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#rockbox log for 2002-10-11

00:00:04Zagorah no, i looked wrong
00:00:51elinenbethere are caps and small letters
00:01:08ZagorCOPYRIGHT "(c) 2001 Martin Fredrikson Core −−"
00:01:21Zagorhmm, i think i'll not use that one :-)
00:01:34elinenbewhat font is that?
00:01:59elinenbeuse 5x7 then −− it allows 9 lines on the screen
00:02:05elinenbeand it is much more readable
00:02:43Zagoryup, using that one
00:02:47elinenbeone thing I really think rockbox is missing is the ability to choose .wps , .cfg , and .lng files from the settings menu. Everytime I go to shcnge the font I instinctivley hit the menu button, and then have to go back and hit the directory browser button.
00:03:05Zagoryeah. we'll see about that in future versions.
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00:03:35Zagorwhat's the best way to make plain text from html?
00:03:47elinenbecopy and paste :)
00:04:01elinenbewhat page?
00:04:10Zagorthe manual pages
00:04:22Zagorbut I guess we can skip that
00:04:39Zagornobody will want to read the manual on their archos anyway. the FAQ is enough to prove the point :-)
00:05:13elinenbeI will take care of the faq
00:05:17langhaarrockerfeature request: html browser.
00:05:31Zagorelinenbe: the FAQ is already plain text, no need to fix that
00:05:42Zagorlanghaarrocker: if you write it, i'll add it
00:05:55elinenbeoh... okay
00:06:17Zagoroh, crap. i've forgotten to write the release notes...
00:06:26langhaarrockerZagor: I write key schemes and still doubt you'll add it...
00:06:33Zagorlanghaarrocker: haha
00:06:36elinenbedo you have the list of changes?
00:06:40 Part upiom ("Client Exiting")
00:06:56Zagorelinenbe: yes, bagder's raw cvs list
00:09:45Zagoranyone have a favourite player wps?
00:10:17elinenbecheck out the board
00:10:24Zagorgood idea
00:10:41_seb_does anyone build on windows with gnush?
00:10:56_seb_or maybe you could answer my question even if you don't
00:11:29_seb_scramble.exe keeps freezing, it appears to have written most/all of the .mod file by the time it freezes though... or it might not be running at all
00:13:04_seb_I'm really reluctant to install cygwin (650MB+) just to compile when I should be able to without cygwin
00:13:57PsycoXulyou could setup a linux dev environment in under 650mb
00:15:29_seb_I know, but repartitioning is not what I want to do
00:15:47PsycoXulthats beside the point
00:15:48_seb_I hope to install linux soon but the school year is being really busy for me
00:16:01_seb_once I get a laptop I'm throwing gentoo on it
00:16:07_seb_dual boot XP and linux
00:16:17PsycoXuli used cygwin some years ago and it wasn't that big that i remember...
00:16:30PsycoXulit probably depends on what components you want or something
00:16:35_seb_it's always been about ~650 MB for me, I think I install too many packages
00:16:37_seb_yeah :)
00:16:50elinenbeokay I am uploading some fun pictures to my web page.
00:16:50_seb_hrm maybe I'll do it
00:16:56_seb_who needs to have my homework done
00:17:06langhaarrockerwait a few years and see how rockbox outgrows cygwin...
00:18:12Zagor"I love running and I could not run with the Recorder −− until I put rockbox on it. After a 40 minute run it had not skipped ONCE! (with Daily Build)"
00:18:15Zagornow that's nice
00:18:50PsycoXuli like the main menu "Manaul"
00:18:59Zagor"It has even helped me pick up a few girls"
00:19:14ZagorPsycoXul: where?
00:19:44 Part LinusN
00:20:31langhaarrockerZagor: seems that jogger became too slow...
00:20:48elinenbego here and look at the pictures: elinenbe/archos/messed/">
00:20:58elinenbethat is what happens if I turn off then on quickly
00:21:08elinenbeI run with rockbox too. It works well
00:21:19Zagorelinenbe: yay, that's a cool effect!
00:21:38elinenbeZagor: you should have a review page −− like look what people are saying about rockbox. and then put quotes you have about it :)
00:21:51Zagorelinenbe: not a bad idea actually
00:24:03langhaarrockerelinenbe: If you like having flipped the lcd I can fix that for you.
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01:28:59Zagoraaaaand, it's a release
01:29:12Topic"Version 1.4 is released." by Zagor (
01:56:26_seb_1.4 is great, thanks all devs
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01:56:36*Zagor bows
01:58:25_seb_ooh I have a feature request already :)
02:07:03PsycoXul- ON + UP/DOWN acts like PgUp/PgDn in dir browser
02:07:07PsycoXulwhy is that recorder-only?
02:07:25 Quit Synthe (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
02:07:44ZagorPsycoXul: because player "pages" are only two lines long
02:07:58PsycoXulthats a lame excuse :p
02:09:22PsycoXulmaybe players could just use a configurable "page jump" size or just some reasonable number of lines
02:09:58Zagoryeah, maybe.
02:10:35PsycoXulor maybe an alphabetical jump sorta deal... where it jumps to the first thing starting with the next letter of the alphabet from the one its on... heh
02:10:44 Join Foxinou [0] (
02:10:54FoxinouHello Zagor and hello all
02:13:00Foxinoui have a question (again)
02:13:30 Join Synthe [0] (
02:13:37FoxinouHave you decoded the original archos firmware ?
02:14:04Zagorparts of it
02:14:26Foxinoubut not the queue feature tight ?
02:14:32Foxinouright ?
02:14:37Zagorno specific features at all
02:14:49Zagorwe have just looked at small pieces of code like lcd setup etc
02:15:14Foxinouwill you try to look further and "copy" it ?
02:15:17Zagoryou can't see high-level stuff, since all you get is plain assembler
02:15:31Zagorno. we write our own solutions.
02:16:05Foxinouyou can "inspire" yourself ...u see what i mean ;-)
02:16:34Zagori take it you have never disassembled something?
02:16:58elinenbeZagor: noticed something with firmware on download page.
02:17:09elinenbeversion under "Version" should say 1.4 −− no?
02:17:18Zagorelinenbe: umm, yeah...
02:17:22Zagorwhat does it say?
02:18:35elinenbethecompile time
02:19:02elinenbeWAIT!!! it says the right stuff
02:19:10Zagoryeah, i just checked...
02:19:10elinenbeI still had old one loaded
02:19:16elinenbeug! sorrry
02:19:24Zagoryou're scaring me... :-)
02:19:51elinenbedoes rockbox deal with extended partitions?
02:19:59elinenbeor just primary?
02:20:20Zagorjust primary
02:20:21FoxinouI have to go bye guys
02:20:35 Quit Foxinou ("Advanced IRC 1.31: don't ask, don't tell.")
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03:08:15Geez_Nutzhey, i've been rockboxin since version 1.0, and i really love it. 1 question: how come the file/directory parsing display was removed? something technical, or is there a chance of getting it back for us non-id3ers?
03:08:44elinenbe|sleepinGeez_Nutz: it wasn't removed.
03:08:54elinenbe|sleepinmore functionality has been added with *.wps files.
03:09:08elinenbe|sleepinYou can now specify anything you want on the home screen (WPS)
03:09:41PsycoXulGeez_Nutz: read the custom WPS format doc
03:09:44elinenbe|sleepincheck this out:
03:09:48Geez_Nutzah, ok- i'll dig into that. thanks for setting me on the right track
03:10:03elinenbe|sleepinyou can have it say ANYTHING on your screen now
03:10:21elinenbe|sleepinGeez_Nutz : Directory
03:10:29elinenbe|sleepinI like NUTS: Filename
03:12:37Geez_Nutzwow, lookin at page, this is way better!
03:12:50Geez_Nutzthanks again - my jukebox wasnt worth half what it is now with archos firmware
03:13:19elinenbe|sleepinwell, then you can pay me and PsycoXul $50 a piece :)
03:15:30Geez_Nutzi'm kinda suprised you dont have any way to send a voluntary payment on the site
03:16:40elinenbe|sleepinthat has been thought about, but it is difficult as the main developers are Swedish
03:16:58elinenbe|sleepinmany of the US paysites (paypal, etc.) do not work overseas.
03:18:18Geez_Nutzwell, if you work something out, i wasnt kidding about how valuable its been
03:18:40elinenbe|sleepinI know. I use it too. DO you have a recorder or player?
03:18:52Geez_Nutzrecorder 20
03:19:24elinenbe|sleepinyeah... it is most useful on the recorder.
03:19:41elinenbe|sleepinfor fun, while a song is playing hold down the ON button, then hit up and down :)
03:20:27Geez_Nutzcheckin it now, just brought it in from the car for 1.4
03:21:16Geez_Nutzhaha, thats wild
03:22:24Geez_Nutzspeaking of car, i hope these things arent too temperature sensitive, i live in minnesota usa, i leave it in the car sometimes and i can get pretty chilly
03:30:01 Quit Geez_Nutz ("thanks much")
04:06:26_seb_wish I had a recorder
04:14:03 Quit Jet8810 ("Client Exiting")
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07:37:10 Join Bagder [241] (
07:37:21Bagderhey ho
07:44:06PsycoXulwhen i send my player's LCD 00100101 or 00100111 (either should turn on the output op-amp buffer and the internal voltage booster and regulator), it goes blank... any idea why?
07:48:44PsycoXulaccording to the data sheet, those should be turned off when you put it into powersave mode... but trying to turn them on blanks it if the LCD's still on, and keeps it blank if it's been off and you're trying to turn it back on...
07:49:13Bagderno idea
08:07:48 Join Bagder2 [241] (
08:21:24 Join LinusN [0] (
08:21:31Bagder2hey linus
08:21:43Bagder2welcome to the party ;-)
08:22:31LinusNrelease part!
08:22:50LinusNdidn't take long before the first bug report came in... :-)
08:24:21 Quit Bagder (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:24:27 Nick Bagder2 is now known as Bagder (
08:25:57Bagderwe should close many bug reports now
08:26:39LinusNBagder: meybe the t-shirt winner announcement should be linked to from the main page?
08:26:52Bagderit should, yes
08:27:03mecraw12have we released?
08:27:19Bagderwe have
08:27:31mecraw12Wooooooooooooo hhooooooooooooooooooooo
08:27:33Bagder1.4 has left the building ;*)
08:29:44LinusNfinally i can start working on the rubbish again
08:29:56Bagderrubbish time!
08:30:29mecraw12Rubbish? Is that a request for more of my code?
08:30:59Bagderbring it forward ;-)
08:31:41mecraw12I need more choices on the TODO page first.
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08:31:44*Bagder closes about 20 bug reports now
08:32:43LinusNI have an idea for the home page
08:32:57LinusNLet's have a "known 1.4 issues" page
08:33:21LinusNthe very first bug report, for example
08:33:27 Join matsl [0] (
08:33:35Bagderlike bug reports in plain english?
08:33:56BagderI agree it'll be good
08:36:45PsycoXulit seems to be repeating with repeat turned off...
08:37:02PsycoXulor something strange like that
08:40:37PsycoXulhmm ok when i select the last track in a dir it ends at the and and gives me end of list
08:41:09PsycoXulbut when i resumed in the middle of a dir, and skip'd to the last song, and seeked to the end, when it ended, it went to the first track in that dir...
08:41:24LinusNi noticed that too this morning
08:41:49PsycoXulhmm after the track and list both ending like they should, i've still got the play icon
08:45:56LinusNthe interesting thing is that it stopped after playing the first track, in my case
08:46:25PsycoXulhmm, i didn't try
08:48:34LinusNtime to reboot my NT, cu soon!
08:48:38 Part LinusN
08:49:51 Join bobTHC [0] (
08:49:58bobTHCgood moring!
08:53:06 Join LinusN [0] (
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08:58:10bobTHCwhat are the features not added to the 1.4 but present in the bleeding edge ?
08:59:58bobTHCthat's sound good
09:00:17LinusNwe seem to have some unwanted features in 1.4, though...
09:01:10LinusNa repeat bug, and a slightly erroneous "follow playlist" option
09:01:48Bagderlife isn't fun without a series of bugs to fix ;-)
09:13:20 Join hardeep [0] (
09:13:55BagderLinusN: btw, I and Zagor beat you on number of changes in cvs from 1.3 to 1.4 ;-)
09:14:26Bagderhey hardeep
09:17:56LinusNBagder: i know. I have to be better in 1.5
09:19:05hardeepLinusN: submit your changes/fixes character by character. :)
09:19:50LinusNi'll do that
09:20:17LinusNand an auto-commit script, run every 10 minutes
09:20:44LinusNno more mr nice guy
09:21:50LinusNit was a really good idea to include FAQ.txt in .rockbox
09:22:25Bagderyes indeed
09:27:55matslBagder: have had some further progress with player simulator
09:29:08mbrmoin all
09:29:25matslBagder: one problem. I can't get the file icons on the first text line to display.
09:30:00Bagderthreaten them with violence. It might help
09:30:00matslBagder: I'm looking at it now. Just thought you would have some flash what might cause it.
09:30:08Bagderno clue really
09:31:10hardeepWhat would you guys think of an option that would make the text viewer run for all files with an unknown extension?
09:31:38LinusNhardeep: not entirely stupid :-)
09:31:49BagderI would like that
09:32:13hardeepActually, maybe a key combination that would force the text viewer to be used... so we can read m3u files too
09:32:16Bagderand perhaps even more, I'd like a word wrap option for it ;-)
09:32:28Bagderah right
09:32:31Bagderm3u reading
09:34:09LinusNwhere are the manual source files in CVS?
09:35:01LinusNi update my CVS and see old stuff
09:35:09Bagderme too
09:35:17BagderZagor obviously didn't remove the old stuff
09:35:20Bagderonly added new
09:35:36LinusNi think he haven't updated the CVS at all
09:36:10LinusNi wanted to make corrections
09:36:20Bagderthat's it, let's punish him! ;-P
09:36:37LinusNwe'll kick him as soon as he joins the channel
09:36:45LinusN10 times
09:36:54Mode"#rockbox +o Bagder " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
09:37:05*Bagder laughs
09:37:38Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
09:37:47*LinusN chuckles
09:38:29Bagderjudging the time Zagor did the release, he'll sleep for a while more ;-)
09:38:42Bagderlazy bastard
09:38:43LinusNlet's call him :-)
09:39:10LinusNor even worse, send a fax to his voice phone
09:39:18LinusNwith retry=10
09:42:01LinusNhmmmm i see the resume repeat bug
09:43:07LinusNplaylist.first_index is never saved
09:43:20hardeepLinusN: it is
09:43:22LinusNso it will be 0 at reboot
09:43:34hardeepLinusN: it's not stored in RTC
09:43:47LinusNthat is what i meant
09:44:05hardeepLinusN: but it is saved to disk
09:44:27LinusNwhen is that done?
09:44:38hardeepLinusN: settings.c:323
09:45:28LinusNbut when is global_settings.resume_index set?
09:45:44LinusNsorry, resume_first_index
09:45:48hardeepoh, heh, tree.c:909
09:45:54hardeepWhen the playlist is loaded
09:46:44hardeepWhat's the resume/repeat bug?
09:46:56hardeepThe one reported on SF?
09:47:02 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
09:47:12LinusNon resume, it wraps to the first file instead of stopping at the last song
09:47:20LinusNand stops after playing the first song
09:47:29 Join Zagor [242] (
09:47:32LinusNvery mush as if resume_first_index is 0
09:47:41Kick(#rockbox Zagor :LinusN) by LinusN!
09:47:49 Join Zagor [242] (
09:48:05LinusNZagor: you haven't committed the new manual
09:48:10Zagori know
09:48:22Kick(#rockbox Zagor :LinusN) by LinusN!
09:48:27 Join Zagor [242] (
09:48:32Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by Bagder (
09:48:38*Bagder sits down to watch
09:48:38*LinusN hides
09:49:02langhaarrockergood show
09:49:15LinusNThe Rockboc Gladiators
09:49:28Bagder"The Rockbockers"
09:49:56langhaarrockerrwf? (rockbox wrestling federation?
09:50:20BagderZagor: we have an indian release lunch coming up later on, you game?
09:50:27hardeepLinusN: if first_index = 0 then the song would end at the last song in playlist, first_index would have to be 1 to stop at the first
09:50:36hardeeper, to wrap
09:50:36LinusNmaybe it's -1?
09:52:10ZagorBagder: rbl is go
09:52:15LinusNPsycoXul: does it happen on playlists too?
09:52:21Bagder*roger that*
09:56:06hardeephmmmm, it wouldn't happen with -1 either... in fact, it would play one less song then expected
09:56:22hardeepis this dirplay with play selected first?
09:57:36Zagorthat's poetry
09:57:47LinusNmunmap() just will not let you go (LET IT GO!)
09:58:02Bagderit's simply great
09:58:15BagderHe just makes sockets in his address family
09:58:15BagderSpare him a buffer in high memory
09:59:22Bagderthat site is full of computer songs like that
10:00:11hardeepthis rock-box site is frightening... with those notes floating around
10:03:09LinusNSchnueff: morning
10:04:58LinusNfirst_index is correctly saved
10:05:46LinusNit must be get_next_index that is wrong
10:07:23LinusNdid get_next_index() ever work?
10:08:16LinusNwhen repeat==off
10:09:22 Nick tot|n8 is now known as TotMacher (
10:10:00LinusNaha, it doesn't work when steps==0
10:10:17LinusNas is the case when resuming on the last song
10:11:01LinusNhardeep: care to fix?
10:15:06 Join hardeep_ [0] (hardeeps@
10:15:33LinusNhardeep_: i found a bug in get_next_index()
10:15:53LinusNwhen resuming, steps==0
10:16:05LinusNthen it misses the wrap check
10:17:21 Join pyvasene [0] (
10:17:52hardeep_LinusN: i'm still missing something... what song are we resuming? the last song in the playlist?
10:20:18hardeep_i'm not seeing it, steps==0 is called for the last song in the playlist which is okay. Then steps=1 for the next song which will fail
10:20:42hardeep_unless there's a weird case where we are getting called with steps=0 with the next song?
10:20:51LinusNhmmmm, maybe i'm wrong...hang on
10:20:59 Quit hardeep (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:21:09 Quit TotMacher ()
10:21:13 Nick hardeep_ is now known as hardeep (hardeeps@
10:21:33Schnueffthe changing of the english text for LANG_BACKLIGHT_ON_WHEN_CHARGING may give inconsistency for the translation which go unnoticed
10:22:03Schnueffenglish says 'when plugged' now, while french says 'pendant chargement'
10:22:17LinusNSchnueff: that's a hard one
10:22:28Schnueffi'd thought i point out
10:22:41LinusNSchnueff: good
10:25:04LinusNhardeep: when steps=1, current_index=3, next_index will be 0
10:25:21LinusNif ((next_index < 0) || (next_index >= playlist.amount))
10:25:25LinusNdoesn't catch that
10:26:05hardeepwhat's first_index?
10:26:12LinusNi am going nuts
10:27:45hardeepassuming first_index is 0, next_index will be 4, not 0
10:28:07LinusNlet me look further
10:28:22hardeepI tried reproducing and couldn't.. hmm
10:28:32hardeepit's dirplay with play selected first right?
10:30:03LinusNcurrent_index -= playlist.first_index;
10:30:05LinusNwhy this?
10:31:07hardeepI'm moving first_index to 0 and mapping all other indices appropriately
10:32:20LinusNcurrent_index=3, first_index=3, steps=1 gives next_index=1
10:32:56LinusN(in a 4-file dir)
10:33:06LinusNwait a sec...
10:35:27hardeep(that looks fine assuming you are currently playing the first song in the playlist)
10:35:47LinusNi did this:
10:35:54LinusNi play the last song in a dir
10:36:05LinusNi shut off right before that song ends
10:36:14LinusN4 files in dir
10:36:37LinusNwhen resuming, resume_index == 3 and resume_first_index == 3
10:37:28LinusNfirst call to get_next_index has steps=0
10:37:28hardeepquestion is, which of those is wrong? or are both of them
10:37:36LinusNthey are correct
10:37:57LinusNi started at the last song with repeat==off
10:38:07LinusNit shoudl play that song and then stop
10:39:03hardeepright, but if you're on the last song of the playlist, current index should be first_index-1
10:40:02LinusNi started at index=3
10:40:26hardeepokay, so you would play 3, 0, 1, 2
10:40:32LinusNno, repeat=off
10:40:39LinusNit should play 3, then stop
10:40:46hardeepoh, no
10:40:51hardeepnot for play selected first
10:41:04hardeepthat's why I made this change
10:41:06LinusNplay selected first only has a meaning for random mode
10:41:22hardeepoh i'm sorry, right, assuming shuffle mode is on
10:41:36LinusNmaybe i forgot to mention that :-)
10:41:46hardeepbut, if shuffle mode is off then first index should always be 0
10:41:54LinusNit isn't
10:42:00LinusNmaybe that's the bug?
10:42:08 Join calpefrosch [0] (
10:42:21hardeepblah, yeah, that's what it is
10:42:45LinusNhardeep: where is the code that checks (or should check) this?
10:42:49hardeepthe tree.c code is wrong
10:43:10hardeepstart index needs to be passed to it
10:43:25LinusNto where?
10:43:27hardeepright now it assumes the first song played is the first index
10:44:28hardeeptree.c:909 is wrong
10:44:55LinusNso start_index should be 0 if random==on?
10:45:01LinusNsorry, off
10:45:19hardeepyeah, and it is in the playlist code, but that info isn't passed to tree
10:45:48hardeepwhen playlist() is called
10:46:33calpefroschLinusN: btw, if you have some time, please tell me: is the remote control input a 9600 Baud, async input like rs-232 ?
10:46:34LinusNsorry, it must be first_index that is wrong
10:46:50LinusNcalpefrosch: yes
10:46:50hardeepoh, i'm sorry, first_index
10:47:12calpefroschok, tnx
10:47:19LinusNhardeep: care to fix this?
10:47:30hardeepLinusN: yeah, I'll do it
10:47:33LinusNcalpefrosch: but 3.3V logic levels
10:47:59mbrnow, that 1.4 is out, am I allowed to check in the statusbar in usb mode?
10:48:13LinusNi believe so, yes
10:48:31mbrOK, I'll do it.
10:48:54mbrAnother point. Maybe found a bug.
10:49:23mbrIn wps, press ON, plug USB, extract USB, press ON.
10:49:29calpefroschhmm, 5 V will kill the device, right ?
10:49:32mbrreturns to a blank wps screen.
10:49:37LinusNcalpefrosch: most certainly
10:49:58LinusNmbr: and the music stops, right?
10:50:17mbrBut the icon shows still PLAY
10:50:43LinusNmbr: we have no code that tries to restart the music when the USB is inserted
10:51:06Zagorthe bug is that it goes back to wps, not that the music doesn't play
10:51:09LinusNwe should do 1 of two things:
10:51:19mbrZagor: yes
10:51:25LinusN1) not allow USB when music is playing
10:51:29LinusN2) Try to resume
10:51:41Zagor3) mark music as stopped
10:51:59LinusN...and ask resume? when back
10:52:05Zagorno resume
10:52:48Bagderhey Zagor, you didn't commit the main.t either
10:53:01Bagderadd a link to the shirt winner and commit ;-)
10:53:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
10:53:22Zagorwhine whine :)
10:55:45 Nick calpefrosch is now known as StefanM (
10:57:29 Join TotMacher [0] (
10:57:32 Join quelsaruk [0] (
10:57:50 Nick StefanM is now known as calpefrosch (
11:10:25 Nick quelsaruk is now known as quel|out (
11:20:09Bagder11 minutes to lunch
11:20:18BagderZagor: you still here?
11:20:26Zagorleaving now
11:20:33Bagderyou better ;-)
11:20:36 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|lunch (
11:20:51*Bagder runs off too
11:25:30 Nick LinusN is now known as LinusN|lunch (
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12:16:14 Quit xam (Remote closed the connection)
12:17:18 Join xam [0] (
12:18:01xammhhh, mozilla hang the first time for a looooong time! I had to restart :-/
12:23:54matslBagder: hej ho?
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13:27:13Mode"#rockbox +ooo Bagder Zagor LinusN " by
13:30:12matslLinusN: ?
13:31:32matslZagor: ?
13:31:43Zagormatsl: ?
13:32:25matsli've caused some red builds
13:32:49Zagorbaaad matsl! :-)
13:33:22matslyes. should it be good old K&R C-code?
13:33:42ZagorANSI C89
13:34:34Zagorno code before declarations
13:34:42Zagorthat's your error
13:34:52Zagor if(!id3)
13:34:52Zagor return(false);
13:34:52Zagor char player_progressbar[7];
13:35:03Zagormove the if to below the declarations
13:35:18matslI know. Not my code. Works for gcc 3.2 here so that is why I didn't se it. I'll fix.
13:35:30matsl It's been there a long time for mod-builds.
13:35:36Zagoralso return is not a function. no parentheses.
13:35:46Bagder3.2 is c99 compliant
13:36:16matslbulding archos mod works with that code.
13:36:25Zagoronly with 3.2
13:36:27Zagorgcc 3.2
13:37:03matslI don't compile arhcis.mod with gcc 3.2
13:38:07matslwhat is strange?
13:38:26Zagorthat we haven't had that problem before
13:38:31BagderI tried to build with -std=c89 before
13:38:39Bagderbut that wasn't fine either
13:39:24matslthe progress bar display code hasent been active in the simulator until now.
13:40:16matslZagor: new version checked in. Must go now. or i'll be sorry ;-)
13:40:19Zagoryeah, but how did it work for player? we use gcc 3.0.4 for the sh-elf compiler
13:40:25Zagorok, bye
13:40:45Bagderbecause that too understands c99
13:40:48matslZagor: I don't know why it worked for player before. It just did.
13:40:57Bagderat least parts of it
13:41:00matslbye bye
13:41:01Bagderbye mats
13:41:04 Part matsl ("Client Exiting")
13:41:10ZagorBagder: ahhh, sims use 2.96. now i get it.
13:58:02 Nick seb-sleep is now known as seb-school (
14:04:39mbrA question regarding my bug question this morning
14:04:46mbrShouldn't is_playing set to false (in mpeg.c) when entering usb mode?
14:05:25LinusNthat was Zagors alternative #3
14:06:02LinusNtha'ts probably the easiest way
14:06:09LinusNnot the coolest, but the easiest
14:24:59 Join Linus [0] (
14:26:39 Join mecraw1212 [0] (~mecraw@dnvr-dsl-gw34-poola245.DNVR.USWEST.NET)
14:27:48 Quit LinusN (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:28:36 Nick Linus is now known as LinusN (
14:28:53Mode"#rockbox +o LinusN " by Bagder (
14:29:02*LinusN bows
14:40:58Bagderlanghaarrocker: good bug report reply ;-)
14:43:40 Quit lksdjf (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:44:47langhaarrockersomeone should close that wormlet bug report - I don't have the rights.
14:45:24Bagderspeaking of that, Zagor, is there any reason behind who can who can't admin the reports?
14:45:41 Quit edx ()
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14:49:05Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by
14:52:26langhaarrockerOne reason why _I_ shouldn't be allowed to admin the reports is me.
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15:05:21>>>"cview" by Zagor (
15:06:28Triple-zwhats that follow playlist?
15:06:58langhaarrockerwhen you return from wps you either end up in the last selected dir or at the song that was being played.
15:07:00ZagorTriple-z: read the manual :-)
15:07:14>>>"cview" by Zagor (
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15:09:17Triple-zis there queue play yet?
15:09:56>>>"seen" used by Zagor ( [snoop prevented]
15:20:20 Quit calpefrosch ("Bye bye, cu l8r")
15:21:37Triple-zcan i convert .ttf or .fon to .fnt in some way?
15:22:05Bagderconver them to bdf first
15:23:54 Join freshmaker [0] (
15:28:13 Quit TotMacher ()
15:28:22freshmakerZagor: Are the files in the CVS tagged properly? i.e. can I pull out 1.4 with a tag or should I use a timestamp?
15:28:35Zagorthey are tagget
15:28:46Zagorthe tag is: v1_4
15:29:03freshmakerah, thx.
15:29:25langhaarrockerZagor: V1.4 is out, manual rewritten -> time to write files?
15:29:44Zagorlanghaarrocker: yup, that's my next mission
15:32:27langhaarrockerThis request is a bit early but: Have you thought or writing a ring buffer on a file? This would enable us to make a comletely cool loop recording mode. Like a band tries to record a 2:30" song, plays it over and over again and after the perfect take - just hit stop and the perfect take is taken to disk with nearly no waste of space.
15:32:53LinusNlanghaarrocker: file a feature request
15:33:33LinusNi like the idea
15:37:43freshmakerZagor: I have complied 1.4 and now I have problems w/ the persistence of /.rockbox/*.{wps,fnt}
15:38:16freshmakerIt simply does not remeber the last setting
15:38:36 Nick Zagor is now known as Zagor|away (
15:39:06freshmakerevery time i reboot, I have to select font and wps again.
15:40:55freshmakeris MAX_FILENAME with or w/o the path component?
15:41:14LinusN(the 24 characters)
15:43:01freshmakerok. strange, i can't get it why it won't remember the last font/wps/lang
15:43:54 Join datazone [0] ([sST2+zwUl@
15:53:05Triple-zhow can i use the convbdf tool?
15:55:00Bagderhave you compiled it?
15:55:47freshmakeraah. now it's working.
15:55:59LinusNfreshmaker: what was the prob?
15:56:26freshmakerhad to reset all settings.
15:59:11Triple-zi wanna try to make a font with hebrew support
15:59:42BagderTriple-z: you're on windows, right?
16:00:01LinusNgotta go home now. cu guys!
16:00:05Bagderbye linus
16:00:10langhaarrockerbuy linus
16:00:28BagderTriple-z: so find someone with a compiler to build the convbdf tool for you! ;-)
16:00:33 Part LinusN
16:00:57Triple-zim not a programmer, just a jukebox owner who wanna make the best of it
16:02:19BagderI realize that
16:02:24Bagderbut most of us don't use windows
16:02:33Bagderwe can't make an executable for you
16:03:38langhaarrockerI can
16:03:52langhaarrockerTriple-Z: do you want me to mail it to you?
16:04:03Bagdermaybe we could put one on the fonts page too
16:05:49Triple-zlang: plz mail it to if you can
16:07:00langhaarrockerI always wanted to learn how to dcc. Do you receive something?
16:07:40Triple-zconnection failed..
16:07:48norm_DCC doesn't work well when either party is behind a firewall
16:07:54langhaarrockerok. good old email
16:08:25Bagderright, sending dcc is not easy behind firewalls
16:08:44Triple-zthats right
16:09:11Triple-zi got another question
16:10:29 Join elinenbe2 [0] (
16:10:58Triple-zwhen i play shuffle m3u and then i choose some song, will the next song will still be from the shuffle list?
16:11:28Bagderif "choose some song" means that you play on in a directory
16:11:33Bagderplay one
16:12:27Triple-zi whold like it to still continue the random list tho..
16:12:42Bagdersure you do
16:12:48Bagderthat's called queing
16:12:55Bagderand we don't support that yet
16:13:46langhaarrockerno, I think at least 2 programmers are on that. I expect that feature with the next release.
16:17:20langhaarrockerYou cannot divide features in the classes 'rockbox can do it' and 'rockbox can't do it'
16:17:20langhaarrockerMaybe the classes 'rockbox can already do it and 'rockbox can't do it yet' and 'it's Archos fault'
16:17:54Bagderyep ;-)
16:18:09 Join Django [0] (
16:18:23 Nick Django is now known as Django|away (
16:19:28 Quit freshmaker ("ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020914]")
16:22:55 Quit elinenbe|sleepin (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:35:36 Nick elinenbe2 is now known as elinenbe (
16:53:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
17:08:04 Part Bagder
17:19:59langhaarrockerZagor: If you continue cleaning up all those feature request you'll never get the file writing done. :)
17:20:16Zagor|awayshh! i'm not here... :)
17:20:31Schnueffand my inbox will waste all my disk space :)
17:20:58elinenbelanghaarrocker: agreed :)
17:32:43 Join rad[busy] [0] (
17:37:16 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:38:18 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
17:45:06 Join TotMacher [0] (
18:00:56 Join wallie [0] (
18:14:23 Quit pyvasene ("[x]chat")
18:14:23 Part wallie
18:32:24 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Tabardation - the inability to master use of the <Tab> key. See: retardation; Headcase.")
18:32:30 Quit elinenbe (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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19:14:13 Part langhaarrocker
19:20:21 Join Bagder [241] (
19:43:03*Bagder drops a pin
19:43:50rad[busy]What was that dingling in my ear?
19:43:59 Nick rad[busy] is now known as radhard (
19:44:02*Bagder looks innocent
19:44:36radhardYou don't start whistling, do you? ;)
19:45:09Bagdercan't do that, chewing on candy here ;-)
19:46:03radhardHmm, freezer empty, shops closed, have to stick to my beer... Just spammed the mailing list a bit :)
19:46:17BagderI noticed ;-)
19:47:27radhardWell, I'm relatively new to rockbox. Maybe I'll cool down a bit in the future...
19:48:09Bagderwe don't mind good ideas filling our mailboxes
19:48:50BagderI must admit I haven't followed the remote control thread that closely though
19:49:03radhardAppreciate that. I'm also happy, that I could contribute my first code-snippet that went into the rockbox code. It's a great feeling!
19:49:31radhardYou don't have to, it's very specific. Think it will be great if implemented.
19:53:21radhardI think many people are interested in the functionality, but not so much in the implementation :)
19:54:34Bagderbut many people just don't know how
19:55:26radhardYeah, took me 20 year to learn all that stuff.
19:55:41Bagderhow old are you?
19:55:55*Bagder is 31
19:56:44 Join WS64 [0] (
19:57:05 Part WS64
19:58:03radhardWell, to be honest I'm just 29. Started with electronics at the age of 9 with a selfmade power supply. Too silly that it exploded after working one hour. My parents were very annoyed.. ;)
19:58:34BagderI didn't really start until I was 14
19:58:43radhardYou focused on software?
19:59:18BagderC64 then Amiga then Linux
19:59:58radhardThat's an interesting career. I took the step back from Amiga to dos.
20:02:56radhardI've been always interested in Linux, but found the configuration (and the devellopment tools) that much complex that it took be back to Windows. But I like using Linux for servers, because that's what it's REALLY good in.
20:03:16radhardSeems also IBM discovered that recently.... ;)
20:03:53Bagderyes, servers are where it has its biggest advantage as things are now
20:04:38radhardDo you think it is ready for the desktops?
20:04:55Bagdermaybe not for the uneducated masses
20:05:26radhardWell, the few educated are most likely programmers :)
20:05:35Bagderyeps ;-)
20:06:25radhardSorry, I'm not typing slow, just practicing a bit personal multitasking.
20:07:47radhardI'm very interested in the .NET environments for Linux.
20:08:08 Join wallie [0] (
20:08:59 Quit Synthe ("Connection Lost - Excess Blood")
20:10:51 Join Synthe [0] (
20:11:46 Join hardeep [0] (hardeeps@
20:12:07radhardAlready took a look?
20:13:07Bagdernot me, I'm not that interested
20:14:38radhardWell, it brings the two worlds a bit closer together. I like the "just in time compiler" concept.
20:15:11BagderI'm a much more down-to-bits person
20:15:52BagderI don't think .net has much to do on linux
20:16:01Bagder"web services" might though
20:16:27radhardI like both: abstract for complex (and database) solutions and down-to-bits on controllers. Pardon, what does "might though" mean?
20:17:00BagderI mean that "web services" will still run and find a market on linux
20:19:09radhardOh, yes, maybe. I've implemented a web service with GUI and SQL in about half an hour from scratch. too sad that they will not implement the GUI features of .NET on Linux.
20:19:46radhardI might add that this was only experimental and had just an add and a list feature.
20:20:43wallieradhard: are u using as your IDE?
20:22:41walliehave u tried #develop, a free, lightweight IDE?
20:23:20radhardNo, you have a pointer?
20:23:24walliei just found it today...wondering if anyone has used it and get their feedback
20:24:12radhardWill have a short look...
20:25:44*Bagder will write more rubbish for Rockbox
20:27:28radhardSorry, i'v got a visitor. Coming back later....
20:27:39 Nick radhard is now known as rad[away] (
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20:56:10 Part wallie
21:08:53 Nick seb-school is now known as _seb_ (
21:09:14 Quit quel|out ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
21:14:15 Quit Django (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:16:39 Quit xam (Ping timeout: 14400 seconds)
21:41:25 Nick Zagor|away is now known as Zagor (
21:41:32*Zagor just received hebrew.lang in the mail...
21:41:55*Bagder has an alogue clock overlay on his recorder display!
21:42:16Bagderlooks weirdo
21:42:27Zagorhehe, I can imagine
21:42:35Zagorcan we get a screenshot?
21:47:43Bagderyou can see the clock move over the shots ;-)
21:49:29Zagorahh, you have no clock face
21:49:39Zagoryou're right, it looks quite strange :-)
21:51:17BagderI'm not sure if there's anything I can do to improve the look
21:52:44BagderI doubt xoring will help
21:52:44Zagorideas: smaller hands (shorter lines) and optionally a circle, maybe widely dotted, to show the clock face
21:53:45BagderI have a circle around it for my new demo "clock"
21:54:26Bagdershorter lines you say, how much shorter?
21:54:42Bagdernow the minute hand is maximum length
21:54:53Bagderwith the hour half of the minute one
21:55:20Zagortry the minute hand 2/3 of current length
21:56:01Zagorbtw, genlang should check for unterminated strings. it's a very common mistake.
21:56:21Bagdersimple fix too ;-)
21:57:32Zagoryay, hebrew looks mighty weird! :-)
21:58:05Bagderyou have a font for it then?
21:58:28Zagoryup, iso8859-8.fnt
22:01:07Zagorumm, how can this happen: cvs server: Up-to-date check failed for `hebrew.lang'
22:01:13Zagori am adding it now!
22:01:26Bagderthe directory perhaps
22:02:09Bagdernah, it doesn't look sane with shorter hands either
22:03:19Zagorworked now. can't say why :-)
22:04:03BagderI think I'll just make the clock a background for bounce
22:09:32Zagor"Rockbox text viewer is GOD" "Just think-you could convert your email to .txt files and read it on your archos while listening to music outside in the sun, on a bus, sitting by a lake, waiting for an oil change, while camping in the desert, on lunchbreak..."
22:09:45Zagoranother happy 1.4 user :-)
22:09:55Bagderyeps ;-)
22:11:27BagderI booted up in archos firmware!
22:11:34Zagorstone age
22:13:30Bagderlooks neat on the bounce screen
22:14:47norm_Question: if you boot the archos firmware with ROLO, and then power off and back on, which firmware will load? (assuming you have rockbox as the default .mod/.ajz file)
22:19:56 Quit Synthe ("Connection Lost - Excess Blood")
22:23:31Bagdernow the simulator get a clock in the status bar too, which is nice
22:27:06Zagor"I bow, I take off my hat, I'm jumping up and down, it's just so damned good I can't get over it."
22:32:43Bagderthat's mail to print out and put above your bed ;-)
22:41:28Bagdernow, with backlight on when charging, bounce make a great table clock! ;-P
22:42:01Bagderfunnily there's no notable speed diff with the clock present
22:42:42Zagorbounce isn't drawing as fast as it can, is it?
22:52:40 Join Synthe [0] (
22:53:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:57:56Bagderarmy time? ;-)
23:02:51 Quit rad[away] (
23:02:51 Quit datazone (
23:02:51 Quit Zagor (
23:02:51 Quit mbr (
23:02:51 Quit mem (
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23:03:13Mode"#rockbox +o Zagor " by
23:06:04hardeepHmmm, the sourceforge page still has the 1.3 release as latest
23:07:00 Join WS64 [0] (
23:07:06Zagoryeah, i'll update that
23:07:09WS64Hello :)
23:08:40WS64Anyone here?
23:09:11 Part WS64
23:19:09_seb_is the hw survey still going on
23:21:05_seb_where am I meant to send the info
23:21:17Bagderlinus at is fine
23:21:30Bagderwe fill his mailbox ;-)
23:23:52 Join EnnaN [0] (
23:24:30EnnaNCan you tell me something about patches?
23:24:43Bagderlike what?
23:25:26EnnaNwell, i've been looking for a "queue" action on rockbox for a while, and i saw this patch ( any1 using it? or tried it?
23:25:32EnnaNand how do i use it
23:25:39EnnaN:) (i know, i ask a lot...)
23:26:00Bagderpeople have tried it
23:26:30Bagderyou use it by getting the sources and applying the patch with 'patch' and then build a firmware
23:26:46EnnaNoh well, that sounds simple ... :)
23:27:34Bagderas a matter of fact, I think it is ;-) i should get the sources (1.4?), and then use a 'patch' command, and then prob. a 'make' ?
23:28:17Bagderand to do that, you need compilers setup
23:28:54Bagderyou need compilers to compile the source code
23:29:12Bagderone for the native tools
23:29:17Bagderone for the cross-compile
23:29:41EnnaNofcourse you need compilers to compile the source...:) but you're not talking bout just you c compiler thingy? (gcc or whatever)
23:29:48Bagderanother option is to hope that someone else can do the job for you ;-)
23:29:58*EnnaN is hoping
23:30:00BagderEnnaN: you on linux?
23:30:17EnnaNnot now, but got a server lined up and ready to do some work :)
23:30:42Bagderok, nice, then it really is quite simple
23:30:50EnnaNtalk 2 me..
23:30:52Bagderall you really need to do is get the cross-compiler
23:31:59Bagdera linux system already has the 'patch' command and you have the normal gcc for the native tools i'm getting the sources for 1.4 (any source should work, right? or is patch for a 'special' version?) and i'm getting the crossocmpiler, and the patch..
23:33:27Bagderthe patch applies to many versions, but if the source changes too much it'll fail to apply nicely
23:33:41Bagdersince the patch is a set of changes
23:34:59EnnaNok...hmm, looking at that crossgcc thingy..hmm, you around here for some time? gonna try this in a moment..
23:35:25Bagderwell, someone will certainly be here and we'll be around other days
23:36:03EnnaNthat's true :)
23:36:33Bagderand if nothing else helps, we have a mailing list crowded with people who know ;-)
23:43:01EnnaNhmm having a lot of trouble with that cross compiler
23:44:12 Nick rad[away] is now known as radhard (
23:44:38BagderEnnaN: at which point?
23:45:10EnnaNyou wouldn't believe me: at untaring...would it matter if i have close to *no* rights on that machine?
23:45:31radhardBa happy not try to setup cygwin, could be a real bitch! ;)
23:45:34EnnaN(btw, shouldn't i allready have gcc??)
23:45:43EnnaNradhar: :)
23:45:59BagderEnnaN: you have gcc already, yes, but possibly not the source code for building the cross-compiler
23:46:12Bagderso what does it say when you try to untar ?
23:46:40EnnaNwell, a lot of "cannot open" err's..
23:46:43EnnaNand at the end
23:46:44EnnaNgzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
23:46:44EnnaNtar: Unexpected EOF in archive
23:46:44DBUGEnqueued KICK EnnaN
23:46:44EnnaNtar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
23:48:20Bagderon what file?
23:48:58EnnaNevery..but ...
23:49:03EnnaNnvr mind
23:49:49EnnaNthat was good question badger: on typing "every' i think..that's weird....could it be a quotum problem..
23:49:58EnnaNi type in quota...and guess what :(
23:49:59EnnaNi suck
23:50:19Bagderah, quota
23:50:43EnnaNquota are good if you're running tar zxf
23:50:52radhardCan't help you with the causes, but can ease symptoms: Just listen to "my neck, my back". Probably on your rocking box. That really helps !
23:51:23EnnaN"my p*ssy and my cr*ck..."
23:51:38EnnaNok..this is not gonna work...quota to small..
23:51:58radhardYou should listen to it, not quote! ;)
23:52:26EnnaNbadger: can you help me out with a build, until i beg for more quota at the owner of the box?
23:54:39BagderI build all the time
23:55:28EnnaNfor yourself or for irc-beggin-know-nothings that are failing at it..
23:55:49Bagderwell, I guess you won't be happy with my build anyway
23:56:19Bagderbecause I don't have that queue patch applied
23:56:56EnnaNso now i should be begging for you to patch it first... :)
23:57:40radhardcould help build on windows. But only via phone. Unable to type that much at the moment for some reasons :-)
23:58:34EnnaNisn't building it on windows a bit overdoing it with the 'asking for trouble' thing?
23:58:52BagderEnnaN: "You may want to give the queue feature a try but don't
23:58:52Bagderhave the time now to apply the diffs. Therefore I have
23:58:52Bagderalso included a ajbrec.ajz file based on the CVS version
23:58:52Bagderat 4pm on 2002/10/05. "

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