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#rockbox log for 2002-10-04

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05:42:02elinenbe|sleephardeep: how is the repeat patch coming?
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07:02:48hardeepelinenbe|sleep: it's basically done... just fixing a couple of minor issues
07:03:33mecraw_wasn't quelsaruk working on that?
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07:04:58hardeepmecraw: i think he was but nothing has been submitted
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07:06:03hardeepi think i'm seeing double... =)
07:06:58mecrawyes, you are
07:07:22mecrawhow much did you have to change to get it to work?
07:07:57hardeepmecraw: not too much, you can see the patch at:
07:11:15mecrawok, so mpeg.c did need to change
07:11:52mecrawi tried to do it just by changed peek_next_track but got some weird issues and wps would just go blank at the end of the playlist
07:12:25hardeephmmm, that mpeg change is just so you can't prev/next at the first/last song
07:12:33hardeepif repeat is off
07:13:05mecrawthat was one of my issues
07:13:20mecrawit couldn't handle a playlist with only one song
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07:28:40Bagderhardeep: where are you located?
07:29:26hardeepcalifornia... it's actually evening here. :)
07:29:58Bagderyou puzzled me there for a moment ;-)
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08:09:31hardeepOkay, repeat mode appears to be working... patch at:
08:10:03hardeepi've also put a recorder binary with the changes at:
08:10:49hardeepNeed victims^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Htesters
08:13:27BagderI'm gonna try it out
08:14:34hardeepcool, you can change setting from f2 screen on recorder and general settings->playback on player
08:25:06memmorning to all!
08:25:35Bagdermorning mem
08:32:57Bagderah, repeat-one and repeat-all uses the same icon
08:33:46memRepeat-one could use an icon with "1" and the repeat arrow, or something
08:34:03hardeepyeah, i think that's what the archos fw shows
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08:34:23*mem has never run Archos FW!!!
08:34:23hardeepalas, my icon making skills are lacking
08:34:58Bagderhardeep: you tried dir-play repeat-off after a resume?
08:35:42hardeepBadger: no... something wrong?
08:35:48Bagderno, just asking
08:36:21Bagdershuffle resumed dirplay is the weirdest repeat-off scenario I can come up with ;-)
08:39:28hardeepah, yeah, there's a problem... if the shuffled song in the dir ends up being the last one in the playlist, that's the only song that will play
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08:41:25Bagderreally? it seemed to work for me
08:41:32BagderI'll try some more
08:42:57hardeepoh, it'll only happen if "Play selected first" is enabled
08:47:59Bagderyou plan to fix this as well?
08:48:09Bagderseems to work fine in all other aspects, afaics
08:51:11hardeepI will fix it, but probably not tonight... if no other problems are found today maybe the current version can be submitted so it starts getting tested?
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09:28:10hardeephi zagor... the repeat mode changes are basically done:
09:32:43 Join LinusN [0] (
09:32:52Bagderhey LinusN
09:37:05adi|homeyou guys see the email about the .eq files?
09:37:12Bagderright, my volume was half when I started the new image today
09:37:13adi|homevolume being 1/2 what its supposed to be
09:37:13Zagornot yet
09:37:29adi|homethats because of the config not being bumped...
09:37:31BagderI have no eq file
09:37:33Zagoradi|home: sounds like your fault :-)
09:37:34BagderI got it half
09:37:47adi|homebecause the volume now increments by 1 not 2
09:40:18LinusNmpeg_phys2val() is wrong. me fix
09:41:03adi|homewhats wrong with it?
09:41:43LinusNresult = value / 2
09:42:01adi|homedamnit.. missed that one...
09:42:13adi|homeyour fixing?
09:54:58Zagorcan anyone repeat his bass .eq bug? it works for me.
09:57:48LinusNlisten to this:
09:57:52LinusNYou folks need to be complimented - think, instead of talented computer people writing viruses, these computer folks are making the world better!
09:58:21LinusNmakes me all warm inside
09:58:32ZagorRockbox - Working for a better world
09:58:49BagderRockbox - friends of humanity ;-)
09:58:49LinusNpeople are swapping wps settings in the forum now :-)
09:59:46LinusNRockbox - Because we care
10:00:13BagderRockbox - Because we are better than you.
10:00:21*Bagder grins
10:00:27LinusNthat was humble
10:00:43LinusNRockbox - We show you the code
10:00:45Bagderits honest ;-)
10:01:18Zagorhardeep: is anything missing from your repeat patch? i.e. left to to?
10:01:23Zagorlooks good here
10:01:45Bagderthere's a directory-repeat flaw
10:02:01Bagderyou know, the one when you happen to select the last one in a dir
10:02:48LinusNwe have button detection problems again
10:03:30ZagorBagder: what problem is that?
10:03:42ZagorLinusN: that's very strange
10:04:18Bagderwhen you play a dir with shuffle, and the first song you play is the last one in the list
10:05:38ZagorBagder: what happens then?
10:05:46Bagderit stops after that song
10:05:48Bagderif repeat is off
10:05:54Zagornot here
10:06:13Bagderit depends on the "play selected" option I believe
10:06:35LinusNpeople have problems with the voltage thresholds
10:07:06LinusNonly two guys
10:07:19Zagori have play selected first: on, repeat: off, shuffle: on. i press play on the last file in a dir, and after that file it keeps going to another track
10:07:54Bagderthen set "select first" to off and try again
10:08:06hardeepZagor: the problem is not all the songs in the directory will be played in that case
10:08:13BagderI tried it in a dir with only two files
10:08:56hardeepthat's also the only problem I currently know about
10:09:09Zagorok, got it now
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10:10:47hardeepi'll look into it tomorrow, but i'm all for getting the changes submitted and fix this after the fact
10:11:28Zagori agree
10:11:39Zagori'll commit this soon
10:12:11hardeepactually, somewhat related situation: what should be the behaviour in unshuffled mode if you start playing in the middle of the directory?
10:12:29Zagorstop after last file. no wrap.
10:12:29hardeepshould it still stop at the last song in the directory or continue until it gets back to the starting song?
10:12:55Zagormaybe a bit illogical, but it's the way most people are used to
10:21:10LinusNRecorder guys: are your AN4/AN5 values 0 when no keys are pushed?
10:21:26LinusNand are they still 0 when you connect the charger?
10:21:46Bagderyes, 0 - 3
10:21:56Zagor0-3 here too
10:23:34hardeep0-2 on my rec6 in both cases
10:23:48Zagorcharger makes no difference for me either
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10:25:37hardeepsleep time
10:25:39 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
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10:26:24werty1stcan u tell me i which daily build the repeat function will be deactivated?
10:26:38Bagdertomorrow's ;-)
10:26:40werty1stim waiting every day for it
10:27:36werty1stok ,1 See You then
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10:28:12LinusNwe will probably need dynamic button calibration
10:28:36ZagorLinusN: we can make it a menu option, for those few who have button problems
10:29:25LinusNZagor: good idea
10:29:45LinusNI'll make one
10:32:09LinusNBagder: can you tell me what you read for the UP key?
10:32:14adi|homedynamic button calibration?
10:32:30LinusNadi|home: static
10:32:47LinusNi'll make a calibration menu
10:32:57Bagderan4: 32c
10:34:00LinusNZagor: UP key?
10:35:33LinusNBagder: i need all your keys
10:36:14LinusNall your key are belong to me
10:36:37BagderI'll just use my screw driver to wrack em all to pieces and send them over ;-)
10:36:49LinusNFax them
10:37:37BagderI guess ON/OFF can be left out
10:39:21Bagderkey AN4 AN5
10:39:21BagderF1 18E
10:39:21BagderF2 25F
10:39:28BagderF3 3FB
10:39:28BagderUP 32C
10:39:28BagderLEFT 25D
10:39:33BagderRIGHT 190
10:39:34BagderDOWN 3FA
10:39:34BagderPLAY 32C
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10:43:35LinusNany more recorder users here?
10:44:03Zagorhere goes:
10:46:44Zagorkey AN4 AN4
10:46:44ZagorF1 167
10:46:44ZagorF2 225
10:46:44DBUGEnqueued KICK Zagor
10:46:44ZagorF3 397
10:46:44ZagorUP 2DE
10:46:45***Alert Mode level 1
10:46:45ZagorLEFT 225
10:46:47ZagorRIGHT 168
10:46:49ZagorDOWN 395
10:46:51ZagorPLAY 2DE
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10:53:59bobTHChi all!
10:54:04Bagderhi bob
10:55:45LinusNhi bobTHC!
10:55:54LinusNbobTHC: do you have a recorder?
10:56:46***Alert Mode OFF
10:57:00bobTHCu know it ;) i sent u my player ;)
10:57:32bobTHCwith a 30 gig Ibm travelstar upgrade
10:58:57LinusNmy memory is weak
10:59:02LinusNmust be my age
10:59:37LinusNbobTHC: can you go to the debug menu->i/o ports and vive me the readings of AN4/AN5 when you press the keys?
10:59:44LinusNexcluding ON and OFF
11:01:21bobTHCwhen playing?
11:02:28bobTHCAN4 &AN5 change all time
11:02:35bobTHCwithout press any key
11:02:47Bagderyes, but very little
11:03:02Bagdervalue wise
11:03:35bobTHCnot really AN4 = 001,002,003,004.....,008
11:03:52Bagderthen it is 1-8
11:03:59bobTHCand when i push "up" key
11:04:11bobTHCAN4 = 320
11:04:20bobTHCor 32F
11:04:36Bagderand that's what Linus wants to know
11:04:49bobTHCdown key AN5 = 3FF
11:05:46bobTHCright key AN5 = 180 18F
11:06:19bobTHCleft key AN5 = 260
11:06:38bobTHCor 26C
11:07:19bobTHCF1 key AN4 = 198 or 18F
11:07:25bobTHCi continu?
11:07:30LinusNall keys
11:08:15bobTHCF2 : AN4 = 26F or 25F
11:08:43Bagderthere's the web archive of the gmane site
11:08:56bobTHCF3 : AN4 = 3F7 or 3F8
11:09:01Bagderpretty nice-looking
11:10:52LinusNbobTHC: and Play?
11:10:53Zagorit seems you can't access all mails though
11:11:04Bagderhm, true
11:12:07bobTHCAN5 = 330, 328
11:12:18bobTHCfor play key
11:12:47bobTHCit's ok?
11:13:35LinusNyup, thanks
11:14:02bobTHCno pb if i can help u more it's with pleasure :)
11:14:47Bagderhey Zagor, you're gonna be late ;-)
11:15:19memLinusN: /me has a Recoreder, do you need help?
11:15:37ZagorBagder: :)
11:16:12LinusNmem: go to menu->debug->I/O ports
11:17:07memLinusN: Do I need a particular build or would 020930 do?
11:17:36memLinusN: I'm in I/O-ports now
11:18:21LinusNok, give me the AN4/AN5 readings when you press the keys, except for ON and OFF
11:18:39memLinusN: Should I play a song or not?
11:19:08Schnueffsing when u press the keys
11:20:08BagderSchnueff: my backlight goes off even if my charger is connected!
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11:20:37*Bagder runs for lunch
11:20:49SchnueffBagder: i had not time to test the adapted patch, i'm in the middle of moving. what's your setting?
11:21:04LinusNSchnueff: i'll look into it
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11:21:29LinusNTHG praises the ipod
11:21:43SchnueffLinusN: ok
11:21:52LinusNi had high thoughts about THG until now
11:22:49memLinusN: F1 AN4 190, 192, and something with F as last nibble
11:23:24memLinusN: F2 AN4 261, 262, 263, 264
11:23:42memLinusN: F3 AN4 3FF
11:24:12memLinusN: Up AN4 331, 332, 333, 334
11:24:32memLinusN: Down AN5 3FF
11:24:56memLinusN: RW AN5 261, 262
11:25:33memLinusN: FW AN5 190, 191, 192, 193 and something with F as last nibble
11:25:58memLinusN: Play/pause AN5 333, 334
11:26:31LinusNdoes the values change when you have the charger attached?
11:26:56memLinusN: I think that was all, and as you see a lot of the numbers changes a bit all the time, as when not pressed the numbers chenges in the range 0-3 or something
11:27:36memLinusN: This was all done without charger and I don't have the charger with me today
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12:43:50breakerAnyone: I just made a german translation for the repeat words. But as feared yesterday already, it's not enough to have one word for it for the menu (F1) and the F2 screen.
12:44:19breakerThe correct translations are "Zufallswiedergabe" and "Wiederholung". That is too long for the F2 screen.
12:44:46breakerFor the F2 screen, "Zufall" and "Wdh." would be ok. But that's not looking nice in the F1 menu where there's enough space!
12:45:52breakerSo what to do? For the moment, I can live with the word being too long (overlapped) in the F2 screen, but I really would appreciate two translations..
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13:08:41quelsarukBagder: sorry to be so slow :)
13:08:53quelsaruki had no i-net this past days
13:09:30quelsarukhardeep has made repeat off, no?
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13:30:53quelsarukeo? someone alive?
13:32:39LinusNi have survived
13:33:45quelsarukLinusN: hardeep has made repeat on/off?
13:36:25 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
13:37:18quelsarukok :)
13:38:08quelsaruki'm sorry for working so slowly on that, at least there was someone faster than me :)
13:38:44LinusNhow far has your solution come?
13:39:33langhaarrockerI've just read my first key scheme from a config file:)
13:40:34LinusNquelsaruk: oh, i though you were working on repeat too?
13:40:45LinusNlanghaarrocker: nice
13:40:49quelsaruki was working, i didn't understand your question
13:41:03quelsaruki'm a bit asleep
13:41:09LinusNquelsaruk: how far had you come with your solution?
13:46:18langhaarrockerIs there a special icon for repeat 1 ?
13:46:35langhaarrockerI just see the normal repeat icon.
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13:46:55Bagderthere's no icon for that yet
13:47:52langhaarrockerDoes repeat 1 deserve it's own icon?
13:48:41 Nick Zagor|lunch is now known as Zagor (
13:48:41DBUGEnqueued KICK Zagor
13:48:51Bagderyes I think it does
13:48:52Zagorlanghaarrocker: yes
13:49:02CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 2 hours and 27 minutes at the last flood
13:49:02*Zagor is working on it
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13:50:00quelsarukLinusN: i had some problems when playing previous files
13:50:58quelsarukbut hardeep solution seems to work fien
13:51:25quelsarukthat's what is important
13:52:24langhaarrockerquelsaruk: Have you tried which version 'wins' when you patch your version with hardeeps solition? :)
13:52:43quelsaruknot really
13:53:54quelsarukmaybe one day i'll try that, just for curiosity
13:54:19langhaarrockerBesides from the repeat 1 icon - are there any things still pending for V1.4?
13:54:38quelsarukwell, i mut go, As university has begun here i have a lot of work until things calm down a bit :)
13:54:40Zagoronly small fixes. i'm announcing feature freeze now.
13:54:47quelsaruksee you soon (i hope)!
13:54:52LinusNi want the puzzle game
13:55:07ZagorLinusN: it still isn't fixed
13:55:16 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
13:55:20langhaarrockerI want more puzzles for the game. I've solved them all!
13:55:30Bagdermake more!
13:56:05langhaarrockerNo, I'm already puzzled by that key binding job.
13:57:05ZagorBagder: you had some issues with the game?
13:58:02Bagderyes, and Frederik has said he's gonna adjust those and get back
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14:01:56 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
14:06:43 Part Bagder
14:14:47 Join Okidoki [0] (
14:16:01OkidokiHi, does anyone have a solution for my problem, I been here before but couldn't fix it sofar: When I use the rockbox firmware my files and dirs get unreadable, also after formatting the hd
14:16:28LinusNOkidoki: that is so weird
14:16:34OkidokiI formatted it with XP
14:16:45LinusNand we can't help you unless you provide is with a dump of your FAT
14:16:50OkidokiI know ;-) and it sucks too.. ;-)
14:17:00LinusNfew of us developers use XP
14:17:01Okidokihow do I give you a dumb of my FAT?
14:17:14LinusNdid you try winhex
14:17:34Okidoki? never heard of that. is that a software tool to make a dumb?
14:17:52LinusNit's a hex editor that may be able to save a dump of your disk
14:17:56LinusNi think
14:18:05LinusNi always use Linux for such things
14:18:08 Join BlackCore [0] (
14:18:21BlackCorei need some help :-)
14:18:27BlackCoreya, you hate that, right?
14:18:40LinusNon the contrary
14:19:05Okidokiyeah..that is my problem, I don't have Linux, I tried to hook up the recorder to an ME, but didn't succeed
14:19:06BlackCoreon the what?
14:19:35BlackCorei tried to update the firmware, but it doesn't work
14:19:50LinusNBlackCore: it means "it's the other way around"
14:19:56LinusNBlackCore: XP, right?
14:20:05BlackCorenope, win2k
14:20:10BlackCorexp suckz :-P
14:20:12LinusNsame sucky thing
14:20:28BlackCorethats your opinion
14:20:34Okidokiwhat is your problem with the firmware blackore?
14:20:45BlackCorecore ! :o)
14:20:49LinusNBlackCore: did you eject the USB device properly?
14:20:54Okidokihehe...sorry ;-)
14:21:02BlackCoreehm, i copy the file into the root of my jukebox recorder
14:21:06BlackCorebut nothing happens with...
14:21:13LinusNBlackCore: did you eject the USB device properly?
14:21:14BlackCoreafter the reboot
14:21:33LinusNdid you name the file archos.mod?
14:21:34BlackCorethe file is still there
14:21:44LinusNsorry, ajbrec.ajz
14:21:50BlackCorenope...i have a recorder
14:22:37LinusNcheck that there are no special attributes on the file
14:22:42LinusNlike read-only, system, archive
14:22:56BlackCorei'll test it right now
14:23:05LinusNwindows does all sorts of silly things to those files
14:23:56LinusNand make sure you use the tray icon to dismount the USB device
14:23:56BlackCorethere are only the option "hide" and "read only"
14:23:57OkidokiLinusN: hmm.. should I try that too? as my recorder starts up properly and I can change the settings..
14:24:14LinusNOkidoki: no need
14:24:53Okidokiokidoki, I am gonna try formatting it now with Windows 2000, should I do anything more ?
14:25:13BlackCorei found the fault, tanks a lot
14:25:14LinusNOkidoki: don't reformat it
14:25:24Okidokinot reformat? why not
14:25:29BlackCorei just have to disconnect it via the icon
14:25:32LinusNwe want to know what the problem was
14:25:40LinusNBlackCore: that's what i asked
14:25:49BlackCorenow it works, yeahh :o)
14:25:51LinusNBlackCore: did you eject the USB device properly?
14:25:57LinusNthat was what i asked
14:26:20LinusNanyway, good that you got it working
14:27:06BlackCoreis the rockbox only in english?
14:27:22Okidokioh....well, I have downloaded the software now, so in case it doesn'work I will contact you ;-)
14:27:30LinusN1.3 is, but the daily builds are in several other languages
14:27:52BlackCorewhen will they be realeased?
14:28:17LinusNBlackCore: danish, swedish, german, italia, spanish, turkish, dutch, french
14:28:36LinusNBlackCore: any day now
14:28:43BlackCoreargh :-P
14:28:52BlackCorethat firmeware rockz :-P
14:29:16BlackCorescreensaver... lol
14:29:27LinusNof course
14:29:27LinusNBlackCore: you should really try the latest builds
14:29:43LinusNrocks even more
14:31:05 Quit PsycoXul (
14:31:05 Quit bobTHC (
14:31:05 Quit datazone (
14:31:05 Quit PiotR (
14:31:05BlackCorethis games are stupid pixel wars *gg*
14:31:26 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
14:31:28NJoinPsycoXul [0] (
14:31:28NJoinbobTHC [0] (
14:31:28NJoinPiotR [0] (
14:31:28NJoindatazone [0] ([GFcD3ND8n@
14:32:07 Quit datazone (
14:32:07 Quit bobTHC (
14:32:07 Quit PiotR (
14:32:07 Quit PsycoXul (
14:32:21BlackCorethe title scrolls to fast i think
14:33:03NJoinPsycoXul [0] (
14:33:03NJoinbobTHC [0] (
14:33:03NJoinPiotR [0] (
14:33:03NJoindatazone [0] ([GFcD3ND8n@
14:33:25LinusNBlackCore: then change it
14:33:38BlackCorejo, i found it...
14:34:07BlackCorethat looks like a bug
14:34:33BlackCorethe display is to slow i think
14:34:57BlackCorethe fade outs of the pixels
14:35:10LinusNok, and what is a bug?
14:35:17BlackCoreok, no bug
14:35:29BlackCorebug it looks like :o)
14:37:41 Quit datazone (
14:37:41 Quit bobTHC (
14:37:41 Quit PiotR (
14:37:41 Quit PsycoXul (
14:37:49BlackCorewhere can i change the seconds untill the display turns the light off?
14:38:46LinusNGeneral settings->backlight timer
14:39:02NJoinPsycoXul [0] (
14:39:02NJoinbobTHC [0] (
14:39:02NJoinPiotR [0] (
14:39:02NJoindatazone [0] ([GFcD3ND8n@
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14:41:58BlackCorethe last stupid question
14:42:07BlackCorewhere is the record funktion? lol
14:42:29LinusNBlackCore: coming, coming...
14:42:36LinusNnot in 1.4 though
14:42:52LinusNthe FAT32 file writes are not done yet
14:43:02LinusNbutnthe recording drivers are working
14:43:46BlackCorei see
14:44:10BlackCorei would left out the games, but thats my opinion :o)
14:44:28LinusNBTW, found on the web:
14:44:29LinusNBlackCore: why?
14:45:14BlackCorebecause the are to simple and anyone will use it?
14:45:29Zagormany people love the games
14:45:33LinusNlots of people love them
14:45:45LinusNBlackCore: care to improve them?
14:46:03BlackCorein that way...ya
14:46:30BlackCorebut i still think that you do this firmeware fine
14:46:38BlackCorehow many guys are working on it?
14:46:47LinusNBlackCore: do you want to improve the games?
14:47:31BlackCoreiam not in the positon to improve it :o)
14:47:55LinusNtoo bad
14:48:17BlackCorethats java, right?
14:48:36BlackCorei never told, that iam a coder
14:49:29LinusNwho closed bug #615922?
14:50:17ZagorI did. you can see it at the bottom.
14:50:49Zagori don't know why i closed it and not just marked it fixed :-)
14:51:21LinusNi only looked in the mail
14:51:35LinusNit was marked fixed
14:51:48Zagoryes, bottom of the sf bug page. it looks like uwe closed it, though and I just marked it fixed
14:51:48LinusNyou didn't need to touch it :-)
14:52:00LinusNi see the opposite
14:52:12Zagorold resolution_id: None
14:52:48LinusNthen how come it is marked Fixed on our front page?
14:53:14Zagorapparently resolution goes before status :-)
14:53:50Zagorah, the mail. that was uwe.
14:53:51LinusNi like the close date :_)
14:54:17LinusNwe should tell uwe not to close them
14:54:49Zagori have to go. see you after the weekend
14:55:14 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
14:56:23BlackCoreehm linus?
14:56:37BlackCoredid the archos crew ever contact u ?
14:57:27LinusNno, not a word from them
14:58:38BlackCoremaby the only interessted in commercial projects
14:59:13LinusNof course they are
15:00:34 Join Django [0] (
15:00:44BlackCorethe strange thing is, i have got the firmware 1.28 and on their download page the only provide the 1.27d
15:01:10Okidokiis the 1.28 any better?
15:01:22BlackCorei dont now *g*
15:01:41BlackCorebut on my reboot screen the 1.28 appears
15:06:28 Nick elinenbe|sleep is now known as elinenbe (
15:06:36BlackCoreokay guys, i have to go now
15:06:44elinenbemorning all (well afternoon for the Vikings!)
15:06:49BlackCorei'll check your page out
15:07:01 Part BlackCore
15:09:44*edx leaves for Berlin :)
15:10:29 Quit edx ()
15:16:24 Join Bagder [0] (
15:17:56 Quit Django ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
15:31:18 Quit Okidoki (" (EOF)")
15:33:18elinenbeSkirt BoX!!
15:34:54elinenbeI love those translators.
15:36:25elinenbe"I am incredibly silly"
15:59:45 Quit pyvasene (Remote closed the connection)
16:11:27elinenbeI can feel 1.4 in the wind...
16:12:18LinusNgotta go. cu all!
16:12:24Bagdersee ya Linus
16:12:36 Part LinusN
16:30:23 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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16:42:34 Join pyvasene [0] (
16:52:24 Join norm_ [0] (
16:53:00*norm_ looks around
16:53:09*Bagder hides
16:53:23norm_Anybody here who can answer a simple question about an Archos recorder?
16:53:42norm_Is the digital in/out plug on the top supposed to do anything?
16:54:12norm_Does it have to be activated somehow or should it "just be working"?
16:54:13Bagderguess for what? ;-)
16:54:41*norm_ thought it was a line-out type of thing
16:54:50Bagderwhen running rockbox, digital out should be working, afaik
16:55:11norm_in a line-out fashion? i.e. I could connect to speakers and should hear something?
16:55:59 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:56:12norm_My jukebox must be broken
16:56:18norm_Bagder: thanks for your help
16:57:28 Quit norm_ ("Homeward bound")
17:02:52 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
17:04:11langhaarrockerHas anybody of you used gperf before?
17:04:44Bagderlong time ago we used it in a project
17:21:17 Join TotMacher [0] (
17:21:19 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:31:12 Quit TotMacher ()
17:33:44 Join TotMacher [0] (
17:43:35 Join hardeep [0] (
17:54:06 Part Bagder
18:01:26 Quit pyvasene ("Leaving...")
18:04:48 Quit elinenbe ()
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18:47:04 Join LinusN [0] (
18:47:10LinusNhardeep: hi
18:47:19 Join arbitrabbit [0] (
18:47:23hardeepLinusN: heya
18:47:35LinusNi just checked out your repeat patch
18:47:47LinusNit isn't all that functional :-)
18:47:58hardeepLinusN: what's missing?
18:48:11LinusNit assumes that the list is played from start to end
18:48:27LinusNit isn't, when play selected=true
18:48:47hardeepright, that's the bug that zagor mentioned in his e-mail
18:48:52LinusNreaching the last index in the list is not the correct condition for stopping
18:48:57hardeepi was going to look at it today
18:49:25LinusNyou have to keep track of which index is right before the one at the current position, and stop when that is being played
18:49:45LinusNplay selected looks for the selected track in the list and plays from there
18:49:51hardeepbut, it's only for the case where play selected=true, shuffle mode=on and playing for a dir... all other cases are correct
18:50:09LinusNi'm not sure
18:50:22LinusNi playted a little with it on the bus home
18:50:36hardeepi was going to add a start_index variable in the playlist and use that for calculating end of list
18:51:20LinusNthat's probably better
18:51:29LinusNnever mind, i have to go. cu later
18:51:36 Part LinusN
18:51:38hardeepBut it would only affect that one case I mentioned... can you think of others
18:51:40hardeepdoh, too slow
18:52:14 Quit arbitrabbit ("ChatZilla 0.8.10 [Mozilla rv:1.2a/20020910]")
18:57:08 Quit TotMacher ()
18:58:08 Join LinusN [0] (
18:58:11LinusNback again
18:58:20LinusNwhere were we?
18:58:51hardeepheh... can yoy think of another case besides shuffle=on play selected=first where start_index would be important?
18:59:05LinusNnot really
18:59:15hardeepzagor said he didn't want to wrap in dirplay in unshuffled mode
18:59:20hardeepeven if user starts in middle
18:59:43LinusNnot until some wiseguy wants the whole dir to be played beginning from the selected song without shuffle :-)
19:00:18LinusNi guess people are used to what cd players do
19:00:27LinusNthey play to the end
19:00:44hardeepalso, have you reproduced that bug reported by casey?
19:01:00hardeepit's all working correctly for me, and i've tried several files/directories
19:03:18LinusNwhat was that?
19:03:18LinusNah, that one
19:04:17LinusNi tried too, to no avail
19:04:35 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
19:04:55hardeepokay, i'll ask him for some example files
19:05:58langhaarrockerWhat do you think: should we have separate key scheme files for recorder and player or the same file with conditional entries ?
19:06:25LinusNi think
19:06:42LinusNi haven't given much thought to the scheme thing at all
19:08:09langhaarrockerseparate files might make it more difficult to maintain similarities.
19:08:31LinusNi don't get it
19:08:45langhaarrockerBut I think the normal user doesn't want to hazzle with conditional things for machines he doesn't have.
19:09:32LinusNwhy would we have to deal with the config files
19:09:43LinusNthey are for the user
19:10:15langhaarrockerI think the factory presets should be maintained in scheme files which then are compiled into the firmware.
19:10:52LinusNok, i see
19:11:09langhaarrockerSomewhere we have to maintain the factory presets. I just want to avoid that we have to deal with two different file formats: c files and scheme files.
19:12:52LinusNjust generate c files from scheme files
19:12:57langhaarrockerFor that case it might be worth considering to have the same scheme file for recorder / player.
19:13:14langhaarrockerBut the more I think about it I'd rather separate them.
19:13:25LinusNit's probably easuer
19:16:18langhaarrockerOk, It'll be separate files.
19:16:18langhaarrockerThere's another problem I still am undecided about: the command list
19:16:48langhaarrockerThe developers have to publish new functionality that should be bindable somewhere.
19:17:25LinusNi am worried about a lot of things regarding the functionality
19:17:46LinusNfor this to work well, we will have to restructure the code a lot
19:18:05langhaarrockeryes. I'm having a first shot with tree.c
19:18:09LinusNwe would have to flatten out the whole structure
19:18:26LinusNand make the app into a giant state machine
19:18:51LinusNwith the key "functions" traveling around
19:19:15LinusNi don't entirely like it
19:19:15langhaarrockerBut when you get right down to it it is already like this.
19:19:33langhaarrockerThe machine has a state and we can only change it by input.
19:19:54langhaarrockerMaybe complex input.
19:19:54LinusNbut the menus, for example, can't call each other
19:20:17langhaarrockerWe just have to limit the depth.
19:20:38langhaarrockerWith the current ui structure that is no problem.
19:20:44LinusNwait and see
19:21:25langhaarrockerAs long as we can't make circular calls it's ok. And that can be cared for with the factory presets
19:21:37langhaarrockerThe rest is up to the users responsibility.
19:21:38LinusNyes, the factory presets will work
19:22:02LinusNbut it is us that have to deal with all the bug reports
19:22:13LinusNit crashew when i press F2
19:22:30LinusN"playing a file twice crashes the machine"
19:22:38langhaarrockerThere'll be an error screen that tells the user that he's to blame for that.
19:22:48LinusNand does he care?
19:22:55LinusNhe doesn't even know what he has done
19:23:50langhaarrockerAnd when I include: "Don't consult the mailing list - read the faq!" in the error screen?
19:24:07LinusNthen the user will feel abandoned :-)
19:24:25LinusNmy point is: this must not be a half-hearted thing
19:24:45LinusNif we go key schemes, it must be the full monty
19:25:00langhaarrockerBut the circular calling thing is inherent. It needs magic to get around that.
19:25:14langhaarrockerI agree on the full monty.
19:25:18LinusNnot magic, but a very messy code
19:25:28LinusNhard to follow, and hard to develop
19:25:38LinusNnot KISS anymore
19:26:04LinusNi have to go now
19:26:06LinusNcu guys
19:26:11langhaarrockerBut when whe have hierarchical menues we must backtrace to where we came from. -> no way around stak
19:26:28 Part LinusN
19:31:43 Join TotMacher [0] (
19:31:44 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:47:43 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
20:13:22 Join hardeep [0] (
20:19:35 Join Django [0] (
20:20:59DjangoWhat EXACTLY should "backlight on when charging do"?
20:22:12DjangoBacklight is now off when charging stops, although the charger is still attached.
20:41:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:41:17hardeepDjango: Linus submitted a fix today for the backlight when charging feature... are you running a version that contains that fix?
20:57:21Djangohardeep: yes. Before that fix it did work at all. Charger was ignored. Now it is at least on while charging.
20:57:36Djangohardeep: yes. Before that fix it didn't work at all. Charger was ignored. Now it is at least on while charging.
20:57:42 Quit TotMacher ()
21:24:48 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
21:30:21 Nick Django is now known as Django|away (
22:10:19 Nick Django|away is now known as Django (
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22:46:21 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
22:49:49 Join hardeep [0] (
22:50:50Djangohardeep: got me another fresh copy of the cvs build and 'backlight when charging' now works.
22:51:38DjangoSorry for the confusion. A new build every few hours and they all have the same name :-)
23:00:48DjangoHow do I make diff files on Windows?
23:01:16DjangoI want to send in a contribution. I am using WinCVS.
23:03:29DjangoShould there be one diff file per source file or can I combine them into on text file?
23:10:00hardeepDjango: Combine them into one text file
23:10:23hardeepI'm not all that familiar with WinCVS so I'm not sure how to do this from it
23:43:27 Quit Django ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")

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