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#rockbox log for 2002-09-29

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01:21:42Alex^^somebody here?
01:21:49MightyI'm here :-)
01:22:09Alex^^i search a developer of the rockbox team..
01:22:20Mightybut I'm like manuel in faultytowers, i know 'noooouthing'
01:22:24Alex^^i would know if there are more games....
01:22:51Mightythe developed games are probably all in the cvs
01:23:05Alex^^in the future
01:23:11Alex^^will there be more games?
01:23:31Mightyi don't know, if someone has the time to develop them :-)
01:25:37Mightythe jb microswitches will get bad if you play too much on them :-))
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03:14:44xtacwhat do you guys use to transfer your music?
03:15:14xtacI used to just use drag and drop to f:\,but a friend notified me music match jukebox can do it through there program,but it's pretty useless
03:16:41xtacit can't even add dir's
03:17:57xtac8mins to transfer 950mb's
03:18:32xtacanyone know a program that can help me out?
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05:39:06Mightylinking fails when I use functions from dmalloc.h in the userspace software apps.. :-/
05:39:37PsycoXuli don't think we have/want malloc available for firmware
05:39:44adi|homedon't use malloc
05:39:49adi|homemalloc in firmware is bad
05:40:14adi|homeno.. he's not coding on this project
05:40:17adi|homewe don't like him
05:40:21Mightyok, I have to adjust
05:40:32adi|homewhy do you need to malloc space?
05:40:54MightyI don't actually, I'm just used to it
05:41:37adi|homeits a bad thing in firmware.. not needed
05:42:04Mightyif using str[blah] isn't that taking up space for the entire time a program execution thread is inside that one function?
05:42:41MightyI've allways thought it'd be a more memoryineffective thing to do so I've usually used malloc's where it's possible
05:43:02adi|homeim looking for the explaination that Zagor gave..
05:43:05adi|homebut the jist is this..
05:43:21adi|homemalloc is good when you have multi-programs/threads using the same memory..
05:43:25adi|homewe dont have that
05:43:34adi|homeso using it just adds unneeded complexity
05:44:42Mightymm, probably
05:48:18adi|homeah - ha.. found it
05:48:24adi|home Dynamic memory is only ever useful if you have memory consumers (tasks) that run at different points in time, and thus can reuse the same memory for different purposes.
05:48:24adi|homeWe don't have that
05:48:38adi|homeits actually regarding dir/file listings.. but the idea is still the same...
05:48:52adi|homesorry.. #48
05:49:53adi|homethat help?
05:52:25Mightyyeah I know one's supposed to use arrays when possible,, it's just me having a brainbug, I'm used to alloc :-)
05:54:43Mightyif you try to use a too big array the whole process will go down without any way to recover
06:17:16xtacxwhat do you guys use to transfer your music?
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07:04:20adi|homeMighty: what do you mean by a too big array?
07:23:15Mightyadi|home, it's just a brainbug I have.. :-)
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16:22:55mecraw1212morning, Zagor
16:23:11mecraw1212how's the weekend treating you?
16:23:39Zagorfairly good. have had a relaxed weekend, very little work.
16:27:31mecraw1212Good. All work and no play makes everyone dull.
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18:05:24DjangoZagor: Hi! I can't find the instructions for contributions. Can you give me a hint please?
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19:54:06langhaarrockerIn patch 616125 (settings_load_eq) is a function read_line
19:54:07langhaarrockerI think it is useful and should go into files.c / files.h
19:54:49langhaarrockerBut maybe it should be altered slightly. It returns a bool. I think it should return the number of chars read into the buffer or -1 if it failed.
19:55:46langhaarrockerAnd it doesn't check for multiple eol appearances like cr / lf
20:03:25langhaarrockerZagor: how is file writing going on?
20:03:29DjangoMoin moin
20:03:45Zagorlanghaarrocker: it's on the back burner until 1.4 is released
20:03:49DjangoLanghaar: noch da?
20:04:26langhaarrockerI need file writing because the gui for the split editor is almost finished :)
20:04:32DjangoHow do I send contributions?
20:04:47DjangoDo I need a login on sourceforge?
20:05:26langhaarrockerbut when uploading files don't forget to check the the checkbox.
20:05:48langhaarrockerit's labelled "Check to Upload and Attach a File: "
20:07:52DjangoThanks. By the way, apps/win32.mak includes lang.o twive in the link list.
20:08:20langhaarrockerprobably you ran some makefile in the apps dir.
20:08:26DjangoDoesn't make sense to make a diff for just one line.
20:09:19DjangoI am working on integrating a queue feature with the current build.
20:10:09DjangoHad it already working with v1.3.
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20:10:36langhaarrockerDjango: check if you have files language.h /language.c in your apps dir.
20:10:46langhaarrockerThey musn't be located there.
20:11:16langhaarrockerDelete them and rerun configure from your build dir and the duplicate lang.o files should be gone.
20:11:32langhaarrockerI mistyped
20:11:49langhaarrockerI mean lang.h, lang.c mustn't be in apps
20:12:45DjangoPlease take a look at apps/win32.mak. On line 84 there is 'OBJS' defined. It references lang.o and then all .o so you get lang.o twice.
20:13:20Django... and the linker complains about multiple def.
20:14:12DjangoWell, why is lang.c then created in apps?
20:14:28Django... and where should they be?
20:16:01langhaarrockerUsually you make your build dir parallel to apps and run tools/configure in it. That makes a new makefile. And that is the makefile you should use.
20:17:02langhaarrockerBut I must admit that it requires linux or cygwin.
20:17:06DjangoCan't do that. Configure is a shell script.
20:17:29langhaarrockerI haven't compiled without cygwin yet.
20:17:36langhaarrockerCan't help on that topic
20:17:56DjangoI don't have the foggiest what cygwin is.
20:18:19langhaarrockercygwin is something like unix for windows
20:18:20DjangoI just remove the extra reference do lang.o and the problem is gone.
20:18:37langhaarrockerIf it works -> no problem :)
20:19:33DjangoDid you do the peak meter ?
20:19:57langhaarrockerIt lacks of dBfs scale
20:20:06langhaarrockerAnd I'm to stupid for that.
20:20:11DjangoWith the 5x7 font I get both the status line and the peak meter.
20:20:44langhaarrockerWith the default font and default wps you can have the peak meter by disabling the status bar :)
20:21:21DjangoI think the progress bar should be one pixel narrower, that is descend one picel less. Almost touches the peak meter.
20:21:46DjangoBut I WANT the status bar.
20:22:03langhaarrockerMe too.
20:22:36langhaarrockerBoth, the progress bar and the peak meter have the height of the current font.
20:23:12langhaarrockerBut I have the berzerk mode!
20:23:16DjangoHave you tried to make the bar height one pixel less?
20:23:31DjangoBerzerk mode??
20:24:08langhaarrockerIt reads out ~20 values between updates -> higher precision -> detects peaks / clips _much_ better.
20:24:59DjangoI see. Have to go now. Today is my birthday and I better go upstairs to see if somebody wants to congratulate :-)
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20:41:32langhaarrockerwhat is that bitswap good for?
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22:02:53Mode"#rockbox +n " by
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23:15:23langhaarrockerare there any plans to correct the id3->elapsed time info when the pitch is changed?
23:30:34Zagorlanghaarrocker: no
23:31:34langhaarrockerSo I must do that myself :)
23:31:57Zagordo you have an idea that will work?
23:32:25langhaarrockerI have no idea at all. Don't even know how the elapsed time is calculated right now.
23:33:27Zagorit's simply using the actual elapsed time since playing started
23:34:03langhaarrockerHrgh. Then I must keep track of the last pitch change...
23:34:42Zagorit gets rather messy
23:35:31langhaarrockerIs that the reason why nobody dared to touch that thing yet?
23:38:41langhaarrockerAnother real question: I want to find the nearest mp3 frame to a point in time. I thought about scanning mp3buf. But then I read something called bitswap. Is the data in mp3buf scrabled in some way?
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23:53:27Zagorlanghaarrocker: yep, it's bitswapped. the reason is that the sh-1 and the MAS are not really compatible. the mas expect LSB first serial data while the sh-1 sends MSB (or vice versa). so we need to swap every single mp3 data byte...
23:55:38Zagorthis is one of those Fun Things You Didn't Want To Know About Archos :)
23:56:20langhaarrockerBut that shouldn't concern my problem: I can adjust my search pattern.
23:56:38langhaarrockerHm. not really since its a bit stream and not a byte stream. :(
23:57:01Zagornot really. frames are always byte aligned.
23:57:11langhaarrockergood news :)

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