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#rockbox log for 2002-10-02

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02:56:53Jet8810is it just me or does sound quality on archos SUCK?
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06:06:17*adi|home runs screaming
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07:12:35merwinhey adi
07:14:57elinenbethanks man,
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07:38:36adi|homewhat i miss?
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07:55:35adi|homehey linuz
07:55:39adi|homeLinusN even
07:55:51elinenbeHi there LinusN
07:55:54elinenbehow do you do?
07:56:01LinusNI am fine, thank you
07:59:16elinenbeI have to head to bed.
07:59:23LinusNnight elinenbe!
07:59:47elinenbefirst i have to leave work!
07:59:52 Part elinenbe
08:03:42adi|homei can't say im really following this whole 'user definable key binding' convo..
08:08:11LinusNi'm not too fond of it
08:08:19LinusNi like the idea
08:08:33LinusNbut i also think it will be very har do accomplish
08:08:55LinusNand i want to see the technical solution before we discuss the file format
08:09:08LinusNas if the file format matters...
08:35:04adi|home"i have the perfect file format for a nuerel net to be taught how to know what songs I want w/o me doing anything"
08:35:11adi|home"well how does the net work?"
08:35:19adi|home"um... ah... um...*cough*"
08:37:00LinusNhow do you like this? (from the ID3V2 spec):
08:37:03LinusN4.17. Popularimeter
08:37:03LinusN The purpose of this frame is to specify how good an audio file is.
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08:42:01memmorning to all
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08:47:35memhi Bagder
08:48:19Bagderhi, how's your rockbox? ;-)
08:48:39memIt rocks :-)
08:49:34LinusNmorning mem
08:49:38LinusNand Bagder
08:50:26LinusNi'm trying to figure out the VBRI format
08:50:31LinusNgives me a headache
08:50:34Bagderany luck?
08:51:18LinusNnah, all i can see is that the information i got from browsing the web seems wrong :-)
08:53:07LinusNit doesn't seem to use percentages as seek point offsets, but rather time offsets, as there are more than 100 entries
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09:03:08BagderLinusN: tried backlight on when charging?
09:03:24Bagderdoesn't work for me
09:04:37LinusNme neither
09:04:57LinusNit turns the bl on when inserting/extracting the charger
09:05:11LinusNbut it turns off again after the normal timeout
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09:15:46Bagder"I think it's been too long since I've read "Rockbox Roooooolz!!!", so I thought I should mention that."
09:15:52Bagder(on yahoo)
09:16:07LinusNi saw that :-)
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09:26:57adi|homewatching Arsenal vs Leeds United...
09:27:04adi|homemy lord they make the game look pretty...
09:27:27adi|homelol@ Popularimeter
09:27:44*Bagder detects someone reading irc logs ;-)
09:27:54adi|homeheehe nah.. just scrolled back :)
09:30:23adi|homeweb pop up
09:31:06adi|home"Your computer is currently broadcasting and internet ip address. With this address someone can begin attacking your computer!"
09:31:17Syntheoh no!
09:33:11 Nick mem_away is now known as mem (
09:35:12memTry to run without an IP address, then noone can attack you :-)
09:35:31BagderI do that sometimes
09:35:40Bagderbut that doesn't involve computers ;-)
09:38:54adi|homei dunno.. only time i don't use my ip address my girlfriend loves it...
09:39:06*adi|home shrugs
09:39:39LinusNi think i have figured out the VBRI format now
09:40:06LinusNbut in that case, those files i have for analysis have broken VBRI headers :-)
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09:40:39Topic"and in Linus we trust" by Bagder (
09:41:03LinusNi need more VBRI files
09:41:15LinusNany MusicMatch lovere here?
09:41:32Bagderany easy linux tool that checks for them?
09:41:33LinusNi ran MusicMatch yesterday
09:41:43LinusNhow that sucked!
09:42:00LinusNBagder: encspot
09:42:10LinusNi think
09:42:24Bagderme check
09:44:05Bagderis there really a linux version of that?
09:45:02LinusNdon't know
09:45:12LinusNgrep VBRI *.mp3
09:46:27adi|homeguys.. can i make a bit of an anal request about replying to posts on the forums?
09:46:27Bagderls */*mp3
09:46:27Bagder/bin/ls: Argument list too long.
09:46:42Bagderfind . -name "*mp3" | xargs grep VBRI
09:46:42Bagderxargs: unmatched single quote
09:46:50LinusNadi|home: shoot
09:47:18adi|homeif you are answer a question that -is- answered in the FAQ, please point them to the FAQ and question its answered at...
09:47:20LinusNBagder: got that too
09:47:24adi|homeinstead of actually giving them the answer
09:47:33LinusNadi|home: sure, did i miss that?
09:47:56BagderLinusN: ok, I'm finding some
09:48:25adi|homewell.. danny boy here actually answers questions ;)
09:48:37LinusNhe's weak
09:49:10adi|homei agree ;)
09:49:57*Bagder goes stand in the corner
09:50:43*adi|home hands Bagder the 'I coddle newbies' hate
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09:57:11adi|home2 questions lads
09:57:14Bagdermorning bob
09:57:22adi|home1. mind if i capitalize 'ask' in the resume menu?
09:57:24*Bagder buckles up
09:57:34adi|homeyes/no are capitalized.. figure make it standard :)
09:57:48Bagderfine with me
09:58:01adi|homei have to update the english.lang then too?
09:58:14adi|homewhat happens to the other languages then?
09:58:24Bagdernothing really
09:58:26LinusNthey stay the same
09:58:42Bagderwhen they run 'uplang' it'll add a comment about this having changed
09:58:45LinusNbut their original string will be wrong
09:58:53bobTHCuplang change soon?
09:59:06adi|homeokay.. 2nd question
09:59:12Bagderwhy would it change?
09:59:12adi|homewhat exactly is pitch?
09:59:17adi|homeremember.. im tone deaf ;) will change soon... sorry ?
09:59:29LinusNpitch is the frequency
09:59:35BagderbobTHC: why would it?
09:59:41adi|homebobTHC: no.. in resume menu.. im capitalizing 'ask'
09:59:44LinusNincrease the pitch, and Donald Duck starts singing
09:59:49adi|homeahh.. okay...
10:00:29adi|homepitch seems to be at 100% by default.. is that normal?
10:01:09bobTHCthe song is @ his normal frequency...
10:01:10LinusNthe range is -50% - 160% or something
10:01:32LinusNsorry 50% - 160%
10:01:57bobTHCunder 100 = slower over 100 = faster
10:02:44adi|homeLinusN: given any thoughts to cleaning up the 'Gen settings' and 'Sound settings' menus?
10:03:36LinusNcleaning up?
10:03:46adi|homejoining, compressing
10:03:50adi|homeie: Settings
10:03:59adi|homethen Sound as a option under that...
10:04:08adi|homewith all the parts of General at its same level
10:06:48LinusNBagder: your files show the same symptoms as mine
10:06:57LinusNthey look badly generated
10:07:17LinusNreally really weird
10:07:19Bagderthat makes the header pretty useless
10:07:55LinusNi made a program that analyzed every frame in the file
10:08:21langhaarrockercan it be used for scanning the current buffer, too?
10:08:26LinusNand i found that the header has X available TOC entries
10:09:03LinusNit splits the file in even 2^x frame chunks
10:09:14LinusNfor example 64 frames per entry
10:09:34LinusNthe number of toc entries is in the header
10:09:45LinusNas the number of frames per entry
10:10:01LinusNalso the total number of frames
10:10:27LinusNmy program finds that the calculations are correct
10:11:02LinusNexample: for 64 frames per entry in one file, it would require 135 entries
10:11:23LinusNand the VBRI header correctly says that there are 135 entries in the table
10:11:37LinusNbut not all entries are filled in
10:11:46LinusNthe last 20-30 entries are all 0
10:11:58LinusN(delta offsets)
10:12:06LinusNso very strange
10:12:56LinusNlanghaarrocker: yes, what did yuo have in mind? The split editor?
10:13:26langhaarrockeryes, I want to find appropriate split points
10:14:26LinusNno problem
10:14:28langhaarrockerI have already made a little but useful gui for the editor but the cursor should snap in on frame boundaries.
10:15:03LinusNit's not all that easy to step backward in the stream, though
10:15:23langhaarrockerI have nearly perfect loops with the rewind function.
10:15:29LinusNin VBR streams that is
10:17:15adi|home"I can't say enough good things about the work the Rockbox team is doing."
10:17:18adi|homehehehe i love it
10:17:52 Join pyvasene [0] (
10:18:32langhaarrockerLinusN: I rely on the id3->elapsed info. I know it is a wild guess but it's gives me reproducable point in time of the song. That's all I need.
10:19:32LinusNBagder: is it possible for non-subscribers to post to the rockbox list?
10:19:41Bagderyes I believe so
10:20:00langhaarrockerI did it from various mail accounts that weren't subscribers.
10:20:02LinusNthere are questions on how to post bug reports to the mailing list
10:20:25LinusNthe address isn't mentioned anywhere
10:20:42LinusNis that deliberate
10:20:48Bagderno idea
10:20:50adi|homedamnit.. tell them to read the FAQ
10:21:29adi|home#55 to be exact
10:21:30LinusNadi|home: is the address mentioned in the FAQ?
10:21:55adi|homepoints them to the bugs page
10:21:59LinusNso why point them to the FAQ?
10:22:01adi|homewhich links to the mailing list page
10:22:08adi|homebecause the LINKS are there..
10:22:13adi|homethey just need to read and click
10:22:38LinusNadi|home: listen, the mailing list page only links to the subscribe/unsubscribe addresses
10:22:41Bagderbut if they don't want to subscribe, they can't do it
10:22:41adi|homeif you want the address listed, it needs to be on the mail list page
10:23:00adi|homeDon't file bug reports on unreleased code (CVS/daily builds). Write a mail to the mailing list instead.
10:23:06adi|homethats your link, not mine ;)
10:23:11adi|homefix the website then ;)
10:23:18BagderI'm not sure I like the idea of lots of unsubscribed people posting weird things
10:23:25LinusNBagder: me neither
10:23:26adi|home"mailing list" is a link to the list
10:23:33LinusNbut put yourself in the user's seat
10:23:41BagderI know
10:23:53LinusNhe wants to report a bug, not fill his mailbox with tech talk
10:24:00adi|homefair enough..
10:24:05Bagderpersonally, I want them in the bug tracker
10:24:16adi|homemaybe a seperate mailing address that forwards to the mailing list itself
10:24:28adi|homeor something
10:24:34LinusNSF has costom trackers, doesn't it?
10:24:58LinusNso a daily build bug tracker might be an idea?
10:25:02 Join Schnueff [0] (
10:25:09Bagderhey Schnueff
10:25:11langhaarrockerI prefer bugs being reviewed before being tracked on sf
10:25:13Bagderit doesn't work ;-)
10:25:25Schnueffthe thing
10:25:30adi|homeno.. i rather have a container for all bug reports
10:25:30Schnueffnot had time testing yet
10:25:44adi|homebecause it allows ppl to see what 'bugs' have already been turned away
10:26:28LinusNso what to do?
10:27:38adi|homewell.. could just have them submit bugs and if we have the option of having them select daily/cvs or release code
10:27:39adi|homewe do that
10:28:00adi|homebtw.. LinusN do you still want me to clear out old/answered bugs/requests?
10:28:33LinusNwe don't close them until we release
10:28:58LinusNbut we want to set them to "Fixed" if they are fixed
10:29:34adi|homethats what i mean
10:29:54LinusNyes, we need to keep the databases up to date as much as possible
10:30:09LinusNand rename the headlines
10:30:19LinusNso we can see what the bug/request really is about
10:30:59adi|homethen ill need access to do so..
10:31:05adi|homei don't see a way to do it right now..
10:31:10Bagderme fix
10:31:28adi|homeyou fix what?
10:31:49Bagderhm, no you should be able to do that
10:31:59adi|homeahhh..k :)
10:32:11langhaarrockeradj|home: And when you're at it: please put in a request for user assignable keys - I'm to busy implementing that ... :)
10:32:36BagderI'm sure there's one already
10:34:08langhaarrockerI want a list with unrequested features that are already implemented!
10:34:35adi|homebtw.. anyone know if its safe to delete the _Restore and Recycle folders on the Archos?
10:35:06BagderI have no such dirs
10:35:20Bagderaway! ;-)
10:37:24adi|homei LOVE the new fonts
10:37:30adi|homei finally have a large font for driving :)
10:37:44Bagderthat's cool
10:37:52Bagderyes, the fonts finally got right
10:37:57adi|homeewww.. ick... quick keys look like crap though...
10:38:08adi|homeppl did a nice job with the fonts
10:38:37langhaarrockerWill it happen that we can assign different fonts to different wps tags?
10:38:43adi|homei think we need to consider a diff layout for the quickkeys
10:38:48LinusNadi|home: yes, quick keys should use the internal font
10:39:04adi|homelanghaarrocker: thats not a bad idea...
10:39:09adi|homewould make my life easier...
10:39:18langhaarrockerand programming wps a hell
10:39:39Bagdernot to special tags since we can't have many fonts loaded at the same time
10:39:51Bagderbut we can have special fonts for special songs that use special wps files
10:39:58LinusNas a guy on funmp3players said: "i'm not a programmer, so i can't do that" (creating .wps files)
10:40:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:40:24adi|homewell.. what i was thinking is a 'default font' tag
10:40:27langhaarrockerHe's the one to do the file format for assignalbe keys
10:40:36LinusNit sure is an intimidating experience to read the WPS docs
10:41:23 Join Exion_ [0] (
10:41:25adi|homei might try and make it a bit more user friendly text tomorrow while im riding
10:41:41adi|homewhats another word for font?
10:41:47 Quit _Exion (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:41:53LinusNdamn, i wish i could understand the VBRI format
10:42:06adi|homewas thinking something like that
10:42:15adi|homewhat would you say to a %tf tag
10:42:19adi|homein wps
10:42:25memTotaly off topic: Our anti virus server just catched a loveletter virus in a GIF picture. Old viruses still circle the Net...
10:42:37adi|homeso you have %tf /.rockbox/fonts/BIGASSFONT.fnt
10:42:39adi|homein the wps
10:42:51adi|homeso when it loads it.. if it finds that tag, it loads that automatically...
10:42:57langhaarrockerit would be the first tag to have parameters -> break of concept
10:43:06langhaarrockeralias extending the concept
10:43:14Bagderadi|home: we can't load multiple fonts like that
10:43:23Bagderwe have no memory for that
10:43:41adi|homeyou don't have to load multiple
10:43:58Bagderok, but then I don't think it belongs in the wps
10:44:01adi|homeyou can just say when using a specific wps, then that font is the only one loaded...
10:44:20adi|hometechnically takes arguements.. so i dont know if i agree with you langhaarrocker
10:44:34Bagderwe should have a "master" file that is capable of pointing out a specific wps, a specific font, a specific lang etc
10:44:44adi|homehmmm.. thats true...
10:44:46Bagderthat master file can be set to a dir or a file
10:44:53Bagderselected automaticly
10:44:56adi|homeperhaps the ini file talked about...
10:45:04adi|homeie: label=value
10:45:05Bagderyes, that possible
10:45:23adi|homeand if any are blank we do default
10:45:29langhaarrockeradj|home: you're right with the conditional tag. didn't think about that.
10:46:01adi|homelanghaarrocker: i agree with bagder's arguement though that it dont belong there so you win anyways ;)
10:46:13langhaarrockerI always do :)
10:46:20adi|homeanything else you can think of that would go into a master file like that?
10:46:30langhaarrockerkey scheme=
10:46:36Bagderthe key stuff, yes
10:46:41adi|homewell.. when thats implemented..
10:46:44adi|homethats not in yet right?
10:46:47Bagderor rather pointing to a key scheme
10:46:50langhaarrockerbut next week
10:47:03adi|homefair enough
10:47:23adi|homewhat label would you want?
10:47:37adi|home'key scheme' 'key_scheme'
10:47:46*adi|home smirks
10:47:56Bagderisn't that used already? B)
10:48:37adi|homeill see if i can play with that a bit tomorrow..
10:48:43adi|homei need sleep now... :)
10:48:54langhaarrockerhave a nice dream
10:49:01adi|homeso.. reword wps info, work on master idea....
10:49:05Bagderwe need that message/callback sent from the mpeg thread on "play-next-song"
10:49:08Bagdernight adi
10:49:20adi|homeoh.. right.. ment to ask.. on the todo
10:49:41adi|homeremove button_set_repeat/release() (add as parameters to button_get() instead)
10:49:55adi|homedidn't we have something else that was a similar conversion?
10:54:02LinusNBagder: track change?
10:54:17LinusNwhy callback?
10:54:23adi|homeare the things on todo the only things preventing 1.4 release?
10:54:29BagderI wrote message/callback
10:54:38LinusNbut why no poll?
10:54:51LinusNas it is today
10:55:32BagderI confused this with the on-load one
10:55:40LinusNbool mpeg_has_changed_track(void)
10:56:35Bagdersince we want to do it on load, not on the actual switch I guess
10:57:24LinusNwhat was the reason now again?
10:57:34Bagderto not spin up the disk
10:57:43Bagderan extra time
11:02:00Bagderif you can, you rather do disk activity when the disk already is spinning
11:02:22Bagdertrack change is often done when not spinning
11:02:30Bagderwhile on-load is always spinning
11:03:12LinusNi still don't follow
11:03:18Bagderfollow what?
11:03:19LinusNwhat was it for?
11:03:29Bagderlike a cue file for instance
11:03:42LinusNnow i remember. thank you
11:03:57Bagderfonts, won't be possible to load that way though
11:04:43langhaarrockerdoes mpeg_flush_and_reload_tracks rewind the current song to the beginning?
11:04:56LinusNi don't think so
11:04:59LinusNit shouldn't
11:07:53LinusNaaah, all VBRI files look the same
11:09:14langhaarrockerMain thing is they don't sound the same.
11:09:36Bagderwhat, you have DIFFERENT songs? ;-)
11:09:50langhaarrockerIs the place in the buffer the MAS is currenlty is reading known?
11:09:51LinusNi think all files i have seen so far has been encoded with the same (buggy) library from FhG
11:10:24LinusNlanghaarrocker: not at millisecond level
11:10:39LinusNwe can guess which frame it is processing
11:11:03LinusNlanghaarrocker: what did you have in mind?
11:11:30langhaarrockerI wonder if we could feed the MAS a hardcoded beep frame by overwriting the buffer where the mas will read next.
11:11:44LinusNyes we can
11:12:07LinusNwe will destroy the bit reservoir, but i guess the MAS can recover from that
11:12:12BagderLinusN: very possible, they might even all be made with the same encode afawk
11:13:01langhaarrockerbeep would be a cool feature for controlling rockbox blindly.
11:13:46Bagderit would
11:14:07langhaarrockerSo many things to do - you hardly know where to start.
11:14:49LinusNlanghaarrocker: i've been thinking about that for quite a while
11:15:35LinusNit is a little tricky, cause it requires reprogramming the DMA
11:15:40langhaarrockerDo you know if we have to expect receiptable delays due to internal mas buffer or something?
11:16:01LinusNyou mean if the beep will come late?
11:16:17LinusNexpect at least 30ms
11:16:34langhaarrockerthat's not worth mentining.
11:16:36LinusNi'd guess about 30-100ms delay
11:22:54LinusNwinamp isn't that great at analyzing the VBRI files either...
11:24:05LinusNit seems to seek correctly, though
11:25:00 Join Zagor [0] (
11:25:08LinusNmorning Zagor!
11:25:20Zagoror... eh... lunch :)
11:25:38 Join Schnueff_ [0] (
11:25:53LinusNZagor: you said it!
11:26:00 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lunch (
11:26:10 Quit Schnueff ("leaving")
11:26:13 Nick Schnueff_ is now known as Schnueff (
11:28:00Zagoroh, the new FM recorder is *not* just a rec20 with FM receiver
11:30:29langhaarrockerWe need that backtrack memory buffer for recording, too! :)
11:31:44Zagorbtw, can anyone get the new archos web page to work?
11:35:58langhaarrockeronly with internet explorer
11:36:38Zagorthat's what I guessed
11:37:23langhaarrockerbuggy firmware , buggy webpage ....
11:49:18bobTHCbuugy ppl..
11:49:54langhaarrockerI thought they were french.
11:51:37bobTHCme too..
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12:49:08 Nick LinusN|lunch is now known as LinusN (
12:54:42Zagori wonder why they only have a 30 second backtrack buffer.
12:55:01LinusNwho knows
12:55:16Zagorarchos works in mysterious ways :-)
12:55:28edxZagor: btw.. would they be allowed to copy rockbox code? for their backtrack buffer for example..?
12:55:29LinusNmaybe they need some headroom for spinning up disk etc when deciding to record
12:55:43Zagoryeah, but >1 minute? :-)
12:56:24Zagormaybe they plan to support floppies :-)
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13:12:25Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by
13:14:43 Join Hadaka [0] (
13:15:01Bagderli-ion batteries in the rec20fm
13:15:24Bagderand 60 grams lighter
13:15:45 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:16:32Zagoryup. i wonder what other changes it contains. it looks like it could use the new multimedia platform
13:16:47Bagderit looks similar to the mm
13:16:57BagderI mean the design of it as well
13:17:14Zagortoo bad is has the old boring screen :-)
13:17:48Zagor234x237 seems like a nice resolution to have...
13:18:06Bagderit says "1 rechargable battery"
13:18:14Zagoryes. you can't change it.
13:18:44Bagderis this avaiable yet?
13:18:52Zagori don't think so
13:21:08Zagorsomeone should tell them their web site is inaccessible on linux
13:21:28Bagderits totally crap
13:22:08Bagderthen let's not go there ;-)
13:28:15Zagorarrrrgh! bloody release filter!
13:28:47Zagorit's on death row, for sure...
13:34:58LinusNZagor: then kill it, and deal with it
13:35:09Zagori will
13:36:14LinusNbtw, should the remote control driver generate both key-down and key-up events or only key-up?
13:36:30Zagorboth, probably
13:37:03Zagorotherwise we'll get into state problems sooner or later
13:37:50LinusNVBRI is driving me crazy
13:38:11Zagorthe X11 sims are already sending sending both, so we know that works
13:39:14Bagderis setting up an rsync server any tricky?
13:39:25Zagori've never done it
13:39:27 Join matsl [0] (
13:40:12BagderI'm gonna do it now
13:52:02 Nick mem is now known as mem_away (
13:53:31BagderLinusN: uh, btw, I bet you could fill in some useful tech stuff in docs/TECH ;-)
13:53:47LinusNi know nooothing! :-)
13:54:31Bagderthen pretend! ;-)
13:58:19 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
13:58:19 Quit langhaarrocker (Remote closed the connection)
13:58:35LinusNthat guy is fast!
14:05:29Bagderrsync was dead easy
14:29:41 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
14:40:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:51:55*Schnueff .. away.
15:02:34 Quit edx|eats (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:03:21 Join edx [0] (
15:05:00LinusNThe VBRI seek index format includes the VBRI frame itself in the offsets
15:05:14LinusNso all seek offsets are one frame off
15:05:27LinusNBTW, i found a bug in my analysis program
15:05:43LinusNso now i understand and parse the VBRI format
15:06:24ZagorLinusN: nice
15:08:47langhaarrockerIs it: silent frame, 4 byte identifier, frame count, file size, seek points?
15:11:07LinusNsort of, yes
15:11:22LinusNthe seek point format is somewhat different than Xing
15:11:33LinusNup to 230 seek points
15:11:45LinusNwith a fixed frame count in between
15:11:59langhaarrockerAnd I read here something about it storing encoder delay
15:12:17LinusNdon't know where, though
15:13:39LinusNand i have to find out how it looks in >15Mb files
15:14:24langhaarrockerWhich cd will you rip for that? :)
15:15:12LinusNhehe, i'll concatenate some WAV's
15:31:37edxhmm can anybody of you linux ppl tell me what the "cat" command does?
15:32:18Bagderlike type in windows
15:33:28edxnow that would type the passwd file:
15:33:28edx[ guest]$ cat /etc/passwd
15:35:12edxnow whats my password?! :)
15:35:24LinusNthe second item
15:35:39LinusNi can see that it's the name of your dog
15:35:49edxhmm thats bad..
15:36:06edxtheres a website (hacker challange) - they ask for my password.. :/
15:36:07LinusNyou don't like your dog?
15:36:18edxi dont have a dog - and i wouldnt like it either ;)
15:36:38edxis there anything they set as a standard password?
15:37:01LinusNyou login name?
15:37:04edxyea.. like a few exercises =)
15:37:08LinusNedx123 perhaps
15:37:09edxmy login name.. *trying*
15:37:24Zagoredx: only root can change your password if you have forgotten it
15:37:42langhaarrockerWe need password protection when key lock is switched on!
15:37:45edxi have not forgotten anything ;)
15:37:53Zagorlanghaarrocker: lol
15:38:19LinusNlocking screen blanker
15:38:40LinusNcombination lock
15:46:29Zagorshould we use "setting:value" or "setting value" in config files?
15:46:41LinusNsetting: value
15:46:50Zagorrequired both : and space?
15:46:56LinusNthe we can strchr on the :
15:48:21Zagor"setting:value" then?
15:48:40LinusNwith or without space
15:49:50LinusNthen we can have setting names with space, like "super bass"
15:50:01LinusNthe colon is the separator
15:50:20LinusNand # as comments
15:50:54Zagordo we really want "super bass" rather than super_bass ?
15:51:16LinusNunderscore is hard to type for some people
15:51:56LinusNbut i can go for super_bass too, or superbass, if the space is a problem
15:52:16Zagornah, not a problem. just thinking.
15:52:23LinusNi don't see why the space would be a problem
15:52:58Zagorit's not a problem, it's just unusual to have space in variable names
15:53:13LinusNvariable names? Aren't they config options?
15:54:15Zagorwhat's the difference? they are, in effect, variables
15:55:00LinusNmaybe not to the user
15:55:14LinusNthey are, in effect, identifiers
15:55:47LinusNonly programmers use underscore
15:56:23Zagorpoint me to a config file with spaces in setting names. i just don't think it's very common.
15:57:00 Quit mecraw (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:57:40Zagoralso, frankly, only programmers will write their own config files :-)
15:59:01Bagderrsync ;-)
15:59:11Bagderfetchmail I think
16:00:24LinusNwhat possible good does substituting space with underscore do?
16:00:33LinusNwhat does it buy us?
16:00:54Zagormiltilist uses a horrible format. let's not look there. :-)
16:01:39Zagorit doesn't buy us much. i can just imagine people using tab or two spaces and being all upset why it's not working.
16:01:55Zagorwhitespace is not a normal character to a lot of people
16:01:59LinusNthat is a good point
16:02:14LinusNi buy that
16:03:35 Join mecraw [0] (~mecraw@dnvr-dsl-gw34-poola245.DNVR.USWEST.NET)
16:03:55LinusNZagor: what do we need for 1.4?
16:04:06LinusNdo we want VBRI seek?
16:04:13LinusNdo we want repeat off?
16:04:13Bagderimho: no
16:04:14Zagorwe need persistent font, wps and lng setting
16:04:28LinusNi want repeat off
16:04:29Zagorrepeat off would be very nice
16:04:39LinusNpeople complain about that all the time
16:05:00LinusNwho was it that was working on that?
16:05:13LinusNany progress?
16:05:26Zagornot what i've heard
16:05:41BagderI told him we wanted what he'd done so far
16:05:43ZagorBagder: where is that shuffle fix hardeep did?
16:05:51LinusNshuffle fix?
16:06:08Zagoryeah, reloading data when shuffle is toggled
16:07:23Zagorwouldn't that solve most things with regards to repeat toggling too?
16:08:49LinusNsaving the last index to be played, and stopping when it is reached
16:09:08LinusNlast index = last in playlist of repeat=off
16:09:25LinusNlast index = index right before current index if repeat=on
16:09:36Bagderthere's repeat-one too
16:09:54Bagderwe have PsycoXul's bug too
16:10:03Bagder3 small mp3 files in a dir
16:10:20LinusNok, all files fit im memory
16:10:20Bagderthey play 1 - 2 - 3 -1 STOP
16:17:39LinusNi can repeat it
16:18:14langhaarrockerWhat? We have repeat off? :)
16:19:06 Join Remo|lurking [0] (
16:20:24Zagori'm planning to add a readline() to file.c. there is no POSIX api for reading a line from an int filedescriptor, is there?
16:21:19langhaarrockerIs it the readline from the star game patch?
16:21:48Zagori'll make a new, but I'm currently looking at the one in lear's load_eq patch
16:22:02Hadakafgets is FILE *, not filedes, true
16:22:26Zagorit's better to invent our own API than pervert an existing, IMHO
16:22:28Hadakagenerally line reading efficiently requires a sort of a buffer - hence not for filedescriptors only
16:22:43ZagorHadaka: yeah, we've already perverted that part :-)
16:22:47langhaarrockerI think a readline should make sure that it can handle cr/lf correctly
16:23:08Zagorlanghaarrocker: yup
16:23:20LinusNand "correctly" is...?
16:23:28LinusNstripping both if they are present?
16:24:03LinusNwill the LF be included in the readline() result?
16:24:23Zagordo you think it should?
16:24:29 Nick matsl is now known as matsl|away (
16:24:33Hadakafgets doesn't
16:24:34LinusNno i don't
16:24:46Hadakajust null terminated
16:24:46langhaarrockerIf the line is longer than the provided buffer - will it readline return the number of bytes in the line or the number of bytes the buffer has been filled with?
16:25:25Hadakafgets doesn't signal an error if it doesn't fit - it just doesn't read everything
16:25:30 Join TotMacher [0] (
16:25:31LinusNthe number os bytes loaded imho
16:25:32Zagorlanghaarrocker: the filled buffer size, I'd say
16:25:40 Part Bagder
16:25:42Zagorwe seem to agree :-)
16:27:21LinusNgotta go now. bye all!
16:27:36 Part LinusN
16:27:36langhaarrockersleep tight
16:39:46Zagorold load_eq: 158 lines. new load_eq: 54 lines :-)
16:40:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:41:04mecrawyou're such a minimalist
16:41:17Zagorno appreciation for art
16:41:56langhaarrockerBut to be honest you should sum it with the no of lines of readline :)
16:42:41Zagorright. that'll be ~15 lines extra.
16:46:23 Quit mecraw ("Trillian (")
16:47:27 Join _Exion [0] (
16:47:30 Quit Synthe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:47:30 Quit Exion_ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:47:35 Join Synthe` [0] (
16:57:09Zagorgod, I hate CRLF files
16:58:07bobTHCbye all !
16:58:09 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
16:58:15 Part bobTHC
17:02:23 Quit matsl|away (Remote closed the connection)
17:14:08 Quit mem_away (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:24:16Zagorso who wants to make a .txt file icon?
17:59:01 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (user@
18:08:37 Quit TotMacher ()
18:33:28 Quit pyvasene ("Leaving...")
18:33:56 Join hardeep [0] (
18:33:56hardeephi all
18:34:01Zagorhi hardeep
18:34:50hardeepZagor: i think i know the reason for the ffw bug reported on SF... we are seeking to a position in the buffer that hasn't been swapped yet
18:35:06hardeepZagor: i'll fix later tonight (US pacific time) unless someone else gets there first
18:35:31Zagorhardeep: goodie
18:38:17 Join TotMacher [0] (
18:38:38hardeepalso, i've noticed several comments about repeat mode saying the reason it's difficult to implement is because we preload tracks.... however, the mpeg_flush_and_reload_tracks() function handles that.
18:38:49hardeepjust call that after changing repeat mode
18:39:13Zagorhardeep: yup, we just talked about that
18:40:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:48:21 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
18:56:03 Quit TotMacher ()
18:57:55 Join Django [0] (
19:05:06 Part Remo|lurking
19:25:17 Quit edx (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:33:57 Join edx [0] (
19:39:21 Join hardeep [0] (
19:40:01 Join aaron^b [0] (~abenedict@
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20:13:43 Part aaron^b ("Client Exiting")
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21:26:05 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
21:26:41langhaarrockerYippieh! I've got the core for assignable keys running!
21:29:53 Quit langhaarrocker (
21:29:53 Quit datazone (
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22:55:28 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
23:11:59 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (user@
23:13:05 Join EnnaN [0] (
23:13:26EnnaNgoodevening L(
23:13:48EnnaNhmm, shift those last chars a bit to the right...
23:13:53EnnaNso you get :)
23:13:56langhaarrockersame to you!
23:15:02EnnaNwas there any progress going on with an "queue" function? was some talk about it a couple of weeks ( i think?) ago, but didn't hear anything about it....
23:16:50langhaarrockerI think someone mentioned it
23:17:06langhaarrockerBut I don't know in which means any more.
23:24:33 Join hardeep [0] (
23:25:03langhaarrockerI just wished mailing was as easy as programming.
23:25:28EnnaN? (sorry was afk)..what you meant by that
23:26:10langhaarrockerI just tried to mail something with an attachement to the mailing list. I don't believe what I see that has arrived there.
23:26:20EnnaNi will look :)
23:26:55EnnaNbut, eh, you think any1 is interested in my trying to stirr some1 into considering a queue feature (jezus, that sentecne suxx)
23:27:40langhaarrockerwhat does stirr mean?
23:28:00 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:28:23langhaarrockeroh, another net split.
23:28:45EnnaNi dunno, don't ask me...let me retype that remark
23:29:18EnnaN"you think more people would like a queue function, and maybe you know anyone that could/would implement it later on?"
23:31:20langhaarrockerI think that feature is on it's way. Somehow I remember sombody wrote he's working on that. Wait a little time and than scan todays irc log.
23:31:48EnnaNi'll do that....
23:36:49langhaarrockerArgh! Mail is getting worse!
23:37:17EnnaNwhat mailinglist you're sending ot?
23:37:52 Join Miran [0] (
23:37:54EnnaNah, sure :)
23:37:58langhaarrockerBut I think it's the Free Agent I am to stupid to use
23:38:54MiranZagor: How are you doing with the track recovery after a disk error?
23:39:32ZagorMiran: it's already implemented. it's difficult to test, though
23:39:33 Quit EnnaN ("Leaving")
23:39:48MiranZagor: What do you mean by difficult to test?
23:41:38langhaarrockerI wouldn't know how to provoke reproducable disk errors either.
23:42:23Miranhumm, wouldn't any old shock induced disk error be satisfactory?
23:49:21Miranseemingly not...
23:54:15 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
23:57:54ZagorMiran: sorry, was away. well people tend not to want to shock their units needlessly...

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