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#rockbox log for 2002-09-28

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00:15:27can2002Hi, I'm a newbie to IRC, so apologies if I'm not following etiquette. I've just bought a JBR20 and would like to try out the Rockbox firmware. I saw the FAQ on the HD being locked out, but in device manager my HD is listed as a Hitachi, has anyone experienced the problem with that make?
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00:33:09PsycoXulcan2002: i don't know of anybody getting their HD locked by rockbox itself, or at least not recently
00:33:23PsycoXulcan2002: that all mainly happened with earlier expirimental stuff afaik
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00:40:44OkidokiHi, does anybody know how I repartition the hd with XP?
00:44:13can2002Thanks for the advice!
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01:47:51kreegeehmm, there's no center-tag for the wps?
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01:54:55kreegeehow is it possible to name a dir with a . at the beginning?
02:00:05kreegeeok, in win you need the command promt, that should be probably in the faq :P
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02:57:53Jbell73Hey −− Anyone out there... I had a quick question about the resume feature....
03:09:39hardeepJbel173: ask away
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09:37:39langhaarrockerIs there a standard ansi c function that reads a line from a text file?
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09:46:31dwihnoGood morning, langhaar
09:48:54langhaarrockerWeather looks wet -> no paragliding today :(
09:50:54dwihnoWeather looks dull -> spending the day coding on my rockbox game ;D
09:51:33dwihnoyou'll see :)
09:51:37dwihnoIt will be kickass :)
09:52:13dwihno(well, sortof) ;)
09:52:16adi|homeyou're making a game called kickass?
09:52:30langhaarrockerno, to messy
09:52:49langhaarrockerI might name it simply shooter.
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09:53:43langhaarrockerSomeone said he'd like to make a breakout clone. I thought it might have been you.
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09:54:09dwihnowas probably not me
09:55:16langhaarrockerThen we soon will need loadable modules. :)
09:58:31langhaarrockerOk, when you're making a game, someone else makes breakout, I'll delay the programming of any further games for a while.
09:59:01dwihnoWant to hear something funny?
09:59:13langhaarrockerdon't hesitate
09:59:23dwihnoI got a P4 laptop, which runs at 1.6GHz. When there's no power cord, it runs at 1.2 :)
09:59:46dwihnofunny huh?
09:59:58langhaarrockerMaybe we should do something similar with rockbox
10:00:34langhaarrockerpower cord -> berzerk peak meter
10:00:34langhaarrockerbattery -> unprecise meter
10:01:04dwihnoit looks pretty dumb when the peak meter is not updating fast enough
10:01:29langhaarrockerthe frame rate is the same though
10:01:44langhaarrockerIt's only more precise in berzerk mode
10:02:26dwihnowe need more FPS! :)
10:02:44langhaarrockerI've got it at 20 fps. That should be sufficiant.
10:02:56dwihnodoes it look good?
10:03:30langhaarrockerI think so, but that is my taste.
10:04:08langhaarrockerhigher frame rates don't make sense imho because the lcd is too slow.
10:04:10dwihnowhere do modify to use that framerate?
10:05:17langhaarrockerin wps.c, line 657
10:06:05langhaarrockerThere's a line
10:06:05langhaarrockerbutton = button_get_w_tmo(HZ / 20);
10:06:06dwihnohz / 20
10:06:36dwihnowhat value do you use?
10:06:47langhaarrockerHZ / 20
10:07:41dwihnothat's too slow :)
10:07:50dwihnohigher FPS! :D
10:07:54dwihnomore frames!
10:22:19dwihnofirmware (version 1.3) and noticed when I go into some of my
10:22:19dwihnolarger directories I get a message that says "Directory Buffer
10:22:19DBUGEnqueued KICK dwihno
10:22:19dwihnoFull". I have about 1,200 songs in one directory and
10:22:20dwihnosomewhere around 700 in the other. I assume the problem is
10:22:22dwihnofrom me having too many files in one directory. Can someone
10:22:27dwihno1200 files in a single dir!
10:23:36langhaarrockerhave a look at the faq. The limits are explained there.
10:23:56dwihnoI know
10:24:03dwihnoI just browsed the mailing list
10:24:20dwihno<−− is the no. 1 guy with excellently sorted dirs/files
10:29:11langhaarrockercu l8er
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13:06:45Triple-zwhos alive?
13:38:07dwihnoHow may I help?
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13:40:32quelsaruki have a *really* strange problem
13:40:38quelsarukdoes anyone use win2k?
13:41:35dwihnoMe do
13:41:50quelsaruki try to umount my jukebox
13:42:01quelsarukand windows says i can't do it right now
13:42:22dwihnolsof for win32 would be a great utility to list what program uses the disk ;)
13:42:29dwihnowell, what software is using the disk?
13:42:37dwihnoyou use winamp?
13:42:46quelsaruki have no apps ruming
13:42:54dwihnothat's really strange
13:42:56dwihnonot a single one?
13:42:58dwihnoCheck the task mgr
13:43:01quelsarukjust irc
13:43:06quelsaruki've checked
13:43:30dwihnohow strange
13:43:41quelsaruki know
13:43:52dwihnoI get that problem with winamp
13:44:15quelsarukthe problem is that i must go right now... and i don't want to leave my jukebox all weekend pluged to my computer
13:44:27dwihnolog out, log in
13:44:36quelsarukand if i unplug it unsafely.. for sure i will get problems
13:45:32quelsarukcan i log out without risk?
13:45:39dwihnoyou'll kill all apps
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13:46:37quelsarukit worked
13:46:41quelsarukthx dwihno
13:46:51quelsaruksee you next week!
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14:06:16Triple-zis there a record mp3 & queue play functions in rockbox yet?
14:07:44dwihnonot yet
14:07:50dwihnobut in the future, there shall be! :D
14:08:35kreegeedoes anybody of you use the default-wps feature?
14:08:47dwihnoCustom WPS's you mean?
14:08:48dwihnoI do
14:09:08Triple-zand can i see time left for a song while its playing?
14:09:27kreegeedefault.wps in the /.rockbox should be loaded at startup, but it doesn't do..
14:09:56dwihnokreegee: I have a feeling it's windows fucking the filename up - do you use windows?
14:10:10dwihnoTriple-z: with a custom WPS, that is fully possible
14:10:14Triple-zwps is the song display setting?
14:10:26Triple-zohh i see (im new to rockbox)
14:10:35kreegee %pr should be the left time...
14:11:51dwihnokreegee: you use custom wps?
14:12:15kreegeei do
14:12:19dwihnoAh :)
14:12:20kreegeei like it
14:12:29dwihnoTell me your configuration
14:12:45kreegeeARCHOS Jukebox Recorder 20
14:12:55dwihnoof the wps :)
14:13:49kreegee%s%in - %it
14:13:49DBUGEnqueued KICK kreegee
14:13:49kreegee %pc / %pt
14:14:02kreegeebut with some clear lines
14:14:17kreegee1. and 5. line are clear...
14:14:17Triple-zin the regular frimware when you hold play on some folder it lists it, can i to it here?
14:14:49dwihnoI really don't like ID3 tags, so I keep everything as flexible as possible
14:15:01dwihnoTriple-z: you will enter a folder when you press play, if that's what you mean
14:15:13kreegeewhat's wrong with id3-tags?
14:15:19Triple-zi mean
14:15:47Triple-zlets say i got a 2gb folder with a few subfolder in it
14:15:58kreegeehmm, but <dir>:\.rockbox\default.wps should be loaded at startup, not?
14:16:17kreegeewhat do you want to do with it?
14:16:28dwihnokreegee: I don't really like them. I prefer keeping the filenames in good shape :)
14:16:41kreegeeah, k
14:17:03Triple-zin the regular frimware i whould hold play i it will list the whole folder so i could hear it shuffle
14:17:48dwihnoTriple-z: well, automatic playlist building is delayed until file writing is done
14:18:06kreegeebut id3-tags has nothing to do with custom default.wps, not?
14:19:04dwihnokreegee: I think they do! If you don't keep id3-tags, you have to show your filenames instead :)
14:19:28kreegeei think you don't understand my problem ;)
14:19:53dwihnoI don't think I do :)
14:19:58CtcpIgnored 4 channel CTCP requests in 19 hours and 48 minutes at the last flood
14:19:58*dwihno scratches his head
14:20:06kreegeeif i restart the jukebox, it will display the standart wps, and i have to reload my custom wps-file..
14:20:25dwihnokreegee: well, name your wps file default.wps and put it in X:\.rockbox\
14:20:26kreegeeso i want to do a default.wps file, but it doesn't works...
14:20:30Triple-zanyone know the mp3cue plugin for winamp?
14:20:56kreegeedwihno, now you should get my problem, i have to reload the custom.wps too...
14:21:45dwihnokreegee: do you use wintendo?
14:22:10kreegeeyes ;)
14:22:23kreegeei had to create the .rockbox-dir with the command-promt...
14:22:39dwihnoand when you placed your file in the .rockbox folder, it wouldn't work?
14:22:54Triple-zyou guys hear live sets or mixed cd's in one big mp3 file with cue file?
14:23:20dwihnoTriple-z: nay, but check the mailing list for this issue, I think it has been spoken about earlier
14:23:34dwihnokreegee: do like this: start cmd-prompt, go to .rockbox
14:23:41dwihnomove default.wps something-really-really-long
14:23:50dwihnomove something-really-really-long default.wps
14:23:53dwihnoeject the unit
14:23:58Triple-zplugin that reads the info from the cue file whould be huge
14:24:27dwihnoTriple-z: in what way?
14:24:33dwihnoTriple-z: for winamp or for the rockbox?
14:25:18kreegeeI:\.rockbox>ren default.wps asdfasdfasdfasdf.wps
14:25:24kreegeeis that ok?
14:25:36dwihnotry that
14:25:43dwihnothen you rename it back to default.wps
14:25:44kreegeenow eject the unit...
14:26:08kreegeek, back-renamed...
14:27:40kreegeejukebox restarted...
14:27:54dwihnoWhich version do you use? 1.3 does NOT contain the WPS stuff, I think
14:28:14kreegeedoesn't works, i still have to load the .wps manualy..
14:28:43dwihnothat's really strange
14:28:52dwihnoEverything works perfectly for me.
14:29:43kreegeebtw. i can't startup the device while the "baterie charging" screen is displayed...
14:29:45dwihnoIt is most likely a upper/lowercase windows problem
14:30:07dwihno(which Zagor told me he would fix)
14:30:14kreegeecan be
14:31:26dwihnoyou can start the unit while charging.
14:31:33dwihnojust keep the button pressed (for a long while)
14:31:58kreegeebut i see the startup screen, and after completing, it falls back on the charging screen...
14:32:29Triple-z<dwihno> Triple-z: for winamp or for the rockbox? <=- for rockbox, winamp got that plugin (mp3cue)
14:33:11Triple-zafter i make a .wps file how i can view it?
14:33:20kreegee"play" it..
14:33:42Triple-zcan i check it with rockbox-1.2-recorder-sim.exe ?
14:33:45dwihnoTriple-z: the matter has been discussed earlier, although, since I'm not interested, I did not pay attention
14:33:52dwihnono, it's too old
14:34:04dwihnoyou need to use a fresh simu build
14:34:11kreegeebtw. what's the difference between the debug-builds and the normal ones
14:34:24dwihnokreegee: it contains "debug stuff" ? :)
14:34:37kreegeethe normal one does too
14:34:44dwihnomore testing code, exciting (potentially dangerous) stuff? dunno really.
14:34:59kreegeehmm, sounds 1337, i will try it ,)
14:37:35kreegeehmm, dammed, the "ROLO... Executing" screen should go longer than some seconds...
14:37:54Triple-z works ok?
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14:38:15kreegeebut you can also try the builds on the bottom on the page...
14:39:22Triple-zyou guys got some tips for the rockbox? i mean like shortcuts etc
14:39:48kreegeeF1-Down enables the hold function...
14:39:58kreegeeif you have the recorder
14:40:34dwihnoon+up/down enables pitching
14:40:49Triple-zsince what ver?
14:40:49dwihno(and yes, you CAN play the games while listening to music) ;)
14:41:00 Join Django [0] (
14:41:28kreegeebah, default.wps doesn't works for me... probably somebody from mailinglist has a idea...
14:41:32kreegeehi Django
14:41:49dwihnoTriple-z: dunno, for a while
14:41:51kreegeewith pressing on while playing the song you can browse the files...
14:43:15Triple-zwhen i turn on a wps file or fnt file (play it) it will always use it until i change?
14:47:11dwihnoalthough until you reboot ;)
14:47:17Triple-zi need to enable it every time?
14:48:12dwihnoname them default.fnt and default.wps and put them in X:\.rockbox
14:49:01Triple-zi didnt try to edit the source yet
14:49:12dwihnoyou don't have to
14:49:15dwihnojust do that to the files
14:49:51Triple-zk ill get the code
14:50:09dwihnowhat code?
14:50:17Triple-z this right?
14:50:29kreegeehmm, btw. default.fnt works, default.wps not :/
14:51:17dwihnokreegee: then it's probably the file naming... double check that
14:51:27dwihnoTriple-z: nah, 1.3 does not have fonts + custom wps
14:51:31dwihnoTriple-z: get a daily build
14:51:35dwihno(a fresh one)
14:52:03Triple-zafter i change some files in the Source code, how i make it a .ajz file?
14:53:17dwihnoGet CVS, get the GNUSH (or mingw) toolchain
14:53:22dwihnoI ment cygwin
14:53:35dwihnoyou need a compiler suite
14:54:34Triple-zwhere i can get it?
14:54:44DjangoSetting up a build environment is like a test. If you can't do that you then you shouldn't change the code :-)
14:55:11dwihnoTrue, true :)
14:55:49dwihnoTriple-z: Download the latest daily build - it will probably save you from a lot of headaches :)
14:55:51DjangoThe rockbox site has a short article on how to do the setup on windows.
14:55:56Triple-zi only wanna do a simple changes
14:56:03DjangoFinding this article is another test :-)
14:56:44dwihnoTriple-z: read the "Useful links for do-it-yourselfers" stuff
14:56:49DjangoIf you don#t insist on the latest features then just get the compiler and start with the version 1.3 source.
14:57:14dwihnoCVS is 10 times better than 1.3
14:57:32Triple-zi wanna change defult wps and defult fnt
14:57:51DjangoCVS ist 10 times better than rockbox 1.3?? Please explain ..
14:58:21DjangoThat doesn't require code changes.
14:58:38DjangoHave you created a /.rockbox dir?
14:59:39Triple-zohh i think i understand now
14:59:50*Triple-z is st00pad
15:00:14Django1. connect your archos to the pc
15:00:28Django2. start a "command prompt window"
15:00:44Django3. cd to the root dir of the archos.
15:00:58Django4. type md .rockbox
15:01:17Django5 rename your favourite font to default.fnt
15:01:44Django6. copy default.fnt do the /.rockbox dir on the archos.
15:01:49Triple-zand defult.wps also
15:01:52Django7. done
15:02:22Triple-zis there a txt file viewer yet?
15:02:32dwihnonot yet
15:02:34DjangoIn theory its the same with .wps but I haven't tried that yet.
15:02:49*dwihno uses both custom font + custom wps - works flawlessly
15:03:06dwihnoLet's have a contest - biggest custom .wps file wins ;D
15:03:31DjangoText file viewer is Notepad :-)
15:04:24Djangodwihno: is there something like a default.lang ?
15:04:30Triple-zand in rockbox?
15:04:44DjangoTriple: not yet
15:04:45dwihnoDjango: dunno, I just prefer using english since "I HATE having several languages" to keep track of :)
15:04:50dwihnoI always prefer english
15:05:17DjangoDwihno: same over here, although my name is Schröder
15:05:56Triple-zw00t cue file support soon
15:06:13Triple-zits keeps gettin better and better :P
15:06:21dwihnoDjango: Schröööder! Hast du vielleicht kartoffels im bauch? :)
15:07:11DjangoNo. No lunch yet. Ah, I'll go any check lunch state
15:07:41dwihnoreal estate
15:07:42DjangoThis "Visual IRC". How do I indicate that I am away ?
15:08:09dwihnoTake your character, wink his head and pull him away from the computer? :)
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16:41:22dwihno'tag, langhaar
16:41:52langhaarrockerhave you implemented your game yet?
16:45:19 Join gizz [0] (
16:45:42 Quit gizz (Client Quit)
16:45:49langhaarrockerI've started with the split editor. It was easier than I thought at first.
16:46:19langhaarrockerBut the hard things are still to do: find mp3 headers within the buffer.
16:49:18dwihnoI got stuck trying to perform ADO madness with mingw :)
16:49:36langhaarrockerI don't even know what ADO is.
16:49:46dwihnoNever learn :)
16:50:20dwihnoso how is the split editor progressing?
16:50:41dwihnoHowever, I settled for a (just-got-it-working-basic-model) ODBC thingy
16:51:06langhaarrockerFor the jukebox? ODBC?
16:51:28dwihnonah :)
16:51:30dwihnoprivate thing
16:51:46dwihnowhich might pay my wireless networking plans ;)
16:52:14langhaarrockerIs it really private then?
16:54:23dwihnountil I actually get something useful produced and have showed it to my customer who doesn't know they want it, yes :-)
16:54:52dwihnoand some odbc knowledge is always good
16:55:20langhaarrockerthat's right.
16:56:07dwihnoSo my plan is to develop an application they have wanted for 2 years and then sell it to them
16:56:16dwihnoFor a couple of thousand euros
16:56:27langhaarrockergood plan
16:57:06langhaarrockerIn the split editor I currently have a oscillograph, I can zoom in / out, move some kind of cursor around and I have three loop modes (loop to splitpoint, loop from splitpoint, loop over splitpoint)
16:58:46dwihnodon't tell me it's some kind of rockbox software you're writing :)
16:58:53dwihnoIn that case, I have to call the paramedics ;)
17:06:13dwihnolet me see :-)
17:06:18langhaarrockerOf cours it's for rockbox. Do you think the paramedics could help me detect mp3 frames?
17:07:34dwihnoyou're so sick :)
17:07:52langhaarrockerNo. Being sick on the keyboard is messy
17:07:57dwihnolanghaar ;)
17:10:05dwihnoso how do you debug the stuffs?
17:10:22langhaarrockerI don't. I don't have to. :)
17:10:39dwihnoof course you do :)
17:10:53langhaarrockerNo I bug things. I don't debug. :)
17:11:50dwihnohow does it look?
17:11:55dwihnoneat? :)
17:11:58langhaarrockerFor example in wormlet I had a lot of debug functions that didn't do anything but test the functions I needed.
17:12:51langhaarrockerThere's not much yet. Just the oscillograph with an inverted line that is used as curser and another inverted line that moves along with the current song position
17:13:22langhaarrockerOf course it's a static oscillograph, it doesn't scroll.
17:15:06langhaarrockerBut the difficult parts are still to do. Detect the frame borders and file writing....
17:24:20langhaarrockercu somewhen else.
17:24:37 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
17:24:47Triple-zis there queue play on the last built?
17:26:06 Nick django|away is now known as django (
17:26:34djangoTriple: what should queue play do?
17:28:29 Nick django is now known as django|food (
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