made _new_ files that don't exist in cvs yet.
17:12:12freshmakerhow does one make a diff without an original tree?
17:12:20Schnueffdiff against cvs
17:12:33langhaarrockerNo, diff against /dev/null
17:12:39Schnueffi.e. modify check out cvs tree, then cvs diff
17:13:24Schnuefflanghaarrocker: yes
17:14:17langhaarrockerbtw: avoid hitting the reload button when you added a patch. Seems I submitted the same patch thrice by doing so.
17:25:11langhaarrockerNow I sent a 'peak meter light' patch. Without busy reading.
17:25:51Zagorok, good
17:25:52langhaarrockerdb scaling has to wait for 1.5, too
17:27:06Schnuefflanghaarrocker: i don't see a file attached to your patch
17:28:13Schnueffi thought so, too :)
17:30:35 Join LWi [0] (
17:31:13Schnueffmaybe u uploaded /dev/null by accident ? :)
17:31:30elinenbelanghaarrocker: no file again!
17:31:42langhaarrockerJust hope it doesn't suck away the existing cvs
17:31:49elinenbethe new game that was sent to the list is incredible.
17:32:12elinenbeZagor: don't you think that the games at least should use the default font.
17:32:15elinenbeZagor: don't you think that the games at least should use the default font?
17:32:43Zagorelinenbe: that's probably a good idea. but i'm leaving that up to the game programmers.
17:32:52langhaarrockerhow to clean up messed up patches in sourceforge?
17:33:19LWii'm not familiar with the plans, but why build games into the firmware instead of putting them in files and load them from disk?
17:33:35elinenbeZagor: the games look all messed up with a large font (I only use at least 24x32)
17:33:45langhaarrockerLwi: we have no module loading
17:33:59elinenbeLWi: but, if you want to do that go ahead.
17:34:26elinenbelanghaarrocker: no file again!
17:34:46elinenbelanghaarrocker: wait, it is there.
17:34:50langhaarrockerWell I can dowload one
17:35:03elinenbelanghaarrocker: sorry.
17:35:06elinenbeI got it now.
17:35:46elinenbelanghaarrocker: what are you going to work on now? you are always working on fun stuff.
17:35:58elinenbeZagor: can we have more then 8 lines
17:36:04elinenbeZagor: on the WPS?
17:36:22Zagormax is 10
17:36:29elinenbeZagor: oh.. nice.
17:36:54langhaarrockerelinenbe: There's so many things! Apart from the split editor stuff I actually am dreaming about another game with loadable scenery.
17:37:36elinenbelanghaarrocker: go for it. that sounds great. did you check out that new game?
17:37:44langhaarrockernot yet
17:38:22elinenbeit is quite fun.
17:38:45langhaarrockerI'll have a try
17:39:02elinenbelanghaarrocker: what is the height in pixels of the wps peak meter?
17:39:31langhaarrockerNo: wait: the height of 'M'
17:39:39elinenbelanghaarrocker: M?
17:40:00elinenbelanghaarrocker: ah... I get it. the height of M in the current font that is loaded.
17:40:08langhaarrockerI stole height detection from the scrollbar. It is as high as an 'M'
17:41:26elinenbelanghaarrocker: wormlet should have fixed fonts.
17:41:40elinenbelanghaarrocker: if you have a huge font loaded, then it does not work properly
17:42:10Zagorelinenbe: what font are you using?
17:42:54 Nick edx is now known as edx|sleep (
17:43:12 Quit vekar ("Suckers!")
17:43:32 Quit LWi (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:44:22elinenbeZagor: courB14.fnt
17:46:09langhaarrockerDo I really have to learn how to fiddle with fonts? :)
17:49:03elinenbelanghaarrocker: well, once you do it, then I will look at your code and fix up sokoban :)
17:49:05 Join LWi [0] (
17:49:33langhaarrockeris sokoban broken?
17:50:14elinenbeno, but if you have a large font loaded, it does not work properly
17:50:24elinenbeyou just can't read the screen
17:56:55freshmakerwhat about a check if FONT_UI meets the requirements (e.g. <= 8 pixels height, etc) and conditionally falling back to FONT_SYSFIXED?
17:57:20langhaarrockerYes, but not today.
18:00:30langhaarrockerIs the howto somehow up to date: do I have to put a system.ajf into the jukebox root dir?
18:00:51freshmakerajf is dead
18:01:19freshmakerthe new font sheme uses .fnt; the user selectable default font is /.rockbox/default.fnt
18:02:01freshmakerso docs will be updated once 1.4 is out , i think
18:02:17langhaarrockeris the font changable without reboot?
18:02:23 Join datazone-work [0] (
18:02:36freshmakeryes, you simply 'play' the font
18:03:16freshmakerthat is, it is FONT_UI, that is changable. FONT_SYSFIXED will remain what it is.
18:06:04langhaarrockerlet me guess: bdf2ajf was the wrong conversion tool, I should use convbdf instead?
18:06:52langhaarrockerAnd I _did_ read the faq... :)
18:09:18 Part LWi
18:14:37langhaarrockerelinenbe: where do I find that courB14.fnt?
18:15:02 Join LWiCom [0] (
18:17:09elinenbewho can help I just installed a RAID card here −−- what would it be /dev/hdc?
18:18:37 Quit pyvasene ("Leaving...")
18:21:46langhaarrockerNo idea but
18:22:08langhaarrockerI completely misunderstood you. I thought you were talking about the peak meter not working with big fonts.
18:24:53Schnueffuh i got a blank wps
18:25:02Schnueffbut that has got reported already iirc
18:25:39 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
18:26:32*notch thinks playable fonts are very cool...
18:27:19*notch has great respect for the font coders...
18:27:35 Part notch
18:27:43langhaarrockerI think fonts should be recognized when they're stored in and ID3 tag and change the wps accordingly.
18:36:52***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:41:49langhaarrockeranother dumbuser question: how do I apply a patch?
18:44:04elinenbepatch -p0 -i patchname
18:44:31Zagorthe -p value depends how the pathnames in the patch look
18:46:18langhaarrockerThx That solved it
18:56:47 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
19:02:15 Quit datazone-work ("I like core dumps")
19:22:08 Join kreegee [0] (
19:22:57 Quit TotMacher ()
19:40:02kreegeeshould i do something after copying the ajbrec.ajz in the root or can i plug out the usb cable and restart the jukebox?
19:40:35Zagorkreegee: make a safe eject first
19:40:52Zagorright-click on the archos drive letter and choose "eject"
19:40:54kreegeeso disable the device in windows...
19:42:34kreegeeis there any hold feature in the cvs-020925 ?
19:42:47Zagoryes. ON+DOWN
19:42:54Zagoror ON+STOP on players
19:43:10Zagorno, sorry. MENU+DOWN/STOP
19:43:17kreegeeon recorders?
19:43:30kreegeegot it
19:44:14kreegeeit's not possible to browse the files while playing, isn't it?
19:45:21Zagorsure it is. just hit ON and you're back in the browser.
19:45:27kreegeeah, k
19:45:43kreegeethe help should be improved for n00bs like me ;)
19:47:10Zagortry the manual :-)
19:47:52kreegee ? haven't found anything 'bout hold function...
19:48:04kreegeeanyway, great work
19:48:17Zagorkreegee: look in the "while playing screen"
19:48:27Zagor"F1 + DOWN: Key lock on/off"
19:49:00kreegeei'm stupid
19:49:06kreegeei searched for "hold"
19:49:15kreegeei haven't read the hole page..
19:49:18PsycoXuldon't search, just read :p
19:49:59kreegeein future, i will
19:50:17elinenbeZagor: what are you planning on making the keys for page up/down
19:51:08 Nick edx|sleep is now known as edx (
19:54:00kreegeehmm, the language has to be selected before compiling?
19:54:46Zagorelinenbe: i'm fixing it right now
19:54:54Zagorkreegee: no, not any more
19:54:58Zagorjust load it
19:56:49kreegeecan i ask how or is it written in the manual?
20:00:29kreegeei will search in the maillist archive
20:01:39kreegeegot it ;)
20:04:44kreegeeeverything i have to do is to copy the .lang file in the root?
20:10:30kreegeeforget it
20:14:33kreegeehmm, isn't there a binary version of binlang out there?
20:15:12kreegeeah, it's a good old perl script
20:23:16 Join merwin [0] (~none@
20:24:31*merwin thinks there should be a qix/quix game :-)
20:29:33*kreegee thinks that should be q3 with a usb2lan adapter :D
20:29:58kreegeebtw. is it possible to turn the oscilator demo in the newest cvs?
20:30:58kreegeeso it runs from left to right and not from bottom to top?
20:36:53***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:48:15 Join TotMacher [0] (
20:59:40 Nick TotMacher is now known as tot|away (
21:06:21 Quit merwin (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:10:16 Join hardeep [0] (
21:13:04 Join Django [0] (
21:19:23 Part LWiCom
21:26:49kreegeeim too stupid to change the lang in the newest cvs build...
22:05:40 Quit tot|away (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:05:40 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:07:06 Join edx|notebook [0] (
22:07:06 Nick edx|notebook is now known as edx (
22:07:06 Join tot|away [0] (
22:08:50 Join merwin [0] (~none@
22:11:32 Quit probonic ()
22:14:59 Join YeAhx [0] (~aarond@
22:21:38 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
22:22:17 Quit mecraw12 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:22:43 Join mecraw12 [0] (~mecraw@
22:27:38 Join YeAhx1 [0] (~aarond@
22:28:06 Part YeAhx1
22:29:50kreegeeah, got it...
22:30:58elinenbeZagor: you got anything good coming up?
22:36:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:38:31 Quit merwin ()
22:44:42 Quit YeAhx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:45:54DjangoWhere can I get the CVS program for Win ME?
22:51:41Djangoelinenb: are you listening?
22:56:21 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
23:03:45 Join datazone-work [0] (
23:05:17 Join LinusN [0] (
23:05:51DjangoLinusN: can you tell me please where i can get a CVS for Windows?
23:06:23DjangoI have added a dynamic playlist to rockbox, but
23:06:51Djangomy work is based on v1.3 because the source for that was easy to get.
23:07:21 Quit elinenbe ()
23:08:18LinusNDjango: we release the sources for the daily builds too
23:08:31Djangoyes, but they are not complete.
23:08:41LinusNmind i ask how your dynamic playlists work?
23:08:48LinusNDjango: they are complete
23:09:10LinusNwhat is missing?
23:09:13DjangoSimple, the playlist in ram is
23:09:23Djangodynamically filled.
23:09:30Djangoone file after the other.
23:09:44Djangothere are still a lot of things to sort out.
23:09:48Djangolike how to
23:10:07Djangomake it work with the player. I got my recorder just last week.
23:10:45DjangoI used the "right" button to start/add files to the queue.
23:11:06LinusNwhat are you missing from the daily build archives?
23:11:07DjangoThe Play button works as normal and also cancels queue mode.
23:11:53DjangoI tried some days ago. First got the the sh-elf compiler and
23:12:14Djangothen tried the daily tarball. gave me lots of errors,
23:12:36Djangomissing files and the win32.mak seems to be not always up-to-date.
23:12:54LinusNno, the simulators use to lag behind
23:12:59DjangoSo I got the v1.3 tar from your site and that compiled right away.
23:13:20LinusNa lot has happened since 1.3
23:13:34DjangoHaven't seen the sim yet. It wants some msvc70.dll which i don't have.
23:13:52DjangoI know, and the new fonts are cute.
23:13:54LinusNi've never used it
23:13:58LinusNthe sim
23:14:23LinusNwe are preparing for a 1.4 release now
23:14:31DjangoOk, will try to get CSV working and get the current sources.
23:14:38LinusNdo so
23:15:07DjangoBy the way, my real name is Wilhelm Schroeder from Germany.
23:15:14LinusNDjango: does auto-poweroff work for you?
23:15:49DjangoI am 47 years old have about 25 year of systems programming behind me :-)
23:16:00Djangohaven't tried auto power off yet.
23:16:03LinusNDjango: great!
23:16:15LinusNwe can use experienced hackers
23:16:36DjangoWell, my problem is time.
23:16:41LinusNthere are quite a lot of germans in the project
23:16:52LinusNDjango: time is always a problem
23:17:02DjangoI don#t think it makes a difference where you happen to live.
23:17:14LinusNit certainly doesn't
23:17:25LinusNwe have developers from all over the world
23:17:55DjangoI have to go to bed now. Hm, if you are interested I can put the .ajz file on my web site now.
23:18:11LinusNi'd rather see the src :-)
23:18:13DjangoSo you can try it.
23:18:29DjangoOk, moment.
23:18:56DjangoSorry, ftp doesn't work now.
23:19:06LinusNyou can mail it to linus at
23:19:16DjangoI will be back here in the coming days.
23:19:17 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
23:19:22DjangoSo talk to you later.
23:19:24LinusNDjango: no hurry
23:19:34LinusNnight, Django
23:19:43LinusNhey, long hair!
23:19:55LinusNhow's it going with the VU meters?
23:20:10langhaarrockerI sent a patch in the afternoon.
23:20:20LinusNwowee! i missed that
23:20:29langhaarrockerIt should have appeared on the patch tracker of sourceforge.
23:20:33 Quit Django ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
23:20:41LinusNi see it now
23:20:57langhaarrockerit's something like peak meter light.
23:21:08langhaarrockerno busy reading.
23:21:17LinusNok, with slow decay
23:22:18langhaarrocker(how do you know that when you haven't seen it up to now?)
23:22:35LinusNi guessed that you would do that
23:22:39LinusNi would have
23:23:17langhaarrockerAnd I made a function especially for You: you can switch between playback and record meter.
23:23:57LinusNi saw that
23:24:10LinusNBTW, recording works
23:24:24LinusNtoo bad i can't save the damn files :-(
23:24:41langhaarrockerThat's Zagaors fault, I guess?
23:24:52LinusNoh, yes. he is to blame! :-)
23:25:17LinusNpriorities are on 1.4 right now
23:25:24LinusNso i can't blame him
23:25:49langhaarrockerFeatures frozen?
23:26:32LinusNsort of
23:26:39LinusNwe want your peak meters in
23:26:55LinusNand some other patches
23:27:10LinusNbut no more big things
23:27:56langhaarrockerPeak meters will be improved at V1.5. With dBfs and adjustable range. But not for 1.4
23:28:29langhaarrockerWill the new game be included in 1.4? It looks really nice!
23:28:45LinusNi guess so
23:28:57LinusNwe need to have at least one new game for every release :-)
23:29:18LinusNi wonder, have you removed the peak meter thread?
23:29:43LinusNthe stack is still there
23:29:55langhaarrockerThen I missed that.
23:29:59LinusNand a lot of references to the "peak thread" in the comments
23:30:30langhaarrockerI think the thread will come back one day.
23:31:06LinusNwhat's with the enable_pm variable?
23:31:55langhaarrockerIt is primarily for use in wps.c to disable the peak meter early.
23:32:00LinusNi see now
23:34:51LinusNi need info about the VBRI header format (secret Fraunhofer stuff)
23:35:24LinusNi know most of it, i just need to know how the TOC is supposed to work
23:35:45 Quit hardeep (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:35:51langhaarrockerWished I could be useful. :(
23:36:01LinusNit's so silly
23:36:15LinusNFraunhofer keeps the spec secret
23:36:58LinusNwhat do they gain from that?
23:37:36langhaarrockerWell they need to have something to sell in case you want to licence something, I guess.
23:39:20LinusNgreedy bastards
23:40:27langhaarrockerI used to work for Fraunhofer for some years. But not for anything concerning acustics, just for logistics.
23:40:49LinusNgreedy bastard
23:41:15langhaarrockerYou will get the peak meter thread only if you buy the licence! :)
23:42:25LinusNtime to reboot into linux
23:42:33LinusNcu in a few
23:42:36 Part LinusN
23:44:56 Quit kreegee ("i will return to wub you")
23:47:31 Join LinusN [0] (
23:48:23langhaarrockerhello again

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