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#rockbox log for 2002-09-27

00:03:05LinusNthe peak meter looks really cool!
00:03:39langhaarrockerlooks cool, measures rubbish. :)
00:03:57LinusNrubbish is our game
00:04:22langhaarrockerMy mind is already set for a game for V1.5... :)
00:04:47langhaarrockerBut I think that has to wait. I need mp3 splitting
00:05:30LinusNwhy do you need splitting in the unit?
00:05:58langhaarrockerWhen I return from band pracitce I have 20 unused minutes left in the train back home.
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00:17:28kreegeebtw. is it possible to turn the oscilator demo in the newest cvs?
00:17:33kreegeeso it runs from left to right and not from bottom to top?
00:17:41LinusNnot really
00:17:57LinusNthe fast LCD scrolling works only vertical
00:18:33LinusNlanghaarrocker: comments?
00:18:35langhaarrockerBut you can turn your Jukebox including the osci demo...
00:19:43kreegeegreat firmware, got my archos yesterday and found this project today...
00:20:14langhaarrockerYes, I have a comment: In my opinion the lcd_buffer is organized wrong. X and Y should be swapped. Then you could use memcpy to shift the content of the lcd_buffer and have horizontal scrolling much easier.
00:20:23LinusNkreegee: you're fast
00:20:38kreegeegoogle has done it ;)
00:21:01LinusNlanghaarrocker: but then you would have to update the entire LCD, wouldn't you?
00:21:10langhaarrockerBut I haven't looked at the bitmap code. Maybe it requires the lcd_buffer organized like it is
00:21:21langhaarrockerYes it would require updating the lcd.
00:21:21LinusNyes it needs it that way
00:21:31LinusNthat would make it a lot slower
00:21:51langhaarrockerThen it is good the way it is.
00:22:01LinusNit's just a demo anyway
00:22:17LinusNbut hey, maybe a small ocs for the WPS? :-)
00:22:20langhaarrockerbut for softscrolling a line horizontally.
00:22:42kreegeeis there a special reason why the backlight-on-while-charging patch isn't included in the newest build?
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00:24:27langhaarrockerI could do a wps osci that doesn't scroll. Like when hitting F1 in the osci demo...
00:25:58kreegeenice idea
00:26:06LinusNlanghaarrocker: a scrolling demo using lcd_update_rect() could work too
00:26:43 Quit kreegee ("i will return to wub you")
00:36:16langhaarrockerLinus: Did you do the backlight stuff?
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00:37:23langhaarrockerI just wanted to debug why the option 'on' doesn't work, but I don't understand all those things
00:37:46LinusNthe option 'on' doesn't work?
00:37:55langhaarrockerit turns my backlight off.
00:38:38LinusNwhen you select 'on'?
00:38:46langhaarrockerno, it leaves backlight off, when switching from 'off' to 'on'
00:39:18LinusNit's worse than that
00:39:30LinusNit doesn't save it correctly either :-)
00:40:54mecraw12LinusN: you're up late
00:41:17LinusNlanghaarrocker: line 65
00:41:48LinusNshould remove the 'if'
00:42:08LinusNunfortunately i can't reach the CVS now
00:42:16LinusNcan you?
00:42:31langhaarrockerno, I haven't qualified, yet.
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00:44:54langhaarrockerWell, I could put a patch on the patch tracker. Thrice without the file and then one with a file, just as usual.
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00:46:47LinusNwell, time to sleep
00:47:01langhaarrockerme too.
00:47:14mecraw12night night
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00:47:57 Part LinusN
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07:12:23mecraw12good evening, Linus
07:12:56LinusNgood morning
07:13:49mecraw12is there any way to be notified of new patches on sourceforge?
07:14:55LinusNjoin the rockbox-sf list
07:15:30mecraw12and that'll send me bugs and feature requests too, right?
07:24:48adi|homeLinusN: i just installed a usb2 card on my linux box...
07:25:02adi|homebut i feel like an idiot becuase i don't know how to access it
07:25:06adi|homekudzu didn't find it on boot
07:25:13adi|homeand i don't see it as a device anywhere..
07:25:24adi|homeonly the original usb ports are seen.
07:25:27adi|homeany ideas?
07:26:05LinusNwhat USB chipset?
07:27:02LinusNNEC, VIA?
07:27:17adi|homehmmm.. dunno let me check
07:27:17LinusNless /proc/pci
07:27:32LinusNwhat kernel version?
07:28:49adi|homewhat am i looking for in proc/pci?
07:28:57adi|homeNEC chip btw...
07:29:06LinusN2.4.18 doesn't have USB2 support
07:29:09adi|homeit's a belkin 5 port USB2 card
07:29:16adi|homeahh. that'd be why ;)
07:29:17LinusNsame as mine then
07:29:36adi|homedo i need to compile a new kernel to get the support?
07:29:48LinusNgrab the latest 2.4.19 kernel
07:30:03LinusNthere is a patch for 2.4.18 but it isn't all that stable
07:30:33LinusNi don't remember if i had to patch 2.4.19 as well...
07:35:44adi|homesigh.. now i have a 2 hr wait :)
07:35:53LinusNslow pipe?
07:36:24LinusNbut after that, the waiting is over! USB2 rocks!
07:49:38adi|homegod.. quake2 my games directory is 1.4G
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08:30:27Bagderrc5-64 is over
08:34:13LinusNsaw that
08:34:24Bagderrc5-72 coming up .-)
08:34:27LinusNwhat will i do with my spare cycles now?
08:34:32LinusNno way
08:34:52Bagderthat's what I said when the 64 one started
08:35:00LinusNspending 6000 more days on RC5...
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08:39:53Bagdermorning mem
08:40:10 Join heltrskeltr349 [0] (
08:40:11memmorning 2-U-2
08:40:44heltrskeltr349quick question. It says to use the fonts you have to put them into the /.rockbox dir. Where exactly is that directory?
08:40:46*mem hoping to get the Recorder today...
08:41:14Bagderheltrskeltr349: you should make one on your archos
08:41:34heltrskeltr349should I put the firmware in there too?
08:41:51Bagdernot the one that you want booted at power-on, no
08:41:56Bagderthat must remain as before
08:42:41heltrskeltr349so just by creating the directory and puting the font in there, it'll load at boot up?
08:42:57Bagderif the font is named 'default.fnt' yes
08:43:20Bagderoh, and you run a recent daily-build
08:43:47heltrskeltr349downloaded the most recent one yesterday
08:43:59Bagderthat loads fonts fine
08:45:07heltrskeltr349it won't let me create a dir starting with a period
08:45:13Bagderuse a dos prompt
08:45:31heltrskeltr349how do I create a folder there
08:45:34heltrskeltr349sorry so many questions
08:45:41Bagdercd X:
08:45:43Bagdermkdir .rockbox
08:45:49Bagder(i think)
08:46:00memBagder: looks okay
08:46:02heltrskeltr349trying now
08:47:26heltrskeltr349thanks a lot
08:48:03LinusNi'm working on langhaarrockers peak patch
08:48:14LinusNlooks good
08:49:02LinusNcontains some errors tough, so it'll take a few
08:49:03BagderI'll fix in those recent language fixes
08:50:42mecrawcan you guys put a link to the patches area on the site... please :)
08:50:54Bagderyes, we need that
08:53:25Bagderwe've discussed some general fixes to make the web easier to browse
08:54:11mecrawYou're fixing the whole World Wide Web?! Wow!!!
08:54:17heltrskeltr349Badger: thank you for all your help :)
08:54:20Bagderheck, why not ;-)
08:54:32heltrskeltr349take it easy guys
08:54:32Bagderheltrskeltr349: no problem at all
08:54:47 Quit heltrskeltr349 ()
08:57:09mecrawWe're in the top 100 for activity on Sourceforge again! Probably thanks to the language stuff.
08:57:16mecraw76 to be exact
08:57:25LinusNwe must fire up the dummy commit bot
08:57:44LinusN1 commit a minute should take us to the top
08:57:47Bagderactually, if we just use a sf logo on the web too, we'll climb more
08:58:05mecrawif you give me commit access, i'll take care of the dummy part :))
08:58:42*LinusN puts mecraw on the black list
08:59:01*mecraw sheds a tear
08:59:58LinusNi wish langhaarrocker could join
09:00:06LinusNlots of q:s
09:00:12mecrawWhat are your impressions of Sourceforge? Does it satisfy your project needs?
09:00:18LinusNyes and no
09:00:26mecrawgood answer
09:00:35Bagdermecraw: it provides lots of services, fast and free
09:00:41LinusNthe trackers are a bit crude
09:00:43Bagderbut many of the services are a bit basic
09:01:11LinusNi wonder if the professional version is better
09:01:20mecrawone would hope
09:01:34LinusNwe discussed bugzilla yesterday
09:01:35mecrawbut free seems like such a good price
09:01:51LinusNbut bugzilla is a monster!
09:01:58Bagderit is
09:02:10mecrawi used bugzilla on a project once, it worked well for us... once it was setup
09:02:21Bagderyes, bugzilla has all you need
09:02:23LinusNthat last part ios the issue
09:02:48mecrawhave you looked into subversion at all?
09:03:00*Bagder is a subversion committer
09:03:27Bagdersubversion is coolness
09:03:28mecrawso, i take it that's a "yes"
09:03:35Bagderhehe, yeps
09:03:59mecrawi've been tracking it ever since i tried to rename folders in cvs last year
09:05:11Bagderpeople from sourceforge have previously said they'll offer subversion too as soon as its reaches release
09:05:27mecrawwow, cool
09:05:40 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
09:05:53mecrawLinusN: ask and you shall receive
09:06:07langhaarrockerLinusN: your night was even shorter than mine!
09:07:02mecrawmy night is going to be too short if I don't go to bed now... good night, guys
09:07:13Bagdernight mecraw
09:07:26langhaarrockerdream sweelty
09:07:35LinusNlanghaarrocker: i have q:s about the peak patch
09:07:43LinusNnight mecraw!
09:08:22LinusNwhy is clip_time_out used instead of max_time_out for the max values?
09:08:42 Nick mecraw is now known as mecraw|dreaming (~mecraw@
09:09:42LinusNi want to remove peak_meter_peek(), it is not used anyway
09:09:57langhaarrockerboth times should be used but wait a minute
09:10:00LinusNwhy aren't the settings saved in rtc?
09:10:13LinusNit seems that clipping isn't used at all
09:10:21langhaarrockerpeak_meter_peek is called from drawing
09:10:54langhaarrockerWait a minute I must boot my laptop
09:12:49langhaarrockerIn peak_meter_draw line 194 peak_meter_peek is called. Only this way I could enable clip detection reasonably.
09:13:44LinusNlanghaarrocker: are you sure you sent the right patch?
09:14:44langhaarrockerAnd you're right: in line 230 / 236 peak_meter_timeout_X should be used.
09:14:51LinusNmy line 194 is empty
09:15:07langhaarrockerHm. I'll check.. That was one of the very last changes I made.
09:15:52LinusNand what is peak_meter_clip_eternal supposed to do?
09:16:25 Nick mem is now known as mem_away (
09:16:33langhaarrockerIf you want to reset detected clips only manually.
09:17:10LinusNbut the logic seems inverted
09:17:26LinusNif(eternal) then timeout
09:18:22langhaarrockerYou have a wrong peakmeter.c That was I bug cured.
09:18:42LinusNok, update the patch on sf
09:18:59LinusNand add saving in rtc
09:19:23 Join matsl [0] (
09:19:25langhaarrockerI won't have the time to do the rtc saving before evening.
09:19:35LinusNok, i'll do it then
09:20:00LinusNjust update the patch on sf
09:20:58langhaarrockerI'm on it
09:21:42LinusNBagder: do we want the SF logo above or below the search field?
09:21:59Bagderbelow, imo
09:22:42LinusNi'm adding patches as well
09:22:50BagderI already did
09:23:18Bagderbut his makefile doesn't properly depend on that head.t file so it isn't rebuilt automaticly
09:24:52 Part LinusN
09:25:09 Join LinusN [0] (
09:28:52LinusNwow, archos have revamped their web site
09:31:25langhaarrockerbut now firmware update...
09:32:15 Join Mighty [0] (
09:35:45LinusN"I can hardly wait for the rockbox gang to support recording" (yahoo)
09:35:51LinusNi feel the pressure
09:35:58langhaarrockerMe too.
09:36:00LinusN...and pass it on to Björn
09:36:07LinusNi did my part
09:37:12Mightyhmm, what do I have to do to make rb's makefiles include header-dependencies ? so files are rebuilt if a headers modificationtime is newer than files using it I mean
09:37:36LinusNMighty: you talk about simulators?
09:38:01LinusNadd the header dependencies to the targets
09:38:09Mightywhen I add my own files their headers aren't checked when make'ing
09:38:15Bagderthe depencies are supposed to be in the uisimulator/xxx/Makefile
09:38:23Mighty*me looks*
09:38:24PsycoXularchos's site is broke.. their menu accross the top don't seem to work heh
09:38:42LinusNworks for me
09:38:49Bagdernot with mozilla
09:39:40PsycoXuloh btw, building the latest CVS i get a bunch of stuff like
09:39:41PsycoXulUpdating dependencies for /home/psyco/s/code/misc/archos/rockbox/build/wps.c
09:39:41PsycoXulwps.c:44:18: lang.h: No such file or directory
09:39:51LinusNPsycoXul: it's normal
09:40:08LinusNlame, but normal
09:40:11PsycoXulyeah it all works anyways, just seems odd heh
09:40:53LinusNi want the VBRI specs
09:41:35Bagderis that a special header?
09:42:09MightyPsycoXul you're using make -j X ?
09:42:09LinusNFraunhofer VBR header
09:42:24LinusNsecret stuff
09:42:53LinusNi figured out most of it, except the TOC
09:43:09MightyLinusN, you're sure there's somewhere to add the headerfilename in uisimulator/xxx/Makefile ? I've added my sourcefile but just can't find where to include the headerfilename
09:43:11LinusNthe TOC is not fixed size
09:43:42LinusNmyfile.o: myfile.c myheader.h
09:44:04MightyLinusN, but the other files don't use that system,, *confused*
09:44:30LinusNthat's because the Makefile is rudimentary
09:45:01Bagderfeel free to fix ;-)
09:45:16Mightyhehe, my fixes usually result in even more mess..
09:45:49LinusNthe auto-dependencies are not that easy to do for the simulators, since the source tree is somewhat messy
09:46:33LinusNthe VBRI TOC is of variable size, and each entry is relative to the next
09:46:50LinusNbut afaics, the offsets are not always byte positions
09:47:46LinusNi don't really mind, but not supporting the TOC makes seek and resume inaccurate
09:48:08LinusNi can add the VBRI header check, just to recognize the VBR
09:48:14LinusNand skip the TOC
09:48:18LinusNfor now
09:48:43Bagderthat's better than before at least
10:01:21langhaarrockerwell - for the mp3s that you record with the jb you can always enable the time info written in then ancilliary bits...
10:01:31LinusNno way
10:01:58LinusN1) Reading the ancillary data takes a lot of effort
10:02:14LinusN2) That wastes space in the frames
10:02:40LinusN3) Splitting MP3's kills the info
10:02:58LinusN4) Knowing and recognizing the time info is tricky
10:03:18LinusN5) That is a MAS-only feature
10:03:47LinusNi'd rather add a Xing header
10:03:58*langhaarrocker has been smashed to a 0.4 mm thin film of slime
10:06:55langhaarrockerI'd have agreed to the Xing header anyways - independently of the use of this time feature.
10:07:15langhaarrockeragreed is to weak - should be voted
10:07:31LinusNXing headers are the only option imho
10:07:40LinusNbut a little tricky to add
10:07:49langhaarrockerEspecially after splitting
10:07:51LinusNsince the whole file needs to be parsed
10:08:10LinusNwe will probably have to have a separate action for that
10:08:37LinusNmenu->recalculate VBR header
10:10:01langhaarrockerAbout menus: I haven't made up my mind yet, but has there been a discussion about 'skinnable' menus / key assignments that the user can configure with some init file?
10:10:34Bagderlanghaarrocker: yes, we've touched the subject before, but not really gotten into any depths on it
10:18:39langhaarrockerI recon that I'll want different UIs depending what I use the recorder for. Listening / browsing music or recording gigs with quick rehearsals.
10:19:17LinusNlanghaarrocker: but that's not skinning is it?
10:19:32LinusNskinning is cosmetic, imho
10:19:37langhaarrockermaybe I use the wrong teminology
10:20:06LinusNhowever, a "DJ mode", "gig mode" etc would be useful
10:21:11langhaarrockerI'd prefer if that wasn't hardcoded but user definable.
10:21:25LinusNof course
10:21:46LinusNwe need a lisp interpreter :-)
10:23:07langhaarrockerI remember that Hauppauge had quite a nice idea for their remote control for the WinTV card. They defined keys, menus and so on. It was _very_ mighty and doesn't look that complicated.
10:23:16LinusNhowever, FPL would be cool
10:23:30langhaarrockerwhat's fpl?
10:23:41LinusNFrexx Programming Language
10:23:50LinusNa C-like script engine
10:24:13Schnueffis it popular?
10:24:20Schnueffand used even? :)
10:24:26LinusNit's cool
10:24:29LinusNand made by us
10:24:34Bagdernot popular, hardly used
10:24:39Bagderbut I wrote it ;-)
10:24:41LinusNbut cool
10:24:42Schnueffi could have guessed :]
10:24:57BagderI know of two applications ;-)
10:25:01LinusNwheels are made to be reinvented
10:25:02Schnueffany connections to APL? :)
10:25:15langhaarrockerI don't know it
10:25:25Bagderit's _very_ c-like
10:25:35Schnueffshow me the webpage
10:25:44 Join Zagor [0] (
10:25:49LinusNyo zagore
10:26:01LinusN(sounded italian)
10:26:19Zagorah, linussi!
10:26:58Schnueffah amiga stuff
10:27:03LinusNsono stanco oggi
10:27:12BagderSchnueff it was written for amiga first, yes
10:27:20Bagderbut it builds and runs all over
10:27:32Schnueffi shall ask some amiga dude if he heard of it :)
10:27:34LinusNBagder: did Dancer ever use FLP?
10:27:40Bagderstill does
10:27:48LinusNso our logbot runs fpl
10:27:54Bagderits optional
10:28:27LinusNSchnueff: amiga d00ds may have heard of FrexxEd
10:28:42LinusNSchnueff: ask them about Virtual Intelligence too :-)
10:28:57LinusN(our only demo for the amiga)
10:29:21Bagderare there any amiga doods left? ;-]
10:29:24LinusNdamn cool stuff back then
10:29:40*Bagder knows there is, they will never go away
10:29:45Schnueffhe doesnt know :|
10:31:08Schnueffyep, i guess so too, that they will never go away
10:31:27*Bagder is still ircoper on
10:33:37 Join pyvasene [0] (
10:33:51LinusNmy A500 died on me
10:33:58LinusNas did my C64
10:34:31Mightyis there a keyb combination one can press to exit uisimulator ?
10:34:44LinusNctrl-alt-delete :-)
10:34:55MightyKDE has a tendency to get messed up sometimes when ctrl-c'ing x11 apps
10:34:57Mightyahh, nice
10:35:38Mighty:-P he, good thing I had 'catch ctrl-alt-del' on
10:36:32Mightyseriously, is there a quit-shortcut :-)
10:36:52Bagderrockbox can't quit
10:37:01Mightythis old KDE2 WM from two years ago I'm running freaks sometimes if x11 apps gets killed
10:37:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:37:21ZagorMighty: change wm.
10:37:44MightyZagor I feel comfortable with this one,, has the level of settings/features I need
10:37:54Mightynewer kde versions have lots of stuff I don't need :-)
10:37:55Mightyand new bugs
10:38:17Zagornot being able to ^C an application is a pretty serious bug, I'd say
10:38:54MightyZagor yeah
10:39:08Mightywell I really don't like upgrading
10:39:16LinusNcaveman :-)
10:41:32*mem_away exit the simulator by enter CTRL-C in the Xterm window
10:41:58LinusNlanghaarrocker: peakmeter.c still doesn't use max_time_out[]
10:43:10*mem_away is an Amiga fan, still has 3 of the, two with 030 and one with 060... Not using them since a couple of years...
10:43:12*Bagder got a fan mail
10:43:19Bagder"your site is better than any guide book"
10:43:33*mem_away has heard fo both FPL and FrexxED!
10:43:40 Join bobTHC [0] (
10:43:46bobTHChi all!
10:43:50Bagderhey bob
10:43:53LinusNi just replace clip_time_out?
10:45:46LinusNlanghaarrocker: it doesn't compile all that well on the simulator
10:46:01*langhaarrocker smashes his own head with some hard and heavy
10:46:12langhaarrocker(I didn't even try with it)
10:46:34LinusNi'll set some dummy values for the sim
10:46:46Bagderwe're −−−−><−−−− this close to a set of only green builds in the table now
10:47:04Bagderlet's break something! ;-)
10:47:14LinusNok, ill wait with adding the patch then :-)
10:47:25Mightymake a script that comments out all lines generating warnings and them recompiles.. ;-)
10:47:50langhaarrockerI've some nasty code dumping around here, too ...
11:02:16LinusNlanghaarrocker: so setting a negative release time means "eternal"?
11:06:48LinusNlanghaarrocker: i see now, setting clip hold to 1s means eternal
11:06:59LinusNnot very obvious
11:07:24LinusNi see even more now, and i am still blind
11:07:26LinusNforget it
11:10:59 Join ajerome [0] (
11:11:31ajeromehello, i search the documentation to change font and lang file
11:11:54Zagorajerome: that's CVS code and not documented yet
11:12:00 Quit Mighty ("[BX] Man I'm *SLEEPY*!!!! My keyboard is slipping away!")
11:12:08Bagderbut not very hard to use ;-)
11:13:28langhaarrockerconcerning fonts: download the *.fnt files from and copy them to your .rockbox directory. Then you can "play" fonts from the browser.
11:13:58Bagderif you have a recorder
11:14:16Bagder(learned that yday, that we might need to point out that sometimes ;-)
11:14:23langhaarrockerOh I forgot again that there really are people that have players...
11:14:24ajeromethanxs, it works for player and recorder ?
11:14:49Bagderajerome: fonts work for recorders only, languages work on both
11:15:58ajeromeShit i have a player, for the lang file i create a .rockbox directory and "play" the french.lagng file ?
11:16:28Bagderthe .lng is the one meant for your archos
11:16:41ajeromeok i test it
11:16:42Bagderthe .lang one is the text version if you want to fiddle with the translations yourself
11:16:57bobTHCfrench ppl are i da place ;)
11:17:46ajeromeyes, there is a article here in french :,0,1,0,0.html
11:18:21ajeromeyour firmware is excellent, good job guy
11:19:17LinusNhe complains about the missing auto-poweroff
11:19:39LinusNthey like the mid-song resume
11:20:18Bagder"I just bought a jukebox yesterday (20gig recorder) and am wanting to put rockbox on it as it seems the way to go ;) "
11:21:06bobTHCuplang was update since yesterday ?
11:21:10Bagdernow, when will we get the first user that never runs the stock firmware before going rockbox? ;-)
11:21:40BagderbobTHC: no
11:22:30Bagdermarch 28 is the date of the first cvs files
11:22:34Bagder6 months tomorrow
11:23:12LinusNi don't think we'll make it till then
11:24:01langhaarrockerNice then I can make some new stuff for V1.4! Just to get the daily build more colorized.
11:24:28bobTHClinus : i'm agree with u diff - u is the best but not all know it so that's why i post explainations...
11:25:23LinusNi see
11:25:36 Part ajerome
11:27:08LinusNBagder: want a task?
11:27:33Bagdernot really, me do curl hacks atm
11:31:36LinusNlanghaarrocker: committed!
11:31:51*langhaarrocker jumps in joy
11:34:02LinusNnext is the backlight-when-charging patch
11:34:26LinusNand watching the red builds of course :-)
11:34:36BagderZagor: update the site with regard to the head.t
11:35:23Zagoryou changed it?
11:35:30LinusNi and bagder
11:35:48LinusNhow come it isn't automatic?
11:36:04Zagorbecause dependencies are a bitch
11:36:21Bagderthe sflogo is not working
11:36:55Bagderthere's a space
11:36:58Bagderin the src
11:37:05Zagori'll fix
11:38:04LinusNhow ugly
11:38:38LinusNmaybe we should use another logo
11:39:41Bagderbtw, I added us all to the patch tracker so that we can assign bugs to names if we want to
11:40:17Bagderbecause we weren't before
11:40:27LinusNbugs to names?
11:40:27Bagderassign patches to names I meant of course
11:40:35Bagderto users
11:42:55langhaarrockerLinusN: might you have forgotten to add peakmeter.c / peakmeter.h?
11:43:54langhaarrockerI like colours
11:46:15 Nick LinusN is now known as Linus|lunch (
11:49:03ZagorHes: taken the daily build for a bike ride lately?
11:51:07 Nick Linus|lunch is now known as LinusN (
11:51:21 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|lunch (
11:51:24bobTHCquick lunch !
11:51:32LinusNwaiting for zagor
11:52:39langhaarrockerHm. What would you eat? I'm still undecided.
11:53:48bobTHCif i were u langh : Wahlessen 1 ;)
11:54:55LinusNwahlessen 2
11:57:11langhaarrockerLuckily I will see the food before eating...
11:58:13bobTHC:) yes because in general faculty restaurant are really not good...
11:58:37bobTHCin france ..
11:59:23bobTHCbut i think it's internaltional...
12:00:10bobTHCgood appetit in all case ;)
12:00:26langhaarrockerour mensa is said to be quite good. (compared with others)
12:00:46bobTHCluckyboy !
12:03:53Bagderok, four green ones, the rest is red
12:05:23langhaarrockerI should have tried on other targets, too.
12:06:58 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|lunch (
12:08:39LinusNI'll fix after lunch
12:08:49 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lunch (
12:19:01Bagderme fix
12:19:14langhaarrockerI just was about to send the patch
12:19:30langhaarrockerBut I can't compile the sims -> I can't fix that
12:19:50BagderI think my fix work there too
12:22:09Bagderall-green now
12:22:21langhaarrockercan you make it blue, too?
12:22:54Bagderno... but yellow! ;-)
12:23:18langhaarrockerI don't believe that! Show me! :)
12:23:44BagderI think you have too little to do ;-)
12:24:42langhaarrockerHey, deciding what to eat is _difficult_
12:28:02HesZagor|lunch: Nope, not after the retry patch
12:28:11Hesit's been bloody cold here lately
12:29:07 Nick langhaarrocker is now known as langhaar|lunch (
12:31:42matsl|lunchBagder: Go some suggestions for simulator things that need fixing?
12:32:00Bagderthe player sim font
12:32:56matsl|lunchok. What about it?
12:33:32Bagderthat's the fonts we should use
12:33:50Bagderthey're copies of the actual fonts
12:34:13BagderI was thinking we could double the size though
12:35:38 Nick matsl|lunch is now known as matsl (
12:35:41Bagderthen, we could make lcd_define_pattern() work in the sim too
12:36:46matslisn't this what the font stuff is all about. writing the chars pixel by pixel?
12:37:15***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:37:22Bagderyes, in the sim
12:37:35Bagderbut lcd_define_pattern() doesn't work in the sim today
12:37:53matslthe old player-sim used some X-stuff for the chars didn't it?
12:38:08Bagderno, it's used the same approach all the time
12:38:17Bagderit uses the recorder's system
12:38:22Bagderwe can still do that
12:38:35Bagderjust change the built-in font
12:38:58matslok. I'd better look into the code to se how it is done then.
12:51:46 Part Bagder
12:52:28 Join kargatron [0] (
13:07:39 Join edx [0] (
13:09:40 Nick mem_away is now known as mem (
13:12:14 Nick LinusN|lunch is now known as LinusN (
13:36:10 Nick langhaar|lunch is now known as langhaarrocker (
13:37:08LinusNlanghaarrocker: your peak meter works great for recording as well
13:37:52LinusNone question: what is supposed to happen when clipping is detected?
13:38:55langhaarrockerEither you set a timeout or you enter the menu and pretend you change the timeout. That resets it, too. I didn't want to waste some key combs for such a rare feature.
13:39:10LinusNbut how can i see the clip?
13:39:34langhaarrockerAt the right end there pop up black squares which remain until reset.
13:39:48langhaarrockerPeak detection is lousy
13:39:54langhaarrockerclip detection.
13:40:24LinusNblack squares...
13:41:05langhaarrockerMaybe you noticed the peak meter doesn't use all the space on the lcd. The last 2 or three pixels are used to indicate clips
13:41:38kargatronjust make 'em red! :)
13:42:07langhaarrockerNo problem: just exchange the backlight lcd.
13:42:12LinusNlanghaarrocker: i can't see them
13:42:43LinusNi yell in the mic, and still no squares
13:43:02langhaarrockerThe meter is all black?
13:43:51LinusNyes, there is a vertical line at the extreme right, is that the squares?
13:44:15langhaarrockerNo, the squares appear behind the lines
13:44:43langhaarrockerCan I mail you an example mp3 that clips?
13:44:57LinusNof course not, i can't save the recordings
13:45:57langhaarrockerNo, _I_ have made a test mp3 that clips. I could mail it to you so you see how it's supposed to look like.
13:46:20LinusNsorry, i misread
13:46:45langhaarrockerwhat a pity that you can't send the file ;)
13:46:53langhaarrockerZagors fault.
13:48:01LinusNok, so two consecutive 0x7fff readings are considered a clip?
13:49:28langhaarrockerThe problem is without busy reading these readings are pretty meaninless.
13:49:50LinusNi think the peak_meter_read_x() functions are strange
13:50:28LinusNthey don't return what the comments say they do
13:50:33langhaarrockerYou see peak_meter_peek? They try to find a maximum.
13:50:45langhaarrockerThis maximum is reset by peak_meter_read_
13:51:07langhaarrockerBut I want the maximum to be returned.
13:51:57langhaarrockerWith a thread there would be many calls to peak_meter_peek and only occasionally a call to peak_meter_read_X
13:53:03 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-school (
13:58:03*langhaarrocker thinks LinusN died from yelling into the microphone.
14:00:21LinusNpeak_meter_read_l returns the old value of peak_meter, not the max value
14:00:51LinusNah, now i see
14:00:52langhaarrockerbut the meak_meter_l is the max value.
14:00:59LinusNi saw that
14:01:49LinusNso if i want to go bezerk, i just call peak_meter_peek() like crazy?
14:01:53 Join LWi [0] (
14:01:58 Quit LWi (Client Quit)
14:03:20langhaarrockerbut be careful: if you call "peak_meter_peek()" to loud it might clip... :)
14:05:39LinusNany reason why peak_meter_peek() is static?
14:06:01langhaarrockernot really. I used to call it from a thread defined in peakmeter.c
14:07:18LinusNyippie! it clipped!
14:07:32LinusNin bezerk mode
14:08:45langhaarrockerNow I think the hard part is to convince Zagor that we need a berzerk mode - at least for recording. But let's see how the system load will be first.
14:09:04LinusNno need for a separate thread for bezerk mode
14:09:11LinusNi do it in the recording loop
14:09:19langhaarrockerthat's fine for me.
14:09:36LinusNthat's why i export the peek() function
14:10:24langhaarrockermaybe you want to make it conditional with peak_meter_enabled.
14:10:35langhaarrockerSo the user can disable the peak meter if he wants to.
14:11:01LinusNthat is controlled in the recording loop
14:11:23LinusNso i can have my own flag for that, no need for a global flag
14:11:32langhaarrockererm yes. I still was thinkin berzerk thread.
14:11:55LinusNthe wps can go bezerk too
14:12:36langhaarrockernot really since it must detect user imput -> at least 1 tick
14:12:53LinusN1 tick?
14:13:12LinusNfor every false, peek()
14:13:23langhaarrockerNever thought of that.
14:13:25LinusNuse TIME_AFTER() for display updates
14:13:38LinusNthat's what i do in the recording mode
14:14:18langhaarrockerSo let's go berzerk.
14:15:16LinusNi have to go now
14:15:24langhaarrocker(I'll berzerk later must work now=
14:15:31LinusNno hurry
14:15:38 Part LinusN
14:26:14 Join TotMacher [0] (
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14:37:54 Join Mighty [0] (
14:39:00langhaarrockerYou say hello, I say good bye. :(
14:39:26 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
14:39:29 Join elinenbe [0] (~elin@
14:43:06MightyI have a few questions, 1. should lcd_update() be called each time something's been written to the display on both studio and recorder, even if it only was a lcd_puts(),,, 2. Is the lcd backlight automated on/off based on button presses/activity or does one have to handle the backlight manually,, 3. is the recorders displays fontsize (and thus X/Y charplacement) static so one can hardcode placement of messages or do I have to check current fontsize
15:13:01 Nick mem is now known as mem_away (
15:20:36 Join Bagder [0] (
15:26:35*Schnueff .. away
15:26:58elinenbeBagder is in the house!
15:27:01elinenbewoo hoo!
15:28:38 Join _Snorlax_ [0] (
15:38:51 Quit _Snorlax_ ("gittar ny!")
15:44:44matslIts Friday afternoon. Time for some other stuff. CU!
15:45:28 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
15:58:27 Quit TotMacher ()
16:01:08 Part Bagder
16:16:56 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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16:51:00elinenbebug: if I am using a small font in the tree
16:51:22elinenbebug: so that there are more then 8 lines on the screen, the cursor does not go all the way to the bottom
17:05:02 Join LWi [0] (
17:05:29 Quit LWi (Client Quit)
17:07:45 Quit adi|home ("Client Exiting")
17:07:48 Quit kargatron ("Suckers!")
17:09:06 Quit mecraw|dreaming (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:41:49 Quit Mighty ("BitchX: often imitated, never duplicated!")
17:42:49 Quit pyvasene ("Leaving...")
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17:46:38DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
17:47:19 Quit elinenbe ()
17:59:11 Quit mem_away ("----")
18:02:36bobTHCbye all time to think @ other things .... good weekend !
18:02:48 Part bobTHC
18:04:33dwihnoZagor|lunch: having a late lunch, are we? ;)
18:06:23 Nick Zagor|lunch is now known as Zagor (
18:06:28Zagorehm :)
18:10:10dwihnoJust a little thing
18:10:23dwihnoReading files off the disk should not care about their case
18:10:26dwihnoupper/lower etc.
18:10:53CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
18:10:53*dwihno is gonna eat pizza tonight
18:12:52dwihnoZagor: because windows makes the filenames really silly! :)
18:13:42Zagordwihno: you're right
18:14:06dwihnoZagor: and you should try the hamburgertallrik at wirströms in gamla stan too!
18:14:18dwihno(they have that icky irish beer stuff you guys drink too) :)
18:14:29Zagori just might :)
18:19:23dwihnoSome kind of public access WPS publishing thingy might be cool too :)
18:19:27dwihno(on the web)
18:19:35*dwihno = mr. idea man
18:24:56dwihnowant more ideas?
18:25:13dwihnoI'll implement my game tonight if I get the energy
18:25:27dwihnoAlthough it'll probably be a pain in the ass testing it directly on target all the time
18:25:33 Nick dwihno is now known as dw|pizza (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
18:25:33DBUGEnqueued KICK dw|pizza
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19:21:14 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|food (
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20:05:49 Join Django [0] (
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20:43:45 Nick dw|pizza is now known as dwihno (dwihno@Bald067.Baldakinen.Umea.SE)
20:43:45DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
20:47:09dwihnoZagor|food: you never do other stuff than eat ;)
20:50:28 Quit edx|off ()
21:37:15 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
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