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#rockbox log for 2002-10-07

00:00:12LinusNi think it would be more appropriate to not shut off
00:00:13langhaarrockerThe bass -12 prob is reproducable in the bleeding edge build
00:00:17PsycoXulbut a one-time ask-resume in such cases might be convenient? i dunno, i've always got resume on anyways
00:00:28breakerLinusN: It seems that the bass is set to -12 every time a "auto volume: 0" line is the last line in an .eq file. If I have a "auto volume: 0" line in the middle of the .eq file, the bass is ok. Does that help?
00:00:32LinusNPsycoXul: excellent idea
00:00:57LinusNbreaker: your file has auto-volume last, and that works for me
00:01:35langhaarrockerLinusN: you're using the bleeding edge build, too?
00:01:36LinusNbreaker: look for atoi on
00:01:49breakerYour bass is not -12 when you go to the sound menu? Why is this happening on my unit and at langhaarrockers?
00:01:55LinusNlanghaarrocker: no, i build from CVS
00:02:04LinusNlet me download the lates build
00:02:53PsycoXulthere any way to set/unset the system and hidden attributes of a file on a fat FS through linux?
00:03:04LinusNbreaker: is generated when building the executable
00:03:15LinusNPsycoXul: don't know
00:03:17PsycoXuli figured out why my archos.mod's not showing with "Supported" selected as the filter
00:03:29breakerLinusN: And what does it tell me? Where should I look at?
00:03:45PsycoXulit's cause the factory-installed archos.mod was set system and hidden, and i've never deleted it or changed those (i've always just copied the new file over it)
00:04:08LinusNbreaker: it tells where the atoi function is coming from
00:04:44LinusNPsycoXul: silly Windows behaviour
00:04:51breakerLinusN: librockbox.a(atoi.o)
00:05:37LinusNi tried with the latest bleeding edge and breakers file. it works
00:05:55langhaarrockerThen we must have different recorders.
00:06:04LinusNwait a sec
00:06:26langhaarrockerMine was with V1.17i
00:06:56breakerMine has 1.28 installed.
00:07:13langhaarrockerBut how can that be? Are there different MAS chips in the recorders. I don't believe that.
00:07:38LinusNok, i can reproduce it now
00:07:53langhaarrockerMy recorder is _vintage_ :)
00:09:01langhaarrockerI must sleep.
00:09:14breakerI'll be right back in a few minutes. Only taking another ISP on mondays.. ;)
00:09:17 Quit breaker ()
00:09:27 Part langhaarrocker
00:11:23 Join breaker [0] (
00:11:28breakerHi again.
00:11:56LinusNbreaker: is internet access expensive in germany?
00:12:42breakerWe have a "Telekom XXL" and that means calls in whole germany for free on sundays. And I was connected with the university.
00:13:10breakerNow I'm online with freenet. That's 0,89 EUR / Min.
00:13:28breaker0,089 EUR. :)
00:14:39breakerI should go to bed. 0,0089 EUR / Min or 0,89 Ct / Min.
00:16:32breakerSo you can reproduce the prob with the latest cvs version. Any idea where to search? The settings.c looks good to me.
00:16:58LinusNi'm debugging wth gdb right now
00:35:03LinusNi found the bug
00:35:53breakerFine. :) What was the problem?
00:35:54 Join elinenbe [0] (
00:36:19LinusNThe channel eq setting saved the value in global_settings.bass
00:36:30 Join hardeep [0] (
00:37:10LinusNi have committed a fix
00:37:15breakerBut why was this only when a auto volume line was at the end of my .eq file?
00:37:28breakerI'll test the current cvs version.
00:37:38LinusNbreaker: poltergeist?
00:37:45elinenbeLinusN: up late?
00:38:08elinenbeLinusN: I do not think the RIGHT button should play a song.
00:38:30elinenbeLinusN: F1+UP = F3 (in menus or directory browser, but not WPS) kind of odd!
00:40:01LinusNelinenbe: tnat os not odd at all if you read the schematics
00:40:13elinenbebut why does it not do it in the WPS?
00:40:36LinusNelinenbe: because the F3 key is filtered out when F1 is pressed
00:41:01elinenbeIt is quite confusing. Everytime that happens I wonder how I got into the menu, and then I have to figure out that it is the F3 button that needs to be pressed.
00:41:31LinusNwhy do you press f1+up?
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00:42:30elinenbelike I hit F1 to go into the menu, and then up quickly to move the cursor... sometimes I hit them too closely (at the same time)
00:42:36elinenbeand then all hell breaks lose!
00:45:16breakerLinusN: It works now. :) But I saw another thing: I made files "1.eq", "2.eq",... and they don't have a EQ-File-Symbol. Also they aren't executed. I'm not shure, but I think they were executed when I selected them some minutes ago?!?
00:45:23elinenbehere are some nice quotes:
00:45:23elinenbeGo with the Archos recorder 20gb!!! With the Rockbox firmware its the best deal around by far.
00:45:39elinenbeI second that. The AJB20GB recorder is a good choice (with Rockbox!).
00:45:53elinenbeThe work the Rockbox crew is doing transforms the Recorder from a very nice machine to a great one. They seek input from the users, respond to that input and are making the firmware even better. I wouldn't expect that kind of support from Creative.
00:46:12elinenbethis forum and community, along with the rockbox development has definately pushed me towards a bouncy blue-cornered archos
00:46:30breakerelinenbe: Copy-and-paste? ;-)
00:46:30elinenbeI was trying yesterdays daily built and it is awesome. Excellent. Alas now for the recording function to be implemented. The structure of the menus is much better and the cool peak display feature is fantastic.
00:46:35elinenbeyeah :)
00:46:46HadakaI hope the archos guys are listening to those things as well :)
00:46:47elinenbeOnce again, I can't believe what you guys have done with my crappy Archos recorder. Now it is my INCREDIBLE Archos recorder. All my friends envy me now! It has even helped me pick up a few girls (all in the past week!)
00:47:02elinenbeI don't know what to say, but I am speechless. Rockbox is by far the most impressive and incredible project I have ever seen.
00:47:49elinenbethat's all for now!
00:48:10radhardYeah, it's really cool! Just got the compiler running to do some experimenting..!
00:49:51elinenbeIs there an icon for repeat1 yet?
00:52:11breakerelinenbe: At least not in my cvs version from five minutes ago.
00:53:26elinenbewell, there is one in there, but it is just a "1" and it is the bmp
00:55:21elinenbeI am going to edit the icons a little. The font icon and the language icon need to be cleaned up
00:55:43elinenbealso, there is no .txt icon yet...
00:57:00elinenbewhat is the new extension for .eq
00:57:11elinenbeis it .set? or .cfg or something like that?
00:58:18breakerI think it will be cfg in the near future.
00:58:30elinenbeahh.. okay
00:59:19breakerAre you making icons for the player or recorder?
00:59:58breakerIs there a tool to convert a bitmap (bmp/tiff/...) into the format that can be found somewhere in the .c files?
01:00:18breakerOr are you calculating the values by hand?
01:03:00breakerIt seems that all files "?.eq" (only one character) are not recognized as .eq files. Maybe the same with the other file types as well (not tested). Is this a known bug?
01:04:07breakerAt least there's no eq symbol left of these eq files. I'll test mp3 files. Wait a minute.
01:04:27LinusNi see a possible bug
01:05:20LinusN.eq files are only recognized if the file name is longer than 4 characters, including the .
01:06:14breakerA 1.mp3 and a.m3u work ok here.
01:06:35LinusN1.mp3 has 5 characters
01:06:48breakerAh, I see. :)
01:07:10LinusNthat will be "fixed" when we rename them to .cfg :-)
01:07:33breakerAre you shure that all supported files have a 3-character extension?
01:07:50breakerSo no fix for this?
01:08:10LinusNi guess not
01:08:15breakerOK then.
01:09:05breakerAll: Good night. I'll go to bed now.. Bye.
01:09:39 Quit breaker ()
01:11:04elinenbeare there any showstoppers left for 1.4?
01:11:59elinenbewhat is that?
01:12:17LinusNthe mpeg dma on disk errors, and the remote control support
01:19:45LinusNtime to sleep
01:22:04 Part LinusN
01:24:28 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
01:30:00radhardWhat the heck are mpeg dma on disk errors? Read error? Write error? Transfer?
01:52:35 Part elinenbe
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07:09:03 Join LinusN [0] (
07:14:58 Join elinenbe_ [0] (
07:15:57LinusNelinenbe_: have your recorder at hand?
07:18:16 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:50:28adi|homei do
07:50:43adi|homewhat do you need?
07:50:55adi|homeand i thought you had a recorder
07:51:00LinusNadi|home: go to the debug->I/O ports screen
07:51:29LinusNpress F1,F2,F3 and UP and give me the AN4 readings
07:51:50LinusNpress left, down, play and right and give me the AN5 readings
07:51:51adi|homek.. give me a min
07:53:00adi|homegrrrr.. stupid reboot
07:53:54adi|homeyeah.. my unit is flaky
07:54:06adi|homef1, f2 and f3 vary
07:54:14adi|homef1: 16A or 169
07:54:20adi|homef2: 225 or 226
07:54:28adi|homef3: 339 or 33A
07:55:50adi|homeLinusN: 223 through 229
07:55:55adi|homesorry LEFT is that
07:56:11adi|homeDow: 396 through 39B
07:56:23adi|homeRight: 167 through 16c
07:56:44adi|homeup: 000 through 003
07:56:47adi|homethat good?
07:57:17LinusNwhat is an4 when you press up?
07:57:18adi|homeplay i get:
07:57:40adi|home2e0, 2dd, 2dc, 2df
07:57:47adi|homeothers flash, but i can'st see them...
07:57:58adi|homechecking up again
07:59:14adi|homeup an4: 2df 2de
07:59:47adi|homei may have missed a few numbers with it fluctuating so rapidly
07:59:48LinusNyour unit gives very low values
07:59:55adi|homewhat exactly are the an1-an5
08:00:07LinusNanalog inputs
08:00:18adi|homewtf do they fluctuate so wildly
08:00:58LinusNyou had key problems before 1.3 right?
08:01:08adi|homenope key problems so much
08:01:16adi|homemy problem is the random reboots on the unit
08:01:23LinusNdo you have your charger at hand?
08:01:27adi|homebut i think thats just the unit.. why the guy sold it on ebay
08:01:43adi|homesure do
08:01:45LinusNtry the same with the charger attached
08:02:05LinusNsee if it is any different
08:02:37adi|homeno differance
08:04:04LinusNi really need eric's values
08:05:00adi|homei take it his were very different?
08:05:32LinusNhe has some complaints
08:05:46LinusNnot serious
08:06:21LinusNwhat ROM version do you have?
08:10:05 Quit elinenbe_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:22:27adi|homedunno off hand
08:22:40LinusNreboot then
08:22:55 Join Bagder [0] (
08:22:59LinusNyo Bagder!
08:23:19adi|homei get os version 1.24
08:23:22adi|homeif thats what you mean
08:23:30LinusNour remote control handling is silly
08:23:33LinusNadi|home: yes, thx
08:23:54LinusNBagder: you have 1.25?
08:24:14adi|homeokay.. nappy by time
08:24:22LinusNadi|home: night!
08:24:35LinusNthe remote control sends ordinary key codes
08:24:44LinusNthus, it is blocked by the key lock
08:25:01LinusNsilly as silly can be
08:25:41LinusNand the "global" key lock function in wps makes it difficult to change
08:40:55 Nick Synthe` is now known as Synthe (
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08:49:45CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 2 minutes and 27 seconds at the last flood
08:49:45*Bagder learns that bitkeeper is evil
08:53:22Hadakawhy did that have to get /.:d
08:53:42Bagderah, it was?
08:53:53Hadakayes :(
08:53:59Hadakahuge load of comments
08:54:05Hadakaall the usual shit
08:54:10Hadakanever took a peek at it myself
08:55:30LinusNbitkeeper is evil?
08:55:54Bagderkind of, yes
09:01:30Bagder"Actually, every time you slashdot kiddies get your undies in a bundie our sales go up. Thanks."
09:03:15 Quit fragglet (Connection timed out)
09:04:20 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
09:04:51 Join bobTHC [0] (
09:05:02bobTHCgood morning all !
09:05:07Bagdermorning bob
09:05:22LinusNbobTHC: what ROM version do you have?
09:07:08bobTHCno idea, i'haven't it here but it's an old version, (i bought it in febuary 2001)
09:08:09bobTHCsorry :(
09:18:52 Join elinenbe [0] (
09:19:16LinusNelinenbe: what ROM version do you have?
09:20:08LinusN(is he awake, or is it just his IRC client that has a life of its own?)
09:21:02Bagderhard to tell
09:21:30*LinusN is not fond of 24h online IRC clients
09:21:54LinusNhard to tell if people are online
09:22:22Hadakaaway is there for a reason
09:22:58LinusNhow do i tell if elinenbe is away?
09:23:17Hadakahe is not - which is a failure on his part
09:23:26*LinusN is away: meeting
09:23:31Hadaka...that is if he isn't there lurking and laughing at our stupid speculations :)
09:23:37LinusNhow do i get back?
09:23:46Hadakajust /away without a message
09:23:50*LinusN is back (gone 00:00:23)
09:23:59Hadaka10:23 away : meeting
09:24:00LinusNhow do you people see that i am away?
09:24:05Hadakawhat was what I got from whoising you
09:24:13*LinusN is away: meeting
09:24:21*LinusN is back (gone 00:00:07)
09:24:42LinusNi like the /nick|reason better
09:24:52BagderI don't
09:24:57LinusNBagder: explain
09:25:00Hadakaoh and generally it's bad etiquette to announce oneself going away and coming back on public channels - especially large ones - but on this channel it's probably fine
09:25:03HadakaI don't either
09:25:06Bagderthat only works good if there are very few people online
09:25:27Bagderas soon as there are X people, that becomes a nighmare
09:26:00Bagder... and it used to be reason for /kick in the good old days ;-)
09:26:21LinusNi want instant whois info in my xchat nick list
09:26:27Hadakaand also by changing your nick you make it impossible for other people to know why you are away if they do not share a channel
09:26:41*adi|home is away: masturbating sewer rats
09:27:07*adi|home is back (gone 00:00:26)
09:27:30Hadakabesides, /away is the IRC method for doing this thing - let's not invent gazillions of other methods to do the same thing :)
09:29:11LinusNHadaka: agreed
09:29:12Hadakabut, I'm _away_, off to work :)
09:57:53LinusN<Bagder> when running rockbox, digital out should be working, afaik
09:58:01LinusN<norm_> in a line-out fashion? i.e. I could connect to speakers and should hear something?
09:58:08LinusN<Bagder> yes
09:58:16LinusN<norm_> My jukebox must be broken
09:58:29LinusNBagder: you lied to the poor bastard
10:00:54Bagderso digital out is not working?
10:01:06BagderI thought it did
10:01:33*Hes work
10:01:59Hesoops. I am away even though I'm not. Think i proved myself wrong?
10:04:13LinusNBagder: digital out is digital. S/PDIF. To connect to a S/PDIF input, not to Line In on the amplifier.
10:04:34Bagderdigital out sends digital out
10:05:00LinusNhe asked "in a line-out fashion? i.e. I could connect to speakers and should hear something?"
10:05:05LinusNand you said yes
10:05:27Bagderthat's a question of definition in my mind
10:05:45Bagderso what anyway
10:07:14 Join pyvasene [0] (
10:07:23LinusN"connect to speakers" says it all imho
10:15:55 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:22:11 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
10:22:33LinusNgodd morning Chief Longhair!
10:23:26langhaarrockerseems you have solved the bass setting riddle.
10:24:34langhaarrockerWhat's still missing for 1.4?
10:24:59LinusNbetter mpeg dma handling (on disk errors)
10:25:22LinusNStar game
10:25:39LinusNnot a showstopper though
10:25:59langhaarrockerall that mpeg dma and disk stuff still is magic to me.
10:26:26LinusNwe work hard to make it look difficult
10:26:42LinusNso that we look cool and competent
10:27:23langhaarrockerworked out :)
10:28:49langhaarrockerI'm a bit disappointed that I couldn't find anything in the MAS docu for finer control of the spidf in/out. I think spdif principially is capable of sending info when a track changes. But maybe the mas simply doesn't support anything like that.
10:29:24LinusNprobably not
10:29:50LinusNthe only support other than audio is RDM :-(
10:34:33LinusNDigital Rights Management
10:34:45langhaarrockera, yes.
10:37:20langhaarrockerThe lack of detecting / indicating track changes via spdif is surprisingly uncool for such a feature maniac thing like the MAS.
10:38:14 Join TotMacher [0] (
10:38:21langhaarrockerBtw: don't use that peak meter patch yet, I'll have to expand it.
10:40:05langhaarrockercu, must work now
10:42:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:44:07LinusNlanghaarrocker: i need your help
10:50:34LinusNpyvasene: you there?
10:50:50LinusNTotMacher: you there?
10:51:44TotMacherwhat ?
10:51:47LinusNrecorder or player?
10:52:06LinusNrom version?
10:57:47pyvaseneLinuxN: yep
10:58:16LinusNpyvasene: recorder or player? rom version?
10:58:51pyvasenerecorder 1.26
10:59:15 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:59:23LinusNcan you go to menu->debug->I/O ports?
10:59:56pyvaseneLinuxN: I haven't got it with me for the moment, sorry.
11:00:04LinusNtoo bad
11:04:59LinusNHes: you there?
11:06:20TotMacherrom version
11:07:21LinusNTotMacher: go to menu->debug->I/O ports
11:07:30TotMacheri dont have it herte
11:07:53LinusNis it 1.17 or 1.17i?
11:16:34LinusNHes: go to menu->debug->I/O ports
11:17:22Hesstatistics collection round? 8-)
11:17:38mbrLinusN: have my recorder here (1.28)
11:17:43LinusNHes: yes. rom version?
11:17:47mbrNeed the readings again?
11:17:57Hesthere. which readings do you want?
11:18:08LinusNmbr: yes
11:18:21LinusNpress F1,F2,F3 and UP and give me the AN4 readings
11:18:30LinusNpress left, down, play and right and give me the AN5 readings
11:19:47HesAN4: none: 0-1, F1 190-191, F2 263-264, F3 3ff, up 331-332
11:21:08HesAN5: none 0-2, left 264-266, down 2ff, play 335-337, right 192-194
11:21:19HesROM is 1.26
11:22:14Hesbattery is at 4.9V
11:22:40LinusNHes: is DOWN really 2ff?
11:23:01Hestypo, 3ff of course.
11:23:15LinusNATA address?
11:23:27mbrAN4: none: 0-2, F1: 18E-190, F2: 261-264, F3: 3FF, UP: 333-334
11:23:28mbrAN5: none: 0-1, LEFT: 262-264, DOWN: 3FF, PLAY: 333-334, RIGHT:190-193
11:24:11Hesata is at 0x200
11:24:30mbrBattery 5.34V
11:24:41mbrata is at 0x200
11:25:08Schnueffmoin mbr
11:25:24mbrMoin Schnueff
11:28:55LinusNSchnueff: player or recorder? ROM version?
11:29:01Schnueffunit n/a :|
11:29:15Schnueffbut i can check the evening
11:29:20Schnueffrec 1.28
11:29:46 Join elinenbe [0] (
11:30:14LinusNresults so far tell us that the current button limits are not optimal
11:30:18LinusNelinenbe: awake?
11:30:44HesHow often do we poll the keyboard?
11:31:32HesI was at a student party on saturday, played CD's for a couple hours in the morning (around 04-06 AM) and also quite a few pieces from the jukebox
11:32:19Hesfound the latency for starting playback, from pause in beginning of song, unconveniently high for that purpose
11:32:58LinusNwe poll it every 20ms
11:33:37LinusNHes: are you talking about HD spinup time?
11:34:56HesHmm, wouldn't the buffer be filled up already, after i've seeked to the beginning of the song and pressed pause?
11:35:37LinusNHes: describe step-by-step what you did
11:37:16Heswhile in playback, in WPS, not paused click right & left until find the right song, let it play for a few seconds, click on left to make it go to the beginning of the song and press pause before it starts playing
11:37:26Hesthen click play
11:39:22LinusNworks instantly for me
11:41:03LinusNbetter to pause before you press left, btw
11:43:21Hesfeels a bit slower than the DJ dual CD players we have
11:44:12 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:45:01LinusNHes: we're talking milliseconds here
11:45:51LinusNapprox. 50ms (20 for button latency, and 20-30ms for MAs buffering the first frame)
11:47:00LinusN"unconveniently high latency"
11:47:12LinusNbeat mixing?
11:47:27HesFor that purpose, yes, not for the average use 8-) never noticed it before
11:48:16Hesnot actually beat mixing (not at same tempo) but to have the next song start on the next beat of the previous song
11:50:33 Join Zagor [0] (
11:52:28Hesother than that, it really rocked, could play quite a few requested songs that i have in my collection even though they're not in the CD collection of the student club
11:52:39Hesgoing to a meeting, bye
11:55:55LinusNZagor: i need info from yout recorder
11:56:03LinusNROM version and ATA address
11:56:57Zagor1.24, 0x200
11:58:16LinusNi need the ATA address for 1.17 units
11:58:30LinusNare there 1.17 and 1.17i units?
11:59:25LinusNZagor: the current handling of the remote control is not very good when it comes to keylocking
11:59:43LinusNwe should separate remote keys from buttons
11:59:54LinusNlocking the remote is not very nice
12:00:00Zagorah, right.
12:00:18LinusNthe current wps code makes that difficult
12:00:44 Join bobTHC [0] (
12:01:02Bagderperhaps an extra button-bit for the remote?
12:01:16LinusNBagder: yes
12:01:35LinusNseparate remote key codes with a remote bit set
12:01:43LinusNfor easy filtering
12:01:53LinusNthat is clear
12:02:01LinusNthe hard part is the wps
12:02:12bobTHCsomebody know how many caracter by line with alt8x8.fnt?
12:02:57ZagorbobTHC: always check with lcd_getstringsize()
12:04:21bobTHCthanx, because i think about the *.nfo reader
12:04:52Zagorwhat's an .nfo file?
12:04:58bobTHCand *.nfo file it's 82c/line so it's fit well
12:05:46bobTHCit's information file who come with apllications and musik
12:06:04Zagorwhy can't the current text viewer be used?
12:06:19bobTHCjust a question off extention
12:07:31bobTHCrenaming all by txt is a possibilty but directly viewing it with right extention is better?
12:08:46Zagoris .nfo really a widespread extension?
12:09:12bobTHCdefinitly Yes !
12:10:00bobTHC*.nfo ; *.diz ; *.log ; *.1st ...
12:10:31bobTHCjust added it to the text filter
12:11:01LinusNbobTHC: does .nfo have a defined format?
12:14:12LinusN.NFO = InfoBase format :-)
12:14:40bobTHC*.netware folio too
12:22:39 Part Bagder
12:40:10 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lunch (
12:42:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:58:06 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:59:41 Quit TotMacher ()
13:22:00 Join TotMacher [0] (
13:29:49 Nick LinusN|lunch is now known as LinusN (
13:50:07mbrLinusN: I am thinking about status on USB screen. How can this be done? add a timeout verion of usb_wait_for_disconnect) and queue_wait()?
13:50:25mbrAny ideas?
13:51:46 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
13:51:54LinusNmbr: i think the usb thread should do it
13:52:26mbrLinusN: usb thread calls status_draw() in apps dir?
13:52:29LinusNlet usb_display_info show a little more, and have it called in regular intervals
13:52:43LinusNmbr: hmmm, didn't think of that
13:53:20LinusNit isn't necessary that the usb thread shows the info
13:53:39LinusNbut the usb thread is the only thread that knows if we really entered usb mode
13:54:29LinusNwe can solve it with a callback function
13:54:45LinusNmove usb_display_info() to the app dir
13:56:10 Join DexterAYS [0] (
13:56:19mbrAnd then pass a functio pointer to the usb thread with the usb_wait_for_disconnect() function?
13:58:35mbrAnd in the usb thread we also have a blocking queue_wait().
13:59:12DexterAYSHi guys, did someone ever think of the RESUME function as follows: loading a playlist asks for RESUME or START OVER? so i could resume the playlist even if i played some other tunes/playlists in between? (so that makes the resume stuff saving not to the fixed hd-block, but to a file like playlist.rbx (when the playlist would be playlist.m3u).. ?
13:59:21LinusNmbr: call the function usb_display_info()
13:59:27LinusNno pointers
13:59:35DexterAYSHi Linus
13:59:59ZagorDexterAYS: resume means "start up where you shut off"
14:00:07LinusNDexterAYS: you are talking about bookmarks?
14:00:12ZagorDexterAYS: what you are referring to, we call bookmarks
14:00:46mbrLinusN: What about the blocking queue_wait() in usb thread?
14:00:51LinusNmbr: the usb thread has to use a timeout function
14:00:59DexterAYSah okay guys, didn't know anything about those bookmarks... soo you're having this in mind, too?
14:01:05LinusNDexterAYS: yup
14:01:13ZagorDexterAYS: yes. that will come later, when we can create files
14:02:58DexterAYSyou're toooo damn cool guys, really... so there's nothing more to say then ;) just gotta wait... i'm off lettin' you code then hehe
14:03:39 Join Bagder2 [0] (
14:03:45LinusNYo Bagder2!
14:03:50Bagder2hey ho
14:04:00ZagorDexterAYS: :-)
14:04:21DexterAYSbye dudes!
14:04:23 Part DexterAYS
14:10:19LinusNZagor: hehe, do you really believe the guy had a patch? :-)
14:10:48Zagori was looking at the patches, then this... :-)
14:13:20LinusNZagor: it is somewhat annoying that the recorder doesn't save the settings instantly
14:13:31Zagor? of course it does.
14:13:45LinusNmaybe it does, and the disk info takes precedence
14:13:56Zagoronly if rtc is corrupted
14:14:19LinusNtry it
14:14:37Zagorthis is a month old code. it has always worked.
14:14:43LinusNchange a setting and turn off the unit
14:15:35Zagorworks great
14:16:13LinusNI am silly
14:16:54LinusNi wondered why it failed for me when i tried it the last time
14:17:12LinusNnever mind
14:17:36LinusNi have investigated the vbri format some more
14:17:55LinusNit definitely looks like it can't handle large files
14:19:16Zagorclever format
14:20:29ZagorLinusN: did you commit the new button limits?
14:20:53LinusNi haven't really determined what limits to have
14:21:43LinusNbut all information points to 250,500,700,900
14:22:22LinusNi can see differences between the hardware versions
14:22:40Zagorrom versions?
14:22:43LinusNthe 1.24 units have lower voltages
14:23:13 Join elinenbe [0] (
14:23:16Zagorif you want a 1.17 report, mail a request on rockbox and yahoo
14:23:26LinusNi will
14:24:13LinusNi'll add a new debug screen for this
14:24:36LinusNit will include info about USB, ATA and MAS
14:25:08Zagorwhy a new screen?
14:25:17mbrLinusN: Just to be sure that I understood you. You meant, that usb_display_info() should be moved to apps (maybe screens.c) and then call usb_display_info() from usb thread in firmware dir?
14:25:24LinusNbecause the //O screen is full
14:25:41LinusNmbr: yes, that's what i mean
14:25:42ZagorLinusN: do as you wish
14:31:29LinusNgotta go now. bye!
14:31:36Bagder2bye linus
14:31:40 Part LinusN
14:37:54Zagormail 1: "I gotta say: you fucking rule!"
14:38:03Zagormail 2: "Certain elements in this email have failed a MAILSWEEPER test."
14:42:33***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:45:42 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-school (
14:49:13 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
14:50:27langhaarrockerZagor: It was you who gave me the hint with gperf, wasn't it?
14:50:49Zagoruhm no, i don't think so.
14:50:54Bagder2I did
14:51:00langhaarrockeroh, cool
14:51:46langhaarrockerThe problem is that I don't know whether I can make it create a hash like function _without_ storing strings at all
14:52:26Bagder2well I have no idea
14:53:05Bagder2I'm mainly aware of the tool, not very much on any details on how to use it
14:53:20 Nick Bagder2 is now known as Bagder (
14:53:27langhaarrockerI've investigated and although the tool is great it doesn't solve my problem: I want to get rid of the string table.
14:54:23langhaarrockerBut that problem isn't urgent - I might consider it later.
15:21:24 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:31:33 Join Okidoki [0] (
15:32:25OkidokiHi, does anybody know why I am getting the message: Could not Save, is battery empty ? when I use the new firmware?
15:32:43Bagderhow new?
15:32:48ZagorOkidoki: you probably have a partition-less disks
15:33:21Okidokipartition less? I have formatted with xp..
15:33:33OkidokiI have used the latest build (this morning)
15:33:38Zagordid you ever partition it?
15:34:10Okidokiwell, it works without problem with the archos firmware, so I gues the partition is ok
15:34:40OkidokiI previously had the problem that my dirs and filenames were unreadable, but with the latest builds that is solved btw
15:35:11ZagorOkidoki: that's not the issue. the question is if you have a proper partition or the whole disk formatted as a huge floppy (which windows likes to do)
15:35:30Zagorwithout a partition table, there is no place for us to write our settings
15:35:40Zagorand you get that message
15:35:53OkidokiI think the last one, how can I check that? I don't have linux, and what can I do about it?
15:36:58Zagorcan you run fdisk in xp?
15:37:53 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:39:42 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:40:07Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
15:40:15Topic"1.4 feature freeze" by Zagor (
15:40:29Schnueff*shiver* can I do that? isn't that only possible in dos?
15:44:45ZagorOkidoki: i don't know xp much. how would you normally partition a harddisk?
15:45:10Okidokiwith dos....but I don't know if xp allows that...let me see if that works.. ;-)
15:45:38Okidokior I should use a partition manager like partion magic I assume
15:46:04Zagorit would be good to know how to do it in xp. we get this question sometimes.
15:47:17Okidokione moment...I'll see what I can do... I don't want to format ;-) otherwise I have to record everything first and my laptop doesn'thave usb2
15:48:35Okidokifdisk doesn't work in xp..hmm
15:49:14 Join TotM4cher [0] (
15:54:33Okidokimaybe if I put it on a disk
15:59:27Okidokidoesn't work either... aarrghh
15:59:50Zagorxp is so good :-)
16:00:00Zagorcheck with partition magic
16:01:18OkidokiI first have to find PM then ;-) far as I can see has the recorder one big partition
16:05:15Zagordoes pm display that?
16:06:40Okidokinope.. XP has an option for laptop hd has 2 partions C and D, and the recorder has 1(primairy)
16:07:23Okidokithat should be ok right?
16:08:29bobTHCOkidoki> private message!
16:17:05Okidokibut as far as I can see I have 1 partition... so what can I do now? sell my recorder ;-))
16:17:44 Quit TotM4cher ()
16:18:27bobTHCwait & see with pm
16:18:27 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:19:04 Join TotMacher [0] (
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16:52:46 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
16:54:58 Join elinenbe [0] (
16:55:25OkidokiHmm... I have set the partition active now, lets see what happens
16:57:33 Part Bagder
16:58:19Okidokianother questin, why remains the rockbox logo so long on the screen?
17:00:29pantharcan the 6000 do any fun graffix?
17:00:32Okidokistill have the save failed message
17:00:35pantharor just the recorder
17:09:50 Quit Okidoki (" (EOF)")
17:12:11Zagor|awaypanthar: 6000 can do some fun stuff, but only by redefining the lcd characters.
17:12:33 Nick Zagor|away is now known as Zagor (
17:12:56*panthar looks at flea markets for a recorder...
17:13:32 Join hardeep [0] (
17:13:50hardeepmorning all
17:14:46pantharthis will work on a 20 gig recorder? the usb 2.0 one?
17:14:52*panthar is on ebay looking for a new toy
17:17:33hardeepthis? as in rockbox?
17:18:08pantharcourse :)
17:18:35hardeepyes, it works on the 20 gig recorder... and all other AJBR models
17:19:04panthari see one for < $200 on ebay
17:19:08panthar20 gig USB2.0
17:19:23Zagorpanthar: the rec20 is the model to have
17:19:44pantharthat seems like a good price too
17:20:22pantharnot even opened
17:20:23Zagori have to go. see you later.
17:20:24 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
17:25:05bobTHCbye all
17:25:14 Part bobTHC
17:31:01 Quit TotMacher ()
17:51:30 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
18:03:16panthararrgh - the archos website must need internet exploder or something
18:03:42 Quit pyvasene ("Leaving...")
18:09:40 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:10:08 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:39:33 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
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19:19:01pantharis anyone able to navigate the archos site?
19:19:57pantharmozilla, opera, netscape === not work
19:26:22 Join Django [0] (
19:31:36 Join elinenbe [0] (
19:42:52Syntheworks for me
19:46:07 Nick Django is now known as Django|eat (
19:46:51 Quit PsycoXul (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:48:20 Join norm_ [0] (
19:48:51norm_Anybody here who can answer a simple question about an Archos recorder?
19:50:07 Nick Django|eat is now known as Django (
19:50:38norm_There are two jacks on the top of the unit
19:50:41norm_Ear and digital in/out
19:50:46 Quit mecraw12 (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:51:03norm_It's my understanding that the digital in/out should work as a line-out
19:51:41DjangoI don't think so.
19:52:08DjangoIt is a SP/DIF interface, not analog.
19:52:57norm_You would need a special converter to be able to convert this to an analog lineout
19:53:15norm_Or an SP/DIF compatible unit
19:53:41DjangoYes, that's what I understand. But I could be wrong :-)
19:53:45 Join PsycoXul [0] (
19:54:03DjangoHave to go now.
19:54:10norm_Django: thanks for your help
19:54:10 Nick Django is now known as Django|eat (
20:02:18 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:07:41 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
20:09:33 Quit langhaarrocker (Client Quit)
20:28:39 Join radhard [0] (
20:28:53 Nick Django|eat is now known as Django|tired (
20:29:24 Join hardeep [0] (
20:29:57radhardHi! At least back from work, what a day!
20:40:57 Join kezford [0] (
20:41:10kezfordhey all
20:42:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:45:54kezfordI have a 'simple' question regarding installing the firmware on a Archos 6000
20:47:26kezfordI did the build, just as it says to do in the doumentation, and got the resultant archos.mod file (about 74k). I then copied to the hard drive (root, where the old one was), I then rebooted
20:48:07kezfordon reboot the only firmware that is loaded is the in-built one... do I need to do anything else when I install the new firmware?
20:48:35kezfordoo... forgot to say, got the source from CVS
20:50:09hardeepkezford: that all sounds correct
20:50:27hardeepkezford: maybe try a pre-built daily build and see if that works?
20:51:02radhardMaybe you should wait for the 1.4. Sorry, can't tell you more, i've got a recorder. But if the old one works, maybe you should try different configurations...
20:51:44hardeepI'm not as familiar with the player, but I notice there are two versions... one for ROM firmware older then 4.50... are you building the right version?
20:54:20kezfordI have 4.53 on my rom
20:54:34kezford(apologies for the delay in replying... just found out what may be wrong :P )
20:55:20kezfordI am getting this when I do my make from the build directory:
20:55:23kezfordUpdating dependencies for /home/kevin/ftp/storeage/cvs/rockbox/kevin/wps.c wps.c:45:18: lang.h: No such file or directory
20:55:50kezfordI think I will try the daily build :)
20:55:51PsycoXulthats not a problem
20:55:58kezfordit isn't? oh... ok :)
20:56:21kezfordbtw... when is 1.4 due?
20:56:33kezford... or is that something I shouldn't ask ;)
20:56:44hardeepany day now
20:57:03PsycoXulthey're just fixing some things and then it'll be 1.4 time i think
20:57:09hardeepthe lang.h dependency error is because lang.h is autogenerated _after_ the dependency check
20:57:39kezfordah right :)
20:58:04kezfordplus... I think I did generate the wrong version... sorry... my fault, I may have selected the old version :-P
20:58:19kezford... ok... you can shoot me when I have done another build and found out that is the problem :)
21:00:44 Quit Synthe ("Connection Lost - Excess Blood")
21:02:49kezfordcool... helps if you build the right version :-P
21:02:54kezfordsorry guys... my fault :)
21:04:58radhardDid anybody here read out the contents of the original recorder-flash? Very interested in that *before* swinging around the soldering iron in my recorder ;)
21:05:50radhardneed backup! :-)
21:06:08kezfordwell.. thanks for your help guys... look forward to future updates... this looks great :D
21:07:39 Join TotMacher [0] (
21:08:54 Part kezford
21:14:03 Join Synthe [0] (
21:14:15 Join matsl [0] (
21:32:35 Join elinenbe [0] (
22:12:35 Quit TotMacher ()
22:14:14 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
22:32:28 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:33:21 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
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23:01:25 Quit Django|tired ("Client exited")
23:01:27 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
23:13:44 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
23:20:39 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:33:10 Join elinenbe [0] (
23:33:49 Part elinenbe
23:36:30 Join Okidoki [0] (
23:37:31OkidokiAnybody who can tel me how I should set the harddisk when I reformat it with windows?
23:37:43pantharhow to set it?
23:37:46pantharwhatcha mean?
23:38:34Okidokiwell, I have problems with the latest builds, the recorder keeps on asking about Saving problem battery fullenough?
23:38:56panthari dont have recorder
23:39:00pantharat least not yet :)
23:39:52 Join edx [0] (
23:41:29Okidokiany idea what the best way to format is?which type
23:43:44pantharwhatever it comes as
23:46:28radhardmy recorder (6GB) is formatted in FAT32 and is named JUKEBOX. You should create a partition. Don't format as "removable media" or something...
23:48:13Okidokiisn't a partition always created when you had a apartion before?
23:48:52radhardNo. >=W2k has some other ways available to format a removable device....
23:49:11Okidokihmm.I use xp, but now Ihave partition magic to test it
23:49:19Okidokiwould that be better?
23:50:30radhardI think, partitioning the drive with one big partition and then format it with FAT32 should be enough. Thoug, no warranty ;)
23:51:01pantharguarantee :)
23:51:08Okidokihmm..that is what I have now.... but I keep on gettng the save problems
23:51:42Okidokigonna try now...have reboot, bac later
23:52:01radhardnot even that ;) I did it before, but was just klick klick, wait klick klick. Dont remember what i've klicked.
23:52:23 Quit Okidoki (" (EOF)")

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