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#rockbox log for 2002-09-30

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00:03:07langhaarrockercu somewhen else
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01:02:10adi|homeZagor you still around?
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01:09:31adi|homek.. can you do me a favor..
01:09:43adi|homesend me a better copy of the Haxx logo then is on the website
01:23:10Zagori don't have it, bagder or linus does I think.
01:23:29Zagori'm off to bed. bye!
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07:49:09rwoodLinusN: do you know if any routines will read the disk into a buffer starting on an odd address?
07:49:43LinusNyes, the mp3 data
07:50:14LinusNcan searcho to an odd byte, and also load to odd addresses
07:50:43LinusNto prevent gaps between tracks
07:50:53rwoodthat is really slow 2.28us vs 1.44us for even word addresses - using C routines
07:52:18rwoodi have the even routine down to 1.08us 25% time reduction - i think that translates to about .25 seconds per mp3 buffer assuming around 1.5 Mb per reload
07:53:34rwoodusing inline asm - if i list my temp registers in the clobbered register section, i don't have to save/restore?
07:54:51adi|homeLinusN: can you do me a favor and send me a copy of the Haxx logo?
07:54:54rwoodi can bet the odd down to about 1.5us per word - the swapping is a real hairball
07:55:31LinusNi think you should declare a temp variable and pass it as an argument, that way you let the compiler take care of the register allocation
07:56:28LinusNyou can declare input register constraints "r+" to use the input register as temp storage
07:57:45LinusNno, the swapping isn't nice
07:59:32rwoodi'm still fuzzy on the constraints format, i'll work it out. the time savings isn't that great, but it will save power/batteries - do you think it is worth the effort?
07:59:57LinusNnot sure
08:00:14LinusNC code is still easier to understand and maintain
08:00:51rwoodthe even address is very straight forward
08:01:41rwoodthe odd address is not pretty
08:02:06LinusNi agree. can we make it prettier?
08:04:28rwoodi'm working on it - i save the 1st byte then switch to word stores and switch back to byte for the last byte - the byte placement is completely wrong to make it efficient
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08:06:08rwoodhigh byte/low byte and which bytes want to end up next to each other for a word store
08:10:55rwoodi'll work it out, send it in, and let zagor decide if he likes it
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08:19:54LinusNyo Bagder!
08:20:51rwoodthere isn't an example of r+ in the online docs that i have found, or in the rockbox code. if the format "r+" as a place holder then %x to reference it?
08:22:15LinusNrwood: thread.c
08:23:17LinusNi use the register to save the regs, and then as a temp reg for the PR
08:28:07rwoodthanks, i think i see how to do it
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08:48:37bobTHCgood morning all !!!!!
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09:02:25LinusNi am trying to debug the remote control code
09:02:42Bagderany fun? ;-)
09:03:01LinusNto see why we have problems with cassette adapters and insertion/extraction of ear plugs
09:03:19LinusNpeople claim that the archos original fw handles it well
09:03:39LinusNwell, maybe they just didn't try it... :-)
09:04:24adi|homeokay.. bagder/linus
09:04:26LinusNi jiggled the ear plug connector while playing and the archos froze completely! :-)
09:04:31adi|homeim running 2.4.18
09:04:38adi|homeand installed a belkin usb2 card
09:04:44adi|homebut my system isn't finding it on boot...
09:04:45LinusNoh, i run the latest daily build
09:04:56adi|homelest kudzu isn't saying anything
09:05:22Bagderadi|home: have you applied the usb2 patch?
09:05:41adi|homeusb2 patch?
09:05:52adi|homedoh.. sorry.. typo
09:05:53Bagderyeah, 2.4.18 needs a patch you grok usb2
09:06:19adi|homehow can i see if the card is actually being found?
09:07:06adi|homeare you using the belkin card?
09:07:21adi|homemy old usb plug is showing up.
09:07:30adi|homenamely the ones on the motherboard
09:07:42adi|home00:04.2 USB Controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. UHCI USB (rev 11)
09:07:58Bagderand no other?
09:08:01Bagder00:0c.0 USB Controller: NEC Corporation USB (rev 41)
09:08:59LinusNadi|home: how do you load the ehci-usb driver?
09:09:11adi|homeits part of the kernel
09:09:12Bagderit should find it before it tries to use the module
09:09:17adi|homeim too lazy to futz with modules
09:09:42BagderI couldn't get my stuff to work properly without using modules
09:09:46adi|homeunless i screwed the config up...
09:09:49LinusNme neither
09:09:49adi|homegrr... okay...
09:10:01Bagderbut lspci should still detect the card
09:10:11adi|homeanyone feel like offering me a url to how to make use of modules or walk me through it?
09:10:25adi|homehmm... maybe a bad port?
09:11:59Bagderadi|home: making modules is just a matter of setting 'm' in the kernel config, then 'make modules' and 'make modules_install'
09:12:09adi|homegot ya..
09:12:24Bagderthen, have the archos connected before you load the module
09:16:50adi|homewhich uhci am i to use?
09:17:28Bagderthen usb-storage
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09:28:35bobTHCwhat the deal with the id: LANG_HIDDEN... in english.lang ?
09:29:15bobTHCno more string to translate ?
09:29:25LinusNi think those are obsolete strings
09:29:34bobTHCeng: "" ?
09:30:01LinusNyes, if we remove it the id's change, and we don't want that
09:30:02bobTHCwhat i do? i clear the new: " " too ?
09:30:13LinusNyou don't translate it
09:31:39LinusNthe serial interface must be polled
09:32:02LinusNotherwise we get an Rx ERR interrupt every 10 bits
09:32:13LinusNthat's every millisecond!
09:32:33LinusNsorry, 10ms
09:32:47LinusNno, 1ms
09:33:32LinusNthe downside is that we need a polling interrupt at the same frequency :-)
09:34:33LinusNwe may need a different approcah for the remote control
09:34:59LinusNfor instance, i don't think the remote can send faster than every 10ms
09:35:03CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
09:35:03*bobTHC have commit francais.lang
09:36:04LinusNso we can probably poll every 10ms and don't miss any characters
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09:51:30*Bagder added a bunch of categories to the patch tracker
09:54:09LinusNshould there be any priority between the remote control and the keypad?
09:54:50Bagderlike in what case?
09:55:28LinusNwhen fiddling with the remote and the keypad at the same time
09:56:10LinusNand should we send BUTTON_RELEASE events for every remote button press?
09:56:27Bagderno idea
09:56:33LinusNi think we should
09:56:42LinusNfor compatibility
09:57:02LinusNtwo events for every keypress
09:57:21LinusNbut we don't do it today, so i should probably wait until post 1.4 for that
09:58:01LinusNi'll just add the polling to the button handler
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10:04:14adi|homehey Zagor
10:04:14adi|homethat was a short sleep
10:08:27Zagornah, almost 8 hours :-)
10:28:02LinusNthe remote control code is becoming trickier and trickier...
10:28:31 Part LinusN
10:28:32ZagorLinusN: why?
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10:29:46ZagorLinusN: why?
10:30:31LinusNthe receiver gives framing errors everi ms when ordinary headphones are attached (grounded rx pin)
10:30:47Zagoroh. fun...
10:31:26LinusNindeed, an interrupt every millisecond
10:31:39LinusNi am changing now, t poll in the button driver
10:32:11LinusNthe remote won't send faster that 1/HZ anyway
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10:53:33LinusNok, the remote control code is much more stable now
10:55:30 Join edx [0] (~edx@
10:55:51LinusNi urge all remote control owners to try the new code
11:10:19LinusNi'm thinking about the recording UI
11:10:36LinusNall those settings for sampling rate, quality, stereo/mono...
11:10:57LinusNshould those be ordinary settings, or some fast-menus in the recording screen?
11:12:02Zagorboth, probably. default settings in the menu and then possible to adjust in the recording screen.
11:15:52LinusNmaybe we should pre-release the recording code without disk saving, just to get a head start on the UI?
11:16:24LinusNin the debug menu
11:16:28LinusNor something
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11:51:11notchwas the serial remote code causing some people problems?
11:55:17Zagoryes, it was sending bogus key events
12:05:14 Quit edx ()
12:09:01notchmmnn bugger...never had a problem myself. Guess I should have make it more robust...
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12:15:35notchAnyone know how may Archos devices there are out there?
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13:09:26Bagdernotch: I don't think that info is public
13:32:09mem_Bagder: I'll get my recorder tomorrow afternoon
13:33:45Bagderso, you setup your crosscompiler yet? B)
13:33:47mem_I'm really looking forward to that. I have a 12 GB DLT backup that I could restore directly to the Recorder...
13:34:02Bagderyou have usb2?
13:34:26mem_no, I haven't setup my compiler. Haven't had thet time. Just bought a house in Norrtälje...
13:34:48mem_I don't know if I have USB2
13:35:27mem_Is there a easy way to know if it is USB or USB2 in the computer?
13:36:01BagderI don't know
13:36:30HesLoad the ehci-hcd module, it'll tell you in dmesg if it finds the device...
13:37:30mem_Hes: okay, thanks
13:37:59 Nick LinusN|lunch is now known as LinusN (
13:41:06 Part LinusN
13:41:30mem_Hes: I don't see any text about USB2 but usb-uhci says "High bandwidth mode enabled"
13:42:04mem_Hes, Bagder: This is my office computer, has to check the machine at home too
13:43:22Bagderwhat usb controller is it?
13:43:33Bagderas shown by 'lspci'
13:45:48mem_Bagder: The office machine has a "VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82C586B USB (rev 10)" controller
13:46:01Bagder00:04.2 USB Controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82C586B USB (rev 08)
13:46:09Bagderthat's my 1.1 one
13:46:27Bagderthe 2.0 is almost exclusively NEC ones
13:46:45mem_Bagder: So I have to hope that my machine at home has USB2 then...
13:47:04Bagdera separate usb2 card is cheap enough otherwise
13:47:28mem_Bagder: Okay, and if I remember correctly I have a VIA motherboard at home too :-(
13:47:33Bagderbut usb2 isn't in the linux kernel before 2.4.19
13:48:43mem_Bagder: Okay. I'm still running 2.2.xx. I haven't done much about my machines lately. Most time spent on playing with OpenBSD...
13:49:14Bagdercaveman! ;-)
13:50:20mem_And OpenBSD don't have support for the latest hardware... But rock solid, which is good for a caveman :-)
14:19:35matslBagder: any progress on the uisimulator since friday or is it just for me to jump in?
14:20:30BagderI haven't touched anything there
14:20:37Bagdergo go go :-)
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15:28:45 Part Bagder
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16:12:41 Join calpefrosch [0] (~calpefros@
16:14:13calpefroschi have a problem building the simulator under linux, can u help me ?
16:15:17bobTHCouch.. I never use the sim sorry..
16:15:59calpefroschmaybe anybody else, i get a lot if warnings and one error in the lang.c - file, do you know ?
16:16:16Zagorcalpefrosch: how did you try building?
16:16:50calpefroschlike in the docs/uisimulator described
16:17:00calpefroschwith make
16:18:28Zagorin a separate target dir?
16:20:10Zagorand what errors do you get?
16:20:13calpefroschok, I tried language "Deutsch", with english I get another error
16:20:28calpefroscherror : ../../tools/convbdf: Command not found
16:20:47Zagoryou need to run make in the tools dir first
16:21:23calpefroschok, I see. It is seperated..
16:22:16calpefroschknow it is working. many tnx
16:22:22Zagorok, good
16:22:40calpefroschbut, should i try to build the german version ?
16:22:46calpefroschmaybe there is a problem ?
16:22:48Zagoryou can if you want
16:22:53Zagorit should work
16:23:33calpefroschno, is doesn't. here the error:
16:24:14calpefrosch"/usr/src/cvs/build-dir/lang.c:4: warning: array `language_strings' assumed to have one element
16:24:14calpefroschmake[1]: *** [/usr/src/cvs/build-dir/lang.o] Error 1
16:24:14calpefroschmake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/cvs/uisimulator/x11'
16:24:14DBUGEnqueued KICK calpefrosch
16:24:14calpefroschmake: *** [sim] Error 2
16:25:50Zagorah, right. the string '[Song Nr.]' has no closing quote
16:25:57Zagorerror in the deutsch.lang file
16:26:12calpefroschok, du you fix it
16:27:02 Part calpefrosch
16:29:40bobTHCsorry (crazy keyboard)...
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16:59:41matslZagor: whats the relation between font definition and pattern definition for player. Seems to be rotated?
16:59:44 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
17:00:44`frogjust wondering if I can get some help with installation?
17:00:54langhaarrockerof what?
17:01:06Zagormatsl: yes, patterns are row-by-row. fonts are column-by-column. i think.
17:01:20matsldo we have any built in conversion function?
17:01:42`frogI've got a jb6000 and put archos.mod in the root (deleting the original) but it just boots up to the ROM firmware- why?
17:01:59Zagormatsl: no. we don't share data for players and recorders
17:02:12Zagor`frog: good question
17:02:17langhaarrockerIt first boots the rom firmware and then it should load rockbox
17:02:35matslZagor: in th uisimulator we do ;-)
17:02:46Zagormatsl: ah, right
17:03:01matslok. I'll roll my own.
17:04:06langhaarrocker'frog: If not you
17:04:06langhaarrocker1) misspelled the archos.mod
17:04:06langhaarrocker2) put it somewhere wrong
17:04:06DBUGEnqueued KICK langhaarrocker
17:04:06langhaarrocker3) have a strangly broken device
17:04:32`frogjust have it returned from archos...
17:04:38CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 39 minutes and 52 seconds at the last flood
17:04:38*`frog rechecks spelling...
17:05:18`frogspelling is fine
17:05:38langhaarrockerand it is in the root of the drive?
17:06:00`frogits in f:\
17:06:26langhaarrockerThen I have no idea
17:08:22langhaarrockerYou're sure you don't accidently have a recorder? :)
17:09:16`frogI wish
17:10:31langhaarrockerWhat does the jukebox do when it's feed with a broken rockbox file?
17:12:25 Join frog [0] (
17:13:02frogwill it help if it try reformatting the drive?
17:13:15langhaarrockerI doubt.
17:13:32langhaarrockerHave you tried different original archos firmware files?
17:14:38frog I have previously updated the firmware
17:15:03frogshall I try doing that again
17:15:10langhaarrockerIf that worked there's no reason why rockbox doesn't
17:15:53frogI'll try updating it with the archos firmware to see if that works now
17:19:31 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
17:19:58langhaarrockerI must go now
17:20:12 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
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17:28:07mem_time to go home, CU
17:28:24 Part mem_ ("leave")
17:30:31 Quit `frog (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:31:32froganybody about?
17:36:34 Quit notch ()
17:38:59 Quit frog ()
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18:14:56 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
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18:56:54 Join elinenbe [0] (~elin@
18:57:32elinenbethe page up/down patch is the best thing to happen to the jukebox since it came out!
19:20:44 Nick edx is now known as edx|eats (
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19:56:40 Quit elinenbe ()
20:13:47 Join elinenbe [0] (~elin@
20:25:28elinenbehey, maybe someone here can help me. Where is the bootlog stored in linux?
20:26:09elinenbeBagder: thanks.
20:26:21elinenbeBagder: I like reading them while I am on the toilet
20:26:54elinenbeI print them out in 4pt text too. I hate wasting paper, but it kills my eyes.
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20:39:20elinenbeZagor and Bagder disagree yet again... whoo hoo!
20:39:30elinenbesybling rivalry
20:40:14elinenbecommit the txt viewer patch :)
20:40:16elinenbethat is fun!
20:40:39BagderI want to check the code first
20:41:02Bagderyou tried it on target?
20:44:10elinenbeI haven't −− my cygwin died a quick death. I have to reconfigure everything first
20:44:15elinenbeI'll get to it later today.
20:44:20elinenbework is pretty busy
20:44:59elinenbewell, if you get around to committing it, then give a holler. I would love to try it out.
20:45:10BagderI'll let you know
20:45:24elinenbeI do like the pg up/down patch −− very nice for those directories with 1000+ files ;)
20:46:22BagderI haven't tried that one yet ;-)
20:52:09*Bagder builds with the text viewer
21:03:17Bagderlooks good
21:03:25elinenbesounds exciting.
21:03:34BagderI'm gonna commit this
21:03:51elinenbegreat. I'll download the latest build in 20 min or so...
21:04:04elinenbecan you DCC?
21:04:47elinenbecould you email the build to elinenbe at
21:05:09elinenbethat would be ad Bill & Ted say "most excellent dude!"
21:06:01Bagderfreshly built
21:08:51elinenbeit is great.
21:09:00Bagderits really neat
21:09:07BagderI'd like a word-wrap option though
21:09:27elinenbecould use pg up/down/left/right
21:09:40elinenbeneeds an icon!
21:09:46Bagderah, right
21:11:32elinenbealmost done resizing my partitions!
21:13:33elinenbethe text viewer is exceptionally cool with large or small fonts.
21:16:24 Join frog [0] (
21:18:40frogis there a way to shuffle between directories?
21:18:54Bagderonly with playlists so far
21:19:05frogok thanks
21:22:16 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
21:33:28 Quit frog (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:36:50 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:53:08 Part Bagder
22:02:33 Join regin [0] (
22:02:57reginhow does one install fonts- I've put them in a folder but they don't come up on the screen of my jb6k
22:03:21langhaarrockertry to "play" them with your browser
22:03:40reginwhen I goto the folder - its empty
22:04:01 Nick Zagor|away is now known as Zagor (
22:04:01langhaarrockerHit F2 and select not to filter the dir
22:04:10Zagorregin: only recorders support fonts
22:04:19reginaha ok thanks
22:04:34*regin was looking forward to the games aswell ;)
22:04:47langhaarrockeronly for recorders :(
22:05:09reginmight have to upgrade sometime
22:05:12reginjust gotta find the cash
22:06:02langhaarrockerZagor: btw - these fonts are another feature that are needed as much as user assignable keys :)
22:06:27Zagorlanghaarrocker: yup. but they're a lot easier to implement, so someone did
22:07:30langhaarrockerseems I have to be the someone to break the ground for key assignment. But that's what I expected.
22:09:31 Quit regin ()
22:10:41langhaarrockerI thought about the elapsed time problem with changed pitch and read something in the MAS docu about a frame counter. But it seems that it resets itself frequently. The docu says that this happens when it receives sick data. Can that be the reason?
22:11:18langhaarrockerI don't believe all my mp3s contain so much rubbish
22:11:29Zagorthe frame counter is not very useful anyway since frames can be of different length
22:13:46 Join quique [0] (
22:13:56langhaarrockerI know. But the mas also provides some header info of the frame. Thus the overkill idea was wether we can catch all those infos and sum it up. Yes I know it's not a good idea, but it is one. :(
22:14:50langhaarrockerEspecially lacking of connected SYNC pins.
22:14:54quiqueHello everyone, just dropped by here to ask a possibly stupid question (not in the faq yet)
22:15:02Zagorquique: shoot
22:15:15*langhaarrocker ducking again
22:15:25quiqueI want to compile rockbox with the spanish.lng messages
22:15:57langhaarrockerInstall cygwin, the sh1 compiler, run configure -> voila
22:16:05quiquewhat is what I am supposed to do ? i saw that there is not build time setting
22:16:12quiqueI do have sh1 cross compiler working ok
22:16:21quiqueI have been compiling rockbox since quite a while now
22:16:23Zagorquique: it's simpler to just download espanol.lng and copy it to /.rockbox/default.lng
22:16:26quiqueunder linux
22:16:34quiquethanks zagor
22:17:17quiquewhen you mean /rockbox/default.lng you mean the root of the rockbox distribution , so cd firmware/.. , right ?
22:17:32langhaarrockeror edit the generated makefile and replace the LANGUAGE=english with your preferred lang
22:17:50quiqueso there is a compile time setting, thanks guys
22:18:15Zagorquique: you are using tools/configure, right?
22:19:32quiquewow, no I just did :)
22:19:32quiquethis is new to me
22:19:48quiqueI have been using the same old Makefile for a while now , haha
22:19:53Zagorboo :-)
22:20:11langhaarrockerI couldn't live without tools/configure any more.
22:22:52quiquetools/configure should be able to add /usr/local/sh1/bin to my PATH
22:24:22langhaarrockerI put
22:24:23langhaarrockerexport PATH="${PATH}:/home/perterm/sh1/bin"
22:24:23langhaarrockerinto my .bashrc That helped
22:24:25Zagorquique: no it can't. a child process cannot change the environment for its parent
22:24:56quiqueyep yep, but the CC can be defined with a full path in the Makefile
22:25:57Zagoryeah, it could
22:26:28langhaarrockeris /usr/local the normal place to install sh1 to?
22:26:30quiquedo you want detailled specs ?
22:26:50Zagorlanghaarrocker: yes
22:26:57Zagorquique: ?
22:27:31quiqueI mean functional specs , how configure should find the correct path for sh-gcc
22:27:36quiquejust joking
22:28:58 Join elinenbe [0] (~elin@
22:29:32elinenbe can be updated now.
22:29:43quiqueconfigure failed to create lang.c and lang.h , I had to run genlan manually
22:29:58elinenbea few of the things there have been completed
22:30:01quiquejust checking why
22:37:39quiqueoh, configure didnt run genlan, ok
22:37:43quiqueall: firmware apps lang
22:37:43quiquelanghaarrocker: lang.c lang.h
22:37:43quique tools/genlang tools/language/$(LANGUAGE).lng
22:38:06Zagorquique: configure is not supposed to run that. apps/Makefile does it
22:38:13quiqueoh my god
22:38:53quiquestill has LANGUAGE=english
22:39:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:39:28elinenbethe wind today feels like 1.4 is on the way
22:39:30langhaarrockerdoes configure change apps/Makefile?
22:40:05Zagorquique: that is overridden by your build/Makefile
22:40:18Zagorlanghaarrocker: no, but it passes parameters to it
22:41:33elinenbeI think 1.4 will blow most people away.
22:41:36quiquethe messages are compiled in the archos.mod right ? so I am not supposed to add any additional file to my jukebox besides archos.mod, right ?
22:41:45elinenbethere should be a feature lock today.
22:41:49elinenbeonly bug fixes.
22:42:10Zagorquique: the ones you compile-in are compiled in. you can load other languages runtime.
22:42:15elinenbelanghaarrocker: I thought the old peak meter looked much better then the current one.
22:42:41Zagorelinenbe: we pretty much have that. but the text viewer was so simple (and wanted) that we slipped it in anyway
22:42:49elinenbelanghaarrocker: maybe it was my font.
22:43:10langhaarrockerThe font only changes the height of the meter.
22:43:20elinenbeZagor: implenet page up/down/left/right for the text viewer and that would make the box really rock
22:44:00elinenbelanghaarrocker: it looks worse with smalltalkmonofont
22:44:09elinenbethat font is too small for it.
22:44:19elinenbeit looks great with the current font however.
22:44:34Zagorelinenbe: right, pgup/pgdn should be in it
22:45:36quiqueawsome ! rockbox speaks spanish !
22:45:47elinenbeZagor: I think stuff like quickmenus should be fixed to default font.
22:46:08Zagorelinenbe: yes, i agree.
22:47:37elinenbeeverything needs to be check with largest max font and smallest avaible font too.
22:48:16elinenbeI am writing my own superblocks to my drive.
22:48:31langhaarrockerIn large fonts?
22:49:08elinenbelanghaarrocker: on my linux box.
22:49:25langhaarrockerWhat do you store there?
22:52:47elinenbelanghaarrocker: I do all my finite element analysis there.
22:53:05 Nick edx|eats is now known as edx (
22:53:32langhaarrockerOk, I won't even ask.
22:55:19langhaarrockerText browser is cool. When will it understand html? :)
22:58:03quiquethe font for the Player modern LCD is the 6x9 and that doesnt contain asc > 127 , is that correct ?
22:58:54Zagorquique: it contains >127, but they are not iso8859-1
22:59:51quiqueI see. is 6x10 8859-1 ?
23:00:14quiqueyes it is.
23:00:19langhaarrockergotta sleep. cu
23:00:36 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
23:11:15 Join minute [0] (
23:11:26minutecan anybody help a newbie?
23:12:12 Join Django [0] (
23:12:21minutehelo django
23:12:29Djangohi minute
23:12:41minutecan you help me on my new archos?
23:12:55Djangomaybe, try :-)
23:13:05Djangowhat model?
23:13:05minuteim a mac user
23:13:22DjangoAh, what is a mac?
23:13:24minuteit the recorder 20
23:13:44DjangoIs this a mac question or an archos question?
23:13:53minuteboth :)
23:13:59DjangoGo ahead
23:14:13minutewell, its delievered with a usb 2.0 cable
23:14:23minutecan i plug that in just like that?
23:14:35minutecuz my imac just has a usb 1.0 device
23:14:44Zagorminute: the cables are the same
23:15:02Djangoyes, and usb 2.0 is backward compatible.
23:15:06minuteor dodo i need a device or something?
23:15:17minutelike what?
23:15:17Zagorminute: just plug it in
23:15:21minutei did
23:15:38minuteon the package it says i need usb manager 1.2
23:15:59minutebut thats included in mac os 9,1
23:16:12minuteit drives me crazy
23:16:42Zagorminute: so you're saying it doesn't work?
23:16:48minuteyes indeed
23:17:00minutetheres no mounting up
23:17:07Djangominute: sorry, never seen an imac. i'm out.
23:17:16minuteit just shows the usb sign on the archos
23:17:41minutedjango, dont be so disrespective ;)
23:17:52minutewe mac-users are humans too
23:18:12Djangothis is germany. I don't know anybody who has a mac.
23:18:12Zagorwhich macos do you have?
23:18:35minutegermany? here is switzerland
23:18:37Djangodid I say something wrong?
23:18:42minuteiv got 9.1
23:19:23minutethink i need to update to 9.2?
23:20:06Zagori don't know. i've never used a mac either :-)
23:20:34Djangominute: seems you are on your own.
23:21:05DjangoI've heard there are many Cadillacs in Switzerland? True?
23:21:11Zagorminute: join the archosjukebox6000 group on there has to be more mac users there.
23:21:23minutemy boss has a cadillac
23:21:35minutei joined that group
23:22:01minutetheres also a good forum just for mac users, but no help
23:22:13minutei think i have to throw my archos away
23:22:25DjangoStrange. Do you have other usb devices?
23:22:41minutea cd burner
23:22:48minuteand a digicam
23:23:02DjangoAh well, what about keep the archos and throwing the ma....
23:23:04Zagorthere are many people who use archos on mac
23:23:10minutei know
23:23:18minutebut maybe its not my day today
23:23:29minutemy football teams are also losing
23:23:43minutemaybe i should call it a day
23:23:49DjangoYou have a football team of your own? :-)
23:23:57minutebut on the other hand i cant sleep without solving this shit
23:24:08minuteno, the teams i support :)
23:24:41DjangoMaybe you can find a PC, just to check that the archos is working ok.
23:24:44minutewell, forget my archos problems, lets talk something else
23:25:04minutewhere to get mp3s
23:25:08DjangoI just came here looking for linus.
23:25:55ZagorDjango: why linus? pissed
23:26:28DjangoI sent some diffs to him re dynamic queue.
23:26:31minutemy mac ruins my nerves
23:27:01ZagorDjango: you should send them to the patch tracker instead
23:27:01DjangoHe sent me a nice email and I wanted to know if he has any suggestions.
23:27:15minutedjango, what did u pay for your archos in germany?
23:27:58DjangoYes, please forgive me. Got my archos, found rockbox, got the compiler, got cvs and sent a diff. all in one week.
23:28:10Djangoeur 290
23:28:16ZagorDjango: nice going :-)
23:28:20minute290? the recorder?
23:28:27Djangorecorder 10
23:28:42minutei paid for the rec 20 400 euro
23:28:59Djangozagor: I'm an old hacker :-) yesterday I got 48 years old.
23:29:09DjangoGot my first computer in 1978.
23:29:18ZagorDjango: :)
23:29:20minutewell i got my first computer in 1982
23:29:28minuteit was a c64
23:29:47DjangoI still have it. started with 512 bytes of ram.
23:30:06DjangoI skipped that. started with an 8080 then z80.
23:30:13minutethats incredible, isnt it?
23:30:24minute512 bytes
23:30:34minuteeven a word doc has more these days
23:30:46Djangominute: look around on , search for archos.
23:31:01minutewhat for? i already got one
23:31:09minuteor shall i sell mine? :)
23:31:31Djangozagor: do you have a feel for the cpu power of the archos? Is it like a z80 at 4 mhz ? :-)
23:31:32minutei made a desperate buy today
23:31:46Djangominute: that was just for price comparison.
23:32:07minutenah, forget price comparisons, it would make me feel depressed
23:32:19Djangominute: relax, in a few weeks the money is forgotten.
23:32:20minuteim already pissed
23:32:32minutebut django, are u happy with it?
23:32:41DjangoI LOVE it !!
23:32:52DjangoWas my birthday present.
23:33:05minutei have birthday in a month
23:33:22DjangoYes. I have waited for a long time for such a device.
23:33:31minutethe main thing i bought it for is to make hard disc recordings
23:33:44minuteto put all my records on mp3
23:33:55minutei already have about 8000 mp3s
23:34:10minutetheir all on cds now
23:34:25minutewhat myfreinds?
23:34:26Djangozagor: rockbox just crashed while playing.
23:34:49minutedjango, you know a good trading place for mp3?
23:35:04Djangoget a copy of winmx
23:35:05ZagorDjango: what symptoms?
23:35:18minutewinmix? not for mac
23:35:37minutenah, i think those p2p programs are over
23:36:00minutei think you have to join special interest groups
23:36:10minutewhere you can swap one on one
23:36:14Djangothis message is about as useful as Dr.Whatson :-)
23:36:27 Quit quique ("this message is about as useful as Dr.Whatson :-)")
23:36:28minutewatson without h
23:36:29Djangowinmx is not p2p
23:36:41minutei dont know winmx
23:36:49minuteim a macer, remember :)
23:36:57DjangoFortunately the Dr. is not listening
23:37:00minutewe just have limewire left
23:37:05ZagorDjango: :-)
23:37:09DjangoUh, sorry.
23:37:28minutewhat music youre into django?
23:37:33minutekrautrock? ;)
23:38:00DjangoI think there are about 30 million PCs sold per year. No other platform can beat that.
23:38:16minuteits not the quantity, django
23:38:23minuteits a way of thinking
23:38:31minutethats why im into mac
23:38:40minutewere different
23:38:50DjangoI'm almost 50, so its rock 'n roll. 60ties. etc.
23:38:58minuteaha, you like beat?
23:39:10Djangoit depends
23:39:17minuteyou know the zombies?
23:39:31Djangono. what kinda music is that?
23:39:31minutetheir one of my favorite beat bands
23:39:51minutewell its straight beat, but very pop
23:39:51Djangoone moment. I'll check it out.
23:40:04minutetheir biggest hit was "time of the season"
23:40:17minuteor "she's not there"
23:40:20Djangobritish group?
23:40:24minuteyes of course
23:40:42minutethey were underestimated at their time
23:40:52minutebut made some faboulus albums
23:41:14minutefor me they are as important as the beatles and the kinks
23:41:25Djangook, download has started.
23:41:44minutei want audiogalaxy back!
23:41:55minutewhich song are u downloading?
23:42:07minuteokay :)
23:42:08ZagorAG was good
23:42:17minutewell lemme tell you there...*sings*
23:42:29minuteAG was heaven
23:42:41minutefucking IAAR
23:42:52Djangosorry, cancelled that. Not my taste.
23:43:09DjangoTry "Tiger" by Fabian :-)
23:43:17minutewhats that?
23:43:31DjangoRoc'n Roll
23:43:57DjangoOr try Eagles - Take it easy
23:44:05DjangoNice for driving
23:44:06minuteokay i know that one
23:44:28minutesteve miller band
23:44:31minutefly like an eagle
23:44:42DjangoThe Eagles are still on tour in SoCal this year!
23:44:49minutewhere u from in germany django?
23:45:15minutewell they eagles could call themselves zombies now :)
23:45:31minutepaderborn? thats in the north?
23:45:51minutei used to live in dusseldorf
23:46:10DjangoIt is about 100km east of Dortmund
23:46:37minuteits in the east?
23:46:48DjangoDon't trust me? Go to
23:46:54minutei believe you
23:47:06minuteyoure the german
23:47:26DjangoBy the way: wanna see my Cadillac?
23:47:31minuteno :)
23:47:36minuteim not into cars
23:47:53minutei dont have a car myself
23:48:03minutejust my archos and my mac
23:48:13minuteand some records
23:48:31DjangoWe have five jukeboxes here.
23:48:46minuteoh cool
23:48:50DjangoI mean REAL jukeboxes. Seeburg, Rock-O-La and AMI.
23:49:02Djangobuilt 1957 to 1960
23:49:03minutebut it isnt good for the 45s
23:49:10minuteit wears them out too much
23:49:28minutei wouldnt do that to my 45s
23:49:33DjangoI don't think so. Tracking on the Seeburg is about 5 grams.
23:49:53minutemy friend told me who has a wurlitzer at home
23:49:55DjangoI have about 600 45's
23:50:04minutei only got about 100
23:50:06Djangomost of them from flea markets
23:50:11minutemostly soul music
23:50:18DjangoWhat's your age?
23:50:37minuteand im a soulboy
23:50:38DjangoSo it makes a difference
23:50:44minutewell, a bit
23:51:06minuteyou can check out my mp3s at if you would like to
23:51:14DjangoIt's almost midnight. have to go now.
23:51:20minuteme too
23:51:26minutestart a new job tomorrow
23:51:37minuteit was nice talking to you
23:51:52minutemach dem joshka keine schande
23:52:17Djangook, see u later ,
23:52:36 Quit Django ("Client exited")
23:52:36 Quit minute ()

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