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#rockbox log for 2002-10-09

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01:08:13langhaarrockerHi radhard. I think I've finished the peak meter now with your db code
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05:17:55wallieanyone know if rockbox supports recording?
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05:24:31freshmakeranyone awake?
05:26:51walliedid the support for recording option made to the v1.4 freeze list?
05:28:59freshmakerwallie: as you see on the roadmap, recording is left for post 1.4 (read: 2.0)
05:30:13walliecan't wait....the current archos OS freezes up after about 20 min of recording
05:31:05walliethx for pointing that out fresh...
05:31:11freshmakerlet's hope that the rockbox FAT writing code will never mess up the file system...
05:35:42wallienever say never
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08:41:31LinusNyo Zagor!
08:42:03LinusNhehe, i forgot that i had merged mbr's USb patch when i committed yesterday :-)
08:42:11Zagori noticed :-)
08:42:31LinusNi added a frequency detection to the hw info menu
08:43:12LinusN1.17 seems to be a really messy version
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08:44:35LinusNand the version output at boot time seems to have little to do with the version info in ROM
08:44:39LinusNfor 1.17
08:44:48LinusNwas that the very first version?
08:45:01Zagorit might be
08:47:09LinusNelinenbe said his boot screen said "1.17ia"
08:47:18LinusNand ROM version 1.15
08:48:06LinusNand first he said it was 1.09, then changed to 1.17ia
08:48:23LinusNdid it say 1.09 and changed to 1.17ia...?
08:49:08LinusNpre-1.24 seems to be a real mess
08:57:33LinusNSchnueff: moin
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08:58:20bobTHCgood morning all!
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08:59:19LinusNbobTHC: hi
09:02:44LinusNbobTHC: when you boot your recorder, does it only say "1.17i" or does it say something else before that?
09:03:00SchnueffLinusN: i got my unit now. what should i measure?
09:03:26LinusNSchnueff: first of all, download the latest bleeding edge build
09:03:47bobTHCit display archos boot screen
09:04:16LinusNbobTHC: yes, but does the version number change?
09:04:38bobTHCno 1.17i is my rom version
09:04:47SchnueffLinusN: have
09:04:56LinusNbobTHC: ok, good
09:05:27LinusNbobTHC: i have seen indications of units displaying two version numbers even for the ROM version
09:05:52LinusNSchnueff: ok, first, go to meny->debug->view hw info
09:05:59bobTHCi only see one
09:06:58Schnueff[Hardware info]\nROM: 1.28\nMask: 0x0302\nUSB: positive\nATA: 0x200\nPR:positive\nFreq: 11.0592MHz
09:08:06LinusNSchnueff: great, now go to menu->debug->View I/O ports
09:08:25LinusNthen push all buttons except ON and OFF and report the AN4/AN5 readings to me
09:08:47LinusNbobTHC: canb you try the latest bleeding edge too?
09:09:59SchnueffF1: 191/0; F2: 265/0; F3: 3FF/0; UP: 333/0; RIGHT: 0/192; DOWN: 0/3FF; 0/265; PLAY: 0/333
09:10:20bobTHCnope, sorry my unit is@home
09:10:41mbrmorn all
09:10:42Schnueffhave i won?
09:10:44LinusNbobTHC: did you know that the Archos is portable :-)
09:10:53LinusNmbr: hi
09:11:03bobTHCno it's possible?
09:12:58bobTHCi just forgot it in an other bag...
09:13:06LinusNSchnueff: yes, you have the winning sequence!
09:13:35Schnueffbtw, what about the t-shirts
09:17:06bobTHCyes, what about the t-shirt
09:17:14LinusNSchnueff: waiting for the final desing from the artist
09:21:32LinusNadi|home: do you have your recorder at hand?
09:21:46adi|homesure do..
09:21:48adi|homewhat do you need?
09:22:02LinusNdownload the latest bleeding edge
09:22:43adi|homeokay.. ill _never_ understand this
09:22:50adi|homejust got back from a call
09:22:56adi|homeguy has chest pains for 3 days
09:23:02adi|homewhen does he call for an ambulanace?
09:23:11adi|home2 am on a tuesday night
09:23:55adi|home"have you eaten anything that didn't agree with you in that last few days?" initial answer: no
09:23:58adi|homeanser 5 mins later
09:24:09adi|home"yeah.. so i had food poisoning on friday..."
09:24:16adi|homei damn near belted him
09:24:36adi|home"have you done anything physically strenuous lately?" answer: no
09:24:39adi|home5 mins later
09:24:48adi|home"so i was moving furniture on sat..."
09:24:50*adi|home sighs
09:24:57*adi|home appologizes for venting
09:26:32LinusNadi|home: not much different from tech support either...
09:26:35Zagorsounds like normal pc diagnosing
09:26:44Zagor"what happened? It just stopped working!"
09:26:51Zagor"what did you do? Nothing!"
09:27:01LinusNI didn't install anything"
09:27:03adi|homeheheh so what am i looking for with this new build?
09:27:07LinusN...but my kids did...
09:27:10Zagor"what's that icon there? Oh, it's the new Kazaa I downloaded just now."
09:27:27LinusNadi|home: go to menu->debug->view hw info
09:28:16Zagori'm removing /.rockbox/default.* loading
09:28:30LinusNZagor: ok
09:28:40adi|homebtw.. do we have any docs on the new .cfg files?
09:28:52LinusNadi|home: docs? who needs them?
09:28:55Zagoradi|home: yes, the custom_eq_format docs
09:29:29adi|homelinus.. what am i looking for in that debug menu?
09:32:37adi|homerom: 1.24 mask: 0x0102 usb: positive ata: 0x200 pr: positive freq: 11.0592MHz
09:33:26LinusNadi|home: gtear, thx
09:33:38LinusNdamn, my fingers are thick
09:36:49LinusNi see some patterns now, regarding the Mask
09:37:37LinusNthere is an extra bit set in Mask, starting from 1.24
09:37:53LinusNbut my HW info shows no other differences
09:38:15LinusNnot from 1,24, i mean 1.25
09:38:41LinusNi wonder if that can have something to do with the ATA sleep problem...
09:39:30LinusNthe USb and PR are positive from 1.24 and up
09:40:10LinusNand the 0x100 bit is set from 1.24 and up
09:40:30LinusNso i guess 0x100 is the "inverter" bit
09:42:05LinusNZagor: who is Phil (who took the Recorder photos)?
09:43:02LinusNok, all you guys, i have another question for you
09:43:18LinusNdo you have USB1.1 or USB2.0 in your recorder?
09:43:32LinusNi.e ISD200 or ISD300?
09:43:39ZagorLinusN: someone on the yahoo forum
09:44:11LinusN(i want to detect that)
09:44:32Zagorusb2 here, as you know
09:45:39LinusNZagor: do you know anything more about Phil? mail address, last name...
09:47:34ZagorLinusN: it's actually langhaarrocker
09:47:44LinusNit is???
09:47:52LinusNok, then
09:47:57LinusNhe has a 12MHz unit
09:47:58Zagori didn't know that either :-)
09:52:10LinusNi really want his HW info...
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09:53:01Schnueffwhat do you think about an option for WPS lines for double height and/or width and some font drawing routine to support this? worth a try?
09:53:28LinusNSchnueff: for only some lines?
09:54:43Schnuefffor the important info
09:55:09LinusNi think having two fonts would be a better solution
09:55:12Zagorno. use another font instead
09:55:21Schnueffah ok, thought you wouldnt like to spend the RAM
09:55:35LinusNZagor: but he wants two fonts _simultaneously_
09:56:45Schnueffoften-used info can be large
09:56:46LinusNZagor: regarding bug #619028, is it ok for you to filter out LEFT/RIGHT when UP is pressed?
09:56:58LinusNi see no prob with that
09:57:13LinusNfor now
09:57:16ZagorLinusN: me neither
09:57:37LinusNi think we'll stay out of UP-LEFT and UP_right combos
09:58:32LinusNbut i'm not happy with doing code changes to handle broken hardware
09:59:03Zagori agree
09:59:16Zagorwe have problems with up-f2 and up-f1 too
09:59:26mbrbtw. does the F1 - UP combination work for someone to mute in wps?
09:59:31Zagormechanical bugs in some units
09:59:33LinusNZagor: but that is more easily explained
09:59:43mbrCan this work, as the are connectet to the same port?
09:59:44Zagormbr: it's F1-play
10:00:09LinusNmbr: f1-f2-f3-up combinations are not possible
10:01:24mbrZagor: But in the code is "case BUTTON_F1 | BUTTON_UP:" wps.c at line 551
10:01:57mbrLinusN: Thats why I ask ..
10:02:08Zagormbr: yikes! buuuug
10:02:21Zagorseems not many people use mute :-)
10:02:42mbrAt last at recorders ..
10:03:25Zagori'll fix
10:05:01LinusNmbr: good catch
10:06:14PsycoXulok if default.*'s no longer used as before, and the persistent files need to be in /.rockbox, then /.rockbox needs to be easier to get to than mucking with the file filter setting
10:07:07LinusNPsycoXul: agreed
10:07:22LinusNmaybe it should be something other than .rockbox
10:07:25Schnueffsome menu entry to select wps / eq / .. from menu would do
10:07:33LinusNmaybe just Rockbox
10:07:34Schnuefffrom .rockbox
10:08:09Schnueffsince it's also annoying to have to change dir, when changing wps / eq / .., one should avoid that too
10:08:58ZagorLinusN: having it Rockbox would mean it's always visible: bad
10:08:59Schnueffthen, keeping .rockbox hidden is ok most of the time, imo
10:09:33PsycoXulyeah a menu interface that lets you select the files from /.rockbox as options for their appropriate submenu sorta deal would be nice
10:09:57ZagorPsycoXul: start coding :-)
10:09:59LinusNPsycoXul: agree
10:10:06LinusNShow me the code!
10:10:37Schnueffu could put it on :)
10:11:18PsycoXullater tonight i'm seeing about making a key combo to put the LCD into powersave mode
10:11:29PsycoXulsome people i know like to bitch about not needing the screen when it's in their pocket...
10:11:43ZagorPsycoXul: you should measure first, to see if you actually do save anything
10:11:56Schnueffmeasure before implement :)
10:12:50PsycoXulwell even if it don't save any battery, i'd still like it and somebody else would too
10:13:02PsycoXuljust cause we're weird people like that :p
10:13:26LinusNsame for LCD invert
10:13:50Zagorlcd invert is heaps more useful than a screensaver that doesn't actually save.
10:13:59 Join pyvasene [0] (
10:13:59LinusNZagor: agreed :-)
10:14:11LinusNpyvasene: hi!
10:14:13adi|homewhat exactly is the purpose of lcd invert?
10:14:29LinusNpyvasene: do you have your recorder at hand?
10:14:32pyvaseneHi all
10:14:37LinusNadi|home: invert all pixels
10:14:40pyvaseneLinusN : Yep
10:14:41Zagoradi|home: purpose? :)
10:14:44adi|homei realize that..
10:14:47adi|homewhat i mean is...
10:14:51LinusNpyvasene: download the latest bleeding edge
10:14:54Schnueffit may look nice
10:14:57adi|homeare we talking a full screen thing?
10:15:00PsycoXulwell anyways i think it'll only be a handfull of lines of code
10:15:06*adi|home used the invert for his keyboard
10:15:14PsycoXulit would be harder for me to measure than to code it, i think heh
10:15:15LinusNadi|home: it may be nice in a dark room
10:15:20ZagorPsycoXul: code is cheap, but buttons are very expensive
10:15:30pyvaseneLinusN : I can't. I don't have a USB cable
10:15:38PsycoXulyes, well, nobody has to commit it heh
10:15:42Schnueffadi|home: yes, full-screen
10:15:43adi|homea full screen invert setting shouldn't be too tough should it?
10:15:55adi|homejust need to have the check done in all low level stuff..
10:16:03Schnueffadi|home: lcd controller supports invert
10:16:39LinusNpyvasene: too bad
10:16:47LinusNpyvasene: what rom version?
10:20:24*Schnueff .. work
10:22:02adi|homewhatexactly is that doing?
10:22:12LinusNsets all buttons in repeat mode
10:22:17LinusN~0 == 0xffffffff
10:23:36adi|homegot ya
10:24:34adi|homecould you explain how we intend to get rid of button_set_repeat/release
10:24:42adi|homeby merging into button_get
10:24:47adi|homebutton_get takes a bool
10:24:55adi|homedo you want it to take multiple arguements?
10:26:29adi|homeokay.. so we talking 3 args
10:26:47adi|homebool, int mask, int mask?
10:26:56Zagoractually, i want to do away with the masks completely
10:27:18LinusNthe masks are there to save the queue from lots of events
10:27:23LinusNbut we can handle that
10:27:51adi|homebut i guess what im looking for is what exactly are we trying to achieve by removing button_set_repeat/release
10:27:53LinusNdoes the remote repeat?
10:28:01Zagoradi|home: simpler code
10:28:11ZagorLinusN: yes, about 1/sec
10:28:22Zagorbut it only sends press events
10:28:27Zagorof course
10:28:28LinusNeven lamer
10:29:52adi|homeokay.. what is the release mask doing now?
10:30:05adi|hometelling us what buttons to watch for release on?
10:31:13LinusNit allows key-up events
10:31:51*adi|home just isn't getting it..
10:31:53*adi|home sighs
10:32:13*adi|home feels like a 3 year-old looking for someone to hold his hand so he can cross the street :)
10:32:21LinusNlcd_invert_mode() works perfectly
10:33:15LinusNthe release bit is set in the mask for a certain key, it generates button events both when the key is pressed and when it is released
10:33:35adi|homeand any not in the map are ignored i assume?
10:33:41LinusNif the bit is 0, it onbly generates button events when the key is pressed
10:34:04adi|homeand if its 1?
10:34:12LinusNthe release bit is set in the mask for a certain key, it generates button events both when the key is pressed and when it is released
10:34:23LinusN0 -> key-down events
10:34:33LinusN1 -> key-down and key-up events
10:35:58LinusNZagor: Couldn't find ˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙.wps in /.rockbox/˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙.wps
10:36:24Zagorthat's correct
10:36:29LinusNi know
10:36:44LinusNjust looks funny
10:37:02Zagorwe could add a !=0xff check in settings_apply
10:37:10Zagorbut it doesn't really matter
10:37:15adi|homeZagor if we remove the release masks.. how are you going to assign what keys are/aren't to be release events?
10:37:16LinusNit doesn't matter
10:37:19adi|homeor do we not care?
10:37:30LinusNwe want both events, always
10:37:36Zagoradi|home: removing the mask just means we will always get release events
10:37:41adi|homeso basically a button_get at all times
10:37:53adi|homeand then the actual app does the check
10:38:13Zagorwe already do it that way
10:38:23adi|homeokay, so if we are wanting to do that, i don't get why we had the button_set_release to begin with
10:38:23Zagorit's just that some release events are filtered out
10:38:54adi|homeso basically just say "screw it, give me all the release events"?
10:40:30adi|homeokay.. just check that im not nuts then...
10:40:33Zagorthe filter was introduced to avoid handling buttons we don't care about
10:40:45adi|homeso in tree.c:707/708
10:40:53Zagorbut that's not a big problem, so it has become more a hassle than a benefit
10:40:59adi|homewe could just comment out those calls to button_set_... because we dont care anymore...
10:41:13adi|homeokay.. so basicaly its a feature removal/code cleanup
10:41:27*adi|home finally gets it
10:41:30*adi|home tackles that
10:41:33Zagorcongrats :-)
10:41:40LinusNwe need to look over the wps key handling after 1.4
10:41:53LinusNfor the remote control
10:42:06adi|homeis it worth me fixing this issue in the wps then?
10:42:19LinusNlocking the remote when keylocking is really lame
10:42:55LinusNfunny that so few people have noticed
10:43:10adi|homei thnk not to many have a remote
10:43:15adi|homeor are keylocking
10:43:18adi|homei don't
10:43:25adi|homemost the time i use the player is on long drives
10:43:30***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:45:37adi|homejust a logic check
10:45:43adi|homeif we are not using the masks now
10:45:58adi|homeand we want to ensure not breaking existing code
10:46:25LinusNwe want to break existing code
10:46:29adi|homeany switch statements that adapt/handle button events with button_set.. should have a default case added
10:46:40adi|homeokay.. so _dont_ add a default case then
10:46:42adi|homegot ya
10:47:00Zagoradi|home: not really. if they don't care about the key, what would the default case do?
10:47:20adi|homethats why i asked ;)9
10:47:26adi|homewanted to make sure i wans't missing anything
10:49:10ZagorLinusN: i'm adding a 0xff check anyway. it's stupid parsing the dir and doing a lot of work if no file is selected.
10:50:43LinusNi'm working on the mpeg skipping underrun handling
10:51:14LinusNit's not that easy to see the difference between having played the last song and a buffer underrun
10:51:49adi|homewell.. its a buffer that we are reading data into yes?
10:52:07adi|homeand what do you mean by last song?
10:52:12adi|homeie: last in a playlist/dir?
10:52:16adi|homeor reached the end of a song?
10:52:28LinusNlast in list
10:52:45adi|homedo we know what causes the underruns?
10:52:56LinusNHD read errors
10:52:58adi|homeor more to the point, what exactly the underruns are?
10:53:11adi|homeis it we expect there to be more data and there is nothing there?
10:53:15LinusNthe HD retries taking too long
10:53:57LinusNso the DMA interrupt has no more data to send to the MAS
10:54:12adi|homeand if its the end of the last song, thats right
10:54:14LinusNand it thinks that the last block of the last song has been fed to the MAS
10:54:17adi|homeif its not, then its an error
10:54:54LinusNZagor: the HD retries are transparent, right?
10:55:04LinusNso the read() call just takes longer?
10:55:05adi|homewell.. my outside newbie suggestion would be this...
10:55:08ZagorLinusN: yes
10:55:15LinusNok, then i have the solution
10:55:20*adi|home perks up
10:55:25adi|homewhat are you going to do?
10:55:37LinusNthe 'filling' variable is true during the read()
10:56:04adi|homeso if filling is true, and we time out
10:56:06adi|homeits an underrun
10:56:12adi|homeif filling is false, end of song
10:56:39LinusNso instead of a TRACK_CHANGE, the DMA sends UNDERRUN
10:56:51adi|homemakes sense
10:57:02adi|homejust commenting out all the button_sets
10:57:13adi|homedoesn't seem to have any ill effects (yet)
10:57:18adi|homewant me to commit that?
10:57:21Zagoradi|home: tetris will probably go a bit faster
10:57:23Zagoradi|home: no!
10:57:32adi|homehehe thats why i asked...
10:57:32Zagorthat will wait until post-1.4
10:57:51adi|homewell.. take it as noted that it's potentially an easy fix
11:05:07adi|homejust thinking..
11:05:16adi|homeum.. how do you "unload" a loaded font?
11:05:20adi|homeie: go to default
11:05:23adi|homew/o rebooting?
11:05:55Zagoryou load another
11:06:09Zagorthere is no way to just clear the font
11:06:10adi|homeright.. but to go back to system default.. i don't think we have a way...
11:06:16adi|homebe nice if there was...
11:06:20*adi|home hmmms...
11:06:29Zagoryeah, could be a menu option
11:07:03adi|homeokay.. umm.. fastforward is not sticking
11:07:20adi|homei scroll say 30 seconds a head and it jumps me back to where i started the fastforward
11:07:32adi|homehmmm intermiten
11:07:41Zagoradi|home: the sound, or just the display?
11:07:54adi|homehold on.. ill listen to it
11:09:03adi|homeodd.. seems intermitten on doing it
11:10:11LinusNZagor: what is 0xff in 8859-1?
11:10:25LinusN˙, right?
11:10:37Zagorright. so a font is not allowed to start with that :-)
11:10:56LinusNlet's hope that noone creates ˙ngve.cfg then
11:11:16bobTHC˙ is escape in unix, not?
11:11:44Zagorescape is an ascii control char
11:12:22bobTHCit's a special car @ all, when u use on unix ftp, that block the folder
11:12:41adi|homehmm can someone test something for me?
11:12:50adi|homeset your repeat for one
11:12:53adi|homeplay a playlist
11:13:07adi|hometry and skip to the next song (right arrow once)
11:13:10adi|hometell me what happens
11:13:16ZagorbobTHC: how do you mean?
11:14:21bobTHCwhen u use ˙ caracter in a folder name on unix ftp, u can access to this folder
11:14:36bobTHCdir blocking scheme
11:14:55 Join TotMacher [0] (
11:15:13ZagorbobTHC: that sounds like something specific for a particular ftp server
11:15:18Zagoradi|home: it starts over
11:15:30adi|homethat seems a bit odd don't it?
11:15:33adi|homeshouldn't 'one'
11:15:37adi|homemean play the playlist once
11:15:45adi|homenot the one song
11:16:00Zagorah, no. repeat one is always the song
11:16:02LinusNZagor: mpeg buffer underrun handling committed
11:16:07ZagorLinusN: goodie
11:16:16adi|homeahh.. just seems odd to me
11:16:23adi|homeso repeat all would be for playlists?
11:16:31LinusNadi|home: what should repeat=no do then?
11:16:45Zagoradi|home: repeat one means "repeat one track". repeat all is "repeat all tracks"
11:16:59*adi|home never said he thought clearly
11:17:06adi|homecomeon folks
11:17:12adi|homeits 0500 here ;)
11:17:15LinusNadi|home: we never though so either :-)
11:17:36LinusNZagor: showstoppers?
11:18:13adi|homea woman with 36 D's
11:18:39Zagorwe have a bunch of bugs that people don't update
11:19:01adi|homehow do you mean Zagor
11:19:24Zagori'd like that that CPUAdrEr fix confirmed before release
11:19:37Zagoradi|home: bugs we think we have fixed, but need confirmation of
11:20:12LinusNi'll fix the up-left-right button filter
11:21:04LinusNi'll skip the AN5 check if UP is pressed, ok?
11:21:33LinusNso UP can never be combined with an AN5 key
11:31:34 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|lunch (
11:41:15 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lunch (
11:59:16 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:23:38 Join matsl [0] (
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12:46:21 Join Jet8810 [0] (
12:58:52 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
13:01:12 Nick LinusN|lunch is now known as LinusN (
13:05:21 Join freshmaker [0] (
13:11:30 Nick Zagor|lunch is now known as Zagor (
13:16:12freshmakerZagor: Hej. ideas, always coming to me on feature freezes...
13:18:43LinusNfreshmaker: yes?
13:18:43 Quit seb-sleep (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:19:31freshmakeryou really want a progress meter instead of the peak meter while performing ff/rw
13:20:37freshmakerand please, delete patch 620581, i messed up the diff upload
13:22:19LinusNfreshmaker: why do we want that?
13:22:31LinusNi have a progress meter and a peak meter
13:23:05 Join calpefrosch [0] (
13:23:10freshmakerthe peak meter is useless while ffrw. the patch simply replaces it with the progress meter while you press << or >>
13:23:54freshmakernot all people have both. when you have both, the peak meter is _not_ replaced, of course ;-)
13:24:29 Nick TotMacher is now known as tot|away (
13:24:42LinusNhi froggy
13:24:50LinusNfreshmaker: why the peak meter?
13:24:55calpefroschcan we just discuss some remote things ?
13:25:02calpefroschsorry, remote control things
13:25:06LinusNwhy not the time display?
13:25:17LinusNcalpefrosch: shoot
13:25:38freshmakerbecause it doesn't display anything useful while doing ffrw. it's off anyway.
13:26:00calpefroschok, I me really interrested in the remote control for my sony car radio
13:26:08LinusNfreshmaker: it is certainly nothing we will add to 1.4
13:26:16calpefroschso I can connect the jukebox to the changer control :-)
13:26:28freshmakerbut maybe post 1.4
13:26:38calpefroschhave you allready done some code for the remote ?
13:26:59LinusNcalpefrosch: "the remote"?
13:27:21Zagorcalpefrosch: there is no hardware, how could we have made software
13:27:25calpefroschI ment the remote control interface
13:27:33LinusNit is there, woiring
13:27:33calpefroschin the rockbox firmware
13:27:50Zagorremote control has worked since 1.3
13:27:57calpefroschcool, so I can do the hardware on the other side
13:28:43calpefroschdo you have some place to put the files ? I think it belongs to rockbox
13:29:07Zagori can put it up on the "hardware mods" page
13:30:46 Join seb-sleep [0] (
13:31:12 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
13:32:08 Join elinenbe [0] (
13:33:18LinusNZagor: the resume info is only saved if you are in wps
13:33:44calpefroschis there some documentation of the remote control interface ?
13:33:44Zagorwhich resume info?
13:33:56LinusNyou know, file name, file position
13:34:02 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020914]")
13:34:18Zagortree.c saves it too
13:35:21LinusNbut not the menus and the games
13:35:34Zagorwhy would they?
13:35:37 Join Bagder [0] (
13:35:43Zagoryo, baggie!
13:35:56LinusNbecause you play a game while listening to music, and then decide to turn off the unit
13:36:54ZagorLinusN: ah, now I understand what you mean. right, that should be handled better.
13:39:33LinusNit should probably be handled by the mpeg thread
13:39:43LinusNbut the settings are an apps/ thing...
13:39:48Zagora callback
13:40:07LinusNcallbacks are not always nice
13:40:20LinusNthread context
13:40:44Bagderbut they're easy to add ;-)
13:40:51Zagorit's up to the callback to be responsible
13:41:06Zagoradding settings saving to mpeg.c is a lot worse...
13:46:04calpefroschplease, do you have any documentation, or can you tell me where to find the code ( which file) for the remote control ?
13:47:14LinusNcalpefrosch: player or recorder?
13:48:38LinusNcalpefrosch: please download the latest bleeding edge build
13:49:03calpefroschI got the source from cvs
13:49:18LinusNok, go to menu->debug->view hw info
13:50:04calpefroschone moment please
13:51:22calpefroschhmm, I did not find this entry.
13:51:52LinusNhow old is you CVS then?
13:52:20calpefroschI just downloaded the last daily build 20021009
13:53:14LinusNbut you had a fresh CVS???
13:53:23LinusNyou just told me
13:53:56calpefroschis there a build in the cvs ?
13:54:11calpefroschi have no compiler running here...
13:54:49calpefroschok, now I find the bleeding edge build at the end of the page. can I download it for my archos ?
13:57:16calpefroschknow I have it. I'm a little bit slow ;-)
13:59:29 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-school (
13:59:32calpefroschok, I see the hw info
14:01:32calpefroschRom: 1.25
14:01:39calpefroschMask 0x0302
14:01:44calpefroschUSB: positive
14:01:49calpefroschATA: 0x200
14:02:00calpefroschPR: positive
14:02:09calpefroschFreq: 11.0592
14:02:28calpefroschand know ?
14:02:36LinusNgo to sleep
14:02:53calpefroschgood night ;-)
14:03:51LinusNi wish langhaarrocker could join
14:04:05calpefroschwhy ?
14:07:00LinusNhe has a very old recorder
14:11:02elinenbeI have an old recorder too
14:11:22LinusNelinenbe: i didn't know you were awake
14:11:30elinenbejust got here.
14:11:31LinusNyou keep connecting and disconnecting all night
14:11:54elinenbeyeah, I don't know what the deal is with this "new behavior"
14:12:08LinusNso we never know if it is you or your IRC client
14:12:26elinenbe1:30am, 3:50am, 7:30am (EVERY NIGHT!!)
14:12:47LinusNanyway, run the latest bleeding edge and go to menu->debug->view hw info
14:13:47 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
14:14:43 Nick tot|away is now known as TotMacher (
14:21:22elinenbewhat do you want to know?
14:21:33LinusNall info on that screen
14:21:41elinenberom 1.1.5
14:21:47elinenbeROM 1.15
14:22:02elinenbeMasK 0x0002
14:22:09elinenbeUSB: negative
14:22:18elinenbeATA: 0x300
14:22:22elinenbePR: negative
14:22:35elinenbeFreq: 16.795MHz
14:22:55elinenbeoh wait... :) Freq: 11.0592MHz
14:23:33LinusNwhat exactly does your ROM firmware say when you boot it?
14:24:14LinusNso weird
14:24:23elinenbewhat is so weird?
14:24:53elinenbewell, I also get the reverse display every 5th time I boot (mirrored and shifted display!)
14:24:54LinusNthe 1.17 releases are so many
14:26:04elinenbethat makes each one extra special.
14:26:19elinenbewell, it is more annoying then anything.
14:43:36***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:56:24 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-school (
15:30:53BagderLinusN: if I add a playlist_amount(), will you do the mpeg changes to stop insane looping?
15:31:44*norm_ wonders why latest build is not loading his .rockbox/default.wps
15:31:57Bagdernorm_: that functionality is removed
15:32:03norm_That'd do it
15:32:07LinusNBagder: sure
15:32:22Bagdernorm_: browse/play the one you wanna use
15:32:34Bagdernorm_: that selection is then saved and used from then on
15:32:34norm_Bagder: is it coming back?
15:32:44Bagderif it is stored in .rockbox
15:32:45norm_Bagder: ah, saved persistently
15:32:46LinusNnorm_: no, default.wps is history
15:32:55LinusNbut the wps file must be in .rockbox
15:33:15Bagderis this written anywhere?
15:34:01LinusNBagder: will playlist_peek() ever return NULL then?
15:34:18Bagderyes, on errors
15:34:22LinusNoh, when repeat==off
15:34:35Bagderand if the actual playlist fails to load or something
15:35:14Bagderint playlist_amount(void)
15:35:31norm_Hrm, I load my .rockbox/default.wps through browse/play, and now I get a blank WPS
15:35:57norm_OK, intermittent
15:36:29norm_Bagder, LinusN: Thanks for your help
15:36:51LinusNBagder: what does playlist_amount(9 return when repeat=off?
15:36:52BagderLinusN: committed
15:37:25Bagderyou want it to do different depending on that?
15:38:05LinusNjust wondered
15:38:22Bagderint playlist_amount(void)
15:38:22Bagder return playlist.amount;
15:38:22DBUGEnqueued KICK Bagder
15:38:30Bagdervery advanced code
15:38:34LinusNcomplex :-)
15:38:45LinusNnot for everyone
15:40:02LinusNBagder: please add it to playlist.h
15:40:36Bagderwhy? does mpeg include that?
15:40:48LinusNah, sorry
15:42:13 Join dfg [0] (~prv@
15:42:14BagderI'll add it anyway, for other reasons
15:42:20LinusNBagder: ok
15:44:39LinusNbad playlist "worked"
15:44:57Bagderyou have a dir with only a few tiny songs?
15:44:58LinusNnow testing a good all-songs-in-memory list
15:45:35LinusNworked too
15:45:53LinusNnow lets toss this stupid "Press ON" text out the window!!!
15:46:32LinusNdfg: have a recorder?
15:47:36 Quit matsl ("Client Exiting")
15:51:59Bagderthose americans are fun ;-)
15:54:02LinusNamericans don't have butlers, englishmen do :-)
15:54:23BagderI wouldn't turn one down either ;-)
15:56:25Bagderthat "Press ON" text still pops up when the playlist ends without repeat, right?
15:56:37LinusNi repeat:
15:56:40LinusNnow lets toss this stupid "Press ON" text out the window!!!
15:57:00 Quit dfg (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:57:17Bagdermy question was more about when it happens
15:57:25Bagdercan it appear in any other situation?
15:58:21LinusNbad playlist and end-of-playlist
15:58:49Bagderok, so we could show "end of playlist" for 1 sec and then return back to the dir browsre
15:59:02Bagderor something
15:59:24LinusNgotta go home. bye!
15:59:42 Part LinusN
16:02:53 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:06:18 Join dfg [0] (~prv@
16:11:57norm_Is LinusN asking everybody about what's in their Debug->H/W info?
16:12:13Bagderall recorder owners at least
16:12:36norm_M'kay. I'll pass mine along next time he joins
16:13:12Bagderyou do that, it'll help
16:16:05 Quit calpefrosch (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:22:44Bagdertime to go
16:22:46 Part Bagder
16:24:02Zagorgotta go
16:24:04 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
16:24:56 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:31:52 Quit dfg (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:43:40***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:54:39 Quit TotMacher ()
16:55:25 Join elinenbe [0] (
16:57:56 Join quelsaruk [0] (
16:58:35quelsarukit's been a long time since my last conection :)
17:12:15norm_"We are the knights who say "ih!""
17:13:53norm_No Monty Python fans here, I guess d:)
17:14:16 Part bobTHC
17:17:45 Quit elinenbe ()
17:21:15pantharthats not right
17:21:19pantharit is "Ni!"
17:21:47pantharif you say it incorrectly once more, i shall force you to cut down the largest tree in the forest with a HERRING
17:22:34pantharyou silly english pig-dog
17:22:38pantharyour mother was a hamster
17:22:46pantharand your father smelt of elderberries
17:22:53pantharso go away or I shall tauht you a second time
17:23:33 Quit quelsaruk ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
17:24:28panthara cool feature in rockbox would be to detect whether the jukebox is charging, and if so, allow the backlight to remain lit indefinitely
17:24:33panthare.g. for car use
17:24:57Schnueffu mean if it is plugged to external power or if it is actually charging?
17:25:13pantharplugged it actually
17:25:21Schnueffthats implemented in CVS
17:25:25pantharah ;)
17:25:32CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
17:25:32*panthar whips out a cross-compiler
17:27:07pantharor will that be in the daily build?
17:27:12Schnueffshould be
17:27:13pantharif it is in the main branch...
17:28:57 Join hardeep [0] (
17:29:29pantharworth a shot instead of setting up the build environment to look at this 1 little feature :)
17:33:10norm_panthar: that's in the latest builds
17:33:50norm_panthar: Yeah, I used "ih" because you had used "olleh" earlier d:)
17:34:08norm_Silly English k-nig-ht
17:39:17pantharthe latest build makes the song name disappear during play
17:39:31pantharbut the light can stay on
17:40:22 Join dfg [0] (~prv@
17:41:43norm_Song name disappears during play?
17:42:02pantharit does not show
17:42:20pantharajb 6000
17:42:26norm_In the WPS screen? Does everything else show? Like the filename, album, artist, etc.?
17:42:28pantharthe text area is blank
17:42:36norm_Try restarting
17:42:46norm_This might be the "blank wps issue"
17:42:50pantharpower off then power on?
17:43:01norm_Are you using custom .wps file?
17:43:18pantharnot using anything
17:43:23pantharjust the latest mod
17:43:28pantharis a .wps file required now?
17:44:01panthari had 1.3 running and now i am trying the daily build .mod
17:44:11norm_I don't think so. But I have seen an issue where the first time it loads the .wps, you get a blank screen the first time it displays, then after that it works
17:44:22norm_Maybe that's true for the default WPS as well, I dunno
17:44:34pantharI shut off then on
17:44:39pantharstill nothing during play
17:44:43pantharnavigation is fine
17:44:46pantharoptions are fine
17:44:52pantharjust nothing during play
17:45:02norm_Hrm. Try a custom .wps file, maybe?
17:45:30norm_(at this point, I don't know what's wrong... maybe send a mail about it to the list??)
17:46:33pantharplayer does .wps?
17:46:36pantharcustom ones?
17:47:12norm_Both player and recorder
17:47:21norm_docs/CUSTOM_WPS_FORMAT explains the format
17:47:34norm_(if you have a local copy, otherwise check the FAQ online)
17:48:36norm_Also, currently the .wps file must be in /.rockbox (or so I'm told)
17:48:43panthari dont even have a default one
17:49:43norm_Yeah, I don't think you need to have one, but since you're seeing this problem, I'm just suggesting you try making one to see if it helps
17:51:15pantharhardcoded one must be gone/dead
17:51:26panthari wrote one called default.wps and now i have display :)
17:52:38pantharthe doc says if there are none you get the hardcoded wps
17:52:49pantharbut tat must have changed in the code at least
17:52:49Schnueffi think there was some issue fixed this day
17:53:04pantharso tomorrow's build will have it?
17:53:07Schnuefftry the tomorrow build or compile for yourself perhaps
17:53:15Schnueffi should think so
17:53:25pantharit was easy to make default.wps though
17:53:28Schnueffor the bleeding edge build
17:53:35pantharso i can still use it
17:53:48Schnueff(bleeding edge build at bottom of daily build page)
17:54:08pantharthe "Every hour" builds
17:54:16Schnueffyes, did u try this already?
17:54:30panthari didnt try the bleeding one
17:54:41panthari tried today's daily and wrote a default.wps by hand
17:54:47pantharand that works
17:55:17panthari cant wait till i find a good deal/save the money for the recorder 20
17:55:27pantharmuch nicer display to work with and customize
17:55:36pantharthis 2-line jb 6000 is boring :)
17:55:57panthari am getting dizzy from the scroll
17:57:24pantharneed about $200
17:57:46 Quit hardeep ("Leaving")
17:59:40panthar$228 new at
18:00:14pantharis that decent?
18:02:47pantharanyone have the URL to support area?
18:02:55pantharthe links do not work on the site
18:06:19 Quit pyvasene ("[x]chat")
18:06:27pantharseems their site is just hosed
18:06:29pantharoh well
18:12:13 Join wallie [0] (
18:13:33 Join LinusN [0] (
18:13:45Schnueffwb LinusN
18:14:22LinusNlooking for recorder owners on the list as usual
18:14:29LinusNany recorder users here?
18:14:41Schnueffby u got my stats already
18:15:00walliewould love to see the recording option implemented soon :)
18:15:03LinusNwallie: can you download and run the latest bleeding edge build?
18:15:11LinusNwallie: i have the drivers ready
18:15:16walliesure ...give me s sec.
18:15:33LinusNyup, just waiting for the file write support
18:16:07walliedo u know what's causing the current archos firmware to lockup after about 20 minutes of recording?
18:16:08LinusNfile writes and recording will have top prio after 1.4 is released
18:16:28LinusNwallie: no, i have only used it once, for 25 seconds
18:16:52wallieI hope it's not a hardware limitation...
18:17:03LinusNwallie: what ROM firmware version do you have?
18:17:32LinusNfairly new then
18:17:36wallieok ..the latest build is 20021009 on the site
18:17:47LinusNno, use the latest bleeding edge
18:17:48wallieis that the one u want me to download?
18:18:04LinusNbelow the large table
18:22:25wallieok i just loaded it
18:22:48walliever. 021009-1603
18:23:39LinusNok, go to menu->debug->view hw info
18:24:13wallierom =1.28
18:24:18LinusNthen tell me everything that it says
18:24:19walliemask =0x0302
18:25:01walliethat's it
18:25:10LinusNand you have USB2.0 right?
18:25:25wallieI don't think so...
18:25:32wallieon my pc
18:25:49LinusNno, the archos
18:25:58wallieyes it's usb 2
18:26:25LinusNwhat i really need is some old boxes to test
18:27:36walliearchos should just give u one :)
18:34:33 Join TotMacher [0] (
18:36:45LinusNTotMacher: got your recorder?
18:37:04LinusNd/l the latest bleeding edge
18:37:12wallielet me help u with testing the recording option when it's ready, Linus...I'm a musician and I do extensive recording...I'm hoping to use archos to record live sets i.e. over 3 hours of continues recording
18:37:36LinusNwallie: just stay tuned on the IRC channel
18:37:49LinusNi'll let you know when i need help
18:37:59TotMachermy recorder is in my car :)
18:43:22LinusNtoo bad
18:43:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:53:48 Join prv_ [0] (~prv@
18:57:15LinusNprv_: player or recorder?
18:59:57norm_LinusN: Odd. I go to debug menu and select HW info. My screen flickers once, then nothing
19:00:24LinusNbleeding edge build?
19:00:47LinusNhave you set the clock?
19:01:18LinusNis the screen blank?
19:01:53norm_No. From the debug menu, I select HW info. It flickers (as though it were showing the HW info) but then drops immediately to the debug menu again
19:02:08norm_The flicker is too fast to see if it actually drew the HW data on the screen
19:02:09 Quit dfg (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:02:24norm_LinusN: With this build, I was able to access HW info earlier
19:03:10norm_In fact, I just got back in
19:03:12norm_After rebooting
19:03:39norm_One sec, I'll give you the data
19:04:37norm_ROM: 1.26
19:04:37norm_Mask: 0x0302
19:04:37norm_USB: positive
19:04:37DBUGEnqueued KICK norm_
19:04:37norm_ATA: 0x200
19:04:37norm_prv_: positive
19:04:38***Alert Mode level 1
19:04:38norm_Freq: 11.0592MHz
19:05:58norm_Heh, xchat went and subbed prv_'s nick for "PR"
19:09:41 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
19:12:21LinusNlanghaarrocker: !!!!!!!
19:12:21langhaarrockerThat's me!
19:12:21langhaarrockerWhat do you need?
19:12:21LinusNi've been waiting for you
19:12:21DBUGEnqueued KICK LinusN
19:12:21LinusNd/l the latest bleeding edge
19:12:24LinusNor sync CVS and rebuild
19:12:50langhaarrockernah, to much changed in my workspace.
19:12:51LinusNgo to menu->debug->view hw info
19:13:17langhaarrockercool thing btw.
19:13:23 Join prv__ [0] (~prv@
19:13:37langhaarrockeryou want my key values?
19:14:39***Alert Mode OFF
19:14:47langhaarrockerrom 1.18
19:14:47langhaarrockermask 0x0002
19:14:47langhaarrockerusb: negative
19:14:47DBUGEnqueued KICK langhaarrocker
19:14:47langhaarrockerata: 0x300
19:14:47langhaarrockerPr: negative
19:16:04langhaarrockerWill some bad men in black now be able to identify me by these numbers?
19:16:15CtcpIgnored 4 channel CTCP requests in 10 minutes and 10 seconds at the last flood
19:16:15*langhaarrocker is shivering
19:17:18LinusNlanghaarrocker: no frequency?
19:18:36LinusNdid you really d/l the bleeding edge?
19:19:07LinusNand what ROM version does your boot screen say?
19:19:13*norm_ found that he had to clear his cache in Mozilla to *really* get the latest version
19:19:44langhaarrockerI rolo'd the wrong file...
19:19:44langhaarrockerFReq: 11.0592 MHz
19:19:57LinusNlanghaarrocker: really?????
19:20:14langhaarrockeris it broken?
19:20:21LinusNYou are not the Phil whose pictures we have on the site?
19:20:37langhaarrockerThat's my recorder's guts. Yes.
19:20:48LinusNi am really puzzled
19:21:03LinusNyour pictures reveal a 12MHz oscillator
19:22:02langhaarrockerF&ck! That's why my jukebox is so slow!
19:23:09langhaarrockerDo you measure the frequency or read out some magic values from the rom?
19:23:59LinusNok, i see now
19:23:59LinusNyou have a 12MHz oscillator for the ISD200
19:24:00LinusNi measure
19:24:00LinusNsort of
19:24:01LinusNi count the ticks during 1 second
19:24:01 Join semaphore [0] (
19:24:08LinusNif i get 100, it's 11.0562MHz, if it's more, i guess it's 12MHz
19:24:15LinusNsemaphore: player or recorder?
19:25:12LinusNlanghaarrocker: what ROM version does your boot screen say?
19:25:36langhaarrockerAs long as you don't ask catholic or protestant...
19:27:04semaphorerom 1.28
19:27:23langhaarrockerBtw: Last time I unscrewed the thing I forgot to resolder the mic. Not that I need it but now I of course have forgotten where to solder it to. Somewhen I'll have to do a beeping session with the multimeter.
19:28:36langhaarrockerWhere has all loading of default files gone?
19:28:56 Quit Hadaka (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:28:57 Join Hadaka_ [0] (
19:29:06 Nick Hadaka_ is now known as Hadaka (
19:30:55langhaarrockerDon't we want to load default files any more?
19:34:14LinusNwe remember the loaded files
19:34:24LinusNjust put them in .rockbox and play them
19:34:28 Quit prv_ (Connection timed out)
19:35:02LinusNkeep the filenames short (<16 chars i think, excluding extension)
19:35:22langhaarrockerSo I must search in settings.c for where to put my default key scheme file?
19:35:26LinusNsemaphore: d/l the latest bleeding edge build
19:35:34LinusNlanghaarrocker: ?
19:36:34langhaarrockerI have a file with my default key bindings. That must be loaded at boot up. I have to use the same technique as for default.wps or whatever.
19:37:37langhaarrockerfound it.
19:38:34 Join Django [0] (
19:38:57semaphorei just did
19:38:59langhaarrockerI hate messing simultaniously with others at the same things. I don't want to have to solve cvs conflicts
19:39:35 Quit wallie (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:40:11semaphoreusb: positive
19:40:18semaphoreata: 0X200
19:40:23semaphorepr: positive
19:40:37semaphorefreq: 12MHz
19:40:52LinusNi don't believe you
19:41:06LinusNdo that again
19:41:40langhaarrockermaybe semaphores wormlets creep faster than mine.
19:42:13 Join Zagor [0] (
19:42:21LinusNsemaphore: the frequency seems wrong
19:42:29semaphorehmmm. this time freq: 11.0592
19:42:30LinusNhi Zagor
19:42:37LinusNsemaphore: good
19:43:18LinusNcollecting hardware info like crazy here
19:43:31Zagorseeing any patterns?
19:43:43*Zagor spots langhaarrocker
19:43:48LinusNthe 12MHz oscillator on langhaarrockers recorder was a false alarm
19:43:48langhaarrockerthat's me
19:43:51semaphorejust reboot again and got freq: 11.0592 again
19:44:06Zagorhi Django
19:44:12LinusNsemaphore: just a false measurement
19:44:21semaphorewhat about on mine?
19:44:27LinusNZagor: i see patterns
19:44:54LinusNi'm still puzzled by the 0x200 bit
19:45:30langhaarrockerIs that some adress for adressing the hd?
19:45:33LinusNmy theory is that recorders with 1.25 and up have shorter battery time than the others (with rockbox)
19:45:49LinusNlanghaarrocker: no, the bit mask
19:46:04Zagorwe should get someone to do more measurements
19:46:18DjangoLinus,Zagor: my patched rockbox has button relases enabled. This make some menu functions return immediately. What about making them "release-proof"?
19:46:38LinusNa guy on funmp3players promised to do some measurements, but i haven't heard from him
19:46:59*langhaarrocker feels guilty for not having finished bindable keys, yet
19:47:01ZagorDjango: they will be. why did you patch the release mask?
19:47:17LinusNlanghaarrocker: we forgive you
19:47:21LinusNthis time
19:47:45*langhaarrocker feels guilty for still holding back this fabulous peak meter patch
19:47:46LinusNthree strikes
19:47:51DjangoZagor: because I had to tell button press from button hold and button release.
19:47:52*LinusN is getting statistics from funmp3players too
19:52:21DjangoLinus: what kind of statistics is this? Number of Rockbox users?
19:52:22langhaarrockerDidn't you know that rockbox is just a trojan horse that posts to funmp3players for LinusNs statistic researches?
19:52:41LinusNDjango: i'm collecting hardware information
19:52:49LinusNDjango: player or recorder?
19:53:02DjangoTwo weeks old.
19:53:23LinusNDjango: d/l the latest bleeding edge (not daily) build
19:55:52DjangoLinus: Running "Bleeding edge" now.
19:56:13LinusNgo to menu->debug->view hw info
19:56:24LinusNand give me the info
19:58:14DjangoROM 1.28
19:58:30DjangoMask: 0x0302
19:58:36DjangoUSB: positive
19:58:44DjangoATA: 0x200
19:58:54DjangoPR: positive
19:59:08DjangoFreq: 11.0592MHz
19:59:56DjangoLinus: are you hunting hardware-related problems?
20:00:43LinusNi am hunting hardware differences
20:00:59LinusNwe do plug & play now, but i hope to use the hardware info instead
20:01:43Djangowhat does "plug and play" refer to?
20:02:57 Part semaphore
20:03:39 Join elinenbe [0] (
20:04:00elinenbeLinusN: AN4: anywhere from 370-390
20:04:20elinenbeLinusN: AN4: mostly 37C-383
20:04:57elinenbeLinusN: AN4: with (just F3) 3FC or 3FF
20:06:39ZagorDjango: it means we try to detect various hardware differences by magic tricks
20:07:22elinenbethe channel is pretty busy for this time of the day
20:07:50LinusNelinenbe: we have no margins for moving the F3 detection threshold
20:08:21elinenbeLinusN: what is F3 on most recorders?
20:08:31LinusNyour top reading with F1+UP is 912 decimal
20:08:37ZagorF1 and UP is the same channel, we can't read that
20:08:43LinusNBjörns F3 button gives 917
20:08:55LinusNZagor: we are not trying to do combos
20:09:01Zagorelinenbe is
20:09:05 Nick Django is now known as Django|away (
20:09:08LinusNby mistake
20:09:27LinusNhe accidentally presses F1+UP
20:09:32elinenbeI keep hitting F1+UP
20:09:35LinusNand it triggers F3
20:09:42elinenbeand then the F3 quick menu pops up.
20:09:58Zagorhow can you accidentally press F1+UP ??
20:10:07LinusNusing two hands
20:10:23elinenbei go to the menu and hit up real fast, whil I am playing a song.
20:10:37elinenbeI end up overlapping the presses and then I have to hit F3 to get out of the menu.
20:10:59Zagorstill, it's definitely no prio 8 bug
20:11:26elinenbehehe... I know that :)
20:11:30elinenbeI was just playing.
20:11:58Zagorplease don't. we actually use the prio field.
20:12:36elinenbeoh.. okay. Why does Sourceforge send out so many copies of bug reports? mod down silly bug reports :-)
20:12:51Zagorelinenbe: it sends one copy for each change
20:14:41elinenbeI think you should use the [Hardware Info] screen information to make a lookup table to adjust to the different versions of the recorder at bootup.
20:15:36Zagorelinenbe: that's the idea
20:17:49elinenbethen hopefully there will not have to be any little hacks for certain versions, etc.
20:18:12 Nick Django|away is now known as Django (
20:18:36DjangoCould it be that the bleeding edge build ignores my default.fnt ?
20:19:09LinusNDjango: yes
20:19:48langhaarrockerpeople: duck! I'll try again to post a patch. Last time I ended up posting thrice by accident.
20:20:44DjangoWell, then I asume there is now a different way to select a default font. Any hint ?
20:20:53LinusNlanghaarrocker: the trick is not to use Back in your browser
20:21:08LinusNDjango: put your fonts in .rockbox/
20:21:13LinusNand play them
20:21:20langhaarrockerLinusN: I won't doulbe check that :)
20:21:22LinusNrockbox remembers which font you loaded
20:23:38Djangowhere is the font selection stored?
20:23:49LinusNon disk
20:23:53LinusNin sector 61
20:24:21elinenbeit does not remember it here.
20:24:39elinenbeif I load a font and then shut off, then turn back on, it is the built in font.
20:24:45DjangoI see. So if I use some older version in between that info is lost ?
20:24:48LinusNit only remembers fonts that are loaded from .rockbox/
20:25:01LinusNand if their names are short
20:25:24elinenbeI have my fonts in .rockbox/fonts/
20:25:34elinenbeI think that will be causing some problems :)
20:26:41 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|tea (
20:26:41DBUGEnqueued KICK LinusN|tea
20:27:20Zagorno problems, it just will not remember them :-)
20:27:52DjangoHas default.wps also been killed?
20:28:37Zagorjust "play" it once to get back the old behaviour
20:29:03elinenbehow do you get back to the default (built in wps and font)?
20:29:22Zagorelinenbe: you don't, yet
20:29:30Zagori'll add that
20:29:46elinenbesee, I just loaded a wps, that has nothing in it. :)
20:30:02Zagorlanghaarrocker: that does not reset already loaded font and wps
20:30:50langhaarrockerneither does it reset loadable key schemes. Yet.
20:30:58norm_elinenbe: Some of us have seen that bug before
20:31:06norm_The first time you load the .wps you get a blank screen
20:31:13norm_If you restart, it will work
20:31:22elinenbemy wps was blank though!
20:31:24norm_For me, even going to browse mode and back to WPS made it work
20:31:28elinenbeit was supposed to be like that!
20:31:33norm_elinenbe: Oh
20:31:37norm_It was supposed to be blank?
20:31:50elinenbeI like the "blank screen look"
20:31:57LinusN|tealanghaarrocker: the RTC block can not be larger than 44 bytes
20:32:31langhaarrockerHonestly I didn't really understand that thing.
20:32:49LinusN|teayou don't need to change RTC_BLOCK_SIZE
20:32:49DjangoCan't we get it both ways please? Use the stored font/wps but make them overridable by default.* files.
20:33:12LinusN|teaDjango: why?
20:33:56LinusN|tealanghaarrocker: you did everything else (almost) right
20:34:14langhaarrockerStrange. That's not my style.
20:34:21DjangoSome people (e.g. me) would like rockbox to come always with the same look, no matter what I did to it during the last session.
20:35:12LinusN|tealanghaarrocker: what's the max value for release?
20:36:22ZagorDjango: the whole idea is for it to stay as you selected last time, and *not* go back to a hardcoded default
20:37:57DjangoLinus: what if I make a font consisting entirely of blanks, put it on the web and anounce it? If you load that your display goes blank. Could be shocling for a 'normal' user.
20:38:41langhaarrockerLinusN: do you think about combining releas value with something else in the rtc? We can reduce its max range to say 32 without noticable effects.
20:39:05Zagor"I also intend to put together a User Requirements document and Design Document." −− JBMMFirmware project guy. (They haven't yet figured out how the firmware is even loaded)
20:39:45Zagortalk about brainwashed guy
20:39:56langhaarrockerApropos design: anything happened with the t-shirt design?
20:43:45***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:44:41Zagori don't know
20:44:42elinenbeZagor: hehe
20:44:58Zagorhe wants to make a "Cost Benefit Analysis"!
20:45:12CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
20:45:12*Zagor responds
20:45:33elinenbeitems to be put in the safe and never looked at again "queue playing, hard drive writing, t-shirts"
20:46:10Zagorbagder is the tshirt guy. i know noooothing
20:46:36elinenbewhat about disk writing... I will gladly test it! :)
20:47:00langhaarrockerWhenever Zagor writes about the t-shirt contest he makes me feel as if some middle sized catastrophe happened.
20:47:24elinenbeI know what you mean...
20:48:01elinenbeumm... tshirts... we'll get to it when possible! Things are happening... Gotta go. NOW!!! Bye!
20:49:08langhaarrockerNormally it ends with something that could be a joke on bagder, but I never get the point.
20:49:40Zagorelinenbe: i'll resume work on disk writing as soon as 1.4 is released.
20:49:54Zagori only have so many hours per day...
20:50:08langhaarrockerI know what you mean.
20:50:09elinenbeI have already worked on writing on my recorder. Now it has a neat tattoo on the back!
20:50:24elinenbesome of us have free time all day!
20:50:36 Nick elinenbe is now known as elinenbe|skating (
20:51:27langhaarrockerI only applied some cool scratches that makes the thing look really vintage.
20:53:16langhaarrockerI have found a bug. It still happens with the bleeding edge rockbox.
20:54:19langhaarrockerPressing my down or right button I don't hear any click any more. Please solve!
20:54:19langhaarrockerWhere do I get replacement buttons? :)
20:54:58Zagoryou might be able to replace the microswitches, actually
20:55:13langhaarrockerYou can bet that I will do that.
20:55:29langhaarrockerMaybe I have some spare ones lying around.
20:56:22langhaarrockerThere are a couple of dead md portables bouncing around here somewhere...
20:59:48langhaarrockerThe subscribers count of the rockbox list doesn't count subscribers using, does it?
21:02:47 Join xam [0] (
21:08:01LinusN|teaxam: player or recorder?
21:08:12xamrecorder 20
21:08:21LinusN|teacan you do me a favour?
21:08:23langhaarrockerLinusN: do you have macros in your irc client?
21:08:34LinusN|tealanghaarrocker: no, unfortunately not
21:09:34LinusN|teaxam: can you d/l the latest bleeding edge (not daily) build?
21:10:09xamyes, of course ... I can download it. But my player is at home right now (and I'm at work)
21:10:24LinusN|teaah, ok then. never mind
21:10:33LinusN|teawhat ROM version is it, btw?
21:10:38xamLinusN you mean CVS, allright?
21:11:11LinusN|teathe latest bleeding edge build is on the daily build page, below the large table
21:11:41xamokay ..
21:11:41langhaarrockerDid you know: The rockbox source is already more text than Tolkiens Lord of the Rings.
21:12:17xamlanghaarrocker I hope you're not going to make a film about it ...
21:12:28langhaarrockernot without t-shirt.
21:14:50langhaarrockerAnd I thing a film wouldn't suit the topic. I'd prefer an audio book.
21:17:16Zagora dramatic reading! :-)
21:24:08langhaarrockerapropos drama: I forgot to mention the peak meter patch includes a feature that shows a slidebar for those settings that use set_int...
21:24:42Zagoryou should split stuff like that into a separarate patch
21:25:04langhaarrockerI'd have done that if I remembered it early enough.
21:26:29*langhaarrocker never get's things right
21:26:39 Nick Django is now known as Django|away (
21:27:12xamlanghaarrocker: you mean "never gets things right", not "get's"
21:27:24langhaarrockerthat's what I mean
21:27:40xamlanghaarrocker so you even didn't got this right ;)
21:27:50langhaarrockerpoint taken
21:29:35langhaarrockerI don't even get the size of ajbrec.ajz right. Mine is 14 kb bigger than the bleeding edge.
21:32:55xamlanghaarrocker but the same crosscompilers?
21:33:27langhaarrockerIt's bigger due to my additional sources for investigating bindable key schemes.
21:33:48langhaarrockerAnd I have the star game, too
21:35:18langhaarrockerAnd a peak meter patch and the start of a game I will probably never finish and a split editor... Things sum up.
21:35:20 Join Jet8810 [0] (
21:35:45LinusN|teaJet8810: player or recorder?
21:36:11Zagorlinus is on the hunt :-)
21:36:17*LinusN|tea is busy today
21:36:31LinusN|tealook! no macros!
21:36:56 Nick LinusN|tea is now known as LinusN (
21:36:56DBUGEnqueued KICK LinusN
21:37:00langhaarrockerWatch out for your keys: my up and my right key are already broken:)
21:37:21Jet8810studio player
21:37:38LinusNJet8810: can you d/l the latest bleeding edge build?
21:41:06LinusNZagor: no keyboard macro for "<nick>: player or recorder?"
21:46:16Jet8810LInusN, sure
21:47:50langhaarrockerI want to make a uisim for windows using cygwin. The makefile generated with configure complains it doesn't find i386-mingw32msvc-gcc. I just reinstalled the mingw package with the cygwin installer and it didn't help. Do I need any kind of external mingw stuff? Bad config?
21:48:07Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
21:48:27 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
21:48:54Topic"We are doing a Recorder hardware survey. Please download the latest bleeding edge build, go to Menu->Debug->HW Info and report the values to LinusN." by Zagor (
21:49:08Zagorhow's that? :-)
21:49:23LinusNJet8810: i want you to run a test for me
21:49:31langhaarrockerZagor: better than 'In Linus we trust'
21:49:47Jet8810i have the PLAYER though linus
21:49:50LinusNZagor: not only Recorder
21:49:54Jet8810aint it recorder you want? hehe ;)
21:49:59Jet8810oh ok
21:50:00Topic"We are doing a hardware survey. Please download the latest bleeding edge build, go to Menu->Debug->HW Info and report the values to LinusN." by Zagor (
21:50:11langhaarrocker(I trust in Linus anyway)
21:51:12LinusNoops, i have forgotten a test... :-)
21:51:22LinusNthe MAS reset pin
21:51:27LinusNnever mind
21:52:05 Quit panthar (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:53:42 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:56:36langhaarrockerDid some dirty code, gonna have a bath. cu later.
21:57:02langhaarrockerI'll never get things right...
21:57:10 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
21:57:36 Join Jet8810 [0] (
21:58:20Jet8810viewing HW info on studio 20 shows rom: 5.06
21:59:11LinusNuse + to move to the next screen
21:59:43Jet8810usb: neg
21:59:48Jet8810ata 0x300
21:59:56Jet8810mask: 0000
22:00:31LinusNwhat ROM version does the firmware say on boot
22:01:49LinusNhow about that...
22:03:12LinusNJet8810: thanks a lot
22:03:49LinusNok, the players don't seem to use the mask
22:07:55PsycoXulmy studio20 says 5.03 on boot and in the hw info, otherwise the same as jet's
22:12:16LinusNi'll include the MAS reset tomorrow
22:14:53LinusNor maybe later tonight
22:16:15elinenbe|skatingwhat is the MAS reset for?
22:16:23 Nick elinenbe|skating is now known as elinenbe (
22:18:17LinusNelinenbe: resetting the MAS, of course :-)
22:19:37elinenbeLinusN: yeah, well why is that needed?
22:21:57LinusNto reset the MAS as initialization time, at startup
22:22:48elinenbeLinusN: has this been a problem...
22:28:10 Join radhard [0] (
22:29:07elinenberadhard: the protocol man.
22:35:06LinusNelinenbe: no, it hasn't been a problem. we don't use it today
22:35:23LinusNbut since we're doing a survey, it might be nice to have that info too
22:43:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:46:02 Quit prv__ (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:46:06 Join prv__ [0] (~prv@
22:46:26 Quit prv__ (Client Quit)
22:48:15 Join Okidoki [0] (
22:48:53Okidokihow can i get ri of the : Saving failed, is the battery empty message?
22:51:07LinusNOkidoki: you have to format the drive with a partition table
22:52:37OkidokiHi Linus, I have a parition table on the disk as far as I know... the partition is active it says
22:52:41Okidokiwith partition magic
22:53:54LinusNok, on which sector does that partition begin?
23:04:12 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:04:18Okidokihm...I have no iedea..any idea how I can see that?
23:09:02LinusNpartition magic
23:13:38Okidokihmmm...very strange disk errors to me..Info: End C,H,S values were large drive placeholders. Actual values are: 0 0 80 0 0 1 04 2431 254 63 0 39070080
23:13:48OkidokiError #120: Logical Drive chain extends toward start of drive.
23:15:54 Quit xam ("ChatZilla 0.8.7 [Mozilla rv:1.0.0/1]")
23:16:17LinusNOkidoki: very strange, did you use PM to partition the disk?
23:16:26Okidokinope...with xp..
23:16:48Okidokipartition magic wanted me to reboot when I tried, but then I got an error
23:17:03Okidokiso I didn't succeed, I can reformat with xp thoug
23:19:48LinusNthat's funny
23:20:15LinusNof all the guys that come to us with strange disk problems, 9 out of 10 use XP or w2k
23:20:22Okidokiyeah....vewwwy funny
23:20:29Okidokisorry, I don'tknow much about xp
23:20:37LinusNso PM chokes on the disk?
23:21:07Okidokiyep, seems so, but I don't get why xp should be completely rebooted for an extern disk format
23:23:40 Quit Okidoki (" (EOF)")
23:23:48 Join Okidoki [0] (
23:26:51LinusNwell, if PM chokes on the disk I have no idea. XP isn't my expert field...
23:27:19Okidokiwhat if I format it with Me or so?
23:27:39LinusNthat should be ok. Use fdisk to partition it
23:27:46LinusNis fdisk in Xp too?
23:28:04Okidokinope...that is the problem...I can't fdisk it..
23:28:15LinusNsilly "operating system"
23:28:20OkidokiI can see the partitions with partition magic though
23:28:41OkidokiI need one big primary partition or? how should itbe partitioned?
23:29:24Zagori think "repeat off" should not show any repeat icon at all. the arrow is not intuitive.
23:30:27LinusNZagor: agreed
23:30:47LinusNOkidoki: it must have a partition table, that's all
23:31:05LinusNat least one primary partition with FAT32
23:31:27LinusNnot a logícal partition has that all the time..well ,will try it again.
23:31:48LinusNOkidoki: maybe it's a geometry problem
23:32:16ZagorLinusN: have you checked the last code with Farbror Frej? WPS doesn't work right for me.
23:32:30Zagorit keeps displaying the song after last track has ended
23:32:31LinusNZagor: what happens?
23:32:37Okidokiwhat is a geometry problm? I read that in PM
23:32:43LinusNend of track detection?
23:32:51ZagorLinusN: yeah
23:32:59LinusNOkidoki: sectors per track and stuff like that
23:33:22LinusNZagor: we may have a problem with that
23:33:34Okidokiahh... can I fix those? or is that hardware related?
23:33:37LinusNbut i can't see what it might be
23:34:06LinusNOkidoki: does PM say thing about LBA and CHS?
23:36:29Okidokistrange...PM says in Partition Info that the disk is fat 16...doesn't mention the others
23:39:31LinusNold version of PM?
23:40:06Okidokiversion 8
23:40:15OkidokiI can format in fat 32..will try now
23:42:49 Join BoD[] [0] (
23:42:51radhardDoes this hardware survey reveal imortant information? If yes I can reassemble my recorder for that.
23:42:59LinusNBoD[]: yo
23:43:28Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
23:43:52LinusNradhard: what ROM version?
23:43:53BoD[]what does this value (for the survey) mean ?
23:44:12LinusNit gives some information about the hardware
23:44:22LinusNdifferences between versions
23:44:55BoD[]the version of ... what exactly ? :) i'm just curious
23:46:25LinusNBoD[]: the ATA_EN signal to the ISDx00, for instance, is routed through an inverter on some boards
23:46:44LinusNand straight to the ISD on others
23:47:08LinusNsame goes for the PR signal for the recording DMA interface
23:47:19Okidokiweird, I can format it with xp, but not with PM
23:47:19LinusNand the MAS reset signal
23:47:21BoD[]strange !
23:47:30LinusNBoD[]: yes and no
23:47:46LinusNthey probably try to save components
23:48:09BoD[]save ?
23:48:14LinusNBoD[]: have you reported your hardware config?
23:48:22LinusNsave, as in costs
23:48:37LinusNthey can save some cents on removing the inverters
23:48:43BoD[]so the new versions have less components, to be cheaper ? :))
23:48:54BoD[]that's fun
23:49:15BoD[]well i did not report it yet, i'll do it tomorrow at work
23:49:15LinusNso far we have autodetected all those "features"
23:49:24LinusNBoD[]: great
23:49:43 Quit Okidoki (" (EOF)")
23:49:50BoD[]that's the less the users can do, to contribute to rockbox
23:50:32LinusNZagor: i know what the problem is
23:51:17LinusNhmmm...on second thought, no i don't :-)
23:51:35Zagori'm debugging it
23:52:04radhardLinusN: 1.17 i think, but not sure 'cause disassembled :)
23:52:53LinusNradhard: that's the most interesting version
23:53:16radhardOk, i'm on it...
23:56:35LinusNZagor: so no TRACK_CHANGE on the last track?
23:56:47ZagorLinusN: it's not that. i'm on it...
23:57:45radhardOk, it's 1.17. Info ROM:1.18 (boot says 1.17) Mask:0x0002 USB:negative ATA:0x300 PR:negative
23:58:27LinusNdoes it say plain 1.17 on boot, not 1.17i or 1.17ia?
23:58:30radhardSorry, boot says 1.17i

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