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#rockbox log for 2002-10-10

00:00:41 Quit Django|away ("User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby")
00:02:39ZagorLinusN: got it working now, it was not an mpeg problem
00:04:48LinusNwhat was it then?
00:04:56Zagorbad wps code
00:05:37 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
00:05:51LinusNradhard: thanks a bunch
00:06:38langhaarrockerah, radhard.
00:06:38langhaarrockeryour logarithm approximation does a fine job in the peak meter now.
00:06:58radhardnp. Hi Langhaar, glad to hear it worked out well. Sorry, missed you last time...
00:08:22langhaarrockerI made a really horrible function to calculate the inverse. I hope someone will get so annyed by it that he replaces it by something better.
00:08:48Jet8810hey guys
00:08:50Jet8810does anybody have a wifi router for sale?
00:09:00radhardWhen i've finished the remote discussion, we could work out detaild that'll speed things up, if u like. By the way: Does anybody know, which pin the remote pin is on the processor of recorder/player? Can't find it in the schematics.
00:09:02Zagori have one, but I use it :-)
00:09:12Zagorthey are dirt cheap, why do you need a used one?
00:10:42radhardtypo -> details. What is wifi?
00:10:59Zagorwireless networking
00:11:39langhaarrockerCan you plug it into the archos? So do I need it?
00:12:14Zagorlanghaarrocker: hehe, no
00:13:18radhardAh, ok. They're cheap? Well, at least not in germany. I'd like two have two units, but don't want to pay 200$ each.
00:14:31langhaarrockerradhard: I'm not sure but I believe that I've seen something at Saturn for 79 . With two units.
00:15:09radhardThought you didn't now what they were?
00:15:26langhaarrockerJust didn't know the abbreviation.
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00:17:03elinenbepost this topic to the yahoo! group and to
00:17:10elinenbealso to the rockbox mailing list.
00:17:17radhardOk, then I know where to go tomorrow. Yeeeeha, just figured out the answer to microsofts annoying question!
00:17:19Zagorradhard: my Netgear MR314 sells for ~$110
00:17:30elinenbeyou guys are doing a great job.
00:19:33radhardHi elinenbe! Sorry, missed you when joining the channel. agree: They sure did!
00:20:18BoD[]what ms questions ??
00:20:39radhardzagor: I like netgear, got a switch from them. But if i can get two for 75EURO, that'll be great.
00:20:50radhardWhere do you want to go today?
00:21:15Zagorradhard: yup
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00:23:45 Nick radhard is now known as rad[writing (
00:24:41rad[writingWill be writing specs now, should finish befor 2:00..
00:30:13langhaarrockerGood night. (I guess some of you should be sleeping, as well)
00:33:10 Part LinusN
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00:48:42Mine78I bought a archos 6000 for 130Dollars... is it a good price ?
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00:56:02BoD[]see you bye !
00:56:11 Quit BoD[] ("pr0n")
00:58:00_seb_does '@' exist in the player fontset?
00:58:56Zagorat least new players
00:59:07Zagorah, old players too
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01:16:49elinenbeZagor: some impressive coding.
01:16:59elinenbeTime for me to switch to a new client!
01:18:18Zagorrather trivial coding, i'd say :-)
01:18:35elinenbeyeah, but it is grunt work that had to get done :)
01:18:47elinenbefun but annoying coding.
01:19:10elinenbejust think when the MAME project switched to a new driver format... 4000+ drivers had to be redone!
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01:29:43rad[writingWhat sort of drivers did you work on?
01:30:53elinenbeI worked on none.
01:32:16rad[writingAh, thought you wrote impressive driver code.
01:34:04rad[writingJust asking 'cause zagor said it is impressive. I've just got the compiler working and now try to understand the rockbox software. It's very interesting!
01:34:48Zagorwhat did I say was impressive?
01:35:37rad[writingOops, sorry, was way round. elinenbe said you did impressive coding!
01:36:01Zagorah, right. he was just sucking up, though ;-)
01:37:45rad[writingI think I'll need some time to work through all the rockbox code. I's all very impressive, especially when compiled and let break out ;)
01:38:26Zagorsomeone just said today the rockbox code is bigger than the Lord Of The Rings novel :-)
01:39:50rad[writingTrue? I'm happy with the little 1k that is already build in ;)
01:40:30rad[writingYou're one of the grandfathers of rockbox?
01:40:58ZagorI'm *the* grandfather actually
01:42:12rad[writingAmazing, from a LED blinker to the thing i see know... Rockbox was one of the reasons for me to buy one...
01:42:30Zagoryeah, we've come a long way
01:43:02rad[writingCan you estimate, how much time you invested in this project?
01:43:16Zagorooh, that's hard...
01:44:03Zagorsomewhere between 500 and 1000 hours, I would guess
01:44:46 Join Foxinou [0] (
01:44:59FoxinouHi all
01:45:19Foxinoui already posted the results of my survey on
01:45:30ZagorFoxinou: excellent
01:45:43FoxinouI am the only one with a player :(
01:46:05Foxinoucan u tell me one thing...
01:46:21rad[writingThat's a lot for doing it as a hobby! It's the first open source project, i'm involved in and what i see here is great. I also appreciate very much that some professionals of IBM take part in the Linux devellopment. They are walking with great steps, as you do here... ;)
01:46:50FoxinouI don't know if i can use languagge file... and how to do it if it is possible...
01:47:40ZagorFoxinou: you need the daily build, not 1.3. then you download and play a lang file from
01:48:01Zagorrad[writing: heh
01:48:11Foxinoutaht's all?.... like a .wps file or an *.mod file ? ok
01:48:52ZagorFoxinou: exactly
01:49:15rad[writingDid Archos try to hire you?
01:49:45Zagorrad[writing: no, they haven't said a word to any of us
01:50:18FoxinouHh I live at maybe 10kms from Archos France... But never went to visit them yet ;-)
01:50:22Zagorthey did want to contract me last summer, for working on the multimedia. but they bailed out when they got my offer.
01:51:11rad[writingThey'd better do ;) Microsoft tried to hire the guy who broke into the X-Box. Nice story, btw!
01:51:49Zagorwell, Archos aint Microsoft. And I doubt I'd want to work for either :-)
01:52:08rad[writingWhat was your offer? 50k/month might be a bit too much ;) No, me not too
01:52:13FoxinouHey guys... do you think Archos has stopped working on their firmwares (because there is rockbox) ?
01:52:45rad[writingMaybe they fired the deveopers... :-)
01:52:51Zagorrad[writing: my offer was 800euro/hour, if I recall correctly. standard fare.
01:53:07Zagor80euro, i mean :-)
01:53:23rad[writingWas a little shocked...
01:53:24Foxinouoh ok :) 800euros was a bit too much lol
01:53:49ZagorFoxinou: i don't think they change any decisions because of Rockbox. They are probably just more busy with the Multimedia.
01:54:20FoxinouZagor > Maybe they will link to Rockbox one day...
01:54:36rad[writingI already thought: He, man, what are you doing here? Are you an idiot writing software for 80 Euro? Ok, thats sounds much better to me. It's not overpaid for a good programmer AND systems guy!
01:54:40Zagorhaha, yeah. maybe pigs will fly one day... :-)
01:55:30Zagorthey used to link to my isd200 driver page. i wonder if that link is still there.
01:55:46Foxinoui am trying your language
01:56:14rad[writingdid they give you the schematics or did you figure them out by yourselves?
01:56:53Zagorwe did it ourselves, using multimeters and pen-and-paper...
01:58:05rad[writingWow. Hope at least it wasn't too much work? They're looking quite good. Is it eagle? Might want to add some things from time to time...
01:58:34_seb_hi everybody
01:58:50_seb_I think I'll become a more active idler from now on since I have finally installed rockbox and am super impressed
01:59:13Foxinouhi seb
01:59:15Zagorno, unfortunately it's not eagle. that's why they are a bit out of date.
01:59:22Zagor_seb_: hehe
02:00:13rad[writingI know a PCB desgner who owes me one. Do think it's worth/necessary to redo them?
02:00:29rad[writingBasides: What format is it?
02:00:43Zagori don't remember, some commercial program. we should use eagle.
02:00:45FoxinouZagor > the lang file does not work for me... there is no icon before francais.lng in the ./rockbox directory. I can't "play" it... i use one of today's cutting edge mod
02:01:02ZagorFoxinou: what model do you have?
02:03:16_seb_yeah that reminds me, wps files don't work for me (studio20/1.3)
02:03:18ZagorFoxinou: you downloaded the .lng file, right? not the .lang file.
02:03:35Zagor_seb_: loadable wps was not in 1.3
02:03:45_seb_zagor: I thought so because I saw it on todo for 1.4
02:03:48_seb_just wanted to check
02:04:03Zagor_seb_: yeah. 1.4 is coming Real Soon
02:04:09FoxinouZagor > yes the lng not lang
02:04:17ZagorFoxinou: it works fine for me
02:05:11FoxinouZagor > I have icons for folders, mods, wps, but not for lng files
02:05:37ZagorFoxinou: do you see the lng file at all?
02:07:15Foxinounow it works... i loaded the cvs 021009 and it works
02:09:07FoxinouZagor > u and rockbox really rule !
02:09:16Zagor:-) thanks
02:09:24_seb_are most devs from sweden or just the founding ones?
02:09:53Zagorjust the founding ones. the rest are spread out over the world
02:09:58FoxinouZagor > I hope you will soon put the "queue" feature ....
02:10:40FoxinouZagor > I really miss the Queue feature... :~(
02:10:52_seb_je n'ai jamais utilise queue parce que je l'ai trouve trop buggy :)
02:11:11_seb_in the original archos firmware
02:11:57FoxinouSeb > t francais ?
02:12:09_seb_no, but I learn german and french in school
02:12:44_seb_de quelle region de france est-ce que tu viens?
02:12:48FoxinouSeb > hh ahc so ich verstehe... Ich habe auch Deutsch gelernt
02:13:11_seb_cool :)
02:13:23FoxinouSeb > Du sprichst sehr gut franzsisch...
02:13:48FoxinouI am now in Paris aber i am from Tours... do you know ? The Loire Valley...
02:13:51Zagori'm off to bed. see you later
02:13:58_seb_night zagor
02:14:01 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
02:14:01FoxinouyBye Zagor
02:14:03_seb_foxinou: yes, I know it
02:14:12_seb_but I've never been there, I've only been in alsace
02:14:21FoxinouSeb > ach so ok
02:15:16Foxinouso where are u from seb ?
02:16:19_seb_I'm from New Jersey, in the Etats-Unis
02:17:00elinenbeI'm in New York
02:17:05_seb_cool :)
02:19:13Foxinouit is 02;19 here...quite late
02:19:46_seb_foxinou: ca me ne deplait que mon clavier est des Etats Unis parce que je ne peux pas typer les accents
02:22:03_seb_so what's up all
02:22:17_seb_wie geht's dir rad
02:22:27_seb_comment ca va foxinou
02:24:22Foxinouseb es geht mir gut
02:24:30Foxinouaber ich bin mde
02:24:37_seb_ok wir koennen uns auch auf deutsch unterhalten :)
02:25:17_seb_ich bin auch ziemlich muede obwohl es hier nur 8:25 abends ist
02:25:53_seb_mais j'ai beaucoup de devoirs et il faut que je les complete
02:26:22Foxinouoki oki
02:27:56_seb_connais-tu un bon dictionnaire anglais-francais-anglais (online)?
02:28:22_seb_maintenant j'utilise ceci:
02:29:37Foxinou is good
02:31:06_seb_ok merci
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02:50:51 Quit Foxinou ("Advanced IRC 1.31: don't ask, don't tell.")
02:54:49_seb_be back soon
02:55:00 Quit _seb_ ()
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03:26:04rad[writingok spec V0.1 is ready an i'm really tired. Have to go. Bye!
03:26:56 Nick rad[writing is now known as radhard (
03:27:05 Quit radhard ()
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04:10:38 Join adiamas [0] (adiamas@
04:10:58adiamasdamnit.. they are never around when i need them
04:11:01CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
04:11:01*adiamas sighs
04:12:57adiamasokay. im out
04:13:00 Quit adiamas (Client Quit)
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07:48:40*Bagder can smell release in the air
07:49:20*mecraw cheers
08:14:55adi|homebagder got a present for you...
08:15:09*Bagder likes presents
08:15:10adi|homeyou want it?
08:15:21Bagderbeam it over
08:15:31adi|homedcc or email?
08:15:50Bagderpick one ;-)
08:16:13adi|homek.. ill dcc one min
08:24:45adi|homelol.. i think my opera browser blew up
08:28:13 Join calpefrosch [0] (
08:31:16Bagderhm, my operators both DNS servers have died... :-/
08:31:48calpefroschhups :-S
08:31:55calpefroschthe remote control is only working in one direction yet, right ?
08:32:37calpefroschwho is working on this issue ?
08:33:09BagderI'm not ;-)
08:36:07calpefroschI want to build two additional parts for the jukebox. First a IR-remote-control and sony car interface. can we put both projekt data on your cvs ?
08:37:16calpefroschok, do you have a module for additional files ?
08:37:46Bagderwe should probably create a new module or perhaps two for those things
08:38:43calpefroschyes, good.
08:43:19calpefroschis there a standard user to checkout on cvs, like anonymous ?
08:43:29calpefroschI mean, on sourceforge ?
08:43:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
08:44:28calpefroschhmm, I wanted to checkout a projekt, the gnunilink projekt, and with anonymous he ask me for a password :-(
08:44:38Bagderright, just press enter
08:44:52calpefroschI tried, didn't work
08:45:11calpefrosch ->
08:46:50calpefroschhmpf, it was pserver
08:48:04 Quit Bagder (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
08:48:10 Part calpefrosch
08:49:42 Join Bagder [0] (
08:49:55Bagdermy operator plays tricks on me today
08:57:30Synthedo y'all really want me to DL bleeding edge build and install it on my machine?
08:59:35Bagderthe latest daily is fine too ;-)
08:59:49Synthewhat happens if it toasts my recorder?
08:59:53Syntheit has rolo built in right?
09:00:00Bagderyes it does
09:00:06Bagderand it won't toast your recorder
09:00:30Synthewhat do I rename my old ajbrec.ajz to in order to be able to use it with rolo if the need arises?
09:00:53Bagderto whatever you like, just keep the extension the same (.ajz)
09:03:54Synthefinally got repeat on/off in there :)
09:05:03Syntheso who do I report this HW info to now?
09:05:12Bagderlinus at
09:05:21Synthejust email it to him?
09:05:27Bagderyeps, it'll be fine
09:09:05Syntheis there a way for me to just play the entire contents of a dir and all subdirs yet?
09:09:21Bagdernope, not without making that in a playlist
09:09:41Synthethats what I figured, so I have to figure out before I go to bed what I want to listen to that night and make a playlist
09:10:28Bagderright, if you don't just create a set of various lists once and for all and use one of them
09:10:43SyntheI do, but I've got over 50 playlists now :)
09:11:01Synthewhen the entire HD is full, there are a lot of options
09:11:22SyntheI'm actually thinking of getting a 40gb drive to put in this for practical reasons, not just for bragging rights like I do with my TiVo
09:15:23b0bTHCgood morning al
09:15:31Bagdermorning bob
09:17:30b0bTHCthe web site is down?
09:18:18b0bTHCit's good now 4 refresh after...
09:28:46 Join calpefrosch [0] (
09:31:02 Part calpefrosch
09:40:54 Join calpefrosch [0] (
09:43:41calpefroschone last question, I didn't understand all of the discussion. Do we need a hardware mod for the bidirectional remote control ?
09:44:32BagderAs far as i've understood, yes
09:44:40Bagderbut I'm not the expert on this
09:45:45b0bTHCit's a very intersting idea and that's seems to progress quickly...
09:47:08calpefroschbut not for the normal remote...
09:47:43b0bTHCimagine a tiny remote with lcd with tweakable proper WPS.. really an amazing thing!
09:48:10calpefroschyes, sure. but not if we all need a hardware mod. I don't want to lose my waranty
09:49:08b0bTHCIf i understand, no HW mod needed.
09:50:10b0bTHConly based on the stock remote pin on the EAR pin
09:50:30b0bTHCErar jack
09:50:32calpefroschI'm really fascinated too, I could imagine many cool applications
09:55:13adi|homeBagder: you around?
09:55:32adi|homethe feature request about 180 rotation
09:55:41adi|homethat would work for the recorder but not for the player
09:55:44BagderI know, I'm crazy
09:55:45adi|homeeven with your suggestion
09:55:52adi|homeno way to turn the letters sideways
09:56:12adi|homeit comes out: Rocobox
09:56:18adi|homestill left to right :)
09:56:21BagderI thought about that too 2 seconds after I pressed submit ;-)
09:57:04adi|homeso.. Bagder
09:57:16adi|homeif i moved to sweden.. what are the chances of me getting ajob with your company ;)
09:57:43Bagderat the moment, very slim. Times are bad.
09:58:06adi|homedamn.. its a global thing
09:58:08*adi|home sighs
09:58:11*adi|home wants a job
09:58:12Bagderyes it is
09:58:33*adi|home is tired of being unemployed...
10:01:54adi|homesomeone screwed up
10:01:57adi|homeMicrosoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e14'
10:01:57adi|home[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The query contained only ignored words.
10:02:59b0bTHCi have a little idea for the bouncing thing.. why don't using the name of the playing songrather than just rockbox
10:03:33 Quit b0bTHC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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10:21:58 Join pyvasene [0] (
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10:46:31 Part calpefrosch
10:53:06bobTHCwhat u think about my bouncing proposition?
10:53:14Bagderit's a good idea
10:54:33bobTHC@boot my device says 1.17i and when i look in HW info it's 1.18...
10:55:25Bagderyeps, that's a funny details
10:56:20bobTHCi resolve my pb on win2k when i want "eject" my device, that's work now
10:57:06bobTHCit was a usb driver pb, i reinstall usb controler driver with newer and thats work find now
10:58:37bobTHCi dont understand because @ the beginig that's work, and after it doesn't work, reinstall with newer driver and reworks
10:59:04bobTHCfunny win2k :(
10:59:20bobTHCalways kidding!
11:10:02Bagderdarned linus and Zagor hide today ;-)
11:10:53Schnueffwhy is this? :)
11:10:59BagderI don't know
11:18:59 Join TotMacher [0] (
11:38:29 Join Zagor [0] (
11:38:41bobTHChi zagor!
11:40:06adi|homeso.. zagor.. find me a job yet?
11:40:38adi|homeyou god damn swedes
11:40:41adi|homecan't ask you to do anything...
11:40:45*adi|home smirks
12:10:06 Quit adi|home ("Client Exiting")
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12:21:41Zagordoes anyone understand what Jason is talking about re backlight-always-on?
12:28:53Zagoranyone seen linus today?
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12:30:33>>>"show" by Zagor (
12:31:18adiamasnope and nope
12:37:25>>>"sview" by Zagor (
12:37:40>>>"rules" by Zagor (
12:41:51>>>"sview" by Zagor (
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12:53:01>>>"sview" by Zagor (
12:53:17Zagorok, i give up
12:56:45Schnueffi have a feeling, that it could be about the initialization of charger_was_inserted in backlight.c
12:57:18Schnueffi'll think about it
12:58:33>>>"sview" by Zagor (
13:01:12 Join bjst_ [242] (
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13:02:09Schnueffhm dunno
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13:33:38 Join xam__ [0] (
13:35:09Zagortime for a partition debug screen
13:35:28Bagderbefore 1.4?
13:35:45Zagorit's a simple job, and it will be valuable having in the release
13:36:50Zagorcan someone look at jason's bug?
13:38:37 Nick seb-sleep is now known as _seb_ (
13:40:45 Nick xam__ is now known as xam (
13:41:02Bagderwhich package might have a qstring.h header file?
13:41:07Bagderany guess?
13:41:33Zagorgood question
13:41:49Zagorgood guess
13:42:06Bagderhm, ok, thanks
13:43:11Bagderfltk it seems
13:43:18Bagderit has some qt-emul layer
13:50:00 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-school (
13:55:57bobTHCfor the search engine someone work on it?
13:57:51ZagorbobTHC: you mean the id3 database?
13:58:51bobTHCi don't know if it's with id3 database but someody talk about search algorythm a couple of week ago
13:59:04bobTHCto find tracks
13:59:21Zagoryes, that was it
14:00:00bobTHCbut he doesn't talk about DB he planned to scan directly the files if i remember well
14:00:28Zagorhe did, but that was much much too slow
14:01:53Zagorpart screen done
14:02:20*Bagder has subscribed to lots of mailing lists today...
14:02:45Bagderlots of tiny-web-browsers out there
14:04:07Zagornews from the client, then?
14:04:38Bagderyeah, I'm about −−-> <−−- this close to start for real now, this is just some ramping up before it starts for real
14:05:10Bagderbtw, we might use microwindows
14:05:17BagderGreg's baby
14:05:30Zagorah, cool
14:05:44Bagder"The ViewML browser, along with it's user interface comes in around 2MB"
14:06:18Zagorwhat about the tiny one we looked at before? dillo or something like that.
14:06:44Bagderit has at least 3 silly problems I found on the first test site we've got from the makers of the server side
14:07:07Bagderand, if I bypass those, it
14:07:16Bagderstill didn't show the html the way I'd wanted it to
14:07:48Bagdernothing's decided yet, I'm just investigating what's available
14:14:15 Join TotMacher [0] (
14:18:42 Part Bagder
14:36:49Zagorwe're approaching release
14:37:46Zagorthe manual is a sore spot, though
14:42:52Schnueffhelp on target would be nice
14:44:16Schnueffand perhaps would encourage developers to keep it up-to-date
14:45:17Schnueffor whoever
14:46:10bobTHCwap file (*.wml) or true html ?
14:46:46Zagorhelp on target will be normal text
14:47:21Schnueffone file per 'screen' should suffice
14:47:47bobTHCwml viewer can be great ! well formated text is more clear! ;)
14:48:14bobTHCfor help or other things
14:48:37bobTHCit's just an idea of course and not a request
14:49:07bobTHCwha u think about that ?
14:49:35Zagorif you write it, i will consider it. generally, though, wml is not a nice format.
14:50:18bobTHCi know it's a ugly format but widespread format
14:50:56bobTHCeditor and viewer for all platfoem already exist
14:51:22Zagorhtml is heaps better, if you want formatted text
14:51:30Zagorno editor necessary
14:52:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:55:57bobTHCure right if screensize is not a pb
15:02:24Zagorwml does not affect screensize, only file size. and with gigs of harddisk space, file size is not an issue
15:14:44 Join edx [0] (
15:19:15Zagorhi edx
15:27:36Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
15:28:26Topic"Release 1.4 is tagged in CVS. Only the manual is left." by Zagor (
15:30:11edxZagor, can you tell me: in the hardware survey - what do these values stand for? ;)
15:30:46edxRom is ok.. then USB - is that USB 2 capability?
15:31:38Zagorno, it's the polarity of the usb_detect signal
15:32:03Zagormask is what we believe/hope is a hardware compatibility mask
15:32:13Zagorata is the base address for the ata controller
15:32:17edxthe ATA value can be 0x200 or 0x300, right? and it is some version for something...?
15:32:21edxaahh ok
15:32:44edxwhat do you mean with "hardware compability mask"?
15:32:59edxand where do you get it from?
15:33:01Zagorthere are dozens of little differences between recorders that we spend a lot of effort detecting. this is an effort to get a bigger grip on that.
15:33:17Zagorwe read it from the ROM firmware, the same as the ROM version
15:33:33Zagoryou will note that the rom version and the displayed version are not always the same...
15:33:56edxaha.. so the mask is containing all that differences and is put together by the above values?
15:34:16edxyes, noticed that already.
15:34:37Zagorwe don't know 100%. the mask is a value we read from the rom, not something we create ourselves. we *hope* we can use the mask instead of having to detect all the differences ourselves.
15:35:08edxyes that would be great.. thanks for explaining that to me - i still have to do the survey myself.. will do that in a sec
15:39:18edxi fear i damaged my jukebox somehow..
15:39:33edxit just shuts down (and maybe reboots) sometimes..
15:39:55edxits like every 20 minutes or so - not regularly - the more i move it the more it reboots.. :/
15:40:10Zagorsounds like a loose connection somewhere
15:41:13edxi have not removed the warranty seal yet.. and somehow i dont feel like it's a good idea to do that (im a complete technical idiot)
15:41:16 Join Bagder2 [241] (
15:43:37edxZagor: can i also answer to a thread using the news server?
15:43:49Zagoredx: i think so. i have never tried it, though
15:43:56edxill try
15:44:02edxwhat is PR btw..?
15:44:17Bagder2its a register used for recording
15:44:36Bagder2or something like that ;-)
15:46:08edxand the frequency?
15:46:15Zagorcpu freqency
15:46:42edxahh.. good
15:46:54edx(thought that already)
15:46:59Zagorcheck out
15:47:13Zagoris the (r) and (p) notation too confusing? is there a better way?
15:47:36Bagder2you need to have an explanation on the page somewhere
15:47:51edxnice. - is r = recorder, p = player?
15:48:31Zagorit's explained on the front page
15:48:42Bagder2mail coming up rsn
15:48:43edxok.. with that knowledge its not confusing
15:48:46edxpretty good :)
15:48:58edxBagder2: yeahu!!
15:49:31edxwill you publish the complete results somewhere? :)
15:50:50edx"Before the message is posted on the newsgroup, you have
15:50:50edxto confirm that you exist. Just reply to this message, and
15:50:50edxthe message will be posted.
15:50:51DBUGEnqueued KICK edx
15:50:57edxso the message will be postet to the newsgroup.
15:51:19Zagorsounds good
15:52:29edxjeez! that authorizer is fast.
15:52:37edxreplied and 5 seconds later i got a response
15:54:30Zagorseen linusn
15:54:41#>>"seen" used by Zagor ( [snoop prevented]
15:55:03Zagorlost in space
15:55:45Zagorshould we release 1.4 before the manual is completed?
15:55:49edxlogbot seen edx
15:55:53bobTHCperhaps prisonner of the Rockbox Code Police Department ;)
15:56:18Zagoredx: it only responds to me in the channel. you can talk to it privately.
15:56:29edxthats nice :)
15:56:41>>>"seen" used by edx ( [snoop prevented]
15:57:03>>>"seen" used by edx ( [snoop prevented]
15:57:04>>>"seen" used by edx ( [snoop prevented]
15:57:22bobTHClogbot request for Ops only ?
15:58:04ZagorbobTHC: no, for registered users.
15:58:22bobTHCwho are they?
15:58:30Zagorme :-)
15:58:46elinenbeZagor: has everything been finished for 1.4 that you want done?
15:58:58Zagorelinenbe: i think so, yes
15:59:12elinenbeThere are no bugs in the current CVS?
15:59:26Zagorthere probably is
15:59:55elinenbeI say finish the manual first.
16:00:02elinenbeThat should be a priority :)
16:00:16elinenbeI think there should be a 1 page "quick manual"
16:02:17elinenbewith all the button combos, etc.
16:03:06elinenbeI can think of one bug... well, a limitation that bugs me :)
16:03:46Zagorelinenbe: there are a *LOT* of key combos...
16:04:06Zagorand they are context sensitive
16:04:09elinenbeI know. And every one should be documneted somewhere. Want me to do it?
16:04:31Zagori'm working on it right now
16:04:49elinenbeThere are 3 main views: WPS, Tree, Menu
16:05:00Zagorlook at the manual
16:05:10elinenbeand there are different combinations that can be used.... okay I look at it now.
16:07:31elinenbewant me to mention some of the little idiosyncrasies
16:07:44elinenbeholding on while the archos is plugged in boots to Rockbox.
16:07:51elinenbestuff like that.
16:08:15Zagorwhere should we put that?
16:08:42elinenbeI am not sure... maybe a quick reference guide. a "secrets" guide
16:08:46elinenbesomething like that
16:09:45elinenbemake sure the list of new features mentions everything −− that should be HUGE! :)
16:10:01elinenbehow do I even find the manul from the web site?
16:10:38elinenbethere should be a link on the left hand side... I think the manual will have become THAT important
16:10:51elinenbewith more and more features, more and more manual is necessary
16:11:07 Quit adiamas (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:12:14elinenbescreenshots are dated :) time for new ones? hehe...
16:13:24bobTHCwith what u make this so nice screenshots?
16:13:58Zagorthe screenshots are from the simulator
16:14:22Bagder2the serial modded ones can make screenshots from target
16:14:35elinenbeI think the manual should mention all settings in DEMOS and GAMES too...
16:15:14ZagorBagder2: yeah, but only linus has one and he is not here...
16:15:20Zagorelinenbe: it will
16:15:31Bagder2right, and the gimp ones on a simulator will look very similar anyway
16:19:00elinenbemuch of the FAQ is outdated too.
16:19:14elinenbeinfo about fonts/ID3 tags, etc.
16:36:27Bagder2what's wrong with the id3 info?
16:36:53elinenbeCan't ID# tags be larger than 300 bytes now?
16:37:10Zagorwell, no
16:37:13Zagorsort of :-)
16:37:25 Nick Bagder2 is now known as Bagder (
16:37:43Bagderwe still have the 300-byte problem
16:37:58Bagderbut previously we had some other problems as well, that we sometimes thought was the 300-limit
16:38:49elinenbe..."file 'wps.config' you"... Q39
16:39:32elinenbefrom custom_wps_format
16:39:33elinenbeFile Location
16:39:33DBUGEnqueued KICK elinenbe
16:39:33elinenbeThe default configuration file must be located in the /.rockbox folder
16:39:33elinenbeof the evice and must be named default.wps (lowercase). Any other Custom
16:39:33***Alert Mode level 1
16:39:33elinenbeWPS files may be located anywhere on the drive. The only restriction
16:39:34***Alert Mode level 2
16:39:34elinenbeis that they must end in .wps
16:39:41elinenbethis has been changed.
16:40:03elinenbeand they need to be in ./rockbox NO subdirectories, otherwise they will not be persistent
16:41:07Bagderme fix
16:41:50elinenbe −− out of date.
16:44:12Zagorelinenbe: it's not even linked anywhere
16:44:17Zagorit will go away
16:44:51elinenbe (mention ON+UP/DOWN for page up/down
16:45:03Zagorah, good
16:45:10Zagor.txt support too
16:45:29elinenbeON+UP/DOWN pitch control
16:45:56elinenbebut it is looking really nice.
16:46:04elinenbemuch more consise and better :)
16:48:22 Quit mecraw (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:48:34 Join LinusN [0] (
16:48:36elinenbe (sooo out of date!)
16:48:40Bagderdr Linus!
16:48:44elinenbehello LinusN
16:48:48Zagoryo, linus!
16:48:50elinenbeyo! Yo! YO!
16:49:02ZagorBagder: no bandy today? (forgot about it myself...)
16:49:08LinusNthe hardware survey man!
16:49:17BagderZagor: only 3 ppl
16:49:35***Alert Mode OFF
16:49:43BagderLinusN: you been home today?
16:49:54elinenbein the manual mention that a quick press of the F1,F2, etc. turns it on, but a long press will turn it off when you let go.
16:50:48LinusNBagder: at the hospital
16:51:00LinusNwith my wife
16:51:38LinusN2 weeks left
16:51:41elinenbecongradulations... soon you will have another tyke to read to.
16:51:50edxLinusN: congrats.. :)
16:52:33elinenbeI found quite a big annoyance (not a bad one though)
16:52:48elinenbethe time does not update accordingly with the pitch.
16:52:55elinenbeso, if you have the pitch at 200
16:52:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:53:04elinenbethe time chould click by 2x as fast
16:53:20elinenbeit looks like all the songs end prematurely
16:53:45Zagorelinenbe: yes, this is known. we won't fix that.
16:54:01elinenbewon't fix before 1.4 or won't fix ever?
16:54:26Zagorever, unless someone writes an elegant solution. it's a very messy problem.
16:57:10edxhmm the latest message to the mailing list: "I don't have any deer, but I would pay 20 Dollars for one. Chris Houghten
16:57:19edxwhat's "deer" supposed to mean?!
16:58:15Zagora buck is a male deer
16:58:42bobTHCbuck = $
16:58:49Zagoryeah, but it was a joke
16:58:50edxah... strange.. didn't even find that expression in the latest longman dictionary
16:58:58edxi know buck, yes ;)
16:59:35Zagorbuck: The adult male of some animals, such as the deer, antelope, or rabbit. :-)
17:00:06edxah.. now i also understand why he replies to my post :)
17:00:28edxi just new buck for $ nor for the animal hehe
17:01:16elinenbebuck in US is like dollar
17:01:25edxyup - that's why i used that term
17:04:01ZagorBagder: as cvs guru, could you extract a nice long changelog since 1.3?
17:04:22Bagderthat'll be enormous
17:04:28elinenbesimilar to greenback, a "one-er", rutabaga, ace, bean, bone, clam, etc...
17:04:32elinenbeyou owe me 5 bones
17:04:51ZagorBagder: yeah, i know... some sort|uniq:ing may cut it down a bit.
17:04:56BagderZagor: you want it in the same style as that daily ones?
17:05:21ZagorBagder: i'd prefer to have just one line per uniq commit comment
17:05:58Bagderthat'll give a lot of weird scripting to do ;-/
17:06:14elinenbestop kidding, you know it will be fun :)
17:06:18BagderI'll search the net first
17:06:35edxelinenbee: cool, i didn't know any of those expressions ;)
17:07:41elinenbethere are more, but those are some common ones.
17:07:46elinenbeI like using beans.
17:08:16elinenbethe most common is probably "buck"
17:08:27edxi dont have the faintest idea how to pronounce rutabaga.. :) *looking up*
17:08:45bobTHCit's a rench word
17:08:51bobTHCa french word
17:09:06bobTHCit's a vegetable
17:09:19edxyup. just saw.
17:09:32edx"Swedish dialectal rotabagge" ;)
17:11:44 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|out (
17:12:23edxhmmm LinisN: how come the frequency can only be detected for some devices?
17:21:10LinusNedx: i don't have frequency detection for Players, if that's what you mean
17:22:17edxbut for all recorders?
17:22:20LinusNedx: and many people didn't read what i wrote, and tool the old daily build instead if the bleeding edge build
17:22:41LinusNthe 20021009 build didn't include the freq detection
17:22:43CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 48 minutes and 42 seconds at the last flood
17:22:43*edx read what you wrote and took bleeding edge code ;0
17:26:28*LinusN has received a lot of hw info mails
17:31:37edxBagder: thanks for putting details online ;)
17:31:46Bagdergetting all unique commit messages in one long file isn't very useful
17:35:28edxmaybe it would be useful to put all messages with the same mask into one file? - depending on what you are after
17:35:55BagderI think I should sort them on dates or something
17:35:59 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|dinner (
17:37:10LinusN|dinnerThe daily build table is all nice and green... :-)
17:37:29Bagderthat must mean something ;-)
17:43:44bobTHCsomething like 1.4 release?
17:43:56Bagderit sure smells like it ;-)
17:48:48Bagdercvs -Q log -d "2002-08-27<now"
17:48:52Bagder18000 lines
17:49:12bobTHConly few change.... ;)
17:49:27Bagder516 unique cvs commit messages
17:50:22edxthat makes roughly 36 new lines per commit ;)
17:50:54Bagder942 file modfications
17:54:57elinenbenice :)
17:55:00Bagderzagor 319 changes
17:55:06Bagderme 219
17:55:09Bagderlinus 154
17:55:41elinenbenow get rid of all the unimportant ones :) (things a normal person will not care about)
17:56:04BagderI made this for Bjorn to read
17:57:07edxBagder: how many changes did I? 2.. or 3? :]
17:57:40edxoh.. even 10 as far as I can sehh :)
17:57:56Bagderhardeep did 18
17:58:09Bagderjheiner did 51
17:58:38elinenbeI think the final distribution should come as a zip file with a .rockbox folder with some fonts, some wps screens, a little text file (maybe the faq) some languages, and some .cfg files. then all the user has to do is unzip it to their rockbox directory.
17:58:44elinenbethat will be great
17:59:03elinenbehardeep's commits are the best! :)
17:59:03Bagderthat's a good idea indeed
17:59:28elinenbepeople will not complain about making a .rockbox directory and such.
17:59:41elinenbe then all the user has to do is unzip it to their ARCHOS!!!
17:59:44Bagder 319zagor
17:59:44Bagder 219bagder
17:59:44Bagder 154linusnielsen
17:59:46elinenbeerror here.
17:59:47Bagder 55adiamas
17:59:47Bagder 51jheiner
17:59:47Bagder 46elinenbe
17:59:50Bagder 22malle
17:59:50Bagder 18matsl
17:59:52Bagder 18hardeeps
17:59:54Bagder 13thebreaker
18:00:34Bagderwe will probably need an install script
18:00:57bobTHCa batch file for win user
18:01:26bobTHCan old install.bat like old dos games!!!!
18:01:39elinenbean install script for win users would make life easy for us....
18:02:00Bagdergotta go
18:02:03 Part Bagder
18:02:03bobTHCyep but how detect the device letter?
18:02:11elinenbesomething along the lines of "browse to Archos drive"
18:02:16elinenbethen an install button.
18:02:24elinenbewhoever wants to go for it can! :)
18:02:31elinenbeit would be nice and tight.
18:02:53elinenbethen it installs all that junk to the drive!
18:09:17 Join edx|notebook [0] (
18:10:43edx|notebookgot disconnected
18:10:58edx|notebookbobTHC: what about a self-extracting zip archive?
18:11:22bobTHCwhy not
18:12:00bobTHCfor final user the most simpliest is requiered !!!
18:14:20bobTHCwhy it add "i" to my words...:( sorry
18:19:35bobTHCC U !
18:19:37 Part bobTHC
18:27:02 Quit edx (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:27:19 Nick edx|notebook is now known as edx (
18:53:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:56:43edxuhm.. i got another english question... talking about glasses, what does "they fruit" mean?
18:57:00edxthey get steamy?
18:59:52 Join Django [0] (
19:12:43norm_edx: ??
19:13:07norm_edx: in what context?
19:19:28edxnorm_: some dude talking about his glasses: "Them fruit." - i guess he means "They fruit." but i still dont get it..
19:19:52norm_edx: doesn't make any sense
19:20:24edxthat's my thought.. are you a native American or English speaker?
19:20:42norm_English is my first langyage
19:20:45norm_er, language
19:22:17edxits a book by William Golding
19:22:22edx"Lord of the Flies"
19:22:34norm_Ah. I remember that one
19:22:45norm_I haven't read that in many years
19:23:26edxim reading the first pages atm.. I have to read it for school.
19:25:21norm_Ah, where he says "Them fruit-" and then wipes his glasses?
19:25:44edxand he repeats that later in the text..
19:26:06norm_I think he was about to say something about the coconuts
19:26:13norm_which he believes are fruit
19:26:22norm_but stops to clean his glasses
19:26:39edxbut theres a point..
19:26:51edxso it looks like he's finished his sentence.
19:28:02edxplus he mentions it again and does surely not want to talk about coco nuts there.
19:28:59edx.. and quickly adjusted his spectacles on his nose. 'Them fruit.' He glanced round the scar."
19:31:06 Join MrDjango [0] (
19:34:39 Nick Zagor|out is now known as Zagor (
19:37:02 Quit Django (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:38:37Zagorwhat's the opposite of "emphasis". i.e. what does bass -2 dB do?
19:39:29 Join upiom [0] (
19:39:48norm_Zagor: suppress?
19:40:04Zagornorm_: sounds good, i'll use that
19:41:02 Quit pyvasene ("[x]chat")
19:42:53 Nick MrDjango is now known as Django|away (
20:05:54 Join wallie [0] (
20:43:48 Quit TotMacher ()
20:49:23Zagorread the manual and tell me what I've forgotten (except the text viewer)
20:53:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:58:33norm_Typo in general.html:
20:58:34norm_* directory as you last was in.
21:14:26norm_Hrm, another small nag point: for Loudness and Bass boost, s/emphasises/emphasizes/
21:16:27norm_<li><a href="/fonts/">Loadable fonts</a>
21:16:27norm_<li><a href="/lang/">Loadable languages</a>
21:16:27DBUGEnqueued KICK norm_
21:16:27norm_<li><a href="/docs/custom_wps_format.html">Loadable WPS template
21:16:32norm_Last item missing a </a>
21:25:00elinenbeZagor: a whole bunch of the first page is a link
21:25:05 Join TotMacher [0] (
21:25:15elinenbeButton Notation onwards...
21:27:22 Nick LinusN|dinner is now known as LinusN (
21:27:30elinenbehow was dinner?
21:27:43elinenbedid your wife want ice cream and pickles?
21:28:03LinusNyeah, and licorice and orange juice :-)
21:28:17elinenbepregnant women are sometimes crazy
21:28:39 Part wallie
21:29:09LinusNactually, my wife hasn't had that kind of cravings
21:29:40elinenbeon that page...
21:29:51elinenbeDisk Spindown - Rockbox has a timer that makes it spin down the harddisk after being idle for a certain time. You can modify this timeout here. A very short timeout makes the interface less responsive and use more batteries for more frequent spinups, while a long timeout makes the disk spin too long and use more batteries...
21:30:06elinenbethat sounds like no matter what you do, you use too much batteries
21:31:19elinenbethis is still a broken link:
21:32:04elinenbeyou might want to mention to try hitting the buttons durin oscillograph
21:32:55elinenbeLinusN: get some new screenshots for the manual... of fun things like pitch changing etc...
21:33:25LinusNi'll do that tomorrow morning
21:33:30elinenbesounds great.
21:33:34LinusNmake a list
21:33:54elinenbeZagor has been busy with the manual all day.
21:33:59elinenbehe might know better.
21:34:05LinusNhe never does
21:34:32norm_Neet! (I never tried playing with the buttons in oscillograph before)
21:34:50elinenbemanual problem: missing pitch settings from WPS screen
21:35:03elinenbesorry, it is there.
21:35:16elinenbebut it is not very descriptive.
21:36:22elinenbeI still think there should be a link to the manual on the left hand side of the page.
22:21:21 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
22:24:41_seb_edx: "them fruit." could mean "those things are fruit"
22:24:58 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
22:27:53LinusNhehe, just acted "BugBear help Desk"
22:28:06LinusNlots of relatives get it
22:31:26 Join radhard [0] (
22:31:48Zagorelinenbe: link bug fixed, thanks
22:32:53radhardHi! I've asked my PCB pro. He said, the schematics look like eagle, already. Possible?
22:33:04langhaarrockervery possible
22:33:24langhaarrockerthere's a freeware version of eagle
22:33:45radhardToo sad that they are in A3 format, that is not editable with the freeware.
22:34:30Zagorelinenbe: the problem with linking directly to the manual is: nobody will read the faq
22:35:01langhaarrockerwhat? there is a faq?
22:35:29elinenbewell, then put them both in small under documentation
22:35:38elinenbe faq
22:35:40elinenbe manual
22:35:54Zagorthen we're back to the old 20+ item left-menu
22:35:59elinenbeMAILING LIST
22:36:11elinenbeI just think those are quite important.
22:37:39 Quit mbr (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:39:03 Join hardeep2 [0] (
22:40:50LinusNi want CVS too
22:41:28LinusNnow the link to the CVS web is buried under documentation/how to use CVS
22:41:39langhaarrockeris sf down?
22:41:53langhaarrockerI can update without probs
22:45:11Zagori'm open for suggestions about the menu bar. preferrably more than just "i want everything in the menu"
22:46:38elinenbemake it JAVA :)
22:47:01elinenbemake it ActiveX :)
22:47:14Zagorexcellent suggestions :-)
22:52:54radhardlanghaar: Do you use cvs with cygwin?
22:53:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:53:29langhaarrockerno, I initially checked out with the command line cvs that came with WinCVS.
22:53:47langhaarrockerIt doesn't seem to be compatible with the cygwin cvs
22:54:11radhardWell, the checked out files should be the same... ;)
22:54:11langhaarrockerBut for a test I checked out once using the cygwin cvs and it worked without problems
22:54:30radhardIs WinCVS easier to use?
22:54:45langhaarrockernot really. It has some nice features though.
22:54:57elinenbecygwin is the easiest to use.
22:55:46radhardis it? Well I'm one of theese windows users, that like good guis... :)
22:56:15radhardIf they only were good.. :(
22:56:22langhaarrockerWinCVS is not a GOOD gui. It's a bit weired.
22:57:27radhardNever seen a versioning tool with a really good gui. Maybe I'll just test both.
22:57:54LinusNZagor: i think the "developer resources" should be easily accessible, not necessarily from the main menu
22:58:07LinusNspecifically the link to the CVS
23:00:03elinenbethat should be swtiched for the manual
23:00:55Zagorelinenbe: ?
23:01:59Zagorwhat do you mean?
23:03:58elinenbeI don't know... I am on crack here (programming asp shit)
23:04:05elinenbeI am hating life.
23:04:49langhaarrockerI am shocked. Daily build is all green.
23:05:10Zagori must do something about that :-)
23:05:36radhardMaybe you should use .NET, it is easier when on crack since it has a more colorfull UI. ;)
23:07:56langhaarrockerOn the wps page in the description of the recorder default wps the %pm is missing. Is that worth sending a patch to the tracker?
23:08:35 Nick radhard is now known as rad[busy] (
23:09:18Zagor%pm missing? it's right there.
23:09:47langhaarrockerin the very last line?
23:10:04Zagorwhich exact page are you talking about?
23:10:40langhaarrocker, the last section titled 'Default', the default wps is listed.
23:11:04Zagorah, that. ok
23:11:06Zagori'll add it
23:15:25 Quit Django|away (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:19:58xambed time .. cu
23:20:08langhaarrockernice dreams
23:20:18xamthnx ;)
23:20:27 Quit xam ("ChatZilla 0.8.7 [Mozilla rv:1.0.0/1]")
23:25:12elinenbeZagor: is nonexistant
23:32:31 Quit rad[busy] ()
23:32:49Zagorreload the dir page. it's called textreader.html
23:36:52elinenbeahh −− I got it.
23:39:07Zagorso... looks like release time
23:39:37elinenbeon hte patchtracker there was a patch about the backlight
23:39:58elinenbewas that fixed? Backlight always on not loaded on boot?
23:40:12elinenbewait!! what about recording :)
23:40:20 Quit hardeep2 (Remote closed the connection)
23:40:22Zagor12:24 in recent CVS
23:40:28elinenbeand playlist creation?
23:40:31Zagorah, right. the recording patch :-)
23:40:41Zagori think you forgot sending it to me...
23:40:54 Join marvincbr [0] (
23:41:17langhaarrockerHave you received the key scheme patch? :)
23:41:27 Join hardeep2 [0] (
23:42:44elinenbethere is nothing I can speak of...
23:42:47elinenbeoh - 1 thing.
23:42:59elinenbeI think you could release a self extracting zip
23:43:14Zagornot self-extracting. just a normal zip will do.
23:43:18elinenbethat has archos.ajz (or .mod) with .rockbox dir with some sample files in it.
23:43:23elinenbewell, then that.
23:43:30Zagoryeah, i'll do that
23:43:38Zagori'll add faq.txt too :-)
23:43:40elinenbeput the faq in as a txt file, and the manual too :)
23:44:13langhaarrockerwhat about an uninstaller?
23:44:26Zagorwe need Install Shield!
23:44:36elinenbeadd some of your favorite wps files,
23:44:39elinenbesome fonts
23:44:55langhaarrockersome songs, too?
23:44:59elinenbesome .cfg files (make sure recorder zip has proper ones, and player zip has proper ones)
23:45:06Zagoractually I don't have any fav wps files. do any of you guys?
23:45:06elinenbeno, they take up too much room
23:45:57_seb_anyone here developing on win32?
23:46:09langhaarrockerusing cygwin
23:46:17_seb_eh, I don't feel like reinstalling it
23:46:46_seb_haste mal ohne cygwin kompiliert?
23:46:49langhaarrockercan someone help me build uisims with cygwin?
23:47:01_seb_I'm trying to build with the gnush thing
23:47:18elinenbeI have one, that has both a progress bar and the peak meter
23:47:40elinenbelang...: good luck. I have had 0 luck with that. I just test on the simulator
23:47:42marvincbrthank you very much for the rockbox firmware/software(?) it makes my studio 20 so much more enjoyable
23:47:50Zagormarvincbr: you're welcome!
23:48:17elinenbeZagor: can you DCC?
23:48:26elinenbeI will send you wps
23:48:53langhaarrockerLinusN: you're becoming lazy. Where's your frequently asked question?
23:49:42Zagorelinenbe: failed: no route to host
23:49:53elinenbehold on... firewall here.
23:49:57LinusNlanghaarrocker: :-)
23:50:48elinenbeI just email
23:51:02LinusNlanghaarrocker: i'm drowning in hardware information :-)
23:51:44elinenbeI use it with small fonts.
23:52:18langhaarrockerLinusN: have you already received hw info on the MultiMedia JB? :)
23:57:38Zagori'm throwing in the atadore, chicago12, rockbox_default and uwe_prop fonts. any others you think?
23:58:11LinusNthrowing in?
23:58:13elinenbethrow in a 9 liner
23:58:23elinenbeeither smalltalktightmono
23:58:26elinenbeor 5x7
23:58:32elinenbe5x7 is wider and more readable
23:58:43ZagorLinusN: yeah, i'm planning to make a nice .zip this time, with a few things in the .rockbox dir already
23:58:57langhaarrockerI like the 5x8 better but it lacks of umlaute.

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