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#rockbox log for 2002-10-12

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00:00:25*EnnaN owns player
00:01:34EnnaNyep, wanted a recorder, but player was on and in box and all, but REALLY i changed my nmind..
00:04:12radhardMmmmmh ok, been curious, but now understand ;)
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00:18:18Ennanjust thought that is i'd get my 2nd video card out, my linux instal. still works..
00:18:27 Quit Zagor ("Client Exiting")
00:18:34Ennanso no i'm completly on quota :)
00:19:13Ennansoo, lemme download and try again..
00:19:26Ennanbut first a question..could it be that i allready 'have' gcc?
00:19:37Bagderinstalled, yes
00:19:46Bagdernot necessarily the source code
00:20:20Ennanah...could you send me the url of that manual you send me earlier?
00:20:37Ennannvr mind..
00:20:44Ennan:) tnx anyway
00:22:57Ennantarring like a dream :)
00:27:42Ennanhaving no idea what's going on, but looking good.. :)
00:29:01BagderI'm off
00:29:03 Part Bagder
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00:31:06radhardEnnan: compiling?
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00:31:44Ennanwell, making binutils and gcc
00:32:26radhardYeah, it's more complicated than it should, but it's worthwile!
00:32:58Ennantoo bad you don't understand a thing your shell's just too quick :)
00:33:11Ennanjust follow instructions and let the characters run by you..
00:34:17Ennanok, but now, i'm allmost done with the gcc..and then what?
00:34:18radhardWell, took the windows way as said. Don't know which is less "being run by something" ;)
00:35:32radhardI'm of no use with Linus installations, just good enough to pass some jokes...
00:36:04Ennantwo archos owners walk into a bar says one: i know a program that will rock your box..
00:38:33radhardMaybe he should say "I know *something* that will rock your box.." Just to see the look on his face. :-)
00:39:41radhardOther one: "What? You kidd'n me!"
00:40:04Ennaneeuhm, i'm building now, but the script wants to know if i have a new or old lcd
00:40:05radhardFirst one: "Well, let's go outside and I'll show you!"
00:40:10Ennanhow the f*ck do i know..
00:40:29radhard? Got a recorder, sorry....
00:40:41Ennanfirst one gets his archos from his underpants and flashes it..
00:40:47radhardJust try, if display looks weird, take the other one.
00:41:44radhardDon't know where you keep your Archos when out, but.... :)
00:42:27EnnanI just compiled my first archos.mod (all chear please)
00:42:37Ennannow i have to do the patch..ever done 1?
00:43:11radhardNo one managed it to fry his box with software. Well, at least I've never heared something like that.
00:43:17radhardWell, congrats on that!
00:43:48radhardNo, just unchecked and changed code as i need...
00:44:21radhardShould be done by your local CVS client or by yourself ;)
00:45:22Ennan...badger said somethign about the patch command..
00:45:32Ennanand i *hav* a patch command available..
00:45:40Ennanproblem is..when do i call it :)
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00:46:21radhardman cvs? Sorry, got a point'n click interface.
00:47:34Ennanpatch is actually nothing more than aplying diff things it seems...
00:47:42Ennanat least thats what the manual sais..
00:48:14radhardthat's it. Think it's called "merge" in my cvs-client.
00:49:11Ennannot using cvs..just downloaded the sourcefiles and the pathfiels
00:49:14Ennanfiles that is
00:49:34radhardAh, ok. Maybe you have to to it manually.
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00:54:53Ennani'm trying to
00:54:58Ennanand i just got a makefile
00:55:03Ennanand an error...
00:55:17Ennanand a nasty one it is.
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00:57:38radhardWell, what does it say? Hi langhaar!
00:58:45langhaarrockerno. You are German and should know that Wal is an appropriate answer to Hai
00:59:36radhardHehe, ok. Didn't say hai! ;)
00:59:55langhaarrockerBut it sounded the same here.
01:00:28radhardYou got a german computer? Should turn the mirc wizards off...
01:00:45Ennanradhard: playlist.c: In function `add_file_to_queue':
01:00:45Ennanplaylist.c:80: too few arguments to function `play_list'
01:00:45Ennanmake[1]: *** [/home/nanne/archos/source/rockbox-1.4/build/playlist.o] Error 1
01:00:45DBUGEnqueued KICK Ennan
01:00:45Ennanmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/nanne/archos/source/rockbox-1.4/apps'
01:01:03radharddidn't managa it to have a look at the routine implemented or either the reverse from you.
01:01:27radhardmanage. That's been a typo.
01:01:29Ennanhi langhaar
01:01:37langhaarrockerHi Ennan
01:02:13radhardeminem: That a clearly described error. Maybe you should have a look at the definition and at the function call.
01:02:40Ennani was going to...but i assume that is was alright when the patch was made
01:02:50Ennanlanghaarrocker: you know about patchin builds?
01:04:26langhaarrockernot much.
01:04:36radhardNow, here the compiler clearly stated what's wrong.
01:05:12radhardNot all patches work, if applied to your downloaded version.
01:06:23Ennanwell, i am looking at a function that has a variable less than it should have..
01:06:36Ennanbut it doesnt do any good to me trusting the patch..
01:06:45radhardThen you know, what's wrong ;)
01:07:00radhardHow's it called?
01:07:17radhardIn which file?
01:07:29Ennani'm looking at a functino call in the palylist.c file
01:07:42Ennanplay_list("/", NULL, 0, false, 0, 1);
01:07:51Ennanand looking at "int play_list"
01:07:56Ennanwe see it needs 7 vars
01:08:44Ennandir, file, start index, shuffled index, start offset, random seed,first index
01:09:02Ennanshuffled index is a bool, so there should be 3 ints afterwards..
01:09:08Ennanand w only have 2...
01:09:23Ennanstart offset...0 sounds good 2 me
01:09:51Ennanbut is it the random seed or the first index..
01:09:54Ennanthat's missing
01:10:18radhardAs i see, the CVS doesn't even have a playlist.c. Maybe something wrong here. Mom.
01:11:36Ennan?? the source i just downloaded does....
01:11:50radhardAaah ok, searches in firmware but is in apps. Got it.
01:12:28 Join Jet8810 [0] (
01:13:50radhardMight be a path to an old version? If the value doesn't tell you what is is, it might get difficult. Well, seeds should not be a constant, so maybe that's what is missing.
01:14:12Ennanwell, the seed is in the original file, and in the original call..
01:14:26Ennanso i guess that the last is new, and just made it a 0
01:14:30Ennanworks for that error..
01:15:37radhardWhere's the call to that function?
01:17:35radhardJust wondering why to pass a constant random seed. Hmmm.
01:18:48Ennanwell, it sounds stupid...
01:19:07Ennanput if you have playlist.c there, the call is round line 80
01:19:20Ennangoing to bed...
01:19:29Ennanill try next time :)
01:19:37 Quit Ennan (Remote closed the connection)
01:19:38radhardOK, night!
01:20:08radhardFast click'in Eminem....
01:24:17radhardlanghaarrocker: Thank you for your help, I've got everything running now. TortoiseCVS seems like a good tool when using explorer!
01:32:18radhardHeavily forced to go to bed now. Bye!
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04:17:30Triple-zhow can i set the default wps in ver 1.4?
04:24:03seb-awayedit default.wps in the /.rockbox directory on your jukebox
04:24:06 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
04:24:53_seb_or, press play while looking at a custom WPS file in the directory browser, and it will be used for the foreseeable future
04:28:26 Quit mecraw1212 (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:28:38Triple-zi did put it as default.wps in .rockbox dir
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04:34:50_seb_triple-z: try my second suggestion
04:37:10Triple-zi think its system.wps in this ver
04:38:04hardeepTriple-z: there is no default.wps anymore
04:38:28hardeepthe last wps file you used will be the "default"
04:39:03hardeepif you want to change the default, just select another wps file
04:39:42hardeephowever: the wps file must be in the .rockbox folder
04:39:45hardeepand it
04:39:53hardeepit's name can't be longer then 24 chars
04:40:43Triple-zhow i can use a .lang file?
04:45:03 Quit hardeep ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
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04:46:22hardeepblah, hate computer crashes
04:46:37_seb_just play the .lang
04:51:45 Quit hardeep ("[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c19 for the Sony Playstation today!")
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06:47:30hardeepadi|home: the release/repeat changes you submitted disable a lot of functionality on the wps screen
06:47:43hardeepeg. ff/rew is broken, none of the f keys work
06:49:46adi|homein the wps screen?
06:50:05hardeepyes, there are also similar bugs on the file browser
06:50:05adi|homehmmm... well.. the release/repeat shouldn't be being used.. ill look into it
06:51:46hardeepi believe the change Zagor is referring to in his TODO is to change the button code to send all events and have each module handle them
06:52:04hardeepinstead of selectively sending them which is what the release/repeat masks did
06:52:37adi|homeff seems to work for me
06:53:00adi|homerew is screwed up
06:53:30adi|homeright.. thats the problem.. nothing should be being masked out...
06:53:36adi|homeand thats what the select did.
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06:54:04hardeepthe select is the opposite, it chose what events needed to be sent
06:54:11hardeepeverything else was masked out
06:55:37hardeepso, now you've effectively set the mask to send no repeat/release events
06:55:49adi|homefixing it
07:03:57adi|homeokay.. ff/rew fixed...
07:04:03adi|homechecking funciton keys
07:04:47adi|homewhat were the bugs on the browser?
07:04:51adi|homefunction keys fixed
07:08:22hardeepadi|home: some examples,, f2/f3 key can't exit
07:08:35hardeeppagedown mode locks browser in that mode
07:10:16hardeepbasically, anything that relied on BUTTON_REL and/or BUTTON_REPEAT is broken
07:11:11adi|homeyou able to get dcc?
07:11:37adi|homeand are you player or recorder?
07:11:41adi|homei wanna send you a test build
07:12:01adi|homeyou mind?
07:12:06hardeepsure, send
07:14:35adi|homehow do i do pageing?
07:14:58adi|homeokay.. looks fixed
07:17:54adi|homeany luck?
07:18:35hardeepyeah, looks good
07:20:08adi|homecommiting fix
07:20:22adi|homeglad you caught it.. realized i forgot this file :)
07:20:33adi|homei mean.. to go over it that is :)
07:20:49adi|homethis is only a preliminary fix anyways really
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07:24:13elinenbelogbot seen linusN
07:28:19adi|homelogbot seen adi|home
07:43:13>>>"help" by elinenbe (
07:43:17>>>"CMD" by elinenbe (
07:43:25>>>"help seen" by elinenbe (
07:43:50>>>"seen" used by elinenbe ( [snoop prevented]
07:44:00>>>"seen" used by elinenbe ( [snoop prevented]
08:02:15hardeepred build
08:02:48elinenbeSirens!!! wooo! woo! wooo! woo! wooo! woo!
08:08:25PsycoXulperl is a sick evil joke i have played on you all - and yet c# still sucks.
08:08:26PsycoXulPosted by: larry wall on October 12, 2002 12:22 AM
08:10:57adi|homewell.. thats interseting..
08:11:09adi|homein button.h
08:11:16adi|homeALL_BUTTONS was set to use BUTTON_OFF for the player
08:11:21adi|homebut players don't have that ;)
08:11:23adi|homeeasy fix
08:53:49***No seen item changed, no save performed.
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10:23:43langhaarrockeradi: Isn't it you who does the faq?
10:28:20adi|homewhats up?
10:28:48langhaarrockerI think we should add a question on how to apply a patch.
10:29:29adi|homefair enough
10:30:19langhaarrockerAnd I noticed that the procedure for publishing a patch described in is out of date: it now should go to the patch tracker of sf.
10:38:00adi|homeokay.. fixed.. itll take time to take... but i updated it
10:38:07adi|homeanything else off hand?
10:38:33langhaarrockerI thinkt zagor once pointed out a goot method on how to add a new file to a diff
10:38:53langhaarrockerWas something weired with comparing to the null device.
10:39:08langhaarrockerI currently am digging the irc logs.
10:44:36langhaarrockergot it in the
10:44:37langhaarrocker17.02.55 # <Zagor> run "diff -ub /dev/null newfile.c" to get proper diff output for new files. then add that to the diff.
10:45:09adi|homehmm do me a favor and check with him if he wants that in the FAQ
10:47:24langhaarrockerAs long as he's offline I can't
10:47:24langhaarrockerThe problem ist that when you want to make a patch for the patch tracker you can upload only one file. Problematic when your patch contains new files .
10:53:52***No seen item changed, no save performed.
10:59:42 Quit langhaarrocker ("Trillian (")
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12:36:40adi|homeTriple-z: talk in here..
12:36:43adi|homemakes life easier
12:37:37adi|homeokay.. so you have the hebrew file...
12:38:20Triple-zyeah but its .lang on the site and not .lng like all the files in .rockbox dir in ver 1.4
12:40:11adi|homeokay.. so that may be a bug.. just change the file to .lng
12:40:21adi|homegive me a url for the languages
12:40:48Triple-zi did that but it didnt work
12:41:01adi|homegive me a url
12:41:43adi|homek.. one min
12:46:00 Quit adi|home (
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13:54:27 Join radhard [0] (
13:55:25radhardIs there a possibility to play around with the processor registers?
13:55:36Bagder"play around" ?
13:56:12radhardYep, setting ports high and low and stuff. Yes, I really want to fry my jukebox... ;)
13:57:33radhardIf ur doing hardware anlysis, it's annoying to compile over and over again to set registers.
13:58:00Bagderyou mean you want a special screen that let you fiddle with them ?
13:58:19radhardSomething like taht
13:58:41Bagderwe don't have anything like that atm
13:59:41radhardHm. Mybe I have to program something like that. Won't have much time for this today.
14:00:31radhardWell, how did you figure out all theese settings? Just kept the original register setup?
14:01:43Bagderinitially we tried dissassembling the Archos firmware, but really is hard and slow work to try to decipher stuff like that
14:02:24Bagderbesides, there's docs for the CPU and stuff, most of it is documented
14:02:34radhardyep, agreed. I'd like to try it the other way, since the software is already up and running.
14:03:10radhardI have some problems with the schematics. They're missing some things,
14:03:56Bagderseveral things have been found out to be wrong there
14:04:04radhardI've heared a rumour that it is not possible to prevent the Archos von shutting down. Is that right?
14:04:51radhardThere should be a way to prevent that, but it's not in the schematics. Is there a known bugs list?
14:05:17Bagdernot that I know of
14:05:26BagderI just know several people have mentioned flaws
14:06:22radhardI've seen the original firmware preventing shutdown. Maybe i can do a quick search on the mail archive.
14:08:38radhardIs there a general IO management module? I can't find one in the sources.
14:09:29Bagderyou mean like firmware/common/file.c ?
14:10:44radhardYep. One that manages the processor registers and that prevents somebody from doing read/modify/write and stuff.
14:11:13Bagderthere's nothing that prevents anything from "doing read/modify/write and stuff"
14:13:08radhardThat has been a hard lesson for me to learn. Since then, i always use a general IO module for playing with the processor registers. Direct access can lead to very annoying bugs. How do you handle concurrent access from two modules?
14:13:25Bagderwe don't have concurrent access
14:13:36Bagderwe use a cooperative multitasking
14:13:38radhardI beleive you do ;)
14:13:48Bagderlike when?
14:14:21radhardAn ISR is able to interrupt the ccop and play with registers the same moment
14:14:53Bagderso what if it does?
14:15:14Bagderit does nothing major on irq
14:15:37radhardThe registers end up in a mess and the program could crash. Or produce strange effects like inaccessible harddisk.
14:15:50Bagderwhy would they?
14:15:58Bagderyou're just guessing here, right?
14:16:53radhardI've seen that very often before, and it's a common mistake. Nearly costed a colleague his job.
14:17:35Bagderwell, that might be true, but to take that as far to say that our way is flawed is a bit much
14:17:59BagderI would believe you if you pointed out details
14:18:07Bagdernot just guessing
14:18:21radhardJust drifting off. No, i don't say that. Just trying to find out how you handle this problem.
14:19:02radhardMainly I'm just looking for safe IO access to all registers ;)
14:19:29Bagderthen stop looking, we have none ;-)
14:20:44radhardOk, that's an answer! I'll have a look at some ISRs and other IO handling. Maybe I find a way to do it. Don't get me wrong, please. I think rockbox is a great piece of software!
14:21:10Bagderhey, if you can find flaws in the code, I'm just happy to correct them
14:21:39radhardI'd be happy to tell you!
14:22:43radhardOk, then I'll dive a bit into. Thanks and bye!
14:23:02 Nick radhard is now known as rad[away] (
14:27:54 Join calpefrosch [0] (
14:28:44calpefroschI want to try the remote input today, but I measured a Voltage in the "input".. Does anybody know why ?
14:28:59CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
14:28:59*Bagder is clueless
14:29:34rad[away]Hi! Think it's floating or already pushed to Vcc
14:30:18calpefroschyes, I tried to pull it to Vss with a resistor, but I didn't "moved"
14:31:04rad[away]Uh, that's bad.
14:31:09calpefroschmaybe the resistor was to high, but I don't wanna destroy my beloved jukebox
14:31:28 Nick rad[away] is now known as radhard (
14:31:36radhardThat IS too high. Try 5K
14:32:00calpefroschhmm, ok. so one bit is a pulse to low..
14:32:05radhardThe port can handle 2mA and even a 3K would only draw 1mA.
14:32:28radhardYepp, that's common for most controller UART.
14:32:38calpefroschok, I try. brb
14:33:58 Join Django [0] (
14:39:26radhardWill have to make a cable to put the hdd away while running. Uhm. Lots of cables....
14:42:00calpefroschback, but even a 1K will drive the input only to 1,5 V
14:42:29calpefroschredhard: did you ever tried the remote input ?
14:43:29radhardI'm on that. I'll have to do it with open recorder, because i don't have a 4 pin plug.
14:44:05calpefroschok, you are from germany ?
14:44:16radhardJust building a "laboratory recorder setup". Yes, i am.
14:44:33calpefroschme too, which city ?
14:44:43radhardGummersbach near cologne
14:44:58calpefroschI'm from guetersloh
14:45:31radhardI've heard it, but can't remeber where it is...
14:45:56calpefroschat the A2 between Hannover and Dortmund
14:46:18radhardAh, ok. Not too far away.
14:46:46radhardDid you measure the current through the 1k?
14:47:07calpefroschno, I only gave short bursts
14:48:13radhardMaybe you could measure voltage and current through a 5k? That should be safe.
14:48:55radhardSorry, that is safe.
14:50:44radhardBadger: Did you hear of Jean J. Labrosse?
14:53:57***No seen item changed, no save performed.
14:54:27radhardHe did a complete portable, ROMable, scalable, preemptive real time operating system called "MicroC/OS-II". It's great work, easy to use, and free as far as i know. We used this on in an application.
14:55:08radhardAnd it's standard C, no weird C++ stuff. Much like RTKernel.
14:58:12calpefroschradhard: at 4.7k I measured 0.6V drop
14:58:23radhardEven though it is not used here, it is great for private projects and a very interesting lecture. It's been ported to over 20 microcontroller by now. Even AVR. Don't now about SH-1...
14:59:12radhardDrop from line to ground loaded(unloaded or drop over the resistor?
14:59:42calpefroschover the resistor
15:00:01Triple-zis there a cue file support yet?
15:01:05radhardThis is 0.12mA. That's not very much.
15:01:55radhardCan you measure the unloaded voltage, please?
15:01:56calpefroschthat's weired, seems to me that it is an output
15:02:37calpefroschI have 3,3V unloaded, and with the resistor to gnd 2,7V
15:03:13radhardNo, its not on output. Think it's push by resistor. That's very good for out own remote interface!
15:04:32calpefroschyes, but is has to be around 1K pull-up
15:04:47calpefroschI cannot believe that
15:05:20calpefroschI could try a 500 Ohm short burst
15:05:51radhardWait a minute. If the voltage drops from 3.3 to 2.7V, you should have the full 2.7V drop over the resistor. That makes .6mA.
15:06:22radhardYou're right. Seems like a 1K.
15:06:46calpefroschyou are right too, I had the 2.7V over the resistor
15:07:39calpefroschsomebody tried the remote already. He should know...
15:08:59calpefroschWho is Tjerk Schuringa ?
15:09:06radhardBadger: It's an R&D book completely in english. If you are interested in details.
15:09:29radhardcalpefrosch: Then, who did it?
15:09:51radhardDon't know. Is he the guy?
15:10:38calpefroschhe is mentioned in the notes.html, Part Remote Control
15:28:53 Nick radhard is now known as rad[shopping] (
15:29:28calpefroschsorry, I just talked to radhard in german, and now I just give the details to the irc for documentation
15:29:52calpefroschWe are thinking, that the jukebox has an internal 1K resistor to 3.3V
15:30:08calpefroschan the remote pulls to GND
15:34:19 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
15:50:09 Part Bagder
15:56:03 Join hotrana [0] (
15:56:03 Quit calpefrosch (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:56:23 Nick hotrana is now known as calpefrosch (
15:58:16calpefroschis the serial input register somwhere in the debug menu ?
15:58:40calpefroschif not, can we add it ?
15:59:52langhaarrockerMaybe you can add it?
16:00:55calpefroschunfortunately I have no compiler running. could anybody else be so kind ?
16:01:06 Part elinenbe
16:03:19 Nick calpefrosch is now known as calpe[away] (
16:08:08 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:08:45 Quit rad[shopping] (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:18:26 Join rad[shopping] [0] (
16:21:26rad[shopping]We almost know, that there's a 1K pullup and the remote pushes GND. With 2mA driving capability of the processor that would make a bidirectional remote impossible. But the processor seems to be capable of driving 2mA Vcc and sinking 8mA to groud. I have to check this again with the datasheet, but this new information will lead to a slightly different direction in the remote discussion.
16:21:32 Nick rad[shopping] is now known as radhard (
16:27:35radhardWhat is the timeout here?
16:37:18 Nick calpe[away] is now known as calpefrosch (
16:37:31calpefroschhallo radhard, did you get everything ?
16:37:59radhardYep. It was close, but i managed it before 16:00 ;)
16:38:53calpefroschok, I build a circuit with oc, but I didn't worked
16:39:48radhardThe SH1 doc says, that it is capable of 10mA sink. That should work, but the voltage is very high then. What did you send?
16:40:42calpefrosch0xC1 , as ASCII Char 191 , I tried some others, but... nothing happened
16:41:10radhard0xC1 is play. Did you use a PC to send?
16:41:18calpefroschI have no compiler running, can u put the rec-register in the debug view ?
16:41:32calpefroschyes, I sent it with win2000 hyperterminal
16:41:49radhardeeee, dont think it's appropriate.
16:42:10radhard9600 Baud?
16:42:44calpefroschwhy not ? I watched the signals with an oczilloskop...
16:42:59calpefroschyes, 9600 Baud, 8N1
16:43:39radhardHmm, if it really sends 0xc1 it should be ok.
16:43:43calpefroschjust got the PICs today, and I have to build a programmer first...
16:44:27radhardMaybe switch to Atmel? they are much easier to program in hw and sw.
16:44:42calpefroschso it would be good to watch the registers with the debug
16:45:18calpefroschno, I have years of experience with the PIC16C57 and so it's ok
16:45:45radhardI can send you one if you are interested. Ok. I would have to look where the code is located.
16:45:49calpefroschnow I have the 16F84 and need an different programmer
16:46:15radhardOoooh. Serial and 16f84 doesn't fit very good.
16:47:14calpefroschsure, but there is a sw-serial code I worked with, it's okey. I have to feed my sony radio, too.
16:48:58calpefroschback to the debug output. can you put it in the firmware ?
16:49:03radhardI would only recommend it for transmission, but not for reception. I know both processors very well and i've never seen a godd (i.e. failsafe) reception routine. 16x oversampling is a bit too heavy for this device ;)
16:49:39calpefroschok, I could switch to 16F628 ( right? ). It has an hw receiver...
16:50:07radhardYes, that'd be ok.
16:53:46radhardI'd like one of those tiny AVR 8pin SMDs for a *very* small and lightweight remote. This could be self powered without modification, since it has a calibrateable on-chip RC oscillator.
16:53:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:57:18calpefroschah, cool. First I want to have a car changer emulation. I found an open source project with this PIC, so I could use it...
16:57:54radhardsounds good, maybe i should buy a sony ;)
16:58:51calpefroschyes, I thought about selling my Sony with ebay and buy a new cheap one with changer control...
17:00:00radhardWhat about your transistor setup?
17:01:28calpefroschwhat do you mean ?
17:03:52radhardHow did you connect the PC and the Archos?
17:04:31radhardAt least you need one transistor.
17:04:56calpefroschok, I put a diode and 4k7 at the base and the emitter to gnd. the collector at the archos
17:05:35radhardAll GNDs connected, i suppose....
17:05:53calpefroschthen I tried a max232 and at the 5V ouput this circuit. Yes all to gnd
17:06:18radhardWith the max232 it won't work.
17:07:47radhardGot a compiler error with the latest source. Damn. Easy: PC idle is -9V, Max changes it to 5V what makes the transistor push to gnd (dominant pegel at the archos).
17:08:51radhardPossibly you nee a resistor (about 10k) from base to ground in the transistor-only setup.
17:12:07calpefroschwrong windows, :-)
17:12:18 Join IonizedElf [0] (
17:12:33radhardhappens... ;) Sure it is an NPN?
17:12:48IonizedElfI just came by to thank you folks very much for a truly amazing piece of software
17:12:50calpefroschyou mean to pull it to gnd because the diode and -9V ... yeah
17:13:51radhardnot me, not me. But nice to hear you're happy with it!
17:13:55calpefroschhi IonizedElf... don't thank me.
17:14:16IonizedElfits like having a new jukebox
17:14:26calpefroschyesm they did a very good job.
17:14:38calpefroschthey are doing...
17:15:47radhardYes, it is. I also think that it is really great SW! And btw, it's a lot of fun working for it.
17:15:48calpefroschhave to go now, I try tomorrow with the resistor.
17:16:04radhardI'll also try it here. One moment.
17:16:07calpefroschare u here tomorrow ?
17:16:22 Quit Triple-z (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:16:25radhardthink yes. What pin is it? the first one?
17:16:48calpefroschat the archos ? the last
17:17:01calpefroschmeasure the voltage to be sure..
17:17:09radhardThe one directly besides ground?
17:17:28radhardWill do. Bye!
17:17:32calpefroschyes. but I have a connector. So I don't know exactly..
17:17:46IonizedElfjust curious... what does Archos think about the rockbox? they should be looking to distribute it with the unit
17:18:22calpefroschcan you tell me if it is working ? I'll be back in a few minutes...
17:18:26radhardZagor said, that they aren't very interested.
17:18:57radhardagreed, but the brought us the archos!
17:19:09 Nick calpefrosch is now known as calpe[brb] (
17:19:15radhardYes, but i have to solder some things first.
17:19:50radhardThought you have to go? Tahat here will take an hour at least...
17:20:26IonizedElfok folks thanks once again. keep up the good work
17:20:35 Part IonizedElf
17:35:24 Nick calpe[brb] is now known as calpefrosch (
17:35:55calpefroschhi, I'm back for a few minutes. Then I have to go ( really.. )
17:36:22calpefroschradhard: Did you try ?
17:38:02calpefroschhave to go... bye
17:38:16 Quit calpefrosch ()
18:03:33 Quit radhard ()
18:20:31 Join elinenbe [0] (
18:30:16 Join TotMacher [0] (
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19:25:33 Join Jet8810 [0] (
19:49:13 Join radhard [0] (
19:53:08radhardHi! Got a strange problem with remote. On my recorder the remote pin seems to be floating, while on another recorder the pin is pushed to 3.3V. Is anybody able to measure the remote voltage on his device?
19:57:15elinenbeyou already have a remote?
19:57:21elinenbeis it a display remote?
19:57:26elinenbeor just the Archos one?
19:57:57radhardAlthoung communication is ok, i can send commands to the archos via selfmade PC level converter. But that would influence the hardware design of our remote.
19:58:17radhardI'm not that fast ;)
19:59:23radhardI'll do it step by step. First good hardware design, then protocol and after that remote software.
20:00:58radhardHopefully together with the other 3-4 interested guys :) Can u measure the voltage on yours?
20:17:51 Join tot [0] (
20:17:52 Quit TotMacher (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:19:17 Quit tot (Client Quit)
20:24:54 Join TotMacher [0] (
20:39:29 Quit Jet8810 (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:42:29 Join Mine78 [0] (
20:42:35Mine78hi can I make a questiuon ?
20:42:52Mine78Is there someone that would like to answr ;-) ?
20:43:01hardeepMine78: You can certainly ask
20:43:12hardeepMine78: No guarantee we answer though. :)
20:43:14Mine78I have some silly questions... please don't kill me :-P
20:43:41Mine78i saw in the main page written "removed showtext.c"
20:43:50Mine78what does it mean ? that the text editor is disabled ?
20:44:02hardeepno, this was an older text editor
20:44:07Mine78ah ok
20:44:40Mine78Mondya I am going to buy a recorder 10 so I woul like to know "with rockbox firmware can I record "?
20:44:55 Part elinenbe
20:44:57hardeepNo, recording is not yet supported.
20:45:09hardeepIt will hopefully be in the next release but there are no guarantees
20:45:11Mine78Why is it so hard to do if you can explain me ?
20:45:25hardeepHowever, if you need to record, you can make use of the ROLO feature on rockbox
20:45:36hardeepwhich will let you run the Archos firmware from within rockbox to record
20:46:02Mine78(I still don't have a recorder... until monday... I cannpot try...) ROLO is a menu inside the rocbox firmware >?
20:46:30hardeepMine78: Recording requires writing to disk which isn't currently implemented
20:47:31Mine78ROLO is a menu inside the rocbox firmware ?
20:47:44hardeepMine78: see Q33 on
20:48:00Mine78ops......... sorry ! I read the faq but don't remember it !
20:48:04Mine78Other 2 questions
20:48:33Mine781) Will be possible to connect a player/recorder with a smartmedia or compactflash interfaces to download files on the recorder without needing a pc ?
20:49:28hardeepprobably not without hardware modifications exchanges of files (for example between 2 recorders) will be impossible without modding...
20:50:44hardeepi'm not all that familiar with the hardware but, yes, I believe it would require modifications
20:50:52Mine78question 2 - Having a graphic display could be useful to display VERY SIMPLE images ? For example small bmp or jpg ?
20:52:23hardeepIt's certainly possible. You may want to make a feature request
20:53:38Mine78WOW !!! I WILL PUT IT RIGHT NOW !
20:54:02***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:54:33Mine78Another thing... will be possible to auto-format a .txt when showed without need scrolling left/right but only up/down ?
20:55:14hardeepYeah, word wrap is very desirable. I'm sure someone will add it well before the next release
20:55:23Mine78Shoul I put my request in NEW CODEC or in INTERFACE IMPROVEMENTS ?
20:55:53hardeepinterface improvements sounds more appropriate
20:56:21Mine78will be problematic to have an auto wrap text when changing font size ?
20:57:14hardeepFont size will have to be taken into consideration when implementing word wrap
20:57:28hardeepshouldn't be too problematic
20:59:46Mine78I put 2 requests: word wrap and graphic files... where can I find my requests and where can I find if they had been accepted/added ?
21:02:06Mine78Ah ok I saw... it took me some minutes to understand the "graphic" order
21:02:23Mine78but will be possible to show bmp or jpg on a player which don't have a graphic display ?
21:05:33hardeepNo, see Q40 on FAQ
21:06:33Mine78I made the question just after reading Q40...
21:06:47Mine78You are really polite thank u to answer my BORING questions
21:07:58Mine78A cool option could be the use of the SMALLEST MAME games to run into the recorder... do u think it will be possible to make an emulator for the archos ? I saw some portable cameras have it !
21:12:33hardeepI'm not all that familiar with MAME and what its requirements are
21:19:22Mine78It's open source, and have games (roms) very small... 4-8-16Kb
21:19:32Mine78Could be compatible with archos memory I suppose
21:19:46Mine78I told you there is a port of the emulator for digital cameras
21:19:52Mine78(i don't remeber the model)
21:31:15Mine78thank you so much
21:31:18Mine78good night
21:31:20 Quit Mine78 ("Shokowahhhhh dwahhhnowan!!")
21:49:11 Quit TotMacher ()
21:58:20radhardCool. Games and Bitmaps on test mode. Well, not for me, but has anybody seen Quake in Textmode?
21:58:52radhardSorry, in text mode. Typo
22:05:05radhardI'm out now. Nice evening to everybody!
22:07:40 Quit radhard ()
22:25:25 Nick seb-away is now known as _seb_ (
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23:00:15 Join Bagder [241] (
23:18:19 Join langhaarrocker [0] (
23:35:35 Join Mighty [0] (
23:40:13 Quit langhaarrocker (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:42:03 Nick Django is now known as django|away (
23:42:04 Quit Mighty ("[BX] For a good time, call 1-900-4BitchX")
23:48:14Bagder"The Archos with Rockbox sounds much much much better than the Ipod"
23:51:17 Nick _seb_ is now known as seb-away (
23:52:36 Join Phantom [0] (
23:52:50PhantomI need help :
23:52:57Phantomhow to use a patch ?
23:53:23Phantom.diff files
23:53:37hardeepSee q57 in faq
23:54:37 Quit Phantom (Client Quit)

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