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#rockbox log for 2002-10-08

00:23:48 Join Okidoki [0] (
00:24:41Okidokiok..... I have set the partition to active..but stil have the problem: Save failed, is battery low?
00:25:52radhardpower supply connected? I've recently had a shutdown problem that had several reasons, as i found out later. One reason were dirty battery contacts.
00:27:00Okidokiright now I have connected the power supply, still have the problem
00:27:24radhardThe drive shut down even with power supply connected. The best cleaning for battery conats is done with glass fibre pens. Also clean the contact in the jukebox (how old is it?).
00:28:02Okidoki2 months..
00:28:15Okidokiand even if the batteries are full, I still have the same problem
00:28:32Okidokibtw...I have no problems witht te archos firmware
00:30:30radhardSecond thing i encountered after i disassembled the jukebox (you should not do that ;) was a broken PCB-wire. But doen't sound like that sort of thing. You have also save problems with USB/WIn/Linux?
00:30:44Okidokiand btw, I can't go back to the directory structure
00:31:31Okidokinope, everything works fine when I attach the player...
00:32:10radhardHmm. Sound like rocking sw problem. Sorry, can't help you with that, since i never tried to record with rockbox.
00:32:11Okidokisory, recorder
00:33:04Okidokiwell, maybe I'll ask linusn or so tomorrow
00:34:09Okidokithanks for your help anyway
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02:36:27edxhave they announced the winner of the t-shirt designing contest, yet?
02:37:07PsycoXullast i heard they were working with the winner on a final design before they announced it
02:39:57edxso nothing new yet.. ;)
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02:46:04 Join Sherv [0] (
02:46:08Shervhey guys!
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03:53:38pantharmy joke 600 seems happy with rockbox :)
03:54:03panthari like how it asks you if you want to resume
04:08:10 Join Zuikan [0] (
04:08:48Zuikanis there a known problem with build 2002 10-7, with not playing all types of mp3's?
04:09:11Zuikanfor the recorder
04:09:23 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
04:11:17Zuikananyone here?
04:12:08Zuikanjust got the archos recorder, and would like to get some knowlege in programming it, would like to make a usb remote control if possible
04:12:51Zuikanhave fairly good knowledge with pic chips, and also PICbasic, which has usb commands, should make it easy to do
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04:53:23PsycoXulZuikan: archos' USB is hooked to an independant dedicated IDE controller, basically... so the only thing it's good for is transfering files
05:04:09Zuikani see
05:05:23Zuikani see others have used the line in for a serial IO device
05:05:40Zuikancould the Digital IO be used without tampering with the device?
05:13:42PsycoXulthe remote control connector in the headphone jack is the input line of the serial port
05:14:11PsycoXulthe hw mod just hooks input and output into the line in jack
05:14:33PsycoXulthere's lots of talk lately of using the input line in half-duplex i/o
05:14:48PsycoXulwhich the unit itself doesn't need any hw mods for
05:16:57Zuikanthank you
05:17:07Zuikanwhat do you use to program the source?
05:18:02PsycoXulwell i tend to create new files with cat... but i always edit things with vim
05:19:21Zuikanare these for SUN? or windows?
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07:55:10Bagderhey ho
07:59:29LinusNi am investigating the CPUAddr problem
07:59:38Bagderany progress so far?
07:59:56LinusNit's the byte swapping that reads an odd address
08:00:23LinusNunfortunately, that's inevitable if we want seamless track gaps
08:01:03LinusNi made a byte-reading swap
08:01:18LinusNit takes 25% longer time
08:01:27LinusN50ms instead of 40
08:01:46LinusNmaybe we can accept that
08:02:17BagderI think so, at least now as a fix for this problem, and then we can think of improvements later
08:02:17LinusNsaves us from address errors in the future, and makes the mp3 code a little simpler
08:02:43LinusNactually, seamless track changes may have bugged with the word based swap
08:03:04LinusNthere was a risk of swapping the last byte of a track twice
08:03:26LinusNI'll go for the byte-based swap
08:03:33Bagderok, so this change might actually fix two bugs then
08:08:41LinusNBagder: how can i check out files from CVS from a current date?
08:08:58LinusNi want to recreate the build from sept 30
08:09:04Bagdercvs co -D "sep 30"
08:09:11Bagderor up -D "blabla"
08:13:09LinusNit may not be the bitswap after all
08:13:42 Join hardeep [0] (
08:16:29LinusNoh yes, the original error is a bitswap odd address
08:16:38LinusNthe latest report is not
08:22:35adi|homeokay.. this is starting to get really annoyi8ng
08:23:45LinusNBagder: we may have a really serious bug here
08:23:59Bagderin what regard?
08:24:11LinusNthe last crash executed code inside the bitswap table
08:24:28LinusNsmells like wild pointers or stack overflow
08:25:01Bagderthat's not nice
08:25:25adi|homestupid damn rockbox site is still not accesible from eastern USA
08:25:52Bagderthat is not nice either
08:26:27LinusNadi|home: weird indeed
08:26:36LinusNadi|home: can you reach
08:26:37adi| right?
08:26:53adi|homei get to with no prob
08:27:07LinusNweirdo indeed
08:27:19LinusNlooks like a dns problem
08:27:29adi|homedunno where thought
08:27:36 Join elinenbe [0] (
08:27:36LinusNcan you reach
08:28:13Bagdercan you "nslookup"
08:28:47adi|homeit seems to find it...
08:28:55adi|homei get
08:28:57adi|homeas an ip
08:29:09Bagderthat's right
08:29:31adi|homecontactor is a no go.. "host unreachable"
08:29:32Bagderso its a routing issue
08:29:45Bagderthe contactor one is very close to the rockbox one
08:29:47adi|homebut its a familar from a nyc server
08:29:48Bagderwhile isn't
08:30:34hardeepadi|home: what's the ip address of your machine? could be a bad subnet mask
08:30:34adi|homeit seems to be a genuity server thats at issue
08:30:40adi|homenot me..
08:30:43adi|homeim on a dial up
08:30:59adi|homeand im not havnign a prob with anywhere else on the net (yet)
08:32:09adi|homefucking annoying is what it is
08:33:17Bagdertry tracerouting to it
08:33:33adi|homedid.. it died at the server in nyc
08:34:12Bagderso it might be operator related
08:34:28BagderI mean, the operator the rockbox site is on
08:35:26adi| is where it stopped to be exact ;)
08:35:37adi|hometraceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
08:35:37adi|home 1 ( 138.102 ms 129.786 ms 119.843 ms
08:35:37adi|home 2 ( 119.899 ms 129.797 ms 119.900 ms
08:35:37DBUGEnqueued KICK adi|home
08:35:37adi|home 3 ( 129.936 ms 129.795 ms 109.992 ms
08:35:37adi|home 4 ( 129.793 ms 129.899 ms 139.854 ms
08:35:39adi|home 5 ( 129.946 ms !H * 120.053 ms !H
08:35:45adi|homehows that for latency ;)
08:36:06Bagderthat's a modem ;-)
08:36:14adi|home*nods happily*
08:36:26adi|homebut hey.. at least my net connection is free and _very_ stable :)
08:38:05 Join adiamas [0] (
08:38:20 Part adiamas ("Client Exiting")
08:39:02adi|homehehhe hit the wrong server button :)
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08:56:28 Join matsl [0] (
08:56:36Bagderhi mats
08:57:07matslhi, how's the release going
08:57:15LinusNslow :-)
08:57:23matslwhat's the prop
08:58:35matslaha. Can I help?
09:01:23LinusNmatsl: have you hac any CPUAddr crashes?
09:03:31matslDon't know. I had a crash while doing FF a few days ago but testing yesterday it worked OK again.
09:04:42matslI'm sorry. I don't remember. (Are you supposed to write these things down ;-)
09:05:03LinusNno, just remember them in your head :-)
09:05:24matslhead? What's that?
09:05:45LinusNthe thing that is wrapped around your brain
09:06:24matslbrain? Could we talk about this over a beer sometime?
09:06:59matslWhile we were chatting I just tried the FF again and ...
09:07:18matsl.. I got an IllInstr at 00000000
09:07:54matslIt happend while FF over the end of a song. Just push that FF and let it run.
09:08:53LinusNhow did you do that?
09:09:31matslHmmm... Now it happened in the middle of a song.
09:09:44adi|home"If you stab a newbie in the throat, do they not bleed?"
09:09:46matslvbr. No not that song I think.
09:09:57adi|home"Yes, and profusely if you are lucky."
09:10:57LinusNmatsl: which rockbox version?
09:11:31matslThere is one thing though. I have a patch installed. A progress bar animation. I'll switch that off and try again.
09:11:59matslLinusN: Checked out a few days ago. I try to stay up to date.
09:14:13LinusNmatsl: how do you do to FF past the end of a song? i can't.
09:14:23 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:15:03matslLinusN: I got the crash anyway so it wasn't that and ...
09:15:45matsl... what I mean is that I did an FF all the way to the end of the song and I didn't release the button when I got to the end.
09:16:00LinusNfor how long?
09:16:11 Join bobTHC [0] (
09:16:17bobTHChi all!
09:16:26matslLinusN: For how long!?
09:16:28bobTHCgood morning...
09:16:55adi|homeLinus... is there anything left on the TODO list?
09:17:02adi|home i can't get to it obviously
09:17:14PsycoXulneeds to be updated last i saw
09:17:19PsycoXulthe TODO list that is
09:17:29LinusNmatsl: for how long must i hold FF to make it crash?
09:17:42matslLinusN: I'm building a new version from the current CVS now and I'll remove my patch so that I'll test on the right thing.
09:17:50matslLinusN: A few seconds.
09:18:13LinusNi must try on my Player
09:18:17matslLinusN: let me test first without my patch.
09:20:33bobTHClinus : my firmware version is 1.17i
09:20:57LinusNbobTHC: can you give me your AN4/AN5 readings?
09:27:30hardeepLinusN: hmmm, i see one bug in ff/rew that could cause a bitswap crash... but probably not the one reported on the mailing 'cause it's newly introduced... mpeg.c:1099
09:29:45matslLinusN: Without my patch FF is rock solid. So good news. My crash is my own fault. Bad news. If others have crashes then this isn't it.
09:30:28LinusNmatsl: good to hear
09:30:38matsl(rock solid = tested five times!)
09:31:13LinusNhardeep: which version of mpeg.c?
09:31:36hardeepLinusN: latest, i think, let me check
09:32:19hardeepyeah, latest...
09:32:22adi|homedamn.. anyone see the links to the archos 20 gig on
09:32:34adi|home213$ american for a 20 gig recorder :)
09:32:53adi|homegod i wish i had a job right now
09:33:32hardeepLinusN: mp3buf_read could be odd if: 1) file size is odd 2) and we've loaded up to end of file
09:33:58LinusNhardeep: yes
09:34:06hardeepLinusN; crash would happen in the above case if you ffw just as loading is complete
09:34:18LinusNi'm reverting to a byte-aligned bitswap
09:34:45LinusNmuch simpler code
09:34:55matslIs there a way to check if this problem occurs so that we can verify that we have fixed it?
09:35:15adi|homehehhee new happy quote
09:35:18adi|homeI don't know what to say, but I am speechless. Rockbox is by far the most impressive and incredible project I have ever seen. There are not many open source projects out there completly reprogramming a device. Rockbox WILL make the Archos Recorder the best portable MP3 player out there by FAR!
09:40:05adi|homesomeone check that and tell me if their site is screwd
09:40:24Bagderit is
09:40:26bobTHC "up" key AN4 = 320 or 32F
09:40:26bobTHCdown key AN5 = 3FF
09:40:26bobTHCright key AN5 = 180 18F
09:40:26DBUGEnqueued KICK bobTHC
09:40:26bobTHC left key AN5 = 260 or 26C
09:40:26bobTHC F1 key AN4 = 198 or 18F
09:40:26***Alert Mode level 1
09:40:26bobTHC F2 : AN4 = 26F or 25F
09:40:28bobTHC F3 : AN4 = 3F7 or 3F8
09:40:30bobTHCplay : AN5 = 330, 328
09:40:43Bagderadi|home: but not if you use IE
09:40:51hardeepadi|home: they just changed their webpage... new link is
09:41:01hardeepBadger: the url provided breaks even on IE
09:41:26adi|homebastards.. i don't use ie
09:42:12matslLinusN: Now that you had an idea of what might cause a crash i mpeg. Do you have an idea how I could get the crash so that I can verify your fix?
09:42:19adi|homeodd.. hardeep.. if you go to us from their main page.. their link.. its broken
09:42:30LinusNand don't even try to validate it with I did. :-)
09:42:45LinusNmatsl: no
09:43:03LinusNi have all sorts of odd length mp3's and i don't get the crash
09:43:33hardeepheh, it's a timing bug... begin ffw just as loading of last data completes
09:43:45matslLinusN: ok. I'll focus on something else then. Are there other crashes?
09:44:16hardeepI don't think this is the crash reported on the mailing list though
09:44:22matslAha! So you fix and then we test and then we release?
09:44:27hardeepthis bug was introduced last week
09:45:24LinusNi just committed a byte-aligned bitswap
09:45:31LinusN25% slower
09:45:53hardeeplaf, lets just fix the ffw bug
09:45:53LinusNnot mush of a problem
09:46:53LinusNhardeep: the word-based bitswap could cause gaps between odd-length songs anyway
09:47:44hardeepis 1 byte even audible though?
09:47:55LinusNnow we don't need to care abount keeping the addresses even
09:48:24LinusNhardeep: 1 bad byte corrupts the whole frame
09:49:05hardeepLinusN: ah, darn
09:50:27***Alert Mode OFF
09:51:27hardeephmmm, i'm not all that familiar with an mp3 frame but is there something we could put in that byte that wouldn't corrupt the frame?
09:51:51LinusNmanu mp3 frames have a CRC
09:52:36LinusNthe particular bug was that a byte could be swapped twice, due to the rounding of addresses
09:54:03LinusNi could have fixed that, but i preferred to have the code clean and nice instead of handling dozens of rare special cases to keep the swap data word-aligned
09:54:24LinusNnow it can be odd at any time
09:55:15hardeepi guess if the 25% slowdown is insignificant
09:55:56hardeepLinusN: a couple of places in MPEG_NEED_DATA were missed for the alignment check
09:59:21LinusNhardeep: i see it
10:07:20hardeepokay, I can reproduce the ffw crash... let me try with your changes
10:09:48LinusNmbr: morning
10:10:05mbrHi Linus
10:10:12mbrHad a look at my patch?
10:11:25mbrI'm thinking about a timeout version of usb_acknowledge to get rid of the firmware -> apps call ..
10:11:43LinusNmbr: explain
10:12:18mbrOh, sorry. I meant a timeout for usb_wait_for_disconnect
10:13:10LinusNyou mean that the main thread checks for the disconnect message, draws the info, checks again...
10:13:15mbrRedraw the usb screen in the function usb_screen() when the usb_wait_for_disconnect() times out.
10:13:35LinusNmbr: in which thread?
10:14:29hardeepcrash not reproducing with changes :)
10:14:37LinusNhardeep: hooray!
10:15:36mbrwps, tree, settings call usb_screen() and then block at usb_wait_for_disconnect()
10:15:52Bagdernice work Linus
10:16:26mbrI thought, when this function returns after a timeout, then it coud redraw the usb screen and call again usb_wait_for_disconnect()
10:16:57LinusN1) that function is called by several threads
10:17:36LinusN2) The thread that calls it does not know if all threads have "called in", and thus does not know if the device really is in USB mode
10:17:43mbrI mean an additional function, like usb_wait_for_disconnect_w_tmo() and use that in usb?screen()
10:18:03LinusNwho calls usb_screen() then?
10:19:20mbr2) there could be a in_usb_mode() function in usb.c, that returns true if we are in usb mode.
10:19:38 Join pyvasene [0] (
10:19:47mbrand usb_screen is called from wps, tree, settings
10:21:37 Join Zagor [0] (
10:21:49Bagdermorning bro
10:22:02LinusNmbr: yeah, in_usb_mode() could maybe solve it
10:22:10LinusNZagor: morn
10:22:27LinusNpyvasene: do you have your recorder at hand?
10:22:46pyvaseneLinuxN : Yep
10:22:47mbrLinusN: The information is already in usb_state variable. Only have to introduce a function
10:22:55LinusNmbr: yup
10:23:03LinusNmbr: care to do it?
10:23:28LinusNpyvasene: go to menu->debug->I/O ports
10:23:38mbrI'll modify the patch and upload it again.
10:24:00LinusNreport the AN4/AN5 readings when you press f1,f2,f3,up,left,right,down,play keys
10:24:15LinusNmbr: great
10:24:19LinusNi tried the patch
10:24:21LinusNlooks great
10:28:15pyvaseneLinusN : In order : AN4 : 18B 25B 3F6 329 0 0 0 0 & AN5 : 0 0 0 0 25C 18C 3F7 32B
10:28:24 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
10:28:33LinusNpyvasene: ROM version?
10:28:57pyvaseneLinusN : But the numbers are moving... Original ROM 1.26
10:29:28LinusNpyvasene: that's normal
10:30:29pyvaseneI hope this helps...
10:30:57LinusNit does
10:31:19LinusNhardeep: do you have a recorder?
10:31:39hardeepLinusN: yes, rec6
10:31:44LinusNSchnueff: do you have your recorder at hand?
10:31:56LinusNhardeep: please do the same
10:32:26LinusNand also check the ATA info on the same screen
10:32:54LinusNpyvasene: what does the I/O screen say about ATA info?
10:33:07PsycoXulok so why do i have to let go of the menu key when holding it after doing one thing with it before i can do another
10:33:25LinusNPsycoXul: explain
10:33:36pyvaseneLinusN : ATA: master,Ox200
10:33:47LinusNpyvasene: thanx
10:33:48PsycoXuli.e. if i have keylock on and want to change the volume, i have to hold menu and hit stop, then release menu and press and hold it again to change the volume, then release it once more, and again press and hold it to press stop and turn keylock back on again
10:34:02 Join TotMacher [0] (
10:34:32LinusNTotMacher: do you have your recorder at hand?
10:34:50TotMacherdebug ?
10:34:52TotMacheri/o ?
10:34:58PsycoXulthough honestly i don't see the point of locking key combo's that are equally as difficult to accidently press as the one to turn off keylocking anyways
10:35:14TotMacherwhat do you want to know ?
10:35:24TotMacheran3 3ff
10:35:35LinusNPsycoXul: i agree. you should be able to change volume even when the keys are locked on players
10:35:41TotMacherpadr: 6e7f
10:35:49TotMacherpbdr fbbf
10:35:49LinusNTotMacher: ata info
10:36:07TotMacherwhat does it say ?
10:36:08LinusNwhat rom version?
10:36:22TotMacherwhy ?
10:36:41Zagorah, a 1.17
10:37:05TotMachertell me
10:37:06langhaarrockernot a 1.17i ?
10:37:06LinusNthe diff between 1.17 and 1.17i is the ATA address
10:37:21LinusNcould be more
10:37:24TotMacherno !
10:37:25ZagorLinusN: are you making a table?
10:37:29TotMacheri have 1.17i !!
10:37:38TotMacheri !
10:38:01LinusNZagor: yes
10:38:15PsycoXulalso i notice that holding on and pressing menu doesn't go into the id3 info screen... does this mean it wouldn't be difficult to have order-based key combo's, i.e. on+stop act different from stop+on, or is this behaviour soley because the WPS/browser switches on keypress instead of keyrelease (why is that anyways?)
10:38:19hardeepAN4: F1 - 168 F2 - 225 F3 - 398 Up - 2DE AN5: R - 168 L - 224 D - 398 Play - 2DE, ATA - 0x300, Rom: 1.17i
10:38:31LinusNbobTHC: what ROM version?
10:38:48ZagorPsycoXul: order-based is not difficult, no
10:39:26LinusNhardeep: rom version?
10:39:33LinusNah, sorry
10:39:37 Join elinenbe [0] (
10:39:43ZagorPsycoXul: release must be used when having combo keys. otherwise F1 for example would jump immediately to menu and could not be used as combo key
10:41:38LinusNbobTHC: ATA address?
10:42:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:44:53LinusNok, the voltage differences on the buttons do not depend on ROM version numbers
10:45:47LinusNTotMacher: go to meny->debug->I/O and press all keys except on and off
10:46:03LinusNreport the AN4 and AN5 readings
10:46:28TotMacherfor all keys ?
10:47:00TotMacherf1 : an4: 168
10:47:04LinusNexcept on and off
10:47:15TotMacherf2: an4: 223
10:47:27TotMacherf3: an4: 39a
10:47:46TotMacherup: an4: 2de
10:48:03TotMacherleft: an5: 225
10:48:13TotMacherright: an5: 169
10:48:25TotMacherdown: an5: 398
10:48:46TotMacherplay: an5: 2df
10:48:59TotMacherbut these value all change slightliy
10:49:05TotMacher+- 5
10:49:09LinusNTotMacher: that's normal
10:49:51LinusNZagor: how do we read the version number from ROM?
10:51:33 Join notch [0] (
10:51:46ZagorLinusN: well, we don't :-)
10:51:59Zagori think they store it at a fixed address in rom
10:52:11Zagorbut it was a while since I looked at it
10:54:09LinusNwas it ASCII or hex?
10:54:24hardeepi just noticed that the vbrfix program for win32 can remove vbri headers and replace them with a Xing header... possible workaround for the vbri bug
10:54:39ZagorLinusN: hex, i think
10:55:16ZagorLinusN: does the bitswap change affect performance?
10:56:28LinusNZagor: 25% slower
10:56:40LinusNfrom 40ms to 50ms per 32Kbyte
10:57:01LinusNhardeep: i can parse vbri headers now
10:57:31hardeepLinusN: nm then. :)
10:57:39LinusNwe can't expect people to run vbrfix on all their files just because they use Musicmatch
11:04:03hardeepyou know what could be a cool feature once we have write support: vbrfix right on the jukebox
11:05:33LinusNyeah, we need that
11:05:47LinusNespecially when we add langhaarrocker's split editor
11:06:17LinusNwe also need it just to add VBR headers to the recorded data
11:06:39hardeepyeah, that was the case i was thinking of... forgot about the split editor
11:15:23 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
11:23:51 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lunch (
11:27:14memZagor: I have found a link on the web page that's broken
11:30:09 Nick mem is now known as mem_lunch (
11:30:15Zagormem_lunch: where?
11:31:00mem_lunchZagor: The page about the Linux driver. The first link to don't work any more
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11:32:19*mem_lunch leaving for lunch now, see you later
11:56:37 Quit langhaarrocker (
11:56:37 Quit pyvasene (
11:56:37 Quit bobTHC (
11:56:37 Quit PsycoXul (
11:56:38 Quit mem_lunch (
11:56:38 Quit Schnueff (
11:56:38 Quit LinusN|lunch (
11:56:38 Quit Bagder (
11:56:38 Quit Hadaka (
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11:57:01NJoinpyvasene [0] (
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12:03:13 Quit notch ()
12:11:46matslBagder: still there?
12:12:07matslNo lunch today?
12:12:17Bagdereating at home
12:12:27matslme to
12:13:34matslBagder: there are some translations missing in svenska.lang. Do you have translation idea for the peak meter?
12:13:54Bagderno :-)
12:14:29 Part Bagder
12:14:33 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:14:52Zagortoppmätare? ;-)
12:17:27matslZagor: That was the easy part. Now: "Peak hold time" (I'm not sure what it means in english so that makes it even harder.)
12:18:38Zagor"Topphålltid" ? Peak hold is how long the peak meter stays at the top level (it artificially prolongs this time to improve visibility)
12:19:16 Join tot [0] (
12:23:21 Join AaronD [0] (~Yepyep@
12:23:45AaronDwhat does the topic mean exactly?
12:24:37AaronDI was actually wondering when 1.4 was coming out
12:24:54ZagorAaronD: soon, hopefully this week
12:24:57AaronDso much has been added since 1.3 and it's getting so cool
12:25:08matslZagor: "Peak release" -> "Toppsläppning" ;-) (Hmm... It won't be easy to use the swedish version ;-)
12:25:28AaronDoh ok, thats cool for the people who dont try dailey builds, I dont mind so much though :)
12:25:37ZagorAaronD: :-)
12:26:10AaronDif the chart says OK all the way accross I download the lattest build
12:26:47Zagorthat's the brave way :-)
12:27:07AaronDdont scare me, I might not do it anymore
12:27:15AaronDis there a real danger?
12:27:20Zagorhehe, no
12:27:35AaronDmy player has screwed up all on its own a few times
12:27:47Zagoryou might see a few more bugs than otherwise, but no hazards
12:28:03AaronDalmost seems to have crashed my system too but Im not sure if that was caused by something else or not
12:28:35AaronDthats alright, as long as it plays, very nice that it doesnt repeat forever anymore
12:28:52AaronDjust when I was thinking it was going to be impossible it was added
12:28:55Zagoryeah. that took us a while...
12:29:29AaronDI dont understand why it wants me to push on when it reaches the end
12:29:39AaronDbut it works so I dont really care :)
12:29:58Zagorwe'll probably remove that. it's for historical reasons
12:30:13 Quit tot ()
12:30:19AaronDhmm interesting
12:31:10AaronDI stupidly reformated my player recently cause my system was having trouble recognizing it
12:32:23AaronDthen it turned out it was the system which is what I though anyway, and the hard drive I had the mp3s on got screwed so Im stuck with old mp3s I burned to CDs years ago :)
12:32:26 Join tot [0] (
12:32:58AaronDthis all happened a few weeks ago too
12:33:13Zagorbad luck
12:33:16AaronDI hope its not the player
12:33:27AaronDI have a feeling it is the hard drive
12:34:37AaronDIm going to replace it under my best buy plan
12:35:06Zagorsounds like a good idea
12:35:14AaronDI had it covered while plugged in and it got really hot and the buttons got a little messed up :)
12:35:26AaronDactualy other than one button its fine
12:35:38AaronDkind of using it as an excuse to get a new one
12:35:54AaronDjust need to find the original batteries
12:36:34 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:37:50AaronDoops sorry
12:38:12AaronDyou didnt really want to know all that
12:38:38AaronDIts late and Im wired
12:40:50Zagor:-) no problem
12:41:16 Nick LinusN|lunch is now known as LinusN (
12:42:15AaronDhey linus how goes it?
12:42:58***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
12:46:10 Quit Zagor (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:47:30 Join Zagor [0] (
12:52:56LinusNZagor: can you update your CVS and rebuild?
12:56:17 Nick mem_lunch is now known as mem (
13:05:22LinusNZagor: ready?
13:05:56 Quit AaronD (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:06:23LinusNtry the new debug menu
13:07:37Zagorwhat's new?
13:07:46LinusNhw debug
13:07:49LinusNhw info
13:08:21Zagori don't see it
13:08:37Zagorshould I run player?
13:08:47Zagori don't
13:09:40LinusNi see it at the bottom: View HW info
13:10:08Zagoruh, i'm silly
13:10:16Zagorok, got it
13:10:27ZagorROM: 1.24, usb: negative, ata: 0x200
13:10:53LinusNrock'n roll
13:10:53Zagorlooks about right
13:11:18LinusNlet me add more stuff now
13:15:14LinusNany recorder owners here that can run a test for me?
13:15:36LinusNZagor: update, rebuild and test
13:19:10ZagorLinusN: mas: 0x0102
13:20:42LinusNi have 0x0302
13:20:54Zagorwhat is it?
13:21:30LinusNi believe that is a hardware compatibility bit mask
13:21:55LinusNthe firmware reads it and does a lot of shifting
13:22:15 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
13:26:06 Join Zagor [0] (
13:27:33 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|lunch (
13:31:34 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-school (
13:32:54 Join elinenbe [0] (
13:34:46 Quit tot ()
13:35:02 Join TotMacher [0] (
14:07:39 Nick Zagor|lunch is now known as Zagor (
14:08:32LinusNZagor: try again
14:11:07ZagorPR: positive
14:12:31LinusN3.18 doesn't have version info in ROM
14:12:48 Join Bagder2 [0] (
14:13:42Zagoryikes, it's been yellow all day
14:14:06Zagorwe need a build bot to come and nag us here in irc :-)
14:14:16Bagder2yeps ;-)
14:14:24Bagder2in upper case ;-)
14:15:45*LinusN looks the other way
14:16:25Bagder2the bot could kick the user who caused the yellow ;-)
14:18:30LinusNBagder2: update CVS, rebuild and run
14:18:49LinusNand try the debug->View HW info screen
14:19:07Bagder2yes sir, will do sir!
14:21:03Bagder2anything particular you'd like to know?
14:22:01Bagder2ROM: 1.25, Mask: 0x302, USB: positive, ATA: 0x200, PR: positive
14:23:03LinusNTotMacher: care to do the same?
14:23:22TotMacherwhat ?
14:23:39LinusNupdate CVS, rebuild and run
14:23:45TotMacheri dont have a build environment
14:23:48mbrMe too?
14:23:58LinusNmbr: please do
14:24:27LinusNTotMacher: download the latest bleeding edge build
14:24:39mbrROM: 1.28, Mask: 0x302, USB: positive, ATA: 0x200, PR: positive
14:24:47Bagder2what's the PR?
14:25:02LinusNit's a control signal for the recirding DMA interface
14:25:27TotMacherwhat ?
14:25:44TotMacherrom 1.18
14:25:50TotMachermask 0x0002
14:25:57TotMacherusb negative
14:26:02TotMacherata 0x300
14:26:07TotMacherpr negative
14:26:39 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:26:48LinusN1.17i says 1.18 in ROM
14:27:36TotMacherbut, have i now voided my warranty ? my jukebox said: debug (keep out!)
14:27:46*Bagder2 grins
14:28:11TotMacherwho works on the osc ?
14:29:42TotMacherlanghaarrocker !
14:29:44*TotMacher slaps langhaarrocker around a bit with a large trout
14:41:04 Quit TotMacher ()
14:41:39 Join TotMacher [0] (
14:43:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:47:34 Quit TotMacher ()
14:54:42 Join TotMacher [0] (
14:56:04 Quit Bagder2 (
14:56:04 Quit Hadaka (
14:56:16NJoinBagder2 [0] (
14:56:16NJoinHadaka [0] (
14:59:47Bagder2splits R us
14:59:52 Nick Bagder2 is now known as Bagder (
15:08:27 Join elinenbe [0] (
15:08:33elinenbemorning all.
15:08:37Bagderhey ho
15:10:14elinenbewhat does the new wordswap do that was committed?
15:11:02LinusNit handles odd addresses and odd lengths
15:11:53 Join freshmaker [0] (
15:12:16 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:12:40elinenbeand that was a big error before?
15:12:48LinusNelinenbe: it caused crashes
15:13:32freshmakeranyone tried my patch for converting underscores to spaces?
15:14:21LinusNout of curiosity, why would you want that?
15:14:30Zagorfreshmaker: i'm not too happy about that either
15:15:10freshmakerhmm, i have my mp3 files stored using path names w/o spaces.
15:15:25LinusNfreshmaker: why that?
15:15:46Bagdersome rippers do that naming by default
15:16:10freshmakerok, you have -print0 and xarg-0, but if need more shell scripting you're better of with names w/o spaces
15:16:50LinusNor use "
15:17:08Bagderfor shell scripting, I agree spaces cause much problems
15:17:12freshmakeri think, it wouldn't hurt to convert all underscores to spaces in file filter mp3 only mode
15:17:25LinusNit would
15:17:39LinusNthe you may end up with identical file names
15:17:49freshmakerouch, right.
15:17:58LinusNmy_file will be the same as "my file"
15:18:28LinusNi think a file name is a file name
15:18:42Zagori agree
15:18:52LinusNif you choose to use underscore, that is what it shows
15:19:32LinusNi like marcus' USB status patch
15:19:41freshmakerand when you have foobar.mp3 and foobar.m3u ?
15:19:59LinusNdifferent extensions and different icons
15:20:23freshmakerthe extension is not displayed in mp3 only mode
15:20:32LinusNbut the icon is
15:20:40mbrLinusN: really? Do you think the timeout makes sens?
15:20:52LinusNseems to work
15:20:53freshmakermp3 only mode is more a music browser, not a file viewer, imho
15:21:35Zagorfreshmaker: if you don't like underscores, don't use underscores. what's next, automated upper/lower-casing of filenames?
15:21:48LinusNZagor: great idea!
15:22:02Schnueffmaybe on-the-fly translation of filenames
15:22:16freshmakerahh, case handling on dos filesystems is always a pain in the ass.
15:22:19LinusNfreshmaker: i see your point
15:22:29LinusNbut i'm not sure i like it
15:22:51LinusN(maybe that's because i don't have lots of underscored names)
15:22:59Zagori see his problem too, but I don't think Rockbox should solve it
15:23:32elinenbeThe SonicBlue Rio Riot has a "The" filter
15:23:48elinenbewhich removes "The" from the front of filenames...
15:23:50Schnueffbut not when playing songs from the group 'the the' :)
15:24:17Bagderthat'll teach people to not listen to such groups ;-P
15:25:38freshmakerat least, we already have name collisions: foobar.mp3, foobar.mp2, foobar.mpa; all are 'foobar' in mp3 only mode and have the same icon.
15:26:11LinusNfreshmaker: oops
15:26:31*LinusN hides
15:27:52LinusNActually, i think some people would like an underscore and First Letter Uppercase option...
15:28:14Zagoryeah, and others want fluffy bunnies on the wps too
15:28:48mbrIs there a reason why the directory is not restored when rockbox resumes?
15:28:50BagderI do!
15:29:02Zagori much rather display all extensions than start fscking upp filenames
15:30:20LinusNmbr: what?
15:30:58mbrwhen I resume a song and then change to dir browser i get the root directory.
15:31:18mbrNot the directory the song or playlist is in.
15:31:53mbrI mean resume on power on.
15:32:16LinusNmbr: and the follow playlist option?
15:32:37mbrLinusN: Ups, what is that?
15:33:07LinusNgeneral settings->file view->follow playlist
15:33:37*mbr gets red
15:35:20LinusNZagor: agreed on the extensions
15:35:57freshmakeri still think, it's ok for mp3 only mode to optionally omit the extension and/or convert underscores and/or do the Uppercase Thing. The music browser (mp3 only mode) and the file browser (all files) simply have different semantics.
15:37:08LinusNZagor: do we want the USB status in 1.4?
15:37:14LinusNi do
15:37:21Zagorhow safe is it?
15:37:30LinusNlooks pretty safe
15:37:35*Bagder points to the topic, and then runs away
15:37:38LinusNcheck it out
15:37:53*LinusN hits Bagder with a looooong stick
15:38:13Zagori'm sceptical. it doesn't add a critical feature
15:38:27LinusNZagor: agreed, we can live without it
15:38:46Schnueffthought it's quite useful for usb battery operation
15:38:50freshmakerok, i have to go to work. there is a wlan to be IPSeced. cu
15:39:01Bagdersee ya freshmaker
15:39:11LinusNelinenbe: you there?
15:39:13 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020914]")
15:39:30 Part Bagder
15:39:48elinenbeLinusN: I am here.
15:40:18LinusNyou have a recorder?
15:40:22elinenbeyeah. 6k
15:40:48LinusNrun the latest bleeding edge build
15:41:58elinenbegive me one min.
15:45:24LinusNgo to menu->debug->view hw info
15:46:36elinenbeROM: 1.15
15:46:44elinenbeMASK: 0x0002
15:46:50elinenbeUSB: negative
15:46:57elinenbeATA: 0x300
15:47:04elinenbePR: negative
15:49:35LinusNwhat version does the boot screen say?
15:49:35elinenbebug: on the F2 quickscreen, the shufflemode jumps.
15:49:35elinenbewhat is 1.15
15:49:40elinenbeoh... wait 1.17ia
15:49:52LinusNelinenbe: doesn't jump for me
15:50:24Zagorelinenbe: how do you mean jumps?
15:51:09elinenbethe text that says Shuffle Mode moves!
15:51:37 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:51:37elinenbemy default font is smalltalkmonotight.fnt
15:51:37LinusNelinenbe: what font do you have?
15:52:20elinenbeit does not jump with the default font
15:52:39Zagor?? the f2 screen always use the default font
15:52:57elinenbealso, with some of the fonts, (not the default font) the text runs right into the icons in the tree browser.
15:53:03elinenbeit would be nicer with 1 space there.
15:53:14elinenbeZagor: I know. But it is the default font that jumps.
15:53:21LinusNelinenbe: i see it now
15:53:52elinenbeonly that text does it too.... and it isa kind of... eh... interesting!
15:53:55LinusNi think it gets the font height _after_ the first screen redraw
15:54:28LinusNyes, it gets it after the setfont() call
15:55:03Zagorbefore, you mean
15:55:16LinusNi mean that
15:56:57pantharanyone wanna sell me a recorder 20 for $50?
15:57:16LinusNpanthar: every day :-)
15:57:22elinenbepanthar: I have a few extra that I am selling for $25 a piece.
15:57:27panthari wish :)
15:57:37pantharanything under $200 is a decent deal right?
15:57:59 Join calpefrosch [0] (
15:57:59Zagorpanthar: sounds like a good deal, yeah
15:58:11panthari am itching to upgrade from my ole juke 6000
15:59:03pantharbut the rockbox does work well on the 6000
15:59:26elinenbeLinusN: are you going to make a lookup table for button values based on ROMs?
15:59:53calpefroschI read the last Mail from Andreas Stemmer, does anybody know if he is on irc ?
15:59:58LinusNelinenbe: i was thinking about it, but the ROM version does not tell it all
16:00:09LinusNgotta go now! cu all!
16:00:24 Part LinusN
16:01:48mbrUh, my statusbar patch made it the half way to cvs :)
16:02:11mbrLinus accidently commited a part of it
16:02:53Schnueffmaybe will get some colors soon on the build table :)
16:03:44 Part calpefrosch
16:04:53mbrZagor: Do you remove it? Or shall I?
16:05:47Zagori'm fixing
16:06:42Schnueffwhat about the mail on 'inverse display', the lcd spec has a command 'normal/reverse' shouldnt that be used?
16:07:09Zagorsounds like a better way, yes
16:07:18elinenbeSchnueff: now THAT would be a great setting to have in a quick menu!
16:07:49Schnueffyes, wouldnt be expensive
16:09:21Schnueffbtw, why has the ssd1801 spec a label 'solomon systech confidential' in its footer?
16:10:49Schnueffevil secret stuff probably
16:10:54 Quit bobTHC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:11:54ZagorI don't want to know :-)
16:12:18Schnueffhm the player lcd has no reverse display bit
16:13:07Zagorit doesn't have crystal area everywhere
16:42:03 Join TotMacher [0] (
16:43:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:53:55elinenbeWhat is left to be done for 1.4?
16:54:03elinenbeManual update!
17:07:10 Join bobTHC [0] (
17:10:26*norm_ notes that the scroll bar does not turn off when you set it to "Off" in the F3 button menu
17:18:08Zagornorm_: works for me
17:18:54norm_Zagor: I have Scroll bar: OFF and Status bar: ON
17:19:04norm_I see the scroll bar at the bottom and status bar up top
17:19:28norm_If I turn Status bar to OFF, I see both the scroll bar and the peak meter
17:19:32Zagorat the bottom?
17:19:45norm_Both scroll bar and peak meter at the bottom, yes
17:19:49Zagorah, you mean the progress bar? that's not the same thing as scrollbar.
17:20:15Zagorscrollbar is the one on the left in browser and menus
17:20:23*norm_ is clear
17:20:25norm_Sorry 'bout that
17:20:35Zagorno problem
17:23:39 Join hardeep [0] (
17:25:33 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:26:30 Join Bagder [0] (
17:26:48hardeephey badger
17:33:40Zagori have a very strange bug
17:33:57Zagorglobal_settings.statusbar==true, but status_draw still exits on that condition
17:34:03Zagorin the simulator
17:35:21 Part bobTHC
17:45:19Bagdercool persistancy hack
17:45:32Zagorfound a minor bug
17:48:58Zagorhave you guys seen the chicago12 font I added? for those who want that iPod feel :-)
17:49:55Bagderthose guys already use the courB14 ;-)
17:50:43Zagoractually, chicago12 is better than the iPod version: the original is monospaced
17:51:39 Join elinenbe [0] (
17:51:43Zagori wonder if we really need to keep the default.* system
17:51:55elinenbeZagor: I agree. Get rid of it.
17:52:07Bagderit's not really in the way
17:52:28elinenbeI think it should what is "built in" to the firmware unless you load a file.
17:52:33elinenbethen it should keep that.
17:52:55ZagorBagder: there's a definite risk of bug reports "font file selection is not persistent, it always starts with wrong font" (which is of course copied to default.fnt)
17:53:21Bagderso the persistant ones don't override the default.* ?
17:53:37elinenbewhat exactly do the .cfg files load? Can they load .wps and .fnt too?
17:53:40Zagorno, default.* takes precedence
17:53:53Zagorelinenbe: not yet, but they will later
17:53:55Bagderthen I see your concern
17:53:59elinenbethat would be nice.
17:54:16Bagderelinenbe: and then we'll have them per-directory and per-file and all that fun
17:54:30elinenbeI think there shuold be no default.fnt. I sometime switch my font, and then I turn it off and turn it back on and it is a different font again!
17:54:33ZagorBagder: it's nontrivial changing that, since the persistent files are loaded in settings_load, which must be ran before load_default
17:55:00Zagori'm leaning towards skipping them too
17:55:12Bagdersure, but the loading afterwards could check for already loaded data
17:55:34Bagderits not big deal
17:55:39Bagderno big
17:55:47Zagori don't think the default files add anything
17:56:04Bagderthey do
17:56:32Bagderthey allow me to select things by copying files instead of choosing stuff on the archos
17:56:49Bagderthus, for debugging etc it makes a swifter operation
17:57:49Zagorin that case we need to make them lower priority than persistant files, which is a little messy
17:58:00Zagorotherwise you can *only* change from usb
17:58:44elinenbejust get rid of default.* entirely
17:58:56elinenbeit confuses the hell out of mere mortals
17:59:21Bagdermere mortals won't be used them ;-)
17:59:23Bagderbe using
17:59:52BagderZagor: can't you simply do settings_load() after the three *_load() ?
18:00:36ZagorBagder: hmm, i guess i could
18:00:39hardeepfor debugging purposes, couldn't you just overwrite the current select font/wps/whatever ?
18:00:45Zagori'll fix it tomorrow, gotta go now
18:01:01 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
18:01:02Bagderbye >
18:08:22 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:10:21 Part Bagder
18:43:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:44:33 Join LinusN [0] (
18:44:38 Part LinusN
18:50:03 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
19:07:10 Quit pyvasene ("[x]chat")
19:07:51 Part matsl ("Client Exiting")
19:21:55 Part langhaarrocker
19:47:15 Join hardeep [0] (
19:53:27norm_Quick question: are custom EQ files supported yet?
20:07:06 Join radhard [0] (
20:15:25norm_Oh. .eq files are now .cfg
20:15:34norm_Never mind earlier quick question
20:28:00norm_Hrm, is this a bug: "auto volume" in the .cfg file has no effect.
20:28:07norm_I tried values "3" and "2"
20:29:11radhardMybe you should try it on voice files with loud and soft parts.
20:30:44norm_By no effect, I mean that it doesn't change the setting listed in menu->Sound settings-> Auto Volume
20:30:46radhardIt does not influence most of the mp3 files, since most of them are full range from start to end.
20:31:08radhardAh, ok. didn't test that, sorry.
20:31:17*norm_ should have been clearer
20:36:22 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
20:43:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:44:29norm_Is the auto volume feature part of the MAS3587F?
20:47:08radhardDon't think so. But you should look it up in the sourcecode. Or maybe the datasheets. Should be volume adjustment depending on sound level.
20:49:25norm_radhard: I don't have any problems with auto volume working when I set it through the menu
20:49:32norm_It just won't set through a .cfg file
20:50:49 Join Mighty [0] (
20:51:58 Join Django [0] (
20:56:48 Quit PsycoXul (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:58:52 Quit Mighty ("[BX] Homer Simpson uses BitchX. D'OH! D'OH! D'OH!")
20:59:08 Join PsycoXul [0] (
21:07:32 Join tot [0] (
21:08:00 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:57:18 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
22:13:56 Join Okidoki [0] (
22:23:02 Quit Okidoki ("")
22:24:02 Join breaker [0] (
22:24:51breakerHas anybody tested a current cvs version? Here no symbols are displayed for .cfg files!
22:28:09 Join Zagor [0] (
22:28:51norm_breaker: I see an icon for .cfg files in 20021008-1622
22:29:11norm_(on a recorder 20)
22:29:31Zagoryup, I added it today
22:29:39breakerHm, I've a version here where I changed some things. I've also a recorder 20.
22:32:29breakerI usually only update the apps tools firmware directories. Where are the icons stored?
22:36:38breakerIt works now. A "make clean" did help!
22:36:43 Join WS64 [0] (
22:37:53Djangozagor: linus said my queue patch would not be accepted until it works with a current playlist.
22:38:14ZagorDjango: yup
22:38:25Djangozagor: problem is, I don't know what you guys really want.
22:39:24ZagorDjango: it's easier to describe what we don't want :-)
22:39:42 Quit breaker ()
22:39:43Djangogo to a dir, select a song. Then the dir from the song down is copied to the playlist. correct?
22:40:04Zagorno, the whole dir is loaded as a playlist
22:40:21Zagorwe just start playing at index>0
22:40:29DjangoOk. So the dir becomes an in-ram playlist. ok?
22:40:52DjangoWhen I now 'queue' a song, what should happen?
22:41:24WS64Custom WPS question: Is "year" not an official ID tag, or why is it not supported (or is it and I just can't find it?)
22:41:44ZagorWS64: we just haven't added it
22:42:02ZagorDjango: the filelist should be written to a temporary file, and the new song appended
22:42:24WS64Thanx, Zagor. Don't forget that one! :)
22:42:39DjangoZagor: Then I have no chance to get my patch accepted, since there is no file writing :-)
22:42:45ZagorWS64: check if we have a feature request for it, otherwise file one
22:43:02ZagorDjango: correct. but file writing is coming soon.
22:43:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:43:21ZagorDjango: the problem with queues without writing is that they become inconsequental
22:43:28Zagor(is that a word? ;)
22:43:52WS64Zagor, just checked, there is one already... (should have checked there myself before asking!)
22:44:08ZagorDjango: resume starts "bugging" etc
22:44:14Djangozagor: agree. That's why I wipe out any existing playlist before queueing.
22:44:43Zagorfile writing will go in very soon after 1.4 is released
22:44:55Djangozagor: resume can't work for now. that's with I disabled resume.
22:45:51Djangozagor: ok. I am not after honour and glory :-) I am happy I had the chance to add it but I am a bit afraid that there will be a collicion soon.
22:47:51ZagorDjango: it will be partial collision, but only to make sure all features work as expected
22:47:51PsycoXulso i see the only thing on the TODO "being worked on" recently got comitted... heh
22:47:51Djangozagor: I told here before that I have some real jukeboxes and I just can't live without the queue.
22:48:03ZagorDjango: I agree, queue is a good feature
22:48:10Djangozagor: because that is the standard functionality of real jukes.
22:48:16WS64Zagor, maybe you want to add this link to the "lock" section of your site, it is a Windows program that creates a Linux bootdisk with the USB drivers installed.
22:48:21ZagorPsycoXul: yeah. we have a few bugs that need to be straightened out though
22:48:32ZagorWS64: ah, nice
22:48:36WS64Since my Recorder did never lock so far I don't know if it really works though...
22:49:24DjangoPardon my ignorance: what is a 'lock'?
22:50:27PsycoXula lock is what prevents you from opening/using something without a key
22:52:08WS64You're fast, Zagor :)
22:52:18DjangoThe description sounds frightening!
22:52:36ZagorWS64: :-)
22:52:55ZagorDjango: it was pretty scary, but it hasn't happened in a long time now
22:53:02DjangoBy the way: the USB driver says my recorder has a Hitachi drive. Can this be unlocked too?
22:54:16ZagorDjango: yes, although I know of noone who has had one of those locked
22:54:36DjangoZagor: glad to hear that :-)
22:55:04PsycoXulyeah, i've never had a lock.. and i've been following rockbox since the LED blinker heh
22:56:06ZagorPsycoXul: do you think you'll ever polish up that player game you wrote?
22:56:41PsycoXuli keep forgetting about that.. heh
22:57:17DjangoZagor: is there a reason why I am not accepted for the mailing list ? Did I say something wrong ? :-)
22:57:39Zagornot accepted?
22:58:46DjangoZagor: seems so. I send the "subscribe" email four days ago. Got the automatics reply instantly and confirmed subscription. Nothing since then.
22:59:09Zagorodd. what's your address?
22:59:10WS64Django, did you send out the check already? :)
22:59:41DjangoUh! shouldn't have typed that here . silly me ...
23:00:16Zagoryou're not on any of the lists. i'm adding you manually.
23:00:26DjangoWould it help if I send you a bottle of wine :-)
23:00:34WS64Django, you're German? Köln here
23:00:36Zagoryou can try ;-)
23:00:50Djangows64: this is paderborn.
23:01:06WS64hoffmanntown *g*
23:01:17Djangowhat's that?
23:01:26 Nick tot is now known as TotMacher (
23:01:29Djangoand who is hoffmann?
23:01:41WS64Oh, am I wrong there? Not the home of Rüdiger H.? :)
23:02:46DjangoOh, yes! Rüdiger. Hope he is not offended that he came not to mind immediately :-)
23:04:22norm_Hrm, I just noticed that my "subscribe rockbox" didn't work, either
23:04:27norm_Though I did get a reply saying it did
23:05:36norm_Oops, I sent subscribe in subject field not body of mail. I suck
23:05:54DjangoCDDB sucks. Just converted my "Howlin' Wolf" cd to mp3 but only the first tracks have titles, then only track numbers.
23:06:12ZagorDjango: you should use
23:07:11DjangoZagor: I have a hard time trying to get along with MusicMatch program.
23:07:34Zagorouch! that program is evil incarnate
23:08:12DjangoWell, I got it for free with the archos. So what should I expect :-)
23:08:51ZagorDjango: on windows, use EAC. on linux, use Grip
23:08:58WS64You did already replace the firmware! Now get rid of MM!
23:10:21DjangoMM did the conversion ok so it is not all THAT bad.
23:10:44radhardGummersbach / germany here, just to complete the list ;) Yeah, MM is evil!
23:11:06Zagorwell, define "ok" :-) it has a tendency to encode poorly, and toss a lot of junk in your id3 tags
23:11:37Zagora lot of rockbox code is spent to work around musicmatch "features"
23:11:42DjangoBy the way: when we get file writing, what about some mp3 utility like mp3 cleaner, volume adjuster, id3 editor ..
23:12:26Zagorcdex is probably a better win32 ripper choice than eac, btw
23:12:33DjangoJust discovered mp3trim which seems to clean mp3 fine.
23:12:51WS64Django, yes, mp3trim is one of my fav programs for mp3editing
23:13:18DjangoUnfortuntely the batch-enabled version is $99 :-(
23:13:52Zagorrip with a good tool and you won't have to post-process your files
23:14:27DjangoRip is not the problem. I have a registered version of Feurio.
23:15:05DjangoYes, sometimes I BUY programs :-)
23:15:40PsycoXulwhats Feurio
23:15:45Zagori never buy programs. free software is nearly always better.
23:15:48DjangoWhat do you use for wav -> mp3 ?
23:15:54ZagorDjango: lame
23:15:54PsycoXuli use lame
23:16:28DjangoFeurio is a cd burning program, specialized in audio CDs.
23:17:20Zagorcdex does the whole process for you. put a cd in your player, click a button and you get high-quality mp3 files with correct names and tags.
23:17:24Zagorand it's 100% free
23:17:46PsycoXuli just noticed lame's −−nogap option...
23:18:53*Zagor should go into sales :-)
23:18:53ZagorPsycoXul: yeah, too bad it doesn't help much unless you play the tracks in the right order
23:18:54DjangoI played with cdex a year ago, or is it already two years? that version had no mp3 support.
23:19:20ZagorDjango: must be a long time ago. it's had mp3 support a looong time.
23:19:22DjangoHave you noticed any quality differnces between mp3 encoders? anything to avoid?
23:19:24PsycoXulcdex is just an mp3 ripping prog isn't it?
23:20:01ZagorPsycoXul: it runs lame for you too
23:20:01ZagorDjango: avoid xing like the plague
23:20:04Djangook ok, at that time we were happy when out cd drive could read digital audio.
23:21:26PsycoXuli see
23:21:47PsycoXulyeah xing sucks
23:22:01PsycoXuli've noticed even lame −−alt-preset standard sounds better than lame −−r3mix heh
23:22:35Djangowhat is the current cdex version?
23:23:10PsycoXuli need to write a new script to rip with
23:25:28PsycoXuljust doing the cddb stuff from a script is the hard part
23:25:46ZagorPsycoXul: why are you scripting?
23:26:17PsycoXulbecause i don't like anything out there
23:26:49PsycoXuland i'm a better bash scripter than i am a C coder
23:28:29PsycoXullast time i looked at grip it was a poorly done shell script mangled into C code for it's GUI and lacking anything resembling a design
23:28:57Zagorit's not elegant, but it gets the job done.
23:29:38PsycoXulit had a couple dumb bugs for a few of the things i wanted to do with it, and when i went to fix them i came to see it would need to be rewritten to do so heh
23:29:48PsycoXuli forget what it was exactly
23:30:33PsycoXulbut it's source scared me away from ever using it again heh
23:32:08PsycoXulright now i'm thinking of doing something with cdparanoia or cdrdao to rip the whole disc into one track, then lame to encode it, mpgsplit to split it out into seperate tracks, and id3v2 to tag it
23:32:28PsycoXuland see if i can get it done nice and gapless like that
23:32:54PsycoXuli just need to figure out getting the cddb info so mpgsplit knows the offsets and id3v2 knows what to tag heh
23:33:15ZagorPsycoXul: have you looked at plenty of info and tools there.
23:34:28PsycoXuli probably have before...
23:35:24 Part WS64
23:36:45PsycoXulanyways, i'll probably start rewriting my player game before i start on that... and don't ask me when that's gonna be :p

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